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Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel (also referred to as the Chunnel) is a undersea rail tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, in the United Kingdom with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover.

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We're just up the road from Dover & Folkestone, 10 mins Channel Tunnel so don't know what could happen.
That's Ashford in Kent, home of International station and HS1 35 mins to London, 10 mins drive Channel Tunnel
Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Challenging Mode Stream now available on YouTube channel.
I vaguely remember doing Key Stage 1 SATs. We read something about the Channel Tunnel, which is probably why it stood out.
The channel is too deep for a cost effective/viable tunnel.
now available on with episodes directed by Tim Mielants
I definitely have the Channel tunnel had 6 hour delays last week due to incident Any news n that
Live from under the sea 'cos there's 4G signal in the Channel Tunnel! What a time to be alive!
Outbound Fort Pitt Tunnel will be closed this weekend
Turns out has decided to gatecrash the rally on the Channel Tunnel 😂😂 . That batmobile is still impressive..
Great to see positive steps towards improving our mobility.
You can't be the tunnel and the car. You're either the channel/pathway through which change travels, or you're...
Supercars.. heading through the Channel tunnel on Dodgeball. Want to join us in September this year?...
I'd be snorting lines the size of the Channel Tunnel if I were a Leicester fan right now
Yeah, yeah, well done Leicester, anyone know if they're showing the Spurs Chelsea tunnel fights on a different channel?
Wuuduup? I Hope you enjoy my youtube channel :D via
. News fron After the Channel Tunnel is going to be bricked up & used as a forced rhubarb plantation.
Dear I have wine and fast Internet, but as much as I'm having fun, I'd like to actually get out of the Channel Tunnel today ;-)
why have you both stopped reporting on the migrant crisis and the channel tunnel problem? Anything to do with
>>channel tunnel backed up. Here you go. . [That was a euphemism, wasn't it?]
Ha. I think mine is building an extension to the Channel Tunnel.
Apparently leaving EU could "endanger the Earth". How, are an army of dragons plotting against us inside the channel tunnel?
The State Government says the Federal funding announced today for Melbourne's Metro Rail Tunnel is not new.
My Grandad once told me that 10,000 Chinese men used a teaspoon to dig out the channel tunnel, they each took one scoop.
I think the Channel Tunnel is the worst thing ever built. Before that you had to fly or use ferry. No problems
1802 Albert Mathieu had idea of channel tunnel. UK remained an Island until 1994 when a tunnel was completed & UK became Cul de Sac.
no we take the pup so we go by Channel tunnel. Pretty handy and no travel sickness.
Nice fact for you all, Raheem Sterling is the first player, born after the channel tunnel was built in 1994, to have played…
We've made excellent time and are making our way up the M20 from the Channel Tunnel. One scheduled stop for dinner, ETA at school 8.15-8.30.
Sat waiting to go through the channel tunnel.which looks a bit like my belly button from here 😂
Today in 1950, the Washburn Tunnel, underneath the Houston Ship Channel, has its Grand Opening.
Delays of three hours at Channel Tunnel Folkestone terminal.
HS2, millennium dome, cross rail project, channel tunnel, what did they all cost again? Why has Scotland gotten?
A 5 hr delay for the Channel Tunnel made for an interesting venue for dinner in Lille when we eventually arrived
Watching the game on channel 11 WPIX;feels like I'm in a time tunnel;Let's get some runs for the NJ kid Porcello
I would like to know why /has stopped covering the Channel tunnel Migrants ? they are worse that ever and yet not one report ?
REVEALED: The one piece of technology helping stop illegal immigrants cross through Europe
Eurotunnel is to deploy surveillance drones over the Channel tunnel terminal in France to help spot migrants...
You have my sympathy if you're about to be part of the 4 hour bank holiday channel tunnel delay...
David Cameron says, "There is only one poll that counts". Presumably that's the one he's hired to start filling in the channel tunnel.
Delays at Channel Tunnel in up to 6 and a half hours - power supply…
> Now top Calais official accuses Cameron of being RACIST over migrant crisis
if your nose gets any longer we wont need a tunnel to cross the English channel
Scrap HS2. Spend the money on filling in the Channel Tunnel if we get a Brexit vote.
