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A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area.

Dead Man Sarah Ruhl

Meet who is the Assistant Director of our production of Dead Man's Cell Phone!
Bill Gates Wants to Register Every Live Birth to a Cell Phone to Ensure Vaccinations - Ireland, Greece, Italy,...
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Look for the posters in coffee shops and other establishments across the city. The Enthusiasts production of Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone will be the first time the play will be performed by a non-equity theatre company since its run at Steppenwolf in 2008! Plan a night out with your friends - our mission is to make the theatre experience more accessible to the masses - well known plays with reasonable ticket prices. Where else will you enjoy a Sarah Ruhl written play for $20 a ticket! Please 'share' and spread the word!
5 of 5 stars to Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl
PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW: It's a Beautiful Sunday Morning and Our Heavenly Fathers Blessings are all around us. Thank You Lord for all you do for us, you're wayward people. You know Wednesday I was wondering what we were going to do to meet our needs, especially after finding out that I could not even apply for the return of my retirement premiums until September & it would most likely be December or January before I received what I have paid in. Well I should have not doubted that we would manage to get by because GOD provided two special gifts to us on Friday. A very Special Person someone we consider as Family came & visited Anita on Friday & left her a wonderful gift. Then We received a refund check from my Insurance that stopped a year ago that was enough & a little but more to get my Cell Phone back operational. Never Doubt What GOD can & will do for those who faithfully follow him. I don't know what the future holds but my Faith in GOD & Our LORD JESUS never wains for with His streng ...
Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Had a good day. My friend Dani Shay went to Wendy's for our supper, Dad got me a birthday cake it is yummy. Ang got me a new Cell Phone. Had birthday Dinner at Longhorn steakhouse on Monday 26th. I got ribeye on the bone Ang & I split it. And my doggie Smoki chewed on the bone for 90 minutes. When he was done just the bone was left. He had the biggest smile ever. Today he was looking for another bone. But he got only Chicken had a cheeseburger. Snickers And Frenchee and chicken and a one cheeseburger they shared.
BEST RESUME GOES TO ME! Joshua G. L. Bryson Tampa, FL 33617 Cell Phone: 706.351.5230 Mr.Bryson93SUMMARY Possess excellent customer service, communication, and marketing skills with 4+ years of experience in various work environments. Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude and enjoy working with people. Understand the importance of being polite and mannerly to clients and associates. Able to work well in a fast-paced environment. Attracted 500+ clients to new pet grooming business through personal marketing skills. EDUCATION High School Graduate, Pepin Academy, Tampa, Florida CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS Courteously answered customers’ questions in person and via telephone for a small pet grooming business. Scheduled appointments and accurately recorded clients’ orders. Contacted customers when grooming was complete. Assisted groomer and clients with the care and grooming of their lovable and unlovable pets. Accepted and recorded customers’ payments. Aided customers, especially those requiring physical ...
CHIBOK SCAM EXPOSED: Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting on Cell Phone: The security at the Boko Hara...
FREE Cell Phone and 250 Monthly Minutes!! to Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia. If you are outside of these area’s, you won’t be able to view this offer. You’ll get an error that says it’s no longer available – but it is.
Red Rocket, Intersection of Dundas and Queen Street in Toronto. Cell Phone image and processed using the Snapseed and PaintFx Aps... any preference, comments??
Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Have a Cell Phone? SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: If SJP doesn't have a cell phone who has been writing all those tw...
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Nothing like encrypting data. Laptops hard drives encrypted, Cell Phone encrypted, USB drives encrypted, and I am almost ready to head to Mexico.
It may be 2014 out there, but it's 1985 in my Heart...when our Neighborhood was All Italian, when you had a Beef with someone, you fought it out then shook hands right after, and built a friendship, when the whole neighborhood sat outside on there steps with there chairs and talked on Summer Nights listening to the Phillies Game, when you read every page of the Daily News for 35 cents, when you bought Phillies Franks Hotdogs from your Corner Store to get the Nosebleed free seats at The Vet...when the meaning of Hangin outside with your Friends playing Halfball meant more than any App on a Cell Phone today...
Michael Byrne: Do not allow Cell Phone towers on Tinley Park School grounds via
Like a boss. (I don't know why I typed that) Fan Catches Foul Ball in Arizona, Resumes Talking on Cell Phone
Thank you to everyone who auditioned for 'Dead Man's Cell Phone'! The cast list is posted on the Spingold Theater main lobby bulletin board!
Is it too much to want a Cell Phone and Service that works every where 24/7? If my 4G not activated, baby there is no need for me to try and watch videos on IG! Jesus, be a cell phone tower lol...
There is a very untrue story circulating on the internet ... that the government has shut down cell phones and satellite feeds ... The cell towers and satellite feed are working perfectly on the Bundy Ranch . We just spoke with Susan Bundy on her Cell Phone. The service was never down . ever ...
Get your monologues ready! On April 25, 2014 the Mesa Community College Theater and Film Arts Department is starting off the spring semester with its Grand Reopening event that will take place before the final showing of "Dead Man's Cell Phone". During this event there will be food, speakers, and monologue performances. Monologues will take place between 6:00-6:30pm. Auditions to perform may be submitted via video response to the listed email address. If performing a monologue during this event interests you, or you have any questions/ need help recording, please contact Tom McCoy in the Main Theatre Office (TH 23) or by email at thomas.mccoyyou, and good luck!
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Sister Cities friends we have 2 Board positions opening in April at the Annual Conference. If you are interested in applying here is the application. There are 4 meetings per year and everyone on the Board has responsibilities. We are a working Board. Board members and applicants must attend the Annual Conference. This year the conference is in Urbana 4/12/13. Application Form—Personal Data Sheet 2014 ILLINOIS SISTER CITIES ASSOCIATION — BOARD OF DIRECTORS Applicant (First name, M.I., Last Name): Mr. Mrs. / Ms. Home Address: City: State: IL ZIP: E-mail Address: Home Phone: Work Phone: Cell Phone: Preferred Contact Number: Local Sister Cities Organization: Member Since (year): Recent Position(s) Held in Local / State Sister Cities Programs: Guidelines for using this form • Please fill in the requested information about yourself and the Sister Cities program in which you are participating in the fields above, and the questions following below. • When finished, Save as a Microsoft Word D ...
