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Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands (or ) is a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea.

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Purrrfect night with maa girls before I go away tooo the island of cayman 🌀
please come visit me in cayman island we could do something fun =D
Cayman Island cruise with my two best friends 💁
Two years in a row Chord Overstreet has been in the Cayman Islands while I am... I thought this island wasn't that big…
I wish I was wine tasting on Cayman Island... may as well be in the North Pole right now 🍷☕️ @ Grand…
Get moving with our to island sports:
Talking island life in the Cayman Islands. Take me there now. 🙈🌴
Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Disney's private island
Warren Buffet must come here often if there's a in Grand Cayman. @ Grand Cayman Island
Its a Rainy day in the Cayman Island
if this doesn't scare you I don't know what will. 😁@ Grand Cayman Island
Cayman Island Sports will travel to Sochi, led by athlete Dow Travers. Do you think he'll bring home a medal?.
I can't stand this weather anymore Toronto, just a week ago on the Cayman island...😩
What a RAINY terrible day! Grand Cayman Island sounds much better Rexie!
Dance the night away while enjoying the best food on island!.
The Cayman Island Scouts Association will have a new headquarters once construction is finished.
20 days until this guy is Cayman Island bound!
Get 2014 off to a good start! Check out our to the best island clubs & organizations:
Planning a trip to the Grand Cayman Island
K8PGJ will be active from Grand Cayman Island 11-19 January 2014 as ZF2PG
I wish is had 1.5 million dollars to buy a house in Grand Cayman Island 😒
Very good cayman coral island: AfcMQ
Cayman island group directors forum with regard to diversiform repertory drama: tlIw
Happy New Year from Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter! Wishing you and yours all the best for 2014.
embrace the future; you need an subdermal implant , with barcode, linked to your Cayman Island account. Just scan and go :)
. The Cayman island banks will barely notice. Our American communities will definitely notice.
Grand Cayman Island. Two margaritas in. In one-off Trivial Pursuit play-off, I called the Bronx Bombers a roller derby team. Yep. Mea culpa to all the Yankees fans out there :-(
Police in the Cayman Islands said Wednesday that they suspect a Canadian cruise ship passenger who recently vanished may have fallen off the boat
Cayman 27 reports that three armed men robbed a jewelry store in downtown George Town, Cayman Islands this morning. It was initially reported that sho
First day of the year in Cayman Island (Grand Cayman) trying to chat with family in Jammu.
Let me be the next to wish you a Happy New Year! PLus, around 1:30 I'll qualify you to win a 4-day cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands with Train.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
According to news sources, a passenger is reportedly missing from the Independence of the Seas cruise ship which sailed to the Cayman Islands today. T
I thought di cayman island was but its not its di best place to have fun
[K-SOCIAL] Happy New Year to all those in regions in the USA, Regions in Canada, Columbia, Peru, small region in Brazil, Cuba, Panama, Haiti, most of Ecuador, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, small regions in Chile, Turks and Caicos Islands. [K-MUSIC Team]
[factoid] The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the NW region of the Caribbean Sea .. Does America know that?
It's 88 degrees today on Grand Cayman Island (but with the wind chill it feels like 87)
Cayman Island Fact: Driving is done on the left side of the road. Do you think that would be hard for you to do?
Happy New Year PHILIPPINES, CAYMAN ISLAND AND CANADA!. :) Lets get this party started, NOW!. ;)
UNTIL 1MALAYSIA DEVELOPMENT BHD (1MDB) explains why it has put US$2.318 billion (RM7.55 billion) in a fund in the Cayman Islands, the government-funded investment unit will continue to come under scrutiny.
Cruise to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Island on Carnival's "Victory" for five nights!! Saturday, February 21, 2015 - Thursday, February 26, 2015 Prices are per person: Inside Cabin $468 Oven View Cabin $539 Balcony $659 Rate for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th person in inside and ocean view cabin is $219 per person; $239 per person for balcony cabins. Payment schedule: $25 Due February 10, 2014 (non-refundable) $100 Due May 12, 2014 $100 Due August 11, 2014 $100 Due October 1, 2014 Balance due December 1, 2014 Transportation will be available. Price and details on transportation will be made available after initial deposits are made. Payment plans will be made for transportation as well. Email, inbox or call me for further details,, Payments can be made in cash, credit, debit cards or money orders made payable to Paulette's Creative Travel.
Congratulations to Jean from Long Valley, NJ ! She is now the newest owner of Train's album, and is now qualified for the 4 day Cruise to the Cayman Islands! Next shot at 5:30p!
Grand Cayman Island is a great vacation destination for families. The largest of the three islands, Grand Cayman offers everything from water sports to great
The Sagicor Financial Corporation (SFC) has received approval from the regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands to sell...
Christmas has come and gone. Don't let Jan 15th pass without putting your down payment to hold your cabin. $150.00 Holds Your Cabin. An amazing agenda of unique activities from Daring Dinner Conversations, Singles Mystery Mate Game, Hot Tub Hot Topics, Cayman Island Scavenger Hunt on The Beach, and the highlight: "The Women's White Empowerment Event At Sea" NO PASSPORT NEEDED! Sail with the Queens on the Princess and be Empowered!
STRONG 2ND STEWARDESS POSITION ON A 51M MOTOR YACHT (CAYMAN ISLAND FLAGGED) (PRIVATE) A private 51M Motor Yacht is currently searching for a strong 2nd Stewardess to join the crew of 13. Present crew is 3 Americans, 2 British, 2 Australians, 1 Canadian, 2 Germans, 1 South African, 1 Philippine. The ideal candidate will need to be 25 years or older, commensurate with experience for this level of position. The strong 2nd Stewardess must be prepared to work closely with the Chief stewardess. All round skills are required as department usually operates on a rotation basis. Interaction with both Owners & guests, the yacht is owned by a company in Cayman Islands and guests are usually either Americans or from Hong Kong. Candidates from anywhere will be considered. Not a role for first timers, strong experience in managing high-end households may be considered. Experience on ocean going yachts of the size/caliber--- with good longevity always appeals. The yacht does not want someone that has been a Chief stew .. ...
here in the Cayman Island with my sisters and nephews omg food unlimited love turn up to maximum what more can I ask for,only that god spear our lives that we can enjoy more days like this.
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Warmest greetings from the Spotts Beach Houses, Grand Cayman Island. Please visit
Having lunch at margaritaville in the Cayman Island. Nov. 21, 2013
Using my cayman island mug this morning and thinking of you!
