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Central Park South

Central Park South is the portion of 59th Street that forms the southern border of Central Park in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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Mack Urban and AECOM Announce the Acquisition of 6Ac in Downtown LA Central Business District – AECOM via
And thank God for comedy. I'm watching South Park on Comedy Central right now.
We celebrated South Central Little League’s Opening Day at Sunnyside Park with Community Leader Schlumberger today!
New: Police activity in Osceola on Floridas Turnpike south at Exit 240 Kissimmee Park Rd, on-ramp closed, all...
March still going despite police intimidation marching @ the south side of Central Park
Just happy! He had to take a call from a European ambassador while I was visiting with him at Central Park South. Not Russian!
Stunning Central Park views as this one are framed from your window in this gorgeous one bedroom residence
Just applied for an internship at Comedy Central hope you enjoy the South Park references I've put in.
Good luck to Charity Crossroads Care South-Central with resid w/end at Roffey Park Inst for people with early onset…
South Park ELE was thrilled to have this awesome group of Warren Central NJROTC cadets come read to our students...
South Park marathon on Comedy Central so basically the day is salvaged
I did not think that Comedy Central ever aired this episode of South Park... I mean the 22-minute long episode of Terrance and Phillip? I
Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans took to the streets of central Seoul to demand impeached president steps down
South & Central Recreational FUN FRIDAY NOW at LOSCO park for all players 7 pm
How Trump once used the homeless to try to evict tenants from one of his properties via
Great message on the sidewalk by Starbucks south of Central Park
Wild destination of the day: the Cevennes National Park and World heritage in South Central France…
5 teens have been pulled from a pond in Central Park after falling through the ice. Central Park South and 59th…
Right when I was getting ready to change the station from Comedy Central, South Park comes on 😊
At some point, Comedy Central has to consider a similar lineup with South Park that FXX has with The Simpsons, right?
Just remember Mr. Garrison once said, "drugs are bad". But South Park is on Comedy Central, so I'm sure it was a joke.
He's just a boy posing relevant questions about some ducks near Central Park South.
The route is as follows: we assemble in Jenny Lincoln Park (Harrison & South), then march to Park Central Square an…
omg if you hit the 2x speed button when listening to hockey central it sounds like South Park Canadians
Varsity kicks off their South Central Regional Tournament tonight with a game vs Shreveport Force at 8:30 pm at Bishop Park in Bryant.
Seeing him walking down Central Park South in a raggedy *** white t-shirt makes me think he's quite comfortable her…
Escape the cold and lounge poolside in Miami. Book now at up to 35% off:
Liz Glynn turns a corner of Central Park South into a Gilded Age living room for all
Married spideytorch doing a tourist date...Checking into a hotel on Central Park South. Getting brunch & taking the ferry 2 the usual place
eating dinner with great friends at Sarabeth's Central Park South
Fortunately there's a South Park re-run on Comedy Central.
Total projection. If you own skyscrapers on 5th Ave and Central Park South you are the definition of the elite.
Agree South Park is so boring these days. Nancy is the new Comedy Central
South Park is literally the only thing Comedy Central ever airs anymore
yeah, from entering park first time to exit at Central Park South seemed to go on a bit😯😂
You would think. Maybe his mother has a basement on Central Park South. Chuck Knoblauch threw a ball at her at Yankee Stadium.
She has an appointment in Central Park South but we live in Far Rockaway so duh, no one is driving to the city.
Central perk of being friends with Sam @ Central Park South, NYC
Looking west along Central Park South, 1958. The white structure is the NY Coliseum, razed in 2000
The plan to bring a supertall tower to Central Park South may be revived
Reduced the price for 1 Central Park South to $12,450
LOVE Bond Fragrances - Central Park South, Hudson Yards, High Line, & the newest to my collection Madison Avenue (had to get it)!!
Best glazed donuts ever at Stan's donuts in SC. Mariposa shopping center just south of Central Park. You won't regret it!
just saw a slack commercial while watching South Park on Comedy Central.
Midtown: Scarlatto or Bar Americain dinner, Sarabeth's by the Plaza (Central Park South) brunch, 54 Below for dinner and a show!
Every cartoon on Comedy Central that doesn't have "South" and "Park" in its name gets screwed over.
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look at that little nugget at the bottom of the tree ❤️ @ Central Park South, NYC
Learn about the history behind bridges on a free walking tour. Sign up at
- note that our tennis courts are located at South Central Park (corner of Rt. 83 and Bainbridge Rd.)
Gorgeous view from Sotheby's exclusive listing at 110 Central Park South!
Y'all - the absolute best South Park episode in history is on Comedy Central. YOU LEAVE CANADA NO CHOICE! THE STRIKE SHALL CONTINUE !
Scheduled an open house for 110 Central Park South, Apt. 18BC
What was a former 13,500 square foot gas station lot that sold for $25MM in late 2013, is now South Harlem's...
it's not the first time it has happened bro. Central park? South Carolina? There's a lot of things i can tolerate but not this
Two quick announcements:. Pack walks are now outside at South Central Park (we meet in the parking lot off 83/Avon...
