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Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder is the name of two different music groups.

Keith Harkin Emmet Cahill Colm Keegan George Donaldson Ryan Kelly Celtic Thunder Christmas Neil Byrne Emmet Cahill Official Music Paul Byrom Celtic Thunder Official Amazing Grace Celtic Woman Merry Christmas Take Me Home

So sad to hear George Donaldson of Celtic Thunder died last month. He will be sadly missed. A lovely lovely man. Our love goes out to his wife and daughter. RIP.
I have a strange addiction to the black donnellys. It has this sopranos meets newsies with a splash of celtic thunder thing going on
My life was incomplete without Celtic Thunder.
Is your basement that big. You could put one heck of a studio down there. Celtic Thunder going to form a new team? lol
Bonnie, Paul G, Mark F, and Frank H thanks for joining and bringing a wee bit of Celtic thunder hh!
2 minutes into watching a Celtic Thunder interview. Paul: "I was watching my hair". George: "I wasn't" I just laughed way too hard
I don't know what set me off, but tonight I'm painfully reminded that a little over a month ago Celtic Thunder lost a beautiful voice and the world lost a beautiful man. Dear George, "I hate you some, I love you some, but I miss you the most."
I hope this finds you all well. My thoughts and prayers to George's family and all Celtic Thunder Family, his passing was a great loss.
I was just looking at the scheduled concert dates,is celtic thunder not performing in Boston this year ???
Taran (nf) (thunder, torann (nm). Found in the name of the god Taranis.
I am of Scot Irish descent so I have the best of both worlds. I have loved Celtic Thunder from the first time I saw them on our PBS station in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I just found out that my favorite voice in Celtic Thunder, George Donaldson (gorgeous baritone), has DIED! Back in March. I saw them in Oct.
Keith Irish people saw my Celtic thunder t-shirt today & they woundedn who yous were. And I told them and they were shockd hax
-Ashley hummed to herself as she bustled about in the kitchen, prepping everything for dinner. She had Celtic Thunder --
I am so glad I got the opportunity to go see Celtic thunder live in concert when they came to Bemidji September 2013. They were awesome. George Donaldson will be missed. may you R.I.P George! you will be missed.
Thank you for accepting my request to join this group Ryan Kelly is my top favorite members of Celtic Thunder i have his first solo album i listen to it consently my ipod shows I have listened to that album 50 times. Two of the songs i listen to the most on that album are not far apart that song reminds me of my grandparents on my dads side who are both not in the world of the living anymore. And the village i call the moy
Little Giant Ladders
a JoBBeR just brought the body count to 782,076 by icing [MWRT] Ɣ Celtic Thunder.
the song was written by a band called Celtic Thunder.
do you listen to the Celtic thunder
Omg celtic thunder is on tv ...damian is soo cute
So sad to learn that the world has lost George Donaldson, original member of Celtic Thunder and a magnificent man. I'll always remember him.
Foxwoods Resort Casino has Celtic Thunder singing group at Grand Theater Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. Tickets $30, $40 and $50.
Colm I blocked your account long enough to get the trashy picture off my screen. Please represent Celtic Thunder.
I can see the headlines already: "Celtic Thunder singer expose himself while best friend laughs, mums outraged." 😂
He played like an All-Star when he was with the Celts, now he's with the Thunder, he's forgotten. Truly a Celtic, Perk.
Colm Keegan talks about Celtic Thunder's Home DVD | Celtic Thunder - This DVD will be perfect to give...
i-toss-and-turn-like-the-sea: Currently in love with Celtic Thunder. Omfg I’m stuck in this mode…
|| I love that show. I've been a fan of Damian since his Celtic Thunder days. c':
remember these days? Makes me happy you in Celtic Thunder! Oklahoma is always open!
The God of thunder finds love in the arms of a deaf woman paranormal only $.99!
Sarah: Did you go to see Celtic Thunder Official last night?? What did you think of the show??
djcallirose is playing Celtic Thunder - Now We Are Free
djcallirose is playing Celtic Thunder - Hallelujah
Watch talk about the Celtic Thunder - 'Home' DVD
I thought this might be of interest to the group. I was reading my local newspaper today, The Baltimore Sun, and there was an announcement of Celtic Thunder going to sea. The picture with the article was the one from Mythology with all 5 guys, which, of course, includes George and Emmet. The article goes on to tell you that we would be entertained by Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne and Colm Keegan. No mention of Emmet whatsoever even though he is in the picture and no mention, of course, of George's death. After the article there was "Special to Tribune Newspapers." I guess the article was written over a month ago and now just put in the newspaper. Just thought that I'd pass on this info to you.
~ Link to the complete Celtic Thunder 2014 Symphony Tour Dates with additional listings of Tour Australia
Emmet Cahill ( Celtic Thunder) and Rebecca Winckworth 'Make you feel my love' via
Would love to see a Celtic Thunder album with all members including Emmet, Damien, Paul & Daniel, singing George's favori…
Was for public viewing on FB. Celtic Thunder lads pay tribute after George's funeral. …
I added a video to a playlist Tears of Hercules - Celtic Thunder - Keith Harkin
I added a video to a playlist Celtic Thunder - All I Want for Christmas is You
I would like to tell you about Irish singer Keith Harkin who is promoting his solo career. He is also touring with Celtic Thunder.
