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Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes PC, DCL (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was an English-born South African businessman, mining magnate, and politician.

Rhodes University Cape Town South Africa British South Africa Company Paul Kruger David Livingstone Southern Africa Dali Mpofu

A sort of, who do you think you are now? Cecil John Rhodes!
“When you encounter the statue of Cecil John Rhodes in CTdoes it make your stomach churn?” -
Was At Rhodes Memorial last night.. I noticed that someone removed the nose of Cecil John Rhodes's statue.. What happiness did that gain?
Rothschilds, Cecil John Rhodes, Oppenheimers etc are the Jews behind the theft of our valuable minerals.
The nose of the bust being cut off and graffiti accusing Cecil John Rhodes of being a racist.…
: Pse buy "NOSEWEEK" magazine today to read research on Investec Bank & Cecil John Rhodes. Important history not yet published.
please see if you can get a few bottles of Cecil John Rhodes please.
Since Chumani Maxwele threw human faeces onto the statue of Cecil John Rhodes at the University of Cape Town in...
The Boks have not fallen. That's just too negative. Cecil John Rhodes fell, we shall never see him again. With the Boks, it's different.
UCT and RU are partly owned by trusts created by the like of Cecil John Rhodes right?
It's a reminder that the university currently named after Cecil John Rhodes must soon have a name change.
Meanwhile Cecil John Rhodes is chilling in Njelele. Antagonising our ancestors . He must be celebrating. .
"So when Cecil John Rhodes died, did he die with his proceeds gained from colonialism?"
Founded by *** empire builder Cecil John Rhodes in 1887, Rand Club closes down.
Cut off your nose to spite your face. at Rhodes memorial @ Cecil John Rhodes memorial…
Japan now has record of beating both Cecil John Rhodes colonial countries 😂😂😂😂
White girl being interviewed says she is so hurt because Cecil John Rhodes forms part of her heritage and vandalism is so deeply sad.
Cecil John Rhodes statue's nose removed as vandalism at memorial & graffiti next to statue.
The Cecil John Rhodes statue at Rhodes Memorial has been literally...defaced.
Sept 19, 1877: Cecil John makes his will, leaves possessions to the British secretary for colonies - extension of the British Empire
Imperialist Cecil John Rhodes has literally been snubbed in an ongoing campaign for transformation. The nose of...
Who nose what happened to Rhodes?: The nose from a statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes at the Rhodes Memorial…
Cecil John Rhodes loses his nose: The nose of the statue Rhodes Memorial has been chipped, allegedly by a grou...
SANParks says a statue of Cecil John Rhodes has been vandalized at the Rhodes memorial in Cape Town.
I'm worried! The Rand is falling harder than the Cecil John Rhodes monument!
is the product of deranged blackface Capetonians who neglected Cecil John Rhodes legacy. ***
At the statue of Cecil John Rhodes JUST got removed in 2015!
now that you mention the bench is waiting for you, I have always suspected you're Cecil John Rhodes reincarnated
it's clear that if one does not challenge status quo generations to come would have to accept Cecil John Rhodes legacy
Cecil John Rhodes was an amazing Leader, we all need to lead by his example
It's tough and rough out there we stealing statues now... i suspect Cecil John Rhodes sympathisers
" I prefer land than *** , Cecil John Rhodes. watch this video.
Changing of the gods of reason: Cecil John Rhodes, Karoo fracking & decolonising of the - Lesley Green.
Cecil John Rhodes must have slept in one of these the night b4 he decided to venture into Africa..anger pushed him
Whats the point of removing the Cecil John Rhodes statue
Cecil, the lion's name, 'reminds many Zimbabweans of the imperialist Cecil John Rhodes'
Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, son of EFF national chairman Dali Mpofu wants to see the fall of Cecil John Rhodes statue at Oriel College i…
someone suggested Cecil John Rhodes which would be slightly sinister if that's the case
No one has said anything about this lion being named after Cecil John Rhodes though.
Cecil John Rhodes killed law of the jungle! Get back to work, or sleep, whatever it is you do.
I wonder if Cecil The Lion was named after Cecil John Rhodes
With a name like Cecil, derived from Cecil John Rhodes, what did you guys expect...
