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Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs (born June 27, 1999 Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actor, best known for his role as Carl Grimes in the AMC television series The Walking Dead based on the comic book series of the same name.

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Chandler Riggs' announcement ABOVE ☝🏼️ for a chance to win a photo op with him at
when you post a pic with Chandler Riggs
Chris Evans, Chandler Riggs and Stephen Amell o Colton Haynes, no pidan que me decida
Meet Chandler Riggs at Carl Grimes on the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead: https:…
Con Louis Tomlinson, Chandler Riggs e Ian Somerhalder... All day all nightπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ. -Mel🐼
- Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert shares stories with Chandler Riggs at
you literally look like Chandler Riggs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I declare myself a fan of Chandler Riggs
barber: so what are tryna go for. me: you know who chandler Riggs is?. barber: say no more
I love how everyone drags chandler riggs
My favorite character is you Chandler Riggs
all I did was tell Chandler Riggs that he meant "Daryl" not "Dayrl" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chandler riggs i am The best fan of your huge talent
It's objectively true that a Benjamin Buttoned Harrison Ford would make a better young Han Solo than Chandler Riggs.
Chandler Riggs or Kate Micucci? I can never tell which ones which...
i love chandler riggs sO much??? and Norman Reedus??? idc how old they are they're my tiny sons ok
literally why are chandler riggs and I the same person?
I meet Steven Yeun and Chandler Riggs in 4 days.
Briana is cheating on Louis with chandler Riggs ***
I love Chandler Riggs because he's like a combination of every boyfriend I've had and it's so funny
Chandler Riggs is a year younger than me im done
Chandler Riggs is a dang good actor for someone so young mad props
I wanna meet Chandler Riggs on a cruise ship and end up dating him.
u guys r the best!Cindy helped me out through emails.We got our Chandler Riggs vip!My son is gonna be so excited!Can't wait!
why can't I be the one to meet Chandler Riggs on a cruise ship and have him fall in love with me :-(
Chandler Riggs is so adorable I can't believe how grown up he's gotten, his voice is all deep now aww he's just a baby tho
Chandler Riggs has to be one of the best child actors ever😍big inspiration😍 So interesting watching him grow throughout the show
chandler Riggs was actually here I hate my life i'm done
This is Chandler Riggs (Carl) and his girlfriend. It's hard to believe that that is the same kid from season 1.
Chandler Riggs: the new Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Probably. Our little Carl is growing up and looking like a Tiger Beat cover!
Ok who else while watching The Walking Dead just stared at Chandler Riggs and was like nope I love Sam what am I doing πŸ˜‚
Was that Chandler Riggs behind the truck during the opening?
okay just thought you should know my entire dashboard on tumblr is just pictures of Chandler Riggs that you're reblogging rn πŸ™ˆ
I thought i just saw Chandler riggs in fear the Walking DeadπŸ˜‚
Came face to face with Chandler Riggs today at my new job. So cool to be able to see famous people at work πŸ˜„
This movie has chandler Riggs I'm so happy
Just walked past Chandler Riggs n a just stared a was like wot hi ur a real person??? Coral???
Chandler Riggs is gonna look fine when he gets older I swear
Chandler Riggs if he gets a hair cut lmao
How much Chandler Riggs has grown.Handsome young man...~WoodburyBiter
Name three things you have never done, but would like to do? β€” meet Chandler Riggs. go water skiing. and travel
Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram? β€” Chandler Riggs. Brianna maphis . Dylan dauzat . And all that ja…
Currently in shock that I just saw Chandler Riggs
Chandler riggssuch a great actorlove ya!
When you walk by Chandler Riggs and his girlfriend at Halloween horror nights
Sean Schemmel, Jason Momoa, Rupert Grint, Tom Kenny, Eric Vale, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs,. This day was the best
You do understand that chandler Riggs is a famous act... β€” Excuse me kassie. Did I say I want Chandler scroll dow...
Why r u perfect β€” If I was perfect I'd be with Chandler Riggs.
add Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Chandler Riggs and Steven Yuen oops
how mind blowing is it to see Chandler Riggs grow up in your very eyes since season 1 ?
