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Chad Pennington

James Chadwick Chad Pennington (born June 26, 1976) is an American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for ten years.

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R U kidding me, Chad Pennington was a much better QB than Fitz. the only real comparison is they both had weak arms.
Good article, but I don't agree. Fitz could've been good if we just signed him earlier, and gave him an offseason.
they had Chad Pennington and Trent Green on the roster which was the equivalent of an Alex Smith today
A couple I don't think ya'll mentioned:. Dan Pastorini, Oilers, . Jim Zorn, Seahawks. Chad Pennington, NY Jets
if it wasn't for injuries I think Chad Pennington could have been the man.
thejetpress​.com >> Ryan Fitzpatrick was Chad Pennington 2.0 on the Jets
Best quarterback who played for NYJ, MIA, or BUF since 2001 might be Chad Pennington(NYJ). Incredible.
So with your argument, if the Pats drafted Chad Pennington in 2000, they would have had the same results. If it's a…
What's more impressive is how in TB'S 17 years the best QB the and have rolled out is Chad Pennington
why does everyone forget about Chad Pennington
very true Andy. I remember Chad Pennington had a tough go
Chad Pennington could carve up this defense
Matt Ryan has a weak *** Chad Pennington noodle arm. Yeah, I'm mad we're gonna lose.
Matt Ryan got that noodle arm. Chad Pennington throws for days.
Just found out Chad Pennington's name is short for Chadwick so
any chance Chad Pennington would consider being jets oc ?
Chad Pennington was trash. He belongs in a trash can
Any chance Chad Pennington going back to the jets, if asked,? Thank you
dude eat my shorts. Chad Pennington was nothing but a baller
Chad Pennington was a serviceable quarterback
Chad Pennington is 2nd in Comp % and 14th in passer rating. I get your point. And you win. But had to post Penns. Never knew
Chad Pennington knows better then to ruin his good reputation with Jets fans through becoming QB coa…
He should take Chad Pennington for some fish and chips
Not joking, Chad Pennington should be the Jets QB's Coach.
still think they should rename the comeback player of the year award to the Chad Pennington award.
Still a record that may never be topped - Chad Pennington winning Comeback Player of the Year twice in a three-year…
Chad Pennington lol. He was supposed to be the next great one lol the Jets are so bad
Alex Smith's career numbers are on par with Chad Pennington's and Matt Schaub's. But he landed in a better place.
Josh Rosen is gunna end up as Chad Pennington with the whole throwing shoulder issue, isn't he?!
Maybe we'll try Hackenberg nxt wk? I hear Chad Pennington & Vinny Testaverde are still available. Kellen Clemens is somewhere out there too.
If the P5 have better players than the G5 then why did Chad Pennington have a longer career than Danny Kannell?.
Chad Martin and Josh Pennington are tonight's starters for SI Yanks and Lowell. Makes sense since Chad Pennington made his living in NY.
weak arm is Chad Pennington, Kellen Moore. Kirk has an average deep arm.
Chad Pennington announcing the Jets' pick of Hackenberg feels shockingly similar to Ben Wyatt getting the keys to Partridge.
Former Marshall QB Chad Pennington announces the Jets' pick at Christian Hackenberg
Some of these choices as NFL legends seems dubious at best. Chad Pennington? Daunte Culpepper? Marshall Faulk for Colts & not LA?
Chad Pennington was an o.k. q.b. from small Marshall , "the thundering herd"
That's pretty cool for our Herd Shiners b/c Marshall will probably at least be announced for Chad Pennington.
From 1998-2003 had 3 first round picks in the NFL Draft - Randy Moss, Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich.
fan and student...draft day 2000. Chad Pennington 1st round to the Jets.