This morning on the Interstate, I looked over to my left and there was a Woman in a brand new Cadillac, doing 65 mph, with her face up next to her rear view mirror, putting on her eyeliner. I looked away for a couple seconds... to continue shaving, and when I looked back, she was halfway over in my lane, still working on that makeup. As a man, I don't scare easily. But she scared me so much that I had to put on my seat belt, and that made me drop My electric shaver, which knocked the donut out of my other hand. In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car, by using my knees against the steering wheel, it knocked my Cell Phone away from my ear. which fell into my coffee, which was between my legs; splashed; and burned Big Jim and the Twins. Ruined the darned phone; Soaked my trousers; and disconnected an important call. Darn women drivers!
On my way to strike for Les Mis/prop pull for Oz, tech for Dead Man's Cell Phone and then home to prep for auditions for Clue. Who has two thumbs and loves fairfield county community theatre? This guy.
SALES CONSULTANT (LOGISTICS) DURBAN R11 000 CTC (Includes Company Car) + Petrol + Cell Phone + Comms - Matric - Minimum 2 years Sales experience - Primarily new business acquisition - Vehicle tracking on VTS - Maintenance of current customer base, providing feedback and assisting with special requests - Analyse market for strategic planning purposes - Liaise with other sales and marketing personnel within the company to work out the best methods of promoting the company - Expediting of orders and feedback to customers - Motivated to achieve and exceed sales targets - Management of sales costs: Fuel, cell phone, data cards and company vehicle - Assisting accounts department as and when required with outstanding payments - Admin: Call reports, data capturing, documents to clients CV's with Professional Photo to eloise
What do Edward Hopper, Charles Dickens and John Donne have in common? Come to Dead Man's Cell Phone and find out!
In Dead Man's Cell Phone, Madison Theatre Guild explores the discomfort that comes with adopting... via
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Watch as Elijah Wood tries to call for help in this Grand Piano Clip - Cell Phone
This little dude’s a riot. Local piano prodigy Elias Phoenix goes on the Ellen Degeneres show and definitely is an Ellen fan. Keep this kid away from caffeine. Thanks to Erin Maloney from Bay News 9 for the heads up! Awesome. More posts in “Tampa Bay”… Also on The Art of Cell Phone...
I love my dvr!! Being able to watch the Academy Award Nominations with coffee when I get up at noon (kidding, 11:30) instead of 6:30 is heaven. So glad that Cate Blanchett is nominated and June Squibb and Bruce Dern. I may have to see American Hustle again but I still don't think it was the film people are making it out to be. Tonight is the Critic's Choice Awards. That should be interesting. DVR again. Oh, please come see Dead Man's Cell Phone. What a "statement show" and only an hour and a half. Love Award's season.
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Famous people, yeah I know famous people. I can tell you stories about LINDA BLAIR. Me and Lisa were on the phone with Helen Darras a friend to Linda Blair. We needed to call Linda about a rescue from Folcroft, Pennsylvania. Well Linda remembered me, WCTV1 PRODUCERS supported her in the past directly. She was at a convention with Helen. Helen contact us on her Cell Phone. Linda over heard our conversation. Linda asked "Helen is that John from WCTV1?" She remembered me. Lisa said to Helen about the rescue. Linda over heard. WENT OVER BOARD and jumped for Helen's Cell Phone# she said "Were Were a Rescue" We never heard Linda excited in all her life. Good time with Helen and Linda.
Deadman's Cell Phone opens this Friday! Hilariously funny dark comedy. Get your tickets now!
I have just finished reading The Elephant, the Tiger and the Cell Phone, Reflections on India, The Emerging 21st Century Power by Shashi Tharoor and enjoyed it very much. Now I have to get In Spite of the Gods by Edward Luce, a book highly recommended by Tharoor, which describe modern day India. If I can never actually get there at least I can read about it.
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BREAKING NEWS IN THE MOORE FAMILY. My dad, Bruce Moore, has leaped into the 21 Century. He skipped the PC Era, never had an email address or FB, now has an Cell Phone and Text Msg. Next, FB! Watch out Port Coquitlam!
An hour and a half to get from the Cell Phone lot to the arrival doors! Charlotte Airport is a mess!!
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To my wife Candice Cartwright (I love you) and anyone who has liked or commented on the pictures posted today on here. I've never in my life had my cell phone make so much noise in one day, that is all.
All cell phone service in the US is spoty depending on the conditions, with Sprint getting their Network Vision...
The cell phone updates is probably the best thing dps ever thought of
Try to confirm whether your cell phone or landline has a stronger signal/connection & use that for your phone interview.
Three purposes of a bra: Hold your boobs, cell phone, and money.
Kid is charging 2 cell phones on the train, must be a drug dealer…no it’s not a company work phone, well maybe but you get the point
Dumb Telecom no frigging cell phone coverage GR Toni Sowerby we be out soon just having lunch :)
Hey, good job impressing the people of 1982 with a cell phone, E.T.
And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life - this is indeed a gift from God. (NLT) ( Ecclesiastes 5:19 ) Isn't it true how fortunate we would be if we were happy with the blessings God has given us? Rather, we spend much of our time thinking about the newest car we want or count down the days until our contract ends to get a new cell phone. Be happy with the blessings you have received from God and enjoy it. Download this app to get your daily devotions:
Great bumper sticker: Drop the cell phone, put your hands on the wheel and nobody gets hurt!
Easily Monitor and Track a Remote Cell Phone with MobileSpy - see emails, chats, gps location, etc...
Okay... looking for advice. I am looking to get a reliable cell phone. One that will actually get reception in the building where I work, etc. etc. I don't need internet access so am just looking at talk and text. This is what I'm considering: (the $30 a month plan) Opinions???
Holy crap, man. It's a cell phone, they'll hear you if you don't yell.
Just left out of the store paid for the few items I got for my mom and dad's birthday I dig in my pocket book and realized that I missed and put one of the items in my pocketbook by mistake when I was putting my cell phone in my pocketbook so I gets out the car and goes back in the store to pay for it the girl was like thank you that devil wasn't going to block my blessing I'm not a thief
Good night ro see if my cell phone case is waterproof
This afternoon I was on a conference call beginning the debrief for the "Would Jesus Eat Frybread" Conference. At the end of the call I asked my friend Megan to close our time in prayer. About 45 seconds into her prayer we heard a "Ding" and then silence. At first we joked that it was the rapture and the rest of us were left behind, but then we decided that it made more sense that her cell phone just dropped the call. So I concluded her prayer and ended our call.But then I texted her, just to confirm. She texted me back, no rapture. LOL
We've already had "frost on the pumpkins". It is only a matter of time before full blown winter weather is here. This is a great time to make sure you and your family are prepared for winter conditions that could threaten your safety. An important thing you can do is create an emergency supply kit for your car. It could save your life because you never know when you might be stranded in a storm. You'll will need to take care of yourself and your passengers until help arrives. Your kit should include: -Blankets or sleeping bags -flashlight with extra batteries -first-aid kit -shovel, booster cables and windshield scraper -non-perishable food like raisins and energy bars -water -sand or cat litter for traction -cell phone adapter
guys my cell phone died and I won't have a charger until tomorrow and I promise I am not dead just really sad.
