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Cell Biology

Cell biology (formerly cytology, from the Greek kytos, contain ) is a scientific discipline that studies cells – their physiological properties, their structure, the organelles they contain, interactions with their environment, their life cycle, division and death.

Molecular Biology Organic Chemistry Stem Cell Biology

now at Amazon: Introduction to Quantitative Cell Biology by Wallace F. Marshall via
Lyssiotis & Kimmelman review metabolic interactions in the tumor microenvironment
Voest & co review tumor organoids as a pre-clinical cancer model for drug discovery in
See our latest CA and click to apply: Scientist I, Cell Biology -
Nature vs nurture. Nature wins this round
MS NGSS 2.0 revisions to cell biology LPs and new email subscription list found at Join our PLN!
Ocean currents have profound impacts on marine life by redistributing plants, animals, heat and nutrients.…
They don't need to change every cell, because social perceptions aren't…
Powerful techniques upend our view of how is organized in live will rewrite textbooks…
Species interactions drive fish biodiversity loss in a high CO2 world:
. It's open access, but if you have trouble let me know and I'll email a PDF.
Actually, biology class teaches the fact the life begins at c…
Nature Communications is looking for an associate or Senior Editor to handle Cell Biology papers - - v…
More about the protein just here, in a very recent review in Nature Reviews M…
Learn more about John Engelhardt, professor and head of anatomy and cell biology!!
How Aviv Regev went from tech troubleshooting to technological innovation in single cell biology
We're Hiring | Lab Technician and a Lab Technologist (Cell Biology). For more information click the link >…
Cell respiration and photosynthesis... I understand you, we can work together now
| From Embryo to Adult: One Cell at a Time | A Feature h…
… I will most definitely be getting one of these… the SIM TIRF is a nex…
New from Black and Lampson Labs: Expanded satellite repeats, CENP-A nucleosome assembly, and meiotic drive:
Cell biology editor wanted at apply latest Aug 21:
We had a great time discussing cell-free at BETO’s Cell-Free Synthetic Biology and Biocatalysis Listening…
Can you recommend anyone for this Research Assistant I- Cell Biology- Division P -
Honestly can't get over the fact that I got a 104% on my Molecular & Cell Biology exam. 😭 Lmao
4 more hours to go... @ Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB)
Interested in this job? Take a look: Scientist 1 - Plant Cell Biology in West Sacramento, CA
This might be a great fit for you: Senior Scientist Microbiology/Fermentation (Invertebrate Cell... -
Is there any such thing as a blog that reviews interesting journal articles in cancer biology? Like articles from Cell and stuff.
“Singing” Fish Rely on Circadian Rhythm and Melatonin for the Timing of Nocturnal Courtship Vocalization.
Can we sustainably harvest This study says No.
"I only know about sickle cell anemia from my biology in school.".
Read this month's editorial "It Takes a Megalopolis to Relaunch a Journal: A Story of Gratitude"
Monkeys can grasp abstract patterns, but only humans seem to assemble them using Broca's area. http:…
The wonderful abilities of tardigrades: DNA is Shielded From X-Rays by 'Water Bear' Protein
Learning and Recognition of a Non-conscious Sequence of Events in Human Primary Visual Cortex
The pdm3 locus is a hotspot for recurrent of female-limited color dimorphism in
☜[ReadMore] 5.0 out of 5 stars. Clear Introduction to Cell Biology. 5.0 out of 5 stars. My ta…
Genetic convergence in the evolution of male-specific color patterns in
The ESCRT machinery: new roles at new holes: Current Opinion in Cell Biology
It's 1:16 AM and I plan to work on microbiology and cell biology until I drop dead
"THE MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL" I yell in my Biology 443 class. . The class is in awe of my extensive kn…
ICYMI How Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine is making human health
The Earliest Stages of Mitochondrial Adaptation to Low Oxygen Revealed in a Novel Rhizarian.
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell lang ba ang alam ng common folk? Sad day for biology :(
My weakest section from the CSET was cell and organismal biology and I literally JUST took a class in that in spring lmao RIP
Our paper on mitochondrial adaptation to low oxygen in With http…
Directed evolution of a full professor
5. What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic organisms?
DNA can help protect human cells from radiation.