WAR's 10th ANNUAL OPERATION: 12 DAYS OF XMAS '13 - Day 8 - Stumpy & bunny's Top Ten Lists For the 8th Day of Xmas we are going to reprise a long time favorite, the Stumpy and bunny Top Ten Lists. Top Ten Reasons it *** to Be Huntingdon Life Sciences (note: reprinted with some changes because we want the folks at HLS to know that WAR has not forgotten them)  10.  Your customers bury their relatives in unmarked graves to avoid losing the remains. 9.    Someone burns down the hunting lodge of the CEO of one of your biggest customers. SO SAD. 8.    Another day, another AR group, another lawsuit.  How many open cases do you have, HLS??? 7.    You have to train your customers/suppliers to pretend that they don’t live at their home address. 6.    You need therapy after the undertaker comes for your body, only problem is you are not dead yet.  5.    You have so many hidden Cayman Island accounts that you can’t secure a corporate line of credit. 4.    Everyone on Wall Street real . ...
In The Spirit Of CHRISMAS. XMas.. A time to travel and have lots of fun with our childhood friends Xmas .. A Time to buy gifts for our children and of cos, new clothes and shoes Xmas A time to share with loved ones* who u see only once in a year Xmas a time 2 xpect gifts from diffrent sources Xmas A time to go out and have Fun. Which of these seems to be the one that fits ur category..I'm sure if u read them very well u could as well fit urself into one or two right.. Yes a lot of us love xmas Me Included.. Its really a time 2 relax and Eat.. The food is important 2 many of us oo Not 2 forget thousands that travel home to their villages(if there's still anything like that*wink) or hometowns to visit famly members and friends.. $ However none of this should be the true meaning of xmas. A lot of us celebrate the Mas and live out the CHRIS. Have u ever stopd 2 wonder what christmas wuld be without Christ. If christ Jesus was neever born in a manger , if 3wise men dint come to bow down, if the angels dint tal ...
Cayman Island people, Like the Page ( AWT ).. New Sauce coming at you! Graysen Dawson, Jasen Dawson, Jessica Jurgens, Kemar Yannick Brown, Veronica Lewandowski..
Back from Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island!!! Enjoyed a early Christmas gift from the Hubby! Those Five days were great but went by fast! Im so ready to go again!
Princess Cruise to Cayman Island Put this CRUISE on LAYAWAY Today.. Reserve your Cabin for $150 per person based on Double Occupancy and Make Next Payment March 2014, then June 2014.. Book today as a Passenger...(full price) or as a Partner (eligible to cruise for free and get commission).hm.decisions, decisions. Either way, you're going to have a GREAT time! More Details Visit the Event Page~ Book Direct: Book Today ~ Partner with us Inbox me
Falling in Love with Grand Cayman Island. Then it's back to reality tomorrow. 68 degrees in Titusville, I'll take it!
Damaged Reefs Show Resiliency in Cayman Islands - By Barbara ListonORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - A 13-year study of coral reefs spontaneously recovering in the Cayman Islands offers hope of refuting often doomsday forecasts about the worldwide decline of the colorful marine habitat.Scientists monitoring the Cayman reefs noted a 40 percent decline in live coral cover between 1999 and 2004 during a period of warmer seas in the Caribbean.However, seven years later, the amou...
And it wouldn't be sitting in offshore Cayman Island accounts with the other $17 Trillion Dollars the 1% has stolen form us..
For a Little guy from the Cayman island, you'd think he would not like snow. You're right... He doesn't like it... He loves it!
A Casanova in cayman island watching 5 ships right on my door step while I am having lunch my day off
The Cayman Island Registry has seen the highest number of newly formed companies in the first 11 months of this year since 2008. Michael Klein reports:
The Cayman Island Marching band too first place at the West Bay Auditions also at the Pre-Finals and went on to win at the over all Finals what a performance they put on for the judges
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Cayman Automotive, Wheego dealer for the Cayman Islands, has produced a new commercial. Take a look!
So far great cruise tomorrow cayman island
Boarding to head to Grand Cayman Island! See ya later USA!!
In Grand Cayman Island nice island. Had to take tender boats to get the island, but so far I like Grand Cayman better than Jamaica.
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has chosen Diffusion to change the perception of the Cayman Islands as a financial services centre.
letter from Cayman Islands to the Ex-president of Egypt while i was in jail asking to release me :)
I am back from our cruise had a great time. We didn't go to the Bahamas though because of the storm we went to Key West, Grand Cayman, Cayman Island and Cozumel. Maybe next time we will get to go to the Bahamas
Mr Mark Simmonds, Minister for the Overseas Territories at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will visit the Cayman Islands on Tuesday 5 November.     The visit takes place three weeks before the annual Joint Ministerial Council in London and will focus on enhancing the relationship between the UK and Cayman Islands and promoting our shared agendas.   Mr Simmonds will have meetings with the Premier, the Finance Minister and will call in on the Cabinet meeting.  Other engagements will include a meeting with opposition MLAs, a visit to the port area, a call on the lion fish lab at the Department of the Environment and a presentation on the Health City development.  The Premier will host a reception and Minister Simmonds will address a dinner hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.   Ahead of the visit Minister Simmonds said:   “I am delighted to be making my first visit, as a Minister, to the Cayman Island, an important centre for the global financial services industry.  I am looking forward to meeti ...
Grand Cayman Island travel site with expert insight into the Cayman Islands including a free newsletter, special reports on working on Grand Cayman Island, retiring on Grand Cayman and buying Cayman Island real estate.
Teams from the USA, Cayman Island, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago will be in the island for which UWI Sports Tournament next Month???
Me and Dollar at downtown Cayman Islands, Me and my girl Kisha at Hard Rock Cafe Cayman Islands...about to meet our husbands and go party a little and eat.just a little of Cayman Island pics:
Which countries have you visited? — Jamaica cayman island Mexico and Canada
13 years ago with my dad in Cayman Island.
I nid me a 401k account nd my personal stash of cash in the cayman island.
Gerald on vacation in Grand Cayman Island.
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Despicability? The Cayman Island Is Pictured At That Size For A Reason. You know who you are -
Ill love u in Cayman Island,dear my Mrs.Cold...
If u could live anywhere where would it be? — Victoria or Cayman island's
My grandmother gave me $23 today in assorted francs, euros, canada $, Cayman Island $, Bahama $, Hungarian Forint, Pesos, and Greek Drachmas
don't think about being rich much; when it comes to lack of justice, I do: Wall st, Halliburton, Bush administration, Cayman island crooks
my springbreak cruise was 7days Cayman island!! the boat was live at night!! lol no jits
Scotland off to a good start with 73-21 against Cayman island
Scotland takes the opening match of the World Youth Netball Championship beating the Cayman Island 73-21.
