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Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau (officially the Bureau of the Census, as defined in Title ) is the government agency that is responsible for the United States Census.

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According to Census Bureau estimates, the United States will become “majority-minority in 2044.”
U.S. Census Bureau removes 'LGBT' question from 2020 census (Mark Salling, Director of NODIS, is quoted)
New York: Suffolk County population decreased in 2016, Nassau County up, according to Census Bureau via
Just did our bit. We completed the American Community Survey, from the Census Bureau. The Survey…
I think I'm ok with them forgetting to appointing an apparatchik to head the census bureau
"Some 79% of Americans are eligible to contribute to a 401(k) but only 41% of eligible workers do so, ... (per) Cen…
Philadelphia Census bureau admitted it after the fact.
Sullivan really just got snatched by some lady from the Census Bureau 😂
The estimate for Florida's population in 2016 was 20,636,975. The 2015 US Census Bureau estimate was 20,271,272. This refl…
Census Bureau data shows that the uninsured rate for all Americans fell to 9.1% in 2015, down from 13.3% in 2013.
Distribution of Household Wealth in the U.S.: 2000 to 2011, U.S. Census Bureau, August 2014
8) The census bureau does a count that allocates federal spending and provides data to state leg. USED TO DRAW CONGRESS…
celebration! Census bureau: is poorest big city in U.S. via Thanks Dan & Mike!
According to Census Bureau over a 3 yr period abt 1/3 of Americans slip below poverty line at least once for 2 months or more. says ok
An employee of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and the headquarters of Population Census 2017 checks a census data fo…
US census bureau reported median wage of $30,240 which is £25,200. Less than UK median.
"Who is that on the phone?". "It's the mf Census Burr (Bureau)". "What!?". "The Census Burr, they calling about the census for the hood" . Lmfao
I suppose I should also point out that according to the Census Bureau and traditional race categories ME Muslims are "white".
Part of decrease in % of white Americans is because Census Bureau more accurately counting others over time.
Latino was incorporated by US Census Bureau in 1997. Goal was to create a new *non-White* demographic.
Hispanic is an artificial metal-ethnicity created by US Census Bureau in 1978. Before that, mestizos were classified as White
the Bureau of Census and Statistics ( now the ABS) offered me money. I didn't even know what economics were!
Ret Inc Blog Post Best Retirement Income Sources - According to the US Census Bureau, these are the sources of ...
U. S. Census Bureau says, Planned Parenthood was founded to usher this along. Here's how it's working so far:
Just as race relations worsen in Fiji, their Bureau of Stats decides there will be no race question in next census
unemployment is calculated through Census Bureau via the "Current Population Survey". Sample size is 60K.
I'll tell you what, I'll continue to rely on the census bureau and you can continue relying on the world in your head
along with Middle Eastern people, according to US Census Bureau all are white / Caucasians
Need to encourage development of a strategy for fitness for seniors based on this data from U.S. Census Bureau stud…
Check out these cool facts released by US Census Bureau related to energy and environment in honor of
so tired of teasers. I WILL NOT CLICK YOU! same 4u census bureau survey lady. ill never answer the f'n door. give up, b4 we are both dust.
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BTW folks, the US Census bureau wants to know who's straight or *** They might want to dispatch the Gestapo to arrest you in the future.
I believe the Census Bureau data is true and accurately reported by CNS.
THE Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (BPS) has kindly decided to conduct much awaited sixth population and housing cen…
The Census Bureau estimates that the population is growing by a minimum of 500,000 per year.
43 million Americans, or 13.1% of the population, lived in poverty in 2015. . The rate among African Americans was 24%.…
Hispanic, Latino are independent of race by Census Bureau; Federal Court Rules Three Texas... Via
American Community Survey/Survey of Income and Program Participation are Census data sources.(Census Bureau)
Census Business Builder helps you navigate data from the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey
Trump is considering a draft order that would require Census Bureau to ask about citizenship + immigration status https:…
Many career jobs in the federal government are largely unaffected by the executive. Not sure about Census Bureau though.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 543,000 small businesses are started in the United States every single mo…
According to the US Census Bureau persons with doctorates in the United States had an average income of roughly $81,400.
