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Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life is the 2008 debut album by Icelandic musician Borko. It was released in March, 2008 on record labels Morr Music and Kimi Records.

Happy Easter from Hope diff beliefs don't stop anyone celebrating rebirth and new life this spring…
Celebrating the gift of new life with my loved ones and new friends.…
While I can still make words... GAGA... thank you for tonight. 6mo ago I didn't think I'd make it HERE - BUT 2NITE IM CELEBRATING MY LIFE
Whilst celebrating life at Easter please spare a thought for all those families traumatised by violence. Life is so precious but so fragile
FIRST RESCUE MISSION SUCCESS!. Today the entire team at the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter are celebrating...
Happy Easter! Enjoy celebrating a day of new life - symbolised by the waiting to hatch
Celebrating the ressurection of the Lord at The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju.
We are celebrating another milestone added to the the love of my life's life, Happy birthday Mom
Love this mural celebrating 70 years of U.S.-Nepal friendship! Thanks Gabriel Specter & for your artistry.
Billions join in celebrating the Easter narrative- From pain and death to life, hope and new possibilities- Time for
Great game today celebrating the life of Brandon Jackson
It is the Pagan Festival of Easter celebrating new life!
Don't get LOST(cityofz)...we're getting ready for a GOOD TIME celebrating Rob's 31 years of LIFE 🎂 stay tuned
Celebrating the true life of Jesus.
Happy Easter, people! Enjoy celebrating the eternal life of Christ if you're Christian, or enjoy your eggs if you're not
Easter Holiday meant to be celebration of life, new beginnings, renewal and love. . Happy Easter everyone!!! — celebrating Easter
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I hate easter. Y'all be celebrating life but eating death?
Celebrating that Christ has conquered death new life offered to all who choose to accept him. Hallelujah Christ the victor
On we're proud to join the and community in celebrating the lasting legacy of Jackie's lif…
Happy Easter Sunday! 🐣 Have a wonderful day celebrating new life. I spotted this wreath on a…
Spent the day celebrating the life of friend and LA community sister I can't speak of her death,... https…
Happy non-affiliated festival celebrating renewal, family, new life and friends! Xx 🐣🐇
Waiting for the Easter bunny, bilby or hare? Hope all celebrating Easter globally enjoy your local traditions…
my brother and his gf are celebrating their 3rd year together. and it's just confirmed for me that i've missed a year of my life?. whERE IS IT
Celebrating life with my son Gustavo 🍾😂
Sparks in the night, dear friends celebrating life together. This Easter weekend I'm focusing on…
thanks for the ribbon in your avatar. Instead of celebrating life this Eas…
to all my Christian brothers & sisters celebrating. May our communities come together to learn from life of…
Wishing all those celebrating an amazing This is the life. . . . .
Having Braai's and Celebrating life and "blessings" that we are going to ask for
What Inspires? Celebrating 70 Years in Life through the Arts by Roz K (City of the World Art Gallery) via
Hamilton Collection
🐰🐰 Wishing you a very HAPPY EASTER. I hope that Easter brings lot of Happiness and Joys in your life 🐰🐰 — celebrating Easter
Life is truly ironic, celebrating ur birthday basically means celebrating the countdown to your inevitable d*h. — thinking about life
Discover the secret of a long life in "BBC Life Stories: Celebrating Life At 117", today at 1430 on the BBC News Channel.
Life without you ain't the same shouldn't be celebrating you're bday w/o but gotta make the best outta of it love u sm!!!
"Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything it is." ~Ma…
Celebrating new life on Dartmoor National Park this Easter
I will alert everyone of when Jaxsons funeral will be and please for the love of god do not bring drama it's a day of ce…
A courageous life well-worth celebrating/remembering - 'a relentless advocate for the poor' and oppressed:
A Saint who has dedicated his entire life to the mankind. Long Live Asaram Bapu Ji!. Celebrating !
Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! A celebration of New Life and Hope!
Such is Bapuji's inspiration, that following his footsteps has improved my life!. All celebrating
I had the pleasure of celebrating 70 years of Life tonight!!
