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Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs (born June 27, 1999 Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actor, best known for his role as Carl Grimes in the AMC television series The Walking Dead based on the comic book series of the same name.

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I want chandler riggs for Christmas
I liked a video from Carl from the Walking Dead playing LoL (Chandler Riggs Playing League
Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs give me chills bc their so badass and cute 😂👏
I love them too all of them . and Carl Grimes CHANDLER CARLTON RIGGS AND STEVEN YEUN
Chandler Riggs will be at the Hartford Comic Con!!. A $250 VIP Package will get you a Meet and Greet, a Photo,...
I started my morning watching Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln interviews I'm feeling amazing
My theory of how they might end the Walking Dead is included. It occurs to me that a lot of people believe the theory that, The Walking Dead will end when rick really wakes up from his coma and, TWD is an event that rick creates in his mind while in a coma so, its like a coma nightmare. I have Found this pretty hard to go with over the recent year because, the whole companion series and the game are all set in the Walking Dead AMC universe of course so, now i find it hard to believe that this could all be one mans dream/nightmare. I could only see this working if rick wakes up from being in a coma and the dead are really coming back to life. and every thing that happened to him in his coma Dream/Nightmare was a vision's of what he would need to do to keep his family safe and also, what he would need to do to save the people he lost in his dream. even if this was to happen i find it pretty hard to see them going in that direction, pull it off without making it seem silly or ridiculous. This is my theory on ...
You're all invited to my future wedding when I marry Chandler Riggs.
I need $1000 dollars just to meet Chandler Riggs. so far I have $13
-Nobody is perfect. +What? -Sorry,you are Chandler Riggs,you're perfect
Can't wait 2 meet Norman Reedus... and Chandler Riggs... and Scott Wilson...and everyone else's names I don't remember.
I had no idea that Chandler Riggs play League 😭😩😫
Chandler Riggs and Evan peters and . Harry Styles are beautiful.
Well this should come as a pleasant surprise to some and no surprise at all to others; but Walking Dead television star Chandler Riggs, turns out to be a pretty big fan of the post-zombie-apocalyptic survival game from Dean “Rocket” Hall and crew, DayZ .
I have two daughters... both I love with all my heart. I worry about their well being (emotionally & physically). It is one thing to 'like' an actor or singer, but when you are added as 'friends', it's a one in a million chance that you are truely, actually connecting with that person. At that point, safety is a concern. There are too many fakes, liars and dangerous pedophiles on the internet nowadays. Earlier, I expressed a concern with my youngest daughter about the boy actor in The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs. There is a reason why the boy has over 15 profile pages. Am I wrong for being concerned that she is trying to contact every single profile page?
watch on right now for him to sing Wrecking Ball and for a giveaway of a computer case signed by Chandler Riggs and Sam
I think this looks like Chandler Riggs a wee bit. *Just Go With It- Adam Sandler*
Anybody wanna fly me to comic con somewhere next time to meet Chandler Riggs..!?
I do have a crush on Chandler Riggs(Carl on the Walking Dead)...what can I say he's.:
hello how are super boring but not on Monday at 22:00 the dead walkers to see I love you chandler riggs
10 things u didn't know about The Walking Dead!! 1.The Cast like to take Selfies with each other 2.Glen and Maggie adopt Sophia in the Comic 3.The flesh the zombies eat is ham soaked in vinegar 4.On the roof Carl has to eat a lot of pudding 5.Rick,Maggie and ,The Governor are British in real life 6.Me Lea Werbe Is auditioning for The Walking Dead season 6!! 7.Darrel off the Walking Dead was in a Lady Gaga music video 8.Beth and Darrel are dating in real life 9.Carls real name is Chandler Riggs 10.The Terminus people are planing on eating Rick and the rest of the group!!😱
Top 15 Things to Do at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX in The Salt Lake Tribune..."Chandler Riggs »Fourteen-year-old Riggs stars as young Carl in the hit series "The Walking Dead." Ask him if it’s hard to play a kid who annoys so many of the show’s fans"
My sisters got an obsession with chandler Riggs I told her she needs help. Then I remembered what happens to me when Norman Reedus is on tv.
Carl (aka Chandler Riggs from the Walking Dead) Plays Day Z -
Chandler Riggs is an American actor best known for his role as Carl Grimes on the television series The Walking Dead. In 2012 and 2013 he was nominated for the Young Artist Award as “Best Leading Young Actor” for his role in the show. He also starred in the 2009 film Get Low with Robert Duvall and…
I had a dream about chandler Riggs 😌😱🙀 👌
Chandler Riggs Actor in AMC's The Walking Dead as Carl, Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie/nerf killer.
Watching Chandler Riggs's live stream and someone says "League of Legends is bad, Carl." And he goes "League is NOT bad and my name is NOT Carl!" And I ended up laughing a little harder than I should have.
