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Champ Bailey

Roland Champ Bailey (born June 22, 1978) is an American football cornerback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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Sean Taylor, Charles Woodson, Aeneas Williams, Champ Bailey, Darrelle name him...whoever ...they all got Moss'd.
Which broncos are missing? Atwater, mecklenburg are the only two I can think of. Champ…
Poll from "The Brink & Bennett Show": In 1999, the Browns drafted QB Tim Couch with the No. 1 pick; which…
Will be a while until I upgrade. Set with Paul Krause & Champ bailey as my CB 1 and 2
Essentially the same thing we did with Champ Bailey. But there we found a trade
I hope Torrey Smith go off like when he was with ravens and burning Champ Bailey lmao
Naw you set with champ Bailey at CB2
Yes, and against guys like Champ Bailey... not against Tom Thomps…
come on he's a Hall of Famer no doubt but I'm not putting him over Bailey and Revis. Revis had the best…
Didn't miss a game in his career. Provided a deep threat that they clearly lacked for a couple of…
*** ran into Champ Bailey at the airport lol
Champ bailey was revis before revis was revis
Are the Colts better overall if they draft Champ Bail…
Self Motivation is the best motivation... what you do Consistently when no one is around shows who/what you really…
Champ bailey had 400 yards rushing in a game in high school
I think when HOF voters don't give Bowlen, Gradishar, Atwater, Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, Tom Jackson, Lo…
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What day does the new gauntlet champ drop? And are they gonna keep upgrading Champ Bailey
Deion? Dude, c'mon. Whitlock you're the man but Champ Bailey was a better corner than Deion.
The Pats got the ball on the Champ Bailey fumble
. -Aaron Boone. -'05 Champ Bailey fumbles int through end zone, get ball on the 1. -all the PIs Colts got in '06. -Tuukka vs Hawks
Please RT. Thanks for all of your help! Check out 2016 Panini Unparalleled Champ Bailey Autograph…
I’m doing great! I’m about to go on a hike with my family. Miss you too Champ!
Future Wii sport champ you guys got there
My beautiful daughter Bailey framed her Champ Bailey jersey for me as a Christmas present. She wanted Champ Bailey…
Champ Bailey is the best CB of this decade don’t @ me
Georgia produced champ bailey and Terrell Davis so I’ve got special love for them
Uga is going back to Athens a CHAMP!!! .
Kirby Smart played on the same college team as Champ Bailey. Someone get him to a hospital.
Georgia needs Champ Bailey & Geno Atkins on defense right now to stop Oklahoma.
Was in the same recruiting class as champ bailey
I see for Georgia and I still think about Champ Bailey.
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Living in Oklahoma, my son wanted to troll the Sooners fans by wearing a Champ Bailey jersey but none get that Champ is a Bulldog
Eric Studesville was the Broncos' longest tenured assistant coach, having been hired in 2010, by Josh McDaniels, an…
Cutting Champ Bailey and not hiring Kyle Shanahan are two things I will forever hate you for. I sup…
Trade champ bailey to the browns for the pick, that’s a steal for the browns , they might give you a 2…
No surprise here. They usually hire from within. “Wink” was the DC for DEN in 2010 & had the leagues worst defense.…
Everyone dancing and popping champagne and I’m discussing the history of each team in playoff time slots . New Engl…
Advocated for QBs doing the punting:. Talked to Champ Bailey and others about what it was l…
For people who have been playing awhile, like myself, I remember playing with ghost champ bailey (one of t…
Yo you should get the champ bailey power up for your budget squad he has 91 zone and is pretty *** cheap.