At the end of the third quarter, Scotland still leads the Cayman Island 55-16. The Scottish scored 19 goals in response to Cayman's 6 goals.
Watching the Scotland v cayman island netball game online. Come on Scotland!
December cruise to Cayman Island, I want a wall in my house to be painted just like this!! Lowkey I…
Here in Cayman Island at a restaurant called Paradise c:
Top of the Cayman Island fantasy league , Get in there !
Loving life! Summer is almost over but enjoying the last few days before heading to the sunny cayman island!
Build your own tax Free Cayman Island mansion for only $100k. Email me and I'll show you how!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Photo: thelovelyseas: A curious sea turtle stares at the camera off Stingray City, Grand Cayman Island by...
Honeymoon, Cayman Island in 2008. I still look the same I guest
Fiji, Cayman Island, Hawaii."Where will you Like to Go on a Holiday?
Cayman island - King of confenience. Adem adem adem *sugesti*
usCorps were Granted to Withhold Taxes Owed via the CAYMAN ISLAND TAX AVOIDANCE reinvestment plan by Gov't .
To apply,go to for Job ID 3162.Chief Stew position on 150' motoryacht,Cayman Island flagge…
Happy to see my angel to be with me here @ cayman island ☺
Here in the cayman island the weed is boom its real high grade love the fact I got 18 grams for $5
And listen to this song when u wanna sleep~ this song is very calm, good night~ Cayman island - :)
I got some advise from my bros in the Senate.. Send it in unmarked envelopes to my Cayman Island Bank.
is Author of The Bridge to Caracas, a story of conflicted & endless love & a Cayman island fortune!
TIL that not only does the Cayman Island govt take 7.5% on stamp duty of house price, they also charge 1% of money borrowed for mortgage
I added a video to a playlist Jamaican and Cayman Island Participants Singing
My whole crew is don juan on cayman island with a case of cristal and baba shallah spoke , *** with them cubans that snort coke
Going be in Cayman island for 4 weeks Jeez!!
He going cayman island today, back to Jamaica tmw, then Barbados after :(
Cruised to Cayman Island & on the Cruise Line. Too bad the best food was the SALAD bar!
I wanna go to Cayman Island and spend more… ♫ Cayman Islands by Kings of Convenience (at Cepe's cozy mansion!) —
Off to explore the Cayman Island and enjoy some beach time (and possibly an adult beverage; with an umbrella of course) with the hubby; the water here is the most spectacular turquoise water I've ever seen:) Will post photos later!
Well Jamaica it was a good day for our young rugby boys today when they face Bermuda in the NACRA Under 19 championship in Trinidad and Tobago. The game ended with Jamaica 10 Bermuda 3 with a try coming from Leon Savage and conversion and a penalty Takeem Creary. Well done boys good job just keep on working hard same way as we give our support to you all. Their next game will be on Monday July 8, 2013 kicking off at 2pm Trinidad time against Cayman Island. "Guh Haard An Dun"
Here are some random Cayman Island thoughts and happenings I've had this morning: * my new favorite water sport is floating on drink holder inflatables on the ocean. * seeing a barracuda while snorkeling is a little unsettling 󾠔Ooh barracuda!󾠔 * my shorts are tight󾌹 * I think there are more iguanas than people here. * I think The Arnetts have overtaken this complex. * I'm so glad the family is all together to celebrate my sister Torri's birthday today!
Feeling bless giving God thanks for a lovely day morning glowing with sunshine in the beautiful Cayman Island where its quiet.
Just got home last night - Cayman Island was very much needed vacation.
Back to work! I'm already thinking of our next vacation. Somewhere with lots of sun and beaches! Cayman Island...
Happy 4th from the Cayman Island. Yes this is not a holiday her so I am working right now.
I'm praying for the day when the whole world joins, like this, in solidarity for each other. That we join together for equality and justice for all people of all designs, and stop letting ourselves be manipulated and condemned by small groups who can't see past their Cayman Island accounts.
A North Carolina accent ordering "conch" at a Cayman Island restaurant will give the waitress a really good laugh.
I was on Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands a few months ago and did a double take when I saw somebody or something hovering high above the ocean. “Did I have too many Caybrews or is that dude flying above the ocean,” I asked my buddy, a Cayman Island resident. He told me it was this new “Jet thing that people are doing all the time in Grand Cayman and has been the hottest thing on the beach lately.” I eventually dug a little deeper and found out that the “jet thing” was Jetpack Cayman, the newest water sports adventure on Grand Cayman and quite possibly the most unique water sports activity I’ve see in the Caribbean. It basically provides clients with the experience of flying the world’s first recreational Jetpack. As soon as sufficient lift is applied, you and the Jetpack become weightless and levitate in the air. Jetpack Cayman is the first Jetlev Authorized Flight Center in the Caribbean and is a family-owned and operated business.  "We have flown several customer ...
this was my biggest song in the Cayman Island, Antigua, Italy, Bermuda, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Kitts, US…
Was The Gulf Oil Spill Planned? Lots of interesting coincidences (or were they?). Excerpt: It is not just possible to demonstrate that the Gulf oil explosion was a planned event, it is possible to pinpoint the date when the wheels were put into motion which would make it nearly impossible for any investigation to get to the bottom of the event by American authorities. The subsequent cover-up for this event began in 2007, three years before the event, as Goldman Sachs reorganized Transocean, the owner of the destroyed oil rig, into a Cayman Island corporation. In doing so, it made Transocean virtually impossible for Congress to investigate and subsequently discipline the perpetrators. Unashamedly, Goldman Sachs and Transocean instituted a “put option” on Transocean’s stock for Transocean insiders the very morning of the explosion. Transocean boldly walked away with a $270 million dollar profit immediately following the explosion because they had doubly indemnified the rig only weeks prior to the expl ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Obama's Jack Lew TS pick; Receives $1M bonus as CitiGroup was going bankrupt and has a Cayman Island account...and this is not…
Hello Good ole Miami FL til Sat afternoon. Want a good cup of coffee and soft towels..Did not like Jamaica..scary and dirty..appreciate our land..seen *** Jagger home..everything is Bob Marley there. LOVED Cayman Island..very layed back and ocean was unbelivable...very clear...loved it.
After getting up at 4am to be at the passport office with Will. We are all done and got home by 9.15. Passport ready tomorrow, Will is Cayman Island bound. for sure!