Easter Sunday, and I'm also celebrating 27 years of life and good health! Thank you Lord Jesus❤ Happy Birthday to Me🎈🎊🎉
We believe in celebrating life every day. Godrej Appliances wishes you all a very Happy Easter!
HAPPY EASTER!. Mass - 8.30am and 12 noon. Celebrating the Lord Jesus rising from the dead - the promise of eternal li…
Yeah you party every night but what're you celebrating? the fact you'll make minumin wage for the rest of ya life? Ya failing…
Check out this entry in Celebrating Life's Sweet Moments Part II!
BCD performing at the "Celebrating Life and Liberty" event is hosted by the John Theurer Cancer Center at Metlife Stadium.
been the realest one always have been relize fake from the true. . # to all the fakes and Foneys — celebrating life
Great fundraiser!! Thank you everyone for celebrating life, love…
My beautiful nieces, Vanessa Ives and Melissa Ives, celebrating the life of Melvin Ives, their father and my...
I want to wish the love of my life a happy birthday. And thanks to everyone who is here celebrating with us. —...
HBD to de best gift I have in my life.. Abena Nkrumah Enjoy ur day Sissy. Love ya — celebrating her birthday
My cousin hasn't had the easiest life but we're here today celebrating his 30th birthday, love him
Sundays will never be the same, after a Sunday celebrating life at with these…
Half of my life spent with friends and definitely no regrets.. ^^
TONIGHT We're Celebrating the LIFE of One of the -->…
Celebrating the life of Uncle Molloy w/my Tanger fam ❤️ you…
Do the best you can , live a life worth celebrating, touch as many lives as you can, help as many as you can & thank God no Matter what!
Had a great weekend celebrating the life of the captain Max Thunder at the convention centre.…
just kinda figured out that it's the first time in my life my dad and I are not celebrating his birthday together. kinda sad moment, y'know.
Had so much fun with my Gateway Alumni this evening. We kicked it hard!!! — celebrating life
Are you celebrating your Birthday? Wedding? Thanksgiving? or any Special Events of your life? ✨✨✨. Do you have...
Weddings make me so happy. Imagine a day celebrating the fact you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend
Tesco | Celebrating 15 years of partnering Race for Life
It's Great moments of life Guru ji. Really What a prestigious moment. now celebrating this event.
Happy birthday to my heart! So this 4-yr-old heart gets a bike with FOUR WHEELS! I'm celebrating this gift of life!
I honestly love how extra my family is when it comes to celebrating achievements in life
Celebrating a life well live though brief but impactful.
What an amazing people I had around me celebrating my life from…
This bday is the boring day of my life.I am celebrating my bday alone without any friends or relatives.Its kind of annoying me.
I know we should be celebrating his life, but its another sad day in music 😪...…
Some of you are not happy about where you are in life, yet you party every weekend..? What exactly is it that your celebrating? 😩🙄😑😂
They celebrating a new life in the world with Crunk Music and dancing
Join Akeem Browder &the Campaign to in celebrating Kaliefs life ht…
Celebrating a Birthday, Engagement,or just Life itself find out how to get a comp table & bottle on us! TEXT 480.406.0838 for details.
Each day is worth celebrating. With each new day find something about yourself or within life to celebrate. I promise it will be worth it!
Congratulations Rise Community Church on celebrating 1 year as a Church, the best is yet to come, Salt Life...
Celebrating National Optimistic Day. "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade".
TY Celebrating who know life starts at 50 New & pre-owned for trendsetters on
Celebrating the meaning of life with
Enjoy life is celebrating with dirt cups, here's recipe with a healthy twist.
Okay, if a party is advertised to be celebrating the life of Prince, there's an expectation that it's going to be Prince all night, right?
Thx by Celebrating life with my derty crew 🍷 by } feliciakitty
So many amazing people in my life celebrating their birthday this May!!!
Great night of music celebrating the life of Alex with Come join us! 💫 https…
Fun evening celebrating and beginning of a fabulous life together!…
Today needs to end. Urgent care. Arguments & anxiety. & now tragedy. We're supposed to be celebrating & living & loving life. Make it stop.