One of my favorite memories as a Jets fan is when Chad Pennington threw that rainbow bomb to Santana Moss then kissed his bicep afterwards
We've got our trivia winner. The correct answer was Chad Pennington from Marshall, drafted by the Jets. Thanks for participating!
i heard Eddie Robinson was still hanging around the Ralph, still trying to find the jock Chad Pennington juked him out of
Kyle Boller and Chad Pennington could've been franchise QBs with Bill.
so Buzz announced "Chad" Pennington at 2nd for Anaheim. The Rangers should get at least 2 int's
The bullpen could sure use Chad Pennington right about now...
You forgot In no way, shape, or form is Tom Brady the G.O.A.T. He's a glorified Chad Pennington.
Tom Brady is the most overrated quarterback in history. He's nothing more than a glorified Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington was the last QB who was close to a franchise QB until Tanny kicked him to the curb in favor of Favre
...and Gase looks like the doppelgänger of Chad Pennington, so there's that.
if you don't know I'd say you're chad pennington
Peyton is an upgraded version of Chad Pennington
i swear to god, me seeing Chad Pennington eating in a tiny restaurant in Versailles and it's blowing my mind
If you’ll be in Chicago for the keep an eye out for former QB Chad Pennington and FB Tony Richardson — they’ll be there.
This make you chuckle? Maybe episode 26 Chad Pennington Erotica will make you laugh too.
has been waiting patiently for the new episode. It's live! Chad Pennington Erotica. Enjoy!
Chad pennington is none of those things lmfao
I was in favor of cutting Chad Pennington and trading for Brett Favre at the time it backfired
Chad Pennington will be at prob repping for
They do know that's Chad Pennington right?
why is weak armed Chad Pennington on this pic?
Orlando pace should be on there over Chad Pennington lol everyone forgets how good Jevon Kearse was
Chad Pennington's claim to fame is that he was Randy Moss QB at Marshall
So why is Chad Pennington gonna be there?
so first the touchback rule and now Chad Pennington is considered a legend. What has happened to the NFL?
If Chad Pennington is a legend then so is Aaron Brooks
Whoever made this picture is either a Jets fan (Chad Pennington on there) or trolling everyone lol
TF is Chad Pennington doing in this picture with all these good players... lol
Chad Pennington has the 2nd best comp.%
lets hope he does not think to sign Chad Pennington. Then we are cursed.
all good. We'll probably have some apologies with the new episode tomorrow. You. Chad Pennington. Some others
Those r worrisome for a chad Pennington prospect with a weak arm, not a player who was handicapped by his surrounding wr
one of the reasons I loved Chad Pennington is bc he's an athlete that I knew would nevr try nor have a shot w my wife
I see a lot of Chad Pennington in C Cook. But with a stronger arm Played vs a lot of good def past few years
only thing funnier than dolphins making playoffs is when my buddy said chad Pennington almost won MVP
BREAKING: QB Chad Pennington to resign with the New York Jets! You heard it here 1st!
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I still have nightmares of Chad Pennington going to the Dolphins and beating us for the division title.
Peyton Manning finishes with 792 passing attempts vs Bill Belichick's Patriots, more than 2x the 2nd ranked Chad Pennington (382 attempts).
Our own Dr. Charles G. Bailey and former sportscaster Chad Pennington will be inducted to the Hall of Fame this fall.
also Chad Pennington. Out of top 40 College QB ratings ever Donovan McNabb best NFL QB. He's 34th
Chad Pennington had some big moment when he was a starter...where did that get him, no way he should've been paid that much
Love the expert commentary by former QB Chad Pennington on web site - here about Calvin Pryor's fine 2nd yr
QBs Chad Henne and Chad Pennington chat on the sideline during a 2008 preseason game
Back in the day in Madden if you tried to throw a bullet pass with Chad Pennington the game would just shut off
Washed Peyton Manning still had a better/stronger arm than Chad Pennington in his prime
I need to get a green Chad Pennington jersey for next St.Pattys
Bros wearing Chad Pennington jerseys on St. Paddy's are sad people.
the SANCHIZE and Chad Pennington is the best red head quarterback ever (let me stop joking around)
I'm confident that I could throw a baby farther than chad pennington could throw a football in his prime.
