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Chammak Challo

Chammak Challo is a song composed by music director duo Vishal-Shekhar as a part of the soundtrack for the 2011 Bollywood film Ra.One.

Kareena Kapoor Catherine Tresa Lungi Dance Shah Rukh Khan Katrina Kaif Shahrukh Khan Agent Vinod Salman Khan

Watching Chammak Challo is the perfect way to kick off SRKs 52nd Birthday! Thanks for joining t…
Karina: What's today's date? . SRK: 1 Nov. be my Chammak Challo... Ooo.
Karina: What's today's date?. Shahrukh: 1 Nov be my Chammak Challo
Did he get up and buss chammak challo 🤣
That time when and I watched that horrid movie and didn’t want the song Chammak Challo to end!…
Chammak Challo. - I was 12 and loved this song. . - Akon singing better Hindi than me 😪. - Kareena looked 😍💯 . - Wanna be my…
Bhai soundarya is an instant chartbuster, better than chammak challo. Its love between 2 robots to hooka baar to nahi hoga na.
Uff Chammak Challo...this is my fav INDIAN disco known 4 requesting it😁😁😉
Chammak Challo is def the best item song of all time! How is…
Tonight my dream will come true when I watch 💕 Hoping I get to hear Chammak Challo live! 😉🎉
Chammak challo will never not go hard thank u akon muah
" CHAMMAK CHALLO ". The best item number of ALL TIME💯🔥💥. I can never get bored of this song😉🤘. Dance steps💃 >>>. 🔥 6 YEAR…
Learn 'Bellywood' with on the song 'Chammak Challo' from the movie (2011).
"Chammak Challo" entered the Top 10 "World Songs" list of iTunes in eight countries, reaching No.1 at three of them. https…
I added a video to a playlist Ra One - Chammak Challo
Awesome beats. Wanna be my chammak challo... 😘 — listening to Chammak Challo Remix (DJ A-Myth)
someone's car has 'chammak challo' playing. THIS IS MAH JAM, YALL. *sings the tamil part* . *do the dance*
looks fabulous as he performance on Chammak Challo in an Award Show.
with ・・・. Shah Rukh Khan's performance on Chammak Challo at…
games :P Chammak Challo Lungi Dance and Gerua/Janam Janam were chartbusters
no Chammak Challo got leaked June and it was popular till Nov/Dec
Chammak Challo wasnt Big Hit like Teri Meri if we compare to 6-7 months later of both films released.
chammak challo bhi irriating tha .. i like dildara , bhare naina & criminal from Ra1.
well v had chammak challo at same tym :P may b addicted to that song i guess v all :D
I liked a video Dance on: Chammak Challo
I love this insaan alot. Wanna be my chammak challo? ;)
In RaOne, Akon has sung for Chammak Challo & Criminal otherwise I am very sure Bhare Naina has no english version 😁
dance with Gurmeet Chowdry on Chammak Challo & I Love u . killer baby Sanz .
When Chammak Challo became the number one hit in every north west London secondary school✊🏼
Chammak challo... Again let's dance my chalo
Wanna be my chammak challo, Indian Dance Group Mayuri, Petrozavodsk, Russia
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India is where all the gods of architecture decided to chammak challo
I added a video to a playlist How To Bollywood Dance Moves - Chammak Challo
phone going ring ring hello hello'. Talking on a land with my chammak challo 😂
Chammak Challo Hi guys Enjoy this is for puja special
cleaning flat to 'wanna be my chammak challo' lol don't be surprised if I break anything
Vidya 2 the host about learning Chammak Challo steps:"1st we'll watch him,because we love doing that (laughs),I do" .
Let you be my chammak chammak chammak challo 💃💃
Wanna be my chammak challo oh oh oh🙆.. mood
7 yr old:who are u gonna marry?. Me: "chammak challo?!. Yes. "Where does he live?". India. "It's gonna take him a long time to come here"
Just watched Chammak Challo today after many months. It is still fresh & tempting. Like ur "Red" Tag watch❤
My little niece call u 'Chammak Challo.' Today she said i don't know your actual name. Everything is Chammak Challo for her.
Shawty I'm gonna getcha. You know I'm gonna getcha. You know I'll even letcha. Letcha be my chammak challo.!!
I wonder what it'd be like to have my Chammak Challo back..
Today is my birthday...chammak Challo...
