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Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedienne. She is a cast member on Saturday Night Live, beginning in season 38.

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Obviously I'm a big Cecily Strong fan but couldn't be more excited about Michael Che joining the Weekend Update!
People who comment "nice Weekend Update" on Cecily Strong's IG photos every weekend. Stop. Look at your life. Reevaluate your choices.
Early Grantland SNL reactions: Cecily Strong underseeded, Jane Curtin should be destroying Martin Short, you guys like Cheri Oteri??
I love her, too. Think this current cast is one of the best in a long time. Cecily Strong. Vanessa Bayer. Jay Pharoah. &c.
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are both welcome to give me their first born children.
I know a lot of people weren't impressed with this season of SNL but Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are fantastic.
Dreaming of the day I sit next to Cecily Strong and do Weekend Update with her.
"I would hire Cecily Strong to play you in the movie of my life." heartbreaker.
Before + After: Cecily Strong FINALLY gets her apartment to feel like home!
"Sorry Tina Fey and Cecily Strong, you're not the best fake newscasters anymore."-guy from That Sketchy Columbus Show
Danny is doing Cecily Strong in the Girlfriends Talk Show sketch, right?
SNL star Cecily Strong transforms her NYC apartment into a dream space!
My brother got to deliver food to Cecily Strong while she's filming a movie here, and he got to talk to her on the phone. I'm jealous!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAC AND ASHTON!! So glad you guys have been going strong since the 8th grade! CONGRATS
Cecily Strong and I are getting ice cream right now in my imagination. She's good at telling jokes.
Angie reminds me so much of Cecily Strong...
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She sounded like Cecily Strong for a minute
Occasionally & I try to out Cecily Strong each other and it is marvelous.
Our waitress at Longhorn looks like Cecily Strong but sounds like Nasim Pedrad's Kim Kardashian from SNL. Weird combo.
Cecily strong is one of the best cast from SNL
Random: I bet SNL's Cecily Strong hopes Nikki Haley ends up on 2016 GOP ticket. Would have a Fey-as-Palin natural advantage.
Cecily Strong is beautiful and funny . My crush
Please watch "girl at party you wish you didn't start a conversation with" with Seth Meyers and Cecily strong during Weekend Update
Cecily Strong does the most perfect Spanish accent
Also about Cecily Strong can get it
I'll admit it, I'm in love with Cecily Strong, definitely the funniest woman on earth
Nearly every time I read the word "awesome" I hear it in the voice of Kyra from SNL's "Girlfriends" sketch (played by Cecily Strong) :-/
just saw the first episode with Cecily Strong on Weekend Update. Not too shabby
Cecily Strong, on the other hand, can stay for as long as she wants.
Into bed and turn on the tv to see Cecily Strong on SNL. 👍
If I'm honest with myself, I DEFINITELY have a crush on Cecily Strong.   10% Off
I would literally murder someone for the chance to marry Nasim Pedrad or Cecily Strong.
Women of SNL episode...all my comedy role models in one. Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are also on their way there.
I would also like to point out that I wish I was Cecily Strong :/
"One time I got banged to death for 5 minutes. Then I got banged back to life. Thanks crystals!". Love Cecily Strong in that skit.
Strong desires can prompt you to spread your cards on the tabl... More for Leo
2 nights ago, I reminded someone of Cecily Strong and Allison Brie, which I will also accept.
"You've always been a personal inspiration to me, as a news anchor" . - Cecily Strong. "But I'm a REAL news anchor" . - Barbara Walters
I don't like that New dude.Cecily Strong Should do it alone. Sorry but Cecily Rocks,him not so much.
"I know hate is a strong word and everything, but its okay: we're teenagers". Cecily von Ziegesar, You Know You Love Me (Gossip Girl,
man cecily strong absolutely CRUSHED her debut as a weekend uppdate co-anchor. ***
Am I the only one who thinks Cecily Strong is like outrageously funny and attractive?
in general come in two different types: shy, and lively. Both are strong-willed and honest.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been Sanctum. It was a solid three stars? Nothing super special, needed more Actual Cecily Strong.
This actress looks so much like Cecily Strong I can't even deal. It makes her character unintentionally hilarious just by association.