Similarly, you never see new Fins HC Adam Gase & former Fins QB Chad Pennington together.
I agree. High completion%, low turnover rate but not dynamic. Chad Pennington lite (with better shoulders)
(e.g. Chad Pennington’s arm was so weak if he lost even the tiniest bit he was out of the league.)
spooky old Chad Pennington showed up today pretty good
That Calvin Pryor film study with Chad Pennington is awesome. Calvin was huge for us last season. He's on the cusp of greatness!
nope you will sign Chad Pennington and LIKE IT!
no man. he's Chad Pennington in one dimension and Romo in the other
The pianist looks just like Chad Pennington
if I woulda stuck with FB I'd be Chad Pennington only faster
Chad Pennington's influence was really unbelievable. And it was from Day 1. I'll never forget that day.
Even when Chad Henne was in his third year as a starter, veterans on the Dolphins preferred to consult Pennington about every issue.
I've covered GREAT TEAM and GREAT PLAYERS.I've never covered a better leader than Chad Pennington.
and the smartest team in a division where the best Qb from the other three teams over past 15 years is Chad pennington
yeah and Chad Pennington is an example of one that didn't improve lol. Not saying it is impossible. Just saying it scares
In the play-in round of Chad Pennington edged out Vinny Testaverde and Brandon Marshall beat John Abraham. Thx for voting!
ONLY A COUPLE MORE HOURS TO VOTE! Who was better Chad Pennington or Vinny Testaverde? Tale of the Tape:
Another Jets QB and one of my all time fave NFL players (Chad Pennington) is prime example of great QB skill set minus cannon for an arm.
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Chad Pennington vs. Vinny Testaverde. Who was the BETTER QB? Vote in our Jet Fuel Madness bracket!
Our 2nd play-in game is a doozy. Chad Pennington vs. Vinny Testaverde. Who was the better Jet? VOTE
Also Geno Smith and Chad Pennington. And Wayne Chrebet. $25 to the Broncos to sign all those guys.'re saying Chad Pennington is the second most accurate quarterback ever... you're a moron
stay stalking me😂😂😂 and so does that mean Chad Pennington=2nd most accurate QB ever ??!?!!
Hey while y'all are collecting former QBs, Ray Lucas, Chad Pennington and Vinny T are available
QBs Chad Pennington, Vinny Testaverde, and Todd Husak on the sideline during a 2002 game against the
Little brother is repping Chad Pennington. Because why not?
shoutout to the guy I just saw in a snapchat story rocking a Chad Pennington jersey
might as well just call Chad Pennington up and see if he's ready for a comeback lmao
Chad Pennington is the best QB the Dolphins have had in almost two decades and it's not close.
Chad Pennington has been working with tannehill the last 2 offseason and believes in him.
It's about time Chad Pennington got his respect in fine art form. 11-5!
Chad Pennington on working with 8 QB's said NONE have separated from each other all nice size.
Adam Gase looks like Chad Pennington so much that it's scary. featured in NBC s Science of Love
of my highlights of 2012. Recreating a scene from We Are Marshall with Chad Pennington. - Woody
Chad Pennington on NFL Network said he's worked with Tannehill the past two years and he is on the cusp of being the QB most think he can be
My ears are looking forward to it. Did compare Goff to young Chad Pennington again?
Concussion Discussion with Chad Pennington. It's a long episode...but so worth it!.
said Chad Pennington was better than Mike Vick.. Dumbest thing I've heard all day.
