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Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking is a fantasy or science fiction series by the U.S.-born British novelist Patrick Ness. It is set in a dystopian world where all living creatures can hear each others' thoughts in a stream of images, words, and sounds called Noise and it is named after a line in the first book: The Noise is a man unfiltered, and without a filter, a man is just chaos walking. As of 2012 the trilogy has been supplemented by one prequel e-book, The New World.

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no problem, Peashy! Let's go Iunza! . *they start walking back to Ryu's home*. //lets leave it till here
*start walking away* remember ryu.. When you and me was hiding in a closet
I decided to visit a museum by myself. To be quiet, hear the chaos of people walking around, & to see the art that's considered profound.
Somebody asked me if i'm out walking early enough to pass up.
May the Grace of God over shadow you.Through the chaos,the failures and through the fire you're walking through.
. some of my ugliest crying happened whilst reading Chaos Walking. One of my fave series of all time ❀️
not all... I'm ashamed to say. Read everything bar the Chaos Walking trilogy. Please don't hurt me 😁
it was the week the exact same thing happened on a train but for Chaos Walking! So. Many. Tears.
Look Now Look all Around.See The Walking Dead.Not one Sound about life.They Speak only ofHipHopStrife.Chaos Abounds.IHearThe NewRomanticsNow
Blogroll: Walking on eggshells – taking control of the chaos of addiction on the family
I can't decide if I hate or love for the way the Chaos Walking Trilogy ended.
Its The Walking Eugenes and chaos has been bitten and is slowly turning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lucia stood up, walking back inside the building. 'Better try to stop this chaos...' She huffed as she got to the--
Hi Beth! Was wondering if there's a prequel to Chaos Walking about what happened before Todd was born? I need more Ben/Cillian 😏
It;s always been that way, right? I say I surpassed Murphy's Law and am a walking, talking chaos magnet. That's my book.
Igor smiled and finished eating before kissing Chaos' cheek and walking toward the bathroom, taking his shirt off in theβ€”
Ceci's soul was infused with the aura of the goddess of chaos as an infant so she is a walking, breathing chaos emerald.
the franchise's easy mode. OnlyAfro did a video recently that's him, unarmed, walking around doing nothing while
Walking on Eggshells : Discovering Strength and Courage amid Chaos by Lyssa...
Signs you're a Virgo: walking past brings a feeling of untold comfort while navigating chaos on the streets of Manhattan
In my room, while walking, before and after exams, on the bus, when I can't fall asleep... I listen to Chaos and the Calm πŸ’™
The Chaos Walking Trilogy now in! Read before seeing Patrick Ness at on Fri 27 May. Places all filled!
Plz Kickstart my "Fear & Loathing the Walking Dead." HST trips balls at the RNC and starts thinking everyone is a zombie. Chaos ensues.
My mothers stick has many uses. To point at things in a pompous manner. To cause chaos as it trips people up on the bus. It does little walking
Amazing how he can complete the illustrated book 'The Monster Calls', create Chaos Walking + more!
my wife was raised in total chaos growing up. Her Mom is walking chaos. πŸ˜±πŸ™€
I am a walking hurricane. 😣 everywhere I go, destruction and chaos follows.
to her, his tiny little pregnant rock of stability in all the chaos in the world. And then he was gone, walking quickly to~
Final packing chaos for - how does one fit a top hat, some cavalry boots and a walking stick into one case?!
If you wear a hijab that means you accept to be an awrat - a walking talking ***
IDK how I made it through changing 3x&walking the runway.It was so much chaos I kept saying to myself "it's not real"
For those mummies who enjoy a bit of zombie chaos. Here's my walking dead musings :)
Is this a music video?! I see people walking and a little chaos. That video doesn't prove anything. Don't be so desperate.
My Fitbit is just a wristband that says "keep walking".
AH because she's still on my mind Viola from Chaos Walking. She goes above & beyond to do what she thinks is best
- The Noise is a man unfiltered, and without a filter, a man is just chaos walking.
Holland is walking the thin line between competence and total chaos. Fun.
Somebody is walking around calling for "Gunther". I hope they find their penguin :(
Train conductors are walking out over obscure new door-opening rules
I liked a video from The Walking Meme! (AW w/ Sick Shot)
The Messy Mom: There is something about walking into child-induced chaos that is oddly comforting.
