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Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedienne. She is a cast member on Saturday Night Live, beginning in season 38.

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Kate Walsh, kourtney kardashian and Cecily Strong are so beautiful 💕😍😍😍
Free tip: I am the love child of Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong's child with and child. Yeah
The only people I can see doing an impersonation of him is either Cecily Strong or The Rock since he's hosting this week
you do help us. I know that I never have to worry about you because of how strong you are and how wise despite being so young
you are my daughter. You've always been so sweet and strong while Bess is Bess and the boys are groomed as princes.
Rolling Stone lost all credibility when they wrote that Cecily strong is a better cast member than Tarran Killam. Or any cast member.
Cecily Strong deserves to be a GIANT star. She is hilariously, wonderfully talented.
This one of favorite SNL sketches of recent years. Cecily Strong pushes it past funny into disturbing then funny.
Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer make me feel thing inside.. Not just laughter either
Shoulda told him to bring back Cecily Strong on WU because he ***
Desperately hope this takes off because I cannot wait to see Cecily Strong's Susan Miller impression.
- Hali reminds me of Cecily Strong's
strong if I could only take out for a drink once.most beautiful ever soldier loves Cecily*
"The girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation" with tackles Boko Haram on 'SNL.' Watch:
how cecily strong feels about her dog is how I feel about my cat
I'm so glad Cecily Strong and Nasim Pedrad found dubmash. It has made my study break so worth it.
Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong doing Dubsmashes made my night!
Totally have a thing for Abby Elliot, Nasim Pedrad & Cecily Strong from SNL.
Seriously the funniest women on television today: Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones.
Colin Jost tries to get Heather's (Cecily Strong) take on the Super Bowl but instead finds out he's
ICYMI: sat down w/ Cecily Strong, host of this year's dinner, for our Spring issue.
Cecily strong from SNL is so pretty ugh
Is it just me or does cecily strong look like a older
then how did you meet Cecily Strong?
Cecily Strong would make a good replacement for Jon Stewart
Our Spring issue officially dropped! From the cover, Cecily Strong talks about hosting the dinner
Cecily Strong is pretty awesome, so that's good news.
definitely. Look for a great supporting cast. I read Cecily Strong has a role.
Joan Rivers forgotten at the Lot of that going round - forgot Cecily Strong (Who's still a cast member!)
Behind the Scenes With Cecily Strong: We go behind the scenes with the SNL Weekend Update anchor.
or any sketch written by Cecily Strong
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The special just aired in Left a lot of women out of the mix, including Cecily Strong in Weekend Update montage. :(
I repeat: most white people don't like being called racist not because they're strong opponents of racism. But because being r…
Hmmm….guess we're just gonna pretend Cecily Strong never anchored Weekend Update?
I seriously have a giant crush on Cecily Strong 😍 seriously
Like, wow, SWD entitlement is strong.
Three best people to succeed John Stewart? Leslie Jones, John Fugelsang, and Cecily Strong.
Just saw Cecily strong in the airport
Cecily Strong as the as the wife in Runner up: Debra Winger
and then check out SNL's parody with Cecily Strong...very funny
I have the biggest crush in the entire history of my life on Cecily Strong
Comedians hate doing the White House Correspondent's dinner because Obama is "the funniest president".
Why did they cut cecily strong from the Weekend Update retrospective?
They remember that Cecily Strong did update, right? Cause that was like last year.
Cecily Strong is my spirit animal's sexual preference.
Cecily Strong's in the new Ghostbusters? Ok I'm in now.
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Who thought taking Cecily Strong off Weekend Update was a good idea?!
Cecily Strong should've never been taken off the Weekend Update!!
Watching SNL 40 and it's amazing how much Che and Jost just do not compare. And why was Cecily Strong snubbed?
I love Cecily Strong. Hope she crushes it. "Strong on WHCD gig: ‘It’s a tough room’ via
The whiff of adolescence is strong in them
How you gonna cut Cecily Strong out of the SNL Weekend Update Anchor part of ?
Now I'm wondering Cecily Strong did to *** off Lorne Michaels? Completely missing from the segment
looking forward to when they finally honor Cecily Strong's strong turn at the Weekend Update desk
Basically what we were all thinking last night
And yeah idk about review ethics but I have very strong opinions on unpaid labor
Cecily Strong and Horatio Sanz screwed on that Weekend Update montage.