Research Technologist Job opening in my Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Lab.
Research Technologist job opening in my Stem Cell and Cancer Biology lab
Cryo-Electron Tomography: Can it Reveal the Molecular Sociology of Cells in Atomic Detail?
So proud of Riley and Biology cell project! She did a great job!…
Special Achievement Award Bruce Alberts co-authored one of the 1st books uniting descriptive cell biology w/ mol…
Assistant Professor Keith Pardee part of team to create "portable pharmacy" using cell free synthetic biology:
Day 24: Biology S's share out what they learned about the Cell Cycle
Can you recommend anyone for this Senior Director, Product Management - Cell... -
Pattern Separation and the hippocampus | | Nice work Steven and Shayna
The module I wanted to take at uni is full so I am being forced to take cell biology and I want to slit my own throat
Picture of Laurent Ballesta from our Fakarava project recently published in
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
give me a sec I will spend cell biology trying to find it
Research Associate - Molecular and Cell Biology - Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems… Job San Diego
Lab celebrating two new Nature Cell Biology papers
Basking sharks are in the tropics, but when there they are deep in the water column - see Skomal et al. (2009)
I added a video to a playlist Biology: Cell Structure
Yahoo? [ Biology ] Open Question : What mechanisms ensure only one round of replication before cell division?
I have to bake a plant cell cake for biology. Let's just say if I was in *** s Kitchen Chef Ramsey would be screaming at me while I cry
Faculty Position in the Center for Stem Cell Biology and in the Developmental Biology Program
These are some of the very creative cell analogy projects from Mrs. Billington's biology class, including...
Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, Washington University School of Medicine: Faculty Position in Cell Biology and Physiology …
Assistant Professor, non-tenure track: The Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine at ...
On the ENGAGE blog --> registration for the 12th International Congress of Cell Biology has been extended to 5/31:
Today: Joint Seminar: Departments of Physiology and Neurobiology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Ecology and...
I'm at Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) in Singapore
Frontiers and Perspectives in Cell Biology" ed. by Stevo Najman -
Thanks to Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics for hosting me today. Really enjoyed giving a talk & learning about great research!
Genomic Evidence Establishes Anatolia as the Source of the European Neolithic Gene Pool
Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers class 3-2 by AJ-Yanisa 1-2012.flv -
Research Group Leader - Poland - International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Cell Biology by the Numbers. Ron Milo et al. - Garland Science - Kindle Edition.
Acceleron is hiring a Associate/Scientist, Molecular and Cell Biology, apply now!
Grant Jensen: "How cryo-ET is opening a new window into microbial cell biology" via
Learn about the effects of on the membrane with our kit!
Observing cell division with microscopes in Biology
New! Biology in Stem Cell Niche explores function, pathology of niche:
Just watched in my university cell biology course
To all Biology Students: Make sure you have your cell model materials ready for the return of intercession.
Stem Cell Biology and gene-editing techniques offer hope for kidney regeneration
Molecular Biology of the Cell. Molecular Biology of the CellBruce Alberts (著), Alexander Johnson (著), Julian L…
Download - Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th Edition
The Role of (copulatory) Vibrations in Population Divergence in the Red Mason Bee,Osmia bicornis
Applications open now for studentships in biology + medicine
CEVEC and BioLamina Combine Technology Leadership for Commercial Production of Recombinant Laminins for Ex Vivo Cell Therapies …
kindly remind friends from BSC GENERAL and BSC AQUA. lets meet at 3pm for cell biology practical wsh u gdday
Doctoral student, Cell and Molecular Biology / Faculty of Mathematics and Science
Apply now to work for Life Technologies as Cell Biology in
People are legitimately surprised I have degrees in fine arts AND cell molecular medical biology. . Do I really come across that dumb?
Q. Life span of white blood cell is ?. A. 7 hours to 3 days. B. 12 to 24 hours. C. 1 to 3 days. D. 1 to 2 days. . . . answer A.
On the sensible use of Banning their use would cause great harm to developmental biology
I love the video abstracts. Love to see this become more common
[College Cell Biology] Questions having do with retro evolution and FRET?
