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Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice is a variation of the television series, The Apprentice, in which the competitors are celebrities who come from various fields of the entertainment industry.

Donald Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger Boy George Carson Kressley Leeza Gibbons Executive Producer Bin Laden Uncle Tom Mark Burnett Situation Room Khloe Kardashian Lil Jon

'I won't be back': Schwarzenegger quits Celebrity Apprentice after one season Buy
Arnold Schwarzenegger quits Celebrity Apprentice after one season as host
What does think this is Celebrity Apprentice? You can't fire someone each week until only Brett Michaels is left.
FYI: gave me a Harry Potter wand to auction & help me win Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.
says the man who thinks Celebrity Apprentice is not silly fantasy stuff.
Hey Boy George is a finalist on Celebrity Apprentice! How bout bringing back Gary Busey!!
Kansas City fitness startup company featured on Celebrity Apprentice .
it's called Celebrity Apprentice not "it's all about me Arnold". Nobody cares about your body building
I love trumpets president and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Celebrity Apprentice voice remember Arnold with a mediocre governor
I love the game of Celebrity Apprentice, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is awful!
Trump is attacking "Celebrity Apprentice" onstage at the National Prayer Breakfast, but somehow it was Obama who was faking his…
I've seen her on Celebrity Apprentice a few times & was married to John Coffey (The Green Mile) who passed…
Ignore it & pretend it doesn't exist! On TV right now: The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice, Kevin Can Wait and Gotham. Options!
Monday is my favorite night for T.V. "Kevin can wait" Devilish "Lucifer" and "Celebrity Apprentice"!
Crucial topics like how Merryl Streep is overrated and the ratings of the new Celebrity Apprentice? Your account is…
Matt Iseman on Celebrity Apprentice got to donate $50K to the Arthritis Foundation! He has RA and advocates like me!
There is a special place in *** for whoever chose to use Le Nozze di Figaro in a Celebrity Apprentice promo
Trump's Plan is to assign building the "Great Wall" as a task on the celebrity apprentice.
The President-elect mocked successor for getting lower ratings than he did in 'Celebrity Apprentice'
So now Donald Trump is even ripping "Celebrity Apprentice" via
Wow.if this isn't going to get me to watch Celebrity Apprentice, I don't know what is.
And today, Trump gloated about poor ratings of his successor on Celebrity Apprentice
Can trump stop worrying about celebrity apprentice and start worrying about national security and intelligence? What a dum…
😂 "I'll devote zero time to The Celebrity Apprentice," he said. Then insults it after the 1st eps are aired. ARNO…
Donald Trump taunts Schwarzenegger over Celebrity Apprentice ratings. Good to see Trump being presidential eh?
Trump can't accomplish a peaceful transfer of power on Celebrity Apprentice.
"The Celebrity Apprentice," had an average of 4.9 million viewers
I voted for you. PLEASE focus on your upcoming job. NOBODY cares about Celebrity Apprentice. It's t…
FOX NEWS Why do people still listen to Geraldo Rivera? He gets it all wrong. He sure kissed *** on the Celebrity Apprentice.
Celebrity Apprentice is back, sans Donald Trump. Porsha Williams, Ricky Williams, Laila Ali, and Lisa Leslie are a…
You are terminated ... Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his firing catchphrase as new host of 'Celebrity Apprentice' -
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ON WITH -Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts Celebrity Apprentice, but Donald Trump is cashing…
Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken over the Celebrity Apprentice. Rather than saying "you're fired" he now says "you're term…
Boy George & Carson Kressley are on the Men's team on Celebrity Apprentice but technically, NVM...
Wow, really happy with the cast of Celebrity Apprentice! So good to see Carson Kressley on tv again! 😍
See why wants to conquer boardroom on behalf of injured veterans:
After looking forward to the "Celebrity Apprentice", my next MUST SEE is "The Blacklist" w/ James Spader. That guy's acting slays me.