Cecily Strong anchored Weekend Update, right we all remember it. It was awesome.
Cecily Strong is only about 150 times more entertaining than Colin Jost so what's up with that montage snub?
Laughing how many 20-something writers got the job covering SNL40 show. If yr takeaway is 'not enough cecily strong' yr not qualified to say
Favorite part of the Californians sketch: and Cecily Strong making it end...buh-bye.
Why wasn't Cecily Strong in the Weekend Update montage?
Are we just going to forget that Cecily Strong was a Weekend Update anchor?
Cecily Strong was snubbed BIG time on the segment of
I'm with everyone that Cecily Strong should've been in last night's Weekend Update montage - but wasn't Horatio Sanz missing too?
Weekend Update on SNL isn't the same without Cecily Strong
why didn't u include Cecily Strong in the Weekend Update intro yesterday?
Kinda weird they didn't acknowledge Cecily Strong as a Weekend Update correspondent last night
Why would they skip Cecily Strong in the Weekend Update montage? One of the best recent anchors. Disappointing.
in a related story I want to marry both Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer more than anything else - please help me
that Cecily Strong snub was not right
Am I the only one that thinks that Cecily Strong is super hot?
Im guessing left Cecily Strong out of the update montage bc they were afraid ppl would remember the mistake they made removing her
Cecily Strong was trending in the US because of how they left her out of the montage amazing.
Still bugged that Cecily Strong was left out of both the ladies of Weekend Update bit AND the montage of all the hosts.
Not sure. Did notice that Cecily Strong was omitted from the list of WU anchors.
The third certificate is here. This one was inspired by Cecily Strong and her dog Lucy. Because of her work with...
Cecily Strong has inspired this adoption certificate. You can be like Cecily and adopt your next best friend.
Wait, wait, why wasn't Cecily Strong in the "I'm..." montage that ran before the Weekend Update clips?
Last night I felt like our server @ Texas Roadhouse looked like somebody famous & I just realized tht she looked like Cecily Strong from snl
*** disrespecting legitimate WU anchor Cecily Strong? Omitting her frm 40th. Brian W got more air thx !
How rude!! To leave Cecily Strong out if Weekend Update montage while she is in current cast! And she was great at it .
As good a time as any to remind everyone that Cecily Strong ran circles around Colin Jost & Michael Che as a Weekend Update a…
.so I was not the only one who noticed the snub to Cecily Strong as a Weekend Update anchor!
It probably would've kept going for another three hours, but David Spade and Cecily Strong had to show up and literally ask everyone to stop
Are they just pretending the Cecily Strong Weekend Update era never happened?
Mystified about Cecily Strong being left out of the - she's had more shows in the anchor chair than Michael Che thus far. Weird slip.
Oh hey Cecily Strong did update too, brilliantly, come on don't ruin the fun
Um can we just talk about Cecily Strong not being included in the Weekend Update recap during SNL 40? I feel SO BETRAYED
Apparently, decided to forget Cecily Strong was one of the best recent Weekend Update anchors.
hottest SNL cast member ever is Cecily Strong
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Um. They left Cecily Strong out of the Weekend Update clips.
How did I not notice that the Weekend Update montage left out Cecily Strong?!?
Anyone else bugged they didn't put Cecily Strong in the Weekend Update montage?
don't know why they left Cecily Strong out of that update thing. I know she was short time on there but still
What was your favorite part of SNL 40? I'm a big fan of the Californians! McClainonthebeat
they also left Cecily Strong's criminally short stint of being an anchor out of the Weekend Update montage thing.
Loved but why did they have to pretend Cecily Strong never hosted She was great!
awkward turtles: Cecily Strong's absence, Eddie Murphy and that Tracy Morgan tribute
Cecily Strong, for you with true esteem and affection, I wish you a very happy day today birthday from Bogota, Colombia.
...Particularly, any shots that include Cecily Strong!
Hearing this whole letter in Cecily Strong's "my boyfriend's so crazy" voice.
the whole cast is there? I can't get my eyes off Cecily Strong. My god she looks good!
These pics of the SNL cast are cool. Also, I feel like we're not talking enough about how beautiful Cecily Strong is:
Good Lord Cecily Strong you are a good looking ever on SNL in my opinion...but you look off the chain now
"There's so much more bad information than good informatio..".
after 13 appearances, Michael Che is not Weekend Update material, he keeps fumbling lines. Cecily Strong was funnier.
