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Chane Behanan

Chane Behanan (born September 24, 1992) is an American college basketball player for the University of Louisville.

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Lmao that's what I said 😂 I thought Chane Behanan was rey pop out the bushes
Chane Behanan was one I think. That being the case, he played in the NC game.
Remember when Pitino ignored Chane Behanan's failed drug test 'til AFTER the Kentucky game? (And still lost)
I was with all of them (Russ Smith, chris smith, chane behanan, Montrezl Harrell) - Katina Powell (Louisville stripper)
how does this differ from an Olympian being stripped of Gold Medal? Silver gets elevated. Ch…
😂😂😂 Chane Behanan is the gift that keeps on giving!!
Chane Behanan's legacy at UK/UL:. -Used by Cal to get Wiltjer to commit. -Two incidents UL had to try and cover up. -Maybe cost…
How long before photoshops become a thing? Chane Behanan: DNP, Montrezl Harrell: DNP.
Katina Powell just confirmed on KSR that Chane Behanan and Montrezl Harrell were part of the situation at UL as Recruits…
UofL basketball has started a freshman in 4 of its last 6 season openers: Chane Behanan, Montrezl Harrell, Chinanu Onuak…
I feel like Chane Behanan would be an interesting person for Allen to trip
That was a good day. Me and Larry kicked it with Chane Behanan at Burger Boy. Ill never forget our memories bro.
Technically Richard Pitino made the adjustment...but that Chane Behanan fade away tho 😎
Lol at that pic of Chane Behanan behind Charles Barkley 😂
Like I always said, everybody grows up at there stage. That's why it's never a good thing to give up on anybody.
Puerto Rico - Chane Behanan gets MVP of the Week award for Puerto Rican BSN
Chane Behanan dunks all over Depaul (Vine by NCAA Dunks)
Wednesday we had some news about Former Card Chane Behanan and an update on the rare UofL grey jerseys:
Chane Behanan and Gerald Fitch playing against each other in Puerto Rico. Alright.
Former Louisville forward Chane Behanan has signed to play in Puerto Rico:
Former Louisville forward Chane Behanan has signed a deal with Santeros de Aguada in Puerto Rico, his agent announced.
Chane Behanan signs with Santeros de Aguada in the BSN
When Chane Behanan blew kisses after a lay up late in the game, that was more unsportsmanlike than what Humphries did.
Drug testing took a 21 year old kid (Chane Behanan) off our team. Great Bball player lost at least $50 million. Sad.
Not sure Mickey is a pure shooter, but could be like Chane Behanan from Louisville a couple yes ago?
Okay I know I'm not the only person who just saw Chane Behanan in a commercial during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
crazy how a man Chane Behanan absolutely abused is now one of the better players in the NBA
UofL faculty responds to statements from Chane Behanan & Peyton Siva Sr .
Even tho my seat is higher than Chane Behanan, McGee's prostitute bill, & Petrino's motorcycle insurance, I'm still n the building
Tim Henderson was a walk-on. Need to ask Chane Behanan, Wayne Blackshear, Montrezl Harrell, Russ Smith, etc.
Chane Behanan is definitely the DMX of Louisville.
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Chane Behanan, Kevin Ware, Chris Jones, Peyton Siva, Terrence Williams, Preston Knowles, and the list goes on
I bet the former player who talked is Chane Behanan. Just feels like something he would do.
"He is almost Louisville's herpes virus. He just keeps coming back" - Matt Jones on Chane Behanan 😂😂😂😂
Former UofL forward Chane Behanan also responded to allegations in Katina Powell's book
I have a feeling Chane Behanan came in the money.
I remember UL up in arms when Matt broke news of Chane Behanan...
Unless Chane is holding a sign saying, "I am Chane Behanan", it's only an assumption. Verification > assumption
Katina Powell cited that Terrence Williams paid $500 for two girls, while Chane Behanan was the popular player to have shows for.
Michael Dyer. Chris Jones. Chane Behanan. Preston Knowles. Blah blah blah. We could do this all day. 😜😜😜
Pitino on Jones: It's not for me to comment... He's no longer on our team... I wish him the best in the game of life... Like Chane Behanan.
Hey I'll tell ya, Louisville raises their players right. Just take a look at Chane Behanan, Kevin Ware, and Chris Jones...
Did this guy just call in and say Chane Behanan was POY over AD?
lmao ask who they lost to in the tourney bring up Peyton Siva... no? Ok Let's CHANE the subject to Behanan.. nope nothing 😔😒😓
Chane behanan and Chris Jones hanging out tonight
If you took Rakeem Buckles, Kevin Ware, Angel Nunez, Chane Behanan and Chris Jones and put them on a team, they'd beat the Cards by 30 pts.
Thought Chane Behanan did that. But some people cling to negative perceptions because they suit their agenda.
There's still a chance he could get Chane Behanan'd back onto the team.
Chris Jones just did his best Chane Behanan impersonation!! He just decided to kill the season huh! Very disappointing
he's made some bad choices regarding suspensions but he's only had problems with Chane Behanan and Chris Jones.
