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Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo is a small zoo located on Central Park in New York City. It is part of an integrated system of four zoos and the New York Aquarium managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

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Amok from on when the Central Park Zoo lost its animals, or didn't
You are in NYC? I love that museum & as many times as I've gone, I've never seen it all in one day.…
And a cheeky stop at Central Park Zoo because I love me a zoo 🙈
Old college friend is coming in to the city on Sat w/her family. I was planning on taking them to the Central Park Zoo but it's raining.
Tisch Children's Zoo in Central Park, the site of some very hungry goats, sheep, alpacas and…
Boy2Panther, the transgenic boy from Panther's milk, the legend, the secret of Central Park (NY) Zoo.
Same. Fortunately, Central Park Zoo has money coming out their ears & they don't try to house more animals than they should.
Had a fun time at Central Park Zoo with Mr. Ritcher🙂, nice memories.
I hear they have bisons now at the Central Park zoo. I've seen them out West but it wound be interesting to see the…
She knows New York well enough. She could take her to the zoo in Central Park! The zoo is her favorite. And, they'd obviously have to go-
wanted to see them today but the Central Park zoo closes at 4:30 :,(
{Zelena took your hand and helped you through the portal until the appeared in a secluded area of Central Park Zoo.}. Any ---
. {Zelena smiled and used her magic to create a portal.}. Ready to go to the Central Park Zoo, sis?
meet me at the Central Park zoo at midnight and we'll find out
What an awesome pic! Have you been to the Central Park Zoo before?
Saw a kid with a Maga shirt at Central Park zoo. Blech.
Great day at central park zoo legomaster522 @ Central Park Zoo
NYC - we have the central park zoo. That's on our list for this week.
. is having a blog revival day I half expect him to grab & go look for sting rays @ the Central Park zoo
Friend saw this at the Central Park Zoo. Solid inspiration for character development, don't u think https:/…
Alex the lion is the king of the urban jungle, the main attraction at New York's Central Park Zoo. He and his best friends
"Wha'cha looking' at, human?" (Biru at the Central Park Zoo, April 2015) via /r/redpandas
My friends in NYC are zookeepers at Central Park Zoo and I'm wildly proud of them. One of them takes care of snow leopards??? What
I miss the zoo. Only do I ever pass the Central Park Zoo but never go in. I don't want to go in alone lol
I just checked in at Central Park Zoo with Download today!
Can't make it to today? You can still visit their adorable right now:…
.THE ZOO at tonite! Learn more about 1st king penguin hatched in NYC
Two purchases of the day. My red panda who is called Lefou from central park zoo. And eevee from…
When Spring hits, great day to dash up to the Central Park Zoo. (at Central Park)
FYI the Central Park Zoo put you on a coin
is a little hidden gem in A must if you're travelling to with tiny people. .
central park zoo and the park it's self statue of liberty Urmston mainly touristy things
Booked my NYC Summer '17 Trip with Charlenne! Aladdin on Broadway, Central Park Zoo, 30 Rock and more!. If Stark...
Central Park zoo gift shop has a book promoting homosexuality about 2 male penguins adopting an egg.
The sea lion at central park zoo stole my heart
Sea lions and red pandas and snow leopards, oh my! Love the Central Park Zoo.
"My girl's not going out tonight. It's like letting the lion at Central Park zoo paw the soil of the African jungle for t…
Question for my New York friends: where do the sea lions sleep at the Central Park zoo? It's not here.
UPK students participate in a rainforest puppet show given by the Central Park Zoo!
In 2003, Roy & Silo, a pair of male penguins in Central Park Zoo, who'd been a couple for years, raised a baby peng…
thank you Senator! Gotta watch those Trump kids. They would shoot the elephants in cages at Central Park zoo
My wife got selfies with animals that seem to attract to her at the Central Park Zoo and we got…
I lied the Central Park zoo has chinstrap penguins that's more exciting
Save on your next visit to Central Park Zoo with our Your Key to the City pkg. Details:
I want to go to New York so bad. The MET, Empire State Building, Carnegie, Radio City, Times Square and Central Park Zoo. 😭😭😭
not sure yet really. I have a few craft shops i must visit & never done Central Park zoo. Brooklyn is a must for us.
