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Central Park 5

The Central Park jogger case involved the assault and rape of Trisha Meili, a female jogger in New York City's Central Park, on April 19, 1989. Five juvenile males—four black and one Hispanic—were tried and convicted for the crime and served their sentences fully.

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In that case the man now in jail 4 that Central Park rape is as inno…
Moxie, Pit Bull mix (5 y/o), Astor Place, New York, NY • "She was found tied to a tree in Central Park."
went to Central Park fell like 5 times
Y'all. C'mon. Shouldn't surprise us that POTUS, who still thinks Central Park 5 deserve​ death, likes Duterte.
do you still think The Central Park 5 are guilty?
It's amazing after the ad he took out about the Central Park 5.
SCHEDULE CHANGE: North Central is coming to Sunny Side Park Tuesday. Game time 5:30pm
Given his past statements on Central Park 5, this is unsurprising
Join the community this Friday May 5th as we participate in the Peace in the Valley March The event begins at Central Park at 5:30pm
A few more hours here in gorgeous Central Park in Here til 5 today with many other am……
We'll see you all at 5:30pm when the doors open at Michael's at Park Central! Be part of our live audience!
What do you expect from a guy who thinks the Central Park 5 are guilty because they 'confessed'?
I was in New York for 5 days and went into Central Park everyday. Fantastic birding
Day 2 at Come by Pasadena Central Park 10-5 & say 👋🏼 …and yes, that is a planetary necklace wit…
No.5 - New York. Looking for something different in the world's most exciting city, maybe a treehouse??
I think the NYT started reporting the Central Park 5 with s…
I am not sure how he got interest in the Central Park 5 but…
Lets not forget the wrongfully convicted Central Park 5 that Trump still wants convicted.
Why was he interested in the central park 5? Maybe it w…
Did you read about the lengths he went to with the Cent…
Central park 5 beg to differ. nazis also hate jewish people but the orig twee…
Uh yeah. What tipped you off? His refusal to accept the innocence of the "Central Park 5?" His housing discrimination?
WellJoe, U are embarrassing yourself as an apologist 4 a bigot & a racist. Sued by GOV for housing di…
This is the same guy that still think the Central Park 5 are guilty despite DNA and a confession to the…
Worse than saying Latino immigrants are rapists? Worse th…
Just watched a documentary about the NYC Central Park 5 on Ashamed again of the justice system.
Setting up for 2-day arts fest in Pasadena's Central Park. Open from 10-5, Sat-Sun.
And hates blacks Latinos still wants to hang the central park 5…
I'll never get the defense of Trump not being a racist when he literally said the Central Park 5 were guilty after the…
Trump slanders the Central Park 5, wouldn't rent to black people, didn't know what the CBC was, calls Warren "Pocahont…
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? — Sleeping under some bridge in Central Park💗
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He was convinced the central park 5 were guilty because…
Greyhound Racing Favourite: Central Park EVE (RACE 5) at 19:32 is Swift Rusty at 9/4. Best odds
Such a beautiful day in Central Park. Here are the results ::. 5 Hours in the park. 72 Species. 17 Species of Warbler.
Central Park EVE (RACE 5) starting at 19:32. See all runners here:
All set up We're in Central Park 10-5 😆. Special thanks to for helping me set up tod……
New: Crash in Orange on SR-417 north at Moss Park Rd, right lane blocked. Last updated at 12:36:22PM.
Except for that time he took out a full page ad to kill 5 innocent black men in the Central Park Murder.
As clarification to those NOT from the NYC area - is the Central Park 5. DJT took out a full page ad in the NYT
..This is the same man that attacked the first Black President? Trump is a racist! What did he say about Central Park 5?
45 demanded the execution of the Central Park 5 for a crime they didn't commit. He's never apologized https…
Time Square two.. not as 'catchy' as Central Park 5...
If you're a New England Patriot who has heard of the Central Park 5 but still goes to the WH to meet Trump, I'm judging you...harshly.
