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Cerys Matthews

Cerys Elizabeth Matthews (born 11 April 1969) is a Welsh singer songwriter,broadcaster and author. She is known as the lead singer of the Welsh rock band Catatonia, her more recent bilingual solo career, for a 1998 Christmas duet with Tom Jones and as BBC 6 music DJ .

Tom Jones Dylan Thomas World Service Cold Outside Iwan Rheon Kerry Katona Charlotte Church Jarvis Cocker Mike Garson Baby Its Cold Outside

I have a long history of hating The Clash. I think Cerys Matthews blocked me for it,
Yes, Tom the vicar (just him and his mum) who claimed to have had sex with Cerys Matthews.
Cerys played this by CSN&Y when her show reached half a million listeners. I thought it…
Cerys Matthews - Only A Fool. we're on 98.0FM and .
'Forget Miami, 'Edinburgh has best beach': 💓s our neighbour So do we, but 💓 Wardie more!
Great insight into Blue Horizon record fans - Cerys Matthews -
Lovely picture of the lovely Cerys my daughter is Cerys Matthews too thats where i got her name from
Good to see that Cerys Matthews has adapted to life after Catatonia.
Great to see Cerys Matthews endorsing Cardiff Come and check us out for yourselves! A food trip is always a...
This looks awesome and great write up here via
Was loving your description until you mentioned Cerys Matthews. 😊
Cerys Matthews is playing There We Are Then by Topette!! On BBC 6Music. Right now!
I'm coming round your gaff and shoving Cerys Matthews head up your hoop, taffy
Heard her on Cerys Matthews podcast while running and thought the very same.
The play the best music. You don't get Jeremy Vine/Cerys Matthews playing this & singing the last line
This one's more of an actual homage to actual catatonia. Was going to look to see if NME used it for a…
Cerys Matthews is a talent. Love her radio progs. Interviewing Sir Peter Blake on the World Service right now.
BBC Music on the World Service with Cerys Matthews - Sir Peter Blake, 12/08/2017 GMT -
Tfw Cerys Matthews weighs in on a thread with some bigots to "we can all agree" you.
Cerys Matthews gets flash choired at the Cheltenham Literature Festival ... via
There's nothing wrong with Cerys Matthews is there? I thought she was alright.
Had a right thing for her when I was a kid! Kind of faded as I got older. Had a massive thi…
I also love Catatonia. Was huge fan of Cerys Matthews when they came out in the 90s, as…
'Forget Miami, Edinburgh has the best beach- writers on their favourite coastline.
Did you know you can fly from to for £36? Don't forget us for your airport parking! ✈🚗
Join Neil Innes, Cerys Matthews, Francis Pryor, Dirk Maggs, Greg Jenner, Hugh Fraser and more in supporting our Bri…
Cerys Matthews just played Vine Leaves In Her Hair on BBC 6 music, so that's nice.
Outside Lib over year, letters to 2 petitions, 3k signatures. 1call from C4 pub statement '
We were sat between Jarvis Cocker & Cerys Matthews.It seemed as if half of the audience were famous, all in awe of…
'Forget Miami, Edinburgh has the best beach': Irvine Welsh and others on their favourite coastline…
.Parekh & Singh live session for Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6 Music, begins at 1hr 39mins...
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Welsh singer & Year Of Legends ambassador tells Buzz about her favourite Welsh secret…
Can't stop thinking about Cerys Matthews on radio today asking Indian musicians if their Indian look was inspired by Wes Anderson FFS.
What songs make you cringe? (Me, I still get that if I ever think of The Ballad Of Tom Jones by Space ft. Cerys Matthews)
Time to get breakfast. Reconvene downstairs with followed by Cerys Matthews on .😁
The sound of my childhood Cerys Matthews White Horses via
Dont listen to any nowadays sorry, cerys matthews is good - like to listen to albums and dip into youtube
starting the day quietly with Cerys Matthews show as the soundtrack
I listened to Cerys Matthews show last Sunday and a few of the Iranian tracks were rather catchy! 😀
So telling my mum trying to workout who I had a crush on at uni .. she only remembers that i had was Cerys Matthews. i mean real not celeb.
