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Chanel West Coast

Chelsea Chanel Dudley (born September 1, 1988), better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is an American rapper and television personality.

Young Money Rob Dyrdek Paris Hilton French Montana Lil Wayne

Just got added to culture clash with Chanel West Coast at the Dherman Theater Pa, WOOP WOOP !!
I liked a video from Chanel West Coast at Candy NightClub
Chanel West Coast could get it each and every way she wanted it πŸ˜›
Chanel West Coast just keeps getting sexier and sexier πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
I have such a big crush on Chanel West Coast
"What if you laughed like Chanel West Coast!?" " I'd kill myself"
*Chanel West Coast*I do it 4 YMCMB/Produced by RiiChie RyE RiiCH LuXury Muzic Chelsea "Chanel" Dudley, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is a...
This lady at the next table is laughing like she's the child of Bellatrix Lestrange and Chanel West Coast.
Bet I could score I date with Chanel West Coast if I had the chance
Telling me I laugh like Chanel West Coast is not a compliment...
But wait ...Chanel West Coast is in YMCMB and she doesn't wri... man, this some good tea
That last fart sounded like Chanel West Coast, laughing into a kazoo...
Every time Chanel West Coast laughs, a small child in Africa dies.
I'd want Chanel West Coast on my show 😎
β€œHe just hit us with that Chanel West Coast laugh" Lmao omg
β€œI think Chanel West Coast is so adorable, Idc Idc Idc, her laugh & everything is so cute lol.”
lyss look like Chanel West Coast in the second picture πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chanel West Coast is probably the most human-looking hyena I've ever seen
Hashtag Chanel west coast looks like trailer trash.
Watching Ridiculousness with my hubby, and Chanel West Coast has ruby red lip stick caked on her teeth. It looks like she is missing parts of her teeth.
Chanel West Coast really got a gold tooth 😩
Chanel West Coast's gold tooth does not play well with studio lighting
Chanel West Coast really got one single gold tooth put in her mouth.. like I literally have no words..
Swear I thought chanel west coast had a tooth missing she does not need a gold tooth!
Chanel west coast got a gold tooth. I don't know how I feel about this.
I like Chanel West Coast. I don't even care about her laugh.
Why in the *** does Chanel west coast have a gold tooth
Chanel west coast should have left her grill alone that gold tooth makes her look ugly af but that's none of my biz lol
I'm watching Ridiculousness and Chanel West Coast has hella lipstick on her teeth tho. Lolololol
I don't think I have heard a laugh more annoying than Chanel West Coast
Why did Chanel west coast go on stage lmao
domain names
Chanel west coast is so whack for getting a gold tooth
I would just like to state, that on the new episode of ridiculousness tonight, Chanel west coast has red lip stick al over her tooth.
Can someone tell Chanel West Coast that she has lipstick on her teeth
Does Chanel West Coast actually have a gold tooth right now??
Chanel West Coast really got a gold tooth Lol
Why does Chanel west coast have a golden toothπŸ˜‚
This might sound mean but Chanel west coast is not cute to me lmao and she can barely rap! πŸ˜”
Chanel west coast got a gold tooth.. Smh
OMG Chanel West coast has lipstick on her teeth right now on the new episode of Ridiculousness...
I didn't think Chanel west coast could get anymore ugly. But she now has a chrome tooth?
I don't like Chanel West Coast grill. But I still love her 😘😍
i need to understand why Chanel West Coast is with
Chanel West Coast got a silver tooth
Chanel west coast got a gold on her tooth πŸ˜•
Chanel West Coast gold toof is distracting me.
um I think Chanel West Coast has something in her teeth.?
When you enter the gates of *** chanel west coast's laugh plays on repeat
Watching ridiculousness.. I'll tell u what it ridiculous .. Chanel West Coast and that gold tooth...πŸ˜³πŸ˜•
Chanel West Coast is a good singer no lie
Chanel west coast is my dream girl how do I date her
Chanel West Coast has a gold tooth and it is not a good look.
Does Chanel West Coast have lipstick on her teeth rn
Bruh. Chanel West Coast has lipstick on her teeth on this new Ridiculousness and no one told her.