I had no idea that Adam Gase was a Chad Pennington look a like
Thinks signing Chad Pennington shows the fins are unhappy with McCown. My prediction, Pennington starts and Henne is the fu…
naw we need someone from Marshall - that Chad Pennington gonna be sick
I mean Chad Pennington was an effective QB until his legs went.
liked your Wentz COW article. Chad Pennington wasn't great but I don't think he was JP Losman, Rex Grossman, David Carr etc bad
This game is like watching Ty Detmer vs. Chad Pennington after sitting in a sauna for three hours.
(2/2) is because after he lost Chad Pennington, he had terrible talent. Henne & Moore at QB & the only viable WR was Marshall.
John Sullivan, Chad Pennington, Amani Toomer, Wayne Chrebet, David Harris, Brent Celek, Daryl get the point.
What do Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman, and Kordell Stewart all have in common? All have more playoff wins than Matt Ryan.
Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich, Troy Brown, Ahmad Bradshaw, Rakeem Cato, etc all in the running for Marshall
The noodle arm of Chad Pennington and gunslinger mentality of Favre, Cutler and Grossman is -needless to say- not a good combination.
The QB-WR tandem of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall challenges my all time favorite duo of Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles
But he made his name at Marshall with mr Chad Pennington
I did see a few games from Connor Cook. Is it just me or do you see Chad Pennington?
if you're throwing out a stat where Chad Pennington and Matt Schaub are 12 and 13 ALL TIME, you need to find a new one
This Week's Q&A - questions for myself and/or Chad Pennington. We'll get to a few in Jets Audibles & some in my written EA Q&A. Let's roll.
Steph Curry's ankles used to be as brittle as the same bones Chad Pennington had
Luck has turned into a caveman Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington isn't this trash bro, more turnovers than TD's
Andrew Luck really looking like Chad Pennington rn.
hey Big O! Do you know why a lot of still love Tannehill? His name is Chad (not Pennington). I blame it on the Henne
Jerricho Cotchery is still getting work? I remember him catching passes from Chad Pennington like it was yesterday..
he will adjust to the poor man's chad Pennington. Right Gregg?
that's what I did. Only football jersey I have is da gawd Chad Pennington
You got that right. Although given where Chad Pennington ended up...Brees might've suffered the same.
he still throws like Chad Pennington now
You are inadvertently calling Tannehill the next Chad Pennington... in a manner of speaking, of course.
A smart and accurate QB could probably be successful for the Pats (like a prime Chad Pennington).
The last true "big game" QB the had was Chad Pennington. It's Year 4, still waiting to see Ryan Tannehill take this step...
Jokes on you, that's the actual Chad Pennington
John Abraham/Chad Pennington pre-injury had to be closest thing for you, right?
7 TDs, 11 picks. 75 rating. Looks like Chad Pennington, only with a lot worse results.
Travis got a weaker arm than Chad Pennington
Manning reminds me of a better version of Chad Pennington.
I would pay to see Chad Pennington play in the NFL again
A note on Chad Pennington: Pats have NOT won AFC East just twice since '01... to Chad's Jets in '02 & Chad's Fins in '08.
I can throw about as well as Chad Pennington with his shoulder injury
I almost cried when Chad Pennington retired, I probably will cry when Jeff Gordon retires, and I will cry when Dirk Nowitzki retires
today game reminds me of 05 when Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler got injured in same game.
is it wrong that I wanna see Johnny Damon, Chad Pennington and Peyton Manning have a farthest throw contest.
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we haven't had a good qb since Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington just aired up the tires in the Seabring, and did some calisthenics.
Chad Pennington was the patriot killer. He won an afc east title with the jets and Dolphins 💯
Bryce Petty time! Unless Vinny Testaverde or Chad Pennington aren't busy this week.
I wish you could combine Geno Smith's arm strength + running ability with everything else that is Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington ain't coming to save us!!
I think it might be time to put in Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington never throw deep ball but he won games for u
I would rather have Sanchez back. Or tebow. Or chad Pennington. Or Helen Keller. YOU SUCK GENO
Does anyone know if Chad Pennington is available? The Jets need a QB
Can we just put in or even Vinny Testaverde? Chad Pennington or Brad Smith? Anything but number 7.
