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Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder is the name of two different music groups.

Keith Harkin Celtic Thunder Christmas Damian McGinty Celtic Thunder Official Emmet Cahill Colm Keegan Amazing Grace Performing Arts

How about some on this Celtic Thunder Thursday🏄🎸
Carmel, are you ready for Celtic Thunder? Get your tix here →
The Show was the first album from and launched the band onto the world stage in 2008. CELTIC THUNDER - THE SHOW @ 9 PM!
Dear the audio track does not match the title or picture... just thought you should know
Thinking of seeing Celtic Thunder on tour for my birthday in December .
It's a falcon but it's okay, I know what you mean. Evil leprechaun won't be buying Celtic T…
(Think what u might, but right now I'm listening to "Celtic Thunder Legacy: Volume 2" on a C.D. disk 💽)...
Save the Date: Fri 8/11 7p. Celtic Thunder’s Emmet Cahill in concert at the IHC!
The rocky road to Dublin by Celtic Thunder
📷 ccssiopeia: celtic mythology ➢ taranis, god of thunder In Celtic mythology Taranis was the god of...
One last Celtic celebration; Musical duo leaving Thunder Bay on a high note via
Celtic Thunder comes to Sarasota Tickets sales are on, starting at $93. Grab yours!
New post (Celtic Thunder Tour 2016 Poster T Shirt For Women White) has been published on Cybermark Solutions -…
Celtic Thunder - Amazing Grace via for any who've never heard of this group you are in for a treat.
My mom is so excited that Celtic Thunder is coming to Høstfest. At what age do we not understand that groups like that actually suck?
Listening to Amazing Grace by Celtic Thunder, on my Echo!
Celtic Thunder performs an eclectic mix of songs, including music from their homeland, tonight at 7:30.
Lazy day. Raining. Hanging out with my boy. — watching Celtic Thunder Legacy
That's A Woman" song by Celtic Thunder: Woman Such a delicate creature Every feature needs to be loved from the start Be tender and she'l...
One last Celtic celebration; Musical duo leaving on a high note
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Celtic Thunder (United States)". Help expand it!
Celtic Thunder - 20 New shows on sale from Jun 16 at TicketListers -
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Voyage II - 'Hallelujah'
Tickets are on sale now for w/ on Nov. 19. Get your tickets here:…
Celtic Thunder's 2017 Symphony Tour is now on sale! Grab your tix today at we'll see you 1…
On-Sale Now: returns Fri, Nov 17 with with their new & highly anticipated show, Symphony 2017!…
Tickets for Celtic Thunder Official on November 29th are ON SALE NOW! Get your tickets here:
General on sale for starts TODAY AT 10AM at by calling 781-599-SHOW, or box…
If you wanted to get tickets to see tickets go on sale today!
After nights on the Celtic Thunder tour bus..easy peasy 😉
I know so many Celtic thunder songs and I'm not even Irish I dead *** used to listen to them all the time..
Skye Boat Song, loved since I first heard the late George Donaldson of Celtic Thunder sing it in concert.
Hey friends! Colm Keegan from Celtic Thunder will be giving a house concert in Columbia SC on July 21. Contact me for ticket information!
Celtic Thunder - Fairytale Of New York on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
Miss Keith in the Thunder! Wish he could drop in every now and then. C'mon Sharon it would do the group some good and lift things up with that excitement. Fans would be thrilled and the Thunder would be made whole.
They are things for mom's. I listen to Celtic Thunder and have thyroid problems. One of us ONE OF US.
If you like Donny Osmond's version of "Puppy Love", you'll love Celtic Thunder's version. Damian sounds a lot like Donny.
no, in their 70's one week Rush.. the Next week Reba McIntyre and Celtic Thunder, dont know if its…
Anybody who walked by the showers while I was listening to Celtic Thunder you're welcome
can't get enough of listening to this song!! Celtic Thunder. Surfing YouTube and found this! Love it!
