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Champ Bailey

Roland Champ Bailey (born June 22, 1978) is an American football cornerback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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To start the half, NE had a drive end in a FG ... after that, the Champ Bailey INT. That lead to 7 more points for Denver. SMH
Bowman relic lot of Champ Bailey, Alshon Jeffery, Joe Flacco, and TY Hilton
It was Champ Bailey, and he graduated in the late 90's. ๐Ÿ™„
Even the Dolphins know this bruddah, our Indigenous Open Surfing champ soli bailey, ripping as always
I guess Champ Bailey could qualify as a "worst" considering he didn't even make the *** team
I buy all the Bailey ones bcuz I'm a sucker but the hug like a champ one is the least creepy for an adult to wear in public
Perfect chance the bring Bailey in. I know she's the NXT Women's Champ right now, but she totally deserve it.
those are cool too with srt8. Champ Bailey seems nice off the field, was he cool with you
Chris Harris is my second favorite db after champ Bailey
I remember I wore in peewee 1 yr just cus Clinton Portis wore it. His first 2 seasons w/ DEN before the champ bailey trade inspired me.
BRUH this Golden Retriever got stung by a wasp & ended up with a swollen face. He still cute doe! What a Champ ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜„
what if it's champ Bailey lol that'd be insane
The oven-crisp bacon on every Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is what makes the 4 for $4 meal an absolute CHAMP.
If Jack is a Ray Lewis type or Ramsey a Champ Bailey/Woodson give me that over a Blake Bortles type
Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Champ Bailey...and that's just RECENT history
Clinton Portis-for-Champ Bailey ranks among the biggest trades in NFL history
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denver traded him for champ bailey that's how REAL he was
Yeah I know... But that Fleener contract looked pretty bad.. Browner was the worst, champ Bailey too
I went powder skiing with Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos. Full video here:
I agree that Champ should not be forgotten but trust me you'll like Bailey. She makes my dad so mad it's great
Tried to pick me off like Champ Bailey but I'm Randy Moss ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Champ Bailey. Sure we got Portis, but we passed on Adrian Peterson cuz we had Portis. Could've had Champ and A.P.
Mine prolly gone have to be Quentin Jammer, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, Ty Law, and Ronde Barber
First, gets hurt week one of his pro career. Second, chases champ bailey all the way to the one yard line, giving me hope he'll be great.
Still convinced this is why Den traded for Champ Bailey, which didn't help the following year either
happy for Big Ben.. That champ bailey -full field rundown in mile high was worth a contract itself.
I can still see Watson chasing down champ bailey like it was yesterday. guessing some of that speed is gone?
never forget that cat running down Champ Bailey in Denver.
I think that's the play that made them trade for champ Bailey lolol
his name is boss Bailey. Champ baileys brother
Champ Bailey, Victor Butler, Anthony Spencer -- can give you a BAD one for every good one
Man what did to Champ Bailey on Monday Night football man ion think no one ever did champ like that
Lynch, Manning, & Megatron all gone in a single offseason. May be the biggest retirement party since ... 2014? Dallas Clark,Champ Bailey...
yea like when they traded away Champ Bailey
Peyton. Ray Lewis, jeter, champ bailey, Kobe, Vince. It just keeps getting sadder as we get older
TIL the Bailey brothers in the NFL are Champ and Boss. Mad props to those parents for naming their kids so!
Manning changed this franchise twice. When he signed in 2012. And when they traded for Champ Bailey in order to compete with him.
I can't believe the Skins had Champ Bailey and traded him for Clinton Portis. And of course can't forget about Fred Smoot was good too
It's a shame that guys like Champ Bailey, Jake Plummer, Al Wilson, and even Brian Dawkins never got this. But so awesome fโ€ฆ
the next Champ Bailey or Brandon Browner for Saints???