No, and he doesn't have to. Chad Pennington was pretty good and he had a noodle for an arm.
Where is Chad Pennington when you need him
This HAS to be the first time Chad Pennington and O.G were ever in the same sentence.
No love for the O.G himself Chad Pennington?
Chad Pennington was like that too - face got all scrunched up. It's kinda funny
LAST CALL! Accepting questions for both our Jets Audibles Podcast with Chad Pennington & my Q&A. Let's roll.
Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, drew brees, Jon kitna, Charlie batch, Chad Pennington, Brett Favre,. really lucky to grow up watching legends
Oh come on, Brees has lost to Chad Pennington, Alex Smith, Matt Hasselbeck, and Rex Grossman in 4 of his 5 playoff losses
Redskins really got flea market Chad Pennington playing QB. Bob Griffin CANNOT be that bad. Come on man!
Kirk Cousins is new Chad Pennington absolutely zero arm strength
John gruden still looks like old Chad Pennington
I agree.There have been several underwhelming QBs who were good on TV, like Tim Hasselbeck and Chad Pennington.
*** they got Cromartie and Revis back? Might as well get Chad Pennington and Wayne Chrebet on the phone
To be fair,Chris Johnson would do that to many NFL linebackers. Heck, Chad Pennington did it to Eddie Robinson.
Oh what I'd do to get an autograph from Randy Moss, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich, Troy Brown, etc...
Alex Smith, Chad Pennington -- who are the other two faces on the "noodle-armed, but effective" qb mt rushmore?
I think it's time I get a new Jets jersey since the only two jerseys I have are Curtis Martin & Chad Pennington
Does Randy Moss or Chad Pennington ring any bells? They alright but I'm flying more Marshall stuff then
Yet he's behind Phillip Rivers & Tony Rome in QBR & just 2 spots ahead of Chad Pennington.
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Peyton Manning and Chad Pennington are the only two QBs to have more than one win agains Tom Brady at Gillette
we had Richard Todd, Ken O'Brien, even Chad Pennington was with us for a while
when they remotely did, both Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez beat Hoodie. But that was not the point...
What if it were Chad Pennington and Jordan?
Chad Pennington really was a top 5 QB at one point
» & turned down help from Chad Pennington, who knows what others. Needs 1 on 1 w/ a qb coach
Jets haven't had a qb since Chad Pennington, that's been 10 years ago. A good veteran qb is what will make jet fans happy
Oh yeah boutta get my Chad Pennington on 🏈
when the Marlins announced Crow was coming in to pitch I was kinda expecting to see Chad Pennington on the mound
Value pick at QB is Garrett Grayson. Reminds me of a more athletic Chad Pennington. Not a turnover machine. Pro style QB. Accurate
Seeing people now rip Chad Pennington (and his near-MVP playoff season) is pathetic. *** is wrong with this fan base?
actually THAT is false within itself. it was the wildcat that won that, not chad pennington, they lost till WC.
True. Tannehill is identical 2 Pennington except way more athletic. Chad wasnt reason crown won. running game was
True or False: Tannehill is best Dolphins QB since Marino? > False. Chad Pennington (last winning season, AFC East crown)
I can't hate on Chad Pennington, even if he was only 1-AA one year
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Heed that same advice if you ever take on Chad Pennington at the Greenbrier again.
THIS JUST IN: sign Chad Pennington to a one-year $12 million dollar contract.
The fact that I live on the same road as chad Pennington 😅😈
strongest memory of him is being juked by Chad Pennington
My wife bought me a Chad Pennington Jets jersey when we were dating. She knows little about sports, but its the thought that counts
Shout out to the old black guy in a Chad Pennington Jersey in court, who told me I looked tired.
the song u had for chad Pennington. .my mind is forgetting rite now
Jets best QB in last 30 years is chad Pennington that's enough to know. You're team will stay bad.Pats will still win
any news on who Chad Pennington or Kurt warner are working out for? Next think Favre will be out of retirement...