BLOG Walking Through Chaos by J.A. Marx, author Advancing the Kingdom of God: THE EMBATTLED SPIRIT 91
as the sun rises. over the mountains. to perch on an unsoiled sky. walking away from voices,. the chaos. I.. seek peace in sil…
I have insisted read the Chaos Walking trilogy. He has insisted I read the Bartimaeus books. Bartimaeus is hard to spell.
I think the show is really good. However 1. I live in the city the chaos started. 2. They made an error calling it walking dead
Chaos reigns supreme in schools. Walking in the hallways between classes is an exercise in not getting tackled.
New "no walking" trial at chaos as journalists clog up the escalators 😠 .
OMG πŸ‘πŸ» Get ready...anything from is amazing but Chaos Walking is in my top 5 And Viola and Todd Go for it!
New reviews posted today, including Chaos Walking, here;
Tbh the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness is my new second favorite after The Raven Cycle
Happiness is eggs, chaos walking and rule 63.
The 20th Century, filtered, is still chaos walking
The Romantic period, unfiltered, is chaos walking.
Does anyone else think that all 3 protagonists of Chaos Walking make terrible leaders
"Walking into chaos, created by yourself."
"The thought that I could have had the Knife himself to do with as I pleased..." This is like the chaos walking version of Drarry
Being as honest builds the strongest of foundations. Walking into something half assed and false is pointless and leaves room for chaos
Walking out of her room and was greeted with chaos. ".". Slowly backing inside her room again and close the door, locking it.
Walking into a store and staring at the guys section thinking about how badly you'd spoil the boyfriend you don't have
it was a while ago but the Chaos Walking trilogy blew me away and I still think about it like every single day
"There is no math when it comes to love. It's all chaos and hope and walking." -
When you're obsessed with books!!! So excited to finally start reading chaos walking!
but the real question is when is the Chaos Walking movie coming out?
Full coverage of the taking 1st place at Walking Chaos on the 3man/d5…
Finished Chaos Walking I'm so upset it's over, the best trilogy I've read in ages. please make this a film ASAP! πŸ‘πŸΌ
--end in you walking out alive. *** .. I would even go as far as to say that Chaos would tear ME to pieces..."
Q4: Shinobu from The Name of the Blade would be nice ;) Or Manchee from Chaos Walking, for entirely different reasons.
People talking about the 'chaos' at paddington and then showing pictures of lots of people walking calmly around looking slightly confused
.is just around the corner. Prepare yourself:
--to the clubhouse, walking out onto the lot as I put my arm across your shoulders; more than ready to leave the chaos --
I remember walking into footlocker NYC and they still having a FSR of Kobe 5 chaos . Times change
I swear I'm so thankful for chaos walking it's there for me when I panic when I do math when I'm sad when I sleep when I wash dishes
. I offer a boob walking service. discount for 3...or more.
Scrap that the day someone writes a review of chaos walking and actually mentions the Return, 1 of 3 main chars will be an interesting day
When it comes to chaos walking I'm generally happily canon compliant -
My hobbies include making cars in crowded parking lots think I'm walking to my car & then just turning around & walking inside leaving chaos
"Okay, so I was walking in the forest, when I stumbled upon this! Ta-da!" Tails pulls out a chaos emerald. // Thank you! I--
No bookshops in the area carry the next Chaos Walking!.
I can't wait for Fear the Walking Dead. Not knowing how to handle the "walkers" and all of the chaos vs. Rick waking up to a dead world.
Where is my Chaos Walking movie news?
Ok so if you are looking for a series to really get into go check out the "Chaos Walking" series!! 5/5 really original and emotional
I love stuff. Have you read the Chaos Walking trilogy?
yeah, *shrugs*. overland train + walking for me. I wouldn't call it chaos, I'd call it dangerously crammed & intensely aggressive
the knife of never letting go by ! The chaos walking trilogy has been my favourite for so many years
Siapa nak join, the book is the first book in Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness!
After chaos fest I'm going ghost.. Catch me walking to class or ring the line I give you
Great cardio walking from Paddington to mtg. No signs of 'travel chaos', just lots of people walking, cycling and, erm, smiling
The Chaos Walking Trilogy (or anything by Patrick Ness.) Also Noughts and Crosses Series by Malorie Blackman :D
I did not know about these other stories 😱 I love the chaos walking trilogy
Walking to work to avoid transport chaos is all well and good, until it starts raining. Less smug now, more damp
Once again power walking through London chaos! Traffic on pavements as well as the roads beep beep!