Celtic Thunder - Amazing Grace Such a beautiful rendition. I know Easter is over, but it's still gr
Celtic Thunder is a fav anyway...this is great!!
In the throes of strep throat, my grandma is blaring Celtic Thunder, and there is no soup. This must be a layer of the inferno.
it's amazing what one little decision can do! To turn off tv while reading or leave it on ! Then came Celtic Thunder and you
I remember listening to Celtic Thunder in class in high school and honestly I still google their music 😂🙄
wow Ireland sounds like a wonderful place to live and yes I like celtic thunder as well as celtic woman. Half🍀
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Teatro is an Italian singing group that's just as great as Celtic Thunder and I'm barely breathing
Caledonia de Celtic Thunder. "Let me tell you that I love you and I think about you all the time"... ♫
the Irish group called Celtic Thunder. Damian is really good too. He recognized me and remembered my name.
Did you know our guess the first try scorer comp has lasted longer then Celtic crusaders, Gateshead thunder & Paris SG!!!
Videos of top acts including Don McLean and Celtic Thunder performing Mountains of Mourne https…
Thunderstruck Only $0.99 -The Celtic God of Thunder falls in love with a deaf mortal.
Be sure to preorder new album and then come see him live on March 3rd 💚☘
Less than 24 hours after my album has gone on pre sale, we are already at NUMBER 1 on the Amazon world music charts…
Happy to see this at the top of the chart already. Thank you everyone who supports CT. D x.
Love Celtic Thunder and your music. Will definitely will look at getting this one.
my debut album cover - can't wait for you all to hear the music on February 24th - presale at this lin…
So excited to announce that my debut album is available for pre sale today - Can't wait for you all to hear it!.
Celebrate the holiday season with Celtic Thunder, tonight @ 8:30!
Celtic Thunder - Christmas Medley on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
TONIGHT: Celtic Thunder shares their Legacy Tour at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. There is no opening ac…
Celtic Thunder - Carol Of The Bells on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
Who's attending tonight's Celtic Thunder? See you at the South Okanagan Events Centre at 7:00pm!
18) All of Celtic Thunder. Where the whole "fandom" thing started for Caity. Thank you for introducing me to good music for years. ❤❤❤
Celtic Thunder's 'Legacy' storms into the South Okanagan Events Centre (SOEC) tonight at 7:30!
Celtic Thunder hits the stage at the South Okanagan Events Centre Thursday night. Tickets are still available!...
Have a good day Janet. Have a safe flight. Celtic Thunder bound!
I'm so upset I'm not seeing celtic thunder at the burt in December 😭😭😭
Gina's nickname is Celtic Thunder in the event. Go Gina! :)
Celtic Thunder shows never disappoint (twas worth the wait) 😍
I added a video to a playlist Kitaro - Celtic Harp and Pan Flute - Rain & Thunder
This is one of my favorite songs and is fine beautifully.
This is a Sweet Christmas song for The Little Children Lovingly Performed by Colm Keegan from Celtic Thunder! A Great Musician! cj
Get your Jig on tonight with Celtic Thunder Official at Abbotsford Centre
Only slightly excited to be seeing Celtic Thunder for a 4th time tomorrow night 🙈
"Rock n' Roll Kids" from the Celtic Thunder Stage. Wherever they sing it.. we LOVE it!
I stayed away that game. What line you get Kings thunder and nets Celtic?
Great video & vocals! My husband & I are big fans of you both and Celtic Thunder. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
one of my favorite song, original by Dire Straits. Brothers In Arms by Celtic Thunder ♫
okay but Celtic Thunder is deadass always in the top three I should stan
I decided that it was unacceptable for me to not go to the Celtic Thunder concert tomorrow and bought myself a tick…
Anyone else going to Calgary to see Celtic Thunder perform this weekend?
Good to know! Celtic Thunder is awesome for doing this!
I added a video to a playlist The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (Made Famous by Celtic Thunder)
I'm bringing Jupiter with me to meet Celtic Thunder
When I was in the 6th grade, I used Celtic Thunder photos in my Secretary Campaign posters. 6 years later and I just saw them live. Wow.