I wrote about Jackie Evancho, who is older now than the Central Park 5 were when Trump called for their execution https:/…
when he wanted Central Park 5 to be executed & then refused to acknowledge their innocence after exoneration
Brian Banks, Central Park 5, Ched Evens, Derek Rose & Keanu Reeves would highly disagree with that lol smh
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Actually, the Central Park 5 admitted that they were attacking people in the park that night. Just not that partictular woman.
TRUMP: "A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white" Same year he said Central Park 5 should ge…
Sen Jeff Sessions: Case of Central Park 5, later exonerated, shows Trump's dedication to 'law and order'. FALSE!
Sessions: Trump's 1990 call for death penalty for wrongfully-convicted Central Park 5 is proof he's decisive. ***
Imagine if Anderson Cooper actually asked Melania Trump to elaborate on things like the Central Park 5, or Benghazi, Wikileaks. Or anything?
Just now on Jack Kingston said college team accused but were innocent - is like Trump. What about Central Park 5?
Jack Kingston is comparing college team innocently charged to Trump. What about the Central Park 5?
Van Jones on CNN made a good point about how Trump vilified the Central Park 5 when he's the sexual predator.
Central Park 5, teenagers who were coerced into false confessions, were exonerated by DNA evidence. via
ICYMI: Trump still insists the Central Park 5 are guilty. Ken Burns lays out why he thinks that's textbook racism. https:/…
Donald Trump’s unbelievable new statement about the Central Park 5
Maybe the Central Park 5 could take out a full-page ad to condemn the coddling of thug real estate barons who commit seria…
And now campaign out with a stmt on comments RE: the Central Park 5:
It is noteworthy there was no GOP outrage over Trump's belief that the Central Park 5 were guilty, & presumably should have bee…
Trump wanted the Central Park 5 dead. They were innocent. Trump *still* says they're guilty. One joined me tonight https:/…
Trump is so sick he can't help himself. 2 days before debate bringing up Central Park 5 again - who he wanted EXECUTED but w…
3. Trump spent $85,000+ on ads in 4 newspapers demanding that the Central Park 5 be executed:
Trump resuming his race baiting on the Central Park 5 is a perfect way to thank his fans who claimed no one called him racist t…
Central Park 5, convicted in rape case, were cleared by DNA after yrs in prison. In Trump-world, theyre still guilty ht…
Ran 5.36 mi Nike⁠+: Humid but cool makes for a solid run arond Central Park. The pic is more street art on the LES.
Lmaooo siaa. I'll give you 5 million cedis to reverse and parallel park in Accra Central. This is actually sad😂😂😂
I guess you forgot to read Trump's comments regarding the Central Park 5. I can send u the link! BInformed
. 5. He called 4 the death of 5 Blck teens after cops found their scapegoat for a crime that occurred in Central park
The campaign should invite the Central Park 5 to the town hall debate and give him an opportunity to apologize
Is the Central Park 5 lynch mob leader calling Hillary out on "super predator?" REALLY.
Check out the Central Park 5, while you're at it.
Taxes, His paying of taxes, stop & frisk, Isis cooment, birtha, war support, central park 5, for a few. You need more let me know
and Trump took out a full page ad against the Central Park 5 (black & brown boys) w/ Super Predator undertones
So some idea of trump's taxes are out there. But seriously missing is an apology to the Central Park 5, innocent minority youths.
how do you feel about the Donald Trump and the central park 5? Was he wrong for the billboards?
not allowing blacks to rent from him? The Central Park 5? Ban on Muslims? I'd go on but it won't matter, ur all in
further back w/ his treatment of the Central Park 5. I'll be *** if
What if the Central Park 5 comes up at his scripted event?
he also led the charge of the Central Park five 5 innocent African Americans wrongly…
Did do anything to change tax laws? For Central Park 5, he took out ads to try to influence the issue.
Live music, wine bar, J. Gilbert's & Rocklands food, talented artists - come join us at today until 5…
Trump has been a racist since the 70s wouldn't rent to AA Then 90 central park 5 (all inocent18 yr in jail) Today?
here you go. A billionaire w/ political influence asked for the innocent central park 5 to be executed
Trump asked for Central Park 5 to be executed
by the way, earlier you mentioned "what dead bodies Trump did" he advocated for Killing the INNOCENT Central park 5
.Sessions: Central Park 5 ad shows Trump devoted to 'law and order'
Go back and research homie. Central Park 5. I live here. Been knowing his bs my whole life.
