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Chandler Massey

Chandler Massey is an Emmy-winning actor, best known for his portrayal of Will Horton on the daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives,

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CMassey Advent Calender 2013 New things everyday in the run up to Christmas [15/25] Chandler Massey + Wil …
Chandler Massey and onscreen mom Alison Sweeney at Outfest - Days of Our Lives
Days of Our Lives star Guy Wilson felt privileged to be part of daytime soap's first male *** wedding Actor tells *** Star News: 'I view the Will and Sonny storyline as an example of true love, pure love' 17 April 2014 | By Greg Hernandez Photo: NBC Guy Wilson has only been a part of the cast of the NBC soap Days of Our Lives since January but already he is a part of daytime television history. His character of Will Horton was one of the grooms in what was the first same-sex wedding between two men in an emotional three-part episode that aired earlier this month. 'When we filmed that episode and the days leading up to that, with each day it became increasingly powerful for us,' Wilson told *** Star News at the recent GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles where the show was named outstanding daytime drama. 'The actual day of filming it, there was no acting. We didn't have to act,' he said. 'It was simultaneously one of the most powerful moments I've had as a performer or otherwise and also one of the most flui ...
I have autographed pictures from Bo Burnham, James Adomian, Malcolm from Survivor, Chandler Massey, and Casey Deidrick. JEALOUS?
Spewing Chandler Massey isn't playing Will Horton anyone It's not going to be the same
Day of Days 2010 Interview with Chandler Massey vía
in a party atmosphere Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith
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Really Daytime Confidential? As if there isn't enough idiotic comments happening anyway, you make this poll?
Days of Our Lives' Guy Wilson vs. Chandler Massey - Who Wore it Best? (POLL)
The ratings for the WilSon wedding tanked because Chandler Massey was missing. Look at him and tell me I'm wrong.
Chandler Massey has always been an advocate for equality, even before he brought his inspired "Will Horton" character to television.
Photoset: famousmeat: Chandler Massey bulges in sweatpants
Good Morning? Did everyone sleep well last night? The news about Allison Sweeney? Sami Brady is leaving Days. So now what will become of the Ejami. I really can't fathom this U know, Well First Lexie (Renee Jones)-Chad (Casey Dederick) Krissy (Eileen Davidson)-Will (Chandler Massey) and Now Sami (Allison Sweeney). Well i am proud to say i was delighted to even see them on tv, and they was a part of me families (Dig It) But you can't but to wish them all the luck U know. All Good Things Must Come To A End. and me is not saying Days will be Cancel anytime soon, i do not know what is Going on with Days. all i know is the storyline are getting good and so much drama behind the scene. it would be just so sad if they cancel days All my Pass Show Another World Santa Barbara Generations Dynasty,Knots Landing,Falcon Crest are all gone and days will go one day but please it got to live for 2 or 3 more years.. The Soap are all Disappearing from the screen.. Soapnet gone... man i tell 2014 already bad news for me, I ...
So how do you think Guy Wilson did kissing Freddie Smith? Was he better than Chandler Massey?
with chandler Massey singing it! He could do it with the most emotion!
The NBC sudser Days of Our Lives said Monday that it will replace Chandler Massey, who shot his last scene Friday as Will Horton. “As Chandler Massey announced back in June, he will be leaving the show to further pursue his education and other entertainment opportunities,” according to a show statement. “While Days of our […]
Arrow and the fosters Come back next week. Nothing else matters. Except Chandler Massey.
NOT HAPPY with new casting for Will Horton!!! *** !! I know Chandler Massey left for college but..really? They let him go a few months early why not let the story play out and let 'Will' leave for school so he could make cameos when he was on breaks..?? Rarely Days makes me
The last step in from Chandler Massey
I don't want her to leave either. I'm bummed Chandler Massey left.
Two-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey filmed his final scenes as Days of Our Lives' *** heartthrob Will Horton on Friday, Aug. 23 — only he didn't know they were his last until he was summoned at the end of his work day to the office of Greg Meng, the soap's co-executive producer. During this meeting...
Guy Wilson u cannot fit into Chandler Massey shoes because he has his own size, fit into your own and u will do great.
This is a pretty embarrassing thing to be upset about, so don't judge... Chandler Massey is no longer on Days of Our Lives! 󾌡󾌹 I start watching it and some other horrible actor has taken his place! He was my favorite!
Grupo de fotografias: chandler massey as Will Horton; will & sonny
We'll have to get used to him. I was so heart broken when Chandler Massey decided to leave!
We may not be used to Guy Wilson as our beloved Will..but yesterday was just his first time on camera. By now, as we speak, he has been on for over 3 months. We may not like it but the truth is Chandler Massey wanted to leave to go back to school. Who among us hasn't been the new kid on the block? If you were once, I'm sure you'll agree that YOU wanted a chance to prove you were a right fit and that you could do the job. If we are all really fans of our show, do we not owe it to ourselves and to to wait and see without making up our minds right off the bat? I admit, I found myself comparing Guy's performance as Will to Chandler's...but I think that's only natural. I truly believe we need to give him a chance and be open minded about this. JMO.
