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Chandragupta Maurya

Chandragupta Maurya , (born c. 340 BCE, ruled c. 320 BCE, – 298 BCE) was the founder of the Maurya Empire.

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Who sent the Greek Ambassador Megasthenese to the court of Chandragupta Maurya? - Selucus Nikator (General of Alexander).
Chandragupta Maurya founded Mauryan dynasty by defeating the last Nanda ruler - Dhanananda.
Maam, any possibility of Chandragupta Maurya to restart, may be with different name like Chanakya, RakshasMudrika ?
Sir like Chandragupta Maurya transform our country and make us proud before we die and leave it to next generation
Exactly, why just Gandhi, why not Bahadur Shah, Akbar, or Chandragupta Maurya family?
Chandragupta Maurya (340-290 B.C.), who established the Mauryan Empire (321-185 B.C.), was guarded by a band of women on horseback
Probably never heard of Chandragupta Maurya and Samudragupta
boss what about chandragupta Maurya. Atleast these dumbos should be knowing him when they have party at Maurya sheraton :)
Lol Chandragupta Maurya. Ever heard his name. Learn some history.
Our international director used to say why do you call Gandhiji as the father of your nation? It should be Chandragupta Maurya
what nope? Chandragupta maurya controlled most part of india leaving small portion of tamil nadu
Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire, but Chandra Gupta founded the Gupta Empire. Luv classical India
As well as Chandragupta Maurya & Shivaji. There are female warriors too
Chandragupta Maurya was d founder f d Mauryan Empire& believed to b d 1st Emperor to hv united India into one state
The baritone Raza Murad & brilliant historical tale of Chandragupta Maurya. Enjoyed the change from only music.
Greek sources refer to Chandragupta Maurya as Sandracottus. It doesn't mean he was a Greek King.
I loved ashish in Chandragupta Maurya too
Far and few in between - sir. Rajendra Chozha / Chandragupta Maurya .. once in a few Centuries phenomena ..
So whattt!! I also have a letter from Chandragupta Maurya to my ancestor😊
superb dp . is this for Chandragupta maurya
I'm yours and fan since Chandragupta Maurya years and now siya ke ram .
Who was the founder of Maurya Empire?. 1. Ashoka 2. Chandragupta 3. Bindusara 4. Porus.
Chandragupta Maurya was powerful ruler who existed before birth of Christ but he died early. After him, as years passed, then Sher Shah Sur.
Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka The Great, The Great Chankya - Bihar can boast of having so glorious past when such...
Good to see you back on screen. Missed Chandragupta Maurya
: CM>Delhi is Mayor Chennai or B'lore. No big deal there. This arsewhole imagines he is Chandragupta Maurya
My long wait gave me a reply . waiting for chandragupta maurya 😍😍. .
I added a video to a playlist Chandragupta Maurya New Title Tone
pls any news of Rajat Tokas and his new show Chandragupta Maurya
As well as Guru Gobind Singh, Jagjivan Ram, Chandragupta Maurya. The state which is the top most churner of IAS Officers in the country.
Has been so since the time of Chandragupta Maurya. He is an instrument of the ruler.
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We won't give-up unless CGM is restarted: Chandragupta Maurya Fans
why does Bihar need special category? Wasn't it home for Ashok and Chandragupta Maurya? Filthy politics
Four out of the five greatest emperors in India belonged to bihar, namely Samudragupta, Ashoka, Vikramaditya and Chandragupta Maurya.
like Alexander came to Bihar; Chandragupta Maurya was from Gupta dynasty; Volume justifies a Jumla
Chandragupta and Chanakya, the Maurya Empire, organisation of state under Akbar, Buddha's dialogues, Ashoka
Greeks were made to run by Chandragupta Maurya and Chankya.
originated in Mithilanchal region of Bihar during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya!
great stuff. u may also read of Chanakya & Emperor Chandragupta. Maurya Indian equivalents of Aristotle & Alexander in same era.
7. It is curious that much of the modem assessment is of the Arthasastra, assigned to 1534 BC. in the reign of Chandragupta Maurya.
Chandragupta Maurya would have been sentenced, I fear. Funnily, he thought it the right way to end his life.
The day a soldier has to demand his dues ll be a sad day for the nation,then on u ve lost all moral sanctions to be king-Chandragupta Maurya
We dont have a Chandragupta Maurya today so talk abt Akhand Bharat is mere delusion & not feasible.Through Yoga, we can dominate world
When we are reminded of the Gupta Dynasty we are reminded of Chandragupta's rajneeti : Modi. Chandragu…
Sun finally dusked over Mauryan Empire in 180 BC after shining for 142yrs, since 322 BC, when Chandragupta Maurya defeated Dhana Nanda.
Chanakya, the architect of the first pan-Indian empire, who is said to have advised Chandragupta Maurya: “The day...
Julius Caesar and chandragupta maurya under the same category = full of themselves but somehow made an empire like wut
finally u back as Chandu in Dangal channel... really very happy... Chandragupta Maurya my most favorite serial.. thank u..
He was born a warrior,& died a saint.Transport yourself to the times of Chandragupta Maurya at the Children’s Gallery
true that.. we are in the raj of the great descendent of chandragupta Maurya Shri Modiji 😮
The Maurya Empire was founded by Chandragupta Maurya, with help from Chanakya Brahmin teacher at Takshila. The...
Chandragupta Maurya was d Ist ruler who united d earlier existing 'maha-janpadas' in2 a state named as
We have great ancestors like Aryabhatt, Guru Tegh bahadur, Shivaji, Chankya, Chandragupta Maurya, why do we need Mughals?
Friend has uploaded a pic of shoes & captioned it 'Love Sundays'. Waiting for her to upload bag's pic & caption it Love Chandragupta Maurya
Gupta Empire was 4-6 century CE. Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of Mauryan Empire in 4th cent BCE.
One of the greatest empires in the was the created by Chandragupta Maurya. 322 - 185 B.C.
Apart from PM the serial will also feature biographies on Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka, The Great (2/2)
Why can't they have short names like Paul or Charles instead of Chandragupta Maurya or Syed Naquib al-Attas
.agree on that.Only feku knew that Taxila is in Bihar & Chandragupta Maurya established gupta dynasty.
Taxila was in Bihar, Chandragupta Maurya was a king of Gupta dynasty and Lord Buddha died when someone hit …
Chandragupta Maurya died in 298 BC and not 290 BC
Don't worry sunny !! . Will try to make Virat Akhand Bharat of Samrat Vikramaditya / Chandragupta Maurya !!
I miss you so much in chandragupta maurya.
The writer of ChanakyaNiti, Chanakya was instrumental in the rise of Chandragupta Maurya, the celebrated king.
In 322-298 BC Shwetambar sect of Jainism came into existance in time of Bhadrabahu who was contemporary of Chandragupta…
Chandragupta Maurya had women bodyguards but women in army are prohibited to go into the battlefield and have to fight for equality
5000 BC: the Kurgan culture in the steppes west of the Ural Mountains (Indo-Aryans) 3120 BC: mythical Indian war of the Mahabarata 3000 BC: the proto-indo-european language develops in Central Asia 3000 BC: Dravidian speaking people develop the civilization of the Indus Valley TM, ®, Copyright © 2013 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved. 2500 BC: the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley 2000 BC: the civilization of the Indus Valley declines 2000 BC: the Kurgan culture spreads to eastern Europe and northern Iran 1700 BC: Indo-Iranians separate from the other Indo-European tribes and migrate eastward to settle in Iran 1600 BC: Indo-Aryans invade India from the west and expel the Dravidians 1500 BC: religious texts are written in Vedic, an Indo-European language 1100 BC: the Indo-Aryans use iron tools 1000 BC: the Rig-Veda are composed 900 BC: Indo-Aryans invade the Ganges Valley 876 BC: Hindus invent the zero 750 BC: Indo-Aryans rule over 16 mahajanapadas ("great states") in northern India ...
Chankya was the chief advisor of which ruler ? . (A) Ashok. (B) Harshvardhan. (C) Chandragupta Maurya. (D) Kanishka
The Mauryan dynasty was geographically extensive & powerful with prominent kings like Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara &
We should do more research on Chandragupta Maurya & Samudra Gupta and place them as Hindu heroes
was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya , founder of Mauryan dynasty.
Chandragupta Maurya buys Indus valley for 500 elephants from Seleucus, and thus founds Maurya dynasty with capital in Patna. (Year : 304 BC)
First time when Chanakya meet kid Chandragupta Maurya: via
A son of Ancient Bihar..History of India...Chandragupt Maurya...Chandragupta Maurya (340 BC – 298 BC) was the...
A youthful Chandragupta Maurya was mimicking the king which made Chanakya pick him as the leader of anti Nanda revolt http:/…
Happy birthday to ji . You are chankya of Modern India with Chandragupta Maurya as ji.
NaMo and Amit Shah partnership is like Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya
No doubt nw tht Amit Shah is BJPs Chanakya! And Modi is Chandragupta Maurya! May the force b with them.
Chandragupta Maurya's oath to his Indian subjects ( 321 BC ) : 'May I be deprived of heaven, of life, and of offspring if I oppress you'
Biography & Life History of Emperor "Chandragupta Maurya" . Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the Maurya Empire in India. He is credited with bringing together the small fragmented kingdoms of the country and combining them into a single large empire. As per the Greek and Latin accounts, King Chandragupta Maurya is known as Sandracottos or Andracottus. During his reign, the Maurya Empire stretched from Bengal and Assam in the East, to Afghanistan and Balochistan in the West, to Kashmir and Nepal in the North and to the Deccan Plateau in the South. Read on this biography *** life history of Chandragupta Maurya to know more about the great king: • Conflicting Views about His Lineage :- Chandra Gupta Maurya was born in 340 BC. However, there is not much information about his ancestry. Some of the historians believe that he was an illegitimate child of a Nanda prince and his maid, Mura. Others believe that Chandragupta belonged to Moriyas, a Kshatriya (warrior) clan of a little anc ...
