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Chad Morris

Chad Morris (born December 4, 1968) is the current offensive coordinator of the Clemson Tigers football team.

Tom Herman Matt Davis Lake Travis Charlie Strong Dan Mullen Lincoln Riley Matt Campbell Justin Fuente Gary Patterson Rich Rodriguez Larry Fedora Philip Montgomery Kevin Sumlin Garrett Gilbert Sammy Watkins Mike Norvell Willie Fritz

Taggert to FSU, Chad Morris to Arkansas, and Josh Heupel to UCF.
Chad Morris will be be named the head coach at the University of Arkansas.
hired former AD Hunter Yurachek. He wanted to hire Chad Morris there but got…
Per multiple reports, known coaches who have been interviewed by Phillip Fulmer include: Chad Morris (HC of SMU); Kevin Ste…
Venables, Chad Morris, or Todd Graham? Seems that all three are in the running for UT Head Coach above Les Miles an…
Not hating on Chad Morris or Mike Norvell. Both would be good hires. But would be an electric hire
Met with Kevin Steele, scheduled to see GA. DC Mel Tucker and Chad Morris is still on short list. Calle…
Stages of grief re Jimbo Fisher 👍🏼 . 1. Oh no Agg-y is firing Sumlin. 2. Lol they'll end up with Chad Morris. 3.…
hire , , or both! Tee deserves a shot. Chad Morris or Jeff Brohm are NOT the answe…
I would give Chad Morris a fair shake that’s how ready I am to end this
Tennessee football coaching search moves on, Chad Morris and Jeff Brohm on radar
.on plan if Gundy stays in Stillwater: “You’re really talking about Brohm, Tee Martin, Chad Morris and Kevin…
However, I will take Art Briles if Gundy is not available, and if not Briles, Chad Morris or Charlie…
Fire Kevin Sumlin to hire Chad Morris? That would be a Helluva + Typical A&M thing to do...difference between two coac…
Not what I expect to happen, but best fits for open jobs for me would be:. Chad Morris- A&M. Willie Taggert/Scott F…
Chad Morris, And Mike Norvell are essentially auditioning for a bigger job right now. Gus is doing his best effort…
Someone like Matt Campbell or Mike Norvell or Chad Morris, younger guys, someone can inject discipl…
Frost, Matt Campbell, Chad Morris. Morris would reopen our Texas recruiting
Chad Morris at smu or Matt Campbell at Iowa state would be great hires, especially Campbell.
Matt Campbell is my choice. Then Pruitt from Bama and Venables from Clemson. I would be ok with Chad Morris and the…
Also a possibility, but Chad Morris may have more ties to A&M
James Franklin. Gary Patterson. Mike Gundy. Scott Frost. Chad Morris. Brent Venables. Just my list for now on who i'd want
Names you'll hear mentioned when Butch Jones is fired:. Dino Babers. Scott Frost. Mike Bobo. Frank Wilson. Chad Morris. Mike Norvell. Jason Candle
Mike leach from Washington state, david cutcliffe from duke, Paul Johnson from Georgia tech and Chad Morris from smu
News: coach Chad Morris awarded scholarships to two walk-ons after Saturday's practice.
Chad Morris says SMU sophomore WR Alex Honey is having one of the best fall camps he's seen
The best Chad Morris quotes of the offseason, including why he hates January 
A look back at SMU's 2015 class, the first recruiting haul under Chad Morris |
New Scout profile for '20 Highland Park QB Chandler Morris, who impressed at Son of Chad Morris.
Chad Morris to SMU made perfect sense. It's worked out so far. - SB Nation -
Dennis Schroder's reaction to Paul Millsap hearing that the Wizards' Markieff Morris called him a crybaby following the Hawks' w…
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I'd Chad touched it first before a Titans player the they are right he is not offside.
He was offside when kicked & within 10 metre when Chad touched the ball.
Yes he was. Chad should have got it, but they conveniently ignored that rule.
Chad Morris has at least doubled SMU's win total the last two years. More improvement's likely in 2017.
Chad Morris to SMU made perfect sense. It’s worked out so far.
SMU’s hire of Chad Morris seemed perfect on paper. And it’s working out pretty well on the field, too.