South Park marathon on comedy central right now is the greatest thing ever
South Park made Comedy Central a legitimate TV channel. Simpsons have been on basic cable from the jump.
when Comedy Central just finished its marathon of South Park so I'm all knowledge
"South Park is what really gave Comedy Central jet fuel."
"You cannot have a rule of law south of Central Park and martial law in the South Bronx." Live: https:/…
The Plaza on Central Park South is exceptionally well guarded at the Trump march, so we can all breathe easy
Electronic Device Insurance
.UPDATE: 6th Ave near Central Park South still causing an extra 23m delay
Plaza Hotel to hit the auction block: From left: Simon Reuben, the Plaza Hotel at 1 Central Park South and Dav...
21 contracts signed at $4M and up: Olshan - Clockwise from top left: 230 Central Park South, 17 Harrison Street...
📷 My memories of living at the Essex House on Central Park South are some of the happiest of my life. 
Grand Army Plaza lies at the intersection of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue in front of the Plaza Hotel in Man…
Due to the Central Park South will be CLOSED from 8am - 4pm
Update: Incident on SB from Central Park South: 6th Avenue to Central Park West: 72nd Street …
Love standing in south end of Central Park in Fall looking up at buildings in is...America!
So based on commercials during South Park and Moonbeam City, Comedy Central is the new Cartoon Network?
On a wet Oct. evening. Walking past Central Park South. This is what my eyes saw. no.1
Old and new Manhattan collide just below Central Park: Central Park South between Fifth and Sixth avenues recalls a…
How did comedy central know that Ugly Americans was going to be the next South Park? It just baffles me.
we downloaded the Comedy Central app and caught the second half of the new South Park NOW we're watching Hulu on the ds, bigger screen
I like how comedy central goes straight from South Park to this moonbeam city with no ads to try to hook you in real quick.
Alright, bye debate. Off to Comedy Central for this week's South Park
Guess I can't watch the new episode of South Park cus of my Comedy Central channel bein out in my area :( Onto BO2 I go!
OMG I wanna watch the new South Park episode, but Comedy Central is out for my area NO DISASTER HAS STRUCK D:
South Park marathon on comedy central.
Best ever of South Park on comedy central. RIGHT NOW
*** comedy central I was watching South Park then it went off then the credits said the nightly show ***
South Park is uncensored on comedy central for some reason lol
South Park throwing out F bombs on Comedy Central right now... Somebody forgot to play the edited version 😂
It may be abdication of civic duty, but I feel compelled to note that Comedy Central is currently showing South Park's *** on Earth 2006."
Bailey Hall is on the south side of Broward College Central Campus (On Davie Road Extension). You can park in the...
UPDATE: Central Park South Manhattan still causing an extra 25m delay
Stay clear of Central Park South Manhattan Drive times 23m more than usual
God Bless Comedy Central for having a South Park marathon today
There’s south side of New York’s Central Park, where new construction is casting a longer, wider shadow over park
Central Park South Manhattan is brutal today! Will add over 2h to your route
A mutual dislike of Japan brings South Korea closer to China. America hates it
Update your maps at Navteq
This 230 Central Park South rendering is where I want to spend this rainy day ☔️
Love how Comedy Central is playing South Park all day
South Park - Season 19 Episode 6 - Tweek x Craig is on tonight at 10 PM et/pt on Comedy Central -
Final stroll through the park. (@ Central Park South in New York, NY)
CharlestonPD: Central Park Rd from Fleming Rd to Riverland Dr South Market from Church to East Bay closed
Oh, New York - you have been so wonderful to me. 🌃 @ Central Park South & 5th Ave
I've stayed at fancy shmancy Plaza Hotel and Essex House on Central Park South. Plaza is gorgeous like castle. Seen Eloise painting in lobby
Join at for Sunday Jazz Brunch 11:30am-3:30pm. 154 Central Park South.
Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin may be the latest Billionaire to claim a spot at 220 Central Park South
billionaire hedge-funder Ken Griffin to buy lavish NYC apartment on Central Park South
Save the Date. Witness in the Public Square . Tuesday, October 20th. New York Athletic Club. 180 Central Park South...
Tour time today! Meet at Jose Marti statue just inside park entrance, Central Park South and 6th Avenue
Northeast corner of The Plaza Hotel at 5th Ave. and Central Park South.
omg is there a police station at Central Park South?
Sarabeth's- Central Park South on Coffee feeds the soul.
Sarabeth's- Central Park South on We stopped in for breakfast at Sarabeth's and sat outside on a cool NYC mor…
220 Central Park South will have a $100M penthouse, and it won’t even be its most expensive:
$100M used to be record-breaking! PH at 220 Central Park South to ask $100M
Horse carriages on Central Park South in front of the Plaza Hotel, 1940
Wheeling Central, FSHS, and Park South boys and girls all lost in state final. Has that ever happened?