Closed in Chandler on Chandler Heights Rd Both EB/WB between Cooper Rd and Gilbert Rd. traffic use Ocotillo or Riggs
tie between Chandler Riggs and Norman Reedus
Can't wait till Walker Stalker Con London! Meeting Chandler Riggs is my dream coming true! 😍☺️ I will try not to cry but no promises πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
Yup Chandler Riggs goes to my school😁
reasons I want to meet Chandler Riggs . - to fangirl about league. that is it, that is all forget TWD just league
I'm about to go Martin Luther King on Chandler Riggs oops
also I love chandler riggs sm my bf might be jealous
Take your time : Closed in Chandler on Chandler Heights Rd at Cooper Rd. Due to downed power lines/poles. Use Gilbert or Riggs
Chandler Riggs is so hot I want to cry
1z He looks like a mini Chandler Riggs lol
Taken in Chandler near Arizona Ave. and Riggs Rd. by Marc Garrard.
Not territorial, just 5SOS is trash. We had no problem with Halsey or Chandler Riggs cause they aren't horrible.
β€œQ 27: Which celebrity would you marry if you had the chance?” Chandler Riggs
I will kill the zombies and find a cure I have learned very much from watching TWD chandler riggs has taught me well
If you have wattpad and love Chandler Riggs read the 2 chapters I have up on my book "Need" follow and comment! username- heather_rochelle
Gifset by michonnescarl on tumblr Chandler Riggs "Carl sees her (Michonne) as motherly figure" htt…
Photoset: Melissa McBride with Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs & Madison Lintz at MCMExpo in Birmingham,...
Chandler Riggs you should go to prom with Erin Carter!
I want to see Chandler Riggs. . But it is difficult because it is far.πŸ˜•πŸ’•
k so chandler riggs better be at comic con today or I'm gonna be mad
Day's i feel cute is when i see a picture of chandler riggs lol
'a few days ago a fan walked into my house' - Chandler Riggs
my life goals are to meet Alanna Masterson, Steven Yeun and Chandler Riggs tbh
you wanna see some chandler riggs pictures ? Follow chandlers.ghost in instagram πŸ‘½πŸƒ
actually jon was nice but there was literally like 2 people at his booth. chandler Riggs was there but I missed him!!!
the lifeguard looked like chandler Riggs and Jenna freaked out
Debating on turning my account into a Chandler Riggs fan page.
I want chandler riggs to destroy my ***
I want chandler riggs to penetrate my ***
I've recently got back in touch with my Walking Dead obsession. Hi, can Chandler Riggs throw me off a cliff?! Thanks xo
Hi guys, can you please read my story forbidden love, it's about chandler Riggs and its completed. It's on wattpad and quotev. Thanks x
who is your crush? β€” VMR, Graham Sierota, BROOKLYN BECKHAM, Niall Horan, JASPOLI, Chandler Riggs, Mingus Reedus
chandler riggs is closest to my age but i still obsess with Norman and Andrew who are 30+ years older oh
unorthodox casting choice Chandler Riggs as Han Solo! Star at 17 years old and no one can compare him to Ford!
Chandler Riggs! Going with a 16 year old is only way to dodge comparisons to Ford!
Chandler Riggs likes twenty one pilots... i just made a very unhuman sounding sqweal and i have no shame about itπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I don't care if Chandler Riggs is underage (8...
I think it is one of the rarely seen photos of chandler lol☺β™₯
I would marry Chandler Riggs on the spot no joke
Is Chandler Riggs going to comic con?
Chandler Riggs is literally the most perfect human being ever fight me on it
Cryptozoic Walking Dead # A7 Chandler Riggs as Carl Autograph Card - Full read by eBay
While I don't give a crap about Sony-Marvel's now with Asa Butterfield out over silliness, testing Chandler Riggs was shrewd.