As it occurs to me that there will be no Walking Dead tonight, I realize that this show could literally go on forever. long past the comics. ANytime a person decided to leave the show you can just kill them off and replace them.You can tell the Producers have ideas because they are starting a sister series which will be in the same universe but following a different group of people. Honestly I am all for it, as amazing as the show is, if you follow the comic books it takes away from the show just a little, I want to worry about the characters and wonder what will happen next. That being said Chandler Riggs (Carl) was essentially born and grew up on this show. The three movies he did before Walking Dead no one knows. When he started Walking Dead he was 11 years old and now at 15 is close to a man. Chandler (Carl) has about 6 months before Walking Dead is back and if he has a growth spurt they might have to start using Tom Cruise camera effects. to be honest I think they already did a little last season ...
So, apparently Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead) plays League if Legends. I had the honour of destroying him in lane last night. Gg, kid. lol
Few pic from last nights Oval Race...55' Blasher Class... Chandler Riggs "FLY" Jimmy Fly Wesley Burt These guys had a lot of fun racing this class we just more out there...
Chandler Riggs and Alex Constancio imagine for Kristina Jane Corkins It is you and Chandler's one year anniversary and he is making dinner. You were sitting on the counter watching him and thinking about how tonight will be your first time, you hear a pan crash to the floor and snap out of your thoughts. "What happened?" You ask. "I just dropped the pan, sorry babe." he answers. "Oh okay. I'm going to go pick a movie for later." You say. "Okay." He says. As you are about to leave the kitchen his phone rings. "Can you answer that?" He asks. "Yeah." you say and answer it. "Hello?" "Chandler, last night was so fun, only problem is I can barely walk now. But, we have to do it again when my bed is fixed, if you know what I mean." the girl on the phone says. You are speechless. Did Chandler really cheat on you? Or is this another Chandler she is meaning and she has the wrong number. You are about to speak when she says, "Chandler Riggs are you there?" You hang up about to burst in tears.Chandler looks at you an ...
When me, Emily-Lynn, and Jessica talk about how we are gonna kidnap Chandler Riggs xD Emily: I'm gonna seduce him with gas Jessica: Then I'll grab him and run Me: What is wrong with you guys...?
Take a look at Chandler Riggs on NuRevue
I already have my MCM planned lol. No, it isn't Chandler Riggs this time.
Chandler Riggs, teen actor that most famously plays Carl Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead, is quite the gamer. Evidently, he's particularly fond of ...
Best birthday ever with this girl Alexis Corbit I LOVE HER SO MUCH she is the best person in the world and I hate Chandler Riggs so much I love you Skylar happy birthday
So im just innocently scrolling Fb tonight when what should I find? But a link talking about Chandler riggs AKA Carl from TWD being on League of Legends... so naturally I clicked it and it brought to a vid of him streaming a game lol so naturally... I sent him a friend request lol
Pat, Jaydon, and myself played League with Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead). No big deal. B)
I love chandler riggs.that's all I can say
watching Chandler Riggs (actor who plays Carl in The Walking Dead) playing LoL on Twitch... I hate the game but seeing him play makes it better c:
I met Scott Wilson, Chad Coleman, Chandler Riggs and Emily Kinney at MonsterMania, got their autos and a pic w/them :)
😍❤️ Chandler Riggs (known as Carl Grimes from the Walking Dead)
Soo chandler riggs has a girlfriend.. I think I'm just gonna go die now. 🔫 NORMAN PLEASE STAY SINGLE. Or I'll have no hope, ever again. 😭
The Walking Dead Season 5 Theme Revealed, Still a Remix of Comics . . . TWD S4 showed us all the tough choices it takes to survive in this world! "Rick Grimes" (Andrew Lincoln) tried to repress his brutality for the sake of his son, but now he’s a proud neck biter (like zombie?) "Carl Grimes" (Chandler Riggs) has a monster inside him, which he’s less proud of, but at least he knows it’s there (the world is pain) may be . . .or . . .who? the last stand in October 2014
So...I just found out that Chandler Riggs has a girlfriend.
If I asked Chandler Riggs to hardstyle with me on Monday do you think he would
I need to really remember my password because omg Chandler Riggs will be answering questions there and I love him.
Chandler Riggs: I'm your husband. You were in a car accident. . Me: ok😍
I made a instagram page for you, trying to get you to notice me!!! is my instagram page
Are you really dating Chandler Riggs? . -Heck ya. SE FODE SUA ESTUPIDA, CRL
While on Vacation my sister got to meet her celebrity crush Chandler Riggs(Carl from the Walking Dead)
will Chandler Riggs give me an autographed picture of him?
the girls I'm with right now are literally IN LOVE with Chandler Riggs they won't stop talking about him its so funny and cute
Chandler Riggs, why so gwapo and why do you have to be 14 :( :)
will Chandler Riggs ever come to West Virginia?
Chandler Riggs sale con hanna, me estoy muriendo
Aww chandler Riggs has a girlfriend and she's adorable
Who are your celeb crushes?. Mine are Chandler Riggs and CJ Adams .