They way he projects right now is like a really mobile Chad Pennington, but w/ less instincts
If you never had Chad Pennington QB your favorite team, say a quick thank you to your father and Jesus. He was so bad
almost got kicked out of a bar IN PORTLAND OREGON on that dunk 👐👐👌
When Randy wasn't open, he was open - Chad Pennington
don't believe Chad Pennington ever really got the respect he deserved
Brady is an all time great but the best QB on another team in his division for the ENTIRETY of his career was Chad Pennington
Right now Peyton Manning is a poor man's Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington had accuracy and little strength. You need both in equal measure
I swear to god just asked me if chad Pennington was the starting QB on the Miami Dolphins
I like it, I had him comped to Chad Pennington based on arm strength (pre injury) and ability to manage a game (good way)
I agree with Rucco. I was calling Tom Brady Chad Pennington all game long because he was dining and dunking the Seahawks
Brady did his best Chad Pennington impersonation in the Super Bowl. All 3 yard passes.
Gotta wonder how awesome Chad Pennington's career could have been without all of his injuries.
Random. Do you know I have Chad Pennington's phone number?
with the arm strength Manning has now would it be fair to compare him to Chad Pennington?
Chad Pennington is a more accurate quarterback than Tom Brady
sounds like another Chad Pennington to me, a great QB but very fragile.
My son Chad Pennington will get hurt constantly, while my other son Jake Delhomme will look good for a while before inexplicably failing me.
My future wife needs to be aware that our two sons will be named Chad Pennington and Jake Delhomme.
Dat *** Chad Pennington on with a Steve Harvey collection suit on.
the Dolphins weren't in win now mode when they signed an injury prone QB named Chad Pennington either
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What is that one stat Chad Pennington is like top 30 in which is a good stat but you wouldn’t expect him to be top 30 in?
Next Randy Moss,Chad Pennington,Byron Leftwich,Ahmad Bradshaw,Rakeem Cato? Come here & add your name to the all-time records & draft boards.
His arm strength is closer to Chad Pennington than Brett Favre. His lifestyle is closer to early Favre than Pennington.
Yeah they’ve had a couple good teams, but the 2nd best qb in that division in the last 15 years is Chad Pennington. lmao
Man, I really was a Chad Pennington believer. Couldn't throw a deep ball to save his life but boy was he accurate
Lmfaoo, he's basically Chad Pennington with better decision making.
Brady missed the Playoffs in 2002 when Chad Pennington won the AFC East with The Jets. Still impressive though.
Chad Henne Chad Pennington Tannehill “Brady Manning Montana "What's y'all Top 3 QBs of all time in order?"”
chad Pennington nation over here yewww
does not matter where u play. If ur good enough the Pros will find you! I presume you've heard of Chad Pennington?
You're out of your mind. Tom Brady is a glorified Chad Pennington, who can only win by cheating and receiving lucky breaks.
Geno Smith chad Pennington Vinny Testaverde and any other jets qb is better
I really feel a 7 yd whip route in man coverage is completely unguardable unless your QB has a Chad Pennington arm
NYJ Star Ledger: What message has former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington given Geno Smith about his future?
or Chad Pennington and Leftwhich but I like you found the two bad guys...I could say Pac Man Jones and T Henry
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Chad Pennington Chris Redman and Marc Buldger were picked over Tom Brady
Andrew Luck also passed Bob Griese, Joe Theismann, Bart Starr, Chad Pennington, and Jeff Garcia for 44th all-time in playoff attempts.
Watching Rand University has made me realize that Chad Pennington has the greatest accent ever
I think most Jets fans would take Chad Pennington over the Sanchez/Smith eras that have followed
Chad Pennington went to Marshall. We Are Marshall a good football movie.