Check out this Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher in
Uncertainty in the Timing of Origin of Animals and the Limits of Precision in Molecular Timescales: Current Biol
Movies for apes show they can recall key events (Film Not Yet Rated) In
As polar ice melts, seabed life is working against climate change. New in http:/…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Our special on history of Life on Earth (no more no less) is out! Free for the next 2 weeks! ht…
Fm our sister journal - A fascinating issue on of life on http:…
How our six-legged overlords came to dominate Earth Michael Engel on ht…
Life on Earth just got more exciting! Our special issue page is up now with lots of free articles from our archive http…
See the newest Cooper lab and colleagues' paper
moving about on two legs was a huge leap - for How it came about: http:…
The tree of life by Max Telford, Graham Budd and Herve Philippe
Life goes on — even after a mass In this review Celli Hull discusses how...
Nick Butterfield on the most revolutionary era in history, the
Free: Derek Briggs on the wild teenage years of animal life on Earth
NEW in CB! Bees farm fungus, join ranks of insect farmers...
16 Divinity Ave, across from Peabody Museum of Nat. Hist.–walk through courtyard to main entrance of Dept. of Molec/Cell Biology
Want to get an A? Check-out my study materials for Fundamentals of Cell Biology
Molecular and Cell Biology is actually the hardest thing I've ever learned 😳😒
Time to find the motivation to study for cell biology. 😩😎
If the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, then the chloroplast is the greenhouse ha ha ha ha
kk I'll let you know I'm nervous for pre cal 😔 and cell biology
BMC Cell Biology | Full text | Karyopherin alpha7 (KPNA7), a divergent member of the importin alpha family of ... -
Revising cell cycle makes me want to cry until I have no more tears left BIOLOGY IZ BORING
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma in T cell biology and disease therapy
Bio101.8 Semester Pak now complete with Cell Signaling Maze. FREE click 'n play maze games more mazes soon
Congrats to Millie Hylka and Caroline Thomas who placed top 4 in Cell Biology in the ISO regionals. must be proud.
T\F: A "T- tubule" is a fold that extends out of the muscle cell. It has a strong relationship with th...
Cell biology makes me wanna light myself on fire
I failed my biology test cause the question was "what belongs in a cell". it turns out 'black people' wasnt the answer
Great networking story on a PhD in cell biology who made an industry connection. Find more stories
Draw a diagram of a eukaryotic cell from memory or imagination. Bonus points: Post it online.
moral enhancement? Dopamine Modulates Egalitarian Behavior in Humans in Current Biology 2015
Some fungi put on their light to attract insects that will spread its spores
Saw you in Santa Barbara. You should read "The Biology of Belief". written by /cell biologist /science of epigenetics Bruce Lipton
New dimension of membrane vesicle trafficking for cell-cell signaling in biology
"I've always hated biology. I mean who cares how a cell divides? It just does"
for biologists with a thing for numbers, a book to check: Cell biology by the numbers
What is the largest cell of the human body?
Cytokinesis in animal celll and plant cell [Biology]
The junctions between the axon tip of the sending neuron and the dendrite or cell body of the receiving ...
Anatomy, Histology, and Cell Biology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 4th ed
What is the container that separates the contents of a cell from the exterior called?
Biology says - CELL is the fundamental unit of life. And our generation has taken it too seriously!
Molecular Biology of the Cell: The Problems Book by John Wilson and Tim Hunt
The universal thing everyone remembers from biology is "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
Cell Biology, why you have a big exam like every other week? InOrganic Chemistry, why you always have exams, labs, and hw due the same day?
Congrats to & for taking 1st place in write it/do it and 4th in Cell Biology at Science Oly…
Walked into cell biology 1st day & my prof said, "Are you lost, little lady?" I was the only woman in the class. .
Early report: 4th place in Cell Biology (Noah S and Megan G) and a 3rd place in Bungee (Peter Z and Maggie C) Congrats …
On a mobile phone right now? We thought so. Ever wonder what it's doing to your body? Yeah, us too.
Another academic review for from Professor of Cell Biology at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center,
What is the name for the cell in epidermis of root that is specially adapted for mineral and water uptak...