The FCC is getting some backlash after proposing to allow cell phone calls on planes. Details from
for get CDs rather have it on the cell phone
Hey guys, which cell phone provider drops the most calls? I need to get one for my mom.
Don't you just hate when you misplace your stinkin cell phone and have to go a whole day without it? Man, I feel so naked!
You might be able to make a mid-flight call on your cell phone soon
Do not allow cell phone use on planes. No way to escape rude people. Texting OK, voice NOT OK!
It’s my God given right to have a cell phone on a plane! The government better not stop it!
Cell phone calls planes, people are going to get all kinda of rude in a very small space
Other than that pine barrens episode in the Sopranos when Paulie and Christopher were stranded in the woods the cell phone could be man's worst imvention on a social level. Long drawn out arguments, introvert children with poor social skills texting all day and people conversating about their dogs urine color is what it has come to. God help humanity.
Phone yawn: the act of taking out a cell phone, resulting in other people in the vicinity taking out and checking their phones
Nothing tests human willpower more than the cell phone vibrating in the pocket while someone is telling a story.
Thinking and wanting to switch cell phone carriers. Any recommendations? Pros & Cons? Currently have Sprint. Ready. Set. Go.
By all means sir, please continue to walk around the airport waiting area and talk on your cell phone like an *** .
Mark Higbee thinks looks good on his samsung note 3 cell phone...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Like how I call Bell to get my internet hooked up at our new house and they tell me they have no idea how I still have high speed for $50 a month and tell me I have to pay $80 for fibreop ? What was wrong with high speed?? I mean I'm not wanting to take on a space mission I just want to surf the web.. So for that and my cable and cell phone threw Bell the cheapest deal I can get is $221 a month that's low end I might ad .. So my hook up day is in 2 weeks think Ill shop around or is that what the greedy *** ask for now? I just don't understand why moving changes the deal I made 6b years ago I mean I'm not canceling my service ..
Dropped my cell phone in the toilet and lost all my contacts. Had to buy a new cell phone and now I have to relearn everything. I hate not being techie! I dont even know how to spell techy! Do me a favour and text me with your name so I can add you back onto my contacts.
How long am I supposed to sit here on hold burning my cell phone minutes? It's been 20 minutes and counting. Someone supposedly transferred me to the right department.
Only fine that will stop cell phone use in cars would be if police confiscate the phone of offenders. Losing your phone is a real deterrent
I could hear the person a lady walking by was talking to on her cell phone from inside my living room!
PULEEZ no cell phone access on the's already crazy as heck
Name a place you can't use your cell phone:
Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Now I know what happened. Cell phone gone wild! LOL Have a nice weekend Joe!
Conversation in my home. Cameron listening as he is checking his balance on his subway gift card.. Lady on recording "please enter your 16 digit account number, followed by the pound sign" Cam "pound sign? Wait, what's that? Does she mean the hash-tag?" Me. "Oh grasshopper... So much I have to teach you" Guess the kid has never really used anything BUT a cell phone.kind of sad!
They have a smell a phone adapter for your cell phone in Japan it only has three scents tho
I'm gonna have to pimp u a cell phone so we can get back to biz. “miss u”
I believe unless it's an emergency you should NEVER subject other people to your cell phone calls. It's pure rudeness.…
Would you want to be stuck on a plane next to some on a phone
Jeff said he down too go out. Somebody tried too take his cell phone from him the other night tho.
I guess by this standard the Nokia Lumia 1520 is a phone.
No, but happy b-day. Best present to give yourself: safe driving habits. Slow down, stay off your cell ph…
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Blackberry Lavender is a delicious cheesecake, not a pale purple cell phone :O
How you bragging about having a $400 purse $300 dollar lace front and a $500 cell phone, yet your on the bus..
Some definite positives *and* negatives with this decision "FCC opens door to allowing cell phone calls on airplanes"
All I want it for bunny to have a cell phone and send me selfies when we are apart
in other news my newest case is not only slim and neon green IT HAS A PLACE TO ATTACH CELL PHONE STRAPS TOO
Pretty cool how no matter how much technology advances, every cell phone call on speaker sounds like it's coming from a robot underground.
Someday you may be able to make cell phone calls while on an airline flight. Besides annoying your seatmates, you...
Cell phone my bids to auctions.cop paintings.
Don't you know that you're the sh, got me turning off my cell phone.
My mother is addicted to her cell phone(s). She has 2 so the batteries won't die.
Why can't a cell phone back up his contacts? 'Cause he was wearing glasses! Badumtiss!
I never answer the home phone when I'm at the house by myself. If you need me you can call my cell phone. Because it's al…
In-flight cell phone calls: About as good an idea as in-flight karaoke.
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“ two cell phones.only one work though” flip phone
Cell phones on a plane? Please don't phone home via USA TODAY
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Don't want your picture on my cell phone I want you here with me I don't want your memory In my head, no I want you here with me (8)
It takes all of ambition just to return home with my wallet, cell phone and keys everyday.
Don't keep your cell phone inside your shirt or trouser pocket. Use a Cell Phone pouch to carry it. BE AWARE CELLPHONES: This short clip will forever change the way you look at your cell phone, ever again. A scientific paper bravely published by a leading radiation biologist, Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski now allows top neurologists, like Keith Black, MD of Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Hospital to issue warnings to their patients about the dangers of cellphone use, which he describes as "Cooking the brain". The cell phone industry retaliated against Leszczynski by lobbying to have his funding stopped and in the meantime, insurance companies have also stopped coverage for health damages related to cell phone use. In 2011, San Francisco, CA passed a law, which originally required retailers of cell phones to display the amount of radiation that was emitted by each unit. Lobbyists successfully had the law revised to simply inform people on ways to diminish their exposure to cell phone radiation. Ellie Marks' husband ...
