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Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands (or ) is a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea.

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Grand Cayman Island is the most beautiful place I've ever been. I think I need to go watch some bball in 2017.
Half the field for 1st Cayman Island Classic announced
Yabsta's Guide is home to EVERYTHING island! What do you think?
At the Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter, new hatchlings are cared for in the Hatchery. Visitors to...
The Black and Married with Kids Cruise. Deporting Beautiful Miami then traveling to Jamaica, Cayman Island and...
Turnbull has a Cayman Island Account and is paying no tax, he is not paying the Medicare Levy.So why is Medicare such an iss…
/ Is any part of the Commonwealth Superannuation Fund invested with a Cayman Island group?
Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S. Now available in Cayman Island
A quick little demo shot from this weekend's Cayman Island workshop.
here we come Jamaica, Cayman island, and Cozumel, Mexico! 😍
Spring break was amazing at the cayman island 😍😍😍
slow food day in grand cayman...junk in da trunk cookies continue to be an island favorite. I leave a…
Kings of convenience - cayman island . Instrumental cover by me 😁🎶😊
Mayan ruins in Mexico✅. Swimming with sharks & stingrays in Belize✅. Scuba diving in Roatan island✅. Riding wave runners in Grand Cayman✅
Photo: Orneil with Sail Cayman on Grand Cayman Island will leave your sandy soul longing to never come home!...
A5. This photo I captured on Grand Cayman Island. I love the colors and the subject matter.
Photo: New Post has been published on ..Cayman Island...
I've put a new photo on my 500px page: Grand Cayman Sun | The sun on Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island. |...
by Photo by Honeymoon is finally booked! Grand Cayman, Cayman Island and Cozumel...HE… h…
I'm not asking for $65M to buy a jet. A trip to the Cayman Island will suffice.
"If you could go to any tropical island this weekend... Where would you want to go?" Cayman Island
Did you know, United Airlines is also flying to Cayman Island ?! ->
Mobbing in the cayman Island with my boo 😘😘😘. It's always 🎥🎥🎥
mama just booked our cruise 😌👌 Jamaica, Mexico, and The Cayman Island 😍
But that $800B will trickle into Cayman Island accounts and yachts off Monaco.
It's been one great week. See ya next time GC @ Grand Cayman Island
on a cruise to Jamaica, cayman island, and Cozumel
Jamaica and cayman island in 2 weeks b 😩✌️ yeas
I'd love to help but left my cash in my Cayman Island pants. All I have in my US pockets are congressmen
Enjoying a lil shopping in Grand Cayman Island..
We're going back to Ocho Rios Jamaica Cayman Island and some place... Yaaass
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Cayman Island play Belize on the 25th. Shirts available here:
USC Spring Break '15 - woo hoo!! and my boy is off to Grand Cayman Island with his fraternity brot…
"Another pic from the ship in Cayman Island
Sitting at the Royal Palms on Grand Cayman Island watching the Cyclones take on OU.. this is the life
I'm head over heels in love with this island @ Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.
Artist hacks Cayman Island banks to open off-shore tax ...
Miami to Grand Cayman and Castaway Cay. Getting married on the island! Meh the Matterhorn; Epcot has EVERYTHING.
Cayman Island Section and band is Sold out! Tribal Cayman - Dis is Paradise 2015!!!
Dr. Van Putten will be on the island and seeing patients on March 19th and March 24th so schedule your appt today!
Our Cayman Island team is always happy to assist you find your next favorite piece.
by "We like to match in the Cayman Island ⛵️"
You know when cayman island is involved nothing good will ever come out of it lol
Cancan, Jamaica, Cayman Island ect. I can freaking wait for this cruise in June. 🍹
| dear I Love You bcoz you are my Cayman Island with gorgeous smile!
Finished a song on guitar that I've started like 7 years ago! Cayman Island.
Got a kiss from my favorite animal 🐬 @ Grand Cayman Island
miss these girls! miss Cayman Island, cheese bite queen & milf to be 💚
Cayman Island authorities have ended search for Comic Artist who went missing after snorkeling.
great to hear the u15's winning the tournament in the Cayman Island !! Brilliant ... Flying the flag !!
Ha Ha Cayman Island is busy place to park "Spare Change"
yes tell the Cayman Island accounts that!
I'm suppose to visit my home girl in cayman island.. Key word suppose
Prison Inspectors ID serious problems in Cayman Island prisons
hum. the guy who just won the sb is getting just $13mil, if you don't count they Cayman Island account. Gotta love Bill.
it's leaving from Miami, and it's going to Ochoa rios, Jamaica; Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel
Likely Millions Clemson University Foundation invested in Tax Haven countries is with State funded Money
Take me back to Grand Cayman Island and Bahamas
Just like Cayman Island Cozumel and Routang just to name a few BAD DEAL Ile la Gonave
Funny how Obama & NSA never get around to spying on Wall Street bankers or Cayman Island bank account holders?
from there tell me how then to Grand Cayman Island and back. I saw your picture I really want in my heart always
Update your maps at Navteq
Which really begs the question, is the Cayman Island's $ from the Petrosaudi deal really there? Billion dollar question for to answer
Scored a case of Caybrew fresh off the canning line today from Cayman Island Brewery.
STFC's second game in the Tournament in the Cayman Island finished 1-0 with the goal coming from Scott Twine.
State-of-the-art hospital, in Cayman Island, which opened last April 2014
Cayman Island banking? Ron... I'm not sure what's going on
I don't know a soul that lives in the Cayman Island (Katt Williams)
Cheap Flights to Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands from New York for $340 -
USA DEAL: Fly from New York to the breathtaking island of Grand Cayman for only $339 return!!.
