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Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson (born May 4, 1982) is an American television host and sportscaster, currently for ESPN.

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don't discount Charissa Thompson. Watch out for her surprising plies of knowledge that betray her possibly 185 IQ.
Charissa Thompson talking about the 11.5 spread that she lost on UNC on her IG story. Can we get married plz?
I thought Charissa Thompson and Danielle Trotta already left?😉
Charissa Thompson with Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits on Red Carpet | SUPER BOWL LI -
.Charissa Thompson on The Dan Patrick Show - Charissa Thompson joined The Dan Patrick Show today and c...
Charissa Thompson on Fox looking like a snack
Charissa Thompson got some banging *** legs. ***
I don't ever comment on stuff like this, but Charissa Thompson's dress on Fox's NFL pregame show had me sending my kids out of the room. 🙈😳😂
why don't you go into sports like all the other bimbos. Andrews; Charissa Thompson et all.U could end up like Jackie $hitched$
Charissa Thompson, has on a ugly *** outfit today. She looks like a fat trangender. Was she born a man?
ESPN considering Charissa Thompson of FS1 for big NFL role.
interested your take on all the haters w/regards ESPN pursuing Charissa Thompson to lead their NFL coverage?
ESPN to consider Fox Sports' Charissa Thompson for Chris Berman's role.
Sources: ESPN eyeing Charissa Thompson of to take over Chris Berman's hosting role on 'Sunday NFL Countdown.' https:…
ESPN has their eye on Charissa Thompson.
We love Charissa Thompson and that would be a steal for ESPN.
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Charissa Thompson is the wildcard in ESPN's NFL makeover via
According to Mike McCarthy, ESPN is said to be interested in Charissa Thompson for Chris Berman's role.
ESPN is reportedly trying to lure Charissa Thompson away from FS1 for prominent NFL role
ESPN could try to steal Charissa Thompson away from FS1 for one of Chris Berman's old roles, sources tell SN.…
Charissa Thompson in the mix to replace Chris Berman
ESPN is thinking outside-the-box as it mulls a replacement for Chris Berman
Charissa Thompson is the wildcard in ESPN’s NFL makeover
Stephen A. Smith To Call Pacquiao-Vargas Telecast. How do feel about this 🤔. .
Charissa Thompson slander will not be tolerated on my TL. That's been bae since the BTN lol
Dang I wanted to watch the fight too. Oh well "A. Smith to Call Pacquiao Fight" via App:
Well, this PPV just declared itself unwatchable. via App:
"Stephen A. Smith to debut as boxing analyst for Pacquiao-Vargas fight Nov. 5, broadcast team includes Charissa Thompson"
I use to watch sportsnation everyday just to see Charissa Thompson
you and charissa Thompson look like twins
wise words. I have no problem being Mr. Charissa Thompson. 😄😄
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Peanut Tillman also joins the FOX NFL Kickoff show with Charissa Thompson, Cowherd and Dave Wannstedt.
I love your white outfit on extra nice earring and necklace too charissa Thompson
I wouldn't even know what to say if I ever ran into Charissa Thompson I'd mumble something then pass out lol she's queen 😍😍
Remember that time Charissa Thompson flashed Jay and Dan on FS1? Me too!
I guess Charissa Thompson is gonna sit behind a desk all day 😪
Charissa Thompson & Reggie Miller subbing for some this week. No love for to fill in?
charissa Thompson in studio.. THAT is so sweet.
I thought her, Sam Ponder, and Charissa Thompson were all the same person.
I see espn is hiring Randy Moss as a talking head - good edition - smart, likable and leaving Charissa Thompson which should be hard to do!😜
We talked to Charissa Thompson about Prince, sports and more. If you missed it...
does Charissa Thompson still work at Fox Sports?
Shes been preying on here job anyway.. I would of went with Charissa Thompson tho...
Ha. be careful in the arms of lady Charissa Thompson. i heard he's really protected of her. LMAO.
- watching the NHL playoffs and had a flashback to Versus' Charissa Thompson.
.likes when people say nice things to others, so I wrote this for Pics:
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Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson Looks Spectacular In A Bikini: Charissa Thompson is one of the hottest female *** ..
Charissa Thompson Was Serenaded By the Pool: . Sneak attack serenades… This guy made my day! : watchcharis...
Charissa Thompson had herself a nice weekend
Wow, Charissa Thompson will be hosting Live with Kelly & Michael this Friday. What a talent! Her career is exploding.
have gone back and listened to Gus, Charissa Thompson, Ernie Johnson, Jay Williams.great podcast mr. Deitsch. Keep it up!