Cerys Matthews is an absolute queen
think so, well anyone but her. Thinking more Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews is playing proper jazz and I'm enjoying it. As a consequence I'm also doubting everything I ever believed in.
I know I say this every time I listen, but what a treat the Cerys Matthews show on 6music is. One of the best broadcasters by far.
TFW Cerys Matthews comes in 6Music so you turn it to Radio 2 and The Lighthouse Family are playing and you've never made a better call
Name me someone who has a hotter voice than Cerys Matthews
Please meet - best voice we had since Cerys Matthews. Can you give her a listen and see if she would fit with you?
Seeing as it's we thought we'd re share excellent 7 Wonders playlist.
just bought January 17 great stuff I have forwarded it to Cerys Matthews and her Husband Abbo hope they like it
Her accent is a fairly big part of why I love listening to Cerys Matthews on 6 Music on Sunday mornings ❤
Cerys Matthews and Iwan Rheon named as Year of Legends Ambassadors
Welsh music icon named 'Year of Legends' Ambassador for 2017. .
unless that woman is cerys Matthews
The album Cockahoop by Cerys Matthews has 12 lyrics on Link:
The lovely Cerys Matthews sharing her love of Wales.
" Time has come today " Chambers Bros. Played by Cerys Matthews on her show today. Good choice
Did Cerys Matthews just call African drumming 'primitive' on 6 Music? Or did I mishear?
Followed lead & jumped on the turbo. Cerys Matthews on BBC 6 Music is not the ideal training partner...🤔
In Wales come and experience a truly unique literary house - has!
Well must get breakfast while i listen to the remainder of show. Then Cerys Matthews on and some art creation.
Samantha Parton and I are going to be live on BBC6 tomorrow 10am with Cerys Matthews!
One of our favourites on the Welsh legends which have inspired her.
Singer and broadcaster Cerys Matthews backs Year of Legends - ITV News
We speak to Cerys Matthews about being an ambassador to the year of the legends - see more at 6&9 on http…
Conjuring Halie Cerys Matthews celebrates one of her musical heroines, gospel singer Mahalia Jac...
Great news that will be ambassadors for Year of Legends 2017 https:…
Cerys Matthews and Iwan Rheon to promote Year of Legends
Cerys Matthews, an ambassador for the Wales 2017 Year of Legends campaign talks about the which have...
Cerys Matthews on the Welsh legends which have inspired her - The former Catatonia singer is an ambassador for ...
2 mins of Mary Anne Hobbs @ the radios in the back yard . 30 secs of Cerys Matthews it's under the 464
A little . Singer / songwriter John Grant on Music Extra with Cerys Matthews on BBC World Service.
Cerys Matthews stumbling over a tongue-twisting report on 'pianists,' just now on Six Music, eventually opting for 'piano players'
Cerys Matthews playing Pish track now on 6music to be followed by Neil Young track it reminds her of
Cerys Matthews' show on 6Music just now is a masterclass in singing.. FYI..
Am loving Cerys Matthews show on this morning.
I honestly can't think of much else that cures Sunday hangover/blues better than Cerys Matthews voice on Heaven.
feeling is starting the day with Cerys Matthews' choice of music getting ready for yoga class
Heading out to BBC Radio 6 for 'voice gurus - the return' with Cerys Matthews.
Radio 2 Country, Cerys Matthews’ Appalachian Journey love this plus I can listen anytime.
Just completed editing another wedding, and waiting for clients image selection for their Graphistudio Album.
