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Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes PC, DCL (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was an English-born South African businessman, mining magnate, and politician.

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Preparing for some tourist and just spent an hour at Cecil John Rhodes cabin in Bulawayo. damnit
Cecil John Rhodes hailing to his colonial empire, Company Gardens, Cape Town
White people treat black males as crime-driven half brutes. While they have had the Cecil John Rhodes and the likes who stole at will.
7 April, 1902. Empire-builder and former prime minister of the Cape Colony, Cecil John Rhodes, was buried in the...
TODAY IN KIMBERLEY’S HISTORY 3 APRIL Kimberley Musical Association formed at the City Hall, 1901 Memorial service for Cecil John Rhodes at the Public Gardens, 1902 Cecil Compton-Paterson (pictured) races in his aeroplane against a motorcycle, 1912 DID YOU KNOW That in 1950 the De Beers Company gave direct employment to 1500 whites and 5000 Africans, while the city council had two “native villages”, Greenpoint and Number 2 Location. There were 20 000 inhabitants of No 2 and 9 000 lived in Greenpoint. The council planned to build at least 600 houses in both townships that same year. February 15 1950 was also the 50th Anniversary of the relief of Kimberley during the Anglo-Boer war and there was a gathering of all surviving old soldiers led by the Mayor of 1899, R.H. Henderson. Amid scenes of great emotion, Henderson said that his “warmest wish for Kimberley is that she may never again see an enemy at her gates, not again be called on to make the bitter sacrifices demanded by the scourge of war.” B ...
Cecil John Rhodes, British colonial architect and De Beers diamond company founder, dies of tuberculosis in Muizenberg in 1902 on this day..
The story of Rhodesia by Jim Levenderis A tribute to Rhodesia and Rhodesians, and truth. The name Cecil John Rhodes will generally excite debate where it is recognised and most of the comments, particularly amongst the liberal establishment, will be negative. Familiar epithets are rapidly forthcoming. Racist, ruthless, greedy capitalist, oppressor, imperialist. These are brands his legacy will forever contend with but what even his most vehement critics will struggle to deny is that for better or for worse this was a man possessed of astonishing and unselfish vision. It is notable that two figures central to recent history, President Bill Clinton and General Wesley Clarke the NATO commander in Europe are proud to announce that they went to Oxford as beneficiaries of Rhodes Scholarships. In Rhodes’ guidelines for selection of candidates for this award it is also interesting to note there is no mention of race. Much about civility, good manners, sportsmanship and understanding of the common good but nothi ...
Dr. John Coleman. COMMITTEE 300 Secret World Government (continued) It is interesting to note that Cecil John Rhodes (Cecil John Rhodes), a member of the Committee of 300 , which represented the interests of the Rothschilds in South Africa, followed the example of Inchcape , bringing hundreds of thousands of Indian " coolies " to work on the sugar plantations in Natal province . Among them was Mahatma Gandhi , the communist agitator and troublemaker . As the Chinese coolies , Indians did not return home from the dates of their contracts. They also gave rise to major social problems , and their descendants became lawyers who made vanguard of those who leaked to the government of the African National Congress. By 1875 , the Chinese " coolies " from San Francisco created a channel of delivery of opium , bringing opium addicted 129,000 Americans. Together with the already existing 115,000 addicts of the number of Chinese they represented a market that allowed Lord Inchcape shovel hundreds of thousands of doll ...
- A Dutch ship, the Rosenberg, carrying Huguenots, leaves for the Cape from the Netherlands 1896 - Cecil John Rhodes, prime minister of the Cape Colony, was severely censured for his involvement in the infamous Jameson Raid and forced to resign by the British government. 1906 - Walter Battiss is born in Somerset East to an English Methodist family. He became one of South Africa's first and most important abstract painters. 1960 - Harold Macmillan begins his "winds of change" tour of Africa. 1978 - Daily Dispatch editor, Donald Woods, arrives in Britain with his family. 1995 - Joe Slovo, died of cancer after a long battle with cancer of the bone marrow at the age of 68. 2005 - Former president Nelson Mandela's only surviving son, Makgatho Mandela, died of HIV/AIDS in the Linksfield hospital in Johannesburg.
*** History ~ Most truly great human achievements have been by *** folk. Heteros ensure the continuation of our species. *** folk ensure human evolution by their effect on society. Think of living in a world in which the following *** folk had not lived: Nikola Tesla, Socrates, Plato, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Jacques-Régis de Cambacérès (author of the Napoleonic Code, i.e. the law of France and many other places, basis of much other European law, incl. modern German law), Immanuel Kant, Schopenhauer, the Wright Brothers (invented the airplane,made the first heavier than air flight), Felix Hoffmann (discoverer of Aspirin and heroin, also diamorphine, still prescribed by physicians to kill extreme pain), Cecil John Rhodes (after whom two countries were named, for a while the granary of Africa: Northern and Southern Rhodesia, now Zambia and Zimbabwe). Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printings press. Francis Bacon, philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist, author, conce ...
Most amusing thing about the Rhodes Scholarship is that Cecil John Rhodes would never have met the criteria if he applied.
