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Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray (born August 24, 1981) is an American actor, spokesperson and former fashion model.

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Patrick john flueger and chad Michael Murray could be twins or something
Chad Michael Murray and Cole Sprouse are my childhood crushes without a doubt
There would be no early 2000s without Chad Michael Murray😍
Last night I had a dream I made a blanket fort...with Chad Michael Murray...under my great aunt's dining room table...
I think every 90s girl had a crush on Chad Michael Murray
I'd like to represent Freaky Friday Chad Michael Murray for this discussion
This night has ended with me getting so many Chad Michael Murray gifs and I couldn't be happier
Chad Michael Murray is one fine human 🀀
Just finished watching Freaky Friday on Hulu; what happened to Chad Michael Murray tho. What's he up to these days?
Every time Chad Michael Murray comes on screen my roommates go: "enhh I can't see it" and I want to die
Chad Michael Murray in one tree hill ❀
My roommates don't think Chad Michael Murray is hot and I feel BETRAYED
chad michael murray could kill me and I would say thank you
Chad Michael-Murray did a Marvel Agents of Shield spinoff that lasted 18 episodes & that's literally it. No one else did anything
Chad Michael Murray would make a waaay better Beverly
Tell me you've heard the song Heartthrob by Pentatonix! (It name drops Chad Michael Murray in the lyr…
early 00's Chad Michael Murray is my anti-drug
used to have a game where you add a meat to a three name person . Jonathan Taylor Tubesteak Thomas. Chad Michael Meatloaf Murray
My guess would be chad Michael Murray, but you already messaged him on MySpace
Me: "Chad Michael Murray is so hot". "yeah but I bet he has a small wiener" . πŸ†—
I feel like they only made the drought a part of the plot so she could compare Chad Michael Murray to it in the endπŸ˜‚
Chad Michael Murray really is the ultimate babe in Freaky Friday. I had pretty good taste in the celeb crush department as an 11 year old.
The kiss in the rain scene at the end of A Cinderella Story is literally every girls dream, god bless Chad Michael Murray
if Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story wasn't one of your first celeb crushes idk if we can be friends
I need me a Chad Michael Murray from 2003 😭😭😍😍
my crush on Chad Michael Murray is never going away
I'm obsessed with Chad Michael Murray, ok ok
Honestly Chad Michael Murray could get it I keep watching 2000s movies and he has me feeling a way
I think it's just because I love young Chad Michael Murray πŸ˜‚
heaven is 2003 Chad Michael Murray in a Von Dutch shirt
It sure is! I'm only on episode 3 but I highly recommend it especially to see a young Chad Michael Murray whew lord
Watching One Tree Hill again and Chad Michael Murray's soul patch is the equivalent to every dude I've ever slept with.
Happy birthday Chad Michael Murray! Thank you for all the love and effort you put into Lucas Scott.
Though I'm super sad didn't mention it was Chad Michael Murray and Dave Chappelle's birthday lolll
Can you believe that in 50 days I'll be in Wilmington, NC & I'll be meeting Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty bc I sure as *** cant
Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty's hair was so ugly in season 4. It always bugged me lol
It makes me happy that Chad Michael Murray is both Lucas Scott and Austin Ames and they both work at a car shop and want…
I was trying to remember Chad Michael Murray's name the other day and accidentally called him Chad Dylan Cooper πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β€¦
Chad Michael Murray channeled Lucas Scott from for the best reason: (And yes, we're…
Loads of celebrities dropping in at Here's Chad Michael Murray and Heather Graham at the main stage.…
GUYS. Seriously, what is my life? Got to meet both Chad Michael Murray and Heather Graham today…
Matthew & Matthew didn't know who Chad Michael Murray was and I got so offended
Chace Crawford or Harry Styles or Justin Bieber or Nathan Scott or Chad Michael Murray or Lip Gallagher
Today I talked to Becca from the Bachelor, saw Chad Michael Murray, sat behind JoJo and Jordan Rodgers, saw my fave artists & was with bae 😍
An epic TV couple & one of our faves is One Tree Hill's Lucas and Peyton aka Leyton, Chad Michael Murray and Hilari…
Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story makes my heart hurt
3. Chad Michael Murray. -first celeb I fell in love with. -still love him even when he makes mistakes. -Lucas Scott. https:/…
WHY has no one told me that Chad Michael Murray has written a romance novel with Heather Graham?? American Drifter. That's a CMM title 4 sur
What's better than a photo shoot of Chad Michael Murray in a suit? Close to nothing.