Come on. U know he's a con man and he's the biggest racist out there. Remember Central Park 5 Steve? Not Nice.
Trump took out ads in 4 major newspapers in NYC against the central park 5. The…
Only went to Central Park last night and didn't end up getting in till 20 past 5 this morning🤔 weird
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.White privilege is Trump's support of & demonization of Central Park 5
Funny? What? First time I saw Trump he was throwing the Central Park 5 under the bus he was never funny to me if he…
trump U. Central Park 5 victim mailed it
Find highlights from this weekend's biggest meets here! Four meets are already up, with at least 2 more to come:
Remember the time Donald Trump called for the deaths of 5 innocent black boys?
The crew, Central Park 5 and at Many Rivers to Cross Fest! cc:…
Of course he didn't Rudy. He's White! Let's go stop and frisk and lock up the Central Park 5 again!
In the next debate, Hillary Clinton should bring up the "Central Park 5" to Donald Trump.
check out the Central Park 5 and how it involves trump. Some tasty words you'll be eating for breakfast.
Just found out that there's clowns killing and kidnapping people by central park 😱 I literally live 5 min away from there I'm scared now
.sounds a lot like and the Central Park 5
Platforms 4,5 & 6 at central station, Sydney, all going express to Olympic Park 👍
Yes, for sure. Chronicled the events of the L&C expedition, just as he did with the Central park 5.
the Central Park Five had only done 5 of the 12 years helped wrongfully pu…
What about Central Park 5 that trump was involved in?HM guess THAT is ok
Trump's ad about the Central Park 5 ran a few weeks after they CONFESSED. Get a clue!! htt…
Why do you think there have been very few stories about Trump and the Central Park 5? Says all we need to…
the central park 5 story says more about his temperament and judgment than anything else in this election. Yet no one mentions it
Ok peeps where were you all. Today? Great day and Bacon and Brew. Come see us tomorrow 11-5 Central Park San Mateo
Trump & the Central Park 5 racist Donald Trump
You were great on MSNBC Time for an apology to all the Central Par…
Which she's explained AND apologized for! Unlike who has never apologized for advert against Central Park 5.
's law and order. You must go back to 1989 when he asked for death penalty for 5 innocent boys!…
It's about time the New York Police Department settled the Central Park 5. Compensate the wrongly convicted.
I'm amazed the New York Police Department still hasn't apologized or acknowledged their wrongdoing in the Central Park 5 case.
I guess you have never heard of Central Park 5 and you will get a glance at judge mental attitude tow…
He raped a 13 year old, but trump HATES the Central Park 5! Wake up people who are voting for Stein Johnson or Trump.Geez
Headed to an interview by Central Park. I have 5 interviews in 4 days coming up. Tonight is the…
Girls soccer advances to Marion County Championship with a 1-0 win over Park Tudor. Play at 5 pm at North Central. Good…
Do you believe that Donald Trump falsely accused the Central Park 5 of rape and when they were found innocent never…
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Have you apologized to the Central Park Five Trump for rallying to have 5 innocent teens accused of rape e…
Ask Trump about Central Park 5 (a clear incident of racial bias); he called 4 execution of 5 black men who were falsely acc…
Because he said Trump's mother has sex with an orangutan. What an *** I will never forget the Central Park 5 or Randall
Clinton won that round. But she could buried him w/Central Park 5. He called for them to get the death penalty. https…
One of the best ways to see Trump's racism is to look back at what he did with the Central Park 5.
When talking about race why didn't U guys bring up Central Park 5? Remind, Black America & America of this.
More people should bring up Trump's behavior during the trial of the Central Park 5. He wanted them executed!
Just a reminder that Trump has called for the execution of both Edward Snowden and the Central Park 5. But he says Hillary is tr…
@ pastor Darrell Scott you're crazy.Trymp is racist and you're a lackey of his. What you say about the Central Park 5
Making a murderer, Devils knot (West Memphis 3), Central Park 5 anger me to my soul
they sat in there for 4 hours and got nothing. Next time Scott get an apology for the Central Park 5
You guys don't remember the Central Park 5. I do...