Life is good!! Got some great music on right now. A mixture of Celtic Thunder ( including solo stuff), The Script, Na Fianna. Music = :-)
I'll have a new post up tonight! Make sure you're all caught up before I do ;).
but like I love Celtic thunder and show tunes
CONCERT BUZZ: Celtic Thunder in Enid on October 28 at Get your tickets before they're gone!
on Carol of the Bells by Celtic Thunder
Going to Celtic Thunder Official Thunder tonight?? Join us for Dinner before the show and a pint after! Sláinte
See the five soloists of Celtic Thunder, Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan of and the…
Tonight's the last show for Celtic Thunder in Florida, this time in Jacksonville at the beautiful Moran Theater at…
Me: "I'm going to bed". -watches Celtic Thunder videos for an hour-. Oops..?
My wonderfully awkward selfies with Celtic Thunder! Thank you!!
: To a sweet guy like Keith Harkin.may you be blessed and may you be happy forever and ever! I love CELTIC THUNDER
You aren't old, I'm old. I'm 42, and I remember when you 1st started with Celtic Thunder.
I got into a deep conversation about Catholicism earlier today now on my way to see Celtic Thunder. I just won this holiday season.
Everyone loves when performs here at Quest! Get your tickets:
Had a great time at The Celtic Thunder show! It was so cool for Caitlin's birthday to meet Emmett and Damian!
thunder, when you are in San Antonio this week, please stop at the Alamo to say hi!!! I'll be working Sunday of the concert. Laurel
TONIGHT! Celtic Thunder Legacy, live at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are still available,...
Enjoy the game comrade, feel the thunder. Hopefully the Bhoys do us proud 🍀🍀🍀
Keane, ELO & Celtic Thunder also light up my brain too. Eclectic selections I know but that's me lol Here's to combating yuck!
If the fans bring the thunder & the team brings the A game, we'll do OK, let's do it Celtic!
Get your tickets to Celtic Thunder Legacy in Miami before they sell out! via…
Central National Bank Center has lots of great entertainment lined up! . Celtic Thunder: Legacy Tour October 28...
just think 2 more days until I get to see you in person this will be my 1st celtic thunder concert.
Today is Celtic Thunder principal and solo artist birthday. This is his greeting from friend, Colm K…
Happy Birthday Emmet! Have a wonderful day with your Celtic Thunder family. 🎂
I'm going to San Antonio Texas for the Celtic Thunder concert!
Should I go or shouldn't I go to San Antonio for another Celtic Thunder concert?
Borussia battler Andre Hahn last night vowed to fight Celtic in bloody Champions League bout
Andre Hahn may have got his face burst open at the weekend, but he's up for the fight at Celtic Park .
Celtic warned that Borussia are ready for blood and thunder battle in Champions Le
I'll have a new out later this week, please make sure you've read my last post & don't forget to follow :).
Celtic Thunder: Legacy - The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas
I liked a video Keith Harkin talks about his dad and Celtic Thunder
A Place in the Choir l. Celtic Thunder original 5.
Omg I'm seeing Celtic thunder on Thursday. My middle school self is SCREAMING
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When Celtic colours bass drops and Harley asks is that thunder😂
loved your show last night Celtic Thunder has my heart since your beginning 2007 dream came true last night Eire forever
hope you like this little cover 💕 inspired by Celtic thunder and my love for Damian…
If any of the Celtic Thunder guys were wondering who the moron in orchestra pit section 3 who wouldn't stop clapping was- it was me. Sorry.😂
Welcome to Celtic Thunder! Your rendition of The Dutchman was AMAZING. Thanks for all the musical/birthday fun! 😄
Neil was so sorry I could not see you or the show. Have been sick. Safe travels to you and the rest of Celtic Thunder
just girls having fun in Milwaukee listening to Celtic Thunder.
