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Cedar Creek Lake

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a reservoir located in Henderson and Kaufman Counties, Texas (USA), 60 miles (97 km) southeast of Dallas.

Cedar Lake Mostly Sunny Partly Sunny Mostly Cloudy East Texas Sports Bar Fun Walk

FROM The Library at Cedar Creek Lake. . "FRIENDS of the LIBRARY will be having a book sale to support the library...
Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Tuesday, August 19, the CCLACC Ambassadors will meet at 11:30 a.m. at...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/18 is -4.24 at 317.76, up 0.01 from yesterday.
Finally getting some light rain out here on Cedar Creek lake (better than no rain!)
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Chance Thunderstorms with High of 93 and Low of 75.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/17 is -4.25 at 317.75, up 0.01 from yesterday.
On 8/16/77 I was at Cedar Creek Lake S-E of Dallas listing to "Slow Ride" by FOGHAT, when the DJ of KZEW broke in to report Elvis death.
Great day with Kathleen and her friends on Old Hickory Lake @ Cedar Creek Yacht Club
dang the biggest I caught was 6 pounds at cedar creek lake in ky
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/16 is -4.23 at 317.77, down 0.01 from yesterday.
HAM operators hear of Tesla’s antenna - The Monitor | The latest news from the Cedar Creek Lake area
Randy pondering the idea of buying a Cedar Creek lake house😎
fishing Cedar Creek Lake in Kentucky with my great friend John Sparr.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Hot with High of 97 and Low of 73.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/15 is -4.19 at 317.81, down 0.02 from yesterday.
MABANK NEW TEACHER LUNCHEON. FROM Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of Commerce . Members of the chamber of commerce...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/14 is -4.13 at 317.87, down 0.01 from yesterday.
View from my neighbors' backyard pool on Cedar Creek lake/ house is 11 years old & for sale. Breezy evening
Had a great morning fishing sand bass and crappie on Cedar Creek lake, courtesy of my boss! 47 fish…
Saturday, August 16 is “Empty The Shelter” day at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake! All adoption fees will...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 8/13 is -4.08 at 317.92, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Time to find New Homes! The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake hopes all their cute critters get adopted-no charge
Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake to join 'Empty the Shelter' day
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Slight Chance Thunderstorms with High of 94 and Low of 67.
Me Tobe and Kyle are trying to rent a lake house this weekend on cedar creek lake! Anyone's invited 😎
Helped Brother with Auction in Gunbarrel City this weekend, I stopped at the big Cedar Creek Lake and told the fish I would be back to get them at a later date,I did not tell them I would have a fishing rod .They will figure that out soon enough !
Spring Break Report: Long Cove Gears Up for More Fun in the Sun at Cedar Creek Lake -
Dean Calhoun 4 yrs old , Cedar Creek Lake. Thank you to Chris Calhoun for sharing!
A new form of therapy: The Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of  Commerce  has declared Thursday, March 13 ...
Random lady talking about Ella: "Oh my goodness! She's so cute. How old is she?" Me: "She's just over a year. She's going to have a little brother or sister in 4 months." Random lady: "Oh wow, you're 5 months pregnant?! You're so tiny for 5 months... I'm 4 months, going to have a little boy." Me: "Oh how exciting! Enjoy every second, they grow up too fast." Random lady: "Yeah I can't wait to be a mother. It's going to be amazing." ...not even a minute later she turns to her husband & says, "Hey honey can you hand me the lighter? I want to go smoke a cigarette real fast." 😐 stay classy Cedar Creek Lake. You never fail to amaze me.
We've created a new section, front and center on our webpage, to showcase all that local Cedar Creek Lake businesses have to offer. If you would like to submi...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/28 is -3.58 at 318.42, up 0.03 from yesterday.
February 8th, 1878 South of Trout Creek, west of Cedar Lake
The Gun Barrel City Rainbow Girls Masonic Youth are having a Country Breakfast Fundraiser on Sat., March 8, 7:30 to 10:30 AM at Cedar Creek Lake Masonic Lodge located at 402 Legendary Lane in Gun Barrel City. Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for children 12 & under. Open to the Public. The girls are raising money to attend their State Conference in June.
Renting and selling movies for everyone around cedar creek lake. Old and new releases .
On our way to Cedar Creek lake, a small business owner ("who didn't start his business") put this up!
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Mostly Sunny with High of 54 and Low of 42.
Cedar Creek Lake Levels are on the rise. Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to put your summer...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/27 is -3.62 at 318.38, up 0.02 from yesterday.
March Gardening Tips for Cedar Creek Lake: March is an excellent time to add compost to vegetable and flower g...
Recipes wanted for Gun Barrel City cookbook: Favorite recipes from Cedar Creek Lake residents will be publishe...
Quick Report for Cedar creek lake. Went last sunday and found the fish in open water with bait near by from midlake to crappie island, 30'-45' foot of water. Used 5" pink flukes shortened to 3" on 1/4 ounce jig heads dead sticked from 5'-10' off the bottom. Also found some on humps in 30' of water with same technique.
East Texas athletes and coaches of all sports, I'm so fired up to work with you! Your stories are all fantastic, and you belong to a great region that I've loved since I was a kid growing up in the Metroplex and on Cedar Creek Lake near Athens. I'm really excited to be with you and share your stories. Parents and fans, I'm looking forward to aiding in East Texas coverage. If I can get your kids to remember HS as a pretty OK time where people cared about their hard work and endeavors, that's when I'll say I'm accomplishing my job. I'm looking forward to being a part of your great communities. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.
wow how I would love to be here and just to get away from cedar creek lake and get away from work I 'am much needed a break and just get away
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday from Cedar Creek Lake!