Hi, I'm a fan of Chandler Riggs and you, Sam, i would like to know if Chandler has a relationship with "Hanna" :) :) I love you
Hey did you know that Chandler Riggs did had a youtube account
Today was a good day until I find out CHANDLER RIGGS has a girlfriend and it's not me!😡
HI is Can I Get An Early Happy Birthday from chandler riggs.?
look at it's eyes it looks like eyes of Chandler Riggs and it's super cute.
I've been on the Sebastian Stan tag so much. I think it's time to check my Chandler Riggs one now
I got rly sad for a minute and forgot why and I just remembered and it's because chandler riggs made an
Chandler Riggs has a girlfriend now.. Wow okay
Chandler riggs made an and I'm just waiting for him to answer my questions🌚
chandler Riggs was so not hot during the fight with Darrel's new group.
I want to meet Chandler Riggs for my Birthday!!!
Would going to Comic Con just to see Chandler Riggs, (Carl from Walking Dead) make me a wanna be nerd? What if i read one of the comics?
OMFG Chandler Riggs yu are like so sexy like all the time. STOP KILLING ME PLEASE!!! -Your wife.
Chandler Riggs and i rode the Slingshot at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We're launched 300+ feet into the air and pull 5 G's at takeoff. This is probably the best ride I've ever been on. This is the 2nd time we went on this ride.
Here's a video of me riding "Apocalypse" at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Chandler Riggs is in the first seat, I'm in the second seat with "Mercy" co-star Hana Hayes.
I love these people Chandler Riggs and Samelicad Elica and Grayson Riggs
I would give ANYTHING to meet my favorite actor, Chandler Riggs!! He plays Carl on The Walking Dead (if you didn't already know that). It'd be a dream come true! 💚😍
one of two 4 GA admission tickets prize packs to the upcoming Hartford Comic Con on May 31 - June 1 in Hartford, CT; An additional grand prize winner will be chosen, and that person will win a Chandler Riggs VIP Package along with 3 GA tickets (Valued at $325). Enter here -- Ends 5/10
If chandler Riggs isn't coming anymore i will be very angry
Had suck an amazing week with our La friends see you soon -william riggs Gina ann riggs and Chandler riggs
THE ORANGE BACKPACK ON THE Walking Dead Episode Review: The Walking Dead - 3.12: "Clear" | 1 of 1 The Walking Dead Profile Episodes Interviews News Reviews Websites I think we can all agree that this week’s installment of guts and glorious drama exceeded last week’s hit or miss episode with gusto. And I’m not just saying that because I didn’t get to review last week’s episode (I was sick). So instead of dissecting why Andrea dropped the ball on her “vagenda,” I was wonderfully blown away by the surprise returning character that, let’s face it, we all thought we’d never hear from again. There were a ton of great things about this episode, the shining star clearly being the return of season one favorite Morgan (Lennie James). But it was also a moment of clarity for Rick, who’s just gotten off the train from Crazy Town and back into Wake-Up-Ville. Morgan is sort of an omen of where Rick could have ended up mentally if he didn’t have the grounding elements of the makeshift family around ...
HOLY FRAPP! There is a comic con in November at the wizard world in Tulsa! Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, and Scott Wilson will be there!😱 aka Carl, Daryl, and Hershal. But the tickets are $40 per person, should I go??? Maybe take a selfie with them?
Yes Chandler Riggs! I'm so excited to meet the man I used to mock for going to a million conventions when he did nothing on the show. (ALSO I AM ALL OVER 90210 OF COURSE)
You dont know how much I want to meet Chandler Riggs!♡
Im soo excited i maybe going to meet Chandler Riggs on june 7th or 8th with my dad in Niagara Falls:) :-P ;-)
All I want in life is to meet Chandler Riggs and eat pizza. I'm serious, I have no life .-.
I'm going too explain later Chandler Riggs x
Hello Lovers of Chandler Riggs, and welcome to the Chandler Riggs is Hot Group! ~Sneakykitty
Walking Dead fans...chandler Riggs (Carl) is at valley fair mall. FYI
If Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes-from The Walking Dead) was allowed to drive off the set... after he got his learners permit?
Today at school I wrote "Chandler Riggs is sexy" on my friends erase board and I got in trouble!
Chandler Riggs isn't going to comic con in Philly anymore… looks like I'm out
My 13yrold fangirl asked to go to Comic-CON this yr so she can meet Chandler Riggs: I need 2 meet him so he can fall in love w/me & date me!
Chandler Riggs is creating a gaming channel on youtube omg
You have not lived a decent life until you have heard Chandler Riggs sing the Pokemon theme song, just saying.
Chandler Riggs I and my friend invent a nickname for you or ee Chandy chan Kethelen
I liked a video from imagina chandler riggs
why is chandler riggs on my tl when did I follow him
I can't wait to meet chandler Riggs in June
Chandler Riggs with his beautiful family...
Chandler riggs is so cute!!! I was making a list of my wishes and marring him was number1 but that wont happen D':
is this the official chandler Riggs ?
Ok good night everyone joke just kidding I just want to say Good Night also to Chandler Riggs
I wish Andrew Lincoln was Chandler Riggs' real dad.
Me and Chandler Riggs are in love. He just doesn't know that yet.
