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Chad Pennington

James Chadwick Chad Pennington (born June 26, 1976) is an American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for ten years.

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Chad Pennington really was a top 5 QB at one point
Β» & turned down help from Chad Pennington, who knows what others. Needs 1 on 1 w/ a qb coach
Jets haven't had a qb since Chad Pennington, that's been 10 years ago. A good veteran qb is what will make jet fans happy
Oh yeah boutta get my Chad Pennington on 🏈
when the Marlins announced Crow was coming in to pitch I was kinda expecting to see Chad Pennington on the mound
Value pick at QB is Garrett Grayson. Reminds me of a more athletic Chad Pennington. Not a turnover machine. Pro style QB. Accurate
Seeing people now rip Chad Pennington (and his near-MVP playoff season) is pathetic. *** is wrong with this fan base?
actually THAT is false within itself. it was the wildcat that won that, not chad pennington, they lost till WC.
True. Tannehill is identical 2 Pennington except way more athletic. Chad wasnt reason crown won. running game was
True or False: Tannehill is best Dolphins QB since Marino? > False. Chad Pennington (last winning season, AFC East crown)
I can't hate on Chad Pennington, even if he was only 1-AA one year
Heed that same advice if you ever take on Chad Pennington at the Greenbrier again.
THIS JUST IN: sign Chad Pennington to a one-year $12 million dollar contract.
The fact that I live on the same road as chad Pennington πŸ˜…πŸ˜ˆ
strongest memory of him is being juked by Chad Pennington
My wife bought me a Chad Pennington Jets jersey when we were dating. She knows little about sports, but its the thought that counts
Shout out to the old black guy in a Chad Pennington Jersey in court, who told me I looked tired.
the song u had for chad Pennington. .my mind is forgetting rite now
Jets best QB in last 30 years is chad Pennington that's enough to know. You're team will stay bad.Pats will still win
any news on who Chad Pennington or Kurt warner are working out for? Next think Favre will be out of retirement...
They way he projects right now is like a really mobile Chad Pennington, but w/ less instincts
If you never had Chad Pennington QB your favorite team, say a quick thank you to your father and Jesus. He was so bad
almost got kicked out of a bar IN PORTLAND OREGON on that dunk πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
When Randy wasn't open, he was open - Chad Pennington
don't believe Chad Pennington ever really got the respect he deserved
Brady is an all time great but the best QB on another team in his division for the ENTIRETY of his career was Chad Pennington
Right now Peyton Manning is a poor man's Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington had accuracy and little strength. You need both in equal measure
I swear to god just asked me if chad Pennington was the starting QB on the Miami Dolphins
I like it, I had him comped to Chad Pennington based on arm strength (pre injury) and ability to manage a game (good way)
I agree with Rucco. I was calling Tom Brady Chad Pennington all game long because he was dining and dunking the Seahawks
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Brady did his best Chad Pennington impersonation in the Super Bowl. All 3 yard passes.
Gotta wonder how awesome Chad Pennington's career could have been without all of his injuries.
Random. Do you know I have Chad Pennington's phone number?
with the arm strength Manning has now would it be fair to compare him to Chad Pennington?
Chad Pennington is a more accurate quarterback than Tom Brady
sounds like another Chad Pennington to me, a great QB but very fragile.
My son Chad Pennington will get hurt constantly, while my other son Jake Delhomme will look good for a while before inexplicably failing me.
My future wife needs to be aware that our two sons will be named Chad Pennington and Jake Delhomme.
Dat *** Chad Pennington on with a Steve Harvey collection suit on.
the Dolphins weren't in win now mode when they signed an injury prone QB named Chad Pennington either
What is that one stat Chad Pennington is like top 30 in which is a good stat but you wouldn’t expect him to be top 30 in?
Next Randy Moss,Chad Pennington,Byron Leftwich,Ahmad Bradshaw,Rakeem Cato? Come here & add your name to the all-time records & draft boards.
His arm strength is closer to Chad Pennington than Brett Favre. His lifestyle is closer to early Favre than Pennington.
Yeah they’ve had a couple good teams, but the 2nd best qb in that division in the last 15 years is Chad Pennington. lmao
Man, I really was a Chad Pennington believer. Couldn't throw a deep ball to save his life but boy was he accurate
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Lmfaoo, he's basically Chad Pennington with better decision making.
Brady missed the Playoffs in 2002 when Chad Pennington won the AFC East with The Jets. Still impressive though.
Chad Henne Chad Pennington Tannehill β€œBrady Manning Montana "What's y'all Top 3 QBs of all time in order?"”
chad Pennington nation over here yewww
does not matter where u play. If ur good enough the Pros will find you! I presume you've heard of Chad Pennington?