You are absolutely right. From Chandragupta Maurya to Shiva Ji every Great ruler of the land put his best efforts in this regard
Following are some Important dates of Indian History Periods Events/Significance BC 300-5000 Indus Valley Civilisation 563 Birtd of Gautama Buddha (or 576 BC in some sources) 527-540 Birtd of Mahavir; Nirvana 327-326 Alexander's invasion of India. It opened a land route between India and Europe 313 Accession of Chandragupta Maurya, according to Jain traditions. 305 Defeat of Seleucus at tde hands of Chandragupta Maurya 273-232 Ashoka's reign 261 Conquest of Kalinga 145-101 Reign of Elara, tde Chola king of Sri Lanka 58 Beginning of Vikrami Era AD 78 Beginning of Saka Era 120 Accession of Kanishka 320 Commencement of Gupta Era, tde golden age of Hindu India 380 Accession of Vikramaditya 405-411 Visit of Chinese traveller Fahien 415 Accession of Kumara Gupta I 455 Accession of Skanda Gupta 606-647 Harshavardhan's reign 712 First invasion in Sindh by Arabs 836 Accession of King Bhoja of Kannauj 985 Accession of Rajaraja tde Chola ruler 998 Accession of Sultan Mahmud 1001 First invasion of India by Mahmud Gha ...
you can start by reading about Porus aka Puru. Read about Chandragupta Maurya's reclaiming of land from Alexander etc & mv fwd
Your role in RR as rudra is awesome.but for me you will always remain our beloved Chandragupta Maurya...
Rajnath Singh of BJP is like the Great Chanakya of Maurya dynasty, who prepared chandragupta maurya ( today's Modi) to rule the Nation. Har har modi krte chlo Ghr Ghr modi krte chlo.
Chandragupta's son, Asoka, brought about the golden age for the Maurya dynasty.
Janapadas unified by Chandragupta Maurya and founded Maurya dynasty, first Indian empire.
Amazing Facts about India and Indians! • India is the world's largest, oldest, continuous civilization. • India never invaded any country in her last 10 years of history. • India is the world's largest democracy. • Varanasi, also known as Benares, was called "the ancient city" when Lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C.E, and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today. • India invented the Number System. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta. • The World's first university was established in Takshashila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education. • Sanskrit is the mother of all the European languages. Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software - a report in Forbes magazine, July 1987. • Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans. Charaka, the father of medicine consol ...
That was after Chandragupta Maurya consolidated his empire after defeating Dhana Nanda.
A Brief of Rulers of Gujarat Region (Just as per Wikipedia): - 3000 to 5000 BC: Began with settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization; :) - 322 BC to 294 BC: Ruled by Chandragupta Maurya; - 100 AD: Ruled by Saka/Western Satraps (Rudradaman I); :) - 200 AD: Ruled by Gautamiputra Satakarni (South Indians); :( - 400 AD to 600 AD: Ruled by Guptas (Chandragupta Vikramaditya); - 600 AD to 800 AD: Ruled by Maitraka. Gujarat flourished as an INDEPENDENT Hindu/Buddhist states (Y) (Y) (Y) :) :) - 800 AD to 1000 AD: Ruled by Gurjaras, South Indian & East Indians; - 1000 AD to 1297 AD: Ruled by SOLANKI dynasty & Gujarat reached to its greatest extent. :) (Y) (Y) Solanki descended by Chalukya dynasty (South Indian) o.O :( - 1297 AD to 1300 AD: Ruled by Delhi Sultanate :( - End of 1400 AD to 1576 AD: Gujarat's Rajput Muslim governor Zafar Khan Muzaffar asserted his INDEPENDENCE (Y) (Y) (Y) :) - 1576 AD to 18th Century: Ruled by Mughal Empire; :( - Began of 1800 AD: Ruled by Marathas + local rulers; o.O - 1818 to ...
At this age Chandragupta Maurya gave up his throne and went into solitude for meditation, Diggy raja is thinking of a new life. Congrats.
Bihar is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world with history of 3000 years. The rich culture and heritage of Bihar is evident from the innumerable ancient monuments that are dotted all over this state in eastern India. This is the place of Aryabhata, Great Ashoka, Chanakya, Mahavira, Guru Gobind Singh, Chandragupta Maurya, Vātsyāyana, Sher Shah Suri and many other great historical figures.
In 324/23 BC Chandragupta Maurya defeated Selukas Niketor, who was appointed the governor of conquered territories -- Iran, Afghanistan, and part of India -- by Alexander the Great. Chanakya then performed the marriage of Chandragupta Maurya with Helen, Selukas's daughter, in order to keep the Greeks out of India. But he made one important condition: no progeny of Helen would either succeed or claim the inheritance of the throne of Magadh. It is clear that even though 2,300 years separated them, Nehru and Chanakya were of the opinion that no person of foreign origin nor his or her progeny could sit on the throne in any state of India. Today, all one can say is, let the debate continue. Only the people can decide if history was wrong or right.
empires of india in about 321 BC, ayound prince, Chandragupta Maurya, founded an empire that stretched across northern india from the Hindu Kush in the west to Bengal in the east. This was the first Indian empire.
.there is a lot of hue n cry over Yuvraj Singh being a cancer survivor but not even a drop of tear for a man who took a bullet in his chest for crores of nameless indians he was protecting.just a ticker news on nations largest run medias.does anyone think of that soldier who .in a far away land from his home was only thinking of his mother father wife sons daughter while gasping for his last breath? no they dont care. Here a leader gets slapped and is a national news. A soldier dies a gruesome death." *** does it matter.hes paid to do so,is the national mentality. We hv to out on the streets to support our troops. Great Chanakya had once told Chandragupta Maurya" oh king if that day comes when ur soldier comes asking for their honor and dues,that day my king your empire will b lost
A really exciting between Chandragupta Maurya and MUTHU314 on Hit... via
'Charak' was the famous court Physician of a. Harsha b. Chandragupta Maurya c. Ashoka d. Kanishka
The Maurya King who built the Sanchi Stupa was ?? 1. Dasaratha 2. Chandragupta maurya 3. Bindusara 4. Ashoka
Height of guessing an answer:- teacher : who was chandragupta maurya??? . . . . . . Me :- he was cousin of GANPATI BAPPA MAURYA
6. Who was called the " shakespear of india" ??. 1. Dandin. 2. Kalidas. 3. Harisena. 4. Chandragupta maurya
There were 3 Chandragupta in history. 1 in Maurya dynasty and 2 other in gupta dynasty. 2/3
A really exciting between Chandragupta Maurya and CR7's Army on Hi... via
What a between Chandragupta Maurya and sparking riders on Hitwicke... via
It was a bright sunny day in patliputra everyone were happy, as their hero chandragupta maurya will be crowned...
there are inaccuracies about Chandragupta Maurya and Imam Hussain..dates vary by approx 800 years
His grandfather Chandragupta Maurya turned to Jainism. Not he.. Else Kalinga war would have been avoided..
some general important question for coming exam of HPPSC 1. The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian sub-continent is found at— (A) Lothal (B) Harappa (C) Mehrgarh (D) Mundigak 2. During the Rig Vedic period Niska was an ornament of— (A) Ear (B) Neck (C) Arm (D) Wrist 3. Which of the following were regarded as the hub of Aryan culture during the later Vedic period ? (A) Anga, Magadh (B) Kosal, Videha (C) Kuru, Panchal (D) Matsya, Surasena 4. Who among the following was the first to take initiative for water resource management in the Girnar region ? (A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Asoka (C) Rudradaman (D) Skandagupta 5. That Lumbini was the birth place of Gautama Buddha, is confirmed by an inscription of— (A) Asoka (B) Kanishka (C) Harsha (D) Dharmapala 6. Who among the following Gupta Kings had another name Devagupta ? (A) Samudragupta (B) Chandragupta II (C) Kumaragupta (D) None of the above 7. Kumaradevi, a queen of Govinda Chandra Gahadavala, constructed Dharma-Chakra Jina Vihara at— (A) Bod ...
congress is scared bcoz hindus are becoming united under strong obc leader NaMo.last time it happened under chandragupta maurya
Ancient Indian History-Timeline 3000 BC to 1684 AD BC Before 10,000 BC Paleolithic Ages characterized by use of tools like hand axe, cleavers, found in soan (now in Pak) Belan Valley (in Mirzapur UP): stone tools like scrappers, borers, blades, burins, etc, made with flakes found in soan, Narmada and Tungabhadra rivers and Andhra, Maharashtra, Bhopal, and Chotanagpur plateau Before 6000 BC Mesolithic tools found Tirunelvelly in Tamil Nadu (south), in Chotanagpur, Vindhyas, Birbhanpur in West Bengal, Belan in MadhyaPradesh, Bagor, Telure, Langhnejgunj and Sarai Nahar Rai. 3000-2600BC -Harappa Civilization 1200-500 BC -Vedic Era 550 BC -Birth of Mahavira 563 BC-483 -Sidhartha Gautama, the Buddha 483 BC -First Buddhist Council held at sattaparni (Rajgriha) 383 BC -Second Buddhist Council at Vaishali 336-323 - Alexander the Great's conquest of Asia 372 BC -The Conquests of Alexander the Great 323 BC -Alexander the Great dies 321 BC -Rise of the Mauryas, Chandragupta Maurya in Magadha after defeating Nande Dyn ...
INDIAN HISTORY : 2500 BC Dravidian civilization 1500 BC Aryans invade India and conquered the Dravidians 1400 BC The Vedas, the Hindu scripture, was written 800 BC 800-600 BC The sacred scripture, the Upanishads written 518 BC Persians conquered Pakistan 500 BC Buddhism was founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama 500 BC Jainism was founded in India by Mahavira Jains 326 BC Alexander the Great moved into India 324 BC The Mauryan Empire was established by Chandragupta Maurya including Afghanistan and parts of central Asia 272 BC Ashoka, the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, becomes the emperor of India 185 BC The Maurya Empire ended 50 AD The Kushans established an empire in northern India 320 The Gupta Indian dynasty reunited northern India initiating the "golden Age" of India 700s Muslim armies from Arabia invade India 1206 Qutb ub-din Aybak establishes the Delhi Sultanate 1398 Timur conquered India resulting in the decline of the Delhi Sultanate 1498 Vasco da Gama becomes the first European explorer to rea ...