CBs Champ Bailey, Darrell Green, and Fred Smoot getting ready for their game against the in 2001
Champ Bailey might be the second best corner behind Deion Sanders
exactly, like the days with Ray Lewis, TO, Moss, Donovan McNabb, Culpepper, Champ Bailey... I could go on.. I loved that NFL
who should be in the hall Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, TD, Tom Nalen, Rod Smith, Champ Bailey.
I agree with this. McNabb went before Edge, Torry Holt, Champ Bailey, Jevon Kearse, but was clearly the right pick.
Woodson came in the new era of DBs Sam Madison, Shawn Springs, Ronde Barber, Champ Bailey, Samari Rolle he out lasted every one of them.
Dawg, and you could tell the *** knew nothin bout sports. *** had a created team with Ray Lewis, Troy Polamolu, Sean Taylor, Champ Bailey
You couldn't tell me nothing about Asante Samuel, Champ Bailey, and Ty Law when I was young and still can't. All HOF's
You're smoking something because Champ Bailey and Deon Sanders are definitely the top 2 of all time.
With the terror going on, a loser Champ Bailey and Sporting News using time to bash a Christians Tebow
Champ Bailey: Broncos scout team told to ease up on Tim Tebow: (Photo: Ron Chenoy, USA TOD...
Steve Smith Sr. explains why Champ Bailey is the best CB hes ever played against.
Related: Champ Bailey is here today, playing reporter in his post-playing days. Heโ€™s doing a story on Josh Norman.
Sean Payton wouldnt even verify that Jarius Byrd or Champ Bailey was alive in last 2 yrs . But now ppl believe when he say he not gone?
Hes the combination of Champ Bailey, Ronny Lot, Patrick Peterson, Deion Sanders, Ed Reed, Derelle Revis, and Richard Sherman.
Denver won that Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey deal
Two future Hall of Famers, Randy Moss (and Champ Bailey (c_bailey24) get ready for FOXโ€ฆ
Fox, adding new 11 am-noon NFL pregame, named Charissa Thompson, Colin Cowherd, Champ Bailey, Randy Moss and D. Wannstedt as talent on show.
Deion is a HOF CB his age showed Champ Bailey Age showed
Thanks Bailey! I'm sure you'll get some great shots of the champ!
so proud of Bailey wright ..wright.. wright well done you champ.
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My son Bailey with Stu Armstrongs son Ben helping the champ Michael Ferry present the FCC Heavyweight Title belt...
You mad bro? Salas SMACKS world champ Sudalaev in last years world finals!
Vernon does have that champ bailey Charles Woodson, Revis play style
Offense and defense! I like it and they comparing him too champ bailey
They did not just compare VH3 to Champ Bailey..
that Broncos D had champ bailey, Elvis Dumervill and von Miller. Also, Kyle Orton wasn't trying.
Bailey just told mom that he's the beer pong champ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿป
Aaron Davis did his Champ Bailey impression on that INT
R.i.p champ. Me and bailey will miss you Lil guy๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”
doing the business as usual champ. Just wait on Tudor bolt ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ
Champ Bailey is hands down the all time greatest CB. Idc.
Champ Bailey used to have lock up too
ESPN 300 running back Elijah Holyfield, son of former heavyweight champ Evander, commits to Georgia.
Champ bailey is the best in history in my opinion. In his prime. He was the definition of shutdown corner.
when you and your cousin are Champ Bailey and Richard Sherman at the block party. Don't try to throw on us. 13 shirts
believes he is a cross between Richard Sherman and champ bailey
They try to pick me off like Champ Bailey But I'm Randy Moss and I ran it off for the TD what now? Gold Ap all Buss Down Fclowns
very respectable jersey to have.Only non Lions I will admit to owning is Mike Alstott & Champ Bailey, had plenty as kid
same thing that led Champ Bailey out of town lol
heating up! 2x IN 3rd placer and NHSCA All American Breyden Bailey registered at 125, MI State Champ Max Johnson in at 119
will there be flashback champ bailey again this year I really like that card
Remember when Champ Bailey was the best cornerback.