IIRC Tory rightists wanted to scrap the Channel Tunnel because of the BSE disease.
I really admire civil work on Channel Tunnel that link France & England,interesting fact is that most part of that tunnel is beneath the sea
We'll even dig, the Channel tunnel 🎤
"My performance indicator was on channel management. I said it was a tunnel". -Sureena Sokhal
I mean I know I live near the channel tunnel but why is there so many French radio stations on my radio when I live in England
The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission is up on the channel. Check it out!
the Channel Tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world?
Interview with a fireman who works at the channel tunnel was brilliant. Criminal what's going on there.
close the channel tunnel, airports, sea ports, build a wall on the Nortern Ireland border and arrest parachutists
Super early trip on the Channel Tunnel this morning after a gig in London last night. Currently…
Terrorist attack on the Channel Tunnel. From bestselling author Andy McNab
Would be better of at the channel tunnel
Jacks decided to start a new Burnley to France Channel tunnel. Hoping to find where he buried his bone in the process
.human who walked Channel Tunnel to face trial
Sudanese refugee who walked Channel Tunnel to face trial
AntiFrackers Debunked. looks like a rat. smells like a rat. then its a rat.
Rowntree & Body Shop foundations propped Cage to tune of £100 000's.   10% Off
The charities that are funding Jihadi John apologists CAGE via
Foggy M40 on the way to the Channel Tunnel
Just seen yet another Brexit person use the brick up the Channel Tunnel analogy. It didn't stop the immigrants crossing over to Greece.
the channel tunnel Brexit up .. see what I did ?? Lol
heh, I'm just on the channel tunnel train heading for a 2 week holiday though. So won't hear from me for a while
too,many walls, I think maybe we should flood the channel tunnel
better hope asylum seekers don't block channel tunnel. Enjoy lads. Very jealous
Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run near SF's Broadway Tunnel - SFGate: SFGatePedestrian killed in hit-and-run ne...
European transport economics expert Professor Roger Vickerman to put spotlight on Channel Tunnel
Lots of vans off to Crufts through the channel tunnel today! Weird slogan on this van though "Is crawling with ants"
On the 5 April the second series of The Tunnel begins. Kevin was the police script advisor again. .
These fabulous old magazines just in stock. In May 1906 there is a piece called Shall there be a Channel Tunnel?
Channel tunnel or easyjet be less than £50 to get there!!
Like I conceived the Channel Tunnel when I was four.
damning! But what does his cv mean "Adrian conceived the people-driven celebrations around the opening of the Channel Tunnel"???
cf. the M25 versus The Channel Tunnel (which worked out OK, long term, big short term boost). In 1960-1975 in the USSR similar 2/X
Scotland's been 'stepping in and helping out' rather a lot...M25, Channel Tunnel, HS2.all funded on Scotland's groats.
to want to leave the EU and use you excess bricks from to use on the channel tunnel
a tunnel called channel tunnel goes from France to England (:
Let them into the tunnel then flood the tunnel, that will send a message that they are not wanted in the UK. Post... https:/…
Speaking of TBMs, Tunnel slightly longer than the Channel Tunnel is back on.
Day one done. 120km under the belt and 1380km to go. Onto the channel tunnel and Calais bound.
Most asked for DLC, Channel Tunnel with Eurostar (and ICE 3 modelled Class 374 E320 Eurostar?!) - Deffo buying this if it is!
Isn’t the channel tunnel a perfect place to build this? London > Paris in 10 minutes
Stage 4: On the train in the Channel Tunnel.. Next stop Calais.
Stage 3, waiting for our Channel Tunnel Train before we get to Calais. making use of free WiFi.
Will WE get remote-control drawbridge razor wire at the Channel Tunnel and along the White Cliffs of Dover, etc?
surely we need an infographic highlighting the number of London buses that can fit in the channel tunnel.
Six years. SIX YEARS. Same time it took to dig the Channel Tunnel.