You're out of your mind. Tom Brady is a glorified Chad Pennington, who can only win by cheating and receiving lucky breaks.
Geno Smith chad Pennington Vinny Testaverde and any other jets qb is better
I really feel a 7 yd whip route in man coverage is completely unguardable unless your QB has a Chad Pennington arm
NYJ Star Ledger: What message has former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington given Geno Smith about his future?
or Chad Pennington and Leftwhich but I like you found the two bad guys...I could say Pac Man Jones and T Henry
Chad Pennington Chris Redman and Marc Buldger were picked over Tom Brady
Andrew Luck also passed Bob Griese, Joe Theismann, Bart Starr, Chad Pennington, and Jeff Garcia for 44th all-time in playoff attempts.
Watching Rand University has made me realize that Chad Pennington has the greatest accent ever
I think most Jets fans would take Chad Pennington over the Sanchez/Smith eras that have followed
Chad Pennington went to Marshall. We Are Marshall a good football movie.
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Marshall's schedule rivals that of the Chad Pennington days.
Also on that 1997 Marshall team: Chad Pennington, Doug Chapman, & Nate Poole. . Yep. THAT Nate Poole.
small ball kills. Very reminiscent of the Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin Jets.
The Jets were my 2nd team when they had Curtis Martin, Leon Washington, Lavuraneus Cole, Chad Pennington, Jericho Cotchery
for christ sake I had a Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin jersey growing up
Ryan Tannehill really make me miss Jay Fielder! & Gus Frerotte, Sage Rosenfels, Chad Pennington, Bob no wait Briane Griese!
Rakeem Cato yesterday passed Byron Leftwich on the career completions list for in MU history. Cato has 955; Chad Pennington had 1026.
Remember when Herman Edwards coached the Jets, Chad Pennington was the quarterback, and they went 9-7. That was a frustrating year.
When ordering jerseys from China goes wrong: asking for a Chad Pennington jersey and receiving a Ty Pennington jersey
Chad Pennington has more playoff wins than the Falcons.
What other youth football programs can say that they have Chad Pennington & Marty Moore on their coaching staff?
Cool pic of Marshall Legend Chad Pennington talking to future Marshall Legend Rakeem Cato. So much talent in one room
so going 30-9-1 over the last three years and having a career 109 QB rating in the postseason is Chad Pennington?
I see Alex Smith as a more athletic chad Pennington. Smart, accurate, doesn't force anything. Not the best deep
Walked by Chad Pennington today, spoke to him, and didn't even realize it was him till I was in the locker room πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
But Chad Pennington did it all by himself. Omar told me so.
To Chad Pennington didn't need you to be open. He would THROW you open. Why he's NFL's most accurate QB
Strange but true - Chad Pennington has more wins at Gillette Stadium (3) than Peyton Manning (2).
Leave it to ESPN to show the infamous Eddie Robinson play against Chad Pennington over 10 years later in a random segment
RB and chad Pennington, the glory days
I'm at the moment of football preseason just hoping no one gets hurt. The Chad Pennington debacle never escapes my memory.
Remind you of Chad Pennington? Questionable arm strength but a winner in HS and College. Pennington did win a division.
Just saw Herm this morning who compared Blake Bortles to Chad Pennington in 2002. your thoughts??
. Correction, CHAD PENNINGTON changed the JETS history by finally winning in December!!!. 1969 is rough!
I think Dalton is like chad pennington you can win with that 100% and he will trust me i like dalton
as a Chad Pennington fan I'm happy they were able to match up at Marshall. Moss said Pennington was best QB he ever played with.
Threw a football for the first time in many years Saturday. Turns out I still got it. "It" being Chad Pennington's arm.
Peyton Manning first 3 playoff games. 0-3, 1 TD, 2 INT, 50-105 for 47% cmp. 3rd year lost 41-0 to the Jets and Chad Pennington
oh and his third year they lost 41-0. To the Jets and Chad Pennington.
But you also would have given Chad Pennington a 10 year deal!!
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I like Andy Dalton more than most. Watched all four years at TCU. Ceiling wise, somewhere between an Alex Smith and a Chad Pennington.
besides the year Chad Pennington carried Mia to an afc title
Six years, $115m for Andy Dalton, the poor man's Chad Pennington. Wow.
If he didn't have AJ Green, Andy Dalton would be a redheaded Chad Pennington. Congrats on the contract tho.
chad Pennington is ahead of Dan Marino Otto graham Trent Green and ya boy Bret Favre
Marshall fans are acting like Chad Pennington and Randy Moss are suiting up this year. Gracious.