Its been a long time no to see you, Chad Michael Murray. You're always be my Lucas Scott & Austin ❀️
If you’re not sold on β€œSun Records,” Chad Michael Murray dancing in his underwear should do the trick
Chad Michael Murray doing an amazing job as Sam Phillips too πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Chad Michael Murray has always been a sexy guy & they got him playing Sam Phillips?? wow
I will always hate Chad michael Murray for cheating on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton
I will always hate Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush for getting a divorce and breaking my heart
the same song plays in OTH and A Cinderella Story oh and Chad Michael Murray is my husband
No worries, happy to help you find more Chad Michael Murray to watch!
I watched Beastly and thought the same thing πŸ˜‚ I used to have a hug crush on Chad Michael Murray
Watching a Cinderella Story and wondering why Chad Michael Murray doesn't love me--
Chad Michael Murray is just creepy to me.
she's perfection. Like Chad Michael Murray wanted her.
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Always a good night with Chad Michael Murray insta dm's you..twice😍
I had a dream I was dating chad Michael Murray and I woke up sad too so it's okay boo
Chad Michael Murray has the hottest voice ever
Chad Michael Murray looks like a feral cat.
Chad Michael Murray will forever be my childhood crush ❀️
Tonight I'm grateful for Chad Michael Murray in all his roles.
"Some people are just born evil. The kid from the omen. The children of the corn. Chad Michael Murray."
Are u you really trying to tell tree hill basically cut their main character...chad michael murray with 3 seasons to go???
I am looking at chad michael murray with a bob. this is what I get for watching One Tree Hill.
Ciara wants to name her future kids Bridie, Ashton and Chad Michael Murray
Also Logan Lerman, Chad Michael Murray, Kristin Kreuk, and a bunch of authors, lol.
ICYMI: New trailer gives us more cc:
When nick Jonas commented on this and Kelsea ballerina and chad Michael Murray liked this 😱
Chad michael murray in alicia keys music video for unthinkable
ok, I love Chad Michael Murray, did you see agent carter?
Remember when the fandom got Chad Michael Murray to DM Louis and we all collectively died at the cute?
It's been almost 5 years and I still can't believe Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton didn't come back for the OTH…
Okay but doesn't Chad Michael Murray look like a young version of David Caruso?
I loved the literary references. Chad Michael Murray was cute. Nathan Scott was bad 😍😍😍 I watched it much later actually.
If you look like Chad Michael Murray, Heath Ledger, Shamar Moore, or Michael B Jordan you can wife me
So wait in Freaky Friday, did Chad Michael Murray fall in love with Jaime Lee Curtis (who was secretly Lindsay Lohan)? nice
When James asked me who Chad Michael Murray was
I had a dream Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty came to chick fil a
I told Tom he looks like a young Chad Michael Murray & was met with a very aggressive reaction.…
I bet they have a club for people going by three names. Chad Michael Murray, Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathon Taylor Thomas.
So in Dawson's Creek there was just a One Tree Hill ~crossover??? Chad Michael Murray just hit on a random girl who turned out to be Peyton
a show about where Johnny Cash and Elvis recorded their first records and Chad Michael Murray.. Am I dr…
1 Blair Waldorfs one heartthrob is Chuck Bass. 2 Chad Michael Murray got divorced within a year because he cheated…
Chad Michael Murray has feels about being left out of the Gilmore Girls reboot:
its about to rain for the first time in months so i'll be waiting for Chad Michael Murray to come running into the bleachers
But was anyone else disappointed that Chad Michael Murray didn't make an appearance when they mentioned Tristan?
Also possible senior year thesis: The impossibility of Chad Michael Murray not recognizing Sam at the hoco dance or after for that matter.
