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Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes PC, DCL (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was an English-born South African businessman, mining magnate, and politician.

Cape Town South Africa Rhodes Memorial Cape Colony Oriel College Paul Kruger British South Africa Company David Livingstone Southern Africa Oxford University Rhodes Scholarship Dali Mpofu

Makes no sense. Most of them are dead and the money is long gone. Rather catch the on…
We've always known that my great-grandfather was a convicted bigamist but was he a trigamist..?
I feel like we're forgetting the elephant in the room, who Cecil John Rhodes was--and that even in 2017 a scholarsh…
cecil rhodes was a racist thief & a genocidal imperialist who shouldnt be honored. I dont blame Black folks who acce…
People really gettin ready to toss around the word "evil" like John C. Calhoun and Cecil Rhodes were never a thing. smh
Last thing one needs is racist views of western 'leftists', in defence of th…
How do you feel about the continued use of Cecil John Rhodes’ name for this award given his record in Southern Africa?
Why encourage to leave when we can arrest them and charge with some of the biggest crimes against the peopl…
There has not been in sub saharan africa north of South Africa a great leader…
When he was vice-chancellor of University of Cape Town could not touch the Cecil John Rhodes statue.But he is talki…
Cecil John Rhodes once woke up his friend Star Jameson and said to him : "Do you know how lucky we are to be born British?".…
Just sat next to the most disgusting man. Cecil John Rhodes digging for diamonds in his nose then flicking the proceed…
A paragraph from Dr on Cecil John Rhodes (from her new book out now 'Dreams, Betrayal and Hope'):
Rhodes, The Life & Legend of Cecil John Rhodes. Brilliant doccie series, I wish more of you could watch it.
He must go cry to Cecil John Rhodes in his grave
Wasn't a Trans Africa train route one of Cecil John Rhodes' colonialist goals?
Colonialism wasn't all that bad, if it wasn't for Cecil John Rhodes, there wouldn't be a Rhodes Scholarship
Someone put a protest poster in Cecil John Rhodes' hand in the Company's Garden.
Today,1897- Cecil John Rhodes gives evidence before the South African Committee of the House of Commons on the Jame…
Of all the Capitalists and Colonisers who have set their foot in Africa takes the cup. Cecil John got nothing on this guy!
If only cecil John Rhodes would wake up and continue his Cape to Cairo dream .Africa would be far by now ,coz...
His time is coming. Cecil John Rhodes' legacy also met its maker just recently.
The hills have some irresistible allure. Cecil John Rhodes and Mwali both chose these magnificent hills
Rhodes statue defaced in mining protest: Mining activists defaced Cecil John Rhodes's statue in the Company's…
Plus, anyone forgetting Bill's award from racist Cecil John Rhodes who felt whites were the first race in the world?
lead demonstrations against mining companies at the Cecil John Rhodes statue
Anglo-American is the biggest beneficiary of colonial plunder throughout Southern Africa unleashed by Cecil John Rhodes.
which was the brainchild of Cecil John Rhodes, the pioneer of the 1894 Glen Grey Act
That day Cecil John Rhodes was properly branded.
Sonke Gender Justice held a demonstration at the Cecil John Rhodes statue in the Company Gardens in Cape Town this…
Sipho Pityana the Askari of the Oppenheimers, by "I prefer land to *** -Cecil John Rhodes
At the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the earliest architect of the migrant labour system
Pityana is correctly a proud and articulate Askari of the Oppeheimer family and a defender of the Cecil John Rhodes legacy
Can anyone recommend a good biography of Cecil John Rhodes. Visited the house where he died today.
poor brainwashed dope. Apartheid is your final word. Mine is "British invention by Cecil John Rhodes"
Did you know that Cecil John Rhodes spent his last days in a small thatched cottage in St James?…
Sitting next to Cecil John Rhodes when he came upon his first diamond...
Mugabe birthday bash moved to Cecil John Rhodes' school - Bulawayo24 News (press release) (blog)
Mugabe’s b'day bash moved to the Rhodes Estate Prep School named after Cecil John Rhodes, who spearheaded Zim's colonization. The Irony!
