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Champ Bailey

Roland Champ Bailey (born June 22, 1978) is an American football cornerback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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Champ Bailey visited the facility today… and we can thank Keenan Lewis for the Instagram shot
Former Broncos CB Champ Bailey is visiting New Orleans, per source, and plans to take at least another trip depending ont…
Common we lost alot of players Knowshon Moreno,Champ Bailey,Eric Decker,Beadles,and Kupper! :(
Free agency has gone on in the National Football League for over a week now. With that being said let me throw out my take on all of this. First off all, John Idzik showed that he got too much credit for the success of the Seahawks and maybe Idzik was just a numbers guy while Schneider and Carroll built a championship there as well as in Tampa and Arizona. 2nd, it pisses me to high holy that he had decided to play "chicken," when it came to making a splash or steal at corner back by missing out on Revis and both Cromarties, I'm impressed with Milliner but not enough as the no. 1 corner back and have him team with either Kyle Wilson, Ellis Lankster, or Darrin Walls, get a *** CB whether Champ Bailey, Jonathan Joseph or the draft! Next, Quarterback, I thought u took care of that s*$# last year with Geno now you bring in a pre-madonna washed up, ex con headcase like Vick, I don't care that Marty Morhningweig worked with him in Philadelphia, he wants to start and is making a stink over the number 7! The onl . ...
Would anybody trade me Champ Bailey or Charles Woodson for 98 Jamaal 99 Elway and 97 Victor Cruz? RT!
But you said that Champ Bailey was too old. I'm surprised.
The Denver Broncos cut cornerback Champ Bailey earlier this week and that has many fans wondering what will be next for the other cornerbacks the team both have on roster and those they could possibly lose this upcoming week in free agency. According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Broncos are…
Interesting article about 5 deals that don't make sense. Aqib Talib, CB, Denver Broncos Six years, $57 million, $26 million guaranteed There is a lot that makes sense about this move. The Broncos needed to add a corner with Champ Bailey leaving town and Chris Harris blowing out his knee late in the season, but they elected to throw money at Talib over extending Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who had a better season and was already in the building. Other than interceptions (where he trailed by one), Rodgers-Cromartie bettered Talib's coverage numbers across the board in 2013. He allowed fewer catches (30 to 38), 143 fewer yards, a lower percentage of targets to be caught (44.1 to 53.5) and broke up more passes (10 to 7 PDs) while passers throwing into his coverage ended the season with a rating of just 67.8 as opposed to the 72.3 when aiming at Talib. His PFF coverage grade (attained from play-by-play grading of his season) was a plus-11.0 compared to Talib's minus-5.8, and he avoided being eviscerated durin ...
Huge congrats to Champ Bailey! Been my idol for years and am so glad that he gets a chance to experience the Super Bowl for his HOF career!
Broncos have made 2 mistakes first they let go Champ Bailey and another mistake was not re-sighing Erick Decker!
In 2004, the Denver Broncos traded Pro Bowl running back Clinton Portis to the Washington Redskins in exchange for Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey and a draft pick. Looking back on the trade today, it's clear who got the better end of the deal.
My ravens need to get champ bailey n Steve crap myself
Miles austin could be cool for the ravens too or maybe champ bailey to replace corey graham?
of course don't play in Denver either so he misses game - what about Champ Bailey at safety?
Maybe the Redskins could sign Champ Bailey, then send him and a second to the Saints for Sproles?
Oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface, the rest is covered by Champ Bailey.
Will the Redskins solve their defensive backfield problems by signing Ryan Clark, Champ Bailey, and Carlos Rogers?
, Ed Reed, champ bailey could move there or Antonio Cromartie as well
And now both of my favorite Broncos are gone.. Thank you champ Bailey and thank you
My personal wish list for the is MJD, Nicks or Steve Smith, Cromartie & a way to pay homage to our old ways just pickup Champ Bailey
I don't mind signing 1 old guy here or there… but please don't try to get me excited about a Carlos Rogers, Champ Bailey & Ryan Clark trio.
what would you think of Champ Bailey coming to Cleveland? Can he still be a starting corner opposite Joe Haden?
Ok now I am really getting upset with Elway. First he let Champ Bailey go. now he let Decker go who Peyton Manning loved to throw to who had a awesome season last year What is he thinking? And guess who got Decker... Peyton Mannings Brother team New York Giants LOL I'm so confused :(
I will really miss Champ Bailey, but it's hard to argue that Talib isn't a better pick up for the Broncos right now.
I would like to see champ bailey come here to ATL but my favorite so far is probably Demarcus Ware or Eric Decker
Lions should get Champ Bailey, he mite be old but he's cheap rite now, and draft my guy from MSU cb Dennard
“The Broncos thank Champ Bailey for his 10 years in Denver. Tribute video:
It's not gonna be the same not seeing Champ Bailey in the Broncos' secondary.
Broncos are releasing CB Champ Bailey, as reported. Denver frees up $10 million in cap space but loses a …
I know this was before we got Revis Island but seriously no Deion I don't want old *** Champ Bailey on my team!
New England should go after Champ Bailey. He still has some gas left in the tank and he will get another shot at a champi…
A MILE SALUTE to Champ Bailey for 10 seasons with the Broncos.  Show your support and thank a Hall of Famer.  IMPORTANT:  this sale is only for 1 week! 
don't sleep on my boy Champ Bailey ft E40
A few days removed from a very emotional departure of Champ Bailey, one of the greatest Broncos of all time, we have to revisit the words of John Elway himself.
So the broncos have gotten rid of my two favorite players :( I'm going to miss champ bailey and Eric Decker :(
Broncos' Aqib Talib has confidence, ability to replace Champ Bailey...
I cried when the Broncos let go Brandon Marshall. My heat literally broke when they released Champ Bailey. & know my world has come crashin
So want Colts to grab mack from browns sign him more money, grab nicks and champ bailey plz
No Revis, no problem, Champ Bailey is a about to board flight number 216 to
Yeah...the are building a possible But I'm really going to miss Champ Bailey and Eric Decker 😩
What's next for veteran CB Champ Bailey? via
but he replaces an aging champ bailey. So that's a good addition for them. Plus a pass rusher in ware opposite Von Miller
And then Champ Bailey my football idol :,( 😭😭😭 idk where he'll go
I hope we sign champ bailey more because he can help are young corners
Okay New England, either resign Edelman and bring in Jason Avant or just go ahead and resign Edelman and bring in a Hakeem Nicks- Champ Bailey combo and I'll be happy.
