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Blue Ivy Super Bowl Michael Gove

.Policy to restrict number of officials accompanying sportspersons for events outs... via
Bring President Erdogan to International Criminal Court for the hate crimes he committed - Sign the... via
Yes, Yes, Yes - All Parties agree a would be beneficial via
We must stop throwing good food away. Petition.
Petition update - Join our Demonstration 6th November if anyone can make it please come along.…
We have a long way to go to change attitudes towards mental health at work. Mary's blog:
⭐️H.Emb.of the in U'R a Doglover We need U 2 support by 2 ban . htt…
Now, over 12,000 "signatures", and counting, on website to get Bob Uecker to call game over Joe Buck:. htt…
Theresa May: Stop RANDOM back garden firework use - Sign the Petition! via
Read Sally's comment - MEGA seems a very costly exercise that might not get usef...
Y'all know we love Texas, help make it safer and sign this petition! 💛💛.
Free Education For Children of India's Martyrs - Sign the Petition! via
have a Petition to have Sadiq Khan removed anyone can sign He is a danger to our socie…
For those interested to sign the petition to SUSPEND Mocha Uson Blog, click here:
Sick Acts of Animal Cruelty in South Africa- Calling on the Government to Stand Up and Implement CH...
Will you sign and share my petition and ask the to stop using Wonder Woman as ambassador?
Ban the use of plastic packaging for organic produce - Sign the Petition!
FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Vote in favor of H. Res. 752 to END the Yulin Dog Meat Festival/Trade! ...
A petition has been launched to support that trans girl removed from her mother:
FOX Broadcasting Company: Replace Joe Buck with Bob Uecker for World Series broadcasts via
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Make Nivolumab available for all in England and ...
To the President of India : - Najeeb Ahmad has been missing from JNU after alter... vi…
I normally think Change petitions are stupid and pointless but this one is a matter of great importance
Extremely disappointing to hear of this petition aiming to shut down the Australian Premiere of my film THE RED PILL https…
Prime Minister of India: Set up Cauvery River Management Board - Sign the Petition!
Please sign the petition and get off - if not turn off games he covers
President Barack Obama: Save Elephants and Rhinos From Extinction - Sign the Petition! via
President Benigno Aquino III: Ratification of Law that exempts PWDs and their families from ... via
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): Stop Yulian dog eating - Sign the Petition! vi…
Seoul’s official response to our petition - First Class City of Barbarity and Indifference? via
Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama: Block Roosh V from entering Canada and the US - Sign the Petition! v…
Rick Snyder: Stop Making Flint Residents Pay for Poisoned Water! - Sign the Petition! via
Costa Constantinides: Repair the Astoria Park playground restrooms - Sign & Share the Petition! via
Release the Names of Schools Under Investigation for Mishandling Cases of
Last summer Canadian Parliament voted to eliminate a Nat'l tax on menstrual products.Jennifer wants the US to follow
There was a petition to shut down return of kings. It was ended bc they received too many threat…
Sign & RT: Join in his call to establish a "World Heritage Species" programme. h…
Here is a petition for Australia to stop the leader from Return of the Kings from entering the country!
Everyone sign this petition to stop human cloning! "Petition
I urge all my friends to sign this petition to ban this scumbag from entering Canada/USA
President of the United States, USCIS, DHS, Congress: Raise U Visa cap and expedite processing - Sign... via
Will u offer prayers for a petition I have for people to join the mission?
Petition the U.S. House of Reps to Vote Against Branding "SEX OFFENDER" on passports!
Stop state sanctioned hunt on lynx in Norway - Sign the Petition via
Support a Ban on Whale Captivity in Canada!! via
Department of Defense : Don't ban my dog from military housing just because of her breed
More than 30,000 workers have signed: demand that the endorse Bernie! http…
Ban Muslim street prayers. Ban the burka and niqab. Ban sharia. Across the EU.
【 】 . . We do not need the killing machine of the animal. https:/…
Church and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Stop Murdering of OUR Buffalo! - Sign the Petition!