Awww my adopted son Chandler Riggs is gonna be at comic con :D
The fact that I have to wait 7 months to watch my favorite show & Chandler Riggs makes me want to rip out my hair from the madness .
*Uses pictures of chandler riggs to keep me calm at my doctors appointment*
aha chandler Riggs is the same age as you😂
new Base Set - Chandler Riggs in The Walking Dead by little-luna
Chandler Riggs is like my new man crush
:-) .please like this photos I hope you like Chandler Riggs
The amo Chandler Riggs.I love you so much:-)
Dorine and Aaron, thanks for the shirts and everything especially covering us volunteer's lunches. It was my pleasure to help out. I've worked at other bigger conventions and the volunteers have gotten very little or nothing for our efforts so again, my hats off to you and the other organizers on this first run. To Jessica from the Lone Star state, thank you for the Rum & Coke at the afterparty in the Maxi room. I hope we work together again in 2015 and it will be my turn to buy you one. I didnt get to meet too many of my fellow volunteers, but the ones I did ( example Lindsey & Tommy) hope to you do this again and the others I will make sure to meet. Mr Tyler Mane : Thank you for signing my shirt. They should have utilized Sabretooth more in the franchise. Paul Perkins my man. It was cool talking and getting to know you a bit during yhe con and at Maxi's. I think I know who your girlfriend is, lol. We'll definitely hang out when your down for Big Wow!. Tony Moran it was a pleasure to serve, talk to you & ...
For Walking Dead fans. Just a little trivia. Chandler Riggs, 14, plays Carl, but did you know his stunt double is a 29-year-old woman?!
Chandler Riggs (left) who plays Carl on AMC’s The Walking Dead sits with his stunt double…
im whatching the Walking Dead. i noticed that Chandler Riggs has some beautiful freaking eyes. ;)
I hate parody accounts. period. here i was thinking that chandler riggs liked my selfie 🔫🔫🔫
Whoa, whoa, whoa . I'm not kidding . Chandler Riggs . Is super adorable . &. Puberty is going to hit him just as hard as it hit Harry. Okay.
Can u imagine Chandler Riggs as a grown teenager . I think I just died
Was it him?🌚 his name is Chandler Riggs and he's beautiful💕
Hey Guys please Watch this video.Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes Please Watch :) Thank you :D
My name is Chandler Riggs,I was born in Atlanta Georgia on june 27 1999 my dad is william riggs my mom is Gina. I have a brother. For all of you who think I'm fake I'm not. My brother is Grayson Riggs.
I liked a video Thanks from Chandler Riggs
anyone want to pay for a plane ticket for me to ohio & back and a photo op with Chandler Riggs? call me @ 651-sad-ness
he is the cutest guy of Walking Dead besides Chandler Riggs
this is one of epics episode from the greatest for the Walking Dead, and Chandler Riggs is a monster well a little one i wish this 5th season a better role fro him and Andrew Lincoln
Chandler Riggs and Brighton Sharbino are two of the best child actors ever!
season 5 spoilers: Chandler Riggs, Carl, and humanity
Chandler Riggs I wanna meet you again!!
all of ya'll on here im a fan of Carl, i roleplay with people. im not really carl. plus why would Chandler Riggs make a Carl account anyways, he'll use his real name. so stop asking me please!
Over/under: Chandler Riggs has 3 zombie cosplay chicks in the bag by the end of the Salt Lake sci-fi convention on April 17-19. Any takers?
You should come to Huntsville alabama please and chandler riggs please
Hi people Im obsessed with Chandler Riggs and im annoying my best friend. FYI chandler riggs is ugly and gross. -miriana
Can Chandler Riggs be my boyfriend now please? Thank you.
Chandler Riggs why you did it to hanah
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The best part about this is that Chandler Riggs posted this😂
:) my new thing for Carl aka Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs whatdya think riggsters?
Chandler Riggs grabbed the clowns axe and struck me in the Scull with it. Ouch!
OUCH! Walking Dead Carl, Chandler Riggs Thought I was a ZOMBIE and picked up a tomahauk off a vendors table and struck me in the skull with it at Twisted Terror Convention. GOSH, he's a little jumpy!
evangerwolf: I have to live long enough to witness Chandler Riggs getting hot
This week, it was revealed that Chandler Riggs, the 14-year-old boy who stars on “The Walking Dead” as Carl, has an unexpected stunt double: Emily Brobst, a 29-year-old woman. (Riggs also has another stunt double on the show as well.) What made the news strange — beyond the obvious — was the accompa...
Please say Hi to Chandler Riggs for me. :) hehe thank you.
when my mom told me that chandler riggs could possibly die in season i cried and the tears streamed even more when I looked at his photos :(
My friends Chandler Riggs & Dylan Matthew Young are preaching tonight at the Rock.. They're continuing Pastor Graham's series, "Breaking the Rules." You do NOT want to miss this!
Look from last nights performance with Chandler Riggs!