WhY does Chanel West Coast have a gold tooth now !?!?
Chanel West Coast's laugh is equivalent to Medusa's eyes
Does chanel west coast really have a gold tooth right now lol
Only thing I heard from Chanel West Coast is that annoying *** laugh but shes signed to Young Money
Chanel West Coast can get the entire πŸ†
Chanel West Coast has to worst laugh ever in the history of life!
I think the most annoying *** laugh EVER award goes to Chanel West Coast like *** girl
I can't watch ridiculous anymore because Chanel west coast's laugh ruined it
I know I may be late... But can someone tell me when "Chanel West Coast" became a part of Young Money... lmao...
why is Chanel West Coast signed to Young Money lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chanel West Coast got the most annoying laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
I didn't know Chanel West Coast was a part of Young Money
Chanel west coast is in Young Money, so I have a chance too lol
Ok sooo I had no idea Chanel west coast was in Young Money
And why Wayne blocking Chanel West Coast with his hat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I 4 got Chanel west coast is I'm Young Money
Chanel West Coast' laugh makes me wanna stab myself.
Uh chanel west coast is in Young Money?
Why oh why did Chanel west coast get a deal let alone one with Young Money?! Wayne no
i was so surprised to see Chanel West Coast with them lmao
Girl if Chanel West Coast is signed to Young Money I should be too. 😫😫😫
I can imagine that right when you enter the gates of *** Chanel West Coast's laugh plays on repeat
Lol Chanel west coast laugh killed the whole show for me
Why is chanel west coast even famous? She *** at everything she does an she's sooo annoying..
YMCMB be signing everyone talent ain't even a factor anymore. Paris Hilton and Chanel West Coast?? Really?? Shoot let me sign up too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Since apparently I look like Chanel west coast... Maybe I should start rapping
I think Chanel West Coast has more relevance at the BET awards than Paris Hilton. She's especially random!
Paris Hilton only here because she in Young Money lol.. that's why Chanel West Coast (the girl from ridiculousness) is there too
Anybody peep chanel west coast wasn't sitting with Wayne and them?
My girl chanel west coast in the cut Lml
Anybody else see Chanel West Coast in the front?? Lol she dating some Black rapper
I see Chanel West Coast at the awards
Chanel west coast there like this the MTV awards
Chanel West Coast lookin like wheres my chicken n waffles
I actually saw Chanel west coast in the bet awards that's progress πŸ‘Œ
Chanel west coast needs to get out from the front row
β€œy is Chanel west coast there” yeoo I seen her too I thought I was trippin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lol I see Chanel West Coast is in attendance
I seen chanel west coast in the crowd
Lil Wayne got all his artists in the audience. Yall see Chanel West Coast?
Chanel west coast made it to the bet awards before me! I'm convinced they letting anyone walk in the awards.
LMFAO β€œChanel West Coast is at the BET Awards. Uh ok.”
Anyone see Chanel West Coast. From Ridiculousness. Remember she was on wild and out, and was a rapper.
Chanel West Coast ? I've never even heard a song from her .
Why is Chanel West Coast at the BET awardsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄
Is Chanel West Coast from Ridiculousness there?? What the devil?
Its soo random how chanel west coast is sitting next to forest witiker. 😢
β€œEven Chanel west coast there” Her fine self just had to say that πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
My guy Chanel West Coast at the awards
All you see is Chanel west coast on the side
Chanel west coast is one helluvah pink toe in my eyes
Chanel West Coast is here I've seen enough
Why is Chanel West coast at the awards...
Just saw Chanel West Coast at the awards. 😍
How did Chanel West Coast get a front row seat? πŸ‘€
Did I just see Chanel West Coast in the audience at the BET Awards?! Lol
Did anyone see Chanel West Coast or was that just me?
Elijah got excited cause he saw Chanel west coast I'm done
β€œWas that Chanel west coast sitting in the crowd??” yeahh
Why is Chanel West coast at the awards ?