Marshall's schedule rivals that of the Chad Pennington days.
Also on that 1997 Marshall team: Chad Pennington, Doug Chapman, & Nate Poole. . Yep. THAT Nate Poole.
small ball kills. Very reminiscent of the Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin Jets.
The Jets were my 2nd team when they had Curtis Martin, Leon Washington, Lavuraneus Cole, Chad Pennington, Jericho Cotchery
for christ sake I had a Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin jersey growing up
Ryan Tannehill really make me miss Jay Fielder! & Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels, Chad Pennington, Bob no wait Briane Griese!
Rakeem Cato yesterday passed Byron Leftwich on the career completions list for in MU history. Cato has 955; Chad Pennington had 1026.
Remember when Herman Edwards coached the Jets, Chad Pennington was the quarterback, and they went 9-7. That was a frustrating year.
When ordering jerseys from China goes wrong: asking for a Chad Pennington jersey and receiving a Ty Pennington jersey
Chad Pennington has more playoff wins than the Falcons.
Breast Cancer Awareness
What other youth football programs can say that they have Chad Pennington & Marty Moore on their coaching staff?
Cool pic of Marshall Legend Chad Pennington talking to future Marshall Legend Rakeem Cato. So much talent in one room
so going 30-9-1 over the last three years and having a career 109 QB rating in the postseason is Chad Pennington?
I see Alex Smith as a more athletic chad Pennington. Smart, accurate, doesn't force anything. Not the best deep
Walked by Chad Pennington today, spoke to him, and didn't even realize it was him till I was in the locker room 😂😂😂
But Chad Pennington did it all by himself. Omar told me so.
To Chad Pennington didn't need you to be open. He would THROW you open. Why he's NFL's most accurate QB
Strange but true - Chad Pennington has more wins at Gillette Stadium (3) than Peyton Manning (2).
Leave it to ESPN to show the infamous Eddie Robinson play against Chad Pennington over 10 years later in a random segment
RB and chad Pennington, the glory days
I'm at the moment of football preseason just hoping no one gets hurt. The Chad Pennington debacle never escapes my memory.
Remind you of Chad Pennington? Questionable arm strength but a winner in HS and College. Pennington did win a division.
Just saw Herm this morning who compared Blake Bortles to Chad Pennington in 2002. your thoughts??
. Correction, CHAD PENNINGTON changed the JETS history by finally winning in December!!!. 1969 is rough!
I think Dalton is like chad pennington you can win with that 100% and he will trust me i like dalton
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as a Chad Pennington fan I'm happy they were able to match up at Marshall. Moss said Pennington was best QB he ever played with.
Threw a football for the first time in many years Saturday. Turns out I still got it. "It" being Chad Pennington's arm.
Peyton Manning first 3 playoff games. 0-3, 1 TD, 2 INT, 50-105 for 47% cmp. 3rd year lost 41-0 to the Jets and Chad Pennington
oh and his third year they lost 41-0. To the Jets and Chad Pennington.
But you also would have given Chad Pennington a 10 year deal!!
I like Andy Dalton more than most. Watched all four years at TCU. Ceiling wise, somewhere between an Alex Smith and a Chad Pennington.
besides the year Chad Pennington carried Mia to an afc title
Six years, $115m for Andy Dalton, the poor man's Chad Pennington. Wow.
If he didn't have AJ Green, Andy Dalton would be a redheaded Chad Pennington. Congrats on the contract tho.
chad Pennington is ahead of Dan Marino Otto graham Trent Green and ya boy Bret Favre
Marshall fans are acting like Chad Pennington and Randy Moss are suiting up this year. Gracious.
Chad Pennington might just be my favorite average QB of all time
Chad Pennington was in the Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach (PSC) with Chris Cotton today in Cincinnati.
Chad Pennington is vanilla. Great, creamy vanilla. Organic, fair-trade vanilla. But still not Cookie Dough.
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