● When a bus conductor with the country's Big movie Become a hero-he ● When Woods became the Emperor in - Chandragupta Maurya ● When the paper seller becomes President -Kalam ● Make the country pay once dancer raaj - Antanio miyano ● When a nappy with pahelwan To become Chief Minister -Mulayam Yadav ● When the army man Hockey could become the wizard Hooked in front which Hitler too Dhyanchand ● When became a goofy sahzada -Raul Winch ● When a kitchen Become the President -Prathiba Patil ● ● ● To become Prime Minister when a mute button - Mannu Singh ● ● ● To become Prime Minister when a bachlan tharki - Nehru ghazi ● Become an MP as and when your broker - Naresh Agarwal So ● ● ● ● By tea, hard Even her Why not become a Prime Minister -MODI (Translated by Bing)
Nitish points out to glaring historical mistakes in Narendra Modi’s speech Patna,(BiharTimes): Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday took history class of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, and ridiculed the latter for lacing his Hunkar Rally speech with some glaring factural errors. In his 75-minute long point-by-point rebuttal of his Gujarat counterpart at Chintan Shivir in Rajgir he asked as to what type of history was Narendra Modi teaching to the people. The Bihar chief minister said that the Gujarat chief minister mixed up Chandragupta Maurya with Chandragupta of Gupta dynasty. Ashok was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, whose empire is known the world over. This Chandragupta was not of Gupta Empire as was mentioned in the Hunkar Rally speech. Nitish asked as to how is it that Taxila has been mentioned in Bihar. “It is in Pakistan and I had the opportunity to go there during my visit to that country. Chanakya was professor in Taxila.” Pointing out to Sankarshan Thaku ...
KEY YEARS IN THE HISTORY OF INDIA 2500-1500 B.C : Indus Valley Civilization. 1500-200 B.C : Aryan civilization. 2000-1000 B.C : Composition of the Upanishads and the great Epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. 600-500 B.C : Mahavir and Buddha lay down the principles of Jainism and Buddhism. 326 B.C : Alexander, The Great invades India 320 B.C : Chandragupta Maurya finds the Mauryan Dynasty. 273 B.C : Asoka ascends the throne of Magadha. 261 B.C : The Great Kalinga War that transforms Asoka. 60 B.C : Rise of the Satavahana Dynasty. 1-100 A.D : Jews and Apostle St.Thomas arrive in the Malabar Coast. 78A.D : The Saka era begins. 120-144A.D : Rule of the Kushan king, Kaniskha. 320A.D : Chandragupta 1 finds the Gupta Dynasty 360 A.D : Samudragupta establishes a large Empire-the whole of northern India up to the Deccan. 375- 413A.D : Reign of Chandragupta 11,the golden age of Indian culture and literature. 405-11A.D : Fahien visits India. 1000 A.D : Founding of the Chola empire by Rajaraja Chola. ...
Q1. In 2002, which committee was set up by the government to suggest measures for rationalising direct and indirect taxes ? (A) Vijay Kelkar Committee (B) B.K. Chaturvedi Committee (C) R.K. Raghavan Committee (D) Tejendra Khanna Committee Answer : Q2. Between 1192 AD to 1857 AD, who was the only Hindu ruler to ascend the throne of Delhi ? (A) Hemu Vikramaditya (B) Harshavardhana (C) Chandragupta Maurya (D) Chandragupta Vikramaditya Answer : Q3. According to Standard time zone classification, the earth is divided into how many time zones ? (A) 12 (B) 24 (C) 48 (D) 96 Answer : Q4. In which city of Gujarat is India's first and world's second Patang (Kite) Museum, founded by Bhanubhai Shah, located ? (A) Surat (B) Rajkot (C) Ahmedabad (D) Vadodra Answer : Q5. Heat travels from one place to another by which of the following methods ? (A) conduction and radiation (B) convection and radiation (C) conduction and convection (D) conduction, convection and radiation Answer : Q6. The tenth and last Sikh Guru Gobind S ...
man Kancha Ilaiah Narendra Modi has a problem with his party's intellectual base even now. In their private discussions he is seen as a man of muscle power but not mind power. Why did Narendra M o d i choose Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as his icon, leaving aside his own party icons, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Atal Behari Vajpajee or the icons of base organisation Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh -Savarkar, Golwalkar or Hedgewar? If Gujarati-ness is the reason, both Mahatma Gandhi and Patel have that in common and both come from the same Congress background. Why not Gandhi then? Even Morarji Desai hails from Gujarat and he was the first Prime Minister from that state. Why not Morarji, then? Mr Modi is a shudraOBC (other backward class). He is the first shudra-OBC to be a national-level, assertive political leader and to have positioned himself as a candidate for the Prime Ministership of India. Moreover, he has emerged from a Hindu communal political party when even the Indian National Congress did not allow anybody, ...
Gandhar was also state from where chandragupta maurya started his journey to unite india.
Pakistan | Facts and History The nation of Pakistan is only about six decades old, but human history in the area reaches back for tens of thousands of years. Capital and Major Cities: Capital: Islamabad, population 800,000 (3.7 million for greater Islamabad metropolitan area). Major Cities: Karachi, population 11,624,000 Lahore, population 6,311,000 Faisalabad, population 1,977,000 Rawalpindi, population 1,406,000 Hyderabad, population 1,151,000 All figures based on 2005 estimates. Pakistani Government: Pakistan has a (somewhat fragile) parliamentary democracy. The President is the Head of State, while the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. Pakistan's two-house Parliament (Majlis-e-Shura) is made up of a 100-member Senate and a 342-member National Assembly. The judicial system is a mix of secular and Islamic courts, including a Supreme Court, provincial courts, and Federal Shari'a courts that administer Islamic law. Pakistan's secular laws are based on British common law. All citizens over 18 years ...
Looks like Chandragupta Maurya with his handful of loyal friends are preparing for the final assault on Dhananda. :)
23-Nov-13 Q. Charaka was the court physician of A. Kanishka B. Chandragupta Maurya C. Ashoka D. HarshaVardhana
If NaMo's history leasons are to be believed, chandragupta maurya/chanakya ruled India and then Congress took over immediate…
No. Question Answer 01 Alexander invaded India in 326 BC 02 The Mauryan Empire was established in 322 BC 03 The First Mughal Emperor of India was Babur 04 Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan 05 Lala Lajpat Rai was also known as Lion of Punjab 06 Chandragupta II was also known as Vikramaditya 07 The city of Fatehpur Sikri was built by Akbar 08 The Red Fort in Delhi was built by Shahjahan 09 Battle of Panipat was faught in 1761 AD 10 The first President of India was Dr.Rajendra Prasad 11 "Swaraj is my birthright!" was said by Bal Gangadhar Tilak 12 The capital of Mysore during the rule of Tipu Sultan was Srirangapatnam 13 Battle of Plassey was fought in 1757 AD 14 The first Governor-General of Bengal under the East India Company was Warren Hastings 15 Ashoka was born in 269 BC 16 Permanent settlement in Bengal was introduced by Lord Cornwallis 17 The last Governor-General of India was C.Raja Gopalachari 18 The first session of the Indian National Congress was held at Bombay (Mumbai) 19 Quit India Movement star ...
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Yogendra yadav is Chanakya and AK is Chandragupta Maurya of today's India!
TEACHER: who was chandragupta maurya? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . STUDENT: i think he was the cousin of "ganpati bapa maurya"
These are the rare gold coins from 400CE from the chandragupta Maurya Empire
The Uperkot Fort that is situated in city of was built by Chandragupta Maurya in 319 B.C.
Pics of Shravanbelgola in Karnataka - Chandragupta Maurya visited there towards the end of his life.
Silver coin of Seleucus I Nicator, who fought Chandragupta Maurya, and later made an alliance with h
Q- The Indian ruler Known as The Nepoleon of India was ? A- Samundra gupta B- Ashoka C- chandragupta Maurya D- None of the above
Questions: 1. Who was Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi? 2. Where in abroad Shyama Prasad Mukherjee died? 3. Who brought back Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's urn to India? 4. Where did the battle between Alexander and the Biharis take place? 5. What was the rank of lineage of Chandragupta Maurya in Gupta dynasty? 6. Why jawaharlal Nehru was absent in the funeral of Sardar Vallabh Bhai patel? Answers: Wait for the answers till may-June 2014.
Today I learned where the red good luck spot in the forehead bindu comes from: Cynical Chanakya, a precursor to Machiavelli, continued to serve as an advisor to his emperor Chandragupta after the establishment of the Maurya Empire. According to a popular legend mentioned in the Jain texts, Chanakya used to add small doses of poison to the food eaten by Emperor Chandragupta Maurya in order to make him immune to the poisoning attempts by the enemies. Unaware, Chandragupta once fed some of his food to his queen, Durdhara, who was seven days away from delivery. The queen, not immune to the poison, collapsed and died within a few minutes. In order to save the heir to the throne, Chanakya cut the queen's belly open and extracted the foetus just as she died. The baby was named Bindusara, because he was touched by a drop (bindu) of blood having poison.
The history of the rupees traces back to Ancient India in circa 6th century BC, ancient India was one of the earliest issuers of coins in the world,[1] along with the Chinese wen and Lydian staters. The word rūpiya is alleged to be derived from a Dravidian word rūpa, which means "wrought silver, a coin of silver",[2] in origin an adjective meaning "shapely", with a more specific meaning of "stamped, impressed", whence "coin". It is derived from the noun rūpa "shape, likeness, image". The word rūpa is being further identified as having sprung from the Dravidian ".[3]. However, an Indo-Aryan origin is more likely compare Sanskrit rūpá, n. m. A form, beauty (Rigveda), rūpaka adjective and n. m. A particular coin Pañcatantra, rūpya,*rūpiya-, adj. Beautiful, bearing a stamp Pāṇini., n. Silver Mahabharata. There is no evidence of transmission to Indo-Aryan from Dravidian and textual evidence dates to well before any references in the later Dravidian. [4] Arthashastra, written by Chanakya, prime min ...
