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Cecil Hotel

The 86 room, four-star Cecil Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt, was built in 1929 by the French-Egyptian Jewish Metzger family as a romantic hotel, at Saad Zaghloul square where Cleopatra's needles had been, in front of the Corniche.

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Make a scene outside the rooms and in the hallways. The Cecil Hotel had better film of El…
Last I know he was living in High River, Alberta. He worked at the now-defunct Cecil…
Cecil Hotel Goodna: 35 years ago today, Peter and Kim Falvey moved into this historic Ipswich pub. Check the...
It’s been 35 years since my parents took over the Cecil Hotel Goodna so we decided to make this year’s social club…
Hotel Cecil Delhi uncovered the wand and solved the case!👮
I am with on this one but they are too narrow on the specifics. Salisbury’s Cabinet…
And if you still want to know the more please read. "Dare to Dream" you will experience the complete sucess story…
We’re the famous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles! Have any questions? Let us know!
We grew up in Elmont and still serve this community. If the sport, entertainment, retail, hotel, and community...
The historic Hotel Cecil decked out for the Holidays 🎄 🎥 .
She picked up the envelope, called after him but he'd vanished into the crowded fish market. Later, in the foyer of…
Did you know we have a companion post for each of our podcasts? The history of the Cecil hotel has a lot to take in, so be…
The First HQ of the Gramophone Co. after Leaving the Hotel Cecil - Cockburn Hotel, Maiden Lane-1898
Go down to the Cecil Hotel and stay a night. Lots of stories (including a relatively recent one) and the lobby is beautiful.
please please do an episode at the hotel Cecil so much unanswered stuff there
The Cecil Hotel in LA, and the site of the H H Holmes Murder Castle!
I liked a video Mysteries of Cecil Hotel - Purisrar Dunya - Urdu Documentaries
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I stayed at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. I'm now just reading that it was home to many murders, suicides and hau…
Hotel Cecil is trying to rebrand itself and throwing holiday parties for youtubers (“OMG!!! This place is haunted!!!)
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In what feels like a time past, an old elevator moves through the floors of the iconic Cecil Hotel in Alexandria.
please tell me there's gonna be an Unsolved video about the Cecil Hotel soon
Why does everyone always try to place Elizabeth Short at the Cecil Hotel before her death... it was the Biltmore. Thank you. That is all.
NEW DAILY DEATH! March 15, 1937 - Grace E. Magro, 25, jumps to her death from the 9th floor of the Cecil Hotel.
Here is the footage of Elisa Lam in the elevator at the Cecil Hotel. The creepy hotel served as the inspiration...
my friend and I stayed at that awful hotel in LA 😩 Cecil Hotel!
Really to visit Downtown Los Angeles so i can stay in the Cecil Hotel
Found this Cecil Hotel. 🤔 if you need the link or anything let me know.
We hooked up years ago- You're Canadian, we once met at Cecil Hotel - m4m (LA)
Dude, you guys should try to do the Cecil Hotel in LA where Elisa Lam passed away.
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He was one of the few who opposed the plan to turn the Cecil Hotel in DTLA into homeless housing shelters. That plan failed.
as a person who has stayed at the Cecil Hotel a dozen times, I appreciate this
"One day I will have to bring Cecil into that hotel. Do you have someone yet?"
I think anyone that's stayed in a hotel understands this pic...
set in the infamous Cecil Hotel - a therapist seeks a woman the old place has inhaled - and becomes its prey…
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This weekend I need to go to Stay on Main (formerly the Cecil Hotel) and plan a seance. Research for next project after
Cecil Beaton photographing Marilyn Monroe at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, 1956. Photograph by Ed Pfizenmaier.
Cecil Beaton, St. Regis hotel. Just a little bit of my current inspiration.
Go to the Cecil Hotel next. It's known for the Elisa Lam case. Other creepy stuff happened there,too.
You should go to the Cecil Hotel next. It's most notable for the Elisa Lam case. It has a dark past, too.