As of 2013, U.S. Census Bureau estimates 242,470,820 adults (18+) living in the United States. 5 million are ***
US Census Bureau released 1Q which found 47MILLION AMERICANS fall BELOW the POVERTY THRESHOLD of $24,000 median hou…
The Electoral College Map for 2016 USA Presidential Elections Using Data by the US Census Bureau. http:/…
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The Census Bureau also reported that the share of Americans with insurance continued to increase.
Average Americans Just Got A Huge Income Boost - I am sure Obama is not going to get blamed for this
Still, median household income remains 2.4 percent below the peak it reached in 1999
The median annual household income was $56,500 in 2015, new Census Bureau data show v…
the fantasy world of the US Censu Bureau?
Incomes up, but women and minorities still poorest – US Census Bureau
"my" 5.2%? seriously? I'm not the U.S. Census Bureau facts n' math -- not mythology
According to Bureau, rate down, median on rise:
Census Bureau reports that US poverty fell by more in 2015 than in any year in a decade. But it's still higher than it was…
.New reports show that there is no denying America is getting stronger economically http…
U.S. median income jumped 5.2% to $56,516 in 2015, the Census Bureau said. It's the first annual gain since 2007.
Children are 69% more likely to live in poverty than adults. - U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. household incomes surge for the first time in eight years, the iPhone 7 review and more of today's top news:
America's middle class got its first raise since 2007, and the poverty rate went down, Census Bureau says.
women and minorities still poorest – US Census Bureau..
The US is recovering significantly across all groups and incomes except those living in rural America
After 8 years of stagnating pay, Americans finally got a raise last year.
The Census Bureau says US incomes are increasing and the poverty rate is dropping .
Americans finally got a raise last year for the first time since 2007
Average Americans just got a huge income boost ➡️ by via Economy better under Pres Obama
Yea why NOT?. He's only off .8% Maybe can get Census Bureau to BACK her comment
Also, per the Census Bureau, 3.5 million fewer people are living in poverty, the largest annual percentage drop since 1999.
Just in: median household income rose 5.2% in 2015, the 1st annual increase since 2007, per the U.S. Census Bureau https:/…
Americans got a raise last year for the 1st time since 2007, Census Bureau says :
Census Bureau rpt: Very strong income growth in 2015. But you know, America is a disaster, folks.
Learn how mapathon participants mapped rural areas for Census Bureau project. From
Surely one (or more) of you want to advise the Census Bureau as part of a Scientific Advisory Committee?. Details:
REMINDER: applications for Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census Processing Officers needed in Belconnen...
Radio Caller, Mack how is ur pronunciation saying the word beautiful on audio? Like DJ Pooh's on The Census Bureau
But you are correct, census bureau is considering changing to correctly categorize this
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I'm not sure. Pulled from the Census Bureau. See page 26
According to the US Census Bureau, 19% of US children live in poverty. (1999)
2015 US Census Bureau report - demographics of American children under the age of 5 - Minority are “white”
I thought it was my Postmate knocking at the door but it was just an old man with the Census Bureau 😑
See the Census Bureau’s revenue estimates for Q1 for selected service industries
Census Bureau unleashes blizzard of questions on your Internet connection but NSA will still do illegal taps
and according to federal policy and the Census Bureau Hispanic isn't a race but it's classified as a ethnicity
Why Chicago is flourishing and dying at the same time. Striking census data.
The U.S Census Bureau is hiring now for 2020 J McDaniel tell what’s available. Register
Interesting article exploring the economic divide in
Please sign this petition before the compulsory Australian so they don't keep our names and addresses...
idbr: access the US Census Bureau International Data Base in R via
The US Census Bureau just released population estimates for 2015, surveying 750 cities with at least 50,000 people.