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"Wait let's take a selfie with the red panda!" @ Central Park Zoo
My, what big paws you have! Check out the Snow Leopard cubs at from .
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade began in 1924; instead of balloons, people walked with live animals from the Central Park Zoo 🐘 🐪
Then the Unwinding Monkey met a Sleepy Snow Leopard at Central Park Zoo
Last leg - The Rockefeller Centre and Central Park Zoo to go
A wild Magneton appeared! It will be around the Central Park Zoo until 11:01 PM.
Famiglia's pizza, Central Park Zoo, and The Comedy Cellar right off of Macdougal Street
to running through Central Park over a year ago. It was a zoo even in the early morning,…
"We are hiring! - - - Assistant Manager of Education at the Central Park Zoo!" on
Today's little throwback comes from Sept 2013. Our visit to Central Park Zoo and squeeing over…
Hanging with new pals centralparkzoo @ Central Park Zoo
Thinking of taking this girl who loves animals to the Central Park Zoo for a first date, is this a good idea?
Early Learners and Pre-K having fun and exploring at the Central Park Zoo last week.
Mrs. Schmid's 5th Gr class at Central Park Zoo in NYC. Kids just love field trips!
Planning a outing? Spend the day at the family party to celebrate moms everywhere!
Friday at the Central Park Zoo. This kid is fearless...he wants to touch everything and…
Jonathan Scott is at the Central Park Zoo. I was there three days ago. This is the definition of starcrossed.
Let's learn about the birds and the beers. I got my tickets to BREW AT THE ZOO Central park in NYC!
I wanna go to Brew at The Zoo in central park.
Kylie Jenner was at the central park zoo today. How do I miss everything & everyone hate myself for leaving a day earlier smh
I was really at the Central Park zoo for my birthday last year 😭
Get to the and take advantage of all that it has to offer:
New York: come for the perfumes, stay for the snow leopards. @ Central Park Zoo
"We just had a really busy day... We like walked around Central Park for 2 hours and then went to the zoo..." - Kylie Jenner. same.
Kylie Jenner: 'we just had kinda a long day, we walked Central Park for like 2 hours and we went to the zoo' kylie, that's a DAY OFF
I wanted to go to the Central Park zoo while we were there today but no one else did and come to find out was there 🙃
I turn 24 in 20 days. I'm celebrating at "Brew at the Zoo" in Central Park getting drunk with the penguins. Don't ever tell me to grow up.
Went to the third oldest zoo in the world today and a park that's twice as big as Central Park 😊🇮🇪
A day with the little guy at the Central Park Zoo.
Brews at the Zoo tho. in Central Park. Who's trying to go?
Elena and I tried going to Times Square but ended up at the Central Park Zoo. Eh, close enough.
Manhattan Zoo (A peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo and wandered aroun...
I got the amazing opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Central Park Zoo today! BIG…
Nice day to take kids to the Central Park Zoo. Who wants to meet up after? (@ Upper East Side in New York, NY)
Went to Central park Zoo. People freaking out over goats and cows. Weird to think some people have literally NEVER seen a cow in their life!
Morning walk to work past Central Park petting zoo. Ba it's cold today
And he really loves animals so I can't wait to see his eyes light up when we go to Central Park zoo❤️
Thing I'm most excited about doing in New York is going to the Central Park zoo. Been to a zoo one/two times so I'm stoked to go in NY
you should go see the sheep in Central Park Zoo 🐏🐑
I think I just processed that babe & I made plans to go to the central park zoo tomorrow and now I'm so excited
Haven't been to the Central Park zoo in months 🤔
Have your birthday party at the Zoo! Bronx, Central Park, Queens & Prospect Park Zoos
checking out the monkeys at the Central Park Zoo!
It's Haylor Central Park zoo 2 December 2012 all over again
shopping done, quick catch up and coffee at Central Park Zoo then :-)
Hanging with the red pandas at the Central Park Zoo by _little…
Had a flipping great time at the Central Park zoo! Seal ya later New York ✌🏻️ @ Central Park Zoo
Good morning from New York! Up early and off to Central Park, Strawberry Fields and then Central Park Zoo. 🐸🐵🐢🐠
Anyone know where the central park zoo is i gotta see some penguins like right now
We just found out their is no Uncle Bernie rally today. So where hanging out in Central Park. In front of the Zoo.
