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Cesare Borgia

Cesare Borgia (13 September 1475 or April 1476 – 12 March 1507), Duke of Valentinois, was an Italian condottiero, nobleman, politician, and cardinal.

Jesus Christ Francois Arnaud Da Vinci

Other than bein a drugged out teenage Mexican cartel assassin in Texas, my other dream existence would be like a fu…
In a gentle fashion, reddish brims curled into a sardonic smile, as she glanced upon Cesare Borgia’…
"Quick question. I am looking for a man by the name of Cesare Borgia. The two of us are members of…
Considering it's Leonardo Da Vinci, the subject could also secretly be Cesare Borgia
another example of historic manipulation is Cesare Borgia, the violent histo…
modern image of Jesus is modeled on Cesare Borgia, a gangster's son. A homosexual. The truth has been hidden from...
Cesare Borgia is not Jesus. The short haired black Jesus was replaced by this long haired white paedoph…
As he was walking, Benedict could see the Templar headquarters. Walking over to it, he accidentally…
Elena felt that she was going to make it back to her room. But unfortunately, someone caught her! T…
*Cesare was up late as usual but this time not indoors, Cesare was out on a meeting with a few othe…
Benedict was given an assignment in his timeline to use the Apple of Eden to go back in time and a…
Jesus Christ this depiction is actually Cesare Borgia; Son of Pope Alexander VI; . Their dynasty: Duke of Valentin…
They pray to Cesare Borgia so they right now they feel untouchable, but once TMH, the Holy One of Isr…
You were talking about Cesare Borgia and he was talking biblical Jesus 🤣🤣🤣
I feel bad for anybody that has the false image of Jesus tatted on them. You got a dude named Cesare Borgia that u…
Girl have a seat. Jesus had brown skin. The painting of white Jesus everyone’s familiar with was actually based on…
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The Templars of the horse, Cesare that sneaky little Borgia.
sneaking Cesare Borgia's voice actor into Origins are we? Well played
Did ye know that the voice actor of Cesare Borgia does the voice of Polymestor the Gladiator in Origins?
And he uses a picture of Cesare Borgia as his profile picture. Bloody pretender.
Returning to deeper matters-Advanced Technical Research of X-Radiographic SECTIONS of Leonardo's Circa 1503 "The Ma…
They're not. That's not Jesus. That's Cesare Borgia. Check your facts. Yah…
Look at the last name of the artist. Some are saying the image of Jesus is actual of a man named Cesare Borgia.
Don't tell me to research the Jesuits. You research the the Jesuits. You still…
Christians think Cesare Borgia was their messiah. Derp.
The white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia And uhh, the second son of Pope Alexander The Sixth of Rome, an…
I'm tired of seeing that picture of Cesare Borgia in the homes of so-called Black people. Some of our people know Y…
That would be Cesare Borgia, the son of the reigning pope at the time. Popes aren't supposed to have sons.
is that a poison ring ala Cesare' Borgia, used for his coke?
He needs mates for sure. A 16-year-old boy shouldn't be that obsessed about his sister's love life. Unl…
Yahushua is the true Messiah not Jesus tell the people who Cesare Borgia is aka the beast aka Lucifer
The book? Written in about 1513 but not published until after his death in the 1530s…
Funny that the Roman Church chose to personify "Jesus" as someone that looked just like a member of their crew (Ces…
Cesare Borgia. The image of this mythical man was based on a man who raped his own sisters.
Keep honking, praying, get on your knees, beg Cesare Borgia to save you.
Keep hunking, Cesare Borgia will save you.
He's preaching. 2017 and people still think Cesare Borgia was Jesus. People have his image hung up in their homes.…
Micheletto is the only reason Cesare Borgia is Cesare Borgia. Don't thank God, thank Micheletto ⚜️
Fan of Want to know more about the REAL Check out my book
The guy who looks like Cesare Borgia in NDEs? The guy sacrificed because God couldn't just change hi…
Exactly like, Jesus is not a white man that's Cesare Borgia
That's some bs. I wanna post that video of dude roasting Cesare Borgia on my snap
True. I should think that 'shifty' is the least that Cesare Borgia has been called.