Chris Jones should join Chane Behanan and create a dynasty
Rick Pitino's dealing with Chris Jones, Kevin Ware, Chane Behanan, etc. is prove of what a "drama queen" that he has become in recent years.
it says a lot that he's "quit" on so many recently- Kevin Ware, Chane Behanan, now Jones? Seems like a trend
“So as far as I'm concerned *** like Chris Jones and chane behanan made they own beds!!!”
Jones dismissed from team after being reinstated, Behanan all over again.
Just wanna give a shout out to Chris Jones for ruining any hopes we had of getting close to a championship. Chane behanan all over again
classic Ricky three stacks, use a player to win a MUST WIN game then let him go. Did the same to chane behanan
Chane Behanan failed a drug test a few days before UK last year...played vs UK...then got booted
So Louisville has kicked Chane Jones off the hoops team. Or was it Chris Behanan? Either way, not good.
Louisville always gotta player they're dismissing from the program; just two years ago Chane Behanan was in the same shoes Chris Jones in.
Chris Jones is the new Chane behanan
At least we lost Chane Behanan before conference play. Time to rally around this and play tough! I believe in Pitino
I'm guessing Chane Behanan has been giving Chris Jones some pointers
Chane Behanan and now Chris Jones. Louisville has a hard time keeping players out of trouble..another talent wasted
This feels like the chane behanan situation
Chane Behanan Do you think we could borrow a couple players?? You guys don't need them all!
Chane Behanan then Chris Jones dismissed from the Louisville team... What is going on?
Chane Behanan with the monster dunk over Worrel Clahar
Pitino allows Chris Jones to come back and play... U know what this says about Kevin Ware and Chane Behanan? They weren't good enough.
Louisville down 9 at home to Miami. Rick Pitino just reinstated Shaqqan Aaron, Chane Behanan, Kevin Ware & Pervis Ellis…
Other first-rounders for the D-League Draft today: Marquis Teague, Chane Behanan, Eloy Vargas, Michael Dunigan, Brady Heslip.
names from my list that catch my eye: Robert Covington, Chane Behanan, D'Aundray Brown, Nick Covington, Andre Emmett, Carrick Felix...
Saw Chane Behanan on campus, crossed him so bad he won't play ball this season better yet for the rest of his life.
One of my buddies had a long talk with Behanan yesterday. Chane made it clear that not going to KY was his biggest mistake
Idc how bad u look or how much money u got. If u ain't right in the head or toward me. I, Chane Behanan do not F with u
Sounds Like CHANE BEHANAN (b4 he was dismissed from LOUISVILLE) & more recently JOSH SHAW (USC)
I wish I had that Chane Behanan Friday meme when he got put off the team. Bruh the tears man lmao
Im still happy chane behanan followed me on IG 😁
Chane Behanan considering jump to instead of playing for Colorado State - Yahoo Sports (blog)
ALL KY HOOPS: Former Louisville big man Chane Behanan will reportedly sign to play in the NBA Development...
Former Louisville big man Chane Behanan has reportedly decided to play in the NBA D-League this season:
Boston Celtics will work out Glenn Robinson III, JaKarr Sampson, Chane Behanan and Niels Giffey today. (Via
"Chane Behanan is as good as any freshman I've coached since Jamal Mashburn." -- Rick Pitino, 10/27/11 .
Two morning pictures: Tyler Ulis is working out with Chane Behanan and Clay Aiken representing the Cats:
Rick Pitino took in a question on Friday about the NCAA's policy on marijuana and the recent stories on former Louisville forward Chane Behanan, who said his pot problem led to his dismissal from school. My story about Louisville and the NCAA's drug policy led me to find an interesting little tidbit...
kyrie Irving and chane behanan favor each other to me
Remind Bob we also dismissed Chane Behanan and Ware had to red we have had to remake our lineup
I stand corrected: dunk record of 59 is now a three-way tie between Montrezl Harrell, Chane Behanan and Pervis Ellison.
Montrezl Harrell's first basket of the night is his 59th dunk of the year. He ties Chane Behanan's single-season record set last year.
HOUSTON—As he smoked marijuana in the streets of Miami, just a few blocks from the team hotel, Chane Behanan said he felt much like he did the night he helped Louisville win the 2013 NCAA title...
- I'm not a Louisville fan but this is really cool
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Behanan did the right thing by sharing this. This is a good read for young people going into or in college
Finally got to the article on Chane Behanan. Great read and a must for any Cards fan.
No wonder Chane Behanan is going to CSU
Nice work here by The most candid comments yet from Chane Behanan since dismissal from
Great article and great lesson for young men playing on one of life's biggest stages: college athletics.
He took more classes than Chane Behanan.
Chane Behanan, who was dismissed from Louisville in December, is heading to Colorado State.
Read the story about Chane Behanan. Heartbreaking, but it sounds like he's doing what he needs to do. Goodluck Chane!