I had to do the same thing but to the Central Park zoo 🐒🐻
The clock near the zoo just outside Central Park. .
In Central Park Zoo, Samson the Lion tells his son Ryan stories of his adventures in the wild. ★ The Wild —
fight me at the Central Park zoo, penguin exhibit, may 28, 2019
Central Park bike tour, 9/11 memorial, Empire state and Rockerfeller day and night, the zoo, the high line!
Last day in New York with a visit to Central Park. At a whopping 3.41km, it has a zoo, ice rink & various statues.
gotta take down that nasty gang of pigeons! And watch out for that named lion boss that escaped from Central Park Zoo!
Went to Central Park and the zoo with the fam.
-If she's okay with the harness we could take her to Central park zoo. They've got a petting zoo there.
Word! I have a cousin from Kenya locked up in the Central Park Zoo since 2007. Stupid tranquilizer darts.
Shuffling through Central Park calls for a double run. Easy 8 this morning, co…
I even remember when Alex the Lion and others escaped from Central Park Zoo rangers used tranquilisers 😕
they have babby goats for pettin' at the Central Park Zoo! 🐐
Fact: The Central Park Zoo, opened in 1860, was the first public zoo in the United States.
We did Central Park and the Zoo yesterday
I always expected the Central Park zoo to be like the movie Madagascar but I was wrong😕
See penguins in Central Park Zoo New York by juju_ungu
One shot in front of the monkey cage @ the central park zoo 😊 enjoyed it a lot 😍🐒🐧
Need more storage in your NYC apartment? Find our new facility east of the Central Park Zoo:
morning on Day3. All still present if not a little tired. Botanical gardens, Central Park zoo and Empire State, it first BREAKFAST..
enjoy NYC. Go to the Central Park zoo and little Italy
I really wanna see the New York Central Park Zoo
In central park zoo today, this place is pretty great. Central park itself is massive!!!
My grandfather had the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the Central Park zoo
Ron at Central Park Zoo with grizzly bear coming out of his head
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is at Central Park Zoo checking out the red panda!
Ron at Central Park Zoo showing a red panda, shot above head hard to see
.Thanksgiving Day Parade is 259 days away! The first was in 1924 and featured animals from Central Park Zoo.
Am I in Miami or the Tropic Zone at Central Park Zoo? (Hint: there is no difference)
ok but serious question who wants to go to the Central Park zoo with me
I still never been to the Central Park zoo or skating rink. One day
After many wrong turns in Central Park, we found the zoo. It was well worth the trek as yo…
Fourth post in two days. Whoops! Central Park zoo with Kare bear on her birthday! by mel_p…
The Sea Lions were like super cute slugs, but with whiskers. @ Central Park Zoo
That one time accidentally dropped his Central Park Zoo map into the Red Panda…
I didn't know Central Park had an ice rink and a zoo... 😄
Met up with my sea lion friend, Charlie at the Central Park Zoo!
I had a blast at the Central Park Zoo yesterday! Thanks for the pic @ Central Park Zoo
Inspired by the West African Long-Tailed Hornbill at the Central Park Zoo and Sue Spargo…
>replied, nuzzling back into her. He rethought again about their day, from the Central Park Zoo, the Liberty Statue. It was>
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Thinking of the while at Central Park zoo!
Picture of a Nicobar pigeon in New York City’s Central Park Zoo
photo by | A Central American agouti at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, me to meet mo…
Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.🐧 @ Central Park Zoo
That bite on Jorgie's forehead is like the 1 i got from the Central Park petting zoo. OH thought I was growing a unicorn horn
retired carousel horse overlooking Central Park by Shell Sheddy...
My mom took us to the penguin exhibit today at the Central Park Zoo and I cried...legitimately cried tears of joy
Day 28 - Space Shuttle Enterprise on USS Intrepid and penguin feeding at Central Park Zoo.