I understood what you were saying about Bill Cosby and the comparison to Marvin Gaye, but compare him to Cecil John Rhodes.
LMAO.. Blackfeet sounds like some explorer who came before Cecil John Rhodes :"D
A group of students at Oriel College in London are calling for the removal of a Cecil John Rhodes statue:
Discussing Cecil John Rhodes in class... So much ignorance!
Now Cecil John Rhodes is even falling in his own native country of Britain?
Oxford call for banishing of Rhodes Even in the land of his birth Cecil John Rhodes' statue is not safe - student…
Cecil John Rhodes's statue is gone from UCT. I'm afraid, Shaka's statue' Zulu' in Stanger, is going too. Africa
University in follows Rhodes Uni's movement to remove statue of Cecil John Rhodes
At an Albie Sachs talk on the topic "Getting the last laugh with Cecil John Rhodes" ukuphi?Hayi kuzoshuba
Activist Albie Sachs 2 give talk on Getting the Laugh on Cecil John Rhodes at as part of talks
Above the gate entrace to Hre Gardens opp Girls High School, is an arch boldly enscribed In Memory of Cecil John Rhodes.
Wat is left with us is this Cecil John Rhodes mentality of worshipping white skin. Black's can do also.
The time has come to bring attention to the Cecil John Rhodes legacy at RU. The name that remains because of Brand Value
you can thank Cecil John Rhodes for that idea
05 July 1853 - Cecil John Rhodes would have celebrated a birthday today. Light a candle here:
Anyway, all I have to say about my deportation is that Cecil John Rhodes won. He rules over us still from his grave.
Jul 5, 1853: Cecil John Imperial Master, founder of De Beers, SA statesman after whom Rhodesia was named, is born in England
On a July 5, 1853, Cecil John was born in England. His ideas formed the foundation for
eg compromise. Similar issues re the very Cecil John Rhodes
The difference btw Idi Amin Dada n Cecil John Rhodes is their skin color n the skin color of those they killed
" Cecil John Rhodes made a huge contribution to Southern Africa as well as settling the Matabele/Shona wars."
When the voiceover mentions Cecil John Rhodes' "male friends"
hmmm, inevitable really. Cecil John Rhodes was a piece of work. How about University of Grahamstown or something?
The student who dumped faeces over the statue of Cecil John Rhodes allegedly said that all whites have to be killed.
While 1 doesn't expect much from an industry founded by such out & out thugs & thieves such as Cecil John Rhodes, 1 expe…
Today UCT by unanimous council vote will remove the statue of Cecil John Rhodes. I salute my alma mater for wisdom and co…
Yes very true. Many South Africans still treat people like they are living in Cecil John Rhodes's farm.
Cecil John Rhodes has Fallen!Mini-God of NUM Frans Baleni has fallen!!This are sign of more revolution victories to come!
"This movement has never just been Cecil John Rhodes" . Power to the People
Cecil John Rhodes is alive and well at Rhodes University. He exists in our corridors, infrastructure and hauntingly, in our curriculum.
I wonder what the difference is between the call Cecil John Rhodes made for his kin to help him colonize our...
The new Springbok shirt makes the springbok sign look like an irrelevant sponsor. Is the iconic bok falling like Cecil John Rhodes?
he hasn't technically fallen, but perhaps we just overlooked Cecil John Rhodes since he was dead!
It's a good story to tell. JZ is delivering millionaires faster than BBBEE. He's better than Cecil John Rhodes.
and when the other faction deals with their political principal the all fall like Cecil John Rhodes statue.
I'm looking at a woman who looks like Bruce jenner at GPH right dad looks like Cecil John Rhodes
Like the statue of Cecil John Rhodes it appears only found out about the Diaspora Development Programme quite recently.
Spotted at the National Archives in Zimbabwe: statue of Cecil John Rhodes.
This is the same university that has a very prominent Cecil John Rhodes statue praising him...
and Personally I blame apartheid and Cecil John Rhodes.
Cecil John Rhodes statue to be removed from UCT
Want to know what Cecil John Rhodes was on about? Read his will here.
Government re-publishes 1910 will of Cecil John Rhodes | Politics | RDM via
Government republishes 1910 act including will of Cecil John Rhodes
History is very important to African tribes, as Cecil John Rhodes and Jan van Riebeeck can attest to.