Modern history of Aurangabad The history of Aurngabad is a part of history of the ancient Magadh which included the undivided district of Patna and Gaya. Three-fourths of India’s early history is the history of Magadh and the area which forms the present district of Aurangabad was a proud sharer of this glory . Although it was a part of the Mahajanpad of Magadh, yet it had its distinct racial and cultural character. Forming part of the first vast territorial empire of Magadh, perhaps the distinction of being ruled by Bimbisara and Ajatsatru and later on by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka. The river Sone has been accepted by the authorities as having been western boundary of the Magadh empire. After the downfall of the Mauryas, this area remained under sovereignty of Sungas and Kushans. Harshavardhan also ruled over this land. During his regime, Celebrated books of Sanskrit literature KADAMBARI AND HARSHCHARITRA were written by Banbhatta, whose birthplace Pritakuta Parwat, village piroo at present falls i ...
Every seed has a plant ,every child is chandragupta maurya,but teacher must be pandit chankya ,please give a chance to grow,whether this is plant or infant
1. Fahien came to India during the reign of (a) Chandragupta Vikramaditya (b) Ashoka (c) Harshavardhana (d) Chandragupta Maurya
CHANAKYA's trance Chanakya ke jeewan se juda ek drishant. CHANAKYA ko Bharat Varsh ek jut karne me mushkilen aa rahi thin. Chhote chhote rajya , satraps, ek doosre se irshyavash maan nahinrahe thhe. Ek pratah surya namaskar ke uprant unhon ne savitur , sun god, se apnne dhyaya ki asapalta par gila kiya aur YOGIC CHINTAN MEN DOOB GAYE, Chanakya was a great yogi, too. It is said he was in yogic samadi FOR 24 HOURS. When he was out of the metaphysical trance, his face was aglow with Savitur's splendor. He had found the basic unity that bound the Aryas, the Shaastras, the Vedic liturgy. Every Arya parivar follows the set Vedic procedure at birth, upbringing and death. The same mantra uchcharana, recitation, the same yagya, the same upanayan sanskara, the sacred thread ceremony, the same vivah padhati, marriage manual and the same last rites'! 'praptamaham', got it or in Greek 'eureka'. He had found the basis unity and worked on it to complete success. 'You have Yavanas to protect your basic unity against' ...
Are you talking about Taxiles ? He was killed by Chandragupta Maurya and his lineage is uncertain
Ashoka Maurya (304–232 BCE), commonly known as Ashoka and also as Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from ca. 269 BCE to 232 BCE.[1] One of India's greatest emperors, Ashoka reigned over most of present-day India after a number of military conquests. His empire stretched from the parts of the ancient territories of Khorasan, Sistan and Balochistan (unpartitioned) in what is now Afghanistan and possibly eastern Iran, through the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, to present-day Bangladesh and the Indian state of Assam in the east, and as far south as northern Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The empire had Taxila, Ujjain and Pataliputra as its capital. In about 260 BCE Ashoka waged a bitterly destructive war against the state of Kalinga (modern Odisha).[2] He conquered Kalinga, which none of his ancestors (starting from Chandragupta Maurya) had done. His reign was headquartered in Magadha (present-day Bihar). He embraced Buddhism afte ...
lol!He was the first Maurya King!Chankya & Chandragupta Maurya overthrew the Nanda kingdom!
Chandragupta as great king of Gupta dynasty instead of Maurya dynasty,
At which among the following places, Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days ? [A] Nalanda [B] Ujjain [C] Shravana Belgola
New show after Bigg Boss ends TV actor Sanaya Irani, who’s popular for her roles in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and Chhanchhan, is back on the tube once again. She will be seen playing the role of a Rajasthani bride alongside actor Ashish Sharma, who portrays the role of an army personnel in the new show, Rang Rasiya that starts mid December, replacing reality show Bigg Boss. Ashish, whose character is called Rudra, was earlier seen playing the role of Chandragupta Maurya on TV. “The show is about a girl who believes in love and how her path crosses with a man, who doesn’t believe in it. The crew has been shooting in the desert terrains in the Rann of Kutch,” says a source from the sets.
"When we think of Gupta dynasty, we remember Chandragupta Maurya." "Taxila is in Bihar." "Alexander was defeated by Biharis" "Shyama Prasad Mookerjee was a revolutionist. He died in 1930. His last wish was that his ashes should be brought to India after independence and till then it was in Geneva." "Nehru didnt attend Sardar Patel's funeral" i don comment on MODIfication of India, but MODIfication of Indian history has definitely begun:-)
Vishkanya: Chanakya was a brilliant brahmin and politician who lived during the time of Chandragupta Maurya i.e. 300BC; like all brahmins,he too found a way to harass the shudras i.e. Dalits. He started the practice of 'vishkanya' who were young girls trained to be killers. Anyone who had intercourse with vishkanyas would die from poisoning. To be trained as a vishkanya,young shudra girls were fed a small dose of poison on a daily basis. Some of these girls survived but a majority did not. Dear friends,the point of all this is to make you aware that brahmins have been exploiting dalits since 300BC ,that is even before the birth of Jesus Christ and even before the birth of Lord Buddha! Please put an end to this menace and secure a better future for generations to come
Satire- Not to miss: Modi sir's history class Scene: A group of impish-looking students are sitting in a class in session. The teacher is seated in a chair on a slightly-elevated podium and speaking to them. Modi: History is treacherous. At times, you make it. At times, it makes you. Sometimes it forgets you. Some other time you forget it. That last one plagues me. A student: Sir, you were telling about how Biharis defeated Alexander The Great. Modi: Oh yes. See, how I forget. Anyway, I told you how Alexander's army conquered the entire world, but was defeated by the Biharis. That's the might of this land. Another student: But sir, Alexander defeated by the Biharis...?! Modi: That's why I keep saying an understanding of politics is crucial to learning history. Not all gaffes are meant for guffaws. Historical gaffes can be political. Likewise political gaffes can be historic, too! What I meant to say about Alexander was not easy to understand. Let me explain. A young Chandragupta Maurya met Alexander at on ...
FOR THOSE GIVING LESSONS IN HISTORY TO Narendra Modi, 321–317 BCE - Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Mauryan Empire, makes himself master of northern and north-western India, including Panjab. Chandragupta Maurya's advisor Kautilya (also known as Chanakya) was a teacher at Takṣaśilā. Under Chandragupta, Taxila became a provincial capital. During the reign of Chandragupta's grandson Aśoka, Takṣaśilā became a great Buddhist centre of learning. Ashoka encouraged trade by building roads, most notably a highway of more than 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) linking his capital Pataliputra with Taxila. 2nd century BCE - After three generations of Maurya rule, Taxila was annexed by the Indo-Greek kingdom of Bactria. So Takshila University can very well be recalled with the Golden Period of the History of Bihar, the History of UK will always reflect the work they did in India and by the standards adopted by JD(u) and Congress we cannot talk about the Harrapan Civilisation as an Indian Civilisation as . ...
Chandragupta Maurya king of Hinduism ankhand bharat
Pnr d Q9. On the banks of river Ganga, which ruler of Magadh founded the city of Patliputra (modern Patna) ? (A) Bimbisara (B) Ajatashatru (C) Chandragupta Maurya (D) Bindusara
Chandragupta Maurya died in 298 BC. Refer to links below. The tragic event of Karbala occurred in 680 AD. is considerable material available in history either linking Husseini Brahmins to Karbala or yo events after Karbala (Janabe Mukhtar) However the linkage with Chandragupta Maurya may be inaccurate based on historical facts.
Which colour is in the centre of Rainbow ? (A) Red (B) Yellow (C) Green (D) Violet Previous answer; Chandragupta maurya
1.China spends 20% GDP on edu. 2.Alexander died at Ganges's riverbank. 3.Chandragupta maurya/gupta. just some exmples
Narendra Modi does not know the difference between Chandragupta of the Maurya dynasty and Chandragupta II of the Gupta dynasty.
The well meaning Emperor Asoka is at the centre of numerous conspiracy theories. I have earlier mentioned one, in which he is accused of recreating Sri Lankan religious places and placenames in India to prove that the Sri Lankan born Gautama Buddha was actually Indian. Another such theory, current in India, is that the Emperor Asoka lived thousands of years ago, but that his tradition has been deliberately confused with that of the 'Devanampiya Piyadassi' of the rock edicts, in order to prove that Chandragupta Maurya was contemporary with Seleucus Nicator. The Chandragupta synchronism was possible because of the identification in the Mahawamsa of Asoka as 'Devanampiya'; however, the discovery of the Maski Edict in Karnataka subsequently proved the correspondence, as it mentions 'Devanpiya Asoka'.
Ancient World History The Ancient World Prehistoric Eras to 600 c.e. Pataliputra Pataliputra Pataliputra Pataliputra (now Patna) is located at the confluence of the Ganges and Son Rivers in northeastern India. It was the capital city of the Mauryan Empire c. 326–184 b.c.e., when it was perhaps the largest city in the world, and again of the Gupta Empire, 320–550 c.e. Alexander the Great invaded northwestern India in 326 b.c.e. The invasion had a catalytic effect in inspiring an Indian prince, Chandragupta Maurya, to form the first empire on the subcontinent. Chandragupta might have met Alexander and, taking advantage of the latter’s death, drove the Greek forces out of India, subdued the tribes and states in northern India, and proclaimed himself ruler at Pataliputra, the capital of a previous local state. Chandragupta fought and then made peace with Seleucus Nicator, Alexander’s successor in Asia and founder of the Seleucid Empire, who sent an ambassador named Megasthenes to Pataliputra. Megasthe ...
"Chanakya's Chant" by Ashwin Sanghi tells parallel stories of historical figure Acharya Chanakya and his wily ways to unite scattered India under the rule of Chandragupta Maurya in the past and Gangasagar Mishra's usage of political machinations to establish Chandini Gupta to the post of the premier of modern India. In fact, Mishra is supposed to be the modern incarnation of Chanakya while Chandini of Chandragupta. There are plenty of political conspiracies carried out by the politicians, some believable some not, to ascend to the throne. I don't want to give away the story but will suffice to say that I had a guilty pleasure reading the intrigues in the form of Saam, Daam, Danda, Bhed presented in the novel. But I remained skeptic about the easy political coups carried out by Gangasagar and his cohorts in modern India. The writer has carried out good research into ancient India and also into the caste/religion-based politics of modern India to pull off a political thriller and also has proved that he po ...