Asa Butterfield and Chandler Riggs are out of the run because was meant to be Spidey since day 1. Like, PLEASE
ScreamHorrorMag: 2 more fans of SCREAM MAG - Steven Yeun & Chandler Riggs from
oh I've heard of that show. That super nice hot man named chandler Riggs is in it right
what's the probability of Chandler Riggs becoming a last second add on?
he is just a regular guy don't get me rang I am a girl and I love the Walking Dead but he is not just a move star but a normal teen boy.
hoping to follow a Walking Dead fan because i am fan too. But my favorite character is Chandler Riggs and if anyone loves him its me.
i've met two famous people. Usher & chandler riggs. but i actually know chandler riggs
Book: In the novel by Victor CVL "Nobody hears" The main character Brais bears a strong resemblance to Chandler Riggs, when the book go to
please invite Chandler Riggs to fan expo Toronto I was going to see him last year but he cancelled and it crushed me plzplz
While yall in school i'm home sick freaking out about Chandler Riggs
Photo: Chandler Riggs with Reel Guise Lizzie and childhood actress!
Chandler Riggs with sophia_feinberg, Reel Guise Lizzie and childhood actress!
oh chandler Riggs is creeping up on my list too
Y'know what after that Carl Grimes vine... I give Chandler Riggs permission to slap me or something... In fact I encourage it πŸ˜‚
My bf just pointed out how much Chandler Riggs has grown up to look like Melissa McBride Jr. + now I cannot unsee it
I liked a video On Set With Chandler Riggs: Growing Up in the Apocalypse
+. Chandler Riggs is bae β™‘. Omg the the season finale . Of The Walking Dead was . Yesterday & i wanted to…
My celebrity crush Chandler Riggs. It will never happen I dream way to big
Chandler Riggs' tumblr is complete and utter perfection and holy mother of god I love him
Whenever i see Chandler Riggs i'm like
Fangirl:. 1. Spend all your money on posters. 2. Be depressed your too poor to meet Chandler Riggs. 3. Freak out because he posted something
Chandler riggs, pior crush do mundo...
I got He loves you on "Does Chandler Riggs like you?" AWE ik this isnt real but, i so wish it was!
β€œis it bad that i think chandler riggs is hot” NO
I kind of want Chandler Riggs' haircut.
amayas in love with chandler riggs XD
when I firs saw this I thought Harold was chandler Riggs an was confused
Watching chandler Riggs on Talking Dead love it omg
Chandler Riggs no puede ser mas lindo😍😍
Catching up on TV. Glad Chandler Riggs is on Talking Dead. He's such a sweet kid! Sad that I harbored such ill will towards him earlier.
Crying bc Chandler Riggs has a girlfriend and it's not me.
Chandler Riggs is a little cutie too ❀️
Crash with several vehicles snarls I-10 at Riggs Road
knock knock. who's there?. Chandler Riggs. Chandler Riggs who?. ~I'm gonna swing from the Chandler Riggs lalala πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
no! He is good. But im not sure about Chandler Riggs' acting. He need to be older too imo
Chandler Riggs (Carl) will be our guest this Sunday. Post questions for him here and we may ask them live on
This question is for Chandler Riggs why do you like the girl that you were in the woods with?
For those of you who like The Walking Dead and because Chandler Riggs can be hot af .
that's how it looks. Time passage is fuzzy due to Chandler Riggs' aging vs Carl's aging, but it had to be years.
Is it just me or is Chandler Riggs wearing a Negan jacket on the Talking Dead?
Andrew Lincoln ΓΌber Chandler Riggs "I mean he did look like an Ewok for the first two seasons."
But I would pay big bucks to go to school with chandler riggs
Will you ever put any Walking Dead Cast on your talk show? If you do I think Chandler Riggs (Carl) would be a great start.
chandler riggs is an angel sent from above to date me I promise
Will you ever put any of the cast from Walking Dead on your show. I say start with Chandler Riggs (Carl) Thank You
Chandler Riggs on Talking Dead right now for the first time.
Chandler Riggs is like ten times smarter than the general population
All I want in life is for Chandler Riggs to wear more leather jackets.