The best part of the new SNL opening credits is when Cecily Strong kisses the puppy, obviously.
"See I actually think she's good looking"- says in a high pitched voice everytime Cecily Strong comes on SNL
Happy Birthday here's a pic of us in the future killing it on snl aka Cecily strong and Kate McKinnon
On point! Cecily Strong Take's On Football with her One Dimensional Female Character in a Male Driven Comedy!...
I still can't believe that SNL replace Cecily Strong with this *** I Will Slap You via
she is. I'm more of a Kate McKinnon fan, especially during the Miss Trash skit. Cecily Strong, too.
instead of saying "Man up" and "Be a man" say "dragon up" and "Be a dragon." dragons are strong. be aware of dragons and crush …
What is plan to fix Colin Jost has ZERO charisma and Che lacks confidence.Bring Cecily Strong back!
I've actually thought that about Cecily Strong before...
This is like a parody of me, lolz. . Watch Cecily Strong’s ‘One-Dimensional Female Character’ -
Oh *** yeah, Cecily Strong’s One Dimensional Character From a Male Driven Comedy is all the win.
Love Cecily Strong, and her best character is The One-Dimensional Female Character From a Male-Driven Comedy.
Some pretty solid Qs for Cecily from the tonight! What would your question be?
Well, Michael Che just screwed up again delivering the news on SNL. Why did they replace Cecily Strong with him? He messes…
Kate McKinnon is great, as is Leslie Jones but Ghostbusters 3 now needs Cecily Strong. And Vanessa Bayer. And Aidy Bryant.
The only better news would be finding out that Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, and Aidy Bryant will be playing ghosts.
I'd rather see Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong in Ghostbusters Reboot than Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. . OH WELL :/
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong were funny last night on SNL doing the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ads.…
This lady on The Kitchen looks a LOT like Cecily Strong
Dude...Cecily Strong is such a fox. My favorite thing about watching SNL today.
had a dream I hung out w Cecily strong and her dog
The Morning After or as I like to call it "Lessons From Females" via
I just realized who you remind me of: Cecily Strong from SNL. This won't make me any nicer, but still. Interesting.
Movie pitch: Cecily Strong and Abbi Jacobson as Beezus and Ramona in "Ramona Quimby, Age 28."
I think I just watch for Cecily Strong
Aa what the? KEENAN, leaving SNL?!! No no no- Cecily Strong, shld leave, NOT Keenan, who's funny & brilliant.
Cecily strong is just not funny to me
I miss Seth Meyers and even cecily strong :(
It's sad. They've got talented players. The writing is just so, so bad. Cecily Strong could get it, though.
OMG is funny 2nite but Kate McKinnon & Cecily Strong have been KILLING IT with their ads
I still think Cecily Strong is a better Weekend Update host
Kinda bummed Cecily Strong got demoted from Weekend Update anchor to being "sexy girl in the background" for every sketch
Still wondering why Michael Che replaced Cecily strong on Weekend Update...
Cecily strong no longer does the report :(
I still maintain that Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon should be the Weekend Update co-anchors
He improved a lot. I miss Cecily Strong as his co-anchor but he's got better chemistry with Michael Che.
If I wish hard enough, can we get and Cecily Strong back on Weekend Update?
"Cecily Dowd is good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough."
I just love Cecily Strong Kate McKinnon & so much
is killing Justin Bieber in a series of parodies right now with the brilliant Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. I hope there are more.
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are hysterical in the ads on
Please let's make a Tv show of just Cecily Strong and Jessica Williams hanging out, then sometimes their crazy neighbour Samantha Bee comes
That Pete Davidson dude is cool. Cecily Strong, and Kyle Mooney. "You're wasting your talents, Randy"- Jay-Z
New article: REFILE-'SNL' comedian Cecily Strong to entertain White House correspondents' dinner read more at here featured in NBC s Science of Love
watch the SNL parody from this Saturday staring Cecily Strong as Sarah Koenig. GOLD.
Cecily Strong's Sarah Koenig impression is perfect and hilarious
Morgan (Aidy Bryant) tries to keep her cool as she and Kyra (Cecily Strong) chat with the dance squad’s captain (Amy Adams) and its guy dancers. Guest appearance by One Direction.