"Consider the fact that the US Census Bureau has traditionally identified Arab-Americans as 'white.' (Up until 9/11)
'Percent of Women enrolled in college, by race/ethnicity and age' - United States Census Bureau Data
According to the Census Bureau, San Francisco has the sixth highest percentage (3.4%) of people who bike to work in the country
was there discussion about predetermined HH by census bureau?
Mexico's census bureau reports that 1,007,063 foreigners are legal residents in the country. 73.4% are from United States.
are you getting notices from the census bureau like me? Process is terrible this year.
These numbers come from analyses utilizing census bureau stats, FBI stats, & studies on how many times crimes are committed by one person.
Census Bureau employees from the Population Division working in a temporary building during the 1910s.
According to U.S. Census Bureau, 3 out of about 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.
Census taker stopped by today. Apparently there's no occupation option for VIGILANTE FACE-BREAKER. Way to go, census bureau.
What about Statisticians, Actuaries, Vegas Oddsmakers, & Census Bureau staff?. All have used for decades.
Do you think the U.S. Census Bureau should ask about tribal enrollment in the next 2020 Census count?
No Iranians are complaining about the Rumi casting. Besides, according to US Census Bureau, Persians ARE white.
For the First Time the US Census Bureau will be Using Arabic in their Forms! - Eagle Rising
Population growth is concentrated in Texas cities, says US Census Bureau.
US Census Bureau saw 4Q15 vacancy rates drop YOY in the Midwest. https…
Census Bureau: 3.7mil women have fallen into poverty under Obama …
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the African immigrant group is the most educated immigrant group in the United States
Young, educated, relatively high-earning workers are flocking to many U.S. cities at a rate not seen since the Census Bureau began tr...
Census Bureau announces new CIO after the position remained vacant for 11 months.
A large percentage of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. are in Texas:
Census Bureau hopes to use data from other government agencies in 2020
We use Census Bureau designations, and it absolutely defines Oklahoma as a Southern state...
So lucky to get American Community Survey from Census Bureau again. . Might have to get lottery ticket since I beat the odds.
Bernie Sanders and "white states": media narratives versus the U.S. Census Bureau
Dane County had highest population growth in state last year, says Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau says Maine’s largest county is also the fastest-growing part of the state.
New data released by the U.S. Census Bureau show metro area is the fastest growing area in
Illinois is forfeiting more people than any other state, according to Census Bureau estimates.
At the State Capitol for presentation from US Census Bureau. It's time to start planning for…
William Deming, a statistician who invntd technique used by Census Bureau. Booker said he adopted it when was Mayor.
So you trust CNN more than National Academy of Sciences and Census Bureau? Huh.
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"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 18% of Pacific Islanders have a Bachelor’s Degree. Further, only 78%...
African American population by county in the United States in 2010. -. Source: RAC, U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census https:/…
Ten takeaways from US Census Bureau trade data listed: join us
The most recent Census Bureau data showed that median household income — what people in the exact middle of the Amer…
Census Bureau: State population grows by nearly 32000 in past year - Tulsa World
The U.S. Census Bureau has found 46,800 vacant homes — 16 percent of Baltimore’s housing stock
Commerce Dept CIO, testifying as Census Bureau hasn't hired its own permanent CIO yet, says Census tech stuff is going swell for 2020 count.
I've done my civic duty. Just spent 20 minutes talking to a guy from the Census Bureau who was compiling data for the consumer price index.
(2/3) According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 5 La. residents is impoverished.
The US Census Bureau, USDA, HUD and others are planning a disaster reaponse hackathon. Would you be interested in participating?
According to the U.S. Census Bureau 80% of Americans spoke only English at home
One of my favorite images from Tribfest of the Former Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Steve Murdock.
Phoenix home ownership has dropped more than 12% between 2005 and 2014, according to the Census Bureau's American...
Alarming data descriptions: "The FBI does not employ Census Bureau codes in its databases..." [on place names].
Some announced and semi-announced candidates for Speaker of the House could be bad news for the Census Bureau.