This 41 yr old mom is absolutely in love with Chandler Riggs. What a sweetheart ❀️
Emily claimed chandler Riggs but still
I jut found out Chandler Riggs, aka Carl, goes to public school.TAKE ME HERE
Chandler Riggs is literally so cute. I can't deal with that puppy eyed lil ball of fetus 😭😭
Photoset: michonnescarl: Chandler Riggs being adorable on Talking Dead
Most of my friends don't watch TWD so I'm like over here by myself obsessing over how cute Chandler Riggs is
Post questions here for EP Gale Anne Hurd, Chandler Riggs and Yvette Nicole Brown - we may ask them live on
Lol Gail has the same hair cut as chandler riggs
I was so happy that chandler riggs was on the Talking Dead last night. my night was made
I need some chandler Riggs icons Sam hook me up
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Time to look at Chandler Riggs fine self for an hour.
my sister said I would have a better chance dating Ashton than she would dating chandler Riggs and she just
Chandler Riggs is on The Talking Dead for the 1st time!
all I said about it is how cute Chandler Riggs aka carl is like oh my god why is he so cute
How can Chandler Riggs looks hot af to me now if I used to look at him like my little baby brother omg
Totally jealous of the kids that csn go to school tomorrow morning with chandler riggs and talk about the Walking Dead lol
I'm bouta transfer to another high school just for Chandler Riggs πŸ˜‚
First time I saw show before and I have to say that the guess Chandler Riggs is my second favorite character
listen to from Talking Dead and interview Chandler Riggs on your show!!!
you need Chandler Riggs on your show ASAP! Make sure you have plenty of pudding on hand
Chandler Riggs in leather needs to happen more often 😍
my son Chandler Riggs killed it on the Talking Dead πŸ™
So all YALL know Chandler Riggs, is mineπŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ
Chandler Riggs is amazing can't wait to see you on the Talking Dead tonight
Chandler Riggs seems pretty cool, and I like that I don't want Carl to die anymore. Makes watching The Walking Dead easier.
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Chandler riggs voice is so deep pls im dead
Chandler Riggs is adorable as *** Adorable is as much as its gonna be cuz he's 15.
chandler riggs is so cute?? I should not be thinking this help
It was awesome to see Chandler Riggs on tonite's
chandler riggs was the one who said wizard so its not my fault my brain decided to think again. yOu're wELCOME OKAOK
Andrew Lincoln talking about Chandler Riggs just got me all teary eyed. 😭
C Hardwick just called you out on Talking Dead! Have Chandler Riggs on soon!
Chandler Riggs did a great job on Talking Dead ; ) Walker Woman
Chandler Riggs was absolutely charming on tonight! Hey Fallon, you listening?
Chandler Riggs may be more articulate than me. Oh and he's less than half my age
It's funny how chandler Riggs notices everyone but meπŸ˜₯
you need to have Chandler Riggs on your show.
"He looked like an ewok for the first two years" -Andrew Lincoln talking about Chandler Riggs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you have to have Chandler Riggs on your show!!! C'mon Jimmy!
Yes Chandler Riggs needs to be on Jimmy Fallon!
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Chandler Riggs is seriously so cute, does that make me a pedo 🐻
Chandler Riggs is adorable and I love him.
The fans of The Walking Dead have requested Chandler Riggs for The Tonight Show. Will you hear the call?
Chris Hardwick just said that Chandler Riggs should be on Jimmy Fallon!
chandler Riggs !! Wants to be on.. Do it.. Game time
HEY!. They just asked that you get Chandler Riggs from Walking Dead on your show!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!
--- so when does Chandler Riggs go on your show? He said "please!"
Please invite Chandler Riggs to your show! He's never been on a talk show!
Love how precise Chandler Riggs is. He knows exactly what Carl did in e/ episode.
You must have Chandler Riggs as a guest. He was awesome on
hey jimmy my dude you should have chandler riggs as a guest on your show from the Walking Dead! Hes never been on a talk show!!
Put Chandler Riggs on your talk show! Please!
Guest casting Chandler Riggs from the on
No! You need to get Chandler Riggs on duh
Put chandler riggs on the tonight show jimmy!!!
put chandler Riggs on your show please!!
Chris Hardwick just called you out. Book Chandler Riggs for your show.
So great to see Chandler Riggs on 2nite!
c'mon have Chandler Riggs on your show !!!
U should have on Chandler Riggs on the Tonight Show
I like how they call Chandler Riggs "a man" on the Talking Dead. The kid is 15. He plays a whiney baby in the show.