SNL does Serial: Cecily Strong is Sarah Koenig, plus Mike Myers returns as Dr. Evil (VIDEO)
"spoof gets to the bottom of Santa Claus' secrets." (Cecily Strong as Sarah Koenig)
Cecily Strong, Cecily Tyson is the African American actress. I knew who you meant but still laughed thinking of her doing it!
This sketch in is errythang. Cecily Strong is my absolute favorite cast-member these days.
Cecily Strong's Sarah Koenig is perfect and I've only heard bits of Serial.
Uh...Cecily Strong doing has legit blown my mind.
Cecily Strong is 😍 but gotta keep it 💯 she really needs to shave her arms.
Cecily Strong's Sarah Koenig impression is spot on & the Serial parody perfect.
Oh my god, Cecily Strong's Sarah Koenig impression is AMAZING whoever is Adnan/Santa is even more dead on
skit was best of season. Cecily strong, voice of adnan and his lawyer killed it
In 5-7 years will the Globes be hosted by Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon?
Honestly, Cecily Strong could be the next Tina Fey or Amy Poehler in terms of Update Anchors, if ever given the opportunity. She's great.
They just don't have much charisma. Cecily Strong was a great anchor for that reason. I wish she was given more of a chance.
Bros gotta go Bring back Cecily Strong to Weekend Update, please..
Cecily Strong has been killing it this season on
SNL's Cecily Strong to be fourth female comedian to headline White ...
Said in our house tonight: "Also, if Sarah Koenig looked like Cecily Strong, she'd totally be in my Top Five"
Cecily Strong kills it as Sarah Koenig on in the Christmas episode
Was it just me or are Cecily Strong's arms excessively hairy?
When I grow up I want to be Cecily Strong
Cecily Strong in a red dress is never a bad thing.
Most of the sketches with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are okay with me
First time seeing Weekend Update without Seth Meyers or Cecily Strong. No me gusta.
Cecily Strong’s Sarah Koenig was bang the eff on. Nice parody,
Michael Che can't pronounce "sedatives" but Cecily Strong was kicked out for him. 😕
Cecily Strong is nailing the parody. cc:
I'd say the Asian American Doll looks like Cecily Strong, but they'd tell me _I_ said that.
Cecily strong is very solid. Chicago gal too, I think
This Serial Sketch, guys. Cecily's Koenig game is so strong.
Can Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon be my personal Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvis?
I miss Seth Meyers and Cecily strong on Weekend Update
Weekend Update is no longer funny. BRING BACK CECILY STRONG!
Cecily Strong impersonating Sarah Koenig? This SNL is a Christmas present to
My god, SNL's Serial spoof is so so so great. Cecily Strong's Sarah Koenig is 👌 & whoever did Kris/Adnan. Stellar
That skit was PERFECT. Cecily Strong as Sarah Koenig gave me life.
Cecily strong is my favourite from the new cast
Ok so. Girlfriend Talk Show. Guinea pig. SnapBack. Talking to Aidy Bryant. Talking to Cecily Strong. Dancing with Aidy.
SNL is doing a Serial bit. I couldn't be happier right now. Cecily Strong nails Sarah Koenig's voice
I knew the "male dancers" were One Direction once the screaming drowned out Cecily Strong.
Cecily Strong didn't say awesome and I'm sad about it
Cecily Strong might be winning this episode.
Cecily Strong is the reason I breathe
What? Cecily Strong not hosting Weekend Update? Could this mean the return of The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With...?
I adore Cecily Strong. There. I said it. And I’m not ashamed. Although she’s probably less than thrilled about it.
Maybe you'll enjoy this version better
Currently: Cowherd is basically doing the Cecily Strong “girl you don’t want to talk to at a party” impersonation.
This chef on Chopped looks like Cecily Strong from SNL.
I thought Katie Lee and Cecily Strong were the same people till just now. Mind. Blown.
Be strong. Step 2: reverse-indoctrination. "MIL, have you ever tried all the not-YourSon hobbies in life?" Then hand her a book
I'd easily replace Fey or Poehler with someone like Cecily Strong.
A strong voice really draws me into the book. Good character voices are easier, but an interesting third-person voice is sweet.
Petition to bring back Cecily Strong on Weekend Update.