Happy New Year! "So little done, so much to do" Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902) Gave his wealth to establish Rhodes Scholarships
I really don't mind the alien European squirrels, Cecil John Rhodes imported into the Cape. These Egyptian geese however = noise pollution
Arrested officials had connived to collect rentals from a property in Cecil John Rhodes estate
Time sure does fly, like Cecil John Rhodes on his deathbed.."So much to do, so little time"
Little is talked about the man who prescribed apartheid which is Cecil john rhodes.
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Cecil John Rhodes discovered Victoria Falls. He also discovered all the people who stayed in the vicinity
Afrikaners perfected apartheid. However, based on his politics on native affairs Cecil John Rhodes laid the foundation for Apartheid in 1887
"The native must be treated as a child and denied the franchise. We must adopt despotism, it works well in India" Cecil John Rhodes, 1887
DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION *11 - Apartheid And India's Caste System Much has been made by the Committee of 300 about the "evils" of South Africa's separation of races policy. Yet, little or nothing has been said about India's rigid separation of classes in Indian society. Could it be that South Africa is attacked because it has the richest Gold Fields in the world, while India has only a few natural resources of any real worth? Actively assisted by master deceiver Cecil John Rhodes, a servant of the Rothschild, began an agitation for "rights" was raised by the carpetbaggers and hordes of foreigners who flocked to the Transvaal when the discovery of gold was announced. What these vagabonds and fortune hunters demanded was the right to vote, the first of the "one man one vote" scams used to separate the Boer people and their descendants from their national sovereignty. The agitation was or chestrated by the Rothschild-Rhodes political machine in Johannesburg and carefully controlled by Lord Alfred Milner out of ...
From some of our general history lessons, you may have noticed that even though Cecil John Rhodes did a lot of business in South Africa +
Reminded just now reading that piece: The name "Cecil John Rhodes" makes me nauseous. Can't we just cancel that scholarship already?
Some of them don't even know where they come from in india. They were brought in to slave by Cecil John Rhodes.
Has the president been reading about Cecil John Rhodes then?
Britain wanted to create a corridor of colonies from Cape to Cairo and that task was given to John Cecil Rhodes.
Cecil John Rhodes was one of the most ruthless businessmen of all time. Paul Kruger had this to say about Rhodes-
Today In History, October 15 • 1583 - The Gregorian calendar comes into effect in the Papal States by decree of Pope Gregory XIII and is soon adopted in other countries. • 1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte begins his exile on the remote island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. • 1860 - Grace Bedell, 11 years old, writes a letter to presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln. The letter states that Lincoln would look better if he grew a beard. • 1883 - The US Supreme Court strikes down part of the Civil Rights Act of 1875. It allowed for individuals and corporations to discriminate based on race. • 1889 - Britain's Queen Victoria issues a charter to Cecil John Rhodes and others authorising them to establish the British South Africa Company. 1900 – 1970 1917 - Mata Hari, a Dutch dancer who spied for the Germans, is executed by a firing squad outside Paris. • 1937 - 'To Have And Have Not' by Ernest Hemingway is published for the first time. • 1939 - New York Municipal Airport is dedicated. The name is ...
How To Kill A Country Turning a breadbasket into a basket case in ten easy steps—the Robert Mugabe way SAMANTHA POWER Dec 1 2003 Nearly forty years ago Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, became the first and only white colonial ruler to break away from the British Crown. He had tired of London's nagging about the subjugation of Rhodesian blacks. In 1965 Smith declared independence. "The mantle of the pioneers has fallen on our shoulders," he said, calling on white Rhodesians to maintain standards in a "primitive country." Smith saw himself as an apostle of Cecil John Rhodes, the British magnate who gave Rhodesia its name, and who in the late nineteenth century duped black tribal leaders into signing over the fertile land to white pioneers. Although Rhodesia in 1965 was home to just over 200,000 whites and four million blacks, Smith shared Rhodes's belief that black majority rule would occur "never in a thousand years." Smith was of course wrong. In 1980, after a civil war that cost 30,000 lives, ...
Heroes fall like skittles and the bad guys win. There’s high-level politics, hustlers, Zuma lawyers and middlemen. It adds grist to the mill of the loud anti-BEE lobby. It makes us look B-grade. It is a cocktail of shenanigans, hustle and cowboy frontier capitalism. Here’s how it starts. Enter Nick Holland, the chief executive of Gold Fields. Government is getting hungry and angry – the face of the mining industry looks much like it did when Cecil John Rhodes started the precursor to Holland’s gold multinational: lily white. Holland needs blacks, but where would he find BEE partners? If you look at Gold Fields’ executive committee, it is a challenge to employment equity laws. By my count, Holland has two black South Africans and a Ghanaian reporting to him, while the rest are white men of a certain age and culture. I think it is the way of large parts of corporate South Africa – you choose inner circles who look like you. My guess is Holland had no black networks and did not move easily in a b ...
Why does the company of Cecil John Rhodes (that's what Gold Fields is) think it's OK to act like this in the 21st century? Well, we let it.
Ask a man what nationality he would prefer to be,and 99 out of a 100 will tell u that they would prefer to be Englishmen-Cecil John Rhodes🇬🇧
Rhodes Scholarship TO BETTER MAN-KIND, thanks to the colossus CECIL JOHN RHODES ..a man with vision
Today in 1893: Cecil John Rhodes finally comes out of the closet. (He had been lost in room-sized walk-in cupboard.)