Mugabe’s birthday bash to be held in park where British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes…
Cecil John Rhodes would be happy his legacy lives on
A transcription of Cecil John Rhodes’ Speech of the Glen Grey Act to the Cape House Parliament on July 30 1894.
"This was designed to force blacks from agriculture into an army of cheap labour..." ~ John Pilger
" Englishman, Cecil John Rhodes, oversaw the Glen Grey Act in what was then the Cape Colony."
Memorial to Cecil John Rhodes dedicated July 5, 1912. That context is important.-Parker. Reminds me of mausolea in WoodlawnNYC
Cecil John Rhodes' statue taken as the intransigence of political power - Parker
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2015 human waste thrown at Cecil John Rhodes' statue in protest - Parker
On the 6 January 1896 Cecil John Rhodes, prime minister of the Cape Colony, was forced to resign for his involvemen…
Today,1896- Cecil John Rhodes is forced to resign as prime minister of the Cape, because of his involvement in the…
No but guys, Cecil John Rhodes is still not worthy of being buried in African soil. Makahambe.
please don't rape black African women in a bid to civilise them like Cecil John Rhodes did. ***
5. That he had an orgy with Cecil John Rhodes and white monopoly capital.
A documented reality is the American Protest against Cecil John Rhodes take over of Lobengula's Kingdom, another group, my group, liberty
This must have been meant to be an invitation to the brothers of Cecil John Rhodes.
People dont understnd what Cecil John Rhodes did to blacks and he is one of the co-founder of this humongous instit…
The plinth where UCT's statue of Cecil John Rhodes used to stand before it was removed last year und the…
Max Price must be taking orders from the ghost of Cecil John Rhodes
Am I proud to be associated with the standard? Yes, but it is still named after Cecil John Rhodes
When I started working at UCT I had amazing skin. But the spirit of Cecil John Rhodes is relentless and has caused me to age.
British imperialists don't fear bloodshed. Following the footsteps of Cecil John Rhodes.
The Life and Times of the Right Honourable Cecil John Rhodes 1853-1902 by Mic...
Go on a guided tour of Cecil John Rhodes' house followed by lunch and delicious wines.
The Shona word for star is the Most beautiful word got it - Cecil John Rhodes
Why Cecil John was an enemy of not only the natives of South Africa, but also to the
Cecil john rhodes agenda of the new world order... education was/still is the k...
Cecil John Rhodes agenda of the new world order... EDUCATION is THE KEY to their STRATEGY.
Cecil John Rhodes Prime Minister of the Cape Colony in the18th century. Helen Zille WC leader in the 20th century. 😉
Mi Casa paying their respect at the grave-site of Cecil John Rhodes. Yes, that Cecil John Rhodes.
This was literally Cecil John Rhodes' idea. He forced the country to put a university there.
Cecil John Rhodes statue will rise again and a street will be named after Penny Sparrow
says: "Boerassic Park at Evita se Perron in Darling is ready and waiting for Cecil John Rhodes."
Cecil John Rhodes was just as bad as hitler if not worse and has a nation scholarship named hater him
😂😂😂 bathing with tubs that have been used by Cecil John Rhodes lol
This is because of the distraction away from peasant agriculture in SA since the days of Cecil John Rhodes
Cecil John Rhodes is the father of apartheid, not the whites. British supremacy he claimed is a royal ticket 4evil
School history will make u think the like of Cecil John Rhodes n his folks were good people.Glad I never stopped reading books after matric.
Hilter was White. Cecil John Rhodes was White. Verwoerd was White. Stalin was White . I could go on & on, all evil men in history were White
Cecil John Rhodes traded one thousand sacks of corn for a telegraph wire from Cape Town to Cairo.
is like the chief who sold to Cecil John Rhodes.
July 27, 1894: "We do not teach them the dignity of labour, and they simple loaf about in sloth and laziness." Cecil John Rhodes
Cecil John Rhodes, the architect of the Glen Grey Act and the source of legislated land dispossession in Mzansi.
Today,1899-Jan van Riebeeck's statue, presented by Cecil John Rhodes, unveiled in Cape Town. Irony on so many levels
It is a myth: Cecil John Rhodes did not introduce tahrs to Table Mountain.