Tunnel connecting and its suburbs needs urgent repairs;plans to create channel to divert dripping water.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Year 9 at Folkestone - we are just about to head to the Channel Tunnel and are well on our way to Ypres!
Fact of the Day. Plymouth's Breakwater is described as the channel tunnel of its era
Fact of the Day. The Channel Tunnel was bored using Kawasaki motors made in Plymouth
Pr VICKERMAN investigates wider economic impacts from 20 years of the Channel Tunnel. Canterbury16/3 ht…
I am thanks man ❤️ Currently halfway through the the channel tunnel
TheEconomist: It will take more than the Channel Tunnel to put an end to Britain’s ferr…
Alan Brazil there,a big fan of of bricking up the Channel Tunnel
Merkels problem no one else's, she's got a mouth the size of the channel tunnel, should stick by her own words
1986 - Britain and France announced their plans to build the Channel Tunnel.
Worse day's work we ever did having that channel tunnel!
. HS2 should also link to Channel Tunnel and Heathrow.
What is a good use for the Channel Tunnel? Storage locker?
should be through parliament within ~12 months. Still far faster in gestation than Crossrail, Thameslink, channel tunnel etc
Leavng the EU could close the channel tunnel(!) Hurrah!!!
The ‘historic injustice’ of rail fares hiked to pay for the channel tunnel via of Tunbridge Wells
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The recent case of the Channel tunnel migrant has sent out a similar message to Merkel, there's no deterrent.
Hold up, you can't drive in the channel tunnel can you? Not with HGV's?
Like any other large scale project. Where would we be without the channel tunnel, Forth road bridge etc?
Norway begins deportations to Russia - BUT if you walk through Channel Tunnel from France you're given asylum! the
In 2016 UK immigration system favours those who come to Britain illegally htt…
I still say we should store them in the Channel Tunnel!!!
Coulport was second most expensive procurement project after Channel Tunnel.
Things I've learned this morning. There is a better 4G phone signal inside the channel tunnel than in much of South West London.
UK grants asylum to man who walked through Channel Tunnel. .
Debating Trump while they are invaded by dodgy migrants via the Channel Tunnel. A bit of a reality check needed?
30 years ago; Anglo-French deal is signed for building Channel Tunnel; Sterling dives & Thatcher has finance crisis.
"Some 800 to 1,000 migrants tried on Thursday to break into the Channel Tunnel" via
no choice when he in the back of a van crossing the channel and the through the Tyne tunnel
Reminder:The legendary Abu Haleema will be on tv at 9:00 on channel 4 showing people his tunnel.
we asked this girl in media to name some states in America and she thought Disneyland and the channel tunnel were states
Southbound - One lane blocked between junction 11 (for B2068, Hythe) and 11a (for the Channel Tunnel) because of a broken down vehicle.
Water channel leading to partially blocked tunnel. Near
I think poor old Jose should be put out to pasture His mouth is wider than the Channel tunnel entrance
never been European never wanted to be we live on an island surrounded by water only link is channel tunnel. close it now !!
Railway-News brings you our top five railway tunnels. No 1 - Channel Tunnel. More here:
MD named for Balfour Vinci HS2 bid: Channel Tunnel Rail Link veteran Peter Anderson has been named managing di...
If it was down to me I would close the channel tunnel
The same people who want to ban Trump, would open the channel tunnel to
Improved security at Channel Tunnel should help protect Wilts haulage firm from stowaway migrants, minister tells
When both sides of the channel tunnel first met 1990
feel like I'm at the end of 28 Days Later when your man runs out of the Channel Tunnel.
Freight train testing begins in Gotthard Base Tunnel
Afghan interpreter who helped British soldiers 2 b kicked out of UK.Migrant walks through the channel tunnel is granted asylum. Loony ruiing
“Our lorry drivers are running the gauntlet outside the Channel Tunnel" says
Calais security chiefs FLOOD land around Channel Tunnel to stop migrants breaking in
Outrage as British charity in Calais says truckers attacked by migrants should CHANGE JOBS >>http…
Husham Osman Alzubair was found dead from head injuries on the rear wagon of a freight train as it arrived through the Channel Tunnel at
Today in 1990, the Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom & France met beneath the English Channel.