Special thanks to Head Coach Chad Morris for his continued support of the
Southside Da Realist? How Chad Morris, rapper Big Tuck are changing the way SMU connects with players, recruits
UH coach Tom Herman's glowing comments about SMU's Chad Morris are hilarious considering what he told Houston Rotary Cl…
Chad Morris said he texted former players for like Tajh Boyd & Andre Ellington to say their fingerprints are…
After Bob Diaco's firing, Chad Morris & Philip Montgomery are now the second-longest tenured coaches in the AAC. They've coached 2 seasons.
And if Mack Rhodes decided he wanted Chad Morris, I imagine Chad would be in Waco before nightfall eating one of those
Glad for Chad Morris. SMU was smart to lock him in long-term.
Who is going to take the Baylor HC job? Keep hearing Chad Morris but does he really want to take on that mess?
Chad Morris will be hired By Texas at high noon tomorrow
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SMU at the half this year…. 6-6 vs Baylor. 3-6 vs TCU. 20-23 vs Tulsa. Now up 21-0 on Houston. Chad Morris is getting closer……
Remember when Clemson fans fretted about losing Chad Morris? 20-1 with co-coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott. Watson, yes, but still..
I think Chad Morris is gonna do some things at SMU and get them a 2015 Houston-type season
Winston-Salem tea business got its start from friendship and community: Chad Morris, the owner of Chad's Chai...
Chad Kemenah sets fast time in group 4 qualifying with a 13.253 over Bryan Sebetto, Joe Kubiniec & Jimmy Morris
way to ruin the best thing going at SMU. chad morris already unhappy will be saying goodbye to him soon too.
good call on Oregon. Tech is still angry at him & mahomes is best qb in b12. I would add Chad Morris & smu
Dabo Swinney is THE biggest joke of a head coach in football. Dump Dabo, hire Chad Morris, so you don't keep looking like…
I would go with kb chad morris phil Montgomery gus malzahn because he runs the same offense
top targets I'm hearing now are: Chad Morris, Tom Herman, Larry Fedora. Herman and Fedora most proven.
Chad Morris great HC and great special teams coach in Daric Reilly former UAB coach
Lmfao! I feel her on that good lord! Between the pups and idk who is worse🙄 jk it's Chad
Remember when South Carolina fans said Clemson would suck once Chad Morris left? 😂😂😅😅
Clemson got lucky. They started recruiting DW at the end of his 9th grade year. Chad Morris had a lot to do with it
also don't count him out if Chad Morris is named coach for 2017. He also has small Stephenville connection.
This film was the hot ticket at Sundance this year!
What a smile: Chad Hartigan is waiting for you and your questions at 5pm with his film MORRIS FROM AMERICA
Top 3 guys Baylor should go after for head coach after this season IMO . 1. Chad Morris. 2. Lincoln Riley . 3. Sonny Cumbie
Herman would definitely be on BUs radar. I also think Larry Fedora and Chad Morris too, and maybe Lincoln Riley.
That seems like the perfect fit. They'll probably go after Chad Morris, Lincoln Riley or Dan Mullen
Honored to recognize new Eagle Scouts Elijah Bendinsky, Adam DiRocco, Chad Morris, Michael Smith III and Gregory Stetz.
ESPN ranked all 129 DI coaches as players; see where locals like Chad Morris, Kliff Kingsbury ranked
I'm so use to having Chad here to stay up all night with, I'm bored out of my mind by myself 😂
Still trying to figure out where these Nelson Cruz and Chad Morris guys came from though. Breakthroughs!
Apparently Chad Morris plays for the Sounders now.
Duane Morris' Walter Greenhalgh and Chad Odhner write that "The 'Barton' Doctrine Is Alive and Well"
Since Dec. 2012 - 37 months ago - Chad Morris becoming SMU's HC in his native state is Clemson's only staff change.
Ali Modu Sheriff is very strong in Chad. There is a chance PDP is trying to win the national elections in Chad.
Chad Morris became a head coach as well
DeShaun Watson poses w/ fmr. Assistant, & current head coach Chad Morris, who recruited him to Clemson
Streeter finds success with Watson after chaos of early days: Chad Morris was hired as the head coach at SMU...
listened to Chad Morris this weekend. He said the same exact thing!