Being candid, even many of the elite/elite guys of this era likely will be waiting awhile. Andre Johnson, Champ Bailey, etc.
champ bailey is the only one I can think of
btw, wasn't their FA acquisition/trade of Ellerbe and Spencer supposed to pan out? Oh, Champ Bailey from last yr!
That's with injuries, whiffing on Champ Bailey, a rookie (Dixon), no SJB, Patrick Robinson and Corey White
now i don't know if i would go as far as to say Darrell revis is better than Champ Bailey.
UGA's Herschel Walker (RB) and Kevin Butler (PK) make FWAA 75th anniversary 1st team; Champ Bailey (DB) 2nd team
Congrats to Kevin Butler, Herschel Walker and Champ Bailey on the 75th FWAA Team!
Tracy Porter says that he's learned a lot from Marques Colston and Champ Bailey in his career.
Ex-Pro Bowler CB Champ Bailey 'just doesn't get' how was suspended off Wells Report 'evidence'.
Champ Bailey is my favorite all time Bronco. My second would be Chris Harris. this guy, is a movie in the making. So inspiring.
Champ Bailey hopes Wes Welker will retire due to his history of concussions
Champ Bailey ranks Chris Harris Jr. in his top 3 cornerbacks in the league
Champ Bailey lists in his top three cornerbacks in the league.
Good luck champ. Hope it goes well this time. Think of Max Bailey, he got what he deserved with the flag. Hang tough bud.
Nnamdi Asomugha and champ bailey are the two best corners of the last 2 decades
Put a Champ Bailey Pro Bowl jersey on a bench cause I dont want. I hate Denver. Then a guy walks in with a Champ Bailey jersey on.
Congrats on collecting those belts champ ๐Ÿ˜„
Everyone's trying to pick me off like their Champ Bailey, but I'm Randy Moss
Do proud of maddie for taking that surgery like a champ, love ya kid๐Ÿ’ž
Jalen vs VH3 is who you rather have. Ed Reed or Revis? . Sean Taylor or Champ Bailey?
They tried to pic me like champ Bailey but I Randy Moss
Tryna pick me off like I'm Champ Bailey, but I'm Randy Moss
he's not gonna do anything I mean he's champ bailey 2.0 I would've been more happy with tramon Williams tbh
Shotgunning beer like a champ with the brother๐Ÿป๐Ÿป
Just played against darelle revis, champ bailey, aquib talib, and Richard Sherman in uplink lol
True. The next nxt gen looks to be shaping up. Bailey the new champ. Blue pants, etc.
If you meet the bailey's you're in it to win it champ, NO going back.
he and Eason seem to be working well together. He could be a Champ Bailey type
Try to pick me off like champ Bailey but im Randy Moss
Tried pick me off like Champ bailey.but I'm Randy Moss
When I was a Lil kid I used to say Champ Bailey was my uncle I'm from Denver mf's really believed me
congrats bailey. You deserve it champ
Try to pick me off like champ bailey but I Randy Moss
Champ bailey was a great tackler for a corner back
Champ Bailey is better than Revis & Aso. Yeah, even in his old age, he's still better.
at Later we dueled w Veronica Corningstone, Ron Burgundy and Champ Bailey.
Adrian Peterson / PFT Live Hines Ward reflects on his college days with Champ Bailey
Kevin Johnson said he idolized Champ Bailey growing up.
Kevin Johnson said he watched Champ Bailey closely growing up.
Kevin Johnson says he looked up to Champ Bailey growing up.
Your Ravens have burned many defensive backs. Like Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones did to Champ Bailey and Rahim Moore
Guys, also don't forgot that Corey White not giving up ended Champ Bailey's career. That's a scientific fact.
signed Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson and won the Super Bowl with Titans, Jake Locker
Sign Champ Bailey and then we're talking. Jets in the running for 2008's best secondary
Final: ends best season to date with a 77-40 loss to 5-time state champ Princess Anne. Alexis Bailey scored 10 pts
Is that flashback revis only in flashback packs or is it a 24 hour card like how champ bailey was?