So happy I found Celtic Thunder Legacy on TV so I can watch singing
Flipping through the channels and sees that Celtic Thunder Legacy is on and of course I have to…
You are a great addition to Celtic Thunder. What a voice and great, fun personality
Wanted to be listening to Celtic Thunder Christmas, but was vetoed by rest of the family :( Heritage album —...
So grateful to have Celtic Thunder 'roll' (get it!??) through the Windy City! The is outstanding!…
Insightful interview with in the about Celtic Thunder's show in Atlanta Oct. 13.
My mom after seeing my pics from the Celtic Thunder concert: "That's not Emmet. Where was he? Why didn't you get a pic with him?"
Had a great night seeing Celtic Thunder! I've been their fan since the beginning, and once again…
Celtic and hibs fans stealing our thunder
I'm glad you & your fans are having a great time on tour Michael!! You make a perfect addition to the Celtic Thunder family!
The men of Celtic Thunder STUN with their version of 'Hallelujah.' Prepare for some major chills wit
Every time I go see Celtic Thunder live, the opening act is Celtic Lightning.
While Celtic Thunder tonight I have decided that I need an Irish boy! 🍀🍀🍀
I am at a Celtic thunder concert with a friend's mom, and we are surrounded by DIE-HARD fans. it's. Something.
Waiting to get into theater. — attending Celtic Thunder at The Chicago Theatre
In Chicago about to go see Celtic Thunder!
Celtic Thunder Playing Live Saturday Night at 7 PM at Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL via
Best version I've ever heard is by Celtic Thunder-it has over 10 mill. Views on Utube!
I felt really pretty last night and Celtic Thunder was great! It was the best concert I've ever…
is perfect for Celtic Thunder.all other arguments are invalid
Having a bite before the Celtic Thunder show (at in Detroit, MI)
so glad that you're career is going so well I really think that you and all the lads in Celtic Thunde…
Have an awesome show tonight Ryan I am gonna try to make 1 more Celtic thunder concert this year I hope be safe
CELTIC THUNDER: LEGACY is coming to Sioux Falls! Enjoy this perfect blend of contemporary Irish music October 4.
Calling all fans! Doors at 6:30, show at 7:30. Get your last minute tickets here:…
So many Irish Music shows this weekend! Kevin Burke at CelticMKE, Dallahan at ICHC, Aoife O'Donovan at Shank Hall, & Celtic Thunder!
the song Turning Away by Celtic Thunder is my newfound obsession😊
Sound Check: Celtic Thunder at the Fox, 3 things to know
one month from today, my dad & I are seeing you in Celtic Thunder for the 8th year in a row 💋
Amy it's great about your show! The funny thing is my favorite song is Kindred Spirits sung by Emmet Cahill of Celtic Thunder!
your version of now we are free was unbelievable last night! You are an awesome addition to celtic thunder!
Celtic Thunder Official brings it from, er, not quite down under (but just look at those kilts!)...
Irish troupe brings the to the his weekend
From Outdoor Fest Season to Indoor Pub Season. Want two tickets to Celtic Thunder? Read for details!-
thanks but no thanks. I'll be in Chicago Saturday to see Celtic Thunder and I don't plan on going anywhere on Sunday.
Celtic Thunder rocks big time is great. Thunder Heads are cool. Keith Harkin is the best and h…
•••TUESDAY Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder . Tickets in advance at…
NKOTB-2, Rascal Flatts, Celtic Thunder, Josh Thompson/Justin Moore/Josh Turner, and...i think that might be it...
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Whoever stages Celtic Thunder deserves an Oscar, Tony, and whatever else...and the orchestra,,,wowzer...
I don't like the title "special guest" I think you should be listed as "returning original Celtic Thunder member"
‘I’m ecstatic to remain a I love Boston…
I wish I loved anything as much as grandmas love all male vocal groups. i.e:. The Tenors. El Divo. Celtic Thunder.
Celtic Thunder is my new favourite thing.