I hope you make it all the way in the celebrity apprentice!! You are awesome 💕💕
Boy George on the Celebrity Apprentice is everything
A modest proposal: Let’s not watch Arnold Schwarzenegger on “The New Celebrity Apprentice”
Based on my mentions, it appears that is on Celebrity Apprentice.
Getting ready to watch Vince Neil on the season premier of The Celebrity Apprentice.
Jon Lovitz needs to do next after the celebrity apprentice
Love seeing you on Celebrity Apprentice! Makes my 80's heart melt! Team Boy George!
These guys on Celebrity Apprentice apply makeup better than I do.
What's going on? Arnold Schwarzenneger talks to KARE 11 about the New… Get found ->
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Share link and watch tonight! The New Celebrity Apprentice Season Premiere January 2 from 8-10…
Boycott Celebrity Apprentice! Don't stuff the pockets of Trump. We must
With Trump out of the picture, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is opting for the next worst thing: Arnold Schwarzenegger
My dad got lit af when Arnold Schwarzenegger said "you're terminated" on celebrity apprentice
Celebrity Apprentice was not the same without you and your family there, even though Arnold did a great job.
'The New Celebrity Apprentice' premieres with new host and an exciting cast
Omg. My phone is blowing up after Tyrabeauty & the 5 minute Tyover was featured on Celebrity Apprentice tonight.
so, all you people who voted against Trump are NOT going to watch Celebrity Apprentice this season, right?
Donald, will you be making any comments about your opinion of tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice"?
Where is "Snooki"?!! We're getting Nicole in Celebrity Apprentice. Girl flash on the *** like on the Jersey Shore!
'Celebrity Apprentice' producer Mark Burnett: 'Do the research. Superman is Jesus.'
The first episode of the new Celebrity Apprentice is in the books and There It Is
My first time watching Celebrity the end. 😏
Verily, I cannot adequately express unto you the magnitude of my desire to not hear about Celebrity Apprentice
'Celebrity Apprentice' host Arnold Schwarzenegger's disturbing Trump-like history of sexual misconduct:
Both The Celebrity Apprentice and The Bachelor return tonight? Pretty much guarantees I'm gonna watch the Warriors.
Happy New Year. Miss you on Celebrity Apprentice this season.
I'm a "conservative Repub", but I think I liked U the best tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. U came across as authentic and kind.
Does the winner of Celebrity Apprentice become a celebrity?
Any bets on how long it is before Celebrity Apprentice is being filmed at the Whitehouse?
Almost assured that Celebrity Apprentice will get more air time tomorrow than the Independent Ethics Office news.
Nobody is watching Celebrity apprentice its all about Mariah's world
I just found out who wins celebrity apprentice.
Carson Kressley on why 'cuddly' Arnold Schwarzenegger made 'the right call' with first firing…
Matt love seeing ya on celebrity apprentice you were awesome!! Btw can't find the show on the NBC app
I haven't watched Celebrity Apprentice in years—but I tuned in tonight for Porsha Williams, Kyle Richards, Lisa Le…
Any chance the new Celebrity Apprentice is a brilliant stealth reboot of The Running Man with Schwarzenegger in the Richard Dawson role?
Multiple women have accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of sexual misconduct. Now, he's hosting Celebrity Apprentice:
Tom was in True Lies with Arnold, Arnold is the new host of Celebrity Apprentice. Nick Cage has never worked with Kevin Bacon
Torture Donald Trump by telling him Celebrity Apprentice is so much better with Arnold!!!
Little Giant Ladders
Trump remaining exec. producer of Celebrity Apprentice? NO!! That's not right at all! Boycott https:…
Tell to cut its ties with as an exec. producer of 'Celebrity Apprentice' in 2017
Jimmy Fallon avoids Donald Trump questions when Arnold Schwarzenegger joins him to talk 'Celebrity Apprentice' |
It's awful knowing why Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in Celebrity Apprentice
Are people playing with me or is Arnold Schwarzenegger the new star of "Celebrity Apprentice" ?