Good for Orakpo. Bad for me. My Redskins jersey collection is dwindling. Cooley(2x), Orakpo, Landry, Champ Bailey, Santana Moss and RGIII.
2003 - The guy who wore before Champ Bailey... Deltha O'Neal (looks a little strange doesn't it):
Any plans for a Pat Willis 24hr tribute? Like the Champ Bailey 95ovr tribute earlier this year?
Go ask Brian Dawkins or Champ Bailey what they think of Tim and if he led
โ€œso I'm good??โ€you a Super Bowl champ im charging you exkraaa
Keeping the Bailey legacy going. At the All-State banquet with your LL Pole Vault State Champ!
everyone knows I'm the champ at eating contests bailey...
domain names
Themes Saturday for the 10 o'clock game it is Saint Patricks and for the ship it is sectional champ shirt / red out. Evโ€ฆ
Puts into perspective how crazy it was for Champ Bailey to last as long as he did.
grahams stats were decreasing even if you count out last year browned will make up for champ Bailey
it's probably going to be fun facing revis in practice n drills kinda like Denver days when Champ Bailey was the Dominant one
Another funny bite from Curtis Lofton. He said wherever Champ Bailey goes, 4 rookies follow him. Called him "smooth"
Cowboys made a decision reminiscent of the Skins back in 2003...when Dan Snyder chose to pay Lavar Arrington over Champ Bailey.
last time I kept up with the NFL champ bailey was overall in madden
I definitely have attachments to players on the Broncos if they been with the team forever or are a franchise player like Champ Bailey was
well we know Champ Bailey not coming back.
Charles Woodson got burned...Revis got burned. And champ bailey got burned...happen to everyone.
โ€œYall was amped up over Champ bailey tooโ€who the no fly zone ppl ?
Yall was amped up over Champ bailey too
We all felt this way last year when the saints got Champ Bailey lets just wait and see before we start chanting "No Fly Zone "
Champ Bailey played at All-Pro level in 2012; he was older than Revis will be after guaranteed money is eaten up.
"Nobody wants to be handicapped when they're in their 40s." - Champ Bailey on life after the NFL
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D.Revis will become highest pd CB of all time with guar salaries of $16M in 2015 $17M in '16. passing Champ Bailey $102.7โ€ฆ
Why early NFL retirements actually make sense via At end of article, Champ Bailey gives good advice 4 all.
Sunday please hurry. I need good vibes
Based kind of off of what Elway said when Webster was drafted.
Lmao why'd I think that was champ bailey on empire
Sorry To Bother, but should I get 93 joe Haden or 93 flashback champ bailey. Or if you have any other cornerback suggestions
Champ Bailey got signed last year... Doesn't mean whoever y'all get will make it through training camp
Remember when we debated if the jets should sign Champ Bailey.or if David Nelson or Stephen Hill should be cut...
So happy chip Kelley isn't the seahawks coach. He'd trade Richard Sherman for champ bailey and Russell Wilson for Derrick rose
Caught up with Champ Bailey this morning -- he was in awe of Darrelle Revis' deal. Called Revis best business man in sports.
Kennan Lewis supposed to be the best cover corner but he old and dusty.. Idky they let go of Champ Bailey! At least he adds some experience.
Thoughts be racing daily.. perfect corner on D champ bailey.
Anyone Denver/ Champ Bailey fan found something Mislabeled on ebay that may go for cheap I'll DM link LMK
I think he will be a Dawg. The next Champ Bailey!
Revis is learning to be a man. To be more humble & follow the Champ Bailey example. One day you will too.
Brady threw a brutal pick to Champ Bailey on the goal line in playoffs one year.
I'd accept one of these one day contracts they do in american sports.Other than that, not a chance
I'd take Cahill if it was structured similarly to this
Too all the haters. Face of a champ.
o yeah *** I forgo all about that's what you get champ bailey ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Lol champ Bailey was liked by the children though. Since there the future he is the GOAT.
all about CHAMP BAILEY.. But I'd say Sherman is definitely better than revis
Ty Law and Champ Bailey or revis and sherman...pick ur duo
S\O to my boy tho regardless.. He still a SB Champ
exactly. Young Revis or old Champ Bailey?? Take your pick.