*** has happened to Cerys Matthews chops? On BBC this morning re she now looks like Heath Ledger 😳
I added a video to a playlist Julia Sawalha as Cerys Matthews on Celebrity Stars in their Eyes
It's Jeff with Listen back to the pair chatting on
Top notch prizes Summer Party. Bid here for tickets to an exclusive festival curated by Cerys Matthews
"Religion [football primarily one presumes] is moving out, sport is filling that void" Cerys Matthews. DISCUSS
Cerys Matthews: 'as religions moves away, let sport take over'. Depressing if the fans' conduct is the way forward.
Ah, the irony of Cerys Matthews talking about the uniting quality of sport, WHILE IN EUROPE, when Wales largely voted
I did not recognise Cerys Matthews since she was beaten up by a plastic surgeon
that Welsh lady is Cerys Matthews a very famous singer 😂😂
Great tribute from Cerys Matthews this morning for Chris Coleman, the Welsh Team & Welsh Supporters!! ⚽️
cerys matthews trying to rescue careeer on back of where were you when we were *.TRY WEARING RED...:))
Pleased to see that great football expert Cerys Matthews giving her views on this morning
Cerys Matthews mentioning Wrexham fans on BBC breakfast news👍
Cerys Matthews is on TV talking about Welsh football "and the way forward" FGS!! Would like to know what's she got on some BBC topnob.
Just turned over. Louises top and Cerys Matthews. Yuk
What's Cerys Matthews done to her face?
Jaysus...Cerys Matthews looks like sumfin ootae Bo selecta.
what on earth has Cerys Matthews done to her face?
Jesus Christ the state of Cerys Matthews' face
that well known football expert Cerys Matthews speaking about the euros.
Poetry and music are more closely related than we think
just sent you an interview with h Cerys Matthews. 103.2 exclusive 😃
Cerys Matthews now on radio 2. Superb show about country music.
'Every day when I wake up, I thank the Lord I'm Welsh' - Cerys…
Max Boyce, Shirley Bassey, can you hear me? Dylan Thomas, Cerys Matthews. Beddgelert, Sam Warburton - we gave you one *** of a beating. 😧
well at least with wales out we won't have to see apparently the only welsh woman cerys matthews EVER AGAIN
Cerys Matthews, The manic Street Preachers, Tom Jones, Rhys Ifans, Vinnie Jones your boys are taking one *** of a beating 🙈
once or twice! They'll bring out the big guns if Wales make the final, Cerys Matthews or Charlotte Clutch gotta be favourites
Yes, round Charlotte Church's with Cerys Matthews!*. *i.e. I'm English and went to Cardiff once.
And I am drinking Chardonnay tonight in honour of Cerys Matthews
Ipod check. Cerys Matthews, Sir Tom, Dame Shirley, Duffy, Land Of My Fathers (Fron Welsh Version) good to go.
Catatonia singer and presenter Cerys Matthews talks about her first car, which definitely suits her Welsh roots
although I did once drunkenly tell Cerys Matthews she had lovely ... thighs, is that good enough? Come on Wales
I don't claim to be Welsh, however I did once have a crush on Cerys Matthews.
Extra was amazing this morn. Pippi Longstocking and Cerys Matthews lovely accent made up for the insomnia 😊
Sweet Lovin' One by The New Riders Of The Purple Sage. (Once played by the sweet Cerys Matthews)
you must know Cerys Matthews? That Welsh voice talking will be all you need ! I've done half your show man lol
I once nearly crashed into Cerys Matthews car, she wasn't best pleased...
Singer Cerys Matthews travelled the world with her band Catatonia and as a solo artist. But she says her festival is a chance for people
'What did I want to be when I was growing up? Bob Dylan' Guardian Q+A >>
Wales fan and singer Cerys Matthews was stuck for several hours trying to get across the Channel Tunnel to get the game.
Cerys Matthews: Why I started my own festival and made it stand out via
Tom Jones,Manic Street Preachers,Cerys Matthews and other welsh people your boys got battered!
Unlucky Giggs, Bellamy, Tom Jones, Cerys Matthews, S4C, Will Cwac Cwac, cast of Stella and all of Holyhead!