My twin Chanel West Coast is in the building πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Was that Chanel West Coast in the crowd???
who came up with Chanel West Coast's name
Rob Dyrdek isn't even funny, Chanel West Coast is annoying, and Ridiculousness *** That's that
Sounds like Lexi when asked how to spell Chanel West Coast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What good is Chanel West Coast weather if you're bipolar?
"Chanel Westa Sidez." I labeled my cup Chanel West Coast the other day
Chanel West Coast is Minkus from boy meets world
Chanel West Coast is that nerd Minkus from "Boy Meets World." (Drops mic, cue explosions and doves flying everywh...
You haven't experienced true comedy until you've heard Chanel West Coast in one of her rap songs
Totally forgot Chanel West Coast was making music.
the three of you are a trip but no offense Chanel West Coast is my favorite.
But I'm kind of obsessed with Chanel West Coast
Steadily jammin' Chanel West Coast now that I know she has an album out.
Im gon twerk stay getting it im gon work stay getting it aint got a care in the world middle finger up!!! Chanel West Coast
I love the show rediculousness, Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast and Steelo Brim, they always make laugh. And it helps that Rob is cute.
I like Chanel West Coast laugh it be havin me in tears
Chanel West Coast is eating one table away from me but like it's chill
Snapchatting my laugh cause it sounds like Chanel West Coast. Lol.
Just saying my giggles and laughs sound like Chanel West Coast
I just watched an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory where they hypnotized Chanel West Coast to be more funny. I appreciate Rob's belief in the power of the mind and hypnosis. As a hypnotist I am grateful for the props. :)
Every time Chanel West Coast opens her mouth on Ridiculousness, my IQ drops ten points.
Chanel West Coast wants to be A Rapper So bad πŸ˜‚
I keep saying that! Macklemore and Eminem made it without changing their voice. Iggy & Chanel West Coast gotta go!
Listening to Pursuit Of Happiness [Prod. By Rich Skillz] by Chanel West Coast on Now You Know. Download now on android - |
When the *** did Chanel West Coast become a rapper? Did I miss something?
FLOW drops his mixtape Withdrawals with skits from Lil Waynend features from Euro, Cory Gunz, Chanel West Coast...
My boyfriends taste in girls is awful (he thinks Chanel West Coast is hot) 😷
Unless the laughter is coming from Chanel West Coast.
Anybody got any Chanel West Coast in their iTunes?
Chanel West Coast. how white can a person be?
So many people tell me that I remind them of Chanel West Coast lol
Chanel West Coast rapping makes me laugh idk why
If you watched the new episode Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory last night, then you already know we took things to a whole new level with Freddiew and Chanel West Coast. Watch the first episode of - the new web series that I’m doing with Lunchables.
I feel like I would be pretty good friends with Chanel West Coast.. People find her so annoying but I think she's hilarious.
the only person I would ever actually kill is Chanel West Coast like SHES SO ANNOYING
Chanel west coast has a shirt that says 'nope' and thats what I need
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Chanel West Coast, you brilliant human being
Chanel West Coast on Ridiculousness is beyond annoying
Chanel west coast from ridiculousness needs to die a slow death
Chanel West Coast... this chick's voice is obnoxious.
"Chanel West Coast is the face and future of Hip Hop. All this slander on the TL is false."
Chanel West Coast > just don't talk or laugh, it'll be okay.
Most annoying laugh award goes to Chanel West Coast
Do poeple really think Chanel 'West Coast' is attractive.. like *** lol
Chanel west coast'a laugh is annoying af
Earlier this morning in . DJ Paris Hilton & her emcee Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast got me feeling so good
I'm convinced that Chanel West Coast used to be a man.
Chanel West Coast has the funniest laugh. Lol
chanel west coast is literally THE dumbest
Chanel west coast is the reason I do not watch ridiculousness –  10% Off
I don't want Chanel west coast to experience joy because I don't want to hear her laugh
I don't know why, but I strongly dislike Chanel West Coast. I wish I didn't want to punch babies when I see her face or hear her name. It's really an odd and confusing feeling. Just saying.
I would so hang out with Rob Dyrdek, chanel west coast and steelo brim. Lol they seem so cool.