.. The Walton Family had amassed so much money they couldn't find any more Cayman Island Banks to hide it in...? 😬😠👎👎
Is the $YHOO Alibaba stock spin-off company a better Alibaba instrument for investors than the Cayman Island $BABA entity!?
Little Cayman Property. Little Cayman Island is the smallest of the three main islands of the Cayman Islands, the others being Grand Caym...
After questions about Cayman Island holdings, Rauner heads to his Montana ranch, holds fundraiser
. President Goodluck Jonathan can buy a whole new wardrobe for $1B..and rest will go to his Cayman Island account ;-)
An international HNW couple require a Live-In Housekeeper to join a large residence with 6 bedrooms in Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands. They are looking for
Must Read Bank related Terms: - MAT: Minimum Alternate Tax is the minimum tax to be paid by a company even though the company is not making any profit. Future trading: It’s a future contract/agreement between the buyers and sellers to buy and sell the underlying assets in the future at a predetermined price. Reverse mortgage: It’s a scheme for senior citizens. Basel 2nd norms: BCBS has kept some restrictions on bank for the maintenance of minimum capital with them to ensure level playing field. Basel II has got three pillars: Pillar 1- Minimum capital requirement based on the risk profile of bank. Pillar 2- Supervisory review of banks by RBI if they go for internal ranking. Pillar 3- Market discipline. Microfinance institutions: Those institutions that provide financial services to low-income clients. Microfinance is a broad category of services, which includes microcredit. Microcredit is provision of credit services to poor clients. NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India. DWBIS: Data Warehousin ...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
It's nesting season! We love this photo. Visit the Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter now through...
Cayman Islands – Best Beaches - The Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Cayman group of islands. It’s...
The NACRA Rugby 2014 will be now played in a tough competition between Bermuda and Cayman Islands At 16:00 local, 19:00 GMT.On Saturday 7th June 2014 and the match will be take place at Hamilton.Bermuda has made a good carrier by defeating champion team in last several years and as compare to Cayman…
Get a glimpse of the luxury, excitement and astounding natural beauty you can expect on a holiday in the Cayman Islands, from sugar-white sandy beaches to exotic wildlife and fine dining.
Follow The NACRA Championships are again in full swing this weekend , We look here at the history between Bermuda and Cayman Islands. Bermuda Rugby Team Squad To Face Cayman Bermuda face an… [ 662 more words. ]
On my trip to Jamaica an the Cayman Islands...balled out...
Good Morning. Headlines 6.6.14 1. Unearthing a major case of insider trading in the shares of L&T Finance Holdings (LTFH), Sebi barred Factorial Master Fund, a Cayman Islands-based hedge fund, from the Indian securities markets 2. The BSE benchmark Sensex on Thursday closed above the 25,000 mark, for the first time ever, on continued optimism about a turnaround in the domestic economy with a stable government at the centre 3. Shriram Group plans to expand across India, foreign markets 4. Changing its earlier stand, the Telecom Department plans to allow spectrum sharing, even among 3G players 5. Real estate investment trusts (Reits), which are expected to get a green signal in the upcoming Budget, could open up a new source of funding for developers battling declining sales and high cost of funds
TBT photos of our Royal Carribean Cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Haiti in 2007. A great adventure with Gabriel Hernandez!
For my Pets Alive Westchester is Jessa from the Cayman Islands that my friend Tara adopted..OMG TO CUTE!
Each Day gets Better and Better in The Cayman Islands!! Don't want to ever leave ☀️☀️💜
GFA is proud to confirm 2 female referees and 2 female assistant referees have been appointed to continue training for CONCACAF Inaugural Girls U 15 tournament in Cayman Islands this August.
So now my birthday present is out of the bag! I would like to thank my ex-wife for being so kind to bring that up in court yesterday. Cynthia had plans that was to be a big surprise for my 50th which was released by someone who just can't stand that I have a better life than her after I left her. *** to be her. So now we have new plans and I am going to share them with everyone. In November Cynthia Dawn Brewer and I are going to go to the Cayman Islands for a combined retreat. My 50th is on September 4th which we will be celebrating on that day. Cynthia's birthday is on March 8th which we will also celebrate that day. (It's her 50th as well although I don't think she wants me to tell anyone so keep it a secret) So the middle of the two is November. So we are also going to get married before we go. So this trip will be our honeymoon as well as celebrating each of our 50th birthdays. We cannot confirm any dates for the wedding and the trip yet as I am trying to get back into the camps for work which will .. ...
welcomes Great reconnecting with our island friends on a rooftop in Herald Square.
Wow what an amazing cruise to Jamaica & The Cayman Islands. Definitely had a wonderful vacation & really going to miss the relaxation, and all of the people we got to meet from different countries along the way.
Thursday 05th June 2014, Port Moresby: The Member for Telefomin District in the Sandaun Province, Solan Mirisim, presented a cheque of K500,000 to Digicel PNG in Parliament today for his communication enhancement programme in the district.   This move will see the erection of a communication tower in the Bimin area, and will allow the district administration to choose from a range of communication services provided by Digicel which includes broadband ICT services to schools, health centres and public administration offices.   MP Mirisim commended Digicel for their continued endeavour to bring first world communication services to Papua New Guineans.   “I am committing K1.5 million each year during my term as a parliamentarian. The first funding of K500, 000 was done in April this year for the people of Eliptamin,” Mirisim said.   Receiving the cheque, Digicel’s Government Relations Director Gary Seddon commended Mirisim for the confidence he has in Digicel.   “We are proud to partner with the ...
swam with rays today 👌😁🌊 @ Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island
Just booked a 7-day cruise to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands for $500. Love living in Florida!