Awesome, a whole Cell Biology scientific journal issue devoted to the biology of
My Cell Biology textbook smells like dog food which is making it really hard to read
Massachusetts mom raises funds for potentially life-saving stem cell transplant
8th standard biology in one sentence: "The mitochondria is the. powerhouse of the cell"
Sea turtles use geomagnetic signatures to return to nesting sites near where they were born. .
I'm not following you lol. I've had my fair share of biochemistry and cell biology and physiology ;) waste of money
S/o to my cell biology degree for allowing me the opportunity to understand Grey's Anatomy
I think about quitting pre-pharm every time I need to study for cell biology 😭
I feel like my granola professor and the granola Portland students in my cell biology class are judging me rn for eating Cheezits.
I got on ok w the dermatologist thursday after I told him I knew some biology. I understand virus vs bacteria & blood cell stuff.
BHS testing in the Cell Biology event. They got big membranes!
Cell Communication: single cells. cell releases a chemical. another cell responds to it when it combines to it's receptors
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Reading through my cell biology notes i've realised my biggest problem this semester has been the spelling of the word 'hormones'
[Cell Biology] A binding partner for an orphan receptor: Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) is a receptor tyrosi...
Nawww freshers struggling with Cell Biology. Just wait for second year 😣🔫
Love being in tutoring for cell biology wait to go to the Raleigh Temple later today
In order to force the afflicted cell to kill itself, effector cytotoxic T cells exocytose _ that make...
Discuss the importance of cell division in the process of reproduction.
Now hiring: Research Technician II to perform molecular and cell biology experiments, thrombosis
Cancer gamble: Researchers bet that clinical trials will prove controversial theory h…
Human Proteome Mapped Again . Researchers complete another interactive protein atlas, boosting the number of...
Wondering about in cancer? Winship researcher, Adam Marcus, PhD explains in this guest blog: h…
(1979-11-01) Biological Revolution : Applications of Cell Biology to Public Welf
T\F: Memory B cells are activated immediately after they are copied from the initial, antigen-bound B cell.
Online now: Current-Oriented Swimming by and Its Role in Bloom Maintenance - Current Biology
Scientists find that sea turtles possess a geomagnetic homing system so precise it can guide them to their birthplace http:/…
"I wanted to have a drink with you and discuss molecular cell biology." ah. what a shame. maybe next time
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Cell biology: Death drags down the neighbourhood -
Active oriented swimming in jellyfish promotes bloom-formation and prevents stranding.
Pimples, white heads and black heads caused by Genetics and Cell Biology be gone
The cell biology community just lost one of its finest: Jean Lindenmann, co-discover of interferon, died at age 90: http…
Deforestation & to affect 2x the species on Borneo than in past http:…
A new invites the general public to discover a stem cell culture laboratory via
Only 1 week left to apply for an exciting funded PhD in cell & matrix biology at Deadline: 30 Jan
Mattheau Casey,'18, presents his plant cell model to the class in Biology.
many many contz to my dear Shaziii he is best and proud for boys for securing best scores In International subjective GRE (Molecular cell biology and biochemistry) LOVE U
Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and at Harvard's Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology...
Just went over how shorter women are more reproductively successful in my cell biology class. Adoption is cool, too.
Pretty sure I've been told about the sickle cell anaemia/malaria link in every biology unit ever
lol yall are weird. He is a mechanical engineering major and I'm biochemistry and cell biology.
My cell biology professor is 4 lectures behind schedule. There are 2 classes left. The final is 10 days away. I am 60784 freaking out.
1) 17th-c skeletons found in central Brazil caves have 100% Polynesian DNA, no native DNA:
Website Builder 728x90
Cell biology practical had me sweating 😰😰😰😰
Tuesday bio cell. Wednesday bio cell again. Thursday bio diversity. Love you, biology.
"Biology is perhaps the original system; every cell has the full instruction Bitcoind nodes"
Science Magazine sciencemagazine :. Advances in mammalian cell biology
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist Complex Cell Biology - We are looking for an individual to be part of growth ...
Postdoctoral research fellow in Immunology - Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC) at ...
Cell therapy and Bone Tissue Engineering - Within the group of BIOLOGY OF THE NEUROMUSCULAR SYSTEM located in Pari...