Cecil Hotel site to become a parking lot just what we need another parking lot
Cecil Hotel site to become new downtown parking lot...for now.
Cecil Hotel site to become a parking lot -
Cecil Hotel site to become a parking lot
Just a transition period for old Cecil Hotel site as future development awaits.
Cecil Hotel site to become a parking lot
Cecil Hotel site to become a parking lot.
Site of former Cecil Hotel slated to be East Village's newest parking lot
Okay but yesterday I visited the Cecil Hotel and now I feel hunted
Reply: What do Michael Jackson and Judy Garland have in common with the Cecil Hotel? They're all featured o.
I recently discovered a new dream of mine. To stay at the Cecil Hotel in LA 👀
I love these photos. Forgot how grand the Cecil Hotel was, alas no more!
TBT when BC Nixon and I shot at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown L.A.
The cases from Hotel Cecil. To the mystery death of Elisa Lam (which is rly weird btw). Then playing love live
Lowkey wanna visit the Cecil Hotel in LA
Trying to convince to go to LA with me so we can stay at the Cecil Hotel.
Stopped by the Cecil in preparation for tonight. Like how is this hotel still open?!
PSA: don't watch new video about the Cecil Hotel/Elisa Lam unless you're okay with being too scared to take a shower
I'm going to be doing my speech for school this week on the dark past of the Cecil hotel 😱 mad spooky
The Cecil hotel is possessed I know it
Has done Cecil Hotel yet, or will they?
An engrossing read + photo essay on the mysteries miring LA's storied Cecil Hotel
is it the Cecil hotel bc tht hotel is creepy AF
The history of the Cecil Hotel is so dark and gory that some say all 600 rooms are cursed
Rereading the deaths of the people who stayed at Cecil Hotel
hotel Cecil. Watching a YouTube video and it's freaky
Someone please come hang out with me and Kayla. We read a buzz feed article about Hotel Cecil and now we're freaking out. 🆘
lol i just told my brothers the history about the Cecil Hotel and they got freaked out.oops.
Yo the story of the death of Elisa Lam at The Cecil Hotel was so scary fr I'm keeping all the lights on now
escaped & went to Hotel Cortez 💉🔪{this hotel (hotel cecil) is what they based the Cortez off of}
all right let's fix the camera so today we're driving to stay on main hotel or is it was formerly known the Cecil…
You will find this interesting. Hotel Cecil and Black Dahlia are brought up once again.
Have you ever read up on the Cecil hotel? I can't no no
If anyone would like to join us on our trip to the Cecil Hotel tonight Dm me for more information.
Let's stay at the Cecil hotel for a weekend ?
I'm ready for tomorrow Going to hotel Cecil to get amped
Are you guys going to investigate the Cecil/Hotel on main?Lots of activity going on
I want to stay at the Cecil Hotel for a night, the place has a crazy history, I'm watching videos of the unsolved death of Elisa Lam rn
So i need to stay at hotel cecil asap for one night to experience the ghosts.
Top 10: my favorite luxury hotel brands in the world ht…
If you go to LA California stay at the Cecil hotel 😐
I liked a video from The Cecil Hotel: A Real American Horror Story
Such a bizarre story: the creepiest death in recent times, the unexplained case of Elisa Lam and Hotel Cecil LA
Tomorrows the big night 👻 our first official investigation/spirt session since this page has gone up! Destination- Cecil Hotel LA, CA
Its the cecil hotel! The location of where Elisa Lam died mysteriously
Sometimes I do stupid things like read about Hotel Cecil before bed.
current American Horror Story season is based on hotel Cecil
In 2013, Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tower on top of the notorious Hotel Cecil . After an in-depth...
Omg the Cecil hotel whatever thing in LA
they did a story about the hotel Cecil!
Funny how Im scared of reading about Hotel Cecil but I was totally fine watching AHS Hotel even though it was based on that hotel
I'm mad at you for reminding me of scary scary scary hotel Cecil especially since it's late at night :(
Just did a bunch of reading on the Cecil would be an appropriate time to watch every Disney movie made bc that place is creepy.