Bobby Ray Channell Sr., I want others to know the " TRUTH " about you. You drove our grandson to MY house to STEAL some wind chimes & I filed charges on both of you & yes it hurt me to file charges on my own grandson, but the poor excuse for law officials in Henderson Co. hasn't did nothing to this day. You have Forged my name on 2 of our refund checks. You have FONDLED your own niece (that's why ur 2nd wife threw some of ur tools in Cedar Creek Lake. You've stole batteries from ur last job ( U-HAUL ) Garland, Tx . Finally you have to join a "GANG", cuz you can't fight worth chit. GANGS ARE FOR COWARDS. You from being a "Preacher to a Gang Member with wife # 4. And you call me " crazy " ? BOY, you done lost it.
I am in the process of launching our website and moving articles from the old Cedar Creek Lake Television website. Thanks for your patience and support!- JR
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Slight Chance Rain with High of 42 and Low of 25.
Mark your calendars for March 8th! We will be having a blast out at JJ's Sports Bar & Grill , playing your favorite Texas blues and Soul music! If you live around Cedar Creek Lake area, make sure you catch this show! Click on the event below and click GOING!
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/26 is -3.68 at 318.32, down 0.02 from yesterday.
Cute Lake house on Cedar Creek Lake that a friend's family is selling.(not my listing, fyi, just sharing)...
Tim heads to Cedar Creek Lake on a hot summer day to see how the bass fishing is going. Bass Fishing Cedar Creek Lake Kentucky.
Help needed around Cedar Creek Lake: Meals on Wheels Ministry is issuing an appeal to the residents of ...
would anyone like to get into the Bluegrass Yakmasters @ Cedar Creek Lake, KY April 5, 2014 with me? here is some info for you. TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: * There will be early registration from 7 - 9pm Friday n...
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Chance Rain Showers with High of 55 and Low of 34.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/25 is -3.66 at 318.34, down 0.02 from yesterday.
Offering daily information and news about the Cedar Creek Lake Texas area. Quotes, stories, photos, videos, of lake life.
Everyone please put Lee Roy Simmons, Betty Boops Simmon's husband in your prayers as he had a heart attack and is in ETMC in Tyler. Betty sings with me at times at El Jacalito and they are great friends of the community on Cedar Creek Lake. God Bless you, Lee Roy!
Why do people make up their minds about things before they know what facts are? We just moved into an addition at Cedar Creek Lake and found out that one of the families said they wished we had not moved in because we have a pit bull ! If they only knew our dog is one of the sweetest dogs they will ever meet. All of the other dogs in the neighborhood are allowed to run free but they complain about our dog who stays in his yard and never bothers anyone.
Does anybody make baby shower cakes around the cedar creek lake area
The fishing is good on Cedar Creek Lake! Nice crappie caught right from our pier this weekend. Come enjoy a cabin or camping before it gets super hot out. Caney Cove Resort on Cedar Creek Lake. 903.489.0639
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Headed to Friendship Missionary Baptist church in Seven Points this morning. Gonna play the mandolin with the worship band then hang around to watch my friend Greg Mcdougal and his girls sing at 1:30 pm. If your in the Cedar creek lake area come on over.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/23 is -3.65 at 318.35, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Just so everyone knows, I had no intention of ignoring anyone today. As of 11:00 this morning my phone decided to jump out of my pocket and swim to the very bottom of cedar creek lake. I am now up and running again, AND you don't have to worry they let me transfer my phone number so it's the same to those of you that have it.
Scratch that. Volleyball at Cedar Creek lake. Charlie Daniels removed the nets from the courts.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Mostly Cloudy with High of 73 and Low of 55.
It’s ‘Flip Flop Therapy’ at Cedar Creek Lake: As we say goodbye to old man winter –  let  the sun s...
My sister has instructed me to proceed with this installment asap. One thing I have learned down through the years, is to not incur her wrath. lol After declining to remain with the San Francisco trading company, I started a new trading company. Some continued with me from the old company and received a percentage ownership in the new company. We were able to stay in the same space and I hired the market analyst from the old company to advise our new company. He was highly respected in the industry having authored a book on commodities that was considered essential to all serious commodity traders and he established the commodities division for one of the leading stock brokerage companies in New York. He set up an account for us on the London Exchange. We bought options on the exchange for our clients. At this time, one of my high school classmates and my friend in the insurance business joined our company. The CFTC was not impressed with our efforts. In fact, they were mad that we had tried to insulate o ...
NOT DFW - Gun Barrel City, TX - Major accident at Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City. 2 ETMC helicopters and 1 PHI helicopter have airlifted patients from the scene (3 helos total). We do not have any additional information.
RANDOM GOOD DEEDS Here is a nice "paying it forward" story shared to us by Donna Brunk Rinn ... the woman in the story is a Cedar Creek Lake resident who was in Dallas at the time: "Just leaving Aldi. My daughter and I stopped here to buy groceries after our mommy-daughter date because they have such great deals. I totally forgot they only take cash or debit, and I left the debit card with my husband. As I was walking away from a FULL cart of groceries the man in line behind me paid for the whole bill. All he was buying was a few boxes of berries, but he paid for a week's worth of groceries for my family. Feeling very grateful and humbled."
At 505 Ranch Club, we offer luxury lake homes and waterfront properties in McKinney, Highland Park, Dallas and Cedar Creek Lake. Buy wonderful Lakefront property to enjoy lifelong memories with your loved ones.
No time for feeling sick, I've got 5 homes to show at Cedar Creek Lake and Richland Chambers Lake today then the Ducks Unlimited Banquet tonight. Maybe feeling yucky will keep me from spending $$ on hunts tonight but thankful I have a driver all day today.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Partly Sunny with High of 68 and Low of 40.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 1/11 is -3.46 at 318.54, up 0.03 from yesterday.