I have been so busy. I haven't had time to see that chandler massey isn't coming back to Days of Our Lives. I am actually crying
New "Will," Guy Wilson Gives His First Interview As He Debuts On 'Days of Our Lives'Nigel Campbell | January 8, 2014 ​Guy Wilson made his debut on Days of Our Lives on Wednesday, Jan. 8 as the new Will Horton, taking over for two-time Daytime Emmy winner Chandler Massey and taking on daytime's most…
omg!!! Where's Chandler Massey? The Ej and Abigail situation is the hottest of all.. Sammy is gonna kill her!! lol
Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith Shirtless in Days of Our Lives -
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Massey join days on 2010 play Will Horton on days on NBC?
Not really liking this new Will on offense to the new guy, but Chandler Massey, in my opinion, gave the best portrayal of anyone ever...
A video I made for Chandler Massey using the song "Girl Can Rock" by Hilary Duff. Lyrics: Ready for the big time, ready for the small Whatever's coming to me...
Casey, have you meet Guy Wilson who took over Chandler Massey, is going to play the new Will Horton on days!
I hate when my soap replaces an actor and doesn't let anyone know. New actor on Days playing Will is good, but I loved Chandler Massey!
Chandler Massey, Emmy-winning actor from Days of Our Lives, makes his commitment to ending violence against women and creating a peaceful world.
Yo Chandler's not here and Miranda's high on Vikidin
Watch the new Will Horton on 'Days'. Very weird. Feels like Sonny's cheating. I miss Chandler Massey already.
It'd be a crime if Chandler Massey didn't submit for the 2013 Daytime Emmys.
One thing people got to realize that actors and actresses appearing on Days get paid for acting. Its a job. And like in real life people retire or go onto other things. (Peter Reckell). And also some people want to go back to school (Chandler Massey). I can't blame them for wanting to leave. People in real life do this. Nothing lasts forever. Its just a show.
i feel like im dreaming, or this's a early April fool joke. Words can't even explain how sad im, i will miss Chandler Massey
He is definitely no Chandler Massey. Not a good recast. Producer should have let Chandler finish his contract.
"I think humor is a good way to get through life, & deal with difficult situations." — Chandler Massey http:…
Chandler Massey's face was definitely a light that lit up the room when he was in a scene with anyone. I will forever miss that.
Two-time Daytime Winner Chandler Massey (Will) makes his final appearance on DAYS today. Massey's replacement, Guy Wilson, begins airing January 8. For a look back at Massey's first appearance as Will on February 1, 2010, check out this link at youtube:
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Photoset: chandler massey as Will Horton; will & sonny
Ever since the news broke last September that Guy Wilson would be replacing Chandler Massey as “Days of Our Lives” beloved character, Will Horton, many fans have been chomping at the bit to see the actor’s take on the important role. Well, the wait is finally over, as Wilson made his debut as Sami’s...
Did any of u all know Chandler Massey n the dude that played Chad have a band
I know we all will miss William- Chandler Massey, but we also miss Bo Brady- Peter Reckel- and many others that left- they are also ppl with their lives and need to do whats best for them, just like we do too. Not everyone can stay on the show just because we wanted them too. Have to get use to changes, even if we don't like it.
I love EJ, Sami , Kate Lucas, Nicole Jordan's my new fav I love Will when Chandler Massey played him the new Will im not feeling
Mary Hartz Paulman - trying to have an open mind, but Chandler Massey leaving DOOL feels like I lost a family member!
Days of Our Lives News. * Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) will be seen Tuesday January 14 and Friday January 17. * Soap Opera Digest is reporting that former "All My Children" (ex-Scott Chandler), "As The World Turns" (ex-Chris Hughes) and "Guiding Light" (ex-Bill Lewis) actor Daniel Cosgrove is joining Days as a new character named Aiden. The actor will appear January 22. Find out more about Aiden and who he has scenes with in the link! * Chandler Massey will last appear as Will Horton on January 2. Guy Wilson takes over the role on January 8. Find out more about Guy Wilson as a recast of Will Horton. * Martinez portrays Durango Dynamite January 7. * Clinton Jackson appears on the scene as a shop keeper January 7. * Jade Harlow to DOOL. She's new on the scene as Sheryl January 7 2014. Click the link to read spoilers about who she's in scenes with. * "DOOL" is replacing Nadia and Talia Hartounian as Sydney. They are looking to find 5-year-old twin blue-eyed girls to play the part. * "Days" is lookin ...
Soo my babies Will and Sonny, yesterday Chandler Massey left to role of Will :( and Guy Wilson replaced him and made his debut today as Will
- Will Horton couldn't stay a boy forever. As cherubic and appealing as Chandler Massey was in the role, it's time for a guy's Guy!
The last screencapture of Chandler Massey as William Horton. Going to miss him!
I hate when they change actors on my favorite shows... bring back Chandler Massey!
I'm still hung up on the fact that Chandler Massey is not on DOOL anymore. It's never gonna be the same. It actually hurts to watch.
I think the new Will is pretty good. He's not Chandler Massey but he isn't bad. I'm giving him a chance.