WATCH: Central Park 5 member recalls Trump: "He has not changed."
Hey Donald, remember how you wanted capital punishment for Central Park 5. Oh wait, THAT WAS YOU. And they were exonerated!
Central Park 5 tho. There's enough destruction to go around
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defense lawyers freed the Central Park 5 and the West Memphis 3 by questioning witnesses and examining evidence
An open forum Monday evening will feature one of the Central Park 5 and a local man who spent 16 years in prison,...
You're fabulous. You love keeping innocent people from jail. Just like Central Park 5...oh wait!
trolling is now defined as showing Trump's own words? No response to his racism re: Central Park 5?
Even the fraudulent Central Park 5 case occurred amidst rampant violent youth crime in NY (anyone remember "wilding"?) /1
Put the fire to Trump, ask him questions on the "Central Park 5", on his "University", on his St Regis Mohawk comments!
Did you young parents teach your children about Jim Crow South, Central Park 5, or the Scotsboro Boys? Black ppl really have it bad 😒😩😔
Every cop & DA (YOU Linda Fairstein) who railroaded the Central Park 5 4 crime they didnt commit should b jailed 4ever
ask about his case. Look up west Memphis three and Central Park 5.
I've seen the Central Park 5, also very good.
I'm watching this documentary on Netflix called The Central Park Five of 5 boys wrongfully accused who spent 10 years in prison & Donald..
I wasn't surprised by Trump he wanted the Central Park 5 to be executed even though they were innocent
Just ran 5 miles at Central Park. Columbus Circle is buzzing.
You need to purchase of FULL page advertisement condemning the FALSE conviction of the Central Park 5 a…
So now Trump is bragging about his Central Park 5 ad. Innocent black teens cops coerced into false confessions.
Little Giant Ladders
Well, read up on Trump's involvement in the Central Park 5 (Aka jogger) case. It's pretty ugly.
I had to watch the Central Park 5 for my business law class & I have never been more upset @ the American legal system.
Always wanted to be in a group wrongly accused of a crime that ends in a number like the "West Memphis 3" or "Central Park 5"
Stevie Wonder was in Central Park. was ON MY BLOCK. I was in my stuffy apt watching BIP and 5 hours of 💩 baseball.
Never forget Trump wanted the innocent KIDS of the central park 5 to get the death penalty... but y'all wanna spend the night in his hotel
How do you feel about central park 5 now?
Talking about Central Park's 1st heatwave of 2015 on FOX 5 News at 10pm!
Donald Trump took out a full pg ad in the Daily News on the Central Park 5, abt their character (how would he know ?)
Why I love In town for less than 5 hours and hear live during a random walk in Central Park. 👏🏽
Peace out 5 sweaty hot humid miles with a side of Stevie Wonder (@ Central Park Loop - in New York, NY)
My guest is you are ~ 5'1".I think I saw Audrey in Central Park and you seem to be same height. You both look taller on TV
If you have cleats and know how to play soccer come to Central Park at 5. If you don't have cleats I have an extra pair worth $300 bucks.
Secrets of 843 acre made gate reveals 6 acre flower garden..never knew that
Testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cameras with horses in Central Park. You can see his nose hairs!
Getting my after 5 walk on from 96th street &abroad way to 7th ave & 137th at @ Central Park @ 100th…
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And let's not forget he took out an ad in the paper calling for the execution of the Central Park 5. All later proved innoc…
Yusef Salaam, a member of the Central Park 5, explains the benefits of a bipartisan bill that would address two...
Cause SI is NYC middle child lol. We psy SI no mind. N ur opinion what happened wit Central Park 5 that secured 5
De Blasio now says Central Park 5 settlement not really his idea. Shameful waffling. via
I MISS CENTRAL PARK. why isn't New York 5 mins away? but of course it's 20 hours 😬
Siap2 fish nd co lahh (with and 5 others at Central Park Mall) —
Bear cub found dead in Central Park. And NYPD has already forced 5 minority kids to confess.