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I am not walking. I would prabably die. Even this sitting is killing my poor abused stomach muscles.
Things I adore for the chop next, Chaos Walking trilogy, and Locke And Key graphics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. :-0
Booked Ed Book Fest tickets for Discovered this re-reading looking through my Chaos Walking trilogy!
Ooh ooh oh! Ben&Cillian in Chaos Walking. Okay, I'm bringing into MG again but what amazing non-biological parents.
Chaos walking is probably the best book series I've ever read
Video: Swan goes walkabout in middle of Leeds road: A swan caused traffic chaos after it found itself walking ...
Patrick Ness' 'Chaos Walking' Trilogy is getting a makeover!
My fave series to re-read: Harry Potter. Chaos Walking. Soon to be His Fair Assassins (must purchase those copies first though!)
hang on, do you mean the inherent chaos of pedestrians every which way? What would you prefer, directional lanes for walking?
yeah, I'm excited for these new Chaos Walking covers.
It's kind of a trip walking from the tranquility of Meiji shrine to the chaos of Kabuki-cho in…
She was chaos itself, walking tall.
The Chaos Walking trilogy if you want to cry like a baby. A Monster Calls is his best standalone
if you love book series i recommend you to read The Chaos Walking Series and The Inheritance Series!
Are your emails looking like a horde of zombies from The Walking Dead? Here are few tips to better manage them!
it's time you start walking between the lines of chaos and order. Do not obsesses over one or the other.
Yesterday was a disaster for me. Trains were a mess, work was chaos, then dinner and drinking with my clients, and I fell walking home.
You haven't felt pain until you've read the Chaos Walking trilogy by he just toys with your feels like it's his plaything
Not sure why, but I dreamt my sister worked in Burger King and was walking around barefoot behind the counter and doing the splits. Random.
Chaos nodded, opening le door calmly and nodding to her brother, and then Grimmjow, before walking in slowly
Halloween will be absolute chaos. "CP24 interviews man who walking into Rob Ford campaign HQ IN Ford mask. He has a black eye
Hey please help me convince to read Chaos Walking by Go!
very exciting. is Chaos Walking also in production
I'm very much looking forward to the Chaos Walking books after reading this. It's a really good story so far!
I added a video to a playlist The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Part 2 Lost in Chaos
I just finished the Chaos walking trilogy. Brilliant stuff, thanks for filling my summer with war & love!
I've just finished the chaos walking trilogy and I just want to know more! How did you cope?
On my lunch having a smoke. 2 chaos casually walking down the road drinking Stella from the can. Ahh how the other half live
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness and Madaddam books by Maragaret Atwood
The amount of times I've heard say I'd be chaos walking if I got rich is just baffling
I read it recently and it sort of reminded me of Chaos Walking
Starting next Chaos Walking. Recommend checking on me tomorrow to make sure Patrick Ness hasn't killed me with his novel.
Until next time I will miss the food, drinks, walking, horns honking and chaos! Now my birthday!
"A world ruled by chaos, our children walking free around the streets, and everything will be ours."
Walking peacefully thru this chaos 😌
Win Patrick Ness' MORE THAN THIS at The Midnight Garden + brand new pb editions of the entire Chaos Walking series!
oh ok I thought you meant someone was walking towards you and you didn't shoulder check them
"Without a filter, a man is just chaos walking."
if you are walking around during the football games and aren't in the chaos crew screaming I will find you
Need a new book series, guys. Something exciting like TMR. What about Chaos Walking? Has anyone read these?
The Chaos Walking Trilogy by frickin AWESOME trilogy! Thank me later!
Can someone read the chaos walking trilogy so we can talk about it that would be great
I'm finishing up re-reading The Hobbit and then Chaos Walking next.
ill check it out. I just finished the lux series. And starting chaos walking
Just finished The Chaos Walking trilogy. Think it's going to be a long time till I love a character as much as I love Todd Hewitt.
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You pick up a penny walking into the gas station and it turns out your soda was 1.01. That's random chaos
Must start saving up for next month's book fair. Hopefully I find any book from the Chaos Walking or Gemma Doyle series there
If anyone is wanting a book/ book series I recommend the Chaos Walking series they're so good !
Patrick Ness is the author of the YA trilogy Chaos Walking and most recently an adult novel, The Crane Wife. Rain Taxi caught up with the author at Magers & ...