Westwood One signs Lifetime Contract extension for Mark Levin Radio Show. Congrats to the Great One! http…
I hate the morris brothers so much pistons and suns need to get rid of them if they wanna be decent
Streeter intrigued by Zerrick Cooper's potential: Cooper committed to Clemson in 2014 when Chad Morris was sti...
Chad Morris paused his news conference to talk to a 2017 recruit.
OPINION: Derby County’s sacking of Paul Clement is idiotic’: If Derby County chairman Mel Morris thought he wo...
TOMORROW: Terrell Owens AND Chad Johnson sit in for Stephen A, who has the day off. T.O./Chad vs me. They have no chan…
National writer: Installing a strong Texas connection is smart for SMU's Chad Morris
Chad Morris does whatever it takes to keep commits; SMU brings in second straight all-Texas haul
Kevin Sumlin has swag, Tom Herman has game and Chad Morris has something effecting his motor skills
And their receiver (Mike Williams) has been out all year and their superstar offensive coordinator (Chad Morris) left
When Sumlin leaves for the Dolphins after hiring Meachum for Chad Morris' OC next season will we keep the "Power" intro? Please advise.
I knew he was great back then. Guess Chad Morris & I saw the same thing
he's done well for several years - not just this one, Dave - turning point for me was Chad Morris hire
Why they like Jones over Morris, who ran for 1k yrds 3yrs in a row baffles me Chad.
Five things that went wrong for SMU in first year of Chad Morris era
great story thank you Chad Morris for your example
Too real used to jack Chad AC Morris for his deck every time
Chad Morris is Aggie alum and wants that job. He took SMU to be back in state.
.true. I had to take a Chad Morris cocktail a few times to catch Stanford but he was worth it.
Chad Morris is a man of integrity and spirit! A terrific HC🏈 StangGang 16,17... This is the place to be
What a neat story. Chad Morris is my kind of coach.
Geez. gets me every week. Great piece featuring SMU and Aggie Chad Morris.
Wow much respect for coach Chad Morris on the story during coverage
Chad Morris is such a stand up guy, miss having him at clemson
Hiring Chad Morris and Brent Venables has paid off
he's the only one I think. Maybe Chad on a proper fight camp but Edgar my best bet
Worked for. Chad Morris, then it didn't.
Looks like HC Chad Morris picked a good game to be at
Head coach Chad Morris just showed up at this Lake Dallas-Lone Star game. In a helicopter.
Remember that Chad Morris never had a college job at all till Todd graham hired him @ Tulsa. Millionaire 1 yr later
SMU head coach Chad Morris has popped into the Mineola-Brock game. He's behind one of the end zones.
So in 2010: Tulsa steals Chad Morris from Lake Travis HS (Austin area) to become OC . And in 2015: Texas working hard to steal Tulsa co-OC.
SMU coaches Chad Morris and Jess Loepp starting in Waxahachie for first of 5 games they'll attend via helicopter.
Let's say Charlie Strong gets fired (doubtful). I'm on the Chad Morris train! That guy has got GREAT relationships in the state!
if dabo left for Alabama would chad Morris not be the front runner for head coach at Clemson?
What is this guy? The second coming of Chad Morris or something? If he turned down 645k, he doesn't want to be here.
Chad Morris would get a look if Dabo left wouldn't he?
if dabo were to leave, I want Chad Morris . I'm very glad he wasn't offered the job at SC
I wonder if Chad Morris could come back into the picture for Offensive Coordinator?
or Chad Morris I'm cool with either one tho but let Charlie have that 3rd year at least
I'm convinced Chad was a cowboy in his past life 🏇🏼
DeShaun Watson said among people he has to thank are former OC Chad Morris who told him he could do great things when he was …
Also, Chad Morris is coming off a bad year at SMU... Might take advantage of an opportunity to work with Graham again.
Dear god Chad Morris is the Gregg Marshall of Ellis Johnsons.
The fact that Steve Patterson wouldn't let Strong bring over Chad Morris really irritates me Offense would've been 1000 times better last yr
So far the Hokies have hired Chad Morris, Rich Rod, Tom Herman (twice), and Justin Fuente
lol is that a combination of Jon Gruden and Chip Kelly? Sounds like Chad Morris to me.