2005. I think that must have been Plummer. I'll check. That was the Champ Bailey play wher…
When Darrent Williams was drafted he had to play opposite the greatest shutdown corner of all time Champ Bailey. He…
CB needs one pass defensed to become the first Bronco since Champ Bailey with at least 18 passes defensed in a sea…
The last time the were in the Playoffs. Billboard song - Smooth by . Champ…
My top 10 best broncos all time . 1. John Elway. 2. Von Miller. 3. Peyton Manning. 4. Champ Bailey . 5. Terrell Davis. 6.…
That champ bailey will lowkey be a stud I can se 91 zone 91 man tbh
🗣 Let’s Go Champ!!! Today is Not Refundable, Attack the day or just stay in bed...
Madden 18 Ultimate Team New Motivator Power Up, Champ Bailey Power up to 90, Can now Sell Tokens!!: via
If this Champ Bailey doesn’t have 91 zone we riot boys. The 87 has 88
Picture this:. It’s 2030. It’s 6 A.M. Christmas morning & your children come rushing in your bedroom filled with joy to…
first you overrate Howard like he's Champ Bailey, then you overrate Grant like he's DeSea…
Who was the dude on the other side of the field? Champ Bailey? *** Why was anyone still throwing at that man?
yall extended the Set for LT and forgot about Champ Bailey 🤔🤔🤔🤔
In 2006 Champ Bailey caught 10 interceptions for 162yds and a TD
A 🔥🔥 mailday from my bud ! Sweet Champ Bailey’s for the PC and some other Dawgs and Falcons! Tha…
Devin Hester was 1st on Madden with 100 speed they didn't even give Champ Bailey 100 speed &he was 98-99 speed every year
Add me to that lol I used to put Champ Bailey at slot WR back in the day.. Lol
Yay I've been looking foward to this vlog all year 🎉Bailey sang like a CHAMP even tho she had a sore throat. 👑…
Herschel Walker is the only one I know and some R…
You remind me of Champ Bailey in not being targeted corner. I remember years, other teams wouldn't s…
Should get out more solos(Journey 2), raise lvl cap to 50, mid season MUT Master, more up…
Say wha? Omg, I wish my Champ Bailey jersey were still not in Georgia. Now I gotta make plans to go to Bould…
has spent the last week backpedaling faster than Champ Bailey in his prime.
Howard looking like Champ Bailey out here
Let’s not forget the pure magic in the back shoulder throw from Brady to Champ Bailey in the corner of the end zone
"brady to Champ Bailey with the back shoulder fade"
“You was quiet when he was throwing dimes to champ bailey”
Night Train Lane, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, Xavien Howard. I've always said this is my top 5 corners all time.
Xavien Howard out here looking like prime Champ Bailey 👀
Champ Bailey was a Spartan warrior with a really small head.
Peters isn’t good enough to act like he is champ bailey or Deion Sanders. He is so immature he wil…
pretty sure they’ve gone downhill ever since you bought that Champ Bailey jersey!
Normally I'd say points to Bailey... But Joe that is yours forever mt champ since day 1...
You got that Champ Bailey probs now! Ha 🐐 I wonder how many more picks Champ would of had if people
Lol this defense isn't what we thought they were. Jim Schwartz can go be a head coach if he wants lol I could care…
Jalen Ramsey take his helmet off and it’s really Champ Bailey under there.
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I’ve got a lot to do today Champ, but I’m doing well! 💕
This Champ Bailey 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter signed set just walked in. I don't see it lasting long at $249.…
Good i put on my blue Champ Bailey jersey to work today
Another honor for linebacker ROQUAN SMITH—Only the 3rd Bulldog the last 23 seasons to finish in the…
Even though did not win Mr. Football he is our Mr. Football. We are also officially changing his name t…
Amazing pick from It may be time to finally retire my Champ Bailey jersey for a current player.
Adrian Peterson, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Calvin Johnson, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, all more in the conversation imo
The last time an interception was returned for 100 yards with no TD...Champ Bailey from Tom Brady wit…
Lol, right. That's why I have DJ Williams, Champ Bailey, and Brian Dawkins jerseys. Been watc…
Chris Harris, Champ Bailey and DRC started the no fly zone in 2013, we’ve played twice since then.
Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey (24) celebrates his interception with Den... New Events -…
you lead like the state champ that you are, like the senior pg in Wisconsin.
Boy sit your *** down using the display name of Champ Bailey probably used to be a Redskins fan
Wait why is his display name Champ Bailey
If you consider Champ Bailey and Lavar Arrington nothing, hen you are correct.
to Cleveland in 2000? Champ Bailey in 99? I made a vid redoing the original drafts
gimme me your Champ Bailey jersey lol
My wife was raised a broncos fan and owns a Champ Bailey jersey. . He'd be CB on a roster with Jalen
I'm not gonna lie. On NFL Street if you use Champ Bailey or Jerry Rice you cheating bruh.
Reminds me of watching ADB against Champ Bailey in SB48; just making him look silly.
Omg smh champ bailey wasn't this good
Yeah doing extra braids like you did with Champ Bailey or lettuce sell or put these LT cards in a set
In the last 6 years *** not when champ bailey was playing hush
I almost made the Bailey world champ and Veda knockouts champ
Mike Bailey as X Division Champ, Super Smash Brothers tag champs and Selez as Knockouts Champion Anticipation Station.
He finna look like prime Champ Bailey next week
For a guy with 2 int in his career he talks about Darby like he’s Champ Bailey in his prime lol
Bademodi is better than Champ Bailey an Deion Sanders in their prime
johnson bademosi the two last named GAWD is champ bailey.
I thought Marshon Lattimore was gonna be good; I didn't expect him to be the second coming of Champ Bailey
me: can you sign my bronco's jersey?. riker: f* yeah! who's jersey?. me: champ bailey... riker: I GET TO SIGN AN F…
if we accidentally put champ bailey into a set b4 the refund. Will we get another one?
Do you want BTS to have Vote on idol champ! It’s worth 20% of the award!. This will ends today and we’r…
Hey Toro - you're gonna have to talk louder. Bailey has a Champ R…
Bailey is about to dominate two sports what a champ
It's endless people that belong on this list lol Torry holt, Champ bailey, Ricky Williams, Zach Thomas, 😂😂 but it's only 22 spots
Deion Sanders doing Golden Corral comerrcials now, Champ Bailey would never subject himself to that type of embarrassment
I didn't think that Ronde was that good. I got Champ Bailey upgraded. Slay upgraded all the way and Deion
Added a new video: "Champ Bailey x JFrost feat. SourSoundz "
Darrell Green and Champ Bailey are better options than MEHthel.
New pet sitter is a champ and gave Bailey a bath and cleaned their kennel. As much as I loved our old pet sitter, he never did that.
Probably a defensive player with the 1st hero being offensive. I would predict a nice solid speed, g…
Defending state champ Bailey Nock finished first at the state-qualifying meet in Iowa City. More photos:
After Payton’s top prospect in the draft didn’t quite pan out, desperation sets in. Champ Bailey, Brandon Browner, Patr…
is on the path of becoming the team's best CB. He's second behind Champ Bailey in passes defended. http…
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I was the biggest bandwagoner when Denver Broncos was doin they thing..big fan of terrel Davis & Shannon...& Champ Bailey
how many jerseys do you own? I have a Champ Bailey one as well as Manning..…
Need to figure out what Broncos jersey I want next...either Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey, or Emmanuel Sanders
You could tell Champ Bailey and Darren Woodson what he was gonna run and they wouldn't be able to stop that.
Non-draft news tonight ... Champ Bailey returns to Colorado for HOF induction, reunion with Broncos
No one has worn No. 24 for the since Champ Bailey retired, and I hope it remains that way.