Chad Michael Murray is in Gilmore Girls thank u
right, have you watched Gilmore Girls before ? Chad Michael Murray and Sam is in it 😻
Hang on...Adam Brody is now in Gilmore Girls too? Him and Chad Michael Murray? My 14 year old dreams have come true πŸ˜‚
omg!!! Chad Michael Murray is in Gilmore Girls!!! Wth! I didn't know
Chad Michael Murray is my dream man
Omg what actually happened to Chad Michael Murray? Is he still fine af ? Am I out of the loop?
Chad Michael Murray the 2000s heart throb
Yeah plus Chad Michael Murray comes out & he's so *** fine πŸ˜©πŸ’•
Look at me like Chad Michael Murray and I'll love you forever. 😍
Is it irrational to be mad that Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray aren't married after watching A Cinderella Story?
I'm watching A Cinderella Story and I thought Chad Michael Murray was so gosh darn cute when I was like 13.
I wonder how Chad Michael Murray's soul patch is doing
is currently crying over how hot Chad Michael Murray is
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honestly, who doesn't have a crush on Chad Michael Murray??
12 years later and A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray still makes me emotional/is still one of my favorites
They need to do a sequel to A Cinderella Story with Chad Michael Murray & Hilary Duff
This movie is so old that everyone has flip phones, Chad Michael Murray is the biggest hottie, & I'll Be is the love song πŸ˜‚
Okay but Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story is soo 😍😍😍
Chad Michael Murray will forever be bae
I watched A Cinderella Story with my roommates and it was iconic (Chad Michael Murray though 😍)
Forever obsessed in love with Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray can have my children pls
Am I really stupid for not realising Jake from Freaky Friday is Chad Michael Murray? ***
Where can I sign up to get to job of kissing Chad Michael Murray in movies? Any roles available specifically for that?…
Being 13 years old & thinking Chad Michael Murray from the Cinderella Story was to die for
Chad Michael Murray from agent carter will be Paris the weekend of con any chance he can get booked for the Friday?
And I'm sorry but I will be forever mad at guys like Brad Pitt, Chad Michael Murray, Tony Parker and more.
can u do a hottest actor poll with Tyler posey Paul Wesley Chase Crawford and Chad Michael Murray
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Hate that Chad Michael Murray isn't in the last 2 seasons of One Tree Hill
Ok but young Chad Michael Murray still has my heart and does every cute blonde boy
Remember when Nicholas Cage and Chad Michael Murray did a movie together
This oddly reminds me of Cinderella Story circa Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray days.
I can't wrap my head around the fact that I go to the same high school that Chad Michael Murray went to
Chad Michael Murray (Trivia) His father Rex works as an...: via
so Chad Michael Murray is in Gilmore Girls... im in love😍
I totally forgot Chad Michael Murray was in Gilmore Girls omg
Chad Michael Murray will always be heart eyes
Chad Michael Murray cantando hit me baby one more time >>>>>>>
Chad Michael Murray is on Gilmore Girls but he's an *** smH
Happy birthday to the legendary Chad Michael Murray! Thank you for all the years playing Lucas Scott. We love you! https:…
Joe Dempsie is a bit of a mix of Chad Michael Murray and Stephen Amell. Noh?
Chad Michael Murray, Ice T, Tana Mongeau, and Keegan Allen are my heroes
The Belarus flag-bearer looks like Chad Michael Murray. James says he looks like Neil Patrick Harris.
Patrick John Flueger reminds me of Chad Michael Murray for some reason...I think it's his voice or mannerisms. Maybe bo…
The real question is: why did Chad Michael Murray cheat on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton?
Do you think Nathan and Haley inspired Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush to get married?
don't make fun of Chad Michael Murray
"Your art is important. It's why I'm here" - Chad Michael Murray to his cheerleader love interest as he takes the court for the big game
can we hang out soon and yell at Chad Michael Murray
Plot twist: in the new Gilmore Girls Rory doesn't end up with any of the 3 main love interests, but with Chad Michael Murray's character
Red band trailer and poster for western Outlaws and Angels starring Chad Michael Murray and Luke Wilson.