In this dramatic short story -- a prequel to the award-winning Chaos Walking Trilogy -- author Patrick Ness gives us the story of Viola's journey to the New World. Whether you're new to Chaos Walking or an established fan, this prequel serves as a fascinating introduction to the series that Publi...
Patrick Ness - why have you only just entered my life? Just finished reading the Chaos Walking trilogy starting with The Knife of Never Letting Go. Phew - I feel like an emotional wreck!
How to make me cry in ten words or less: Sherlock: Goodbye, John. Avengers: You can't kill me, I know, I've tried! Thor: I could have done it, Father! Captain America: I had a date. Hunger Games: Real. Harry Potter: Always. Avatar the Last Airbender: Leaves from the vine TFIOS: Okay. Doctor Who: I don't want to go! Doctor Who: I was gonna be with you.forever. Sherlock: Don't... be... dead. Heroes: Then do it. Do it! Kill me! Star Trek: I have been, and always will be, your friend. Doctor Who: If it's my last chance to say it: Rose Tyler- Torchwood: Ianto, don't go. Don't leave me, please. House: I need you to tell me you love me. Sherlock: I was so alone and I owe you so much. House: If you die, I'm alone. White Collar: You're the only person in my life I trust. Castle: I love you Kate. Supernatural: And I want you, cursed or not. TMI: I swear on us. Chaos Walking: Todd? Doctor Who: Raggedy Man... Goodbye. Sherlock: Stop it, just stop this. Supernatural: Too much heart was always Castiel's problem. Sherlo ...
In the past four weeks I've read four Shakespeare plays: "Othello," "King Lear," " The Taming of the Shrew," and "Macbeth." Now, on to "Julius Caesar." I've also been reading James Shapiro's brilliant "Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?" (which is much more about how the controversy ever arose in the first place than any support of alternatives, as Shapiro is a firm Stratfordian). And I've just started the "Chaos Walking" trilogy--a dystopian Y/A series--as a break from heavy(er) Mr. S.
If any of you like Veronica Roth, you should read Patrick Ness' book series, Chaos Walking. The two authors will be on a panel together :)
Yes, is on tomorrow. I'd love to see Chaos Walking as a TV series, but it'd be a hard adaptation.
Even though he's kinda in middle grade/no romance territory, I'd marry the *** outta Todd Hewitt in Chaos Walking series
Hey,a friend found this, supposedly the new Chaos Walking book, but I'm skeptical, so, thoughts?:)
that's very interesting! I thought I saw its influence in Chaos Walking quite a bit! At any rate, I love the series so far!
please can they cast chloe moretz and asa butterfield as todd and viola in chaos walking PL E A Se
"If you're not walking the line between chaos and order, you're probably not being a responsible artist." - M.K.
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It's a conundrum! Did you get some? I like Tamora Pierce and the Chaos Walking trilogy lately, but is Queen's Thief series.
The tightrope that i'm walking just sways and ties! Sing slow ow ow ow! Through chaos as it swirls! It's just us against the world!!
Chaos Walking is SUCH a good series, halfway through the last book :D
-- himself didn't want to create any chaos around the farm. Without saying a word, he turned his back to Daryl, walking --
With a vengeful smile and soulless eyes She watches the chaos spread Savouring the ghastly innocent cries A mistress of the walking dead
"I realized I had a gift for walking into chaos and making sense of it" - Jam Session with
85. Chaos Walking (series), by Patrick Ness 86. Circle of Magic (series), by Tamora Pierce.
Walking on water: what seems like chaos to us lays beneath the feet of Jesus.
You know my mind is in a complete chaos everytime I see you walking away, everytime I feel you walking away..
Walking dead is the only programme where nothing happens each week, a full world in chaos but hey Rick saw a ghost
My Poem 'Walking the motorway' - Chaos, confusion- at times these states of being seem like the fundamental...
and for those who don't know, when I say I'm a walking tank, I DON'T KID
Walking in a Winter Wonderland!: 3 months late but there you go!My walk to work this morning...It was chaos on...
Thank you :P I lovvveee the Chaos Walking trilogy :D
-did a double-take, nearly mistaking the man for his boyfriend.- Hey, watch where the *** you're walking!
Everyone should read the Chaos Walking trilogy like seriously
you can tell them I approve. Actually, how's Andrew getting on with Chaos Walking?
Has he read Chaos Walking triology by - It's an absolute must.
the hobbit or the LOTR books- go for a classic. Or the Chaos Walking Trilogy!!