Torrey Smith ended the great Champ Bailey's career...
When you realize you could be a Super Bowl champ but you killed 3 people
Congrats to center Bryan Stork! From national champ to Super Bowl champ!
Stork natty title with the Noles Super Bowl champ with the pats ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Revis got a ring ๐Ÿ™Œ. He did it for his mentor Champ Bailey
Sherman is the champ bailey of our generation.
Congrats to Champ Bailey on his HOF career! Our team & community were very fortunate to have a player & person like Champ. Tโ€ฆ
Revis, Champ Bailey, Sherman, and you my guy.
That was the same play they beat Champ Bailey on last year.
not talking about just this game, I'm talking him overall. Add Champ Bailey, DeAngelo Hall, and Rogers-Cromartie to that list
Cool of Sherman to give Champ Bailey a shoutout there.
Charles Woodson, Al Harris, Champ Bailey, Richard Sherman. Greatest cornerbacks of all time. on the way!
Richard Sherman is just the best corner in a time full of mediocre corners no way he would hold up to Champ Bailey or Dre Bly or them
These patriot cornerbacks shouldve watched film of Champ Bailey to be better
Kyle Arrington is being treated like Champ Bailey
I miss the NFL back when it was T.O. , Champ Bailey, Mike Vick, Ricky Williams. You know, the NFL street roster you had on PS2 ๐Ÿ˜‚
We've had John Lynch, Brian Dawkins, and Champ Bailey play for us smfh. That's amazing imo
Bobo also told of quiet kid named Champ Bailey turning his short passes into big gains. Sounded like Grayson and Higgins. Also Hines Ward.
He was crushed when Champ Bailey retired... But a surprise visit from his hero changed it all
Former cornerback Champ Bailey thanks the Broncos, owner Pat Bowlen and his teammates for an amazing career.
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I remember Carsons first Broncos jersey was Champ Bailey. Neet story...
Champ Bailey make a surprise visit to a young Broncos fan who is upset about his retirement ย 
So great! Champ Bailey surprises little boy who is upset over his retirement. Such a class act!
Champ bailey gnna be DB coach I bet
Does anyone know if there doing a Champ Bailey tribute at the game Sunday?
Champ Bailey, went over 800 bids lol. Was like 45min
My latest from HoundSports. A Look Back at the Champ Bailey - Clinton Portis Trade
Champ Bailey will forever be one of my favorite football players ๐Ÿ”ถ๐Ÿ”ท
Champ Bailey retires a Bronco after stellar career
TGBC staff honors Champ Bailey for FanUpFriday! Champ is an ALL TIME GREAT BULLDOG! Good luck to Champ in retirement!
This is cute: can you imagine what chub chubs would do if retired?
Champ Bailey at practice today.he spent some time after talking rookie CB Bradley Roby. Champ will be honorary captain Sunday.
After signing one-day contract with Broncos, Champ Bailey Retires
Christopher was a little upset when Champ retired. This surprise changed that.
Christopher was a little upset when retired. This surprise changed that. WATCH:
This young fan was crushed Champ Bailey retired, but this surprise visit changed everything
Former Broncos CB Champ Bailey talks to the team following practice today.
Cheers to Champ Bailey for 10 years in the Mile High City!
We honor Bulldog legend Champ Bailey, who retired with the Denver Broncos, in this week's update!
He was one of the best to ever play the game, but Champ Bailey will play it no more. The former Denver Broncos star officially retired today โ€” as a Bronco.
Joe Ellis: "Champ Bailey was one of Mr. Bowlen's favorite Broncos." Cites how Bailey exceeded expectations of being DEN's next Louis Wright.
Champ Bailey officially retires as a member of the Denver
Champ Bailey will be back in Denver Tuesday to sign a one-day contract & retire as Bronco, press conference at 1 pm.
