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Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong is an American actress and comedienne. She is a cast member on Saturday Night Live, beginning in season 38.

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What? Cecily Strong not hosting Weekend Update? Could this mean the return of The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With...?
I adore Cecily Strong. There. I said it. And I’m not ashamed. Although she’s probably less than thrilled about it.
Maybe you'll enjoy this version better
Currently: Cowherd is basically doing the Cecily Strong “girl you don’t want to talk to at a party” impersonation.
This chef on Chopped looks like Cecily Strong from SNL.
I thought Katie Lee and Cecily Strong were the same people till just now. Mind. Blown.
Be strong. Step 2: reverse-indoctrination. "MIL, have you ever tried all the not-YourSon hobbies in life?" Then hand her a book
I'd easily replace Fey or Poehler with someone like Cecily Strong.
A strong voice really draws me into the book. Good character voices are easier, but an interesting third-person voice is sweet.
Petition to bring back Cecily Strong on Weekend Update.
How is the Fox News host spouting "America is awesome!" re: torture not a Cecily Strong sketch?
Just doing some cool medical compliance modules for work. Is this Cecily Strong?
Hey, Hollywood, I got your female Ghostbusters reboot: Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong in the Moranis role.
For the longest I thought Cecily Strong was Latina. Turns out she's a bonafide white girl. My world is shaken right now.
The have a strong showing in the Fan Vote thanks to you! Keep it up: http…
Am I the only one who thinks looks like Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live? Wow!
The ignore cecily game is too strong today 😂✌️
It is a reminder that I absolutely and totally love Cecily Strong.
there are just certain things you can't say around me like "white privilege isn't real" or "I don't really like cecily strong" I Just Can't.
Cecily Strong has gone from the new update anchor I don't know anything about to one of my favorite current cast members.
Easily one of my favourite SNL characters. Cecily Strong is amaze.
LMAO!! Her version of Beiber kills me every time. My favourite be Cecily Strong though, just because of those saleswomen sketches.
Still goin strong. First final at 8am.
Kudos to u and Cecily Strong for ur SNL RisenSmile skit. Thx 4 handling such a touchy subject with dignity and gravitas :-D
My jam sesh is going as strong as my study sesh right now. Fall Out Boy pandora station AAALL NIGHT.
Idk but I should start watching snl again. I love Cecily Strong
I was wondering why I stopped watching snl and now I remembered that Cecily Strong isn't on Weekend Updates anymore. That was my favorite
please make a skit off this pic using Cecily Strong!
Hey the "Cut For Time" sketches on YouTube are my new favorite things & also I would like to marry Cecily Strong okay thanks bye!
Not sure why decided to cut this bit. Also, love Cecily Strong's facial expressions:
Cecily Strong is seriously funny and pretty darn cute as well... She's got a great career ahead of her
Well Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer are so good!!
I really like the SNL sketches where Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong think they're getting fired from stuff
Oh my god Cecily Strong just used the term c u next thursday
Cecily Strong, Saturday Night Live comedian, to entertain at White House ... - Washington Times
Cecily Strong to perform at W.H. correspondents dinner
Also not only Cecily strong is funny and beautiful. But it also feels like she's a good actress. Furgeson sketch as an example
Cecily Strong (SNL) and that lady from Redo day are more than likely the same person.
I liked a video Cecily Strong and SNL Host James Franco's Forbidden Love
At today, a post by about friendships between strong Female Characters - excellent read
Cecily Strong made for a hilarious Peter Pan on SNL, and don't get Us started on "Tonkerbell":
James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 6, playing Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live! opposite Cecily Strong in Allison Williams' Peter role -- watch the funny sketch now!
Brecky (Vanessa Bayer) and her friend (Cecily Strong) hawk Sunseeker Yachts with a little help from Captain Jack Swallow (James Franco) and James Franco (Set...
“SNL” in 3D? Can you imagine? In this week’s “Saturday Night Live” promos, host James Franco and cast member Cecily Strong are ready to kick the holiday season into high gear, and they want to do something special for the people. Strong and Franco exc…
GALECA adores Cecily Strong, so we're quite happy she's been plucked to rib our "leaders" at the White House Correspondents Dinner April 25.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - NBC's Saturday Night Live comedian Cecily Strong will headline the 2015 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, Washington's annual mixer attended by members of the media,
SNL's Cecily Strong to be fourth female comedian to headline White House Correspondents' dinner
.Cecily Strong to host this year's WH Correspondents' Dinner:
Cecily Strong will perform at next year's White House Correspondents dinner!