Chandler Riggs: 15 year old actor from a small town in...
If you like Chandler Riggs follow my Instagram account called chandlers.chair
Oh Chandler Riggs, I wanna tear that shirt off u so badly right now!
Chandler Riggs is best known for playing Carl Grimes, a 14 year old boy (as of 2015) on the AMC original series The Walking Dead.
:|: Someone make a Chandler Riggs FC. I am more than willing to find a younger fc for one of my accs but baby 😭😭😭
lol I luv ur story(one day youll twerk on chandler riggs) hes adorable in person I hope u get to meet him some day!
no, but have you seen Chandler Riggs? πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
The Woods are lovely Dark and deep but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep -chandler riggs
Pretty positive I've just talked to chandler riggs
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Will Carl and Rick survive the entirety of 'The Walking Dead'? via
Chandler Riggs' dp is so cute awww he's such a cute little boy :')
Will Carl and/or Rick survive the entirety of 'The Walking Dead'? I answered: Both will survive via
for Chandler Riggs and Hana Hayes. Fav for Madison Lintz and Chandler Riggs
For some reason Chandler Riggs reminds me of Ellie from the game called "The Last of us"
The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Chandler Riggs terrified he’l be AXED from the show!
Season 5 Spoilers: Chandler Riggs talks the possibility of THAT phone call
One day I'm going to marry chandler Riggs. πŸ˜πŸ’
Somebody needs to get Chandler Riggs to sing Carl Poppa for us.
Adam Levine looked like Chandler Riggs when he was young and looks like Andrew Lincoln now lmao
chandler riggs grew up on this show i'm EMO
I just realized that I want Karl from The Walking Dead (Chandler Riggs) to be the next/new Peter Parker.
I really don't want to know what you do with pictures of Chandler Riggs
I can't be loud so I've just been watching vines and staring at pics of Chandler Riggs
Putting it out there now that Chandler Riggs has a high potential to have a really good glo up when he's older.
chandler riggs I'm so into it I'm not sorry he's attractive I'm gonna go feel gross now
Lets all take a moment to appreciate chandler Riggs
Crushing on Chandler Riggs so I just looked up his age.he's 15 πŸ˜’ so there's that
Hey Chris last Season you promised Chandler Riggs will be on Talking Dead, I hope you keep your promise...
Chandler Riggs is kinda. cute as heck I can't do this
Caitlin is mad at me bc I think Chandler Riggs is attractive but holy crap HOLLA @ ME HOMIE -Jacy . I have no shame either, he's adorable
*goes to Pax just for chandler riggs*
Which famous person have you met or been close to? β€” Absolutely 0 but I did get an answer from Chandler Riggs ey...
i'm gonna swing from the chandler riggs. FROM THE CHANDLER RIGGS
Chandler riggs I love you so much, and have your follow is very important to me. Please follow me, make me happy πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ’•
I really hope Carl (Chandler Riggs) dates the girl that everyone thinks is weirdπŸ˜‚
I was watching the Walking Dead and I went creeping into chandler riggs insta and I found out hE HAS A GIRLFRIEND LIKE I LITERALLY SCREAMED
stop making me even more jealous. You get to star on my favorite show with chandler Riggs. CHANDLER RIGGS AND Norman Reedus.
Thanks everyone at WGN Chicago for an awesome morning!
I wish I was on TWD! It would be so awesome! Carl is so hot! I would love to be there, just to meet him, gahh! Chandler Riggs is the best!
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why did you pick Chandler Riggs for Carl?
this will be me forever after seeing Chandler Riggs' girlfriend :)))
I would be the happiest person on this earth if I was at least 100 yards away from Chandler Riggs, hes hot and im in love with him.
you are queen if you mean Chandler Riggs
just layin down thinkin bout chandler riggs as Ben 10
If Hollywood did a live Attack On Titan movie, does anyone think Chandler Riggs could play Eren Jaeger?! ...
I'm getting a bit of a crush on Chandler Riggs and that just can't happen,😳
Wow, Chandler Riggs really brought it in that scene.