Australian people, Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia: Free the Children Nauru - Sign th... via ChangeAUS
Joe Rogan: Help get Iraqi-Born Faisal Saeed Al Mutar on the Joe Rogan Podcast - Sign the Petition!
here's a petition to keep the leader of ROK, and the meetups, out of the us and canada! please sign.
Subaru: Speak Out Against Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan - Sign the Petition! via
Sign and share the petition to block Roosh V, the leader of Return of the Kings, from entering Canada and America.
I also made a petition to keep Roosh (leader of pro-rape organization) out of the US and Canada.
Stop MGM and Siegfried and Roy from condemning tiger cubs to a life in captivity! - Sign the Petit... via
Chelsea Football Club: Give John Terry a new contract. - Sign the Petition!
PLEASE sign this petition if you have time. Prevent these "legal rape" MRAs from coming to our area.
I don't care if you support or not VOTER FRAUD IS UNACCEPTABLE. .
is coming to the UK, and must be prevented from spreading his pro-rape message. Pls sign and share:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Incheon Prosecutor's Office: Drop the charges against Nami Kim who defended herself from the viole... #
Thanks to for starting this petition! Let's help get a local restaurant in the new Pier!...
GHMC Hyderabad: GHMC Hyderabad, stop killing our stray dogs!! - Sign the Petition! via
The Provincial Government of British Columbia: Please pass a law preventing the distribution and sale... via
Hon Theresa May MP: No more drownings. Immediate sanctury for those fleeing from war via
Nearly there, everyone should sign this
The Honourable Dr Steven Miles and the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection... via
Only 100 years ago we had no women in Parl at all. We're making progress, but too slowly. Demand Sign
With the constant innovations being made in the realm of flooring.: Powered by the People offers reli... via
Daniel Solis: Ban cat declawing in the City of Chicago - Sign the Petition! via
Annington, Barnet Homes: Stop the demolition of the Sweets Way estate, stop the evictions of curren... via
The Singapore Government, PM Lee Hsien Loong: Hijabs to be allowed in the Singapore Workforce, specif... via
Petco: Drastically improve in-store living conditions and care for animals - Sign the Petition! via
Zac Goldsmith MP: Harsher Prison Sentences for Animal Cruelty Offenders - Sign the Petition! via
President Benigno Aquino III: Help the - Sign the Petition! via
Nottingham Magistrates Court: Cancel the ruling that "Diesel" be destroyed, and instead adopted.
8th September 2015 - Petition Hand Over at Stormont via
Michigan city to spend $90K hiring snipers to kill 100 deer! via
*** Dearden: Close down Aqualand pets plus and get those animals into safe homes! - Sign the Petition! via
SMMUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Sandra Lyon: Stop Poisoning our Children and our Envir... via
Tumblr, Yahoo: Tumblr: Please Reverse/Cancel this Update - Sign the Petition! via
Kendall should apologise to disabled people - Sign the Petition! : http:…
Loro Parque, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal Planet: Por favor, liberen la... via
Loretta Lynch: Justice for Jeremiah Dewey, take him out of Prison. Give him another Trial in a...
Barack Obama: Dear President Obama - Put an End to the - Sign the Petition! via
In 15 days Australian Sheep will be savagely killed in the Middle East during the 'Festival of Sacr... via
Please could you read and sign this petition about prostate cancer screening. PLEASE RT.
Spanish Tourism: Stop promoting cruel bullfighting - Sign the Petition!