In just 3 hours, my daughter will embark on one of the most important journeys of her life. She will be leaving on a mission trip, WITHOUT her parents, to Belize, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands. She will be traveling with fellow friends/missionaries from Union City, Lynn, Winchester, and other places. Please pray for the entire team's safety and success- very proud.and slightly nervous.father!
Off to the Cayman Islands for week long Island getaway 🌴🐠☀️
After today I will be off for 10 days. Can you say SUPER EXCITED!!! Graduation, then graduation party then 7 day cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, and Jamaica with baby girl!!I NEED IT!!
So will Cellino. Then keep it and send it to a Cayman island account for future use. Outside of Leeds Utd.
Sebi bans Cayman Island hedge fund for illegal trades
Sorry, you're right. They all have Cayman Island accounts.
: too much corruption in cricket to even watch- Hansie had 53 Cayman island accounts?? ***
Market regulator Sebi on Thursday barred Factorial MasterFund, a regd FII that operates from Cayman Island from dealingin the Indian market
Thanks to The Main Street Alliance of Oregon's Executive Team Member Deborah Field for her story and point of view on offshore tax havens and the shell games that at least 362 of the Fortune 500 play to avoid paying taxes. OSPIRG's new report, Offshore Shell Games, goes into detail about how the biggest US based corporations hold billions offshore to avoid paying nearly $90 billion annually in taxes. That leaves the rest of us, middle class and neighborhood businesses to pick up the tab. Deborah Field, owner of NE Portland's Paperjam Press, said she's "proud to pay her fair share of taxes," after all, they pay for things like education, infrastructure, and social services that we all rely on. Deborah has "never set a foot in the Cayman Islands, much less set up a tax haven there. Small businesses don’t do that." It's time that the biggest corporations start supporting the country that supports them. If you want to fly the American flag at your corporate headquarters, you ought to be paying your fair sh ...
Grand Cayman Island on Royal Caribbean is the bomb.
We are still on track to have the Cayman Island Kimpton hotel open in 2016!
NEWS FLASH~Baby Turtles have just checked into The Londoner! Checking out in 50 days, book your vacation for the check out! Last night around 11pm,one of our guests saw a turtle lay her eggs on the beach near Mimi’s Dock and the Londoner. Tiffany from Front Desk with the assistance of others placed plastic chairs around the nest and Jesus informed DOE this morning and they will be coming sometime today. In the meanwhile, please know the following: Marine turtle management and legislation Sea turtles are protected under the Cayman Islands Marine Turtle Conservation law. This makes it illegal for unlicensed persons to harm, disturb, or take sea turtles or their eggs. Turtle Nesting Season is May to November each year. The Cayman Islands Department of Environment is committed to research leading to an increased understanding of sea turtle management needs, and its monitoring programmes rely heavily on the support of the community. Local schools, civic organizations and businesses sponsor satellite transmi ...
Jenny with a stingray in the Cayman Islands!!!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Here's another picture of this sweet girl. 💕 @ Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island
Grand Cayman, you were good to us. @ Grand Cayman Island's review of Kaibo Upstairs in Cayman Islands Restaurants
I would love to back to Grand Cayman Island for a week or two!
I wish. I wish I had enough money to open one of those special bank accounts that the Cayman Islands are famous for. Alas, I would have to make do with just visiting instead ;) This destination was...
Inspired by Cayman, designed by a Canadian. Check out refreshing take on island chic ~
So Jessica Young Chandler has finally proven what we already knew - she is not the greatest driver. While taking a backroads jeep tour in the Cayman Islands I started out driving & then she wanted to drive & I said ok. She hadn't driven 1/4 of a mile until she almost turned over the jeep and drove us into a canal. Paul, Noah and David Chandler were in the jeep behind us and after getting over being scared for us and realizing that we were ok they had quite a good laugh about it. We have not let her forget it! Needless to say dad didn't want to ride with her anymore. No more driving jeeps on back country roads for her!!
In preparation for Sunday's message, I want to know all the countries that Tampa First people have immigrated from to the USA. Here is the list I have put together, let me know what countries I have missed. Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Guyana, Venezuela, Egypt, The Ivory Coast, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, El Salvador and Martinique. Help me out Tampa First Family. Thanks
People who use winter as a verb - as in 'we winter in the Cayman Islands' - knob
And I'm back! It was a blast, best vacation! Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Island. Plenty more pics…
I can do a swappsie on the Tongan weightlifter if you've got a double of the Cayman Island Clay Target shooter I can have.
A balloonfish (Diodon holocanthus) off the coast of Little Cayman Island Caribbean Sea by Ricardo Preve
I must say my excursion to Jamaica and Cayman island was an exhilarating experience. I've done things I never did before( jet ski, snorkel, scuba dive, and kayak) . I met new faces from different places and did fun activities with them. I learned that one must take time for themselves. I restored, revived, and refreshed. Now it's time to get back on my grind what I do best, servicing my Job Corps students, my AAU team, my community and my church. Vacation 2 to be continued.
True or false? The Cayman Islands has more species than the Galapagos islands.
I was sitting with a friend talking about my son Dimitrie Connor and his health issues and he was saying that very often families and friends that face health issues with there family and have it so hard and he was wondering how I keep it together and I was telling him by the grace of God and wonderful friends and family and my wonderful sister Tesha Dixon and all of Dimitire wonderful school friends and they parents and the wonderful people or the Cayman Islands and there many phone calls and visits. they who keep it together for me and my family and the many prayers that went up to haven for Dimitire we was so bless to to have whole Cayman Islands behind us .And my sister Margaret Branch Bennett telling me Donny Don't give up have trust in God and she said if you have faith in God he will give you the strength to go. So as sit and think about my journey with myson I would like to thank all the people of the Cayman Islands and all my close friends and family for the support they Givin me down the mos ...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Going on a cruise Oct 13th with and CAN'T WAIT!!! Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island!