My brain is fascinating because I remember the date of Cesare Borgia's death but not to take my very important life-saving medication.
the best historical favs fandom i have found is the one for Cesare Borgia, they love calling him a goth daddy.
Yo stop promoting this picture of Cesare Borgia! We know the history! Jesus was a Hebrew (Negroe)!…
Also, the current image of the one you worship is modeled after DaVinci's lover; Cesare…
Oh I realise it didn't happen by accident the same way Cesare Borgia the mass murder…
Not really, as I abhor religion of all kinds. They were all created by the RCC to control humanity. Look up Cesare Borgia.
The castle's owners included Charlotte of Albret and Louise Borgia respectively wife and daughter of Cesare Borgia..
I forgot white people have y'all brain washed to think freedom of religion isn't a thing. All y'all know is Cesare Borgia
Pope Alexander V1 had a son called Cesare Borgia who hired Leonardo to paint Cesare Borgia as the
This is "Jesus" = HORUS. The face is of Cesare Borgia who was a satanist and a paedophile too. Compar…
Also... it's a good visual as to why I always say Greer Martini is basically Cesare Borgia.
Jesus is an idol you fool. His name is Cesare Borgia son of Pope Alexeander
Cesare Borgia reminds me of Rob Stark from Game of Thrones
And real life! Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia are two of my favourite historical characters
The most popular painting depicting Jesus Christ is actually based off a portrait of Cesare Borgia, son of the…
On your left is the oldest Egyptian depiction of "Jesus" ... On your right is some white dude named Cesare Borgia.
Cesare Borgia was a power drunk despot. . One of the few many aberrations of the Roman Catholic churches. . No offenc…
Should we tell her about Cesare Borgia. or just let her go on thinking she knows what Jesus looked like anyways…
Y'all getting Cesare Borgia tatted on ur body 😂🤔 that is not Jesus
Whilst you wait with baited breath for my new book, check out my first book "Cesare Borgia In A Nutshell"
Your family reminds me of the ill fated Borgias. You the power hungry pope, your son, Cesare, your…
Now this is something good to wake up to 😍 . Cesare Borgia | Feeling Good
if you know about human cloning cesare borgia-->Da Vinci was in LOVE with cesare...DaVinci´s ideal…
Pope Alexander and Cesare Borgia successively declared themselves the father of a mystery baby “by an unknown mothe…
It's harder to get into but I'm enjoying way more than atm! Even if Juan is pissing me off more than Cesare
Just like Cesare Borgia, kushner is nothing without his daddy
Friday FYI: this image of "Jesus" too many bow before is no son of God. This is the face of Cesare Borgia, the...
My trusty steed, Cesare. I named him after Cesare Borgia lol
Now (not might be compared to Cesare in this arrogant flaws, cruelty & character. May rival dishonesty.
Cesare of course, not only had more virtues than but the was much smarter (though dead at 31) than people.
"Gordon, you can't compare to Cesare or his defamers." Libeling me. Cesare (no angel, but SOME virtues) much BETTER.
Indeed, VI AND Cesare may have poisoned NOBODY (much less poor Cesare did kill her husband).
Lucretia almost certainly committed no with her father, Alexander VI, or her brother,
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
has the integrity & honesty of Cesare AND those who put out on the
"Gordon, did not exist at time of Cesare & VI (Borgia)." Name has changed over centuries. Guilt same.
God/Jesus wasn't white.Just because Pope Alexander VI decided the image of Jesus should liken his son, Cesare Borgi…
I miss watching you as Cesare Borgia! How weird I am having a special feeling for him and Lucrezia together? (i am not normal)
Jesus looked closer to Saddam than Cesare Borgia. Which is who the white Jesus is based on.
Borgia maybe you know him best for this picture lls keep praying people
That is an image of Cesare Borgia. That is not Jesus.
