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Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedienne. She is a cast member on Saturday Night Live, beginning in season 38.

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Colin Jost and Cecily Strong seem to be doing really well together on Weekend Update
agreed. If only they'd get rid of Cecily Strong. :\
umm, why does cecily strong have a cohost? I mean, he's cute, but cecily should've had a chance
OMG Weekend Update with Cecily Strong she's so beautiful I'm going to die and she's funny too omg omg.
Recording SNL tonight for Anna Kendrick reasons, struck anew by how much I'm in love with Cecily Strong. So funny, so pretty, so funny!
how do you expect me to believe cecily strong drives a jeep . or even more unrealistic, that New York streets are ever that empty
he's decent... I'm weirdly attracted to Cecily strong
Cecily Strong's delivery is so appalling. She couldn't deliver a *** pizza.
Anymore, my favorite part of SNL is staring at Cecily Strong's teeth during Weekend Update. Amazing.
Cecily strong is the love of my life. She's flawless.
Still waiting for to realize Cecily Strong doesn't need a man's help.
Blandy McBlanderson hosting with Cecily Strong needs to be relegated to waiter in all sketches
Today in "I Am Not Sure if I Am Attracted to Her or Not": Cecily Strong
Why I love SNL. Cecily Strong is so so cute and really attractive
Cecily Strong really is the funniest person on SNL now. . Sorry Kenan Thompson.
Cecily Strong is a great looking women.
There's a strong possibility that and are hooking up. I saw that once over, Cecily.
Cecily Strong is probably good her name sounds like Sicily which is where my great-grandparents are from.
Seriously, just let Cecily Strong effin' do Weekend Update on her own. She's fantastic.
I had to drink 5 dirty martinis before I could really judge the SNL cast. Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong need to go.
I could rant about how they should've let Cecily Strong do Weekend Update alone for DAYS.
So great that Cecily Strong took over Weekend Update and this new GUY is getting 90% of the camera time. A+ A+.
Man what the *** Weekend Update is wack, Cecily Strong should do it by herself. She can hold it down.
eh... I think Cecily Strong is pretty much the only regular woman ensemble member I like.
Maybe it would've been nice to get someone with a distinct comedic voice and an actual personality? Or just let Cecily Strong do it alone?
can I raise some awareness for how much Colin Jost & Cecily Strong suck?
why is Cecily Strong still doing Weekend Update? also why is Colin Jost sitll doing Weeknd Update?
cecily strong started in the beginning of the season and Colin Jost started when Seth left
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are the only reason I tune in to SNL on occasion.
Cecily Strong is the reason I live.
If it weren't for visual proof, I wouldn't believe Colin Jost and Cecily Strong were in the same studio.
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Developing a crush on Cecily Strong. So cute!!!
Cecily Strong is really killin it on Weekend Update. Colin Jost is... there too.
Can we please just give the Weekend Update desk to Cecily Strong?
So awkward to have both of my girlfriends in the same room. Just hope Anna Kendrick & Cecily Strong keep it civil.
Oh wow.. Cecily Strong already has endorsement deals, get it girl!
its already hard enough to tell when fake commercials are on during SNL without Cecily Strong being in a real car commercial
I doubt that Cecily Strong has to get her own costumes for SNL.
Cecily Strong getting her own car commercial yas
OMG that commercial with Cecily Strong is perf
It's a real commercial even though Cecily Strong is in it.
Aww look at Cecily Strong getting that endorsement check YEAH GIRL!!
Shezus Anna Kendrick and Cecily Strong can hop on in the realest way I swear
Bobby Moynihan and Nasim Pedrad are so underrated on SNL. Cecily Strong is way overrated.
Cecily Strong is sooo hot in such a weird way
I have this Cecily Strong crush going on.
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"I love your face" - something I too would say to Cecily Strong
I'm watching with you. I love LOVE Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong.
If didn't title 's article 'Cecily strong's SNL game is too strong' they're wasting everyone's time
Also Cecily Strong and I have the exact same birthday.
Kate McKinnon, Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong can AL get the D from infinity and beyond!!!
poor little victim Cecily Strong. 'Comedy is done' - Dave Attell
Can we see more and more Jebediah Atkinson? Also Cecily should run for President so we'd be a "Strong" Nation
I hate about all the characters Cecily Strong plays. They're always stupid women and the Latina that she just played? Offensive and unfunny.
in addition to the girl at my work who looks exactly like cecily strong, there is now also a new girl who looks like blonde Nasim Pedrad
Photoset: for being so inspirational and talented, for teaching us to be confident and strong. for being...