When they refer to you as "my better half" you must know your time is limited. Cecil John Rhodes (1889 Cape Of Good Hope. cc Carl
Cecil John Rhodes the grand architect of segregation in South Africa. The black savage can never be civilized.
Everyday Africa on Mynstagram: “Crowds came out to see the statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed.
Yesterday I saw Cecil John Rhodes in Kimberley, riding a horse,is he not the same Cecil from That university.
Cecil John Rhodes raided Boer people to steal their gold mines - they also had stolen them from Africans. That's history.
Gerhard Papenfus explains about massacre of destroying the Cecil John Rhodes's statue. . he our nation faces a...
Edward said Rhodes and Cecil John Rhodes are different? WHAT?
Hemani, what's this Edward guy saying?? "Cecil John Rhodes and Rhodes ... and the Eastern Cape ..." Huh?
Cecil John Rhodes never married, pleading "I have too much work on my hands" and saying that he would not be a dutiful husband
Cecil John Rhodes was of individualism. That's why he raided Transvaal & called your people Uitlanders.
cecil john Rhodes is laughing at us from his grave
And Cecil John Rhodes still has a statue in front of the Old library City Centre pointing 2wards West Coast! This guy is tiring though.
Chumani Maxwele, the original student who threw poo at Cecil John Rhodes' statue, has been suspended by UCT for other awfulness. Clot.
But posters of Cecil John Rhodes at Rhodes University are vandalism, criminal and trial worthy behaviour. Niyanya.
...imperialist of the time, Cecil John Rhodes, recently deceased, even though he had had hardly any association with the eastern Cape during
Meanwhile we know what these "missionaries" did. We learn't about David Livingstone & Cecil John Rhodes but kearnt nothing of our culture
If it's not Jan van Riebeeck, it's Cecil John Rhodes; No it's the Whıtes, No it's Apartheid, No It's Afrikaans,...
the government cares about property rights but Cecil John Rhodes didn't.
Raftopoulos compares the influence of Cecil John Rhodes in Zimbabwe and South Africa
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Make Cecil John Rhodes repay in death what he stole alive
Mathunjwa says when miners at Lonmin fought against the Cecil John Rhodes wage system, they were gunned down, like under apartheid.
Until you see Cecil John Rhodes or murungu round the corner as EQUAL instead of SPECIAL you my friend, are nothing but a field slave. Kaffir
Rhodes Memorial on the slopes of Devil's Peak - built on land once owned by Cecil John Rhodes - one…
Bob mused about Cecil John Rhodes in SA. Zilch on David Livingstone concrete in "Victoria Falls".
To me, the fact that our textbooks were full of Jan Van Riebeek and Cecil John Rhodes was an 'uncomfortable fact' detached from our people.
“I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake."Mark Twain re Cecil John Rhodes
Forgot to find a statue of Cecil John Rhodes to pee on when I was in Grahamstown mncm
His? RIP INGILISHI. Cecil John Rhodes does not deserve this mufunge
The statue of one of apartheid’s architects Cecil John Rhodes is bound by straps connected to a: The statue of...
No way! M2M came with old Cecil John Rhodes and his soft boys club!
also, did you guys get any news about the protests at colleges (or universities here) regarding Cecil John Rhodes this year?
The Life and Times of Mr Peter Buckton: Forty four years of walking past Cecil John Rhodes’ Statue
The man in the hat watching Rhodes Fall has an extraordinary story. (pic: Sakhela Buhlungu) http…
"I shall pass, which is all I wish to do." -Cecil John Rhodes
Toppling Cecil John Rhodes was one thing. Is it time to knock Shakespeare and Dickens off their perches?
that was the main idea behind the placement of the past oppressors' statues ( e.g Cecil John Rhodes), we know the outcome
On this day in 1889 Cecil John Rhodes applies for a Charter from United Kingdom to establish the British South Africa Company.
Head of sports of EFF getting crowd going, "away with Cecil John Rhodes, away!"
do you admire Cecil John Rhodes intelligence & leadership capacity as well?
What? Did they wish Miss Zimbabwe would look like a descendant of Cecil John Rhodes?