I've been in advanced biology for 4 years and I still don't know if a prokaryotic cell is plant or animal and vice versus
A Glimpse of Structural Biology through X-Ray Crystallography - Review by Y. Shi
Research Fellow: Queen's University Belfast - Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology; School of Medicine,…
My teacher be so happy teaching this here cell biology knowing she speaking another language 😭😭
I can already tell I'm going to fail this cell biology resit tomorrow 😓
Cell biology pub quiz: anyone know the reference for “Myc tag should not be directly behind a signal sequence”?
Tomorrow, last paper: BIOLOGY. good luck !just for reminder, meiosis' just for the production of gametes while mitosis, for somatic cell.
New study: Functional analogies were found between dog and human nonprimary auditory cortex
Microbial cell growth. Engineering but why biology thingy??? I dont understand this field her
Computational and experimental single cell biology techniques for the definition of
today's NIH-hosted meeting on data reproducibility in cell biology is live-streaming at
Our November Issue is out featuring a method for global metabolomic regional brain mapping
Just finished my Genetics Stat part. I wonder what I'm gonna do next.. another laboratory report or review for my Cell Biology exam...
Dear Cell Biology,. We have an abusive relationship and I'd appreciate if you weren't so *** me all the time. . Much love,. Heather
Single-cell organisms so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle.
Heavy rain somehow suited well with cell biology class.
Cell biology lecture is putting me to sleep🔫😴
Read new report on the origin of RNA and The Origin of RNA and “My Grandfather’s Axe"
This large cell will give rise to the endosperm, a food–storing tissue of the seed.
The other sperm combines with the two polar nuclei to form a triploid (3n) nucleus in the centre of the large central cell of the embryo sac
Maybe for my biology exam I'll write down every answer as "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" there's no way I'll fail that way
The nucleus of the generative cell divides by mitosis and forms two sperm.
Wondering where and in what area of cell biology you working toward your PhD in?
Once the hormone binds to its target cell, the hormone cause the cell to respond in the specific manner.
Ok. Break time over...*continues studying for a biology that covers 4 very detailed chapters about cell cycles and variations in genetics* 😑
Today 11'30, ·prbbTALK: Selectin ligands as multitask regulators of inflammation and Stem Cell Biology
Researchers has identified the biological clock that controls female fertility
I no longer have a 3.0 GPA. I have a 2.67 GPA cuz of math and biology. I need to learn how to do taxes not equations and what a cell is.
3:42am and I finally feel like I understand the world of cell biology
Opening minds: the biotech company aiming to change stroke victims’ lives
This whole week is dedicated to cell biology tbh
Job opps: Postdoctoral Fellowships in Cell and Developmental Biology (Ober group, Danstem, Denmark)
Biology and DC Bio students, check out this pic of a cell dividing
currently in Biology Cell lecture, and im hungry
I never thought I'd say this but thank you biochemistry. I know all the proteins being mentioned in my cell biology book.
Study suggests that therapy safe for severe eye disease!
Andreas Schlitzer (Singapore Immunology Network) talks about C1 and CyTOF in use for single-cell biology
Cell biology is the one class I have a pure hatred toward
Pre-AP biology help please !how offten are smooth ERs made in a cell ? What types of cells are smooth ER
Today's UNIty in diVERSITY speaker to IST staff at uAlberta is Dr. Andrew Simmonds, Department of Cell Biology.
Every spent about half an hour as a single
Cell Molecular Biology is starting to make sense to me and that scares me.
Brilliant subway map depicts how mature over time:
Amazing intro to Cell Biology on our site! So proud :)
Molecular Biology: Remove, reuse, recycle. On the autophagy mechanism of cell regulation.
Lancet study showing encouraging results from groundbreaking therapy for eye disease. via
Atul Parikh publishes study in on ancient cell biology + environmental adaptation,
My banner design for Cell & Systems Biology looks pretty good in action.
Only thing I've learned in biology this year is that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell or something
“MICROBIOLOGY CELL DIVISION I would've understood biology if I saw this.😂
the egg of a bird is the largest cell found on earth :D amazing fact.
Words cannot express my hatred for cell biology
"Systems Biology: Our Best Shot at Modeling a Cell" -Charlie Boone on CERN-like approach to
Hamilton Collection
I have a cell biology test tomorrow, and I'm only halfway through my revisions.this should be good.