I honestly have the biggest crush on Charissa Thompson. She's literally perfect
Man is Charissa Thompson easy on the eyes or what?!?
Charissa Thompson biut to move beadle out da way! She be rocking that rollie too mannn she ready lol
Charissa Thompson pulls that short haircut look of
Charissa Thompson on FOX NFL is killing the game today
That's a good look. Could go even shorter with the the Charissa Thompson cut like you mentioned and look amazing
I tell ya, the feels for Charissa Thompson are realz. 😁
replace ronda with Charissa Thompson and we're in bidness
(L) and Charissa Thompson visit 'Extra' at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 28, 2015
Charissa Thompson could get it any day of the week
joins in the 4th episode of the Garbage Time Pod. Take a listen: .
Charissa Thompson gives interesting take on Greg Hardy: This morning, FOX’s Charissa Thompson gave her take on...
Charissa Thompson: 'Too often the reports from the victim even when proven true aren't enough'
Charissa Thompson adds absolutely no value to my Sunday morning football television programming.
Charissa Thompson is looking fabulous on fox pre game show. Geez!
Charissa Thompson going with the Claire Underwood look on Fox kickoff and it works.
Charissa Thompson on FOX: 👎. There are better female sports broadcasters if that's what they're going for.
Charissa Thompson on fox nfl is a freaking hands down dime.
you have to marry one, screw one, and ditch the other. Lindsay czarniak, Sam Ponder, and Charissa Thompson. Go.
don't you dare diss Charissa Thompson that's bae
At the risk of being sexist!But has there ever been a better looking woman on Tv EVER than Charissa Thompson?
Is it just me or is this borderline unwatchable television with Charissa Thompson's haircut?
I wonder if Jayson Williams and Charissa Thompson ever wake up and watch First Take in bed together?
Charissa Thompson seems to be "on again" with boyfriend Jayson Williams. She has the glow of an anchor in love.
Wow, Charissa Thompson is an incredible woman! She could've been such a great First Take host.
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The dream of dating Charissa Thompson >>>
Charissa Thompson is out of this world
Charissa Thompson is a lot better than Kristine Leahy. Would have been a much better fit! Way more star power and more talent.
Charissa Thompson does a nice job on but she needs to put some clothes on & take the spikey heels off.
Charissa Thompson looks great and knows her sports. But why don't they let her dress like a professional like the men on the panel?
why is Charissa Thompson wearing that inappropriate club top? She is talented, smart and sexy, no need to go there.
Fox, adding new 11 am-noon NFL pregame, named Charissa Thompson, Colin Cowherd, Champ Bailey, Randy Moss and D. Wannstedt as talent on show.
But we know Cowherd will be on it, and Charissa Thompson (and Randy Moss? He was on the promo on FSL, at least...
Tune into The Dan Patrick Show this morning from 9-11 as he'll be chatting with Charissa Thompson, Natalie...
Charissa Thompson found relevance losing ESPN, I'm sure Simmons will be just fine
Charissa Thompson brought this up and of course the other pundits had no rebuttal
btw - was watching Celebrity Softball Game All Star w/end and was like hey she's a journo in Cinci! (It was Charissa Thompson)
Charissa Thompson with a double into the gap in RF but thrown out trying to stretch it into a triple. Going to the bottom of 6, 14-13 Green
I'm most excited to see Russell Westbrook and Charissa Thompson
This is what happens every time Charissa Thompson posts a picture or says anything about Gronk.
you should tell our friend Charissa Thompson about how cool I am.
Soon ESPN and Fox Sports 1 will be nothing but a year of women featuring Lindsay Czarniak, Sara Walsh, Molly McGrath, and Charissa Thompson.
Thank you Charissa Levi Thompson for letting me do your nails today was lovely to see you as always and catch up!...
Voila...try it now. thanks for the sensitive ears
True. They also have Mike Hill, Charissa Thompson and a few others. It's a good channel to watch.
Why Lindsey Vonn Doesn't Pay Attention to the Tabloid Headlines: "Extra's" Charissa Thompson was on the red ca...
she's been feeling herself way too long. Team Charissa Thompson
Greatest to me! Sexiest would be Charissa Thompson to me lol
a good one. She's in my top 5. Only Charissa Thompson, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Shehadi, and Hilary Duff ahead for me.