Celebrating life with nothing but beautiful seasides and good vibes ❤️ @ Montauk, Long island
santinalin: Family, the best gift ever~💕 .
Celebrating my first open house with a margarita and the hubby!
Celebrating 6 months of dating the coolest guy in the world. You make life fun.
I survived from accident, still alive, celebrating my life with & great voice of at !
Today was a great day. Celebrating life.
With my best friends and family, celebrating life rn... In so happy & content ❤️🎓💯
If u happen to be ambitious and want to do something groundbreaking with ur life lose the negativity and start celebrati…
TOMORROW we are celebrating the Class Of 2016! Join us in honoring them as they begin this new chapter in life.
Today 27 years ago we purchased our first helicopter VH - THH. a Bell 47 J2A — celebrating another year of life
oin us in celebrating the variety of life on Earth on 22 May, the International Day for Biological Diversity.
Celebrating life with one of my fave cousins! 💖
Celebrating every single day because life is great
At this point in my life I love this time of year. Everyone is celebrating that they graduated college.I'm celebrating every two weeks
Dancing in the kitchen, listening to Heavy D! Yep ❤️ my life! — celebrating love at Your Home
So glad to be part of this girl's life! I had fun celebrating her graduation today.
Check out Sunday extra celebrating our 'rock stars of research' & their life changing discoveries!! http…
Celebrating the life of a good friend today but also lost two people in my life today. *** IS HAPPENING?!😔
Tonight was a special evening celebrating the life of a very special…
Celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the worst day of my life in HK
Celebrating Life at Comedy Open Mic with Father Todd and Brother Lupas! Dakota Freeman is here too! —...
The most magical day at soirée celebrating life, design, fashion, art & food.…
A week of celebrating Thanksgiving allows me to reflect on being thankful for my family, my job, my life, and our nations freedom.
J Balvin celebrating for his Grammy gives me life yo 😍😍
Celebrating the life of a very dear friend and brother, our family grieves the loss but is very thankful for the...
Celebrating my day with the very special and important people in my life.
Just had the most magical day at Dylan Lewis Sculpture gardens celebrating life, food, art, design,…
Honoured to be representing in St.Chatharines today celebrating the life of Cpt. Tim Vail. Deepest condolences to t…
Paying respects, celebrating a life we were blessed to share.
Walking home and started celebrating the goal. Old women next to me looked scared for her life.
Celebrating the life of Uncle Todd today! We will miss you greatly! ☺️
I am celebrating Jesus. The freedom I walk in still amazes me. I keep sharing this life changing grace Jesus gave me.
Otw to lay lil cuzzy to rest.. Its hard but we are celebrating your life
Nothing like your friend and her boyfriend celebrating their six year anniversary to make your life feel pathetic 😅
Happy Birthday Bishe!. More Life's to Come and GoOd Health!!!. Mhuah!!! — celebrating his birthday
celebrating life at Salt n pepper Village Restaurant, Sea View
Celebrating the life of Anthony Flaherty at Meadowview cemetery. He blessed many.
Dinner at the gym after a long time :) — celebrating life at Bandra Gymkhana
Celebrating life's accomplishments w mjg, so proud of my girl!🎉🍾 @ Anthony's Runway 84
Celebrating how blessed we are to live the life we want, instead of the life we settled for! Dreams will become a r…
Thanks to Lukaku's abject performances on fifa I'm not celebrating his real life achievements.
Celebrating my grandfathers 95th birthday today. So blessed to experience how far life can take you 💕
Made a 10th anniversary video celebrating the work of in my life as a bisexual *** Christian.
Life is all about celebrating the small victories. Like when you managed to stop a seizure and brought a person back to life. Camtuh. Lol.
Keep ya head up man keep celebrating her life by being the best you that you can be. Remember no one can stop you but you.
