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Central Park Five

The Central Park Jogger case involved an assault and rape that took place in New York City's Central Park on April 19, 1989. The victim was Trisha Meili.

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Just like the Central Park Five, right? And even though Michael Flynn asked for Immunity, he's…
These racialized gang rape stories date back to The Scottsboro Boys in 1931 and the Central Park Five in 1989.
Four members of "Central Park Five" want Assembly Dems to back Cuomo in curbing wrongful convictions
John Lewis fought for civil rights. Donald Trump wanted to see the Central Park Five executed.
Was there an exhibit about Donald Trump and the Central Park Five?
This latest protest forming up already stretches five blocks up Central Park West.
Daniel Sorine photographed a couple of mimes performing in Central Park in 1974. Thirty…
.. Fake news...oh wait, there's video, and pictures.
Donald Trump and the Central Park Five - The New Yorker This is Trump
45 demanded the execution of the Central Park 5 for a crime they didn't commit. He's never apologized https…
Let's not forget just last summer he was still accusing the Central park innocent five of realky being guilty.
2bad .wasted his life as a racist. Central Park Five, housing discrimination, calling Blacks lazy etc
Even more damning - and demented - Trump still insists they're guilty:
I dislike for exactly what he has said and done, going back to Central Park Five
I added a video to a playlist The Central Park Five
Look up 2 docs 'The Staircase' & the 'Central Park Five' Both superb
For 27 years, I’ve been in Donald Trump’s crosshairs. I’m a member of the Central Park Five, a group of teenagers w…
I’m one of the Central Park Five. Donald Trump won’t leave me alone.
Donald Trump still thinks the central park five are guilty (they aren't) # via
Is that you being anti semitic there, Donald? Just like you were racist about the Central Park Five?
Because you pretend your vote is normal. You voted for a man who assaults women & who still thinks the Central Park…
I feel your frustration. Here are some are articles to explain SOME of mine.
Yes Central Park five being guilty is fake news
Donald Trump advocated for the death penalty for the Central Park Five; all were exonerated with DNA evidence.
Donald Trump has opinions on the Central Park Five. Watch the doc & discuss w at
Everyone knows you are a racist. You can't walk back you buffoon poisiton of the central park 5. .
Come on, man. Was Trump ‘charming’ when he was leading the birthers? Or calling for the death of the Central Park Five?
Five kids rescued after falling through ice on Central Park pond
. I'm sure the Central Park Five would beg to disagree...
here is some of your history. Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via
Never forget the Central Park Five and your condemnations of them even though they were fully exonerated. Racist!
Birther, Central Park Five , but you see encouragement
The Central Park Five, 5 black men who *trump suggested be executed even after being wrongfully convicted, then exonera…
.and the Central Park Five: the racially charged rise of a demagogue
Because housing segregation, Central Park Five commentary, racist campaign rallies, "you live in *** and "law and order"…
Go research Trump's treatment of the Central Park Five. He called for the execution of proven innocent blacks.
Alicia Machado, Rosie O'Donnell, Central Park Five, Chuck Jones (Carrier), women who accused him of assault.
Watching the Central Park Five documentary last night made me think about the horrors in Chicago's own backyard, the Ford Heights Four.
the Trump of 30 years ago isn't the same guy now. Actually, he is. See Central Park Five.
In answer to look at behavior re Central Park Five including their exoneration, all the racism proof.
He could not be more firm in disavowing those elements -KC on Trump's campaigning using white supremacy rhetoric Central Park Five
EAA nothing. like the feeling of finishin' a five miler. 2 follow an exhausting day @ work. 4 a…
you encouraged mob justice that led to wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five
Bad people *know* the Central Park Five were guilty of something, 'cause why else were they in the park, so leave 'em in prison.
so should we also be grateful if he doesn't go after the "Central Park Five"?.
and the Central park five... and calling Mexicans rapists...
but hurting the innocent Central Park Five was somehow ok?
Likely AG Sessions praises Trump for his pretrial call to apply death penalty to 5 defendants...who were innocent. https:/…
Not to mention Trump's full page screed in the NYT on the Central Park Five. Doesn't Piers Morgan have some phone h…
he told black people what the *** do we have to lose, the Central Park five back in the 80s.