Neil Kinnock, Cerys Matthews, Ivor the Engine, Anthony Hopkins, Robbie Savage. Can you hear me? Your boys took one *** of a beating!
Cerys Matthews reveals her Start-up Secrets: Why I decided to start my o
Want to get away from it all? on why her Good Life Experience festival is respite from modern living
Cerys Matthews: Why I started up my own festival – and how we made it stand out
Start of this reminded me why I fell massively for Cerys Matthews first time I ever saw them live:
"might function well as lyrics, but can lyrics be read as I suspect it’s harder."
'Baby, it's Cold Outside' the Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews version please! 👌🏻⛄️
Wondering if its clear how I'm going to vote from this video:
Of all the celebrity endorsements, my favourite has to be Cerys Matthews and her TV voiceover work for Welsh potatoes.
Why is my mum meeting Cerys Matthews? I presume this is something to do with going up a level in springwatch
I was in the Unsprung audience last night. I like Cerys Matthews but always been a huge admirer of Amy Williams. Love the Winter Olympics.
Wynne is your mystery voice Cerys Matthews.
June issue is out. Full of sunshine and strawberries, hens and honey. Camping, Cerys Matthews and roses in bloom. http…
Cerys Matthews and band recorded parts of their new song in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Electric Hybrid. via
I hope your guest today, Cerys Matthews didn't encounter any " Road Rage " on her journey to Minsmere.
From Telegraph: "Cerys Matthews: 'It's time to wave goodbye to petrol and diesel'"
Catch Pete Lawrence talking about the new summer event Campfire Convention with Cerys Matthews on BBC6Music today .
Cerys Matthews is on fire on playing some really great stuff and SO ECLECTIC just the way it should be. Fantastic radio.
Very cool interview on the cerys Matthews show, 6 music, this morning. Listen again, about an hour in. . A...
"An evolutionary platform for creative thinkers..." Cerys Matthews with Pete Lawrence re> Campfire Convention
Women know nothing of music. Except Maryanne Hobbs, Cerys Matthews, countless other experts..
ON AIR NOW: Catch a fire with Cerys Matthews and Pete Lawrence.
London! We're playing at Poetry & Lyrics Festival at on 11th June. Cerys Matthews and John Hegley too!
Free new edition of Gasholder over in - look out for them being handed out at the stations
Latest free print edition of Gasholder hitting the streets as we speak with on the cover:
When the singer Cerys Matthews first played the music of the 12th century nun, Hildegard von Bingen, on her BBC 6...
New festival of poetry, music and song feat. Don Black & Cerys Matthews runs on 10 & 11 June
"What was that Welsh band?". "Kerry Katona?". "Cerys Matthews of Catatonia that's who I was trying to think of yep thank you"
Drinking coffee in the sun after my run listening to Cerys Matthews - a break from the grind
📻 No lack of afro round here, more radio play on Cerys Matthews show coming up.
Enjoyed being for with amazing set by Cerys Matthews and great address by John Motson.
Cerys Matthews leads a 1966 themed singalong @ 2016, another great gathering for good friends across sport
You have a bit of a look of the singer Cerys Matthews xx
I said Kerry Katona instead of Cerys Matthews last night. I now have Whole Again by Atomic Kitten as an ear worm - HELP ME
*does best Cerys Matthews* It's up to you, boy. Ya drrrivin me crazee. Thinking you may be losing your mind.
New Idler magazine out, with Cerys Matthews interview and a piece by me on psychedelic renaissance:
.gives her thoughts on UK + love for many musical flavours awards. Watch our
Blues Artist of the Year Gary Clark Jr presented by Cerys Matthews
Jon Snow and Cerys Matthews attend tonight’s awards with Quincy Jones and Gregory Porter among honourees.