The chances of savage boycotts of basically every product advertised on Celebrity Apprentice except gold and Chick-a-filet: 2%.
But what about all the A-list stars on Celebrity Apprentice who would do anything for him. David Cassidy anyone?
I just found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new host of Celebrity Apprentice... Trump is such a troll.
"Mr President, we need your help! Casting director at Celebrity Apprentice is stumped, Kelly Clarkson or Ice T?". https:/…
Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the new version of "Celebrity Apprentice," is unfazed that President-elect Donald…
Moon is looking forward to NBC Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold will B so much better than that hack Donald Trump
President-elect Trump will remain Executive Producer of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2017, hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger,
JUST IN: Conway says Trump will executive produce Celebrity Apprentice in his "spare time"
Doesn't he have better things to do? via
Of course Trump is still involved with "The New Celebrity Apprentice" -- he still has cabinet posts to fill.
Trump continually chastised Hillary for "pay for play" and yet that is exactly what he is doing here, and with NBC Celebrity…
The President of the United States executive producing a reality tv show is not fantasy. MGM confirmed it 2 Variety. ht…
Trump to Retain Producing Credit on Reality TV Show via Political Wire - “Donald Trump will ...
Donald Trump will continue to be Celebrity Apprentice Executive Producer. Read:
It would be far better for our country if he would take Executive Producer on celebrity apprentice as his only job!
Trumps gonna remain on as a producer of Celebrity Apprentice
Trump's most important political ally isnt the alt-right, its the broadcast media industry. And they wont let him go
Trump to remain Executive Producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Occasional reminder that NBC News ≠ NBC Entertainment, and while 'Celebrity Apprentice' airs on NBC, it is produced and own…
Trump will produce upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice" Guess he doesn't expect being POTUS will take much of his time
Not normal. Not acceptable. If there were a Conflict of Interest meter linked to Trump, it would've exploded by now. http…
imagine his email signature. Donald Trump. President of the United States. Executive Producer, "Celebrity Apprentice"
Donald Trump will still be an exec producer on "The New Celebrity Apprentice" and profit from the show.
Donald Trump to remain Executive Producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Trump to remain Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice, ensuring he'll have something to do while Mike Pence is runni…
The fusion of reality TV and politics is now complete
8. What happened to NBC Entertainment severing ties forever because trump was a bigot? Life comes at you fast
No true. It all a coincidence. Not related at all... Look Celebrity Apprentice: "American Democracy" Edition
Donald Trump will stay on as an Executive Producer of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” and keep a financial stake https:…
Today in NBC, *** . 1 Shutters its Breaking News service. . 2 Signs the president-elect on as an Executive Producer on Celeb…
Turns out the ultimate winner of "Celebrity Apprentice" might wind up being President Mike Pence.
7. NBC employs many fine journalists that I'm sure are not at all comfortable with this.
*** Also this basically means that have zero credibility.
"Donald Trump will still be involved with 'Celebrity Apprentice' after taking office"
If USA & GOP going 2 saved from this insanity, must resign from Celebrity Apprentice s…
I don’t see a problem with Trump producing Celebrity Apprentice, given that Millard Fillmore played Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock f…
Trump is keeping his job as Executive Producer on Celebrity Apprentice in case his other show, America, has low ratings.
Last year, NBC announced it would show Celebrity Apprentice *only because* Trump would not be involved:
It is very hard2 still believe the narcissistic NUT. He has signed on as Exec Producer of Celebrity Apprentice 4 next season.RT
6. Trump is able to convince corporations to abet his conflicts because he can make them money, particuarly as prez
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“Trump to be part-time president, keep lucrative job with Celebrity Apprentice”
Astute observation on Trump remaining "Celebrity Apprentice" Executive Producer into his Presidency
5. If NBC does cover promotion of the Apprentice, what stories about Trump wil it skip over
Donald Trump will remain as an Executive Producer on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," even while president of the US
Take a stand and boycott until they remove as Executive Producer of the Celebrity Apprentice.