Trump gets what he deserves based on how he treated Obama and the Central Park Five.
You need read about the Central Park Five and how Donald Trump tried very hard to have them killed - That's Racist
that's not even remotely true. Never heard of the Central Park Five?
ask trumo when he go apologize to Central Park five John
Ask the Central Park Five how they feel about Trump. Nope, no link, I like ppl to figure out things themselves through google.
Trump started the birth thing with our president he challenge Hamilton Central Park five must I go on all kkks in t…
.Remember when you wanted to execute the Central Park Five who were teenagers and it turned out they were i…
Anyone recall Trump asking for death penalty of teens falsely accused and fooled into signig guilty documents?
look up the Central Park Five and where he stands on them now. And his appointment of Bannon as top advisor.
Plus he was near his fifties when he ran the ad on the Central Park Five who he believes is
The Central Park five. And I gave you three very clear examples. Ignore it all you like, just know you are.
Sen Jeff Sessions: Case of Central Park 5, later exonerated, shows Trump's dedication to 'law and order'. FALSE!
Sure he is, like he was all for the Central Park Five.
yeah cute. Ask the Central Park Five if they're 'crying wolf'
But I don't have a lot of love for Linda...she never apologized, as far as I know, to the Central Park Five.
really? You think they didn't notice the Central Park five stuff? The housing stuff?
now let's discuss the Central Park Five ad. You know blacks and whites wanted them subjected to harsh punishment
I wonder if the Central Park five would give him a chance? He wasn't willing to give them one, even after exoneration.
you like to talk about the Central Park Five ad? Both blacks and whites thought they were guilty
Here's more news (I know you hate the facts), but it contains Trump's own racist statements.
That's going back to the seventies. Google Donald and "Central Park Five" next.
Don't you think you should apologize to the Central Park Five, who's execution you called for?
tell trump Central Park five still waiting on an apology
What he said JUST THIS YEAR about the Central Park Five and sexual assault would be disqualifying under any other PEOTUS.
comparing possible false accusations against SG to the racist persecution of the central park five by police is insane.
Sessions: Trump's 1990 call for death penalty for wrongfully-convicted Central Park 5 is proof he's decisive. ***
Remember law suits for discriminatory housing and his treatment of the central park five? Don't be an ***
Donald would have happily these 5 people!
Nope. You could have written pieces on the Central Park Five in Aug. 15' but you did this...
Folks surprised by Trump's white nationalist ties must've been living under a rock since at least as far back as the Centr…
Still waiting for Trump to apologize to Central Park Five, President Obama, the Khan family, Judge Curiel, Mexicans, Musli…
And will you apologize to HRC, Mexicans, women in general, Muslims, the disabled, Rosie O’Donnell, the Central Par…
Nope, just AA he wouldn't rent apartments+the Central Park Five. Cult followers with *** poor education LOVE…
With the Sessions AG pick, I must unfortunately recommend you watch Ken Burns' doc on the Central Park Five
The Supreme Court. The Justice Department. The FBI. We handed it over to someone who thinks the Central Park Five shoul…
I’m one of the Central Park Five. Trump has never apologized for calling for our murder. by
Donald Trump in 1989 Central Park Five interview: "Maybe hate is what we need"
You can watch our Central Park Five film free on
Worth pointing out that Trump's "let's execute the Central Park Five even though DNA exonerates" is objectively even worse…
What about ex-prosecutor Linda Fairstein? She also still thinks Central Park Five are guilty. Right? Check it out.
The freewheeling sexual lout image that Trump embraces is pretty much the same one assigned to the Central Park Five, whom…
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Trump continues to hammer away at Central Park Five - NY Daily News
If Trump believes the Central Park Five are guilty, he's unhinged and delusional. If he doesn't, he's a grade A monster. Whi…
Donald Trump plans to triple the no. of private prisons. Central Park five
The wrongful conviction of the Central Park Five epitomizes everything racist & broken in our justice system. And Trump thin…
This great scoop is latest example of why I just hired as a reporter. Better go write the staff note: https…
Why are we talking about the Central Park Five?!? They are INNOCENT. Proven INNOCENT by DNA evidence! Donald Trump is a…
Donald Trump in a 1989 interview about the Central Park Five: "Maybe hate is what we need."