So what have Chandler Massey (Ex-Will) and Casey Deidrick (Ex-Casey) been doing since they both departed Days of Our Lives? Well, partly they are making music and a new music video with their band, And Still I Rise! And today, the band has released a music video of their cover of Miley Cyrus
Okay "Days" I the only one who was SHOCKED that Chandler Massey was fired and now they have some freak playing Will's role? This show gets worse all the time! After watching for nearly 35 years, this may just be the last straw for me!
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Catching up on my stories. Its weird not seeing Chandler Massey as Will Horton idk if they can get the chemistry back with Will and Sonny.
i was just saying don't leave because if you actually have seen the new will in action he isn't as good as Chandler Massey
Did Chandler Massey the actor that plays Will Horton on Days of Our Lives DIE?!?! WHO IS THIS NEW PERSON PLAYING WILL?? DAYS FANS HELP ME OUT!!!
ARRRGghHggg! The recast for Will Horton on DOOL *** He's not cute and cannot act!!! O M G he's horrible! Bring Chandler Massey back! He was so good!
Look I love Chandler Massey but Im giving Guy the chance he deserves.
No!!! The new Will is on Days of Our Lives now. Chandler Massey was good playing Will. The soap used to be good; but it's okay. I still
I am NOT liking the new Will. No offense, but you are no Chandler Massey, Guy Wilson.
O no where did Chandler Massey go!!! ;( w Will on Days of Our Lives that is. He character was to important to be changed. Not happyat all. Think it is time I quit watching anyway!!!
Might not like Guy Wilson's look or voice. Might hate his hair. Those things he might not be able to change. B U T if he is a good actor, in time, I may enjoy this storyline again. He will never be Chandler Massey but he doesn't have to be. Chandler is irreplaceable. But I'm gonna give this new guy a chance. I give credit to Freddie Smith for dealing with this first-hand. His acting chops will surely shine through at this time. Maybe this is an opportunity for Freddie Smith to get some attention now that he isn't standing in Chandler's shadow. No offense to Freddie.
Guy, have you met Chandler Massey who use to be Will Horton, when you recast the new Will Horton on days?
gosh Isis Chandler Massey. He was one of the best actors on that show
Guy, you should do like Chandler Massey hide in the bathroom with your cell phone on days?
Ross Lynch may fit in to play the new Will Horton on days?He look just like Chandler Massey use to be on days.
I'm going to miss Chandler Massey!Nowak, Chandler Massey is the best playing Will Horton on days?
Hi Nowak what's up!Nowak, I'm am biggest fans of Chandler Massey use to be Will Horton on days?
So far, the new Will Horton (Guy Wilson) on "Days" doesn't have the charisma of Chandler Massey, reported as back in college full time.
Guy Wilson Ruined Days of Our Lives for me :( i miss Chandler Massey
Hopfully Chandler Massey will come back pretty soon on days?
How can everyone say they don't like the new will already? He hasn't even been on it more then 20 minutes!! Just because he doesn't look and act like chandler Massey? Give me a break. Seems like this group is all about bashing the actors and writers.
I've missed a couple of episodes , but where in the *** is Chandler Massey ?
Chandler Massey was the 1st Will that ever made me give a hoot about a Will
Stuck between this fake and Chandler Massey now.
Don't like the new Will Horton on Days of Our Lives. Want Chandler Massey back, or at lest someone better.
Chandler Massey's last scenes was last Friday I think.
I miss Chandler Massey already. Guy Wilson is great; but no one plays Will Horton as good as Chandler.
Yes, I am the new 'Will Horton' on "Days of Our Lives". This is a dream come true for me. But I do have some very big shoes to fill; Chandler Massey's talent is beyond measure. I've always admired Chandler's work and to now follow in his footsteps is truly an honor. I am so excited to share this adventure with all of you!!!
Guy Wilson on two-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey: 'He’s made my job easier, because he has established such an amazing character'
So sad that it was the last will scenes󾰕 chandler massey you will be missed so bad!
OOC: I think this is the last week we will see Chandler Massey playing Will. When that happens I am going to change my photos to the new Will, Guy Wilson. I stay current with the show and like to use their photos too. Just wanted to let everyone know.
Please welcome Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days of Our Lives) to the show as we talk about his current storyline on set with co-star Chandler Massey (Wil). We will chat about his career, daytime and chat with his fans!
Chandler Massey all i wanted is meeting you...thats what i wanted this year..
Anyone else super sad to say goodbye to Chandler Massey? Almost as bad for me as when As The World Turns went off the air. I wasn't done with that show and I'm not done with CM. Love that kid! Wish him the very best of life. xoxoxoxoxoxo to CM
I really wish people would stop bashing Guy Wilson. His first episode hasn't even aired yet! Give the dude a chance before you judge him as the new Will. I get that people are gonna miss Chandler Massey. So will I. He's been on the show for 3 years. But he decided to take a break from acting and go to college. And since Will is such an important character on the show, they kinda had to recast the role.