4. What if Trump, as president, promotes the Apprentice. Does NBC cover as "news." Very tempting.
So, the same people mad at Star Wars for being political don't mind THE PRESIDENT staying on to produce Celebrity Apprent…
Donald Trump to Remain Executive Producer on ‘Celebrity Apprentice. By the look of his Cabinet he's also in charge of the A…
3. This conflict can play out in all sorts of insidious ways beyond NBC being "in the tank" for Trump
Trump to remain Executive Producer on "Celebrity Apprentice"
2. There are shows like the Today Show that blend news and entertainment. They are used to promote the Apprentice
Well, the good news is we've cleared up the mystery behind why those damning Celebrity Apprentice tapes were never release…
President-elect Donald Trump to remain an Executive Producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' MGM rep says. http…
1. I know there is divide between NBC News and Entertainment but Trump's ongoing role on the Apprentice is a problem https:/…
Trump will remain an Executive Producer on Celebrity Apprentice and collect payments as president, per
The world is flip-flopped! The president elect is a TV celeb, & the new host of Celebrity Apprentice is former gov. Arnold Schwarzenegzgerw
- Valley's Carson Kressley to compete on new season of "Celebrity Apprentice"
We are the alternate universe. On Earth-1, Marco Rubio beats Clinton by 5, Trump wraps up production on 16th season of Celebrity Apprentice.
Andre Bauer is upset because of the celebrity turn out for Hillary, but didn't Trump host a little show called Celebrity Apprentice?
Allow me to settle the vs. feud: Cuban would win Celebrity Apprentice; Trump would never get fu…
Even Melania had to pay to be on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"
"On the day I was in the Situation Room helping to bring Bin Laden to justice, you were hosting the Celebrity Apprentice."
Hilary is jealous she was never invited on Celebrity Apprentice
Donald Trump reportedly fired from Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 because of her appearance.
Lil' Jon was on Celebrity Apprentice and Trump called him "Uncle Tom," angering Arsenio Hall https…
How about Trump fired Khloé Kardashian from 'Celebrity Apprentice' over her weight: via
Just some locker room racism. You can't make this stuff up, wow.
.confirms my report on Trump calling him Uncle Tom, adds Apprentice boardroom detail
So during Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump allegedly referred to Lil Jon as Uncle Tom repeatedly, after Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam.
On "Celebrity Apprentice," Trump regularly treated a deaf contestant as if she were mentally disabled:
12 min. after I emailed Trump camp, they wrote back to say my reporting was"simply untrue"—then Lil Jon confirmed it
Lil Jon responds to Trump calling him "Uncle Tom" during 'Celebrity Apprentice' taping
Emily West on Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' criticism: "I was grossed out"
ICYMI: fans, this first look is for you:
Tragic for the US that celebrity apprentices are fired for locker room banter before our presidential candidates.
Can someone PLEASE give his job back on Celebrity Apprentice. I really don't want a pig for president
Donald this isn't celebrity apprentice.
Trump fired 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant in 2010 for 'locker room' talk
Did you know Donald Trump fired an Illinois native from "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010 for "locker room" talk? http…
Clinton's tale of the tape: I'll see your "Celebrity Apprentice" and raise you Bin Laden
So.We're never getting that Arnold Celebrity Apprentice season aren't we?
On the day Clinton was in the Situation Room working on the Bin Laden raid, Trump was hosting Celebrity Apprentice, she tells O…
VIDEO: Watch fire a female contestant on "The Celebrity Apprentice" for her "locker room talk"
producer says that he "does not have the ability nor the right" to release more possible Trump tapes:
'This is ... not a locker room': Trump fires 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant in 2010
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Thoughts and prayers to the guy in a dark room somewhere combing through hundreds of hours of Celebrity Apprentice foot…
Too bad fired Meatloaf from Celebrity Apprentice. Could use a big bump with some sweet loaf juice:
seated behind producer Mark Burnett (Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice)
Don't you think 'Star' is a bit of a stretch? The Apprentice was changed to Celebrity Apprentice to stay on air.