Chad Pennington might just be my favorite average QB of all time
Chad Pennington was in the Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach (PSC) with Chris Cotton today in Cincinnati.
Chad Pennington is vanilla. Great, creamy vanilla. Organic, fair-trade vanilla. But still not Cookie Dough.
EJ's ceiling as a passer is Chad Pennington. Not a compliment or a dig. It's just ... Chad Pennington.
I would laugh at that Al Michaels line about The Bills not being in the playoffs in the 21st century but Chad Pennington
I was digging through old boxes and I found my Chad Pennington jersey from when I was like 9
Savers always has rare gems in the jersey department, just found a Daunte Culpepper, Chad Pennington, and Stephan Marbury jerseys.
The last time I respected the Jets, Chad Pennington was their QB. He couldn't even throw a stone into water with force though
possibly, but having a bad shoulder and making terrible reads are two different ball parks. See: Pennington, Chad.
Here's how important is, the clinic I was in today also included Chad Pennington. Former NFL QB learning how to teach this.
most random jersey of the game award (and it JUST STARTED!): Chad Pennington jersey
Video from Chad Pennington on New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan: Players love playing for him
Chad Pennington, Tim Tebow, Greg Mcleroy...if you're a failed jets QB do you automatically get a job as an Espn analyst?
Yeah I take back and fully regret saying Chad Pennington was better than Joe Namath as QB. That was stupid.
Best Athletes in the history of Miami sports: Wade, Zo, Marino, Chad Pennington (yes I said it), Ricky Williams, Shaq and Lebron of course
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Rakeem Cato needs 1,728 passing yards to pass Byron Leftwich for 2nd in MU history and 2,968 to pass Chad Pennington for 1st in MU history
pretty sure Vick, Chad Pennington, Boomer, Testaverdie, and Joe Namath are all better than Cutler.
Chad Pennington is better than Geno Smith lmao I was a big Pennington fan back in the day
The wisely took Shaun Ellis & John Abraham back to back with picks # 12 & 13. Then they took Chad Pennington with magic # 18 pick.
Chad Pennington will announce the Jets' second-round pick from Radio City Music Hall next Friday
I love how John Idzik repaired the relationship Chad Pennington didn't have with the Jets under Tannenbaum. Idzik is class and benefit
So Saturday I got to see many legends in one place. Randy Moss, Troy Brown, Byron Leftwich, Chad Pennington. It really brings back memories.
Another pic from today with Chad Pennington at the Marshall spring game
You say one more bad thing about Chad Pennington and I will end you.
Patriot Q B Tom Brady...was drafted 199TH in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft.Quarterbacks chosen before him(it is now referred to in an ESPN 30/30 show as THE Tom Brady SIX. Immortals Spergon Winn,Tee Martin,Chris Redmond, Giovanni Comazi,(if you ask who the *** were these guys?.ya got me!!!Hardly a one played an NFL game.Chad Pennington and Marc Bulger (the latter two had good careers in the NFL..Penningtons career cut short by injuries...Bulger replaced former NFL great Curt Warner on a mediocre RAMS team was rated a fine passer.but none of those two nearly approached Bradys career standards.PATRIOTS draft choices chosen ahead of Brady were running back JR Redmond, Offensive Tackle Adrian Clem, Offensive Tackle, Greg Robinson Randall and another OT named Jesowski( but you you doesn't have to call me Johnson?) ...among other immortals.wonder why Tom has had a chip on his shoulders for motivation all of these years?.like he wasn't even the starter on his High School Football team for the f ...
I understand your point, but so does Colt McCoy and Chad Pennington...
Gotta get something off my chest right now. I became a Jets fan when they picked up Vinny Testaverde and Hired Bill Parcells as head coach back in 1997 and I stuck with them through the Chad Pennington years and the Mark Sanchez years. But, The Jets have ALWAYS played Second Fiddle to the Pittsburgh Steelers in my book. They always have, THEY ALWAYS WILL.So, I really dont give a good god *** that they signed a Dog Murderer that disguises himself as an NFL Quarterback. Plain and Simple, Im a Steelers fan FIRST. CUT ME OPEN, I BLEED BLACK AND GOLD. BLACK AND GOLD FOREVER. GO STEELERS
Good to see finally let go of his Chad Pennington jersey
native, former Quarterback to be honored at Scout event
Knoxville native, former NFL Quarterback to be honored at Scout event.
Photos from the Red Shoe Affair have been posted to our Flickr! Please visit to view all of the images from the event! A big thank you to our photographers Lynn Monson and Chad Pennington for taking these wonderful photos all night!