A quick compilation of Cecily Strong's best line on SNL so far.
Thrilled to hear of love of cottage cheese! Thanks for sharing
I'm putting everything into the hands of God. He only puts you through things he knows you're strong enough to endure. I …
your face really reminds me of Cecily Strong and I felt the need to let you know 🌟
My bartender kind of looks like Cecily Strong. I love This makes me happy.
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Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong, Interviewed About Food - I think she is my Doppelgänger
"I think putting good vibes out in the universe returns some to you..."- Cecily Strong
.is my food spirit animal tx Cecily, best slice joint in NYC? Mine:
Listen up, native Cecily Strong offers some life advice-via + link to full interview.
Awesome interview with from Girl can eat and it makes me love her even more.
"I love so many cheeses. I like them hard and soft, I like cream cheese, I like cottage cheese..." —
"Weekend Update, with Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, and Colin Josts's Hair!" that has a good ring to it. Can you make it happen
Cecily Strong keeps coming up in my iphoto face recognition because i have so many pics with her i'm embarrassed
So frustrated!?!? Strong IS NOT funny. Her spreads are so different than her actual looks in person. Her hat actress suck! That's why she was put on Weekrmd update.bc she has no characters!!
Britt reminds me of Cecily Strong from
The good life, according to Cecily Strong: (equipment provided to Glamour)
cecily, I can't take this anymore. Tell me how much longer I have to be strong for.
Chicago's Cecily Strong is haunted, loves dogs, . & tells her SNL audition story to
Thank you for the shout-out in Please give Emerson a big hug!!
I have the hugest crush on Cecily Strong😍
The media luvs u for the party u hosted
The most Chicago thing about Cecily Strong? . “Probably my awful accent, No. 1."
A successful meeting and a Cecily Strong sighting makes for a good day.
the philosophizing student and the student who talks like Cecily Strong in the Hermes handbags skit on SNL. Omg shut up.
Interview: 'SNL' star Cecily Strong tells Gomez that 'Weekend Update' still being updated.
You were just a part of the same earthquake as Cecily Strong. Be proud. Be happy. You are special.
it was a mistake to not just let Cecily Strong host update by herself
Interview: 'SNL' star Cecily Strong says 'Weekend Update' still being updated: She said in her Michigan Avenue...
Wait, Cecily Strong isn't Hispanic? How did I not know this? Not that it MATTERS, I just thought she was my ethnically ambiguous people.
I love that Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brian are dating 😊
Cecily Strong is too hot to be real
In the MMA world, I'd compare Nick to Cecily Strong's 'Girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party.'
Cecily Strong is amazing. She can play any role. Her Spanish accent as Marisol is hilarious.
Not gonna lie got the biggest crush on cecily strong
Watching last week's SNL... Weird choice to make Cecily Strong's character "Marisol" inexplicably dumb and also a Hispanic caricature...
Cecily Strong is very cute, and that accent is friggin sexy
I've had Lena Dunham and Cecily Strong's terrible, terrible rap in my head ALL week. It's slowly driving me insane.
They were, but nowadays it looks like Cecily Strong ate Katie Lee.
Cecily Strong is right. You should always DIY guacamole.
I have a crush on Cecily Strong, a weird crush on Kate McKinnon, and an even weirder crush on Steve Buscemi.
I missed Cecily Strong pretending to be a stereotypical Latina on SNL, but filled me in:
Cecily Strong does terrible accents. She needs to stop.
Wait but did you know Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brien are dating
The things I would do to Cecily Strong. SMH.
And cecily strong...but because she is gorgeous
cruising through Chicago with and celebrity Cecily Strong
this would be so much easier if I were Cecily Strong
Powerful, funny, ladies who keep it real are the best kind. I love She gets it:
SNL's Cecily Strong Shares Her Dos and Don'ts for a Happy Life: A jam-packed schedule is nothing new to 30-yea...
Cecily Strong's Rules for a Happy Life - "DO pop a bottle of vino—you’ve earned it, sister."
"DO play with a dog as much as humanly possible." shares her Dos + Don'ts for a healthy life:
some of the best life advice I've seen
"wOw" - Walken. Srsly: at the Knicks game last night: Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, Aidy Bryant AND Ad-Rock. Pls let me stay 3eVa
right?! Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, & Kate McKinnon are hilarious. The new guys are just meh.
please dont tell me the "what are you even doing" segment is replacing Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant.
That was Cecily Strong, who I believe is a Caucasian from Illinois
Cecily Strong and Colin Jost opened “Weekend Update” by inviting Matthew McConaughey (played by Taran Killam) on the news show.