Ioan Gryffydd is planning on marrying his GF, who looks hilariously like Cecily Strong, and just parachuted down into this cave like a ***
and look the same and so do and Cecily Strong. or Saturdays are confusing.
Have you seen the new Jeep commercial featuring Cecily Strong?
“Check it out! Cecily Strong makes her promo debut with this week’s host Bruce Willis:
Kate McKinnon is a *** and Cecily Strong is dating Mike O'Brien. I'm not sure which is the bigger disappointment.
Give thanks today to those who did you wrong, they unknowingly made you strong.
The bachelorette looks like Cecily strong a little
Tbh i don't know what Cecily strong can't host Weekend Update alone, Seth Meyers did, I think Cecily can, but it's been two for a long time
Every time I say "Awesome!" I hear Cecily Strong on Girlfriends Talk Show in my head.
Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong geek to hard
Fortunately he took over one of my favorite segments... Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Cecily Strong
Tell me that doesn't sound like Cecily Strong's character on "Girlfriends Talk Show."
A tongue has no bones, but it's strong enough to break a heart. . Watch your words.
Right?!? She's incredible. I think her and Cecily Strong are my favorite.
please tell me that awkward fist bump with Cecily Strong on yalls first Weekend Update was because your marriage to your dog
I had a dream I was on SNL. It was very stressful, Cecily Strong didn't seem to like me, and the Overly Attached Girlfriend was there.
Channeling my inner Cecily Strong today because "my boyfriend's crazy!"
A lady cop in SF called Fran Sanfrisco is a character tailor made for Cecily Strong. SNL, get on this in Season 40!
And now on: Weekend Update with and Cecily Strong!
God Cecily strong from SNL is like so horrible. SNL had just gone down hill so bad.
I'm a week late, but this year's SNL MVPs are: Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett.
Vanessa hudgens isn't as fine as cecily strong
Did we get a count of how many times I quoted Cecily Strong last night? That'd be embarrassing.
Colin Jost needs replaced on SNL. I do like Cecily Strong but the chemistry between the Weekend Update anchors is non-existent.
Cecily Strong: In an interview (last) week, Donald Sterling said that he was set up, saying, "I was baited." And "baiting" is the right word because Sterling himself is a catfish. More Punchlines:
The real Barbara Walters stopped by the Weekend Update desk after enduring decades of SNL impersonations. The veteran journalist “thanked” SNL for taking her illustrious career and reducing it to “a cartoon character with a ridiculous voice.” She gave Cecily Strong some advice for how to be a real n…
Barbara Walters poked fun at her own gentle journalism style during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. During Weekend Update, Barbara Walters 'revealed' her secrets to television news, including soft lighting for soft subjects and using a trademark voice after Cecily Strong told her she was…
I might have a little crush on Cecily Strong, Nasim Pedrad, Maya Rudolph.
What's everyone's take on the newer Saturday Night Live cast? I know the show's seen better days but who would you say stand out in the current cast? I think that Taran Killam is great at rescuing every single skit; Cecily Strong is great but underused; Bobby Moynihan/Nasim Pedrad/Kate McKinnon/Jay Pharoah/Vanessa Beyer/Patrick O'Brien/Brooks Whelan/Beck Bennett vary all based on whether the skit clicks to begin with.
I would love to see Seth Rogan and Cecily Strong in a movie together, they have awesome chemistry. That's probably just because they're both brilliant.
The Black Keys will be providing the music for the Charlize Theron–hosted episode of Saturday Night Live airing this weekend, and they seem to be mildly amused to meet the Oscar-winning, A Million Ways to Die in the West actress. In three promos with cast member Cecily Strong, Dan Auerbach and Patri…
Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Cecily Strong, including Donald Sterling's racist remarks and Rob Ford's leave of absence. Olya Povlatsky and Leslie Jones stop by.
Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, Aidy Bryant, Nasim Pedrad, and Kenan Thompson. So many good ones left recently.
Hoopla had a fantastic night on Wednesday with Planned Parenthood of Illinois' Generations Celebration! We celebrated the many years of PPIL's activism, education, and reproductive healthcare at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom, and honored the Newton Weinberg family and SNL Weekend Update writer Katie Rich. Special guest Cecily Strong, SNL cast member and former PPIL receptionist joined us to present this honor to Katie. What an unforgettable evening!