Billy goats gruff at Central Park Zoo 🐑🐏 ... He can buck me…
WARNING ⚠️ There's a sheep on the loose. She escaped from the Central Park zoo 🐏
Googles "Can you domesticate a red panda if you steal it from Central Park Zoo?" ... 👍🏻👀💡
When you make my heartgarden . I become real beast... . @ Central Park Zoo
Throwback to this gorgeous macaw I spotted at NYC's Central Park Zoo!. Speaking of NYC, I need to plan. 3 more weeks!
Fall in NYC, love the quiet of the swan pond at the @ Central Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo in New York. A wonderful place to visit on a beautiful Spring day. .
Some polar bears lose in the zoo today @ Central Park Zoo
Went and saw the cast from Madagascar @ Central Park Zoo
Daring: Back in the day, attractions at the zoo in Central Park included shows where keepers would a
One of the best sightings ever of the snow leopard in Central Park Zoo. I'm sure he winked at me as he stretched.. http:/…
Renata and Avi at Central Park Zoo with us!😍 oct 21-2015 by margojac
go see some polar bears at Central Park Zoo
going to school for marine biology and training dolphins at the Central Park Zoo
Pleasingly day for my first time at 🐿🌲 @ Central Park Zoo
We've got everything from to to the Central Park Zoo​! Check them all out
perfect day to visit our friends We have the 411
ours is a little further it's closer to Central Park zoo about 20 min walk to Times Square ish
Picnicking by the sea lion pool at the Central Park Zoo
The Central Park Zoo has a weird promo on it.
Yesterday, with Central Park zoo and an afternoon spent in was one of my favourite days.…
1926 Press Photo Jake the seal Central Park Zoo, warm day of spring
I saw two adult ones at the Central Park zoo recently. So much fluffy!
feel free to hmu if realizing this plan on a weekday. I work near both and the job gives freebies for moma and central park zoo
The social team here is not the best on the ice. We'll watch and then check out the penguins at Central Park zoo! 🐧
Exploring Central Park Zoo - Best Seen any day but Sunday and without a Car
Enjoy 22 different stops on our Uptown Tour, including the Central Park Zoo and Waldorf Astoria!
Beautiful park and Zoo. Spent awesome day — feeling awesome at Central Park
A rare snow leapard from in Central Park Zoo
On June 11th 2015, the Wildlife Conservation Society held its annual gala at the Central Park Zoo to celebrate...
Central Park Zoo’s five plus acres will take you through a variety of habitat 
guys buy a discount card from me :( there's discounts to like footlocker, big 5, Central Park zoo, & Applebee's 😥
Central Park, on our way to the zoo 🐘🐻 by mnolett___
Way too cold to go to the central park zoo like planned, so Brooklyn's children's museum it is!
The Armory in Central Park used to house a zoo! WPA mural in Grand Foyer
This day a year ago a very nice goat at the Central Park zoo kissed me
Going to natural history museum and Central Park zoo 🗽🌃
I found this pamphlet on the street near Central Park Zoo. The CIA is persecuting this guy. @ Central…
I think the Central Park zoo polar bear died and they did not replace it
The Central Park zoo has a polar bear!
Crossing Central Park on the way home from the zoo @ Sheep's Meadow
Central park ⛲ too much ground to cover so I couldn't go to the zoo! 😭🐨
Spending our four month in the city 🌃🗽💙 @ The Central Park Zoo
🐵❤️👽. Zoo day with this cool little dude @ Central Park Zoo
Just got home from our class at Central Park zoo, trying to catch up on the game.
My conversation with about animals in Central Park Zoo. Am I wrong?
The Zoo, Central Park, Shake Shack, Times Square.NYC is a totally different place when your season is over! Thanks
"No, we're going through the zoo, we're gonna get dippin dots!" - girl on scooter to another girl on scooter in Central Park...
Dreamt last night that and I broke into a zoo, stole a lion and let it loose in Central Park...
when I visited the city and went through Central Park it was nice :) would have gone to the zoo if there was time
yes. S was adamant she'd seen goats in Central Park so we went looking and found them in the children's petting part of the zoo
A zoo? Pity on the animals! Use the 20 hectares instead to make a version of NYC's Central Park!