Keith Harkin and all Celtic Thunder fans say "Good Night George Donaldson" http:/…
I agree! I saw Celtic Thunder live last yr. I am so love Keith Harkin! When they came out in kilts I almost rushed the stage!!
oh NO, enjoyed his performance at the Straz in Tampa Bay.. Tragic death of Celtic Thunder singer George Donaldson
Had the opportunity for a second time to meet amazing Irish musician, Keith Harkin, of Celtic Thunder this weekend in Dallas, on his St. Patrick's Day tour. He's such a sweetheart.
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In addition to being a big Celtic Thunder fan, I am a Disney/Walt Disney World fan too...and over the past 18 years have made some very good friends in that community too. I tell you this because a few days before Christmas, one of the first people I met in real life as part of our on-line Disney group also passed due to a massive heart attack. He too was only 46 years old, way to young to leave us, loved by everyone who new him...and now dear George. I guess what I want to say is, we just never know when or where our number will be called, so live each day as if it were your last, tell those close to you how much you love them, cherish your days and do something with them to help others.
Celtic Thunder are deeply saddened to announce the loss of principal singer George Donaldson, who passed away Wednesday, 12th March 2014 at his home in Glasgow, Scotland. The cause of death was a massive heart attack. Born February 1st, 1968, Donaldson was 46 years old. His wife, Carolyn, and his daughter, Sarah, 13, who he described as the “light of my life,” survive him. Born and raised in Glasgow, George Donaldson was a self-taught musician, accomplished on both guitar and flute, with a lifelong passion for Celtic music inspired by his late father Bernard. One of George’s greatest thrills was performing for his Dad – and 65,000 other fans – at the Celtics opening match of the 2000 season at Celtic Park in Glasgow. Donaldson joined Celtic Thunder in 2007 after auditioning for the show’s producer Sharon Browne and was invaluable in helping to establish the show’s trademark celebration of Irish and Scottish heritage.Known in Celtic Thunder as the “steadfast” one, Donaldson carried the di ...
Sadly, principal singer from Celtic Thunder, George Donaldson, passed away on March 12, 2014. Celtic Thunder fans will let his memory and his music live on.
Celtic Thunder - Amazing Grace: via R.I.P. George.. forever you will be loved and missed
Any Celtic Thunder Fans out there... With great sadness I read of the passing of the beloved George Donaldson, founding member of the Celtic Thunder group. My prayers go out to his wife and daughter along with his Celtic Thunder family. RIP George, you are singing among the angels now.
Celtic Thunder has been one of the special things in my life for nearly four years. I was going through a VERY rough time when I discovered their music. And they lifted me up. And their music made my life much easier. And in many ways they changed me and changed my life. And I remember the first time I seen George Donaldson perform with them. It was on PBS, and He was singing "Life With You". Three years later, I seen him perform that very same song in person when I went to see Celtic Thunder in Charlotte, NC with my mother and uncle. I've always enjoyed him. I've always loved listening to him, and watching him perform. Today he died, and to say that I will miss him is an understatement. I've said before, that George was the heart and soul of Celtic Thunder. And he was that, and always will be. Just in a different way now. Just as the song "Life With You" says, "I can't conceive of the years left in me... without you in our home". Shan Lis
I adore Twist and Shout By the Beatles, 1812 Overture, anything by Springsteen, and Take Me Home by Celtic Thunder
From Poor David's Pub : "Poor David's Pub Dear News Friends: On March 15, PDP turns 37, 1/2 of my 74years on this Earth water planet in the Solar System located in the distal end of one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, one of the billion galaxies in the Known Universe! Can you tell I watched the reprised "Cosmos"? Anyhoot, it is quite a varied and diverse weekend, starting Thursday with Keith Harkin, a heart throb from the Celtic Thunder band; he has already sold 250 tickets at 30$+ each, mostly to women of all ages. They will come early, listen to the O's open and wait breathlessly for their darling Keith to take the stage. From then on I confess I do not know what goes on in their minds, but his show is mesmerizing, exciting, even paced and very personal so that every woman in the audience probably thinks Keith is playing to her. This is a good thing in show business, and he does it convincingly, Afterwards, he signs and poses until every last drop of fan estrogen has "left the building"..."
Miriam and I got to celebrate celebrate St. Patrick's day a little early with a show at Kell's Irish Pub last night. We saw Keith Harkin who is a fun young Irish singer who also performs with Celtic Thunder. (Crumby video but we had a good time!)
~ enjoy "Castles in the Air" a Keith Harkin gem as recorded with Celtic Thunder: via
I just added March Music to SEASONS & CELEBRATIONS RADIO by Annette Griffin, Celtic Thunder, and Celtic Woman. Join me 24/7 for the best in Irish Music, with CALLAHAN'S PUB opening Friday at 4pm (PT) and an Irish International Day Women's Special Saturday at 9am. LISTEN FREE at Live365 Radio Online 24/7 at: also on iTunes 'Internet' Radio, TiVo, & Roku
I like Celtic Thunder. My favorite artist is Keith Harkin.