Beautiful service celebrating her life on what would be her 99th birthday ❤️
Celebrating the new launch of our E-Learning Platform 4 professionals
Help a survivor team Donate Celebrating life after breast cancer
Celebrating a life of music spent at the organ keys
Great send off yesterday for Josh, got everyone together celebrating his life. Rest in peace Josh x
Can't wait to see what it looks like when the whole world unites ... Celebrating culture. Celebrating diversity. Celebrating life. .
Help a BCS team based in Guelph-Cambridge-KW area & Donate Celebrating life after breast cancer
Celebrating life in your 40s? Are you smart about your preventive health needs? Find out:
Celebrating the life of May she rest in peace and power.
Celebrating the Gift of Life and How to Give It
So sorry to hear that Edward Soja has recently died. Great thinker.
Its wonderful knwing u guys celebrating the most beautiful moment in my life. 🎁
alexandramadar:. Celebrating life in this incredible city❤️. | | |
Celebrating the little things in life today! Like the fact that Austin's Auntie sesi_teal is in town…
Celebrating another year of life & friendship with Vlo!!! Wishing you the Happiest of all Birthdays!…
You do not want to miss this weekend at NLC! We will be celebrating life change and continuing our…
Celebrating today w old friends & colleagues the amazing life of brilliant civil rights champion.Thxs for your courage!
In absence of goals, I'm now celebrating successful through balls. Life affirming decision.
Just out enjoying life and celebrating b'day. @ Red Door Tavern
Just like to say. Had United holding on for dear life. Time wasting. Going down injured . And celebrating like they won the title at full time
Good morning. Celebrating the life of Rene Magritte on his birthdate.
I really dont know what will be happen my life — celebrating your anniversary
Celebrating 32 years of my life with one of my closest friends Britt, the fun starts with early morning selfies. 💋
reports on Orvis' celebration of 30 years on British high street with a party organised by https:…
“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”. My friends, what are you celebrat…
Acknowledging & celebrating life of Sheila Kitzinger @ quoting her wise words
Celebrating love, life and music.. The best way of dealing with life.
It was a great time celebrating life for my client What a special day! is…
Rhema Kidz reach over 300 in park outreach after church today. Celebrating Life this Dia del Muerto weekend. Cristo!
Life is always fun when family is involved! Celebrating my sister shopaholic_jj Birthday party!…
Choir celebrating life through song - more with tomorrow
What a joyous day of celebrating life in our community! Thanks to those who wore purple & red hats! 󾬖❤️
All purpose parts banner
Have both my grandparents, my parents, cousins & my "niece" (2nd cousin) all together for my dad's bday today! Life is worth celebrating!
Celebrating a milestone by demanding more progress. -A heart felt message about life with a disability…
given the events in the last two years I think it's celebrating life. 😅
I suppose I meant a memorial celebrating her life. If your holonet personality reflects hers, I am sure there is one somewhere.
Photoset: y0ung-grasshopper: kieraplease: A collage of selfies for my birthday celebrating my life’s work...
Celebrating the Pasteh of life More grace bro! Have a good life!
Celebrating my birthday with 3 most beautiful ladies in my life.Mom...Wife and daughter.
is giving us life with the celebrating Liberia's 168th Independence
REPOST FROM anjenylust: . "Last night with my Cancer sister ☺️ the red queen celebrating life HBD…
A book that has transformed and enlightened the lives of millions !. Tips to win in every aspect of Life !. Celebrating
Celebrating 25 years of life here on Earth.
NO BLACK TO THE FUNERAL GUYS, PLEASE. Black is sad, we're celebrating a life.❤️. thanks
Failure in entrepreneurship and life in general sometimes happens more often before one starts celebrating triumph.
The Amiga has turned 30, and for Dan Whitehead it's an anniversary well worth celebrating.
The meaning of life is not celebrating your birth, it is celebrating your work. - Amit Kalantin
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Celebrating - a monthly magazine that helps in leading a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Life !! http:/…
Celebrating 700 followers,I never expected,is my life,,thank u guys 4 all ur supports
At last nights show, I gave my extra front row ticket to a fan who was celebrating their birthday. Life is complete wh…
Health tips, Success in life, Youth Specials, National Awakening and Vedic knowledge at it's best !. Celebrating
What were your most memorable moments of Mzee Ojwang'? . Funeral will be held 29th July. Join us in celebratin…
Next week is our 5th Annual RSVP FREE Join us!