Season Of Praise Christmas Cantata Tonight If you wont something funt o do with your Family here it is! Six churches in the Cedar Creek Lake community representing three denominations will present a Christmas cantata at the Mabank High School Auditorium at 7:30 pm on Saturday, December 14th. Choristers from the Mabank Presbyterian Church, Celebration on the Lake Church, Aley United Methodist Church, Cedar Creek Lake United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church of Mabank and Payne Springs United Methodist Church will be joined by the Avanti Singers, a local choral group, to present "Season of Praise," a Christmas celebration by Joseph and Pamela Martin. Young dancers from "The Dance Connection will also perform. WFAA Channel 8 news anchor Gloria Campos will narrate the cantata. The public is invited to bring canned food items for our local food pantries as admission to the concert. Hope yo see you There at the Mabank High School!
Thanks for advice! We do have one Sailing club on Cedar Creek Lake. I know Lake Ray Hubbard which is about 1 hr from me,
I live on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas so I will be sailing that lake, other Texas lakes and Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.
Getting ready to watch Betty Beets story. She murdered her husband while living on Cedar Creek Lake...across the cove from my in-laws.
Congratulations to my husband Cajun for becoming the new Cedar Creek Lake Chapter PRESIDENT! Love you Babe
The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is beyond full, and many are in danger.please, please come by the shelter in Tool, Texas, and find your new best friend!!
Business After Hours will be at The Library at Cedar Creek Lake, 410 E. Cedar Creek Parkway, Seven Points on Tuesday, December 17 5:30 – 7:00 PM. It is being co-hosted by Brookshire’s Seven Points. Please make sure your calendar is marked and join us for networking and wonderful hospitality.
Has anyone had any experience with Japanese buyers making long distance offers on homes in Dallas/Cedar Creek Lake?
Revenge game for my Lake Travis freshmen team. Elgin beat us by 9 earlier this year. Semi finals of Cedar Creek tourney!
$15,000 99' F350 Super Duty Crew Cab 4x4, 7.3 Turbo Deisel, odo 184000. Lariat, leather, power everything, seats, windows, door locks etc...7" touchscreen stereo/dvd/cd/mp3. 2 10" subs in box powered by 2 500 watt amps., professionally installed. 6" lift, double shocks on front with steering stabilizer shock. Tires are 345/75R/16 on custom aluminum rims. 75% tread. Heavy duty locking toolbox. Removable gooseneck hitch. Spray in bed liner. Tinted windows. 11" drop hitch. Truck runs perfect. No mods have been done to the engine, ie..programmer,chip, tuner, intake etc.. This is a good strong running truck with alot of miles left on the 7.3 bulletproof engine. It is very clean, but it is not a brand new truck. May have a tiny bit of wiggle room. VERY LITTLE! Will consider trade for f150 supercrew 4x4 2004 or newer with low miles. Please do not gripe or about price. If you don't like it, move on! No low balling. This is a fair price for this truck. The tires and rims alone are $3000.00. This is a daily driver ...
REMEMBER BETTY BEETS? The story of Bett Beets, "The Black Widow of Texas," will air on the Investigation Discovery channel tonight at 9 p.m. Investigation Discovery (ID) is a television network owned by Discovery Communications. Betty Beets lived on Cedar Creek Lake and was convicted of, and executed for, the murder of her fifth husband, Jimmy Don Beets. During the investigation, the remains of one of Betty's other husbands were found. Henderson County Now will be taking a field trip tonight to JJ's Sports Bar in GBC for a watch party for the premier. The bar was used in the filming of tonight's show. If you see me there stop by and say hello.
There are plenty of people in this world other than Cedar Creek Lake, that's why I'm not stressing to find someone anytime soon dog 👌
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Rain Showers Likely with High of 46 and Low of 41.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/13 is -4.52 at 317.48, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Watching a documentary called the devil you know about a woman who lived on cedar creek lake that murdered her husbands. Oh lord have mercy...
Vipers split in the 1st day of the Cedar Creek Tourny. Win vs Elgin. 1 pt loss to Hutto. Lake Travis and Midway tomorrow.
Windows with a view of Wallowa Mountain | Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals Cedar Creek Chalet
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I saw cedar creek, thought you might be headed to cedar creek lake up here
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/12 is -4.49 at 317.51, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Wanted to remind all my friends in Cedar Creek lake area about this Christmas program, we are collecting canned food
The of Long Island has newly redesigned rooms! Check it out & watch for Lake Fork Creek Cedar Vinyl!
Bored and nothing to do at cedar creek lake
We are going out on our boat ib Cedar Creek Lake wish us luck on catching something.
HELP THE CCL CHAMBER!. The Cedar Creek Country Club has to have the FINAL count for tomorrow’s Cedar Creek Lake...
A fundraiser back sale for Hunter Gage has been scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 14, at the Seven Points Pavilion behind The Library at Cedar Creek Lake in Seven Points. Hunter was born on Oct. 30 with Intestinal Malrotation which is a twisting of the intestines and bowel. He has already had multiple surgeries and faces many more and will also need a bowel transplant. Baby Hunter has a long road ahead of him and needs all the love and support he can get. While the family is not from Henderson County, Gage's great-aunt lives in Brownsboro. Some of the baked goods already on tap for Saturday include chocolate peppermint Christmas logs, Real Texas shape Texas Pecan Pie's, TX Shape, TX Brownie's,. TX Fudge,.. cookies,.. pies,...cakes,.. coffee, tea, hot apple cider,.. hot cocoa. So come indulge your sweet tough and help with a good cause.
A tribute to my bro down at Cedar Creek Lake.Thanks to Jen for the link
What if i jumped in Cedar Creek Lake.buhh i cant swim
Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake is overrun with moms and their puppies. Any foster homes out there to get them out of the cold? Please , anyone? Besides the pit and her 10 puppies we need temp home until after Christmas for a sheltie with 6 puppies, a red heeler with 4 puppies, and a black lab with 4 puppies. The black lab may need a foster until Feb 1st.