Trunk show at Exhale on central park south:)
Except for snow plows, Central Park South is deserted.
I got Wheeling Central, Fairmont Senior, and Park South winning the championship today
Anyway, this 'race to the top' has just begun. A friend told me the south part of Central Park is known as future 'Shadowland'.
South Park on comedy central!!! Watch what happens when your internet GOES DOWN!!!
Comedy Central just became my favorite channel. Futurama, South Park, and Archer what else do u need on TV
i wish comedy central could do a full season order! even if they had to split it up like South Park. but psyched for Inside Amy
Every show on Comedy Central needs to be South Park. The other shows should just move to another station
Prob 2 of my top 10 South Park episodes coming on comedy central at 345, major boobage and cartman finds love.
Did you know that the east fork of South Ellerbe Creek runs under Durham Central Park? Here is a photo of the...
A Japanese soaking tub encased with glass walls at the Southmoor House
It's been a year. Love and miss you so much💕 @ Central Park South, NYC
A hallway at the Plaza on Central Park South.
Incident on M5/ M5 LTD buses BOTHDIR from 6th Avenue: 14th Street to 59th Street to Central Park South at 7th...
Line on Central Park South from 6th Avenue to waiting for a carriage ride
Urban all about location - Mayfair London, near 5th & Central Park South, NYC. Otherwise give me a sublime beach & lots to do.
The top 10 best buildings to see the 200 Central Park South
Desisa Lelisa looks like he is overstriding, Wilson Kipsang is relaxed, and is leading, now on Central Park South,
In second place to the Bellagio is New York City landmark on Fifth Avenue and Central Park South.
[SURGE] Uber is surging in Tribeca at 2.5x, Central Park South at 1.75x, Civic Center at 2.5x
Central Park South is the worst street to jaywalk on, the chances of being hit are 99.9%
Finally got to the end of the line for the west 72nd entrance. I'm at 6th Ave and Central Park South!
Roy composed this fanfare to help kick off the People's Climate March at 6th Avenue & Central Park South in New York. September 21, 2014.
Feels like I've been trying 2 cut through the park to the west side for a year but I came out on Central Park South.
On book tour I get to stay at the country house of my friend whose fabulous apartment on Central Park South inspired the Power Tower!
Gorgeous moments this morning! Scrambled eggs at Central Park South by guilhem__, how…
Loved meeting you and the talented Central Park South team today! Fun sharing secrets!
We will be in Columbus Circle Saturday, June 14th, from 6am between Broadway & Central Park South (59th St).
NYC day on the 2014 National EMS Memorial Bike Ride! Started in Tarrytown w Police escort to the Bronx, then w NYPD down Broadway. Somehow, our lead car and the first 70 riders lost the escort at Columbus Circle and we made a loop down Central Park South to Fifth Ave to 57th st. The rest of the pack was long gone, but we got to 12th st and Saint Vincent Hospital unescorted. Great lunch there then past 1 WTC to the Staten Island Ferry. 20 more hot miles to Outerbridge Crossing, which they closed, at rush hour, for us to cross! Welcomed at Perth Amboy FD in NJ after 54 miles.
No, I do not stay at The Plaza- I cannot justify those rates! I prefer The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South. XO
Bye New York. Thanks for thinking of me. ;-) @ Central Park South, NYC
Classic glitz & glamour in Central Park South at Beautique.
We will be in Columbus Circle Thursday, April 17th, from 10am-7pm between Broadway & Central Park South (59th St).
Squash courts are right around the corner on Central Park South at NYAC, and you're already a member
Had a dream last night about chilling with Harrison Ford in the artist village at an electronic festival in Central Park South. Was magical.
Passing by Central Park South today. Smells like horse manure. would probably love it. :)
Attention runners, here are some need-to-know new updates to the start of race day this year: • All runners must enter Central Park via Central Park South (59th Street) through either the Sixth Avenue entrance (Wave 2 runners only) or the Grand Army Plaza Entrance (Wave 1 and 3 Runners). Only event participants (no friends or family) will have access to the start and baggage areas. • We strongly encourage you to not bring a bag on race-day, but if you do, please review the Race-day Essentials Security and Baggage tab. You may check only the clear bag that you are provided at the expo. No other bags will be accepted, and all baggage will be screened. Make sure you leave ample time to check your bag. • Backpacks and hydration packs like CamelBaks® will not be permitted on the course. • All runners will be subject to metal detector inspection as they enter the corral areas. • Any unattended bags will be confiscated by NYPD and could cause an interruption to the day’s events. NYRR and the NYPD re ...
Sunny saturday! Kastaar is at Smith and Wyckoff til noon Momma is in Park Slope at 7th & Carroll til 4:30pm Kotmadam is in Williamsburg at Bedford & N 5th til 12am Goesting is at Broadway & 66th til 9pm Vedette at Central Park South & 6th Ave til 7pm Pagadder at BK Bridge/City Hall til 6pm
Just a reminder Hermanas, tomorrow's candle light vigil is still on for four pm at Central Park South and seventh avenue. Once we meet, we will head inside the park to start our vigil. We hope you make it! Let's honor Gabby Fhiazanel Oberti together!