Having a Peyton Manning jersey does not make you a Broncos fan. Show me John Lynch or Champ Bailey so I know you're real
Jack Del Rio: "He was a pro's pro. A future Hall of Famer. When I coached against him, we told the QB 'Don't throw to him.'" on Champ Bailey
Del Rio on Champ Bailey "when came up here with my teams would tell QB not to throw his way. Great, Great pro."
Peyton Manning, John Elway, John Fox, and Joe Ellis statements on Champ Bailey retiring -
Champ Bailey spent 10 seasons in Denver. Check out photos of Bailey through the years:
Watching players like Ladainian Tomlinson, Ray Lewis, Donald Driver, Ochocinco, Champ Bailey, and Randy Moss was the best growing up
Mike Shanahan, Rod Smith, John Lynch, and Brian Dawkins statements on Champ Bailey retiring
โ€œICYMI: After 15 seasons and 12 Pro Bowls, Champ Bailey officially retires from the NFL. ๐Ÿ CB
I am still upset that the Redskins traded Champ Bailey, this generation's Darrell Green.
Here is Champ Bailey's press release on his decision to retire. professional athlete knows and understands that at some point his career will end and it will be time to move on to another phase in life. For me, that time is now. โ€œI have been truly blessed. I have been able to play this NFL game I love for 15 seasons and yet, it seems like only yesterday that my dreams came true when I received the call from Charley Casserly letting me know the Redskins had made me their first pick in the 1999 draft. I thank them for that. โ€œThen in 2004, Mr. Bowlen, Mike Shanahan and Ted Sundquist gave me the opportunity to come to Denver and be a Bronco. I had the privilege of playing in front of the best fans in the NFL. โ€œJohn Elway then brought Peyton Manning here, and I had the chance to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and make it to the Super Bowl. I could not have played for a better organization or had better teammates and coaches. I thank them all. โ€œI have tried to conduct myself in a manner ...
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning: "Champ Bailey is one of the best cornerbacks ever to play in the NFL,... httโ€ฆ
Champ Bailey's retirement shows the end comes for everyone. Was once coming successor to Darrell Green, sharing the secondary with legend.
12-time pro bowl cornerback Champ Bailey has decided to retire. Next stop: Hall of Fame. . (via
Champ Bailey is officially retiring from the NFL. He made 12 Pro Bowls in 15 seasons with Redskins and Broncos.
Darrell Green and Champ Bailey those two names stick out to me when discussing the GOAT
i had a Tatum Bell, Ed Mccaffery, Darrent Williams, Champ Bailey, and I think some other running at the time. Us fans go hard
Where are players like Cameron Wake, Dansby, Randy Starks, Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, etc. that Nolan worked with before?
All I wanna see is Ravens release CB Chykie Brown, Sign CB Champ Bailey
You know what Champ Bailey does stink.but not as bad as Chykie Brown does and that's all that matters.
Champ Bailey visited Ravens, not immediately signed to contract, sources say
He may be old but I wouldn't mind Champ Bailey covering the slot rather than Asa Jackson or Chykie Brown
We got Champ Bailey and Jim Leonhard on the phone right now –  10% Off
Steelers better go call Champ Bailey a call because it looks like Ike Taylor may be out for the rest of the season.
Why the saints let go of Champ Bailey, Lance Moore , and Darren Sproles :/
On this ball, we have signatures from Gary Clark, Sonny Jurgensen, Ken Harvey, Champ Bailey, Bobby Mitchell and Charlie Taylor.
I'm not waiting for a saints chat...should we sign champ bailey?!?! Lol
Lions should just sign champ bailey already he wants to be there and they need him
Champ Bailey is still a free agent. I say we sign him back. What y'all think?? Bobby Hebert said he was one of the best 4 DB's in camp
Tell me why the saints got rid of champ bailey and kept Patrick Robinson?
How TF u pick this dude over Champ Bailey bruh
Nevin Lawson dislocated foot/ankle. Time to call up the one Champ Bailey. Need CB help.