I wish Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick, Topher Grace , Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray were all in one big movie together😻
Watching A Cinderella Story and just wondering where boys like Chad Michael Murray were in high school
Chad Michael Murray was in Gilmore Girls, I completely forgot about this o.O
The new car has a name now: Chad Michael Murray. Take that, ;p
but other than Chad Michael Murray, I'm pretty sure no guy with that name doesn't suck
All these Chad Michael Murray face claims. You're doing it so right.
OTH has an entire scene where Chad Michael Murray does incredible celebrity impressions I'm dead
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Chad Michael Murray has been breaking hearts since 2004 in A Cinderella Story
it's inevitable. Unless you're Chad Michael Murray. The only exception.
Chad Michael Murray looks @ this girl's art. "Just because ur dad hates you doesn't mean I feel bad for you!!"
If you say Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday isn't your ideal man then you're wrong
Maybe because it's from A Cinderella Story and that makes me think of Chad Michael Murray and I love him πŸ˜‚
Chad Michael Murray complemented me on my wedgie today, so I'd say life is going well.
My little sister seriously just asked me who Chad Michael Murray is.
Chad Michael Murray was the literal king of the 2000s
Chad Michael Murray and Melissa McCarthy are in Gilmore Girls what
Restarted Gilmore Girls and forgot Chad Michael Murray plays in it... Day is made, ilyChad❣
Finally started One Tree Hill, and let me just say, God *** Chad Michael Murray 😍
Am I the only one that notices that characters in shows/movies mention Chad Michael Murray a lot ?
Then again Chad Michael Murray makes it definitely worth it
Can I just say how lucky we are that Chad Michael Murray exists
One Tree Hill is a show about Chad Michael Murray squinting (sadly and/or romantically) at women
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The movie that made me fall in love with Chad Michael Murray
Do you know how much I envy the fact that you can pull off the Chad Michael Murray without even TRYING https…
"I'm sorry, but I only watch movies with Chad Michael Murray in them. I have a my strange addiction." .
Remember when Chad Michael Murray fell in love with Jamie Lee Curtis, but it was really Lindsay Lohan
Never forget that Jamie Lee Curtis and Chad Michael Murray went on a date and he fell in love with her
Can't decide if I found Chad Michael Murray in his One Tree Hill days, or Taylor Lautner circa 2006...
working at pluckers makes me feel like I'm Hillary Duff in a Cinderella Story just awaiting my Chad Michael Murray.
Had a dream I was dating Chad Michael Murray, can someone say too much One Tree Hill?
Plus putting Chad Michael Murray in there >>>
Very disappointed in Chad Michael Murray's haircut in the beginning of season two...
Kenzie is literally crying THINKING about meeting Chad Michael Murray πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I have a crush on 2003 Chad Michael Murray
STILL not the lovable protagonist in a film about high school cheerleading (costarring chad michael murray) so like, what's even the point πŸ€”
If chad michael murray is 34 i'm 34
OMG Chad Michael Murray left OTH for awhile because him and Sofia Bush were getting a divorce. What is life?..
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Chad Michael Murray was such a babe omg
Chad Michael Murray is the most beautiful human
Chad Michael Murray makes me feel some type of way
and i love Chad Michael Murray lmao
Is the Tristan that is in the credits supposed to be Chad Michael Murray's character or a new one?
Chad Michael Murray is one of the few teenage heartthrobs that stayed hot as an adult thank god πŸ™ŒπŸ½
I'm watching the haunting in connecticut 2 and chad michael murray is just so 😍
what is Chad Michael Murray doing with his life rn?
Just a reminder that Chad Michael Murray is still killin it
This guy in my class kinda looks like OTH season 6 Chad Michael Murray and I'm kinda having a stroke
Some black women are soo pro black love that it gets out of hand. Child please like you don't like Paul Walker(rip) and Chad Michael Murray
ugh Chad Michael Murray is such a babe
I wish I had three names u kno like (Chad Michael Murray) . (Sarah Jessica Parker) or . (Brian Austin Green) like it just seems so much cooler
I meant Chad Michaels, the drag queen not american hunk, Chad Michael Murray
Freaky Friday. Lindsey Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chad Michael Murray. One of the films of our generation.