Africa is still ready for us- we must take it -Cecil John Rhodes. This capture happens even now in Africa and in our movement.
Stolen Land, Stolen Pride Dr Zethu Matebeni. Addressing the complex histories of colonialism in SA. Cecil John Rhodes was a crude racist.
No fascism is more insufferable than that of the evil Cecil John Rhodes. Accomplished thug
Cecil John Rhodes's conquest, David Livingston's mission and the British... via
It was a very pushy and and totally unscrupulous Princess Lee Radziwill, who hounded Cecil John Rhodes to an...
The white media never criticised the apartheid government. What do they say about Paul Kruger about Cecil John Rhodes about Botha abt Dklek
"I prefer land to *** , said the then Prine Minister of the Cape Cecil John Rhodes.
"Sir Cecil John Rhodes: The makwerekwere with a missionary zeal", the BIEA Annual Lectyre by Francis Nyamnjoh Apr 8
the two tribes have been in co-operation since Cecil John Rhodes some practices are shared as a result
And the thing is even we believe "ndezve/ndekwe varungu". Anyway I urge Saffas and Zimbos to read this
And if that's not enough, will also feature by talking about Cecil John Rhodes
on 1902 Cecil John Rhodes, English-South African colonialist, businessman and politician, 6th Prime Minister of the Cape ..
Cecil John Rhodes died on the 26th March 1902.
Mar 26, 1902: Cecil John Rhodes, diamond magnate and premier of the Cape Colony, Kicks The Bucket in Muizenberg.
26 March 1902 - Cecil John a businessman and politician in South Africa dies. He served as...
Cecil John Rhodes was a British businessman, mining magnate and politician in South Africa, who served as Prime...
Whilst South Africa kills of the legacy of Cecil John Rhodes, Zimbabwe sells off the family silver...
The History, and Controversy, Behind the Rhodes Scholarship: What Cecil John Rhodes actually said in his will ...
" What happened to the millions of Africans who were murdered under Cecil John Rhodes in South Africa?"
My my... how ever will defend Lord Patten over this? Some humble pie needs to be eaten
Students at Oxford University in the UK, have voted to remove the statue of Cecil John Rhodes,...
Schreiner's novel was an attack on Rhodes which she puts into context in this letter
He was a total nutcase.The cast of characters around his scholarship are colourful to say the least:
Oxford benefited financially from alumnus Cecil John Return the money to
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1940 SOUTHERN RHODESIA - CECIL JOHN RHODES (1½)
Britain is in denial about Cecil John Rhodes
John Foot on Rhodes debate: 'The statue should come down, and the sooner the better. But the debate should go on.'
Excerpts from Rhodes' will: Scholarships for single, white males.
'an ardent white supremacist' Rhodes and his will about who should get scholarships via
Walk down Oxford’s bustling High Street and it’s easy to miss the statue of Cecil John Rhodes that adorns the historic facade of Oriel
I see I’ve been passed over in the New Year’s Honours list…..again. But so was Cecil John Rhodes.
5. 2015 moment reminiscent of overthrowing apartheid: Removal of Cecil John Rhodes statue from UCT orchestrated by students
Oxford statue of Cecil John Rhodes: Row stirs ghosts of British colonialism. via
Heritage group joins heated debate over statue of Cecil John Rhodes at Oxford University. via
: ‘Crossing historical divides’ December 30, 2015 at 03:08PM . Cecil John Rhodes was the sickly, poorly …
Messages from past guests, Cecil John Rhodes, Rudyard Kipling and Olive Schreiner to ring in the
"black Africans are despicable specimens of human beings " Cecil John Rhodes
Oh, good! A Rhodes Scholar and wanting Rhodes' statue taken down; what would Cecil John Rhodes make of that, I wonder! SMH
White people get so touched when we speak on Hitler, but when we speak on King Leopold and Cecil John Rhodes want us to fo…
Rhodes legacy: Scholarships’ significant impact: Cecil John Rhodes was the sickly, poorly educated and otherwise…
The F.W de Klerk Foundation has criticised a campaign to remove a statue of Cecil John Rhodes at Oxford University’s Oriel …
Incorrect speech, the Klu Klux Klan and Cecil John Rhodes - by yours truly.