Keith Harkin with Celtic Thunder "The Show' his first recorded cover of "The Island" on Vimeo
Celtic Thunder soloist Colm Keegan can't wait to come to for the first time
Looking for St. Pat's plans? Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder will be at the Hark Rock Cafe's Velvet Underground 3/14
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
~ Celtic Thunder 'Mythology' Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan - "The Sound of Silence" via
~ Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan ... always golden. "The Sound of Silence" from Celtic Thunder 'Mythology'
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne from Celtic Thunder 'Heritage' - "Whiskey in the Jar": via
~ This is Keith Harkin singing "The Tears of Hercules" ... the song is on his first solo album 'Keith Harkin' and Celtic Thunder 'Mythology'
~ "Stand and Deliver" the amazing performance of Keith Harkin in Celtic Thunder's production 'Storm' on Vimeo
I wanna know what love is.. I want you to show me.. ♫ I Wanna Know What Love Is by Celtic Thunder & Keith Harkin
Met a lady earlier wearing a Celtic Thunder shirt. Started talking and was able to sell her every Keith Harkin thing I owned! $
'And the seasons pass away" "cos I don't remember seasons lasting oh so long' Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder! Xx
When he’s back at home writing songs or going on tour and performing in front of millions, Keith Harkin frontman of Celtic Thunder wears his zebrawood Dylan Thomas frames proudly Get yours here!
Neil Byrne is a singer-song writer and member of the Irish vocal group, Celtic Thunder .
Why is Sharon's blog silent since Dec?? The FAMILY wonders and prays all is well. Why no comments Bout Emmet and the Celtic News still with Santa?? Hope ShRon is at work doing her magic somewhere and the FAMILY stays behind it all strong and supportive. Sharon will hopefully turn this to a deeper level and we can continue to treasure the talents of all the Irish we have come to love. Sharon always takes the FAMILY above and beyond their expectations. She will do that again and we will be charmed and hushed. Go Sharon keep the guys together and lead them and us to continued musical gifts. We remain in appreciation.
From: Celtic Thunder - "It's Entertainment" If you would like to pick up a copy today, please visit our Official Store on Amazon
Emmet Cahill is a principal singer with Irish vocal group Celtic Thunder. He is a highly trained and skilled musician and can play several instruments. He has a baritone voice and performs solo on several Celtic Thunder songs.
Purchase your download from Itunes here Find a Celtic Thunder Show near you! This Independence Day, Celtic Thunder...
How much does it cost to be a genuine fan of Celtic Thunder? Would it be better to change my name or by them gifts?
Who wants to pay for me to go on a Celtic Thunder Cruise??? :)
Claddagh Birthstone rings for February & March just added to the Celtic Thunder Store!
Not that I don't think the Celtic Thunder jewelry line isn't pretty, but what does that have to do with music... just saying...
Is it in the Celtic thunder contract that you must say "SOON" to every question?
Listening to Celtic Thunder thinking of when i last listened to them they were called noise. I am kind of glad I no longer live there. Time to go through the boxes.
~ Keith Harkin - "Surfer Medley" on stage with Celtic Thunder : via
My day is just not complete without my Celtic music. Today's choice artist? Celtic Thunder ❤️❤️
Nah I would think you would sound like the wife of one of the guys from Celtic Thunder.LOL!
More photos from the Acoustic by Candlelight show! (Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder Official) played an...
be happy your mom isn't the type of mom to only post about Celtic Thunder.
I hope you follow Celtic Thunder. If you don't you are missing a lot.
hey Keegan waiting for you to autograph pictures for my Celtic Thunder wall
Cool. I heard or read somewhere that there wasn't going to be a fall tour of Celtic Thunder.You hear of anything like it?
Lyrics to "A Bird Without Wings" song by CELTIC THUNDER: Like a bird without wings That longs to be flying, Like a motherless child Left lonely and crying. L...
Black Velvet Band it's from Celtic Thunder live and unplugged and Emmet plays the fiddle in it.
Don't feel bad. I'm a huge fan of Josh's and Celtic Thunder. They all ignore me 4 CT u need $
This version of Puppy Love by Celtic Thunder is not doing it for me.
The Men of "Mythology:" Colm Keegan. - sammieshamrock: Celtic Thunder, an incredible performing group...
"thunder bout to spank dat *** boy your a Celtic fan exit my mentions
You can sing about Wallace bit not about sands, glasgow celtic is in the wrong hands!. The thunder is amazing tonight Peter! Not.
So we just started "It's Entertainment" - Celtic Thunder - for Aleana...and as they show the guys in the group, Aleana starts hollering out names.. The only ones I actually heard were "SKYLER" and "JACOB". LOL Makes me wonder why I just do not continually video her when she's here... Now she's sitting in her little chair, watching the tv, and eating her chicken fingers and chips.. :D
'What are your ambitions over the next five years?' I have lots of ambitions. Having just recently moved on from Celtic Thunder into a solo career I am very excited for what’s coming up in the near future for me. I can’t give away too much just yet but hopefully it won’t be too long before you see an Emmet Cahill album out there. I am delighted with what’s being proposed so far, so all I can say to my wonderful fans is to watch this space. - Emmet Cahill Official Music
Ryan Kelly and Colm Keegan from Celtic Thunder showed me how to donate to the cause
Check out some of the new Celtic Thunder Jewelry Pieces that have been added to the Celtic Thunder Store.