Only 1 day left to register & get the latest on structural of macromolecular complexes with Cell Press!
Engineering sex differences in longevity. A remarkable paper. Congratulations
Tell us, why do you love cell biology?
Professor in Molecular Cancer Biology with focus on cell death : Stockholm, Sweden : Naturejobs -
Only 15 papers for physics, and 7 cell pictures for biology "Only 20 soals of kimia."
The effect of CCL19/CCR7 on the proliferation and migration of cell in prostate cancer: Tumor Biology
Pubmed: Yeast systems biology: our best shot at modeling a cell.
Made his cell model for biology class on the 3d printer!
NEW ONLINE by & Engineering sex differences in longevity
Looking forward to meeting CR-UK supporters today at the Region 5 "thank you" conference. I'm speaking about cancer and cell biology.
Fs. Last year cell biology & genetics put me off fish & eggs for 5 months, now I think food science has put me back off eggs..
Cardiac biology: Cell plasticity helps hearts to repair
Cardiac biology Cell plasticity helps hearts to repair - Fibroblast cells are known as key players in the repair o...
News: Cardiac biology Cell plasticity helps hearts to repair
Sooo about these Cell Biology and Organic Chemistry midterms tomorrow... 😖
Now available - the all-new Cell Signalling Biology website! Updated for 2014; see this highly rated resource now.
Why is it that I always have a cell biology and orgo exam in the same week? And why do those week's end up beinh my *** weeks?! 😫
I mean why do we even learn biology because I know if I apply for a job they won't ask "what are the different types of cell transport"
“MICROBIOLOGY CELL DIVISION shoutout to my biology prof
"Brilliant subway map depicts how mature over time:
Stem cell therapy safe for severe eye disease
Selling 'Molecular Biology of the Cell' (Fifth Edition) textbook w. accompanying CD-ROM (includes extra chapters). Secondhand, good condition. Good diagrams, well used when completing 'Introduction to Cell Biology: from Molecules to Cells and Tissues' first year module! Message for deets
I'm majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Philosophy and minoring in Chemistry and Religion. Because I hate myself.
Nice piece of work about Systems Cell Biology.
Sitting here trying to decide if I'd rather carve my larynx out with a dull spoon or take this cell biology test
SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT - PhD COLLOQUIA 2014 a forum between young researchers and scientists HOST: 3rd year PhD Students PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences – Trento SPEAKER: Antonella De Matteis (Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples) The 3rd year PhD students of the PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences of the University of Trento are glad to invite you to the fourth seminar of the “PhD COLLOQUIA 2014” series. The seminar held by prof. Antonella De Matteis and titled "What we can learn from genetic disorders of membrane trafficking” will take place on September 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in Povo (TN), Polo Ferrari, room A105. Antonella De Matteis is the Director of the Cell Biology of Genetic Diseases (CBDG) research programme at TIGEM. Her research interests include signalling in membrane trafficking and Mendelian disorders of membrane trafficking. She devoted to study the Lowe Syndrome, a rare genetic disease characterised by a central nervous system deficit and kidney problems. At the ...
Biology Fact Of The Day: the types of cell you are made of are Eukaryotic cells - you share this with amoebas, don't feel special
Tbh, these cell videos in biology are kinda gross, fascinating, but gross...
Cell Biology is simpler than what I thought it was gone be
Going to the of The society for We'll organize a great anniversary this year
Maurice Bosch awarded funding for workshop on using synthetic biology to tailor plant cell walls for a better future at
just incredible!! 3D printing: Cell Biology and Beyond! via
Motivation, where art thou? I badly need you right now cause I have exam in cell biology tomorrow.
That face you make when you get 90 and 100 on your first two cell biology quizzes
Cell biology and genetics exams back to back tomorrow?
In biology, we had to make a 3D structure representing the parts of a cell in some way. SOO this happened😂💕
My Biology homework was actually kinda fun tonight! I love this stem cell stuff.
The shows us something in 15cm of strong thread can fit into the . @ Check it out!
The t rex is more like my Organic Chemistry and Molecular Cell Biology Exams I have this week 😰😰😰
I care so little about cell biology/developmental biology/genetics/Bio chem/Organic. I just want to be outside studying animals...
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