Kaburr💨 (with Beatrice, and 5 others at Central Park) —
Watching Central Park 5 for class is punishment. Not b/c it's not a great film. But b/c of how DISGUSTED & INFURIATED I get with the system.
Police Baffled By Dead Baby Bear Found in Central Park: The body of a tiny baby bear was found hi...
Confirmed: It is possible to run in Converse. Also, it is not pleasant and takes 5 minutes to run from Bryant Park to Grand Central.
Lead story Mon 5 PM News: report on dead bear cub in Central Park consists of asking park-goers for comments.
-- Rachel takes little Christopher to the playground at Central Park and they have fun smiling and laughing.
10/6 - Fowler Park, Polo Fields and Central Park are closed for 5-6:30pm practices. More updates to follow.
How did a dead baby black bear wind up in Central Park today? We're on the trail for answers. More at 5 on
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Photos: festival in Central Park, feat. and more:
Makan (with Dita, and 5 others at Central Park) —
5:30am is way too early for a flash mob scene in Central Park. 😴
Incredibly powerful and emotional. There's a Central Park 5 every day. "Three Years on Rikers Without Trial" .
Day 5 - While exploring central park, seeing the imagine mosaic was inspiring.
no,Springfield park pal.not Central Park.just 5 points behind you mate but well pull that back
Junior Carnival taking place right now at Central Park Lauderhill FL.
It's humbling to be lapped at mile 5 in Central Park. But I did my 20. . Ice, beer, nap, Indian food. . .
Happy Sunday!. Come down and celebrate International Day with us here at Central Park! We'll be here from 1-5;...
After watching central park 5, phew can't wait for trumps time to come
Ga seru ternyata "Watching Annabelle (with Awan, and 5 others at Blitz Megaplex Central Park)
Cupcakes and dogs!. Come join us through 5 p.m. at Designer Desserts 10 year celebration at Central Park Plaza in...
Free day? Why not check out the Central Park skate circle at 2:45?
Day 5, made it to Central Park and Brooklyn.
URGENT: Central Park Pool shut due to sick in the pool. No training for B, C & D squads today, 5/10/14. Spread the word...
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because black, and NYPD, as we know, never, ever makes mistakes. Just ask The Central Park 5, or any recent dead innocent
The view's the thing on this tour exploring the Park's many iconic landscapes! Info & tix: http:…
Great 5 laps of East Ham Central Park this morning at sunrise with Rambo
Fire Muster event will be Oct. 5 at Cousler Park
When a prosecutor ignores DNA evidence in favor of gut instincts: Central Park Jogger case finally settled.
Happy new year all at & Our 1st event is a screening of Central Park 5 in Sam Lister LT, 12:30pm on Wednesday
Our Ancestors are Seeking to Wake Us Up! © By Alton H. Maddox, Jr. The encouraging result that scores of activists achieved and enjoyed on the morning of September 5, 2014 in People v. Orta came about through the combined teachings of our many revered ancestors. No "Judas goat" was able to contaminate either our vision or our spirit. We need HELP and only the acronym HELP will save us. This earth is based on "good" and "bad." There is always a dichotomy. This explains the doctrine of "separation of church and state" which is prominently mentioned in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In addition to Biblical history, there must also be a study of constitutional history and Creation. On September 5, 2014, the "good" was Ramsey Orta and the "bad" was the "Central Park 5" obtaining "hush money" instead of the "Central Park 7", et. al obtaining justice. The enemy is always thinking. This was a struggle between "hush money" and justice. No attorney in the "Central Park 5" chose to embrace the ...
TIL Ep 30 is WAY better than turning 30! [Beyonce's "Petition" video, Central Park 5, Mugshot hotties]
The Central Park 5 got $1 million for each year they were locked up. Jabbar Collins implicitly asks: What about me?
Take a tour: Lakefront Winter Park home listed for $5.5M
$40m can't give The Central Park 5 back the 90s & MORE! 30
The last day of April brought over 5 inches of rain to Central Park, producing May flowers in abundance.
Taken in Central Park. We started in Heaven, now were here humbling ourselves in prostration more than 5 times a day. http:/…
The English Channel performs free Summer Sunday concert in McLean Central Park at 5 p.m.