For the record, I think Cecil John Rhodes, Hitler and Verwoed are made of the same hateful stuff
Should we not all hate Verwoed, Cecil John Rhodes... Botha etc as much as we hate Hitler ?? I am about to ask
The sad irony of the Wits SRC Chair's Hitler comments is it is sort of like those comments people were making about Cecil John Rhodes
A statue of British colonizer Cecil John Rhodes became a subject of controversy in March, 2015, when…
Because Hitler killed Jews, we can't like him, but we can like and Cecil John Rhodes who exploited and killed Africans Dlamini
The grave of Cecil John Rhodes is nearby; San rock paintings at the Nswatugi Caves; interpretive museum at Pomongwe Caves
Do you know Cecil John Rhodes? Who should read up on his one world economic vision of the world. Goes far back.
Trust the sanctimonious Left & the entrepreneurs of racial identity politics to make Hitler fanboy's comments all about Cecil John Rhodes.
The defenders of Cecil John Rhodes are today showing flames to Mcebo? I guess evil has classifications. Kill blacks: Hero. Kill Jews: Devil.
When Some were praising Cecil John Rhodes even went as far as that he donated land,the land that he stole,I didn't see this outrage.
So, let me get this straight: We need to look at Hitler's good side, but Cecil John Rhodes is irredeemable?
How is he different from people who publicly admired Cecil John Rhodes? If suspended he must go straight to court
There are crucial differences between Adolfo Hitler & Cecil John Rhodes that we all ignore at our peril
You what's tough? The fact that he is idolising Europe's version of Cecil John Rhodes. That is unpalatable to me.
Jan van Riebeeck and Cecil John Rhodes strike back - Zimbabwe hit by nationwide blackout
Breaking news. I found Cecil John Rhodes. He is in a witness protection program on the Thames.
- Diamonds are not valuable even Cecil John Rhodes knew this by forming de Beers cartel. Don't buy and the problem goes away.
Cecil John Rhodes So little done so much to do. :-D
oh I know! Its that bloody Cecil John Rhodes's fault!
I agree with Boet Hugh. Why do we want to have hair like Jan Van Riebeeck and Cecil John Rhodes?
Thank you Cecil John Rhodes/British Colonialists for bringing the game of cricket to this country
was originally named after Cecil John Rhodes "RhodeKill"
"12. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried? I know this 1 Mugabe told us on his visit *** Bulawayo
The fall of Cecil John Rhodes and the rise of Black power
There is no such thing as reverse racism there is just racism. The removal of Cecil John Rhodes Statue is a crime.
"Zimbabwe says it will block any attempts to have Cecil John Rhodes remains exhumed and repatriated to Britain
Zambia was colonised in the 1890s by the British South Africa Company (BSAC) under Cecil John Rhodes.
Ancestor Pule Mabe was there when Cecil John Rhodes despatched Jameson to present day Zimbabwe. Ugugile lowo!
Cecil John Rhodes and his Rothschild money have been conquered.
I guess Cecil John Rhodes has risen NOT fallen👀
World's View... - Is the burial site of Cecil John Rhodes. Luckily its not a steep climb, rather the...
Paul Kruger statue has been under police (Saps and TMPD)guard amid the fall of Cecil John Rhodes.
"Cecil John Rhodes is suing UCT for statue-tory rape" CRS April 10
Cecil John Rhodes would love for Africans to kill off each other. Divide and Conquer : Colonial Strategy. UNITE Africa!
On April 9th 2015 the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the coloniser, white supremecist and imperialist who laid the g… ht…
It is not right that the Cecil John Rhodes statue at the UCT has been taken down. That was his place, his University. .
Boikot all products from Britain! The land of Cecil John Rhodes who created segregration in Africa. 2 SA!
The name of the unknown mothers could replace the statue of Cecil John Rhodes.
Minister commends the students of UCT for raising the matter of Cecil John Rhodes
"I could never accept the position that we should disqualify a human being on account of his colour" Quote by Cecil John Rhodes - An African
Cecil John Rhodes did not directly donate the prime land on which the institution stands, says professor
This is the sound of Cecil John Rhodes falling
Hon. Ndlozi moves that the House note the removal of a statue of the racist Cecil John Rhodes at UCT.