Chad Michael Murray in his Freaky Friday stage was prime πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜
Watching one tree hill over again bc it's so freaking good, but really Chad Michael Murray 😍
The NBA is like One Tree Hill. I used to watch it a lot in high school, but then things got weird & Chad Michael Murray wasn't in it anymore
if you combine Dean and Tristan Dugray you get Chad Michael Murray's Freaky Friday character
no I won't stand for it she's married to Chad Michael Murray
Told to watch a clip of Gilmore Girls. He saw Chad Michael Murray & said "there's Lucas Scott!" My boyfriend is such an OTH fan πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Seann William Scott and Chad Michael Murray star in the brand new sitcom... Two Men, Six First Names.
so I started watching one tree hill a couple weeks ago and I didn't know Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush actually got married 2004-2005
I'm still sad Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush got divorced. My poor OTH will never recover.
I started One Tree Hill... All I can say is Chad Michael Murray is just too hot to be real.
just found out that Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray were married in real life for 1 year while filming OTH
A Cinderella Story will always be one of my favs πŸ’™ Forever crushing on Chad Michael Murray
to be married to Chad Michael Murray lol πŸ˜‚
Such a shame Chad Michael Murray wore cargo shorts and flip flops for the majority of the beginning of One Tree Hill πŸ˜‚
whenever I see a guy wearing flip flops I instantly think "who are you? Chad Michael Murray from OTH? Cuz no"
Rachel is trying to make me turn Chad Michael Murray off to watch Criminal Minds WITHOUT Shemar Moore.. It's too soon
I had a dream i was married to Lucas Scott lol not Chad Michael Murray . Lucas Scott
Chad Michael Murray is in A Madea Christmas this movie just got 10x better
Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson Seated by Desk in Agent Carter 8 x 10 Photo for USD8.99
Chad Michael Murray is to play Sam Phillips in the new Million Dollar Quartet series! Read more here:
😟 you should. It has Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty in it 😍😍
Candace, Kim & I get to our photo op w Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty. Take the pic, Chad complimented our pedicures.
I couldn't figure it out at 1st, but now I know who Jensen looks like w/Jared's face: Chad Michael Murray.
Jensen ackles is do *** sexy. Him & Chad Michael Murray were my first white boy crushes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ooowe
Put on Nicolas Cage's "left behind" for some good bad Netflix'in. And suddenly blessed with a Chad Michael Murray appearance?
I've been watching so much one tree hill that Chad Michael Murray is popping up in all my dreams
Missed connection: guy in Publix in scrubs, mix of Chad Michael Murray and a Ralph Lauren model. Wearing scrubs and fresh pair of Nikes.
Ryan Phillipe and Chad Michael Murray must have been constructed in the same teen heartthrob factory.
it must've been so awkward for Sophia Bush to film the last few seasons with Chad Michael Murray
Sometimes I remember that Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton and I just lose faith in men πŸ˜‚
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Why do i like cam gigandet, Scott Eastwood and Chad Michael Murray's eyes so much lol πŸ˜‚
Yanno Hilarie is so lucky I mean she got paid to makeout with Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty (in season 1) and Matt bomber
All my gym enemies look like Chad Michael Murray & all my gym crushes look like Conor Oberst. It's a confusing place, the gym
I started watching this random horror movie and Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki, and Chad Michael Murray are in it.
I forgot Chad Michael Murray was in that Alicia Keys music video 😍😍😍
Agree. He is the Clive Owen or Chad Michael Murray of the NBA, if you know what I mean
You know that ep of Dawson's Creek when Joey Potter starts dating a young Chad Michael Murray and there's karaoke? It's on right now.
obviously!! But I do want to know what else they would've done with Tristan if Chad Michael Murray hadn't left for Dawson's Creek
Chad Michael Murray will always be Lucas Scott to me.
Austin Ames, Lucas Scott, and Chad Michael Murray all have my heart
Kurtwood Smith and Chad Michael Murray are ready to make life difficult for "Marvel's Agent Carter."
basically watch One Tree Hill just for Chad Michael Murray
Got an obsession with Chad Michael Murray now I watch One Tree Hill
agreed Chad Michael Murray has been bae since day 1 😍
that's so funny reminds me of the scene of "Cinderella Story, with Chad Michael Murray" 😭
Chad Michael Murray as this character is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Chad Michael Murray deserved an Oscar for his role in House of Wax.