What's one thing that always makes you happy? PAP! — Chammak challo
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Get your head phones on to the remix CHAMMAK CHALLO by DJ SONI.
The e people went out today but I was too lazy and I am glad I didn't because of the chammak challo thing
she was the best thing about the film! Looked stunning in Chammak Challo too.
my life is complete.. Massa wanted to listen to chammak challo
I added a video to a playlist Chammak Challo R&B Remix - Arjun
See this PLEASE. I AM INSISTING. . Its one of the most beautiful version of chammak challo by a Russian group
Wanna be my chammak challo..oh oh oh ~
you r awesome the beat king 🔊🌟 talking on the line with my Chammak Challo 😁👌
I LOVE U MERI CHAMMAK CHALLO shaadi me instead of nasir !
Photo: almashek: Will you be my chammak challo??
Thank you so much akon for this amazing song👌 -chammak challo😍
Being At home in Bangladesh and listening to lol
Thank you alll 4 ur wishes- Enjoyed hosting this show with Ms Gorgeous- Sonakshi- Marathi Chammak Challo with ws supe…
Beautiful chammak challo with stewardess clothes
Chammak Challo Was Rated as the Best Item Number. 2011 in a Mid DayPoll
She belongs to the prestigious Kapoor family & is d Chammak Challo of Bollywood. Who is she?
Watch Vishal & Shekhar as they perform their hit numbers like Chammak Challo, Sheila ki Jawani, Tu Meri and many...
aight bet . Ur my chammak challo now idc
Catch the making of the hit song 'Chammak Challo' by Vishal & Shekhar and AKON here. To watch Vishal & Shekhar...
Haaye.Im so xcited to be your Chammak Challo ;). I just hope u'll love me as well tomorrow in a saree :*
She's at Tussauds today. That girl who mouth stuffed with pizza told me, "I'll become a big star, likh ke le le." My cha…
Chammak challo Kareena Kapoor makes you go weak in the knees. Makes you fall in love. All over again.
Happy happy to the lovely bebo. She's a big girl now. Filmfare's chammak challo. Love u hamesha
Chammak challo fun ka fun. Kareena sizzles in red. Red is the new black
First teaser of Chammak Challo from Ra.One :: :: Kareena looks fab! Trippy fun
Bebo looking divine in the chammak challo song. She's been shot so beautifully in by the foreign cinematographer.…
Watching on star gold. its tym to be a chammak challo,n dat's why m chammak challo of my
Listen to good music that lifts your soul. Or enjoy Chammak Challo.
Wanna be my chammak challo ooo wanna be my chammak challo ♫ Chammak Challo by Akon —
wanna be my chammak challo. Ooh ooh ooh 🎶
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I'm starting to hate Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance !! Getting on my nerves !!
So Tina goes ' I love you my chammak challo' where does this girl learn this from
This year I will ask atleast one person to be my chammak challo 😂✌️💃 because desi pick up lines.
I'll even let you be my chammak challo. Kaisa sharmana aaja nach ke dikha day !!
Vishal Shekhar on songs of The Dirty Picture & Chammak Challo - Interview: via
Girl u are my chammak challo,. Where u go girl I'm gonna follow. What u want girl just let me know. Oh oh . u can be my chammak challo. Ooh ohh
Wanna be my chammak challo oh ooh oh
Wow SUPEER. 2 Hot Krezzey Chammak challo . Happy birthday to you Sayantika
I haven't listened to Akon since Chammak Challo
when she doesn't wanna be your Chammak Challo
More of a sneak peek at Joya Kazi's Bollywood choreo to Akon's "Chammak Challo" at…
A for Aunty police bula lay gi . B for Badtamiz Dil . C for Chammak Challo ;) . D for Daru peetay jao ;)
Surely I'm gonna get ya, ya know I'm gonna get ya, ya know I'll even let ya let ya be ma chammak challo x
Akon // Chammak Challo. Seldom had any liking to Bollywood songs but this is.m😍 even better, sang by my fav artist
Just finished watching Chammak Challo on 9x M 😎 G.One rocks 👌
I wonder if I could just go up to someone and be like, "Can I be your Chammak Challo?" And act like it was nbd
Girl will you be my chammak challo.
I was blasting Chammak Challo with my mother in the passenger seat in a mini-van
Oh ye Akon done Chammak Challo aswell innit lol
“would you be my '' chammak challo ''”. Khabi Nahi
Happy 5th birthday to my one and only baby boy💖 Stay blessed 7abeeby muhannad😘 Chammak challo loves you to the moon and back❤
Watch the extended version of 'Chammak Challo' video song of Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor starrer upcoming movie Ra.One. This song is sung by R&B ...