Check out our local Farmers Market on Saturday mornings until Noon in Central Park and Wednesdays 1:30 to 5:30. Follow
A fresh look at the 5 case from an lens via
Central Park 5: Beyond the $40 mill. settlement and the impact on pending, future cases
hmm u saying if i go to central park we jog 4-5 miles? Been jogging in kew gardens queens, bout 5 miles
Register for Grete’s Great Gallop (named for marathoner Grete Waitz, a friend of Fred Lebow) on 10/5 in Central Park!
Watching Transformers: Age of Extinction (with Willy, Kellyn, and 5 others at Blitz Megaplex Central Park) —
Two documentaries black people in general should watch are The Central Park 5 and The university of Sing Sing.
Wonder if the central park 5 rapists r planning on vacationing in St.Tropez this summer?
Streetz 94.5 & presents the 2nd Annual every weekend at Central Park in downtown Atlanta, Come see GREAT BASKETBALL
Trump Calls Central Park 5 Settlement A 'Disgrace' - what do YOU think?
Community safety day is tomorrow! Have your helmet or car seat checked from 12-5 p.m. in Central Park.
No ac no air job full of people I'm not stayin in this butch news said Central Park suppose to hit 100…
NYC--$40 million settlement with Central Park 5. Those of us who lived this racist media frenzy will never forget it.
Lots of info on system, designed by WSP! MT the upcoming "Grand Central of the West Coast"
7 Pictures of the beautiful Central Park in New York. Is My Favourite. See here: . .
Gabriel Sistare '07 and his wife Erin Pesut celebrated their marriage July 5 in Central Park.
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See the World's Fair as it was 75 yrs ago in Central Park, enjoy the exhibit's vintage photos from the Park's Archives, open from 9-5.
City Commission makes quick work of limited agenda.
Prepare Event Nobar Brazil vs Germany (with Hendra, and 5 others at Central Park) [pic] —
NYC we'll see you at Central Park's today with + / doors open EARLY at 5:30 http:/…
Watching this documentary on the Central Park 5 makes me so ashamed of the American Criminal Justice System. Disgusting.
At presser today, lawyer for Central Park 5 says NYC agreement to $40.75 million settlement shows "the city did something wrong. "
This Week Amanda Learned: -Beyonce' fires back at folks hating on Blue Ivy's hair w/ "Petition" video -$40 million can't give the Central Park 5 the 90s back...
Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to block it but the Central Park 5 finally got a settlement for their wrongful conviction.
The 'Central Park 5' - wrongly convicted for crime which shocked the entire nation - to settle with New York City...
Ok, I'm FINALLY going to New York City this weekend, and here's what I plan to/want to do while there (in no particular order): 1. Hayden Planetarium 2. Museum of Natural History 3. Have coffee with Neil DeGrasse Tyson 3. See the Marvel Avengers Exhibit 4. Walk through Central Park 5. Get mugged 6. Have coffee with Ricky Gervais 7. The Slaughtered Lamb Pub 8. One of the two big Art Museums Anyone else have any suggestions/recommendations? I'm not going to stand all day in line for the *hopes* of getting a SNL ticket, and the Daily Show doesn't have tickets available until August, last I checked :/
The "Central Park 5" are out of prison and filing a lawsuit to try to get their lives back
It’s Food Truck Tuesday! 5-8 at Central Park. Come get a bite to eat! Proceeds will benefit Flagler Sheriff’s PAL.
Mindful Meditation and Workshop in Central Park 5/25/14 hosted by yours truly, Aya Shanti .
Catch Patti Smith in Central Park in '75 and more archival treasures w/ on 5.27:
We revisit the luxurious 5-Star with its fabulous views over Central Park & relaxing Jiva Spa:
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Tonight we will be in Palm Coast from 5 to 8 pm. . Central Park in Town Center 975 Central Avenue Palm Coast, FL 32137
Hi all.. big week gone.. this week gives great diversity for me:). Starting with Thursday night solo guitar looping at the Deck bar in central Park 5:30-8:30pm. Friday The Adam James Duo at The Principle with Adrian Tranchita on drums and vocals from 7:30-10:30pm. Saturday will be a private function for Jukebox Bandits. Sunday I'll be at Flinderz Café in Hillaries playing Jazz piano vocals!!from 1-4pm. what a week to come. looking forward to the jazz sesh!.. I don't play it nearly enough these days:).