Should bring in former CB Champ Bailey, to play free safety or be an extra cornerback sub?
A few key remaining Free Agent targets for the TEs Brandon Pettitgrew and Jermichael Finley, DB Champ Bailey.
The broncos no longer have Eric Decker or Champ Bailey 😭😭😭
Champ Bailey, I'll never forget your talent, Eric Decker, I'll never forget your beauty.
I would really love to see the eagles grab Julius peppers or champ bailey as veteran leaders on the defense.
That seems to be the consensus. The Broncos basically traded Champ Bailey for Talib at less salary, and we like that a lot.
But I grew up watching champ bailey and he just up and retired after like 10 years that hurts even worse
So first it was Champ Bailey, now Decker.. :(
The broncos releasing Eric Decker and Champ Bailey is why I have trust issues
I'm more sad about Champ Bailey being released then us getting blown out in the Super Bowl,but him being released got us dem big Free Agents
wouldn't mind seeing Ryan Clark or possibly even...champ bailey.. back there playing safety along McCourty
I'm pretty sure part of the reason Elway got rid of Champ Bailey and Eric Decker was because of their horrendous jewelry commercials on the radio.
if we can gt a nice replacement for losing champ Bailey, our defense gone b tight..
yeah there D isn't all that good. Did Champ Bailey retire?
I like how we lose Champ Bailey & no one cares but we lose Decker who trips over his own 2 feet an it's World War III
Happy because the Broncos will be great. Sad because no more Champ Bailey or Eric Decker.😪
In my opinion decker belongs a bronco but they don't need him champ bailey he belongs a bronco but letting him go was a gr…
semi is at 6 on Friday, and champ is Saturday at 3!
Denver lost champ bailey and now Eric Decker. It's getting harder and harder to be a bronco fan :(
Any chance the will pick up Champ Bailey?!?!?!
Champ Bailey left left Denver and now Eric Decker is leaving to play for the Jets next year!? Wow...what people will do for $35Mil.
First it's Champ Bailey, now Eric Decker too!?! Who's next Denver?! Who's next!?!
KaylaBrewster: The Broncos are releasing Champ Bailey and I have never been more sad. No
peppers would be ok if we get him cheap. Champ Bailey for FS. Not as concerned about TE and if we move to 3-4 we need a DE
And BTW, the Broncos have lost BOTH Champ Bailey AND DRC. So, Talib is being asked to replace 2 guys. Does that make sense?
BUMMER! Just heard Eric Decker has signed with the Jets. Ugh! Guess we knew he would be gone but bummed to know for sure. First, Champ Bailey, Matt Holiday, Cadyr, now Decker! I don't like the business side of football! However, guess we have signed the three top Free Agents available, so need to get over it! (But Decker?!?)
Alright there are still some good Free Agents out there for the Eagles to get here are some i wouldnt mind them grabbing. DE- Julius Peppers, Willie Young, Robert Ayers. NT/DT- B.J. Raji, Henry Melton, Ziggy Hood, Alex Carrington LB- LaMarr Woodley CB Tarell Brown, Champ Bailey, Walter Thurmond III S- Major Wright, Nick Collins (coming back from major neck injury but wants to play and was one of the best)
Should have given Revis that one year deal! I'll take that gamble any day. Also should sign Champ Bailey! He's older but still pretty good. He wants a championship. Will sign at a bargain...just saying.
The Colts should sign Champ Bailey to a one year deal, and convert him to safety... Nick G, Tim Cullnane, Michelle Garrett Thomas, Ken A Thomas, Mark T. Lipking, what do yall think?
Jared Allen, Julius Peppers. Devin Hester, Steve Smith & Champ Bailey all need to get on that flight to Atlanta.
I know my eagles need to close this deal for champ bailey wrd up thooo
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So we cut ties with Champ Bailey (im deeply saddened); we sign DaMarcus Ware...bitter sweet moments.
what will the do for CB now...Champ Bailey, Courtland Finnegan, DRC, Asante Samuel?
The Oakland Raiders have been off to an interesting start in free agency and a Darrelle Revis trade could be coming next along with targets for players like Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, Julius Peppers, Champ Bailey and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Reggie McKenzie and this comes after the team lost…
Maybe the Redskins should sign Champ Bailey, Ryan Clark, and Carlos Rogers. That way we wouldn't totally regret letting an All-Pro secondary walk away in its prime.
Ray Allen looking like a cross between Larry Holmes ( think Tupac usage) and Champ Bailey in the Super Bowl tonight.
So I was laughing with my buddy Rob that the Skins are going to be true to sign a bunch of older semi "has beens"...the twist? We will sign all our old players we got rid of...Ryan Clark, Carlos Rogers, Champ Bailey, Chris Clemmons...and of course we will over pay them!
Jacoby jones.Eugene Monroe...n Dennis pitta are all returning to charm city. So bring in say Steve Smith or champ bailey
Champ Bailey replaced by Aqib Talib and Aqib Talib replaced by Darrell Revis... This offseason is going crazy lol
Golden Tate is a great pick up, Lions are also meeting with Eric Decker. I also wouldn't mind signing Champ Bailey to play safety. Champ is too old to play man to man coverage, but I think he'd be a great safety replacement for Delmas.
For those saying we shouldn't have cut champ Bailey, I think we've made up for it and then some.
We got Demarcus Ware AND Aqib Talib!! defense is gonna be bone-crushing, even with Champ Bailey gone. Elway's going all out. he wants a nother ring 4 sure
Aquib Talib, Demarcus Ware, and TJ Ward, if only we had kept Champ Bailey!!
SO T.J. Ward, Aquib Talib, and Demarcus Ware. Pinch me i'm dreaming. I am still disgruntled about my favorite Broncos in Champ Bailey and Wesley Woodyard but it is hard for me not to crack a smile. My faith in Elway always comes back eventually even if it does get shaken at times. Now can we get a receiver and a middle linebacker?
nnamdi asomugha, Champ Bailey, and Charles Woodson have a case in this lol
Which recently released NFL player would be the best fit for the Detroit Lions? Some names: Jared Allen, Owen Daniels, Champ Bailey, LaMarr Woodley, Demarcus Ware, Lance Moore...