10 years ago when me and my cousin met the jets at training camp. Chad Pennington nicest guy…
isn't the "chad pennington" ceiling really just code for "does not possess NFL quality arm strength"
well chad pennington had a long career as a pretty good QB. that would be a massive success
I was there 6-0 chad Pennington had Santana moss open down the sideline and saw him to late and moss slipped and missed the pass
In 10 years, will we fondly look back at Chad Pennington's career? /r/funny discusses draft order in the NFL...
Chad Pennington was built like an iPhone 4 without a case.
Chad Pennington would've be great if he wasn't built like a sand castle
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Well...there IS a Chad Pennington if you're trying to find some cosmic significance.
All this Derek Jeter talk reminds me of when Chad Pennington left the Jets. My role model and the guy I looked up to growing up.
Randy Moss, Byron Leftwich, chad Pennington, and Nate Ruffin
Chad pennington needs more time with him to show him how its done.
I've finally figured out my mission in life, and this is to make sure nobody ever forgets how amazing Chad Pennington was.
Tonight's decision by Huntington City Council to tear down Hal Greer projects is best thing to happen to that city since Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington, Brian Griese and Jim Harbaugh all lead the league in passer rating once
Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, and Marc Bulger were all Drafted before Tom Brady
the best NFL quarterback who played their final college season at 23+ is Chad Pennington.
Michael Sam won't be the first *** NFL player, Chad Pennington had that covered years ago.
Reality for Broncos. Peyton is now Hall of Fame version Chad Pennington. Arm is done. Gets yards on short/mid pass vs zones, WR YAC.
Me and Bob have a Chad Pennington poster on our wall because we are awesome
ThePostGame caught up with former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington at MetLife's
we found in a box of my uncles belongings. 47 CHAD PENNINGTON CARDS. WHY?!
1997 ~ Thundering Herd. Randy Moss (WR) & Chad Pennington (QB) were the centerpiece of an explosive offense. h…
Me and my children Stephanie Hemesley and Chad Pennington. November 1984
Close Game ..still the only team to shut out Peyton Manning in Postseason is the JETS ..41 TO 0 LED BY CHAD PENNINGTON. .
For a guy that won the MVP and no doubt one of the top 5 quarterbacks of all time Payton throws more wounded duck passes then Chad Pennington just sayin
I just wanna remind all you Jet folks that this is not Peyton Mannings worst playoff loss. He lost to the Chad Pennington Jets 41-0. I was there!
The Denver offense reminds me of the old Chad Pennington, no throws over 10 yards, offense.
The Broncos offense resembles the Jet offense from the Chad Pennington Era
Just realized the last time Peyton played in a playoff game " somewhere in the swamps of Jersey" he was shut out 41-0 by the great Chad Pennington
Peyton Manning out there throwing flutter balls like Chad Pennington lol
Dam Seahawks have to play manning why couldn't it be Mark Sanchez or chad Pennington
Ever wonder what happened to Chad Pennington? @ Radio City Music Hall
CHAD PENNINGTON = NICEST GUY ON EARTH!!! I know my posts probably were annoying today but meeting him was on my bucket list and he couldn't have been nicer or more laid back!!! Cool dude!!!
well my son was out in the city last nite with chad pennington and the boys of the NFL..partying at the marriot marquiss after the bart starr trophy presentation breakfast to aaron rodgers. *** hum another boring day at the okeefe"s LOL
Off to The Jet House in NYC this morning to FINALLY get the opportunity to meet & thank one of my all-time FAVORITE NY JETS, CHAD PENNINGTON! πŸˆπŸ’šπŸˆπŸ’š. Should be a GREAT time with Nick Mangold, Geno Smith & GM John Idzik as well!
Why is Trent Dilfer talking about throwing downfield when he had the arm strength of Chad Pennington?
WOTM are raffeling a MU/Chad Pennington basket to support our local charities. See bartenders for tickets. You DO NOT have to be present to win. Winning ticket will be pulled on Sunday!
bringing back Jon Kitna is equivalent to the bringing back Vinny Testaverde. Or Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington watches the NFL draft Saturday, April 15, 2000, at his home in Lafollette, Tenn., while talking with his new boss, New York Jets...
the best QB in the NFL who played his last college season at age 23 was Chad Pennington. every single other one busted
the great Chad Pennington will lead the jet parade tomorrow down the main walkway at 1030. A class act, great teammate, and a true leader. His playing career was cut too short by injuries.
Ben Roethlisburger played at Miami University (Ohio), Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich were at Marshall.
2 serviceable QB's during my fandom Vinny Testaverde and Chad Pennington
Can we bring back Chad Pennington or Vinny Testaverde?
