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Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is a 21 acre (85,000 m²) public park located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia owned and operated by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority.

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I respect Doug Jones for the great work he has done as an attorney, whether it is prosecuted the…
events may not be happening at Centennial Olympic Park this year, but they are at SunTrust Park's The Batt…
Centennial Olympic Park ladies and gentleman! Get you a beer! The dawgs are playing today! Go dawgs! Sic Em! Woof w…
Should you come to the The man says HECK YES. . We are located on the corner of Marietta Stree…
We didn’t realize it was called the Hoyt Tailgate Experience 😂 . We will be broadcasting LIVE on the corner. of Marie…
We are so excited to be part of the Festival of Trees at Embassy Suites Atlanta At Centennial Olympic Park. Stop by…
Due to their near similarities in appearance, the Androgyne Planet sculpture at Centennial Olympic Park should be g…
A type of dark sport heritage? Location of the Atlanta Olympic bombing in Centennial Olympic Park. Some scars of th…
Good morning from the Festival of Trees! Come down to the Embassy Suites by Hilton at Centennial Olympic Park to se…
Outdoor events in Centennial Olympic Park and use of the College Football Hall of Fame for some stuff.
Happy 4th of July y'all, Have Fun and be safe, @ Centennial Olympic Park
Happy 4ht of July... celebrate the 4th with a bang... grab the family and make your way to Centennial Olympic Park!!
I might go to at Centennial Olympic Park in A...
you mean like the Centennial Olympic Park bombing or Timothy McVeigh or Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church shooting?
A historical marker dedicated to the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in was unveiled at Centennial Olympic Park!
Chinese Lantern Festival coming to Centennial Olympic Park - A new winter event is coming to downtown’s Centenn... http…
This week on our Instagram feed, we've been featuring a camp-themed event at Centennial Olympic Park...
Look at how cute my lil maddie is aww @ Centennial Olympic Park
Watching the dancing fountains at Centennial Olympic Park...
The ca. Oct 2010 is currently slated for major renovations
This years celebration was magical 💫@ Centennial Olympic Park
Great to see friends I haven't seen in awhile! Thanks Atlanta!!! @ Centennial Olympic Park
A recent view of in Lots o' Visitors! Gorgeous
The night lights of Centennial Olympic Park in . https:/…
The night lights of Centennial Olympic Park in .
Has seen the Angel Rod at Centennial Olympic Park yet.
In all things color coordinate for Moving Day Atlanta @ Centennial Olympic Park
Millions have been donated to the revamp of Atlanta's Centennial Olympic park by AT&T!
Centennial Olympic Park. This was on the iPhone 4. I dont remember the phones with all the pics tho lol.
In between panels today at my mother forced me to go into the rings at Centennial Olympic park... it was a…
Fully zipped for the first time this season 🌬 @ Centennial Olympic Park
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Another view of the Ferris Wheel in w the in foreground 03/2016…
The PWP Studio photography team went above to go beyond at Centennial Olympic Park for one of our favorite...
Hanging with the cool kids last night ! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Statue of Billy Payne (AB '69, JD '73), who worked for 10 years to bring the Olympic games to Atlanta. (Centennial…
It's Autumn in Recently visited Here's a view of the
A blast from the past! The ca. Oct 2010. Now slated for renovation
Visitors play in a fountain in Downtown Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park (Getty Images)
.contributes $1 million to Centennial Olympic Park makeover $T
Communications giant is investing $1 million for Improvements. . MORE: http…
I'm going to at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA - Apr 21
Headed to the finish line Centennial Olympic Park
Centennial Olympic Park in with 200-foot "Skyview Atlanta" Ferris wheel in the background.
Live at the Centennial Olympic Park. atlanta from here all roads lead to theds17lounge…
Back in Georgia tomorrow 3 shows, 3 chances to see Erica Sunshine Lee 12:48 PM at Centennial Olympic Park...
On July 4th, our own DJ Philli Budah was on stage with Jordan at Centennial Olympic Park! Check out the...
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Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta killed it at the Rally / March tonight at Centennial Olympic Park
July 19, 1996, Centennial Olympic Park: I'm sitting on a little hill w/ fam + 100,000 other ATLiens watching the Openings on a big screen.