According to a 2013 U.S. Census Bureau report, the percentage of men in has more than tripled since 1970. https:/…
And different sources provide different values (US Census Bureau and I think EBRD had the GDP at 10.4 bUSD for example)
FORTY-EIGHT MILLION Americans are suffering to survive the emptiness of poverty.
United States Census Bureau . Race and Ethnicity: . Demographics of the United States - Wikipedia. …
Compare Cities: We are currently working on a city comparison feature using data from the US Census Bureau. He...
It's the ppl from the census bureau
I swear to God, the US Census Bureau ALWAYS calls me when I am busy. ALWAYS.
Why does the bureau need to know my college major?
The Census Bureau reports today that the rate of U.S. homeownership fell to 63.4 percent in the second quarter of...
Just had a lady in my apartment for the US Census Bureau and Carl tried to use her leg as a scratching post 🙈🐱
Census Bureau finds # of women business owners grew by 28% from 2007-12. Inc. presents details:
More Sonoma County residents living in poverty: Census Bureau estimates show that the number of county residents…
Sign of the times: 1 in 5 Americans on Food Stamps, Other Govt Aid
Your numbers? Census Bureau estimated the growing black population at 14.3% last year/ half minority born, B Deane Daily blog
According to US Census Bureau, that Southern border is "projected" to stay open…
Tricky issue of gender pay gap surfaces in White House race: According to a recent Census Bureau report, worki...
Census Bureau to Announce Findings for 2014 Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage, and Supplemental...
Kicking off the Combined Federal Campaign today with Census Bureau employees! 100% for the kids!…
Branch site of Census Bureau's Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC) program has opened at UW-Madison:
Important news because we depend on the Census Bureau for estimates. They seem to produce guesstimates.
Page through US history, colonial times to 1970, in this compilation of Census Bureau statistics
Census: Commuters to Salt Lake County come from all over Utah: Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that...
Census Bureau's American Community Survey/American FactFinder. Not the easiest to navigate, and huge lags, but good stuff.
Diversity is Chaos: A new analysis of monthly Census Bureau data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows |
According to Census Bureau, two-thirds of those below poverty line at any given point identify themselves as white:
Did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau bought the first non-military computer produced in the United States?...
New Home Sales in U.S. Drop 6.8 Percent in June, a 7-Month Low: According to HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau, s...
Census Bureau: 45.6% of funding for elementary & secondary ed comes from state governments
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 106 people named Harry Potter.
Census Bureau reports Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford counties have the youngest populations.
Update your maps at Navteq
Study: Number of married same-sex couples in US in 2013 may be much lower than initial Census Bureau estimates
With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that home ownership has slipped ... RT
Single parenthood is exceedingly common in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau one-third of...
Yet according to the US Census Bureau, the UK Office for National Statistics, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, that seems false.
fact: U.S Census Bureau estimates there is 70.1 million fathers in the United States in 2008 with 214,000 stay at home.
Good Lord! "According to a 2012 study by the U.S. Census Bureau, the “poverty gap” in the United States was $...
The U.S. Census Bureau released the latest report on. K-12 education funding in the United States. See where AZ is! .
Census Bureau to participate in the National Day of Civic Hacking (PRESS RELEASE) -
Why’s Honolulu the only Metropolitan Statistical Area the Census Bureau titles with Urban in front of the name? It’s an alphabetization nuke
Sen. Sessions discusses the Census Bureau's projection that future immigration will break all historical records: http…
U/D Census Bureau per police-media area set up at the Good Year Store at Silver Hill Rd & Navy Day Dr. FBI is taki…
BREAKING: A man has been shot in the upper body at the U.S. Census Bureau in Suitland, MD on Silver Hill road.
Developing: Silver Hill rd now shutdown in front of Census Bureau. ARMED Shooter still inside building ht…
Shawnee County Population Down For Second Year: Data from the U.S Census Bureau shows that the Shawnee County…
Getting divorced when your spouse is also your business partner: Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that...