As we previously reported, “Days of Our Lives’” Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) revealed to Soap Opera Network that Guy Wilson will replace Chandler Massey onscreen in the role of Will Horton beginning in January 2014. And now, we have the details of the transition, including Smith’s thoughts on the…
What's the problem? Iin millions of American living rooms, women are watching Days of Our Lives, where Will & Sonny are in bed hardly clothed half the time together. (Will, played by Chandler Massey is leaving the soap to attend college full time in CA. At 22, he's won 2 Academy Awards for his role as Will Horton. This is on daily at 1pm EST all over the most conservative living rooms in the U.S. The U.K. should relax...perhaps try what they are seeing on screen (since below it says the male fans aren't loving it).
Chandler Massey is Out, a New Recast is In did he leave? How's his relationship with DOOL? And who's taking his place? Read all about it by visiting the link above. Please "Like" and "Share"
I really hope Chandler Massey will get his Emmy no offence to Freddie, and when Chan goes on stage he can tell Corday what a *** he is and shuv it in his face !!! I BLOODY WISH
And now for some messages from Chandler Massey's fans.
Chandler Massey is one of my favorite actors on daytime television in history, because I'm gonna miss him so much.
Hard to believe, but it is true that today ended the amazing four year run on-screen for Chandler Massey in the important role of Will Horton on Days of Our Lives. During his time with the NBC soap opera, Chandler took home two Daytime Emmys in a row in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Dram
just sent to us in private message thanks so much! Time is ticking for Guys debut:) wishing Chandler Massey all the best in the future! And cant wait to see Guy in action -Dana
FYI, today was Chandler Massey's last day playing Will
Today is Chandler Massey's final appearance as Will Horton on DAYS. What a fine young actor.
And with that, Chandler Massey completes his run as Will on Days of Our Lives. It was a blast uploading Will's story and I wish nothing but great things for ...
On today's episode of NBC's "Days of Our Lives," Chandler Massey says goodbye to his multi-Daytime Emmy Award winning role of Will Horton. As previously reported, Massey planned to depart the daytime drama series when his contract was set to expire in December 2013, but show producers opted instead ...
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Time for the Chandler Massey picture spam, for all the Wilson fans, including me ❤️
Today is Chandler Massey's last day :'( :'( :'( :'(
Wow, losing a lot of great daytime talent this month, Chandler Massey, Michael Muhney and Billy Miller - anyone else?
...watching yesterday's Days of Our Lives - again! going to miss Will - Chandler Massey---don't go!
2013 YEAR-END EPISODE RANKINGS & STATS PACKAGE: TOP 15 FOR 2013 INCLUDES TWO NEW ADDITIONS: Freddie Smith (Sonny), in his second full-year with "Days" and Greg Vaughan (Eric), in his first full-year with "Days", both made the top 15 for the first time in their "Days" careers. Here's how many times the others have been in the Top 15: Alison Sweeney (Sami, 20th time), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, 17th time), Lauren Koslow (Kate, 12th time), Arianne Zucker (Nicole, 12th time), James Scott (EJ, 7th time), Shawn Christian (Daniel, 6th time), Eileen Davidson (Kristen, 6th time), Eric Martsolf (Brady, 5th time), Galen Gering (Rafe, 5th time), Camila Banus (Gabi, 2nd time), Blake Berris (Nick, 2nd time), Kate Mansi (Abigail, 2nd time) and Chandler Massey (Will, 2nd time). For all the info on the Top 15 through the years, please visit LEADERS: Shawn Christian (Daniel) led the monthly rankings for just the 3rd time in his "Days" career (6/10, 8/12, 12/13). Meanwhile, Alison Sweeney (Sami) who was tied for the lead thi ...
Tomorrow as I watch the last fleeting moments of Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives... and cry myself a river... I will be remembering all he has done to change my life.. and the memories I have of meeting him in person not once but twice.. he is truly a class act and will go on to do Amazing things in his future. And I will be wrapped up in the amazing gift that I got from Linda Williams. This gift means more to me than you know. and represents soo many of the best moments of 2013 for me .It is such a joy to know you. THANK YOU FOR MY WONDERFUL GIFT... and for the memories of such an amazing year!
Farewell Chandler Massey and good luck on your next chapter in life!!! Best Wishes to Guy Wilson, I already know you are going to do AMAZING in the role of William Robert Reed Roberts Horton!! Can't wait to see the debut 01/08!!
DAYS: today's episode should be your Emmy entry! Chandler Massey, I'm gonna miss you! Hilarious!
I wish chandler massey wasn't leaving Days of Our Lives!
I am really going to miss Chandler Massey as Will. He is a fantastic actor. His last air date is reportedly Dec. 31st. Guy Wilson appears on our screens as Will on Jan. 2nd. I am interested to see what new twist he brings to Will, and how the dynamic between Will and Sonny will change.
I would like to wish my son Chandler Massey a Happy Birthday
i just hope they get an actor as hot as Freddie Smith or Chandler Massey.
I could cry over my love for Kieron Richardson, PJ Brennan,Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith,Adam Lambert, Nick Laws,Matt Lush,Patrick Quirky
24 hrs after learned of his fate at he spent the day with Soapdom. Get the scoop.
Sonny & Will should have ended with Chandler Massey's exit. Very sorry role of Will was recast.