I liked a video from Cerys Matthews opens the Laurie Lee Wildlife Way
From y'day's 'Common People Panto' in Cambridge Puffles with 'Cerys Matthews, Damon 'the cow' Albarn & Jarvis :-)
Welsh singer-songwriter and broadcaster Cerys Matthews recorded “A Child’s Christmas” by Dylan Thomas to mark the...
Back by popular demand! Cerys Matthews narrates the Dylan Thomas Christmas classic. Check your NPR station for...
Ian Leonard is playing Baby Its Cold Outside by Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews!
Omg Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews Baby Its Cold Outside, is one of the worst christmas songs I've ever listened to!
Really! Well he's not gonna refuse Miss Cerys Matthews! Can I hang around outside the studio and get my book signed?
I don't care what y'all say. I really like Cerys Matthews. In fact there are some great songs on Catatonia's debut. Strange Glue for one.
My criticism of every cover of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is that they don't have Cerys Matthews saying, "Bloody freezin' innit?" at the end.
Cerys Matthews is to play Tir (land) live on stage while Ballet Cymru dancers perform this Sunday and Monday at...
I tell you whose voice makes me fell unwell is Cerys Matthews
HATE that new Cerys Matthews ad on Worst bit is the girl who talks about vernacular speech. So inauthentic for 6! Please stop!
Cerys Matthews leads our Christmas events programme: Idle activities for the Christmas hols
You can download 'I Can't Breathe' for free here -
The Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews version of Baby It's Cold Outside never fails to come along and ruin Christmas for me. It's so bad.
Santa Baby! I mean, problematic AF (depending on your interp) but dammit I love the Cerys Matthews version.
Cerys Matthews has lovely speaking voice ..
As much as I adore Cerys Matthews & Tom Jones, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' gets creepier and rapier by the year.
2 potentially interesting progs on today. Will Self on James Clerk Maxwell & Cerys Matthews on the origins of music recording
Heard Cerys Matthews reminiscing on R4 today abt when records used to make money. Now it's the stuff 2/3
Heard Cerys Matthews was in talking about recording her first album next door at lunchtime.
That Cerys Matthews' voice makes me melt.
13:45 His Master's Voices: Cerys Matthews and Tris Penna consider the legacy of the UK's first gramophone records.
Jarvis Cocker and Cerys Matthews are on Radio 4 this week. Might they replace Nick Robinson with Iggy Pop? cc
It is a shame that the current trailer for Cerys Matthews' show on BBC 6 Music makes it sound utterly insufferable.
it's more Milla Jovivich/Cerys Matthews now, it was green last month
Cerys Matthews has a very pleasing way of saying 'gramophone'
this has it all. Tom Jones talks to Cerys Matthews about his Ponty childhood
in case you missed it Barry Town football club got a mention on the Cerys Matthews show on radio 6
Cerys Matthews MBE is a musician, author, broadcaster and co-founder The Good Life Experience -a festival of the...
In the words of Cerys Matthews, 'Baby It's Fecking Freezing Outside!'
Sorry, but this is brilliantBBC Music Jazz - Cerys Matthews' Jazz Pioneers -
Emu names idea! Cerys and Mark. In memory of the romance of Cerys Matthews and Mark Wright
and someone tell Gaz Coombes that Cerys Matthews is not a good fashion influence.
Christmas singalong at our London shop with Cerys Matthews
Today's song is definitely Baby it's Cold Outside by Sir Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews
I love the south Wales accent as modelled by Cerys Matthews.
Fabulous piece on Mill on Floss by Cerys Matthews tonight One Show on location at Griff & agai…
Cerys Matthews on the One Show in a boat called TARKA during a bit about The Mill On The Floss!
Do you get the feeling Cerys Matthews likes Bob Dylan a bit?
Really fed up! - Just feel its time for a beautiful welsh lament from Cerys Matthews - Lisa Lan (Live) via
What karaoke track would you sing, when meeting your son/daughters future in-laws for the first time?
You can hear the Cerys Matthews' influences in by them,
Aha! Do watch it. He's interviewed by Cerys Matthews.