Some stranger called me Chanel West coast, I'm not sure how I feel about that. . .
dude that would be so so so live!! Especially compared to seeing Chanel west coast and young nation on Thursday!
My brother told me I remind him of Chanel West Coast. πŸ˜’πŸ”«
My parents think you look like Chanel West CoastπŸ˜‚
I mean I smoked a blunt w chanel west coast, how can I not brag about that?
Chanel West Coast or the embodiment of the most annoying laugh in the universe
is literally Chanel West Coast from ridiculousness
Chanel West Coast is so incredibly annoying.
I don't think Chanel West Coast knows that she's on the show to make a mockery of herself .all they gotta do is let her speak and she becomes the butt of all jokes.smh talk about a dumb blonde
Had a motha effin blast last night! Got to chill with my girl Chanel West Coast! Lol unfortunately I hit a curb and broke my rim on the way home smh, it's all good tho!
Dallas Ft Worth was Vibrant yesterday ! S/o to myself and Top Shelf Paul Wall at Prophet Bar Danny West and Quinn Taylor they had Chanel West Coast at Vee Lounge Ralph Dapromoter had Lil Boosie at Icon !!
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Mike and Erin and i had our own little bond. As much erin and i were sisters he was our brother. After the shock goes through us and we let it out, we have to move on like he would want. Move on and still watch ridiculousness and make fun chanel west coast's laugh. Move on and make music videos to stupid songs. Move on and talk in more funny voices. Well, our match maker career didnt work out very well, ive heard mike found the perfect girl. My thoughts and prayers go out to Erin Quigley Judy Meyer Quigley Ed Quigley and the rest of mikes wonderful friends and family.
Chanel west coast was at vee lounge and i missed it (sigh) I wish i was there to hear her annoying *** laugh
I wonder if Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek have ever done the dirty
Chanel west coast's laugh sounds like the ghosts from super Mario 64. That is all.
Just reached a new level of respect for Chanel West Coast. πŸ‘Œ
Hmmm alcoholic by chanel west coast not bad song
Everybody goin to see Boosie I'm like I just wanna go see Chanel West coast at Vee lounge lol. Someone hand me the keys to Budweiser plant ill drink straight from the distillery lol.
Come party with Chanel West Coast , Christopher Djfu Bounkhong, Raymond DjRamzee Perez and I at Vee Lounge tonight!
Get your *** ready and come see Chanel West Coast tonight!!
Chanel west coast tonight at vee lounge! See you there tonight!
So I'll be performing tonight for the Chanel West Coast event tonight at Vee Lounge tonight along with some of the greatest dancers in the country!! You don't wanna miss this!
Chanel West Coast invades Vee Lounge tonight in downtown FW!!! 21 and up, see you there!!! I'll be at the back bar slanging drinks come take a shot or 12!!!
Tonights cover for Chanel West Coast is $5 before 11pm $10 after.
Lil Wayne signing everybody under tha sun , first Bow Wow , Chanel West Coast, T-Pain, Paris Hilton , Juelz Santana , and next is me lol ...Tha Beez *** !
Chanel West Coast wrecking it at Plush last night.
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Yesterday I got to pick up Chanel West Coast from the airport, eat dinner, and chill with her all night! Best day ever. I knew we'd be bffs 😁
*** play-n-skillz brought the Heat and Chanel west coast killed it beast mode looks like she has more people who love her than hate on her win all day
It's packed! My homie Enertia about to perform. Shelby Shaw, Play N Skillz, and Chanel West Coast up in here!
Oooo all my ladies behind one bar tonight for Chanel West Coast at Plush Dallas, this should be fun! πŸ˜‰
Goin to see Chanel west coast with my maiinnπŸ‘‘ πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘Œ
Chanel West Coast πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹... I can only handle that horrendous laugh for one week; she better make the most of this
β€œDon't forget, tonight... we party. Come hangout with me and Chanel West Coast! 😩OMG why can't I go 😒
Chanel West Coast is just your everyday average broad...what makes her so special???
Since when does Chanel West Coast have an ***
Subscribe to Chanel's channel: Chanel West Coast - Been On Ft. French Montana Official music video for "Been On" off Chane...