What if I just posted every single one of my Celtic Thunder pictures? Not gonna do it but what if
joins Celtic Thunder for North American Legacy Tour this fall and he's solo CD will be available for pur…
Due out Aug 12, 'Legacy, Vol. 2' will featured a collection of new performances! Pre-order: http…
Thought the guy was Damian McGinty from Celtic Thunder.. had 2 do a double take 2 make sure
Quick ⚠️ on the way to Sydney Singers of Celtic Thunder .
I'm sure all venues will sell out! How can they not with all the talented artists that are in Celtic Thunder Legacy tour!
Aww!! I swear those Celtic Thunder guys don't sleep! Hope Keith gets some rest & feels better soon!!
Celtic Thunder is actually pretty lit
Celtic Thunder are on this Saturday night at the National Convention Centre:
Good timeout by Donovan, when the Dubs get on a roll, they are hard to contain. Thunder need to slow the tempo, esp on offense
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Michael O Dwyer joins the Legacy Tour, coming to the on Sept. 25!
You need to have the boys of Celtic Thunder on, either together or individually. Keith, Neil & Ryan, Emmet and/or Damian.
Listened to a lot of Celtic Thunder as well as a lot of your music.
The perks of being Perth Rose! Denise met Ryan Kelly and Damien Mc Ginty in Perth with their Celtic Thunder tour!
The Celtic Thunder Invitational Tournament! Didn't see this on the telly! :-(
I can't wait to see Celtic Thunder at
you went to a Celtic Thunder game this season
Irish folk group bring their Legacy world tour to
. My aunt and a friend are hosting this event so I'm spreading the word. Keegan is from Celtic Thunder
Life goal: bring a Shrek mask to a Celtic Thunder show and wear it while they sing Hallelujah.
Just stuck 20 on Rodgers. No reason other than he's the man I want to bring the thunder back (part 2)
Thanks Elizabeth.Must confess I have a soft spot for this myself.Reminds me of Celtic Thunder when things were good. http…
She is an 86 yr old FANGIRL. With Celtic Thunder posters and t-shirts & her Cheetos habit. She slays me.
I'm at Barnes and Noble and I won't bother explaining to u ppl why I know this but they're playing a Celtic Thunder song rn and I feel alive
Thunder-Warriors being the most anticipated series is great because it means we can cut to sad Celtic and Laker fans
I might go to at The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL - Sep 24
Celtic Thunder are in Sydney without guitarist Keith Harkin after Dublin airport officials refused to let him travel with a crack in his
Michelle, do you know why Emmett O'Hanlon is no longer with Celtic Thunder?
JUST ANNOUNCED! Colm Keegan (of Celtic Thunder) at Eddie Owen Presents at the RCT on 6/25 at 8PM We are going!
I often forget how tiny was when Celtic Thunder started. Then I watch the 1st dvd & see this lil baby
Don't miss Oct 19. Celtic folk songs w/ a mix of contemporary (not to mention their looks!):
Our grand daughter, Kayleigh, loves her new kilt we gave her from our Celtic Thunder Shop. This is a children's...
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Legacy - 'Caledonia'
I added a video to a playlist Celtic Thunder Legacy - 'Caledonia'
Keith , I want to wish you all the best in your future plans. I will miss seeing you with the Celtic Thunder.
I got the shirt on sale at the Celtic Thunder site & I had to get the book on George!! The DVD is awesome I got for my collection!
then next FB post said ".. I wont be on the road with Celtic Thunder this fall"
Could this be.The NEWEST Member of Celtic Thunder.. I think it name available ATM
Sad day not with Celtic Thunder. No point to going now. Oh well, we'll follow Keith now.
I seriously don't know who's even in Celtic thunder anymore and its constantly confusing me. Always confused.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The Best of Luck to you & Kelsey!Also, as you move forward with your music.I enjoyed you with Celtic Thunder you'll be missed!
You're coming to Sewickley, too?!? Emmet, Emmett & Colm all within about 6 weeks! It's a Celtic Thunder storm here in Sewickley!
Keith Harkin is taking a break from Celtic Thunder. . Excuse me, I have mourning to do.
Celtic Thunder's in rehearsals today 4 their upcoming tour to Australia. Have a brilliant time, lads!