At this moment I would send special shout-outs to the people who made meeting the Beatles a reality for me: Dennis Fine, bless his soul, who arranged for my interview with Paul for the Sunday Daily News; photographer Bob Gruen, who introduced me to John Lennon one day on Bank Street many moons ago when I just happened to run into them; Lizbeth Rosenberg, then a publicist for Warner Brothers Records and now Madonna's moat, who arranged for my very very first interview as the Daily News's Sunday rock columnist--with Tim Buckley!--and later took me to a press party at Nirvana, the posh Indian restaurant on Central Park South, where I met George Harrison; and my late father, who accompanied me to a matinee of ''Oliver!'' the day the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, and who braved what looked like a Day of the Locust mob turning the corner on us and pinning us in the vestibule of the theater, following Ringo's limousine down the block.
It's here--the Year of the Horse, and our Feb 1 demo! Join us Saturday, Feb. 1, at the hack line - north/west corner of Central Park South off Fifth Avenue, from 1 pm to 3 pm. This location is just north of the Plaza Hotel, near the gold-colored Sherman statue.
Billy Joel’s former Excelsior co-op asks $1.5M mm| Jan 28, 2014, 1:30:32 PM Billy Joel and his former co-op at 303 East 57th Street A two-bedroom co-op at the Excelsior owned by Billy Joel in the 1980s just hit the market for $1.5 million. The 1,800-square-foot unit at 303 East 57th Street near Second Avenue features floor-to-ceiling windows, a newly renovated kitchen, mirrored walls and a wet bar. Joel — who shared the space with then-wife Christie Brinkley — later sold it to Alan Aufzein, a former New Jersey Nets partner. It sits on the 44th floor of the 48-story building. “With all the amenities, like a pool, gym, 24-hour doorman, the separate driveway — it’s just waiting for the next budding rock star or master of the universe,” Halstead Property broker Elayne Reimer, who has the listing, told the New York Daily News. In May, Joel sold his two-bedroom pad at 128 Central Park South for $11 million. Five months later, he relisted his 5,500-square-foot Sagaponack oceanfront property with th ...
PLEASE COME TO OUR DEMO TODAY - 2 to 4 at the hackline - Central Park South and 59th St. off Fifth Avenue. Let's tell the tourists just what it is they are supporting: Animal neglect and cruelty!
International News: Quiet Boss at Citigroup Setting Tone for Wall Street Michael L. Corbat, head of one of the biggest banks in the world, recently strolled through Marea, the Central Park South restaurant where Manhattan’s elite go to be seen. No one in the crowded room even looked up. A top New York lawyer dining there that evening was asked about Mr. Corbat. “Mike who?” he said. Flying under the radar appears to be just fine with Mr. Corbat — and with Citigroup, the financial giant he has run since October 2012. To be a prominent face of Wall Street at a time when banks are feeling the heat from federal authorities on a number of fronts clearly has its drawbacks. Mr. Corbat’s counterpart at rival JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has been widely viewed as the point man for the bank as it wrestles with investigations by at least seven federal agencies, several state regulators and two foreign nations. And under Mr. Dimon, JPMorgan has in just a few years gone from a Washington favorite to a magnet ...
Some of the best Wrestling around, accessible too. Central Park South. Take the "A" train from Penn Station, get of at Columbus Circle, two block East, your there. Gentlemen wear jackets.
After Extell deal, Vornado gets going on 220 Central Park South
Carole told me some great stories about her grandmother: My grandmother, who was a maid and a cook, cooked for Jennie Tourel who was a very well known opera singer of the day. And we always picked her up on Friday nights because she was a live-in. My mother used to take us to pick her up and bring her home on Friday evenings when we were very little. I remember going there she lived a block from Central Park South, right across the street from Carnegie Hall on 58th Street. [Ms. Tourel] had this huge apartment with 2 entrances, a regular entrance and a maid’s entrance--my grandmother lived in the maid’s quarters behind the kitchen. And so we went in the maid’s entrance. We got so much good stuff from this woman and she taught us things as well. She would make me go to the piano and demonstrate my lessons to her because I was taking piano. And she would let me go into her den and read. She was the first person to give me a grown-up book. I fell in love with Anna Karenina in her study. I also fell in . ...
YOU GUYS. MY AUNT JUST TEXTED ME THIS AND I QUOTE "We may have an apartment on Central Park South and 59th Street".
I'm at Central Park south by the apple store on 5th
They say that the world was built for two 💘 @ Central Park South
"Don't let the opportunists eat your food" lol @ Central Park South
Through all the tunnels in the world, you're still my girl :) @ Central Park South
These are a few of my favorite things. @ Central Park South
Piedmont and Public Spaces in the South - Cities Collective -
Best moments Spent with the Best peaple hudakwt @ Central Park South
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I dislike taking the subway at night.. Skipper, Julien, anyone want to meet me on Central Park South and 5th?..