Today in History - 5th July 1295 - Scotland and France formed an alliance, the so-called 'Auld Alliance', against their common enemy - England. 1610 - John Guy, English merchant adventurer and politician, set sail from Bristol with 39 other colonists, bound for Newfoundland. He became the first Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland and led the first attempt to establish a colony on the island. 1687 - Isaac Newton published his 'Principia', stating Newton's laws of motion, Newton's law of gravitation, and a derivation of Kepler's laws of the motion of the planets. The Principia is regarded as one of the most important works in the history of science. 1817 - The first gold coin sovereigns were issued in Britain. 1841 - Thomas Cook, a Baptist cabinet maker, founded the first travel agency. The first official 'Cook's Tour' involved almost 600 teetotallers taking the train from Leicester to Loughborough to attend a temperance meeting. 1853 - The birth of Cecil John Rhodes, English colonialist and financier. Rho ...
5 July, 1853 - Cecil John Rhodes, South African statesman, is born Cecil John Rhodes was born on 5 July 1853 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. Rhodes was sickly as a teenager and suffered bouts of asthma. His family sent him to Natal, South Africa, to live with his older brother in the hope that the hot climate would improve his health. In South Africa Rhodes became involved in the mining industry of Kimberly. He began buying a few small mines. Eventually Rhodes founded the De Beers mining company, which, at one stage marketed 90% of the world’s rough diamonds. He was instrumental in the colonization of Rhodesia, present day Zimbabwe, which was named after him. He was an ardent believer in colonialism, declaring that the Anglo-Saxon race was the first race and therefore should inhabit the entire world. His dream was to build a British empire that would rule all of Africa. Rhodes died on 26 March 1902.
In memory of Vuyo Apartheid never died in South Africa. It inspired a world order upheld by force and illusion 19 September 2012 The murder of 34 miners by the South African police, most of them shot in the back, puts paid to the illusion of post-apartheid democracy and illuminates the new worldwide apartheid of which South Africa is both an historic and contemporary model. In 1894, long before the infamous Afrikaans word foretold "separate development" for the majority people of South Africa, an Englishman, Cecil John Rhodes, oversaw the Glen Grey Act in what was then the Cape Colony. This was designed to force blacks from agriculture into an army of cheap labour, principally for the mining of newly discovered gold and other precious minerals. As a result of this social Darwinism, Rhodes' own De Beers company quickly developed into a world monopoly, making him fabulously rich. In keeping with liberalism in Britain and the United States, he was celebrated as a philanthropist supporting high-minded causes. ...
In 1889 Cecil John Rhodes asked for a charter for the British South Africa Company. For more:
1889 - Cecil John Rhodes applies for a Charter from UK to establish the British South Africa Company, to colonize the territory.
Today in 1902... British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes died in Cape Town aged 48. He controlled 90% of the world's diamond production!
People that are waiting for the 2nd coming of Cecil John you'll Hear things on 's show!
2nd coming of Cecil John Rhodes (man-god) hee banna. Anyone else know about this? First time Im hearing this Live with
Crime has been in this part of Southern Africa since the diamond and gold rushes of the times of Cecil John Rhodes.
Sir Cecil John Rhodes must be turning in his grave...
Cecil John Rhodes all clothed up in The Company Gardens
Something wrong with Cecil John Rhodes statue in the Company Gardens..
So according to this SASCO guy, Cecil John Rhodes is from Zimbabwe...
Does anyone know why Cecil John Rhodes has been dressed in a suit in the company gardens? He looks fabulous!
Hhay, this is NOT Cecil John Rhodes. Looks more like Charlie Chaplin to me...
In 1913, Parliment handed over part of the estate left by Cecil John Rhodes to the Trustees of Kirstenbosch. So our favourite garden began.
Woaw ..the things they never teach us *** are the statue of Cecil John Rhodes and Queen Victoria still around the SLAVE HOUSE where my people were brutalized, sodomozed and young girls and boys turned into prostitute? Had the best time of my life in the company of the most dynamic tour guide who knows the true history of my people ... the most beautiful Lucelle Campbell. Thanks warrior and love you to bits. A drink on Sunday is a MUST .
GWERU PUPIL DROWNS DURING SWIMMING LESSON TRAGEDY befell Cecil John Rhodes (CJR) Primary School in Gweru when a Grade Three pupil drowned during a swimming lesson. Preliminary police investigations reveal that the death of the eight-year-old girl could have been a result of negligence on the part of the school authorities who allegedly failed to check whether all the pupils had cleared the pool area. Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident, which occurred on Wednesday at about 2pm. He identified the girl as Samantha Phiri. “We can confirm the death of an eight-year- old girl, Samantha Phiri who drowned at the CJR Primary School swimming pool at about 2.30pm yesterday (Wednesday). Samantha Phiri was swimming with other pupils under the guidance of Albert Peter Stoddart (45). After swimming students went back to the class, it was noted that Samantha was missing. A search was conducted. Samantha was found dead at the deep end of the pool, about 3,05 me ...
Did Cecil John Rhodes run away with em old people's S's? they know what plurals are??
Lobengula was removed from power by Cecil John Rhodes coz he had to establish a new regime under a new constitution.Muzorewa was to rule for that short time coz he had a new constitution. Mugabe had to get onto power coz of the British written new constitution then.Now Tsvangirai has to get into power coz of the COPAC new constitution.