How is the Fox News host spouting "America is awesome!" re: torture not a Cecily Strong sketch?
Just doing some cool medical compliance modules for work. Is this Cecily Strong?
Hey, Hollywood, I got your female Ghostbusters reboot: Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong in the Moranis role.
For the longest I thought Cecily Strong was Latina. Turns out she's a bonafide white girl. My world is shaken right now.
The have a strong showing in the Fan Vote thanks to you! Keep it up: http…
Am I the only one who thinks looks like Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live? Wow!
The ignore cecily game is too strong today 😂✌️
It is a reminder that I absolutely and totally love Cecily Strong.
there are just certain things you can't say around me like "white privilege isn't real" or "I don't really like cecily strong" I Just Can't.
Cecily Strong has gone from the new update anchor I don't know anything about to one of my favorite current cast members.
Easily one of my favourite SNL characters. Cecily Strong is amaze.
LMAO!! Her version of Beiber kills me every time. My favourite be Cecily Strong though, just because of those saleswomen sketches.
Still goin strong. First final at 8am.
Kudos to u and Cecily Strong for ur SNL RisenSmile skit. Thx 4 handling such a touchy subject with dignity and gravitas :-D
My jam sesh is going as strong as my study sesh right now. Fall Out Boy pandora station AAALL NIGHT.
Idk but I should start watching snl again. I love Cecily Strong
I was wondering why I stopped watching snl and now I remembered that Cecily Strong isn't on Weekend Updates anymore. That was my favorite
please make a skit off this pic using Cecily Strong!
Hey the "Cut For Time" sketches on YouTube are my new favorite things & also I would like to marry Cecily Strong okay thanks bye!
Not sure why decided to cut this bit. Also, love Cecily Strong's facial expressions:
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Cecily Strong is seriously funny and pretty darn cute as well... She's got a great career ahead of her
Well Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer are so good!!
I really like the SNL sketches where Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong think they're getting fired from stuff
Oh my god Cecily Strong just used the term c u next thursday
Cecily Strong, Saturday Night Live comedian, to entertain at White House ... - Washington Times
Cecily Strong to perform at W.H. correspondents dinner
Also not only Cecily strong is funny and beautiful. But it also feels like she's a good actress. Furgeson sketch as an example
Cecily Strong (SNL) and that lady from Redo day are more than likely the same person.
I liked a video Cecily Strong and SNL Host James Franco's Forbidden Love
At today, a post by about friendships between strong Female Characters - excellent read
Cecily Strong made for a hilarious Peter Pan on SNL, and don't get Us started on "Tonkerbell":
James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 6, playing Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live! opposite Cecily Strong in Allison Williams' Peter role -- watch the funny sketch now!
Brecky (Vanessa Bayer) and her friend (Cecily Strong) hawk Sunseeker Yachts with a little help from Captain Jack Swallow (James Franco) and James Franco (Set...
“SNL” in 3D? Can you imagine? In this week’s “Saturday Night Live” promos, host James Franco and cast member Cecily Strong are ready to kick the holiday season into high gear, and they want to do something special for the people. Strong and Franco exc…
GALECA adores Cecily Strong, so we're quite happy she's been plucked to rib our "leaders" at the White House Correspondents Dinner April 25.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - NBC's Saturday Night Live comedian Cecily Strong will headline the 2015 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, Washington's annual mixer attended by members of the media,
.Cecily Strong to host this year's WH Correspondents' Dinner:
Cecily Strong will perform at next year's White House Correspondents Dinner!
Cecily Strong Is the Surprising Choice for the White House Correspondents' Dinner Host But she's still probably ...
"Saturday Night Live" star Cecily Strong will be the guest comedian at 2015's White House Correspondents' Association dinner, the association announced on Wednesday. Strong will be the fourth female comedian to ever do so. “Her pol...
Cecily Strong's selection to host the WH Correspondents Dinner is further proof she needs to be back on Weekend Update stat.
Was a good choice for How comedian will differ from >
Cecile Strong will be performing at White House Correspondent's dinner. Go girl!!
“Cecily Strong will perform at the White House Correspondents' Dinner YESSS
Seriously though, how many people had to have turned down the White House Correspondents Association before they got to Cecily Strong?
I interrupt this terrible horrible no good very bad day (& mood) to say Yay Cecily Strong! . Now back to loathing LA & everyone in it...