10 can't-miss metro Atlanta events in May: Taking place in Centennial Olympic Park and International Plaza, t...
Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta at night! Such an active town on a Sunday night!
Wondering where International Plaza is in relation to Centennial Olympic Park? Check out this handy little map. https:/…
They're playing the 1st season in Centennial Olympic Park. Free admission.
FYI- donates $2 to for every hotel room booked through the site!
Ever since I left the city . P.s it's Diet Coke 🌃 @ Centennial Olympic Park
Eric Rudolph called in a threat shortly before his Centennial Olympic Park bomb detonated.
Join us in Downtown Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park for the inaugural Music Fest.
If only the Centennial Olympic Park Fountain of Rings was filled with legendary iced tea.
Embassy Suites Centennial Park for large suites, free WiFi, breakfast, happy hour & great location. ^AW
is taking over Centennial Olympic Park & International Plaza, May 13-15.
From earlier today. Thanks for your time! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Great Weather for a quick splash after a great time at @ Centennial Olympic Park
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Hero's come in all shapes and you have heroes? @ Centennial Olympic Park
LIVE on Join me! Centennial Olympic Park, the Ferris Wheel and my grandson.
is taking over Downtown Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park, May 20-22. 3-Day Tickets are on sale now.
Black churches, abortion clinics, Centennial Olympic Park in Atl, people's homes.
I might go to Foxing at Centennial Olympic Park & International Plaza in Atlanta, GA - May 13
Shaky Knees Music Festival has a new home in at Centennial Olympic Park and we plan to see you there,...
50 Musical Acts to Perform at the 12th Annual SweetWater 420 Fest at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, April...
I'm at Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA
Fun night in Atlanta with my beautiful girl ☺️😍 @ Centennial Olympic Park
After a long day in class, time to eat! @ Centennial Olympic Park
TRAFFIC UPDATE: All streets around the arena are in good shape except Marietta. Use Northside or Centennial Olympic Park.
The best Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia is on Centennial Olympic Park 🙏🏾. Pure Perfection 🔥
A4: Personally, I'd love to visit Coca-Cola, the Aquarium, MLK National Historic Site, and the Centennial Olympic Park
Looking forward to the Light the Night Walk at Centennial Olympic Park tonight!!
October 10. 5pm. Centennial Olympic Park. Come out & support with Jai's family by doing the Light the Night Walk. 💖
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This is a pic stitch of the Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta. It was beautiful and refreshing. I…
Join us at The Aga Khan Foundation Run & Walk on September 20th at Centennial Olympic Park! Need...
the aquarium, or centennial Olympic park
Centennial Olympic Park is an ok place to hang out while you wait for the Aquarium to open. You can check out CNN center too.
N3XT CR3W possibly performing at Centennial Olympic Park? What is life now! So honored and so proud of my crew I am about to cry! 💥✨
Visit for the BEST weaves and hair stylist in the city of 101 Centennial Olympic Park Dr.
some awesome shots by the amazing stevierodrgz ✨ @ Centennial Olympic Park
Sightseeing in Hotlanta with 👀 from the Skyview, & cooling off at Centennial Olympic Park
I live in Atlanta and there's the world of coca cola or you can go to the Centennial Olympic Park
Hey! Go to Centennial Olympic Park @ night the zoo and the Aquarium are pretty cool too. I'm from ATL
Atlanta skyline, the Georgia State Capitol, Centennial Olympic Park, Millennium Gate, the ... Elevation, 738 to 1,050 ft
The Fountain of Rings at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA is a great way to cool off -
Downtown or Centennial Olympic Park, for safety. Embassy Suites has free breakfast & evening reception. ^AW
For anyone in the Atlanta area, join + us tonight at Centennial Olympic Park for a candlelight vigil at 7:30p.…
There are so many kids down here. I'm loving the joy in the air! @ Centennial Olympic Park
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Great day in Atlanta with the cousin : World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, H…
is celebrating freedom with Georgia on my mind 😏 @ Centennial Olympic Park
Only 3 days left until Red, White & Brew! Who's ready for this view of the Centennial Olympic Park firework show? http…
Centennial Olympic Park, $75 million to build, now worlds most expensive bathtub. Does this constitute as showering?