Lobengula in Zimbabwe was another Victim of Cecil John Rhodes Fraud
"And that time John Cecil Rhodes tried to get a woman from the Matebele clans north of the limpopo" As Nair goes on and on and on
I wonder if Cecil John Rhodes and his like thought the same before invading Zimbabwe, India etc etc
By Ekarika Nanna Obot  1512: A Portuguese named Antonio Fernando outfitted as a trader enters Zimbabwe, marking the beginning of exploitation of the land by Europeans1868: Lobengula becomes Ndebele King1888: 3oth October 1888: Cecil John Rhodes enters into the so-called Rudd Concession with Lobengula for mining activities in Zimbabwe1889: Rhodes set up The British South Africa Company, (BSAC) and interpreted that concession given him by King Lobengula for the mining of gold and diamonds as turning over sovereignty to the company. These profits from mining enabled British imperial expansion in Zimbabwe1890: 12th September 1890: An advanced detachment of the British South Africa Company, (BSAC), takes the area, which later became known as Southern Rhodesia.1893: King Lobengula goes to war fomented by the BSAC. The British Crown sent reinforcement to the BSAC from South Africa against Lobengula fighters. Lobengula lost the war and abdicated the throne in 1894.1895: Zimbabwe becomes a British colony named .. ...
Its wrong to give props to Robert Mugabe and Maumar Gadaffi but its ok to have a Columbus day and celebrate Cecil John Rhodes ?? ???
On my way to visit Cecil John Rhodes' estate in Matopo! Amazing location!
How come in this era of the Bulawayo Club is allowed to have a whole room dedicated to Cecil John Rhodes?
1800s Cecil John Rhodes: "We must tell the black people that they are just workers" 2012 President Jacob Zuma of the anc: "Job creation is fundimental to sustain our economy"
This building is 100+ years old. Cecil John Rhodes lodged here when he came to Gaborone.
Cecil John Rhodes is staring at me at the Kimbo/Kimberley/Kimbles. What must I do with him?
Fgs you could've given us an extract on Cecil Rhodes or John Ruskin in which they bang on about the segregation of classes but no YOU DIDN'T
The will of Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902) created the Rhodes Scholarship in 1903
CAPITALISM is the most corrupt 'thing' ever invented by humans... The exploitation and the looting of economic resources of our continent, AFRIKA - the most incredible continent in the world, by capitalists is the most painful story which serves as an example to show how most corrupt capitalism is... The horrific operation of exploiting and looting AFRIKA's economic resources was organized by the Rothschilds family, Oppenhiemers family, Cecil John Rhodes, Jan Smuts, Alfred Milner and countless of other white supremacist-capitalists. And this was done through an Aryanist Elite secret society called the ROUND TABLE, which was headed by Cecil John Rhodes, and was established to rape and suck every economic resource of AFRIKA. Bear in mind that Cecil John Rhodes was a mining business tycoon and also an influential politician of the 19th century. Infact Cecil John Rhodes and other European gangsters stole our mines through this secret society, the Round Table... Most of the mines that we see today are owned by ...
'“The real fact is that I could no longer stand their eternal cold mutton,” Cecil John Rhodes quipped when asked why he left the UK for SA.
Cecil John Rhodes' s grave get 24hrs guard,how of Nehanda,sekuru kaguvi. Isn't that racism.
Cont: since the time of Cecil John Rhodes and his tenure as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony in the 1890s.
Matebeleland is a political pacesetter Written by Khumbulani Moyo,UMthwakazi Review Thursday, 10 January 2013 Matebeleland politics gets interesting at every moment and at every turn. The people of Matebeleland have always been pacesetters and strategists in the political arena and revolutionary politics. It is in their DNA to be political and revolutionary but more-so this is a legacy that was bequeathed to them by their forbearers who had a well-organized and oiled political, civil and militarized Matebeleland Kingdom headed by King Mzilikazi and later his son King Lobengula. They were pacesetters in nation building. They were pacesetters and strategists in resisting colonialism against Cecil John Rhodes and his cronies in 1893 via our warrior impis who fought gallantly and won battles of historical note in the valleys and plains of Matebeleland, defending a piece of our African motherland that was under attack from the forces of European imperialism and occupation. Our battle history narrative points u ...
You see, Cecil John Rhodes worked way too hard for his peers and masters in the Big Boy's Club for all those gains to fall away just yet.
Reminiscence of Cecil John Rhodes z desire 2 do whatever he deemed necessary 2 paint the whole of Africa red ...thanx 2 liberation heroes
"Cecil John Rhodes owned this country alone at 33. All of you in yo numbers dont want 2 take o/ship of it 2day"
Cecil John Rhodes was once stalked by Some princess
Yet another stunning day in Cape Town! Cecil John Rhodes was said to sit on the site of this memorial to...
Some *** went and taped a *** flag onto the foot of the monument of Cecil John Rhodes. Really?!