Taking a break from the concrete jungle. @ Central Park South
if it wasnt raining i prob wouldve invested lol. @ Central Park South
Parker Jax and I playing chess in Central Park @ Central Park South
Headed to New York,stay at an iconic landmark w/ a prestigious Central Park address, luxurious JW Marriott Essex House on Central Park South
on the east side closer to Central Park South. The water with the remote controlled boats is nearby.
I have my place off Central Park South in Midtown Manhattan xx
Can I just live in an apartment in Central Park South, New York?
Dinner Appetizer Special at Sarabeth's Central Park South. Watermelon and Arugula Salad with Feta Cheese and...
Wouldn’t Central Park South be so much nicer if they turned the carriage parking lot into a bike or bus lane?
The sun is shining and the weather is swet. ☀😬👍🌈 @ Central Park South
Waffle with strawberry and nutella centralpark @ central park south
A horse in Central Park South nuzzled my arm today. Then tried to eat my favorite shirt.
he was up in New York. In fact he had an apartment in New York on Central Park South
Bond No.9 by Central Park South > whew lawd! It smells similar to my favorite Lacoste, but sweeter.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
New York has the nicest horses --"Recently ... I did fall flat on my back on an icy Central Park South, . I...
Having a great time in NYC with my niece,Sydney, and my sister and brother in law. So far today: John Mayer at the today show concert, a trip for them to the top of the rock, St. Patrick's, browsing up Fifth Avenue and a little shopping) at Tiffany's, a trip through memory lane at FAO Schwartz, a circle through Central Park, a walk down Central Park South, a terrific lunch, a trip to Bloomingdales, subway ride to Grand Central Station, and a walk down park Avenue back to our charming hotel just a few blocks from the Empire State Building. And all in 90+ degree heat. Tonight dinner at Lydia Bastianich's restaurant and then off to see "The Nance" with Nathan Lane. Nothin better!
Do any of my friends remember the days when the March started in the Village and marched up Fifth Avenue to central Park, where there ws a Political rally? That stopped, because Eddie Murphy and the Christopher Street Festive committee wanted the march to end in the Village so people would spend money there. And then none of the profits from the Christopher Street Festival went to *** organizations. That was a long time ago. And then when we started marching downtown, we formed up on Central Park West, walked across Central Park South, and all the way down Fifth Avenue to the Village. These days, Pride is just an excuse to party, and I will be spending a quiet day with Reggie well away from the festivities.
Haus of Gaga: Pop superstar rents on Central Park South.
In 2009, I decided to paint The Guggenheim for twenty years, each summer, from the same corner, on the same size canvas, with the sole variable being my style. This is Guggenheim 5... the latest of my recent futurist works, joining the Seattle Space Needle, Central Park South, Sutton Place, Welcome…
Helmsley Hotel on Central Park South is headed to the Auction Block: The estate of Leona Helm...
Scheduled an open house for 200 Central Park South
Looking up Broadway, Central Park West, up to Harlem, Central Park South and Upper East Side to the right.
My attitude to age and clothes changed when I saw Phyillis Diller come out of the Plaza Hotel on Central Park South wearing Hot Pink Disco Boots sometime in late seventies - she appeared to be enjoying her apparel! If you like it, wear it!
Findsider - The Plaza Hotel -- 1 Central Park South, NYC, Great properties now at
Central Park South and 5th Ave after a evening out. @ The Plaza
Central Park South penthouse once owned by Billy Joel sells to European financier for $11.4M
I love 5th Avenue when it's almost empty. @ Central Park South
Plus no paid vacation. In comparison, those horses you see roaming around Central Park South in those carriages...they get 5 weeks
A friend of mine recently showed me fees for dental procedures in Manhattan. THESE FEES ARE STAGGERING. These dentists have no more talent than I have, in most cases they are NYU grads like me, but because they practice on Central Park South or Park Avenue they cater to the very rich, and can charge whatever they want. They don't bother with insurance, you pay upfront and hope to get something back. For more reasonable fees in a caring compassionate environment, come to my office. I'm not the hard sales type, we will offer choices for you and I to pick the treatment plan that suits your needs.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hello everyone and especially my American friends. I will go through New York in late September and I'm looking a hotel for 2 nights. I would like to offer a beautiful view to my dear and loving in a beautiful place. But prices are afraid of Manahattan ! I thought Central Park South, Greenwich Village, Manhattan South... I also have a fantasy of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges (Once Upon a Time in America) ! Do you have any good plans? 1000 thank you !
it's funny that I never care much about the way TV/film writers/directors screw around with geography until it's actually MY geography. I finally got around to watching The Angels Take Manhattan. The Doctor, Rory, and Amy are hanging out in Central Park, close to Central Park South (which is roughly 59th, between 5th and 7th). Rory goes off to buy coffee, and his trip back somehow takes him past Bethesda Fountain, which is near to the 72nd St. park transverse (just WHERE was he buying coffee from?). Then he disappears, and the Doctor and Amy's are suddenly walking through Times Square for no reason, and then they're at the TARDIS, which is parked in Brooklyn Bridge Park (a scene which I could have at least partially observed out my window at work, *** it--why didn't I look outside that day), which is a half-hour away form Times Square by subway, and in a whole other borough--apparently the Angels didn't care to take Brooklyn, too.