And did you see the Snoop Dogg and Charissa Thompson moment from TV show we shot last night?
maybe Charissa Thompson is ditzy but she's not stupid and she way hotter
Jenny Finch and Charissa Thompson both in this celebrity game I guess I can watch it
Jenny Finch and Charissa Thompson can catch all four of these inches
Charissa Thompson and Jenny Finch are the team mvps
Junior should’ve been getting you Jenny Finch, Jordin Sparks or Charissa Thompson's number instead of talking to Snoop
Hoping it rains for the celebrity softball game so it turns into a wet t-shirt contest for Jenny Finch and Charissa Thompson
Lindsay Czarniak might be my new bae. No hard feelings Charissa Thompson..
Charissa Thompson just got suspended. How does she spend her night off. The clippers game
Charissa Thompson was a 1 seed in her ESPN days
I liked a video from Rob Gronkowski awkward entire interview with Charissa Thompson
Ravidatt Sharma is following the Interest "Charissa Thompson 1" on -
She'll never get the Charissa Thompson, Erin Andrew, or Michelle Beadle type recognition she was looking for now.
she's ok. Wears an absolute absurd amount of makeup. No one at ESPN will ever touch Charissa Thompson for smokeness
"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?". No, Charissa Thompson, they don't because no one watches FS1.
-somehow Charissa Thompson will respond to this and then immediately post a bikini selfie.
interviewed by Good stuff about one of the best in the game Can it be woman crush Thursday?
New Quaz Q&A is Charissa Thompson, Fox Sports host and Mario Lopez buddy on Extra.
I love this Quaz from Jeff Pearlman - And Charissa is not a quasi-celebrity, she's a full fledged one
Early look at this week's Quaz Q&A—No. 202 in the series—with Fox Sports and Extra host Charissa Thompson
I think I'm gonna mark the time when my middle-agedness officially began with this new Charissa Thompson haircut.
Kevin Burkhardt has Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson buying him drinks. What a stud.
But Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson are at Fox tho. ***
Sage Steele. Cassidy Hubbarth. Cari Champion. Erin Andrews. Charissa Thompson. Can we get a sports version of The View
Charissa Thompson is what I want in a woman.
Stargazer Lilies my faves! Amazing! Thank you so much Charissa Thompson Extra
Charissa Thompson is 32 years old?! She looks like she's in her Mid-late 20's. Used to watch just to see her.
Charissa Thompson is the single most amazing sports personality going today
I told Charissa Thompson that I won't pull out. She wasn't tempted
I still don't know how Jay Williams let Charissa Thompson go. Just don't get it
Charissa Thompson can and can't get the *** at the same time
reporter Charissa Thompson thanks our presidents with a bikini --->
After Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson ...another ESPN Blonde goes to FOX
I love me some Charissa Thompson but Sam Ponder has got to be the hottest sideline reporter.
omg I know her entire life is GOALS also Charissa Thompson. but Erin is and always will be number 1
Why can't Charissa Thompson go back to Sportsnation😢
Could have had camera moved to the left a little but a pic of Charissa Thompson's hot ***
Charissa Thompson or Cassidy Hubbarth. sheesh. No wrong choice there
A.J. went from hosting 106 & Park with Free to hosting... some show with Charissa Thompson. Salute to that guy
Michelle Beadle, Kristen Ledlow, Charissa Thompson, I'm here for all of them
When asked twice, by both Kit Hoover and Charissa Thompson, how he became Britney Spears' "boyfriend," Charle Ebersol refused to answer.
If Charissa Thompson is from Seattle then I want to live in Seattle.
The main reason I'm rooting for the Patriots is I can't stand Charissa Thompson.
I wonder if gronk is in such a good mood with media because he's nailing Charissa Thompson after practice 😃?
Had a dream last night I was hanging with Charissa Thompson. Was the greatest dream ever but the most devastating thing to wake up from.
Jude likes the white girls "Charissa Thompson always takes such nice pictures”
Gronk flirts with Charissa Thompson wish I had this guys game
VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski sweet-talks Charissa Thompson, reveals that he likes to cuddle
Tom Brady and More interviewed by on Mystery Bowl Questions
So Charissa Thompson officially reminds me of you. Don't get one of those ugly *** hats now though...
The Super Bowl...previewed by NOW on The Big Show! Seriously...Several have asked..yes, THEE Charissa Thompson.
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If you don't want to date me Charissa Thompson, that's fine, I get that, but you're wrong and I hate you.
Canceling class on my own terms today seeing that Charissa Thompson is down the street at U.S. airways center.
Charissa "Odd Shoes" Thompson in da house! Don't forget to show off you TD dance.