The 20 greatest wonders of the modern world | My most favourites: Trans-Siberian Railway and Channel Tunnel
Welsh fans . English fans . Northern Ireland fans . Migrants . They'll have to build a second Channel Tunnel next summer.
I agree with you, too, but unless we the people say our opinion to the politicians nothing will be done.I...
THEY might not be Iranias, they call themselves what ever they like thinking this way they can get a visa or...
There's a tunnel that goes right under the channel. Does that work?
mayor of Calais says there will be huge fines for people breaking into channel tunnel..they have no money!
The Mayor of Calais wants tough new punishments for groups of migrants that break into the Channel Tunnel entrance in France (1 of 2)
Dear DPI-or , See you on the other side of the Tunnel :). Thu Oct 8 20:47:51 2015 Data Channel Encrypt: Cipher...
Iranian immigrants in court after walking through Channel Tunnel and being arrested in Folkestone
TIL that there isn't a single Channel Tunnel, but three: Two rail tunnels for simultaneous travel b…
(inb4 someone points out you can drive onto a channel tunnel train to France and then wait for Bering Strait to …
Ahh yeah fine migrants €150k for trying to break into the Channel Tunnel... Do you not think if they had that money they'd get a ticket??
Up to ten years in prison or €150k for refugees and migrants breaching Channel Tunnel security!.
Calais mayor introduces plans to fine migrants upto 150kEuro and 10 years prison for assaulting sites like Channel Tunnel.
Daily commuter trains in the Channel Tunnel?
These immigrants should be jailed then sent back to where ever they came from nothing but animals we don't want them http:…
:"No one has a proper grip on the migrant crisis in Calais"
Anther awful journey through the Channel Tunnel - delays again - feels like it's every time service
Daily commuter trains in the Channel Tunnel? Is it possible?
2 Iranian refugees join Abdul Rahman Haroun in prison after walking 31 miles through the Eurotunnel h…
Iranian migrants walk 31 mile Channel Tunnel to reach Folkestone after 'massive invasion' -
1. They are not migrants. 2. They are invaders. 3. Invaders you cant stop with security men without weapons. 4. If...
It's getting increasingly sinister - organised riot puts cops in hospital and illegals storm Channel Tunnel as...
No one has a grip on the Calais migrant crisis
'Mass invasion' of 100 onto Eurotunnel's Calais tracks organised by 'British anarchists & left-wingers' . htt…
I survived the Channel Tunnel, am back in wifi range and have irrefutable proof I'm in Germany
When did people start calling the channel tunnel the "Chunnel"? You people make me SICK.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Iranian migrants walk 31-mile Channel Tunnel to UK after mass riot in Calais.
Migrant Crisis: Two Iranian migrants walk Channel Tunnel to the UK after 200 storm Calais terminal
2 illegal immigrants who stormed the Channel Tunnel walk to England-they should be deported immediately
I added a video to a playlist HUNDREDS of migrants storm Channel Tunnel in 'massive planned invasion'
A teenager, thought to be from east Africa, has been killed by a freight train near the Channel Tunnel entrance in Calais, officials say.
Suspected illegal immigrant charged after 'walking through nearly entire length of Channel Tunnel' -
Britain is far from a refugee magnet - just 10,050 accepted last year, compared to 30,650 in Sweden
The French are relying on fencing to stop immigrants entering the Channel Tunnel. The first swordsmen are already gall…
Great piece of reading! Someone who finally speaks up with some rational
Channel Tunnel may be closed because one man, repeat one man, nearly succeeded in walking through!
Man arrested after walking through Channel Tunnel to U.K. from France
Any closure of the will be very damaging to the business -
Are you heading to France soon? The Channel Tunnel could be closed overnight as the Calais crisis worsens. Read more here
Sudanese migrant arrested in Kent after RUNNING from Calais in Channel Tunnel: The man had scaled security fen...