"Girl you're my chammak challo!. Where you go girl I'm gonna follow♥".
Girl you're my chammak challo, where you go girl I'm gonna follow
I will never understand how they got Akon to sing Chammak Challo
Thanx for such an awesome suprise b'day bash DADA BOUDI nvr expected such.. its was all fun grovng at CHAMMAK CHALLO DHINKA CHIKA HOKKA BAR Lungi Dance.. Felng Party All Night:D:D:D all credit to my lovely dada n boudi
Wanna be my chammak challo. Ooh ooh ooh ooh
You have already seen various versions of "Chammak Challo" but now its time to see how that song actually came into existence. Watch the full video of "Ra On..
Lets start up the day by moving your body with a dance song 'Chammak Challo' by &
My mood at the moment.Bullet vs Chammak Challo- Ammy Virk | Jattizm
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on song roll . From Choli ke peeche all the way to chammak challo
Chammak challo, like girls with saree!!!
Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara and a lot dancing to Bollywood music with the kids, locals and other nationalities. Of Ainvayi Ainvayi, Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance. All captured with a GoPro Hero 3.
aah - okie.. Dildaara, I have heard... These 2 songs are my favorites from the movie... Really hate chammak challo (its gas!)
What's your favourite Kareena Kapoor look? 1. Mahi in Heroine 2. Geet in Jab We Met 3. Kamini in Don 4. Sonia in Chammak Challo 5. Rosie in Talaash 6. Poo in Kabhie Kushi Kabhi Gham
On Sunday, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan clashed once again, albeit at different venues. Sunday was the day of the Khans. While Shah Rukh wooed the young, and the young at heart, at a Father's Day event at a city mall, Salman unveiled the first trailer of his upcoming film, Kick, at a suburban theatre. What was interesting is that both the events were timed just half an hour apart, splitting up the fans and dividing the media turnout, since both were open to the public. Sallu's event started with a bang with over 500 fans outside Bandra's Gaiety theatre setting up an ear-splitting roar in anticipation of bhai's entry, both on screen and off it. Around the same time, SRK was dancing to the tunes Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance with kids, in far-flung Ghatkopar. The invites for the SRK event had gone out on Wednesday, June 13 while the invite for the Kick event arrived only late on Saturday. When asked whether he had planned his event to coincide with SRK's, Sallu quipped, "Planning aur main?" and thwarted ...
if u wud have been following back...den chammak challo...tere following zyada hote...followers se! XD ( i luv irritating u)!
LOL your reaction was priceless aww :D My Chammak challo was confused bless.
How was it dancing on chammak challo wth madhuri mam ?
Here's what the Chammak Challo singer has to say about music! .
Mundian To Bach Ke and Chammak Challo best be on that playlist
Chammak Challo - Akon, and ennjoying nice friend memories
"Shorty I'm gonna get cha, you know I'm gonna get cha" - Chammak Challo by . 💕
How to get dem boys 101: wanna be my chammak challo ? :)
Tu Neri Chammak Challo- Fond memories of making him dance on this song with mom on his anniversary
Madhuri dancing with Maksim on chammak challo and it's awesome.
SRK paid for Chammak Challo and Salman for Fevicol se and Akshay for Sheila. PC did it on her own. All song was just about her.
Can't wait Shekhar and Vishal's performance on Chammak Challo ! OMG this awards ceremony made my night a starry night !
I don't like Chammak Challo?. Why? Because of AKON -.-!. Not because he's black. I just don't like his voice.
From Ra One film. The scene of Chammak Challo song. Lovely film! Watch the trailer here: Listen/buy the...
India's one and only chammak challo :p
Chammak Challo 720p HD : groovy on sunday~~ you can be my chamak challoo
Shah, watch this video. They are put their hands up with SRKFCI Dancer .. Chammak Challo
mmclendon1, you will always be my Chammak Challo. 💜 @ The Brixton
lmao I really don't care for that song .. Listen to this one chammak challo by akOn
I don't even know what 'chammak challo' means
"Chammak Challo" | Shahrukh Khan | Kareena Kapoor: via too jokes when the song comes out of his mouth hah
Chammak challo lah playing in the background sepatutnya. Basic
Singing chammak challo every time we see Chammak lol
all this talk of 'chamakh' on the TL is making me want to sing chammak challo
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I'm listening to chammak challo all of a sudden . Thanks college group ._.