I almost forgot, I have a brick at Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park!
Greetings from Atlanta...or is it HOTLANTA?!?! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Visiting the across from our hotel in @ Centennial Olympic Park
They were interview people near Centennial Olympic park. AAAH I get to be a sweaty mess on tv!
throw a free concert in Centennial Olympic Park and call it Bet the whole city be out there!
Its a hot day in Atlanta. Let the fun begin @ Centennial Olympic Park
Centennial Olympic park drive her Hair studio.
Don't miss the at Centennial Olympic Park on Oct 4!
Me and my sister Adriana was at Centennial Olympic park by j.wigfall
forever larger than life on our Centennial Olympic Park billboard.
Check out "iLovett" by Sergio - Centennial Olympic Park, tomorrow at 12:00 Noon I'm going in!
Join us July 4th for Georgia Aquarium's Red White & Brew and the best views of Centennial Olympic Park's fireworks!
Thank you Dolores, for all your contributions to Centennial Olympic Park.
Happy Wednesday is gonna be a fine fun day,..gonna be out Centennial Olympic Park for the wednesday winddown...
We got kicked outta centennial Olympic park 😅
Centennial Olympic park is such a chill place
Sergio has a show on 06/25/2015 at 12:00 PM @ Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA
Another game day! Check me out at the Falcons March at 3pm today in Centennial Olympic Park! Let's get it!
Atlanta come visit us! We're at International Blvd. in Centennial Olympic Park adjacent to the Olympic Ring fountains next to
I don't want to think about the day when you have to leave me😭 @ Centennial Olympic Park
Marching to the parade program grounds. @ Centennial Olympic Park
I'm just out here thugging in these ATL streets ! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Atlanta Mission 5k Run for the Homeless with this morning. @ Centennial Olympic Park
Was enjoying reading a book in Centennial Olympic Park. It was great until Hanson started loudly playing.
ATLANTA XO FAM get together is tonight 6 pm at Centennial Olympic Park,
.Piyush, did you "stand up and denounce" The Centennial Olympic Park bombing? .
Nothing but smiles photo by: staceceburas @ Centennial Olympic Park
Day!! Be the change that you want to see! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Just posted a photo @ The Fountain of Rings at Centennial Olympic Park, Downtown Atlanta
Look who found the Ganz Family bricks in Centennial Olympic Park! @ Centennial Olympic Park
I really wanna have a picnic in centennial olympic park but I don't like anyone that much And I don't wanna go with a girl. 😒
Here we skating in downtown ATL! @ Centennial Olympic Park
GUYS! We're thinking about a meet up at Centennial Olympic Park in February or March! . Fav if interested . Reply with preferred dates!
Tonight is the last opportunity to walk or skate through these wonderful lights!...
After 19 years, I've finally gotten to see my brick in the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.
UPDATE: All roads reopened, scene cleared after suspicious bag found near Centennial Olympic Park
I just wanna go iceskating in Centennial Olympic Park 😍❄️
if you wanna find love, then you know where the city is @ Centennial Olympic Park
Had such a good night with the team at Centennial Olympic Park!
Had an amazing time catching up with this girl ❤️ love you to pieces @ Centennial Olympic Park
Not the best pic but Centennial Olympic Park with bae 😏😍
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Enjoying Centennial Olympic Park and Skyview with my beautiful, Brazilian second family 😍 I love the holidays⛄️ 🎅
Getting toured through district! The leaves in Centennial Olympic Park are amazing.
Might be going to centennial Olympic Park, if bonfire doesn't pull through🙌
Lacing up the skates at Centennial Olympic Park this weekend? Visit us across the street at Dantanna's Downtown...
Nothing screams "HOLIDAY" louder than taking your family to Centennial Olympic Park this weekend for a nice spin...
Ice skating, the Ferris wheel, and seeing the lights in Centennial Olympic Park with the best guy a…
Snoop Dogg & 48 bands will headline this year's 420 fest at Centennial Olympic Park
you know he's a keeper when he agrees to do things like this with you 🎡🎠🌃🐴 @ Centennial Olympic Park
Plans for a new apartment complex in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta
Apartment complex at Centennial Olympic Park gets initial OK
Initial approval was given today for plans to build a 407-unit apartment project adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park. http…
Date night downtown! Ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park and first time at The Varsity! 😍
Centennial Olympic Park is becoming one of the metro area’s newest draws for ticketed concerts as well.