David Cameron: Britain must accept its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe via
VIDEO: Brutal security attack on Sweets Way! Call the company! via
psst.. I'm following EVERYONE who signs this petition in the next 5 minutes:. Starting...NOW!! (sc…
Please say NO to China holding the World Dog Show 2019! It is INCONCEIVABLE that China has been awarded this show!! http:…
BEAGLES Laboratory dog of choice Bred for and used in experiments PLS SIGN HELP STOP IT NOW
Hon Ryan Smith: Ban plastic shopping bags in all retail outlets in Victoria. - Sign the Petition! via
The Honorable Prime Minister of The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia, The Forestry Administration of the Gov... via
Thank you so much for signing our petition via
110,000 signatures on the petition to end ALL breeding & ALL testing on BEAGLES not JUST medical tes…
CELEBS SPEAK OUT FOR LOLITA: I talk to three celebrities demanding Lolita be freed from the Miami Seaquarium where she's been held hostage for a mind-boggling 45 years in a small tank. The goal? Return her to her pod in the Pacific Northwest, after getting her used to freedom in a protected cove. Supermodel Joanna Krupa (of Real Housewives of Miami & Dancing with the Stars fame) joins Shannen Doherty (of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed fame) and Pretty Little Liars actress Holly Marie Combs to denounce the Miami Seaquarium and call on the U.S. government, specifically NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to declare Lolita endangered and return her to the wild. Please sign this petition to demand Lolita’s freedom.
Russell Brand Trews Reports (E12) Sign the Petition here John Rogers reports from West Hendon in the London Borough of Barnet where res...
Axe the GST on ALL sanitary items. via
is supporting the Captive Cruelty investigation - Will you?
Do the right thing ---> Insurance: Pay our home insurance and allow us to move on with our lives
Justice for Jane: Get the German Authorities to launch an investigation into Jane's death via
Woah A TACO BELL EMOJI?? Help help get a by checking out this petition
A decent home she can afford to live in is a women's issue - worldwide. You can show your support here for these...
domain names
Andrew Cuomo: Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Seek Justice for Eric Garner via
Please sign to You'll make our Christmas!
I'm so proud of how many schools visit Please help this continue:
.Introduce the Good Samaritan Law in Parliament and make it easier for people to help others.
Very well, mission accomplished. You are my friend. My friends sign this petition.
Only two clicks to help save Katarina! via
Please help rescue puppies from the horrendous South Korean Dog Meat Trade! via
Utah bans to protect insurance brokers. Insur. commish is a broker. Surprised? must step in
James Linder: Show Jack Gangwish there are consequences for animal cruelty via
We want an Employment & Support Allowance system that is Help us make it happen: ht…
Almost 500 in just three days! SIGN to tell mayor why THE TERRACE MUST BE SAVED
Ellen DeGeneres: Change has virus infected in captivity Please Sign&Rt
Kose: Please stop testing on animals! via Please sign and share x
Bees: To get congress to get rid of Bayer (Bayer is a pesticide) via
The rights for Kun Kun, The rights for KUN KUN village of Sichuan: Help this child. через
I never know whether petitions really work - but let's honour Dawson and Johnson.
Please sign this: once again the religious right twisting truth to present themselves as victims. Sick.
Want to improve inpatient treatment for young adults?
Only two clicks to help save Katarina the via
Please sign petition. Railroaded by US govnmt. for permitting engagement in haven.
Woman of the Year Fraud: Feminists are too embarrassed by Somaly Mam to even ask where their money went
The UN Secretary General: Make Women Matter in the new development goals via
Nick Clegg ignores plea to support Support petition here:
I have been asked by my good friend tony manning of terrier world to share this please take a moment click the...
Please sign petition "Fire Radio Hosts proposing to ask Trudeau who he would 'Eff, Kill, Or Marry'
Compassion toward animals got this teacher fired. Help him get his job back. via
petition to get to finish the girl with 7 first names audio book should happen. I'd sign it.
Nick asks for advice about his event and he gets lots of info
Great news – we've won! Target (and breaking news: Kmart now too!) have pulled Grand Theft Auto 5 from shelves across the country in response to our 40,000-strong petition. Here's the response from Target Australia:
The Duggars may be about to learn the harsh reality that befell Phil Robertson; a petition circulating on is calling for TLC to cancel their show, because they promote a whole raft of bigoted positions.
Tumblr: Reverse image size change taking place on 30/11/14, and return to old image sizes before via
Petition · Lambeth Council; put the Garden Bridge where it's needed please consider signing this
Forget about ratings, has thousands of fans worldwide! .