Somebody like Wayne really inspires you,... He's gotten to the pinnacle and done it the hard way - Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington at my gym working out with me nbd πŸ’ͺ
remember when Chad Pennington *** near 40 balled him and then remember Cromartie gettin like 10 picks in a game ?
agreed. But we had greats that broke records before. My favorite was chad Pennington.
This is your reminder that the 2nd best AFC East QB in the Brady Era was one Mr. Chad Pennington, he of the weak-armed, oft-injured QBs
Real *** have a chad Pennington jets jersey too
Alex Smith and Chad Pennington are the same person
I liked Matt Simms more from 2000-2002 when he was Chad Pennington and not actually Matt Simms
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That depressing moment when you realize that Chad Pennington is the best quarterback of your lifetime.
Alex Smith has a worse arm then Chad Pennington
he's like a late career Chad Pennington now
Alex Smith reminds me a lot of Chad Pennington
Alex Smith is Chad Pennington before all of the rotator cuff surgeries.
Jets games like today make you appreciate guys like Chad Pennington so much more
never forget 1998, 2009, and whenever that first Chad Pennington year was.
Then again.this is Alex Smith. Who isn't Chad Pennington, but still.
I think the chiefs are the 08 dolphins. Alex Smith = Chad Pennington
Peyton throws about as hard as Chad Pennington
.. That aren't working. New OC, QB coach I think are a must. Hire Chad Pennington as the new QB coach for RT17
If Chad Pennington was our qb today the Jets win by 40 points. Genos a big armed bust, pinpoint accuracy wins championships.
Geno Smith does his Mark Sanchez impersonation, for future performances please impersonate Joe Namath, Chad Pennington, Ken Obrien, Richard Todd, or any other Jet QB, maybe even Rams version of Kellen Clemens, not Mark Sanchez. That is all Geno
There's no way I'd rather have Alex Smith doing his best Chad Pennington impression trying to get a team to the Super Bowl.
Last time we played the chargers, Chad Pennington tore up his shoulder and hasn't played since...
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My point. He was on our team ready to start after the 1-15 season. Chad Pennington became available and we canned him.
Yes the jets sucked today, but anyone calling for Matt simms right now is an *** who probably also thought Kellen Clemens>chad Pennington
Last time Santana moss was good chad Pennington was in da league
Joe Namath,Vinny Testeverde, and Chad Pennington were great quarterbacks. Smith and Sanchez distort that
Somebody PLEASE pull Chad Pennington out of retirement. This is embarrassing!
Jets set to bring in Chad Pennington
Cee sounding like he 20 asking had to grow up watching Moss to fully understand...that fool got Chad Pennington drafted 1st Rd
Chad Pennington if he never got injured
Geno throws darts on passes over the middle but throws bubble gum Chad Pennington comeback routes
jets mine as well bring back chad Pennington
remember when Chad Pennington completed 70% of his passes? Dink and Dunk works; i'm frustrate with this too.
I wish the would hire Chad Pennington as their offensive coordinator.
Nice catch by Holmes on an odd Chad Pennington-esque pass from Geno.
Words cannot describe how stupid that was. He has shown no zip on his passes. Makes Chad Pennington's arm strength look like Flacco
Hogan from Stanford combines the wind up of Byron Leftwich with the arm strength of Chad Pennington
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I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful amazing boyfriend Chad Pennington. He is my best friend and the love of my life.
My number is 7 ok. 1. I played against Chad Pennington and Randy Moss in college. 2. When I was younger I had my fingers shut in various doors and trunks of cars on 4 different occasions. 3. My Grandmother and Mother died within a year of each other. 4. I love to eat cabbage and collard greens. 5. Favorite movies are Boondocks Saints 1&2. 6. Love to play Spades. 7. My nickname in high school was oatmeal and no It wasn't because I liked oatmeal.
Why's Braxton doing a Chad Pennington impression with the double gloves?
Lynch is just a MAC guy like Roethlisberger, Byron Leftwich, Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, the first overall pick in the NFL draft
How ironic is it that Chad Pennington was the sacrificial lamb that made room for Brett Farve, ?
not possible. Chad Pennington fails before he wants to drop out ;)
See it all the time. Chad Pennington. Schaub had success for a bit. Jeff Garcia, Alex Smith, etc etc.