Squares can be so mesmerizing Centennial Olympic Park
Get your ice-skate on at Centennial Olympic Park!
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Thanks. I haven't looked into this stuff in awhile. I became aware of it some because of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing.
Good morning time get some work done! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Hey -- Please tell me your ATL show at Centennial Olympic Park isn't already sold out!? I gotta be there.
I liked a video Centennial Olympic Park - Holiday in Lights
Group shot (this is where I ran out of memory on my phone.) @ Centennial Olympic Park
Who wants to go ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park on Friday with me & lauren😜
Andrew VanWyngarden with MGMT performing on May 17, 2014 at Party in the Park in Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta.
Celebrating Christmas a little early in the ATL❤️💚 @ Centennial Olympic Park
just got my tickets for OCT 2015 ATL Centennial Olympic Park. Mark it off the bucket list.
Foo Fighters concert tickets for Oct 4 at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta GA
I'm at Waffle House store number 1996 which is right next to Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta. Coincidence? I think not.
Why Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park could soon have even more room for big-deal concerts.
.presents Cosplayers on Ice tomorrow at Centennial Olympic Park.
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk is tomorrow in Centennial Olympic Park at 8am
Be there tomorrow, I'm doing a FREE Oct 25, 2014 at Centennial Olympic Park at 7:30am. Contact me!
Really nice out. Tourists snapping photos. (@ Centennial Olympic Park - in Atlanta, GA)
My Fat Daddy out here volunteering for the Breast Cancer walk at Centennial Olympic Park.
walk against Breast Cancer will take place this Saturday at Centennial Olympic Park
oh and there's the Breast Cancer awareness walk at Centennial Olympic Park tomorrow at 9am
This Day in History: July 27th. 1775 Benjamin Church began his service as the first Surgeon General of the Continental Army. 1784 "Courier De L’Amerique" became the first French newspaper to be published in the United States. It was printed in Philadelphia, PA. 1940 Bugs Bunny made his official debut in the Warner Bros. animated cartoon, "A Wild Hare." 1953 The armistice agreement that ended the Korean War was signed at Panmunjon, Korea. 1964 U.S. President Lyndon Johnson sent an additional 5,000 advisers to South Vietnam. 1974 The U.S. Congress asked for impeachment procedures against President Richard Nixon. 1992 Boston Celtics star, Reggie Lewis, died after collapsing on a Brandeis University basketball court during practice. He was 27 years old. 1995 The Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC, by U.S. President Clinton and South Korean President Kim Young-Sam. 1996 At the Atlanta Olympics, a pipe bomb exploded at the public Centennial Olympic Park. One person was kille ...
An abundance of thanks to all who attended the 2nd half kickoff of the Wednesday WindDown concert series w/ WRFG 89.3FM,.it was a sho' nuff' Funky good time! Lady D, Nokey Anderson, & the band,...ya'll brought the Soul of tha' Blues like the road veterans you are,.thanks!!! Appreciate tha' Funk, Soul, & Jazz Kelsy Davis, Dashill SunnovahKind Smith, Frank Barham, Ramon Pooser, & co,.served up in your own INIMITABLE way!!! 1 Step Above ( ), you were the perfect compliment to the lineup,.thanks for your time, talents, & energy,.WRFG is here for you!!! To our vendors Shavonne Jackson & Cryss Simmons w/ Body Crystals ( ),.thanks for your continued support.Insist on a Prosperous Experience! My colleague Ron Thebluesdoctor Donald,.thanks for selecting the tunes that made the people move! Thanks for the eats Speakeasy Lounge ( ) ,.way to come thru!!! A extra special thanks to Wanique Shabazz, WRFG staff & volunteers for the solidarity & ultimately Centennial Olympic Park, the stage & sound crew for accommodatin . ...
Had a blast riding the Skyview Ferris Wheel in Downtown Atlanta, GA. Included is a view of Centennial Olympic Park!