Get down and dirty for Pirates Week with the FIRST EVER mud run obstacle course in the Cayman Islands - The Pirates Trail Mud Run. Run, climb, jump, and crawl through tons of mud in this military style 5K off-road obstacle course. For more details 949-5078 or info
Cold nights like this makes me wonder why I don't live in Cayman Island with my dad 😫
Cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands sounds pretty dang good to me for a summer vacation with my sweet man! Now all I need is to pick up some extra shifts at work!!! I cant wait!
y'all should do an island tour like from cayman (my island) to Australia and Hawaii
well done Joe on the island u stuck with it with the fire & with out u all would have gone home & u stepped up with the cayman
You need two things to make a great underwater video: skills and the right location. When Steve Cohen booked his second trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort, he knew he had the right location, because the reefs around the resort are legendary for fish and coral life. In order to perfect the skills needed to capture the spectacular beauty of these reefs, he enrolled in the resorts Private Underwater Video program. This Wakatobi program, created and managed by award-winning filmmakers Guy and Anita Chaumette, provided Steve with intensive one-on-one coaching and instruction on all phases of video shooting and editing. By the end of his Wakatobi stay, Steve's video skills had moved to a whole new level. See for yourself with this one-minute outtake from a video he created during the course. Steve says: "I almost never go back to the same place, but Wakatobi is such a special place we would come for a third time without a doubt. The people, the food, the snorkeling and the diving are unparalleled to any place we have ...
I'm so dense Neil. Of course Chuck Hagel is doing what he's doing, destroying US military, bc he's got a Cayman Island account!
DOLE says those eyeing to work in Cayman Island will be required now to take language proficiency exam
Trying to decide on where to go for our honeymoon thinking the Bahamas,Cayman Islands or maybe Florida Keys anyone been to these places or have any other suggestions!!
I'm I go missing I will be at the green parrot in cayman island! Thank you.
Cayman Island beach with my bestie. 🌊😍
Just for you aaron, drinking a cayman island corona! aaronfisher32
The cayman island water is so blue 😍
I think it's appropriate to leave a little texas girl behind in the Cayman island, time to dance on the bar!
Today's Lunch Specials at Island Naturals Café . Good morning to all of the lovely people living in Cayman. We...
Selfieee cause I'm in the Cayman island♡
Let's see if cayman island treats me as good as Cozumel.
I'm so ready for summer!! At the launch of Kate Thornley-Hall's beautiful Cayman Island line of…
It definitely started as a Murphy's law kind of "adventure" to the Cayman Islands! After almost missing our early morning flight (shuttle from remote parking was late & then they ran us all over the airport between gates several times, security was overloaded, etc.), dealing with 2 connecting flights (the "joys" of using your mileage!), our cab driver just dumped us at the complex rather than helping us find THE condo we'd rented--and it was dark & no lights on at OUR condo--well, you get the picture! After that, things did get better and we did have a good time and especially enjoyed the Turtle Farm where they had both green sea turtles and Ridley turtles--and a hybrid croc who resides there. Beautiful island and friendly folks for the most part. But good to be home!
Pinoy workers who wish to work in Cayman Island advised to take English ... - Philippine Information Agency
Cayman island's hospital rated high by UK.
Eating breakfast outdoors on a sunny 77-degree blue sky day fells like a Cayman Island vacation. ::happy sigh::
Busy day today. Meeting with John Boehner to get his help moving my corporate office (on paper) to the Cayman Islands, carving out some personal and corporate tax loopholes, funneling profits into an anonymous PAC and trickling them back down through a few off-budget, no-bid government contracts and government guaranteed zero percent interest loans.
Kings of Convenience - Cayman Island really special for get your jazz in here!
    Beginning July 2, Filipinos who want to work in the Cayman Islands must pass an English language test before they can be hired. In a report to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)...
Never fails ..Everyday I wake up and theres a commercial for cayman cancun or some kind of island... one day lol
Oh that island. Ok yeah those would be more realistic. Or the Cayman Islands...except those are controlled by Britain.
so as of right now VA June, Cayman Island July, Jamaica December, Cancun January, Guatemala March .. then i gotta chil for a while lol
Cayman island had the clearest beach water I've ever seen.😍
My top 20 beaches I've been to Prospect beach Cayman Island
Getting to visit my aunt tn from cayman island that i havent seen in like 2 years!
The Bahamas to belize then Cayman Islands. Them I back to the (different island ) and its only people are busy
I have an amazing month coming up!! Vegas Sunday, Miami, Grand Cayman Island, San Diego, LA ! Who would've thought
Pope tells Republicans to return monies stolen from the middle class and the poor. Airline bookings to the Cayman Island soar …
NUDE CRUISE Day 5 Grand Cayman Island 2/13/14 Crawling out of bed in the darkness, I kiss Sarah on her sleeping head and sneak outside to make my way back to the Lido Deck. Dark purple clouds hang low over the deep blue sea. The sun slowly bubbles out of the ocean as we sail pass Cayman Island making our way to Grand Cayman. Sipping coffee, the early morning crowd is in various stages of disrobing. Some are fully nude, others completely dressed and there’s everything imaginable in-between. As we moor off Grand Cayman, the Captain announces everyone must be clothed until we set sail. There is no dock here so the Life Boats tender us back and forth to the island. No one wants to put on clothes, especially those remaining on the boat but these are British waters and that’s the law. Everyone complies. It leads to interesting conversations about the popularity of Naturalism in England, which is thriving. Tim & Jess stumble out with coffee so I join them as the ship seems to wake up in shifts. We’ve move ...