Chad Michael Murray being in this is extremely distracting.
or a grown *** Chad Michael Murray going to pick up his girlfriend from high school. They're white. It's "ok".
@ oomf Kiss me the way Chad Michael Murray kissed Hillary Duff in A Cinderella Story
Need a man that makes me feel the way I feel when I look at Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray, I will always love you
One tree hill has me addicted. Mainly because of Chad Michael Murray though.
Chad Michael Murray can get it annny day.
Watching house of wax bc Chad Michael Murray but I'm regretting it now 😣😣😣😣
So what happened to Chad Michael Murray? I'd really like to see his beautiful soul make a comeback
Chad Michael Murray wears the 40's look well.
Where are all of my Degraff friends? Does anyone else agree that Chad Michael Murray is Ryan's celebrity twin?!πŸ˜‚
Chad Michael Murray will forever be my favorite
*** I just notice Chad Michael Murray was the police officer her shot Oscar in the movie Fruitvale Station
Chad Michael Murray hella looks like a grown up Caillou.
Chad Michael Murray so fine. I fell in love w/ him after I saw "A Cinderella Story". I wanted to kick Hillary Duff's *** lmao
Young Chad Michael Murray has my whole heart
yeah but he treats her good. Triston was hot too 😍 but then again Chad Michael Murray is hot in anything 😍
Kinda ironic Lucas cheated on Brooke in OTH & Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia Bush in real life πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
To all the girls out there who think being funny is not sexy, you are wrong!...
Chad Michael Murray and her give the movie life
also coincidentally, Chad Michael Murray and his dad in a different movie
I can't believe chad michael murray cheated on the beautiful Sophia Bush with Paris Hilton..he was a cheater on the show and off the show
Chad Michael Murray spent a large portion of the early 2000s kissing girls in the rain.
Chad Michael Murray in the first season of OTH πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’•
when ur not tagged and ur the one who originally recognized the stranger looks like chad Michael Murray.
Chad Michael Murray in this film tho πŸ˜‚
Chad Michael Murray still looking extremely sexy.
If you combine Rand Paul and Paul Ryan you get a 3-name teen heartthrob trademark, Rand Paul Ryan, closely related to Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray, thank you for existing. 😍
Devs standards for her beach boy is Chad Michael Murray πŸ˜… good luck buddy
We have Chad Michael Murray, Tyler Hilton, Lee Norris, and Antwon Tanner all confirmed for so far!!!
The best "Abbie's look alike" comparisons I've made: the crocodile hunter and Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday
Liking the old school Dawson's Creek people in Scream Queens - Oliver Hudson & Chad Michael Murray.
my sister used to work at the airport . and she just told me she served Chad Michael Murray . I'm crying . Lucas Scott 😭
Chad Michael Murray in a movie called "Christmas Cupid." Wow does he look good as a doctor.
Patty Kane is from Buffalo :) so thats cool. So is Chad Michael Murray & Rob Gronkowski.
Honestly I probably only like u if ur name is Lucas Scott, Austin Ames, or Chad Michael Murray
Starting one tree hill was a v bad idea Bc I'm only 3 minutes in and already in love with Chad Michael Murray
Zarata Events are pleased to announce the first Chad Michael Murray solo Fanmeet, which (cont) https:/…
Chad Michael Murray was in his prime early season 2 era of oth. That's post shaving his head but pre frosted tips.
All I want for Christmas is for Chad Michael Murray to fully open his eyes just once
bc waiting to Chad Michael Murray to date me is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing
Chad Michael Murray is a beautiful man.
My mom thinks Chad Michael Murray is hotter than Jared, but Jensen is hotter than Chad.
yes. Chad Michael Murray is literally bae.
I'm sending my friend auto recordings of me crying over Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray's voice is dreamy. I think I can faint when he chuckles 😍
Wow, I forgot Chad Michael Murray was on Gilmore Girl. That just made my night better
ten episodes into one tree hill and this is me already publicly confessing my love for Chad Michael Murray
"Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven't done"― Chad Michael Murray
Whenever I come home from uni I always binge on one tree hill, still a major love for Chad Michael Murray 😭
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