The fact that thinks Chad Pennington had a cannon makes anything he says from now on completely invalid
.Chad Pennington's white blood cell count must be low
Big ups to Chad Pennington, for another event well done. I will post the link for you to purchase your pictures.
durability is a skill set. It normally separates the good from the great. ie Chad Pennington without injuries he's still your QB
I have been given the number 10, so let's see what I can put down in writing without the advise of legal counsel. 1) first time I was ever in a plane I was in 10th grade, and flew to Spain 2) I got engaged 2 weeks after I met Ron. 3) I've never ridden a horse. 4) I graduated *** laude at age 50. 5) my 9 lb 1 oz baby girl was delivered without any medication. Yes you read that right, none. 6) I am addicted to true life crime shows. 7) I met Chad Pennington. 8) I loved to take the kids to Disney movies so I could see them too. 9) I got up behind a bar and sang with the band. More than once. 10) my bucket list trip would be to Australia to be by the Sydney Opera House on New Year's Eve to see the fireworks while sitting on a boat. There, 10 things you may or may not know about me.
It's no coincidence Mr. Chad Pennington was in my dream last night as he is a leading example of "from the ashes we rose"! Proud to be a daughter of Marshall and a life-long lover and believer in the Huntington community! We Are...Marshall!!! Go Herd!!
On Saturday evening, November 14, 1970, a Southern Airways charter DC9 crashed short of the runway at Tri-State Airport in Huntington, WV. All 75 passengers and crew died in this crash including almost the entire Marshall University football team, coaches, and staff as well as the flight crew and team boosters/fans. The plane burst into flames upon impact charring the ground 95 ft wide by 279 ft long. The fire was so hot the plane's fuselage was almost reduced to a powdery substance. The bodies of six people were burned so badly they were never identified. It is one of the deadliest sports tragedies (if not the worst) in US history. (Wikipedia) Huntington is a relatively small city. The crash affected just about everyone in town. If you weren't related to someone who died in the crash, you knew someone who did. You went to church with them. You went to school with their kids. You were in Little League, cheerleading, Scouts with them. One kid I'd known since first grade lost both his parents in ...
"We have a story no one else has and a saying everyone borrows" Chad Pennington
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Explaining where I went to college: "Marshall. You know, the movie 'We Are Marshall'? Chad Pennington? Byron Leftwich? Randy Moss? Yeah, that one."
OK,Suzie. Let me try to come up with 8 things about myself. 1.) Was originally registered as a Democrat until Clinton,when I changed party affiliation to Republican. 2.) Was born and went to elementary school in Michigan until 1979,when faamily moved to West Virginia. 3.) Played little league baseball for a team called Cardinals before moving from Taylor,Michigan in 1979. 4.) Was a Dallas Cowboys fan in 1970's,then Philadelphia Eagles fan and had a Wilbert Montgomery Jersey in junior high,then became a 49ers fan during Joe Montana and Steve Young years. 5.) Correctly predicted Chad Pennington would be drafted in NFL when he was still a sophomore at Marshall. 6.) Started in firefighting at age 14 as a junior volunteer at Burlington/Fayette in Burlington, Ohio. 7.) Was battalion cadet S-1 officer cadet captain senior year at Huntington High school. Was also on rifle team all 3 years and was qualified expert in 3 position smallbore rifle shooting. 8.) The only new car I ever owned was a 1989 Ford Festival I ...
It's really amazing that Drew Brees has gone from Chad Pennington comparisons to a record setter and hall of famer.
So, I have been saying for years how much I hate Jeff Ireland(Dolphins GM). Just to put in perspective what an *** he is... We could have had Drew Brees when he left the Chargers but we went with Chad Pennington. We could have had Dez Bryant but he asked him if his my mom was a prostitute and he starts up the issue with Jonathan Martin(which I think Incognito is a scape goat and getting the short end of the stick). Much more also but wanted to end my rant, we need to fire Ireland ASAP!!!
Drew Bledsoe vs Chad Pennington? Which of them do you want leading your team?
Nobody. I argued for manning over everyone else. But his velocity looks like chad pennington. . Am I wrong?
he's not that good. He's reminds me of Chad Pennington.
at least Chad Pennington got voted comeback player of the year twice.
Andy Dalton is Chad Pennington 2.0, and as a result the Bengals will never take it to the next level.
For those curious, yes, that's Patrick Cobbs, former FB for the Dolphins. Caught a pair of 50+ yard TDs from Chad Pennington. Really.
Extremely productive. See that Stanford game? A more mobile Chad Pennington IMHO. He's gonna surprise at Sr. Bowl.
Heard the Giants are signing Chad Pennington for next week
I just drove past Chad Pennington. So that's cool.
Seems it was a photo opportunity last night at La Famiglia as guests discovered Chad Pennington and family dining after the Herd win. It's always great to see Chad, Robin and their three sons!