Modi should take lessons in history and good manners Jist of an article by Amulya Ganguli, political analyst, in Gulf News& Khaleej Times, the only newspapers widely circulated in UAE including Dubai. BJP is obviously concerned that having built up Modi as a larger-than-life figure, it doesn’t want to expose his feet of clay Modi has been ambushed by his mistakes that are piling up& cannot be easily rectified for it is a part of his personality and background& outcome of his school record as an “average” student Modi’s first blunder was the erroneous claim that Nehru did not attend Sardar Patel’s funeral. Then came the other blunder that no money was spent for specific years during UPA regime to celebrate Patel’s birthdays or to memorise Patel on his death anniversaries His mixing up of two towering personalities of ancient India — Chandragupta Maurya and Chandragupta II of the Gupta dynasty. This deficiency was substantiated by his assertion that Alexander was stopped by the Ganga. Consider ...
Which King minted the first Gold coin in India?. - Akbar. - Kanishka. - Ashoka. - Chandragupta Maurya
How far back in time does one go? Are Chanakya, Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, etc. also contenders for
Best article I have read on The Great Shivaji... How Small Shivaji Was? Shivaji created a kingdom. History remembers him as the creator of the Maratha dynasty. There are at least 500 known dynasties in India. All had founders. Shivaji is one of them. So how is he different? Almost all the realms were created by exploiting the political turmoil of their time. A strong satrap of a weak king forms his own kingdom, a powerful general or minister dethrones an inept king and starts his own monarchy. This has always been the route of all the founders right from Chandragupta Maurya. They get ready made royal army, administration and other functionaries. But is there someone like Shivaji who had to build his kingdom from the scratch?, someone who did not get a ready made army of thousands of trained soldiers but had to build it brick by brick from among the peasants and the moment he started his efforts, his tiny kingdom was attacked by formidable enemies. Shivaji’s neighbours – the Adilshah and the Kutubshah ...
Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others, show Chandragupta Maurya -- youtu,bez2hxKJAwu3E
Images of the Sonepur Mela which began from the times of Chandragupta Maurya? A festival of pure commerce buying and selling animals with an opportunity to take a dip in holy river Ganga!!! It attracts visitors from across the world and is the largest cattle market in Asia! In ancient times traders from central Asia (the so called Aryans) used to come here to buy elephants, cattle and other exotic animals which they don't have like in India!!!
When a bus conductor could become the nation's largest movie hero-ships in the forest can become when he is Emperor Chandragupta Maurya when paper seller can become President-Kalam when one can become a wrestler cm-soft diapers Yadav when the army could become Hockey's young wizard whose front Hitler also hooked by a tea seller dhyanchand, hard work can become the Prime Minister why not even reach-MODI
Taxiles or Omphis another local North Indian king, wanted to defeat his eastern adversary Porus in a turf war and he invited Alexander the great to defeat Porus. This marked the first intrusion of the West in the Indian subcontinent and North India in general. But such was the valor of Porus and his kingdom forces in Punjab, that despite being defeated, he was appreciated by Alexander the Great for his skill and valor and he was granted further territories in the North.[18] The other Indian kings did not like the fact that Porus was now an ally of Western forces. In less than ten years another Indian king Chandragupta Maurya[19] defeated the forces and conquered the Northern Indian regions up to the Kabul river (in modern day Afghanistan). Despite the Greek & Macedonian rule in Northwest India, no trace of either the M170 or the M35 genetic markers associated with Greeks and Macedonians have been found in Punjab. to be continued...
World Famous Cattle Fair begins today in One Month long Fair would witness more than 1 Million Visitors including Tourists from countries like France, Italy, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Kazakhstan, Austria and Portugal. The Fair has its origins in ancient times when the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya used to buy elephants and horses from across Ganga.
MODI'S CHATTER-BATTER TONGUE - UNENDING EMBARASSSMENTS ? - The frenzied , blind modi-fied minds claim that the speech – which showed his complete ignorance about the important milestone in the labrynthine passage of his own organization, the formation of Bhartiya Jan Sangh, the first political platform launched by RSS itself, – was " just slip of tongue " and not much should be read into it. If for arguments sake one agrees with the contention then immediately the next question arises about his string of speeches where he had made outrageous, false claims and even after being pointed out by critics the factual mistakes in his presentation did not deem it necessary to correct them and make necessary amends. A sample of his completely false claims would be in order - Nehru did not even attend Patel’s funeral – despite proof to the contrary -Alexander had come to Bihar and was defeated by Biharis – despite the obvious fact that Alexander never crossed the Ganges - Placing Taxila in Bihar although i ...
Modi was not wrong on Taxila. Under Chandragupta Maurya,Taxila bcam a provincial capital of Magadh.Kautilya was...
Not sure how chandragupta reference to Gupta Empire was wrong. The great "chandragupta vikramaditya " (not to be confused with chandragupta maurya) was indeed from Gupta Empire and had his capital at pataliputra.
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Buddhism split up into the Hinayana and Mahayana sects at the Buddhist Council held during the reign of: (a) Harsha (b) Kanishka (c) Ashoka (d) Chandragupta Maurya
Narendra "Rowdy" so called bjp's pm candidate became father of indian history lately by telling publicly that"Gupta dynasty was founded by Chandragupta Maurya''...oof..come on feku u need to grow up..guess he deliberately missed so many history classes so that he can lie.
Question :- 5 Who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander, the Great? (A) Bimbisara (B) Chandragupta Maurya (C) Ashoka (D) Pushyamitra Sunga
The name Bihar derived from the word 'Vihara'means monastery. It was a great religious center for Jains, Hindus and Buddhists. From the 6th century BC to the 5th century AD Bihar was ruled by a succession of rulers and major empires. In the 3rd century BC Chandragupta Maurya ruled from the great city of Pataliputra (patna).His grandson Emperor Ashoka succeeded him. The Magadha dynasty rose to glory during the reign of the Guptas in 4th and 5th centuries. The dynasty was followed by the Palas of Bengal who ruled until 1197.The Muslim rulers also left indelible mark on the region from the 12th to 17th century.
POLITICIANS NEED CRASH COURSE IN HISTORY: Politicians are known to subtely twist historical facts to suit themselves. But, in today's world, with its easy access to information, such sins of omission or commission are all too easily caught out. And with 24 hour television, the common refrain of being misquoted is also one of diminishing returns. While some of these gaffes are controversial and insensitive, like Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma saying that "I am happy with this inflation", many are comical and some are just plain fudged facts. Comments that twist historical facts expose the poor grasp our leaders have over our own past. On Tuesday, at the inauguration of the renovated Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Memorial Museum in Ahmedabad, Gujarat chief minister and Prime Ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi reportedly said that Jawaharlal Nehru did not attend Patel's funeral, which is not the case. Other instances where Modi has got his facts wrong are in saying that Chandragupta Maurya belonged to the Gupt ...
Alexander's conquests had been spectacular, but he had not conquered India. On the contrary. Not even the Punjab and the Indus valley were safe possessions of his kingdom. Before Alexander had died in 323, he had redeployed nearly all his troops west of the Indus. For the first time, he had lost part of his empire. On the other hand, his invasion changed the course of Indian history. In Taxila, a young man named Chandragupta Maurya had seen the Macedonian army, and -believing that anything a European could do an Indian could do better- decided to train an army on a similar footing. In 321, he seized the throne of Magadha. The Mauryan Empire was born.
QUESTIONS TO Mr. ARUN SHAHI You are so prompt to point out follies of Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi at the drop of a hat. A gentleman aspiring to be the Prime Minister Of the country, if he makes such STUPID REFERENCES (during his speech at Hunkaar Rally in Patna in front of a record gathering) from the Indian History . Is it sensible to place the reigns of this great country in the hand of such a fool ? Or he thinks Bihari's to be stupid and can get away with any distorted facts to make his speech sound pompous ? Someone who says that Chandragupta Maurya was from Gupta Dynasty and Alexander was defeated on the banks of river Ganges ? Mr. Shahi I expect you to be equally vocal here :P
Sources close to the show inform us that Chandragupta Maurya fame Aashish Sharma has been locked to play the hero opposite Sanaya Irani.
Commemoration of Victories on Vijayadashmi Special on Vijayadashmi RSS marches ahead on Vivekananda’s Mission Dr Ashok G Modak The festival of Vijayadashmi is significant for two reasons. First it reminds us of our also it secondly and tradition victorious invites our attention to the birth anniversary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). As for the first dimension we all know that our brave ancestors enriched our tradition through achieving victories over evil forces. It was on the day of Vijayadashmi that Sri established and Ravana defeated Ram Dharma Rajya. And in subsequent years great personalities like Chandragupta Maurya, Pushya-mitra Shunga, Vikrama- ditya, Yashodharma, Krishna Devarai, Shivaji and so on carried forward the same legacy. We are indeed inheritors of victories. What is essential is to note that we insist on pure and sacred means for achieving victories. We in other words refuse to compromise on principles. We, moreover, look at these victories as instruments for enhancing the for ...
maharaja sri GUPTA. chandraGUPTA maurya. ya sure they aren't related? . just curious tho
Yeah, Suhel Seth is a descendant of Chandragupta Maurya! Lol.
Sometimes people only change because of how badly they've been hurt,he show Chandragupta Maurya -- youtu,bez2hxKJAwu3E
Vijaya Dashmi Also commonly known as Dashera, this festival occurs on Aso sud 10. Origin There are many stories related to this festival: 1) As we saw in Navratri, the Lord's Shakti, Parvati, vanquished the demon Mahishasur on the 10th day after a 9-day battle. This is cited in the Skanda Puran. The sentiment here is that the uncontrolled indriyas are only conquered by the Lord's Shakti. 2) On this day Lord Ram vanquished Ravan. Therefore people celebrate the Lord's victory by burning Ravan's effigy on this day. 3) Dhaumya rishi's son, Mahaar married Shami, daughter of Aarva rishi, of Malwa. After marriage both were on their way to have darshan and blessings of Shaunak rishi. On the way they met Bhrachundi rishi who had a trunk on his head. Seeing this the two made fun of him. The rishi cursed them and both turned into trees. For succor both prayed to Ganeshji. He blessed them that they would be offered worship. From this day people offer pujan to the Mahaar tree and Shami tree (commonly known as 'Khijdo' ...