We hate how Cecil John Rhodes treated our ForeFathers,but look how treat our fellow African Brothers.
Call me Cecil John Rhodes, cause girl, I'm falling for you 😄
SA embraces violence that's why they protect statues of criminals and murderers like Paul Kruger and Cecil John Rhodes
It's funny how they want Cecil John Rhodes's Statue gone but they want his Scholarships to stayworld#
Wondering about the standards over at nowadays as they published that terrible post with bad history on Cecil John Rhodes?
Yes he did: blogger: Cecil John Rhodes should not have fallen because Mandela was a terrorist and a communist sympathizer
The DA are objecting a motion by EFF to recognise the fall of the Cecil John Rhodes statue. Lol
And I thought Cecil John Rhodes was the savage murder...
That guy who stormed out of Prof Maylam's lecture on legacy of Cecil John Rhodes and history of Rhodes University..what's wrong?
The odd overlap between the industrial strategy of Cecil John Rhodes and Jacob Zuma: my col this week
University of Cape Town SRC president says UCT council has voted overwhelmingly to remove statue of Cecil John Rhodes from where it stands
President Robert Mugabe re-iterates his government's position that remains of Cecil John Rhodes should be left in burial plac…
“The native is to be treated as a child and denied the franchise” - Cecil John Rhodes (1887)
"We must adopt a system of despotism in our relations with the barbarians of South Africa” - Cecil John Rhodes (1887)
Your article on Cecil John Rhodes and the craven council of UCT is outstanding. Alas this is replay of Conno…
the South African public and the world at large: We demand that the statue of Cecil John Rhodes be re... via
Sissy Cecil tests the mettle of university leaders: The statue of Cecil John Rhodes, 19th century Cape prime m...
“ANC support the fall of Cecil John Rhodes statue:. Even I do! Is Oom Paul next?
King Goodwill Zwelithini speaks the language of Cecil John Rhodes | Politics | RDM via
[LISTEN] I explain why it's not hypocrital to think Cecil John Rhodes is evil & yet take a Rhodes Scholarship ---> .
South Africa's Odious Monument to Cecil John Rhodes: My New York Times piece on this debate --->
The thing is, Cecil John Rhodes wouldn't have met the very requirements he stipulated on his will for the scholarship. He …
Such a brave man...“Watch as Malema, the statue hunter, takes on Cecil John Rhodes
Grave of Cecil John Rhodes in Zimbabwe reportedly under threat after ruling Zanu-PF activists vowed to force removal from sit…
"Cecil John Rhodes was the founder of a mining empire, an inspirational leader of the British in South Africa" WHAT A WOW
How do you guys feel about the Cecil John Rhodes Memorial Issue, Do you think its Constructive or Deconstructive, towards our county future
Students at UCT are fighting to have a statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed. The students at Rhodes, meanwhile, have a muc…
No. I'm stupid. Explain it to me. Please Cecil John Rhodes
Tokolos Stencils Graffiti Artists vandalised The Cecil John Rhodes statue and a student threw poo over it!
The people who cleaned faeces at the foot of Cecil John Rhodes cc
Game face for the march this morning.Cecil John Rhodes must go!
The statues of colonists, Apartheid presidents and people like Cecil John Rhodes belong in museums- not in universities
The rise and rise of UCT students against Cecil John Rhodes
Students at UCT making a statement by covering the Cecil John Rhodes at the
is Cecil John Rhodes a hero in his native country where he came from?
I completely agree that statues of Cecil John Rhodes and Jan Van Riebeeck and their ilk should not be destroyed but kept in a museum..
The University of Cape Town has slammed students for dumping human excrement on a statue of Cecil John Rhodes, on the campus …
. I suppose you support the on Cecil John Rhodes?
For those calling for decorum, overheard this: "(Cecil John) Rhodes did not just throw excrement on Africans. He did s…
BTW, The question is not about considering removing approving statue of Cecil John Rhodes, it's when http:/…
We support the UCT Students that have called for the removal of the statue of the Chief Colonialist, Land Thief and Racist …
Throwing poo and vandalising the Cecil John Rhodes Statue is unacceptable! It is not the way to show your anger!
when the Cecil John Rhodes statue will be removed. In doing so, we encourage you to join the SRC for a march from Lower Campus to Bremner...