Snow skiing day :) wa *** So excited So long Cedar Creek Lake see you again Friday :) New Mexico here we come...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/10 is -4.48 at 317.52, down 0.01 from yesterday.
The Ranch Suites Resort at Cedar Creek Lake is all festive for the holiday season.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/9 is -4.47 at 317.53, up 0.04 from yesterday.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Crashes: WB694 at McKnight. WB494 at Lake Rd. EB94 at Shingle Creek. WB62 at Cedar. Good luck.
TX-Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake shared their photo. **URGENT** Macy is out of time. She has been at the...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/8 is -4.54 at 317.46, up 0.01 from yesterday.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Chance Sleet with High of 26 and Low of 23.
No you're not better than anybody, we go to the same school, we're surrounded by the same Cedar Creek Lake Trash.
No sleet, or freezing rain, Just lots of rain, thunder, and lightning down here at Cedar Creek Lake.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Wintry Mix Likely with High of 31 and Low of 20.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/6 is -4.71 at 317.29, up 0.02 from yesterday.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 12/5 is -4.67 at 317.33, up 0.05 from yesterday.
Driving to Cedar Creek Lake, it's 80 degrees and sunny. Got the windows down warn air blowing across my bald...
I live around Cedar Creek Lake roughly 60 miles SE of Dallas will we get freezing rain area or just rain?
Breakfast with Santa coming to Seven Points: Best Friends of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake will host...
What are some old/historic churches around the Cedar Creek Lake area?
The 5KRun/1 mile Fun Walk is a community outreach to provide school supplies and basic need items to children in the Cedar Creek Lake community. We hope you come out to spend some time with us and help children have a great start to a new school year. Early registration fee $20 + tshirt by July 22,…
If anyone knows any good lawyers around Cedar Creek Lake let me know
Little Giant Ladders
Look for our coupon next week in the Cedar Creek Lake newspaper The Monitor
Tourney tonight then off to Cedar Creek Lake early tomorrow morning for practice then tourney Saturday! I love it!
Got a Thursday Nighter tonight on Pickwick then we leave out early tomorrow morning for Cedar Creek Lake for practice then tournament time on Saturday. I'm loving life right now!
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 6/27 is -4.10 at 317.90, down 0.02 from yesterday.
Your C-17 pic yesterday reminded me of this one and the ones following. Jul 4, 09 over Cedar Creek Lake
Must be a private home because I've not seen anything like this at Cedar Creek Lake in Texas. Would love to have this in my home!!
Long Cove has successful start "Long Cove, a new private residential community on Cedar Creek Lake just over an hour away from Dallas, recently hosted a successful grand opening over Memorial Day weekend, selling more than 40 percent of waterside cottage inventory and 100 percent of custom homesites available in its first phase of development. Boasting gourmet food trucks, live music, children’s games, face painting, bounce houses, fly fishing lessons, Nautique wake board demonstrations and more, the open house-style event gave more than 1000 guests from the surrounding areas and Dallas-Fort Worth the opportunity to experience the Long Cove lifestyle."
Just finished the sound check for ZYDECO STINGRAYS OMG these guys are gonna rock the house tonight. They are f**kin' AWESOME. They go on at 10pm for one show...Come on Cedar Creek Lake... you asked for something different to do around here, so here is a perfect example of something you won't find anywhere else around HERE! LOL Like a front row seat to a killer concert in Dallas, and it costs less than the PARKING at most Dallas venues!
I'm drinking a Karbach Weisse Versa from at Cedar Creek Lake via
happy 82nd birthday to the best granddaddy there is, I love you @ Cedar Creek Lake
Come check out all that Mc Dade's Nursery has to offer for spring. Mc Dade's is the largest nursery in our Cedar Creek Lake area. Before you shop Lowe's or Wal-Mart make the short drive over to Tool and you won't be sorry!
All things Cedar Creek Lake. A community for all who call Cedar Creek Lake home.
I sure hope a burn ban is not on down around Cedar Creek Lake area this weekend. A good campfire sure would feel good this weekend at the lake. It sure looks like we are going to be needing one. I just hope it don't rain. But I'm sure it will be cold especially at night. Should get to 60 on Saturday & maybe to 70 on Sunday. But I haven't heard the latest weather report about whether it is going to rain. I sure hope not. Going to have a good time with family & friends. LOL
Plans for Come to Cedar Creek Lake! is having a big party including bands!
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/30 is -3.27 at 318.73, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Brian Carter 1.65 lb black crappie on Live Baby Shad, Cedar Creek Lake
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/16 is -3.15 at 318.85, up 0.01 from yesterday.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/8 is -3.11 at 318.89, up 0.04 from yesterday.
Are going to the Pinnacle on Cedar Creek lake? With Danny?
either Charlie Daniels or I guess out at Cedar Creek, that's the only two places I know, by the lake would be nice
Makes me sad :( great memories though :) too bad I don't have $599K to spend...if I won the lottery, next stop would be Cedar Creek Lake!
Congrats to my bud for his 9th place finish today in his First Kayak tourney on Cedar Creek Lake..
Cedar Creek Lake, impounded in 2002, is Kentucky's only reservoir managed specifically for trophy-sized bass.
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Breezy with High of 77 and Low of 59.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/6 is -3.07 at 318.93, up 0.03 from yesterday.
Here is my catch today at Cedar Creek Lake in KY
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/5 is -3.10 at 318.90, up 0.01 from yesterday.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/4 is -3.16 at 318.84, up 0.03 from yesterday.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/3 is -3.38 at 318.62, down 0.08 from yesterday.
