Cecily Strong & Bobby Moynihan

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedienne. She is a cast member on Saturday Night Live, beginning in season 38. Robert M. Bobby Moynihan, Jr. (born January 31, 1977) is an American actor and comedian who is currently a cast member on Saturday Night Live. 5.0/5

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I try to avoid straight up snark. But hey: you're in movies and you know Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan! So what do I know?
I really like the SNL sketches where Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong think they're getting fired from stuff
Bobby Moynihan and Nasim Pedrad are so underrated on SNL. Cecily Strong is way overrated.
Seth Meyers leaves SNL this week. I asked Bill Hader, Will Forte, Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan about his legacy.
SNL markets a Christmas album titled ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’, with a digital short packed with awesome impressions like: Bobby Moynihan as Andrea Bocelli, Cecily Strong as Alanis Morrisette and Jimmy Fallon as Alan Rickman or Pitbull. This article originally appeared at VIRALBLOG.COM » ...
Josh Hutcherson Fans: Josh Hutcherson Hosts Saturday Night Live, Pokes Fun at His Hunger Games Character From the Quarter Quell, to Studio 8H! Josh Hutcherson made his debut on Saturday Night Live and right out of the gate, it was all about the Hunger Games. "I play Peeta, the brave young hero who immediately gets hurt and has to be carried around for the rest of the movie," the 21-year-old quipped, adding that he is lucky that some of the SNL cast members are big fans of the trilogy. Enter Kate Mckinnon dressed as the quirky District 12 chaperone Effie Trinket, complete with a bowl featuring pieces of paper. "In honor of you hosting tonight we are starting a new tradition," she joked. "We're going to draw the name of one man and one female cast member and they will come on stage and fight to the death!" Katniss, portrayed by Cecily Strong, volunteers herself and then uses her bow and arrow to shoot the male tribute, Bobby Moynihan. Strong then injured the always-weak Hutcherson with a high five, and carr ...
I've got a huge crush on Cecily Strong. Yo Bobby Moynihan, hook it up brotha.
Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan are also strong players. It's a sink-or-swim season for remaining, relatively untested cast.
Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Moynihan, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Cecily Strong, and Kate Mckinnon are my favorites.
Are Kate Mckinnon, Taran Killam, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, and Aidy Bryant a super-exciting SNL posse or is it just me?
Mini-rant time! I'm getting a little perturbed at the amount of articles declaring SNL has a "cast crisis". I'm fairly positive that these articles are written by people that only watch one sketch an episode that a co-worker told them to watch, and still think that Will Ferrell took all the good out of SNL when he left. Here's the truth from someone who has seen every SNL for the past 6 years: Yes, losing Bill Hader, Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen *** they are all amazing. But you know who else is amazing? THE ENTIRE REST OF THE CURRENT CAST! Bobby Moynihan, Taren Killam, Cecily Strong and Kate Mckinnon especially. I know you miss Digital Shorts, but I would take Drunk Uncle and The Girl at a Party You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With over just about anything from when Jimmy Fallon was still on the show. And now I'm going to bed, good night.
'Tis a sad, sad day. Bill Hader is leaving SNL. This weekend will be his final show as a regular. Seth Meyers is leaving to take over Fallon's slot when Fallon moves to the Tonight Show. Also Sudeikis and Fred Armisen may also be leaving. Lokks like the show may be more female driven next year with Vanessa Bayer, Nasim Pedrad, Kate Mckinnon, Cecily Strong and Ady Bryant. The remaining male cast members include Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, and Tim Robinson. The original cast had a core of seven. The show is now down to maybe 10. Will they add more? Should they add more? Who would you get rid of?
Taran Killam, Cecily Strong, Kate Mckinnon, Bobby Moynihan. I think that's who they've got.
Hayley and Max: 6/10 - Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong make good tweens but a soulless Kristen Wiig is a waste of talent
Whoever writes those sketches where Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong yell at people is my hero.
If u haven't checked out in a while, do. Great new cast members -- Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong, Kate Mckinnon.
Jason Sudeikis, Cecily Strong, Jay Pharaoh, Bobby Moynihan, and Bill Hader all in the cold open is the sign of a strong show.
Today I saw, met, and talked to Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Mckinnon, Kenan Thompson & ?uestlove. Today was a good day.
On this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, guest host Anne Hathaway played a McDonald's manager that had to make some cuts; but Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan, figuring they...
Oh man I hope Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan never leave
it's Wednesday and I'm still laughing at the Mcdonalds firing sketch. Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong nailed it.
Definitely the funniest person on SNL is Bobby Moynihan. And Cecily Strong kills!
Bobby Moynihan & Cecily Strong make an excellent team! New Garth & Kat?
Yes! Bobby Moynihan & Cecily Strong worked well w/ eachother. I liked Aidy Bryant in the Girlfriends sketch/Anne H not so much.
Hung out afterwards and got to meet Fred Armisen, Vanessa Bayer, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan & Jenna Elfman! Saw Lorne come out and get into his ride. Got pix with Fred, Vanessa, Jenna & Bobby!
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