Paws Founder SUSAN BUCKLEY Receives The CENTRAL TO THE PARK Award One of the Central Park Conservancy’s highest honors was granted to Susan Buckley, Founder and former President of Central Park Paws. The CENTRAL TO THE PARK AWARD started several years ago as a way to recognize perimeter buildings for their significant support of and engagement with the Central Park Conservancy. The four previous recipients of the award are The San Remo (145-146 Central Park West), 1150 Fifth Avenue, 1040 Fifth Avenue and 150 Central Park South. Susan Buckley is the FIRST individual recipient. She was recognized by the Conservancy for her dedication and efforts through Central Park Paws (a program of the Central Park Conservancy), to increase awareness of the privileges and responsibilities of dog ownership thereby maintaining the beauty and continued enjoyment of Central Park. Susan’s award sets the trend for the recognition of further individuals for their significant contributions over time. On behalf of the Cent .. ...
Installation, on Central Park South is "DONE" finished, thanks to a wonderful installer "Simon" you are the best" Now, WE CAN ENJOY THIS FEW DAYS, WE ARE READY FOR THE NEW YEAR! 2013
it should be required that Comedy Central shows Mr Hankey South Park episodes
Columbus first on Ellison St by Trevitt Elm then onto South Park after that by Hiltonia Middle school then off to Central Ave
I just wanted to watch South Park so I went to Comedy Central website and they have it there 😊
Snow is exiting the area. Please post your snowfall totals along with your location. Remember take 3 amounts in an open area on the grass and take the average from it. Thank you - Adam
If you live in Argentina and look up, you might see but if you want presents, you better go to bed!
Is it snowing by you?! If so let us know what town you're in!!
Yes to the Die Hard idea X1000. Another good idea: Comedy Central airing all the South Park Christmas specials.
On a none christmassy note South Park on Comedy Central tonight is awesome one of the best doubles
The South Park episode about imagination land is on Comedy Central right now. Probably the best episode.
Celebrating Christmas Eve watching the best South Park episode created. Thanks, Comedy Central.
There is a South Park ginger marathon on Comedy Central 😍😍😍😍
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South Park marathon on comedy central y'all
Two ginger hating episodes of South Park back to back on Comedy Central. Sorry bout it
Watching the South Park ginger kid episode on Comedy Central >>>>> lol
mtv of comedy central — MTV behalve als er South Park is op CC
South Park Christmas on Comedy Central X +1 in 10 minutes. No need to thank me. Christmas poo and Christmas critters :) Time for a beverage.
See the world at a different speed on a journey from south Central Park to Rockefeller Center in New
In case you were wondering all the Christmas South Park episodes are on Comedy Central tomorrow night. It's not Christmas w/o Mr. Hankey.
BREAKING-- A BLIZZARD WATCH has been issued for parts of Southern Indiana and Illinois. This same storm system will move into Central Ohio Wednesday with heavy snow and 40 mph winds. I am calling for near blizzard conditions across Northern and Central Ohio by Wednesday afternoon and evening.
Looking south over the baseball fields in Central Park
good lookin out with the tour bro. Leinert park, Crenshaw, south central
Good morning.. a day before christmas is always exciting! (at Central Park South) [pic] —
I wanted to see the South Park Christmas Special this Christmas, but I guess that Comedy Central thinks 'Encino Man' is better programming.
A message sent to us by Col Abdul Jabbar Abbasi, we appreciate his support to Restoration of Bahawalpur Province & BNAP. *PAKISTAN SARAIKI QAUMI ITTEHAD* PRESS RELEASE KARACHI - 22nd December 2012 An emergency supreme council meeting of Pakistan Saraiki Qaumi Party was held at Saraiki House,Karachi at 11:00am today presided by Col Abdul Jabbar Abbasi (Retd), Chairman and 10 members of Supreme Council to discuss the progress on the ongoing meetings of Parliamentary Commission for the creation of New Province and Restoration of Bahawalpur Province in Punjab. After detailed discussions following points were highlighted and decision taken: 1. The composition of commission is faulty as it donot represent all stakeholders. 2. No Saraiki Party leader or Danishwar has been invited as member of commission or kept on as advisory member. 3. Out of about 21 Saraiki major/minor parties and hundreds of Danishwars no Saraiki Party Leader and only one well known Danishwar that is Mr.Ashiq Buzdar(having shade of Peoples P ...
Central Park South: Central Park South is the portion of 59th Street that forms the southern…
Good morning on a beautiful Christmas Eve in NYC. This is the view from Central Park South at 6:55 AM. $$
either comedy central favors certain episodes of South Park or I've spent entirely too much time watching all of them
Comedy central, cut the crap and skip to South Park.