I'll be at cedar creek lake tourney, fishing some, but not entering the tourney. Just (cont)
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Water rescue taking place right now, at Mellow Meadow Dr & Lake Creek Pkwy, right near Hwy 183 close to Cedar Park
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Thunderstorms Likely with High of 74 and Low of 54.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 4/2 is -3.45 at 318.55, down 0.02 from yesterday.
For all Kentucky kayak fisherman. Hope you'll battle me April 6th @ Cedar Creek Lake in your kayak
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 3/25 is -3.41 at 318.59, down 0.02 from yesterday.
Save 50% @ Pinnacle GC on Cedar Creek Lake in East TX—$24.99 on weekdays: $29.99 on weekends:
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 3/11 is -3.17 at 318.83, up 0.01 from yesterday.
Pray for the students of rush creek as they spend their spring break helping those less fortunate at Cedar Creek Lake. god has blessed our kids. i am one lucky mom
Really wish I was at Cedar Creek Lake today
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/17 is -2.89 at 319.11, down 0.02 from yesterday.
Had a wonderful weekend in Fort Worth with my sister Ramona and her precious family! Then to Cedar Creek Lake to see my baby sister Mandy and her son Caleb. Alicia hadn't seen them for sometime. It was a great time!
Testimony sent to Pastor Harry Pastor I just wanted to let you know what an impact that FCOP has had on my family. I recently moved back to Mesquite from the Cedar Creek Lake area where I attended faithfully Phalba Full Gospel church. I thought I would never find another church like Phalba, but I did. I am so thankful that I serve a good God! Since I started coming to FCOP a few months back, my daughter and son in law are coming regularly and now my son and his wife have started coming. This is something I have prayed for, for a long time. They absolutely love listening to the word that you bring each week and I am so glad to be able to volunteer in so many different areas. Thanks for being faithful, Jana Stephens Jana we love you guys too!
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 2/11 is -2.87 at 319.13, up 0.04 from yesterday.
Took my new AT&T based Straight Talk SIM out to East Texas tonight (inside my awesome Samsung Galaxy Nexus). I'm glad to say I had an excellent HSPA+ data signal all the way through. In fact at my aunt Misty's apartment on Cedar Creek Lake (Malakoff, TX) the speeds were better than they are here at home in Kennedale. Around 4mbit down and 2mbit up.
Isn't there a local Mennonite community around Cedar Creek Lake? Does anyone know any information about it?
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Spotlight on Whiterock Residents: Wilma and Carl Henrich Wilma and Carl have been residents of Whiterock Court since 2005, having come back to Dallas from Cedar Creek Lake. Born in Doe Run Mo., Carl grew up on a farm about 50 miles south of St. Louis. Originally from Philadelphia, Wilma moved to Kansas City when she was two years old. Calling herself a city girl, Wilma's father was the manager of a large bakery in town. As young adults, both worked for Campbell Taggart Bakeries in Kansas City, an international chain. They were both transfered to Dallas in 1939, although they didn't really know each other. She worked in the Accounting department and he in Purchasing. Wilma eventually became secretary to Chairman of the Board, Win Campbell. Though she felt unqualified, he said he hired her because she was always happy and smiling, a fact that is still true today! Having caught the eye of Carl, Wilma was asked for two dates in one week, both of which were broken, the first by Carl who forgot that he already ...
Welcome to the Coldwell Banker ADR Website. Here you can view properties which are on the market around the Cedar Creek Lake area.
If you don't go see Les Mis at Rowlett High School, you will have missed something special. I debated making the drive from Cedar Creek Lake. After all, Les Mis again! I have seen the musical so many times and the movie twice at Christmas. I am still in shock and awe at what I just a high school! Hugh is a beautiful man and actor, but they should probably take that SAG away and give it to the kid at Rowlett!
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 1/19 is -2.86 at 319.14, up 0.02 from yesterday.
Euthanization date set for 16 January 2013. We have contacted multiple rescues and have shared them on Pit Bull Rescue sites as well as on Pit Bull community sites, but there is just no space, especially for two dogs that don't get along with other dogs. We are trying very hard to find a suitable home for these dogs and the decision to place them on the euthanasia list did not come easy. While we appreciate the prayers to save these dogs, what we really need is an adopter or foster to step up and take action. If you are able to save either of these dogs, please fill out an application at These dogs will require a home visit.
Question from Trevor Ruble: See if anyone can help! Thanks :) "Love the site. Wanting to spend a weekend fishing for smallies on Dale Hollow in TN this spring. I live in VA. Can someone suggest some places to stay and fish on the lake? And what time of year in the spring is best? Thanks"
I have heard more motorcycles riding down past the lake today than boats. I believe every body around Cedar Creek owns one
The Storm Prediction Center has indicated that they will likely issue a Tornado Watch for parts of NorthEast Texas sometime after 3 PM.
Cedar Creek Lake area is a wonderful place. Great people especially atr the Cedar Creek Country Club. That looks like a real quilt. Someone did a fine job on that!
Eating brisket at blacks bbq in Lockhart TX. Yum
Coming thur spring lake ready 2 get 2 cedar creek & get in my bed*!!. I've been up since 6 dis morning :/
Anybody want to do a reptile program at 2 pm? pay is ok, kids are usually the best. This presenter is, allergy speaking, virtually out of commission. Doc prescribed ear drops so I am having flashbacks to the little 2nd grader I was who got kidded for almost always having cotton in my ears.I want my mommy too.
We hope you’re enjoying your weekend! As you visit your favorite smoke-free restaurant or establishment, be sure to thank the owner or manager for providing a healthy smoke-free environment for their customers and employees.
A look at the early winter hybrid striper fishing in cold water at Lake Bridgeport, Texas.
Good Morning Friends. Come on by the Cedar Creek Brewery today 12-3 (the earlier the better). Have a tour, get a glass and taste the great beer. Only $7. Dreary day out - but not at the Brewery. Celebrate the raising lake!