Good bye Champ Bailey. Always will b a bronco. Thank you. :)
The patriots will pass on Sproles and I doubt they will consider a trade because he is on his last year. New England seems very interested in 'Revis Island,' and well they should. However, money is money. Also, Edleman will probably walk. New England will replace him with Brandon Lafell who can play the deep threat area, come cheaper. Also New England would be smart signing Champ Bailey for a year, but he is also coming off an injury. If they can scrape the money Cromartie would be a fine fit, along with his former Revis. I can see them adding a guy another effective wide out that isn't over expensive. I doubt, but maybe Holmes could come in for cheap, or Edelman won't be a *** and re sign with the Pats. They will draft a safety in Calvin Pryor. They could also extend S. Gostowski. I believe if the Pats make more moves like this they will be golden. There defense healthy with two shut downs will shock you. With the addition of Pryor they will be a top five defense. With receivers that can go deep, and ca ...
CHIEFS FANS: Don't get too excited over Broncos' spending.They lost G Zane Beadles, RB Knowshown Moreno, LB Shawn Phillips and Wesley Woodyard, CB Champ Bailey, DE Robert Ayers, CB Dominic Rogers-Cromarite and WR Eric Decker. Looks like they are adding 8-9 new starters after their abysmal Super Bowl. They can sign expensive players all day but it takes role players to make a team -- in addition to better defenders than they had last year.
All man we done pick'd Demarcus Ware it's gonna b ugly.Now we need to a solid cornerback to replace Champ Bailey. .
Champ Bailey retired, Claim Demarcus Ware. Think Denver will be back for another loss at the Super Bowl this upcoming season?? We'll find out! # 43-8 again lol
If we dont sign revis which I dont think we will means we signed all tier 3 and 4 players making moves like they wanna tank lol micheal sam will be our 2nd round pick the way this offseason starting o I forgot might sign champ bailey
Broncos John Elway: listen Champ bailey we just don't have the ASSESTS to keep u on. It's been great well retire ur jersey one day we just moving in another direction thank u for 15yrs .14hrs later Bronco's GM John Elway: signs New England corner Talib 57mil and cowboys Demarcus Ware 32mil
Broncos TV wired Champ Bailey for sound during Sunday's game against the Raiders.
Ward.Talib.Ware all signed with my broncos. Yup yup happy happy oh and champ bailey gone too!
So excited for the Broncos season to start so that I can follow my favorite defensive players! Champ Bailey! Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie! Elvis Dumervil! Brian Dawkins! John Mobley! Steve Atwater!
Wow this NFL offseason free agency, player releasing, and signees are unbelievable.. Broncos WR Eric Decker, CB Champ Bailey, & LB Shaun Phillips. Bears WR Devin Hester, DE Julius Peppers, Vikes DE Jared Allen.. *** Vick, Charles Woodson, Ed Reed, and Revis are on the market and up for grabs.. wonder where theyll go..
I like the signing of Donald Brown seeing how bad our running game was when Mathews got hurt last year and had to rely only on Woodhead and Ronnie. Now sign TE David, but okay. Wouldn't be mad to see Champ Bailey signed for a year to help mentor these young guys on Defense. And I'd love to get Steve Smith in powder blue! Both relatively cheap and possible.
So now Champ Bailey AND Darelle Revis are Free Agents? Incredible!! Bears gotta grab ONE of em... 2 would b nice tho
Broncos officially have Demarcus Ware!! Whoo hoo! But, we lost Champ Bailey.
Having trouble picking a next Jersey. Wanted Eric Decker, but he's a Free Agent now. Champ Bailey was released. Both Demaryius Thomas, and Julius Thomas still remain. And there's more to pick ugh. Help someone
Yay broncos! offense will have defence! Thanks to getting talib and ware. Champ Bailey see ya won't miss ya!
The Broncos dumped Champ Bailey and picked up Aqib Talib, TJ Ward, and Demarcus Ware. Happy Birthday to me!
Umm Aqib Talib and Demarcus Ware for champ bailey ... Yepp :) defense is getting better again wooo who shall we sign next
*** yea, we lost a great CB in Champ Bailey but we just picked up Aquib Talib making power moves to go get that ring
Why not Champ Bailey or Devin Hester? *** they can get Asante Samuel & Dunta Robinson back
Dear Mike Brown open your check book. I guess now try to sign champ bailey or Steve Smith. Do something to improve we better be getting a secondary player with first pick. Loving the bengals is ***
Huge pick up for the defense! The Byrd is the word. I want Champ Bailey next! !!
Yay! He went to my other favorite team! But I am still upset about Champ Bailey being released from the Broncos!!
It's amazing me how many people watch professional sports but don't truly understand the business side of it.. Age is not a professional athlete's friend.. It is a what have you done for me lately business.. Just to clarify, you can't pay older often injured less productive guys... There is also a salary cap which means you only have so much money to spend each year.. Miles: non-productive and often injured (hamstring remember); DWare: would've counted $16M against cap; 6 sacks last year; Jason Hatcher: Free Agent; going for big pay day(cowboys not enough cap space).. And our defense was not good last year people.. So you have to take a step back and get younger.. Look around the league.. Peppers, Allen, Champ Bailey all released.. Check their age and projected Salary!
Was sad to see Champ Bailey go, but.adding Ward / Ware / Talib makes the smile come back to a Broncos face.
5 Free Agents and why they would fit the Falcons By D. Orlando Ledbetter The Falcons still have some holes to fill, but are likely to try to address them in the draft and by signing undrafted Free Agents. But there are several high profile Free Agents still out on the market. The major problem is that they are used to making top dollar in the league. (Here’s why defensive end Jared Allen isn’t on this list.) So, with DeCoud gone, what are they going to do at free safety? CLICK HERE The Falcons would have to be certain that the new vets would not be disgruntled coming in at a lower salary and determine if they’d be willing to accept smaller roles. Perhaps, they Falcons could sell them on being the modern era “Over the Hill Gang.” Here are five and why they would or wouldn’t fit with the Falcons. Champ Bailey: He would fit nicely if he was give free safety a shot. The Falcons were able to get one season out of Asante Samuel after the Eagles thought he was washed up. Perhaps Bailey, the former ...
The Broncos made some serious free agency moves this week. With Zane Beedles going to Jacksonville and Champ Bailey most likely retiring something needed to be done. The problem is that by grabbing Aquib Talib for 6 years at $57 Million, T.J. Ward for 3 years at $30 Million and possibly. Demarcus Ware fora comparable amount they are going to hit a salary cap wall in a few years. A lot of the money for this year and next is deferred so they aren't in trouble yet. I guess it does make sense to beef up the defense to compliment Manning while he's still playing. I think he's got 2 years at best.