At this point, I will be surprised if the new head coach is someone other than Chad Morris, Rich Rodriguez, Justin Fuente, or Tom Herman.
Why are we not talking about Chad Morris or Rich Rodriguez? Chad Morris is a better recruiter and has an awesome track record.
Happy to see Matt Davis having success in Chad Morris's offense. Great Aggie
Matt Davis of SMU is a *** of a player. Him and Chad Morris are a match like Tommy Bowden and
Matt Davis and Chad Morris are a match made in heaven
Any thoughts on the off play calling by Clemson through the last two games? Is it more missing Mike Williams or Chad Morris?
Chad Morris and Matt Davis' press conferences from yesterday's loss to East Carolina
And I'd say that Doc Holliday is more likely to replace Spurrier than Chad Morris.
+SMU coach Chad Morris talks golf cart rides for students, TDs for George W. Bush & State Fair of Texas in Q&A.
SMU fell to undefeated James Madison, 48-45, in a stunner. Rome wasn't built in a day. Chad Morris has the team scoring, just need some D.
To add to the presence of Kevin Sumlin, SMU HC Chad Morris also happens to be in attendance in Allen tonight as well.
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Word on the street is Chad Morris flew in for FM Marcus-Allen game. Maroon chopper...borrowed from Sumlin?
OC Joe Craddock and HC Chad Morris will be watching 2017 Corsicana QB Kishawn Kelley (tonight.
HC Chad Morris will be back later tonight for Allen vs. FM Marcus. Arriving in
I'm with you. Kelly, Tom Herman, Chad Morris, Mark D, Fuentes (Memphis) , Hudspeth , *** why not throw bank at Freeze
I'll say it again...Chad Morris or Chuck Norris?!?
their QB is a stud tho! Chad Morris is gonna make them good but I didn't think it would be this quick
Arrival of Chad Morris helped and deliver the most points scored ever in a single game in the history of that long rivalry.
I love seeing first-year HCs like Tom Herman, Philip Montgomery and Chad Morris making early impacts at their respective schools.
Matt Davis is becoming an incredible QB under Chad Morris' (guidance!
Well this is awesome via Chad Morris from ESPN.
Chad Morris, Matt Rhule, Justin Fuente, Tom Herman … The AAC has some big-time young coaches.
Wish Charlie the best, but you'd be an *** to not know that this will be Chad Morris' next job.
If everyone could please keep Chad Morris in your prayers today, it would be greatly appreciated
Everyone please keep Chad Morris in your prayers
Come on, Texas. You need to keep Charlie around long enough for Chad Morris to find a destination job as far away as possible.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Anyone who knows who Chad Morris is...that's like asking who Hal Mumme is
I think Clemson fans sometimes underrate just how much influence Chad Morris had on our current run and the identity of …
I could deal with Chad Morris when Frank retires
Texas would do well to get rid of Charlie as soon as possible and try to pick up Chad Morris.
Dear Lord please let Charlie Strong be successful enough to not get fired right at the time that Chad Morris moves up.
Chad Morris' defense has given up as many offensive points to Baylor in 11 minutes as Charlie Strong's defense allowed in 60 min. last year.
Chad Morris having scoring 2 first half touchdowns is going to get him a Power 5 job by Thanksgiving. Enjoy him while you can Mustangs
FREE: Chad Morris, Joe Craddock, Van Malone and Shak Randolph spoke with media ahead of season opener Friday:.
Yeah, I'm not shocked about it, but if Chad Morris can't win 2 out of the 8 winnable games (JMU is a win) then it will be trouble
Great points on Sportscenter should have mentioned perhaps try a running game and use Morris/Jones and win some games that way
I watched every game last year and we either jumped ship on the run game early or fell behind. Run the *** ball we got Morris/Jones!
I love Clemson if only for the fact that it gave us Chad Morris
Can't wait to show everyone what Nineteen11 and Chad Morris have been working on for this season!
is there another one of those that you know of? Anywhere?...Chad Morris?
love the podcast. not much talk thurs on chad morris leaving Clemson. I think this could be a big issue for the Tigers. Thoughts?