Great time on our cruise from Fort Lauderdale to the Panama Canal and parts of Latin America.Aruba, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica and the Cayman Island.
B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!! Sanusi Lamido, MTN , Stanbic IBTC, in $8b Money Laundering Scam. The Biggest Corporate Fraud Fraud In Nigeria Exposed. **the sum of $31,057,339.23 remitted on their behalf to Barclays Private Bank, Hans Crescent, London. **sum of USD 936,017,265.89 to the Cayman Island, British Virgin Island and Mauritius. **shareholder names are used to transfer Millions of dollars overseas without their knowledge. **Sanusi using his owning Bureau De Change to defraud Nigerians and killing Naira value. TELECOMS giant MTN Nigeria has been exposed of engaging in large scale money laundering which has helped in not only depleting Nigeria's Foreign Exchange (Forex) reserves but also has negatively affected the country's economy over the last five years, National Daily can authoritatively reveal. An anonymous petition sent to President Goodluck Jonathan by interest group who claims to be in the know of the transactions, had triggered what they described as a special investigation into humongous economi ...
Purrrfect night with maa girls before I go away tooo the island of cayman 🌀
please come visit me in cayman island we could do something fun =D
Cayman Island cruise with my two best friends 💁
Two years in a row Chord Overstreet has been in the Cayman Islands while I am... I thought this island wasn't that big…
I wish I was wine tasting on Cayman Island... may as well be in the North Pole right now 🍷☕️ @ Grand…
Get moving with our to island sports:
Talking island life in the Cayman Islands. Take me there now. 🙈🌴
Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Disney's private island
Warren Buffet must come here often if there's a in Grand Cayman. @ Grand Cayman Island
Its a Rainy day in the Cayman Island
if this doesn't scare you I don't know what will. 😁@ Grand Cayman Island
Cayman Island Sports will travel to Sochi, led by athlete Dow Travers. Do you think he'll bring home a medal?.
I can't stand this weather anymore Toronto, just a week ago on the Cayman island...😩
What a RAINY terrible day! Grand Cayman Island sounds much better Rexie!
Dance the night away while enjoying the best food on island!.
The Cayman Island Scouts Association will have a new headquarters once construction is finished.
20 days until this guy is Cayman Island bound!
Get 2014 off to a good start! Check out our to the best island clubs & organizations:
Planning a trip to the Grand Cayman Island
K8PGJ will be active from Grand Cayman Island 11-19 January 2014 as ZF2PG
I wish is had 1.5 million dollars to buy a house in Grand Cayman Island 😒
Very good cayman coral island: AfcMQ
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Cayman island group directors forum with regard to diversiform repertory drama: tlIw
Happy New Year from Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter! Wishing you and yours all the best for 2014.
embrace the future; you need an subdermal implant , with barcode, linked to your Cayman Island account. Just scan and go :)
. The Cayman island banks will barely notice. Our American communities will definitely notice.
Grand Cayman Island. Two margaritas in. In one-off Trivial Pursuit play-off, I called the Bronx Bombers a roller derby team. Yep. Mea culpa to all the Yankees fans out there :-(
Police in the Cayman Islands said Wednesday that they suspect a Canadian cruise ship passenger who recently vanished may have fallen off the boat
Cayman 27 reports that three armed men robbed a jewelry store in downtown George Town, Cayman Islands this morning. It was initially reported that sho
First day of the year in Cayman Island (Grand Cayman) trying to chat with family in Jammu.
Let me be the next to wish you a Happy New Year! PLus, around 1:30 I'll qualify you to win a 4-day cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands with Train.
According to news sources, a passenger is reportedly missing from the Independence of the Seas cruise ship which sailed to the Cayman Islands today. T
I thought di cayman island was but its not its di best place to have fun
[K-SOCIAL] Happy New Year to all those in regions in the USA, Regions in Canada, Columbia, Peru, small region in Brazil, Cuba, Panama, Haiti, most of Ecuador, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, small regions in Chile, Turks and Caicos Islands. [K-MUSIC Team]
[factoid] The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the NW region of the Caribbean Sea .. Does America know that?
It's 88 degrees today on Grand Cayman Island (but with the wind chill it feels like 87)
Cayman Island Fact: Driving is done on the left side of the road. Do you think that would be hard for you to do?
Happy New Year PHILIPPINES, CAYMAN ISLAND AND CANADA!. :) Lets get this party started, NOW!. ;)
UNTIL 1MALAYSIA DEVELOPMENT BHD (1MDB) explains why it has put US$2.318 billion (RM7.55 billion) in a fund in the Cayman Islands, the government-funded investment unit will continue to come under scrutiny.
Cruise to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Island on Carnival's "Victory" for five nights!! Saturday, February 21, 2015 - Thursday, February 26, 2015 Prices are per person: Inside Cabin $468 Oven View Cabin $539 Balcony $659 Rate for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th person in inside and ocean view cabin is $219 per person; $239 per person for balcony cabins. Payment schedule: $25 Due February 10, 2014 (non-refundable) $100 Due May 12, 2014 $100 Due August 11, 2014 $100 Due October 1, 2014 Balance due December 1, 2014 Transportation will be available. Price and details on transportation will be made available after initial deposits are made. Payment plans will be made for transportation as well. Email, inbox or call me for further details,, Payments can be made in cash, credit, debit cards or money orders made payable to Paulette's Creative Travel.
Congratulations to Jean from Long Valley, NJ ! She is now the newest owner of Train's album, and is now qualified for the 4 day Cruise to the Cayman Islands! Next shot at 5:30p!
Grand Cayman Island is a great vacation destination for families. The largest of the three islands, Grand Cayman offers everything from water sports to great
The Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) has received approval from the regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands to sell...