Okay but in *** Creed Brotherhood, how come Lucrezia Borgia has bright blonde hair, but Cesare her brother has black hair?
it is said that Cesare Borgia has the countenance of Christ, and the eyes of Satan". -Leonardo Da Vinci
Cesare Borgia so cold on this show he killed this woman husband so he could be with her in a duel in the rain what a legend
Cesare Borgia, second son of Pope Alexander. Don't let them find out that the Tribe of Judah AKA Original Jews…
IUIC tell people CESARE BORGIA is not me,y don't they tell people also,that APPLE HEAD N,is not me?
The pope thought it was a better idea to base Jesus on Cesare Borgia for some reason 😪
Borgia=Spanish. In 1490 Pope Alexander commissioned an artist to model Jesus Christ on his son Cesare Borgia. But none of that matters, right?
Dog Cesare Borgia such a raw *** *** the way he schemes and plots on people reminds me of Asher from Spartacus
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Plan of Imola, from 1502, drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci for Cesare
"Cesare Borgia, the man who inspired Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince." *thinks of AssCreed* wait a minute
"If that man entered my city, I know exactly how I would welcome him." - Cesare Borgia
🤔Cesare Borgia son of Pope Alexander VI look it up!! Who was also rumored to have committed incest and...
The election this year I'd like Satan vs cesare borgia. The lesser of 2 evils. Embodiment of evil or a made up lie.
Remember Cesare Borgia of the Borgias ()? Know where he lives now?... on NBC 2017
Who the heck is this?? I'll tell you, that's Cesare Borgia (RIP) !!
portrait of gentleman Cesare by Altobello Melone
Google it. Research it. Cesare Borgia..Pope Alexander son frm the 1400's. NOT the real pic of Jesus. READ!
You knw this isnt the real Jesus right? Its Cesare Borgia. Pope Alexander's son. Da Vinci painted it. Research.
I liked a video Str-8 out the horses mouth, Let's let Cesare Borgia tell it!! ( Israelites )
The white man with blue eyes that so many Christian black folks believe is Jesus. That's Cesare Borgia. He was first painted by Da Vinci.
This false image was modeled after Cesare Borgia look it up.
This is funny lol. But Cesare Borgia didn't choose that for himself. Council of Necea (spell check) did .
he wasn't a king. he was a Lord. Cesare Borgia in the 1400's. I had to go look him up. didn't want to get it wrong.
Jesus Christ was made after Cesare Borgia and I have evidence prove so
I will lead mankind into a new world! You cannot kill me! No man can murder me! Cesare
We taking the kingdom back we ain't sleep royalty has awaken don't like it go pray to Cesare Borgia fake *** because the messiah black.
Great edition of tonight. Cesare, Lucrezia and Juan Borgia were terrific at supporting their father's quest for Papal Throne.
And in the recent TV adaptation of it, Francois Arnaud (who played Cesare Borgia, is LITERALLY beautiful 😍💕😛
It's funny how they always claim he had no color, then always have this guy (Cesare Borgia) up in the Churches.🤔😑😐
But then he has Cesare Borgia tatted on him 😭😂 such a failure.
"Impossible loves. I am very much afraid they can become an addiction" . -Cesare Borgia
His name is cesare borgia and a bunch if sleep *** call him Jesus..lmao
the typical white jesus pix is actually of Cesare Borgia's nephew; done to curry favour.worshipping false gods!so much facepalm
Never presume that I will not act on my worst Borgia
get more awesome in The Borgias too! And discover the treasure that is Cesare Borgia...
Check out Portrait of a Gentleman, reputedly Cesare Borgia, Altobello Melone, 1500 via
Zuma zombies still worshiping cesare borgia they still have the slave mentality
It's okay to worship Cesare Borgia, but forget about the 2nd commandment huh?
Spent the whole day listening to my uncle tell me how the man seen as white Jesus is actually Cesare Borgia, I need a blunt ey. Or 6
I recognized one of the guys from Blind Spot and I finally remembered that he played Cesare Borgia and now that's all I can think about
Yeah, and so does your profile pic. Cesare Borgia.