Cedar Creek Lake forecast today: Thunderstorms with High of 71 and Low of 35.
So I promised my kids I would take them camping this year. Real camping, not the camping in the living room with cushion and sheet tents close to the shower, running water, and AC. Where do I take them around Roanoke? Doesn't have to be OMG bears are going to eat me in my sleep and no one will hear my screams because civilization is a distant memory either. I'm good with semi traveled areas.
Please welcome the newest member of the Denton Family.
A Chick-fil-A franchisee said he has a preliminary agreement with a developer to open a restaurant on Raeford Road at Purdue Drive.
Going down to Cedar Creek Lake tonight so that I can go see how my sister is doing which is getting transported to Tyler today sometime. I'll be back home tomorrwo can only stay one day which sux's but I'm so gald that I get to see how she is doing.. PLease god watch over her and the rest of the family as well. I love you sis. See everyone wen I get there tonight I love all of my family and friends so much
ok, I need a venue where we can have the ceremony outside, reception inside, bring outside catering, and one with a hotel near by! any ideas???
Look at our Pear Art! Monette Taylor and i sent to Mabank to Stop-n-Gough
Lake travis Westlake and Cedar creek have fine *** white boys :*
Just drove through Leonard, TX on way home from visiting with our grandson who lives in Edmond, OK. Pat and I went to LensCrafters in Plano to have eyeglasses adjusted. Seems the problem amounts to be being 71. LOL! We soothed our feelings by having lunch at the Big Easy: blackened chicken salad with artichoke olive dressing, shrimp étouffée, fried green tomatoes, fried shrimp, iced tea, and pralines for dessert. Thank you Pattie Elrod Big Easy.
Anyone who lives in or near Cedar Creek, drive by the lake. The fog coming up in this rain looks beautiful.
One of these days, this will be MY view. We are looking for a spot on the lake so one day when he 'fully' retires.this'll be it!!!
Start an I am Second group and see how a small group meeting can be about more than watching a film or discussing the Bible. It's about mentoring others and changing lives! Send us a message if you want information on how to get started.
WOW! What a great start to the group!!! Out of curiosity - where is everyone located? I'm in Raeford near West Hoke Middle/Hoke High.
I ordered my dress from the White Room 💕 And the wedding is 9/7/13 at Cedar Creek Yacht Club out on the lake!
Mortimer Builders hired 84 Lumber to build 6 buildings in two developments, Timberlake and Cedar Creek, both in Deep Creek Lake. 84 lumber started the work in 2008. At present, the buildings continue to leak and have been condemned by the local permit office. A "stop work order" was issued at both developments in 2011 until the serious code violations are repaired. Mr. Mortimer sold several units based on 84 Lumber's representation that there where no issues with 84 Lumber's work. Mr. Mortimer's 17 year business has been catastrophically harmed by 84 Lumber's actions. Listed below are a few of the statements and answers that Mr. Cicero, 84 Lumber COO, gave at his deposition. Mr. Cicero was intimately involved with Mr. Mortimer's numerous issues with 84 Lumber's work. "No. From my knowledge, what I knew, we corrected everything out there." "We're all taught at a very young age to take care of customers, and I think Harry(Regional VP)really felt that he wanted somebody else to try and help him solve this .. ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
March 31, 2011 VIA HAND DELIVERY Maggie Hardy Magerko, President 84 Lumber Company 1019 Route 519 Eighty Four, PA 15530 CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT COMMUNICATION RE: Cedar Creek and Timberlake Projects Dear Ms. Magerko: I am writing to you regarding matters of utmost concern that require your immediate attention and action. I think you are aware generally of the many, many problems I have had at these two projects, on which 84 Lumber Company (“84 Lumber”) did the “install.” I do not believe, however, that you are personally aware of the nature and extent of the problems, or of the fact that it appears that 84 Lumber intentionally hid and covered up many of the problems, and made material and intentional misstatements of fact to me. This letter is intended to bring many of those issues to your attention, and to ask you, personally, for a meeting to make an effort to resolve these many issues and to make me whole after suffering damages at the hands of 84 Lumber. 84 Lumber has caused substantial dama .. ...
Heading to the lake in a few minutes with Dad, we haven't been since late September shortly before Mom got sick. I have not a clue what the Bass are doing right now. We might catch some fish and we might not, it's not about the fish, it's about the time I get to spend with him doing a sport that he introduced to me about the time I could walk. Him and I have a come long way in 45 years from sitting on the banks of Big Cedar Creek with cane poles and a tube of crickets to now the days of 60k bass boats , 500-600 dollar rod/reel combos etc etc. it's the time a value with him regardless of past or present times!
Lots of flu going around. I can lessen the duration and intensity of symptoms with acupuncture and herbs if you seek treatment as soon as symptoms begin. Early signs may include headache, feeling of cotton in the head, stiff/sore neck, body soreness, sudden tiredness, or cough.
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 1/10 is -3.19 at 318.81, up 0.10 from yesterday.
Ready for your first clue about our plans for this year? Well here it is. Are you brave enough to experience the evolution?
GUN BARREL CITY -- Cedar Creek Lake entertainer Dino Perelli is opening a new music equipment showroom, recording studio and concert hall in mid-February. The showroom will open new and used instruments,...
Whether you support a truck stop in Boerne or you are completely opposed to the idea, I want, correction - I NEED, to hear from you. City Council received a lot of good feedback from local citizens at our meeting last night. I want to know what you're thinking. Please share your thoughts and concerns with me and I will share mine with you. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
After 225 days of prayer, discussion and consideration.I have made the decision to run for State Representative again in 2014.IF.and only IF.I can get at least 10 people to commit to walk their entire precinct knocking on doors and talking to people about my campaign. I will walk the other 43 precincts IF 10 people will pledge to walk those 10 precincts. It is very apparent that I will never be able to raise more money than my I must have more boots on the ground than him if I intend to beat him. The ball is in your court, District 10.