Christmas has come and gone. Don't let Jan 15th pass without putting your down payment to hold your cabin. $150.00 Holds Your Cabin. An amazing agenda of unique activities from Daring Dinner Conversations, Singles Mystery Mate Game, Hot Tub Hot Topics, Cayman Island Scavenger Hunt on The Beach, and the highlight: "The Women's White Empowerment Event At Sea" NO PASSPORT NEEDED! Sail with the Queens on the Princess and be Empowered!
STRONG 2ND STEWARDESS POSITION ON A 51M MOTOR YACHT (CAYMAN ISLAND FLAGGED) (PRIVATE) A private 51M Motor Yacht is currently searching for a strong 2nd Stewardess to join the crew of 13. Present crew is 3 Americans, 2 British, 2 Australians, 1 Canadian, 2 Germans, 1 South African, 1 Philippine. The ideal candidate will need to be 25 years or older, commensurate with experience for this level of position. The strong 2nd Stewardess must be prepared to work closely with the Chief stewardess. All round skills are required as department usually operates on a rotation basis. Interaction with both Owners & guests, the yacht is owned by a company in Cayman Islands and guests are usually either Americans or from Hong Kong. Candidates from anywhere will be considered. Not a role for first timers, strong experience in managing high-end households may be considered. Experience on ocean going yachts of the size/caliber--- with good longevity always appeals. The yacht does not want someone that has been a Chief stew .. ...
here in the Cayman Island with my sisters and nephews omg food unlimited love turn up to maximum what more can I ask for,only that god spear our lives that we can enjoy more days like this.
Warmest greetings from the Spotts Beach Houses, Grand Cayman Island. Please visit
Having lunch at margaritaville in the Cayman Island. Nov. 21, 2013
Using my cayman island mug this morning and thinking of you!
WAR's 10th ANNUAL OPERATION: 12 DAYS OF XMAS '13 - Day 8 - Stumpy & bunny's Top Ten Lists For the 8th Day of Xmas we are going to reprise a long time favorite, the Stumpy and bunny Top Ten Lists. Top Ten Reasons it *** to Be Huntingdon Life Sciences (note: reprinted with some changes because we want the folks at HLS to know that WAR has not forgotten them)  10.  Your customers bury their relatives in unmarked graves to avoid losing the remains. 9.    Someone burns down the hunting lodge of the CEO of one of your biggest customers. SO SAD. 8.    Another day, another AR group, another lawsuit.  How many open cases do you have, HLS??? 7.    You have to train your customers/suppliers to pretend that they don’t live at their home address. 6.    You need therapy after the undertaker comes for your body, only problem is you are not dead yet.  5.    You have so many hidden Cayman Island accounts that you can’t secure a corporate line of credit. 4.    Everyone on Wall Street real . ...
In The Spirit Of CHRISMAS. XMas.. A time to travel and have lots of fun with our childhood friends Xmas .. A Time to buy gifts for our children and of cos, new clothes and shoes Xmas A time to share with loved ones* who u see only once in a year Xmas a time 2 xpect gifts from diffrent sources Xmas A time to go out and have Fun. Which of these seems to be the one that fits ur category..I'm sure if u read them very well u could as well fit urself into one or two right.. Yes a lot of us love xmas Me Included.. Its really a time 2 relax and Eat.. The food is important 2 many of us oo Not 2 forget thousands that travel home to their villages(if there's still anything like that*wink) or hometowns to visit famly members and friends.. $ However none of this should be the true meaning of xmas. A lot of us celebrate the Mas and live out the CHRIS. Have u ever stopd 2 wonder what christmas wuld be without Christ. If christ Jesus was neever born in a manger , if 3wise men dint come to bow down, if the angels dint tal ...
Cayman Island people, Like the Page ( AWT ).. New Sauce coming at you! Graysen Dawson, Jasen Dawson, Jessica Jurgens, Kemar Yannick Brown, Veronica Lewandowski..
Back from Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island!!! Enjoyed a early Christmas gift from the Hubby! Those Five days were great but went by fast! Im so ready to go again!
Princess Cruise to Cayman Island Put this CRUISE on LAYAWAY Today.. Reserve your Cabin for $150 per person based on Double Occupancy and Make Next Payment March 2014, then June 2014.. Book today as a Passenger...(full price) or as a Partner (eligible to cruise for free and get commission).hm.decisions, decisions. Either way, you're going to have a GREAT time! More Details Visit the Event Page~ Book Direct: Book Today ~ Partner with us Inbox me
Falling in Love with Grand Cayman Island. Then it's back to reality tomorrow. 68 degrees in Titusville, I'll take it!
Damaged Reefs Show Resiliency in Cayman Islands - By Barbara ListonORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - A 13-year study of coral reefs spontaneously recovering in the Cayman Islands offers hope of refuting often doomsday forecasts about the worldwide decline of the colorful marine habitat.Scientists monitoring the Cayman reefs noted a 40 percent decline in live coral cover between 1999 and 2004 during a period of warmer seas in the Caribbean.However, seven years later, the amou...
And it wouldn't be sitting in offshore Cayman Island accounts with the other $17 Trillion Dollars the 1% has stolen form us..
For a Little guy from the Cayman island, you'd think he would not like snow. You're right... He doesn't like it... He loves it!
A Casanova in cayman island watching 5 ships right on my door step while I am having lunch my day off
The Cayman Island Registry has seen the highest number of newly formed companies in the first 11 months of this year since 2008. Michael Klein reports:
The Cayman Island Marching band too first place at the West Bay Auditions also at the Pre-Finals and went on to win at the over all Finals what a performance they put on for the judges
Cayman Automotive, Wheego dealer for the Cayman Islands, has produced a new commercial. Take a look!