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28 years after the NCAA imposed the death penalty, SMU Football still looks to rebuild:
Interesting read as always from Grantland
What SMU changed on defense under new Coach Chad Morris & more inside our SMU preview part 1.
the smarter thing for him would have been to have hired chad morris as OC instead of harsin.
It seems only fitting that SMU's Chad Morris made this list...
SMU OC explains the No. 1 goal and drops a stat about Chad Morris at Clemson.
Man I'm sure SMU is gonna be trash this year but I'm really rooting for and looking forward to seeing what Chad Morris does there.
The Chad Morris era has some fans ready for 'magic moment' ht…
From How much can Chad Morris improve SMU Mustangs in first season?
For I wrote about SMU and Chad Morris and the ongoing implications of what happened 30 years ago.
Need plans for tonight? BASIC is happening tonight @ 9 in FBC! Come out for fun, fellowship, and a great word from Chad Morris!
Grantland - Chad Morris and the quest to bring SMU football back from the dead via /r/CFB
Come out to BASIC tonight at 9:00 at FBC to be EMPOWERED by our speaker Chad Morris.
I've always been kind of fascinated by SMU. Interested to see what Chad Morris does there. A feature
Power Up the Pony Express: Chad Morris and the Quest to Bring SMU Football Back From the Dead, by
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ICYMI: & were at media availability and heard from Chad Morris and Jeremiah Gaines.
Hairopoulos: George W. Bush visits practice as Chad Morris incoporates president into his play...
AmeriCon Media Days, Part 2a (A Million Ways to Win in the West, Feat. Chad Morris, Curtis Johns…
FREE: I was at camp opener and spoke with Chad Morris, Joe Craddock, Van Malone and Matt Davis
clay is very similar to Dwayne Allen. Roman going to run shades of Chad Morris (Clemson) offense... Lots of screens and jet sweeps
I profile RB Daniel Gresham, who could be poised to contribute in Chad Morris' power run scheme.
Rare photo of Dabo Swinney, Chad Morris and Brent Venables all together.
David Beaty, Tom Herman, Chad Morris & Philip Montgomery have Texas coaching backgrounds. Their programs will show it
Per Waskom ATH Kevin Johnson has committed to Chad Morris and
SMU HC Chad Morris talks about his class that includes Ben Hicks & Matt McNew.
HC Chad Morris says Michael Scott is a DE at his PC. “They (the twins) pass the eye test. Coach Brown wanted them to play."
Smith: Chad Morris is rebuilding SMU by recruiting in state, and he's already ... - Dallas Morning News: Dallas…
Looks like is really missing Chad Morris early.
Steve Spurrier calls his own plays and beat Dabo 5X. Dabo paid $3.9 for Chad Morris's playbook and won once.
served the media pizza and soft drinks and had rosters available for Allen-Skyline. Chad Morris and staff in the end zone. They get it.
Here's a rundown of how Chad Morris' staff at SMU is shaking out so far:
SMU names Chad Morris as head coach of winless Mustangs (Biz Journal)
Clemson's Chad Morris gets first head coaching job at Southern Methodi...
"We're going to be one of the most explosive offenses in college football." -head coach Chad Morris
"SMU has hired Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris as its new head coach:
Chad Morris, Kirby Smart and John Chavis were all right at 1.3 million or just a little above.
SMU's efforts to keep the SWC alive are appreciated, but Chad Morris needs to lighten Ponies' non-con sked. No need to play A&M/BU/TTU + TCU
Who do you want - Larry Fedora, Dave Doeren, Mike London or Chad Morris? Was it really an easier hire for the 1st 3 compared to Morris?
SMU to announce Chad Morris hiring on Monday
And yes, SMU is expected to announce Chad Morris on Monday. About as good as Mustangs could have hoped.
SMU will introduce Chad Morris at a 3 p.m. CT press conference tomorrow.
Clemson OC Chad Morris said he hasn't agreed to anything with SMU for its head coach job: http:…
The latest on OC Chad Morris agreeing to become next coach at at (free) ...
Announcement of Chad Morris as new coach next week expected to include new academic support for athletics at SMU.
