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There are currently nine regular cavalry regiments of the British Army, with two tank regiments provided by the Royal Tank Regiment, traditionally classed alongside the cavalry, for a total of eleven regiments. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 5.0/5

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Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, in Kansas. . I'm in
BG Benjamin Grierson organized the 10th U.S. Cavalry, one of two mounted regiments composed of black enlisted men and white officers, called the Buffalo Soldiers. This assignment also made him unpopular with other officers, including his superior, General Philip Henry Sheridan, because of his support for and trust in his troops. His sympathy and courtesy to Native American tribes also led to questions about his judgment. "The only White officer who supports the unit is Regimental Commanding Officer Colonel Benjamin Grierson. Ostracized by other officers for his enthusiastic command of the African-American troops, Grierson believes in the abilities, dedication, and record of performance of the Buffalo Soldiers and declines offers to lead at any other post. General Pike offers to relieve Grierson 'of this self-imposed exile and have him commanding a real cavalry regiment within a month,' but Grierson refuses" — Turner Network Television's documentary, "Buffalo Soldiers".
This is Jackie Robinson on a horse. Today is Jackie Robinson Day, marking the day he became the first African-American in Major League Baseball when he played his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers April 15, 1947. Did you know Robinson was stationed at Fort Riley in the early 1940s? He was drafted in 1942 and assigned to a segregated Army cavalry unit, the 9th Cavalry Regiment, making him part of the historic "Buffalo Soldiers." Robinson attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Riley and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in January of 1943. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1944. (What is strange to me is ,the best black roll models for black youth or any race of youth say less and do more. And the ones that talk loud /shout and point blame. white people call "Black Leaders". Jackie Robinson and other great men like him motivated other young men want to step up without a hand out. Jessie and Al made young men feel they needed a hand out to get up. And keep in mind Jackie Robinson didn ...
The first African-American to graduate from West Point, Henry O. Flipper, was assigned to the 10th Cavalry Regiment, the famous Buffalo Soldiers, at Fort Sill. In addition to his leadership duties in the cavalry, he directed his men to dig a ditch to drain a swamp ... this is still called Flipper's Ditch and a landmark is on Upton Road by the Fort Sill Golf Course.
Buffalo Soldiers. This name was originally given to the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army, only composed of African-American men
America's landscape of racial ethnicity has had a long tortuous road. White-man brought his so-called Civilization, using black folk as a supplemental and badly needed Labor Supply. The latent tension between natives and Africans was as unavoidable as it was unfortunate. The more that history has increasingly discovered the heroic role of Buffalo Soldiers, the more the native "Indian problems" have been overlooked. These black cavalry so pivotal in "subduing the West" were peacemakers from the point of view of settlers, but not always so to the restive tribes. Essentially, these federals were the 9th Cavalry Regiment, the 10th Cavalry Regiment, the 24th Infantry Regiment, and the 25th Infantry Regiment. The origins go back into the Civil War. Over two hundred thousand African American servicemen fought bravely during the Civil War. In the West, for one thing, a black man was less likely to be judged by his skin. Work and courage were what mattered, not skin color, or status, or education. Plus, the eco .. ...
BHF: The Rufus F. Hardin School The School's founder, first principal and teacher was Buffalo Soldier George Edward Smith. Born into slavery in Virgina about 1847, Smith managed to escape to Washington, D.C. where he was pressed into service digging trenches for a threatened invasion by Confederate troops. Smith joined the U.S. Army in 1869 and was stationed at Fort Concho (San Angelo) and Fort Davis. After participating in various campaigns against the Apaches in West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Sergeant Smith was discharged at Fort Ringgold in 1874 - his dischage papers showing "excellent character." He re-enlisted in Washington D.C. and was then assigned to the 10th Cavalry - an all-Black Regiment that displayed a Buffalo on their crest - for the name Buffalo Soldiers - given to them by the Cheyenne Indians. While serving his last months at Fort Concho, he was also serving as an appointed school trustee for "Colored District # 1" of Tom Green County. After discharge he served as a Deacon in the San ...
The hats themselves are history, the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers. The 9th Cavalry Regiment and a company of the 24th Infantry were among our first park rangers at the turn of the last century. Read, "Invisible Men: Buffalo Soldiers of the Sierra Nevada."
Today in Armor History: On January 24, 1877, CPL Clinton Greaves, a Buffalo Soldier with Company C, 9th Cavalry Regiment earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for shooting and bashing (in hand-to-hand combat) "a gap through the swarming Apaches, permitting his companions to break free" after being surrounded by a group of Apaches who he was sent to persuade to surrender at the Florida Mountains, New Mexico during the Indian Wars.
The Blacks in America were made to fight the Red Indians under U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment.Because of their colour , the Red Indians called them THE Buffalo SoldierS. Bob Marley immortalised that story in his epic song Buffalo Soldiers. RIP Bob Marley
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