Six weeks after he was dismissed from the U of L basketball team for a "violation of university policy," Chane Behanan is coming clean about his demons.
Today’s C DFC Intel Report for February 15, 2014 for your consideration TABLE OF CONTENTS - Please note that the headlines in green are from a pro-marijuana source and are for Intel purposes only (know your foe) Dear All, Today’s report includes several articles regarding the Obama Administrations decision to once again arbitrarily defy Federal Law and instead allow marijuana businesses access to banking privileges by intentionally circumventing the US Congress and the US Constitution. (As an FYI, the Controlled Substance Act –CSA – expressly prohibits banking privileges to these businesses to avoid them being used to ‘Laundry Illegally Gotten Gains’ by Organized Criminal Drug Organizations and Cartels) You will also find a rather lengthy 2004 DEA Report regarding “Drug Trafficking in the United States” for you consideration and to help you better understand the scope of the drug problem in America and in the world. Best regards, Ron Kirkish, CDFC/IFBC/CALM 1. Bankers Association warns ne ...
Chane Behanan got in trouble at Louisville for weed and then he transferred to a school in a state where weed is legal
I hate Marshall Hendersen, wilbekin, Patric young, chane behanan, and Montrezl Harrell. All are thugs and only 1 has not been suspended.
Ex-Louisville star Chane Behanan opens up about past, eyes future during interview in Houston w/ :
My life is complete. Matched with chane behanan on tinder!
Great stuff from on Chane Behanan. Worth reading ...
Interesting. Chane Behanan is in town shopping at the JMall.
Don't judge unless you know the full story. Proud of for battling adversity & keeping the dream alive
(From Now that the dust has had some time to settle following Chane Behanan's dismissal from the Louisville basketball team, Behanan has
Two words: Chane Behanan. With all this team is going through this is the LAST thing they need. Accountability has to be est.
Chane Behanan says use led to his dismissal from Louisville | Kentucky Sports Radio
Chane Behanan was kicked off of Louisville for marijuana use; transferred to a state that legalized recreational marijuana
"Chane Behanan Comes Clean About His Suspension knew it before he even admitted it
Enjoyed talking w/ John Lucas & Chane Behanan in Houston, but the best part of the trip was stopping by Gatlin's BBQ
Dear WHAS, Melissa Swan, Terry Meiners, Sportscasters, Chane Behanan doesn’t have a drug problem he has a deficiency. It’s called clinical endo-cannabinoid deficiency (CECD). The medical community doesn’t fully understand the action of cannabinoids. The entire country is going through a paradigm shift because the war on drugs is based on misguided assumptions. Please don’t allow preconceived notions to cloud your thinking. If you have a cannabinoid deficiency then your brain is “a quart low” on cannabinoids. Children that were fed formula instead of human breast milk are more likely to develop the deficiency. Human breast milk has endo-cannabinoids, formula doesn’t. There are numerous studies that confirm the health benefits of natural breast-feeding. The medical community made a huge mistake when they suggested that formula was an acceptable alternative to natural human breast milk. When people that have the deficiency try cannabis, it makes them feel better, a lot better. People ...
"Assigned Reading: Chane Behanan’s fresh start with John Lucas and Colorado State"
Yardbarker: Chane Behanan reveals marijuana use led to Louisville dismissal: Not much reason was given when Ch...
literally thought he was invincible. "There's no way this can be positive because I'm chane behanan" attitude
Chane Behanan, after previously declining to comment on the transgressions that led to his dismissal from the University of Louisville basketball team, told Bleacher Report's Jason King in a story published Friday that it came down to repeated drug use.
Great read. I never doubted my bro for one second. So happy for you bro, keep moving forward!
  Photo courtesy of The following article was written by Jason King of It is a great read. He interviewed former Card Chane Behanan and Behanan goes into det...
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So Chane Behanan says he has a marijuana problem. He is transferring to Colorado State, where it's legal and readily accessible. Because that makes sense. Excuse me while I take my alcoholic friend on the Bourbon Tour too.
Since he left Louisville, Chane Behanan, the ­6-foot-6 power forward from Cincinnati, has been working in Houston with former NBA player and coach John Lucas, who has developed an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for athletes and coaches. He works out at 6:30 a.m. and again at 12:30 p.m. More...
A kung fu movie blared in the background of his hotel room in Houston when former University of Louisville forward Chane Behanan answered his phone Tuesday evening.
Chane Behanan was talented, but just wasn’t that guy. Rick Pitino and Louisville gave him a shot, but he kept messing up his opportunities over...
Former University of Louisville star Chane Behanan is transferring to Colorado State. WDRB columnist Eric Crawford thinks the move makes sense for several reasons.
Chane Behanan, a young man with a drug issue-decides to transfer to Colorado State, a state that just legalized Marijuana?
Former Louisville forward Chane Behanan is headed to Colorado State, where he will be eligible to play in mid-December of 2014.
Ex-Louisville F Chane Behanan says he will transfer to Colorado State. Behanan was dismissed from Louisville in December. (via
"I, Chane Behanan, have decided to take my talents to Colorado State! My'll HIGH city if ya feel me!!"