At opening night of Dead Man's Cell Phone here at Performing Arts Center. You can see…
What is the Best Age to Get Your Kid a Cell Phone? |
Dear ELECTED Folks up in DC, Since it's Daylight Savings Time now, this means: 1) y'all gotta get along an hour longer! 2) you have 60 extra minutes to "Unlock the Grid" And 3) Tick, tick,'re burning Daylight! Get busy! *** it GOP, I asked for jus a lil Grey Poupon on my Clearance Loaf of White Bread! Pass the Generic Mustard then, will ya! My yellow label Bologna samich is a lil dry... Your Client, An American Registered Voter "Homeless Vet w/ a Cell Phone"
Federal Bureau of Manners: Cell Phone from Larry Miller, Ed Begley ... - There's a new law enforcement department...
« Republican Senators Want Response to Muslim Attacks Against Christians in Egypt | Main | Sharia in Action: 15-Year-old Girl Burned to Death by Her Father for Talking on the Cell Phone » Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Sharia in Action: Afghan woman’s family "behead her and her lover and dump their bodies in graveyard in horrific honour killing" It's the sharia. Respect it. "A young couple in conservative southern Afghanistan..." Conservative? The media is sick in their collectivist head. How does the Muslim community respond to the desperate circumstances of Muslim girls living in devout Muslim homes? They deny, obfuscate and dissemble. The Muslim community protects the religious honor code, while smearing and libeling the truth tellers coming to the aid of these girls as "racists." Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. The Palestinian Authority gives pardons or suspended sentences for honor murders. Iraqi women have asked for tougher sentences for Islamic honor murderers, who get off l ...
Dropping my daughter on my cell phone plan saves me 90 dollars a month. Since I dont get visitation I am saving quite a bit. Time to liquidate
Best of luck to Jared Infelt and the ISU Men's & Women's Club Soccer Team at Regionals this weekend in Golden Colorado! They will start with two games on Friday, October 25 and play more on Saturday as they advance in the tournament. If any relatives are interested in going to watch, I can get you Jared's cell phone number to confirm exact time and location.
No, Chancellor Merkel, it isn't not incorrect that we are not not, currently, at this particular moment, um, uh monitoring your cell phone.
My dad goes "I'm buying another car soon." Okay cool, but how about you buy me a cell-phone first?...
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‘Completely unacceptable’: Merkel calls Obama over suspicion US monitored her cell phone
Older adults of this generation didn’t grow up on screens and even younger adults had fewer technology options than kids today, yet they’re just as addicted, if not more so. A 2011 national survey by TeleNav, Inc. showed that adults are far more willing to give up everyday activities if it means they can keep their screens, especially their cell phones. The survey revealed: 40% of iPhone users would give up their toothbrush for a week before their phone. 83% of iPhone users said other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners. Half of all adults surveyed said they sleep with their phone. 1/3 of mobile phone users would give up sex before their phone. 55% of adults said caffeine would be given up before their phone. 63% of survey respondents would give up chocolate for their phone. 70% of people said they’d rather give up alcohol before their phone. One in five people said they’d go shoeless rather than phoneless for a week. The same TeleNav survey showed that smartphone users are less soc ...
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Worst cell phone plan ever... Miami coaches will be fined $100 for every impermissible text they send:
Awe new cell phone sadly have no numbers text name plz :(
“No woman, you need a week on a beach with no cell phone and a barrell of wine!”like the sound of that!
Just wrote one of my college essays on my cell phone.
JOKE OF THE DAY: I went to see a movie last night and sat in an aisle seat, as I usually do, because it feels a little roomier. Just as the feature was about to start, a blonde from the center of the row got up and started working her way out. "Excuse me. Sorry! Oops. Excuse me, pardon me, gotta hurry. Oops! Excuse me." By the time she got to me, I was trying to look around her and I was a little impatient, so I said, "Couldn't you have done this a little earlier?" "No!" she said in a loud whisper. "The 'Turn Off Your Cell Phone, Please' message just flashed up on the screen and mine is out in the car"…
Have you ever been talking on your cell phone and looking for it frantically at the same time?
My mom said she was going to the store to get some bread. An hour later she's still gone. I'm blowing up her cell phone and no answer. I get ready to go look for her and I see her pulling into the driveway on the cameras. When she gets in, I'm like where the heck you been?!! She talkin bout, "grocery shopping with your aunt. Why? You was scared?!" I said "yea I was worried cuz it don't take that long to get bread and you didn't say you was going with aunt Sarah. This nut says, "don't worry, I had my pistol with me." LMAO, my mom is gangsta! Don't let her sweet charm fool ya.
The moment I decide to put my cell phone down and I get busy, everyone decides to call me. Nine calls missed
I'm the now-2ch-famous "A" in this incident. My comments are named "soreleftarm".
Boundary: ex can no longer text the kids. He can call the home phone or my cell phone. Ex says I am stopping him from speaking with our kids. He says this to the judge; that I block him. Bulls((t. First, if you abuse it, you lose it. Don't use texting to circumvent co parenting to the point that I don't know where my children are. Don't use it to ask them to lie to meet you. Don't use it to exploit their comments and twist them for court. You abuse it, you lose it. NO WHERE in the MSA does it say I owe you the cost of paying for cell phones and allowing you texting. Not all kids even have them, and you haven't paid dime. Even if you had paid; you abuse it, like a child. Co parent like an adult and make their plans through me; not them. Since you can't do that, you can reach them via the home phone (which is always on) or my cell phone. You have other options you refuse to use. That is your problem; not mine. This is about control, and you don't have it. Be a man; be a dad and learn h ...
Those lazy cell phone commercials have me crying. 😂😂😂
Nothing more humbling that watching your truck get repossessed while you are at working helping customers complain about how high their cell phone bills are. The whole time trying to forget about my problems and show empathy towards theirs. Pretty stinking crappy actually.
I always try not to let things get me down. I read about other people's problems in life and they seem so small compared to mine. My outlook in life is parallel with my humor. I have never lost the ability to make people laugh, and above all else, to make myself laugh! I lost a father to suicide 20 years ago, I lost my mother 2 years ago - she held on as long as she could because she loved her grandkids so much, but she could no longer keep on keeping on - both my folks are at peace now and for that, I am thankful. I lost my oldest brother earlier this year, and he fought demons most of his life. I lost my right big toe due to an infection and stubbornness, and laid up again with a foot ulcer in 2011, admitted on my birthday that year, and I fought through that as well. I have fought and fought for always trying to do the right thing, even though a lot of you may not know the circumstances of life after my mother's passing and that's alright. I did everything I could for my kids. This brings me to tomorro ...