Have a great week to all!! I miss my hubby!Steve Cochran Back to the Cayman Island he goes! :(
Cayman Island shoot in July...that is all.
Father's day should be everyday all those farther's out there that has been doing their dues, since day salute and respect goes out to them, a especially salute of one of the BEST FATHER AND HUSBAND IN THIS UNIVERSE...CLINT...our solid family n rock..the kids and I love you plenty...our celebration just began in Cayman Island...
Made it home safe and sound! It was an Amazing Vacation, Key West, Jamaica and Cayman Island were absolutely beautiful. And it kinda still feels like I'm on the ship. Lol. Back to real life now. Pic's soon
: got the Cayman Island airwaves crazy right now.. !! Much love to the !!
Cayman Island on the way to Sting Ray Beach
NEW ENGLAND ANNUAL CONFERENCE Ziegler Preaching Award Rev. Jung Sun Oh Bethany First UMC, Roslindale You will always have the poor among you, but you won't always have me. - Gospel reading Bethany First UMC is a multi-cultural church. This was something new for Rev. Jung Sun Oh. The experience of being at that church reshaped him, reshaped his theology. In his church they experience good worship, sometimes excellent preaching and fellowship. The congregation is Asia, African, Cayman Island and Roslindale born. After worship is a fellowship meal, healing service and a Laity-led Bible study. After being spiritually nurtured, they go and serve the community. There is a housing complex less than a mile from the church which they go to as an outreach ministry. The complex has many immigrants who don't speak English well. Rev. Jung Sun Oh that we are called to go outside and serve. His church goes to the complex to celebrate and share their Christian love. They don't invite them to church. But the people know w ...
Cayman Island so many more to upload. This is just a taste.
I've been sum of every where!!! Cozumel, Belize, Germany, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Honduras, Cayman Island, & finally got back over to EOURPE to see London! Aug30th will be bitter Sweet! Thank you delta airlines! It's been real!
Cannot wait to be cruising next month to Cayman Island and Jamaica !!! Love cruises !!!
1st. pic at Cozumel... 2nd, Sunset after leaving Cayman Island
David Stern, you really know how to build up for a game 7 showdown. I bet you're just looking at your Swiss and Cayman Island accounts now, watching them grow more and more.
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Port of call Grand Cayman,Cayman Island, the weather here is kind a humid & hot.
During the Matt Harvey game when Mariano blew his first save. You could see the tears flowing out of their Cayman Island bank accounts
DID YOU KNOW? The people of Grand Cayman had the opportunity to see the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, compete in the Cayman Invitational 2013 this week. Did you also know that the Sailfish (from the genus Istiophoridae) is the fastest fish in the world? Whilst Usain set the 100m sprint record at 9.58 seconds, the Sailfish is reported to be able to swim this distance in as little as 4.8 seconds! These beautiful fish have a max recorded speed of 70 MPH/112 KM. Its sail-like first dorsal fin is normally kept folded down by its side when swimming, but it may be raised when the fish feels frightened or excited, or when a group of sailfish use them to herd a school of fish or squid. They also have a upper jaw prolonged into a very long beak that they can use to stun and skewer their prey. Their usual coloration is a combination of black and shades of blues and purples, but they can be seen changing to a light blue with yellowish stripes when excited. Keep your eyes open for them around the Cayman Island ...
this the image of the amazing sun,, here at Cayman Island,,,
What was it that Ike said? Somehow DC will get his share. probably through Cayman Island shill corporations.
He let me take the wheel 😉loving the sun in the Cayman Islands @ Royal Palms, Cayman Island
My fb friend from the Cayman Island (George Town) !Is running for office and I wish my fb friend Matthew Leslie...
Location with a lifestyle of luxury in this beachfront estate home in Castillo Caribe, Cayman Island.
cc_collins09 and I in the beach in the Cayman Island beach. @ 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island!
Myrtle beach this summer with my favorite girls then Grand Cayman Island next summer with my hallmates and roommates 👌☺🌊☀
What do Jack Lew, Citicorp AND the Cayman Island have in common!!!???
Sunset on the Caribbean Sunset on the Caribbean | Sailing on the Caribbean Sea near the island of Grand Cayman.
Try to imagine a Romney presidency: First, the salaries of the entire White House staff would be cut drastically and their benefits would be eliminated. Then, with the money saved from those cuts, renovations to the White House would begin, starting with the installation of elevators for the presidential fleet of limousines. The rear of the White House would be devoted to dressage training and practice. A sign on the front lawn would read, "Members of the 47% Need Not Apply." Overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom would be given away to corporations. (Not to the CEOs or other executives, but to the corporations themselves.) Billions of tax dollars would be given away to our newest protectorate ... Grand Cayman Island. The First Pet would be tied to Air Force One. And right before the end of his term, Mitt would fire the entire presidential staff and sell the White House to Sheldon Adelson at a huge profit.
CAYMAN ISLAND till the end of the world!
Triumph of the blues - iconic iguana saved by trade ban: The idyllic Caribbean island of Grand Cayman is perha...
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Multi-Billion Afghan heroine trafficking funds CIA/Mossad extrajudicial global operations, and provides liquidity for central banks. Major banks are given immunity to launder the money, "too big to prosecute". DEA/FBI will kick in your door, shoot your dog, and throw you in a rape cage for having a bag of pot. Bag of heroine, and you may never see anything but bars for the rest of your life. What a country! Sec. of State John Kerry is very much complicit in the whole affair, using the same Cayman Island banks for his laundering as well.
The blue iguana or Grand Cayman iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is an endangered species of lizard of the genus Cyclura endemic to the island of Grand Cayman. Previously listed as a subspecies of the Cuban iguana, it was reclassified as a separate species in 2004 because of genetic differences discovered four years earlier. The blue iguana is one of the longest-living species of lizard (possibly up to 69 years). The record is 67 years. The Future of Herpetoculture
No weapon formed against Grand Cayman shall prosper... I see the devil out for the young men of our island...
Taking a poll. What's your favorite vacation you have taken and why?
Calling for 7-14 inches of snow this week missing Hawaii - let's post our favorite beach vacation pictures and think warm thoughts
In need of aloe anyone in the cayman island area please come and give me some 😫
Just made reservations to swim with stingrays and turtles while at the Grand Cayman Island
+15 saturday, mega Hiway-Closing storm Sunday, slippery roads today! Tell me where it is 22-28 deg everyday and doesnt snow, I may move there!
James Carter IV recounted how Obama thanked him: "'Hey great, get over here' and then he kind of half-embraced me, I want to say, put his arm around me and we shook hands. He thanked me for my support several times."