Its like that Cecily strong snl dog sketch where she's says I give up there's no fight in me left in regards 2 community
There's a woman here that looks like a blonde cecily strong
Petition for Cecily Strong to be kicked off SNL
Cecily Strong has minimal talent. She got where she is today snubbing her competition and over working for positions. Motivation in its highest form can out run more talented individuals. Loser
People Magazine has a slideshow of how Cecily Strong gave her apartment a makeover:
Best performance on SNL this season so far: Cecily Strong w/Seth Rogen in Blue River Dog Food.
I miss Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong together because they're both adorable :(
Courtesy Pinterest via Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong was ready for a makeover. Of her apartment, that is. The comedian, who moved into her New York City rental already fu...
Oak Park native Cecily Strong loses bet with NFL star, dresses up in dog costume
latest "update": A stylish makeover for her NYC apartment. PHOTOS:
See This SNL Star's Apartment "Insanity": A cluttered home is no laughing matter. What's worse? An abode that ...
Should comedian Cecily Strong be included on the I voted NO. Vote now via
Meet the cute doggy who makes bad bets: .
Watch Seth Rogen and Cecily Strong's uncomfortable commercial for Blue River Dog Food from last night's 'SNL.'
SNL's 'Blue River Dog Food' skit stars Cecily Strong and Seth Rogen as a married couple, Cindy and Pat, who switched to a healthier dog food brand after learning about the nasty ingredients that were in the old food. However, the wife is still very angry at the big name brand that deceived them ...
Take me home, Cecily Strong. To a place, I belong,. In your heart and, writing for you. Take me home, Cecily Strong
PHOTO: Oak Park native Cecily Strong loses a bet with NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul, but repays by dressing up in a dog costume —
Discover your adventurous side with The Cherokee Effect. See the personal adventure of Cecily Strong as she navigates New York City looking for the perfect c...
It may be the end of the NBA season, but there was still a lot riding on last night’s Knicks v. Bulls game. Weekend Update host Cecily Strong and NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul go head to head to root for their favorite teams. Watch what happens when Cecily loses the bet.
Time for Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong to pay up "doggie style" on night, the New York Knicks beat the Chicago Bulls so New York Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul won his bet against Cecily. Watch what happens next.
SNL should give everything that Cecily Strong does to Nasim Pedrad.
Thank God that someone had enough foresight to not let Cecily Strong be the lead host on Weekend Update... If she were, I'd probably never laugh. She's certainly not Tina Fey... Heck, she's not even an Amy Poehler. For me, she is the third most annoying current cast member though, so... That's something.
Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong. The next generation of hilarious women of SNL.
And Cecily Strong is the girl you're crushing on but you're afraid she's already dating a guy like Colin Jost.
Is it just me, or is Cecily Strong on SNL perfect? 😍
Colin Jost and Cecily Strong seem to be doing really well together on Weekend Update
agreed. If only they'd get rid of Cecily Strong. :\
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umm, why does cecily strong have a cohost? I mean, he's cute, but cecily should've had a chance
OMG Weekend Update with Cecily Strong she's so beautiful I'm going to die and she's funny too omg omg.
Recording SNL tonight for Anna Kendrick reasons, struck anew by how much I'm in love with Cecily Strong. So funny, so pretty, so funny!
how do you expect me to believe cecily strong drives a jeep . or even more unrealistic, that New York streets are ever that empty
he's decent... I'm weirdly attracted to Cecily strong
Cecily Strong's delivery is so appalling. She couldn't deliver a *** pizza.
Anymore, my favorite part of SNL is staring at Cecily Strong's teeth during Weekend Update. Amazing.
Cecily strong is the love of my life. She's flawless.
Still waiting for to realize Cecily Strong doesn't need a man's help.
Blandy McBlanderson hosting with Cecily Strong needs to be relegated to waiter in all sketches
Today in "I Am Not Sure if I Am Attracted to Her or Not": Cecily Strong
Why I love SNL. Cecily Strong is so so cute and really attractive
Cecily Strong really is the funniest person on SNL now. . Sorry Kenan Thompson.
Cecily Strong is a great looking women.
There's a strong possibility that and are hooking up. I saw that once over, Cecily.
Cecily Strong is probably good her name sounds like Sicily which is where my great-grandparents are from.