Semifinal playoff game tonight at Soccer Park vs. Hazelwood Central at 5:30.
Nick Spoor and Alex Demetreus advance to the sectional quarterfinals. Central Park in Schenectady Tuesday 5/20 good luck boys!
Dinner with team (with Reny, and 5 others at Shuhi Tei Central Park) —
This weather is MADE for working out! Join us tomorrow for the FREE Central Park Circuit! Get your sweat on outdoors! h…
Celebrating the power of at the Central Coast Volunteer Expo, Wed 21/5 at Niagara Park Stadium
Is the Astor Hyde Park great for backpackers?
Tix for Phil Lesh & Friends with Warren, John Scofield, John Medeski & in Central Park 5/28 on-sale @ noon
Months back, Rosanna Scotto and "alleged" RAPIST Greg Kelly had Ken and Sarah Burns, directors of the Central Park 5 documentary.
Should the 'Central Park 5 receive a settlement? The New York Post doesn't think so
Grand Slam. Ken Burns does it again. Watching "Central Park 5", the tragic story of the 5 young boys who were wrongly imprisoned for the brutal rape of the Central Park jogger back in 1989, ONCE AGAIN proves to me what a ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY society we sometimes live in. The innocent are prosecuted, while the prosecutors, like Linda Fairchild, got to walk into a successful 2nd career as a crime novelist, without being held accountable for her part in taking away years off of 5 people, who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. All along the DNA information was there. The time in which the attack actually took place also showed that those boys could not have been there at the time of the attack. And the fact that Matias Reyes, who was arrested for the rape just a week earlier, and whose DNA was all over the victim was never looked at? An extremely compelling and revolting story of how the justice system can sometimes fail. Bravo to Ken Burns for doing this film. This is a film that had to ...
Here are some races to help you get back into the weekly groove: (Check out the full list if you are in or near Chicago, Houston, NYC, Los Angeles, or South Florida.) New York - NYCRUNS Central Park 5/10 Miler (Jan 12) JackRabbit Indoor Triathlon (Jan 12) Polar Dash (Jan 11) Half Marathon / 10K / 5K Florida - Superhero Scramble (Jan 11) Intimidator (8 Miles + 25 Obstacles) / Villain (13 Miles + 30 Obstacles) Glow Run 5K (Jan 11) Angeles - Color Bomb Run LA (Jan 11)
My History with the Central Park 5: Guest blog by author/filmmaker Sarah Burns
YOU CAN WATH IT IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR FROM NOW!! "I Am Troy Davis" on C-Span2's Book TV! Watch Kimberly Davis speak about her brother's case and her family's struggle (after being movingly introduced by Wende Gozan Brown), hear me speak about how and why the book came to be, and hear passages of the book read powerfully and poignantly by Central Park 5's Yusef Abdus Salaam, AIUSA's Laura Moye, death row exonoree Lawrence Hayes, playwright/activist Eve Ensler, and Troy's baby sister, Ebony Davis. Lawrence, Laura, Yusef and EJUSA's Cherrell Brown also talk about the movement to end the death penalty. Entire evening emceed with passion and poise by AIUSA's Thenjiwe Tameika McHarris and the whole thing started off with an incredible music tribute by Bronx-based hip-hop duo Rebel Diaz. If you missed the event itself, don't miss the broadcast on C-Span2!
Watching a documentary about the Central Park 5 beating/raping a woman. *** said black youth is an endangered species in the USA. Bull!
I been bless these pass few weeks. Saw three good films: Gravity, Central Park 5, and Blue Jasmine.
Had to stop watching the Central Park 5. Too much injustice for this Sunday morning.
Central Park 5 is what 12 yrs a slave should be.
Guess i'll watch Central Park 5 til i pass out
Can you please help The Fairbanks Four? VERY similar to The Central Park 5 case! Just google their story!!
Watching The Central Park 5 again on I remember it like it happened yesterday. It still angers me.