Tickets for concert at Centennial Olympic Park this September go on sale at 10 this morning.
My photo of Sean Hannity doing his show in Centennial Olympic Park a couple of years ago is featured in this article.
Playing today at the beautiful Centennial Olympic Park! Music starts at 11am. Oh and it's a farmers market, so come get some shopping done!
Rally and candlelight vigil at Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, 05/09, 5:30 PM:
Lisa and Tim's Centennial Olympic Park engagement.looking back as they celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary.
3 separate shoots today! Early morning shoots in Newnan for a dance competition, Hampton at Atlanta Motor Speedway for a marathon and then back to the Cumberland area for Atlanta Gospelfest Media release party. Now to get some rest to be at Centennial Olympic Park at 5:30am for the Public's Marathon! Blessed and time to Rest!
From the Book "99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living" by Rick Lawrence Thought Release Your Inner Demolition Expert Psychologists say that all of us hold on to "mental models" of the people we know. Because of the overwhelming amount of information our brains must organize, we ten to defend the established way we see something or someone. Even when we get new information that challenges our mental model, we hang on to what we've come to believe is the truth. We do the same thing, obviously, with Jesus. But a great example of what this looks like is Richard Jewell, a central figure in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Jewell was working as a private security guard when he discovered a pipe bomb, alerted the police, and helped to evacuate the area before it went off. In the media he was initially celebrated as a hero. But the FBI later grew suspicious of Jewell and leaked information that pointed to him as a suspect. Even though he was never charged with a c ...
WE Day 5k Atlanta is a day of Women's Empowerment and celebration as women all over the world have played a significant part of building monumental moments and contributing to lifelong achievements. We want to honor the lives and legacies of women worldwide- high-ranking officials, military women, CEO's, educators, entrepreneurs and more. The state of Georgia has a line of women who help pioneer and steer community development in the areas of social economic with consumer power that have kept our economy stable; from the corporate offices and the military to the educators and stay-at-home moms who keep the soccer teams going. Featuring: • 5K walk from Centennial Olympic Park • ZUMBA in the Streets • Entrepreneurial and Health & Wellness Workshops • Art gallery exhibition • Food and Merchandise Vendors • Women's Day Summit and Panel with high-ranking officials and celebrities.
Join us to show our Love and Solidarity for our LGBT Russian family's Saturday at 430pm in Centennial Olympic Park. Let's spread our love, light and joy!
Watching the Sochi Opening Ceremonies and having our Russian meal - Stroganoff. The Hubs brought this up to me the other's been almost 20 years since the Olympics were hosted here in our home of Atlanta. I remember waiting so long for it to finally come to my city. My college apartment had a view of Centennial Olympic Park (site of the Olympic Park Bombing). I can't believe it's been almost 20 years...
Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. We never had time to ride the ferris wheel, unfortunately
Enjoying the 60 degree weather in Atlanta. @ Centennial Olympic Park
ABOUT THE EXPLORATION EXPOThe Atlanta Science Festival Exploration Expo is the culminating event of the festival week, taking place on March 29, 2014 from 11am-4pm. The event will draw thousands of people to Centennial Olympic Park in a fun filled day of 80+ interactive activities and performances t...
Mark your calendars for the ATLANTA SCIENCE FESTIVAL EXPLORATION EXPO, the ultimate family-fun science event on March 29, 2014 at Centennial Olympic Park. The Expo will include 80+ interactive activities, a science-themed parade and staged performances that celebrate the excitement of science, techn...
Please find J1 CULINARY Programs below : 4 Diamond International Hotel in the heart of Downtown Atlanta is looking for a career focused Chef! Train under one of a few Master Chefs from France! Visit all great places in Atlanta such as the GA Aquarium, World of Coke, Centennial Olympic Park and many more! Join this modern Restaurant with contemporary southern feel at this 4 star hotel in the heart of Downtown Atlanta! Expand your culinary talents from a great team. Looking for the 'right' person to train at this new hotel! You need to have previous luxury experience and good English skills. Location: Atlanta Rotation: Demi Chef: Restaurant – Banquets, Chef de Partie: Restaurant Salary: $ 11.50 per hour, 40 working hours per week Start: January 2014 Duration: 12 months Demi Chef de cuisine needed for a fine dining restaurant in Boston Authentic Provencal cuisine in Boston’s top restaurant. Located in Boston’s most converted spots, overlooking famous Boston Gardens and Harbor. With open kitchen, two ba ...