Focus may be on the NFL draft this week ... but Champ Bailey will be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame…
Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, and Ty Law were my favorite corners growing up
Champ Bailey will enter Colorado Sports Hall of Fame and Von Miller will be presented with Athlete of Year award at banque…
Steve Smith explains why Champ Bailey was toughest DB he ever faced | Broncos Wire via
very excited about this one how about Andre Johnson, Steve Smith Sr, Shannon Sharpe or Champ Bailey
one of the walls in my room. Coach Shanahan, Champ Bailey, Mario Fatafehi, Michael Myers, Mike Anderson, Ashley Le…
What would a secondary w/ Champ Bailey and Sean Taylor have looked like?
Trading two first rounders for Sean Gilbert. Once of those picks turned into Champ Bailey...
I don't think we should pay him to play the second half. Makes Carlos Rogers look like Champ Bailey 🙄
Hamilton Collection
And then he thought about Darrell Green and said Josh is 2nd. I said no Champ is 2nd 😂😂 He said "I didn't know Champ Bailey was that good"
Could have sworn I saw Champ Bailey & Brandon Browner helping on
GOAT CBs:. -- Mel Blount. -- Deion Sanders. -- Mike Haynes. -- *** LeBeau. -- Champ Bailey. You can argue about the spots all you want.
Terrell Davis, Ray Allen and Champ Bailey carried my childhood. *Clinton Portis for like 2 years
the single greatest is, of course, Ben Watson vs Champ Bailey. Still one of most amazing plays I've ever seen.
makes me think of Ben Watson on Champ Bailey every single time
Tennessee kid just pulled a Ben Watson on Champ Bailey. What a play.
Imagine if the Redskins never traded Champ Bailey and Sean Taylor was never murdered. Man
because we have had Champ Bailey a HOFer ,Deanglo Hall ,Shawn Springs, Carlos Rodgers so no he is not.
I had 87 LeSean Mccoy and 90 Herman Moore and 91 champ bailey and I get banned and lose everything
When players take scoring for granted, I anticipate someone being lit up like Ben Watson did Champ Bailey. You never know what's coming.
Peanut Tilman, Champ Bailey, Ty Law, Ronde Barber, Woodson all deserve a spot in Canton before Revis.
Ronde Barber, Champ Bailey, Ty Law, Tillman, Samuel all have to get in the HOF before Revis. Period.
they don't get any better than Champ Bailey
don't u ever disrespect champ bailey like that again. Dude was definition of shutdown
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I really don't see how Champ Bailey hasn't received a call from the Hall yet. He was a premier CB his whole career.
Tryna pick me off like Champ Bailey but I'm Randy Moss!
Champ bailey was a monster and Asante Samuels is extremely underrated. This is not wrong
right?! He thru Champ Bailey in there and I gave him that one but the other 2? *** nah 😂😂😂
Lol..people threw at Deon Sanders? Champ Bailey had only 35 targets one season in 16 games. He had 10 picks. Stop.
Take your Ls like a champ no one likes a sore loser
Bruh take that champ bailey fade and become a free safety. You out there looking like a casualty bro 🔥😳
Champ Bailey maybe but nah on Law n Samuels, both of them were zone corners lol
Noting better than being the champ at corn hole. Cookouts are collage football is the best!
lmfao Champ Bailey had the greatest season ever by a corner no debate
Champ Bailey is the best CB since Prime Time. No one has eclipsed him yet
Pick 2 of these for the HOF: . Darrelle Revis. Champ Bailey. Ty Law. Asante Samuel. I'm taking Ty and Champ easily
some dude last night tried telling me Revis was better than Champ Bailey because he has a ring..
I added a video to a playlist Champ Bailey Highlights: Madden 17 Ultimate Team
Theres no DB I've wanted DEAD more than Champ Bailey.
I personally think Revis was better at locking up people than Champ Bailey but Bailey could lock up dudes AND get a hold on the ball
Champ Bailey and Darryl Green were CLEARLY better for longer. What are you 16???
did I just read that Champ Bailey was a better tackler than Revis by a WIDE margin ? that's false
Champ Bailey a top 2 corner of all time. Revis a top 20 corner of all time. Debate ya fleshlight u virgins
so you're saying Deon Sanders and champ Bailey are trash corners since they and 50+ Ints?