Cecil John Rhodes's conquest, David Livingston's mission and the British...: via
"Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life." - Cecil John Rhodes cc
MR. RAFI ULLAH KAKAR (AN OLD RAVIAN) WINS THE Rhodes Scholarship 2013 GC University Lahore is one of the oldest seats of learning in the Muslim world. As a seat of higher learning, it blends grand old traditions and modern educational standards to meet the ideals set by persons like Dr. Leitner, philosopher the poet, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and the Noble Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam. Ravians have performed meritorious services in all walks of life. Mr. Rafi Ullah Kakar (an old Ravian) has been selected for the Rhodes Scholarship 2013. He had topped the 2011 session (majoring in Political Science) and won academic Roll of Honour from GC University Lahore. His selection took place on this Saturday (December 1). It is pertinent to be mentioned here that of last four Rhodes Scholars (from 2009 to 2013), three graduated from GCU Lahore. The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for selected foreign students to study at the University of Oxford. University and College ...
Cecil Rhodes - [July 5, 1853-March 26, 1902] British man Cecil John Rhodes was a pirating colonialist who res…
Am on my way home after havin dinner with my friends at the place where Cecil John Rhodes and Nelson Mandela meet,thats the famous thatched buildin on the shore of false bay in the cape.
Cecil john rhodes mausoleum i suppose at devils peak is a copy of an ancient temple copied by herbert baker.what was the original temple used for?
more from mullins, secrets... explaining how the rothschilds exerted their control of America surreptitiously via the Morgan line (the same company today JP Morgan Chase, along with Goldman Sachs, represents the Money power and the revolving door to the Fed and the Treasury) ... ch 5: The reason that the European Rothschilds preferred to operate anonymously in the United States behind the facade of J.P. Morgan and Company is explained by George Wheeler, in Pierpont Morgan and Friends, the Anatomy of a Myth, page 17: "But there were steps being taken even now to bring him out of the financial backwaters--and they were not being taken by Pierpont Morgan himself. The first suggestion of his name for a role in the recharging of the reserve originated with the London branch of the House of Rothschild, Belmont’s employers."38 Wheeler goes on to explain that a considerable anti-Rothschild movement had developed in Europe and the United States which focused on the banking activities of the Rothschild family. Ev ...
968 - The Subtle and Leisurely Penetration, a reference report from the George Mason School of Correspondence, is published by Education Information, Inc., of Sacramento, CA. It mentions that the thirty-two Americans to be Rhodes Scholars this year have been selected, and then states: "The stated objectives of Cecil John Rhodes and his friend, Sir Andrew Carnegie, included the reduction of the United States to a colony of the New World Order."
You are ill-informed. The policy of seperate development was designed by the Brit Cecil John Rhodes creating Xhosa homeland
"The facts are that our King was murdered by Eddie Cross's parents under the command of that *** thief Cecil John Rhodes."
Today I learned that I live on property formerly owned by Cecil John Rhodes. Interesting.
After much research I strongly think that Cecil John Rhodes was a great man.
Cecil John Rhodes, m sitting in judgement of your person and you are found guilty of all charges levelled against you...
The demise of the graves of the Lobengula family is the result of the power struggles between the colonial regimes, led by Cecil John Rhodes.
How Naijiria was made--Bought and Sold... Sir George Goldie Goldie, Sir George [Credit: Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London] Sir George Goldie, original name George Dashwood Goldie-taubman (born May 20, 1846, near Douglas, Isle of Man—died Aug. 20, 1925, London), British colonial administrator, organizer of a chartered company (1886) that established British rule on the Niger River, who was chiefly responsible for the development of northern Nigeria into an orderly and prosperous British protectorate and later a major region of independent Nigeria. Although his importance in West Africa may have equalled that of Cecil John Rhodes in South Africa, he differed from Rhodes in his preference for obscurity; he destroyed his papers and pronounced a curse on any of his children should they write about him after his death. Educated at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Goldie served briefly (1865–67) in the Royal Engineers. After travelling for several years in Egypt and the Sudan, he formed ...
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Lipstick, towers and Cecil John Rhodes - not a combination you see every day. I'm thrilled with the opportuni…
Behind every great fortune is a great crime.blame Cecil John Rhodes for all the problems in the mining sector.
Turns out I share a birthday with Robert Frost. Cecil John Rhodes trumps that.
Well, the 58 benz was in better condition than me at the end! Wish Tony and Amanda well! You have put my faith back in celebratory weddings.I am sure Cecil John Rhodes is spinning in his grave! If nthey were still blackballing @ the Kimberley club you two would never have membership!
It is that time of the year again that drives me nuts till mid-September when the secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship in Zimbabwe continues to advertise for suitable candidates for the scholarship awards for only two Zimbabweans.
the Rhodes Cup-1st won by WP, was a Rugby competition for black players, made by Cecil John Rhodes in 1989
Lonmin - a legacy of robber barons and Cecil John Rhodes? - via
Cecil John Rhodes went to Baliol College there.Say no more !
Cecil John Rhodes: 'the more of the world we inhabit the better'. This was not purposely to help these countries out.
dey were taken there by Cecil John Rhodes during colonial times.
Tony Abbott in his public life embodies so many of the attributes of his one-time benefactor, Cecil John Rhodes .