If you need more proof of Trump's racism, consider the Central Park Five:
Black democrats be like "Trump thinks the Central Park Five are guilty so I'm gonna vote for the people who enacted the Cli…
The Central Park Five were exonerated. The culprit has confessed. Yet Trump clings to the lie. Why? It is who he is. https:…
Hey y’all remember when we were outraged because Trump said he still thinks the Central Park Five were guilty? That was…
Despite DNA showing Central Park Five innocent & man w/ DNA confessed, Trump still thinks 5 are guilty? Yah, he should…
Trump, who is in no way racist, still insists the Central Park Five were guilt even tho they were exonerated by DNA https:…
let's not forget the Central Park five--an ad that Trump has never apologized for...
.one of the Central Park Five, on possibility of Trump becoming president: "I'm scared for my life" http…
If Trump had his way then, the Central Park Five would have died.
NEW COLUMN: Donald Trump only smears himself when he attacks the ‘Central Park Five’ via
We spoke to the Central Park Five, and they're mad as *** at Trump
The Central Park five information should become more publicized regarding Trump ad
And the Central Park mention of the full-page ad denouncing payout when they were exonerated?. *sigh*.
It is the height of hypocrisy 4 Trump, a confessed serial sexual assault predator, to call for the Central Park Five's execution
"Years after the Central Park Five were exonerated, Trump still suggests they're guilty" by Lisa Mascaro -
Today would be a good day for Donald "Somebody's Doing The Raping" Trump to issue an apology to Mexicans & the Central Pa…
The FRONTLINE doc, covers Trump calling for execution of The Central Park Five. 5 black/Latino teens late…
If Trump had gotten his way, the Central Park Five would've been executed before being exonerated.
Now I'm even more confused about what exactly Trump thinks the Central Park Five did.
Ken Burns blasts Donald Trump over comments on Central Park Five: "The height of vulgarity"
his Central Park Five comments are worse. It's proof that facts and science play no role in his opinion.
Trump's filth is a huge deal. I just wish his desire for innocent black men to be executed was as horrifying to ppl. ht…
It is curious how the "law-and-order candidate" feels he can casually disregard the DNA evidence that exonerated the Centra…
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What to know about the 'Central Park Five' case
Yeah, the Central Park Five comments have completely been engulfed. Credit to for devoting one segment to this, at…
Two of the Central Park Five are rightfully angry at Trump for insisting they are guilty, despite their exoneration. https:…
Really, everything you need to know about can be found in the story of the Central Park Five.
After hearing Trump's comments about the Central Park Five, I'm convinced that he wants to LOSE 95% of African-American vo…
One of falsely accused "Central Park Five" speaks out: Donald Trump "was the fire starter, he lit the match"
The Case of the Central Park Five demonstrates that Black Lives DON'T Matter AND just yesterday HE showed he cares nothing for law!
the Central Park Five had only done 5 of the 12 years helped wrongfully pu…
.calls Clinton out for “super predators”; Clinton fails to pounce with Central Park Five
Trump brings up "super predator." Should she go to Central Park Five, housing discrimination case, and birtherism.
Worth reading about Trump on the Central Park Five to see how he feels about race and crime:
Here's what the Donald Trump who says he's shocked by the term "super-predators" said about the Central Park Five: https:…
Reckless expansion of police power has always been on agenda. Me, on the Central Park Five ad.
Trump's anger at NY paying restitution to wrongly imprisoned Central Park Five:
Please talk about the 5 draft deferrals he bought during the VIET War and the five innocent Ce…
ah yup that's the one. . Watched Central Park five last night. Classic west of Memphis type story that only America can pull off.
Dozens of Black & minority men that were wrongfully prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. DNA set them free.
One of many reasons why Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States
just walked five miles around Central Park 😄
watching The Central Park Five, what a sad sad story. and we expected to trust the Police? crazy...
It's a in Central Park. With we saw raccoons and I got a high five…
WATCH: Central Park 5 member recalls Trump: "He has not changed."
2 The Innocent Central Park Five members shocked Trump is top GOP candidate
donald wants to be law and order candidate, what about the Central Park Five, where was the law and order then donald ??? death penalty ??