Ty Law, Champ Bailey, Assante Samuels. . All better careers than Revis. None in HOF yet.
Not a savant but he did some things. B-Mitch. Steve Dave. The draft trade w + netting Champ Bailey was 🔥.
Saw a nice legend Champ Bailey, Flashback Keenan Allen, and what appears to be a signature Randall Cobb...nevermind that Von Miller 👀
I would love to see Champ Bailey vs Jerry Rice. The GOAT vs the best corner since all the rule [1/2]
Champ Bailey vs Jerry Rice in there primes
Ed Reed Sean Taylor at safety and Deion and Champ Bailey on the outskirts 😩 CLAMPS
.turns 27 today. Louis Wright played to 33. Ray Crockett and Champ Bailey to 35. Deion Sanders to 37. Darrell Green to 42!
Stone Deckard. One of the great sports names like Lake Speed, Champ Bailey & World B. Free
John Lynch speaks of teammates like Champ Bailey, Jake Plummer, Rod Smith, Al Wilson among the Broncos that meant a great deal to him.
Jalen Ramsey will end up being better than Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, and Ed Reed tbh
Champ Bailey: Josh Norman is worth every penny of $75 million contract the Redskins gave him
He is right and the last shutdown corner was Revis and before him Deion and maybe champ bailey!!👍🏽
To start the half, NE had a drive end in a FG ... after that, the Champ Bailey INT. That lead to 7 more points for Denver. SMH
Bowman relic lot of Champ Bailey, Alshon Jeffery, Joe Flacco, and TY Hilton
It was Champ Bailey, and he graduated in the late 90's. 🙄
Even the Dolphins know this bruddah, our Indigenous Open Surfing champ soli bailey, ripping as always
I guess Champ Bailey could qualify as a "worst" considering he didn't even make the *** team
I buy all the Bailey ones bcuz I'm a sucker but the hug like a champ one is the least creepy for an adult to wear in public
Perfect chance the bring Bailey in. I know she's the NXT Women's Champ right now, but she totally deserve it.
those are cool too with srt8. Champ Bailey seems nice off the field, was he cool with you
Chris Harris is my second favorite db after champ Bailey
I remember I wore in peewee 1 yr just cus Clinton Portis wore it. His first 2 seasons w/ DEN before the champ bailey trade inspired me.
BRUH this Golden Retriever got stung by a wasp & ended up with a swollen face. He still cute doe! What a Champ 🐶😄
what if it's champ Bailey lol that'd be insane
The oven-crisp bacon on every Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is what makes the 4 for $4 meal an absolute CHAMP.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
If Jack is a Ray Lewis type or Ramsey a Champ Bailey/Woodson give me that over a Blake Bortles type
Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Champ Bailey...and that's just RECENT history
Clinton Portis-for-Champ Bailey ranks among the biggest trades in NFL history
denver traded him for champ bailey that's how REAL he was
Yeah I know... But that Fleener contract looked pretty bad.. Browner was the worst, champ Bailey too
I went powder skiing with Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos. Full video here:
I agree that Champ should not be forgotten but trust me you'll like Bailey. She makes my dad so mad it's great
Champ Bailey. Sure we got Portis, but we passed on Adrian Peterson cuz we had Portis. Could've had Champ and A.P.
Mine prolly gone have to be Quentin Jammer, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, Ty Law, and Ronde Barber
First, gets hurt week one of his pro career. Second, chases champ bailey all the way to the one yard line, giving me hope he'll be great.
Still convinced this is why Den traded for Champ Bailey, which didn't help the following year either
happy for Big Ben.. That champ bailey -full field rundown in mile high was worth a contract itself.
I can still see Watson chasing down champ bailey like it was yesterday. guessing some of that speed is gone?
never forget that cat running down Champ Bailey in Denver.