If the broncos win a Super Bowl .. I might get this on my back.. The Bronco version with champ bailey! Would be sick!! But I'm not that stupid tho
Denver will be bad *** but I'm still upset about Champ Bailey!!
MAN y'all know they fired champ bailey what the ***
Jarod Cain chiefs need to release Brandon flowers Donny Avery and Sean Smith, restructure Hali and Berrys contacts.Then go after Revis and one of the Cromartie's grab Champ Bailey move him to SS and put berry in FS get sproles and hester then building from the draft
Broncos were already extremely dynamic on offense, but they're being very aggressive to fix that defense. Aquib Talib replacing Champ Bailey, Demarcus Ware paired off with Von Miller, what do ya'll think? Do win it all next year?
3 Pro Bowlers for our Deffense, Good job John maybe I won't be so mad about dipping on Champ Bailey now,
Kind of sad to see champ Bailey go from the Broncos after so long but we just got three good Free Agents this year Aquib Talib, tj ward, and Demarcus Ware. With a healthy Von Miller now our D is looking better :) lets go broncos!!
So let me get this straight... Denver dropped champ bailey and picked up Ward, Ware AND Talib?? How does the salary cap not affect the Broncos? Are the Marijuana taxes in Colorado THAT fruitful?? *** ?
Denver signs Demarcus Ware too??How can they have that much money to spend? They signed TJ Ward, Talib, they still have to pay Peyton Manning and they have Von Miller... I know they released Champ Bailey, but wow! That's a lot of $$ to spend!!!
I guess we know why Champ Bailey got released. Johnny Elway IS LIKE A KID OUT THERE
No Champ Bailey = Talib and Ware. Bruce Varela your thoughts? Broncos breaking the bank in FA!
Demarcus Ware just signed on with the broncos!? What??? There goes all that money from cutting champ bailey.
Denver Broncos aren't playing this off season!! Sighing Talib to replace Champ Bailey and now have sighed Demarcus Ware and it's only day 2 😅 this is the broncos year!!
Ok, so let me try to figure this out for a second.The Broncos release Champ Bailey (probably was time, but still disagree with it). Do not re-sign Rodgers-Cromartie, but bring in an injury riddled CB from New England. Do not sign Jared Allen or try to re-sign Shaun Phillips, instead are trying for another injury riddled DE from Dallas who's on his last days. Let Zane Beadles walk, will not end up getting Decker back, haven't even tried to do anything with Woodyard, Moreno, or all of the other key players who are Free Agents. WHAT THE *** IS GOING ON DENVER!!
Was sad champ bailey had to leave DBroncos but I'm happy w the new replacement. Talib n Welker once again on defense but this time it's Denver defense. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lol...
So we got T.J Ward and Aqib Talib. We might get Demarcus Ware and Jared Allen. But We lost Zane Beadles and Champ Bailey, and might lose Wesley Woodyard, Eric Decker, Shaun Philips,Quentin Jammer and Knowshon Moreno.
Alright my fellow Acquaintances. Since Champ Bailey Retried. And my Football team has so many good players on it. I decided to go with a fan vote of which jersey i should buy. Im going to list my top 6 Denver Bronco Choices with One wild card. 1)Demariyus Thomas AKA "I want his jersey vote for him my boy Demariyus 2)Matt Prater AKA "No Comment" 3)Famous Jameis Winston AKA "I can talk and rape girls" (I love you Jameis im sorry) 4)Peyton Manning AKA "Im super casual and swag at the same time. 5)Andre Caldwell AKA "I set Trends" 6) Von Miller AKA Rolling Fache 7) Other (explanation is needed Even people I dont like can vote (Filla.) please help me execute such an important decision in my life. Much love and always strive for perfection. (I'm usually not this bored)
Kinda sad to see Champ Bailey go after so many years. ..just wasnt worth the money anymore.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
While I agree TT needs to do something in Free Agency, I have no issue with not signing anyone yesterday. The only guy yesterday I had any interest in was Byrd...and I guess Lamar Houston. Both got a literal fruckton of money. Byrd especially wanted a crazy long deal (6 years is a stretch) and I am ok with not tying us down to a contract where at the end the guy is nothing (see what the Bears had with Peppers, he was crap at the end and the deal STILL wasn't over). So I'm fine with that. Did I want Byrd? Yes, is he worth what he Also the people saying we should get Jared Allen or Julius Peppers. Both of them are 4-3 ends who fit all of 0% into a 3-4 system. They would be useless. Unless you wanna teach guys who are basically out of the league how to play OLB (and they won't have time to learn it at their age) then they're useless. The only other guys I want us to take a run at are Demarcus Ware (and that has to be for low money because let's face it he's lost it) and Champ Bailey.
We made some much needed cuts to build a stronger team, Goodbye Erick Decker, We will Miss Champ Bailey, and the rest of the Denver Broncos who took us to the Superbowl.
Will Carlos Rogers and/or Champ Bailey return to The Redskins??? Fred Smoot did...if anyone forgot...
Broncos lose Champ Bailey and signed cornerback Aqib Talib, and are front runners to sign Defensive End Demarcus Ware...Seems to be great moves but both players have injury problems.
So we let Champ Bailey go. Sad. I was hoping he'd retire a Bronco. Got safety T.J Ward from the Browns. Nice move. Then we picked up Aqib Talib from the Patriots. I hated this guy because he was good at shutting down our receivers. Now he's on the other side of the ball with us. Not bad. Then theres talk of former Cowboys Demarcus Ware coming to Denver?!? He'd be sick to compliment Von Miller! Wth. Football *** 👏👏👏👏
Eagles in the mix for Darrelle Revis or Champ Bailey! *** yea making some noise this off-season
No broncos Aquib Talib is not what i had in mind for replacing champ bailey. at least we got somebody.
Is it just me--or did the Broncos basically just trade Champ Bailey's contract for Aqib Talib's contract?
As a Bronco fan I hate loosing Champ Bailey but with the signings of a couple guys yesterday and I'm so pumped, lets hope that the two best defensive players available have good visits in Denver today
Most exciting signing of Day One: (unbiasedly) Aqib Talib to the Broncos for 6 yr/$57 mil. Talib, incorrectly labeled a Shutdown Corner even before actually shutting down Jimmy Graham last year, got the big paycheck he wanted and is still with a Superbowl contender. He's being asked to fill the shoes of THEE Champ Bailey, however. That's some pressure. And, the troubled Talib has moved to a state with LEGALIZED MARIJUANA. I wholeheartedly doubt he will start, let alone remain on the team, for all six years of his big contract.