I wanna stay in the Cecil hotel that would be mad spooky
At 1st i was like "cool a hotel called cecil hotel das me" but then i was like "nvm not trying to be haunted 4 ever"
Ultah pertama Cecil (with Grace🍒 and Jen at walter hugo,didepan hotel Pigmy) [pic] —
If you've got a spare 15 minutes, read this. American Horror Story, The Cecil Hotel, LA:
i literally want to stay at the hotel Cecil, darlings i greet death with open arms xD
at Cecil hotel, Alexandria still some flair of past times & characters in
Having lunch at Hotel Victory at Cecil Plains while we investigate & research the area
Our first official team trip is the cecil hotel. Have you ever scoped it out?
Oooh lets go to the Cecil hotel too!
find a hotel From 36 EUR at Cecil Hotel
Hotel Cecil has a seriously sinister past...
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West Virginia developer eyes hotel for SoBro site.
depends on price/taste eg. Penang Rd cheap but exotic; Lamaro's $$ latin: George Hotel on Cecil is pub classics+kids
Audrey Hepburn photographed by Cecil Beaton at her suite at the Hotel Hassler in Rome, Italy, 1960.
here's ep9 & here's my trip 2 the Cecil Hotel ht…
Cecil Beaton's New York sketch from the Ambassador Hotel, published in British Vogue 23 Jan 1929
Is the Cecil Hotel a doorway to evil?
have you ever investigated the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles now called Stay on Main hotel?
Last of season 3 is done and dusted. Ended on an episode based on Cecil hotel, priceless. .
Hey Zak, would you ever investigate The Cecil Hotel?
I am open to most ghost tours only one I don't want to go on is Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.
spend a weekend at the Cecil Hotel or nah
Hotel Cecil Bulawayo. Find out more on the RSC website!
This pic reminds me of 'closing time' at the Cecil Hotel before we had 24hr licensing.
I used to work in Downtown LA and I would pass by the Cecil Hotel everyday. Gave me the creeps every time.
I'm gunna stay at the Hotel Cecil aka the Hotel Cortez. It's here at Downtown LA.. Some homies needa come thru. It's really haunted too
ohhh the Cecil Hotel one is so grim
good conspiracy theory articles upthread re the first TV hacking and the cecil hotel death
I added a video to a playlist BTWN vidcast featuring ed bagrowski and the Cecil hotel
BTWN VidCast featuring ed bagrowski and the infamous Cecil hotel: via
You should do a episode at the Cecil hotel?
Isn't Cecil hotel the same hotel American Horror Story S 5 is based on?
When Meek was in Toronto during the beef, Drake checked into the hotel room right above his & played Back to Back all night …
~and delicious perfume. The Cecil hotel rose broadly to the sky as they approached the side walk. The area was dangerous,~
Mam is watching AHS Hotel so now she's on a googling binge about Hotel Cecil telling me everything I already read 😂
POOR THE LION! "The expo is at the Coast Plaza for "last time"
Apparently it's based off the original Cecil Hotel. (Now known as "Stay on main") it's the occult of many hauntings. Most recent?Elisa Lam 😱
city of Calgary has approved the destruction of the iconic Cecil Hotel. Should we get Walter Palmer to push the button?
Puttin On The FoiL has a show on 2015-11-13 at 20:00 @ Cecil Hotel in MEDICINE HAT, AB
I have been following this case a Elisa Lam and the Cecil Hotel. It's fascinating to hear other Psychic Mediums... http:…
AHS Hotel Cortez interior seems to be heavily based on the Cecil Hotel! No parallels to Elisa Lam YET though
The elevator video of Elisa Lam in the Cecil Hotel before she died is so creepy.
I love paranormal stories, but by far I can honestly say that nothing has EVER scared me more than the story of Elisa Lam (Cecil Hotel)
Wait I didn't know that was based on the Hotel Cecil 😶 hold me while I watch the show
.is talking about Hotel Cecil. And they based some of on H.H. Holmes.