So far great cruise tomorrow cayman island
Boarding to head to Grand Cayman Island! See ya later USA!!
In Grand Cayman Island nice island. Had to take tender boats to get the island, but so far I like Grand Cayman better than Jamaica.
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has chosen Diffusion to change the perception of the Cayman Islands as a financial services centre.
letter from Cayman Islands to the Ex-president of Egypt while i was in jail asking to release me :)
Electronic Device Insurance
I am back from our cruise had a great time. We didn't go to the Bahamas though because of the storm we went to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cayman Island and Cozumel. Maybe next time we will get to go to the Bahamas
Mr Mark Simmonds, Minister for the Overseas Territories at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will visit the Cayman Islands on Tuesday 5 November.     The visit takes place three weeks before the annual Joint Ministerial Council in London and will focus on enhancing the relationship between the UK and Cayman Islands and promoting our shared agendas.   Mr Simmonds will have meetings with the Premier, the Finance Minister and will call in on the Cabinet meeting.  Other engagements will include a meeting with opposition MLAs, a visit to the port area, a call on the lion fish lab at the Department of the Environment and a presentation on the Health City development.  The Premier will host a reception and Minister Simmonds will address a dinner hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.   Ahead of the visit Minister Simmonds said:   “I am delighted to be making my first visit, as a Minister, to the Cayman Island, an important centre for the global financial services industry.  I am looking forward to meeti ...
Grand Cayman Island travel site with expert insight into the Cayman Islands including a free newsletter, special reports on working on Grand Cayman Island, retiring on Grand Cayman and buying Cayman Island real estate.
Teams from the USA, Cayman Island, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago will be in the island for which UWI Sports Tournament next Month???
Me and Dollar at downtown Cayman Islands, Me and my girl Kisha at Hard Rock Cafe Cayman Islands...about to meet our husbands and go party a little and eat.just a little of Cayman Island pics:
Which countries have you visited? — Jamaica cayman island Mexico and Canada
13 years ago with my dad in Cayman Island.
I nid me a 401k account nd my personal stash of cash in the cayman island.
Gerald on vacation in Grand Cayman Island.
Despicability? The Cayman Island Is Pictured At That Size For A Reason. You know who you are -
Ill love u in Cayman Island,dear my Mrs.Cold...
If u could live anywhere where would it be? — Victoria or Cayman island's
My grandmother gave me $23 today in assorted francs, euros, canada $, Cayman Island $, Bahama $, Hungarian Forint, Pesos, and Greek Drachmas
don't think about being rich much; when it comes to lack of justice, I do: Wall st, Halliburton, Bush administration, Cayman island crooks
my springbreak cruise was 7days Cayman island!! the boat was live at night!! lol no jits
Scotland off to a good start with 73-21 against Cayman island
Scotland takes the opening match of the World Youth Netball Championship beating the Cayman Island 73-21.
At the end of the third quarter, Scotland still leads the Cayman Island 55-16. The Scottish scored 19 goals in response to Cayman's 6 goals.
Watching the Scotland v cayman island netball game online. Come on Scotland!
December cruise to Cayman Island, I want a wall in my house to be painted just like this!! Lowkey I…
Here in Cayman Island at a restaurant called Paradise c:
Top of the Cayman Island fantasy league , Get in there !
Loving life! Summer is almost over but enjoying the last few days before heading to the sunny cayman island!
Build your own tax Free Cayman Island mansion for only $100k. Email me and I'll show you how!
Photo: thelovelyseas: A curious sea turtle stares at the camera off Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island by...
Honeymoon, Cayman Island in 2008. I still look the same I guest
Fiji, Cayman Island, Hawaii."Where will you Like to Go on a Holiday?
Cayman island - King of confenience. Adem adem adem *sugesti*
usCorps were Granted to Withhold Taxes Owed via the CAYMAN ISLAND TAX AVOIDANCE reinvestment plan by Gov't .
To apply,go to for Job ID 3162.Chief Stew position on 150' motoryacht,Cayman Island flagge…
Happy to see my angel to be with me here @ cayman island ☺
Here in the cayman island the weed is boom its real high grade love the fact I got 18 grams for $5
And listen to this song when u wanna sleep~ this song is very calm, good night~ Cayman island - :)
I got some advise from my bros in the Senate.. Send it in unmarked envelopes to my Cayman Island Bank.
is Author of The Bridge to Caracas, a story of conflicted & endless love & a Cayman island fortune!
TIL that not only does the Cayman Island govt take 7.5% on stamp duty of house price, they also charge 1% of money borrowed for mortgage
I added a video to a playlist Jamaican and Cayman Island Participants Singing
My whole crew is don juan on cayman island with a case of cristal and baba shallah spoke , *** with them cubans that snort coke
Going be in Cayman island for 4 weeks Jeez!!
He going cayman island today, back to Jamaica tmw, then Barbados after :(
Cruised to Cayman Island & on the Cruise Line. Too bad the best food was the SALAD bar!
I wanna go to Cayman Island and spend more… ♫ Cayman Islands by Kings of Convenience (at Cepe's cozy mansion!) —
Off to explore the Cayman Island and enjoy some beach time (and possibly an adult beverage; with an umbrella of course) with the hubby; the water here is the most spectacular turquoise water I've ever seen:) Will post photos later!
Well Jamaica it was a good day for our young rugby boys today when they face Bermuda in the NACRA Under 19 championship in Trinidad and Tobago. The game ended with Jamaica 10 Bermuda 3 with a try coming from Leon Savage and conversion and a penalty Takeem Creary. Well done boys good job just keep on working hard same way as we give our support to you all. Their next game will be on Monday July 8, 2013 kicking off at 2pm Trinidad time against Cayman Island. "Guh Haard An Dun"
Here are some random Cayman Island thoughts and happenings I've had this morning: * my new favorite water sport is floating on drink holder inflatables on the ocean. * seeing a barracuda while snorkeling is a little unsettling 󾠔Ooh barracuda!󾠔 * my shorts are tight󾌹 * I think there are more iguanas than people here. * I think The Arnetts have overtaken this complex. * I'm so glad the family is all together to celebrate my sister Torri's birthday today!