With Denver releasing some quiet big name defenders who weren't performing like Wesley Woodyard, Champ Bailey, Shaun Phillips Etc I thought we losing some talent, But my god though doing well to improving it. Snapped up Aqib Taleb and Tj Ward and close to getting Demarcus Ware and Jarred Allen!
As a Steeler fan NFL free agency has always made me sick to my stomach because we rarely ever bring in any big name players...It seems like we are dependent solely on the draft which annoys the *** out of me because there is no guarantee that these young bucks are gonna pan out. Granted, The Steeler Way has produced 6 Super Bowls, numerous playoff appearances and a lot of Hall of Fame players but just once I'd love to see The Rooney Family go balls to the wall and go on a Free Agent shopping spree. :-D Here are some of the players I'd love to see in Black & Gold... * Michael Vick * Julius Peppers * Eric Decker * Golden Tate * Sidney Rice * Santonio Holmes (again) * Dexter McCluster * Ted Ginn * Devin Hester * Joshua Cribbs * Jermichael Finley * Justin Tuck * Jared Allen * Demarcus Ware * Jonathan Vilma * Antonio Cromartie * Champ Bailey * Asante Samuel * Brandon Browner * Rashean Mathis * Donte Whitner * Antoine Bethea * Charles Woodson * Ed Reed * Roman Harper * Adam Vinatieri
Eagles will sign Champ Bailey as stop gap and he will start opposite Jenkins at S. IMHO
So the broncos added Aqib Talib (to replace aged Champ Bailey), they got TJ Ward (stud) as their new safety, they get Von Miller back healthy, and Demarcus Ware is likely to get signed there too. RIP Philip Rivers, Alex Smith and Terrelle Pryor.
Broncos replace Champ Bailey with Aqib Talib and add TJ Ward to the Defensive backfield not to shabby day 1 of free agency!
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He'll resign with the Cowboys in a couple of months, I'm more amazed at Champ Bailey and Devon Hester being cut
GM Thomas Dimitroff said he believes Champ Bailey has the ability to continue playing in this league.
Champ Bailey: The Legends of the Georgia Bulldogs: Hunker Down, Bulldog, Hunker Down!" As they say in the Southland,
"Atlanta Falcons Interested in Champ Bailey - Sports Glory" Submitted by /u/EMasseySports
USA » NEWS » HOT NEWS 914 Champ Bailey Done in Denver, Champ Bailey has no plans to retire ginalimp California USA O…
I trust Howie Roseman Tom Gamble, Chip Kelly and the Eagles front office. Just my opinion on Champ Bailey.
Are some of you Bears fans three?! Hester hasn't hardly done anything the past two years and he was a detriment to cap space, so the Bears released him. Now all of you are saying that you're "done the the Chicago Bears". My Broncos just released one of the most recognizable faces on defense in the league, Champ Bailey. I loved Champ, he was one of my all-time favorites. Instead, I shared a thank you picture and was ready to move on from where we were. Grow up or stop watching the NFL!
ESPNDENVER.COM POLL QUESTION: Who was Denver’s most impactful athlete over the last decade with at least 7 seasons in Denver? - Champ Bailey, Carmelo Anthony, Troy Tulowitzki,
Champ Bailey no longer a Denver Bronco. I wonder why? Stiff arm to the ground by a 2-year pro QB? ☺️✌️
if we can get Jared Allen it doesn't matter. If Talib want to much money we get FA like Champ Bailey
Broncos released Champ Bailey today. I'm sure that'll make them better...lose to a good defense, ditch your best defensive player. Makes sense.
Oh my first the Denver Broncos cut Champ Bailey! Know today cut Trindon Holliday. Means lots and lots of money. That means Pat Bowlen and John Elway time to open your checkbooks
My beloved Champ Bailey is no longer a Bronco. I am sad, but obviously, the Denver Broncos need to make some serious changes. Hope he gets better soon and I wish him the best of luck.
The headline says enough, but this isn’t your run of the mill roster move. This is a very emotional move for Denver Broncos fans, especially for me. I’m sure everyone has their story or stories about Champ Bailey, but this guy was part of my growing up a fan of the Broncos. I can still […]
Thanks to Denver Post Insider for joining & today to talk Champ Bailey & Denver Free Agents!
I don't think the fact that Champ Bailey is no longer a Denver Bronco has actually registered in my head.
“can begin negotiating with Free Agents starting tomorrow. . Who would you like to see in Champ Bailey
Denver Broncos release CB Champ Bailey. After seeing his performance vs the Ravens in the playoffs of 2012-13, I thinking this is about a year too late.
Champ Bailey no longer a Bronco and Devin Hester no longer a bear. Free agency time is always so depressing.
FanSided The Denver Broncos releasing Champ Bailey hurts this fans heart, but it is ... Mile High Report (blog) Trindon Holliday is not going to be a Denver Bronco in 2014 and I am pretty much okay with that. I loved his enthusiasm for the game, but I hated his terrible football acumen. Add that...
OPEN THREAD: Champ Bailey or Devin Hester? When a team goes 3-13 there are lots of holes to fill, but of many areas the Redskins need to improve secondary and special teams really stand out. It just so happens two future Hall of Famers at those positions will be available on the Free Agent market. The question, then, is should Washington attempt to sign Champ Bailey and/or Devin Hester? Skins fans are quite familiar with Champ Bailey. In 1999, the Redskins selected Bailey No. 7 overall out of the University of Georgia. Bailey starred for Washington for five seasons, the team's best cornerback since Darrell Green, but was traded to the Denver Broncos in 2004. With Bailey gone, the Skins lacked a true No. 1 cornerback ever since. Now the team could bring Bailey back. His best days are behind him, but would a one-year deal for Bailey help Washington's rebuilding defense? With young cornerback David Amerson be helped with a guy like Bailey around? Though Hester has no history with Washington, the situation is ...
Hochman: Champ Bailey's release might benefit all: It was the right move. It stinks, but it was the right move.
New Topic in Talk:. . Champ Bailey anyone?. I think for the first time ever, some vet of note was cut...
When I heard the news last night that the Denver Broncos were releasing CB Champ Bailey, I was shocked. One of the best shut-down corners of our time, the player simply known as Champ is clearly on the tail-end of his career. In 15 seasons, Bailey has 812 tackles, 52 interceptions (four returned for...
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please don't let Jerry the GM or the no the Champ Bailey is available.