Thank Amir for his service by signing this petition. …
Help end the cruelty of bear baiting via
I think we are being scammed. only 1 signature all day. ?"Bou…
ACT Policing: Stop the cover up of ACT Police Officers caught abusing animals via
Petition for referendum on water ownership in Ireland - worth signing, regardless of your position on water charges.
We're almost to 50k signatures! Sign if you respect the artists in the community!
Want to see an end to animal testing for cosmetics in ASEAN? Please sign our petition:
5k people have signed, recognising r IP rights. Plz join the cause & sign r petition.
Sign for Arturo the world's saddest Polar Bear
If we can't make trend this time, we could next time! The petition is important too!
We're almost at 21k signatures, can you share the petition and help?
Sign this petition so sex offender & all around loser - can't further his hate crimes
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sign this petition 2 honor memory. The criminal mullahs of hanged her
““Support our campaign by signing our petition http:/…
sign and share this Young girls don't feel safe after multiple attacks at university campus x
HM Government UK: Abolish the breeding for & use of Beagles for animal experimentation in the UK
Please see what our petition is about!. Sign & share to support ht…
Beau,Retriever mix.Beau killed a duck that wandered on his own property,11/20 b euthanized.
if you think Georgia Southern should be eligible for the postseason this year.
Enjoying Come & try singing FREE workshop on Jan 3rd! Or watch us
Please! sign to free human rights activist Souad Al Shammary.
Please sign & help get more students voting! We want a polling station on campus!
It's - lets get this petition to 1 MILLION for Arturo's sake …
no anymore. In fact, smarter than your dog.
.Julien Blanc will teach sexual assault at your venue. Please cancel his seminar
Indonesia Government: Bring justice for the innocent animals. via
Thank you to for speaking out in support of our investigation
DDPP: it's a petition of zoo in France because the animals are abuse via
The petition to get The into the election debates has just hit 200,000 signatures. Keep them coming! http:/…
Petition · Remove, De-Schedule and Exempt cannabis (hemp/marijuana) from the Controlled Substances Act ·
Please help us to save the brilliant & unique BSc Observational Astronomy course -
Ensure that registered dietitians are covered under Canada's Public Service Health Care Plan! Sign the petition here!.
Apple: Pressure China to close their ivory carving factories and ban ivory and rhino horn. via
Wildlife abuse is'nt science. Shame on for letting Sid the science Kid promote SeaWorld.
Directioners against After: The book was bad enough, don't let them make it into a movie. через
Please cancel Sid the Science Kid's appearance at SeaWorld via
Let's care for the bear! Countdown to 1 MILLION continues. Please sign … …
We want the case referring to 17 year old Lennon Lacy reopened and under new investigators. via…
GoFundMe Website for those who would like to contribute via
Missouri Water Patrol and the tragic death of Brandon Ellingson. via
98,468 supporters for re-vote. Let's get it to 100k, I'm going to do the rounds on other Social Newtork, pls share. htt…
Continue signing the petition for an OTH convention in the US!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The petition to get Toys R Us to put the Breaking Bad dolls back on the shelves has…
please help us save BAC observational astronomy USW! Only course like it!
End the prosecution of Stephen Bailey who unchained a dog left without water in JULY. via
.World records awarded by target the big ol’ fat female fish vital to healthy ecosystems. This must stop
Help RAJU, the crying Please Sign petition NOW to & pls share! ht…
If you find books like these daft and limiting, sign our petitions:
"Pls follow this link and sign the petition to help save Marcus:
Making "Clash of Clans" for WP8: Make this game for Windows Phone 8! via
SIGN/RT: Tell to stop killing threatened fish species for weight-based world records
please help us save BSC observational astronomy! Only course like it in the UK
Please keep contacting city officials via
Restore wild salmon, Ban salmon feedlots in BC via
needs your voice. Ask our leaders to intervene. …
21st June, that date sends shock waves through the world of dog & cat lovers!