Cecily Strong Is the Surprising Choice for the White House Correspondents' Dinner Host But she's still probably ...
"Saturday Night Live" star Cecily Strong will be the guest comedian at 2015's White House Correspondents' Association dinner, the association announced on Wednesday. Strong will be the fourth female comedian to ever do so. “Her pol...
Cecily Strong's selection to host the WH Correspondents Dinner is further proof she needs to be back on Weekend Update stat.
Was a good choice for How comedian will differ from >
Cecile Strong will be performing at White House Correspondent's dinner. Go girl!!
“Cecily Strong will perform at the White House Correspondents' Dinner YESSS
Seriously though, how many people had to have turned down the White House Correspondents Association before they got to Cecily Strong?
I interrupt this terrible horrible no good very bad day (& mood) to say Yay Cecily Strong! . Now back to loathing LA & everyone in it...
Cecily Strong will be AWESOME at the White House Correspondents Dinner in April
SNL's Cecily Strong just set a fancy gig for next year. USA Today reports that Strong has signed on to headline as the guest comedian at next year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on April …
Cecily Strong to host White House Correspondents' dinner: Cecily Strong of "Saturday Night Live" will be the e...
Go Cecily! So excited for her to perform at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner:
She may have stepped down from Weekend Update, but Cecily Strong is still killing it via
Cecily Strong of 'Saturday Night Live'w will host the next White House Correspondents' Dinner.
'SNL' comedian Cecily Strong to entertain White House dinner
Live from Washington, D.C., it's Cecily Strong — well, it will be on April 25. The White House Correspondents' Association has revealed...
She may have gotten the boot from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update desk after just one year, but Cecily Strong just scored a major career victory by landing the hosting gig for next year's White House Correspondents' Association dinner.
SNL's Cecily Strong will be the featured entertainer at this spring's White House Correspondents' Dinner. Joel McHale did the honors at the 2014 edition.
“I worked at Planned Parenthood in Chicago for a long time in the corporate office," SNL's Cecily Strong has admitted.
She may not be anchoring Weekend Update anymore, but Cecily Strong will get another crack at political humor next yr
From Weekend Update to the Correspondent's Dinner? I'd say that's a pretty great trade-up for Cecily Strong.
Cecily Strong to headline WH Correspondents' dinner. Weird choice since she no longer does Weekend Update. Uh, SNL..put her back on Update!
Even the WHITE. HOUSE. thinks Cecily Strong should still be on Weekend Update. Colin Jost is literally the worst.
Does anyone actually like Colin Jost on the Anchor Desk for Weekend Update? They should've replaced him, not Cecily Strong.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) defends his decision to quarantine Nurse Kaci Hickox (Kate McKinnon) with his usual brand of brashness on The Kelly Files (with Cecily Strong as Megyn Kelly).
Celebs and their pets have been a haute thing lately. Leave it to Vanity Fair and Shinola who celebrated the launch of their new pet accessories line in collaboration with Bruce Weber. The evening was hosted by Saturday Night Live funny lady, Cecily Strong, and benefited Best Friends Animal Society…
Performing in the band on tonight at 11PM Cecily Strong and Richard Kind will be there, COME PARTY!
Tonight is Late Night for Running Late with Scott Rogowsky! At UCB for Prime Time 11:00 show, Cecily Strong and Richard Kind. Sold out!
Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong and Gotham's Richard Kind are interviewed at Running Late With Scott Rogowsky
So good to see Cecily Strong back behind the Weekend Update desk as her best character :o)
Best think about Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update - GIRL YOU DONT WANT TO GET STUCK TAKING TO AT A PARTY!!! She was on birthright.
just finiished watching on why did you remove Cecily Strong. The new guy blows.
The silver lining to Cecily Strong's departure from Weekend Update? Return of the Girl You Wish.
Cecily Strong was much better than Colin Jost, why the change?
Well, that cameo as an annoying girl almost made Cecily Strong's departure from WU bearable. She needs to do more cha…
Probably not her choice, but she seems cool with it?
Love Michael Che on but wish he was paired with Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost.
And no Cecily Strong doing the news? What the...? I don't think I laughed once except during her girl at a party.
Am I the only one who’s upset that Cecily Strong appears to no longer be a Weekend Update anchor?