The Rhodes Scholarship, named for Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for ...
While the youth worries about Cecil John Rhodes and De Klerk, I'm wondering how we can eradicate slavery in its new forms.
I need to educate myself on the life and times of Cecil John Rhodes according to non-apologetic African standards.
Never thought I'd see an Afrikaner defend a British imperialist like Cecil John Rhodes. De Klerk forgot the so-called Anglo-Boer War?
Cecil John Rhodes' thatched house is on the hill at around our walk's halfway point.
From this building, the city of Cairo was measured to be 3500miles away. Cecil John Rhodes wanted to…
Cecil John Rhodes was a British imperialist, and politician in South Africa,An ardent believer in British colonialism.
A sort of, who do you think you are now? Cecil John Rhodes!
“When you encounter the statue of Cecil John Rhodes in CTdoes it make your stomach churn?” -
Was At Rhodes Memorial last night.. I noticed that someone removed the nose of Cecil John Rhodes's statue.. What happiness did that gain?
Rothschilds, Cecil John Rhodes, Oppenheimers etc are the Jews behind the theft of our valuable minerals.
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The nose of the bust being cut off and graffiti accusing Cecil John Rhodes of being a racist.…
: Pse buy "NOSEWEEK" magazine today to read research on Investec Bank & Cecil John Rhodes. Important history not yet published.
please see if you can get a few bottles of Cecil John Rhodes please.
Since Chumani Maxwele threw human faeces onto the statue of Cecil John Rhodes at the University of Cape Town in...
The Boks have not fallen. That's just too negative. Cecil John Rhodes fell, we shall never see him again. With the Boks, it's different.
UCT and RU are partly owned by trusts created by the like of Cecil John Rhodes right?
It's a reminder that the university currently named after Cecil John Rhodes must soon have a name change.
Meanwhile Cecil John Rhodes is chilling in Njelele. Antagonising our ancestors . He must be celebrating. .
"So when Cecil John Rhodes died, did he die with his proceeds gained from colonialism?"
Founded by *** empire builder Cecil John Rhodes in 1887, Rand Club closes down.
Cut off your nose to spite your face. at Rhodes Memorial @ Cecil John Rhodes Memorial
Japan now has record of beating both Cecil John Rhodes colonial countries 😂😂😂😂
White girl being interviewed says she is so hurt because Cecil John Rhodes forms part of her heritage and vandalism is so deeply sad.
Cecil John Rhodes statue's nose removed as vandalism at memorial & graffiti next to statue.
The Cecil John Rhodes statue at Rhodes Memorial has been literally...defaced.
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Sept 19, 1877: Cecil John makes his will, leaves possessions to the British secretary for colonies - extension of the British Empire
Imperialist Cecil John Rhodes has literally been snubbed in an ongoing campaign for transformation. The nose of...
Who nose what happened to Rhodes?: The nose from a statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes at the Rhodes Memorial
Cecil John Rhodes loses his nose: The nose of the statue Rhodes Memorial has been chipped, allegedly by a grou...
SANParks says a statue of Cecil John Rhodes has been vandalized at the Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town.
I'm worried! The Rand is falling harder than the Cecil John Rhodes monument!
is the product of deranged blackface Capetonians who neglected Cecil John Rhodes legacy. ***
At the statue of Cecil John Rhodes JUST got removed in 2015!
now that you mention the bench is waiting for you, I have always suspected you're Cecil John Rhodes reincarnated
it's clear that if one does not challenge status quo generations to come would have to accept Cecil John Rhodes legacy
Cecil John Rhodes was an amazing Leader, we all need to lead by his example
It's tough and rough out there we stealing statues now... i suspect Cecil John Rhodes sympathisers
" I prefer land than *** , Cecil John Rhodes. watch this video.
Changing of the gods of reason: Cecil John Rhodes, Karoo fracking & decolonising of the - Lesley Green.
Cecil John Rhodes must have slept in one of these the night b4 he decided to venture into Africa..anger pushed him
Whats the point of removing the Cecil John Rhodes statue
Cecil, the lion's name, 'reminds many Zimbabweans of the imperialist Cecil John Rhodes'
Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, son of EFF national chairman Dali Mpofu wants to see the fall of Cecil John Rhodes statue at Oriel College i…
someone suggested Cecil John Rhodes which would be slightly sinister if that's the case
No one has said anything about this lion being named after Cecil John Rhodes though.