CALLING LOCAL MUSICIANS!!! Although I am focusing on original bands with CD's out (and I am looking for local bands with just that) for the concerts, I would love to see the "brotherhood of great players" around the lake come out for our "Open Mic" Jams every other Friday. Bring your whole band and do a few tunes or just sit in with our "house band" and let's have some fun. I want to bring us all together! No egos.just fun and camaraderie. AND MUSIC!
Texas peeps: Any suggestions on places to live in the Austin/North Austin area?
Looking for wedding reception venue inspiration. any ideas/suggestions?
We are getting rain in Sunset. The very slow kind, but welcome all the same.
Officially received 3.17 inches of rain here in Rosanky! -Lane
There's a chance for some scattered showers tonight, otherwise it will stay dry. We will be checking our rainfall total here in Rosanky and we want to know how much you got. Location and amount please! -Lane
We are trying to decide where to eat for lunch. Fast food probably works best since it has to be "to go". Any suggestions?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Living back down at cedar creek lake is awesome!!!
Cedar creek is rising baby getting ready for summer heat by dr philgood
Getting lots of rain :). Maybe it'll fill Cedar Creek Lake back up.
Please consider adopting (or fostering) one of these dogs. They are in dire need of a home or they will be euthanized. If you can't adopt or foster, please share them.
I can remember a scene similar to this years ago on the farm in S.E. Kansas. It had snowed with freezing rain, and no where for the birds to eat. We had two huge cedar trees in the front yard that had berries on them, and every bird for miles around came to feed on the berries including numerous Cardinals.
To the tune of Rain, rain go away: Rain, rain don't go away Just turn into snow, so we can play.
Stay tuned for my up coming videos on products from..Marukyu , Nories Lures ,Ecogear,Primal Area,Fish Leauge.
Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes! It was a great day with great food and a beautiful sunset flight!
Via Jeremy Blosser: Here's another practical one we *can* call now and y'all should prepare for: the anti-TSA bill. David's filed HB 80 in the House, which is a *great* bill and an improvement on the one from last session in every way. Dan Patrick has filed SB 20 in the Senate, which is a *bad*, gutted bill that has potential to make things worse than they are now. We can expect them to try to make it even worse in committee, because Perry/Dewhurst/Straus want credit for passing an anti-TSA bill without any actual risk. If possible they'll give us one that actually makes what the TSA is doing legal, and still get praise for it. Our fight will therefore be to get the good version through. This means it has to survive as the one the House takes up, it has to survive going through committees while they are trying to amend it to uselessness, it has to survive going up against the Senate one directly at some point in conference committee and come out still a good bill. This will be VERY HARD TO DO. They are GO ...
Perfect Night! Wrapped up in my cozy blanket with hot chocolate. Oh, can't forget the cat at my feet.
Information about campgrounds in our area: NORTH OF EVERETT: Aiming for late July or early August. Park overview: Deception Pass State Park is a 4,134-acre marine and camping park with 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline, and 33,900 feet of freshwater shoreline on three lakes. Rugged cliffs drop to meet the turbulent waters of Deception Pass. The park is outstanding for breath-taking views, old-growth forests and abundant wildlife. Park overview: SEATTLE TO TACOMA Saltwater State Park is a camping park featuring 1,445 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound, halfway between the cities of Tacoma and Seattle. The two cities jointly and literally buried a hatchet at the park during the 1926 park dedication as a symbol of the end of their mutual competition. The park is a recreational destination nestled in the core of urban living, with forested trails and beach access. Visitors may explore marine life in tide pools at the park and the seasonal spawning of salmon in McSorley Creek. Saltwater State Park is ...
Getting ready to start planning events for this year. 2 of the main activities will be the Hearts of Hope Cancer Walk and the 2nd Annual Cedar Creek Lake Back to School Bash and 5K/ Fun Walk. Hearts of Hope Cancer Walk will be an opportunity for the youth in our area to come together and learn about helping other by giving of their time, raising money for a great cause, thinking of others instead of themselves, and ways to deal with grief in a positive way. We want to help them see they can make a difference. The Back to School Bash is a community outreach that help our community with items to prepare for the new school year. We will need many adult volunteers for both event, plus many other things that are in the works. Please think of ways that you can help out; we would appreciate it. Look for more information to come soon. Have a blessed week. Thanks, Leslie Davis Ward
Cannot wait to move away from Cedar Creek Lake. I'm going crazy. 😂🔫
No, but I did see Markuse Shultz hit a nerd For cutting in line at lunch Cedar Creek Lake Mabank Jr High. I thought that was killer.
If I said the words Second Cedar and Rock Quarry would any of you Miamians know what I meant or where they were???
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
How many of you still have snow on the ground? How deep is it?
Try to understand there is a world beyond the Cedar Creek Lake area...
Well I finished 2012 in Catalina az what a great way to end the year and start 2013 In 2012 I was very blessed with some great rides Big Bend, Texas Star Ride, Forestburg FFA Poker Run, Jacks Creek, Pole Canyon, Ride for the Cure, St Jude ride, Cedar Lake and many rides at the LBJ grasslands
LOOKING FOR A WIGMAKER: Does anyone know of someone locally that makes wigs out of human hair? Please let me know if you do. Thanks
If you are a Youth, in the Cedar creek lake area and do not have a Church home for Wednesday nights, please leave comment :)
All right peeps, here is the deal: If you are in the looking to get in shape or maybe just take your fitness to the next level, there is going to be an actual MMA class going on in the Cedar Creek Lake area where you can learn from ACTUAL fighters in a pretty cool environment. You will learn technique that can help you to dominate in the ring as well as in unavoidable confrontation on the street. All disciplines are welcome, just check your ego at the door. Bring your own equipment, such as mouth guards, gloves etc. This will all go down tonight around 6pm at Complete Fitness in good Ol' GBC/Mabank area right next to Cassidy Jones on Hwy. 198.
cedar creek lake in Lincoln co is a pretty good place.
cedar creek lake in Lincoln co pretty good I hear never hunted it see a lot of ducks when fishing
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 1/7 is -3.91 at 318.09, down 0.01 from yesterday.