Cecil Rhodes & De Beers: Genocide Diamonds Cecil Rhodes: A Bad Man in Africa THE EVIL THAT MEN DO LIVES AFTER THEM – AND RARELY MORE MISERABLY THAN IN THE CASE OF Cecil Rhodes, WHO DIED 100 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH. By Matthew Sweet North of the Zambezi, they have long known about the suppression of free speech, about the bloody redistribution of land along racial lines, about politicians happy to employ armed – and sometimes uniformed – mobs to kill their opponents. They are practices imported to this region, along with the railways, by the British. Unlike the African press, the Western media rarely invoke the name of Cecil John Rhodes: nearly a century after his death – on 26 March 1902 – his name is more associated with Oxford Scholarships than with murder. It’s easier to focus on the region’s more recent, less Anglo white supremacists: Ian Smith, for instance, who – despite his Scottish background – seems cut from the same stuff as those Afrikaner politicians who nurtured and maintained ...
the McGregor Museum in was Cecil John Rhodes’ headquarters during the Siege of Kimberley?
Naked stealing of diamonds!!! Cecil John Rhodes was one of yours!
Spent my afternoon at Cecil John Rhodes house in Muizenberg. Pitty that no one is looking after our great historical sites anymore..
remember Cecil John Rhodes and the Afrikaaner Bond, they were politicians!!! And look at where they got us.
A small project movie about the history of Cecil John Rhodes I do not own the rights to the music played in this video.
Just wondering why they left Cecil John Rhodes out of the ?
Saw Cecil John Rhodes' grave today in Bulawayo-Zimbabwe .. Pretty cool place!
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer started Anglo American in 1917 and De Beers together with Cecil John Rhodes in 1920, he died in 1954 & passed his legacy to his son Harry who died in 2000 and passed the legacy on to his son/grandson Nicky who's still alive & his son/great grandson Jonathan is actively involved in the family business. The Oppenheimer's recently sold their 40% De Beers stake to Anglo American for $5 billion.
Please say hi to Glen at Shearwater Adventures who spends holidays in Fish Hoek. The link btwn us is Cecil John Rhodes.
Dear white people, slaughter a buffalo or something for Jan van Riebeeck or Cecil John Rhodes, this weather will end relationships.
It's Cecil John Rhodes! In the room named after him at the Rand club.
On 1 September 1870, Cecil John Rhodes first set foot on African soil. When Rhodes first arrived in South Africa, he lived on money lent to him by his aunt Sophia. As the land in Natal was unsuited to growing cotton, he only remained in Natal until October 1871, when he moved to the diamond fields just opening up in Kimberley. Financed by Nathan Mayer Rothschild & Sons, over the next 17 years, Rhodes succeeded in buying up all the smaller diamond mining operations in the Kimberley area. He started De Beers in 1880, and fonded Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd in 1887. His monopoly of the world’s diamond supply was sealed in 1889 through a strategic partnership with the London-based Diamond Syndicate. They agreed to control the world’s diamond supply to maintain high prices. To this very day, they burn diamonds in Kimberley if too many are found, as this would lower the price of diamonds. In fact, artificial scarcity of diamonds are maintained in order to keep their prices high. The agreement so ...
Thembani Dube: What are the key reasons for seeking the restoration of a Mthwakazi state at this point in time? Paul Siwela: Mthwakazi nation is motivated by the following reasons to seek to break away from Zimbabwe and re-establish her Republic. Mthwakazi people in their diversity were independent and sovereign state and recognized by other nations that include Britain under Queen Victoria and concluded some treaties but later illegally invaded us, Transvaal under Paul Kruger, Barotseland under Lewanika, Botswana under Khama Germany. Mashonalnd albeit without having some recognized authority thus prompting King Lobengula to exercise some suzerainty over the territory just to mention a few. Mthwakazi lost her sovereignty through unprovoked aggression from the British imperialist forces under the command and direction of Cecil John Rhodes who later amalgamated our country with Mashonaland ,the latter day Zimbabwe without our consent and thus up to day we are bound by some colonial decision which must be ...
King Leopold II’s hidden genocide Written by Patriot Reporter NO doubt, we know a lot about Cecil John Rhodes’s reign of exploitation and plunder in Rhodesia. We also know that his desire to conquer our land went as far as claiming our own spiritual shrine at Matopos as his burial site. Rhodes was British. He was a rogue, and a greedy colonialist. What most of us do not know, is that the evils of Cecil John Rhodes in Africa did not reach the extent shown during the bloody and ruthless reign of King Leopold II of Belgium in the Democratic Republic of Congo, when it was still The Congo. It is most surprising that the deaths of over 10 million Congolese people during King Leopold’s reign of terror is hardly mentioned when the world speaks of genocide in some books on African history. Unless we dig deep into the history of Africa’s past, we will never know. The small country of Belgium is the subject of this column and the role played by the notorious King Leopold II who lived between 1835 and 1909. K ...
05/07/1853-Englishman Cecil John Rhodes is born.He founded De Beers to steal our wealth,colonized Zim&declared Anglo-Saxon as the first race
Studying the rise and fall of Empires and I happen to come across a documentary on Queen Victoria's epoch. Came across this persona- Cecil John Rhodes. He did such terrible things. Yet, some people admire him for THIS speech. People like Romney probably and Cheney. I would say Bush but I was taught to be nice to retards. "I have considered the existence of God and decided that there is a fifty fifty chance that God exist. Therefore, I propose to give Him the benefit of the doubt. Now, what would this God want for the world? He would want it well run. I have viewed the peoples of the world and have come to the conclusion that the English speaking race is the highest ideals of Justice, Liberty and Peace. Therefore, I shall devote the rest of my life to God's purpose and make the world English. I shall work for the furtherance of the British Empire, the bringing of the whole civilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States of America, for the making of the Anglo Saxon world into One ...