This article made me laugh - Hope you do too!! When you traveldo you ever come across a city name that tickles your funny bone? World's Funniest Town Names April 1, 2012 by Jamie Moore Oh, the silly, insulting, and downright rude places you can go! These town names made me snicker like middle schoolers. Here's a quick look at how Tightwad, Middelfart, and others got their names—and what else there is to do once you've snapped your photo beneath the roadside sign. Tightwad, Missouri Chances are you don't know anyone who lives in Tightwad (population: 64), but you could probably name a few cheapskates who should. As the story goes, in the early 1900s the postmaster of this town southeast of Kansas City was cheated in a watermelon deal at the local store. Out of spite, he took advantage of his postmaster privilege and renamed the town Tightwad. The main attraction here is Tightwad Bank, which happens to be FDIC insured and classified as "well capitalized." Proof that these 64 Tightwaders are still penny-pi ...
Just booked my best friend n I cruise with carnival. Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel here we come!!
there is also one on the island of Grand Cayman! All it has is a tiny post office where you can send postcards from ***
the GRAND CAYMAN was very nice... Lovely island
Stephen and I are planning a small get away at some point this summer and I need recommendations. We have done the Grand several times and the Ritz at Reynold's Plantation, but would love some additional suggestions. We typically love resorts with awesome pools that we can hang out around. We would prefer something in driving distance from Birmingham, but we aren't opposed to flying. any thoughts?
Just got back from a vacation in the Cayman Islands - Wonderful! Beautiful island, white sand, blue blue water, great food, and 83 degrees everyday, I couldn't ask for more. Jack's company even paid for both of our airfares, our room at the Marriott, all breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) plus gave us some "fun money". Such a nice vacation, it's hard to get re-adjusted. If you try to get ahold of me and I don't respond back right away it's because I am still living on "island time". Wonderful, wonderful (plus I got a nice tan :0)
Getting ready for our cruise, any recommendations for excursions on Princess Cay, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Grand Turk? Keep in mind we could care less about shopping and museums.
.next time you visit Grand Cayman be sure to check out
Planning a trip to Hawaii around June :D Which Island would you guys recommend for a bit of fun, Adventure and Relaxation?!
I'm sure Boehner's and McConnell's Cayman Island accts just got a little bit fatter.
Visit the Stingray City with your family, one of the top Grand Cayman attractions. Book a Caribbean family vacation and explore Cayman Island attractions today!
Ready to go on the cruise so I can put my toes on the water *** in the sand
I wanna be rich enough to crib about the tax surcharge on my salary while hiding it in Swiss and Cayman Island banks.
75 and sunny but a slight breeze here on Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island...hope the weather is better in Chicago??
We are going to Grand Cayman, Cayman Island, and Cozumel. So excited and ready to EAT!
POLL: What are your favorite vacation spots in the Caribbean? I've been to Bermuda, so I'm looking to see someplace new. I want a beautiful beach resort with excellent food. I want to RELAX! GO!
Cayman Islands Fashion Week formerly Cayman Fashion Solstice leverages the universal appeal of fashion to expose its guests to the newest lifestyle trends and serves as a platform for showcasing international avant-garde fashion designers. Cayman Islands Fashion Week formerly Cayman Fashion Solsti...
We Remember you and Your very ugly wife , Disappear just leave ,Cayman Island . is your kind of Island
With all the finance restrictions in the USA we are looking into a 2nd Passport for investments in the Cayman Island, and Forex 702 4487856
Where did you go on your honeymoon? We drove to New Mexico and stayed at a little Bed and Breakfast between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. -- Emily B.
It's official! Jamie and I will be heading down to the Cayman Islands in a couple of weeks for the first event of the 2013 season. I can't tell you how excited I am to start competing again. We have been training hard all winter long, just itching to g...
Robin Hood Economics The only difference is the poor people in Sherwood Forest didn't blow their money on drugs, alcohol, rims for their Escalades, etc lol
Local Cayman Islands group teams up with DAN to maintain on-island chamber
Shangri-la Hotel ( Penang ) 25 Year Friends ! It's amazing how fast time flies by and U don't even realize it *_*
On flat tax: After using the biblical principle of a tithe (10%) and saying one guy make 10 billion and gives 1 billion an another makes $10 and gives one. "Now some people say well that's not fair, cause it don't hurt the guy that makes 10 billion as much as it does the guy that makes $10. Where does it say you have to hurt the guy? He just put in 1 billion dollars in the pot! We don't need to hurt him. It's that type of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the Cayman Island. That money needs to be back here, building our infrastructure and creating jobs." - Ben Carson
Romney started his return to the public spotlight on Fox News Sunday
Great pic of The Observation Tower! Glad you enjoyed the island views. Email it to photofriday
Time to renew the ol' passport for my Cayman Island adventure this summer! timgettig…
To my beautiful daughter in the Cayman Island. Baby I adore u n my lil grandson I'm with u every step of the way. B bless mamita mami loves u 2!! Kissses
I think I brought back some sort of cayman island whooping cough
republicans adore Romney for guiding his American made wealth oversees in Cayman island.
Official video of Kings Of Convenience performing I'd Rather Dance With You from the album Riot On Empty Street. Buy It Here: Like ...
Girls' night on a Sunday night until 3am was not our best idea, but it was much needed... Gotta love my Cayman Island bestie!
Four more to add to the collection. Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, and the Cayman Island.
Baby lee gone pon promotional tour again this time cayman island a go slap weh check out her video it mi a run wid leave a coment if you love ur mother
WorldTruth.TV A new lawsuit, which is bordering on the unbelievable, implicates the Obama administration and some of the world’s largest banks in the largest international money laundering case in history. This global money laundering network was allegedly formed during the Obama administration and helped banks rob U.S. home owners through offshore affiliates in infamous tax havens and money laundering hubs like the Cayman Island, Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Malaysia. A press release published by Marketwatch (a website owned by the Wall Street Journal) via Marketwire on April 23, 2012, by America’s Spire Law Group, revealed that a mass tort action on behalf of home owners across the United States has been filed in the Supreme Court of New York, County of Kings. Landmark Lawsuit by US Home Owners Implicates Obama & Big Banks in Massive Global Laundering Scheme 35 minutes ago ·
“(Serious life discussion with my big. ) "I want to like own prada. That's all"- ... Cayman island living?
Please weather be good. I'm really wanting my husband to be able to come home.
Fabulous dinner tonight at Cracked Conch on Grand Cayman Island!!