The reason to still have a landline phone is so you can use it to call your cell phone so you can find it.
Alrighty, apparently cell phones don't really like water so my phone will be off line until sometime tomorrow. Message me if you need me
THIS IS SO SAD. I was lucky to learn my lesson not to call while driving, I flipped my car upside down end over end, I was hanging upside down & could not get out. SCARY... I also had a 17 year old almost hit me head on because of his cell phone, he ran down the whole side of my car, because I jerked over in time, we may both be dead. Please everyone learn from others mistakes.
Should I switch cell phone carrier's or just stay with the current one...hmmm
A friend and co-worker posted this tonight. Please everyone keep this young man in your prayers and remember, no phone call is worth someones life. * Tonite on the way home I watched the woman if front of me pull out in front of a motorcyclist,she was so busy on the darn phone she didn't look! I sat with the young man holding his hand reassuring him that he would be just fine and praying to God that he would be.It took all I had not to deck that woman when she tried to excuse her behavior to anyone who would listen. She gets to go home to her family.. he may not ...was that phone call that important?! Please pray for him tonite and put the darn cell phones away..nothing is more important than a life!
Cell phone bill gone put a extra on in my ***
Anyone have a recommendation for a LOUD alarm clock? I regularly sleep through the alarm on my night table, my cell phone, and wake up calls to both my cell and land lines. I can't continue to be late to work everyday.
What would you do if your phone died,and you use your friend cell phone to call your bf/gf and their name pop up as bae/boo.
What are the things you always take with you? — cell phone, wallet, iPod. always.
Mike, mike, mike!! Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is! It's movie day turn off your cell phone.
My uncle bought me a new cell phone charger! It's so pretty😄
Need tablet or phone repair? Local Cell Phone Dr on Bellevue is good news; similarly named competitor is BIG BAD NEWS.
Since my boss David Dave Todd has been so generous. I will be off the next 4 days. Tomorrow I will be going to look for a new cell phone since my "Jitterbug 2" has seen its last days. Wish me luck. I am hoping to find something really great that will make my daughter jealous.
Got a new Cell phone, finally, same number, so feel free to call me if you need too. peace
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and do a factory data reset on your cell phone! ;) Brendy Magana
Message from the series "Gold from Galatia." May God bless you on this Hump Day Wednesday! “Let me put it another way. The law was our guardian until Christ came; it protected us until we could be made right with God through faith. And now that the way of faith has come, we no longer need the law as our guardian.” –Galatians 3:24-25, NLT “Something Better Has Come!” Earlier this year, I was waiting for my two years to be up with T-Mobile so I could upgrade my phone. The phone that I had was a good phone; however, it was starting to get a little slow, stuck most of the times I would use it, and the battery would die so quickly. To my chagrin, T-Mobile has now established something where you are not tied to a contract anymore, but you just paying on your phone that you would buy unless you get a phone that would cost nothing. With that being said, I went on a hunt for me a new phone and when the dust settled, I ended up getting the HTC One. I love this phone because it takes great pictures ...
The United States bugged the cell phone of Chancellor?! What have we become? scandal Worlds joke
Ugghhh. Left my cell phone at work. Back there in less than 12 hours so in the event something so earth shattering happens and anyone has to get me. Find me here in the good old FB or call Jon. Pm me for the number if needed but seriously it's less than 12 hours people .
Guess im never making a phone call from my cell phone again
Have a friend that says a cell phone is like a long dog leash.
If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what i... — My cell phone and my violin!! I am not leaving my baby!!
UPDATE: Joe is in his room -- he has his cell phone with him -- for those who want to call tomorrow
The worst trick the devil ever played was vertical cell phone video.
You can keep your insurance & doctor if you like them, and it will cost the same as a cell phone plan, and less than you pay now.
Hi ladies! Venice Beach prohibits cooking and does not have fire pits. So we will be going to Dockweiler Beach this Saturday instead. We are meeting at the Spokes N Stuff Rental Shop around 4 pm. The address is: 9401 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey Parking is available for free along the street Vista Del Mar or PCH or $3-8 in the parking lot. In case we cannot find free parking, everyone please bring $1-2 to chip in for parking. Bike rentals are $8 / hr. So far we have Melissa Perez and Preeti Chamber coming from Doheny. If anyone else would like to be picked up from Doheny, let us know ASAP. Pick-up from Chalon and Doheny will be at 2:30 pm in the same places. For dinner we are serving hot dogs and s'mores. There will also be water and juice. For vegetarians we'll have grilled corn and pasta or potato salad. (If you prefer something else feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you. :)) Things to bring: 1. Wallet, Keys, Cell Phone 2. ~$20 for bike & parking (in case no free parking) 3. ...
So tonight I opened up my wifes' new cell phone (from and got a new number for her. I--we--have never owned an android phone (go figure). So I promptly checked my data usage on and saw I had spent $3 in data to activate the phone. I then figured out how to disable auto-sync and turned the phone off. Back to dishes. Expect questions, tho.
Just posted a cell phone pic on my TextAmerica moblog.
Well thank you knotts scary farm for making traffic detour to some dark street w/no lights.. Its very delightful walking down a dark street, then down a dark alley while you cell phone died on ya! Yay goood times! (both thumbs up with,a cheesy smile) Not!
70% of cell phone conversations are based on lies. People are 95% more honest during face to face communication.
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Amanda I am home but my dad cancelled my cell phone so you can or call me
Your a cell phone splashing in my coffee cup
Why isn't telling this part of the CMA director's resignation story?
Mannn this ain't my dad, this is a cell phone. I THREW IT ON THE GROUND
Was heading to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine and as I was turning onto Wolfe Rd my dad blame truck died. So there I am at the foot of Wolfe Rd with my co captain, Zach, riding shotgun. And no cell phone. I got it stopped off the road where I could *** for possible causes, turned the key and did not hear that little familiar humming sound called your FUEL PUMP. Luckily a guy stopped and let me use his cell to call home and Angie came and got me and Zach. Left truck in a tow away zone. It was time now to rally the troops and go retrieve my old Dodge before it got stripped for parts. I called my brother Jon and he said; "I'll be right there Wade. Where ya at?" Came out of his warm house, out into the cold to help his little brother What a good guy. Between him and my boys Ben and Zach by George they got my old truck home with a log chain. and a few prayers. Would not take a dime from me or let me get him some gas. Thanks Jon. You're the best.