By the age of 35 Cecil John Rhodes was a billionaire (in today's terms)
Obelisk symbol of masculinity? Now I understand why there was none for paedophile Cecil John Rhodes?   10% Off e then time...Cecil John Rhodes was seen as Africas greatest industrialist...but u knw wat h said on his death bed? "e time has *** .yet so little done".-wat en gives u e idea tht u have done enuf already?? trust mi...u havnt evn started..:)
that is your opinion. I would say the same thing of Cecil John Rhodes and the guys who invented racism. But you don't see that
my culture centre project @ Cecil John Rhodes Sch is movin lyke hey.Thanx to my builders.Invite yo ideas gud pple particulary outside the hut.
Cecil John Rhodes bought that land in the 1800s if what I remember is correct
Mxim. Cape Town iyaphapha! You don't even know... But then again we still honour Cecil John Rhodes, so...
Talking about taking down art, can we take down the statue of Cecil John Rhodes in the Gardens & put up one of a prawn from District 9?
The Boere war our History. Paul Kruger, Cecil John Rhodes etc. That's what they teach. Well wat I learnt.
Rhodes Scholarship = Cecil John Rhodes; the *** pedophile Euro-imperialist who slaughtered 50+ mil ppl n the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
Dr Sekai nzenza alleges "This search for a spiritual sense of identity is not new. When the first missionaries arrived at Munhumutapa’s Kingdom in 1650, our ancestors feared the loss of culture so they stayed away from the Portuguese missionaries and their Christian religion. Naked children, bare breasted women with short leather skirts and men with loin cloths stood there, looking at the strange exotic white people with amusement. Gospel seeds of salvation fell on dry foot paths, rocks and thorny trees. Munhumutapa was hesitant to accept a foreign white God intend on imposing an alien Western culture while changing the spiritual identity of his people. He told the missionaries that we worshiped God through the Mwari religion. Outside God and the ancestors, there was no other God and no other religion or culture to define us. The Portuguese missionaries hardly converted anyone. Clutching their Bibles in despair, they left Munhumutapa’s kingdom, totally convinced that Africans will never see the light ...
I think Cecil John Rhodes has been secretly taking credit for that buff body on the horse for years.
You say u know Stalin, u know Lenin, u know Hitler, u know Cecil john Rhodes, u say u knows Mussolini, bt u dont know HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I the first. wow whatating. 'He came unto his own bt his own knew him not'. first we must learn to educate ourselfs 'Israel' and stop let this bombaklaat whiteman teach us there reptilian history. colourd people WAKE UP
What do Protea repens and Cecil John Rhodes have to do with eachother? Click to find out ... via
DYK: In 1899, Cecil John Rhodes bought Blaauwklippen one day, removed the building's old wood shutters and sold it the same afternoon!
Everyone knows Cecil John Rhodes; I bet you never heard of William T Stead. He introduced the "interview" into journalism (1884)
Excerpt from And now it Rains...My Zimbabwe through my eyes. There is a land somewhere in Africa where hope was lost due to the greed of a few individuals. A people's hope for a better future was decimated by their selfish want. Want that was a result of a historic injustice perpertrated by others of another race. That injustice was to be later referred to as imperialism. But in reality that injustice is nothing short of pure greed. Greed for wealth and power that has seen humanity repeat its own slefish mistakes . It is said somewhere in the dark vaults of history that when Cecil John Rhodes came to Africa he came with ambition in his heart. That may be so but reality dictates otherwise. Reality simply tells us that he came with greed and as is such that greed is seen through the blood the bath that was to taint Africa . The lives of so many lost due to greed . Some died fighting for a small piece of land that they could call their own and others died for more than that. Others just simply fought becau ...
Cecil John Rhodes legacy had better watch out - here comes Hannah
Who is this Lord Kitchener? Was he connected to Cecil John Rhodes?
TODAY IN 1907 - Fydell Edmund Garrett (41), newspaper editor, member of parliament and friend of Cecil John Rhodes, dies in Devon, England.
Cecil John Rhodes in Matobo hills national park @ world's view point
delicious discussions as usual, some time I wish I could share all I know! then western sisters and bros would clearly see how easy the truth Is interlaced within Afro languages, customs. ergo the reasons to borders In Afika! the wealth if knowledge would cripple the system in less than 3yrs! Globally! reversing the poison. Cecil John Rhodes, & many like him saw this, went back to europe. came back, and strategically found way of eliminating the threat. by murdering upto 5000 ppl in one evening GOD BLESS THE QUEEN! they continues to destroy us with a new weapon, EDUTAINMENT(?t)
"I prefer Land to *** - Cecil John Rhodes | He, by the way, laid the foundations for apartheid | The Afrikaaners merely legalised it
The lord is loving and merciful,slow to become angry and full of constant love .he is good to everyone and has compassion on all he made. My boss spoil me with fish and chips tday l can enj my self how lucky l am i to be born a british cecil john rhodes )
Yes, she's very special too…and I believe she's actually related to Cecil John Rhodes!