Wedding Fayre tomorrow at William Cecil hotel Stamford and Washingborough Hall Lincoln!
Check out this video at 6minutes 11 seconds it talks about hotel Cecil
I wanna take all my friends and go stay at hotel Cecil
Part of the plot for Hotel😳The unsolved true life strange death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel LA 2013👻
American Horror Story / Cecil Hotel premiers in 5 days. Is it just me or THIS IS SO EXCITING
The mystery of the malfunctioning elevator of Elisa Lam is solved as I go to the Cecil Hotel on BrainScratch!
Before the ghost photo: The disturbing, gruesome past of the Cecil Hotel via
Next season of American Horror Story to be partly based on the Cecil Hotel 😬
the hotel cecil story w/ Elisa Lam gives me chills every time i watch it GOODBYE
Is AHS • Hotel based on the Cecil Hotel in LA?
I spent the last hour researching and discussing The Cecil Hotel murders/suicides
so American Horror Story is based off hotel Cecil?
I've shared stuff about the Cecil before, interesting history.
Ouhh this season of AHS is inspired by the Cecil hotel 😱 super Interesting
woo! My stepmom is taking me to the cecil hotel!
Its so creep how ahs hotel is gonna be based around the cecil hotel
if u want to get in the mood for October
how am I just finding out that AHS Hotel is based off of the Cecil Hotel?! the stories surrounding that place are so int…
apparently the hotel I stayed at from today's video (hotel Cecil) is the hotel AHS based the show on ? Crazy
I'm seriously invested in researching the Hotel Cecil. 😂✋🏼You got me so curious.
Watched trishas video about hotel Cecil and now I'm so scared 😂
the autopsy there was no drugs or alcohol in her system and that footage of her in the list 😳😳 I want to go Cecil hotel 😈
I'm going to do a video on the Cecil hotel known the stay on main 👻 I'm going to call them is there anything you want me to ask?
Why did I watch Cecil Hotel videos before bed? I dreamt ghosts were sending me snaps & people were leaping to their deaths on my bed.
Here is a little history about The Cecil Hotel, we are excited to salvage bits and pieces of it's past history!
Before I moved to LA I came to town to check it out. Stayed at the Hotel Cecil. Had no idea about its history
I wanna go to the Cecil hotel and stay for a night and go in the elevator omg how spooky
Who has read Bout that haunted Cecil hotel in LA where mysterious murders and suicides happen 😳😳 the footage of that lady in the lift
Food > 'The Suicide': The Hotel Cecil and the Mean Streets of L.A.'s Notorious Skid Row
Trisha paytas' cecil hotel story is identical to Elisa Lam's IM SCARED
I gotta goto the bank and high school in a bit. Did you wanna hit the Cecil bookstore?
NEW DEATH! January 11, 1940 – teacher Dorothy Sceiger was “Near Death” after taking poison in her room at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown….
pleaseee do an investigation at the Cecil Hotel in LA!
I REALLY want to visit the Cecil Hotel..
NEW DEATH! January 10, 1938 - Military fireman Roy Thompson jumps from the 14th floor window of his room at the Cecil Hotel; he left no note
Hi Cecil, we apologize for the WiFi issues. We will alert the hotel about the problems. We'd also like to inform you that
Oh, grim and ghastly Cecil Hotel. Will your fascination for travel journalists never falter?
just read The Bringing. Now I HAVE to check out the Cecil Hotel!
In the NE - a fender bender is tying up a very icy 4th Avenue flyover heading into the downtown near the old Cecil Hotel.
please do the Elisa Lam/Hotel Cecil story for the second season. Why has no one looked further into this.
Will and Jada Smith donated $10k to the Hawaii Sacred Choir for a trip to England after watching the local Hawaii TV new…
Did Elisa Lam Fall Victim of Redrum, Possession or Mental Illness in LA at the
And the view straight out the window @ Hotel Oberoi Cecil, Shimla, India
The view from our room, looking east over new Shimla @ Hotel Oberoi Cecil, Shimla, India
If you love African Football, welcome to the Oscars. Jan 8th at Eko Hotel. Reserve a seat guys.