How much famous is Chad Pennington? Listening to his lecture at Huntington conference. It is good
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Also Marshall with Chad Pennington throwing to Randy Moss in 98-99
When Bill Parcells came to Miami he brought Jason Ferguson, Anthony Fasano, Akin Ayodele, Chad Pennington and they led his way.
Rakeem Cato 27 straight games with a td breaking Chad Pennington record.
Enjoyed talking to Chad Pennington today. Incredibly nice and humble guy!
seeing and talking to chad pennington twice today made my day, and I may be a little star struck still. πŸ’šπŸˆ
Good game--the Yeldon runs. Chad Pennington memory--one game, no one was receiving--ran the *** ball for himself.
Aj McCaron reminds me of Chad Pennington. Safe and conservative. What do you think?
Chad Pennington. Mr. Completion Percentage. Bummer he couldn't throw more than 35 yards.
Rakeem Cato for breaking chad pennington's record of most consecutive games with at least 1 TD pass
chad Pennington was QB at that time right?
I'll try and catch some more games but all I've seen is a mobile Chad Pennington
Rakeem Cato had four total touchdowns and Marshall had 657 total yards on Saturday in a 56-14 rout of UAB. The Thundering Herd (6-3, 4-1 Conference-USA) scored quickly and easily. They averaged 12.6 yards per play to break a school record set in 1991 against VMI (12.4). Cato surpassed Chad Pennington to become Marshall's all-time leader in consecutive games with a TD pass at 27. Cato had 276 yards, three passing touchdowns and no interceptions. His 20 pass attempts were the fewest in his career. Steward Butler ran for 139 yards, Essray Taliaferro had 118 and Kevin Grooms had 108. It was the first time three Marshall players rushed for at least 100 yards in a game. UAB (2-7, 1-4) finished with 464 total yards and 22 first downs but did not force a Marshall punt until the fourth quarter. Jordan Howard had 123 yards on 22 carries for the Blazers.
Also, met Chad Pennington and his beautiful little kids this evening! You can def tell they'll be playing ball.
When I was in like 7th grade I really thought at this point in my life I would be in NYU and married to Chad Pennington *** happened
you can't compare prison to the press room. The culture is 180 out. Chad Pennington said he was called the N word also!
Couldn't figure out how to change channels in the sky box. No worries, Chad Pennington saved the day.
Cato threw TD to pass Chad Pennington for all time TDS for MARSHALL
With the TD pass from Cato, he breaks the tie with Chad Pennington for consecutive games with a TD pass. Cato stands alone at 27.
Cato passes Chad Pennington with 27 consecutive games with at least one TD pass. first all time in Marshall history
That's 27 consecutive games with a touchdown pass for Rakeem Cato... passing Chad Pennington's record of 26 straight games
That TD pass breaks Cato's tie w/ Chad Pennington for consecutive games w/ a TD pass. Cato now has 27 straight.
I liked the jets when my uncle took me to my 1st Jets game and when I met Chad Pennington at an autograph signing, nice guy
Chad you sexy beast. Now thats a tag team (Pictured: Pennington and Chrebet Source New York Daily News)
I see McCarron being similar to Chad Pennington.. Accurate, not alot of mistakes.. But limited arm strength
Chad Pennington was a Heisman finalist!!! FROM MARSHALL!!! That's big. If he can do that. Imagine what I can do...
Interesting - Are New York Jets Quarterbacks Cursed? By Joe Dorish Since its inception back in 1960 as a founding member of the AFL, the New York Jets franchise has had very little overall success with its quarterbacks. The Jets franchise has always tried to get great quarterbacks, but for a variety of crazy reasons, the Jets quarterbacks always have problems. Are New York Jets quarterbacks cursed? Here's a look at most of the starting quarterbacks in the Jets franchise history, and the host of problems they have ended up having to deal with. Are New York Jets Quarterbacks Cursed? Al Dorow (1960-1961) The New York Jets (called Titans for 1960-1963) first starting quarterback was named Al Dorow in 1960 in the AFL. Dorow actually led the AFL in passing touchdowns in 1960 with 26, but he also threw 26 interceptions. In 1961, Al Dorow led the AFL in interceptions with 30. He then went to Buffalo in 1962, and hurt his arm in the fourth game and never played again. Joe Namath (1965-1976) Joe Namath famously pre ...
I will be at West Chapmanville Grade School this evening selling McFarland sports figurines. Various sizes available... Randy Moss and Chad Pennington things available. Message me or come out and see...