On the same day that forward Chane Behanan was officially dismissed from the Louisville basketball program, Rick Pitino also mentioned that there was a possibility that junior guard Kevin Ware would use a medical redshirt.
*** one player from UK is from madville *** boy then chane behanan went to bg now you illiterate mf Lmao
Thts my boy I still love the kid regardless wht he done, he gone get his chance in school again, we hsve not seen the last of Chane trust me
Bobby Petrino is excited that Chane Behanan is no longer in Louisville, he will get his choice of young women.
What a month for Louisville.Ware's comeback takes a bad turn, Chane Behanan is kicked off the team and checks into rehab, Teddy Bridgewater turns pro a year early, Charlie Strong leaves for Texas and it appears our best option to replace him is a guy who dropped us like hot potato, left a note for his players in Atlanta after GIVING UP on them less than 1/2 way thru the season and threw away a good job to take a motorcycle ride with his mistress. How did the year of the Cardinal turn into the month of misery??
Imagine if ISU can get Chane Behanan for next year.
Then louisville loses to UK and chane behanan. Then we lose Charlie and teddy b.
Can confirm that Oregon is now likely out for Chane Behanan w/ the Brandon Austin transfer
I'm told that Oregon taking Brandon Austin basically takes the Ducks out of the equation for Chane Behanan -- if he elects to transfer.
He said that about Chane Behanan too, so what does he know? Lol
Why Chane Behanan should play football via Interesting. Many ballers make good football players!
Chane Behanan and UK football almost had something in common.
ICYMI - Chane Behanan could be the next PJ Tucker or the next Jimmy Graham --
Bobby Petrino might be the only person at Louisville that could sleep with more high school girls than Chane Behanan
Louisville forward Chane Behanan has been dismissed from the team,
If Louisville fans have such a moral/loyalty issue with Petrino being considered for the UofL job then I'd like you have the same judgement when it comes to: Chane Behanan, Rick Pitino, Michael Dyer, Charlie Strong, T Will, Anthony Allen, Derek Character and anyone else who has obviously never made mistakes you have made. Obviously we're all perfect and unworthy of redemption
Is Jameis drunk already? Is he really chane behanan. Both of them over use the word deliver. They really The livers.
I haven't disliked someone as much as him since chane behanan!
"I'm tryna get some smoke from Chane Behanan" He prolly got the DOSJA!
I'm tryna get some smoke from Chane Behanan
I almost made a Chane Behanan joke but I couldn't bring myself to doing it lol it would've been to soon
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that's cause your smoking that Chane Behanan. "Just Say No"
I've recently heard Chane Behanan's name linked to the Shox as a possibility. Is there any chance this could happen?
Chane Behanan dunks all over dude. Do you agree it was a charge ?
here you go, bruh.. Something to think about..
Why Chane Behanan should play football: With Chane Behanan's basketball future in limbo, the former Louisville...
Chane Behanan gets dismissed from the team, Kevin Ware redshirts because of injuries, and Charlie Strong goes to Texas.
Chane Behanan Louisville Highlights Music: Young Butta - WOW For more videos From Young Butta check out the YouTube Channel at -
Ex-Louisville forward Chane Behanan tells ESPN he wants to go down and rehab with John Lucas in Houston --
All of this is a ploy to make Chane Behanan the head football coach
A few hours ago, Rick Pitino, the Louisville Cardinals Head Basketball Coach, released one of their players. U of L player Chane Behanan began the season
Thanks Chane Behanan for 2 Final Fours, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP,1 knee up dunking on somebody. But most of all thanks for getting help for yourself. Getting your life right is way more important than basketball. L1C4.
I read the story about Chane Behanan and I hope his rehab is successful. There are a lot of people that are bashing him and I say to you: he has already, in his short life accomplished more than most of you. Stop hating on this young man and hope for the best. If you can't do that then you're more immature than he is. And he's 20.
On Thursday morning, the University of Louisville gave former forward Chane Behanan his official release from the school. It was originally reported that Behanan wouldn’t be allowed to transfer to schools in the American Athletic Confernece or the Atlantic Coast Conference. However, that has apparen...
Jeff Lightsy Jr. Has the Inside Scoop On Univ of Louisville’s Chane Behanan’s Dismissal from Basketball Team
Recently dismissed Louisville forward Chane Behanan is going to Texas to work with John Lucas at his Houston-based rehabilitation program. Lucas works with Crawford: Chane Behanan Seeking Help, Being Assisted by Brandon Bender,College, high school and professional basketball in the state of Kentucky.
Will kyle wiltjer and chane behanan be teammates at Gonzaga?
I am deeply saddened to hear Chane Behanan has been dismissed from the UofL basketball program and that coach Rick Pitino is so unforgiving. Losing Behanan greatly weakens UofL's front line because he brought skill and experience to the team. He's talking about John Lucas' rehab program which should have occurred at UofL if coach Pitino really cared. Hopefully Behanan will get it together find himself in an program that will help him. Between or outside the lines no one is perfect. Coach Pitino should have gotten help for Behanan IF he really cared about him. The very same thing could happen to another player! Where's the mentoring program for the UofL basketball program?