Cecily Strong is hilarious,,,so is Vanessa Bayer :)
I like Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant so much, the women of SNL are so important
Watching Saturday Night Live..yup, I've got a crush on Cecily Strong...
Now that Seth Meyers is gone, I should be doing The Weekend Update with Cecily Strong on SNL. What the ***
why did they add some weird guy to Weekend Update, Cecily Strong was doing just fine by herself...
Just let Cecily Strong do the Weekend Update on her own, ferchrissakes.
Weekend Update feels like it's being hosted by Cecily Strong and an audience member who won a contest.
Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Cecily Strong, including Paula Deen's latest controversy, Obama and Biden's running video and more.
Nasim Pedrad, Noël Wells, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon make me feel some type of way
SNL writer Colin Jost joins Cecily Strong as the new co-anchor of Weekend Update. Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) hosts with musical guest Beck.
It's time for "Yes or B.S." We give you a statement, and you decide . . . YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S. "Late Night with Seth Meyers" premieres tonight on NBC, so that's today's topic. 1. Seth Meyers and Will Ferrell arrived at "Saturday Night Live" the same year. B.S. Will joined the cast in 1995. Seth didn't get there until 2001. 2. While Seth Meyers was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live", his brother was a cast member on the competing sketch comedy show "MADtv". Yes: His younger brother Josh Meyers was on "MADtv" from 2002 to 2004. 3. When Seth first started doing "Weekend Update", it was alongside Tina Fey. B.S. He REPLACED Tina when she left the show in 2006, and originally did "Weekend Update" with Amy Poehler. (Last month, "SNL" announced that Cecily Strong and head writer Colin Jost will be doing it now.) 4. Seth co-wrote the 2010 movie "MacGruber". B.S. His former "SNL" cast member Will Forte co-wrote AND starred in it. Seth was an executive producer though. 5. Set ...
Only seven more days until SNL returns after a long month break from of the Olympics with Jim Parsons as Host and Beck as Musical Guest! Also, it will be the first show with head writer Colin Jost being part of the cast and will be joining along side with Cecily Strong as co-anchor at Weekend Update!
My current Top 5 is Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer and Nasim Pedrad. I do love me some Aidy Bryant though.
I just imagined this box being sold by Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer from SNL
Imminent Late Night host Seth Meyers is known best for two things: Presiding over Saturday Night Live‘s writers’ room since 2005, and expertly anchoring the Weekend Update desk — with Amy Poehler, alone, and with Cecily Strong — since 2006. What you may not remember, though, is that Meyers originally joined SNL as a featured player way back in 2001, […]
On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update co-anchor Seth Meyers ended his 13-year run on the show. Amy Poehler and Bill Hader as Stefon joined Seth at the Update desk to share well wishes and advice on post-SNL life. Cecily Strong was emotional as she was passed the baton while a very jealo...
So can and I chill now? Maybe with Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong?
Cecily Strong & Vanessa Bayer are two women who are actually funny, and totally hot on Saturday Night Live.
Watching UFC 169 right now but also wishing i was watching my girl Cecily Strong on SNL...
Cecily Strong is pretty funny I think she can hold up Weekend Update on her own.
Really? I'm more partial to Cecily Strong, especially after that Christmas episode where she wore the Pens jersey.
Cecily Strong reminds me so much of the actress who played Sarah Jane in the '50s version of 'Imitation of Life.'
Delaware 1 and Cecily strong is finally on my to give Caleb crushes! Lolbvs
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is off to a poor start. It may be even be beyond the abilities of Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong to save it tonight.
Agreed - she does an awesome Bieber! Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are my favorites on these days.
And notwithstanding my mad crush on Cecily Strong, Taram Killiam is rapidly emerging as show MVP.
Between gargantuan Melissa McCarthy and Cecily Strong's appalling lack of an upper lip, I may never get a *** again.
I don't feel comfortable with the fact that Cecily Strong is taking over Weekend Update
Weekend Update with just Cecily Strong.*changes channel*
Why is Seth leaving I don't want Cecily strong ugh
Come on Cecily, be Strong. Yep. That just happened.
Cecily Strong, I would kiss your snaggle tooth. 🍆
yeah :( and Cecily Strong is doing well on Weekend Update. Now I really hope it's recording lol
As everyone is whining about Seth Meyers leaving a weekly show to a nightly show I'm just waiting for Cecily Strong to dominate
Head up, stay strong, let it go, move on
But I don't want Seth Myers to go to Late Night bc his Weekend Update with Cecily Strong is my fav thing on SNL
so true. All they have is Jay Pharoh, Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong. But they aren't anything compared to the older people
I have a crush on Cecily Strong it's real
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Cecily Strong blinks a lot and it drives me insane.