Cutting Champ Bailey was a horrible decision and our Linebackers suck. Plus we need a real receiver. Colston is not a anymore
Hey listening to the podcast. Champ Bailey is physically not that good but he does NOT have a mental problem!.
I do think the Lions will sign Champ Bailey, unless we make a trade. Desperation mode w/ depth. Nickel CBs dropping like flys
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Thank god we cut champ bailey patrick Robison an Corey White are so good
Didn't Champ Bailey say, he's seen Patrick Robinson do things other CBs couldn't do??? I wonder *** that was..
I'm hoping the lions bring in champ bailey. Prayers please
William David Behr it doesn't look very good for the Saints. Peyton and Ryan arguing on the sideline forecast a 8 & 8 season. Patrick Robinson has been a bust and maybe we should have made room on the roster f/ Champ Bailey. We are swirling the drain after two games. The Cleveland fans want us to going the NFC to be in their division.
But they wanna cut Champ Bailey though right
same thing I said. We gave up Champ Bailey for him
please let Patrick Robinson go! Nobody is scared of him. That is everyone's favorite target.Bring champ bailey back!
Does anyone know why Rob Ryan is still the Saint's defensive coordinator? Also, why does Patrick Robinson still play for the Saints? They pick Patrick Robinson to play instead of Champ Bailey. Let that sink in. Embarrassing two weeks to be a Saints fan. It's all good though. WHO DAT NATION!
There's no way in lucifer's *** Champ Bailey is worse than Patrick Robinson.
I'm assuming Champ Bailey had zero skills left and two broken ankles for the Saints to cut him in favor of P Rob.
Saints should bring champ bailey back
Cutting Champ Bailey was not 1 of the smart choices in life
invest in Champ Bailey. Our secondary is HORRIBLE.
Just call champ bailey and say sorry
Its time to swallow our pride and go get Champ Bailey surely he cant be worse than Patrick Robinson...???
Did Champ Bailey sign with the Vikings , cause the Lions might be begging him with Lawson gone with dislocated foot !
Saints should have never cut Champ Bailey!
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Champ Bailey can play better than Patrick Robinson and Corey White hurt!
Rob Ryan aka Santa Clause, your 3 safety defense not working. saints bring back champ bailey fire Robinson. If you don't do it today kiss the season goodbye
Does Champ Bailey still need a team??!?!!!?!?!? Saints could use him
2nd CB hurt for the Lions. CALL CHAMP BAILEY!!!
Champ Bailey at the crib drinking beer like "Ya'll cut me for that?"
So are we going to go out and pick up Champ Bailey now or what?
need to brig back Champ Bailey, if only for the leadership. Secondary is a total mess.
We need more defensive players like why did they even release champ bailey. Yeah he old but he is still a good enough corner.
I bet Champ Bailey counting his blessings saying I'm glad saints cut Champ be like I'm not playing for this sad *** team... Lol
Cant believe we kept him over Champ Bailey I know Champ is old but am sure he could do better than PRob
Saints should have never let Champ Bailey go ๐Ÿ˜’
Sean Payton better pick up that phone and call Champ Bailey ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Wheres Champ Bailey when you need him. Smh Defense Zone!
So we release champ bailey for Patrick Robinson who's the smart add that made that move
Patrick Robinson is garbage. we was 4th in defense without him now we 32nd with him.Champ Bailey please.
or champ Bailey, I'd even rather have one of our rookies in. It couldn't be worse.
All I can say after today's game is there better be kicker tryouts at Allen Park this week and there had better be a free agent DB signing, hopefully there on the phone with Champ Bailey as I type this.
somebody please explain why the saints let champ bailey go instead of Patrick Robinson ?
I HIGHLY doubt Champ Bailey would've played worst than Robinson
Patrick Robinson has got to go, should have never cut Champ Bailey. There is no way Bailey is worse.
0-2 . Gave away two games straight. And had the audacity to cut Champ Bailey.
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