Ghost Confessions Stories. Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian-Asian student, was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los...
Original reading Cecil Hotel, Elisa Lam Read the background before the updates. crazy!
Have you guys ever investigated the Cecil Hotel.especially after the Elisa Lam incident?
Jeremy Lovering now set to direct The Bringing. Incidentally, the Cecil Hotel has 2/5 Yelp Stars. .
Calgary's notorious 102 year old Cecil Hotel may be razed as part of East Village redevelopment | |
Book summer deal thru us for CECIL SHIMLA including sight-seeing tour to Kufri-Naldehra ...
It's been a long school year, but we know how to kick off the summer. PROM night at the Cecil Hotel. Saturday, May 3, 2014. Everyone is invited! Can't wait to see who wins prom king and queen!
omg The Stay On Main used to be called the Cecil Hotel. With a fatal past.
I had never heard about Cecil Hotel, which is located in Los Angeles, before today. It scared me.
New picture of Kristen at the Beverly Hills Hotel today announcing the Cecil B. DeMille Award honoree
My old haunt the Cecil Hotel has rebranded as Stay on Main. considering spending a night to cap the Cecil experience.
Dud you know that Cecil Hotel used to be a high end hotel?
the Cecil Hotel where Elisa Lam was found in the water tank last year, a few serial killers have also stayed and some others xD
scary as f. Have you read the history of Cecil Hotel? Serial killers have lived their 😳 not even just one! KillerS.
For all those who might not have heard about this. The truly scary & sad story of Elisa Lam & hotel Cecil
This is so freaky, the girl was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in LA, how? Its just creepy!
Photo: sixpenceee: Elisa Lam, 21, was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel on Feb. 21,...
The Cecil hotel sounds like a dream
An ABC7 Los Angeles viewer claims to have captured a ghostly image outside of the famous Cecil Hotel in downtown LA
How is it possible that all review websites have no reviews of the Cecil Hotel at the time of death of Elisa Lam? HOW?!
So I went to lisverse (one of my fav sites to view the macabre ) I was reading this article about this chick in 2013, who stayed at the Cecil Hotel. Her body was discovered inside of the Hotel's rooftop water tank by a maintenance worker. The last "live" images of the Girl (Elisa Lam ) was in an elevator... Anywho... The people complained about the water at the hotel low pressure and discoloration of the water ( due to her body decomposing in the water tank) which supplied water to all the patrons of the hotel. :) Just wanted to share that... Carry on
Full surveillance video of 21-year-old Elisa Lam, the Canadian woman found dead in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel. Video provided by the LAPD.
I spent two hours this morning reading about the Cecil Hotel and it's paranormal past, most recently revived with the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Now I guess I should maybe get some real work done.
Death of Canadian tourist found in Cecil Hotel water tank ruled an accidental ... - Los Angeles Daily News
Silence is Golden inside the Cecil Hotel: Sordid Scents Amidst Skid Row Joseph Iraggi What would a frugal tourist or desperate denizen seeking lodgings consider when choosing a cheap abode? Among the developing decadence overpowering years of decay in Downtown Los Angeles the blocks of Main Street stretching from 5th to 7th usher in the process of urban gentrification, casting aside the homeless horde without play or a pay check. But it wasn’t always that way. When the Hotel was built in 1927 it provided a meeting place and temporary home for the glitterati produced by the new film industry boom. The expensive and extravagant hotels on Main and Spring Street in the Old Bank District were built to nest the mass migration of people looking to transform their creative hobbies into credible careers. Cecil Hotel in its early decades was overrun with celebrities and moguls who partied the night into dawn, sauntering from its ballrooms to its suites. As the years wandered toward the end of the 20th century, th ...