8 Days to go until Chandler's birthday - chandler-massey: If you haven’t already be sure to check out the...
So Chandler Massey is no longer part of DOOL anymore excuse me while I cry for a thousand years and more ;(
Chandler Massey Voicemail - I missed my call from Chandler and Casey so Chandler left me a voicemail. SOOO...
Just talked to Chandler Massey for my support of his 65 roses video. It was great to talk to him even if only for a few minutes.
Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith in Days of Our Lives episode 2012-11-13-14 -
Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith First REAL Kiss on Days of Our Lives -
I lost it twice: When Will ALMOST came out to Marlena. Chandler Massey was so good in those scenes he breaks my heart
Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey talks about second Emmy win - The morning after his second Em
I'm so gutted that Chandler Massey has left Days!
The honorable and gracious Chandler Massey has class even though the industry he works in does not. Bravo Chandler. Be free
Chandler Massey has officially shot his last episode of The new Will Horton will be recast..
Photo: Days of Our Lives: Better Living: You can catch Chandler Massey’s (Will) dapper look on-screen. “I...
: “I don’t like to dress up unless I absolutely have to” Source/Full Quote:
I have to say Chandler Massey chose a good time to leave. The writing on is atrocious. I barely watch right now. Total fast forward
Chandler Massey is a brilliant actor. Every scene, big or small, is perfection in his hands.
'Days of Our Lives' to replace Chandler Massey via
Chandler Massey's scenes today were incredible. I can't even think about him not being on this show.
Exclusive: Chandler Massey Talks About His Sudden, Controversial Exit From Days or Ou via You'll be missed!!
When DOOL screws their only Emmy winner via
Days of Our Lives fired Chandler Massey for NO reason. Fans spread the word and boycott ⇐ ⇐
The role of "Will Horton" is going to be recast? No more Chandler Massey? Days of Our Lives fired him to recast!! DO NOT WATCH
Even if they get a new Will, Chandler Massey will always be Will Horton in my book!
FIRED Chandler Massey and is going to recast the role of Will Horton. Fans, boycott the show..DO NOT WATCH Days of Our Lives
[ Scan thanks to ] with his Mum when he graduated from high school
Chandler Massey promises to help end violence against women
Now this makes me so sad. This is an article about what happened on Chandler's final day of filming.
You're welcome, you too. Hey did you heard what happened to Chandler Massey (Will) on Days?
I'm gonna need Chandler Massey cast as the new Lucas, so I can see Drunk "Will" & Drunk A.J. acting a fool at the Floating Rib...
Me & a lot of WilSon fans are very disappointed in the way Chandler Massey was "let go" just because his replacement was just hired
Wilson Will and Sonny Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith Cheddie Wilson is Cheddie Cheddie Is Wilson forever
Watch Greg In Hollywood on Equality Radio talking about Pat Robertson, Chandler Massey and more -
Have you seen Chandler Massey in 16 Love movie? — no, haven't seen the whole movie yet.. only some parts on yout...
I am in desperate need of a guy like Chandler Massey 😊 💘 ep 😍
saw Chandler, Massey, who play Will Horton and Freddie Smith who play Sonny!
So hope you get to replace Chandler Massey on the show as a regular when he departs.
I so need a scene with Chandler Massey singing on It would make my everything.
if Chandler Massey was going to be in a romantic come... — Well, lets see...Lady would be Amanda Bynes ,just lov...
If Chandler Massey was going to play a superhero in a movie, who would he be?... — He would be super man
There is a barrista here who looks like Freddie Smith and we are down the street from Chandler Massey's high school.
Photoset: hoosiergal86: My photos of Chandler Massey during the role play/Q&A session at the August 3rd...
I hope Chandler Massey does stay on - we need - they are the best couple on Days of Our Lives ! http:/…
saw Chandler Massey playing Will Horton on days!
So Chandler Massey, Camila Banus, Casey Deidrick are out, now Eileen. No recast for Will, probably ending Wilson. No Bo or John either. :(
Do you know Chandler Massey who play Will Horton on days was born in Atlanta Georgia, that's his hometown!
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Yep and at the Emmys Chandler Massey (Will) said he was leaving in Dec when contract was up! Wait & see I guess
For those that missed Ep. 12. You can listen/download here. couple fan base and Chandler Massey discussion!
I'll definitely miss Chandler Massey when he's gone. I hope they allow us a mourning period before recasting the character.
For those that missed our discussion on couple fan bases and Chandler Massey, Ep. 12 can be downloaded here!
fans! Join us at 6:30 EST as we talk couple fan bases and Chandler Massey! Call us or join the chat Ep 12
Don't forget to check out the birthday project for Chan! | Thanks to all those who've participated so far! :)
Join us Sunday at 6:30 EST fans! We are talking fan bases and Chandler Massey!
We will also be talking Chandler Massey and his decision to leave! What youre thoughts? Call us fans!
You should have Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith on Hollywood game night
We will be discussing fan bases and Chandler Massey leaving Call us with your thoughts especially fans
Rick was cute, for a blonde. We're/I'm cross-pollinating here, but I did like Chandler Massey fm Dool. He's cute no matter what!