Cell phone commercials are just trying to sell their their cell phone just because their cell phone has gps for going trick or treating
I wish I was your cell phone, being touched frequently, updated often and can't go without.
No cell phone servce in my building at all @
Not a good way to end the day, lost my cell phone in a store and could not find it. If you need to reach me, send me a message on FB.
I love being able to control settings on my cell phone
Had a phone in jail call it cell phone , the wackest verse from lil Wayne
Do you pay more than $49/month in cell phone service, switch to solavei www.solavei/msidhu609 get ur first 2 months for $39/month.
Had a phone in jail, that's a cell phone.
I see the Top Chef house shops at the same 2005 cell phone shop as Jerry Jones.
having a cell phone in college would have been crazy. Got my first cell when I got my 1st pro job
Just so we're all clear: NASA is getting a direct feed from a robot on Mars, but I still can't make a cell phone call f…
I am without a cell phone. Call my home if you need me.
For reading! When she looks the cell phone, she always holds it further away from her. Olivia needs glasses!
Anybody know how to get a video off a cell phone? I finally got a video of Sofiel giggling and smiling but it's too big to send as a test message on the phone. I'd like to share it her for her family that doesn't get to see her very often.
Hey can someone tell me if they comment on something that I have it shoes up on my cell phone. This is weird an it just started today
Sitting in unnamed dept store awaiting Arturo to pick me up and having flashbacks of when I was around 9 and got lost and separated from my mom at Magic Mountain. I took myself to the 'lost and found' building and sat in a depressing room at the back with other misfit children and one older lady. I couldn't see out, but heard an older gentleman approach in a panic saying..."I've lost my wife!" For some reason I found this absolutely absurd. I thought... How does one adult get lost from another adult? (the pre cell phone age, of course)
Dorinda Clark Cole take your Cell Phone with you by Dorinda Clark-Cole -
I want to give a special thanks to the late Gene Rodenberry!!! For creating a new genre of consciences, namely, the first Cell Phone! In '66 the world watched the future unfold as Captain Kirk changed the world.
This just occurred to me ...if we have a government shut down, would we still have to pay taxes? Could we be tax-free on cell phone bills, grocery, gas, etc.? If so, go democrats...shut it down now!
What a day! We started out at our local market Santa Catrina with a little cafe with milk, chorizo and omlette sandwich (omlettes with no cheese, imagine that :-)) Today we took the metro to Guell Parc. When getting off the metro we were initially turned around, but a young lady told us to take the escalators to the top. We had no idea what we were in for, see for yourself! Guell Parc is amazing,, the views reach the Montjuic, - a beautiful green mountain oasis named after a Jewish settlement and cemetery. The view also span the feel like someone put you in charge when you stand on the edge overlooking the city of Barcelona. Theb you enter the world of Antoni Gaudi. I'll let you be the judge if he was genius or insane. Either way, his work is remarkable. The rest of the day was on on the Gaudi trail. The Sagrada Familia is a place you can't begin to comprehend on the first visit. The contrast between the Gaudi directed construction and the Gaudi inspired are perfectly balanced. My ...
I still remember my 1st cell phone at 17. I was so souped I finally had a place to put numbers. Instead of whipping out a pen like a clown
One of my favorite book/TV shows was Flash Forward... written by Robert J. Sawyer... everyone within this world gets treated (or cursed) with a vision of their own future... eventually they find that the cause was a particle accelerator (like CERN) .the book goes into some people being able to travel millions of years into the future, thanks to the technology being streamlined and as popular as a cell phone... once people got a taste of the future, they wanted it all the time. yeah... read this bad *** science news and think on that... or even better, get Flash Forward going on netflix... or... even better still... read the book :D. I needs me a quantum entanglement device... I needs it right meow \m/
I'm really mad that I dropped and cracked my cell phone
Check out the new mobile version of on your cell phone!
It's amazing how many people out there don't know that it's rude to talk on your cell phone when you're at a restaurant. Especially when you're talking about colonoscopys. Really?
Unintentional Sin “If the entire Israelite community sins by violating one of the Lord’s commands, but the people do not realize it, they are still guilty.” Leviticus 4:13 Unintentional sin still has very real consequences. For example, I can forget to report extra income to the Internal Revenue service, but I still owe the taxes and interest on the overdue obligation. Or, I can make a flippant remark to my spouse or children as a weak attempt at humor not realizing how badly I hurt their feelings. My good intentions mean well, however the consequences of sinful actions still need genuine forgiveness. It’s not enough to say, “I didn’t mean to”, or “That’s not what I meant”. Inadvertent actions that bruise relationships, question our integrity, or violate the Lord’s commands require a response of confession and repentance. It’s woefully inadequate to blame memory loss or ignorance on behavior that assumes things are ok when sin is present. “In the past God overlooked such ignoran ...
Just to let everyone know... I'm having problems with my cell phone right now, so if u can't get in touch with me just get at me on here... okay thanks :)
Yo I need a at&t cell phone, does anyone have one will pay cash!
Great cell phone holder for your car
It's impossible to not look like a dork while smoking an E-cig. They're like the cell phone belt holster of cigarettes
Keep an emergency backpack near the door to “grab-and-go” in case you can’t stay in your home. This is especially important if you live or work in a tsunami zone. Place copies of important documents/cash in a plastic bag in the backpack. Include medication and extra glasses that anyone in your family may need. Other items: water, snacks, baby formula, cell phone chargers, etc.
Kindergarten was cancelled today because there was a funeral at B's school... so instead of working, I stayed home with B and painted my office, painted my kitchen, checked out the new Chickfila Fair Lakes, went to Costco (Fairfax location is absolutely miserable with no parking - are they putting in a gas station?), and purchased items to go camping tomorrow. Yes, camping. In the woods. With no cell phone service for 30 miles. I'm exhausted and the weekend hasn't even started yet.
BLACKBERRY lost millions but APPLE sold millions of their new phone in the first 3 weeks. I know when I went to the mall last week the line to the APPLE store was oc. there's this GREAT emphasis on cell phones that's been prevalent more than ever the last decade. having the latest phone is incredibly MAJOR to millions. WHY?
Sometimes I wonder why even has a cell phone. When is not lost she never answers it.