Statue/artwork on Central Park South , Plaza Hotel in backround, New York City:
Wow, town is the busiest i've ever seen it! Even the Countdown Fenton st carpark was full right to the Mobile service station and i've never seen that! Just one thing though: It seems this time of year, people let their driving skills go to the dogs.namely at the Central Mall. Drive carefully please?! -Andy-
Comedy central's showing one of my favorite episodes of South Park ^_^
We can pretty much assume that the roads around Hamburgistan and Fayette Mall are a nightmare today. May we suggest a visit to South Limestone where you can park for free right in front of CD Central and Sqecial Media and get all your holiday shopping done with no lines and no hassle.
If you have OnDemand go to Comedy Central and and watch South Park "XXXMas1" it's a Christmas classic.
it was a gallery on Central Park south. Next to the Plaza Hotel. I need my studs too!!! with
I checked in at Sarabeth's Central Park South on
Watching South Park on comedy central. Dude they have like Beavis and Butthead on here too!
South Park-Bevis&Butthead marathon on Comedy Central pretty much sums up this Saturday night...
how odd...I turned on Comedy Central and Jay Cutler was on South Park LMFAO! XD
So the whole morning comedy central they will me showing South Park and beavis and butthead
Between beevis & butthead and South Park , Comedy Central is A1 tonight .
There's an alternating marathon of Beavis and Butthead and South Park. Why is Beavis and Butthead on CC and not on MTV? -Ethan
Jai Rio asks: What is everyone doing tonight? Me...just on my couch in my pj's watching relaxing!!
Comedy Central is showing Beavis and Butt-Head??? Cool! This might mean something...
Donations can be dropped off during business hours at the following locations: Martin Luther King Park or Central Gym in South Minneapolis or MPRB Headquarters located at 2117 W. River Road in North Minneapolis.
There are fire bans across large parts of Victoria and South Australia, with temperatures expected to top 40 degrees.
lol... I thought you were in NYC for a moment. Columbus Circle is at Central Park South & whatever street is directly west of Central Park.
Viewing some apartments on Central Park South with another Upper West Side Client. They don't make them like they used to
You can find us most weekends in December on Central Park South/6th Ave. Want to volunteer?
The Plaza Hotel in New York City is a landmark 20-story luxury hotel with a height of 250 ft (76 m) and length of 400 ft (120 m) that occupies the west side of Grand Army Plaza, from which it derives its name, and extends along Central Park South in Manhattan. Fifth Avenue extends along the east sid...
i dont know why I read Comedy Central South Park documentary
Yo. My legs just gave out on Central Park South. -rap lyrics
My NYC cabbie asked ME for directions to my hotel on "Central Park, South". Go figure...
South Park 9pm Comedy Central do you know what I am saying?
btw thanks for AirBnB recommendation! Found a brilliant place on Central Park South near Columbus. Will use again... Kx
Arcadia valley, park hills central, and south iron
Lmfao go watch South Park on comedy central is on. It's the one where the woodland critters sacrifice their bodies to Satan.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Brickleberry is seriously the best thing to happen to Comedy Central since South Park lol
NYC Family Guide: Excited to feature Sarabeth's Central Park South in our newest app. Check them out!
is there only 1 episode of South Park? I swear they only play one on comedy central every night.
Comedy Central are showing the Honey Boo Boo episode of South Park. YESYES.
How a Saturday morning should always start..Mimosas at Sarabeth's Central Park South with
*turns on Comedy Central and doesn't see South Park* 😔
i use park as a pedestrian island to cross Central Ave to Lark Station south side of Wash Ave ;-)
Playing TF North or South at 245 at central park.
nah too long, I wanna shop in la, visit San f, drive around south, chase twisters, and have sex in central park! 3 months!
Trees! I see trees!;) ...I'm out of control w the pictures today. @ Central Park South
"I was thinking about the lagoon in Central Park, down near Central Park South. I was wondering if it would be frozen over when I got home, and if it was, where did the ducks go. I was wondering where the ducks went when the lagoon got all icy and frozen over. I wondered if some guy came in a truck and took them away to a zoo or something. Or if they just flew away." The Catcher In The Rye
*** Kat Williams stand up, and South Park... Comedy Central it's on it !
i'll get some sleep. Comedy Central keep putting South Park on and I'm on FM. cbf to sleep atm lol
South Park and family guy are the best series on Comedy Central
Central Wrestling ends day of the Mt. Vernon Turkey Classic 4-0. Beat Pike Central, South Spencer, Evansville North, and Forrest Park.   10% Off
I hate that comedy central censor South Park
Please tell me other UK residents are watching South Park on Comedy Central right now?
Even South Park and comedy central are taking the *** out of the PCC elections
Best episode of South Park is about to start on comedy central!
Turner Fenton has 56-46 lead with 3:30 to go. Heading overy to south hall to see Lorne Park and Central peel. Reilly Reid!
NYC carriage driver in a usual stance: turned around to entertain the passengers, who are wholly unaware of the risks of a horse who could *** at the sligh...