For those who didn't understand, this is the man whose image the White Jesus Christ is based after, Cesare Borgia.
When Cesare Borgia died, we looked for another 'handsome' guy who'd be 'eye-catchy', and we found Robert Powell!
nope! Some of our ppl already signed their life away to Cesare Borgia's *** ***
Cesare Borgia iced out face for the end of the summer
Noticed a terribly fanciable young man today and gawped. Then I realised he was fanciable because he resembled Cesare Borgia.
it's a picture of Cesare Borgia who was the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander the 6th
Let me not start on cesare Borgia again 😂😂
Before you as a 2nd Gen African come to tell me about my 'slave name' go home & tell your mum take Cesare Borgia off the wall you ***
Making that fake image of Jesus reality it's some *** rapist murderer "Cesare Borgia" lol can't get rid of Revelation 1:15!
In 1501 Dorothea Malatesta Caracciolo was kidnapped & imprisoned for 2 years while she was subject to the sexual whims of Cesare
Nah, It's an image based upon Cesare Borgia who was a cardinal and whose dad was pope...(probably).
Why did have to make cessare so attractive dang it
Friendly reminder that Cesare Borgia's milkshake takes all the Machiavellis to the yard.
same, I still remember Rodrigo Borgia and Cesare Borgia lmao
"Trust me. My Name is Borgia"~ Cesare. You can trust that the will save S4 plz
Machiavelli himself commended Cesare Borgia's leadership, who learned from the best, his father Pope Alexander VI...https…
I don't understand why y'all get Cesare tatted on yall and say it's Jesus. Yall never seen him before. Thats Cesare Borgia tatted on y'all.
It's strange that I most relate to Cesare in Borgia because he is a power hungry narcissist
The portrait of the pope Alexander's son Cesare borgia as Jesus is proof of how this can be an issue.
*** for the people that have "Jesus" tatted on them lol *** u really got Cesare Borgia tatted on u lmao
if you're referring to image of Jesus then that's Cesare Borgia. But the nature of Jesus predates Cleopatra+Caesar.
Portrait of as Cesare Borgia 󾮗🏻. Thx to for sharing on Instagram:...
this has been today's lesson in How To Escape From Spanish Jail brought to you by Cesare Borgia and Holy Roman Emperor…
Cesare Borgia ain't got nothing on me
What scripture is that? And why do you have Cesare Borgia in your profile picture?
Still Cesare Borgia. You should learn the history of your myth.
Been watching now I have need to beat Cesare in Ahhh you are good. I hope approves
Especially when you are using the image of Cesare Borgia and worshiping an idol.
Well, if you spend a lot of time around Cesare Borgia . . . .
No real pictures of Jesus cause he never existed. Those paintings are Cesare Borgia - son of Pope Alexander
I'm in love with Cesare Borgia and no one can stop me
Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia have insane sexual chemistry & we all want them to do it cause we're secretly perverted 😂😂😂😂
Cesare (Souryo Fuyumi) - Historical, Italy, Borgia family-- way better than the show in my op.
Yep, except you create him. You assassinate some randoms who were working with Cesare Borgia and that's it.
don't trust wiki. Look at the links. Asians have been studying agriculture since before cesare borgia
Read Revelations 1:14-15. Christ is black. The man in your header is Cesare Borgia. Google the name.
They truly know nothing about Christ. 9/10 when you see "Jesus" on their profile, they mean Cesare Borgia.
"Castle Defence Studies" accord with Leonardo spending previous year 1502 on Battlefield as Cesare Borgia's Engineer ht…
I wonder why no one has question the fact that Cesare Borgia looks a lot like the guy we see portrayed as Jesus 🤔🤔🤔
apparently the image of the Jesus is modeled after Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI.