How do you feel about the Removal of the Cecil John Rhodes statue?
The Cecil John Rhodes statue is a huge representation of the past , removing it destroys tradition and heritage ..
4. I don't agree with sanitizing history. Cecil John Rhodes is part of our terrible history. Keep him there...…
Cecil John Rhodes statue will go nowhere! The should be taken to cour…
We hope that come next week UCT will come to its senses and demolish the statue of Cecil John Rhodes
UCT will consider removal of Cecil John Rhodes statue
University of Cape Town students protest to force the removal of Cecil John Rhodes statue
The University of Cape Town has responded following the recent faeces attack on the Cecil John Rhodes statue on...
Black students at Africa's best University,UCT in South Africa,throw human faeces at the statue of Cecil John Rhodes.
UCT SRC president on the Cecil John Rhodes statue and transformation at the university
Cecil John Rhodes is not our hero, nor was he friend of natives. Like De Klerk, he was Black murderer| Daily Maverick http:…
Cecil John Rhodes by George Frederic Watts oil on canvas, 1898 CC-BY
The Legacy of Cecil John Rhodes: He was initiated as an English Freemason in 1877 at the Apollo University ... I... http:…
A slightly restored lounge in Fernwood Estate, the former home of Cecil John Rhodes.
what was he thinking where was his "Revolutionary consciousness" when officially employed by Cecil John Rhodes.
Did you know that Cecil John Rhodes died in 1902
I'm about to call Cecil John Rhodes up in here coz this res thing is getting serious!😒😡
That's white monopoly capital for you, racist & thuggish as ever, since the days of Cecil John Rhodes & Barney Barnato
View like this helps to clear ones mind Cecil John Rhodes memorial…
Konga founder: should adopt Cecil John Rhodes’ approach to Africa
Konga founder: Ecommerce should adopt Cecil John Rhodes' approach to Africa
"Cecil John Rhodes did good business. Questionable ethics, but good business," Sim Shagaya of
The awesome Sim Shangaya of reminding us of what we can learn from Cecil John Rhodes' African journey
Cecil John Rhodes would be turning in his grave if he saw today's address by Capt Abbott
Why would you name anything after Cecil John Rhodes?
if Cecil John Rhodes can be honoured and his legacy remembered, then why not the black liberators? whose hands are clean?
Cecil John Rhodes' legacy lives through the senior executive of the University of Cape Town.
"I take it Jan van Riebeeck is going to be getting a tongue lashing for this loss?" Cecil John Rhodes too
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
At No 1 will be blaming Cecil John Rhodes for this goal "Go thata!"
Two visionaries, both named Cecil. Cecil John Rhodes envisioned a railway line from Cape Town to Cairo. It was...
The wind on lower campus is representative of the anger of Cecil John Rhodes and friends when they realise how many natives are at UCT.
Tshila on Our Story at 20:30hrs will be discussing the remains of Cecil John Rhodes. Should they be excavated and returned to the UK?
Today,1896- Cecil John Rhodes forced to resign as Prime Minister of Cape Colony due to failure of Jameson Raid
1896 - Cecil John Rhodes is forced to resign as prime minister of the Cape, because of his involvement in the Jameson Raid.
oh yeah so sjw the game that equates John Brown to Cecil Rhodes
Today in History..Cecil John Rhodes s funeral in Cape Town SAfrica..
Groote Schuur, the home of Cecil John Rhodes, and from 1910 the residence of South African Prime…
": 16. There's only one white person buried at the Heroes Acre? What is his name? Cecil John Rhodes
Ah this ->> ""9. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried? kuMbudzi"
“9. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried? wasn't he let out into the river? 😄
I got one - the Cecil John Rhodes one. Ah this things are so easy to forget/not know
Matopos (I know this one!) “9. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried?
in OOMF's garden“9. Where is Cecil John Rhodes buried?
hmmm so the Rothschilds financed Cecil John Rhodes to plunder diamonds in Southern Africa. Time to send his corpse home
The last will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes (1902).
Cecil John Rhodes (Founder of the Rhodes Scholarships), last words, 1902.: So little done--so much to do.