VIDEO | Tips on how to unlock your car with a cell phone YouTube | Watch:
Got a couple miles from my office when I realized I forgot my cell phone. So turned around to go back to get it, then got stuck in Friday 5pm traffic. Thought Kirby would be waiting crossing her legs, but found her laying on her back, legs straight In the air and head hanging upside down off the couch. She looked at me like "oh are you home already."
If I dropped a baby in the toilet I'd safely fish him out. If I dropped my cell phone in the toilet I don't care if there's an AIDS-infected turd in there I'm diving in head first to save it !
My brother walks in and starts using the house phone. What's your cell phone for...?
I need to make sure that i do not forget my sister's cell phone cases when i leave sunday morning
My cell phone is not powering on & I'm trying to fix it. So, if you need to reach me, call Gary's phone or email.
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Okay what did Obama really say to in that cell phone convo? Build your nukes, just don't tell anyone.
got a cell phone now. message me ur :D
Diz *** changed da pin on my cell phone account and suspended my services cuhzzz. Know I need tah contact my kids and family.trife *** Bytch.where dey do dat at. Ima bounce back like all da tyme happy hoen.
Nothing spells out good customer service when a customer calls your personal cell phone for help when youre at home, off your shift for an hour and napping.and you actually help the guy...take notes kids.nevermind i'd rather be napping
Just opened my box of Wheat Thins to find Anastasia Romanowicz's missing cell phone... what
I am without my cell phone. I forgot it this morning and left it at home charging. When I got home from work, I unplugged it, but now it won't power up. Arg.
Pull out your iPhone to see research illustrating how increasingly addicted we're becoming to our mobile devices:
Hey bill neat idea can you get a projecter into a cell phone camera lens
If you have AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon cell phone service. like this status or inbox me. GOT SOME NEWS for you.
Apple is a billion dollar company, so why you guys didn't produce enough 5s phones to send to all the major cell phone stores
RE-POST- Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new cell phone and I was wondering if anyone know if the following get good service out here: Boost Mobile, Metro Pc or T-mobile. Thank you!
The one always answered yhur calls when nobody would ever answer and talk to yhu cause they didnt have time.oovoo skype house phone cell phone!
Only in Oklahoma will you see a man riding a horse and talking on a cell phone during rush hour traffic
My cell phone service has once again been shut off for non-payment. It's like AT&T is my anti-social savior.
Mommy teaching my granma how to use a cell phone lol too cute
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Don't worry if one of the things that this weekend is your cell phone. We'll get you back in business Monday.
Wow some people at the gas station smoking by the pump real smart!!! Then a women on the cell phone yelling at her mom behind me!!!
A relationship without trust is like a cell phone with no service.. What do u do? PLAY GAMES.
When I go to sleep then, I remain still online, but only by cell phone. I will no longer be accessible via chat.
My cell phone is now smart and, thanks to Bluetooth, linked to cordless units at home. This means our long-time home phone number now also is my cell My old cell # is now Paul's cell phone Imagine, Paul actually has a cell, and I finally have texting capability. If any of my grand-darlings want specifics, check your e-mails. And please take note, you darlings of our youngest generation, wonders do happen here on W. 70th in Oz Land.
Spent today at the Library Support Staff Conference in Pineville talking about our library predicament and warning them to beware since taking library funds for other projects will surely spread if this passes here. Also talked about my writing career, had a nice lunch, and sold a goodly number of books. A nice day except I lost my cell phone somewhere along the way. I am sure it will be a big mess to replace it, not to mention having to program in all those contacts again from scratch.
Restaurant in Lebanon gives a 10% discount if you turn in ya cell phone at the door.
Just a FYI if u have kids that go shopping with u, and are old enough to use a cell phone and watch u load all the groceries in the car. Its not them that have the problem it's you and your parenting skills that have the problem! Just saying!
Did anyone Text me on my cell today? I kept getting messages about something but I could not get them to come up for me to read them all. I am terrible on the cell phone! Just terrible and I really need to move up to a smart phone..maybe it would be easier?
Louis C.K.'s daughters won't be getting cell phones anytime soon, because the famous dad/funnyman explains as only he can, phones take away his kids' ability to just feel sadness.
How is it I got a key to the building and a company cell phone before I got a badge with my picture on it??? Hm
On our way to a Minnie moon..just the two of us!! Now just to hide his cell phone!!""
LIVE Radio on your Cell Phone or Tablet: 106.3 Mobile Radio ATLANTA, GA -We spin the NEWEST Uncut Hip Hop
I NEED a cell phone people. Does anyone have an att phone for sale cheap???
Unless you have children I would not wear a cell phone on a belt clip
Dear World: If EVER you see me running and talking on my cell phone at the same time, I IMPLORE you to run me over.
Good morning fam. Well it is once again morning and my name is still on the list of the living. Yippee count me grateful. HE made it, I'm gonna be glad in it. How about we all just take a real quick second to say thank you to our Father. This is not one of those pass it on jokes, nor do you have to share, paste or like. Just in your own way, put down ur cell phone and lift your eyes to the heaven, and . Oh heck JUST SMILE AND SAY THANK YOU! Have a blessed Friday night! (U.S.A.) and a blessed Saturday morning! (Asia)
I dropped my cell phone in the toilet.!
"Ladies if you need your cell phone bill paid follow ctfuuu
Also, my cell phone from Verizon just set to London *** I live in Seattle...My cell phone isn't working.
Does anybody else get rings right on your hip where the cell phone sits in its holster...when there is no phone there. Mwa ha haaa. (it's true though. I can feel it ringing on me even though it's not there.) I think I'm going nuckin' futs!
lol no not you. Someone lectured me about MJ having a cell phone
Diq the good old sen. R.Malik stop terrorism by blocking cell phone connections?8
My heart always stops when I can't find my cell phone
Finally replacing my busted cell phone. Hurry up FedEx!
Throwing that Avicii on the iPod and riding till I lose cell phone reception, then ima keep goin.
So we got ethan a cell phone. Nothing fancy just for him to take with him on field trips. I want him to be ablw to reach me any time. But I looked at it a little while ago and his screen saver is a pic of him and his girlfriend! I am NOT ready for that! :/ however I cant help but be a little proud cause she is a cutie! Lol
My dad just got his very first cell phone 😱
Looking for a basic cell phone (non-smart) for a plan we already have with Verizon!?? Anyone?
Had a phone in jail, that's ah cell phone
Why do you have a cell phone if you're not gonna answer it! 😡😡😡😡
As long as they don't send the last tech that came out I'm good. All he did was play on his cell phone and take personal calls.