Through all the talking trash, I hope Chane Behanan gets the help and recover.
Chane Behanan is trying to start 2014 in a positive way.
Chane Behanan tells ESPN that he will go in to John Lucas' rehab program.
Ready for something shocking? So, I read an article about the recent departure of Chane Behanan from the Louisville program. The ESPN piece talked about how he is seeking help for whatever undisclosed problem had him removed from UofL, and quotes his apologies to the team, coaches, school, and fans. "I'm still young and still learning..." Is a quote that really jumps out because sometimes we forget how young college athletes are, and how easy it is in their positions to make the wrong decision. I wish Chane all the best in his future endeavors, and hope he comes away from this a better person, because in the end mistakes are only mistakes if you don't learn anything...
Just read Chane Behanan is entering the John Lucas rehabilatation program. I wish the young man best of luck in dealing with his issues. Alcoholism and other drugs affect more lives than many of us realize. The younger one can seek recovery means the sooner he/she can stop hurting themselves and the ones who love them. reported Thursday that Northwestern "reached out" to Louisville transfer Chane Behanan — a move likely more symbolic than it is important.
Just seen where Chane Behanan has checked himself into a drug and alcohol facility. All the UK and UofL trash talking and bragging rights are just part of our great love of basketball and fun all of us have around this rivalry. But this is a young man's life we are talking about and it's important for him to get started on the right path and I am glad he has made this choice and I wish him the best. Good Luck Chane.
I obvioulsy don't like Louisville, but I loved the hustle Chane Behanan diplayed for them and hope he can get things turned around.
Chane Behanan to 'get help' from John Lucas: No summary available
Hey you've attributed a Chane Behanan quote to Russ Smith.
Chane Behanan's next move will be to Houston. Where he's headed after that, he isn't sure.
Junior forward Chane Behanan has received a conditional release from Louisville that says he can't transfer to any ACC or AAC schools. Louisville is currently in the AAC but joins the ACC next seas...
So basically loserville kept chane behanan on the roster just to be sure they had a CHANCE (no matter how small) to beat the cats, and then when he comes up smaller than mini-me vs the cats, they dismiss him 2 days later! Im LMFAO! But he will be ok. He can make a living selling rings! Wait, ring. Singular. Lol to that! Good luck chane. And Kevin Ware is next? Wow. Good job ville. Real stand up guys
UofL dismisses Chane Behanan from basketball team
Chane Behanan has been in trouble since he arrived in Louisville and UL covered up all his problems. Looks like it might…
Louisville was already undersized with Chane Behanan available to the Cardinals. Now with the junior forward dismissed from the team, Louisville's hopes of repeating as national champions are over, Mike DeCourcy writes.
Chane, Good luck to you in the future. I would tell you what a screw up you are and what a wonderful opportunity you have lost but that would be rubbing salt in the wound. I will say that made your own mess. This is not the end of your life but it is the end of people kissing your butt. Grow up and get the heck out of Louisville. Oh yeah, and put the pipe down; it makes you stupid
At one point In the night I thought I saw chane behanan
Chane Behanan dunk of the year, knee to the face, got to be top 10 of 2013
."If you haven't seen're missing out on one of the elite interior defenses in the country." http…
Former Card Peyton Siva is convinced that Chane Behanan can navigate the chaos -- and his dismissal at U of L.
NCAAM News Louisville has dismissed Chane Behanan for violating university policy, and Kevin Ware may redshirt after reinjuring his right leg,
WATCH: Luke Hancock on moving on without Chane Behanan
Louisville has dismissed Chane Behanan from the program, and Kevin Ware is expected to redshirt after injuring his leg.
you hear about Chane Behanan and Kevin Ware?
2013 may have been the Year of the Cardinal however 2014 NOT looking so good... Chane Behanan dismissed from BBall team... Kevin Ware red shirt rest of the season... Teddy B 1st round NLF draft and Charlie Strong interviewed with Texas 2day... HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014
Story coming. But here's what Russ Smith said after loss of Chane Behanan, about the mood of the team ...
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Im just tryna figure how all the females took the fact that Chane Behanan got kicked off the team
I forgot UofL played did they look sans Chane behanan?
I think Chane Behanan should just transfer schools.
Louisville defeats UCF; Final score 90 -65! How do you think they looked without Chane Behanan?
Tim Sullivan | Parting ways with Chane Behanan probably best
Just one victory to end this year. We have a tough road ahead without Chane Behanan and Kevin Ware but…
Any chance Pitino looks at bringing in Chane Behanan next season?
Follow-up column on Chane Behanan's wasted opportunity:
We all are not perfect. I wish the best for the homie Chane Behanan. Took care of me years ago on my visit.
Chane Behanan was ur typical Mr Potenial - coulda - shoulda woulda been - SAD!