So media revisit his history of birtherism and Central Park Five and, oh wait. Me being silly
This man took out an ad in the New York Times demanding the 💀 Penalty for the Central Park Five. So...
remember when you wanted Central Park Five executed? they were found innocent and released
That time when Donald Trump said the Central Park Five deserved death penalty. They were exonerated, innocent kids. ht…
He can lie like that after Abner Louima & Amadou Diallo & The Central Park Five? He is grand guignol grotesque.
Trump can't be "the law and order candidate" because he doesn't believe in justice. See: his role in railroading the Central Park Five.
Little Giant Ladders
The Central Park Five documentary is the perfect example of how our justice system is far from equal & extremely bias.
"I’ve got black accountants at TrumpCastle & TrumpPlaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it.".
Guess we will have to look forward to more of this:
or Trump can finally admit the Central Park Five were innocent, and he was wrong. Let his compassion start there!
The five black teenagers who show that Trump will do more harm than good with race relations
He encouraged the mob justice that resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five
The show should've been made like The Central Park Five, done in one piece.
Back in '89 Trump went all Law & Order and demanded death for the Central Park Five. Problem was the teenagers were all innocent
: "I am the law and order candidate". wanna tell us how you brought law and order to the Central Park Five?
Judge approves $41M settlement in Central Park jogger case
Google ---> "Donald Trump and the Central Park Five"
Never forget hasn't changed: No compassion or unity. .
Did people learn nothing from Angela Davis? From Rodney King? Did they not learn from the Central Park Five?
Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via fingers
West Memphis Three, Central Park Five, Aileen, there's one about Fritzl that's alright though not particularly enlightening
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
But the Central Park Five turned out to be innocent. And Trump took out 0 ads for white rapists (or even serial killers).
Scottsboro Boys, Central Park Five, but not these cop ***
here's an interesting read: Donald Trump and the Central Park Five
Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via Please read this!
This piece about Trump & the Central Park Five is a year old & yet it's all you need to know about Trump's racism: http…
Favorite picture from the New York City Marathon. High-five from a NYPD Officer at Mile 23 in Central Park.
Watching the documentary "The Central Park Five." Institutional racism, lapses in the judicial system and ageism have dangerous consequences
rape of white women, and the 1944 execution of George Stinney, 14, in South Carolina, to the Central Park Five rape trial in
Abu Dhabi Science Festival is at Mushrif Central Park, from tomorrow until November 22
in A knife-mugger who threatened five people, is jailed. Deportation to follow?.
Knife mugger who threatened five people in Central Park, Peterborough is jailed.
Five more pics from Sunday afternoon in Central park yesterday with Johnny W Lam, Ashish Caleb Gattegno, Howard...
People are getting away with Birtherism, racist comments on Central Park Five, sexism, xenophobia, lack of substance
. what's your take on the Central Park Five now buddy?
Don't all people have a right to use the park? What is Donald Trump doing on earth? What is that rat doing on...
Why Trump is scary. Someone in my timeline posted this great piece on Trump + The Central Park Five
Bio will be very interesting today! We have a speaker from the Central Park Five coming 👌🏼👌🏼
.and Central Park Five honored tonight at at the Apollo
Excellent piece of writing by . Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via
No one has asked Trump about the Central Park five , to my knowledge ..
I firmly believe that in place of a heart you have a flaming bowl of mashed potatoes
As the Central Park Five and other cases remind us, false confessions are an. unfortunate reality of our criminal justice …
Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via tnyCloseRead (No real surprise, but someone please tell Iron Mike!)
This is IMPORTANT to read right now: Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via
Up and enraged after watching The Central Park Five on Netflix
Watching The Central Park Five on Netflix. From start to finish, what a shambles
I remember listened to a podcast about the Central Park five 😥
Stop what you're doing and go watch 'Central Park Five' on right now. Brilliant.
"The Central Park Five", though it is more widely known as the Central Park Jogger case. The switch in perspective is intended.
The Central Park Five is a perfect illustration of the Injustice that existed and still exists in our country. Never forget.
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You all need to go on Netflix right now and watch the Central Park five
The Central Park five is a clear case that the death penalty just sometimes wouldn't be fair, sometimes innocent people get convicted.