Sudanese migrant arrested after nearly managing to walk entire length of Channel Tunnel undetected
Sunset on Kronstadt. Ahead to the left, notice the sea channel. The island is connected to the mainland by tunnel.
NEWS: Channel Tunnel could be 'closed over night' over migrant crisis
After evading fences, cameras and searchers, Sudanese migrant is detained at English end of Channel Tunnel.
At 4 with Charlie - The Channel tunnel may be closed at night to prevent migrants entering.
walks Channel Tunnel - 50 km - in bid to reach Britain from France; arrested
Channel Tunnel could be closed at night if Calais crisis worsens | via
"Sudanese Migrant Tries to Reach England by Walking Length of Channel Tunnel" by DAN BILEFSKY via NYT
Migrant almost walks length of Channel Tunnel to England
Don’t believe the press – Britain is far from a refugee magnet | Owen Jones
"myth of excessive British generosity needs confronting" - Great piece by on UK being a refugee 'magnet' htt…
Discussions are being held on whether or not to close the Channel Tunnel at night, more on 102.4 News at 4pm
Authorities say he was the first migrant to walk nearly the entire length of the Channel Tunnel. Then he got caught.
Migrant walks Channel Tunnel in bid to reach Britain from France
Close it down, brick it up... end of...
Sudanese man makes it almost entire length of Channel Tunnel to Britain before he's caught
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
via David Cameron vows to step up security in channel tunnel
Calais crisis: Riot police officer in hospital as 1,700 migrants try to storm Channel Tunnel - live
Boat people, Channel Tunnel people...we are all people!
Man dies in Channel Tunnel as migrant crisis deepens | New Straits Times
Delays at Channel Tunnel after migrants try to stow away at Calais
Glasto maintains security of a file mile perimeter but French police don't stop people getting into Channel Tunnel htt…
Reading: "Migrant Found Dead in the Channel Tunnel" by REUTERS via NYT
Illegal immigrants storm the Channel Tunnel yet again-we must increase border force & send armed forces to Calais http…
Chaos in Calais as 150 migrants STORM Channel Tunnel in desperate bid to get into Britain
What connects Mandela, Channel Tunnel, John Paul II & Conchita? See this week in history with
While there are 7 undisputed wonders of the ancient world, the wonders of the modern world are frequently debated. Let's take a look at some of the commonly accepted engineer wonders of the modern world. Today's Random Fact: Empire State Building. Finished in 1931, it towers 1,250 ft over New York City. Until the first tower of the World Trade Center was finished in 1972, it was the world's tallest building. Itaipu Dam. Built by Brazil and Paraguay on the Parana River, the dam is the world's largest hydroelectric power plant. Completed in 1991, it took 16 years to build this series of dams whose length totals 7,744 m. It used 15 times more concrete than the Channel Tunnel. CN Tower. In 1976, the tower became the world's tallest freestanding structure. It looms about one-third of a mile high (1,815 ft) above Toronto, Canada. A glass floor on the observation deck lets you look 342 m down to the ground. Panama Canal. It took 34 years to create this 50-mile-long canal across the Isthmus of Panama. The amount ...
Channel Tunnel delays as services resume
services resume through Channel Tunnel after alarm - Associated Press -
Top Stories News near you World ,,Pope Frances,,Police,,,David Cameron,,Boko Haram,International Criminal Court, Raif Badawi, Channel Tunnel,,Iran, Afghanistan.these iare the top storyies on google news ... can you tell me why David Cameron,police, popo frances are listed before the boko haram stories.. 2000, dead o ya poor people dont matter... nice keep up the good work google news
Passengers are facing travel chaos after a truck was found smouldering on the French side of the Channel Tunnel.
DTN Japan: Lorry fire halts traffic in Channel Tunnel, Eurostars cancelled: Traffic was suspended in both dire...
Boring machine to dig the channel tunnel was built in chesterfield
Traffic through Channel Tunnel, which connects Britain and France, halted after smoke detected
Johnny Chatterton, a Eurostar passenger who was trying to travel to Paris, explains what happened to him when the Channel Tunnel was closed because of a lorry fire.