Well...being the Mother Hen that I am, I stayed awake tonight until my chicks came home to roost! I gave Jason 2 tickets to the Elton John concert at Phillips Arena for an early birthday gift so he and his Auntie Denise could go have some fun! They had a blast, and I was SO happy it all worked out! They said Centennial Olympic Park was all decorated for Christmas and that it just took their breath away to see it! There was even a beautiful white horse pulling a Cinderella carriage!
Centennial Olympic Park? Are you kidding? I knew you would hate this deal. You knock the Braves so often.
You have to look to the other side of downtown, at Centennial Olympic Park, remember it was abandoned warehouses, and see legacy
Embassy Suites Atlanta - at Centennial Olympic Park from $99 USD The Embassy Suites Atlanta Hotel at Centennial O...
Performing in two short hours at one of the largest venues in Atlanta! Centennial Olympic Park! If you're in...
Making strides for Breast Cancer walk at centennial olympic park.
On the sky view Atlanta over centennial Olympic park! @ SkyView Atlanta
200-foot-tall SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel, in Centennial Olympic Park. Part of it anyway. :-}
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Check out this horse that's in front of my leaning & rocking with it @ Centennial Olympic Park
What they know about that fancy footwork? @ Centennial Olympic Park
And the end result, we did it for the cause, Breast Cancer @ Centennial Olympic Park
Ready to play at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Centennial Olympic Park. My 3rd year now,…
Great Weather for the Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk at Centennial Olympic Park this morning.
What a world wind past few days. Thanking God for Successful outcomes! On to the Next. Making Strides 5k Tomorrow Centennial Olympic Park.
Setting up an event with Live Event Solutions. (@ Centennial Olympic Park - w/ 2 others)
A beautiful day to be walking through Olympic Park! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Six Flags, White Water, King Museum, Georgia Aquarium, High Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coke...what ya got?
Breast Cancer Awareness event held at Centennial Olympic Park tomorrow morning is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
Hanging out at Centennial Olympic Park from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics!
On Sept 18th at Centennial Olympic Park for Wednesday Wind Down, with the purchase of my Album, you'll…
2 more days to get through until at Centennial Olympic Park with and
We're here at Centennial Olympic Park till 7pm with delicious Strawberry Lemonade!
Win Tix to my show in ATL w/ at Centennial Olympic Park for Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2013 -
Disney Junior's The Doc Mobile Tour is coming to Atlanta on September 14 at Centennial Olympic Park on Andrew...
"I can see pops from up here!" The fountains are cool and the pops are delicious at Centennial Olympic park!
Atlanta - Flint's truck is serving up some tasty Foodimals at Centennial Park, corner if Luckie St & Centennial Olympic Park Dr.
Daddies and their boys in Centennial Olympic Park.
PARENTS! Disney Junior is bringing The Doc Mobile to Centennial Olympic Park on 9/14 from 10am to 6pm!
My photo of Dave Matthews Band performing at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta last spring is featured in this...
My new LINE DANCE, "The XL Stroll" coming to Centennial Olympic Park on Sept 18th, 2013! OMG! It's...
From the Red Carpet to the BIG STAGE, catch the "Lewis BROTHERS" LIVE at Centennial Olympic Park…
Fans have started to pack the Amphitheater here at Centennial Olympic Park. http:/…
Bored with the gym decided to walk to centennial Olympic park today and I'm glad I did. (at [pic]:
Mom's, Doc McStuffins is coming to Centennial Olympic Park on September 14th from 9am-4pm!...
I'll be playing at Centennial Olympic Park this Friday at 6:30 before Shakespeare in the Park!