1 minute to help animals suffering at SeaWorld via
.was once great. Now they are just hungry
Hey Canadians! If you want to see RD services being covered by one of Canada's largest insurance plans, sign here:
Wildlife abuse is not science. Shame on for letting Sid the Science Kid promote SeaWorld.
Today is this mom wants the to stop marketing sugary drinks to kids
They're closing down observational astronomy! Please sign and share! Help us save such a unique course!
Petition for Scottish Re-Vote nears the 100k figure quoted by Gordon Brown .
Ban fur farming in Ireland. Please sign and share the petition htt…
Will you join the 10k ppl who signed the petition asking to http…
Coke has used polar bears in ads for years. Please ask Coke to save Arturo for Christmas! THX!
West Orange isn't the only town that needs support! vía
The Israeli Government: Bring to justice the settler responsible for killing 5 year old Inas Shawkat via
Please Save Marcus!: Please sign the petition to save 22 year old Marcus! via
A Florida mother has launched a petition against Toys R Us because the company is selling figurines associated with the drug-centric show "Breaking Bad." Susan Schrivjer, of Fort Myers, recently took to to voice her dismay ov...
Prime Minister of India: Stop Racism: Kill the Devil that Kills via
Customers want to make 'real beauty' more real by disclosing when they Photoshop.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Are you one of 119,000 people who signed the petition for to be in the TV debates? No? Sign it!
please help save our outstanding Nursery Please RT.
Help save this dog's life- he's going to be euthanized for no just reason!! via
Enough is Enough. How many victims more do we need to stop it? Sign the petition.
The Government of the United Kingdom: Independently investigate the horrific murders via
Sack Lord Freud from Government after he remarked Disabled People were not worth the minimum wage vi…
Lord Freud's comments have caused such uproar a petition has been launched calling for him to be sacked:
Women should be free to access to abortion care without threats or intimidation. Sign this petition and share widely http:…
Revoke appointment of Michael Douglas as United Nations "Messenger of Peace" . . http…
The September 11th memorial: Add Sirius the k-9 to the 9/11 memorial via
"we can stop racism together. Please sign the petition
"Please take a moment to sign this petition to stop profiting from denigration. htt…
.Introduce a Good Samaritan Law in the Parliament via
petition growing in numbers. Have you signed?
A case for international aid. Please share this article widely. via
We're calling for better support for those facing secondary breast cancer. Join us:
Petition to exercise more control over the content of the…
The people of Nepal: Bring an end to the practice of 'dancing bears.' via
Petition calling for Lord Freud to go: via pleas…
Georgie needs yr hlp 2 free his friends/family from puppymill
SIGN/RT to join 137,000 others who WANT included in the leaders debates htt…
Let's end racism together. Please sign the petition.
.Include marine mammals in the marine welfare act Japan!
Sad to hear about north east youth attack in Gurgaon. Join us in our fight against Sign the petition
Include in the TV Leaders' Debates ahead of Sign the Petition >>
The children are our future. Please help save our outstanding Nursery Please RT.
Please sign the petition, we can end this together.
Stella needs yr hlp 2 free her friends/family from puppymill
Repost of petition link well worth it and very quick process! Thank you all, especia…
Please sign the petition, we can put an end to racism. Help us!
Let's end racism together, please sign the petition.
Victory! New regulations for civil partnership conversion will give us choice! via
Co-Naming Update: The Board Members of CB17 approved our proposal to co-name the NW Corner of East 37th Street and Foster Avenue as "Catherine McAuley High School Way!" Now it's on to the full City Council, and we should have a decision in November. The petition is up to 391 signatures and we'll forward all the documentation to Council Member Jumaane Williams office tomorrow. Thanks to Xamayla Rose-Persadi '97, Sharon Rose, Alumnae Parent and June George '88 for giving testimony at the Community Board Meetings. Thanks also to the residents of East 37th Street who gave their approval and to all who signed the online petition. MAROON & GOLD FOREVER!
All of you wanting to get rid of that useless holiday Columbus day that celebrates a greedy murdering slaver? here's thew petition to do so. take a moment, sign it and make sure to reshare it: you need some convincing of who Columbus really was, read the below.