~ Enjoy "The Tears of Hercules" from Keith Harkin's first album and Celtic Thunder 'Mythology' || via…
So it was the new year. I got to hang out with my best friend Kristy and I even gained a new boyfriend to kick off the new year with: Colm Joseph Keegan. Life went on and of course Kristy, Emmet, myself, and Colm kept in touch just about every night overseas. A few days past when we saw a horrible message that none of us could ever forget, or even accept for that matter. Emmet Cahill was resigning from Celtic Thunder? I called Kristy immediately and said, "Kristy! Go online and read what Emmet wrote, pronto!" Kristy read it out loud to me and said, "I don't believe this. I'm going to call him. There's no way." Kristy called Emmet and had him on three way. "Emmet, babe, you're leaving Celtic Thunder?" Emmet sighed and said, "It saddens me heart to say this but yes. I have to further my career. This isn't goodbye forever though." Kristy hesitated and then asked, "What about you and Colm doing the Celtic Comet date on March 21? Is that still happening?" Emmet laughed and said, "You really think we would let ...
Congratulations on the IMA's awards for Ryan Kelly,Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Emmet Cahill. Delighted for them and Celtic Thunder.
That is cool Amanda...I would do anything to meet Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder.
I know lots of you are looking forward to Celtic Thunder returning to Australia. Here is the latest pic of Keith Harkin. He loves his surf. Did you know he owns 45 guitars!
Sold out Concert on Thursday night! We are so proud and excited to have Neil and Ryan from Celtic Thunder.
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Happy happy happy. Just purchased my ticket to see Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder, in March. Previewing his new album on March 16th, in Harrisburg. Pretty close to St. Patty's Day so it ought to be rockin'! Can't wait! What the heck. show not over until 11:30 pm so I booked myself a room at the Crown Plaza for the night. Good deal on the room. Sometimes you just gotta do something nice for yourself!
~ Colm Keegan bio at Celtic Thunder. Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan "The Sounds of Silence"
Update on March shows being performed by Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder. If he is in a town near you make sure you and your friends get out and see his show! Well worth going to his show!
Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder coming to Portland on March 8th.who's with me...his show last year was incredible.who's with ME?
isn't it interesting that Emmett Cahill, (Celtic Thunder) has announced his resignation from the group and the other members haven't been aware of it. (See Keith Harkin) Trouble in paradise perhaps. Playing devils advocate, the savings to Sharon with one less and back to the original number will certainly increase the bottom line.
Keith Harkin, Colm Keegan and Ryan Kelly about Emmet's decision. "I've just heard about Emmet Cahill Official Music. You were great to have on the road and stage. you will be missed. I wish Emmett all the best in what ever comes his way next! keep on trucking --Keith Harkin" "Very very exciting time for all of us fan & friends of Emmet Cahill. Incredible talent from CT doing it alone. We are all behind u buddy -- Colm Keegan" "So sorry to lose a great friend and colligue Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder. He will be greatly missed. I have no doubt though his star will rise and rise in his future... Gid speed my friend :) --Ryan Kelly" What do you think about this??? :)
Celtic and amazing voices - Il Divo Music Club - Il Divo
Celtic Thunder and Emmet Cahill have parted ways for the time being and as such Emmet will not be touring with Celtic Thunder shows in 2014. Emmet is a talented singer and it has been our pleasure to work with him over the past three years. He has a bright future ahead of him and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We know our fans have enjoyed meeting Emmet and watching him perform with Celtic Thunder and we are sure that you will continue to give him your support as he embarks on this new chapter in his musical career.
Well, Emmet Cahill is leaving Celtic Thunder. I'm so sick of people leaving Celtic Thunder. I just can't afford to keep buying music from all these people that keep leaving.
It is a sad day for the Celtic Thunder family to learn that Emmet Cahill will be leaving the group. But I know that things have only just begun for this amazingly charming and talented lad. I am so glad I got to see him at the beginning of what I'm sure will be a long and successful career. Emmet, you will be greatly missed but not forgotten!
So the announcement has been made, and our loveable, dimpled tenor Emmet Cahill Official Music is breaking away from Celtic Thunder to do bigger and better things with his solo career. But we fans and this group are not going anywhere. Celtic Come...
The Krew has always been Ryan's mainly but we support all of Celtic Thunder & tonight, one of our beloved lads has made an announcement. While it may upset some, it's just a step on Emmet Cahill Official Music's journey, I don't believe in saying goodbye, it's too final so I will, as he said, say see you later. Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. Napoleon Hill May those blueprints take you to heights you can't even imagine, Emmet & we will be right there to cheer you on. You were part of the Celtic Thunder family first, you are ours just as much as we are yours & we can't wait to see where this journey takes you & that incredible voice of yours. *Aria*
Emmet Cahill announces he's leaving Celtic Thunder. Good luck to him in next phase of his career.
// Emmet Freaking Michael Cahill, don't you dare leave Celtic Thunder.
Canna believe that Emmet Cahill be leavin Celtic Thunder. Will miss im terribly but happy 4 his next journey. Slainte
Keith Harkin Talks New Album: Why Did He Go Acoustic? Keith Harkin chats with Access about his new self-titled album. How long has he wanted to take a break from Celtic Thunder to do a solo project? Plus, why did he decide to go acoustic? And, how did he pick which covers he was going to put on the album?
A little Celtic Thunder to start the day. Thanks Ashley Vincent for introducing me to them. Emmet Cahill has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. 󾰀󾠔󾠓󾠚
We have confirmed the CELTIC THUNDER CRUISE II on the absolutely amazing MSC DIVINA ship for 5 days commencing the 8th November 2014 out of the Port of Miami, Florida.
The beginning Celtic Thunder then..they grew up.
Are you purposely choosing Celtic Thunder tunes...the Island...sang and this one was ??
The Sound of Silence with Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan . . . now featured on the Celtic Thunder website . . .