The Denver Broncos released veteran cornerback Champ Bailey the teams longest tenured player rather than pay him a $9 million salary in 2014. Bailey 35 will become a Free Agent for the first time in his career. Im good. Its bittersweet. Now I …… [ 21 more words. ]
“ICYMI: Broncos to release Champ Bailey after 10 seasons with the team (via
NOOO! I Love my champ bailey in my opinion he was tthe bestest cornerback && a valued member of our db fam! Of course like they say how can a parent choose their favorite -___- metaphorically lets say he was like my first child! ) : Thank u champ for all ur hard work love and dedication to our fam!!
Champ Bailey 10 years with Denver owed 10 million 2014 cut battle of capital vs labor the NFL has their jackboot on the player's throats.
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Broncos release Champ Bailey - This number was hard to overlook: $10...
OK Packernation...Champ Bailey will be released today. Should we not at least bring him in as "due diligence"?
Search Trends (2014-03-07): People are searching for Champ Bailey
Did Broncos make right move by releasing Champ Bailey? – Denver Post
In a salary-cap move Thursday, the Denver Broncos released Champ Bailey, the team ’s defensive
I kinda hope the chargers sign champ bailey so I can get a bailey jersey in the bolts colours
The on Thursday released 12-time Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey:
check this out NFL: Broncos release Champ Bailey - Washington PostNFL: ...
Champ Bailey's Denver Broncos career is over - Torrington Register Citizen
A look back at Champ Bailey's career in photos. A tribute:
I still can't believe we got rid of champ watching broncos games is gonna be way different with champ Bailey gone ugh so mad but sad
I can't believe the Broncos let Champ Bailey go smh!!
Approximately 70% of Earth's surface is covered with water the other 30%...that's covered by Champ Bailey !! He is an ALL TIME GREAT! Thank you for 12 AMAZING seasons Champ!!
Ian Rapoport gives you the latest details on the decision by the Denver Broncos to release veteran cornerback Champ Bailey.
Performed in Denver, Champ Bailey has no strategies to retire - featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Broncos are grateful for the time Champ Bailey was in Denver and thank him for everything he's done for this team and community. 
Wow Champ Bailey no longer a Bronco? Sad. I can only hope the Seahawks pick him up.
Denver has cut Champ Bailey, and he says that he has no plans of going into retirement. If the dollars made sense, think he would fit in the Empire? Would he be another Nnamdi? Staying with the Draft prospect's at CB & extending Hitner's contract, would be my preference.
"Champ Bailey needs to move to saftey... New England bound
John Elway: "Champ will always be a Bronco." Country, what are your favorite Champ Bailey memories?
PLEASE let the panthers get champ bailey!
After cutting Champ Bailey, Broncos looking for hired help at his spot: Montee Ball was in the seventh grade. ...
Chiefs and Champ Bailey. This needs to happen!!
Champ, thanks for the memories. You will be missed...
NFL's top news: Champ Bailey open to playing safety for new team
Tough to see Champ Bailey go, defines the word professional. Just a terrific teammate & player. Wishing him all the best in the f…
Kap want 20...times is hard. Tillman and Bailey available...champ should consider converting like Cwood...
I really liked Champ Bailey though... Pretty bummed, not gonna lie.
I'm doing ok and then someone mentions the fact Champ Bailey isn't a Bronco anymore and then I'm not ok. 😭
Where could Champ Bailey end up after his release?
Cornerback Champ Bailey, a 12-time Pro Bowler and seven-time captain who became one of the most accomplished players in Broncos history during his 10 years with the team, was released by Denver on Thursday.
After 10 seasons, the Champ Bailey era in Denver is coming to an end. According to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora , the Broncos have decided to cut the 35-year-old veteran cornerback ...
Champ bailey is a Free Agent? *** how dope would it be to have him opposite of patrick peterson. Even tho older and not the same he would be a good mentor. Or Devin Hester one of those better land in az lol
We're gonna miss you Champ Bailey!! You've been an inspiration and a huge part of our team for many years.
I'm so bummed that Champ Bailey isn't going to be a Denver Bronco anymore. It's crazy, he's honestly the first football player I remember rooting for as a little kid. Yes, I'm sad about a football player. Go ahead and laugh.
In NFL terms, Champ Bailey was in Denver for a really long time. But it wasn't going to last forever. The Broncos will cut Bailey,'s Jason La Canfora reported. There was just no way around it. Bailey will be 36 next season. He was due $9 million. His play had started to slip before the...
Hey Redskins, our worst area last year was the secondary. Champ Bailey just got released. How about we sign him. Yeah? Yeah.
Champ Bailey, I love you man, you'll always be my favorite Bronco.
I guess nobody cares that the Broncos released Champ Bailey cuz I haven't seen any comments on here.
When free agency begins next week, three veterans — Champ Bailey, Devin Hester and Cortland Finnegan — will be on the market. Could their sudden availability have any impact on Aqib Talib's asking price if he ends up in When Devin Hester confirmed…
Why didn't we cut Manning, Champ Bailey is more valuable! Champ is not the reason we lost the Super Bowl. It was our play style, coaches having too much faith in an 38 year old "over-rate". Besides the soul of a Bronco, is a free spirit. Not restricted to just dropping back, lobbing ducks here and there. A lot of records fell, which was cool. However, when faced with adversity, all we could do was try to throw our way out of it. Champ is an asset, but not for us. LAME.
Steven, The Broncos cut Champ Bailey, the Cowboys should pick him up.
More details on the Broncos decison, and what's next for Champ Bailey.
Englewood Colorado. Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, 35, was released by the management of the football team on Thursday. Bailey said that being a Free Agent for the
No more champ Bailey for the Broncos boo hoo May be he will go to a winning team lol
Champ Bailey has been released. Thanks for the memories
Luongo is gone and Champ Bailey is gone. Two future Hall of Famers leaving my favorite teams. Pretty sad week for Bobo!!!
We will miss Champ Bailey. The epitome of class and professionalism.
Champ Bailey is set to test free agency after the Broncos released the 16-year veteran on Wednesday night.
Denver releases Champ Bailey and now Da Bears part ways with Devin Hester? *** Decisions, decisions, decisions
Champ Bailey, gonna miss him hope the best for him --- BRONCOS UR SCREWING THE TEAM UP!!!
1/3 of my life Champ Bailey has been a Denver Bronco. Quite absurd, really...
Darrelle Revis to the Broncos?(That'd be a swell way to replace Champ Bailey
Champ Bailey will always be a Denver Bronco
Thank you Champ Bailey for your ten great years as a Denver Bronco!