MOSTAJAPCCIA-Patriotic Zimbabweans should exhume the bones of that notorious British homosexual and clown Cecil John Rhodes from our sacred Matopos shrine and send them packing to West Minister Abbey. Mhepo dzengochani iyi ngadzidzorerwe kuBritain nyika yengochani dzisati dzakanganisa tsika nehunhu hwevanhu vatema .
Cecil John Rhodes was a *** so who else brought homosexuality and sodomites here? We will defend our ways from such indignation.
Tracing e history of former Colonialists..grave of Cecil John Rhodes..we are here guyz,
read up on Cecil John Rhodes' role in the prophecy issue.You could find Credo Mutwa's naration interesting as well.
oh wow... There is actually a Cecil John Rhodes on twiiter? My bad :(
without me, you would have missed the anniversary of Cecil John Rhodes' death!
"I think that we all think that poverty is better under our own flag than wealth under a foreign one" Cecil John Rhodes
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I favorited a video The history of Cecil John Rhodes
What can the people of Mthwakazi learn from their enemies ? What strategies of conquest can we glean from Cecil John Rhodes and his conquest of King Lobengula ? What can we learn from How Robert Mugabe dealt with Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU ?We can only secure future political victories by understanding our past defeats.For now there is too little that our friends can teach us, and its a lot we can learn from our enemies !
"We must create a system of despotism with the barbarians of South Africa" -Cecil John Rhodes 1887
"We must treat natives as children and deny them any right or privlage." -Cecil John Rhodes 1887
Loud applause in response to plea to remove statue of Cecil John Rhodes from campus. (not holding my breath on that one)
1893 The British South African Company,led by Cecil John Rhodes occupied the region and called the territory Rhodesia
-- Hi Erik! Try the biography of Cecil John Rhodes by Brian Roberts, published in 1987.
Cecil John Rhodes was not a nice man and that monstrous monument on Table Mountain is so typically British arrogant
You should have a similar passion against the Cecil John Rhodes monument in Cape Town: he started apartheid with Xhosas.
Had forgotten that dude Cecil John Rhodes bet most things in sourthen Africa are still named after him
'Empire' on BBC 1. What a loathsome man Cecil John Rhodes was.
TODAY IN 1902 - Cecil John Rhodes (48), diamond magnate and premier of the Cape Colony, dies in Muizenberg. (Burne: Chronicle of the World;
On this day: British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes dies in Cape Town at the age of 48.
Bulawayo24 NEWS | Cecil John Rhodes was a 'thief' and *** says Shamu
Girls at Zimbabwe school 'attacked by goblins' -
Stellenbosch, Wine Capital of the Norway of the South
Diamonds aren't forever - the Oppenheimers cash out By RICHARD POPLAK (
The Architect of Murder (Mcgregor, Rafe): Major Alec Marshall VC, newly back in London, is enlisted to make inqu...
Rhodes in Modern Times (3rdguides): Cecil Torr's 19th-century studies of Rhodes, in the Greek Dodecanese, off the...
Jan Smuts and His International Contemporaries: Many biographies have been written of Jan Smuts but none have a...
Rhodesia: This is the first complete history of Rhodesia, the country founded by Empire Builder, Cecil John Rho...
A Tropical Dependency: An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Sudan With an Account of the Modern Se...
Zimbabwe's call to exhume and remove Cecil John Rhodes' body from its soil.
A bird on the head of Cecil John Rhodes
reading about Cecil Rhodes of Rhodes Scholar fame... good to know stuff about famous names --
To Learn More! There is no point in worrying about the erosion of personal freedom that is the reality of our present era if we can do nothing about it. They say that knowledge is power, but that is one of the greatest myths of all history. Knowledge without action is useless and leads only to apathy and despair. So the question is: what type of action can reverse this trend? Writing letters and signing petitions to the same people who have created the problem is not going to do it. Voting for candidates selected by power brokers with hidden agendas will not do it either. There have been many proposals to reverse the tide of totalitarianism but, after decades of effort, none of them have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin, Founder of Freedom Force, tells us why; and the reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a pro-active counter-force falls quickly into place. This is the missing piece of the puzzle, the ultimate solution we have been seeking ...
Jones is employed by an organization called "Genesis Communication Network".. There are several companies with the same name, ALWAYS using "Genesis" incorporated in it. Genesis is owned by Adnon Kashoggi.. Jones denies this but makes reference to him... Kashoggi is a member of the Buildeburg Group and a terrorist. Here's the piece where Jones pretends not to know him. At 5:10 Jones denies knowing Khashoggi Naomi Wolf has direct ties to Cecil John "Rhodes" She is a sister (A Rhoads Scholar, of the brotherhood/sisterhood) of Bill Clinton, and they are ALL connected... They all belong to certain fraternities which lead into other "secret societies" Phi Beta Kappa, etc.. Naomi Wolf -Yale New College -1985 -American author and feminist social critic Cecil John Rhodes is an illuminati member and a Free mason. Naomi was taught under the belief system he created, which were secret societies. She is a Zionist like Alex Jones is. She is a "globalist" and has a purpose, just like Alex Jones and all the rest. The tru ...
The British South Africa Company was the brainchild of Cecil John Rhodes, whose grand ambition was to build a railway line the length of Africa, f..., John Welford
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