Channel Tunnel closed after truck fire -
VIDEO: Lorry fire disrupts tunnel services: Eurostar passengers are facing severe disruption as the Channel Tu...
People complaining about the Channel Tunnel being closed. Just be grateful that the safety procedures worked ffs.
A lorry fire in the Channel Tunnel has caused travel chaos -
Passengers face severe disruption after the Channel Tunnel was closed "until further notice" following a fire on a lorry.
's plans for Investments: Channel tunnel rail link bought by Ontario Teachers, police, firefighters.
Traffic suspended in Channel Tunnel after smoke detected, says all trains cancelled for the day latest http…
UPDATE: Cause of Channel Tunnel closure is lorry fire at French end - police
TRAVEL CHAOS: EUROSTAR trains suspended after blaze in Channel Tunnel.
BREAKING: Channel Tunnel closed after smoke detected, trains suspended
Interesting "smoke alert" like the one in US?. Tunnel to be closed until the evening, said
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Police: Fire on truck triggered alarm in Channel Tunnel
MORE: UK-France trains suspended after smoke detected in Channel Tunnel; cause unclear:
Yet another fire in the Channel Tunnel caused by a truck. Should the wagons carrying them not be enclosed to avoid the wind fanning effect?
Living 2 minutes from the channel tunnel has not been beneficial today
Tunnel closed due to smoke alert, train services suspended + including between and ht…
Lorry fire is cause of Channel Tunnel closure; & services halted
Channel Tunnel closed and services hit after lorry fire
Eurotunnel to resume services later: Eurotunnel says it expects to resume vehicle and freight services through the Channel Tunnel on ...
No further train services for rest of day after Channel Tunnel shut by lorry fire
All train services suspended after smoke detected in Channel Tunnel
With the Channel Tunnel closed it's at times like this we could do with ferry services from Folkestone & Ramsgate again
Am going to complain to Al Jazeera news. They reported on the plight ofhundreds of thousands of refugees freezing in Syrian camps, reported on car bombs in Iraq and Mali killing many people. Not a mention of trains delayed in the channel tunnel.disgraceful!!!
Eurostar trains halted after smoke detected in tunnel
All Eurostar trains cancelled after smoke detected in Channel Tunnel
Eurotunnel to resume Le Shuttle services through the Channel Tunnel this evening after lorry fire
1 of our Wcdr's was a young Ff at the first Channel Tunnel Fire in November 1997, had to travel 12 miles underground. http…
Channel Tunnel traffic halted after smoke detected | Firstpost | ... -
Firstpost Channel Tunnel traffic halted after smoke detected
| Eurostar cancels all trains after smoke detected in Channel Tunnel
Update - spokesperson says a lorry in the Channel Tunnel had a "smouldering load" and services will resume on…
Oooops, another fire in a lorry (maybe no flames but plenty of smoke) closes the channel tunnel.probably an illegal having a quick smoke before alighting his free ride!
Channel tunnel closed due to fire on a truck
It is 20 years since the Channel Tunnel was officially opened - our Transport correspondent Richard Westcott puts it all in numbers.
LONDON (AP) — A fire in a truck that was being transported through the Channel Tunnel triggered an alarm which led to suspension of all passenger and freight rail services between Britain and France on Saturday, police said. Read more on
Eurostar and Eurotunnel have both confirmed they have suspended all services after smoke was detected in the Channel Tunnel.
That would be my worst nightmare being stuck in the Channel Tunnel!
Route affected - All Eurostar services Train operator affected - Eurostar; Smoke has been detected in the north tunnel of the Channel Tunnel, this means the tunnel has been closed for the rest of today. Eurostar services have been suspended until end of service on Saturday 17 January. If you were planning to travel today, you are advised to postpone your journey and not to come to the station. You can exchange your ticket free of charge, change to another available service anytime within the next 120 days, or apply for a refund. Eurostar's customer care number is 03432 186 186, or +44 1777 777 878 for people outside the UK. It is not yet known how this will affect services on Sunday 18 January. You can follow this incident using the hashtag
Eurostar suspends all services after smoke detected in the Channel Tunnel, the company says.