WIN! CD's and tickets to see the mesmerising Celtic Thunder - WYZA Australia
Only $.99! See what happens when the God of Thunder calls in love with a mortal woman.
Oh yes, we watch it every time Celtic Thunder is on we just Love you guys! Know Legacy by heart!!💜 Best of luck with your tour..
Celtic Thunder has announced a show at Centre in November.
Hollywood Hard Rock Café and Casino in Hollywood Florida you should come too. As well as Celtic Thunder
Celtic Thunder is my yearly sexual awakening solely because of Damian McGinty
Anything by Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, Celtic Thunder, or the Clancy Brothers are my choices for today!
Interview - Damian McGinty from Celtic Thunder - LAFM via
My love for Celtic Thunder and Damian McGinty has resurfaced, so here's a throwback to my first concert of theirs
Paul Byrom - "Remember Me" via Loved the 1st group of tenors on Celtic Thunder
Don't miss Emmet Cahill (formerly from Celtic Thunder) at the St. Augustine Celtic Festival
Emmet Cahill (formerly of Celtic Thunder) on stage March 12 at Francis Field!
Neil Byrne – Celtic Thunder singer songwriter – great article on his career. https:…
An Amazing Irish.Tenor Fr World Number 1 Music Group Celtic Thunder but he can sing Anything YouTube
it is but I loved Irish bc of Celtic thunder and celtic woman and they're Irish bands Half and half I would say
I just revisited my childhood and watched every single Celtic Thunder video there ever was.
a lot of people need to listen to "Scorn Not His Simplicity" by Celtic Thunder, it has a good message I think you would like
Awww cute! I was just watching Celtic Thunder dvd with my grandparents of you singing young love! Aww you looked so little!
Celtic Thunder ALWAYS gives an amazing Show. You will love it!
I forsee a thunder shot from Pelembe and Khune tries to stop it an it's a goal Celtic 1-0 chiefs Wow wow it's game on
Now there's thunder, Celtic must be happy they were never ready!
Get your tickets for the Celtic Thunder 2016 Legacy Tour in Australia here
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Mythology - 'Voices'
He was on tour with Celtic Thunder and couldn't make it.
l went to a Celtic Thunder concert, but l couldn't video it. Lucky
Somehow I managed to get obsessed by Celtic Thunder today.
Ah Jeanne-see we have more in common than Celtic Thunder and Byrne & Kelly-xj
okay, in honor of George for my Christmas I ordered Celtic Thunder Mythology. I also got The Very Best of Celtic Thunder.
Amazing of my favorite hymns...check this out...
Calling Paul Byrom Down Under with Celtic Thunder plse sign 2 help get Paul to Oz with CT!
ANSWER: I have been to 3 concerts: 2 for Celtic Thunder and 1 for Celtic Woman! I have been to the free concert ones but Idk if that counts
Calling all Celtic Thunder fans sign this petition please. We want Paul to visit us it would be good for him as...
Strange noises at night in Fairlawn? Karen and I think it might be. Celtic Thunder???
“get Niall to join Celtic Thunder during their break” *Fancy a change of groups
I really wish you and Celtic Thunder would come to West Palm Beach, Florida. The Perfect Vodka Amplitheater would be awesome
my fave Irish Lads are Celtic Thunder but you guys Rock love your Music I'm spreading the word about Huckleberry Jam💚
Celtic Thunder cover of Friends in Low Places. How's your Xmas party?
Celtic Thunder will sing Amazing Grace at mums funeral on Thursday. Her fave song. She passed peacefully on Christmas Day.
hi have ever watched Celtic Thunder or Celtic women
@ Celtic Thunder Official FB has a Christmas Greeting. from & old song..
This link is the cover of Jonni Mitchell's "River" recorded while on tour with Celtic Thunder.