If you live around Cedar Creek Lake keep an eye out for this farm truck. It was stolen from inside a barn on CR...
If you're in the Kemp or Seven Points area of Cedar Creek Lake please keep an eye out for this puppy. Missing dog...
TRAFFIC ALERT: One lane of NB 175 shut down north of Mabank after a big rig crashed through the guard rail into Cedar Creek Lake.
BREAKING NEWS: Kaufman County--Kaufman County SO and TXDOT on scene at Cedar Creek Lake for a tanker truck that has driven into the lake.
During Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser the Rotary of Cedar Creek Lake auction a formal dinner prepared by a French Chef. Peggy Price and Mike Groom purchased to dinner. Ten guest were invited to experience the dinner at Ted and Jean Ingersol's home.
We never stop working in an attempt to assist with as many needs as we can! When the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake ran out of leashes at the 2012 Holiday Pet Expo.thankfully, we brought plenty!!
More than 100 show up at Library at Cedar Creek Lake job fair [Athens Daily ...: The fair was part of the Workfo...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 11/6 is -3.24 at 318.76, down 0.03 from yesterday.
Put a little "TLC" in your life! Texas Little Cuties(TLC) Rescue is a 501(3)(c) non profit organization that typically rescues our dogs & cats from the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake, a rural shelter that sees very HIGH volumes of abandoned dogs. We also rescue from other local shelters as well as taking in strays. TLC is an all-volunteer animal rescue organization that specializes in saving little cuties scheduled to be euthanized because shelters lack room and funding. These animals are wonderful and they are only put down because they have no owners to claim & adopt them in time. They are all waiting for that miraculous second chance in life that they so deserve. Our animals stay in loving foster homes where they are socialized, loved and evaluated to determine the best type of environment for their personalities. All animals receive their appropriate vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella), deworming, and heartworm testing and scheduled for a spay or neuter. All dogs in our care ar ...
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 10/19 is -2.91 at 319.09, down 0.01 from yesterday.
The largest night club in the Cedar Creek Lake area Country music with a little dance in the mix. Come scoot your boots or bust a move on a hard wood dance floor. Music you hear on the radio plus new upcoming artist. Dont forget to Ride the Bull.
I am located in Styx, TX which is about 150 souls east northeast of Cedar Creek Lake (Kaufman county).
You won't catch me swimming in Cedar Creek Lake anymore. 😁🏊👙
Cedar Creek Lake water level on 9/24 is -3.09 at 318.91, down 0.01 from yesterday.
Free delivery of orders to Seagoville and Cedar Creek Lake area.
There's a lot of jet boats out today on Cedar Creek Lake, the sound of them motors make me smile :)
Hold on, lets get geographically relavent for those folks in the field of slumlords, and tarnishing some of the institutions of our forefathers. Back before stand up artists, I had some friends that were a family that were in Haiti in the ears and months before our Marines, and Sailors were sent to there to re-establish order in the government as they were ina civil war, prior to the natural disaster destroyed thousands of residnets and put people in the streets. They were from the Cedar Creek Lake area.
Goin to Cedar Creek Lake with the fam
Starting to see some lightning at Cedar Creek Lake.
The most amazing sunset at the lake last night! Cedar Creek Lake in Lincoln County, Ky. Copyright: ALL RIGHTS...
David Webb is a veteran journalist who has covered all facets of the news for the mainstream and alternative media for three decades. He now is a freelancer who lives on Cedar Creek Lake about an hour south of Dallas, TX.
Alright all NTWA fans...the rumors are true.WE ARE BACK! FRIDAY, AUGUST 3rd! At the Xtreme Auction in Athens, TX! (1523 W. Corsicana St, Athens TX 75751) Bell time 8pm! The NTWA is back! Come see your favorites including "The Chosen One" Barrett Brown, Jason Silver, The All American Madd Dogg, Billy Club, Tony Martin, Kristopher Haiden Nigel Rabid, Lvis, and a special appearance by NWA Houston's Chaz Taylor and he makes his return and gets to bring a tag partner of his choice to take on The Big Un's, Tex and Bigfoot! There will be many more!! THIS WILL ALSO BE A TV TAPING! Tickets are $10 for ringside, $8 for adults, $5 for kids and under 4 is FREE! Fans, we appreciate your support and your patience while we have been rebuilding! There will be concessions, door prizes, and several surprises! Come see the best wrestling in the Cedar Creek Lake area and grab a chair.before one of these guys grabs YOURS! (card and is subject to change) (offer only good in Texas. Not valid in TN, CA, LA, IN or D ...
Weather outside the TVTX studios - Yuck - 74 & 97% humidity on Cedar Creek Lake right now! At least our gardens like the morning dew!
To my Cedar Creek Lake peeps, I'm looking for a grief counselor for Allie. I would prefer a play therapy type session, but I'm open to other areas of counseling. Does anyone know of a good one in this area. I would prefer to stay in East Texas, but would be willing to drive to Dallas if need be.
Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake is a spectacular air show that will entertain and amaze you with aerial acrobatics and an up-close-and-personal experience with the power of a jet fighter. You’ll see an amazing array of both civilian and military aircraft.
SEVEN POINTS -- Sherry French planned to spend Saturday afternoon on her new boat with her son and his friend cruising Cedar Creek Lake, but the trio changed course when she heard about Cedar Isle hosting its...
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