Guys! Chandlr has a new youtube account plz check it out and don't creep him out this time, his channel is ChairHandler and he has a face cam and he also has another youtube account called chandler riggs daily check them and don't call him sexy or hot that creeps him out.
"This is so cute 💕 the little boy looks like Chandler Riggs (:
why can't the boys in my school look like Chandler Riggs
Im Chandler Riggs biggest Fan!! you may think you are.. but nope, I am. :) :D
I want meet chandler riggs and be girlfriend...:D
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hayes reminds me of chandler riggs and in the season finale he got raped and i see all these pictures of people raping hayes and FEELS
Chandler Riggs is coming to Dallas when I'll be on a cruise. like what no can you stay a day late just for me? 😓😏
Actually dying rn because I was about to link you to the Chandler Riggs photoset and then I SAW THAT YOU'D POSTED IT. XD
I'm tired to xD it's 11 and we're still in hospital like omh plus I do like an 8th grader and his name is chandler Riggs :3
Chandler Riggs actually posted this to his instagram.(look at the hashtag he put) Life=complete
“20 Chandler Riggs is my celebrity crush 😂😂”mine to:)
I swear I'm the only who sees Brian Miller looking like Chandler Riggs. Lol
Fun fact for my Walking Dead peeps! Christopher Burrows Brad Andrews Justin F. Pinto Cody Anthony Turns out Chandler Riggs played in a short film named Terminus in 2011, and now in 2014 he's held up in a boxcar in Terminus. Go figure. "Everything works out the way it's supposed to." - Mika
if I made a chandler riggs acc who would add it bc I'm so tempted
Someone explain to me how in the heck Chandler Riggs got so attractive. 😭.
I'm happy that Chandler Riggs has a new youtube account.
confession6- Chandler Riggs is about the hottest person alive
I admit I have an obsession with Chandler Riggs I mean he's the whole reason I watch the Walking Dead
I have two problems. One has to do with Chandler Riggs and the other has to do with Walking Dead.
I hope chandler riggs sees this lol :D
Chandler Riggs plays League and I really wonder why we aren't married
I've been told I talk about chandler riggs too much
early man crush Wednesday.❤️ Chandler Riggs ( if this is the real profile ) lmao. He's way to cute, he the most great actor known. and the most CUTEST 14 year old around. And everybody loves him!
A huge thank you to all the great guest conversations from Twisted Terror Convention both as part of the live broadcast and prerecorded including Tyler Mane, Tony Moran, Ashlynn Yennie, Jim O'Rear, Moses J. Moseley, Theshay West, Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Paul Perkins, Jeff Dylan Graham, Chandler Riggs, Nick Principe, Beers N Fears, Brian Jones, Dorine Hartnett, Tiffany Shepis Fan Page, Josh Stewart & Stacy Pippi Hammon Listen this week (posted in the next day or so) to all the full live show and the prerecorded conversations from this awesome first time convention brought to you by Aaron Dodge at be scheduling the conversations with Sacramento Horror Film Festival with Tim Meunier, Haunt Expo & Kevin Tenney very soon especially Kevin Tenney who will be broken up over several live shows :)
I want to see tws and I want to meet chandler riggs and I want to go to an am concert with my gang
hey I am a huge fan of yours and we are the same age hope someday I will meet the amazing chandler Riggs love ya so so much
My friend kayla is probably getting the chance to meet him at a comic con in salt lake city... she absolutely adores him. :)
Yep my little sister is obsessed with Chandler Riggs and I was like "you know I'm only two months older than him"
So what if Chandler Riggs is in a relationship? be happy for him if he is in one and support him god dammit.
Let's do the frickle frackle like Shrek
All I want in life is Chandler Riggs is that too hard to ask for
You should have Chandler Riggs from the Walking Dead on your show
Obsessed with Walking Dead and Chandler Riggs. I need help with this.
Hi chandler it would be awesome if you checked out my accout 🙏
Chandler Riggs is cute for 14 years old tbh 😜
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still crying because im only 2 months older than chandler riggs oK GOODBYE
I'm really sorry to hear that I've been waiting a while for chandler Riggs to follow me. :(
Is it just me or does it look like Chandler Riggs had big growth spurt this season?
Chandler Riggs' stunt double is 29 and female. Huh
So there's a kid at my school who looks just like Chandler Riggs I'm gonna take a picture with him and say it's Carl
Chandler Riggs posted this. Don't you wish this was real?.
Ok so when the walking was on Sunday my mom decided if I don't stop being so opposed with chandler riggs that she won't let me watch the 💀💀
Chandler Riggs wanted to be written off the show so he can go to school
20 Chandler Riggs is my celebrity crush 😂😂
Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, may not have been allowed to appear on the series’s postgame analysis show Talking Dead last night, but after fan pressure on social media mounted, host Chris Hardwick announced that they had already arranged to bring the young actor o...
Everything I plan to have signed so far. Ash's hat for Veronica Taylor, The box from my Harry potter DVD set(Already signed by Tom Felton!) for Natlena Tena, Saba(Already signed by Jason David frank!) for Bulk and Skull, An Autobiography for *** Foley, Stan Lee presents for Stan lee and Walking Dead Bust for Tony Moore and possibly Chandler Riggs. Gonna be a fun year! Can't wait!
