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The Catholic League of France, sometimes referred to by contemporary (and modern) Roman Catholics as the Holy League, a major player in the French Wars of Religion, was formed by Duke Henry of Guise in 1576. The League intended the eradication of Protestants—also known as Calvinists or Huguenots—out of Catholic France during the Protestant Reformation. Comedy Central is an American cable television and satellite television channel that carries comedy programming, both original and syndicated. 3.0/5

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The Catholic League is running 1/3 page ads in the editorial pages of major newspapers today attacking Jon Stewart for a bit he did last month criticizing the "war on women" implicit in the invasive procedures being mandated by Republican legislatures (and Fox News' deafening silence on the issue). The ad suggests emailing Steve Albani, the Communications head of Comedy Central, to tell him how you feel about Mr. Stewart, which I think is a splendid idea. Here's Mr. Albani's email address: steve.albanihere's the message I sent him: Dear Mr. Albani, Jon Stewart is the best and fairest political satirist in America, a desperately needed voice of sanity rising above the noise. I saw the bit the Catholic League have their panties in a bunch about and, as usual, they have it exactly backwards. The point was that women want the would-be theocrats to stay out of their *** I would go a step further and say I wish they would stay out of politics altogether. The time and money they save could certainly be put ...
The odious billed Donohue of the self-named Catholic League (the catholics I know despise the League and its president) has decided to go after Jon Stewart. Write steve.albanithe communications head of Comedy Central and voice your support.
I receive postings from Bill Donahue, a reported spokesman for the Catholic League. As of late he's been on a rant about Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and his *** schtick. Now he's latched on to artist Sebastian Errazuriz. and his Christian Popsicles that have an image of the Crucifiction. Isn't funny that those who demand tolerance for their beliefs have very little for those who don't read and folow their script.
Daily Show watchers won't be seeing commercials for Delta Air Lines anytime soon. The Atlanta-based airline announced Tuesday that it is pulling its advertising from the popular Comedy Central show. While the company provided only a vague statement explaining the move, it appears to have been made o...
The Catholic League wants you to boycott Kellogg's brand items, because they advertise on Comedy Central during The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Once Upon a Time, Jon Stewart made a joke involving the Catholic Church. It is CLEARLY Kellogg's that wrote the joke, delivered it, and forced you to watch it, rendering you UNABLE to chose to change the channel. Dumb *** Are these *** REALLY going to wage economic warfare on EVERYONE that doesn't back them up when they get all *** hurt over a joke?
Viacom owns Comedy Central, home to Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” Catholic League president Bill Donohue’s letter to Viacom’s board of directors and senior management is printed below:
Bill Donohue's Catholic League has announced the latest target in the intimidation campaign against Jon Stewart and it is Paramount Farm, which is the world's largest vertically integrated supplier of pistachios and almonds (but I'm sure you already knew that.) Please take a minute to write to Sonya Grigoruk, Public Relations Director at sgrigorukand tell her that giving in to Mr. Donohue would be NUTS! Get it? Get it? Ok, sorry. Once again, feel free to use this as a template: Dear Ms. Grigoruk, I'd like to personally thank you for your company's support of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show on Comedy Central. In these times of media mismanagement of the news in general, Mr. Stewart's approach to the news and it's coverage are a welcome bit of fresh air and perspective. I do hope that your company will not succumb to the pressure of groups who are offended by Mr. Stewart's humor. Sincerely,
Funnyman and longtime host of Comedy Central's only watchable show next to the Colbert Report, Jon Stewart, appears to be this week's recipient of the Catholic League's never-ending assembly line of feigned outrage and hateful ignorance.
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