Q6. Which ruler of ancient India embraced Jainism and spent his last days at Shravanabelagola in Karnataka ? (A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Chandragupta Vikramaditya (C) Gautamiputra Satakarni (D) Harshavardhana pre ans (B
That is a Tamadun india punya what what (forget ald ) The actual name is Chandragupta Maurya LOL
Mauryan Empire (323-232 BC). - Chandragupta Maurya: divided the empire into smaller regions, made use of spies (c)
What names do you want to give to your children? — Chandragupta Maurya pag lalaki. Pataliputra Burobudoria pag b...
so chandragupta maurya is different from chandra gupta, and chandra gupta II .__.
This SonyTV makes me laugh so much. If they had to telecast an epic ancient tale, why didn't they accept Chandragupta Maurya show's rights?
Chandragupta Maurya had band of women on horseback to guard him! Guess he'd realized back in 300 BC !
Parmar Rajputs (Agnivanshi) Parmar (Pramara or Panwar) with 35 branches : Mori, Sodha,Sankhla, Khechar , Umra & Sumra , Kohil, Daddha, Maipawat, Khair, Bhuller, orgatia,Pachawara,Varah, KabaBeedh, Badhel, Dheek, Ujjjainia, Kaleja.etc Also known as Parwar or Pawar in Maharashtra, where the brances are: Pawar, Bagwe, Ichare, Renuse, Jagdhane, Rasal, Landage, Bane, Rokade, Chandane, Khairnar, Malwade, Wagaje. According to the myths their great-grand forefather, Parmar, was created out of fire by Inder Devta, the god of fire, at Mount Abu. It is said that as the newly created man had come out from fire saying “mar, mar” loudly, he came to be known as parmar, and Abu, Dhar, and Ujjain were assigned to him as a territory. The 4 clans known as Agnikula were the Panwar, Chauhan, Parihar, and Chalukya or Solanki. The Navasahasanka charitra of Padmaguta (11th cent AD) mentions the first of the Parmara clan : Vashishta created a hero from his agnikunda to get back the cow that Vishvamitra had taken from him. Vas ...
Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate, Thomas Jones show Chandragupta Maurya -- youtu,bez2hxKJAwu3E
Historically, it is to the credit of the Indian Army that it has fulfilled its role as an organ of the State; it has functioned effectively in every type of role, in spite of the general lack of a supportive government environment by way of adequate finances, resources, equipment, personnel policies, or higher political direction. A nation’s military provides what is called a hard-edged back-up to its international standing. A strong military — and especially a powerful, well-trained, fully-equipped army — acts as a deterrent against adversaries. It is therefore essential that the nation’s decision-makers consciously back the army and provide it with the support it needs to meet diverse challenges that exist and are likely to come up in the coming decade. So far, the Indian Army has fulfilled its role in nation building admirably well. All of us — ordinary citizens, media persons, politicians, bureaucrats — must continue to back the nation’s strongest asset and further strengthen it, if we d ...
The indigenous Vedic culture of the sacred land of Bharata was protected and the spirtual practices of the Hindus could go on unhampered because of the ruler Chandragupta Maurya with the help of the greatest Prime Minister ever Chanakya!!!
Who among the following legendary kings was also known as "Sarvadamana" in his childhood? (A)Asoka (B)Bharta (C)Chandragupta Maurya (D)Samudra Gupta
Thought Provoker: The Tragedy of the Indian Army by Nitin Gokhale September 27, 2013 [In the mad race to boost circulation and viewer ratings, the media may have, in one go, started the process of demolishing one of the last institutions that has stood rock solid in defence of idea that is India.] In my three decades of reporting on the Indian military, I have never felt more uneasy about the military-media interface as I have in the past three months. This is not because the media has been accused of being sensationalist or because many unsavoury truths about internal rivalry and groupism in the military brass have created bad blood in the top hierarchy. My unease stems from the damage that the events of the past few months have inflicted on the average Indian soldier. For at least a quarter of a century now, we have been lamenting the steadily diminishing status of the ordinary Indian soldier in society; that soldiering is no longer respected as a noble profession in our rural areas; that the jawan stru ...
12Q Chankya was the chief advisor of which ruler ? 1 Ashok 2 Harshvardhan 3 Chandragupta Maurya 4 Kanishka
AHO as i sit with great spirit and oneness of how to be of service for the greater good of all I picked up for a though the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI this is what opened up. The rock edicts found in northern MYSORE date from third century b. c. . They illuminate the memory of KING ASOKA whose vast empire included India,Afghanistan,and Baluchistan. Inscribed in various dialects, Asoka"s "sermons in stone" bear witness to the widespread literacy of the day. Rock Edict XIII denounces wars."Consider nothing as true conquest save that of religion." ROCK EDICT X declares that a king true glory depends on the moral progress he aids his people in attaining, ROCK EDICT XI defines "the true gift" to be, not goods,but good-the spreading of truth. On ROCK EDICT VI the beloved emperor invites his subjects to confer with him on public business " at any hour of the day or night,"adding that by faithful discharge of his kingly duties he was thus,"obtaining his own release from the debt he owed his fellowmen ." Asoka w ...
Our state emblem with four lions is associated with? 1. Chandragupta Maurya 2. Akbar 3. Kanishka 4. Ashoka
PATNA AT A GLANCE The history and tradition of Patna go back to the earliest dawn of civilization. The original name of Patna was Pataliputra or Patalipattan and its history makes a start from the century 600 B.C. Patna covers area of 42 sq km. The name Patna has undergone many changes at its earliest stages like Pataligram, Kusumpur, Patliputra, Azimabad, etc., ultimately terminating to the present one. Chandragupta Maurya made it his capital in the 4th century A.D. Thereafter the city lost its importance until Sherkhan Suri rose into power in the early 16th century A.D. Another version that comes to focus is that there existed a village named Pattan or Patthan, which later turned into Patna.It has been said that Pataliputra was founded by Ajatashatru. Patna, therefore, has become inextricably bound up with the ancient Pataliputra. The ancient village was named ‘Patali’ and the word ‘Pattan’ was added to it. Greek history mentions ‘Palibothra’ which perhaps is Pataliputra itself .Ajatashatru ...
Princess Elise is turn into a hedgehog by a mystery shadow hedgehog,he show Chandragupta Maurya -- youtu,bez2hxKJAwu3E
DID FIRST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD ESTABLISH BU MUSLIM? When it comes to university Muslims claim that the first university in the world was established by a Muslim.As a matter of fact what they are refering to as first university in the world is that In 859,a Muslim woman called Fatima Al-Fihri , nicknamed "Oum al Banine", meaning the mother of the kids) was the founder of "Qarawiyyin mosque"in Fes, Morocco, with an associated school, or "madrasa".this medium size mosque was about 30 m long with 4 transversal aisle.The attached "madrasa" (religious school) offered courses in hadith,tafsir(Quranic interpretation), figh and sharia(Islamic law).The only thing that made this school different is that they gave certificate to those who finished the school. The fact is that for hundred of years all churches,synagogues,Zoroastrian tempels,etc.had small scale religious school like Qarawiyyin mosque madrasa,( such as Christian cathedral schools or monastic schools) with related religious classes and they never call ...
20 Days to celebrate 25th Anniversary of BCANA. Fact: The ancient kingdom of Magadh and of Licchavis, around 7-8 Century B.C. produced rulers who devised a system of administration that truly is progenitor of the modern art of state-craft and of the linkage of state-craft with economics. Magadh rose to glory during Guptas (4th and 5th centuries A.D.) and produced Kaultilya, the author of Arthashastra, the first treaties of the modern science of Economics and Chanakya, the advisor to the Magadh king, Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya produced the first Indian treaties on state-craft and politics. Please register for this 25th Anniversary with your friends and family at
absolutely! One of my fav shows after Chandragupta Maurya(which closed abruptly).
For his exceptional intelligence quotient (IQ) and memory, five-year-old wonder-boy Kautilya Pandit was rewarded with Rs.10 lakh by the Haryana government Friday. Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda handed over the Rs.10 lakh reward in the form of a fixed deposit and a certificate to the boy. The boy's name recalls the author of "Arthashastra" (Economics), a treatise of political economy, and advisor of Chandragupta Maurya who ruled a vast swathe of North India in the third century BC. "The state government would provide every possible support to enable him to further excel in the field of education," Hooda announced, after honouring the boy, a resident of a village in Karnal district, 140 km from Chandigarh.See More
Mahajanapadas: This period saw the second major rise in urbanization in India after the Indus Valley Civilization. The word "maha" means great and the word "janapada" means foothold of a tribe. In the later Vedic Age a number of small kingdoms or city states had mushroomed across the subcontinent and also find mention in early Buddhist and Jain literature as far back as 1000 BCE. By 500 BCE, sixteen "republics" or Mahajanapadas has been established, namely; Kasi, Kosala, Anga, Magadha, Vajji (or Vriji),Malla, Chedi, Vatsa (or Vamsa), Kuru, Panchala, Matsya, Surasena, Assaka, Avanti,Gandhara, and Kamboja. Persian and Greek Conquests: Much of the Northwest subcontinent (currently Afghanistan and Pakistan) came under the rule of the Persian Achaemenid Empire in C. 520 BCE under the rule of Darius the Great and remained so for two centuries. In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great conquered Asia Minor and the Achaemenid Empire, when he reached the Northwest frontier of the Indian subcontinent he defeated King Porus a ...
The abject material and cultural poverty of the west for thousands of years due to scarcity of natural resources gave birth to a semi-civilized culture. Comparatively speaking it was a barbaric culture spending most of its time and energies in satisfying their physiological needs and lacking in the fineries of mind and richness of material culture. Stories of India’s wealth and resources circulated allover the world and the thought of the west was mainly centered on somehow acquiring India’s wealth to remove their poverty. They did not have the insight of wisdom to understand the secrets of nature. This was a culture which murdered all its prophets even before they could really contribute their share of acquired wisdom to the welfare of the society – a society which had no place for the virtues of mankind in its single minded pursuit of material in an economy of scarcity with fierce social competition. The first known organized attempt of the west to satisfy its lust for India’s gold was made by A ...