I still don't understand Kareena's part of singing in the chammak challo song
i want to see the collaboration of superheroes in one stage (Raghupati Raghav) & (Chammak Challo)
now listening to Chammak Challo, one heck of a kicksong n my fav song of VS
Chammak Challo arms, 4 pause ready, go ! . HAIS :')
Chammak Challo full length movie,Chammak Challo telugu full movie varun sandesh and sanchita padukone Chammak Challo movie Direction: Neelakanta ...
Of course Ill be your chammak challo ;)
You can be my chammak challo ohhh ohhh
omg yeeeah I wanna do that with chammak challo and put minhos face on srk and sullis on kareenas
I have it all on a play list! Rocking to it right now with my Chammak Challo!
Download link This IS Remix Video For Chammak Challo REmixed by Dj NYk for all the vjs enjoy vdj Ajay.
Chammak Challo - International Version brings in my life
You have seen it, heard it and loved it. Now it’s time to take a sneak peek on how the song Chammak Challo was recorded. Watch Akon recording the chartbuster song inside the recording studio.
Listen to DJ Shona / Chammak Challo Mix Dj Shona | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Wanna be my chammak challo.. I am ur gaming hero oo...
"Photos: SRK at Launch of 'Living with KKR' on Discovery - ♥♥♥
"Shah Rukh Khan wants to buy football team :-D
"Presenting the song of the year "Chammak Challo"" from the movie Ra.One. Watch the most desirable khan Shahrukh Khan and Bollywood's hot diva Kareena Kapoor...
All eyes on Catherine: The juicy seductress Catherine Tresa made her Tollywood debut with Chammak Challo. She ...
Catherine Tresa, who made her T-Town debut with Chammak Challo, created a splash in tinsel.. The post Heavy Demand for Catherine Tresa in Tollywood appeared first on
So today I found out Akon can sing Hindi and has a popular song calls Chammak Challo
"Chammak Challo" is the hottest chartbuster of this season, enjoy the extended version of Ra.One Chammak Challo featuring Shahrukh Khan & Kareena Kapoor. Wat...
All lovers of Chammak Challo like this page. ->Kareena Kapoor
Compared to Iddarammayalatho Catherine Tresa was so much better in Chammak Challo without thigh and cleavage show.
When we first met Catherine Tresa two years ago, she had just completed Shankar IPS andwas just beginning her career. Two years later, theMalayali beauty has captured the hearts of Tollywood and now has three films in her kitty withsome of the most popular actors in the industry. “It’s been a patient wait and quite an interesting journey, but I am happy I have made it here,” opens Catherine as we catch up with her just before she leaves to Bangkok to shoot for the latest schedule of Iddarammayilatho . Intrigued beyond measure,we ask her to tell us more about Iddarammayilatho and Catherine obliges us: “I play one of the two female leads in the film opposite Allu Arjun. The other female lead being Amala Paul. I can’t reveal much about the movie, other than the obvious — there’re two female leads and the whole film is beingshot abroad.” But is that the only Telugu project you are working on? “Not really, there are two others. There’s Chammak Challo with Varun Sandesh and Sanchita Padukone ...
Two time Oscar nominee and actress of Zero Dark Thirty Jessica Chastain bats for India's child brides. Speaks exclusively to TOI. Calls for immediate clamp down on child marriage and rapes. Loves Bollwyood movies, Chammak Challo her favourite number and wants to do a film with Shahrukh Khan
Presenting the ever charming, glamorous, beautiful Kareena Kapoor in Agent Vinod !! After doing a sizzling dance on Chammak Challo in Ra.One, Kareena Kapoor is all set to please the audience shakin...
Tell us your favorite song featuring the Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor: A] Halkat Jawaani B] Chammak Challo...
Akon sort of just disappeared after singing Chammak challo.
Nida doesnt wanna be my chammak challo, maybe i should stop singing..
