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The Catholic League of France, sometimes referred to by contemporary (and modern) Roman Catholics as the Holy League, a major player in the French Wars of Religion, was formed by Duke Henry of Guise in 1576. The League intended the eradication of Protestants—also known as Calvinists or Huguenots—out of Catholic France during the Protestant Reformation. Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression. 5.0/5

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CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights keeps 1/6 of the total revenue of the charity. Disgusting.
For charities to be successful, they need talented, experienced leaders. Those leaders command significant salaries. But CEOs who command high salaries should also get the most out of the organizations they lead. The leaders of these 10 organizations are taking high salaries at the expense of spending dollars on the charity's programs. Despite receiving more than $200,000 in annual pay, these CEOs run organizations that devote less than 60% of their budgets to their programs and services. That means that at least 40% of your dollars are going to such costs as fundraising and administration, including the salary of the CEO. Rank Charity Salary 1 The Philadelphia Orchestra $597,556 2 Young America's Foundation $525,961 3 The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists $455,587 4 Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights $407,000 5 All Children's Hospital Foundation $390,018 6 Chapin School $383,508 7 Detroit Symphony Orchestra $379,868 8 Tiger Missing Link Foundation $375,951 9 New Orle ...
HHS mandate: another faux-"accommodation" (George Weigel)...below by my colleague, Yuval Levin, which is the correct interpretation to be made of today's HHS announcement -- and, if I may say, it's a far more accurate reading of the meaning of what was announced today than the statement put out by either Catholics United (which is hardly surprising, as they're an Obama lobby) or, surprisingly, by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. There has been no real progress with the Administration on the issues engaged by the original HHS mandate, and informed Catholics should understand that. George Weigel A New Round of Intolerance By Yuval Levin February 1, 2013 2:44 P.M. As Kathryn noted, the Department of Health and Human Services today released anotice of proposed rulemaking on Obamacare’s preventive services rule—the rule that among other things requires all employers, including those with religious objections, to provide coverage for abortive and contraceptive drugs and procedures with th ...
The anti *** Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is going on the attack against “those who are distorting the truth about priestly sexual abuse.”
Some social commentators have voiced concern over the religious message of a recently announced series that "Law & Order" producer *** Wolf will soon be making about a cult. Presently titled "The Church," according to the Hollywood Reporter the series by Wolf Films would be about a family who discovers that an upstanding group they belong to is actually a cult. Jeff Field, director of Communications for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told The Christian Post that Wolf's television projects have a history of painting a negative picture of Christianity. "We have had issues in the past of Wolf taking cheap shots at Christianity and Catholicism. So based on history, we wouldn't expect anything different in the new series," said Field. "Of course we will save final judgment until we see the final product." Field added that he believed that these days primetime television "has become somewhat of a haven for Christian bashing." "Simply look at the new series that begins on Wednesday on FX: ' ...
Catholic League president Bill Donohue, who is always attacking someone, yesterday went on Fox Business News’ Lou Dobbs Tonight and attacked Catholics.
Office Clerk - Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights - New York, NY
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