Hamilton Collection
Feeling bless giving God thanks for a lovely day morning glowing with sunshine in the beautiful Cayman Island where its quiet.
Just got home last night - Cayman Island was very much needed vacation.
Back to work! I'm already thinking of our next vacation. Somewhere with lots of sun and beaches! Cayman Island...
Happy 4th from the Cayman Island. Yes this is not a holiday her so I am working right now.
I'm praying for the day when the whole world joins, like this, in solidarity for each other. That we join together for equality and justice for all people of all designs, and stop letting ourselves be manipulated and condemned by small groups who can't see past their Cayman Island accounts.
this was my biggest song in the Cayman Island, Antigua, Italy, Bermuda, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Kitts, US…
Was The Gulf Oil Spill Planned? Lots of interesting coincidences (or were they?). Excerpt: It is not just possible to demonstrate that the Gulf oil explosion was a planned event, it is possible to pinpoint the date when the wheels were put into motion which would make it nearly impossible for any investigation to get to the bottom of the event by American authorities. The subsequent cover-up for this event began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean, the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, it made Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and subsequently discipline the perpetrators. Unashamedly, Goldman Sachs and Transocean instituted a “put option” on Transocean’s stock for Transocean insiders the very morning of the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediately following the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to the expl ...
Obama's Jack Lew TS pick; Receives $1M bonus as CitiGroup was going bankrupt and has a Cayman Island account...and this is not…
Hello Good ole Miami FL til Sat afternoon. Want a good cup of coffee and soft towels..Did not like Jamaica..scary and dirty..appreciate our land..seen *** Jagger home..everything is Bob Marley there. LOVED Cayman Island..very layed back and ocean was unbelivable...very clear...loved it.
After getting up at 4am to be at the passport office with Will. We are all done and got home by 9.15. Passport ready tomorrow, Will is Cayman Island bound. for sure!
Have a great week to all!! I miss my hubby!Steve Cochran Back to the Cayman Island he goes! :(
Cayman Island shoot in July...that is all.
Father's day should be everyday all those farther's out there that has been doing their dues, since day salute and respect goes out to them, a especially salute of one of the BEST FATHER AND HUSBAND IN THIS UNIVERSE...CLINT...our solid family n rock..the kids and I love you plenty...our celebration just began in Cayman Island...
Made it home safe and sound! It was an Amazing Vacation, Key West, Jamaica and Cayman Island were absolutely beautiful. And it kinda still feels like I'm on the ship. Lol. Back to real life now. Pic's soon
: got the Cayman Island airwaves crazy right now.. !! Much love to the !!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cayman Island on the way to Sting Ray Beach
NEW ENGLAND ANNUAL CONFERENCE Ziegler Preaching Award Rev. Jung Sun Oh Bethany First UMC, Roslindale You will always have the poor among you, but you won't always have me. - Gospel reading Bethany First UMC is a multi-cultural church. This was something new for Rev. Jung Sun Oh. The experience of being at that church reshaped him, reshaped his theology. In his church they experience good worship, sometimes excellent preaching and fellowship. The congregation is Asia, African, Cayman Island and Roslindale born. After worship is a fellowship meal, healing service and a Laity-led Bible study. After being spiritually nurtured, they go and serve the community. There is a housing complex less than a mile from the church which they go to as an outreach ministry. The complex has many immigrants who don't speak English well. Rev. Jung Sun Oh that we are called to go outside and serve. His church goes to the complex to celebrate and share their Christian love. They don't invite them to church. But the people know w ...
Cayman Island so many more to upload. This is just a taste.
I've been sum of every where!!! Cozumel, Belize, Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Honduras, Cayman Island, & finally got back over to EOURPE to see London! Aug30th will be bitter Sweet! Thank you delta airlines! It's been real!
Cannot wait to be cruising next month to Cayman Island and Jamaica !!! Love cruises !!!
1st. pic at Cozumel... 2nd, Sunset after leaving Cayman Island
David Stern, you really know how to build up for a game 7 showdown. I bet you're just looking at your Swiss and Cayman Island accounts now, watching them grow more and more.
Port of call Grand Cayman,Cayman Island, the weather here is kind a humid & hot.
During the Matt Harvey game when Mariano blew his first save. You could see the tears flowing out of their Cayman Island bank accounts
DID YOU KNOW? The people of Grand Cayman had the opportunity to see the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, compete in the Cayman Invitational 2013 this week. Did you also know that the Sailfish (from the genus Istiophoridae) is the fastest fish in the world? Whilst Usain set the 100m sprint record at 9.58 seconds, the Sailfish is reported to be able to swim this distance in as little as 4.8 seconds! These beautiful fish have a max recorded speed of 70 MPH/112 KM. Its sail-like first dorsal fin is normally kept folded down by its side when swimming, but it may be raised when the fish feels frightened or excited, or when a group of sailfish use them to herd a school of fish or squid. They also have a upper jaw prolonged into a very long beak that they can use to stun and skewer their prey. Their usual coloration is a combination of black and shades of blues and purples, but they can be seen changing to a light blue with yellowish stripes when excited. Keep your eyes open for them around the Cayman Island ...
this the image of the amazing sun,, here at Cayman Island,,,
What was it that Ike said? Somehow DC will get his share. probably through Cayman Island shill corporations.
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