Snarky The Elf Trivia : During the months of January thru June , Buttercup and Hunnypie work as stunt doubles on AMC's The Walking Dead , specifically for Chandler Riggs who plays Carl Grimes .
Chandler Riggs is suck a good little actor now. Carl is easily one of the best characters in TWD
Is it just me or dose Carl aka Chandler riggs from the Walking Dead totally adorable and cute!
What if Chandler Riggs goes through puberty and then in season 5 he's like a bigger girl magnet than Norman?
Those who arrive, survive. cast members David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker & Chandler Riggs join us to mark 20 Years of Fan Expo Canada (TM)! So how about that finale? More guests coming!
I refuse to believe that Chandler Riggs is only 14
Chandler Riggs is about five years younger than me, what is life, I wish I was that talented at that age
life ambition is to meet chandler riggs bc cutE as fRICK
Chandler Riggs and his stunt double.
For my TWD friends... What did you think of the finale? The first half blew me away, but the ending left me feeling very deflated. I know it was supposed to end with a cliff hanger, but... They definitely cannot do much of a time lapse in between seasons because Chandler Riggs could hit his growth spurt any time now and he will walk out of the box car as tall as Rick and with a full beard...LOL!
I bet chandler riggs is gonna grow up to look like logan lerman.
FUN FACT: Before the Terminus storyline on Walking Dead began, Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) starred in a film also called “Terminus,” along with April Billingsley (who is attached to my film “The Ballad of Jimmy Hallows”).
Chandler riggs this is one of your biggest fan I love Walking Dead I watch it every time it is on I love it u are such a good actor I like how u stay serious If u care please replay on candice baker page it has your name on a post a that would be me
(AMC) SPOILER ALERT: The recap for the "A" episode of "The Walking Dead" contains storyline and character spoilers. It was an incredibly tension-filled, storyline-packed season finale of "The Walking Dead," and it featured one of the most brutal, nearly unwatchable scenes in the series' history. Because of that, we want to start off with a bit of levity: Wow, that Rick Grimes really went for the jugular, didn't he? So the levity also happens to be literally true, as the vicious season-ender everyone from "TWD" creator Robert Kirkman to series star Andrew Lincoln had been hinting at involved Rick proving — to himself, friends and family, and viewers — that he could and would do anything to protect son Carl. In "A," that meant when Joe and his "Claimers" pals threatened to sexually attack and then kill Carl (and Michonne), a weaponless Rick stood up to Joe and bit off a giant piece of his neck, leaving Joe to a painful death as blood spurted from his jugular, while Rick calmly looked at him and spit out ...
Omg chandler riggs is going to be on Talking Dead next season!
8 pm est come and hang plus win this signed hat and pic by Chandler Riggs aka Carl of The Walking Dead!
I forgot to post this. But new Chandler Riggs case from Walking Dead 😍😍
Chandler Riggs will be on the Talking Dead next year!! For season 5 :D
Well I'll be in an emotional comma for the next seven months, the Walking Dead really does out do itself each time! Such a phenomenal show! I'll weep until it's back. Chandler Riggs is a fantastic actor as with Melissa mcbride, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln! 💔💔💔💔
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I'm not gonna say i'm ashamed of myself because that would be such a lie. Chandler Riggs
My life is ruined! Chandler riggs cancelled for the philly comic-con! Now I won't get to meet him!
Hi Chandler Riggs :) I really enjoy your portrayal of Carl in The Walking Dead. I don't think I would like Carl as much if you weren't him. He is my favourite character. I think you're a great actor so keep it up! :)
BIG kudos to my second cousin, Chandler Riggs, for polishing off the fourth season of 'The Walking Dead' in grand style Sunday night! His character, Carl Grimes, is a dependable anchor for the whole show. At age 14 he is a stable, natural actor in a major-league hit series, with multiple upcoming movie roles in the wings. Kid's got chops! Now he needs an Emmy nomination...
[Warning: The following story contains major spoilers from Sunday's season finale of The Walking Dead. Read at your own risk!] Once again, Rick Grimes and his weary group of travelers learned the hard way that there are no safe havens in the world of The Walking Dead. During the season finale, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) inched closer to what they hoped was safety at Terminus. Unfortunately, the Claimers caught up to them first, and were determined to make Rick pay for killing one of their own. When Daryl (Norman Reedus) pleaded with his new pal Joe (Jeff Kober) to let the group go, Daryl was then beaten within an inch of his life. With the Claimers determined to rape and kill Carl and Michonne before giving Rick his due, Rick snapped, killing Joe by ripping out a chunk of his neck with his teeth and then gutting him. Did The Walking Dead go too far? The next day, the group — now including Daryl — set out for Terminus. Carl tells Michonne he's worried that ...
Awe poor Chandler Riggs at least Andrew (Rick) saved him.
Special shoutout to Chandler Riggs who plays Carl Grimes on the Walking Dead. His scene when the hunters attacked him proves that he is a tough little actor. Not alot of 14 year olds can go to a place like that.