US Census Bureau released its quarterly services data for Q4 of 2014: BEA believes revenue…
Hispanics make up 16% of the U.S. per the Census Bureau. 4 more facts you should know about the growing market:
The US Census Bureau reports that 1 of 3 children in the US is being raised without a father present. God, we need mothers AND fathers
Hispanics Projected to Comprise One-Third of Under-18s in 2060: … : US Census Bureau [pdf]. N...
GAO to Census: Tighten up Internet response option: The Census Bureau’s plans to offer the option ...
New Blog by Census Bureau Director, John Thompson: FY 2016 Is a Critical Year for the Reengineered 2020 Census
More young adults in California are not leaving home, according to a new study by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Census Bureau reports increase in multiple marriages: Duluth, MN (- A new report from t...
Please call the Census Bureau and Dept of Edu about this because they are obsessed with crunching on these two inputs.
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But why?Census Bureau says by 2043 Whites=minority N US.So Iran can waltz in.VJ team? Know what I mean?
Wholesale Inventories Grow Slightly in January, Sales Slide: The latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau sho...
Source: US Census Bureau [pdf] Notes: Hispanics will account for 33.5% of the under-18 population in 2060,...
The U.S. Census Bureau has the most informative hold line. "The telephone was invented this month..."
New report on marriage and remarriage in the US is now available from the Census Bureau. Data are from a 5-year...
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Should we stop tracking the divorce rate?
Check out John Anderson, Baird Family Professor of Economics, in the news:
Census bureau says Lake Havasu residents believe in marriage -- a lot and more often than once.
international trade data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau show that the U.S. economy joined in experiencing contraction in January
Quarterly Services Survey: . The Census Bureau quarterly services survey focuses on information and tech...
▶ Quarterly Services Survey: The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the estimate of U.S. information… CENSUS
Going by the inten'l trade data by the US Census Bureau, it appears U.S. economy joined China in contraction in January 2015.
Unemployment rate would b 11.4% if same number of adults were n workplace to as was n sept 08. Via US census bureau
CAM-I meeting a forum for Census Bureau to offer primer on enterprise risk management
The Census Bureau's quarterly services survey is due at 10.00 ET.
I appreciate the disclaimer @ the bottom. Not not numbers but US Census Bureau numbers.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 4% of Americans have been married THREE different times . . . or more. Have...
I've realized some things about my destiny. It lies within the mountains of files at the census bureau. I'm...
Amount paid to women for every dollar paid to men, according to the 2012 Census Bureau survey: $0.77
Census Bureau: DC keeps growing, albeit at slower pace
U.S. census bureau said "WASPs are a dying breed?" Its not the data, its how u use term pejoratively
US Census Bureau stated that fact, not I. That's 1 of the reasons my GOP friends are adverse to immigratio
U.S. Census Bureau finds today's minorities will be in the majority by 2044 via
List of record labels: A–H Wikipedia article edited anonymously from [US] Bureau of the Census
"The share of households on food stamps has more than doubled since 2000, a new Census Bureau report finds".
According to the Census Bureau’s annual estimates from the Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS), the national homeowner...
UPDATE due to travel issues the following companies cancelled from Spring Career Fair: Citigroup, US Census Bureau, ESPN
Now that rethugs have run the table by Gerrymandering Congressional Districts they will defund Census Bureau
Homeownership rate continues to fall:
Census Bureau compiles on in biz in honor of National Women’s History Month
Atlanta wants to welcome and include the foreign-born population. Now hiring a Welcoming Atlanta Director.
"The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that about 57 million Americans—one in five—live with disabilities."
Census Bureau: California still has highest U.S. poverty rate
17.5% of households in PDX metro area receiving food stamps, acc'd to US Census Bureau report (cont.)
A3. BTW - U.S. Census Bureau shows that there are 76.4 million
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Census Bureau: Fertility will increase for US-born women & decline for foreign-born women by 2050
Mark your calendars! March 19th - Open Data Discussion with the U.S. Census Bureau!
POLITIFACT: Census Bureau estimates only 15 Somali people live in Delaware. Biden’s statement is false. PANTS ON FIRE
The U.S. Census Bureau has openings for interviewers in the Madison County area. All that's needed for the job,...