Celtic Thunder (Irish singing group and stage show known for its eclectic, theatrical style show) - Oh Holy Night
Watching Still Alice in my basement alone while the rest of my family watches Celtic Thunder. That should tell you enough.
this Celtic Thunder Christmas Voices CD isn't even making me feel Christmassy D:
. Love the master, but gotta say. Celtic Thunder does Christmas tunes right for me.
Oh Holy Night by Celtic Thunder This one is worthy of a play today. ♫
I slept through a Celtic Thunder concert on TV! That cough syrup is powerful!
we don't watch Christmas movies on Christmas...we watch Celtic Thunder
I was a pretty good gift giver this year. Crew Car Wash Ultimates for Dad, a Celtic Thunder CD assortment for Mom, and concert tix for both…
Merry Christmas Ellen do I have a Singer for you he's Fr on World Number 1 music group Celtic Thunder Emmet Cahill is his name
Hello CT Fans, has decided to take a year out from touring with CT and complete https:…
Aaannndd just bought Celtic Thunder tickets 😁 Very excited!!
Merry Christmas to all of the Celtic Thunder family!!! Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for all of us
Wait Celtic Thunder are coming back to Aus next year.. Been dying to see them for ages now I can afford it count me in. 😁
will u be the gift we're hoping for:. . The 5th member of Celtic Thunder 2016 Tour
Merry Christmas to all in the Celtic Thunder Family! Here's to a great 2016!
Lovely version of 'Christmas 1915' by Celtic Thunder.
In the following video, we hear “Hallelujah” performed by the one and only Celtic Thunder. No matter if you love...
Spent my Christmas Eve night watching Celtic Thunder Christmas with my siblings! Have a blessed 12 days!
Watching a Celtic Thunder Christmas with the fam😊. This thing is lit.
Who is KH? C'mon just the best in Irish American music. This lad is the top of the heap and has had many facets from Celtic Thunder top of the line success to formulating his own bands and travel throughout Am and Ireland. He is an artist and innovator an entrepreneur as well as a lover of music and photographer. Renaissance guy with a sense of humor. Loyal and faith carrier to all fans and his greatest fan girl, Kelsey. What an experience to see him live. Always evolving new and Classic at the same time. C'mon whom are these schmooks anyway?? Hope he extends but stays with the foundation too... Ah the CT Days so classic. He will always be part of that family. He will forever respect his fans!
Best-known as the principle singer for Celtic Thunder, Keith Harkin performs with his full band Dec 2 at...
TONIGHT! Celtic Thunder alum Keith Harkin brings his your ON MERCY STREET to the Bijou! 8pm show, get your tickets!
Listen to Home from the Sea by Celtic Thunder home from the sea
When/why did Josh Groban and Celtic Thunder ever leave my life?
Ha , ha , ha , poor Niall . I love his accent because it reminds me of the late George D. of Celtic Thunder !
My wife and I totally enjoyed the performance you and the rest of Celtic Thunder put on in Oklahoma.
I miss old school Celtic Thunder. The Show dvd is my favorite. Very special to me.
good Celtic Thunder concert last night 1d should listen to Celtic Thunder
he should go to Celtic Thunder concert 😊
great job last night Declan your still my favorite drummer in Celtic Thunder
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we’re childless this morning. P is at friends house and C went to Celtic Thunder with in laws last night at Winstar
Pre-Sale for GREEN Members now open for VIP Event Passes
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Voyage II - "Song for the Mira"
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Mythology - 'Turning Away'
Might've just seen the best Celtic Thunder concert yet! Loved every back to winning some $$$
Are you a fan of Celtic Thunder Official?
She thought he was very nice to look at. She also enjoys the Celtic Thunder Boys. She said she's married not dead!
missing clh, so "friend" can see Celtic Thunder. So glad they had 364 other days to choose from.😔
I'm in the audience right now at the Celtic Thunder Thackervill Okla..bring it on
Cup winners! Celtic Thunder just beat Madrid in the League of Champions Final (full version)
Cup winners! Celtic Thunder just beat Derby in the Capital Cup Final (full version)
Champions! I just guided Celtic Thunder to 1st place in The Prem (full version)
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