Over 60 people are coming to our Annual RSVP FREE Join us!…
Here's celebrating - a monthly magazine that has words for every aspect of life and every section of society!
Advantage of Beach Church: baptistry is always open. Great day today celebrating Rylee's new life in…
We are celebrating the life of Jill, Branson and Aidan Wednesday at 6:30 at Community Church of Greenwood. All are welcom…
Celebrating Life and Beats With The Best Dance Music in Town this Monday Night June 8th. Classic…
Celebrating Life! vision is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders"___Myles Munroe
That do you ?? Join use in Celebrating Life on May 15th West Ashley High School and help us Finish the...
Had a great time celebrating this sexy lady's '25 to Life' book signing 💚👭📘
Celebrating the end of a journey called Student Life! . It all started on 5 Mar 2013 when I was selected for...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thank U all for coming out Nd having a drink wit me celebrating a new step into me succeeding In life
Celebrating 7 years of marriage with A husbands for life, not just for Christmas ;)
Life is too short to complain. Celebrating Death, a touching tribute by at his father's prayer ceremony http:…
watching the Disney kid's choice awards with and celebrating with beers, i love australia life.
Celebrating the life; Honoring the sacrifice of Navy SEAL Matt Bourgeois. 18 JAN '67 - 27 MAR 02 M/T…
Just sippin on some Cristal celebrating life's sweet moments!😜💋
Celebrating the anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Life After Death" today!
What an amazing night! Celebrating our congressman and hero who has sacrificed and dedicated his life…
Dont drink and drive.. Just pull over and pop a champagne. what am i celebrating? LIFE.. oh and its…
The Austin & Alley cast celebrating their KCA win the only way they know the bowling alley. 🏆🎳
Celebrating life with good friends... Till next time
Celebrating 50 years of life with my boy Carl Edmond ... Happy Birthday doggy!!!
Funeral should be about celebrating their life and mark on this world.
*after at least 15 shots served* --Waitress: What are ya'll celebrating?? . Wes: "Life, baby.". ..💯 😂
It makes me extremely happy that even after 20 years after Selena Quintanilla's tragic death, we all are still celebrating her life.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for...
Celebrating life with Tanta Lily reaching for the stars life gumilang
Celebrating the life of my bro thejaylisby . Someone who always looks out for me in life.
Celebrating life on a beach... VB22 & VB23
I mean its nice that you guys are celebrating his life.
Celebrating life with my littlest bug @ The Rabbit Hole Bar
Feeding urself and celebrating something other than u being alive is sheer waste. Sharing with have-nots must be the purpose if ur life.
watching "SELENA, 20 Años" 🙌❤️ its been 20 years & they're still celebrating her life & music, QUEEN.
Great two nights celebrating this beauty, and the next step in her life. LA ain't…
The people cheering a way it's a jubilant kinda cheer? Cause they're celebrating his life?
from an outside (non-sg) pov it's weird? but the thing is, I //get it//. we aren't cheering his death, we're celebrating his life
Tonight was absolutely and positively an amazing night enjoy celebrating the life of my second mom Freida Thomas...
Good morning! I'm grateful to be celebrating 52 years of life today. Let's LIVE. The world is wide open and each... http:/…
Shout out to my big brother Junior K, we celebrating life tonight inside Aria!!!
Amazing day celebrating my grandfathers bday! Grateful to God for giving you another year of life, love & health! 🎉❤️
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Tonite we are celebrating the LOVE of my life's bdayyy! meet us at The Reef
celebrating his life. Got somebody throw flag sia
I get you guys are Celebrating his life, but please have some respect amd stay quiet and stop clapping
Enjoy the weekend, rejuvenate by celebrating the breath of life!.
I guess it can be anything people want it to be. Celebrating the life lived is part of mourning.