Photoset: favorite book series: chaos walking by Patrick Ness
I finished the last book in Chaos Walking. Decent.
I don't know what to do with myself now I've finished chaos walking omg
The Walking Dead sale on EU PSstore from 20th March - 3rd April. Episode 1 is free for everyone. 25% off (50% for PSplus) the rest.
Beginnings of a reference sketch for a Chaos Walking fanart :) "It feels like finally." They will obvs be clothed :P
*** you listening to the Chaos Walking audiobook
Books I wish more people knew about: The Disenchantments, The Chaos Walking series, Til We Have Faces, Finnikin
Not been able to get to gym due to work, chaos, n needed elsewhere gotta make it a priority tomorrow. Walking to work just ain't enough
It's always somebody's slow *** child walking all dumb in the hallway causing chaos πŸ˜’
"What a strange thing." Chaos says, walking up behind her. "What is that?" She asks, staring at the bubble wrap.
Photoset: behindthebakery: Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness. - War makes monsters out of men. This is so...
The Chaos Walking trilogy should be part of the curriculum. Incredible stuff.
Walking hand-in-hand is a much nicer picture, but both a beautiful sight.
Im a walking disaster. If chaos is beautiful, then I should be a model.
My favorite book is forever Tamar. I love the Chaos Walking and Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series, but Tamar still takes the cake.
"This show has a much deeper meaning to it than just zombies & chaos." Walking dead?
lol I'm just causing chaos for no reason and im assuming your talking about the walking dead
I'm gonna have to start walking through the hub with a cage wrapped round me or chaos will take its place son
My house turns into utter chaos when Jehovah's witnesses start walking up my driveway
Sneaking 20 people in a max 10 people condo, CocaCola Beach, Club Chaos, taking cabs, walking home @ 2am, trying to unclog toilets...
APPARENTLY THEY'RE GOING TO MAKE THE CHAOS WALKING BOOKS INTO MOVIES I'M SO HAPPY Bye newly found social life, I'm off to re-read the books
I'm walking through it. Chaos is all around me, but God got me - no fear. Through the fire. Try and stop me.
β€œUr capable of summoning the Cold Chaos Dragon; don’t you consider β€œIt’s just like breathing or walking”
And there he goes... Walking into my life and making chaos.
When you realize you're walking in the wrong direction, you hit your pockets pretending you forgot something.
oh, i thought he was walking in like that cause its raining in Paris.. I didnt realize cause it was from all the chaos
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I'm about to start reading Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness, the third book in the Chaos Walking trilogy :P
finished The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking) by Patrick Ness and gave it 5 stars
50% of walking well with Jesus daily is good time management. Late nights, late mornings and chaos in between makes for poor disciples.
I cruise through the chaos, get lost in the hive in the populated subways, I look lost still I feel like walking without a mask.
*the mountain of bottle caps disappears leaving me with just one, I put it in my pocket and start walking*
Mad chaos downtown! Even walking home through pedestrian traffic was a mission.
OK. My fave series from the last few years are definitely Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness.
Division St. Is complete chaos. Guys walking around with bloody faces, people groping each other in public & cops taking pics with midgets
does Lee from Chaos Walking have a last name, I really need to know. Also I love your books so much!
Manchee, Davy, and Todd in the Chaos Walking books. I'm looking at you
Excited that my students are really getting into the Chaos Walking trilogy. Great to see boys reading and passing it on!
Ooh, good idea. I'd say Manchee from Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking series is among the greats.
have you read the Chaos Walking trilogy? Grown-up novels for teenagers. Best series i've read after Philip Pullman
You're very welcome, reading the Chaos Walking trilogy was one of the best literary experiences of my life. :O)
Thank you so much for Chaos Walking! I just finished and still under the power of all the emotions books created. Incredible!
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Would totally recommend you read Chaos Walking trilogy.from what you've written it's right up your alley
CAN YOU NAME THIS TUNE AND ANOTHER FAMILIAR SHOW IN WHICH IT WAS USED? THIS MUSIC HAS BEEN USED IN SO MANY STORIES, MOST RECENTLY IN: CHAOS WALKING TRILOGY β€’ Chaos Walking β€’ The Knife Of Never Letting Go. β€’ Monsters of Men β€’ "Pride and Prejudice" BBC version β€’ β€’ This 16th century ballad tells the story of a "poor maiden," Mary who has been ill-used by her lover and is abandoned. One of the best-known traditional folksongs in Britain, which has been sung by generations of schoolchildren, little is known of it's origins though some scholars believe it might possibly be derived from an earlier song "The Forsaken Lover." β€’ A well-known early version is in Popular Music of the Olden Time (1855-1859) printed by William Chappell, in which he names it as "one of the three most popular songs among the servant-maids of the present generation." β€’ This folk song is particularly notable for its use in a number of well known arrangements. In the UK its usage in the opening bars of the "BBC Radio 4 UK T ...