Now that's beautiful and awesome harmony!
I wouldn't mind listening to Celtic Thunder for the rest of my life.
You know you're a celtic thunder fan when
Ive reconsidered … Screw pretty british men! Give me a Irishman who can sing! been listening to Celtic thunder. xD first time I've watched!
CELTIC Thunder will return to Maryborough’s Brolga Theatre later this year.
do you know Ryan Kelly from Celtic Thunder? Is that how you got my name
ive been loving him since Celtic thunder :)
It is a great time to stay inside where it's warm watching something good on the TV.Like Celtic thunder Live & Unplugged!!
iTunes best selling song: Heartland - Celtic Thunder
Listen to Verve Music Group / Celtic Thunder The Spanish Lady | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &...
Hey Keith, loved the Christmas album from Celtic Thunder. Really liked your rendition of "In the bleak midwinter".
You know the Celtic Thunder fans will definitely do our part in spreading the word. You can count on us!!
dude have you ever seen Celtic Thunder?
Celtics-Grizzlies-Thunder trade is official. Jerryd Bayless is a Celtic and Ryan Gomes has been waived. Details here
Ryan Gomes officially no longer plays for the OKC Thunder. He's now a Celtic - but probably not for very long.
It'll go away. Jet lag always thinks he's the king of Celtic Thunder. He'll leave soon enough.
"Thank you, Lord, you have brought us safe to shore, be our strength and... ♫ "Heartland" by Celtic Thunder
Celtic Thunder never sounded so good since I joined in the chorus
🎶🏃🎬 🏃🎶 If any of ya arnt followin would ya pop oer an follow him? He has his own career goin, an is with Celtic Thunder.
I haven't watched that in years!! I was watching one of my DVD's of Celtic Thunder they are so good!!
I don't get the Gomes part if this trade from a Celtic perspective. Take on his salary, give up a second, help thunder clear cash...odd.
Think I could make a dog love Celtic Thunder too?
I wish I could meet everyone from Celtic Thunder. And sing a couple of songs with them. That would make my day :)
[MWRT] Celtic Thunder was just iced by Billy, which brings the body count to 292,948 rivals. Billy just brought the body count to 292,945 by icing [NWO X] Diane Wyatt Vieira.
// I wish I could /actually/ RP on this account...There needs to be more Celtic Thunder accounts/fans.
my secret bit of right from wrong Celtic Thunder and all of the people that make it up .
A screencap of the Celtic Thunder guys from an interview.
Nothing better than curling up on the couch to watch some Celtic Thunder :)
This is a group formed to Support and Promote Acoustic By Candlelight featuring Celtic Thunder's Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne. Leave your messages of Appreciation and your stories and pictures from their shows. This group is Fan based and Fan operated..
From my 1st Celtic Thunder concert,to the excitement of seeing you on my favorite show,here's to you
Just happened to be watching a Celtic Thunder video and saw myself in the audience lol
love you!. Have a wonderful day,,,Celtic thunder RULES!
Love listening to Celtic Thunder on my lunch break :)
Hey MadHatters . . . Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! I was just over on the Celtic Thunder... http…
I love that one, i enjoyed the character of Rory because I'm a fan of celtic thunder and i like darren criss too
Happy Celtic Thunder Ensemble Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!
This page is used to promote the Celtic Thunder Band & their music. We are a fan-led group celebrating the Celtic Thunder Band.
Fun decor for the Sanford's Celtic Thunder pre-show dinner!
Just talked to Rachel, Celtic Thunder cruise contact person! She is so sweet Sarah and I are confirmed YACHT CLUB stateroom! WOOP WOOP
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Celtic Thunder is known for its eclectic, theatrical style show. The group is backed by the Celtic Thunder Band on their concert tours, and their live shows are known[by whom?] for the use of dramatic set pieces (often invoking symbols of ancient Celtic mythology), visual effects, and highly choreog...
~ This is Keith Harkin, singer/songwriter, original principle with Celtic Thunder ... here he covers theme from 'The Gladiator' "Now We Are Free" ... recorded for Celtic Thunder 'Mythology'
friends of Celtic Thunder...we need to be in prayer for Ireland today...they are experiencing severe flooding especially in the Dublin and Donegal areas.Keep areas of England and Europe in your prayers as well but Ireland is being struck by high winds and waves.
Watching 'Celtic Thunder'... Heart melts * I'm considering moving to Ireland :-) any ladies are welcome to come with me... ;-)
George Donaldson on the 2013 Celtic Thunder Cruise - Cat's In the Cradle
Getting tickets to celtic thunder next week!!! Woohoo!! Now I've read that there is a ticketek booth thing in parra, is this true?
Amazing Grace a-cappella by Celtic Thunder. Goose bumps ever time I hear it.
Celtic Thunder's Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly will perform a mix of songs from their solo albums, some Celtic Thunder favourites, and songs from their BRAND NEW album Acoustically Irish that went straight to on Billboard's World Albums chart!  Ryan and Neil will say hello and sign autographs after the...
My No. 1 resolution-make sure I see Celtic Thunder in concert again!
happy new year to all celtic thunder lads Keith / Ryan / Neil / Colm / George / Emmett / Damian. and all the staff
Staying home and relaxing listening to Celtic Thunder, love this group.
To all my Irish, Celtic Thunder & CT Cruise friends in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Canada & the U.S., thank you for another year of great memories! Here's to more awesome music & crazy craic in 2014! Long may the thunder roar!