The bff nd hubby decided to make tht move with us on the trip yay
I wanna go back to ocho rios, Jamaica or Cayman island.
In 1981 a small contingent of chieftains descended upon one of the three Cayman Islands-which include Grand Cayman-Cayman Brac-and little Cayman-we were on Grand Cayman Island chilling in the little Town of {west end} where the EX-IN-LAWS had / have at least 1 house at the very Eastern edge of 7 mile beach -anyway the players as best as I can recall were , in no particular order as follows 1.ME [ honest Craig ] 2. THE EX-3. MR. Michael Dow JR. 4.MR.andreas Baecker-5.MR Rick Northup-6.MR.Chris Russell -and I wanna say possibly Dave harman / and I honestly just can't f+cking remember-and as usual in predictable grand fashion I'v digressed -anyway the last but certainly not the only cruiser I'v owned that proudly adorned the CAYMAN ISLAND TAG NO-NO # 12-447-which was stolen in the open air -GEORGE TOWN/ GRAND CAYMAN airport parking lot-10 minutes before our flight left back to the states with all of us and what was left of our brain cells with stolen CAYMAN plates Jammed down our ( JAMS ) 80,s shorts- ...
My son Chris just got a call from his coach who told him he was voted 1st Team All League. Chris has had a pretty good year averaging 14 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks and 4 assists per game. Thanks to all the coaches that watched a kid play a complete game when he was on the floor. Congratulations Chris. You deserved it.
Tomorrow I get to walk Mount Trashmore on Cayman Island to figure out the placement of a gasifier and a large shredder and...
Day 4 Grand Cayman Island. Boat ride out to Stingray City to play with the Stingray. Then swim with the Dolphins. Then back to the ship for a great sunset.
We added new services.. Setting up Offshore in British Virgin Islandand Cayman Island... Contact us...
Q: Where in the world is the Blackjack Unit Crest? A: Gran Cayman Island Where has your unit crest been...
Demand choice for Canada's cell phone market: In anticipation of the upcoming release of our crowdsourced pro-citizen cell phone report, we created a compilation of "Things Big Telecom Says" from the CRTC hearings on national cell phone rules.
Cayman was just rad! Always a party goin down on that island! Glad to have proper internet and mobile phone service tho. Taking a quick flight up north for a day of competitive shooting, then off AGAIN to Puerto Rico! The layover in Oklahoma was... well, it was Oklahoma!
I'm so happy for my mom and dad over 20 years they have done everything they can to give me and my brother the best life ever working long hours coming home spending time with this even when they were tired always putting us in our needs first nd now after 23 years they finally get to go on their honeymoon. They deserve this vacation because they've been the greatest parents of all time, 7 days on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world stopping at Cozumel Cayman Islands Jamaica nd Georgetown Island have fun mom and dad and don't forget to bring us something :)
I need some help! We're looking to take a vacation for our 10 yr anniversary! I am needing some ideas on where to go on a cruise.
Just got in from a cruise. Half Moon Cay, Grand Cayman Island, Honduras, and Mexico. Went to the Mayan ruins, that was awesome. Walked through a rain forest.
Out of the Mouths of Babes: Join Ethan and Justin as they show you the Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife...
An overview of the Turtle Farm in the Cayman Islands, narrated by two young boys - Ethan and Justin Spencer.
So I'm standing in the checkout aisle and the customer in front of me and the cashier is talking about the storm we are suppose to get starting Tuesday night, they said up to 24" inches. All I have to say is *** and I hope Im stuck at home when it hits and not at work.
3 weeks and I'll be in the Cayman Island sun!
Think this will be my next destination! Grand Cayman Island, close enough to home and plenty of great dive sites to check out!
Okay need some recommendations. Josh and I wanna do something Uuuhhmaaazing for our honeymoon. Warm-sunny-water-animals ;) etc... Obviously outside of the US of A. Any of my FB peeps have any recommendations?
I'm about to have an INTERNATIONAL foster parent! She'll be missed here, but will have an even bigger impact in the Cayman Islands! Just another excuse to go to Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter again!
How do you plan to spend your holidays, this year? (I know you are looking forward to it!!) - Carly
90 days until we leaving on our cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island!!
One of the most persistent myths amongst Republicans and conservatives is the notion that lower income tax rates, especially on the wealthy, are the key to boosting the economy back to an healthy growth path. This morning on Meet the Press, when House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) once again trotted o...
Want to plan a family trip to an atlantic carribean island...any suggestions for a good place to go with little kids? Cayman Islands?
I had such a fckn blast in Jamaica & in cayman island, that a week was not enough time for me! I miss the island dearly!!
On this week’s Let’s Talk Sports we speak with Cydonie Mothersill and James Myles about anti-doping efforts in Cayman. The Cayman Islands Athletics Association President Dalton Watler talks about the Inter-Secondary meet and we figure out the answer to the question — which Cayman Islands sprinter wo...
So what do you got, Jerk? Regressive taxes, special benefits to large corporations and people with Cayman Island accounts...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Sons, now 20 and 16, want to visit beaches with activities and great snorkeling or diving. Anybody know a good travel agent I can ask or have recommendation? We haven't been on vacation for years.
In a few days Gayle and I will be off on our first Caribbean cruise. Any advice on what to bring or what not to bring would be appreciated.
I'm gonna move to the Cayman Islands and own an island for myself. Then play volleyball whenever I feel free
Queen Ann: "Stop it. This is hard" Yeah right, Ann. Now how many millionaires pay such little or no federal income tax on hidden Swiss and Cayman Island stashes? Or is picking on the powerless more important?
Got back from st martin fri. Went deep sea fishing and caught a tuna! had a great time on the beach and enjoying the beautiful sun!
For a guy who does not watch TV, and has no idea what "sequester" means in this new government context, please explain this new spat of government shenanigans that has everyone misusing these words "sequester" and "sequestration". Note: If I did not know better I would have taken it for some new scheme of a third world Government in hock to the World Bank and IMF.
Really, What is he going to do ,can't put Detroit in Cayman Island
Back on dry land and on our way to the airport. If we had money, I'd keep going!
1 more time. Please list your favorite topical vacations. Thanks!!!
What are some of the nicer islands to visit.
I think that perhaps our family vacation in June should be to the Bahamas to wash away all of the recent stresses. Found a great cottage rental there for a great price. Should we make the move?
Does anyone know if you need passports to take a caribbean cruise?