Can't tell if Cecily Strong is hot or not..
Strong is not funny. She knows how to pitch things and ride on the coat tails of others. I love SNL, but watching her always puts a damper
Has anyone noticed that Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong wear the same clothes on Weekend Update every week? He wears a brown jacket with a red tie and she wears a black jacket with a white T-shirt. Check it out tonight. Have the anchors been doing this for 30 years and I just now noticed, or is it a recent thing?
start channeling Cecily Neville - a strong lady and kept her boys in line (sort of)
Later on, i'm going to start on my fan mail letter. I am sending a fan mail letter to my favorite SNL cast member Cecily Strong to receive an autographed pic from her. Cecily Strong is such an adorable actress. She's very gorgeous. I love her.
Kate McKinnon is so talented . And I'm in love with Cecily Strong
Tonights SNL is the last one Seth Meyers is doing and he was my favorite with Cecily Strong :(
“A Victoria’s Secret in Texas banned a woman from breastfeeding her son in the lingerie store. Apparently they don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of what breasts are for.” — Cecily Strong, SNL Weekend Update
Cecily Strong can you please do a parody of the Gerber life college plan commercial. That woman who's "already started" is such a B...
"You don't know me!" -Cecily Strong's drunken Scottish fish face.
I loved SNL when Kristen Wig was on but now I love Cecily Strong.
Seth Meyers leaves SNL this week. I asked Bill Hader, Will Forte, Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan about his legacy.
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Today is the LAST day for the Cecily Strong promo code: CECILY2014 to get $10 off any regular price ticket. You...
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Cecily Strong will fill the Weekend Update seat JUST fine!!! Love her.
Just finished watching last Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live. It was funny. Jonah Hill was last Saturday's episode's host. I liked the skit where he's having dinner with Kenan Thompson and a few of those other guys and he said "Excuse me for one moment" and then he walked into the bathroom and started yelling about stuff. It was so hilarious. They also did the Weekend Update skit with one of my favorite comedians Seth Meyers who will start his late night show next month i believe so he'll be leaving SNL very soon and the Weekend Update had one of my all time favorite SNL cast members Cecily Strong. Cecily Strong is my favorite cast member of all time. I really do adore her. She is funny and she is such a gorgeous actress. I really do like her a lot. She's one of the other people that i definitely wanna meet one day before she passes. I'm thinking about possibly receiving an autographed pic from her. I thought about maybe working on her fan mail letter this weekend. I'm thinking about working on i ...
"Oreo this week introduced two new flavors, cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. It’s part of new effort by Oreo to market to ‘women having a hard time right now." - Cecily Strong, SNL
Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Taran Killam, transition year? Nuh-uh, they've all been pretty good on SNL this year.
In a recent competitive test in Math, Science and Reading among 15-year-olds - Singapore, Finland and S. Korea were the top scorers. Said the US students, at least those states are doing well. ~Weekend Update, SNL (Seth Myers and Cecily Strong)
Cecily Strong is not a fan of fat jokes … dishing them or receiving them, apparently. The "Saturday Night Live" star is firing back at critics who speculated that she was pregnant over the weekend. Oh also, Im not pregnant. … Continue reading →
Love the writing and new cast on SNL. Cecily Strong is da bomb!
Join BU Student Activities for the second night of Winter Weekend featuring Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brien of Saturday Night Live! Cecily and Mike will be performing a sketch comedy show at Metcalf Hall in the George Sherman Union on Saturday night February 22, 2014. Doors open at 9:30pm and the sho...
SNL should be proud of itself, with the departures of Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Jason Sedakis after last season, TV viewers took note of the slew of new newly casted men on the show and though they have impressed, it is the women of SNL who have really stood out. Led by Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, each in their second full seasons as cast members on the lauded sketch comedy show, this may be the strongest group of female cast members yet. Aided by strong hold overs, Nasim Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer, each in their fifth and fourth years, respectively, on the show, these women are amongst the most versatile cast members with each having an arsenal of characters and impersonations to carry a scene. Aidy Bryant, another second year female cast member who has really broken out this year, anchors every scene she is in and has really come her own. In all, with Noelle Wells and Sasheer Zamata, the newest addition, rounding out the seven female cast members, Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Liv ...
My favourite part of SNL this past weekend. I love Cecily Strong even more now.
Big congrats to our head writer, Colin Jost, who will join Cecily Strong at the Weekend Update desk as Seth Meyers’ successor, starting March 1! 