Found this lovely video from Celtic thunder ( this is the vid they also got mad at me for taking..) anyways makes me dream of Ireland of course!
Keith is a smart cookie he will manage to have it all and that will be just perfect! Love the CT family base and all the spinoffs they each have managed to create. That's what makes the Irish so specially talented. The bros have each others backs and respect the new growth too! Adore CT !!
I've grown a new obsession with Celtic Thunder and Enya xD
24- ugh! Such a hard question! Frozen soundtrack? I know it's not technically a band but I'm currently obsessed. Celtic thunder? Idek
Just now I heard Celtic Thunder singing Working Man. My Dad sang this as a solo with his choir on day he passed away. Always brings a tear..
rewatching the Celtic Thunder Christmas DVD.. my heart never fails to skip a beat when I hear Damian's voice.
I absolutely LOVE Irish riverdance and bagpipes. Celtic thunder is my junk son.
Listening to Celtic Thunder. Love those Irish accents. Tim does a mean Scott accent as an American Scott-Irish. I love when he talks like that.
Kristy does she have one with just Celtic thunder on it? I would love to have one if she does? Can you please check-NOfb!!
Looking for a Celtic Thunder Christmas 2013 DVD. Does anyone have one I can borrow? Every store I have looked in doesn't have it or is out. Please if you have one or find one let me know!!! Thanks!!
Without fans Peter there will be no future or success for Celtic FC, pull back from the abyss and lets get the thunder back
Celtic Thunder DVD marathon. Fangirl geeking at maximum level.
And now a selection by Celtic Thunder. Hope you like it.
Im buying tickets to see Celtic Thunder idgaf I just saw Damien but im deeply in love already wowowow
To all Celtic fans,it's time we brought back the thunder,1/2 empty ground will not attract players an only plays into the hands of the Huns
Celtic Thunder bring 'Mythology' to Boise Morrison Center. Celtic Thunder continues to astonish audiences,...
Listening to old Celtic Thunder makes me realize how much I love the Celtic Thunder I have seen live...
Wants to get the Celtic Thunder Experience top of the range tickets for my 50th Birthday tickets on sale now need wanna help me get there?
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. Beautiful voice and cute personality.keep it coming,...visit Celtic . Thunder once in a while...we loved you there.
I have just been introduced to Celtic thunder by friends mom and I love them is dreamy
Celtic Thunder is to Irish music what Olive Garden is to Italian food.
Listening to a bit of Celtic Thunder here. If you ever get to speak to Neil Byrne, thank him (from me) for singing "Noreen". A+
That moment when you hear the opening bars of a Celtic Thunder Official song...and you immediately know what song it is.
Louise & Tammy watching Celtic Thunder on a tv show called new day!
Hey Celtic Thunder cruisers... I need a cabinmate for the 2014 cruise. My roomie bailed. :-( Please private message me if you are looking for a roommate!
Letting you know what's going on with the extended Celtic Thunder family present and past - onstage as well as staff- awards, new albums, gigs, articles and interviews. Plus some quirky craic to cause some cackles. Things to share and promote some of my favorite people!
Preview and download Celtic Thunder (From the Producers of Celtic Woman) on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Champions! I just guided Celtic Thunder to 1st place in Non-League B
Irish all my Celtic Thunder Cousins the best Christmas ever and look forward to our family reunion in November. Someone needs to start a Celtic Thunder Cousin Page,I would but don't know how. gods blessings about you all!!!
I watched Celtic Thunder Christmas tonight and so much wanted to call you and let us watch it together. (they are still cuter than snuff) I miss you so much.
Bacon and eggs presents and Celtic thunder on tv. A perfect start to Christmas x yay !
Merry Christmas to all the Celtic Thunder fans in Australia & New Zealand!!
For all my Celtic Thunder Fans and fb friends a Merry Christmas and let the bells ring!
Find, compare and order Celtic Thunder tickets offered by fans, ticket brokers and retailers at the best possible price
On SBS 3 at the moment Celtic Thunder are singing their Christmas DVD.
Watching a Celtic Thunder Christmas special on SBS. I was ok, till they sang "Ave Maria." My Dad used to sing that song a lot at weddings
Mum is watching the new Celtic thunder DVD and dad is clapping and jumping around like crazy poor mum lol
KCET on with Celtic Thunder Christmas. They know how to work their female audience. Lol Jake is working to set up live streaming of the Eastside Christmas service. I'm recouperating from a migraine and still fighting a head cold.
Do you have a brilliant idea for a Celtic Thunder T-shirt? Celtic Thunder Merchandising would like to hear your ideas! All you have to do is create your idea and send in and the winner will receive their very own Thunderhead T-Shirt you have designed to wear proudly. Just fill out the submission form and attach your design to the submission. If you are not a 'computer savvy' person, you can still participate. You can 'draw' your design, have it scanned and send the file on your submission form. Ideas must be uploaded so that we will have your ideas accurate in design. We have received some brilliant ideas, so keep submitting your ideas - Deadline is January 13, 2014. You can submit your entry here
Sharon and Keith and Ryan and George and Emmet and Colm and Declan and Dave and Angie and Laura have built a family here over the years. The family will prevail because Sharon has constructed it from honor respect and love. The players may come and go but they always stay near and circle the core. This Irish fealty is part of their being and the love shines and the music is just short of the heavens and we recognize the gift and hold it close. Ahh the Irish know in their wisdom the fantasy must be sewn with threads of family honor. Sharon and the guys live it . What a blessing in comparison to some of the rot here! Merry Christmas to them all and may the family prevail always.