Cerys Matthews seems to have worked on her accent. Sounding lush.
Well done Cerys. Another Welsh musical genius. much love .
Dr John Bucket and Cerys Matthews, who play bungling duo Rosenberg and Gilderoy, waiting for the paparazzi.
Happy Birthday to our little Cerys Matthews Love you lean machine 💜👊🏼
Oh yes, I can remember her. I can imagine why you liked her :) I only had eyes for Cerys Matthews back then, still do.
Brilliant basslines, Morocco and Giles Davis - listen again as Marcus Miller talks to Cerys Matthews
Fantastic to see that are boosting their coverage! | . via
anno will broadcast a monthly 1hour show around world from Nov!
The Great Songbook Cerys Matthews explores the songbooks of countries other than America...
I've had Space - Ballard of Tom Jones in my head all day. Hope Minnesota enjoys some Cerys Matthews.
Listening to Cerys Matthews on radio 6 while I do a big pile of washing up.
Only misstep in Our Country's Good is Cerys Matthews too often jarring incidental music.
Cerys Matthews on Our Country's Good - the music | National Theatre | South Bank, London
Our Country's Good: An overwhelmingly successful production Just booked for this. Cerys Matthews composed the music
used to listen to odd bit especially Craig Charles but now I usually manage to switch on to Cerys Matthews
I think Cerys Matthews will win. Or is that Catatonia? I can never tell them apart...
The wonderful Cerys Matthews sings a terrific version of 15 Minutes by the late and equally wonderful Kirsty Macoll.
No, I didn't. Are you Cerys Matthews? She 'years' things all the time.
Excited to go to Cerys Matthews' NT music debut on til 17th Oct debut/
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I hear this year they're using Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard, but played on a gourd, sung in Welsh by Cerys Matthews.
Photo: Cerys Matthews reading from ‘Under Milk Wood’ (by Dylan Thomas) in the BBC Radio 6 studio.  A still...
on Cerys Matthews 'Hippos' Dylan Thomas stylee from Welsh Rock for Refugees
I have to say he was dreadful. I ended up going through other stations when he was on and discovered Cerys Matthews on 6.
I liked a video Space/Cerys Matthews The ballad of Tom Jones
You're not going to believe this, boys, but Cerys Matthews is following me. Does that make me a star?
.there's just one thing I can't forget, how beautiful you are~ ♫ Open Roads by Cerys Matthews —
Seeing 'Our Country's Good' at the National Theatre. Music by Cerys Matthews. Brilliant so far. @ The…
Some great first dance music choices and tips by
Cerys Matthews is the best female rock vocalist who has ever lived. FIGHT ME ON IT.
Composer Cerys Matthews talks about the role of music in
Did you go to the in Hawarden at the weekend? Check out our picture gallery:.
This is dope and also the lady to me sounds like some weird Japanese Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews' Good Life Experience Festival at Hawarden is a return to 'the good old days'
Listened to Ben Fogle give a talk, got wished happy birthday by Cerys Matthews and heard the official harpist to the Prince of Wales play
Looking for a family friendly festival? chats to the ace about
Cerys Matthews' Hawarden Good Life Experience Festival is a return to 'the ... - Daily...
Cerys Matthews Good Life Experience Festival was a hit with the crowds this weekend.
Now, stuff to do, sunshine to enjoy, Cerys Matthews to listen to on the radio.
4.5* review Many reasons to see it not least & music.
Cerys Matthews on what makes a Good Life Experience
Ask Dr Crotchety: on music to beat the end-of-summer blues
Cerys Matthews: music to beat the end-of-summer blues
Cerys Matthews. The Welsh Jo Whiley. Make of that what you will.
Cerys Matthews' perfect albums - good to see Mississippi John Hurt's Avalon Blues in there
Celebrities celebrate James Joyce and WB Yeats in London: Dermot O’Leary and musician Cerys Matthews were amon...