To be real.they like really partying out here @ Centennial Olympic Park
at centennial park today rocking with jori @ Centennial Olympic Park
Got a Fan? The Doc Mobile is coming September 14 to Atlanta, at Centennial Olympic Park 9AM -...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Come join us at at Centennial Olympic Park @ 5:30 as I play & sing a couple songs w/the amazing & beautiful
Bring your kids to to spark imagination & inspire
Look how much fun Elliott is having at the playground! @ Centennial Olympic Park
The Doc Mobile Tour with Radio Disney at Centennial Olympic Park - September 14th
Less than a week from Mumford & Sons live at Centennial Olympic Park!
why is your background the Ferris wheel in centennial Olympic park
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on Centennial Olympic Park Dr on - Drive Social.
Free Bird in Atlanta @ Centennial Olympic Park for via ...I caaannn't chaaangge!!!
There's a big crowd of children at Centennial Olympic Park waiting for the water show.
My photo of Sean Hannity's audience at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta a while back is featured in this...
is tomorrow! Meet us at Southern Company Amphitheater at 5pm! . 265 Park Ave West N.W.,Centennial Olympic Park
Here are the details for the event on July 20th at Centennial Olympic Park Event details: Saturday, July 20 8:30 a.m. registration (limited to the first 50 people and their dogs) 9 a.m. workout begins Centennial Olympic Park 265 Park Avenue West NW Atlanta, GA 30313 Visit for event details and a special offer from Banfield Pet Hospital
On the Independence Day edition of City Café with John Lemley: We’ll visit Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park to ask people about their favorite 4th of July memories. Listen for that, along with flag-waving favorites, music by Aaron Copland, Woody Guthrie, John Williams and many others. It’s beginning at noon on the Thursday edition of City Café.
Atlanta! Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez are expecting a big turnout of boxing fans at their "The One" Press Conference today! Come show your support and tell us who you're picking at Centennial Olympic Park 1PM! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!
Hey there boxing fans, Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez will be in the Centennial Olympic Park today(6/27) at 1:00pm to promote fight in Vegas. FREE EVENT in the amphitheater.
Hamilton Collection
Just getting in...EARLY. We rocked Centennial Olympic Park! Special love to Radio - Music In The Key of Jazz and Greg Knight for the continuous support and love. Then held down the Sky Lounge Wednesday at Mardi Gras Cafe ATL until Verbal Slick swooped in to take the wheel. Shouts to my great assistant Jessica for holding me down. Now I'm home packing, because after Smart Thursdays I'm hopping on a plane to Houston, Texas. What's popping in the home town?
JCru music group featuring Joel Cruickshank on sax during jazz in the park at Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta GA
Centennial Olympic Park was turned all the way up today, lol
I want to spend a day in atlanta and watch the sun set at centennial Olympic park
On the way to Centennial Olympic Park wit Corey and Shaki!
Farmer’s market comes to Centennial Olympic Park
Singing at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta today for the first time... I am super excited and ready. I...
I'm taking a bunch of 4 year olds to Centennial Olympic Park... if I'm not back in a couple of hours...send help.
PATH foundation to establish trail hub in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park
Anyone want to go to Wind Down Wednesday at Centennial Olympic Park? today?
Downtown Atlanta is thriving and welcoming many new residents, as suburbanites give up the commute and discover...
If you live in Atlanta! Come see me perform at Centennial Olympic Park on June 19th at 5:30! SEE YOU THEN! RT!!
PATH foundation to establish trail hub in Centennial Olympic Park
Happy Hump Day! Let's wind down after work today! Join Mixx Master Mitch at Centennial Olympic Park at 5:30!
On the road to Atlanta! Playing at Centennial Olympic Park from 12-1pm today.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
webbie performing for free at centennial Olympic park at the 107.9 block part lol
I just spotted Suitcase-on-Head Guy making his suitcase-on-head rounds at Centennial Olympic Park.
Thanks to an accident that blacked 4 out of 6 lanes on the highway in Downtown Atlanta (which always has ridiculous traffic anyway), I got a nice tour of Georgia Tech's campus, Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia State's campus to start my morning.
The block party is this Satuday during the day at Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta! There will be ticket giveaways there too!
Working *** the set lists for this week's shows. . Tuesday I'll be at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA...