Cecil John Rhodes killed law of the jungle! Get back to work, or sleep, whatever it is you do.
I wonder if Cecil The Lion was named after Cecil John Rhodes
With a name like Cecil, derived from Cecil John Rhodes, what did you guys expect...
I understood what you were saying about Bill Cosby and the comparison to Marvin Gaye, but compare him to Cecil John Rhodes.
LMAO.. Blackfeet sounds like some explorer who came before Cecil John Rhodes :"D
A group of students at Oriel College in London are calling for the removal of a Cecil John Rhodes statue:
Discussing Cecil John Rhodes in class... So much ignorance!
Now Cecil John Rhodes is even falling in his own native country of Britain?
Oxford call for banishing of Rhodes Even in the land of his birth Cecil John Rhodes' statue is not safe - student…
Cecil John Rhodes's statue is gone from UCT. I'm afraid, Shaka's statue' Zulu' in Stanger, is going too. Africa
University in follows Rhodes Uni's movement to remove statue of Cecil John Rhodes
At an Albie Sachs talk on the topic "Getting the last laugh with Cecil John Rhodes" ukuphi?Hayi kuzoshuba
Activist Albie Sachs 2 give talk on Getting the Laugh on Cecil John Rhodes at as part of talks
Above the gate entrace to Hre Gardens opp Girls High School, is an arch boldly enscribed In Memory of Cecil John Rhodes.
Wat is left with us is this Cecil John Rhodes mentality of worshipping white skin. Black's can do also.
The time has come to bring attention to the Cecil John Rhodes legacy at RU. The name that remains because of Brand Value
you can thank Cecil John Rhodes for that idea
05 July 1853 - Cecil John Rhodes would have celebrated a birthday today. Light a candle here:
Anyway, all I have to say about my deportation is that Cecil John Rhodes won. He rules over us still from his grave.
Jul 5, 1853: Cecil John Imperial Master, founder of De Beers, SA statesman after whom Rhodesia was named, is born in England
On a July 5, 1853, Cecil John was born in England. His ideas formed the foundation for
eg compromise. Similar issues re the very Cecil John Rhodes
The difference btw Idi Amin Dada n Cecil John Rhodes is their skin color n the skin color of those they killed
" Cecil John Rhodes made a huge contribution to Southern Africa as well as settling the Matabele/Shona wars."
When the voiceover mentions Cecil John Rhodes' "male friends"
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hmmm, inevitable really. Cecil John Rhodes was a piece of work. How about University of Grahamstown or something?
The student who dumped faeces over the statue of Cecil John Rhodes allegedly said that all whites have to be killed.
While 1 doesn't expect much from an industry founded by such out & out thugs & thieves such as Cecil John Rhodes, 1 expe…
Today UCT by unanimous council vote will remove the statue of Cecil John Rhodes. I salute my alma mater for wisdom and co…
Yes very true. Many South Africans still treat people like they are living in Cecil John Rhodes's farm.
Cecil John Rhodes has Fallen!Mini-God of NUM Frans Baleni has fallen!!This are sign of more revolution victories to come!
"This movement has never just been Cecil John Rhodes" . Power to the People
Cecil John Rhodes is alive and well at Rhodes University. He exists in our corridors, infrastructure and hauntingly, in our curriculum.
I wonder what the difference is between the call Cecil John Rhodes made for his kin to help him colonize our...
The new Springbok shirt makes the springbok sign look like an irrelevant sponsor. Is the iconic bok falling like Cecil John Rhodes?
he hasn't technically fallen, but perhaps we just overlooked Cecil John Rhodes since he was dead!
It's a good story to tell. JZ is delivering millionaires faster than BBBEE. He's better than Cecil John Rhodes.
and when the other faction deals with their political principal the all fall like Cecil John Rhodes statue.
I'm looking at a woman who looks like Bruce jenner at GPH right dad looks like Cecil John Rhodes
Like the statue of Cecil John Rhodes it appears only found out about the Diaspora Development Programme quite recently.