Incest is so wrong yet I can't help but root for Cesare and Lucrecia Borgia 😂😂😂😂 like hurry up and do it 😳
Yeah ikr, plus somehow i had some cesare borgia vibes after watching zoom this season somehow
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Why considered this guy one of the best ever.
Who is the tech bro Cesare Borgia, and who is the the Machiavelli that our crappy time deserves?
Cesare Borgia vs the picture of "Jesus" hanging on your moms wall. Anyone wanna discuss this further?
Everything that Cesare Borgia throws up are Masonic Hand Symbols.. literally.
Half of the world out here praying and worshipping Cesare Borgia.
He knows nothing about Christ. He worships Cesare Borgia and *** in the dumb Christian Church.
Cesare Borgia a white homosexual murderer. If ever people were lost we're it! . The lost tribe of Israel were...
That is the imageneral of Jesus you've been following. Cesare Borgia.
Every time I think of Cesare Borgia I feel my legs weak
The face of that you recognise is actually Cesare Borgia!. A made Jesus look like his son .
Dreamed I was Lucrezia Borgia and some thugs tried to kidnap me, but my big strong brother Cesare protected me (◡‿◡✿)
Pope Alexander VI was the priest dude (sorry I get confused)and the picture of 'Jesus' is actually his son Cesare Borgia
I have a Cesare Borgia costume. .. only wore it once, and its for sale. Could you perhaps get out the word? It would be v nice.
I understand CESARE BORGIA also known as Jesus Christ is white supremacy. I dare Negroes to attempt to proove...
"You are a cabal of hypocrites. If *** does exist, then we shall all fry in the same pan" - Cesare Borgia
broken, sat just above those thin lips, a pair of deep set eyes locked upon Cesare. . ‘My boss has an...interest in you Mr. Borgia. A true-
Cesare’s notes about the family of witches. . ‘Cesare Borgia. You’ve been a /very/ busy man,’ the man at the desk spoke, his German accent-
When are you people gonna stop worshiping the image of Cesare Borgia 'Jesus Christ'?
Did you guys just call that picture of Cesare Borgia a picture of Jesus?
Someone sent me a message saying I should cosplay cesare borgia from assassins creed 😂
Oh now we're getting somewhere with Cesare Borgia. I approve.
We modern men fearful of causing the slightest offence would provide the likes of Cesare Borgia with side-splitting co…
Ahmed Patel, the Cesare Borgia of our times
that feeling when you are doing your thing and then you remember Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia and you just *clenches fists*
Advising DonaldTrump : Note this probably results in the same career track as Remirro de Orco advising Cesare Borgia
They worship the true & living and tricked AmeriKKKans & Africans into worshipping Cesare Borgia...smdh
CESARE BORGIA none of these are jesus
did i mention the jesus you think is jesus is really just cesare borgia ??. his image was forced on the church :D
|| RPing sex with your partner. Expectations : battle sex like between Caterina Sforza and Cesare Borgia. Reality : Only one of you dominant.
yılmaz morgül is like Scipio soft tempered man on the contrary semih is like cesare borgia not loved but hated
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"Black History Knowledge" Here to the left we have Mr.It's Cesare Borgia Son Of Alexander Pope 6. In the year...
You get him from the popes son Cesare borgia
When I get baptized again it cannot be in front of a pic of fake Jesus. (Cesare borgia) 😂😂
Wanna see how easily manipulated history can be to keep you from being educated. Research who Cesare Borgia ✌🏾️
Cesare Borgia,keep it Class don't resort to Abuse.
but Jesus is rejected everywhere, Judaism is David, Islam says no not son of God, Christianity says he is Cesare Borgia sigh
cesare borgia had what he felt like Jesus should look like and made it a thing a lot of people still don't know that :/
Chris Martin makes Bono look like Marcel Duchamp, Wagner, and Cesare Borgia wrapped into one
Cesare Borgia was a historic babe for real. Can you have a crush on a painting?
Don't forget that Jesus was black. What you see in the pictures isn't Jesus but a painting of Cesare Borgia.