I'm almost 19 and yes I'm celebrating my very special day with the most important persons in my life. 💕
Happy 81st Birthday to our dear Nanay Tess! We love you! Stay young, wild and free!!! — celebrating another year of life
I'm drunk and STILL celebrating your existence!! Lamb for LIFE 😍🍀❤️
Hey Fans! Reminder: This Sunday we are celebrating the life and legacy of the beloved Selena. Don’t miss... ht…
AAP celebrating life as a daily festival of attention,perks & bytes. Rest of nation awaits intervention by NaMo govt.they…
Celebrating 3 years of life Cinderella style! !
Celebrating Antonia Castaneda's life and work. Three Decades Engendering History. Proud of my mother in law's legacy h…
Celebrating another year of life with my beautiful mother and I'm truly blessed to say that! I love…
Boyfriend is sick. Hopefully he gets better by the a long day ahead of celebrating life and drinking to do...
And if you're not celebrating the Cats' win tonight, you need to reevaluate what the *** you're doing with your life.
Not sure how sad your life has to be to spend all night whining about Aaron Rodgers celebrating on the court instead of enjoy…
Celebrating our anniversary a little early, but I love living life with you Kendrick. You make every…
Don't waste life complaining about what is wrong, enjoy it by celebrating what is right.
Forget birthdays, I enjoy celebrating the fact I'm alive every single day of my life. I love living.
Celebrating Life! 47: "A wedding is and event, but marriage is a life"___Myles Munroe
It's your time ti stand The people that are in your life for a season allow you in some way or another to Fulfill the purpose that The Lord has intended for your life as I reflect on my life I'm thankful For the segments that have pass in my life &. Receive the unexpected blessings for this new year faith is the substance of the things we hope fir & the evidence of the things that we don't see there are things we pray & The Lord allows us to see what he's promise us in his time we have done all we can now it time to stand when you can you just stand & when you see the promise for that segment of your life is fulfilled your thankful for the people that went through the experience with you Hector L. Rosario celebrating life by breaking silence exposing truth
What a beautiful service today celebrating the life of Craig Hunter. When i think of him, 2 words come to mind...Absolute Legend!!
Cant wait to hear Diane DeCicco at the 2015 Kickoff- THIS SATURDAY! We are kicking off the NEW YEAR with Dynamite at 10.15am. Diane DeCicco will share her testimony of transformation, surrender, and celebration that will inspire us all to seek, and therefore find the Lord, in a whole new dimension. Always a loyal church attender, Diane’s life was transformed while walking through cancer treatment over a decade ago. Persistent nagging by a family member, led Diane to a Vineyard Church where she met the Holy Spirit for the first time. No longer interested in simply fulfilling her religious duty, she fell in love with her God and was transformed -inside. But there was still cancer. So then came the moment of surrender. Literally screaming with the realization that the cancer was bigger than her control, she had a vision of Jesus. She gave him control and walked with Him into total healing. Now fast forward to 2014- the best and worst year of Diane’s life. Diagnosed with cancer again, she immediately h .. ...
Memories made with people I ❤️. Loved celebrating your life with all you beautiful…
I find that relatives getting killed, by drunks, on New Years much better than celebrating the life of Jesus.
see the year when Arsenal win the UCL,that year would be the best year of my life,idc,I'd be celebrating like a G.
No one plans on taking their own life or the life of someone else's while celebrating the
Celebrating your time with the love of your life? Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill anniversary card! With...
I had an absolute ball last night celebrating one of the biggest days of my best friends life💖💝
The only thing my two year old cousin knows how to say is happy birthday. Celebrating a birthday every day what a great ou…
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Happy Birthday to all of the Holiday Birthday Friends and family that I missed. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating life, and surrounded by the ones you love and who loves you back. May GOD continue to bless you all with many, many more.
Celebrating one year today with the love of my life! Driving back into OH and then movie and food. Typical Mandy Chris relationship stuff :)
Remember, life is full of endings and beginnings. While there’s no denying that menopause bring one phase of...