“Do-not-drink” water order lifted at Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles where body was found
DTLA TB OUTBREAK THOUGHT:.If the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals defines Skid Row as being from 3rd street to the north, 7th street to the south, Main street to the west and Alameda street to the east.that means Pete's Cafe, Blossom, The Medallion, Artisan House, The Nickel Diner, Cole's, The MTA/METRO bus center on Central, the Cecil Hotel (which just had a still "undetermined cause of death" water tank death), Little Tokyo Galleria, Escondite, Little Tokyo Lofts, PE Lofts, Santa Fe Lofts, San Fernando Building, Continental Building, the Kitchen Table, the Jefferies Building and so many more Downtown favorites and residential buildings are ALL qualified as locations well within the "TB Outbreak Zone"!
Updated. Elisa Lam was stalked and murdered! She's not on drugs or experiencing mental issues other than being frightened. The Stay and Cecil Hotel are the same hotel, same building, it's some kind of marketing strategy. Research both hotels. "10/23/2011 SOMEONE WAS WATCHING ME SHOWER from the attached bathroom through the vent. YES, I saw someone watching me shave my *** legs through the vent." Here is a different scenario based on what I read on the Web, video and some rational guessing. It's late at night. He was watching her in the shared shower/toilet area, her room or both. She senses someone watching her, stays calm and goes to the elevator. The elevator is in service mode. SHE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING WITHOUT HER GLASSES, EVERYTHING IS BLURRY!!! LOOK HOW CLOSE HER FACE IS TO THE PANEL! She probably can't see the numbers/letters even when her face is inches from the panel. She can't run or she will fall down or run into something. She can't see the face of the person she is talking to! May ...
Downtown's Cecil Hotel a Noir Tale + fun fact: it was a favorite of Night Stalker Richard Ramirez. Remember him?
Just got a great rate at the Cecil Hotel in L.A. but my toothbrush tastes like Connie Chung's
O no...poor Vancouver girl found at the Cecil Hotel in LA, the water tank.UGH.I AM TURNING OFF THE NEWS!
This is not the first time the budget hotel has found itself in the middle of a crime scene.
The spectacular heist of some $50 million in diamonds at the Brussels airport Monday throws a rare spotlight on the largely invisible global traffic in diamonds, estimated to total a staggering $200 million a day through Antwerp alone. 100Reporters has been examining the trade from Zimbabwe's Marang...
I'm wondering if the people that stayed at the Cecil Hotel in L.A. are gonna turn into zombies from drinking dead people water? Horrible story.
Ahhh, another week has flown by and we are looking for a gas face victim. Who gets the Gas Face this week Please explain
A primer on sensitivity and specificity - how to get beyond the equations and get a feel for the two measures by understanding the 2 x 2 table for diagnostic...
The seemingly strange behavior of once-missing tourist Elisa Lam paired with the discovery of her body Tuesday in a...
Cecil Hotel guests in downtown LA who were drinking, bathing in, and brushing their teeth with water from the tank which held the deceased body of Elisa Lam for days, were offered a 25 percent discount on their stay. Isn't that kind of like finding a human turd in your soup and the waiter offering free dessert? How insulting.
Deadly Hotels in Holidays travel and vacation ideas on
For our guests staying here at the Cecil Hotel, you may want to let that tap water run for a bit,
A discovery made this week in L.A.’s historic Cecil Hotel offered an instant explanation as to why guests had been complaining about low water pressure recently.
After the grisly discovery of a missing tourist in a water tank, the hotel is back in the spotlight. Los Angeles Magazine Assoc. Editor Chris Nichols shares the Cecil Hotel’s long and sordid history.
Did you hear about the dead body found in hotel Cecil water tank? Gros! People started took complain about the funny tasting water :/
Wowww the Cecil Hotel in LA has a lot of history. Back in the day, during his killing spree, Richard Ramirez lived there.
Body found in water tank at Cecil hotel, ppl drinking, showering and brushing their teeth in this water that has been contaminated by a body decomposing for two weeks! GROSS! and MORTIFYING! And Pistorius, I don't even know what to say about that whole situation. Guilty? or not guilty? Come on the guy was on roids n doesn't even have legs, I'm pretty sure he was ready to crack somewhere along the line. What the *** is this world coming to.
doubts he will ever stay at the Cecil Hotel.