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Beautiful fish from the Central Park zoo
Fun day at Central Park Zoo with Hannah and Ezra😄
I'm taking basic girls on dates we r goin 2 the Central Park zoo, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Starbucks
*note* hey boo I've taken Timmy 2 Central Park zoo, we're gonna stop a Duane Reade & get some picnic food...Meet us? J ❤️X
Just helped with a proposal in Central Park zoo THE CUTEST
Central Park zoo today and a lovely end of summer meal in Times Square💗
Enjoy wine and food pairings at on Sept. 16:
Well im gonna buy out central park zoo and we're gonna spend the day together with no paps
Escaping the madness of the Big Apple for hour or so in the Central Park Zoo!
Wedding Reception at the Central Park Zoo! by joyceechoc …
...that I wanted to do though! New World Trade Centre was awesome, Ground Zero humbling and Central Park Zoo really good too.
Y'all somebody is having their wedding at Central Park Zoo... They have candles out and everything
The polar bear in central park zoo is demented with bald patch's from lying down too much,they have black skin,like a dogs paw
you can do Central Park Zoo in a day. There's Nintendo World and a massive Japanese bookstore nearby. Videogames NY is cool to look
- can I get a cab to central park zoo?... five minutes?..yeah, I can wait. Mhmm. Bye."-
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Barney: So this chick and I are going at it behind the Central Park Zoo, the bonobo chimps are giving us a standing O and just when
I added a video to a playlist Visiting Animals in Central Park Zoo | New York City | United States
in a cab to Central Park zoo right now.
Yankee stadium tour and Central Park zoo today 😍
The puffins at Central Park Zoo are so keen to show off and say just "hi" to the visitors (and their cameras)! :)
Today was a good day. It was a zoo day. 🙈🐼🐻 @ Central Park Zoo
It's easy to spend at least one day in Central Park New York City ...loads to do for kids like the zoo,...
Yo buddy you seen my mate Happy Feet? by …
Nine-day-old lioness cubs are held by zoo keepers at Himeji Central Park, Japan. The seven white lioness cubs,…
Kids get in free at in September. Take a day trip to Tampa and enjoy free tickets for the kids.
Jake is setting up the petting zoo at central park. He needs to build 24 pens for the animals. For the sides o
Looks like Pope Francis will be swinging through Central Park like a monkey, because he wants back in the zoo where he belongs
Roy and Silo was a pair of *** penguins in NYC's Central Park Zoo
Went to the Central Park zoo today..was alright.
Beautiful Tuesday for the Central Park Zoo with this California mommy-to-be beauty 🐘🐒
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I'm not going to his hotel I'm gonna be around there though, bc my sister,and I are taking my niece to the Central Park Zoo😓
Few snaps of myself in New York. So far I’ve been to Central Park, Central Park Zoo, Times…
Rock. And. Roll. I will pop by around 1:15 for a second before I head to my 2:30 Central Park Zoo date.
Central Park Zoo doesn't even have lions, zebras, hippos, giraffes, or elephants..
Make memorial cemetery in Central Park Zoo with ivory tombstones for all slain in preservation battle ?
Accidentally wandered to the Central Park Zoo on my way to an appointment. I don't think I've ever…
In all my years I have never been to the Central Park Zoo. we must fix this.
Lions, tigers and brews at the Central Park Zoo:
We made it to Central Park Zoo at feeding time. The sea lions were so funny, getting so ex… http…
Madagascar is a friggin lie. There's no Alex. Marty, Gloria or Melman in Central Park Zoo. I checked!
New York Today: New Yorkers' top five complaints, sunny but still cold, and a baby penguin at the Central Park Zoo.
Although this is normally hibernation season for the bears…
Although this is normally hibernation…
The Wildlife Conservation Society is welcoming two new residents at the Central Park Zoo, and they didn't travel far to get there.
Betty & Veronica Have Arrived at the Central Park Zoo! - I have an update on my post about the two brown bears nam...
A Nicobar pigeon in New York's Central Park Zoo shows off its iridescent colors in this Photo of the Day from National Geographic.
Betty and Veronica fill new grizzly enclosure at Central Park Zoo. By - News
New York Post - The day in photos - The Central Park Zoo gets grizzly, seals swim in New York, Paris is protected ...
Betty & Veronica are moving to the Central Park Zoo.
We just got word the lecture will now be held at Central Park Zoo Gallery, right next to the Arsenal. Hope to see you there!