Cecily Strong will be AWESOME at the White House Correspondents Dinner in April
SNL's Cecily Strong just set a fancy gig for next year. USA Today reports that Strong has signed on to headline as the guest comedian at next year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on April …
Cecily Strong to host White House Correspondents' dinner: Cecily Strong of "Saturday Night Live" will be the e...
Go Cecily! So excited for her to perform at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner:
She may have stepped down from Weekend Update, but Cecily Strong is still killing it via
Cecily Strong of 'Saturday Night Live'w will host the next White House Correspondents' Dinner.
'SNL' comedian Cecily Strong to entertain White House dinner
Live from Washington, D.C., it's Cecily Strong — well, it will be on April 25. The White House Correspondents' Association has revealed...
She may have gotten the boot from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update desk after just one year, but Cecily Strong just scored a major career victory by landing the hosting gig for next year's White House Correspondents' Association dinner.
SNL's Cecily Strong will be the featured entertainer at this spring's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Joel McHale did the honors at the 2014 edition.
“I worked at Planned Parenthood in Chicago for a long time in the corporate office," SNL's Cecily Strong has admitted.
She may not be anchoring Weekend Update anymore, but Cecily Strong will get another crack at political humor next yr
From Weekend Update to the Correspondent's Dinner? I'd say that's a pretty great trade-up for Cecily Strong.
Cecily Strong to headline WH Correspondents' dinner. Weird choice since she no longer does Weekend Update. Uh, SNL..put her back on Update!
Even the WHITE. HOUSE. thinks Cecily Strong should still be on Weekend Update. Colin Jost is literally the worst.
Does anyone actually like Colin Jost on the Anchor Desk for Weekend Update? They should've replaced him, not Cecily Strong.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) defends his decision to quarantine Nurse Kaci Hickox (Kate McKinnon) with his usual brand of brashness on The Kelly Files (with Cecily Strong as Megyn Kelly).
Celebs and their pets have been a haute thing lately. Leave it to Vanity Fair and Shinola who celebrated the launch of their new pet accessories line in collaboration with Bruce Weber. The evening was hosted by Saturday Night Live funny lady, Cecily Strong, and benefited Best Friends Animal Society…
Performing in the band on tonight at 11PM Cecily Strong and Richard Kind will be there, COME PARTY!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Tonight is Late Night for Running Late with Scott Rogowsky! At UCB for Prime Time 11:00 show, Cecily Strong and Richard Kind. Sold out!
Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong and Gotham's Richard Kind are interviewed at Running Late With Scott Rogowsky
So good to see Cecily Strong back behind the Weekend Update desk as her best character :o)
Best think about Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update - GIRL YOU DONT WANT TO GET STUCK TAKING TO AT A PARTY!!! She was on birthright.
just finiished watching on why did you remove Cecily Strong. The new guy blows.
The silver lining to Cecily Strong's departure from Weekend Update? Return of the Girl You Wish.
Cecily Strong was much better than Colin Jost, why the change?
Well, that cameo as an annoying girl almost made Cecily Strong's departure from WU bearable. She needs to do more cha…
Probably not her choice, but she seems cool with it?
Love Michael Che on but wish he was paired with Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost.
And no Cecily Strong doing the news? What the...? I don't think I laughed once except during her girl at a party.
Am I the only one who’s upset that Cecily Strong appears to no longer be a Weekend Update anchor?
So kinda looks like Cecily Strong from
is super inferior when it doesn't have Cecily Strong
Um. Why is Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update anymore.
Cecily Strong, you mean Cecily Wrong. Where are the whistleblowers for comedic women? Not her.
glad Cecily Strong is back to the character stuff though. But yeah... rough
Also, still not a fan of Colin Jost. Miss Cecily Strong on Update.
Yo why is Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update.
Bring back Cecily Strong. Weekend Update blows something fierce now
Watch Cecily Strong bring back her popular "Weekend Update" character with her replacement, Michael Che
Pete Davidson reminds me of Andy samberg. He will be a star. Aidy Bryant is amazing. Cecily strong is amazing. Where is Beck Bennett?
Funny lady Cecily Strong of and her pup Lucy are joining Best Friends to http…
Why did they replace Cecily Strong on Weekend Update?
Cecily Strong is also so great as an update guest, and I am fine with her sticking to that.
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