I am thankful for my dishwasher (thx Chad Pennington)! My husband should be very thkful too :) Gary Walls
Had the best time with Fouch & Hammond and my son this weekend took them to there first Marshall football game Marshall 61 Southern Miss 13 its been a long time for me to see Marshall put this much on the board !!! The boys got too talk to " THE Red Dawson" !!! and Mickey Jackson From the 1970 Marshall coaching staff Great time talking to them and for me i got to meet the one and only Chad Pennington the best QB Marshall has ever had great guy and fun to talk to made my day !!! There ready to go back !!! I said if they work hard in school and sports they could go to all the games when they are going To Marshall ! Thanks Boys For a fun weekend !!! WE ARE MARSHALL !
It appears that Chad Pennington has re-joined the NFL under the pseudonym Jeff Tuel. Weak arm. No swagger. And a penchant for the ill-timed interception.
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I just YouTube'd Chad Pennington, and, he and Tuel are of remarkable resemblance.
Geno Smith is going to be the next great overrated Jets QB. Following in the footsteps of the great Mark Sanchez and Chad Pennington.
Chad Pennington & family eating at Jim's Spaghetti ! Such a sweet family! Hope all continue to welcome them in the Lexington / Bluegrass area. :)
Pam and I had a wonderful time working with Dreama and Tori in the sky boxes at the Marshall game. Rubbing elbows with Chad Pennington is a great perk.
BIG STONE GAP background treating us to ring side seats at a CAGED KOMBAT show...I have my BODY GUARD MMike Ringleyand thanks for the seats Chad Pennington and Shelly Wade
Chad Pennington at one of our favorite Huntington eating spots.
So happy to hear that The Thundering Herd won today! Also happy to hear that Chad Pennington, my cousin, was in town with his family to watch the game!! Just saw a pic of him and his beautiful family having dinner at Jim's!!
One of my heros having dinner in Huntington after watching "The Herd" today ! Chad Pennington.
My son worked the Marshall - Southern Miss game today at the Joan. He was on the sideline, in the Press Box and interviewed Chad Pennington. Exciting times for a young Journalist. Sean, I am proud of you!
Had a blast at Marshall game with my son... He sure is one of a kind!! He knew 100 different people in the stands n on the field n talked to everyone of them!! He shook hands with Chad Pennington n koolaid his pic taken with Marco n managed to score a free tshirt from the cheerleaders!! Wow everyone around us knew dom by end of the first half!! Lol I loved it!!!
Wish we could be at the Marshall game tomorrow where they will honor the 1998 Thundering Herd, which was one of the best teams to play for the Herd. That was my freshman year, and got to see some great players. Chad Pennington, Doug Chapman, Nate Poole, John Grace, Rogers Beckett, Giradie Mercer, Andre O'Neil to name just a few.
Chad Pennington of Lexington KY, was a recent visitor of the Wyoming County Historical Museum. He was an NFL quarterback for the Jets and Dolphins before he retired. He now has a 60 acre horse farm in KY. His Grandfather, Jim Pennington attended the first organizational meeting we had when we were starting the museum. Jim was also a member of the local fire department, a former city councilman and mayor. He became sick and passed away before we got the museum off the ground. Chad is the son of former Oceana grads Elwood and Denise Pennington. They live in TN. Chad grew up in Tennessee. Both of his grandparents were from here and he spent much of his summers here during his youth. How about that?
Alex Smith has not thrown a pass longer than 2 yards all season. He makes Chad Pennington look like Rex Grossman.
the great Chad Pennington when's his hall of fame induction
Was walking behind a guy who said that wearing a Jets jersey "is the equivalent of saying that you love failure." I didn't tell him that I have a Nick Mangold and Chad Pennington jersey in my closet or that rooting for a team that feigns competency is totally overrated.
Also Mercury Morris and Chad Pennington. And ironically, Grover Cleveland was from Jersey.
If you don't want to hear what I've got to say.don't ask. You didn't hear me complain about Chad Pennington, OR David Garrard did you?
We need more Chad Pennington references in rap
the only one I have is Chad Pennington
me??? I think everyone knows mine is Chad Pennington by now. Lol
Obscure jerseys in the parks goes to Chad Pennington thus far!
Wow cleaning out my closet and found my Chad Pennington jets jersey lmao!
"Former NFL QB Chad Pennington shares his thoughts on the evolution of QBs"
loved the Dolphins listicle, except for part where you used "Chad Pennington" and "star quality" in the same sentence...
Nick Foles wants to start for the still... Says the guy who can't out throw Chad Pennington
Chad Pennington's juke in open space for a TD
Barkley is nothing more than Chad Pennington.. Maybe Jeff Garcia... He truly is just a 4th round pick.
Former NFL QB Chad Pennington talks coaching, bull riding and why the might exceed expectations:
giving me a Herd on with Chad Pennington on the air!
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