Seriously, just let Cecily Strong effin' do Weekend Update on her own. She's fantastic.
I had to drink 5 dirty martinis before I could really judge the SNL cast. Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong need to go.
I could rant about how they should've let Cecily Strong do Weekend Update alone for DAYS.
So great that Cecily Strong took over Weekend Update and this new GUY is getting 90% of the camera time. A+ A+.
Man what the *** Weekend Update is wack, Cecily Strong should do it by herself. She can hold it down.
eh... I think Cecily Strong is pretty much the only regular woman ensemble member I like.
Maybe it would've been nice to get someone with a distinct comedic voice and an actual personality? Or just let Cecily Strong do it alone?
can I raise some awareness for how much Colin Jost & Cecily Strong suck?
why is Cecily Strong still doing Weekend Update? also why is Colin Jost sitll doing Weeknd Update?
cecily strong started in the beginning of the season and Colin Jost started when Seth left
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are the only reason I tune in to SNL on occasion.
Cecily Strong is the reason I live.
If it weren't for visual proof, I wouldn't believe Colin Jost and Cecily Strong were in the same studio.
Developing a crush on Cecily Strong. So cute!!!
Hamilton Collection
Cecily Strong is really killin it on Weekend Update. Colin Jost is... there too.
Can we please just give the Weekend Update desk to Cecily Strong?
So awkward to have both of my girlfriends in the same room. Just hope Anna Kendrick & Cecily Strong keep it civil.
Oh wow.. Cecily Strong already has endorsement deals, get it girl!
its already hard enough to tell when fake commercials are on during SNL without Cecily Strong being in a real car commercial
I doubt that Cecily Strong has to get her own costumes for SNL.
Cecily Strong getting her own car commercial yas
OMG that commercial with Cecily Strong is perf
It's a real commercial even though Cecily Strong is in it.
Aww look at Cecily Strong getting that endorsement check YEAH GIRL!!
Shezus Anna Kendrick and Cecily Strong can hop on in the realest way I swear
Bobby Moynihan and Nasim Pedrad are so underrated on SNL. Cecily Strong is way overrated.
Cecily Strong is sooo hot in such a weird way
I have this Cecily Strong crush going on.
"I love your face" - something I too would say to Cecily Strong
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I'm watching with you. I love LOVE Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong.
If didn't title 's article 'Cecily strong's SNL game is too strong' they're wasting everyone's time
Also Cecily Strong and I have the exact same birthday.
Kate McKinnon, Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong can AL get the D from infinity and beyond!!!
poor little victim Cecily Strong. 'Comedy is done' - Dave Attell
Can we see more and more Jebediah Atkinson? Also Cecily should run for President so we'd be a "Strong" Nation
I hate about all the characters Cecily Strong plays. They're always stupid women and the Latina that she just played? Offensive and unfunny.
in addition to the girl at my work who looks exactly like cecily strong, there is now also a new girl who looks like blonde Nasim Pedrad
Photoset: for being so inspirational and talented, for teaching us to be confident and strong. for being...
A quick compilation of Cecily Strong's best line on SNL so far.
Thrilled to hear of love of cottage cheese! Thanks for sharing
I'm putting everything into the hands of God. He only puts you through things he knows you're strong enough to endure. I …
your face really reminds me of Cecily Strong and I felt the need to let you know 🌟
My bartender kind of looks like Cecily Strong. I love This makes me happy.
Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong, Interviewed About Food - I think she is my Doppelgänger
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"I think putting good vibes out in the universe returns some to you..."- Cecily Strong
.is my food spirit animal tx Cecily, best slice joint in NYC? Mine:
Listen up, native Cecily Strong offers some life advice-via + link to full interview.
Awesome interview with from Girl can eat and it makes me love her even more.
"I love so many cheeses. I like them hard and soft, I like cream cheese, I like cottage cheese..." —
"Weekend Update, with Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, and Colin Josts's Hair!" that has a good ring to it. Can you make it happen
Cecily Strong keeps coming up in my iphoto face recognition because i have so many pics with her i'm embarrassed
So frustrated!?!? Strong IS NOT funny. Her spreads are so different than her actual looks in person. Her hat actress suck! That's why she was put on Weekrmd update.bc she has no characters!!