I'm sorry but Chandler Riggs is so hot 😍😍
Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead is such a great actor
Pretty sure Chandler Riggs gets hotter every single day
β€œAngie you need to realize chandler riggs is the stupidest dumbest most annoying person” same
Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride (which I thought we could do together), & Abrahams Army!!
I usually don't follow so many celebrities but I looked up chandler Riggs and it went downhill from thdre
Chandler Riggs found a secret lover. Try it now. Find yours.
Just always remember chandler riggs will always be hotter that you
When you're kissing chandler riggs and end up cuddling & then you wake up
Chandler Riggs laugh is the reason for my existence,...literally the cutest thing in the worldπŸ’–
|| Why is Madison Lintz so pretty, and why is Chandler Riggs so hot? Also, can we just talk about how hot Vincent Martella is pls? 😍😍
I tried drawing chandler riggs but it turned out to be the hobo with the walmart cart😒😒
So I found my outfit to me Chandler Riggs but I need to buy white converse, a red flannel, and a white phone case for a 5c ...
i wanna see to Chandler Riggs but my mom still sleeping and i can't go to buy the tickets going to Chicago next month for walker stalker con im meeting emily kinney Chandler riggs and the rest whovare going xd
Lol this dude kept saying, u should sleep with me...πŸ˜• and I was like unless ur chandler riggs then no and that shut him up πŸ˜‚ lmao
I find it uproariously funny that Chandler Riggs dad is trying to parlay his sons fame into his imaginary rock stardom.
Entourage!!! Chandler Riggs, his little brother, and the men in green. ht…
Chandler Riggs: Amc the Walking Dead Returns Feb 8 Dont miss out on the good Episodes all new sunday at 9:pm
my vine that goes "what do Andy Biersack and Chandler Riggs have in common? I want both of them to suck my *** has 420 loops πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think I have a new obsession. Chandler Riggs😍 oops.
Chandler Riggs: Chandler Carlton Riggs is an American child actor who was born on June 27, 1999 in Atlanta, Ge...
I swear Nobody knows his real name only Carl πŸ˜‚ it's Chandler Riggs but won
I mean chandler riggs is fricken cute but *** aaron carpenter over him any day
I just saved 170 pictures of Chandler Riggs and I regret none of them
My friend had to point out the fact that i absolutely love Chandler Riggs and i didn't even know it
Name any 3 things that make you smile? β€” Chandler Riggs,Ariana Grande,Joshua
Am I the only one the doesn't think he is cute
He's the best actor and the hottest person alive! There only one thing I want is to meet u! I dream about u every day I need to meet u please! Can we meet somewhere it would be the best thing that has ever happened. My life kinda has been a downer :( my parents never really got me growing up. I lived with taking care of my self. They do nasty things but I know they love me . Not As much as I love u I like to go out but I know u are dating so I would like to be Friends :)
do you seriously fancy Chandler Riggs
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? β€” Chandler Riggs
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! β€” Chandler Riggs β™₯
watching livestrems for Chandler Riggs is always fun
Chandler Riggs was so cute as a little kid I can't get over it
omg chandler Riggs I love watching the Walking Dead and u r my favorite charactrer u r a good actor
my friend got a picture but yeah so basically I slammed into chandler riggs nbd
Chandler Riggs doing something we don't know about?
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am I the only one who doesn't think chandler riggs is cute
I have a obsession over Chandler Riggs πŸ˜πŸ’•
what great role models for Chandler Riggs to have been blessed working with and learning from.
I love how Chandler Riggs is 15 irl and very good at acting and HOT AF hmu please
I watched the old scene of Chandler Riggs pudding
I call dibs on chandler riggs I know when he hits puberty he's gonna turn hot but for right now he's just adorable + he's only 1 year older
Every time Chandler Riggs has a close-up on the Walking Dead, I only pay attention to his eyes. Whoops.
Chandler Riggs makes me wanna jump off a cliff hes adorable
if I ever met chandler riggs I would hug him and then I would boop his nose
I think this was the season I fell in love with chandler Riggs. Sorry, Hana Hayes. πŸ˜›
I'm sorry but Chandler Riggs owns this episode. Blows me away every time.
puberty hit Chandler Riggs like a train😍
Carl Grimes is more attractive than Chandler Riggs
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