If you do research on race and ethnicity, take a look at the Census Bureau test plans; comment period closes Feb 2.
statistics from a 2004 National Safety Council report, the National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau.
According to a Census Bureau report 65% of all children in the US are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal govt
65% of all American families are getting some sort of federal aid. . -Census Bureau . Welcome to Obama's America
Using the latest projections from the Census Bureau issued in December, Frey calculates that whites... via
Has anyone recently received a survey by the US Census Bureau? Apparently I am required by law to fill this out. One of the questions is, what time did you go to sleep the past week? My response to them, go blow on a hot chimney!
31.66% of Americans over the age of 25 have a Bachelor's degree (according to the US Census Bureau)
Tips for Safer Commute!. "Morning roadways can get busy: The U.S. Census Bureau says 86 percent of American...
U.S. Census Bureau is now hiring Bilingual Telephone Intervi -
Community Survey: What is it, and why is it in the spotlight?: How important is the U.S. Census Bureau-compile...
It's a # from the Census Bureau. Look it up yourself.
Check out Census Bureau’s recently released annual state population estimates. NC estimated to be 9th largest state.
they aren't my facts. they belong to the US census bureau and FBI. ur "facts" are skewed.
Should we stop tracking the divorce rate?.
Tell the Census Bureau we count: Support a new classification that includes Arab Americans
Urgent action is needed! The U.S. Census Bureau is considering a new classification for people from the Middle...
New report from the NRC provides input on improving the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey
U.S Census Bureau Data: 36% of 18-31yr olds were living in parents home in 2012 highest in 40yrs😱 Go find & help them P…
Census Bureau projects population peaks in size in 2018
Census Bureau doesn’t think will escape the grim reaper. pop peaks at 81million in 2036
those are stats from US census bureau ! Point is with time they overpopulate and enforce sharia!
Six figure a year income was a big deal in the 80s. The census bureau stats will surprise you on how much cost of...
Here's why $250,000 a year is the new six figure income. The stats from census bureau are staggering.
Idk but they start asking me ?'s I'ma be like Slim in the wash when the census bureau calls. I'm giving names addresses etc...
The U.S. Census Bureau is testing an online option in Georgia and South Carolina ahead of the 2020 count
no they aren't go read the census bureau statistics..You are just making these numbers up..whites dominate
Is tracking the American rate really worthwhile?. As the Census Bureau considers whether it will stop...
What exactly does the Census Bureau spend $982 million on? (unusual Obama takeover Jan 2009)
U.S. Census Bureau: Another year of U.S. population growth with half due to immigration rather than childbirth...
Go to the Census Bureau you dumb *** you are no where close to being wiped out in America
The official Business Insider ranking, based on CDC and Census Bureau data.
Demographers & statisticians are up in arms because Census Bureau wants to stop tallying marriage & divorce rates
it's called the American Community Survey. From Census Bureau, got it this week. Have to fill it out online
Census Bureau is whittling down the American Community Survey and that’s bad news for ht
Census Bureau plans to delete questions about marriage and divorce from its yearly American Community Survey:
That's a start. Now somebody with some balls and political capital needs to tell Census Bureau add a long overdue gender class!
Nearly three-fourths of aging Baby Boomers are overweight or obese, according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau report
The Pennsylvania State Data Center (PaSDC) , as the commonwealth’s official source for population and economic statistics, is seeking a motivated Penn State Harrisburg student from the School of Public Affairs -- Homeland Security Base Program -- to serve as an (unpaid) intern for the Spring 2015 semester. Individuals applying should possess an interest in data-related research, information acquisition and interpretation. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, publishing software and database programs will prove useful. Also, the ability to communicate clearly and accurately both verbally and in writing to coworkers, project clients and data center customers is a must. The intern will assist with the creation of materials intended for statewide distribution, including PaSDC Research Briefs, data Tipsheets and monthly Newsletters. The main project for this internship is the development of a training program on a U.S. Census Bureau web-based data tool. Through the project, the intern will learn several ...