'The Central Park Five' and 'Give Up Tomorrow'. Messed up beyond description.
The Central Park five is such a sad documentary i wasnt ready at all
Trump demanded the execution of wrongfully convicted teens
Central Park five has changed my whole view on life
I was familiar with the Central Park Five but never really knew the whole story until I watched the documentary.
Watching the central park five. I love these documentarys. The police just make rules to suit themselves.
Watching a documentary called the Central Park five. Incredibly dark and moving, those poor kids... Sad to think society is still the same
The Central Park Five documentary is the most heartbreaking documentary I've ever seen.
I am distraught. Just watched The Central Park Five on Netflix. Can't cope with the injustice. Heartbroken. Why was no one held accountable?
The Central Park Five on Netflix is a great watch
I suggest u all watch The Central Park Five
on "the blacks." Just Google "Central Park Five Donald Trump" and brace yourself for some yuge racism.
Central Park Five is an amazing documentary. Proper heavy though.
watch Central Park Five if you haven't already
the Disc golf course is up and running at Central Park. vandals ruined five of nine holes. Will let u know when restored.
in controversial Central Park Five case. If T***p had had his way they'd have been executed w/out even a trial.
Five central Vancouver neighborhoods are joining forces to reclaim Water Works Park from vandals & drug abusers:.
Just watched the documentary The Central Park Five. Left me enraged, saddened & hopeful all at once. Sincere reminder to the power of truth.
if Trump want to be President so badly, let HIM find a solution. Somebody needs to ask him about the CENTRAL PARK FIVE.
Watching The Central Park Five on Netflix... this is so upsetting.
If you're on Netflix and like a good documentary. My favorite 3. . The Internet's Own Boy. The Central Park Five. Kids For Cash. What's yours?
Just watched the Central Park Five on , Amazing. Get on it
Please watch the Central Park Five on Netflix guys
We will have to answer one day...God sees all!! . Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via
A lovely reminder of the kind of guy Donald Trump is--Donald Trump and the Central Park Five via
Central Park Five is the best documentary you can watch right now. Extremely relevant even today, sadly.
My paper is on the Central Park Five. If you know the story watch it in Netflix.
Central Park dipped to 2 degrees this morning, breaking record for Feb. 20 set in 1950
John Ridley says his new show was inspired by The Central Park Five:
We drove all night to get to New York City for a free show in Central Park. Five people in an ancient Hyundai Excel. It was insane.
First official account of trolling in Central Park documented in 1910. :)
documentary, "Ken Burns: The Central Park Five" is a powerful indictment of interrogations, tunnel vision and a rush to judge!
Our friends at Central Park Fusion have been chosen as one of the five finalists by Arkansas Time's for the...
> Members of ′The Central Park Five′ Appear for THE BULLPEN Talkback on
New York Today: New Yorkers' top five complaints, sunny but still cold, and a baby penguin at the Central Park Zoo.
£49 for five personal training sessions at your choice of central London park @
THIS is what the word "wilding" carries. How our fear of “wilding” colored the Central Park Five case via
Watching the Central Park Five and quite literally sick to my stomach. They played chutes and ladders with those young men's lives. Smh
We're now in the "TOP FIVE" ! Coldest Februarys on record for Central Park! Forecast here:
Today at 6pm in SciTech 102, there will be a film screening with of the award-winning film Central Park Five. Check it out!
Finished The Central Park Five by Sarah Burns. Please read this book.
The best I've seen include Let the Fire Burn, Blackfish, The Pruitt Igoe Myth, and the Central Park Five.
Check out the brief on the Central Park Five and the problem of false confession prepared by the Research Committee.
A Central Park sunset, gotta love it! I love living five minutes walking distance from this place.This is gonna...
10% done with The Central Park Five, by Sarah Burns: Already so good. Recommend.
Wow Central Park five is an incredible documentary film. Utterly moving.
So moronic on so many levels. THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE, though, is not in the south and has similar problems.
Finally watched The Central Park Five last night and spent today researching the case... truly heartbreaking.
Watching Central Park Five.. NY niggaz better never slander the south for being racist again
ooh that sounds cool! i like ones about social issues, i think i'm gonna watch one called Central Park Five
Free screening - Central Park Five (Ken Burns), Tues at 6pm, Ghosh 102. Tells the story of 5 black & latino Harlem teens wrongly convicted.