"The Central Park 5" was a great documentary, for anybody into docs
Hey How about some justice for the Central Park 5
You're still failing to apologize to the Central Park 5.
Alton Maddox sends a letter to Bill de Blasio..asking for justice for the Central Park 5.
The Central Park 5 watch it people! If you're ever a juror question everything always! the truth prevailed
Watched the documentary of that central park 5 case. Smh it was ridiculous.
4 days until the breast cancer walk in Central Park. 5 miles for a great cause.
Riveting viewing on The Central Park 5 on the Crime Channel
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watching a documentary on the Central Park 5.'Murica
Finally watched the Central Park 5.heartbroken yet inspired by their strength.
If you want a really curious juxtaposition, watch Central Park 5 and The Last Days of Disco back-to-back.
Central Park 5 is must-see for all. Especially law enforcement and all New Yorkers.
I just watched The Central Park 5 documentary and I can't even imagine what NYC was like in the 80s and early 90s.
Watching documentary Central Park 5 stark reminder of damage unconscious bias can create on personal institutional and societal level
Preparing for my and vacay to by watching The Central Park 5. via
Central Park 5 on NYC cops in the 80s may be the worst people.
says the clown who called 4 the death penalty for the Central Park 5 who were wrongly convicted of rape
Uprose is in the house at Trinity Lutheran Church at the Central Park 5 film screening! If your not here, come!
So new it's not yet on website: June 25 event, Central Park 5 - 'the most important documentary of Ken Burns' career'
What is the social responsibility for those who have wrongfully prosecuted others? On the Central Park 5:
Assata Shakur and the War on Terror. Do those two subject matters belong in the same sentence? Feds looking to stroke a broad brush stroke to go after those it desire coupled with placing $2 million on that Young Lady's head. In light of the Central Park 5, Sean Bell, Travon Martin, Emitt Till and countless others, every Asiatic conviction or loss of life at the hands of law enforcement must be looked at critically and rationally.
Hawkins, a producer of the Emmy nominated film on Emmett Till, is hosting a Multicultural Youth Empowerment Mentoring Fusion at the Schomburg Center in NYC on Saturday May 18th from 7:30-10pm. As Executive Director of this non-profit she founded "Learn My History" connects major award winners and professionals to youth, to help steer them in positive directions. The families of Emmett Till, Frederick Douglass, Ida. B. Wells, 3 Civil Right's Workers, Central Park 5, Sean Bell, Angela Davis, Ossie Davis, Bobby Seale, Emmy Winning NY MLK Center Exec. Dir Cliff Frazier, Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford, the Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Chuck D of Public Enemy and RUN DMC founder Jam Master Jay's family, Grammy Winner GrandMixer DXT (of Herby Handcock's "Rockit") KRS-ONE, ICE-T, Grandmaster Caz and more, plus multicultural clergy and more, have appeared in Ms. Hawkins film and support Learn My History. Youth also speak on overcoming challenges in the younger genera ...
Just watched the documentary on the Central Park 5. The criminal justice system has destroyed the Black community. Hard not to get angry.
For those of you who are outraged by the Central Park 5, you can do something
To FIRE lead prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer in Central Park 5 case Sign this petition! via
I meant some of the high profile cases like West Memphis 3, Central Park 5 and Amanda Knox.
After the Central Park 5 documentary I'm skeptical of the "confession" in the Etan Patz case from '79. Manhattan DA's office is shady
Need proof of the "New Jim Crow"? Watch the heartbreaking docu Central Park 5. I teach incarcerated men who made false confessions.
.one of the "Central Park 5" is calling for justice for the His petition:
Thanks for last week's pre-broadcast screening of the Central Park 5 documentary at Hampton University's Scripps Howard auditorium.
NO JOURNALIST shld ever interview NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg w/o asking him, "why won't he settle Central Park 5 case?"
Had no idea Donald Trump was a force pushing for death penalty for "Central Park 5". Wow.
Central Park 5- On right Now- Coming to the The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center June 15th -
Please watch PBS tues night. Ken Burns has new documentary about the Central Park 5. A serious case of mis justice.
interesting stuff about the Central Park 5 tonight. Do something on the West Memphis 3 next. This happens too often
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