Pre ans A- Chandragupta Maurya Really Srry fr the at its worst. Wait fr the results meanwhile u may leave ur feedback about the quiz.
Do you know Indian king Chandragupta Maurya was the leader of 35% population of the world?
WORLD’S GREAT PERSONALITIES Here’s a list of some of the world’s great personalities who have made their mark in several areas - Abdul Rehman Tunku (1903-73) The Malaysian statesman who negotiated with the British for the independence of Malaysia. He was the first Prime Minister of the country. Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) The 16th President of the U.s., he succeeded in abolishhing slavery. He was re-elected as President in 1864 and assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865. Abu-Bakr (9573-634) Abu-Bakr was a leading general of Prophet Mohammed and was the first Caliph of the Muslim empire and ruled from 632 AD. He made Islam a political and military force in Arabia. Abul Fazal (1561-16020) The author of Ain-i-Akbari and Akbar Nama. He was the celebrated Mughal court poet, and Prime Minister during Akbar’s reign. Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988) also called ‘Frontier Gandhi’ because he organised the people of the North-West Frontier Province (NWEP) of undivided India 9now merged with Pakistan)on Ga ...
Ancient India The History of India begins with the Indus Valley Civilization and the coming of the Aryans. These two phases are generally described as the pre-Vedic and Vedic periods. The earliest literary source that sheds light on India's past is the Rig Veda. It is difficult to date this work with any accuracy on the basis of tradition and ambiguous astronomical information contained in the hymns. It is most likely that Rig Veda was composed between 1,500 B.C. and 1,000 B.C. In the fifth century, large parts of India were united under Ashoka. The 6th Century B.C. was a period of great tumult in India. The kingdom of Magadha, one of the 16 great Janapadas had become paramount over other kingdoms of the Ganges Valley. This period also saw the emergence of various heterodox sects in India. This was the time when Buddhism and Jainism emerged as popular protestant movements to pose a serious challenge to Brahmanic orthodoxy. This period was followed by the Mauryas of whom the most famous was Ashoka the Grea ...
*SOME HISTORICAL ISSUES OF SINDH* * The Vedas (Rigveda) praises the Sindhu, the cradle of civilization. "Sindhu in might surpasses all the streams that flow. His roar is lifted up to heaven above the earth; he puts forth endless vigour with a flash of light . Even as cows with milk rush to their calves, so other rivers roar into the Sindhu. As a warrior-king leads other warriors, so does Sindhu lead other rivers. Rich in good steeds is Sindhu, rich in gold, nobly fashioned, rich in ample wealth." In this hymn Sindhu, unlike other rivers, is considered masculine. Other references are, when the Vedic seer invokes heaven and earth, he also invokes the Sindhu. The Veda refers to the Ganges only twice; but it makes as many as thirty references to the Sindhu. This is the Great Sindhu that gave Sindh its name. In Ramayana, Sindh was part of Dasharatha's empire. When Kekayi goes into a sulk, Dasaratha tells her: "The sun does not set on my empire. Sindh, Sauvira, Saurashtra, Anga, Vanga, Magadha, Kashi, Koshal -- ...
3-Which among the following usurped the throne of Magadh in 322 BC ? A. Bindusara B. Ashoka C. Chandragupta Maurya D. Kanishka E. None of these
In India’s history, only 8 Kings have never been beaten in war in their lives. Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, Karikala Chozhan, Samudragupta, Vikramaditya, Narasimha Varma Pallavan, Raja Raja Chozhan and Rajendra Chozhan.
Ancient Vedic Indians invented the residential university system. Taxila University, a seat of Hinduism and Buddhist philosophical learning, was the world's oldest university. Founded more than 2700 years ago, the university hosted more than 10,000 students from across the world. Students were admitted, based on merit, after completing basic education by the age of sixteen years. Each student had the option to specialize in more than sixty subjects including vedic literature, grammar, philosophy, ayurveda, agriculture, surgery, politics, archery, warfare, astronomy, commerce, futurology, music, dance, cryptography, etc. Students paid their fee in advance or had to serve their teachers in lieu there of. Vocational and technical training modules, particularly in medicine and war-craft, were emphasized. Some of the notable alumni of the university included: Chanakya - Author of Arth-Shastra (fifteen part book on political duties, statecraft, economic policies, state intelligence systems, administrative skil ...
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Hindu epic Mahabharata is associated with number 18 in several ways. The Mahabharata is divided in to 18 books (parvas) and the Bhagavad Gita also has 18 chapters. The original name of the Mahabharata was JAYA and according to Sanskrit numerical system (Ka Ta Pa Yathi sankhya) Jaya is 18. The architect of the war Sri Krishna’s Yadava caste – which had 18 clans. The army number of divisions that took part in the war were also 18 (11 divisions/Akshauni of Kauravas and 7 Akshauni of Pandavas). There is a beautiful description about the number 18 in the Tamil epic Cilappatikaram: The war between the Devas and Asuras went for 18 YEARS. The fight between Rama and Ravana went on for 18 MONTHS. The war between the Pandavas and Kauravas went on for 18 DAYS, but the battle between the King Cheran Senguttuvan and Kanaka Vijayan went on only for 18 NAZIKAS! (A day consists of 60 Nazika and one Nazika is 24 minutes). Cheran Senguttuvan was a great Chera (Kerala) king who went up to the Himalayas and brought a sto ...
The Prasiane Island of River Indus in Sindh… Megasthenes (350 – 290 BCE) was a Greek ethnographer in the Hellenistic period, author of the work Indica. He was born in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) and became an ambassador of Seleucus I of Syria possibly to Chandragupta Maurya in Pataliputra, India. However the exact date of his embassy is uncertain. Scholars place it before 298 BC, the date of Chandragupta's death. Arrian explains that Megasthenes lived in Arachosia, with the satrap Sibyrtius, from where he visited India. Giving description of Prasiane Island Megasthenes says, “The Indus Called by the inhabitants Sindus, rising on that spur of Mount Caucasus which is called Paropamisus, from sources fronting the sunrise, receives also itself nineteen rivers, of which the most famous are the Hydaspes, which has four tributaries; the Cantabra, which has three; the Acesines and the Hypasis, which are both navigable; but nevertheless, having no very great supply of water, it is nowhere broader than fif ...
Modern World History Social religious reform movements 19th century Short Question and Answer World History Renaissance French Revolution World War-I World-War-II Russian Revolution Cold War Egypt Indo-China Latin America History Tuition Ancient India The Mauryan Empire Chandragupta Maurya (324-300 BC) Chandragupta Maurya (324-300 BC) The Buddhist sources like Mahavamsa and Dipavamsa describe Chandragupta Maurya as a scion of the Kshatriya clan of the Moriyas branch of Sakyas who lived in Pipphalivana in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The Mudrarakshasa a play written by Vishakha Datta uses the terms like Vrishla and Kulahina for Chandragupta which mean a person of humble origin. Tuskin a Greek writer also says that Chandragupta was born in humble life. According to Buddhist sources Chandragupta's father was killed in a battle and he was brought up by his maternal uncle. Chanakya finding the signs of royalty in the child Chandragupta took him as his pupil and educated him at Taxila which was then a great centre of ...
4. Bihar Capital Patna Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar Govornor Shri Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil Official Language Hindi Other Language Hindi Area of the State 94,163 sq. km Total District 37 Total Population 103804637 Total Literacy 63 Male Population 54185347 Male Literacy 73 Female Population 49619290 Female Literacy 53 Sex Ratio 916 History and Geography Bihar finds mention in the Vedas, Puranas, epics, etc., and was the main scene of activities of Buddha, and 24 Jain Tirthankars. Great rulers of the State before the Christian era were Bimbisar, Udayin, who founded the city of Pataliputra. Chandragupta Maurya and Emperor Ashoka and Maurya dynasty, the Sungs and the Kanvas. Then came the Kushan rulers followed by Chandragupta Vikramaditya of the Gupta dynasty. Muslim rulers made in-roads into the territory during medieval period. The first conqueror of Bihar was Mohammed- bin-Bakhtiar Khalji. The Tughluqs and then the Mughals followed the Khaljis. One of the major states of the Indian Union, Bihar is b ...
In the past, Bihar was the land of empire builders, thinkers, intellectuals, philosophers, strategists and revolutionaries like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, and Kautilya, khodiram Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Jay Prakash Narayan. It is this place where the words like Republic (Ganrajya) Democracy (Loktantra) was put into practice in 3rd Century B.C.It is present day Bihar where the first Indian empire ((Magadh) was established in 322 bc: by Chandragupta Maurya . Bihar is the place, which has given birth to religion and revolution. Buddha and Mahavira the two great humanists found their enlightenment here and laid the foundation of two great religions Buddhism and Jainism. It is here that the tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh was born and attained the sainthood of sikhism. Nalanda University,The first Residential International University of the world Was founded in 5th.century A.D: Nalanda is known as the ancient seat of learning. 2,000 Teachers and 10,000 Students from all over the Budd ...
Maurya Empire Modern day Pakistan was conquered by Chandragupta Maurya, who overthrew the powerful Nanda Dynasty of Magadha and established Maurya Empire: He conquered the trans-Indus region to the west, which was under Macedonian rule - annexing Balochistan, south eastern parts of Iran and much of what is now Afghanistan, including the modern Herat and Kandahar provinces - and then defeated the invasion led by Seleucus I, a Greek general from Alexander's army. Seleucus is said to have reach a peace treaty with Chandragupta by giving control of the territory south of the Hindu Kush to him upon intermarriage and 500 elephants. Alexander took these away from the Indo-Aryans and established settlements of his own, but Seleucus Nicator gave them to Sandrocottus (Chandragupta), upon terms of intermarriage and of receiving in exchange 500 elephants. —Strabo, 64 BC–24 AD The Empire was expanded into India's central and southern regions by the emperors Chandragupta and Bindusara, but it excluded a small porti ...