As a veteran SMU observer, my worry is this early leak will give someone a chance to change Chad Morris' mind.
Chad Morris to SMU doesn't seem to make a ton of sense and the timing of this announcement could not have possibly been…
Even though we won 5 straight, I'm still rejoicing at Chad Morris leaving. No more pulling in those high rated offensive …
Chad Morris to SMU? That's an A+ hire by school. AAC is about to get turnt up...
Didn't think Chad Morris was a possibility for SMU. Too obvious, and didn't think SMU would throw big bucks at another coach. Wow.
Small world: The reporting Chad Morris to SMU is the son of ex-& current FSU tight ends coach Tim Brewster.
Despite high likelihood SMU will hire Clemson's Chad Morris, "no deal with anyone yet" (
Chad Morris to SMU? Gotta hand it to the Mustangs. That's a phenomenal hire. Nice job, Ponies.
Chad Morris fits the profile of a potential SMU hire. Somewhat young(mid 40s), rising star, will leave for a bigger job if successful.
Hypothetically, if Frank went out and got Chad Morris, or another great OC, and let him bring his own guys, could frank stay?
Justin Puente, Chad Morris, Matt Wells, Scott Frost, Blake Anderson and Mark Hudspeth all came up,
In just over a day the names I've heard linked to UF job: Malzahn, Gundy, Rich Rod, Strong, Gary Patterson, Chad Morris, Spavital, Stoops...
I want Gary Patterson or Dan Mullen. Interesting pick up would be Chad Morris and stealing the WR coach as well
My early top 3(by likelihood) for Florida job: Mark Stoops, Holgorsen, Chad Morris.
Who does Florida look to for the future? Chad Morris? Mark Dantonio?
Either:. Dan Mullen . Chad Morris. Bobby Petrino. Kliff Kingsbury. Chip Kelly. Rich Rodriguez. Will be the next coach watch what I tell ya
Chad Morris might be the best OC in college football
"You dont come to the gym looking pretty, you come to the gym to get pretty" -Chad Morris 😂😂
that's why we hire a chad Morris. A big name isn't going to want to follow Beamer
Asked manager Tom Kelly what it would have taken to remove Jack Morris from that 10-inning masterpiece. Kelly’s r…
Chad Morris was passed over for a couple of P5 jobs as well..
or just hire Chad Morris as HC and be done with it
The greatest moments ... maybe the best 6 minutes you spend until tonight:
I think Chad Morris would be a good choice. Close to Texas, has ties there for recruiting. Spread will do well in Big12
send chad Morris to the panthers. Dabo is hardcore enough to run a pro offense in college play. Recruit running backs. Not WR
What an odd way to spell Chad Morris
if I remember right, Chad Morris was making more as an OC than he was as a HC
Chad go and reenact the milk FIC with shane morris
Will Chad Morris be the next coach at Tulsa?
TOUCHDOWN Alfred Morris punches it in from 5 yards out!.
Clemson 17-0 under Chad Morris when running 45+ times in a game? See what happens when you don't abandon the run Chad?
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A Florida State player accused of a crime is more predictable than a Chad Morris bubble screen.
Remember Chad from Highschool musical?? Feel old yet?!!?
Stop talking Clemsux fans. You pay Chad Morris how much money to put up 3 points against Syracuse?
what do you think about this... Clemsons Chad Morris as HC. Keep Kurt Roper as OC. And Michigan States Pat Narduzzi as DC?
plus Chad Morris recruits Florida well. C.J. Spiller. Sammy Watkins. Ray Ray. Dion Cain. That's odd the top of my head.
Chad the warts have been out there for a long time-the factions, Gibbons situation, Brandon situation, Morris situation
I would love to see Chad Morris as our new head coach! He could retain roper as his OC since their style of offense are similar.
Sure Dabo defends Cole, but would he defend the atrocity that is the play-calling of Chad Morris?
We'll hear from Spurrier, Chad Morris, Mike Smith, Cam Newton, Sammy Watkins and more on The Huddle. It starts now!