GreenEyedGirl is bored and ill and lonely therefore this happened... You guys probably won't know half of these ships because I'm weird kay xD OTP challenge Pick your top ten ships without reading the questions: 1. Fred Garland and Sally Lockheart (The Sally Lockheart Mysteries) 2. James Potter and Lily Evans (Harry Potter) 3. Liesel Meminger and Ruby Steiner (The Book Thief) 4. Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter (Harry Potter) 5. Lyra Silvertongue and Will (His Dark Materials) 6. Dodge and Alice (The Looking Glass Wars) 7. Freddie Lyons and Bel Rowley (The Hour) 8. Will Herondale and Tessa Gray (Infernal Devices) 9. Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (Mortal Instruments) 10. Viola and Todd (Chaos Walking) 1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6? Right in the first book when they're dancing together as kids and Dodge thinks he's the luckiest boy in the world I started to ship them and then when he was watching her before her wedding it was HARDCORE shipping from then on. 2. . ...
Does today count as a bank holiday still? I want to put my money in the bank and finally order Chaos Walking.
I rarely want to read series. The exceptions: Mike Mullin's Ashfall, Ashen Winter and the Chaos Walking series/Patrick Ness.
Photo: sentence-by-sentence: Inspired by the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness.
.thanks 4 the recommend! (I was in tears at end Chaos Walking no. 2 by - haven't made it to no.3 yet)
have you read the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness? Adventurey, boy-centric stuff that will rip your heart out.
Have you read the Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness?
Having a hard time looking for your books here in the Philippines esp the Chaos Walking trilogy :( :( :(
The Chaos Walking trilogy is next on my list.
Alaina Primas liked Charlie Kaufman to Adapt Chaos Walking YA Series into Feature Film: Deadline reports that Oscar…
The sign clearly indicates "don't walk" & yet they keep walking & walking & walking, I guess chaos is the order of the day here!
Fashola is working, Lagosians are walking. Public transport in chaos. Welcome to Lagos!
lmboo me too and London was walking away mad fast but was dumb buck when she got in the car
There are going to be messed up personalities walking out of this workshop.. Chaos is going to be their only tool
Because without you, I'd be a walking chaos.
Have you read the 'prequel' to Chaos Walking - The New World? It's free ... β€” noo, omg im going to have to read it!
Manhattan is a little chaos, many people walking as hermits, there is no electricity, little transport, no schools, no celphones, wifi...
Seeing a lady with a walking cast and arm in a sling walking out of the orthopedist. My mind "how the *** did you even get here?"
Walking off stage & getting news like this is my worst nightmare. RIP Mitch. You will be missed by so many
he was walking and talking with some chick. Bama sweatpants. And that hat you wear when's it's cold. Close enough.
I had to do a triple take because I could have sworn I saw walking across the quad.
He should make a continuous one shot take of all the chaos in the city and then intercut the walking people like Eisenstein, lol
I'm making up stuff to do today and walking very slowly when I get my coffee. That's how busy I'm not.
The chaos outside the station...yea guess I'm walking to the city..Smh. @ Jackson Heights, NY
Walking to your seat slowly with hot soup of noodles because you are afraid of dropping.
You can win any argument by doing the jack off motion and walking away.
Love Rock Pool. Hate walking through the casino to get to it.
I miss all the excitement and chaos while walking the streets on halloween..
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Just slammed the bathroom door into a girl's face. Oh god. When will this end. I am walking chaos.
Also I hope this doesn't mean we're getting 12-14 year old Todd and Viola forced upon us when it's Chaos Walking time.
I am completely and utterly addicted to the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness.
Walking the streets of Manhattan and
Walking in my ghetto neighborhood :)
Ultimate suburbanite house of horrors: walking through an IKEA in reverse order.
Attention pirates Anyone got The Walking Dead for me? Want from season 1.