At least during PBS pledge drives we get "Celtic Thunder" or Downton/Are You Being Served marathons.
My mom and sister were arguing about whether the U2 or the Celtic thunder version of still haven't found what I'm looking for is better
Bill, Leah and myself went to the Regatta Bar at the Charles Hotel to see Paul Byrom in concert. We really had a great night. Paul is going to be just fine on his own, without Celtic Thunder.
- Celtic Thunder send monthly bulletin, I always printed the copies, so I can read the myths & legends. Loved it.
Oh god guys my mom has recorded and is watching a Christmas concert called "Celtic Thunder." This is not a drill.
My bestfriend is having everyone at her work listen to Celtic Thunder Christmas. My work here is done folks. ;)
Listening to Celtic Thunder while wrapping last-minute gifts! :)
I miss the 'thunder' at parkhead, we need someone to light the place up. Some players we have aren't worthy of wearing a Celtic top...
where is the thunder we were promised?? I've heard a better atmosphere at a morgue
Sad to see the lethargy in the Celtic support but understandable given all that's gone on recently. Hoping for a good display today
Never thought I'd be saying this - but where's Celtic Thunder when you need them?
Sometimes I remember I went to a celtic thunder concert and I get real happy.Then I remember I didn't get to meet 😢😢
Take Me Home: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Celtic Thunder and more.
Audio: the-kat-girl: So this is one of my personal favorite Christmas song, by my fav band Celtic Thunder.
How does it feel to know that your Street Team is the Celtic Thunder Street Team? CONGRATULATIONS! XXX
Does anyone know what the ppl in the audience called out during 7 drunken nights that all the guys laugh at on new Celtic Thunder DVD??
I so introduced my fellow metal head music friends to you & the guys. I'm musically cultured! LOL
Back at the sands for a holiday party. Last time I was here I was seeing celtic thunder. Good times.
I wish I had more friends who liked Celtic Thunder as much as I do,
it will when I get home to watch Celtic Thunder and Colm Keegan!!!
I've gone from listening to metal to listening/watching Celtic Thunder.
lol that's about and hour or so from me. I was there in October for Celtic Thunders concert.
Watching Celtic Thunder before going to work today so hoping to have a good day!
Help Celtic Thunder Official in their mission to help those who suffer. Their life-changing visit to Napal helped...
- The Irish World Paul Byrom is hailed as Ireland�s premier young tenor and with good reason. In 2007, Paul was invited to join Celtic Thunder as a...
Thanks Ruth Celtic Thunder picked who went themselves. I think taking into account availability - I assume a competition too :)
Stallholders for the 2014 Australia Day Celtic Festival include Celtic Dreaming, Celtic Shenanigans, Celtic Thunder, Craig the Leatherman, Kevin Kelly's Bodrahm World, Mainly Welsh, Natural Hand Knits and Healing Hands. Look out for more updates!
Ryan and Colm in Nepal ... Do the nits know these gentlemen from Celtic Thunder are out and about in the world trying to give their hearts and support to those who struggle with an ancient disease?? It's Christmas and instead of jabberwalking about the new tech their getting or the pahteeing their planning these guys are out there thinking of others and doing Gods work. It must be hard to share a common Irish name like RK with millions but this one is of kinder fame and we are proud. Check out Sharon Browne's blog and get a clue. The nits brush off and go read a book and honor these two.
Paul Byrom, a former star of the Irish music phenomenon Celtic Thunder, comes to WGVU as a solo artist in Paul Byrom – THIS IS THE MOMENT. Featuring stunning pop ballads, Broadway hits and Irish classics. Don't miss this special presentation at 9:30pm tonight on WGVU HD. This is also your chance to get tickets to see Paul Byrom live at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts in March.
WATCH: Has Maurisa been doing Celtic Comet ( Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music of Celtic Thunder...
This is Danny Boy sung by Emmet Cahill from Celtic Thunder
watching Celtic Thunder channel 8 on Bell Aliant.x
Keith Harkin, Live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA on March 27, 2013 Includes an additional verse not recorded on any Celtic Thunder recording.
~ Keith Harkin is a singer/songwriter, Verve solo recording artist, and original member of musical ensemble Celtic Thunder
Celtic Thunder goes beyond traditional folk - When it came time for Celtic Thunder to develop its latest project,...
wow I dont really like xmas music but celtic thunder kicks butt!
Although not for everyone, but for those that would enjoy it, the end of the Celtic Thunder Christmas is on Channel 3 WPSU and the great ending is about to happen. It is awesome! Zita Tucker Greenawalt I am so sorry I only found it on TV 10 minutes ago. Such great music and awesome singers with super harmony!
PBS right now has the Life of Hammerstein on. At 8:30 will be Celtic Thunder Christmas---awesome Christmas Show
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Listen to a group of Irishmen sing Xmas songs at 8PM. The show will feature holiday standards + a few originals.
The Brumbies 4HI Prize patrol hits the streets of Emerald again tomorrow at 8:35am and I will throw in a couple of Celtic Thunder CD's for Matt and Emm to give away. Listen in for the location.
Funny how listening to these xmas songs on celtic thunder and Dad's been gone for 3 years, mom 1 year yet I still feel all alone. thinking of you guys!