.Chad Morris wouldn't use that as an excuse. Said Stoudt is "healthy enough" But he took shots in the shoulder the previous week
and people wonder why Chad Morris name always comes up, they didn't go to Clemson for Dabo
it was OC Chad Morris. Said it was best DEF he has faced at Clemson.
Clemson is officially starting to humiliate me. Chad Morris needs new plays.
later, hope you guys go 10-2. Elite defense. Go easy on Chad Morris.
We are now, apparently, using the fact that Chad Morris's offense is struggling to justify the decision to hire mason.
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Chad Morris commits to run, Wayne Gallman rewards him
Chad Morris is lock for I don't see it happening.
When did the hire Chad Morris? That's your 4th down game winning play call? Seriously?
yeah I know Watson is clearly better, but I swear Chad Morris changes the playbook for each one and it doesn't work like that
Cole hasn't looked good but that's all Chad Morris right there... Who calls 20+ bubble screens in one game?
Chad Morris' offense seemed to run very smoothly with Deshaun. Its at home, SC's defense is HORRID. we will dominate them.
Chad Morris is play calling for the Patriots
Morris called on Wayne Gallman for half of plays after an INT, wasn't disappointed
Clemson OC Chad Morris discusses the state of the offense after the win over Syracuse:.
Is it too late to get back in touch with Chad Morris about the head coaching job?
Gallman does what needs to be done: Since Chad Morris arrived at Clemson in 2011, the Tigers have been...
are fans still worried Chad Morris is being recruited?
Chad Morris... Can't wait til you leave
On the bright side chad Morris won't be going anywhere after the season 😂😂😂
Great post for all the Chad Morris bashers.
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Tigers overcome offensive miscues in win: Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris has little ch...
offense does enough for the 'W.' Chad Morris' breakdown -
I don't like the bashing of Chad Morris, he is doing all he can do with the QB he has. Isn't his Fault we had dumb turnovers
Chad Morris and Dabo, take some notes on the simplicity of the QB sneak from James Franklin.
Random: Maybe the Broncos should go after Chad Morris.
Chad Morris’ playbook is now just a sticky note that reads: “Swing pass."
if Gary Patterson goes to LSU, I would see Chad Morris to TCU before I would see MSU
Hear anything about Willie Fritz? Seems more plausible than the Chad Morris' of the World.
If the "fire Paul Johnson" talk is lunatic fringe, what about the "fire Chad Morris" talk I keep hearing?
Chad Morris, Justin Fuente, Willie Fritz shoudl all be on the HC list
Tim Beckman is 100% fired. I think getting Chad Morris from Clemson is best case scenario.
Here are some coaches to watch: Mark Stoops, Dan Mullen, Chad Morris, Pat Narduzzi, Scott Frost (timber!! on that one), Lincoln Riley
so is Chad Morris secretly the offensive coordinator for Silver Bluff too?
fans that have been hating on Mike Bobo all week: "Well, *** at least he ain't Chad Morris."
Wonder if Chad Morris has QB sneak in the playbook... could've used it a few times tonight
Someone tell Chad Morris he's not at Lake Travis anymore. what the *** was that.
Chad Morris will deny it until offered to him but he would love to be the next head coach at SMU. Plenty of Mustangs wou…
Word on the street is Chad Morris wants SMU job
Narduzzi. Tim DeRuyter. I'd say Chad Morris but we've been saying that for ages it feels like. Bud Foster if Beamer has
Congrats to former Lake Travis coach Chad Morris for having 2 former QB's going back to back in the draft in Garrett Gilbert and Taj Boyd
Id like to see Texans draft Taj Boyd or Garrett Gilbert Both played for former Lake Travis coach Chad Morris and would make winner in Htown
The 4th pick, Bills pick Sammy Watkins, Clemson. His OC was Chad Morris who coached Garrett Gilbert and led Lake Travis to state title.
I still feel MB-TF missed a great opportunity to bring in Chad Morris along w/ Garrett Gilbert in '09. Perhaps he wouldn't have come, but...
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Now there are reports that Chad Morris may have made a little bit of a late surge in the race to name a new coach at Vandy.
You said last year Petrino was the best coach available “Per Vandy coaching decision down to Chad Morris and Derek Mason.
it's Chad Morris from Clemson.. Won a couple State Champs with Lake Travis!!
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