Mark Eadicicco walking past pure chaos this afternoon walking past a local gas station today. is still havoc!
Walking down to the chaos from the apartment
Walking through a city of chaos like nothing is wrong..
Commander Chaos here. I'll be walking around Shelby Pond/Lake at 5:30. Take Shelby Ave forward until it stops...
I encourage everyone to go read the Chaos Walking books. I'm only 5 pages into the first one and I'm already hooked.
But now I'm gonna be walking around all day with that song stuck in my head lol
strange just one week ago i was walking around Manhattan and now everything is chaos
*Walking through town he ponders to himself*/This city needs some chaos...i wonder what has been up too. Shes good for chaos/
Walking to work tmrw. I'm predicting chaos
We will be walking chaos... and I'm not exaggerating here
Walking by mirror lake on such a peaceful night I can't help but think of the chaos that its about to experience in 4 weeks.
Hey Chaos don't watch the walking dead at night my friend accidently called the cops thinking there was a zombie invasion
Walking round a laser lab today; saw drawer label saying: "DRAW OF CHAOS". Not sure whether I'm more worried by the chaos or the English...
I am the only psycho walking around in this chaos. πŸ’
I'm revisiting Patrick Ness's 'Chaos Walking' Trilogy - so much to think about.
Don't believe everything you think. (Great quote for the Chaos Walking trilogy.)
75% of town is sans power and is downed-tree chaos. But my street has power, like Woodbury in The Walking Dead. Minus zombies. I think.
Awkwardly walking around trying to look like I totally go to bars all the time
I will be back going to the bathroom. *Cracks neck and transforms into normal form while walking*
The harbor is something out of the walking dead right now
yes, the final chaos walking book will be with me tommorow! I shall no commence getting myself emotionally ready.
Looping is the art of walking a tightrope between boring uniformity and useless chaos. Music technology is a pair of wings, and a cage.
NOT going out Halloween night (too much chaos, and getting shot would suck) so ill be dressing up in the daytime and walking the Blvd.
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Walking in Narragansett with all this chaos goin on makes me feel like I'm in one of those end of the world movies
I know someone just walked downstairs to turn it up, so just know I'm walking downstairs to turn it down
I keep picturing a giant Sandy Cohen of the OC walking around NYC causing chaos and destruction much like the staypuft man from ghostbusters
Ugh bye people. I'm going to go read Chaos Walking or something.
Well... It's very dark night and something is out lurking. And chaos walking with hurricane, people are hiding in houses, some people are Afraid of dark. Darkness is rising in night.
Chaos is looking at the people walking by.
Walking pass klcc must have been chaos d other day
THEN while I was walking out .. This man walks stupid close to me & says hello & trys to start a convo . Never goin . Smh .
I was walking in the parking lot to Walmart & some random crazy oldass man rolls his widow down to wave at me 😳😳😳
Chaos in ptc! 25 cops all walking around the BSC with flashlights, riffles, & K9's!! Woah! Criminal on the run!? Scary!
-realizing that walking is getting hhim nowhere, he allows Chaos some leash and transforms, launching into the sky-
dude i made sure my kindle was charged for this very reason. also i have real copies of the next two chaos walking SO I'M SET :D
What corporate job ads really mean in this day and age [Problem-solving skills a must]: You're walking into perpetual chaos.
Walking Steele when its windy is chaos. She thinks anything blowing around is a bird.
If our power goes out, I'm walking out of work. Healthcare environment & no power? Pure chaos.
Leeds is absolutely insane. During half-term, people walking slower than 4mph should be arrested. Queues were hideous too. Greggs chaos.
Just got 'The New World (FREE short story)' by Patrick Ness via Prequel to Chaos Walking trilogy!
Another reason to love Patrick Ness: his Chaos Walking series has a similar theme to Harry Potter. Love is not a weakness, it's a strength.
Thanks for answering...I love Chaos Walking and I really wanted to know... :D
Major book nerd argument going on right now, in Chaos Walking, was 1017 intended to be a girl or is he just ***
Patrick Ness' "Chaos Walking" trilogy is one of the most horrible, painful, beautiful series I've read. Highly suggested YA read
Such a beautiful book in so many ways. I am a total fan girl when it comes to Patrick Ness. Loved the Chaos Walking trilogy.
This week's recommendation from Steephurst - Chaos Walking series by - find them in here!
It's my sweet sixteen today! Can a massive Chaos Walking fan get a birthday RT? :)
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