Channel Tunnel connecting the UK and France has been shut down after smoke was detected, the tunnel operator announced. Services in both directions have been halted for the rest of the day.
Another symptom of the outraged thicko vox-pop. (On the fire in the Channel Tunnel) "No one has told us when the fire will be under control."
Holidaymakers are facing hours of travel misery after all Eurostar trains were cancelled due to a lorry fire in the Channel Tunnel
The Channel Tunnel is closed and all trains have been cancelled until further notice due to a lorry fire near the French end of one of the tunnels.
A fire on a truck has caused the closure of the Channel tunnel between France and the UK. The incident is reported to have been on the French side of the crossing. There are no reports of injuries. Trains have stopped operating until further notice. Authorities say they managed to evacuate a train w…
Its amazing how rumours start, but the word in my local cafe today is that the Channel Tunnel fire is a terrorist attack. Can anyone deny (preferably) or confirm?
THE Channel Tunnel has been closed and all Eurostar services suspended after smoke was detected in the Tunnel.
Eurostar suspends all services "due to smoke detection in the Channel Tunnel"
Channel tunnel fire meant to be going thru wednesday ,bit worried !
Channel tunnel traffic halted after smoke detected (via
Passengers plunged into chaos after lorry fire causes Channel Tunnel closure -
Channel Tunnel traffic halted after smoke detected
Does anybody anticipate delays getting from Ashford to Dover tonight due to the channel tunnel fire or do you think it will be be clear?
The channel tunnel ,,,freight and closed due to a lorry fire.
Eurostar suspends services following 'lorry fire' in tunnel - No-one injured following blaze on truck aboard Eurostar but channel tunnel is closed.
Channel tunnel closed after lorry catches fire (via
Channel Tunnel closed after truck fire (via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
via Eurostar suspends all trains after truck fire in Channel Tunnel
Channel Tunnel closed after lorry fire
On this day: Channel Tunnel breakthrough - Scotsman
shenel?. We should seal the tunnel. ls that a ramscoop control or a deflector grid panel?. But you can't handle when I channel
12/01/1990: Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 metres beneath the seabed.
I like Manchester City's YouTube channel, especially the tunnel cam videos.
If a PM like Churchill was running this country, it wouldn't be in the mess its in, and no channel tunnel, no open boarders
Message from French trip: they're delayed at the channel tunnel, most likely time back at school is 930pm/10pm. They'll text when in UK...
What tunnel is he walking down the channel tunnel
Just completed a 4.22 km run - Light at the beginning of the tunnel! ;)
Civil war and Iron bowl. I'm about to catch carpal tunnel from all this channel flipping.
Kent had a newish colony of 30 flowering plants last yr near Maidstone, thanks to Channel Tunnel spoil!
I just had a weird dream that I was riding a train through the channel tunnel that started in germany (??) and I had no identification on me
Boston So. Station Red Line outbound smoke in the tunnel, ops on BFD Channel 4
driven into more times than the Channel Tunnel.
Little Giant Ladders
Also check out our newest webisode "The Poor House Road Tunnel". Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!.
I would not recommend the channel tunnel if you claustrophobic
I'm on High Speed Channel Tunnel train to London & a guy saw my bag logo & says "Gr8 Golf Aid" & he's gone from 15 to 10 in 4 months! Cool
I have no idea why, but I have a 4G signal (yes, four) in the middle of the channel tunnel. Next stop France!
Castle Hill section of the Channel Tunnel approach. A SSSI. Installation of inclinometers.
Oh, and Second Severn Crossing, Skye Bridge, Dartford Crossing - ALL projects I worked on. Oops - forgot the Channel Tunnel! ;)
Just arrived could get used to this coach journey lark seen more of the country side today than I have for ages.
“Some worrying offerings at the Channel Tunnel caff No class. They could at least tell you what breed.
Due to heavy snowfall all service to terminating at tunnel.^jd
I think they should put a big dome around London with the only way in or out is via a big tunnel to Dover connecting to the channel tunnel..
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