Britt reminds me of Cecily Strong from
The good life, according to Cecily Strong: (equipment provided to Glamour)
cecily, I can't take this anymore. Tell me how much longer I have to be strong for.
Chicago's Cecily Strong is haunted, loves dogs, . & tells her SNL audition story to
Thank you for the shout-out in Please give Emerson a big hug!!
I have the hugest crush on Cecily Strong😍
The media luvs u for the party u hosted
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The most Chicago thing about Cecily Strong? . “Probably my awful accent, No. 1."
A successful meeting and a Cecily Strong sighting makes for a good day.
the philosophizing student and the student who talks like Cecily Strong in the Hermes handbags skit on SNL. Omg shut up.
Interview: 'SNL' star Cecily Strong tells Gomez that 'Weekend Update' still being updated.
You were just a part of the same earthquake as Cecily Strong. Be proud. Be happy. You are special.
it was a mistake to not just let Cecily Strong host update by herself
Interview: 'SNL' star Cecily Strong says 'Weekend Update' still being updated: She said in her Michigan Avenue...
Wait, Cecily Strong isn't Hispanic? How did I not know this? Not that it MATTERS, I just thought she was my ethnically ambiguous people.
I love that Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brian are dating 😊
Cecily Strong is too hot to be real
In the MMA world, I'd compare Nick to Cecily Strong's 'Girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party.'
Cecily Strong is amazing. She can play any role. Her Spanish accent as Marisol is hilarious.
Not gonna lie got the biggest crush on cecily strong
Watching last week's SNL... Weird choice to make Cecily Strong's character "Marisol" inexplicably dumb and also a Hispanic caricature...
Cecily Strong is very cute, and that accent is friggin sexy
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I've had Lena Dunham and Cecily Strong's terrible, terrible rap in my head ALL week. It's slowly driving me insane.
They were, but nowadays it looks like Cecily Strong ate Katie Lee.
Cecily Strong is right. You should always DIY guacamole.
I have a crush on Cecily Strong, a weird crush on Kate McKinnon, and an even weirder crush on Steve Buscemi.
I missed Cecily Strong pretending to be a stereotypical Latina on SNL, but filled me in:
Cecily Strong does terrible accents. She needs to stop.
Wait but did you know Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brien are dating
The things I would do to Cecily Strong. SMH.
And cecily strong...but because she is gorgeous
cruising through Chicago with and celebrity Cecily Strong
this would be so much easier if I were Cecily Strong
Powerful, funny, ladies who keep it real are the best kind. I love She gets it:
SNL's Cecily Strong Shares Her Dos and Don'ts for a Happy Life: A jam-packed schedule is nothing new to 30-yea...
Cecily Strong's Rules for a Happy Life - "DO pop a bottle of vino—you’ve earned it, sister."
"DO play with a dog as much as humanly possible." shares her Dos + Don'ts for a healthy life:
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some of the best life advice I've seen
"wOw" - Walken. Srsly: at the Knicks game last night: Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, Aidy Bryant AND Ad-Rock. Pls let me stay 3eVa
right?! Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, & Kate McKinnon are hilarious. The new guys are just meh.
please dont tell me the "what are you even doing" segment is replacing Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant.
That was Cecily Strong, who I believe is a Caucasian from Illinois
Cecily Strong and Colin Jost opened “Weekend Update” by inviting Matthew McConaughey (played by Taran Killam) on the news show.
Cecily Strong is hilarious,,,so is Vanessa Bayer :)
I like Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant so much, the women of SNL are so important
Watching Saturday Night Live..yup, I've got a crush on Cecily Strong...
Now that Seth Meyers is gone, I should be doing The Weekend Update with Cecily Strong on SNL. What the ***
why did they add some weird guy to Weekend Update, Cecily Strong was doing just fine by herself...
Just let Cecily Strong do the Weekend Update on her own, ferchrissakes.
Weekend Update feels like it's being hosted by Cecily Strong and an audience member who won a contest.
Nasim Pedrad, Noël Wells, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon make me feel some type of way
SNL writer Colin Jost joins Cecily Strong as the new co-anchor of Weekend Update. Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) hosts with musical guest Beck.