If trump gets elected we might as well start the Celebrity Apprentice presidential edition, maybe he would guest star Hillary 🤔
Geraldo is still bitter Leeza Gibbons beat him in the last Celebrity Apprentice hosted by
So...she is going to star on Celebrity Apprentice???
A man who was the star of Celebrity Apprentice
NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt on “He would never be back on Celebrity Apprentice, as long as I’m here.”
"Thrown under the bus" has been said on Celebrity Apprentice minimum 8000 times. Cyndi Lauper was on there too
Remember when Keshia Knight got kicked off Celebrity Apprentice because she wouldn't call Bill Cosby and ask him for money LMAO
LPGA star & political advocate?. Former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant took the stage at the RNC:
What r the odds that Scott Baio & Duck Dynasty guy will be on Celebrity Apprentice? Oh...right got to be a celebrity
Trump torn on his Vice Presidential pick between candidates Bret Michaels and Leeza Gibbons...oops, my bad, that was Celebrity Apprentice
Seems like a good plan: Make the Republican National Convention as much like Celebrity Apprentice as possible
domain names
Russell Simons, Mike Tyson, Amarosa (from Celebrity Apprentice), clearly Jennifer Hudson is a friend at this point.
Boy George on cooking, Culture Club, 'Celebrity Apprentice' :Auto pickup by wikyou
Somebody better be writing a skit where Trump uses a season of the Celebrity Apprentice to select his running mate...You're welcome
VP candidate of GOP to be decided using impromptu Celebrity Apprentice competition. Task 1: Who can build the best wall at Mar-a-Lago?
Does America realize that one of the Executive Producers of "Celebrity Apprentice" is about to be the GOP nominee?
.toys w/ the idea of introducing his VEEP at the convention, "like winning Celebrity Apprentice"
Uh oh, Arnold Schwarzenegger will take up where left off on The New Celebrity Apprentice.
interview style was perfect for interviewing a cast member of Celebrity Apprentice. I shouldn't have criticised her.
Rodman misspelled Melania and got fired from Celebrity Apprentice but Trump tells America he loves stupid voters. Stupider, the better.
At least that show has writers. The next president could literally be the host of Celebrity Apprentice.
when he first appeared on Celebrity Apprentice
Embarrassed by/for all MPs today. Utter nonsense. This is the Canadian Parliament, not Celebrity Apprentice.
Nope. Believers in reality shows are similar in depth be it HoneyBooBoo or Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice?)
Frankenstein's monster winning Celebrity Apprentice because Trump is too terrified of the look in his eyes every time anyone mentions firing
😆😆 I had a crush on him when he was on Celebrity Apprentice!!
Now he's crossd the line! SquirrelHead needs a new hobby. If he wins, look 4 Celebrity Apprentice, Heads of State edition.
Miss America, Elmo and 3 winners of Celebrity Apprentice! Great Choices! We should get some unpredictability Trump Style!
When the lines between celebrity apprentice and the presidency get blurred. Oh.
Donald Trumps list of Scalia replacements include: Jesus, Ben Carson, his ex-wife, and his favorite Celebrity Apprentice: Meatloaf
This is the worst episode of Celebrity Apprentice ever.
A Trump presidency would be awful. But seeing his cabinet of Celebrity Apprentice winners would be fun. Like Vice Presid…
GOP convention may follow in tradition of “Celebrity Apprentice”
In which picking a VP is equated to winning "Celebrity Apprentice" . "Idiocracy" was too kind.
Trump on CNN: "I've given up a tremendous amount to run for president. I gave up two more seasons of Celebrity Apprentice."…
Compare Joan Rivers' monstrous behavior on Celebrity Apprentice to Trump's in the last year. Same person? Possessed by same demon? Heh.
“Announcing VP nominee b4 convention like announcing winner of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ before final show is on air.” 