'Bullpen Therapy' for the Central Park Five. From left to right, Raymond Santana Jr., State Sen. Bill Perkins, Joe…
Mayor de Blasio thanked by Kharey Wise, one of Central Park Five (New York Daily News) -
I rly don't have feelings about her or about football. Watching a doc about Central Park Five, eating noodles.
Did you know that the Phoenix Park is 1,752 acres? That’s over twice the size of Central Park and five times the size of London’s Hyde Park.
"I'll wait for you at the train station every day at five" 🌸 @ Central Park
If coercion force 5 to falsely confess to rape. Torture/enhanced interrogation even more likely to yield false info.
End of 1: North Central 16, Park Tudor 5. Jaren Jackson Jr. with all five for PT. Wes Stowers 8 points.
Butler assistant coach Terry Johnson is here for the Park Tudor-North Central game. About five minutes from tip.
along with the Duke lacrosse, Central Park Five,UVA,shouldn't the dropping of charges at William Patterson cause soul searching?
Central Park Five was a recent standout for me.
Central Park five now the friendship nine SMDH makes u wonder is there a country for black men
This Central Park Five documentary is so triggering
Watched 's "Central Park Five" for the Innocence & Justice Clinic. A beautiful film about a tragic miscarriage of justice.
Central Park Five was excellent I take it you’ve seen the Paradise Lost trilogy?
I usually watch sports Cocaine Cowboys 1&2 Central Park Five is good too
"The Central Park Five" on will give you enough hate to last thru the Super Bowl.
Just five inches were recorded in Central Park, nowhere near the forecast of up to three feet.
Central Park Conservancy's Five Borough Crew are helping with snow removal in Morningside Park.
Watching The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies (with Leonardo Asa at Apartemen Central Park - Tower Adaline) —
NEW BLOG POST: The Central Park Five ~When the events of April 20, 1989 took place, I was six.
most of the models busted for the five boroughs. Central Park only has 8 inches
Have you since reached out to the Central Park Five?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The Powerful Central Park Five Episode really shows the power of diverse voices -
Of the top 10 : on at Central Park dating to 1869, five have since 2003.
Of the top 10 snowfalls on record at NYC's Central Park, five have occurred since 2003.
FFs from Rescue 1 (pictured) rescued a man who fell through ice and into freezing water in Central Park today.
Thx to for her documentary making me wanna die/quit trying more than Central Park Five
Just finished watching the Central Park Five (another required viewing for class). WOW. Just... Wow. What a story.
Seriously, the Central Park Five prosecutors stand by that conviction even though DNA evidence proves they were a massive injustice.
The Central Park Five need to get paid!
Five years ago in a snowy Central Park ♡.
Watching the central park five.. smh
Just watched the Central Park Five Documentary. This nation is still a mess. Don't let folks tell you institutional racism doesn't exist !
I bought the documentary about "The Central Park Five," and like the Darryl Hunt documentary, it's disturbing how...
I find the whole case surrounding the Central Park Five very interesting and very telling. Here is a great...
Ken Burns: The Central Park Five - Unknown | | Documentary top 10 funniest movies of all ti…
It was an interesting theory, but it didn’t change my obligation to my victim. K hadn’t been inspired to speak up...
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I'm sure the wrongfully convicted from the Central Park Five case would dispute that as well.
A lot. "in the eight years from 1979 to 1986, thirty-five murders took place in Central Park alone."
I'm watching a movie on five boys that were coerced into falsely confessing about raping a woman in Central Park.
I'm a huge documentaries junkie. Just watched "The Central Park five" so good!
Intimidation tactics in the election & now w Carriages. Who's tailing CP carriage-horse drivers
It's been RACIST, the Hope of it getting better is a Delusion.. City wanted a group of Black CHILDREN...
The Central Park five is a sad story.
Non-partisan band name: Tawana Brawley and the Central Park Five
Wonder why the schools never mentioned the Central Park Five to us? Smh yeah they make sure you forget these things.
The Central Park Five--the five men who, in 1989 were imprisoned for a rape they didn't commit--seek $52 million from state court. 
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