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Spotted at the National Archives in Zimbabwe: statue of Cecil John Rhodes.
This is the same university that has a very prominent Cecil John Rhodes statue praising him...
and Personally I blame apartheid and Cecil John Rhodes.
Cecil John Rhodes statue to be removed from UCT
Want to know what Cecil John Rhodes was on about? Read his will here.
Government re-publishes 1910 will of Cecil John Rhodes | Politics | RDM via
Government republishes 1910 act including will of Cecil John Rhodes
History is very important to African tribes, as Cecil John Rhodes and Jan van Riebeeck can attest to.
When they refer to you as "my better half" you must know your time is limited. Cecil John Rhodes (1889 Cape Of Good Hope. cc Carl
Cecil John Rhodes the grand architect of segregation in South Africa. The black savage can never be civilized.
Everyday Africa on Mynstagram: “Crowds came out to see the statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed.
Yesterday I saw Cecil John Rhodes in Kimberley, riding a horse,is he not the same Cecil from That university.
Cecil John Rhodes raided Boer people to steal their gold mines - they also had stolen them from Africans. That's history.
Gerhard Papenfus explains about massacre of destroying the Cecil John Rhodes's statue. . he our nation faces a...
Edward said Rhodes and Cecil John Rhodes are different? WHAT?
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Hemani, what's this Edward guy saying?? "Cecil John Rhodes and Rhodes ... and the Eastern Cape ..." Huh?
Cecil John Rhodes never married, pleading "I have too much work on my hands" and saying that he would not be a dutiful husband
Cecil John Rhodes was of individualism. That's why he raided Transvaal & called your people Uitlanders.
cecil john Rhodes is laughing at us from his grave
And Cecil John Rhodes still has a statue in front of the Old library City Centre pointing 2wards West Coast! This guy is tiring though.
Chumani Maxwele, the original student who threw poo at Cecil John Rhodes' statue, has been suspended by UCT for other awfulness. Clot.
But posters of Cecil John Rhodes at RHODES University are vandalism, criminal and trial worthy behaviour. Niyanya.
...imperialist of the time, Cecil John Rhodes, recently deceased, even though he had had hardly any association with the eastern Cape during
Meanwhile we know what these "missionaries" did. We learn't about David Livingstone & Cecil John Rhodes but kearnt nothing of our culture
If it's not Jan van Riebeeck, it's Cecil John Rhodes; No it's the Whıtes, No it's Apartheid, No It's Afrikaans,...
the government cares about property rights but Cecil John Rhodes didn't.
Raftopoulos compares the influence of Cecil John Rhodes in Zimbabwe and South Africa
Make Cecil John Rhodes repay in death what he stole alive
Mathunjwa says when miners at Lonmin fought against the Cecil John Rhodes wage system, they were gunned down, like under apartheid.
Until you see Cecil John Rhodes or murungu round the corner as EQUAL instead of SPECIAL you my friend, are nothing but a field slave. Kaffir
Rhodes Memorial on the slopes of Devil's Peak - built on land once owned by Cecil John Rhodes - one…
Bob mused about Cecil John Rhodes in SA. Zilch on David Livingstone concrete in "Victoria Falls".
To me, the fact that our textbooks were full of Jan Van Riebeek and Cecil John Rhodes was an 'uncomfortable fact' detached from our people.
“I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake."Mark Twain re Cecil John Rhodes
Forgot to find a statue of Cecil John Rhodes to pee on when I was in Grahamstown mncm
His? RIP INGILISHI. Cecil John Rhodes does not deserve this mufunge
The statue of one of apartheid’s architects Cecil John Rhodes is bound by straps connected to a: The statue of...
No way! M2M came with old Cecil John Rhodes and his soft boys club!
also, did you guys get any news about the protests at colleges (or universities here) regarding Cecil John Rhodes this year?
The Life and Times of Mr Peter Buckton: Forty four years of walking past Cecil John Rhodes’ Statue
The man in the hat watching Rhodes Fall has an extraordinary story. (pic: Sakhela Buhlungu) http…
"I shall pass, which is all I wish to do." -Cecil John Rhodes
Toppling Cecil John Rhodes was one thing. Is it time to knock Shakespeare and Dickens off their perches?
that was the main idea behind the placement of the past oppressors' statues ( e.g Cecil John Rhodes), we know the outcome
On this day in 1889 Cecil John Rhodes applies for a Charter from United Kingdom to establish the British South Africa Company.