So kinda looks like Cecily Strong from
is super inferior when it doesn't have Cecily Strong
Um. Why is Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update anymore. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Cecily Strong, you mean Cecily Wrong. Where are the whistleblowers for comedic women? Not her.
glad Cecily Strong is back to the character stuff though. But yeah... rough
Also, still not a fan of Colin Jost. Miss Cecily Strong on Update.
Yo why is Cecily Strong not doing Weekend Update.
Bring back Cecily Strong. Weekend Update blows something fierce now
Watch Cecily Strong bring back her popular "Weekend Update" character with her replacement, Michael Che
Pete Davidson reminds me of Andy samberg. He will be a star. Aidy Bryant is amazing. Cecily strong is amazing. Where is Beck Bennett?
Funny lady Cecily Strong of and her pup Lucy are joining Best Friends to http…
Why did they replace Cecily Strong on Weekend Update?
Cecily Strong is also so great as an update guest, and I am fine with her sticking to that.
Really disappointed Cecily Strong isn’t the SNL Weekend Update cohost. I thought Seth passed it to her? Michael Che wasn’t that great.
Cecily Strong just might be my favorite on SNL.
She's back! Cecily Strong is awesome. Weekend Update - Girl at a Party Rides Again - Sa…:
Aww cecily strong's puppy was in the snl opening credits
Also, why didn't Colin Jost get replaced on the Weekend Update desk instead of Cecily Strong? Michael Che is great, but Jost is annoying
Was unsure about Weekend Update without Cecily Strong, but if it means more I can cope
They demoted the wrong person. I'd love to see Michael Che and Cecily Strong on Weekend Update.
not having Cecily Strong or Seth Myers do Weekend Update just doesn't feel right
Cecily Strong back as "The Girl At the Party..." was fun to see. Did you like her as an Update anchor?
Cecily Strong's "girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party" is back!
*Cecily Strong was kicked out of Weekend Update. *Her replacement is a 20 years old black guy, half the jokes were "black" jokes.
The start to was pretty amazing, but our favorite part had to be the return of Cecily Strong's girl at a party
Saks Fifth Avenue has teamed up: Will Ferrell, Ana Gasteyer, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong and Colin...
Cecily Strong leaving the Weekend Update desk was worth it, if we get The Girl You Shouldn't Have Started A Convo with back regularly.
... But Cecily Strong was so awesome anchoring Weekend Update.
thank GOD Cecily Strong quit her position as Weekend Update anchor. I missed the girl u regret talking to character so bad!!!
The kid and I loved this week's SNL Weekend Update, Jones and Davidson had him rolling! via
In the past, I've been kind of down on Cecily Strong's "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party" character... (1/2)
Cecily Strong's best character returned to Weekend Update
Cecily Strong will forever be my favorite 😂😂😂
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
awful Latina minstrel act by Cecily Strong, Latinos again being demonized by major media
Bad move running the episode of Cecily Strong's first Weekend Update appearance. Complete with Tina Fey's encouraging words.
you stink. Cecily Strong was the only funny part of Weekend Update last year.
wow did SNL really take Cecily Strong out of Weekend Update? It's going to be so bad now ***
Cecily Strong ‘happy’ about ‘Weekend Update’ change - Cecily Strong has opened up about stepping down from...
Really sad to hear that Cecily Strong isn't gonna be on SNL anymore. She was my favorite on the show and I loved her on Weekend Update.
Get to know Michael Che, the comedian who is replacing Cecily Strong to become the first black anchor on SNL's "Weekend Update": Background: He was born Michael Che Campbell and was raised in the projects of the Lower East Side in New York City. He's the youngest of seven children.
Don't worry about Cecily Strong, y'all. The "SNL" cast member who anchored "Weekend Update" during the last season, has made it clear she's very happy to be stepping away from the desk when Michael Che takes over on September ...
SNL cast member Cecily Strong took to Instagram last night to publicly comment on her departure from the Weekend Update desk. Strong is being replaced by Daily Show correspondent Michael Che.
'SNL' will replace Cecily Strong as 'Weekend Update' anchor with writer Michael Che
Lorne Michaels realized that Weekend Update on SNL didn't work last season so he made a kicking Cecily Strong (who worked well on it) off and replacing her with another SNL writer. Colin Jost was the worst thing about SNL last year (and that's saying a lot) and Lorne is keeping him. Why? He delivers jokes like a doctor delivering bad news to a terminal patient, only not as hilarious.