Cecily Strong just won me over with her Scottish fish joke!
I have a platonic crush on Cecily Strong.
How do I become friends with Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, and Taran Killam?
I think I might be in love with Cecily Strong.
You know that Cecily Strong sketch on SNL where she plays The Girl At A Party You Wished You Never Got In A Conversation With? That's pretty much what I am sitting next to right now...
The post SNL Backstage: with Cecily Strong appeared first on
Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong put together the funniest 5 to 1 sketch since Eddie Murphy.
Cecily Strong takes questions from SNL fans, answering questions ranging from pre-show rituals to the story behind the legendary Studio 8H llama.
So I type into google ' is ce ' and it auto fills in ' is Cecily Strong pregnant?' which was EXACTLY what I was gonna ask.
Ok. I'm a fan of Cecily Strong. I think she is hilarious. I love her on update.
I think it's awesome how Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Tina Fey + Amy Poehler paved the way for Cecily Strong + all the women on SNL today. 👏
Not going to lie... I've got a thing for Cecily Strong.
Bastille. I have high heels that are more challenging that this band. It's an assault on my senses of completely boring music where a group of hairy boys seem to put more effort into the look of playing their instruments than actually playing them. Oh SNL, between that at your faith in Cecily Strong is weak at best.
Cecily Strong from SNL is so good looking
I've said it once and i'll say it again, i absolutely LOVE Nasim Pedrad and Cecily Strong .
lol, the weight they put on Cecily Strong to play Tara Lipinski.
Cecily Strong is the sexiest woman on tv!!!
Saturday Night Live co-head writer Colin Jost is joining the cast and taking Seth Meyers’ chair at the Weekend Update desk beside Cecily Strong on March 1st following Meyers’ exit from his post this Saturday. Meyers is, of course, departing SNL to take the Late Night baton from former Update host Jimmy Fallon (who is taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno). But while all eyes will be on NBC’s new late night alignment, Jost’s new Update gig comes with its own impressive history.
The New "Weekend Update" Anchor Is ... Colin Jost? It's "Weekend Update" with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost . Never heard of him? He's been the head writer on "Saturday Night Live" since 2012. Jost made his TV debut on Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" on January 14. He'll replace Seth Meyers, who'll leave SNL to take over for Fallon. Meyers' last Weekend Update will be on February 1. Jost starts a month later.
With Seth Meyers leaving Saturday Night Live to host Late Night, Lorne Michaels has announced his “Weekend Update” successor: head writer Colin Jost.Jost, who has been with SNL since 2005, became head writer in 2012 and won a Peabody Award for his work on the iconic series. He’ll join Cecily Strong…
Colin Jost will co-anchor the Weekend Update segment with Cecily Strong starting March 1.
With Seth Meyers soon to head across the hall at 30 Rock to take over as Late Night host, an impending vacancy looms next to Cecily Strong at Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” desk. Deadline has reported that Lorne Michaels has tapped head writer Colin Jost to fill the coveted spot. Jost will b...
Colin Jost is stepping in front of the camera as the new Weekend Update coanchor on Saturday Night Live, E! News has confirmed. Jost, who is Saturday Night Live's head writer, will replace Seth Meyers and sit opposite Cecily Strong … Continue…
Live from New York its … Colin Jost Saturday Night Live has chosen the shows head writer to join Cecily Strong at the Weekend Update desk starting Mar. 1 according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jost is replacing Seth Meyers who … Continue reading… [ 15 more words. ]
Head writer Colin Jost will take over Seth Meyers' "Weekend Update" seat on March 1, joining Cecily Strong.
Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong tells us about her most embarrassing comedy performance of all-time.
On SNL selecting head writer Colin Jost to co-anchor Weekend Update with Cecily Strong after Seth Meyers moves to Late Night.I like the move. Weekend Update's best anchors (Norm, Colin Quinn, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller) have been standup comics. However, I still would have liked to see Brooks Wheelan. Maybe just because his voice reminds of that of Norm MacDonald.
Why does SNL need to "replace" Seth Meyers? I think Cecily Strong is really funny and was looking forward to her going solo, yet they replace him a guy who isn't even in the cast right now.
Current head writer Colin Jost will take Seth Meyer's spot and join Cecily Strong behind the Weekend Update desk after Meyer's final appearance on Feb. 1st.