Surprised Chane Behanan isn't playing today lol
Louisville F Chane Behanan has been dismissed from team for violation of university policy.
Luke Hancock's jersey was just ripped in half. Pitino laughing at him. UCF student section: "GIVE HIM CHANE BEHANAN'S JER…
Watching Louisville without Chane Behanan, I really like our chances against them, especially at home.
Since Louisville suspended Chane Behanan, does this mean his Final Four ring, that was supposedly a fake, only later to be confirmed real, and then later was reported stolen from his grandmothers house, that he let borrow to keep there, because she needed a paper weight, and Santa Claus wanted to see it when he stopped in for milk and cookies...blah, blah, blah... Anyways, does this mean it's up for Auction again?
"There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at." I can't help but think of this quote when I repeatedly see adults relish in the demise of Chane Behanan. As a IU fan, I hope the young man fines his way and develops the positive traits he has shown more often than not.
Meet our local *** of the year, Chane Behanan. His ignorance, lack of common sense and stupidity fits right in at Louisville. He is one of Pitino’s finest. Once upon a time, Pitino recruited bl...
What a sad day for a young man that had so much potential but chose to blow his chance to become a quality ball player. Chane Behanan was given numerous times to correct his behavior. I hope that all will read what Pitino said about Chane. " I am more concerned about Chane the man then Chane the ball player. If I can help in any way I will continue to mentor him so that he can become a better man. I will also try and get him in another college." Nice man Pitino is who shows great compassion.
I sure hate it that the Louisville Cardinals had to cut Chane Behanan loose and probably red shirt Kevin Ware it's going to be a tough rest of the season but that's how it goes!
ESPN Video: Andy Katz discusses how the Louisville Cardinals' lineup will be affected following the dismissal of Chane Behanan, and Kevin Ware's potential decision to redshirt in order to recover from his leg injury.
You have to think that if Chane Behanan had led UofL to victory in Rupp Arena, he woulda probably got another reprieve.
Still can't believe how Chane Behanan could be so immature and stupid to throw away a future NBA career to smoke weed, chase puand do drugs instead of working hard to become a millionaire NBA player, some people are just plain stupid. Now he has plenty of time to party, chase pu$$y and smoke all the weed he wants, just no NBA career.
Ok chatted with a few folks... Maybe just maybe the Chane Behanan decision wasn't a Rick Pitino decision at all. Maybe it was a Set of rules set by the university that were agreed upon as broken and the decision wasn't Ricks. And maybe Chane understood and accepted his punishment when called to the carpet by someone at the University. Maybe this is a kid that made bad decisions and is taking responsibility for his actions... Maybe it's a coach that didn't want to discuss it and hurt a player... Maybe it was an athletic director that was protecting his entire program and at the same time indirectly long term protecting the player by teaching a life lesson... Just a thought.
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) Louisville dismissed junior forward Chane Behanan from the team on Monday for another violation of university policy. Cardinals coach Rick Pitino did not specify what rule was broken but expressed disappointment that the 6-foot-6 forward had another setback just a month after be...
I was upset to hear that my favorite player Chane Behanan was dismissed from Louisville's team today :(
Complete highlights of University of Louisville power forward Chane Behanan. Chane is similar to overall pick Anthony Bennett, except he's more athletic. ...
The current National hoops champ Louisville Cardinals have dismissed from the team a major contributor to their Final Four run, with 12 rebounds and 15 points in the title game against Michigan in Atlanta. Junior Forward Chane Behanan, who has been a starter for Rick Pitino virtually since he arrived on campus, was dismissed for violation of team rules on Sunday, a day after the Cards fell to the rival Cats of Kentucky. Behanan was averaging over 6 & 6 this year.
Well let's see if UK gets blamed for U of L's Chane Behanan being dismissed from the university. We Big Blue fans know how y'all like to pass the blame.
It is hilarious to me that three UK fans posted about Chane Behanan- talking crap and whatnot before I had ever even heard the story. That's Big Blue Nation, faithfully pointing out the mote in Louisville's eye. :-)
How much will the Cardinals be hurt by the dismissal of Chane Behanan?
Rick Pitino said he's had struggles with other players, but the one with Chane Behanan didn't have a happy ending. Peyton Siva said he believes that Behanan can solve the chaos in his life.
Chane Behanan has run out of reprieves. No more punishment drills, indefinite suspensions or double-secret probations.
Chane Behanan was dismissed by the Louisville basketball team Monday. Read his apology here.
Two years ago, Rick Pitino said Chane Behanan was “as good as any freshman I’ve coached since Jamal Mashburn.” On Monday, the talented junior forward’s career at Louisville came to …
I lost all respect for Rick Patino today. He suspended Chane Behanan indefinatly let him back on the team 3days later and kicked him off again 2days after the loss to UK. Does he not think thats obvious??