An absurd waste of money and the destruction of another myth about the poor.
kings of convenience 이횽들 노래 좋네ㅋㅋ 잔잔한게 ㅋ 커피한잔 마시면서 들으면 좋겠어 ㅋ "kings of convenience" I just knew about this band... but the sound is so impressive. feels like knowing about this band for a long time... I strongly recommand songs of this band especially the song named as "cayman Island". If you have a enough time to search it then try this one! you guys will never regret about what you've done.
Grand Cayman Facts: 35km long × 6-12 km wide located 800km SW OF Miami population 60 topography is almost flat George Town is the capital of the Cayman Island CAYMAN TRENCH - just to the south the water is 6 Km DEEP
Finishing up packing, can't hardley pick up my suitcase. But, I have to have options. :)
Booked our cruise to the Cayman Island .YAY
Lonesome George died last year, this breed is now extinct. F*** YOU mankind.
Yeah they are all going to expatriate themselves to Bermuda, Cayman Island or Hong Kong and sit back and laugh.
Just for fum. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
have one sitting on my shelf :3 Yukon too. And a full set of Australian plates. And a Cayman Island :3
Vicki Parsons and I are having an absolute blast here in Grand Cayman. It is so unbelievable gorgeous! The water is so clear and amazing. We will post pictures soon!!!
“Hanging out with"Daminan Marley in Cayman island Enjoy Mike!! Nice tan btw ;-)
Jackson’s eyes snapped open as a shriek pierced the humid air coming through the open window. The streetlights bathed the far wall in an eerie yellow glow. It must have been a bad dream, he thought to himself, until another shriek pierced the still air. Jumping out of bed, Jackson flew to the closet, and started pushing clothing aside. A hand touched his arm, and he turned around to see his wife, Marie, standing there with tears streaming down her face. “Please, Jackson. Don’t do this…I can’t lose you…” Her voice trailed off as a sob caught in her throat. “Enough is ENOUGH, Marie! I won’t let these criminals continue to walk all over innocent people. I won’t live in fear. Someone needs to do something, and the Police sure as *** won’t.” Turning back around, he pushed the rest of the hanging clothes out of the way. The hidden safe peered out of the gloomy closet, buttons lit up in anticipation. Hurriedly, he punched in the code he had memorized months prior, and swung t ...
Guess why I am reporting in from the Philadelphia International Airport? Because US Airways is probably the most incompetent and inept airline flying. For some inexplicable reason our flight from here to Harrisburg was changed to Boston. Even more perplexing is the fact that we had the tickets in hand at the boarding gate which were printed at the Cayman Island airport for PHL to MDT. Of course, it wasn't US Airways fault. Somehow Tim and I caused it. Funny. Our bags had no problem getting on the flight we were supposed to be on. If you can possibly avoid it, don't ever fly this airline. They are better off going bankrupt. It would be a great service to the flying public.
Went to the O.C. yesterday for dinner with hubby and siblings. Went to Laguna Beach for dinner at the Coyote Grill..m - I had coconut shrimp and boy it was GOOD. today we went over our Cruise documents and starting to get organized for the cruise. Getting things typed up for the house/dog sitter today.. Tonight is Chinese food and Movie night. Tomorrow is my actual BDay Bill and Beki have been talking around me. Guess I'll find out what is in store tomorrow.Thanks for all the well wishes so far
Wow, getting email spam from the FBI regarding my Nigerian bank account.
Gym session in the cayman island local workout center.
BCQS And Better builders are # one contracters in the Cayman island.
Legal drinking age of the Cayman island is 18. :D
Getting ready for a beautiful Wedding of Nicole Marie Radford and Ryan Solomon Cayman Island Mon!!
Thinking I just may belong on this Island! Lol
Dallas Forth Worth to Grand Cayman service is returning to the island with special rates
What happen to Mr Mitt Romney? My guess , he is hiding in the Cayman Island with million of dollars that wasnt taxed. Patriotic Americans!! Every American citizen should be paying something into the government to help reduce the national debt. If we live here and receive the benefits from living here everyone should pay. No loop holes should be allowed for the wealthy, average or poor people. Everyone including big business , government officials should pay their part. Americans for America should be the top priority
Road trip to Florida. 6 day Carnival Cruise. Grand Cayman Island. Cozymel. Sightseeing. Snorkeling. Parasailing. Food and fun with friends and my lovely wife. = my next 9 days.
Cold bitter wind. Yea. Bring it on! Hit me with your worst old man Inter because in 24 hours I'm on vacation and in 72 hours I'll be on my way to Cayman Island.
Taxes are at near 70 year LOWS. They can't get much lower. How much LOWER do taxes need to go before people realize that taxes aren't the problem? It is their wage that is not as high as it should be. After the most prosperous 4 decade string in history, the 40's - 70's, the American workers lost their leverage to maintain that higher wage. When our wages stopped rising at the rate they'd been rising, that extra money went, instead, into the Swiss Bank Accounts and Cayman Island tax shelters of the super rich. So I ask you. Do you feel trickle Down... or trickled on?
Ugland House in Cayman Island is home to 18,000 companies - Tax havens: The missing $20 trillion | The Economist
Terry McLemore and I are officially booked on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas October 13th through the 20th out of Port Canaveral. It is a western Caribbean trip to Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Island and Mexico. If your interested we can get you our TA's info so you can book.
We're paying and booking for new cruise today. Western Caribbean, stops at Montego Bay in Jamica, Grand Cayman in Cayman Island, Cozumen in Mexico. Due to cancelation we get a 15% discount on 7 day cruise. The cruise was actually more expensive but with discount it's covered by our refund. NICE. I would invite everyone but it's already selling out due to canselations on Triumph ship. Glade we got on.
Jack Lew, who has been nominated as the next Treasury Secretary, oversaw up as many as a hundred Cayman Island investments when he worked at Citi Bank as chief operating office of the alternative investment services unit, SEC disclosures reveal. It has previously been reported that Lew himself had b...
Once again you got to love the liberals, Jack Lew is incredible, he was in the room when Obama was briefed about Benghazi but he doesn't know who briefed him, he took almost a million dollar bonus from a company that was bailed out by tax payers ( to my liberal friends that's us) and when asked about it his answer was, everyone was getting them, gotta love that. Oh yeah he put money away in the Cayman Island (once again to my liberal friends) that is the same place, that the evil Mitt Romney put his money, and he is obama's choice for treasury, got to love them
Remember those Cayman Island investments made indirectly by Romney's investment fund managers? Welcome Obama's candidate for Treasury Secretary Jack Lew who directly chose to make investments in the Caymans precisely for their legal tax benefits. It seems that Jack may have also oversaw funding of mortgage-investments at Citi which led to the taxpayer bailout, but not without receiving a payout of $945k before leaving. We're waiting to see the Romney-like memes and the cry out on the hypocrisy of the Obama administration's cozy relationship with Wall Street bankers involved in the 2008 financial crisis AND avoiding their Romney-fair-share of taxes with legal Cayman Island investments. But we won't hold our breaths.