Betty (or Veronica) at Central Park zoo. Of course the exhibit unveiled yesterday the one day I…
Central Park Zoo's new grizzly bear exhibit opened today. Drop by and say hi to Betty and Veronica!
It's frigid outside but Central Park Zoo newcomers Betty and Veronica find their new quarters quite cozy
As New York woke up to its first snow, we also welcomed two new residents at the Central Park Zoo...Meet Betty and V…
As New York received its first blanket of snow today, we also welcomed to new residents to the Central Park Zoo! Mee…
Visit central park zoo so cute animals
Central Park Zoo grizzly bear exhibit opening to the public
Betty & Veronica make their official debut today.
Reporting on the Central Park Zoo's newest additions..Grizzlies Betty and Veronica!
Betty and Veronica..two gorgeous grizzzlies debut at the Central Park Zoo
Betty and Veronica make their official debut today.
Betty and Veronica, the Central Park Zoo’s newest...
Central Park Zoo’s new grizzly bear exhibit opens at 10 a.m.
Snow did not stop two from moving into their new home in the Welcome Betty & Veronica
Betty and Veronica made their snowy debut at the Central Park Zoo! If it's too cold now, be sure to visit in May...
Two grizzy bears are now calling the Zoo home!
(AP) — It really is frigid outdoors but Central Park Zoo newcomers Betty…
Central Park Zoo grizzly bear exhibit, featuring Betty and Veronica, opening to the public via
"One of my favorite places to photograph exotic birds is in New York's zoo in Central Park," says Your Shot...
Hope the Central Park Zoo’s new grizzly bears are enjoying the snow.
Betty & Veronica the grizzly bears have moved into Gus the polar bear's old house in Ctrl Park Zoo.
Grizzly bears now live in Central Park? I have to know more...
Central Park Zoo. It was cold but beautiful. ⛄️
Visited the Central Park Zoo yesterday and a goat made me look like I photobombed instead of the other way around 😂
Grid's Humor;) Nine-year-old boy breaks away from the Central Park Zoo only to get picked up by the cops in Times ...
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Discovered today that the Central Park Zoo’s polar bear Gus passed away.
“I like snow leopards they are one of my favourites !
Some of my most memorable moments in Central Park were seeing my daughter enjoy the Children's Zoo ☺😊
A beautiful beautiful beautiful snow leopard we saw in the Central Park zoo (:. He really was majestic…
In Madagascar in Central Park zoo there is a hippo zebra lion + a giraffe. In the real zoo none of these animals are available :D 😂😂😂😂
Boy lost in NYC after getting separated from family at Central Park Zoo calls it 'greatest day of my life'
At the Central Park petting zoo playing in the kids stuff 💁😂😊
NYC: 9 yr old boy gets separated from parents at Central Park Zoo. Lost in city for 2 hour. Calls it best day of his life.
A boy, 9, who got seperated from his family at the Central Park Zoo for 2 hours calls it the greatest day of his life
I'm not saying you need to go to the Central Park zoo buuut I am currently on my way there
I just watched someone make their kid poop into a plastic bag outside the central park zoo. This is the greatest city on earth
The word is out: these cousins were hatched at the Central Park Zoo. @ Central Park Zoo
At -- Central park zoo with some cool cousins
nah I was just gonna say the Central Park zoo here is better and lmao you can't say anything about my house.
CATS Roundtable Radio Sho. Sun Aug 3 Congresswoman Maloney will be on way to China to get PANDA for Central Park Zoo
Livni next to Central Park is like living next to do the Zoo.
Central Park zoo, Kati wraps, pizza, & Pie Face. All the walking canceled out the calories.
Gus the polar bear dies at Central Park Zoo - The News Journal
is not having a typical day after Sunday mass. Good times in Central Park Zoo and Times Square, NY. :-)
Off the breakfast then Central Park, Central Park Zoo, and Trump Tower.
Lets it all hang loose...the weekends coming @ Central Park Zoo
We are scooping our Rita's Italian Ice at Central Park Zoo tonight to help the Boomer Esiason Foundation Young...
Wildlife Conservation Society helped fund my graduate work, so I don't mind paying to see Central Park Zoo.
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