Reagan the Racist? Elder: Ronald Reagan: The 100-Year-Old Racist? By Larry Elder Ronald Reagan "tortured" blacks. Tavis Smiley, the PBS television host, once said this about the former president. NBC's Bryant Gumbel and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, among many others, consider Reagan a racist. "There they go again," as Reagan might have said. The economic lot for blacks and Hispanics improved far more than it did for whites after Reagan's steep tax cuts. In late 1982, Reagan's second year in office, the unemployment rate for blacks was 20.4 percent. By 1989, his last year, the black unemployment rate had fallen to 11.4 percent -- a 9 percent drop. In late 1982, the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 15.3 percent. By 1989, it had fallen to 8 percent -- a drop of over 7 percentage points. White unemployment, by contrast, fell "only" 4 percentage points. What about black-owned businesses? In 1982, according to the Census Bureau, there were 308,000 black-owned businesses. By 1987, the number had inc ...
Clinton should soon be given a key posting in the US Census Bureau. He seems to be focused and good at concentrating on vital statistics.
This American Community Survey from the Census Bureau is real strange.
Highlighting just how quickly the Charleston area's population is increasing, the Census Bureau said Mount Pleasant was the nation's ninth-fastest-growing large city in 2013.
Today in computer history: Herman Hollerith Dies-November 17, 1929 Herman Hollerith dies of a heart attack at age 69. Hollerith's experience before he was 30 -- at the US Census Bureau and US Patent Office and as instructor in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- set the stage for inventing the successful card system for the 1890 census. After this achievement, Hollerith set up his Tabulating Machine Co. in 1896. In 1911 it became the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co., which Thomas Watson, Sr. joined in 1914. A decade later it became International Business Machines.
Scary! 40% of working Americans are not saving for retirement, via Federal Reserve, US Census Bureau, Internal Revenue Ser…
National broadband subscription rate in the US is 73.4%, compared to 88% in UK and Germany according to Census Bureau.
New estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Texas was the state that had the largest net gain of former North Carolina residents...
– utilized U.S. Census Bureau data just released in annual federal American Community Survey for 2013.
Census Bureau: Noncitizen income rose 15x times income of native U.S. worker Thx to refusal to secure border
First Generation (1940-1956) Vacuum Tubes The first computers used vacuumtubes for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory, and wereoften enormous, taking up entire rooms. They were very expensive to operate andin addition to using a great deal of electricity, generated a lot of heat,which was often the cause of malfunctions. First generation computers relied onmachine language, the lowest-level programming language understood bycomputers, to perform operations, and they could only solve one problem at atime. Input was based on punched cards and paper tape, and output was displayedon printouts. The UNIVAC and ENIAC computersare examples of first-generation computing devices. The UNIVAC was the firstcommercial computer delivered to a business client, the U.S. Census Bureau in1951. A UNIVAC computer at the Census Bureau. Image Source: United StatesCensus Bureau Second Generation (1956-1963) Transistors Transistors replaced vacuum tubes and ushered in the second generationof computers. The transistor was inv ...
Why the American poor and middle classes don't feel the economic recovery:
Good News from the Census Bureau, Unless You're a Woman, Minority or Child: Associated Press The good news for...
The overall poverty rate fell, but the total number of Americans living in poverty remained roughly the same,...
An improved economy with more full-time workers spurred a decline in the national poverty rate in 2013 _ the first in 7 years _ and the first decline in the nation’s child poverty rate in 13 years, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released Tuesday.
More than 42 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2013: Census Bureau
No surprise: Census Bureau reports Mississippi had the nation's highest poverty rate in 2013: 22.5 percent.
The U.S. still has more than 45 million people in poverty, Census Bureau says
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Poverty rate drops for the first time since 2006: The U.S. Census Bureau, in its annual look at poverty in the...
Poverty rate has first decline in 7 years, but many American still struggling
The US rate declined last year for the 1st time since 2006 says Census Bureau
Census Bureau releases annual report on poverty today. welfare expert Robert Rector puts it in English : http:…
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