As a brown mother how do I do justice to the Cecil John Rhodes story as a pioneer while honouring my…
Photoset: 22nd December 2014 We finished the day by visiting the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, a British...
Cecil John Rhodes left 7MILLION pounds to the Oxford University and nothing to Rhodesians.
Today in Kimberley's History:. Interesting read on Cecil John Rhodes father
Cecil John Rhodes was the realest though
Cecil John Rhodes *the AmaMpondo king *and a deadly short ball by John Clarke 28 November 2014 The tragic death of batsman Phil Hughes brings to mind another tragedy on the cricket field a hundred years ago The tragic accidental death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes from a fast short ball which struck him on the neck has been lamented around the world. Such incidents are so rare as to be considered freakish. Yet a similar incident occurred in South Africa in 1901 when a 38-year-old attorney Edward Jones, batting for Kokstad Cricket Club was struck by on the chest by a fast ball. His funeral “was the largest seen in Kokstad”, with both black and white mourners in their thousands gathering to weep at the untimely death of a remarkable young man. The exceptional and improbable throng was because Jones had lived in the same manner in which he died: by being involved in improbable, exceptional and freakish life vs death situations in his devotion to seeking justice for the oppressed. Nicknamed ...
We'v thrown away isidima sethu. Do we know who Cecil John Rhodes is? And what he thought & did against black ppl?
I wonder if people really understand fully the impact Cecil John Rhodes and his ambition had on RSA.Good and Bad of it!
“The world’s surface is. limited, therefore the great. object should be to take as. much of it as possible.”. —Cecil John Rhodes
Cecil John Rhodes (Looter of South African Golds) named Founding Chairman of De Beers in 1888
THE ONLY OTHER MAN LIKE THAT CECIL JOHN RHODES "His extraordinary spirit never burned more brightly than in th...
Did you know..Rhodesia is named after Cecil John Rhodes?
In 1894 Cecil John Rhodes of the British government prevented coloureds to join the SA cricket tour to Britain.
Zambia 50 years after colonial rule Sata Charles Mwewa IN 2011, I published Zambia: Struggles of My People. In this book I rather presciently predict the future of Zambia from what has gone before. I detail our struggles from pre-colonial days to colonial days to post-colonial days. It is documentation in time of the real struggles of the Zambian people. It is barely three years after Struggles of My People and as I look back I am still touched by the quandary of my people. 2014 announced a Zambian Jubilee, 50 years of self-rule, of self-determination and of freedom from colonial bondage from the former British Empire. It was on October 24th, 1964 when the red-green-orange-black flag was lifted and a new nation called Zambia was created. She was no longer a habitat of Cecil John Rhodes (Northern Rhodesia). The people of Zambia had become tired of being “boys” and wanted to be “men.” Today after 50 years of that so-called independence we are still left with so many questions. Foremost among these q ...
Cecil John Rhodes understood the power of a prophetic and apostolic tongue.
The Victoria falls Bridge, A result of John Cecil Rhodes Dream to link The Cape to Cairo Cc
ALSO I wasn't even aware Cecil John Rhodes was a bad dude until like, way later bc all I got told is that he was some miner dude idk
Its 1890 & Cecil John Rhodes appears in front you.1 hand you have a bottle of champagne the other a gun; which 1 are you most likely to pop?
John Crowley's "Great Work of Time" is an epic about Cecil Rhodes & colonialism using time travel as a structuring metaphor. Brilliant.
Cecil John Rhodes nailing his Hitler impersonation in the Company Gardens
Barefoot at The Gardens CT Cecil John Rhodes statue. Which statue will you take a barefoot pic?
Even Rhodes University. The name of this institution is problematic. Cecil John Rhodes was a scum of the earth
Who wouldn't be intimidated by such a heavy presence of Cecil John Rhodes? Comrades must destroy the statue.
Cecil John Rhodes introduced the Glen Grey Act to push Black people from their lands and make way for industrial...
so i called the Nationl Heritage Council because i wanted to find out why Cecil John Rhodes is celebrated figure...
TRADING old trick used by Cecil John Rhodes &cronies 2 make billions from RUDD CONCESSIONS in SA mines
It was the dream of Cecil John Rhodes,to built this bridge. Please visit,like and share our page at
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