I am a UL hater and will never deny it... But my thoughts as a parent are very mixed on chane behanan... My heart breaks for a kid with lots of potential but for his/ her demons just can't seem to rise to their potential... My prayers and good thoughts go out to him
OK lf righteous UK fans that have fun talking about the downfall of Chane Behanan and passing judgment on the UL program in general 1 UK has the best cover up network this side of the Mississippi and north of Florida (Face it a player could murder someone in Texas and rape someone in Florida) 2 Your trouble cases only last a semester on campus like Cousins, Bledsoe Wall (any connection to the Talbert family just means gangs) and Jones 3 Oh how we forget Shawn Kemp, Eric Manuel , Calloway and Michael Porter 4 You criticize Rick Pitino but remember he was your demi god first plus Sutton and Gileaspe where such boozers they had to be chauffeured No program is 100% clean, coaches and administrations take chances on KIDS for profit. Things happen , coaches deal with it, some kids need to be handed the hard road sometimes and can't handle the rock star life like we hold basketball players in this state Like any kid He deserved a chance to play and probably a second and third but if he refused to learn then ...
I remember personally standing outside of the UofL Basketball team's bus after they lost to a great UK team in the Final Four two years ago. As we cheered on the team getting off the bus, Pitino stood in the bus with his hands on a visibly upset Chane Behanan and spoke with him for what had to be 10 minutes. I have no clue what he said but I'm sure it was an inspirational talk and showed me that Pitino thought a lot about Chane. I'm sure Rick did do everything he could to keep this kid around as he and everyone who knew the kid seemed to truly love him. It's a shame he is no longer on the team, wish him the very best, but on the same token you have to learn from your mistakes and mature as you grow and Chane seemed unable to do that currently. What bothers me though is what I see on social media, grown *** people using the word Hate like it's nothing, calling a kid all types of names and throwing rumors around with not a *** bit of knowledge of what happens in these kids lives. A lot of stones get ...
If UK was scheduled to play Louisville this Saturday would Chane Behanan be suspended? Yeah we all know the answer to that question! I'll hang up and listen.
fans knew of Chane Behanan because of the Syracuse Orange - Louisville Cardinals rivalry. Behanan is no longer part of that rivalry after being dismissed from the team.
I hope everybody had a great weekend, especially UK fans. I got to hand it to UK. They did great without Julius Randle in the 2nd half. Louisville got work to do without Chane Behanan.
UL should have waited and dropped Chane Behanan from the Yum! Center at midnight tomorrow.
Rick Pitino gave Chane Behanan every opportunity to succeed at Louisville. But, ultimately, the junior forward couldn't stop messing up.
Chane Behanan has been permanently dismissed from the University of Louisville for continually breaking school policy !
Top Ten Musings for the Holiday and New Years 1. Overheard this wise quote about post-holiday dieting: "I was gonna eat, but then I decided to make a healthier choice. So I just smoked a cigarette instead." Does this work? 2. As we were getting ready to play a board game called "Loaded Questions," my Mamaw asks "is this the game that Kevin kept writing all those dirty words trying to get me to say them?" No, of course not Mamaw. You are just old and senile, I would never do that... 3. The Russell Athletic Bowl was a blast and UL killed Miami. What made it even better is that the beer guys were selling 24 oz. cans. It was like having your own 7-Eleven delivery service. Then, the beer guys blew my mind. A 25 oz can... For the same price. Did 8-minute abs just lose its business to 7-minute abs??? I think so!!! 4. New Years still disappoints me. One year, I paid someone to pick me up at one party circa 11:30pm and drive me around until 12:15am just so I could avoid the awkwardness of all the women t ...
Its funny how people are so quick to make negative judgement about Chane Behanan UofL and UK fans alike, really pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your time, when most of you probly have more skeletons in you closet than he does and for the Louisville "Fans" hating on him you realize without him playing like a man possessed in the 2nd half against Michigan we probly dont win our 3rd National Title. While the young man may not have been perfect off the court he sacrificed a lot to contribute to the University's success over the last year. Really hope he takes this as a wake up call gets the help he needs. So before you worry about somebody else's problems why dont you try fixing your own first.
Whatever the reason Chane Behanan was dismissed it is a sad day when a young person with all this potential for the makings of a good player, and more importantly a successful person, fails. He apparently has some deep issues that need attention. I hope he picks himself up and goes on to become a winner in life, not basketball , just life. And nothing but well wishes for Kevin Ware. I was afraid he had come back too soon, an injury like that takes a long long time to heal...Good Luck Kevin and thanks for the great games you were able to play and what fun it was to watch you sail through the air...hope to see it again someday.
CBB trade Rumors: Indiana has traded Luke Fischer to Louisville for the rights to Chane Behanan.
Well not the news I wanted to wake up to: Chane Behanan will no longer be with the team and Kevin Ware might be done for the year. That really hurts our Final Four chances. Hopefully someone will pick up the slack. On the other hand, my voice is completely back and starting to feel much better ;) Still going to take my meds until they are gone ;)
Oh great now Cards have lost Chane Behanan and Kevin Ware may redshirt!
Its a good thing I was just "being a hater" and "knew nothing" when I told you all chane Behanan loved that nose candy.