I would really enjoy being inside Charissa Thompson.
Charissa Thompson dons figure hugging gown at ...
Obsessed with Charissa Thompson's sweeping gown at Do YOU love it as much as we do?
Rob Gronkowski talks with Charissa Thompson about Tom Brady s shower habits, love of snuggling
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski showed Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports some of his charm and personality in an interview...
Gronk hitting on Charissa Thompson during a TV interview.
WATCH: Charissa Thompson sat down with Rob Gronkowski, and we learned an interesting fact about Tom Brady in the process.
“gronk is the man, if Charissa Thompson interviewed me I would spit game too.” She's 😍
Video: Gronk hitting on Charissa Thompson during interview.
Jay Williams really fcked up with Charissa Thompson tho. She's a dime b
"Extra's" Charissa Thompson was backstage in the portrait room at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas catching up with One Direction's Liam Payne, Lo.
There are a lot of really hot women sports reporters right now. Sam Ponder, Charissa Thompson, Erin Andrews, Molly McGrath, Britt McHenry...
domain names
"Extra's" Charissa Thompson and Renee Bargh were on the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Awards, where they caught up with Channing Tatum, wife Jenna Dewan-T...
I don't like tall girls but Charissa Thompson makes my heart melt
pretty sure just liked all of Charissa Thompson's photos on Instagram.
happy tgif and happy Halloween tomorrow charissa thompson
If they want a looker, go with Charissa Thompson. At least she speaks adult.
Out of all the sports reporters, Charissa Thompson is by far the most beautiful.
Alex Flanagan, Pam Oliver, Kristina Pink, Charissa Thompson and Tracy Wolfson are my current top 5 sideliners.
Gabrielle Union and Charissa Thompson best of both worlds
So can I just be Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson now? They're both seriously flawless.
I'm gonna let comment on Charissa Thompson's facial reaction with Stafford
Charissa Thompson gave me the follow 👀
Hearing Charissa Thompson say "it's just a little bit moist. It's not necessarily wet" might be the best thing I hear all day.
"It's just a little bit moist, not all the way wet" -Charissa Thompson.
Did a little somethin for me to hear Charissa Thompson say 'moist'
“Charissa explains it all.”. Charissa Thompson’s cutaway segments explaining things for football viewers.
Having just Charissa Thompson's VOICE on TV is completely pointless.
"It's a little moist, but not wet." - Charissa Thompson to Troy Aikman. CLEAN IT UP, Fox.
Game must be too early for Charissa Thompson to get herself right smh, I'm disappointed
The best thing about this game is Charissa Thompson.
”I'd let Charissa Thompson put turtles in my butt and stuff" -
The H in Charissa Thompson's first name bothers me. As a teacher, I hate it when parents slip extra silent letters into their kid's names.
Charissa Thompson is much better at the sideline reporting & hotter than Geoff Shreeves
charissa thompson. they just showed her pic. LMAO
Lol, the on field commentator for the Lions game is named Charissa Thompson 😂😂
Because Charissa Thompson is on the Lions broadcast
Charissa Thompson dressing like my grandma going to the wedding of someone she dislikes.
Can we hurry up and get to Charissa Thompson please!
Charissa Thompson is the sideline reporter today? Oh what a beautiful start to this Sunday.
Charissa Thompson asking people in a stadium for an NFL game who paid money to attend an NFL game if they liked NFL football. Beautiful work
Charissa Thompson on the sidelines, too!. This is gonna be a great game!.
Lets be honest. The only reason hired Charissa Thompson is her looks
Charissa Thompson: "Atlanta's very well the home team represented over here" | *Shot of one fan wearing a Packers Cheesehead*
Jay Williams so lucky to be hitting Charissa Thompson
Oh god it gets better with Charissa Thompson
Charissa Thompson is just...I mean...words are tough...
Charissa Thompson is a 3 and that's generous.
I wish Charissa Thompson could look past my physical appearance and see my great personality and loving heart and let me hit it.
Charissa Thompson on her career path, women working in sports media via
Charissa Thompson thinks she'd make a better quarterback than Donovan McNabb via
Who is getting up early for some football tomorrow? Thom Brennaman Troy Aikman & Charissa Thompson will have the call
What motivates me to get up at 5:30 & sub a morning show? seeing Charissa thompson Instagram pictures of her time in London before the game
Erin Andrews should not be doing big time sporting events or any sporting events. Fox should be using Charissa Thompson.
Charissa Thompson has officially surpassed Erin Andrews.she's still near and dear to me tho
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