Latest from CEC The Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (BCFSA) (has initiated an on-line petition at, calling on Financial System Inquiry Chairman David Murray to recommend, in his final report, a Royal Commission into the banks. Click here to sign the petition: Australian 'Pecora Commission' The CEC since 2009 has called for a thorough investigation of criminality in Australia's banking system, stipulating it must be modelled on the 1933 U.S. Congressional investigation into the crimes of Wall Street fearlessly led by Ferdinand Pecora. The Pecora investigation is detailed in Michael Perino's brilliant book The Hellhound of Wall Street . Below is a review of this book, first published in the CEC's Australian Alert Service on 10 September. Book review: The Hellhound of Wall Street By Michael Perino Penguin Press 2010 No-one who reads this book has any excuse for tolerating the continued existence of too-big-to-fail banks, nor the continuance in office of any politician or public o ...
A petition started Monday on to ban CBS analyst Phil Simms from callingDenver Broncos games had gotten more than 19,600 signatures by early evening.
Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (karave /KRV), organization with volunteers spread across Karnataka opposing the undemocratic Hindi imposition for almost a decade now. Yesterday KRV organized a protest rally from Bannappa park at kempegowda road to Raj Bhavan. Later a memorandum in this regard was submitted to the Governor of Karnataka. Banners and Placards during the protest march displayed. "If all Indians are equal, why aren't all Indian languages treated equal", "Hindi imposition should stop and let the lingustic diversity prevail", "Stop imposing Hindi using tax payers money", "Language policy which imposes Hindi must be scrapped", "We vehemently oppose the imposition of Hindi which is a threat to our federal system". "Make all the 22 scheduled languages of the constitution as Official languages of this country immediately" Please join hands to demand equal status to all languages. Sign and share:
In India some languages ( English and Hindi) are more equal than the other languages, this treatment should be changed.We demand equal status for all languages in the 8th schedule. Please join hands to get more signatures to this petition addressded to the Prime minister:
by Daniel Frye Petition Organizer Dear Friends: Thank you all for your signatures on this petition. To reach 50,000 signed in such a short amount of time (less than 72 hours) is an amazing achievement! According to, out of the thousands of petitions launched this past weekend, this petition was the most successful in gaining signatures! However, I fear signatures alone might not be enough to keep Vanessa Coleman, Offender in prison. That's why I'm asking you to take the time to write a letter or email the Tennessee Probation and Parole Board. Letters carry the power of letting the board know why you personally believe Vanessa Coleman, Offender# 473393 should not be allowed out of prison. Below is the contact information. Make sure you reference her Offender # 473393 in your letter or email. over 64 thousand signatures keep them coming guys email or write the parole board to it all will make a diffrence Thank you for your support! Daniel Frye Mail to: Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole Att ...
Greetings Family and Friends, Please SIGN or RESIGN this: I just signed the petition "Adult Swim and Turner Broadcasting System and Cartoon Network: Cancel the Sitcom "Black Jesus"" on It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link: bless! Until then, Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon
Weird Al, Super Bowl performer? That's the plan, if 30,000 people (and counting) have their say. The man behind a petition seeking to have...
A man walks into a bar and submits a petition urging the NFL to pick Weird Al as the next Super Bowl halftime show headliner. This is not a joke. Chris -- There's a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it. Roger Goodell (Set Consistent Punishment Guidelines for NFL Players Who Commit Violence Against Women Gretchen Tome Baltimore, Maryland Sign Gretchen's Petition Ray Rice, a running back for the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, was just issued a 2 game suspension for hitting his partner in the face so hard he knocked her unconscious. This is just the most recent example of the NFL’s persistent and serious problem with players committing violence against women. Of 32 teams, 21 have players that have been charged at some point with domestic or sexual violence. What’s even more appalling is how the NFL chooses to punish players who commit these crimes. While Rice sits out of the first two games of the 2014 season his teammate, Will Hill, will be suspended for six games for marijuana use. In fact, the NFL consistently hands down stricter punishments for breaking the substance abuse policy than fo ...