'SNL' rumors: Cecily Strong removed from 'Weekend Update' via
Saturday Night Live” announced on Thursday that Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong as an anchor at the Weekend Update desk when the show premieres its 40th season on Sept. 27.
Cecily Strong on being replaced on SNL's 'Weekend Update': 'I'm happy'
While I wish they rather replace Colin Jost instead of Cecily Strong, hiring Michael Che to do Weekend Update is one of the best moves SNL has made in a long time.
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Comedian/writer Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong on the “Weekend Update” anchor desk for “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th season. NBC confirmed the change late Thursday. Che will serve as co-anchor alongside Colin Jost, who joined the desk opposite Strong about halfway through last season. Strong…
Wait. SNL fired Cecily Strong from Weekend Update but left Colin Jost in his place? This is like the Red Wedding of comedy.
So explain to my why Colin Jost is still the Weekend Update Anchor and Cecily Strong isn't?
I need help understanding why they replaced Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost on Weekend Update.
is getting rid of Cecily Strong on update but keeping Colin Jost? Woof. He is seriously the worst.
Happy for Michael Che, but too bad his new job comes at the expense of Cecily Strong rather than Colin Jost.
People hate Colin Jost so much that they’d rather see Cecily Strong do less sketch work just so they don’t have to see him.
Should have been Michael Che and Cecily Strong. Colin Jost was the weak link but he is head writer so... via
Crazy that SNL would get rid of Cecily Strong on Weekend Udpate. They should get rid of Colin Jost, he's terrible. htt…
Here's your cliff notes guide to Cecily Strong's replacement by Michael Che as an anchor on SNL's Weekend Update.
So you’re going to replace someone at the Weekend Update desk and you replace Cecily Strong instead of Colin Jost? Lorne is huffing paint.
Cecily Strong out as 'Weekend Update' co-anchor on 'SNL,' replaced by Daily Show's Michael Che', Colin Jost remains :
It should have been Colin Jost, not Cecily Strong, who was demoted from the Weekend Update anchor desk. Lorne Michaels is awful.
That's so unpredictably foolish... Cecily Strong is wayy better than Jost!
- Why in the *** would you get rid of Cecily Strong on She is fantastic! Dumb move...
...I know Cecily Strong will still be on and all, but is one of my favorite parts of the show, I want it to be good.
Cecily Strong is replaced?! That's a terrible choice! It's worse than terrible! She was freaking funny and delivered the jokes perfectly!
I just read that Cecily Strong will no longer be an anchor. My response: BO!
This is pretty surprising. I actually really liked Cecily Strong on "Weekend Update".
SNL is cutting Cecily Strong from Weekend Update? BOO! Get rid of the OTHER one, Colin Jost ***
I'm a little disappointed that Cecily Strong won't be doing Weekend Update on this season. I thought she was great.
When Saturday Night Live premieres September 27, there will be a new face at the "Weekend Update" desk: comedian Michael Che, best known for his role as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Che is replacing Cecily Strong, who will stay on as a cast member, The New York Times reports. Che, a writer on…
Cecily Strong booted off the Weekend Update desk. Colonel Kurtz must be stopped.
Michael Che? Awesome. Cecily Strong? Even better. Oh's Colin Jost INSTEAD of Cecily?! Awful. Thank goodness for FF on DVR.
I think the real reason why Cecily Strong is out at Weekend Update is that Lorne Michaels is still sexist 40 years in.
SNL Weekend Update host Cecily Strong has apparently been demoted and will be replaced at the anchor desk this season by a new cast member and former writer on the show. Read more...
I'm happy for but did anyone have anything bad to say about Cecily Strong as an anchor? No, they're keeping the unliked white guy
While I think it's great SNL Weekend Update will have two male anchors, I will miss Cecily Strong! She was so funny!
New guy better be good. They took my Cecily away!
WHY CECILY STRONG WHY. I'm gonna miss you on that desk. :(
Cecily Strong is one of the strongest cast members on the show. In fact, all the women are spectacular.
It seems like Lorne Michaels was blaming Cecily Strong for the team not working out. *She* wasn't the problem. At all.
They're replacing Cecily Strong on the Weekend Update desk. I DO NOT AGREE SNL.
SNL has moved Cecily Strong from Weekend Update & replaced her w/ The Daily Show's Michael Che. If only Colin Jost had been …
NOT happy about Cecily Strong losing her Weekend Update chair. And not buying the explanation. Lame.