Cesare Borgia was the inspiration for Machiavelli's painting of "Prince" which was an image of white Jesus
OH NO! Somebody threw out a perfectly good painting of Cesare Borgia!.
They dnt kno that picture is actually jus a painting of cesare borgia son of pope Alexander
I think it's positive gamers heard the name Cesare Borgia and didn't collectively fall asleep immediately with their head on their desk.
that's right big bruh...send that fool to Cesare Borgia
No sorry. Archaeological evidence proves otherwise. Even so this is clearly cesare borgia..a white man.
Ha! Meta RP is great RP. That's all Crowley and Cesare Borgia's exchanges were when I was still doing it.
Bring back as the sexiest Cesare Borgia in in S4
Ben and Harry Dreyfuss answer the question: what happened to the mutant offspring of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia?
May I present 2 u the charming Cesare Borgia from TV series THE BORGIAS, performed by Francois Arnaud~
A gripping page turner straight out of The Life of Cesare Borgia (Illustrated). .
Sometimes I read about Cesare Borgia, Charles XII, and others, and what they did at a younger age than I am, and I wonder what I'm doing...
The Cesare Borgia in me just shuddered for a second.
Pastor gives a lesson on who is Cesare Borgia(modern day Jesus)
Cesare Borgia is messing us up man 😂😂😂😂
Outstanding, you compared him to White Jesus aka Cesare Borgia, a homosexual & murderer.
Any time now. ya keep praying to cesare borgia if ya want.
"Be careful of your brother. I fear he strangles and think it is an embrace." Borgia: Love & Fear S3E8. Yes that's Cesare Borgia...
funny - looks more like Cesare Borgia to me
~ the arena tries to gain applause but compared to Cesare Borgia he is nothing. A wretched daredevil. An enraged bull ~~
I was expecting an image of a painting of Cesare Borgia.
Cesare & Lucrezia (Borgia) - it only hurts to breath, please love me via
How is this Leonardo Da Vinci's very accurate map of Imola, created for Cesare Borgia
Last night I google searched this name "Cesare Borgia"...And to my greatest surprise it is Som'J...😳yoh!
History Trivia - Cesare Borgia given as hostage to Charles VIII.
Soundtrack to Aston Villa's season bar a miracle from Cesare Borgia.
no i never said he was that's Cesare Borgia a fake. So if he had a son was he prophesied to come yes or no?
Bring back Machiavelli s Prince! Tell Cesare Borgia s story. cant be left with…
When you want to sleep but you are pondering how great of w legend cesare Borgia was and how greater he would be if death hadn't come early
I guess when Cesare Borgia told his father, pope Alexander VI "It has served us well, this myth of Jesus!" he wasn't lying! 🙊
~ Same here! (I bet it's a C15 picture of Cesare Borgia).
So, there is a school of thought that claims that the image of Jesus as we know it was modelled after Cesare Borgia, Pope Alexander VI's son
Cesare Borgia and Jesus similarities. All I can say Is do some research before confirming something that Is false.
This is Cesare Borgia, an Italian military leader in the 1400's, does he look familiar?
Good one.Googled that and learned something I never knew: non-Semitic Christ was derived from a portrait of Cesare Borgia
Cesare Borgia will forever have my love.
Amazing rendition of Cesare Borgia in rice leaves!
I added a video to a playlist Cesare Borgia | SAIL
This is Cesare Borgia. Not Jesus. He was a rapists, engaged in incest with his brothers and fought in an Italian war ht…
2/ First, the 'Jesus' is still the Cesare Borgia clone.
Also on this day in AC History, Mario Auditore was murdered by Cesare Borgia.
Leonardo Da Vinci created this amazingly accurate birds eye map of Imola for Cesare Borgia in 1502
If u going to share those manupilative Jesus posts with some Cesare Borgia on my timeline.U off my newsfeed fam. Go do it stop 10 likes ish
The history books aren't quite sure who killed Juan Borgia, they suspect it might be Cesare. But the series made it seem like he confessed.