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It's time for "Yes or B.S." We give you a statement, and you decide . . . YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S. "Late Night with Seth Meyers" premieres tonight on NBC, so that's today's topic. 1. Seth Meyers and Will Ferrell arrived at "Saturday Night Live" the same year. B.S. Will joined the cast in 1995. Seth didn't get there until 2001. 2. While Seth Meyers was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live", his brother was a cast member on the competing sketch comedy show "MADtv". Yes: His younger brother Josh Meyers was on "MADtv" from 2002 to 2004. 3. When Seth first started doing "Weekend Update", it was alongside Tina Fey. B.S. He REPLACED Tina when she left the show in 2006, and originally did "Weekend Update" with Amy Poehler. (Last month, "SNL" announced that Cecily Strong and head writer Colin Jost will be doing it now.) 4. Seth co-wrote the 2010 movie "MacGruber". B.S. His former "SNL" cast member Will Forte co-wrote AND starred in it. Seth was an executive producer though. 5. Set ...
Only seven more days until SNL returns after a long month break from of the Olympics with Jim Parsons as Host and Beck as Musical Guest! Also, it will be the first show with head writer Colin Jost being part of the cast and will be joining along side with Cecily Strong as co-anchor at Weekend Update!
My current Top 5 is Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer and Nasim Pedrad. I do love me some Aidy Bryant though.
I just imagined this box being sold by Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer from SNL
Imminent Late Night host Seth Meyers is known best for two things: Presiding over Saturday Night Live‘s writers’ room since 2005, and expertly anchoring the Weekend Update desk — with Amy Poehler, alone, and with Cecily Strong — since 2006. What you may not remember, though, is that Meyers originally joined SNL as a featured player way back in 2001, […]
On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update co-anchor Seth Meyers ended his 13-year run on the show. Amy Poehler and Bill Hader as Stefon joined Seth at the Update desk to share well wishes and advice on post-SNL life. Cecily Strong was emotional as she was passed the baton while a very jealo...
So can and I chill now? Maybe with Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong?
Cecily Strong & Vanessa Bayer are two women who are actually funny, and totally hot on Saturday Night Live.
Watching UFC 169 right now but also wishing i was watching my girl Cecily Strong on SNL...
Cecily Strong is pretty funny I think she can hold up Weekend Update on her own.
Really? I'm more partial to Cecily Strong, especially after that Christmas episode where she wore the Pens jersey.
Cecily Strong reminds me so much of the actress who played Sarah Jane in the '50s version of 'Imitation of Life.'
Delaware 1 and Cecily strong is finally on my to give Caleb crushes! Lolbvs
is off to a poor start. It may be even be beyond the abilities of Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong to save it tonight.
Agreed - she does an awesome Bieber! Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are my favorites on these days.
And notwithstanding my mad crush on Cecily Strong, Taram Killiam is rapidly emerging as show MVP.
Between gargantuan Melissa McCarthy and Cecily Strong's appalling lack of an upper lip, I may never get a *** again.
I don't feel comfortable with the fact that Cecily Strong is taking over Weekend Update
Weekend Update with just Cecily Strong.*changes channel*
Why is Seth leaving I don't want Cecily strong ugh
Come on Cecily, be Strong. Yep. That just happened.
Cecily Strong, I would kiss your snaggle tooth. 🍆
yeah :( and Cecily Strong is doing well on Weekend Update. Now I really hope it's recording lol
As everyone is whining about Seth Meyers leaving a weekly show to a nightly show I'm just waiting for Cecily Strong to dominate
Head up, stay strong, let it go, move on
But I don't want Seth Myers to go to Late Night bc his Weekend Update with Cecily Strong is my fav thing on SNL
so true. All they have is Jay Pharoh, Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong. But they aren't anything compared to the older people
I have a crush on Cecily Strong it's real
Cecily Strong blinks a lot and it drives me insane.
Can't tell if Cecily Strong is hot or not..
Strong is not funny. She knows how to pitch things and ride on the coat tails of others. I love SNL, but watching her always puts a damper
Has anyone noticed that Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong wear the same clothes on Weekend Update every week? He wears a brown jacket with a red tie and she wears a black jacket with a white T-shirt. Check it out tonight. Have the anchors been doing this for 30 years and I just now noticed, or is it a recent thing?
start channeling Cecily Neville - a strong lady and kept her boys in line (sort of)
Later on, i'm going to start on my fan mail letter. I am sending a fan mail letter to my favorite SNL cast member Cecily Strong to receive an autographed pic from her. Cecily Strong is such an adorable actress. She's very gorgeous. I love her.