Watching Celtic Thunder Christmas on PBS. What awesome voices those men have!
Just watched a video on you tube. Celtic Thunder singing the song "Amazing Grace". I already love that song anyway because God's grace really is amazing, but Celtic Thunder really does the song justice. I got chills listening to them singing one of my favorite old time hymns.
My favorite Christmas song today is "Christmas 1915" by Celtic Thunder.
Watching on WMHT in Albany. Can't believe I haven't heard him sing in person since Celtic Thunder.
Fellow Reno-ites! I will be in a delegation of Celtic Celebration and Pirates of Reno members tonight (Wed., Dec. 11) answering phones for a pledge drive on our local PBS affiliate, KNPB Channel 5, during two Celtic Christmas programs this evening from 8 to 11 p.m. Tune in from 8 to 9:30 p.m. for Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas and from 9:30 to 11 p.m for Celtic Thunder Christmas. KNPB will likely offer the featured programs on CD and/or DVD for certain pledge amounts. Look for our smiling faces and maybe yours truly grinning like the rogue he is during the show. Program Information: Celtic Woman Christmas Thunder Christmas
It's been 2 years since my Mom passed away. Still can't believe it and I miss her like it was yesterday. Watching her video and then Celtic Thunder that she made everyone watch! I would give anything if you were here! RIP Mom...
TONIGHT 8PM WPSU-TV Celtic Thunder performs all your favorite Christmas songs from Poughkeepsie, NY.
SHARON'S LATEST! A quick Hello & notice of CT Holiday closure dates - December 10, 2013 Hello, Just a quick note. I'm still flat out working with no end in sight. Really looking forward to a break at Christmas. On that, I've decided everyone in CT needs a break so I am closing the company entirely from the 21st December to 6th January (4th and 5th are weekend). Including Declan in the online store. Here's a link to his latest newsletter, so get your orders into him now for delivery in time for Christmas as the post date is closing. He's also offering a huge 25% discount on everything in the store this week (every little helps at Holiday times) The Celtic Thunder Cruise II is of course confirmed now and the site development improving daily. We are still taking holding deposits from people to priority hold their cabins prior to the public on-sale in January. Everyone who has paid a holding deposit will be contacted and their booking confirmed prior to the public on sale, so no need to worry that you won't g ...
I think it's going to be a sit by the fire/watch Celtic Thunder Christmas special kind of night
I am listening to Celtic Thunder in an effort to get in the Christmas mood. It is my favorite holiday but it seems like every year there is either family trying to make it a non-joyful event. This year though I have to give that credit to others. However, I refuse to let anyone, myself included, make this Christmas less than the time we all get to celebrate the birth of my LORD AND SAVIOUR!
For you Celtic Thunder fans out there Colm fits the description of the brother Kalan perfectly. ;)
. Shreya would like to know what you asked Santa for? She told Santa she wants Celtic then we had to explain.
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DO NOT miss this. Mr Byrom is a wonderful vocalist. Former Celtic Thunder Official star, Paul Byrom, performs holiday tunes in the special, 'This is the Holiday Moment' tonight at 7:30pm on WMHT TV.
Listening to celtic thunder is so relaxing ^^
Launching today - Celtic Thunder Nepal Trip. Join us as TLMC’s Tim Mowers guides Ryan and Colm, of Irish musical...
Take me to see Celtic Thunder. So I know it's real.
Carson walks in and wants Toot! Toot to him is That's what he says when we wants to watch Celtic Thunder. Lol
Born and raised in Scotland and a bus builder by trade, George Donaldson is the Scot in Celtic Thunder. He is a self-taught and accomplished musician, who has mastered guitar and flute and is currently being taught to play the fiddle by his daughter Sarah. George’s love of Celtic music stems from hi...
Question of the day: If you could join any music group which would you want to join? I'd Join Celtic Thunder
Celebrate the season w/ cherished holiday tunes and special originals on "Celtic Thunder Christmas", tonite at 8:30.
I Demanded CELTIC THUNDER in Enid, OK. Join the Demand at Eventful -
Celtic Thunder Fans, who would like to see appear in Pittsburgh on ? Let the Station know You want it to "BOOK HIM"
My mom set a playlist on my phone of "Celtic Thunder" which is Irish folk music and I actually love it 😂🙊
Ireland arguably has more folks with musical talent per square metre than anywhere else on earth. However conversly just being Irish does not mean you have musical talent! Take the hint Celtic Thunder!
Neil Lennon: Green Brigade helped bring thunder back to Parkhead.. but recently that's been ruined by a rogue element
Two very sick little boys need help. They are so full of life. Harry and Matthew are big fans of Celtic Thunder and The Wiggles (what a combination). Please ...
Watch the music video for Celtic Thunder's single Christmas 1915 with lyrics to sing along to.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Have a mixed drink or a nice cup a tea and play some Celtic Thunder or other calming music
Hot Cocoa and Celtic Thunder Christmas Voices = night made. Another great album, thanks
Celtic Thunder Official shared a link. December 7 Christmas is almost here, and you are definitely on the Nice List! To thank you for being such a fantastic fans, we are delighted to offer you 25% off all items in our Celtic Thunder Christmas Store. You better be quick... the cut off date for guaranteed deliveries for Christmas is December 12th, 2013.
is watching Celtic Thunder Christmas with the girls and my man! LOVE family time!
Celtic thunder makes everything better!
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