Cesare Borgia - white Jesus. Will ALWAYS believe in Jesus, Bible, but not Their interpretations. REAL
Now Bethel TwoTimes this I can agree with lol when he comes he won't look like Cesare Borgia...
Article: Cesare Borgia at Sinigallia: Borgia thwarted a plot by his own men on December 31st, 1502.
Borgiadd, share a cocktail with Cesare Borgia and Happy New Year from your admin 󾌧󾌧. Silvia, Liz, Bea
December 31st, 1502: Cesare Borgia defeats a conspiracy by his own men.
"White Jesus" is nothing more than an impostor—Pope Alexander VI's son, Cesare Borgia
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This image is not of Yahshuah, it is the face the evil son of Pope Alexander, Cesare Borgia.
"I shall never love a husband as a love you Cesare" 💓💕. -Lucrezia Borgia.
you almost look like a dead ringer for Cesare Borgia, he was the *** son of a holy murderous preacher-man too.
ICYMI . The shopping season is upon us. Christmas was NEVER about the birth of Jesus Christ aka Cesare Borgia...
Cesare Borgia (Netflix version) is the most real, nuanced character on any show I've watched...maybe outside of Omar from The Wire.
regrann from illuminati.killerz - Cesare Borgia is in the book entitled Triptych of Poisoners, and…
LMAO but who get your God ein pic? Kwasia that image of Jesus be Cesare Borgia! Jesus too nor be God
Niccolo Machiavelli's classic "The Prince" was also based on Cesare Borgia. He lived a pretty interesting life
Btw Cesare Borgia tried to have his brother, father and mother killed at different points. Also had an incestuous relationship with his sis
No according to you white people Cesare Borgia - or maybe that monkey you claim you come from
(Hannibal who is a woman, and has this too little explored sub/dom thing with Charlemagne), Cesare Borgia and his Macchiavelli...
What we see as Jesus is actually Cesare Borgia. Pope Alexander VI made it that way
Cesare Borgia is totally in Blindspot right now omg
I'm sure by now we all know The Last Supper's depiction of Jesus is actually Cesare Borgia. The disciples are all modeled after criminals.
Did you know that White Jesus is based on the worst Borgia ever?
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It's always comedy gold when you remind them it's actually a pic of Cesare Borgia
Cesare Borgia was *** and friends with the *** Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.
Jesus' image is really Cesare Borgia, and most of the stories from the Bible were copied from the Egyptian text
Painted u/herecomestheking (Snoop) as Cesare Borgia and ended up in Esquire magazine. Thanks r/trees
"I have taken upon my head the act that none other would dare commit, though its commission benefits all" - Cesarè Borgia
Cesare Borgia wants to speak to yall
Is it Just me, or did Cesare Borgia sound just like Wayne Knight in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?
if you think Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is behind all these, you're sorely mistaken. He's no Cesare Borgia.
Letting my mustache grow along with the neckbeard Maybe someone confuses me for the second coming of Cesare Borgia and throws a few $$ at me
. Jesus is going to look like Cesare Borgia when he returns?
It's crazy how many people don't know who Cesare Borgia is. Cesare Borgia is the face of the white Jesus that's hanging…
"Cardinal Cesare Borgia was the model for Jesus.The ruthless of all the Borgias, became the white Christians Jesus."
Francois Arnaud aka Cesare Borgia is in "Blindspot" now!
Acording to a bunch of web pages and every picture of Jesus is based on Cesare Borgia, because his dad wanted it
. Such a beautiful ring.It would be a shame if someone stole it, Cesare Borgia.
I like when people say I can't ship them bc of incest and I am like let me introduce you to Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia bye
Francois Arnauld is perfect as Cesare Borgia. We want him back in S04http:/…
Jesus is real...yeah...really Cesare Borgia...
I loved it..& dont need 2b paid 4it. . Still can't blve characters based on real ppl in history. Cesare Borgia w…
As if Sam's not hot enough, he's gonna be in leather. It's Francois Cesare Borgia all over again!
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