The focus of our show Sunday will be fan bases, and also Chandler Massey. So, I want a lot of fans!
Do you know that Chandler Massey is leaving on Days of Our Lives in December when his contract is expire in December!
I would like to meet Chandler Massey too, to have his autograph, and sign his name too.
Massey who play Will Horton on days on nbc.
Do you know who Chandler Massey is!Chandler Massey, from Days of Our Lives on nbc!
just purchased my Days Event tickets to finally meet Chandler Massey in Atlanta! So Stoked! Anyone else going?
Hey Chandler Massey, Did you enjoy your two day off on Days of Our Lives on nbc!
Yes, there's James Scott, Chandler Massey & many others. But truly, how can any of them exceed Greg Vaughn/Marco Dapper? pshaw!
We wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a payment to Chandler Massey- LMAO.. Just the way that sounds
So surreal to see an email that says "Your payment to Chandler Massey..."
"According to Chandler Massey, they are planning on paying out of pocket for the rest" 24 hours left! Please DONATE!
I've never herd Chandler Massey sing and want to so bad :-(
Obviously!! Fingers crossed Chandler Massey proposes. We've never met and he probably likes girls but I believe in destiny!
I watch Days of Our Lives with my monjust for him and chandler Massey and they're both like 3 or 4 years older than me ha
THERE'S Chandler Massey's wet torso. Oh, You know what we like.
I'm gonna die when Chandler Massey leaves the show at the end of his contract
Hi iheart_sonny, what's going on with you,here a scenes of Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny)!
Ross Lynch, what's up with you,Have you watch Days of Our Lives before,so you can see Chandler Massey who play Will Horton!
Lynch starring in Austin and Ally on the disney channel!Ross Lynch is trying to act like Chandler Massey.
Chandler Massey, Austin and Ally is coming on at 2:30pm, and 3:00pm,on the disney channel!
i heard Chandler Massey is gonna leave Days in December D:
Days of Our Lives” head honcho: “The door will always be open here to Chandler (Massey). We are not going...
Hi Chandler Massey, I watch Austin and Ally at 10:05pm on the disney channel! Austin and Ally episode is about Diner & Date.
Chandler Massey winning the young actors award for playing Will Horton on Days of Our Lives
Who's your favorite actor? — Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith :D :)...
this interview is total BS! . and in what world do we see John and Marlena all the time?? they have been on the b… http…
I am sad to report that Chandler Massey will be leaving Days once his contract is up this December. No news yet on a recast.
OMG, I just had a dream about met Chandler Massey and we became best friend.I hope it's not just a dream
Chandler Massey, notable for his character in a *** storyline with Freddie Smith in the long-run daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives" on NBC attended the Pride parade for the first in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday (22 Jun 2013).
do me a favor and like the page and this picture to help Ashlyn and Wendy win the cutest baby contest . She only has 2 more days so get to it :)
Will you be posting any of your chat with Chandler Massey?
Chandler Massey in the press room at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at The Beverly Hilton on June 16, 2013.
They called it Sonny Poppins played by Chandler Massey, and Freddie Smith?
Brett Sheridan hosts a morning talk show. This week's guest is Chandler Massey and Cassey Deidrick from "Days of Our Lives." The show is created by Brett She...
Tells GSN: 'It is a reminder to me that Days of Our Lives is really doing something special'
Can't wait to see pictures of you in Africa! Wish I could come with you and be your official missionary photographer! We all love you! Austin Douglas Emily Egelund Shannon Massey Douglas Shelby Douglas Jennifer Caldwell Douglas Jennifer Douglas Kate Aeschliman Julie Douglas Pierson Shawn Pierson Chandler Pierson
Remember to vote Chandler Massey for the Soap Hunk 2013!
Chandler Massey, soap star makes a big hit in his first appearance in a *** pride parade...
Photo: Chandler Massey seen at Boa Steakhouse after winning his 2nd Daytime Emmy Award [source]
if Chandler Massey decided he would stay and be Will ... — Oh wow what's more challenging than a coming out stor...
Days of Our Lives star attends in Columbus, OH!
Soap star Chandler Massey is a big hit in his first appearance at a *** Pride event
“hangin out with Chandler Massey outlookcbus
“hangin out with Chandler Massey outlookcbus OH HOW FREAKIN AWESOME!!
Soap star Chandler Massey big hit Columbus, Ohio *** Pride event - is reminded of impact of *** TV storyline:
[ever so modestly] responds to being on The Backlot's
I'm still biggest fans of chandler Massey?
So I went to the clippers game today & guess who threw out the first pitch? UH HUH! Chandler Massey,A.K.A. Will Horton, yep he's cute :-)
fans fun way to raise funds to help Casey and Chandler Massey take a peek you won't be Sorry ;)
Congratulations to Days of Our Lives actor CHANDLER MASSEY on being acknowledged by the TV Academy with the EMMY FOR YOUNG ACTOR. His ability and ground breaking role are more then worthy of this reward and acknowledgement.
hangin out with Chandler Massey outlookcbus
FUN FACT "Chandler Massey (Will Horton) won this year's Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor, his...