Turning public lands into a private golf course? No way! Sign now and share!.
MT PLS SIGN! A plea to bring an end to all atrocities that endure in Russia
needs you to sign and share. Help this Polar Bear.
Petition to relocate a polar bear dying in 100 weather for the sake of entertainment via
PETITION: General Andre Cox: Order Aussie to place memorial plaques at all Salvation Army girls' homes NOW!
be the voice for the dogs living in a NY puppy mill.
*PETITION*** Canada Campaigns to get Arturo out of Mendoza Zoo - please sign!!
for a better life at Assiniboine Park Zoo, Canada.
Make a difference. Boycott until they shut down the death pool. Sign + share http…
If you're a fan you should sign this and RT!
Please sign for Geist and all those poor little dog souls taken from us, whether murdered, stolen, or otherwise...
Please help Arturo the Polar Bear who's alone & baking in a zoo in Argentina.
can you help spread the word about the puppy mill in NY! Petition
New update posted to the petition and emailed to 17K plus who signed. Read it here.
"Here's the link to sign the petition to He needs our help!
Man performs in brownface and you want to give him a platform to spread the hate? Not cool,
I don't know who posted about my petition here..but I'd be careful poking any fun out of this tragedy..
Just like baseball, basketball, football, sports and entertainment stars in general the people care what they do. The people care about Blue Ivy's hair so much that they have started a petition in order to convince Beyonce to comb Blue Ivy's hair.
Despite the fact that she is a toddler, Blue Ivy's hair is often criticized by the public. A petition on has even been created over her...
One petitioner took to to express her heartfelt concern regarding (what she perceives to be) a lack of moisture in Blue Ivy’s hair.
By Thursday morning, a petition on, designed to block Mr Kutesa’s ascendancy to the helm of the General Assembly, had received 8,000 signatures. A Ugandan living and working as a journalist in the US, Mr Milton Allimadi, drew up the petition targeting the US Secretary of State, John Kerry…
A petition on the website posted by WDC supporter, Kathleen Haase, has been signed by over 50,000 people. The petition calls on British Airways to break ties with SeaWorld, similar to WDC’s campaign urging Virgin to do the same. British Airways also sells tickets to SeaWorld to people boo…
The ultimate shame for a catholic-based christian (and specifically one who trained as a priest!) is to be excommunicated by the church. Perhaps we should organise a petition to the Pope to excommunicate Tony Abbott for his policies against asylum seekers, human rights abuses, taking money away from homeless people and mental health services and disadvantages people while giving handouts to the rich and powerful, increasing education costs and destroying the planet etc etc etc? I'm pretty sure such a petition on would gather thousands of virtual signatures in a manner of days... and whilst we know full well that the government ignores those types of petitions, I think the Pope might be a different kettle of fish. I'm not a catholic, or religious, so I wouldn't be the right person to present it to the pope, but if there is one person on this planet who might be able to make him change his retarded ways, it would be the guy who could threaten him with excommunication. Thoughts, my friends?
Hi this morning I heard bout Jordan Tyson the 13 year old who died along wirh his mother in the Toowomba floods. He asked the man who was trying to rescue them to take his brother 1st. Jordan could not swim. Sadly he & his mother were swept away. Jordan's dad is trying to get him the highest of awards for bravery. Jordan was promised this by Julia Gillard & Tony abbott. To date nothing been offered. There is a web site called there u will find a petition fm Jordan's dad to Tony abbott. If you believe Jordan deserves this award plz go 2 the site n register your details. Jordan was brave beyond his 13 years n I feel for his dad n brother that 3 years later yet again both governments have failed to keep a promise. Both parties could learn a lot fm Jordan. Hope u will support.