"Cerys Matthews: modern takes on 90s guitar bands"
Cerys Matthews: modern takes on 90s guitar bands | Guardian
Cerys Matthews: modern takes on 90s guitar bands
Cerys Matthews: modern takes on 90s guitar bands - If the Stone Roses, Nirvana and Charlatans are your cup of tea,...
Cerys Matthews just took approx 50 seconds to say the name Rufus Norris.
check out Cerys Matthews r6 yesterday - great Mike Garson stuff.
Cerys Matthews' Bowie tinged show was great today with the Mike Garson segment especially. Great work
Pop-up events featuring Cerys Matthews, Trevor Nelson and Michel Roux Snr planned for Cheltenham, loving this
Now on sale: Cerys Matthews and Catrin Finch perform live with Ballet Cymru -
I will never not love Cerys Matthews.
Tom Jones, Rob Brydon, Max Boyce, Cerys Matthews, Stereophonics are you listening Stereophonics? Your boys took one *** of a beating
& Cerys Matthews who sang her own song Karaoke Queen at a karaoke in Spain and came 2nd or 3rd
So I put on Of Monsters and Men's album, king and lionheart comes on. Nan: is that Cerys Matthews . 😂😂
And Manic Street Preachers, Cerys Matthews and Charlotte Church to name but a few.
there was a Welsh band that was called Catatonia fronted by a certain Cerys Matthews back in the day! Old school man
the Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews version yeah?
Baby it's Cold Outside. I feel some Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews coming on 😄
Cerys Matthews: the sound of silence
Waiting to watch Steve Mcdonald get a serious case of the Cerys Matthews.
Chris Taggart as Chris Tarrant countculture andyarnolduk Well, I never thought I'd say. feeling Cerys Matthews on 6Music while I’m on the po
Christ if it ain't Cerys Matthews playing a guitar on it's Robson Green
Love this ad - but then again I was in the minority that really liked last year's too with Cerys Matthews - what...
Cerys Matthews coming to Dublin to celebrate St David's day with us. Sat 07 March. Tickets 50 Euro includes dinner!
Cerys Matthews: songs for someone whos going to lay down the law -
nothing's more pretentious than Cerys Matthews and her electro beat and dance music
.: songs to banish the New Year blues
Sunday morning journal work done: careers scythed (or built up - it's not all grim!) to the sounds of Cerys Matthews in the background ...
my daughter was born to the dulcet tones of Cerys Matthews although it wasn't in any way restful ; )
Our Sunday coffee break suddenly became very motivational when Cerys Matthews played this: Thank you
Bonnie Dobson & Her Boys coming to us 31 Jan. Listen to her interview this AM with Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews musical reasoning: if it's old or foreign, it's good. If it's old AND foreign, it's incredible. Spot of Balkan skiffle, yeah?
Cerys Matthews on is very restful of a Sunday morning.I learn something new every week
The song is by Pete Seger and other and From the Songs from the Spanish Civil War And Cerys Matthews is hosting a show! Love!
Cerys Matthews again providing refuge from the increasingly ludicrous world of Ambridge.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
10:00 Cerys on 6: Cerys Matthews is joined by folk music songwriter Bonnie Dobson, ahead of her UK tour.
Cerys Matthews: songs to banish the New blues Year
Is it just me or does she look like Cerys Matthews?
songs to banish the New Year blues.
1.29pm: Nadia just confused Cerys Matthews with Kerry Katona. Pricey and Kavana think it's hilarious. Cami-Li is confused.
Dylan Thomas is not just for Christmas... and neither is Cerys Matthews! Second half of this show features her...
Join us as we celebrate Christmas at The Salvation Army's annual Carol Concert at the Royal Albert Hall - with Cerys Matthews, Charlie Green and Pippa Bennet...
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cerys Matthews on telly together. Is it Halloween again?
Spotify, what do you have against actually playing Cerys Matthews and Tom Jones' "Baby, It's Cold Outside?" I put it on my playlist 100x.
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