I think that's the play that made them trade for champ Bailey lolol
his name is boss Bailey. Champ baileys brother
Champ Bailey, Victor Butler, Anthony Spencer -- can give you a BAD one for every good one
Man what did to Champ Bailey on Monday Night football man ion think no one ever did champ like that
Lynch, Manning, & Megatron all gone in a single offseason. May be the biggest retirement party since ... 2014? Dallas Clark,Champ Bailey...
yea like when they traded away Champ Bailey
Peyton. Ray Lewis, jeter, champ bailey, Kobe, Vince. It just keeps getting sadder as we get older
TIL the Bailey brothers in the NFL are Champ and Boss. Mad props to those parents for naming their kids so!
Manning changed this franchise twice. When he signed in 2012. And when they traded for Champ Bailey in order to compete with him.
I can't believe the Skins had Champ Bailey and traded him for Clinton Portis. And of course can't forget about Fred Smoot was good too
It's a shame that guys like Champ Bailey, Jake Plummer, Al Wilson, and even Brian Dawkins never got this. But so awesome f…
the next Champ Bailey or Brandon Browner for Saints???
CBs Champ Bailey, Darrell Green, and Fred Smoot getting ready for their game against the in 2001
Champ Bailey might be the second best corner behind Deion Sanders
exactly, like the days with Ray Lewis, TO, Moss, Donovan McNabb, Culpepper, Champ Bailey... I could go on.. I loved that NFL
who should be in the hall Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, TD, Tom Nalen, Rod Smith, Champ Bailey.
I agree with this. McNabb went before Edge, Torry Holt, Champ Bailey, Jevon Kearse, but was clearly the right pick.
Woodson came in the new era of DBs Sam Madison, Shawn Springs, Ronde Barber, Champ Bailey, Samari Rolle he out lasted every one of them.
Dawg, and you could tell the *** knew nothin bout sports. *** had a created team with Ray Lewis, Troy Polamolu, Sean Taylor, Champ Bailey
You couldn't tell me nothing about Asante Samuel, Champ Bailey, and Ty Law when I was young and still can't. All HOF's
You're smoking something because Champ Bailey and Deon Sanders are definitely the top 2 of all time.
With the terror going on, a loser Champ Bailey and Sporting News using time to bash a Christians Tebow
Champ Bailey: Broncos scout team told to ease up on Tim Tebow: (Photo: Ron Chenoy, USA TOD...
Steve Smith Sr. explains why Champ Bailey is the best CB hes ever played against.
Related: Champ Bailey is here today, playing reporter in his post-playing days. He’s doing a story on Josh Norman.
Sean Payton wouldnt even verify that Jarius Byrd or Champ Bailey was alive in last 2 yrs . But now ppl believe when he say he not gone?
Hes the combination of Champ Bailey, Ronny Lot, Patrick Peterson, Deion Sanders, Ed Reed, Derelle Revis, and Richard Sherman.
Denver won that Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey deal
Two future Hall of Famers, Randy Moss (and Champ Bailey (c_bailey24) get ready for FOX…
Fox, adding new 11 am-noon NFL pregame, named Charissa Thompson, Colin Cowherd, Champ Bailey, Randy Moss and D. Wannstedt as talent on show.
Deion is a HOF CB his age showed Champ Bailey Age showed
Thanks Bailey! I'm sure you'll get some great shots of the champ!
so proud of Bailey wright ..wright.. wright well done you champ.
My son Bailey with Stu Armstrongs son Ben helping the champ Michael Ferry present the FCC Heavyweight Title belt...
You mad bro? Salas SMACKS world champ Sudalaev in last years world finals!
Vernon does have that champ bailey Charles Woodson, Revis play style
Offense and defense! I like it and they comparing him too champ bailey
They did not just compare VH3 to Champ Bailey..
that Broncos D had champ bailey, Elvis Dumervill and Von Miller. Also, Kyle Orton wasn't trying.