Continuing in the tradition of “SNL” head writers becoming “Weekend Update” anchors, Colin Jost will be stepping into Seth Meyers’ shoes when Meyers leaves to take over “Late Night” next month. Deadline broke the story Thursday morning that Jost, who joined “SNL” as one its youngest writers in 2005, will take over the coveted spot on March 1, co-anchoring alongside Cecily Strong who began her tenure at the desk this season. Jost is a stand-up comedian who was a breakthrough performer at 2010′s Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, and has since been seen on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show.” A fixture in the New York comedy scene for the greater part of the last decade, Jost came to “Saturday Night Live” after graduating from Harvard (like so many “SNL” alum before him) where he was the president of The Harvard Lampoon. Upon hearing the new ...
With Seth Meyers poised to exit Saturday Night Live in a matter of weeks, we were left to wonder who would take over the news desk for the "Weekend Update" segments. SNL player Cecily Strong joined Meyers as co-anchor at the start of this season, but there was no word on whether she would handle the...
Going to see Cecily Strong perform live at Stevenson!
With the imminent departure of Seth Meyers for the fourth era of NBC's Late Night, SNL has a bit of a void to fill. And today NBC announced that new Weekend Update anchor Cecily Strong will be joined at the desk by...
Colin Jost will join Cecily Strong in co-anchoring Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update replacing Seth Meyers when Meyers heads to Late Night. The shifting from Weekend Update host to Late Night host to host of The Tonight Show seems to be a last bastion of old school television especially consideri...
For those of you who have heard, Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show in a few weeks, in which the returns to New York City, and Seth Meyers will be taking over Late Night by the end of February, his final time on SNL will be on Feb. 1st when Melissa McCarthy hosts and the musical guest is Imagine Dragons. I just found today that SNL has just named the newest anchor for Weekend Update who will join current anchor Cecily Strong. His name is Colin Jost who is one of the head writers of SNL. He will make his first appearance on March 1st! With him joining with the 6 six new performers that were introduced at the beginning of the season (Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O'Brien, Noel Wells and Brooks Wheelan) and the most recent hire of a new female African American performer (Sasheer Zamata) there will now be 8 new cast members! This is now the biggest hiring of cast members in SNL history!
TVLine Items: Seth Meyers' SNL Status, Sherlock Ratings, Amazon's Barbarella Pilot and More Seth Meyers SNL We may have already seen Seth Meyers‘ next-to-next-to-last appearance behind Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update desk. Speaking with The Wrap following his Sunday afternoon appearance at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Meyers surmised that he is “two shows away from cutting ties” with SNL. He explained that with his Feb. 25 Late Night debut nearing: “It’s too hard to try to do two of these things at the same time.” Meyers also said that he would not be surprised if Weekend Update newbie Cecily Strong gets paired up with another co-anchor. Ready for more of today’s news nuggets? Well…. * Sunday night’s Season 3 premiere of Sherlock on PBS’ Masterpiece drew four million total viewers, up 25 percent from the sleuthing drama’s sophomore opener. * SNL alum/Portlandia star Fred Armisen and funnyman Patton Oswalt will take part in Modern Family‘s springtime ...
While Second City alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make headlines co-hosting the Golden Globes, the Chicago-based improv comedy troupe where they got their start is getting ready to roll its juggernaut of funny onto the stage at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College for a one-night-only performance on Feb. 1, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Many of comedy’s brightest stars have hit the road with The Second City Touring Company, including Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Bill Murray, Keegan Michael Key and most recently, current Saturday Night Live stars Cecily Strong, Tim Robinson and Jason Sudeikis. “The question is not ‘Will the cast of this show become famous comedians?’” says Katie Fox, Director of Theatre Operations at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College. “The question is whether or not you’ll be able to say you’ve seen them live once they do.  We are incredibly excited to offer this opportunity to our audiences.” Tickled by The Second City’s scripted an ...
Couric, Legend, SNL Star At Mayer’s CES Keynote Las Vegas – Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was joined Katie Couric, John Legend, David Pogue and Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson who helped illustrate some of the changes being made by the Internet stalwart.
LAS VEGAS — "Saturday Night Live" cast members Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson made a surprise guest appearance during the Yahoo keynote presentation at the 2014 International CES on Tuesday, with a hilarious "Weekend Update" segment tailored specifically to the tech crowd. From jokes about...
It may as well have been called "Marissa Mayer and her celebrity friends at CES." The Yahoo CEO's highly anticipated keynote here at the 2014 show was equal parts entertainment, comedy and musical revue punctuated by talk of native ads and company acquisitions. The likes of Katie Couric, Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live and John Legend trotted on stage during the hour-long presentatoin. Couric, Yahoo's new global anchor, actually talked Yahoo, while Strong anchored a Weekend Update desk, lampooning the tech stories of 2013, and Thompson did his best Al Sharpton. "I would love to be big on the internet, but I am not a cat who has had a bad day," "Al" lamented. The effect was a crisp, clippy and entertaining keynote, one that offered a break from the drolling product descriptions that can often send attendees into sleep. However, there were a number of announcements that Yahoo wouldn't let slip through the cracks. They all revolved around a theme Mayer set early in the keynote: to m ...