Cecily Strong should stay on as anchor of Weekend Update, she is funny. Colin is the one who should be replaced.
Michael Che is replacing Cecily Strong as co-anchor of Weekend Update. This stinks! It's B.S.! Colin Jost should've been replaced!
Cecily Strong should stay as the anchor on Weekend Update. She is funny. Colin should be replaced instead, he wasn't a good fit.
Saturday Night Live” has found a new anchor for “Weekend Update,” a veteran in news satire. “The Daily Show” correspondent Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong...
Cecily Strong was really good on Weekend Update that's kinda lame
'Saturday Night Live' replaces Cecily Strong with Michael Che at the 'Weekend Update' desk
Cecily Strong asked Lorne Michaels that she didn't want to do Update anymore. It was in Times article. Yet people can't read.
Michael Che to replace Cecily Strong as 'Weekend Update' anchor on 'Saturday ... - Chicago Tribune
What the *** Saturday Night Live?? Cecily Strong won't be on Weekend Update anymore? BOOO I say. BOO!
That's stupid of Lorne Michaels to do. Cecily Strong was the best one, The Colin guy should go instead.
Lorne Michaels decided that Cecily Strong is out and Michael Che is in as the new co-host with Colin Jost on Weekend Update.
After two seasons behind the “Weekend Update” news desk on “SNL”, Cecily Strong is being replaced. Her replacement is former “SNL” and “The Daily Show” writer/comic Michael Che, who will co-host “Weekend Update” with Colin Jost. Strong, who co-anchored with Seth Meyers and Jost, will return to being…
In a move I truly do not like/understand, Cecily Strong is out as co-anchor of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, replaced by new cast member Michael Che (The Daily Show, Bet Week Ever). It's not that I don't like Che, it's that he's replacing the WRONG co-host; Che will join Colin Jost, who showed me nothing last year to warrant him keeping the job, especially if they were planning on making a change.
Obviously I'm a big Cecily Strong fan but couldn't be more excited about Michael Che joining the Weekend Update!
Lorne Michaels has officially lost it. Cecily Strong, who carried Weekend Update last season, is out. Creepy Jost still in.
Goodbye, brilliant comedic prowess of Cecily Strong. Truly a disappointing decision by Lorne Michaels.
People who comment "nice Weekend Update" on Cecily Strong's IG photos every weekend. Stop. Look at your life. Reevaluate your choices.
Early Grantland SNL reactions: Cecily Strong underseeded, Jane Curtin should be destroying Martin Short, you guys like Cheri Oteri??
I love her, too. Think this current cast is one of the best in a long time. Cecily Strong. Vanessa Bayer. Jay Pharoah. &c.
Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are both welcome to give me their first born children.
I know a lot of people weren't impressed with this season of SNL but Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are fantastic.
Dreaming of the day I sit next to Cecily Strong and do Weekend Update with her.
"I would hire Cecily Strong to play you in the movie of my life." heartbreaker.
Before + After: Cecily Strong FINALLY gets her apartment to feel like home!
"Sorry Tina Fey and Cecily Strong, you're not the best fake newscasters anymore."-guy from That Sketchy Columbus Show
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Danny is doing Cecily Strong in the Girlfriends Talk Show sketch, right?
SNL star Cecily Strong transforms her NYC apartment into a dream space!
My brother got to deliver food to Cecily Strong while she's filming a movie here, and he got to talk to her on the phone. I'm jealous!!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JAC AND ASHTON!! So glad you guys have been going strong since the 8th grade! CONGRATS
Cecily Strong and I are getting ice cream right now in my imagination. She's good at telling jokes.
Angie reminds me so much of Cecily Strong...
She sounded like Cecily Strong for a minute
Occasionally & I try to out Cecily Strong each other and it is marvelous.
Our waitress at Longhorn looks like Cecily Strong but sounds like Nasim Pedrad's Kim Kardashian from SNL. Weird combo.
Cecily strong is one of the best cast from SNL
Random: I bet SNL's Cecily Strong hopes Nikki Haley ends up on 2016 GOP ticket. Would have a Fey-as-Palin natural advantage.
Cecily Strong is beautiful and funny . My crush
Please watch "girl at party you wish you didn't start a conversation with" with Seth Meyers and Cecily strong during Weekend Update
Cecily Strong does the most perfect Spanish accent
Also about Cecily Strong can get it
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I'll admit it, I'm in love with Cecily Strong, definitely the funniest woman on earth
Nearly every time I read the word "awesome" I hear it in the voice of Kyra from SNL's "Girlfriends" sketch (played by Cecily Strong) :-/
just saw the first episode with Cecily Strong on Weekend Update. Not too shabby
Cecily Strong, on the other hand, can stay for as long as she wants.