Chanel West Coast prolly will blow up soon musically
I am single and Chanel West Coast has 3 million fans. life is meaningless.
"Ridiculousness" and Chanel West Coast are the only good things about Mtv anymore.
Chanel West Coast's laugh literally makes me start biting things because it stresses me out.
My dad said his wcw is Chanel West Coast. Well alright.
Chanel West Coast should just stop laughing.
When you accidentally laugh like Chanel West Coast πŸ’₯πŸ˜²πŸ”«
We're having the party of the summer on Saturday. Call us at 855.589.2693 to find out how you can get a VIP Meet & Greet with Chanel West Coast.
Who wants to go see Chanel West Coast with me on Friday?!
I actually dig Chanel West Coast's songs more than Iggy Azalea's.
I'd rather someone cover my entire body in papercuts and cannon ball into a swimming pool of rubbing alcohol than listen to a song by Chanel West Coast.
Chanel West Coast and French Montana have teamed up to shoot the music video for Chanel’s new single β€˜Been On’, which was produced by Rich Skillz. Directed by Rony Alwin, the video has Chanel dancing for the cameras before rocking up a mansion party with Montana where she also twerks in the pool wit…
Check out this music video with Chanel West Coast ft. French Montana - Been On ...Let us know what you think about it?
Well *** Chanel West Coast is turning up in her new video for Been On which features French Montana. Inside you'll catch a bunch of booty shaking by some bad b*tches including Chanel as well. The progression of the female YMCMB rapper has been quite consistent and as she shares tracks with coke bo…
Chanel West Coast's laugh makes me wanna get deep throat by a chainsaw. Just shut up it wasn't that funny.
β€œChanel West Coast's music is literally embarrassing...” Idk whats worse, that or her laugh
Never make a *** a breakfast with french toast Even if she's hotter than Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast's music is literally embarrassing...
Chanel West Coast should not rap, and i cant look at her face.
I think we saw Chanel West Coast yesterday
Chanel West Coast can't rap but she's cute tho
Am i tha only 1 who thinks chanel west coast bad as *** ??
I can't watch ridiculousness solely because of Chanel West coast omg
Chanel west coast isn't even good at rapping! πŸ˜ πŸ˜’
That time Chanel West Coast said shootings were boring. Idk what's worse, her laugh or her stupidity.
I hate Chanel West Coast, she's literally the stereotypical dumb blonde.
How did Chanel west coast get famous? She's just a dumb broad.
So I think Chanel West Coast may just be my next WCW lmfao
It sounds like Chanel west coast's laugh
I think Chanel west coast is so hot she can make the boys eyes bleed.
Friday, May 2 at The Mad Magician come kick it with Kommon Groundz, Wally Kuhlenberg, Yak Boy Fresh, and Repatalleon U IStudios as we open for Chanel West Coast!! I have tickets for $15, they will be $25 at the door. Get at me!
Chanel West Coast is one of the worst female rappers in the game right now. She was freestyling on TMZ & it was the PITS.
Why is Chanel west coast signed to Young Money πŸ˜³πŸ˜’.
Thursday in Springfield Chanel west coast,truth serum,tix on sale now hit is up
Chanel west coast has the most annoying laugh . i don't watch ridiculousness bc of her laugh. not kidding
If everyone watches ridiculousness on MTV then you know of Chanel West Coast i have $20 tickets on deck @ The Mad Magician Fri. May 2 7 pm doors open 18 and up event hmu for tickets
nope it's the irish Chanel the Pacifics on the west coast beside donegal mayo etc
I absolutely love Chanel West Coast, she's hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
β€œBruh tell me Chanel West Coast & minkus from boy meets world don't look alike πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€ bru…
People hate on Chanel West Coast's laugh, because she to fine. Gota find something wrong
I do not condone the abuse of women what so ever BUT I would not have an issue punching Chanel West Coast in the face... just sayin...
Chanel west coast says the best stuff ever
I think CHANEL WEST COAST, is beautiful and funny and favors my cuz DIONNE FREDERICK HALL!