Another sensational weekend in the can! First and foremost, I wish to give a big thank you and a hats off to Aaron Dodge whom impressed many(including yours truly) with his first convention called Twisted Terror Convention! I also had the opportunity to hang with my pals, Jason Dube, Host MissMisery, John Gillette, Debra Lamb and Skottie Mcpherson! Wait till you see some of the great images of which here is an epic one showing talented young actor, Chandler Riggs(Carl-The Walking Dead).
I must go to comic con this year... Veronica Taylor, Jason David Frank, Chandler Riggs, Michael Rooker, Peter Davidson, Kevin Conroy, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Karl Urban, and more are going to be there... I must get all of their autographs. I MUST!
My mom said I can't have chandler riggs I asked why and she said that he's a human being and I can't get him
And TWD fans really want CHANDLER RIGGS, my son, CARL on the Talking Dead tomorrow but AMC will NOT allow it due to the highly controversial subject matter. Kind of *** but it will make sense in the end. So just letting you all know. I LOSE MY MIND TOMORROW NIGHT!!!
Will Riggs you should be so proud of Chandler he is so believable as Carl what a young actor :)
Aw they have to change their minds it Chandler Riggs for crying out loud :(
So excited for my Dreaa Mariee to meet Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead (Carl) but I'm gonna be a selfish mommy and say I miss my lil girl! 😩
Chandler Riggs' (Carl) has a 29 year old chick as his stunt double on "The Walking Dead." Who knew?
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Sarai, What do you think about Chandler Riggs? Do you find him cute also? :").
The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, hanging out with his stunt double
If Chandler Riggs doesn't bang Brighton Sharbino in a few years, I will cry.
maybe b4 i die i could use to eat a pudding with Chandler Riggs
I know Chandler Riggs is younger than me , but this kid is sexy 😍
I actually love you all so much! Expecially Norman Reedus chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln! You should do a signing I'm Britain!
happens to me every time CHANDLER RIGGS
I had a dream that I met Chandler Riggs. Oh dear god how I wish it was true...
chandler riggs is 14 and i am 15 and i would like to do v dirty things to him im SORRY
AMC reportedly refused to allow Chandler Riggs (Carl) appear on the Talking Dead tv show this week. Fans of the comics know the most extreme storyline on the Walking Dead tv show is likely going to go down on the finale episode and the assumption is that AMC felt it would be inappropriate to have Carl on the show to talk about it.
i think i am the same age as chandler riggs oh MAN
I'm in Atlanta... so Chandler Riggs... where are you?
Okay can we all just take a moment to realize how hot Chandler Riggs is. Omg
I never knew Chandler Riggs could look so cute with pudding..
SO SAD! chandler riggs canceled 2 come 2 wiz world philly in june...guess i wont be wishing him a happy bday in person... :(
By the way, how are the eyes of Chandler?:)
How do to see both Chandler? Take me to live with you. Sorry, I'm obsessed with the boy's eyes sky lol
You'd think I could avoid massive floating boulders, but not without a new high score of 59,113. I LOVE CHANDLER RIGGS
Getting ready for the Photo Op to finally see Chandler Riggs!!!
That moment when a Chandler Riggs Page Messages you and all it says is Chandler Riggs messaged you and die.
Watching get low with chandler riggs In it ❤
I love chandler riggs because he doesn't get all caught up in the fact that he's a huge celebrity he acts like a normal person
What time is Chandler Riggs going to be in Sacramento? 🙋
road closure: accident on Riggs Rd EB at Mcqueen Rd
The newest theory for what could happen on The Walking Dead is crazy...but it would make sense after hearing AMC denied Chandler Riggs' his request to appear on after show "The Talking Dead" with Andrew Lincoln
At least Laurie Holden, Jon Bernthal, and Chandler Riggs are still going
Sup chandler riggs you should give me and my awesome friend's you phone number
But Chandler Riggs' voice makes me melt. Omg xx
Does anyone know if the Walking Dead full photo op is still available? I saw that Chandler Riggs cancelled so I'm guessing they've pulled it from the listing to just change the price?
Hard to believe Chandler Riggs has grown up so fast after looking at this photo.
Little Giant Ladders
What if I get to meet Kyla Kennedy and Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead at the convention tomorrow!! 😃
I know you've seen this, but he be lookin fiiine tbh
So I've been running out of Walking Dead props to buy on I decided to start making my own! To start with, I present to you, "Walker Farms" brand Chocolate Pudding! 112 ounces of high-fructose hydrogenated goodness worth risking your life for!.or at least a shoe ;) As you can see our friend Chandler Riggs was the first to see my creation..and tho his expression in my pic looks less than amused I can assure you that he approves of Walker Farms Puddin'! Take a bite outa this! Shout out to my main man Rickman for the awesome artwork! (as a bonus I've included a priceless shot of Chad Coleman with my Merle Arm ;)
I got a fan sign from chandler Riggs (Carl from Walking Dead) :D idk if I can post it tho
Going to Sacramento for the weekend... To go see Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead!!! Ahh!!!