The March and Rally Against Monsanto was great today at Union Square. Tons of great information and speakers. Lee Camp got a very hefty round of applause and Reverend Billy Talen was great, as always. Keynote speaker was Gary Nulls - and org. There was some outreach to the crowd regarding the TPP as well. Unfortunately, my hard drive is full right now and I can't upload any pictures or video. I reckon there is plenty available on the net. might be a good place to look:)
CW Friends!!! We have to try something, it is starting to get out they are closing the game on July 27. Most of us have a *lot* of time, some have lots of money, VIP players (particularly the Ruby ones) also have even more money invested in the game... guess what? We are going to lose all that. This game has 10 million likes. Can we get even half to sign a petition? Does anyone know the email structure within Zynga, so a petition at can be properly channeled? Feel free to PM me with the information, unfocused angry rants would only make them ignore us and/or make their spam filters stronger. Is anyone a journalist or have an 'in' with one? Publicity always helps if the message can be put across with a calm head and clear, calm words. It is my understanding that Zynga shares just keep getting lower and lower, do any of you have a millionaire friend that has not sold his Zynga shares yet that is willing to do so now? (if they don't need whatever is left of their investment) Zynga uppers are human ...
SEATTLE, Wash. -- A Maryland teen, who earlier this year became the openly *** scout awarded the highest rank of Eagle Scout, was in Seattle on Wednesday to deliver more than 125,000 signatures from his petition urging to suspend donations to the Boy Scouts of America until it…
Political arguments aside, can someone start a petition to buy Chelsea Manning a good head shot?
This is a response by Paul Ryan to a petition on
Petition calls for Michael Gove to add HIV to compulsory sex education topics May the 6th, 2014. By Joseph Patrick McCormick Source A petition has been started calling on the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove to ensure that young people are educated on HIV. The petition, started by a BeyondPositive columnist PositiveLuke, calls on Michael Gove to ensure that HIV and AIDS are included as topics for sex education classes in high schools in the UK. He says he believes infection rates in under 25s would fall, and stigma would decline, if [...] The letter included with the petition to Michael Gove is included below. To: Michael Gove MP, Conservative Party Add the Topic of HIV/AIDS to Sex Education Classes in the UK. The vast majority of young people today have little or no common knowledge about one of the biggest killers the human race has endured: HIV. The virus is now a completely treatable and well-managed chronic illness with life-expentacy near that of the general po ...
thinkpeace girls: we urge you to do what you can to help our sisters in Nigeria. Here are a few suggestions: Ask your U.S. Senators via to sign on to a resolution calling for U.S. action to help the girls return safely. Sign the petition to the Barack Obama Administration to work with the United Nations and government of Nigeria to help rescue the girls. Sign the petition on urging the President of Nigeria and other world leaders. Sign the petition on Walk Free. Tune in to the Call to Action Google hangout, hosted by 10x10 - Girl Rising and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, TODAY May 6 at 12pm EDT
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IT SOON COME: A Free Mama's Day Multimedia Informational Regarding Child Trafficking and how WE CAN STOP IT! @ Grand Lake Coffee House, 440 Grand Ave., Oakland CA., Sunday 5/11 (6pm - 8pm) FREE EVENT. SPEND PART OF YOUR MOTHERS DAY - RECALLING MAMA POWER and PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN WORLDWIDE! Featuring • composer/musician Monica McIntyre • an informational multimedia experience with films, dialogue, music and more. A WORLDWIDE INVITATION • you can make a difference from wherever you are on the planet • push for a global response to child trafficking! Join and Sign the petition asking President Obama to support the rescue of the 230 School girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria.
Tally-Weijl, STOP Photoshopping Thigh Gaps on your Product Photos and Making Normal Women Feel Inferior via
Thanks all who RT'ed cancel petition . Get involved
200 girls still missing 2 weeks after being abducted. Keep this in the news & back
Petition: Let the bad air out of Canadian Tire ~. Remove SodaStream from your shelves ‼.
Have you signed the petition for a federal ? … via
To govt of Pakistan,supreme court of Pakistan and PEMRA: Ban geo tv and Jang group via
Here's hoping there's a network smart enough to pick up
sign my petitions at aimed at American Cancer Society
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