'The water did have a funny taste': Body is found in water tank at notorious Cecil Hotel -
The Cecil Hotel: its heyday, its dark side, and its 21st century renovations.
I just heard the craziest thing! Cecil Hotel in LA, look it up... Really?!
When a maintenance worker at L.A.'s Cecil Hotel opened the hotel's rooftop water tank to investigate low water pressure, he found something inside he probably wasn't expecting:
Folks, going to L.A. with wife for first time in years to visit son (years of many visits) and need hotel tips--can't stay near beach but anywhere in WeHo, Westwood, anywhere else in L.A. okay. Can pay decent price but not super-luxury. Thanks.
Video of missing Canadian Elisa Lam, via the LAPD
An investigation is under way in Downtown Los Angeles Tuesday after a body was found on the roof of a hotel.
Dang dude.. More breaking news... Found a body in a water tank on top of Hotel Cecil... They think it's that missing girl, Elisa Lam ;(
This no sleeping thing is really starting to take its toll! I'm like a newborn baby wide awake at night but sleepy during the day! Lmbo it doesn't help when 'you' won't stop texting me! JS
Susan O'Rourke-Sendelsky So Please Folks, please send your check in the amount of $65/pp to Manalapan 'Reunion Class of '73 c/o Cecil Simmons; 438 Bethune Drive, Wilmington, DE 19801 And please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this post! We must have at least 20 more folks to be paid sign ups before we can execute a signed catering contract for the proposed event at the Radisson Freehold Hotel on June 8, 2013.   10% Off
My Family and Friends in Mount Pleasant...I have been on the phone all day with airlines, hotels, car rental places, restaurants, etc...planning, planning, planning my trip home. In all of my excitement, I forgot to mention a few important details: 1. The date for the Mary Kay Makeovers in MP has been set for Sunday July 28 (still working on the time) 2. Location is probably at The Laquinta Inn (just waiting on a call back regarding the use of their meeting room) 3. I would love for all of us to have dinner at Two Senorita's after we are done with the facials and makeovers at the hotel so we can take a group photo (ok, and so I can have my "fix") 4. If you are not in the class of '89, and would still love to join us, please feel free to do so because there is a couple of y'all I have only met thru FB and I am just itching to meet y'all in person. 5. If you are planning on coming to the makover event, PLEASE reply to this status with "YES" or inbox me. Right now we are at about 25 people and that's not cou ...
4. Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles Take a deteriorating building, a Skid Row neighborhood, proximity to a clinic for sex offenders, and serial killers as long-term guests, and you come close to describing the magic of the Cecil Hotel in the 1980s. The hotel is now a boutique establishment that plays on its access to the nearby Staples Center, but in its glory years it hosted a ghoulish assortment of losers and killers, including "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez and Austrian journalist *** murderer Jack Unterweger. Ramirez, who was found guilty of 14 murders in the 1980s, stayed on the 14th floor for several months in 1985, paying (creepy coincidence alert) $14 a night. And Unterweger, a writer and prostitute-killer released by Austrian authorities for good behavior and then sent to America on a high-profile journalistic junket, also used the hotel as a base to pick up at least three prostitutes who were later found murdered. The two may have been feeling the vibes from Pauline Otten, who jumped out a window in 19 ...
The glorious history of Shimla would have never been so colorful had the British not saved it from the hands of the Gurkhas. Post Gurkha war, British showed their interest in this wonderful landscape and it was in 1819 that an English officer named Lt. Ross built the first British residence in Shimla. Following him, Captain Kennedy constructed a two storeyed building in 1822 that is admired even today by the name Kennedy House. During 1850 and 1851, the Hindustan Tibet road was constructed from Shimla to Kalka and Shimla was declared as the summer capital of India in 1864. A train line established in 1903 between Kalka and Shimla made the route to this hilly range comfortable. Even today, the city is known for its colonial architecture such as the Cecil Hotel, Christ Church and Gaiety Theatre.
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