Bailey just told mom that he's the beer pong champ 😂🍻
Aaron Davis did his Champ Bailey impression on that INT
R.i.p champ. Me and bailey will miss you Lil guy😢💔
doing the business as usual champ. Just wait on Tudor bolt 💰💰💰
Champ Bailey is hands down the all time greatest CB. Idc.
Champ Bailey used to have lock up too
ESPN 300 running back Elijah Holyfield, son of former heavyweight champ Evander, commits to Georgia.
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Champ bailey is the best in history in my opinion. In his prime. He was the definition of shutdown corner.
when you and your cousin are Champ Bailey and Richard Sherman at the block party. Don't try to throw on us. 13 shirts
believes he is a cross between Richard Sherman and champ bailey
They try to pick me off like Champ Bailey But I'm Randy Moss and I ran it off for the TD what now? Gold Ap all Buss Down Fclowns
very respectable jersey to have.Only non Lions I will admit to owning is Mike Alstott & Champ Bailey, had plenty as kid
same thing that led Champ Bailey out of town lol
heating up! 2x IN 3rd placer and NHSCA All American Breyden Bailey registered at 125, MI State Champ Max Johnson in at 119
will there be flashback champ bailey again this year I really like that card
Remember when Champ Bailey was the best cornerback.
Being candid, even many of the elite/elite guys of this era likely will be waiting awhile. Andre Johnson, Champ Bailey, etc.
champ bailey is the only one I can think of
btw, wasn't their FA acquisition/trade of Ellerbe and Spencer supposed to pan out? Oh, Champ Bailey from last yr!
That's with injuries, whiffing on Champ Bailey, a rookie (Dixon), no SJB, Patrick Robinson and Corey White
now i don't know if i would go as far as to say Darrell revis is better than Champ Bailey.
UGA's Herschel Walker (RB) and Kevin Butler (PK) make FWAA 75th anniversary 1st team; Champ Bailey (DB) 2nd team
Congrats to Kevin Butler, Herschel Walker and Champ Bailey on the 75th FWAA Team!
Tracy Porter says that he's learned a lot from Marques Colston and Champ Bailey in his career.
Ex-Pro Bowler CB Champ Bailey 'just doesn't get' how was suspended off Wells Report 'evidence'.
Champ Bailey is my favorite all time Bronco. My second would be Chris Harris. this guy, is a movie in the making. So inspiring.
Champ Bailey hopes Wes Welker will retire due to his history of concussions
Champ Bailey ranks Chris Harris Jr. in his top 3 cornerbacks in the league
Champ Bailey lists in his top three cornerbacks in the league.
Good luck champ. Hope it goes well this time. Think of Max Bailey, he got what he deserved with the flag. Hang tough bud.
Nnamdi Asomugha and champ bailey are the two best corners of the last 2 decades
Put a Champ Bailey Pro Bowl jersey on a bench cause I dont want. I hate Denver. Then a guy walks in with a Champ Bailey jersey on.
Congrats on collecting those belts champ 😄
Everyone's trying to pick me off like their Champ Bailey, but I'm Randy Moss
Do proud of maddie for taking that surgery like a champ, love ya kid💞
Jalen vs VH3 is who you rather have. Ed Reed or Revis? . Sean Taylor or Champ Bailey?
They tried to pic me like champ Bailey but I Randy Moss
Tryna pick me off like I'm Champ Bailey, but I'm Randy Moss
he's not gonna do anything I mean he's champ bailey 2.0 I would've been more happy with tramon Williams tbh
Shotgunning beer like a champ with the brother🍻🍻
Just played against darelle revis, champ bailey, aquib talib, and Richard Sherman in uplink lol
True. The next nxt gen looks to be shaping up. Bailey the new champ. Blue pants, etc.
If you meet the bailey's you're in it to win it champ, NO going back.
he and Eason seem to be working well together. He could be a Champ Bailey type
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