Champ Bailey being a Denver Bronco for 10 years.
Heart broken about Denver's release of Champ Bailey! you'll always be a in the hearts and minds of
It's official: Broncos release Champ Bailey: One day after meeting with cornerback Champ Bailey, the Denver...
Champ Bailey is no longer a Denver Bronco.? Be right back guys, but don't worry about me. I'll just a be crying in the shower.
John Elway says: "This was a difficult decision for our team," about releasing Champ Bailey:
John Elway calls Champ Bailey one of best cornerbacks to ever play game. 'You couldn't ask for more in a player.' http:/…
Jets should sign Courtland Finnegan and Champ Bailey both to 1 year contracts and then worry about getting recievers and lineman.
. Clinton do you think Champ Bailey would be too slow to help Green Bays secondary?
At the half hour updates on the search for a snowmobiler buried in an avalanche, the search for a fugitive in Otero County, & Champ Bailey.
I'll ALWAYS know that long before Revis Island was born 2/3 of the earth was covered by water and the other 1/3 was covered by Champ Bailey
To the GM please sign Champ Bailey, Micheal Oher and resign Ed Reed .
With all this money the are saving I really hope we get one of these FA's Champ Bailey, Courtland Finnegan, Browner, Devin Hester?
Wouldnt mind the picking up Devin Hester and Champ Bailey in the off season
Champ Bailey and Devin Hester are in the market for a new team:
Fairly amazing day. Champ Bailey, Devin Hester--both will get HoF consideration--whacked. Tough business.
Giants need to sign Champ Bailey and Devin Hester ASAP
Champ Bailey, out in DEN. Devin Hester, out in CHI. Michael Vick, out in PHI. The one guy still playing Madden '08 is shoc…
Devin Hester and Champ Bailey just got released”
It's 3 am and I just saw that Champ Bailey and Devin Hester will become Free Agents shortly. it must be 3 am, because I desperately want the Buffalo Bills to sign them both. SMH. Slep?!
Devin Hester and Champ Bailey will both be released soon... Wow
Denver Broncos to release Champ Bailey and Devin Hester reports he will not return to the Bears for the upcoming season!
Champ Bailey released by Broncos. Hall of Famer Reggie White is only defensive player in history selected to more Pro Bo…
Lol, Champ Bailey got cut huh? Bet he wishes he would've been getting ready to playa instead partying his *** off during Super Bowl week!
The Skins should pick up Champ Bailey just to groom David Amerson
Broncos to release CB Champ Bailey. 12-time Pro Bowler spent 10 years in Denver.
Wow, the broncos release 12-time Pro Bowler Champ Bailey today, crazy
The Bills should sign Champ Bailey??? You should probably go kill yourself. I hate some Bills fans.
Wow Did the Broncos really release Champ Bailey? The NFL is a cold business...12 time Pro Bowler, lockdown artist. Top 3 corners of all time on my list. I would retire if I was him. Wouldnt be right to see him anywhere else.SIKE Niners jump on him ASAP. Lol
Broncos are releasing 12 time Pro Bowler Champ Bailey. Anyone want him on their team?-ThaMonstar
Just heard that the Broncos will be releasing Champ Bailey to save $10 million in cap space... 12X Pro Bowlers are so expendable. Ugh.
The Denver Broncos may be interested in Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Darrelle Revis. Revis would make $16 million next year, as opposed to Broncos CB Champ Bailey and his $10 million salary, but Revis is much younger than Bailey and is considered an upgrade at the position. Source:
Only other team I would wear is the Chicago bears ..but only one player and that's Brandon Marshall other than Champ Bailey he was my favorite player of the Broncos..I wish we never would of got rid of him...he's dope as ***
Possible NFL players that could be cut by their team: QB Matt Schaub , RB Chris Johnson, WR Miles Austin & CB Champ Bailey
I need Champ Bailey, Larry Allen, Walter Jones, Shannon Sharpe. I'm sure you can 2-4 for cheap. lol
Champ Bailey 'not done playing football,' open to moving to safety -
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Good luck to some of the greatest to ever play. Champ Bailey & Knowshon Moreno in their 1st Super Bowl.
I hope the Denver Broncos can resign Eric Decker and maybe keep Knowshon Moreno, we have a good backup rb in Montee Ball. However, if we do get rid of him, we should look at signing one of the other good Free Agent Rbs: Jones-Drew or McFadden, preferably Jones-Drew. Our Tes are fine, but I cant say that getting Graham would be that bad, but the Saints are gonna resign him for sure. Anquan Boldin would make a good sign too, but Im thinking hed be resigned. Our ol could use improvement but Im not sure Branden Albert or Eugene Monroe are the best options in that case, the NFL draft is the answer there. The defensive line has good options in Jared Allen and Brian Orakpo, but im not sure theyll make it past the resigning period. Being an Oregon Football fan im surprised to see T.J. Ward and Jarius Byrd among possible Free Agents and im not sure the Broncos will get them. However Alterraun Verner would make a great Cb replacement if Champ Bailey retires. Im looking forward to this Free Agent period.
The Super Bowl was insane this year wasn't it? I mean Joe Namath in a fur coat? That's 2 outdated concepts for the price of 1. An opera diva to sing the national anthem? ouch.. it was a loud crowd, it sounded like Seattle's 12th man got into an extra large Jeep Cherokee and came east. Champ Bailey looked really old. Pete Carroll probably pumps his fist when the traffic signal changes. Bruno Mars would make a great wedding reception singer. Eric Decker was the "Invisble man" apparently... Bob Dylan for Chrysler? What's next? Seahawks Still throwing the ball with 2 minutes left? Pete Carroll must be thinking BCS standings.