Katie Couric, Summly founder Nick D’Aloisio, former New York Times tech writer David Pogue, SNL’s Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson, and musician John Legend joined the Yahoo CEO at her International CES keynote to tout the company’s info and entertainment offerings. “Media has long been one of...
Cecily Strong John Mayer had doubts collaborating with Katy Perry, Pi. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong is the next one that's gonna come outta snl with a big name
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are just too awesome
Cecily Strong Major benchmarking service delists Samsung and HTC phone. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Infamous Leeds nightclub to star in revival of arcade, . Watch Hot Girls at
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Cecily Strong Google: LeBron and the Heat are quite popular, Toddler . Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Shanahan has no plans to resign, COLUMN: Light up your . Watch Hot Girls at
I had a dream that every time I went on this weird futuristic subway, I ran into Cecily Strong and we took so many selfies it was great. :,(
Cecily Strong Cops: Valley West teacher had sex with student, Millenn. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong 5 surprising snubs from the Golden Globe nominations, J. Watch Hot Girls at
I'm so glad SNL added Cecily Strong to Weekend Update!
Cecily Strong, is my crush of the year. That dark hair. That weird smile, that girl nextdoor vibe, she has it
Am I the only one who doesn't think Cecily Strong is funny?
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong got me feeling some kind of way... and I literally cannot.
Cecily Strong is doing a dang good job as Weekend Update anchor!
Cecily strong is the future of snl. She is really good.
I still can't get used to Cecily Strong being on Weekend Updates w/ Seth Meyers. 🙈
I would so drink Cecily Strong dirty bath water..and Jan from Toyota commercials
Cecily Strong has a lot of potential.
My New Years resolution is to be strong. Cecily Strong.
How do you pick the funniest moments for Weekend Update?! It's great everytime!!! Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong should be proud!!
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That chick Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live is really funny, and hot, but mainly funny.
Cecily Strong go home! The Weekend Update is Seth's thing. You're not even funny
I think Cecily Strong is just gorgeous.
Cecily Strong from SNL is my new celebrity crush. ❤️
Agreed! Maybe this scenario? wild_jaime: Best part of the show! I hope it's still good after Seth leaves
Call me crazy, but I think Cecily Strong is so sexy.
“I think I'm in love with Cecily Strong isn't?
Yes, very strong movie. I took Cecily and we loved it. Second only to Tangled.
Be strong now. Things will get better.
Cecily Strong Party like a pro: What fitness and wellness experts serv. Watch Hot Girls at
Girls are sensitive, they over think every little thing and care way more than they should, but that's what makes their…
Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong sang an adorable parody of Baby It's Cold Outside on his return to SNL.
Cecily Strong What's open, closed for the holidays, Kate Lebo casts a. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Members of St. John's Episcopal Church prepare for Chris. Watch Hot Girls at
Selfie game so strong, he had to take it outside. 😂😭
All I want from this life is to be best friends with Kate McKinnon. Or Cecily Strong. Either one.
Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon scans from Entertainment Weekly 12/27/13: Posted by deadofnight:
Watching Saturday Night Live I always thought Nasim Pedrad would've looked way better as Kourtney K but i'm starting to come around to her portraying Kim. I just hope if they do another Kardashian skit that Cecily Strong portrays Kourtney and whoever they get to play Khloe which hopefully will be Kate McKinnon. SNL stepped they game up the last 3 yrs getting all these cute ladies on the cast. I'ma hate to see Nasim leave though
I'm driving down and the phone rings: Maia: "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Me: "What? Sweetie What?" Maia: "Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did the Barry Gibb talk show skit again on SNL!" Guess what I'll be watching tonight like 20 times in a row: "Talking it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show! *** it this kid really loves SNL! I just like Cecily Strong!
The girl you wish you had never started a conversation with- And fact for every four men there are two women and that's just supposed to be acceptable. No! We need Bipartisanships. Like ships that are Bipartisan? You need to grow up Seth there are some people in Africa where it's like No. Also I'm sorry why can't Secret Santa just be openly *** It's like hello it's 2010. Hold on, Hold on this is not my phone. Okay fine your a reverse racist that's even worse. Indrid, Indrid I hate her. Seth what did you ask for for Christmas? Would you just relax I'm just asking what you want for Christmas? I asked for an end to genocide. Okay so maybe next time when your on your new I-pad look up how to be a decent Human Being. Wait give me forty more minutes I gotta show you this thing my friend Trevor made he's like *** but he only hooks up with women. It's Oragami that's Spanish for goose. Okay fine I'll go but I have fourteen words for you Seth peace, family, sustainable farming, don't kick pidgeons, reading is our . ...