At the end of the day, the question is, will she REALLY be your Chammak Challo?
if there's any consolation I also like munni badnam, sheila ki jawani, chikni chameli and chammak challo :D
My 3yr old brat cousin wz CRYING to visit us yesterday! It wz like 10pm. Parents had2 make her watch Chammak Challo to keep quiet!
by the way what's the name of yur mini tiny choti... Munni, Sheela, chammak challo??
so you wanna be ur own Chammak challo 😳 that's boring
21Oct11. Saw SRK 1st time,he danced on Chammak Challo,Criminal&recited DDLJ dialogue. Had jumped into the media area, touched his hand :')♥
Dinner convo wf my cousin: "I have Chammak Challo just like u but it got a bamba (ghost) inside :o" LOL she js cant stop talking
Ha ha, ready to save the widow and the orphan! Now I might do some steps on Chammak Challo song (this song makes my HART go boom)
Girl, say you do wanna be his chammak challo already.
Lmfao, this white guy is blasting Chammak Challo on the bus.
hoi.Wanna be my chammak challo oo oo oo..hoi...Wanna be my chammak challo o.
Wanna be my chammak challo, oh oh oh!
Magic of Single frooti is never mre than a fridge filled with ur favorite food or ur li'l niece dancing to d chammak challo :-P
Why can I not find a chammak challo sare for?! Grrr :(
Akon though! He was awesome, mans gone into bollywood, singing chammak challo&all that..
Good Mrng. Here's my Veggie Update.Live from my garden :) Mr.Palak is Green with envy looking at the blushing red Ms.Tomato basking in the early morning sunlight. Another red-head Ms.Carrot is showing off her lovely green hood. Ms.Lady Finger n Mr.Bean seem to have fallen out n r no more on talking terms :( Baby Lemon is fast maturing into a bright yellow tingy-tangy thingy ;-) Ms.Chammak Challo is as hot n spicy as ever :p And lastly, good news :D Brinjal has just conceived...donno the sex of the baby yet though :p will it be little Missy or Master? yeh raaz khulega bas thoda hi dino mein ;-) Baaki sab theek hai...all the kids, Coriander, Curry leaves, Pudina, Dill, Methi, Wheat grass etc..are all growing up fine :D Thank you for tuning in. For FRESH updates n Live coverage, dekhte rahiye...KBC :) Good Day :D
No one in right senses can question calibre of Amit Kumar, Udit Narayan & Kumar Sanu after listening to Naino Mein, Pyscho, Chammak Challo.
'Chammak Challo' Review: Love Psychology Rating: 2.5/5 Banner: Sri Sailendra Cinemas Cast: Varun Sandesh, Sanchita Padukone, Catherine Tresa, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore and others Music: Kiran Varanasi Cinematographer: Ranganath Gogineni Editor: Nagi Reddy Story, screenplay, direction: Neelekanta Producer: Master Bujji Babu Release date: 15/02/2013 National award winner Neelekanta is back and this time he has chosen something different to entertain the audience. Whether he is successful or not let us see. Story: Kishore (Srinivas Avasarala) is an aspiring moviemaker and in his search for a proper love subject he comes across lecturer Apparao (Sayaji) who shares with him the love tale of Shyam (Varun) and Anshu (Sanchita), students in his college. They get engaged and marriage is due in 6 months, Shyam gets a job and goes to Bangalore. There he meets Sunaina (Catherine) who is more like his dream girl. This gives rise to few complications and what happens after that forms the rest of the tale.
i remember those jokes from when Chammak Challo was released like "awkward moment when Akon speaks better Hindi than Katrina Kaif" LOL
Kareena Kapoor looks the best in which song? a. Chammak Challo b. Halkat Jawani c. Fevicol Se
Arin and ryan sing Hindi Song and ask me what pungi and Chammak Challo mean. it's amazing to see them adapting well. Madhuri Dixit-Nene
So I watch the Chammak Challo video and it's all very nice till I remember that Kareena Kapoor is Arjun Rampal! That's when it gets weird!
Mika SinghWe all danced on Akon's awesome number "Chammak Challo" super fun!
Kareena gets emotional on her wedding Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor exchanged vows on Tuesday by exchanging rings and garlands. The bride wore her ma- in-law Sharmila Tagore's gharara, the final fitting of which was done by Manish Malhotra. Later, she changed into a lehenga, which she wore till early morning to the after-party at a Mumbai five-star hotel. The songs played included those from the couple's films like Mauja Hi Mauja, Chammak Challo, Halkat Jawani and Tumhi *** Bandhu, as Tusshar Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Amrita Arora Ladak with husband Shakeel danced. Saif's ex-wife Amrita Singh and Karisma Kapoor's husband Sanjay Kapur were conspicuous by their absence. Karisma's best friend and Anil Kapoor's brother, Sanjay's birthday was brought in by popping a champagne bottle. The best performance of the evening came from Karan Johar and Neetu Kapoor, who danced to one of Sharmila's songs. Shweta Bachchan Nanda, Bebo's aunt Ritu Kapoor Nanda's daughter-in-law, was also present. A sou ...