Get your Passport to Excellence and participate in the 2013 National 4-H Congress! This event is held on November 29 to December 3, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia. Michigan youth, ages 14 to 19, are invited to apply for this leadership, citizenship and community-service event. Youth from across the U.S. will come together to experience an exciting program, full of educational, service and leadership opportunities. Cultural highlights include an International Dinner and Dance and a trip to the Atlanta History Center. Participants have the option to tour Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN, the Carter Presidential Library and the Martin Luther King Center. Plus, some of the nation’s most outstanding community leaders, speakers and educators will present the most current and timely information. National 4-H Congress is considered the capstone event of 4-H. The cost is $1175 per participant plus about $100 extra for luggage fees, meals to and from Atlanta, and souvenirs. For m ...
Dear people who think all muslims are terrorists read this and think again! 14. January 29, 1998: Robert Sanderson, an off-duty police officer who worked as a security guard at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, was killed when his workplace was bombed. Eric Robert Rudolph, who was also responsible for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing, was charged with the crime and received two life sentences as a result. (Link) 15. The 1965 Alabama murder of Viola Liuzzo. She was a Southern-raised Detroit mother of five who was visiting the state in order to attend a civil rights march. At the time of her murder Liuzzo was transporting Civil Rights Marchers. (Link) 16. July 29, 1994: Dr. John Britton and James Barrett, a clinic escort, were both shot to death outside another facility, the Ladies Center, in Pensacola. Rev. Paul Jennings Hill was charged with the killings. Hill received a death sentence and was executed on September 3, 2003. The clinic in Pensacola had been bombed before and was also bomb ...
The Atlanta City Council has approved the installation of a 20-story Ferris wheel next to Centennial Olympic Park.
I'm at Centennial Olympic Park - for Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding and Grouplove (Atlanta, GA)
Which is largest Aquarium in the World ? The Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium with more than 8.5 million US gallons of marine and fresh water and containing more than 120,000 animals of 500 different species and built on a 20 acre site north of Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta , Georgia, USA at Pemberton Place.
Celebrating 100 years of service with Delta Theta Sigma at Centennial Olympic Park
We're @ Centennial Olympic Park w/ the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as they celebrate 100 yrs
Mizuno Staffer stacy_lewis with cnn's Dr. Sanjay Gupta at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA
What NOT to wear to Final Four weekend concert at Centennial Olympic Park.
Tis true, turns out can play LIVE, pretty *** well. @ Centennial Olympic Park
Did you know that Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park has the world's largest Olympic Rings Fountain? See it for...
Public Service Announcement: due to the success of the Final Four concert series in Centennial Olympic Park and...
This happened tonight and I'm not sure why... @ Centennial Olympic Park
S/O to reppin for today at the concert at Centennial Olympic Park
apparently I don't know my acronyms...the concert was at Centennial Olympic Park (COP), not OCP
: if you're in Atlanta..come to Centennial Olympic Park today and catch the concert for free hosted by LUDA and FLO-RIDA”
Walking to Centennial Olympic Park to check out Macklemore, and Flo-Rida!
Wow! Who would've thought the was more than hoops?!? @ Centennial Olympic Park
Come on Louisville, don't bust my bracket now! (@ Centennial Olympic Park - for Muse)
Gotta get all this done before tonight so I can hit this free Luda concert at Centennial Olympic Park
Just listened to do his mic check in Centennial Olympic Park...not going to lie, it was pretty sweet
Beautiful Atlanta skyline view from Centennial Olympic Park last night.
Aww yeah this event is going to be killer (@ Centennial Olympic Park - for Muse w/ 86 others)
Free Concerts in today at Centennial Olympic Park.. Ludacris & Flo-Rida
Pre- game concert at Final Four on a sunny day in Atlanta- go Cuse!! @ Centennial Olympic Park
Gym this morning, Sweetwater Brewery Tour, Centennial Olympic Park, Final Four...Today is looking like a good one
Concert in the park with my girl Caitlyn! @ Centennial Olympic Park
LAWD, I would not want to be in Centennial Olympic Park today. Ratchets gone wild to see free concerts. They gone kill to be a stage groupie
Flying biscuit ---> NCAA Big Dance Party at Centennial Olympic Park -> Club for the homies birthday
might as well call it Luda Final Four weekend. Club Reign tonight and Centennial Olympic Park tomorrow. I'm in the place to be!
Final Four next weekend, going to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Centennial Olympic Park.
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