I'm just ready for to come back to Celebrity Apprentice TBFH lol
Joan Rivers docu is great, esp when she goes on Celebrity Apprentice and refers to Trump et al as "F-grade people."
VP as celebrity apprentice - “This is one of the only opportunities to create tension and drama in the whole show"
. Celebrity Apprentice gave more $ to CHARITY than all opponents COMBINED💰
So Celebrity Apprentice isn't airing until 2017 and Amazing Race got pushed back to midseason. Fall 2016, you have yet to impress me
When I was little I made my mom turn off celebrity apprentice because I thought it was genuinely terrifying...wise child
. Fox News interview, That's like being a guest on Celebrity Apprentice.
Announcing the VP before the convention is "like announcing winner of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ before the final show"
If you want evidence of dumbing of our culture, modeling GOP Convention after Celebrity Apprentice is a start.
'The Celebrity Apprentice': Arnold Schwarzenegger on new season, signing on -
he's a sellout.Plain and simple.Celebrity apprentice stole his soul.If he ever had one to begin with
he couldn't even maintain acceptable ratings on his *** poor Celebrity Apprentice starring Dennis Rodman
'That Will Smith is a nice young man. I hope he wins Celebrity Apprentice.'
Here's reporting on Corker saving Gang of 8 in 2013. was watching Celebrity Apprentice at the time.
1 yr ago Trump was on Celebrity Apprentice trying to decide whether he should fire Geraldo or Leeza Gibbons.Now he's the GOPs best hope
I really liked you on Celebrity Apprentice, Fear Factor, and I'm a Celeb. You're an incredible inspiration for for people.
Celebrity Apprentice champ Leeza Gibbons: Trump was a paternal figure This deep dark pessimism over US is Evil !
I know Donald Trump. He fired me on Celebrity Apprentice because I went out drinking with Dennis Rodman on the night I w…
His campaign could be just a huge marketing stunt to promote celebrity apprentice. viewership ratings would be through the roof
Top story: Apprentice Daniel Lassman is expecting first baby see more
Just finished watching celebrity apprentice here in the UK.congratulations on the win! Even if it is 4 years late!!!
.I find it a tad difficult to believe "Celebrity Apprentice" was not popular in WI. Add up?
I think we should have an apprentice/Imma celebrity trial type thing for all politicians to see a glimpse of their true colours pre-election
Not like the Office? The US Office is the worst abomination ever to exist, down there with Celebrity Apprentice.
Kind of like the ones who appear on "Celebrity" Apprentice. Who?
In 2012, rocker Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was kicked off the NBC-TV show Celebrity Apprentice by host/boss Donald Trump.
where is the "April Fool's we can all go back to watching Celebrity Apprentice now!!" joke?.
I wanted to bring something to 'Celebrity Apprentice' to let America know t...
Meat Loaf was a contestant on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice . . .
it all depends on how well Meat got along with The Donald during celebrity apprentice...
It's a veritable cavalcade of past, present and future "stars" of "Celebrity Apprentice".
Donald Trump always have people around to advise him. Have you never watched The Apprentice or The Celebrity Apprentice?
Great to see the The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star James Hill enjoying drinks in our bar last night...
just watched celebrity apprentice just finished airing you were amazing ! Very feisty
Really? I never heard of Trump until Celebrity Apprentice. The only power he had was firing contestants on that show.
What's happened to celebrity apprentice USA?? The series had Nearly finished but then nothing?
The guy who hosts Celebrity Apprentice leading the Republican primaries kinda seems like an joke
Apprentice star reveals she's expecting first child with husband Andrew Collins
I used to watch Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice tv show a lot on NBC. That is Donald Trump'S show.
Did Celebrity Apprentice pay off the wedding guests to watch the show?! Because we all know nobody else was watching.
The GOP candidate roster will doubtlessly be the cast line up for Celebrity Apprentice.
.has a message for his former Celebrity Apprentice "boss" "You're Fired"
we'll just make them watch endless loops of Celebrity Apprentice on an infinite diet of Trump downer steaks.