Marking Shah Rukh’s 46th birthday, his young Indonesian fans organised a flash mob and danced to his hit number Chammak Challo in the middle of a bustling street at a Convention Centre in Bogor city, Indonesia.
“Time to check if after servicing my car is glowing :-)” will you call it Chammak challo or Chammak chalglow ?
This is the remix version of the famous Chammak Challo track from Ra.One. Sung by Akon & remixed by DJ Khushi. The making of the song is coming soon... To ke...
I have been called by my Ammu for having lunch. Gotta go. Wanna have a Chammak Challo lunch, very hungry !!!
Okay so I danced for Chammak Challo song on the road in JB ystd. Embarassing much
Kids doing their little jumpy dances to chammak challo and gangnam style lol
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he danced on chammak challo n criminal n he spread his hands n recited the DDLJ dialogue! :')
Happy Anniversary Ra.One may have to put it on later. Challo
My little sister is too cute she's remixing -Jugni Ji with -Chammak Challo on her iPod &laptop-our favourite songs!
Wanna be my chammak challo oh oh oh *tetiba
1 year got over & chammak challo is still refreshing, energetic and timeless. I mean the song.
One year "Ra.One".Congratulations for my favorite superhero "G.One" with a big're the best..your Chammak challo;)))
Tonight i will be your chammak challo.
You can be the Chammak to my Challo
Happy 1st anniversary for one & only chammak challo from she was the sexiest women of that year glad she was applauded that year
Chammak Challo around me! These people love it, and I hate it :P
Thai people listening to Chammak Challo in the computer lab :P
arrives wth bang! bang!bang!.awesome!!!kat n @ iamsrk hv set the dance floor burng hot on fire..The nxt Rage aftrchallo.
i still dance,listen,love to all d songs of Ra.One.. Chammak Challo, Criminal, Bhare Naina, Dildaara.. :) G.One only super cool hero
In memory of the late Yash Chopra, here's a photo of Kareena with him last year on the sets of Chammak Challo.
u r like the stars in the sky, rainbow in the cloud...u r my chammak challo nd I dunt wan u to go...
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Hey My GorgeouS CuzZo Eid Mubarak to u and the family ♥ MiSsing u this 3eid my Chammak Challo :'(
My every morning begins with Chammak Challo nd Criminal nd ends with them nd every time I listen them like the first time.
I liked a video Shah Rukh Khan celebrates Durga Puja with Chammak Challo moves
If Hollywood has "The Hulk" than we have "Sunny Deol". By watching "GHATAk" movies like "BORDER","ZIDDI","CHAMPION" and many make us believe that a single man can face 10-20 men in a single fight. You are "THE HERO" who brings out patriotism in any "INDIAN" after watching "GADAR". "Chammak Challo" is nothing in front of "MERA DIL LE GAI OYE KAMMO KIDHAR". Happy Belated 56th Birthday Sunny Deol. P.S "Ashrafali.. Hindustaaan Zindabaad tha, Zindabaad hai aur Zindabaad rahega.."
Easily one of the most exciting categories: 'Favourite Song of the Year': Chammak Challo | Ooh La La | Chikni Chameli and Mashallah.
"I am yet to understand the correlation between Deity worship and Chammak Challo." --- On Blaring of bollywood songs from Puja Pandals.
My day is starting with chammak challo .. I guess today is gonna be a good day :D
I'm suppose to be doing my math homework instead I'm all dancing here to "Chammak Challo"
Some *** playing chammak challo so loud till the whole block can hear.
Cant wait to see marsya do her speech and dance to chammak challo
Yo bettman, wanna be my chammak challo
My littel sisters learning to dance on chammak challo .. Hhhh I'm happy because they like it
Chammak challo again, for the second time.
by driving storme at 150kmph and listening song Wanna be my Chammak Challo
Have you ever seen an elephant dance to Chammak Challo?
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oh baby baby baby, im talking to my chammak challo LOL
Dancing ?? Wow! Wanna dance wid me? We will groove on chammak challo :P
Chammak Challo becomes Lifetime Heroine of Agent Vinod,Whatever but who was 10 year old girl this time ?