Chandler Massey, Will Horton on Days of Our Lives, was on the show Fri, catch him at today's Clippers game.
As noted in our recent interview with Greg Meng, co-executive producer, "Days of Our Lives," the NBC Daytime soap opera is releasing "Days of Our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier, ...
Charlie Sheen ("Anger Management," "Two and a Half Men") is proud of Chandler Massey (Will Horton, "Days of Our Lives") for winning his second Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Young...
Wait, Chandler Massey in PRIDE? It means that he's *** Yeah, whatever.. Even he's straight I will never ever get him... He's so adorable
Whoa. :O I just saw a reeeaaaly nice picture of Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith! *_*
Sigh Chandler Massey's random smirks are showing up in this Will/Adrienne showdown. Other than that I'm impressed!
Do you know Chandler Massey, who play Will Horton on days on nbc?
Chandler Massey met John Davidson today. I feel like my fan worlds have collided lol.
Im sitting at the table next to Chandler Massey at Level downtown columbus. freaking out... any Days of Our Lives fans ? That would be Will :):):):) pride 2013
had an amazing time at pride with some amazing friends! and then spent my night with them too! going to brunch with mom and then hitting the pool;) then heading downtown for cocktail hour with Chandler Massey 󾌧󾌧󾌧; and back to Westerville to let balloons off for dads birthday!!!
Me with Chandler Massey from Days of Our Lives yesterday at *** pride. I got a special autograph picture for my friend Monica Sidner, because she watches Days faithfully.
Chandler Massey is an actual perfect human being. Your argument against this will always be invalid.
plz interview 2 Emmy winner Chandler Massey&Emmy Nom Freddie Smith playing D super couple on " Days of Our Lives " on ur show
Casey Moss, do you keep in touch with your friend, like Chandler Massey, or Freddie Smith from days?
Just got back from Pride Day and had a Blast with my friends Bob Lewis and Herb Woods and Co-worker Erica Stephenson and Amanda and Matthew Kinsell! WHOOOP WHOOP!!! Happy Pride Day!:)
If you're heading to the Pride parade today, wave to Nick-- he's marching with the cast from The Wedding Singer... We're still deciding where optimal viewing is...
Just met Chandler Massey, Emmy award winning soap star. My fame by association is growing and growing!
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I just heard an advert of DOOL's and they mentioned CHANDLER MASSEY. wtg, Amy.
Casey what next for you?You going to miss your friend, l like Chandler Massey, and Freddie Smith, & Nathan Owen.
HAPPY PRIDE! By far my favourite time of the year..this marks my 20th Pride and to top off this year Chandler Massey aka Will on Days of Our Lives will be here!
The latest on Michelle Stafford, Tyler Christopher, Chandler Massey and more
did I hear correctly that DAYS won the best drama emmy???
Chandler Massey from Day's of Our Lives is in Columbus, Ohio for the whole weekend.
Remember that casting call for a tall hunk for Salem, U.S.A.? Well, it looks like Casey Deidrick (Chad) is leaving Days of Our Lives.
On Bo's island in Beaufort, SC. No one was injured.
Would love for you to have Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith from on your show sometime!
Chandler in the red carpet after winning!
I don't know what you all can see on my home page, but I see that Chandler Massey is leaving Days! Crap!
Congratulations to Chandler Massey and the entire Days of Our Lives cast & crew for their Daytime Emmy Awards this week. We love you !
40th Annual Daytime Emmys coverage: Days of Our Lives' Chandler Massey and General Hospital's Kristen Alderson win the Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress categories at the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards.
Hey. Just wanted to know if you did an interview of Freddie Smith & Chandler Massey from the Red Carpet at Daytime Emmys. Thanks
fan, Freddie Smith fan, Chandler Massey fan thru and thru. I'm not a bandwagon fan. Smh at people who are
“I can’t thank Freddie enough because it’s not fair that I got this because I get to work with Freddie who is absolutely incredible, he’s present. He’s—- [Interviewer: All the things you would want in a scene partner] Exactly. So, again, like I said with Deidre he is the best actor I could ask to work with, absolutely. It’s my privilege.” — Chandler Massey on working with Freddie Smith x
Days of Our Lives won drama series honors for just the second time in 40 years at the Daytime Emmys in a rough-hewn ceremony that included more upsets and an envelope mix-up on Sunday night.
INTERVIEW WITH Chandler Massey, who said this about his win: "It feels great. It’s an honor. You know, it’s funny. I told my mom and my dad, my grandfather and my brother and sister all flew up from Georgia and I told them not to because you know, I wasn’t feeling the magic, but you know, I am now!" He spoke about celebrating after. "I’m going to Disneyland after. No, I don’t know, probably dinner with the family." Chandler chose the December 29th Daytime Emmy reel because it was his mother’s favorite reel. "I thought it played well," he says. "There’s no one I like working more than with James [Scott, EJ]. He’s such a phenomenal actor and he’s one of those people you feel save really investing in the circumstances and going as deep as possible because he’s already there. He laughed about the episode a few days ago where Will asked EJ if he was going to get him off (a crime) and EJ said it wasn’t his job to get Will off. Chandler laughed. "We do play up kind of the natural chemistry ...