For about eighteen hundred years, from 6th Century BC to the beginning of 13th Century AD, Indian universities like Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramashila, Valabhi, Somapura and Odantapuri had dominated the world education system, said the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at the convocation of Himachal Pradesh University (HPU). The President said that Takshashila became the meeting point of four civilizations – Indian, Persian, Greek and Chinese – and was frequented by legendary personalities like Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya, Panini, St. Thomas, Faxian, Charaka and Democritus. With focus on efficient management, these ancient universities became the colossus of the famed Indian higher education system. But today, our universities are nowhere in the top global rankings. “We have the capability to revive our leadership position in higher education. For that, we must strengthen our drive to effect innovative changes to develop our universities into world class academic institutions,” he said. He sa ...
Memorable events of Indian History B.C.-Importance 2700-Indus Valley Civilization is said to have flourished about this time. 599-Birth of Mahavir,the founder of Jainism. 566-Birth of Gautam Buddha,the founder of Buddhism. 527-Death of Mahavir. 486-Death of Gautam Buddha. 327-326-Invasion of India by Alexander.Battle of Hydaspes. 322-Foundation of Mauryan dyansty by Chandragupta Maurya. 259-Kalinga Was and conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka. 230-Death of Ashoka. A.D.-Importance 320-Beginning of Gupta Era.Foundation of Gupta dynasty. 375-Hun's invansion of India. 606-Accession of Harshavardhana. 647-Death of Harshavardhana. 712-Invansion of Sindg by Arabs led by Mohammed Bin Qasim. 1001-Sultan Muhmud of Ghazni invaded Indian and defeated Jaipal,the ruler of Punjab. 1026-Sack of Somnath by Muhmud of Ghazni 1191-First Battle of Tarain in which Mohammed Ghori was defeated by Prithviraj. 1192-Second battle of Tarain,Prithviraj Chauhan defeated by Mohammed Gori. 1209-Foundation of first Muslim dynasty in India. 1221 ...
Important Question Answer from Maurya Dynasty : 1. Who was Seleucus Nicotar? Ans. He was Alexander's General and was appointed the ruler of North-West India. 2. To whom Seleucus' daughter was married? Ans. Chandragupta Maurya. 3. Which provinces did Seleucus give to Chandragupta Maury at accordance with the treaty singned by them in 303 BC? Ans. Kabul, Qandhar, Herat and Baluchistan. 4. How many elephants did Chandragupta give to Seleucus? Ans. 500. 5. Who was Megasthenese? Ans. He was Seleucus's ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya. He was a great Philosopher. 6. What was the capital city of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans. Patliputra. 7. Who wrote the book 'Indika'? Ans. Megasthenes. 8. What information does the book 'Indika' provide? Ans: This book provides us with a lot of information about the political social and economic conditions in Chandragupta's empire. 9. Who constructed the Sudarshan lake at Junagarh (Gujarat) ? Ans. Chandragupta Maurya. 10. Under whose influence Chandragupta Maurya embrac ...
Mauryavansh: The man who defeated Alexander the Great. A retelling of the life and times of Chandragupta Maurya, his famous advisor Vishnugupta (better known as Chanakya to us), and the rise of the Mauryan Empire. Part of the Itihasa Series starting this June on akbebooks. Cover illustration by the brilliant Kunal Kundu - the illustration and cover are just roughs, will share the final when ready.
TV series Chandragupta Maurya. Although its off tv now.
Sir William Jones who swallowed the 1200 years of history between Chandragupta Maurya and Gupta Chadragupta acknowedges Puranas!
you want to go further back ...go to British , Moghuls , Chandragupta Maurya no ?
Vikramaditya I is the son of which of these kings? (i) Chandragupta Maurya (ii) Asoka (iii) Harshavardhana (iv)...
at least bring Chandragupta Maurya tht aird on NDTV Imagine
The antiquity of Indian history was reduced by 12 centuries by identifying Chandragupta Maurya of 1534 BC with Gupta Chandragupta of 323 BC.
(1/3) Hindu heroes like Chandragupta Maurya, Samudragupta, Harihar, Bukka, Maharana Pratap, and Shivaji, to name only a few of the notables,
Q) On which mountain Chandragupta Maurya ended his life bii slow starvation?
Hlo sir me nd my father, even my whole family is a big big fan of urs.badly miss "CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA"
Kautilya freed Shudra Chandragupta Maurya from slavery and made him the emperor.
Chandragupta Maurya was a Jain 350 years BC. Largest empire in India. No temples?
So who is going to be your chandragupta maurya?
DhanaNand's Corrupt govt was overthrown by Chankaya & Chandragupta Maurya, Sonia empire will be overthrown by Dr.Swami & Narendra Modi. 2/n
It was Maurya ChandraGupta..after Dhananand. Gupta ChandraGupta didnt start dynasty, his father was king.
It was Gupta Chandragupta who was contemporary of Alexander and not Maurya Chandragupta. Max Muller did this to suit Greek chronology.
Chandragupta Maurya lived in 1534 BC but was brought down to 323 BC 2 coincide with Alexander of 326 BC.This is the faking of Indian history
Chandragupta Maurya: c.321 BC The plains of North India are in a politically unsettled state when Alexander the Great marches into the subcontinent in 327 BC. But it is the dissatisfaction of his own soldiers, rather than any defeat at Indian hands, which turns him back. And for the next twenty years northwest India remains under Greek control. Soon after the conqueror's departure, one of India's greatest dynasties is established by Chandragupta Maurya. In about 321 he seizes the throne of Magadha (now Patna). By 305 he is strong enough to force the withdrawal of Alexander's successor in the region, Seleucus. The Greek retreat through the Khyber Pass is sweetened by a gift from Chandragupta of 500 elephants. Asoka: c.272-232 BC The Mauryan kingdom is the first in India's history to deserve the broader title of empire. It reaches its greatest extent under Chanadragupta's grandson, Asoka, who defeats his brothers in a battle for the throne in about 272 BC. According to later Buddhist chronicles he murders t ...
Early Life of Ashoka - "The Cruel Ashoka" The early life of this great emperor is stained with the blood of his brothers Ashoka was born in the great Maurya dynasty founded by Chandragupta Maurya. His father was Bindusara who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya. Ashoka started his career as a young general but he rose in ranks quickly to become a ruthless warrior and able statesman. His activities and quick rise to power allerted his half brother Sushima who became wary of Ashoka's intentions towards the Maurya throne and he was sent on exile to Kalinga. He returned to Pataliputra after two years and was again sent to Ujjain to subdue a rebellion. There she met Devi, daughter of a Buddhist merchant and married her. Meanwhile Bindusara died and Sushima in attempting to kill Ashoka's new born child ended up killing Ashoka's wife Devi. As the legend goes, Ashoka was so infuriated by this incident that he attacked the Maurya capital Pataliputra and beheaded all his half brothers including Sushima and ascended ...
For all the talk about Narendra Modi being a Strongman i still believe he's our best hope ,why? because history has shown us that only when India has had an undisputed strongman on the throne of Delhi has the country really progressed from the undisputed rule of Chandragupta Maurya & Asoka the great to the All encompassing reign of "Akbar Mahan" and the post independence governments of Indira Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru we have seen that only when decision making ability is firmly encompassed in the centre do we grow. Yes there can be mistakes and debacles as well like 1962 if the said leader loses his foresight but that's a risk i'm willing to take in the face of the sloth that has crept in during the past decade.
Q3.Chandragupta Maurya was converted to Jainism due to the influence of 1 Kautilya 2 Upagupta 3 Bhadrabahu 4 Gajabahu
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'Chandragupta Maurya' (famous TV show) got huge popularity among Indians, but unfortunately NDTV Imagine suddenly decided to shut down its operations. CGM fans'
Q4 Visakhadatta sketches the event after the death of Samudragupta in his work A. Mudrarakasam B. Devi Chand Guptam C. Mrichekakatika D. Malavikagnimitra
Let me share few things which does not exit in the world. Sacrifice, love, Care... A bitter truth there is some self-interest behind every friendship!! Check your surroundings!
15th who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander,THE Great? A) Bimbisara b) Chandragupta maurya c) Ashoka d) Pushyamitra Sunga
Q5.Kautilya was the Prime Mjnister of which of the following Indian rulers? (a) Chandragupta Maurya (b) Chandragupta I (c) Ashoka (d) Harshavardhana
Who among the following is considered as the first “National ruler of India”? (a) Chandragupta Maurya (b) Ashoka (c) Chandragupta I (d) Kanishka
Ranikot Fort, Jamshoro, Sindh. one of the largest fort of the world. -Built by Alexander. (323 BCE) -Extended by Chandragupta Maurya. ( 298 BCE) -Repaired by Talpur Kings. (1780's and 1790's)
Chess was invented in India. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus too. 'Place value system' and the decimal system developed in India in 100 B.C.
DISCUSSION OF EVENING SESSION QUESTIONS by "Bharat Rawal" : 16. "Mother Teresa" was born in "Albania". 17. "Shintoism" religion is set to have no sacred text. (18) 2CaSO4. H2O is the formula of "Plaster of Paris". 19. "Potassium bromide" is used for "Photography". 20. "Hydrogen, Methane & Carbon - monoxide" is the Major Constituent of "Coal Gas". 21. "Prajapati" occupied the supreme position in the Later Vedic pantheon. 22. "Red Ware" pottery was most popular with the Later Vedic people. 23. "Observe continence" doctrine of Jainism was added by Mahavira. 24. "Chandragupta Maurya" said to be responsible for the spread of Jainism in Karnataka. 25. In respect of "its stress on the doctrine of Ahimsa" did Jainism differ from Buddhism. Please don't forget to "LIKE".
Chanakya – Episode 44: ‘Chanakya’ was a renowned Indian scholar and teacher to the Maurya Emperor Chandragupta. ...
Chandragupta Maurya figures prominently in the book of: a. Bhasha b. Sudraka c. Vishakhadatta d. Ashvaghosh
Quiz time folks... usual rules - free shirt for the winner your size, our choice. 1. After marrying his daughter with Chandragupta Maurya he founded this city. Which one ? 2. On whose tomb is it written - 'Passer-by, I am _, king of kings, who gave the _ an empire, and was king of Asia. Grudge me not therefore this monument. 3. Connect Vishwaroopam, Mark Waugh and Duryodhana's mother Gandhari ? 4. Connect tea, sugar and fireworks 5. Connect the 4 questions above
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