There's a BIG possibility we will be able to interview Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead this weekend. What questions would YOU want to ask him?
Jon Bernthal Chandler Riggs and Laurie Holden Talk surving an Apocalypse.mp4
One of the teaser photos released by AMC shows Carl Grimes' (Chandler Riggs) cheek smeared with blood and there is some on his neck too. Now, in this new promo for "The Walking Dead" season4, episode 16 finale "A," one of the marauders puts a knife to Carl's throat. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is not going to like this. It is going to Rick vs. Joe's marauders group in "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale. Wetpaint shared spoilers from the comic books. "The Walking Dead comics" Issue # 57 shows Rick, Carl, and Abraham on the road and they are heading towards Rick's old town for supplies. During the supply run, they encounter the bandits or Joe's group in the TV version. The bandits declare that they are going to rape Carl as a punishment because of Rick's actions against them. One of the marauders dares to take off Carl's pants. Ricks goes on and bites the neck of the man who is holding him back. The man dies. "He's mine," growls Rick and warns the bandit. Later, he chases the man and kills him. So, fans ca ...
Everyone thinks Carl/ Chandler Riggs is gonna die and I'm like u jinx it I'm gonna kill u
Lee Harvey Oswald and Chandler Riggs. Do you see a resemblance?
Chandler riggs We have never met. We probably won't either and this is what I have to say. I dont care your famous. Or in the Walking Dead I feel you as a person are the one. Your funny kind and so generous towards your fans if I had a dieing wish it would be to see you. I know you get fan mail everyday but this is a letter. And I want you to know. I love you
Chandler riggs is going to hartford comic con and I think im gonna go so I can meet him
Beautiful home in the much desired Riggs Ranch Meadows. Travertine tile through out living space, gorgeous granite co
why isn't Chandler Riggs ever on TWD?
Well I don't like the Walking Dead,I LOVE it duhh. It is the best show in the world and my fav character is Carl ( chandler Riggs ):)🙊💙
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A little tidbit of information. 4 of Stephen King's reads are being turned into movies this year. Including "Gramma". Tiff I thought you would get a kick out of knowing Chandler Riggs aka Carl is gonna play one of the main characters.
Chandler Riggs talks about growing up on the set of The Walking Dead. For more The Walking Dead videos: AMC : AMC on ...
if you stand next to chandler riggs I will probably get you both confused with each other tbh js
Chandler Riggs from the Walking Dead just posted his new schedule...yup there it is Hartford Comic Con May 31...
'Walking Dead' Dissection: Greg Nicotero Talks Terminus and What's Ahead "This entire season was based on the premise of, 'Can you do what it takes to stay alive?' " the exec producer tells THR in our weekly postmortem. With only one remaining episode left to go in its fourth season, AMC's The Walking Dead revealed the first look at the much-heralded sanctuary known as Terminus. With Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group divided since the fall of the prison in the midseason finale, two of the mini-groups were reunited and arrived at Terminus during Sunday's penultimate episode. It came after Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) connected with Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) to save Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Tara (Alanna Masterson) when they attempted to plow through a terrifying tunnel. Maggie and Glenn's reunion marked the latest glimmer of hope this season and came after last week's devastating episode in which Carol ...
Chandler Riggs crying is one of the saddest things Ive seen ever.
Can't wait till June cuz I get to meet Chandler Riggs at the Niagara Falls Comic Con so ya I'm so excited that I'm,gonna meet him and take a picture with him and have a autograph
it was incredible getting to meet Chandler he is so sweet and kind i was speechless knowing i got to meet Chandler Riggs
When is chandler riggs aka Carl Grimes gonna be on the Talking Dead
and chandler Riggs together forever
I sorta told it about you and chandler Riggs .
Chandler Riggs apparently asked AMC to be on Talking Dead this week and they said no
the only thing I like about twd is chandler riggs
Chandler Riggs can't be on Talking Dead bc he's a minor and there's all these rules...
I'm single . Well now I can wait for Chandler Riggs ✌️😘
🌸 hey chair ! Will you go out with me ( that's probably a no but you are Chandler freaking Riggs so why not just try )
was it cool to meet chandler Riggs I'm going to meet him in September
hey LOLA i need ur help i am a huge fan of carl (chandler riggs) now i heard a news that something bad will happen 2 him on the next episode. and i have also heard that he will be raped. that sounds awful and heart breaking. please do some research about this i wanna know the truth cause its driving me crazy :( thanks LOLA. more power and god bless.
I feel like a paedophile bc of chandler riggs even though he's only a year younger
Why does Chris Hardwick have more followers than Chandler Riggs
Happy B - day Christie! Btw- I almost met Chandler Riggs a couple of weeks ago. He was in town eating lunch with his Aunt and Uncle that I go to church with, but I missed him. Oh well...have a great birthday and don't go to Terminus, ha ha!
only me becoming a walker shows how much id sacrifice to meet Chandler Riggs
When Chandler Riggs texts you you're all like
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