Photo: the neumann family loves a parade. (at Central Park South)
Another Susan-in-NYC adventure: Today, Thanksgiving, a friend and I had planned to get together at 9:30 for a quick coffee chat at her lovely club on Central Park South before both of us headed out into our individual day's events. We are both life-long NYers and should have known better than to select this day, this place, this time. I vaguely wondered why the subway was filled with so many very young families; it wasn't close to turkey time. As I turned up Seventh Avenue towards the park, I noted all the police, packed together crowds, blocked streets, barricades but there wasn't a sign of hysteria. I looked up to the sky, following the gazes of many people, and saw a huge, happy-faced, multicolored balloon floating overhead, followed by an elegantly festooned band, followed by another colored balloon. Suddenly I realized I was caught up in the many decades old Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The crowd was impenetrable. I pushed my way as politely as I could through the masses, collecting nasty ...
The Thanksgiving Parade again passed thru CENTRAL PARK SOUTH before our very eyes... FANTASMAGORACLE View from our 19th Fl. Terrace. Wish you were here. And a neighbor waved & played a GERSHWIN Theme w/his Horn from" American in Paris" (he's heard me practice). GERSHWIN LIVES! ALL is Well !
Day 2 NYC...6 AVE and Central Park South.. Parade starts in 2 hrs. .
On Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 9 a.m. the 86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will begin. The parade travels down Central Park West from 77th Street to Columbus Circle along Central Park South to 6th Avenue, down 6th Avenue to 34th Street and along 34th Street to Macy's Herald Square (34th Street) There will be a new parade route for 2012, but the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will still begin at 77th Street & Central Park West and end at Macy's Herald Square.
I get to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from an apartment building on Central Park South tomorrow! No crowds for me.
Photo Critique by Brian Carey Title: Central Park South the hard way by Leonard Aschenbrand Rating: 8.6/10 Hi Leonard my first impression is 'cool'. It is a departure from the more traditional fall photos! I like the silhouetted tree breaking up and you might say tearing up the scene, very nice!
View of Central Park and skyline from the Mandarin Oriental, New York The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a time-honored tradition that draws millions of visitors a year to New York, each one ready to officially welcome Santa Claus and...
You know those ducks in that lagoon right near Central Park South? That little lake? By any chance, do you happen to know where they go, the ducks, when it gets all frozen over? Do you happen to know, by any chance?
The rain, intermittent all day, had turned into a cold, relentless downpour by nightfall accompanied by a wind strong enough to turn umbrellas into missiles. No way could we follow our plan of walking uptown to 59th and then west along Central Park South, crossing over (if traffic allowed) when we were directly across from the...
We are seeking highly motivated, disciplined, and dedicated individuals to join our pastry team – headed by Pastry Chef Bob Truitt! Marea is a 3-NYT starred, 2 Michelin starred, Relais & Chateaux property located at 240 Central Park South. The restaurant is a member of the Altamarea Group – owned by highly lauded Chef Michael White and partner Ahmass Fakahany. Altamarea Group currently owns and operates seven properties in New York City, New Jersey and Hong Kong and is rapidly growing. For more information, please email jobs
Home at last...Home at last,,,Home at last!!! So very happy to be here! There were some things we did and saw in New York: - St. Mary's Children's Hospital... Bringing donated blankets and the kids singing and dancing for the terminal children... - Bus tour of downtown Manhattan/ Central Park South - Dinner at Pasta Lovers Trattoria - Go up in Empire State Building -Bowery Street Mission- Deliver blankets and kids sing for the patrons - Statue of Liberty Harbour cruise - 911 Memorial tour - Dinner at S.P.Q.R. - Gershwin Theater to see WICKED!!! - NBC Studios tour - Rockefeller Center - Minskoff Theater to see LION KING! - Times Square shopping - Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe - On the road again... coming home Very busy 3 days in New York... The hospital and the Mission were the best part to me and then seeing Lion King was incredible also!!! Wicked was good, but i was blown away by Lion King!!! I think its a crazy place and I probably will never return there... but I am glad of the experience. The kids were gr ...
Say what you want about Paris in the Spring.. I, persona @ Central Park South @ c/o E. 59th Street & 5th Ave
RICHEST APARTMENT BUILDINGS IN New York City Fifth Avenue $49 million 50 Central Park South $77.5 million East 80th St $90 million 740 Park Avenue Epicenter of people who rule the world. 740 Park Avenue in Manhattan is currently home to more billionaires than any other building in the United States. It's only 31 units. The highest percent of people are hedge fund guys. You have to know someone in the business to get the job of doorman. The people are high tempered and detestable billionaires, so you have to be thick skinned. You must know everything about the residents --- What time they wake up to go down to Wall St, who's car is which, who likes to get their own door, who gets in the passenger seat, who gets in the back seat. These things don't seem like a big thing, but even a minor mishap, you'll be fired straightaway. David Koch, with $25 billion. is the wealthiest in the building. He also does not ever give any tips. His wealth has corrupted his character if he ever had any.
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