To me, it doesn't really matter if Chane Behanan is kicked off of Louisville or not. They weren't going to win the national title anyway. They're just simply too weak down low and too one dimensional. They're good in the backcourt...that's it. Of the two good teams that UL has played (North Carolina & Kentucky), they were utterly and thoroughly abused down low and in the paint. It wasn't even close. And if Smith or Jones have an off-night, it could be even worse for them. I still believe Louisville will make the NCAA tournament due to their weak schedule but let's not get this thing twisted. The Cardinals were not even FF material...let alone national championship material, with or without Behanan. I thought that was pretty evident.
As someone who has lost out on dreams due to poor choices involving drugs, I am empathetic to the feeling Chane Behanan will eventually have when he finally realizes what he has done. Until then, all I can say is good for Rick for not putting up with it anymore.
Chane Behanan now dismissed from Does the team stand a chance at a championship without him?
Chane Behanan is dismissed from the U of L basketball program! According to coach Rick Pitino "He just did not do the right thing-over and over and again."
University of Louisville starting forward Chane Behanan has been kicked off the team.
.says that with Chane Behanan gone, Louisville is done as a national title contender
Chane Behanan got dismissed from Louisville. Whip him into shape and pick him up we can use him.
Is it a coincidence that Chane Behanan was release from Louisville the day after the UK game
Chane Behanan dismissed from Louisville basketball team via
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Just wondering if the 'university policy' that Chane Behanan violated was 0 points against Kentucky. Timing seems strange also, after the Kentucky game!
MBB: Chane Behanan was dismissed from the Cardinals' men's basketball team. Press conference links/story here:
From earlier, here is the press release from UofL about Chane Behanan's dismissal.
There it is, former BGHS star Chane Behanan dismissed from Louisville basketball team. Comments coming from coach Rick …
Teddy Bridgewater gets a degree in 3 years, Chane Behanan gets kicked out of school/off the team. I'm not feeling sorry for nobody. Get it how you live.
The last really talented player to mess up and get kicked out of Pitino’s program? Derrick Caracter
My thoughts on Chane Behanan’s dismissal from Louisville (with a funny story about Derrick Caracter):
Tisk tisk chane behanan got kicked off the team. Welp there goes louisville's hopes if doing anything this year or any other year
Chane Behanan had so much potential, he was an all american top 25 recruit and one of my favorite players:(
Chane Behanan gone and now Kevin Ware sitting out all year...lord have mercy!
I hope Chane Behanan gets it together for HIS future
Chane Behanan has to be one of the dumbest athletes alive today.
Lmao "I'm thirsty for Chane Behanan" Mom: *hands me water* "Here have some water or diet Pepsi. But don't be thirsty." 😂😂😂😂
Rick Pitino scheduled to meet with the media today at 2:00 pm. to announce Chane Behanan's return to the team.
Busy day in Louisville -- Updated posts on Chane Behanan: and Kevin Ware:
Louisville done as national title contender minus Chane Behanan
Chane Behanan would be a nice addition back home in Cincy.
No. 14 Louisville dismisses Chane Behanan from team on Monday: Jamie Rhodes | USA TODAY Sports ImagesBehanan w...
Looks like Pitino just aborted Chane Behanan's college career..
Blame Chane Behanan, not Rick Pitino, for this mess at Louisville
Hoping Chane Behanan takes a moment to LOOK in the MIRROR-Time 4 him to make changes & be a WINNER in Game OF LIFE.
After getting indefinitely suspended in October only to return a month later, Chane Behanan has now been dismissed from Louisville.
Sad to hear Chane was kicked off hoops team. Really think he's a good kid. His home was chaotic. htt…
This guy scored more yesterday than Chane Behanan did.
So sad to see such a good guy like Chane Behanan get dismissed. He was such an awesome person and never did any wrong do…
Did UL fans blame the refs for Chane Behanan's dismissal as well?
It's been a weekend of conflicting emotions for me. Louisville won the Russel Athletic Bowl, but we lost against Kentucky in basketball. The Detroit Lions fired Jim Schwartz, but then Chane Behanan was dismissed from the team. In spite of all this, however, he did have a real great time with Martha Crabtree Basham, Donnie Basham, Beth Basham, Lindsey Basham and the rest of the Basham/Crabtree clan, so he'll just mark this as a net win.
Chane Behanan. 2012 west region MVP. 2 Big East Championships. 2 Final Fours. 1 National Title. The man showed out for our uni…
Chane Behanan kicked off the team. Louisville fans blame the refs.
With all of this talk about Chane Behanan, let's not forget about the time Terrence Jones stomped on a homeless man
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Eight schools have already called on Chane Behanan, sources tell
I am sure the only reason Rick Pitino kept Chane Behanan around this long, is because he THOUGHT he could beat Kentucky with him.WRONG.
I absolutely love Louisville basketball, but I don't feel bad for Chane Behanan. He's a moron. Choosing weed over a basketball career? Seems silly to me.
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