It's weird I never noticed how hard Chanel West Coast actually went!! Like fr she goes hard! :) :p
β€œA girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel West Coast
I've been listening to Chanel West Coast for at least 4 hours straight. yeah I'm addicted to this chicks music! β™₯
Who lied to Chanel West Coast and told her she could rap??
Chanel West Coast, you need serious help. That is all. Lmfao.
When i make it to the top, Chanel West Coast is more than Likely going to be my Girlfriend! Js live at Bleu Detroit tonight folks ! Come see me scratch it up
Reposting to show the appreciation of Chanel west coast buttcheeks
Ugh Chanel west coast is sooo beat, just her face ... I cant ..
Why are me and Marina jamming out to "Eat My Cookie" by Chanel West Coast? Lol πŸͺ😜
One of my biggest dreams is to go the Fantasy Factory and meet Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, Chanel West Coast and all the other people!! 😁😁
If I come to cassville today who's buying tickets to my show May 1st opening for Chanel West Coast?
I think Chanel west coast laugh is cute Lol what y'all tryna say!!??
how dare! Lmao (with my Chanel West Coast laugh) my kids and boo say we laugh alike!!
I have a new found love for Chanel west coast and schoolboy q πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
My lil cousin got Chanel west coast (the girl with the annoying laugh on ridiculousness) phone number !! He's not even 16 !
By agraham It would only be suitable for Young Money rapper Chanel West Coast to release a remix to Lana Del Rey's original track "West Coast." The cool breeze summer time remix was released as a part of Chanel's series. Rapping about the perks and the pitfalls of living on...
Is it just me or is Chanel West Coast's laugh the most annoying thing on planet earth.
This summer I'm punching Chanel west coast in the ovary
Subscribe to Chanel's channel: Chanel West Coast - Alcoholic Official music video for "Alcoholic" off Chanel West Coast's ...
I added a video to a playlist Chanel West Coast - Keep Spinning
Im totally in love with Chanel West Coast, she's so cute and amazing.
Chanel west coast can get it everyday any day, and laugh while it's happenin, 😎 BWUUAH πŸ˜‹
If Chanel west coast didn't have an annoying *** laugh and a weird nose or whatever, she could get it
Chanel West Coast's laugh is sooo weird! Lol
Chanel west coast makes me not wanna watch ridiculousness because I wanna throw my bed at the TV everytime she opens ur annoying *** mouth
Oh *** chanel west coast please never laugh again. holy cow her laugh makes me wanna poke myself so deep in my ear that my finger comes out the other side. lol ahhh and i think i cant watch rediculousness anymore.sad sad lol
Chanel west coast.just.ugh. just gtfo you're annoying
So forget Chanel west coast cause... I'm the new Celeste West Coast πŸ’
Chanel West Coast makes me feel better about myself and almost everyone else in the world.
Chanel West Coast is dope I like her
listening to Chanel west coast album on iTunes and I kind of want to buy it
annoying, not funny, adds Nothing of value when Rob tries to draw her into a comedic banter, ex. "chanel, have You ever been a hot mess?" "No, ive been hot". conceited, goofy *** laugh, totally cannot watch the otherwise sort of funny Ridiculousness.
I have been told three times now that I laugh like Chanel West Coast. I just youtubed her and her laugh had me rolling.
Had no idea Chanel West Coast was a rapper
Chanel West Coast can stop laughing @ everything. If youre going to laugh at everything. Have a cute laugh.
Chanel West Coast is poppin in prisons.
Chanel West Coast would be the perfect deaf/mute girl God are you taking notes, you messed up this time featured in NBC s Science of Love
I just listened to a song by Chanel West Coast and that's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back
If you don't have a *** crush on Chanel West Coast you're lying πŸ’‹πŸ‘Œ
just realised I Chanel West Coast album. just chilling waiting for a phone call while listening to the album.
Im the creation of Kat Von D and Chanel West Coast.
For me. there is only Chanel West Coast.
There are a few slots avail to open for CHANEL WEST COAST - Live at Outland Ballroom...inbox me for details
I know some of you lil girls love Chanel West Coast so here you go !!
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