People in Denver who need replacements: Eric Decker, not cuz he's not talented cuz he's expensive Knowsean Moreno (expensive) Champ Bailey (washed up and expensive) Zane Beadles (incompetent) Duke Ianiacho (incompetent) Wesley Woodyard (incompetent) Jeff Rogers (terrible special play calls) Ronnie Hillman (butterfingers) People we need to keep: Dominic Rogers-Cromartie Andre Caldwell Trindon Halliday (could be good with a new special teams coordinator) People we should pick up: Julian Edelman (if New England lets him go) Maurice-Jones Drew (if Jacksonville lets him go) Lagarret Blount (if New England lets him go) Branden Albert (KC used their franchise tag last year, they prolly won't this year) Greg Hardy or Michael Bennett (if Carolina or Seattle is stupid enough to let either of these players go) Aqib Talib Sam Shields Brent Grimes
The Denver Post - February 2, 2014 What they said: Peyton Manning, John Fox on how Broncos faltered in Super Bowl The Broncos were blown out in the Super Bowl by a dominating Seattle Seahawks team on Sunday. Here's what players and coaches said after the game. "To finish this way is very disappointing. It's not an easy pill to swallow, but we have to." -- Peyton Manning, Broncos quarterback "They outplayed us in all three phases." -- Broncos coach John Fox. "I love this game. I just hate losing. We're going to take some losses here and there, but it (stinks) to lose this one. This doesn't kill my mindset." --Champ Bailey, Broncos cornerback "No. Those are separate." --Broncos VP John Elway on whether this reminds him of his first three Super Bowls. "We just didn't play like we're capable of. I was disappointed. Hopefully, we'll learn from this. It started tough. We just couldn't seem to get it going." -- John Elway "Getting on a flight and getting back home. That's the only thing I'm looking forward to to ...
Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey, and Eric Decker going to the Super Bowl after riding an Arrow Stage Lines motorcoach.
In short order, the Broncos must make decisions on whether to bring back several key players such as Free Agents Eric Decker, Knowshon Moreno, Zane Beadles, Mike Adams and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. They must also address high-priced veterans under contract such as Champ Bailey.
Well, I think Peyton Manning is a great qb and a great person. I still love to cheer for Knowshon Moreno, whose name got called as much as any Bronco, in a positive way. I still feel bad for Champ Bailey, but Seattle outplayed them in absolutely every way! Congratulations Seattle and Seattle fans!!!
Congrats to all Seahawks players, coaches, sea-gals, and the 12th man. Amazing season for you. Great job on your 1st SB title. Space needle is having fun tonight. Sherman talk all you want you won the Super Bowl, and you are the best cornerback in the NFL, Champ Bailey who was irrelavent in the game. I feel good for Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice who should have got a SB ring in 2009, but thanks to Brett Farve that didn't happen. Russel Wilson might be better than Tom Brady right now. Remember Wilson can throw and run very well. Brady has blown a few tires recently. I see a few more titles for this team. Pete Carrol is telling USC to eat it right now and the NCAA. NCAA NEVER will regulate Lombardi trophies. Finally from all the New England Patriot, Buffalo Bills, and Minnesota Vikings fans want to thank the Denver Broncos for being the first to lose 5 SuperBowls. You might be there a while. Seattle and Baltimore have showed Denver how to win but Denver deosn't quiet get it. It is a team effort where no indi ...
Feel bad for Champ Bailey... who were those *** who said the Seahawks wouldn't be able to cover Julius Thomas after they already kept Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham in check. Really?
Dion Sanders, Champ Bailey, Ty Law, Deangelo Hall etc.. Who challenged them one on one deep? They never needed help
"Russell Wilson told Champ Bailey to "talk to the hand" with this stiff arm. ««« Jus sad !!
That was that 2B flip from Russell Wilson. And poor Champ Bailey
All righty then! Since I have no dog in the fight, Ima call it like I see it. Denver LBs contain Wilson on the edges. Big Pork Chop and the Denver D Line stop the beast, Marshawn Lynch. Bronco corners Champ Bailey and Quentin Jammer shut down Baldwin and Golden Tate. Meanwhile, Moreno runs for 5 yards per carry, Montee Ball is deadly at the Goal Line, Denver protects Peyton from Seattle's front four and exploits the secondary with Welker, Julius Thomas and Demarius Thomas. Peyton put 9 minute drives together, yells OMAHA all day, and wins his second ring in brother Eli 's stadium. John Elway gets first trophy as GM, Peyton is the feel good, broken neck, comeback story of the year. Lay the smart money on DENVER.
You can call me a bandwagon Seahwaks fan, just know that I jumped on the wagon last year when they gave the keys to Russell Wilson, I have been a fan of his since way back when he played at North Carolina State and then at Wisconsin, I am a fan of Pete Carroll and the way he runs the team, a fan of Golden Tate, Earl Thomas and the rest of the L.O.B especially the much hated Richard Sherman with that said I am also a fan of Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, DRC and of course Champ Bailey, I am of course cheering for the Hawks but I would not be destroyed to see the Broncos win it, I wouldn't even mind Manning being crowned the G.O.A.T (at his position) weather you're a Colts fan or a Seahwak hater, just sit back and enjoy a great football game between the two best teams in the NFL. Seahwaks 29 Broncos 24
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Broncos are going to win the SB. Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey need this ring to cement their Hall of Fame status.
I wanna see Champ Bailey get a ring he's a Hall of Fame corner and he deserves it
The Super Bowl is not just The best offense ever vs the best defense in the nfl it's the best corner now Richard Sherman vs the best corner ever, Champ Bailey. People can argue with both of them but to keep it simple watch them. Look at their careers. I think champ beats out Deion sanders and Richard Sherman blows out everyone in the NFL except Pat Peterson. He's right there with him but sherm has the edge.
Fox: Expect the unexpected in Super Bowl - Beyond Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson...
*** my favorite corner of all time Champ Bailey so close to getting a ring.. But I wanna see da boi Richard Sherman shine too!
LISTEN: Who replaces Peyton Manning as the voice of DIA's trains? cornerback Champ Bailey:
Got my Champ Bailey jersey, can't wait to pick it up from my brothers tonight. Here's a fun fact about CB, he's a rookie cornerback and this is his first Superbowl coming into the NFL.
"Football – even the Super Bowl – was meant to be played in all weather, even snow!" Upon arriving in the cold, brutal, inhumane, sub-arctic conditions of New Jersey – well, actually it was 26 and cloudy at night – the Broncos of Denver – where it was 26 with a light snow at the time – were asked repeatedly how in the world they could or would deal with this cold, brutal, inhumane, sub-arctic conditions. They, of course, play the Super Bowl against Seattle in a (gasp) outdoor stadium. "It doesn't even matter when you get out there," linebacker Wesley Woodyard said. Oh, but it does, Wesley. Or at least that's the claim of too many otherwise intelligent people who have turned into your local meteorologist – screaming that a wintry mix requires a run on the canned goods aisle of the supermarket. In fact, the battle over whether the weather should matter for the Super Bowl is a lot bigger than just Peyton Manning's stats when the temperature falls below freezing. Denver's Champ Bailey all but sh ...
I will take anything that gets Champ Bailey his first well deserved Super Bowl Ring
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