Into bed and turn on the tv to see Cecily Strong on SNL. 👍
If I'm honest with myself, I DEFINITELY have a crush on Cecily Strong.
I would literally murder someone for the chance to marry Nasim Pedrad or Cecily Strong.
Women of SNL episode...all my comedy role models in one. Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong are also on their way there.
I would also like to point out that I wish I was Cecily Strong :/
"One time I got banged to death for 5 minutes. Then I got banged back to life. Thanks crystals!". Love Cecily Strong in that skit.
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2 nights ago, I reminded someone of Cecily Strong and Allison Brie, which I will also accept.
"You've always been a personal inspiration to me, as a news anchor" . - Cecily Strong. "But I'm a REAL news anchor" . - Barbara Walters
I don't like that New dude.Cecily Strong Should do it alone. Sorry but Cecily Rocks,him not so much.
"I know hate is a strong word and everything, but its okay: we're teenagers". Cecily von Ziegesar, You Know You Love Me (Gossip Girl,
man cecily strong absolutely CRUSHED her debut as a weekend uppdate co-anchor. ***
Am I the only one who thinks Cecily Strong is like outrageously funny and attractive?
in general come in two different types: shy, and lively. Both are strong-willed and honest.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been Sanctum. It was a solid three stars? Nothing super special, needed more Actual Cecily Strong.
This actress looks so much like Cecily Strong I can't even deal. It makes her character unintentionally hilarious just by association.
Ioan Gryffydd is planning on marrying his GF, who looks hilariously like Cecily Strong, and just parachuted down into this cave like a ***
and look the same and so do and Cecily Strong. or Saturdays are confusing.
Have you seen the new Jeep commercial featuring Cecily Strong?
“Check it out! Cecily Strong makes her promo debut with this week’s host Bruce Willis:
Kate McKinnon is a *** and Cecily Strong is dating Mike O'Brien. I'm not sure which is the bigger disappointment.
Give thanks today to those who did you wrong, they unknowingly made you strong.
The bachelorette looks like Cecily strong a little
Tbh i don't know what Cecily strong can't host Weekend Update alone, Seth Meyers did, I think Cecily can, but it's been two for a long time
Every time I say "Awesome!" I hear Cecily Strong on Girlfriends Talk Show in my head.
Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong geek to hard
Fortunately he took over one of my favorite segments... Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Cecily Strong
Tell me that doesn't sound like Cecily Strong's character on "Girlfriends Talk Show."
A tongue has no bones, but it's strong enough to break a heart. . Watch your words.
Right?!? She's incredible. I think her and Cecily Strong are my favorite.
please tell me that awkward fist bump with Cecily Strong on yalls first Weekend Update was because your marriage to your dog
I had a dream I was on SNL. It was very stressful, Cecily Strong didn't seem to like me, and the Overly Attached Girlfriend was there.
Channeling my inner Cecily Strong today because "my boyfriend's crazy!"
A lady cop in SF called Fran Sanfrisco is a character tailor made for Cecily Strong. SNL, get on this in Season 40!
And now on: Weekend Update with and Cecily Strong!
God Cecily strong from SNL is like so horrible. SNL had just gone down hill so bad.
I'm a week late, but this year's SNL MVPs are: Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett.
Vanessa hudgens isn't as fine as cecily strong
Did we get a count of how many times I quoted Cecily Strong last night? That'd be embarrassing.
Colin Jost needs replaced on SNL. I do like Cecily Strong but the chemistry between the Weekend Update anchors is non-existent.
Cecily Strong: In an interview (last) week, Donald Sterling said that he was set up, saying, "I was baited." And "baiting" is the right word because Sterling himself is a catfish. More Punchlines:
The real Barbara Walters stopped by the Weekend Update desk after enduring decades of SNL impersonations. The veteran journalist “thanked” SNL for taking her illustrious career and reducing it to “a cartoon character with a ridiculous voice.” She gave Cecily Strong some advice for how to be a real n…
Barbara Walters poked fun at her own gentle journalism style during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. During Weekend Update, Barbara Walters 'revealed' her secrets to television news, including soft lighting for soft subjects and using a trademark voice after Cecily Strong told her she was…
I might have a little crush on Cecily Strong, Nasim Pedrad, Maya Rudolph.