Cell phone just bit the asphalt and truck drove over it, just F*n great.
This *** I forgot my cell phone at school and can't get it tell Tuesday.
The cool thing about losing your cell phone is nothing oh my God does anyone even know are you trying to call me this is so stressful.
City Council pass first reading for cell phone ordinance.
It's alot of ppl about to get pull over from this cell phone law next week lls
*raven rapping at my chamber door*. "GOT A PHONE IN JAIL CALL THAT A CELL PHONE". raven you were just here 2 hours ago can you go. "NEVERMORE"
*** I just noticed I been having the same cell phone number since 2007 lol
I don't see how some people live in the middle of BFE. Like I love my interstate and my cell phone service
Just got a new cell phone but I lost contacts.. hit me up guys (574)-992-1546, if you want. O:)
A absent-mindedness results in a lost cell phone, misplaced keys, or at worst bounced checks.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall weather. If you did not get a chance to register for the fishing event for tomorrow you can register on site tomorrow morning. Please be patient with me if you are receiving this email and you are no longer in Delta Company 4-3 as we are working on updating our email distro list. Just a quick reminder for safety reason, Hunter remains a hands free cell phone usage while driving on the installation, includes no texting while driving, no talking on the cell phone unless its hands free. Take care of yourself, take care of your soldier. KIDS FISHING EVENT AT HUNTER, Sept. 28: (Registration ongoing.) Children ages 15 and under can each catch up to five catfish (and maybe a fun, lifelong hobby) at the Kids Fishing Event from 7-10 a.m. Sept. 28 at the Hallstrom Lake Recreation Area. No charge. No fishing license required. Bring your fishing pole. Limited bait available. Registration at Outdoor Recreation building 8454 begins Sept. 5. For more information, call 91 ...
Well I spent some money got myself a new car then decided on a new cell phone! My number is the same but no more blackberry or virgin cell service. The car is an impala & the phone is an Samsung 3!
I will soon be without cell phone or internet service for 3 days😁   10% Off
Ideal for runners! Take your cell phone in this armband carry case
I don't have cell phone but I have email! — kaye.l.hanson
Of all the modern conveniences that has been invented in the past 100 years, I come to realize that the most inportant one is not the cell phone or flushable wet wipes like Liz King believes. It the automatic ice maker in the fridge. Which mine is now broken.
"Less people in the world have access to a decent toilet compared to having a cell phone!"
Had a phone in jail. Thats a cell phone
My brother just described ww1 to me in detail and then compared chemical warfare to phs cell phone policy
Hi FBI friends and family. I try so very hard to count my blessings every day. John came to hosp on thurs for hernia surgery and turns our he has an aneurism that requires surgery which will be done Monday morn. So once again we need you and your prayers. Love you all so much. He is at new St. E's room 2S34. Phone 428-3213 cell phone is 412-5608. Thank you again.
Needs to invest in a new camera. Have been taking pictures with my cell phone and I feel like it doesn't always give the best representation of the colors/products.. any camera suggestions?
Former corrections officer from Hamilton may withdraw guilty plea in cell-phone smuggling...
Had fun at the Museum of Science and Industry today. Too bad we could not meet up with Allie Nottingham...stupid cell phone reception!
Need a new cell phone because yours has topped working? or you just want an upgrade? Check us out today
Ills cited has nothing to do w/Obamacare. Speak for yourself...where do you live? Stop yr internet/cell phone svc and save.
Stupid T Mobile. It's like all of West Carrollton is a dead zone. My cell phone works at my job in downtown but doesn't when I get home. I ordered a new phone and it's doing the same thing. Grrr...
I have a beautiful pool table for sale please look at all three pictures and if you're interested message me or give me a call my cell phone
Lol at me loosing my cell phone today.
PC, Mac, your cell phone, your tablet - We're in the multi-screen game - when we are live, we got you covered with
The stl Amtrak station is a black hole of cell phone service.
Wish my *** had a phone in jail yeah a cell phone
My dad isn't up to date with all the web stuff...just got a cell phone 2 years ago.for emergencys. Though he will never read this .I'm so proud that he was chosen to be my dad.he raised to be respectful of matter age, race, or social status. He has never met a stranger and he passed along of his wisdom, laughter, and life lessons to me. I see pieces of him in my boys more and more each day. I love you raised me never be worried bout getting my hands dirty.
I'm outside my daughters door hearing vibrating. Since when did my daughter have a cell phone.?
Technology News: HTC One Max unveiling rumored for October 17th: Now that we have plenty of photographic evidence to prove the existence of the HTC One Max phablet, the next piece of the puzzle is the supersized smartphone’s release date. According to one ePrice user, the HTC Max One might be revealed around October 17th, well over a month after the cell phone unveiling extravaganza that was IFA 2013. The same user also says that the phone will carry a 23,900 NTD ($809 USD) price tag. The rumored specs for the phone include a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 5-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Get Full Details From News Source
If girls can edit photos and make themselves look a lot different just by using there cell phone imagine how much celebrities can do to there photos to make them look better. These "beautiful" people we see on tv an in magazines probably have a lot more touch ups to do then us "normal" people.
I woke up today and thought something was missing. So I got up from my bed, grabbed my cell phone and sent you a morning greeting. Good morning everyone.Have a wonderful day...cheersss.
A man answering his cell phone during sex? Not smart. Saying he can't talk now because he is going into a tunnel... PRICELESS :D
and holding there Obama cell phone eating prim rib say I love ermerica pisses me off
Rules of rural Pennsylvania are as follows: 1. Let's get this straight: it's called a 'dirt road.' No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way. 2. They are cattle. They're live steaks or walking milk bottles. That's why they smell funny to you, get over it. Don't like it? I-80 goes east and west, I-81 goes north and south. Pick one. 3. Pull your droopy pants up, you look like an *** 4. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked. 5. So you have a $60,000 car, we're impressed. We have $150,000 corn pickers and hay balers that are driven only 3 weeks a year. 6. Every person in rural Pennsylvania waves. We think of it as being friendly. Try to understand the concept. 7. If that cell phone rings while an 8-point buck and three does are coming in, we will shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time. 8. Yeah, we eat scrapple, pot pie, funnel cakes, haluskie, pierogies, shoo-fly pie, apple butter, chow-chow, ...
Holy crap I think they finished the cell phone tower cuz now I have service on my cell yay!
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