Chandler Massey, one of the young stars of Days of Our Lives, announced on June 16 that he may leave the show that has helped him to win two Daytime Emmy's.
“Freddie and I kind of stumbled through the beginning of Will and Sonny’s relationship, and I think that’s great because I think it was kind of appropriate for Will and Sonny to do that same thing. But with each kind of obstacle that they face, I’m not saying that a baby is an obstacle but maybe an unplanned baby could be considered an obstacle, I think it’s only going to, like everything else make them stronger. I always say they’re a super-couple in training.” — Chandler Massey on Will and Sonny in the future
Thanks Charlie for always being there and supportive of Chandler Massey and myself. Your loyalty and friendship is truly EPIC in every way!!
SPOILERS** Monday June 24th Will intends to confess everything to Abe Tuesday June 25th Will, Sonny, Gabi and Arianna adjust to their living situation Wednesday June 26th Sonny tells Adrienne he will choose Will over her Friday June 28th Will hears Sonny defending him
The 40th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards winners were announced last night and the LGBT friendly soap “Days of Our Lives” took home the night's top prize, Outstanding Drama Series, and series star Chandler Massey picked up his second consecutive Daytime Entertainment Emmy in Outstanding You...
This is why I say CM will leave -- Massey joined the show in 2010 after he had completed his first quarter as a freshman at UCLA. He says he wants to return to college and complete his degree after his contract is up in December. 'That is my plan, that's something I've always wanted to do,' he says. 'I came on Days and signed a four year contract and, in my mind, it was a commitment that you are going to do that for four years and that is how I've always viewed it. Days will always be a huge part of me but I don't like thinking of myself as a college dropout.' Just 22, Massey thinks it's the perfect time in his life to experience college life. 'I'll have a backpack and a scooter that I ride to classes,' he says, laughing. 'I can still kind of fit in with the college kids. I can fool them.' Of his years on the soap, Massey says: 'There's been ups and downs for me and for Will. Just like Will has become a stronger person and a more mature person and grown up on the show, i feel like I've grown up.'
What a morning!!! In getting Hampton off the bed...with my aching thumb, I thought I had dislocated his leg. Oh, the howls of pain...He is the consummate king of drama and elicited my tears and guilt for a while. Turns out, he is fine...I am absolved. :) All of this while the plumber was installing a new hot water heater under my house. Guess there's good and bad in each day...but now, all is least for now. :) "Mama said there'd be days like this!"
Abit Massey is one,of the finest leaders in the state of Ga.He married an outstanding named Kayanne Shofner ,who was Miss. Ga.and a great person.Their son,Lewis was Secretary of State and their daughter Camille is a leader in the Council of Foreign Relations,which of the,most powerful organizations in the world.Their,handsome grandson,Chandler just won his second Emmy.You could make a compelling case that the Massey family is the most outstanding family in the history of Ga.
Had to share the meme my friend Bryan of Dazed of Our Livez did!!! Funny, but *** Chandler Massey looks to be leaving this Winter :/ Hope the PTB can persuade him to stay!
Days of Our Lives wins the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. Aired on June 16th, 2013.
I'd like to congratulate my second cousin, Chandler Massey, on his second Daytime Emmy win! I'm very proud of you, Chandler!
Well it's pretty much official .. Chandler Massey will be leaving when is contract goes up. Is this the end for or should recast? THOUGHTS??
Congratulations to Days of Our Lives for winning the Daytime Emmy for 2013 Outstanding Drama Series!
My Favorite since 1986! Congratulations also to Chandler Massey who won for best young actor of the characater Will Horton.
Chandler Massey win Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series award for 'Days of Our Lives' .
Congrats to Chandler Massey for his Emmy win!
Character of Will Horton grappled with coming out in a small town
Hi Casey,did you know that Chandler Massey won for best outstanding younger actor dramas at the Daytime Emmy Awards?
So proud of Chandler, son of Lewis Massey, for his Emmy and watching him every day when I visit Salem.
We would like to send a huge Congrats to Days of Our Lives Cast and Crew! You all deserve this win! I have been just waiting and waiting for a day like this to come! After all the hard work , the amazing storylines you did it! Today is a day of celebration, of rejoice! Today proves to everyone that Days is still in the game! Watching everyone up on the stage last night with pure joy, happiness and being so humble wow! What a amazing moment! Also want to send a HUGE CONGRATS To Mr. Chandler Massey! Way to go Chandler! Your portrayal of Will has been such a beautiful testimony to what outstanding acting is all about! You have rocked all of our socks off! You truly have made us fans so proud! From winning last year you have grown so much into your acting, and have shown the world what becoming one with your role is all about! Also Kudos to you for Mentioning Freddie Smith ! You both deserved the Emmy! And I know Freddie was so proud of you!!! The gang at DRC wants to say CONGRATS! ROCK ON! xoxo Travis
Congrats Chandler Massey for winning the Emmy for "Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series for Days of Our Lives" — Kayanne Massey, Lewis Massey, L. Camille Massey and the rest of the Massey clan — Good Job!
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