Taking this celebrity thing a little too far: Obviously, the correct answer is “Celebrity Apprentice,” the rea...
So if becomes president does that mean no more Celebrity Apprentice
please go back to Celebrity Apprentice before it's too late
"Europe is under attack by terrorists. Let's ask the guy who hosted Celebrity Apprentice what he would do." - actual peo…
Guy is Jesse James who was on Celebrity Apprentice. Mega serial cheater fmr husband of Sandra Bulloc…
Boy George and Snooki on the Celebrity Apprentice hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger with Tyra Banks as an advisor? Sign me up
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he also fails to mention he came 2nd on celebrity apprentice Australia lol smart man lol
Will there be any celebrity apprentice if trump wins?
Plz just go back to celebrity apprentice and stick to being *** for reality tv.
Every day I hope this is just a marketing to stunt for next season's Celebrity Apprentice
If is would candidates compete for cabinet positions like it's the Celebrity Apprentice?
Another lifetime ago, in 2009, Khloe Kardashian appeared on the second season of "The Celebrity Apprentice,"&hosted by current
.Trump's cabinet will be comprised of Celebrity Apprentice all-stars.
I didn't even like you when you were on Celebrity Apprentice
Maybe this whole presidential race is a surprise new season of celebrity apprentice?
I think Trump is running a campaign that's an amalgamation of all the crazy characters of Celebrity Apprentice.
Forceful? Maybe. PPL just like what they saw on Celebrity Apprentice. That's as deep as they go.
The Voice’s Boy George to face Arnold Schwarzenegger in this year’s Celebrity Apprentice
Lisa R can be manipulated...I've seen it on Celebrity Apprentice
.with d rate of wins by it seems like d American pple r voting for the host d next celebrity apprentice.
We are literally watching the Celebrity Presidential apprentice right now
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I still think got screwed on Celebrity Apprentice, please address that during an upcoming speech
Reality has dumb downed America! Look at who the is choosing. The Celebrity Apprentice!
Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Donald Trump as host of Celebrity Apprentice. New catchphrase: "You are Terminated".
This Celebrity Apprentice episode is getting intense
I hope these kids know they have a genius in the house :) Tim has won & came 2nd on celebrity Apprentice Australia. 💗Tim 💗
He sure liked Mr. Trump when he was on celebrity apprentice. I guess Trump did not like him.
I liked a video Celebrity Apprentice - Best Fights, Scenes from Season 1-7!!
Looks like props from every Celebrity Apprentice challenge ever.
this is celebrity one from USA with Donald Trump. Really enjoy it. Actually was meant to audition for apprentice in London
Joan Rivers taught Khloe Kardashian more on "Celeb Apprentice" than Trump …
On a positive note, Chris Christie will be fun to watch on Celebrity Apprentice.
senior strategist Stuart Stevens called a person close to the Celebrity Apprentice star and asked what they could do to win him over.
people who support Trump and who the heck watched Celebrity Apprentice
Watched, apprentice celebrity USA, . goes can't understand girls in boardroom, fight get fired make up.
You saying we won't be getting Celebrity White House Apprentice? What a rip!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trump wouldn't even be here without Celebrity Apprentice, a reality show and Fox & Friends where he got 10 mins. every Monday unchallenged
Sadly true John sadly true. They go for a "Celebrity Apprentice" a showman.
Many famous faces started their careers as an apprentice, including celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver!
I had a dream that you won the celebrity apprentice
Jessica Alba is all business as she films Celebrity Apprentice in Beverly Hills
I don't watch those just caught up on Fridays celebrity apprentice this morning. Got loads to watch!
If you missed our chat with this AM, check out the full interview here!
What we really want to know isn't about the wall...are you gonna have another season of the celebrity apprentice?
I made a out of Celebrity Apprentice contestants: via
A moment of compassion for the real losers in this Presidential primary: the C-list celebrities hoping for a shot on Celebrity Apprentice.
On the next Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump picks his White House Cabinet.
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