My King ji i am ur Chammak Challo and you are my dance?Love u.
New Bollywood movie theme song sung by Akon - in Hindi! What an amazing culture fusion. Its called "Chammak Challo" checkit out on youtube
:O chammak challo if i'm not mistaken.
Wanna be my chammak challo ohhh oh wanna be my chammak challo ohh oh
Bebo in chammak challo indeed looks chammak challo!♥
Chammak challo... Song time... 2nd Heroine getups :( Pawan takes us bck to Khushi song... Guess wat?
Walk down memory lane watching the Chammak Challo talent show dance at
Bollywood Groovers took over the Bean in Millennium Park, Chicago as they danced it out to Jai *** Chammak Challo, Dhinka Chika and Auntyji!!! Big thanks to ...
Bebo's not around but there's no keeping SRK down. He's on bended knee, doing the Chammak Challo with a red dupatta-clad Cyrus. Not to be missed.
maybe I even let you be my chammak chammak challo
which hindi songs should appear at my wedding? :P dont include chammak challo as its already on the list
Wah so long never listen to chammak challo
Can you be my chammak challo ohh ohh,
Wanna be my chammak challo. what does that suppose to mean . u r with ur friend/bff SHAH RUK KHAN there righty?
song Chammak challo Movie Ra one ra 1 singer Akon staring shahruk khan and Kareena Kapoor new movie 2011 real HD full Song
Who wants to be my chammak challo :P
I know what 'chammak challo' means now
Chammak Challo- Akon, Feel it soniyeh- Bonafied, Too many of ur tracks to mention brother :)
Today's song of the day is "Chammak Challo" from the film Ra.One. Keep listening for the song from now till the...
- Watch Ra one hindi movie online video song in hd quality or 720p bluray quality of Chammak Challo video song online free downlo...
like the page of SRK's new film RA. One song beautiful song. Song Details:- Song Name...
saw Dad watching a Bollywood awards show on tv and they were performing a little of Chammak Challo n_n instantly thought of
Got chammak challo playin on repeat all day. Holding myslf bk frm jumpin up& dancing! Unfortunately tht can only happen in movies!
Dance event held at Tokyo for Ra one Japanese version release.
Idea no. 43 from - Dance like a clown on Chammak-challo. For added workout regime, prop the baby up in your arms!
yeah, she just wanted to shake her butt & he made her do exactly that. Can't complain, I'll love Chammak Challo forever :D
Smile design of Hamsika IYER , famous singer of Ra and Agent Vinod .. Rabbata and Chammak challo
Come on managing director sort it out chammak challo!
Hello please tell me that wana be my chammak challo is which film?
Now I've seen everything. Durga, Kali, Saraswati and all of the other Nava Durgas dancing to Chammak Challo with Bebo.
Some say lose of money but i say srk found new fans with it children loving and chammak challo that advantage of making of it
Sheila, Munni, jalebi Bai, Chammak challo - I've heard all of them either in a pandal or at visarjan.
Chammak challo song get 21000 like that why its called best song of 2011
Bet, when you coming down? 😄 I'll make sure to bring along with. My other chammak challo. 😘
Chammak Challo - DJ RCM | DJLanka from The Number 1 DJs and Remixes Portal in Sri Lanka. Download Latest Remixed Songs and DJ Songs for FREE
Chammak Challo - Ra.One, subtitled by Jerrel to make people understand the lyric of this contagious song. With regard to the IP holder TSeries. The song is s...
You've gone from an 'Ajnabee' to becoming our favourite 'Heroine' and you'll always be our favourite 'Chammak Challo' We wish you a very happy birthday! What would you like to wish for Bebo on her birthday?
Hasit Nanda plays the awesomely famous song "Chammak Challo" featuring AKON from the movie "RA One"...
The war for winning the title of The Ultimate Seductress has just wrapped up! And guess who’s the winner. Well it’s none other than Chikni Chameli Katrina Kaif. But Chammak Challo aka Kareena Kapoor’s fans need not be disappointed. She came a close second, losing out the title to Katrina by some hun...
Chammak Challo is getting prime air time at my house
listening to chammak challo AGIAN lol
my classmates are not just gila with oppa gangnam, but also.. chammak challo ooo. after this, 'My name is..and I'm not terrorist' I can tell
lol na chammak challo all about Kareena ;)
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