I do too. They're all really funny. I love Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, and Cecily Strong. I'm so sad to see Seth Meyers go
Between Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon, the future of Saturday Night Live is looking really good.
Cecily Strong is pretty high on my list currently! That is all
Returned from DC. Last song listened to: Luna - "Tiger Lily" Movie watched: "Prisoners" Most annoying traveler: the young duo just behind me who thought they were hosting a podcast with their insipid, insulting chatter. They both had the affectation of Kathy Griffin and the substance of Cecily Strong's "girl at a party" SNL character. Simply dreadful people. I felt a kinship with "Prisoners."
After getting back into SNL for the last few years, I have decided it's time to make a change to my Desert Island list, removing Mariah Carey and replacing her with Cecily Strong. (Because let's face it, beautiful though she may be, Mariah just doesn't make me laugh.) So the new list is (in no particular order)... Alison Brie Cecily Strong Jennifer Lawrence Kaley Cuoco and for 19 years and counting... Salma Hayek. What's your list?
Best Jokes About Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor: "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he's not going anywhere, even after his recent crack scandal. He said he hopes to run for prime minister of Canada one day. When asked what party he'd choose, he said, 'Why choose one? I usually hit, like, five parties a night.'" –Jimmy Fallon "Toronto's city council has voted to drastically reduce Mayor Rob Ford's powers. They say this reduces him to a 'mere figurehead' – which still sounds better than 'crackhead.'" –Jay Leno "Here we go again. Freshman Congressman Trey Radel of Florida has been arrested for possession of cocaine in Washington, D.C. He admitted he is an alcoholic and pled guilty to possession of cocaine. The judge sentenced him to four years as mayor of Toronto." –Jay Leno "To make matters worse for Mayor Ford, his reality show was canceled after one airing. They are calling this guy the most embarrassing Ford since the Pinto." –Jay Leno "Everyone is talking about Toronto's crack-smoking mayor. His rea ...
If I got my own sketch on SNL I’d get Cecily Strong, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig and we’re co-hosting Weekend Update
Someone told me last night that Cecily Strong (SNL) was born in Springfield. I just looked it up and it's true. Hello?! How do we not know this?
Cecily Strong can sing and I like it
Cecily Strong An awe-inspiring experience at the helm of the Alexander. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Salvation Army's time to reach goal dwindles, New Combo. Watch Hot Girls at
"Cecily how do you live without your mom your so strong" . Hah I'm not even living.
Cecily Strong Walmart is dropping prices for the iPhone 5s and iPhone . Watch Hot Girls at
Just watched Kate on Ellen. cecily you were right, luck got you where u are. Your promos suck. Aidy and Kate are the real deal. Go back to serious acting you look sound fake
Hoping Cecily Strong will do a parody of the Claire Forlani Dewars commercial on SNL.pretty please?
gave us the perfect Christmas song for every guy with commitment issues
Cecily Strong Harbaugh would like to stay put with 49ers, Lots of The. Watch Hot Girls at
'My family came and sat in the front row. Afterward they looked like they had seen a murder. I was positive I'd done terribly.' Cecily Strong remembers her (successful) audition for Saturday Night Live
Cecily Strong JC Penney to be dropped from S&P 500 index, Find Ou. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Commentary: Coach Munchak's playbook calls for disciplin. Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong Tips for Adrien Broner on Range of Topics from Sex Tapes. Watch Hot Girls at
Just had the best dream. I made will Ferrell laugh. Got an audition over Cecily Strong. Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak ran away from me though...
Haven't quite hit your philanthropy quota for the year? Donate to Social Dona…
Cecily Strong Scott Caan on longtime friend Paul Walker's plans after . Watch Hot Girls at
Cecily Strong is definitely my favorite. She's so funny.
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Cecily Strong Before Paul Walker and Fast and the Furious: 5 Stars Who. Watch Hot Girls at
I think i have a crush on Cecily Strong
Obviously my is miss cecily strong. luv u bby♡
I've got a new celebrity crush. Cecily Strong (of SNL. Man! Intelligent, funny, and SMOKIN'. She does it for me, 'fo sho!
Hmmm...Cecily Strong for Weekend Update successor?!
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