What's everyone's take on the newer Saturday Night Live cast? I know the show's seen better days but who would you say stand out in the current cast? I think that Taran Killam is great at rescuing every single skit; Cecily Strong is great but underused; Bobby Moynihan/Nasim Pedrad/Kate McKinnon/Jay Pharoah/Vanessa Beyer/Patrick O'Brien/Brooks Whelan/Beck Bennett vary all based on whether the skit clicks to begin with.
I would love to see Seth Rogan and Cecily Strong in a movie together, they have awesome chemistry. That's probably just because they're both brilliant.
The Black Keys will be providing the music for the Charlize Theron–hosted episode of Saturday Night Live airing this weekend, and they seem to be mildly amused to meet the Oscar-winning, A Million Ways to Die in the West actress. In three promos with cast member Cecily Strong, Dan Auerbach and Patri…
Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Cecily Strong, including Donald Sterling's racist remarks and Rob Ford's leave of absence. Olya Povlatsky and Leslie Jones stop by.
Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, Aidy Bryant, Nasim Pedrad, and Kenan Thompson. So many good ones left recently.
Hoopla had a fantastic night on Wednesday with Planned Parenthood of Illinois' Generations Celebration! We celebrated the many years of PPIL's activism, education, and reproductive healthcare at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom, and honored the Newton Weinberg family and SNL Weekend Update writer Katie Rich. Special guest Cecily Strong, SNL cast member and former PPIL receptionist joined us to present this honor to Katie. What an unforgettable evening!
Its like that Cecily strong snl dog sketch where she's says I give up there's no fight in me left in regards 2 community
There's a woman here that looks like a blonde cecily strong
Petition for Cecily Strong to be kicked off SNL
Cecily Strong has minimal talent. She got where she is today snubbing her competition and over working for positions. Motivation in its highest form can out run more talented individuals. Loser
People Magazine has a slideshow of how Cecily Strong gave her apartment a makeover:
Best performance on SNL this season so far: Cecily Strong w/Seth Rogen in Blue River Dog Food.
I miss Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong together because they're both adorable :(
Courtesy Pinterest via Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong was ready for a makeover. Of her apartment, that is. The comedian, who moved into her New York City rental already fu...
Oak Park native Cecily Strong loses bet with NFL star, dresses up in dog costume
latest "update": A stylish makeover for her NYC apartment. PHOTOS:
See This SNL Star's Apartment "Insanity": A cluttered home is no laughing matter. What's worse? An abode that ...
Should comedian Cecily Strong be included on the I voted NO. Vote now via
Meet the cute doggy who makes bad bets: .
Watch Seth Rogen and Cecily Strong's uncomfortable commercial for Blue River Dog Food from last night's 'SNL.'
SNL's 'Blue River Dog Food' skit stars Cecily Strong and Seth Rogen as a married couple, Cindy and Pat, who switched to a healthier dog food brand after learning about the nasty ingredients that were in the old food. However, the wife is still very angry at the big name brand that deceived them ...
Take me home, Cecily Strong. To a place, I belong,. In your heart and, writing for you. Take me home, Cecily Strong
PHOTO: Oak Park native Cecily Strong loses a bet with NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul, but repays by dressing up in a dog costume —
Discover your adventurous side with The Cherokee Effect. See the personal adventure of Cecily Strong as she navigates New York City looking for the perfect c...
It may be the end of the NBA season, but there was still a lot riding on last night’s Knicks v. Bulls game. Weekend Update host Cecily Strong and NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul go head to head to root for their favorite teams. Watch what happens when Cecily loses the bet.
Time for Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong to pay up "doggie style" on night, the New York Knicks beat the Chicago Bulls so New York Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul won his bet against Cecily. Watch what happens next.
SNL should give everything that Cecily Strong does to Nasim Pedrad.
Thank God that someone had enough foresight to not let Cecily Strong be the lead host on Weekend Update... If she were, I'd probably never laugh. She's certainly not Tina Fey... Heck, she's not even an Amy Poehler. For me, she is the third most annoying current cast member though, so... That's something.
Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong. The next generation of hilarious women of SNL.
And Cecily Strong is the girl you're crushing on but you're afraid she's already dating a guy like Colin Jost.
Is it just me, or is Cecily Strong on SNL perfect? 😍
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