PSA: The number one lady in my life, my mombearz, as I like to call her, is celebrating her 21st B…
Happy Birthday grandma.. I'll be celebrating your life in spirit.. Miss you lots
Mourning and Celebrating the life of my Cuz Ronald "Tom" Greaves at the same time. A day mixed with happiness and Sorrow !
Celebrating at Epcot with my lovely ladies and my boo - life is good.
Time to get ready for lunch at Musasi's :) — celebrating Life! And Loving it!
Celebrating God's given life. Thank you Lord. (@ Tides Grill and Bistro in Quezon City, Metro Manila)
Taehyung is a year older now ! I'm really happy right now! We're celebrating the birth of a extraterrestrial life form
Taking a with the most in my pre so in…
Never in my life I'd ever thought I'd be celebrating an Alien's birthday
Celebrating life and beautiful beaches :)
you guys are being so jealous of selena while she's having the time of her life, celebrating and having fun w/ her friends in Dubai!
New Years Eve catch me celebrating life and party rocking at at Circle Lincoln 🙌🎉
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Its all about celebrating life. So let do it the right.Xclusive - Dec 31st.Don't miss out!
Hope you’re spending today celebrating with the ones you love. Thank you all for making my life so amazing. Love all of you…
Celebrating the last of 2014! From fitting to real life few days ago in her EW gown
How can we be celebrating when 219are still with abductors? What is the value of Nigerian life? NOW & ALIVE
Celebrating the life of William King Gregory paleontologist who worked under HF Osborn!
Very much looking forward to celebrating the life and work of Sir Winston Churchill in March next year:
Celebrating life with people who matter most. Thank you for such an inspiring dinner and advance happy…
We were just 2gether last week celebrating & toasting to life!! Now I'm on my way to your funeral!! Smh! Rest easy 👼
As 2014 draws to a close, we're taking a look at some of the words celebrating their 100th birthday...
Ladies, celebrate the men in YOUR life & get them talking it could save a life!
ACHS joins in celebrating a remarkable life & mourning the death of Jane Myers. Condolences CSI family.
Drake knew that we are celebrating his life today, so he blessed us with this beautiful sunrise because of it 👼💙
celebrating 4 amazing years doing life with this man. I am so incredibly lucky ❤
Thank you to as they celebrate their 20th year in ministry!
Screw my birthday, I want to spend the rest of my life celebrating the 22nd of Sept 2013. My life has never had so much meaning.
Those locals who may listen at times to Duco passed away over the weekend, celebrating his life this morning. Cc
I’m celebrating Intrigue Publishing’s exciting year in review today on my blog, Life of a Writing Publisher.
Happy Anniversary to my darling wife, Bonnie Brundige Moore! Celebrating thirteen years today! Bonnie, you are the love of my life!
Celebrating the life of JoAnn Boyd today. She will be greatly missed but her spirit will inspire for many…
Fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, grandsons: get them talking
The Junkanoo Festival celebrates its history and freedom in the Bahamas. (
Naomi is participating in a Celebrating Life in Recovery group in New Zealand. Enjoy her story!
Thanks, Santa Cruz Life - Celebrating Life in Santa Cruz, Ca - for sharing the great news about Kids Week Downtown!
Please join Tanner in "Celebrating Life" on National Cancer Survivors Day by sharing this post or commenting:
The AVILON MONTALBAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK is the largest zoological park in the Philippines. Started in 1992 by Mr. Joaquin Gaw as an offshoot of exotic animal hobby, the Park has 10 years evolution before it was open for commercial purposes. It is a 7.5 hectare zoo located in the valley of Brgy. San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal. With large exhibits of more than 3000 specimens of exotic and indigenous animals represented by more than 500 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates as well as close to 400 species of plants of which more than half are endemic to the Philippines, Avilon Zoo is one of the zoos in Southeast Asia having the most diverse representation of flora and fauna. Guided tours and educational field trips offer guests/visitors the privilege of observing and discovering more about the ecology and behavior of the animals. Learn how to conserve and protect endangered species and our environment. AVILON ZOO embraces the philosophy: "Celebrating Life! Life is precious and every living ...
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