Hypocrit Alert! Remember the evil bankers lefty's, remember the evil hedgefund managers who got bailed out? Well obama wants to make one the treasury secratary! Jack Lew got a million dollar bonus from Citigroup while it received a 45 billion dollar bailout! He also has Cayman Island accounts and hides his income. So what do you say? It was bad for Romney but it is ok for democrats? I would really like one of you and you know who you are to respond to this hypocrisy.
C.A.S.K. runs beginner, intermediate, and black belt programs year round at King's Sports Centre on Grand Cayman Island, with students receiving a chance to compete nationally and abroad.
Is President Obama's Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew, betting against America?
FLAT $250 RATE for 1 Week vacation: Please contact me if you have any interest in any of these listings :) Francesca
This narrative is not accurate. Dr. Carson did not say taxes should be lower but advocated a "flat tax" or tithe as he put it but never mentioned lowering taxes, only making the rate equal for rich and poor which would be raising the amount that the rich paid when compared to the poor. He did advocate closing the loopholes that allow "Corporate People" to hide money from the tax man in the 621 Cayman Island Banks set up for them to facilitate their tax dodging.
I've only been on 1 cruise, that's how I got to G.Cayman. I always fly right onto the island of Jamaica. What do u plan on
From The Vatican Inquirer classified section; Large, long established multinational organization has an immediate job opening for President/CFO. Applicants must have diverse language stills (including dead ones) previous work experience with, but limited to, The Illuminade, The Free Masons, The Shadow Government , The Greys, The Bank of Italy, Credite Swisse, The Cayman Island Tourist Office, and The Boy Scouts. Position will require some travel, public speaking , and the wearing of pointy gold hats. Lodging , wardrobe , and comfy slippers are provided by employer. We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate applicants based on age. Please consider joining our team for a one in a lifetime experience . Please send your CV , to: Puff of white smoke LLC Po box vivivi Vatican City Italy
I miss you more than you know Sunny and 86 at Grand Cayman Island. Cozumel tomorrow.
“People joke about the Cayman Islands.The biggest haven is an island, all right. It’s either Manhattan or Great Britain" says Robert Goulder
So Obama says Romney is bad for Cayman island accounts... Is his Treasury nominee good for HIS cayman island accounts?? Hypocrites
After spending 2012 hammering Romney for his investments in the Caymans, Obama has a Treasury Secretary nominee that's now on defense for the same problem. Is Jack Lew "betting against Ame...
Cayman Island it's almost here!!! only one day to go!!! Mardi Grass @ The Royal Palms February 13th 2013 Starts at 12 noon No need to drive out half the island to have lots of fun, We have the fun here on the seven miles beach with convenient parking. Here are the dj line up for the night... 12noon - 3pm - Crystal Dj's 3pm - 4pm - Dj Ragnial 4pm - 5pm - Dj Dacari Moore 5pm - 6pm - Dj YOYO 6pm - 7pm - Mix Master Dj 7pm - 8pm - Dj Dj-Oj Jackson 8pm - 9pm Dj Glenroy 9pm - 10pm - Dj Domuneek. Get Ready For Industry Chill 10pm - 11pm - Dj Skrelick 11pm - 12midnight - Exploding- Mix Master Dj 12am - 12:50am - Dj Glenroy Get Ready Cayman!
Zonya and I just returned from a fantastic western Caribbean cruise. Cozumel , Grand Cayman Island then Jamaica. We sailed from Galveston Tx. Zonya , enjoyed her swim with about thirty or so Stingrays , then later that day, swimming with Dolphins . This was at Grand Cayman , on a sandbar far from shore . I was the videographer. We sailed on the Mariner of the Seas. In Jamaica , we both climbed The Dunn's River Falls . Approximately nine hundred feet high. Later that day we were soaking up the beach and sun at Tiki Beach . We both really loved Jamaica , Ya Mon ..
Is Obama "betting against America" by nominating Lew as Treasury Secretary? via
the Cayman island investment whats that all bout
Obama’s Treasury nominee has Cayman Island accounts for his money. I won't hold my breath for the MSM to call him evil.
The irony of the DNC and Obama campaign, who called Cayman accounts "bets against America" now defending Jack Lew.
Cayman Island weather is nice this time of year...tree four five vibes
Cayman Island Turtle Farm ... the babies were cute, but some of the turtles there were over 400 lbs... No a sweet smelling place, but full of good information on
Outside the country if necessary. How stupid is that. If I want to set up an off shore account and move with my family to the cayman island
Randy and I are on Grand Cayman Island. This is our 38th trip in 19 years We love it here
Well, the beginning of week 4 of recording and we finally see the light! The songs are shaping up, taking on personality and all doing their own beautiful thing. This is my favorite time of the recording process. I'm trying to hold on to every moment before they grow up, leave home and don't need me anymore...
Hey Ladies in Cayman I want 2 invite u to join me and the Cayman Island Crisis Centre on Feb14 for the One Billion Rising dance@ Camana Bay
Treasury Secretary nominee Lew to be questioned on Cayman Island holdings |
Cayman island cruise this summer is what I'm sooo excited for !!!
when iwent to the Cayman Island, Jamaica, & Cancun. ididnt wanna comeback. USA *** lolll.
Well I'm home from a cruise,that I will remember,and cherish for the rest of my life,I had the best time ever,my sister,my brother in law,and cousins,and there husbands,went on a cruise to,Mexico,Grand Cayman Island and Jamiaca,some of the places were beautiful,but some not so beautiful.We went from sunbathing,on the boat Friday,to putting on coats Saturday.It was so nice to be waited on this past week,your bed made in the morning,covers turned down at night for you,and little animals made from towels and washclothes,some hanging over your bed,oh well back to reality,laundry and chores.Would not have missed this for the world.Fantastic
... next to my eponymous island near the Cayman Islands. Occasionally I'll fly in to visit relatives... in my private jet.
Dan Mitchell writes on Obama's new Treasury Secretary and his Cayman Island secrets:
Fancy seeing yourself in the matchday programme for our Championship fixture against Charlton Athletic? We want to know what is your favourite-ever Hull City strike partnership and the reasons why? We'll print as many replies as we can in our matchday publication for the visit of the Addicks on Saturday 16th February?
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