Kate McKinnon is so talented . And I'm in love with Cecily Strong
Tonights SNL is the last one Seth Meyers is doing and he was my favorite with Cecily Strong :(
“A Victoria’s Secret in Texas banned a woman from breastfeeding her son in the lingerie store. Apparently they don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of what breasts are for.” — Cecily Strong, SNL Weekend Update
Cecily Strong can you please do a parody of the Gerber life college plan commercial. That woman who's "already started" is such a B...
"You don't know me!" -Cecily Strong's drunken Scottish fish face.
I loved SNL when Kristen Wig was on but now I love Cecily Strong.
Seth Meyers leaves SNL this week. I asked Bill Hader, Will Forte, Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan about his legacy.
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Cecily Strong will fill the Weekend Update seat JUST fine!!! Love her.
"Oreo this week introduced two new flavors, cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. It’s part of new effort by Oreo to market to ‘women having a hard time right now." - Cecily Strong, SNL
Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Taran Killam, transition year? Nuh-uh, they've all been pretty good on SNL this year.
In a recent competitive test in Math, Science and Reading among 15-year-olds - Singapore, Finland and S. Korea were the top scorers. Said the US students, at least those states are doing well. ~Weekend Update, SNL (Seth Myers and Cecily Strong)
Cecily Strong is not a fan of fat jokes … dishing them or receiving them, apparently. The "Saturday Night Live" star is firing back at critics who speculated that she was pregnant over the weekend. Oh also, Im not pregnant. … Continue reading →
Love the writing and new cast on SNL. Cecily Strong is da bomb!
Join BU Student Activities for the second night of Winter Weekend featuring Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brien of Saturday Night Live! Cecily and Mike will be performing a sketch comedy show at Metcalf Hall in the George Sherman Union on Saturday night February 22, 2014. Doors open at 9:30pm and the sho...
SNL should be proud of itself, with the departures of Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Jason Sedakis after last season, TV viewers took note of the slew of new newly casted men on the show and though they have impressed, it is the women of SNL who have really stood out. Led by Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, each in their second full seasons as cast members on the lauded sketch comedy show, this may be the strongest group of female cast members yet. Aided by strong hold overs, Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer, each in their fifth and fourth years, respectively, on the show, these women are amongst the most versatile cast members with each having an arsenal of characters and impersonations to carry a scene. Aidy Bryant, another second year female cast member who has really broken out this year, anchors every scene she is in and has really come her own. In all, with Noelle Wells and Sasheer Zamata, the newest addition, rounding out the seven female cast members, Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Liv ...
My favourite part of SNL this past weekend. I love Cecily Strong even more now.
Big congrats to our head writer, Colin Jost, who will join Cecily Strong at the Weekend Update desk as Seth Meyers’ successor, starting March 1! 
Cecily Strong just won me over with her Scottish fish joke!
I have a platonic crush on Cecily Strong.
How do I become friends with Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, and Taran Killam?
I think I might be in love with Cecily Strong.
You know that Cecily Strong sketch on SNL where she plays The Girl At A Party You Wished You Never Got In A Conversation With? That's pretty much what I am sitting next to right now...
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Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong put together the funniest 5 to 1 sketch since Eddie Murphy.
Cecily Strong takes questions from SNL fans, answering questions ranging from pre-show rituals to the story behind the legendary Studio 8H llama.
So I type into google ' is ce ' and it auto fills in ' is Cecily Strong pregnant?' which was EXACTLY what I was gonna ask.
Ok. I'm a fan of Cecily Strong. I think she is hilarious. I love her on update.
I think it's awesome how Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Tina Fey + Amy Poehler paved the way for Cecily Strong + all the women on SNL today. 👏
Not going to lie... I've got a thing for Cecily Strong.
Bastille. I have high heels that are more challenging that this band. It's an assault on my senses of completely boring music where a group of hairy boys seem to put more effort into the look of playing their instruments than actually playing them. Oh SNL, between that at your faith in Cecily Strong is weak at best.
Cecily Strong from SNL is so good looking
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