Head of sports of EFF getting crowd going, "away with Cecil John Rhodes, away!"
do you admire Cecil John Rhodes intelligence & leadership capacity as well?
What? Did they wish Miss Zimbabwe would look like a descendant of Cecil John Rhodes?
For the record, I think Cecil John Rhodes, Hitler and Verwoed are made of the same hateful stuff
Should we not all hate Verwoed, Cecil John Rhodes... Botha etc as much as we hate Hitler ?? I am about to ask
The sad irony of the Wits SRC Chair's Hitler comments is it is sort of like those comments people were making about Cecil John Rhodes
A statue of British colonizer Cecil John Rhodes became a subject of controversy in March, 2015, when…
Because Hitler killed Jews, we can't like him, but we can like and Cecil John Rhodes who exploited and killed Africans Dlamini
The grave of Cecil John Rhodes is nearby; San rock paintings at the Nswatugi Caves; interpretive museum at Pomongwe Caves
Do you know Cecil John Rhodes? Who should read up on his one world economic vision of the world. Goes far back.
Trust the sanctimonious Left & the entrepreneurs of racial identity politics to make Hitler fanboy's comments all about Cecil John Rhodes.
The defenders of Cecil John Rhodes are today showing flames to Mcebo? I guess evil has classifications. Kill blacks: Hero. Kill Jews: Devil.
When Some were praising Cecil John Rhodes even went as far as that he donated land,the land that he stole,I didn't see this outrage.
So, let me get this straight: We need to look at Hitler's good side, but Cecil John Rhodes is irredeemable?
How is he different from people who publicly admired Cecil John Rhodes? If suspended he must go straight to court
All purpose parts banner
There are crucial differences between Adolfo Hitler & Cecil John Rhodes that we all ignore at our peril
You what's tough? The fact that he is idolising Europe's version of Cecil John Rhodes. That is unpalatable to me.
Jan van Riebeeck and Cecil John Rhodes strike back - Zimbabwe hit by nationwide blackout
Breaking news. I found Cecil John Rhodes. He is in a witness protection program on the Thames.
- Diamonds are not valuable even Cecil John Rhodes knew this by forming de Beers cartel. Don't buy and the problem goes away.
Cecil John Rhodes So little done so much to do. :-D
oh I know! Its that bloody Cecil John Rhodes's fault!
I agree with Boet Hugh. Why do we want to have hair like Jan Van Riebeeck and Cecil John Rhodes?
Thank you Cecil John Rhodes/British Colonialists for bringing the game of cricket to this country
was originally named after Cecil John Rhodes "RhodeKill"
"12. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried? I know this 1 Mugabe told us on his visit *** Bulawayo
The fall of Cecil John Rhodes and the rise of Black power
There is no such thing as reverse racism there is just racism. The removal of Cecil John Rhodes Statue is a crime.
"Zimbabwe says it will block any attempts to have Cecil John Rhodes remains exhumed and repatriated to Britain
Zambia was colonised in the 1890s by the British South Africa Company (BSAC) under Cecil John Rhodes.
Ancestor Pule Mabe was there when Cecil John Rhodes despatched Jameson to present day Zimbabwe. Ugugile lowo!
Cecil John Rhodes and his Rothschild money have been conquered.
I guess Cecil John Rhodes has risen NOT fallen👀
World's View... - Is the burial site of Cecil John Rhodes. Luckily its not a steep climb, rather the...
Paul Kruger statue has been under police (Saps and TMPD)guard amid the fall of Cecil John Rhodes.
"Cecil John Rhodes is suing UCT for statue-tory rape" CRS April 10
Cecil John Rhodes would love for Africans to kill off each other. Divide and Conquer : Colonial Strategy. UNITE Africa!
On April 9th 2015 the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the coloniser, white supremecist and imperialist who laid the g… ht…
It is not right that the Cecil John Rhodes statue at the UCT has been taken down. That was his place, his University. .
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