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The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is, with over a billion members, the world's largest Christian church. In Commonwealth realms and other monarchies a Royal Commission is a major ad-hoc formal public inquiry into a defined issue. 4.3/5

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A redacted version of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child. Sexual Abuse’s report into Case Study 28…
A Royal Commission has released statistics on child sexual abuse allegations involving the Catholic Church.
George Pell tells royal commission into Child Abuse of litany of deceit in Catholic Church
Judy Courtin: the Catholic Church's performance at the royal commission is farcical via
Royal Commission continues to hear evidence of culture of cover up in the Catholic Church
Royal Commission points out starkly different ways in which the Catholic Church handled abuse-Religion/Ethics Report
Royal Commission announces Case Study 28 into Catholic Church authorities in Ballarat
Australian Royal Commission finds Catholic Church fought victim's case to deter others
For advice on how to squander moral authority ask Sydney Archdiocese of the Catholic Church. An outrageous scandal
WATCH: A Royal Commission has heard shocking and confronting evidence from child migrants who were abused under the care of the Catholic Church in WA.
Pell told victim John Ellis he had suffered 'legal abuse', Royal Commission hears
AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR THE DEFENCE OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS PRESS RELEASE 536CAN’T SCHOOLS OF WEALTHY RELIGIONS BE WEANED OFF THE PUBLIC TREASURY TEAT? The Rationalist Association of NSW Inc. of 58 Regent St. Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia P: +61 (0) 2 9698 2933 are once again asking why Independent schools cannot be weaned from the Public Treasury teat. They are wealthy enough to run their own system. Here is their Media Release on the Wealth of the Catholic Church in particular Media Release: 12 DECEMBER 2013 FINALLY: SOME HARD INFORMATION ON CATHOLIC WEALTH IN AUSTRALIA The vice-president of the Rationalists Assn of NSW, Dr Max Wallace, author of The Purple Economy: supernatural charities, tax and the state, said today the evidence reported in The Daily Telegraph of 12 December 2013 ( 'Catholic coffers crammed with cash' ) confirms what has always been suspected: the Catholic Church in Australia is seriously rich The information was revealed in evidence given to the Royal Commission into institutional . ...
to help Abbott disband the Royal Commission into the Catholic Church, Witch hunt! Vote George Pell minister for youth
George Pell for Pope? He pleads with Federal Government against *** marriage. He stated the seal of the confessional is inviolable when a "priest" confesses his abuse of children. I don't know quite what to say, except "You have got to be kidding!" Keep him in Australia so he can face up to a Royal Commission about the abuse of children,women etc by the Catholic Church! I think you have unfinished business here George.
Catholic Church 'point man' on child sex Royal Commission says he welcomes government's commitment ...(audio)
The Catholic Church in Germany has closed its hotline for victims of sexual abuse due to lack of use. Critics say the church is not doing enough to counter this ongoing problem. For two and a half years, the counseling service run by the Catholic Church was set up as a first point of contact for victims of abuse and their relatives. Today, few people call the number, Matthias Kopp, spokesman for the German Bishops' Conference, told Deutsche Welle. He said the telephone helpline had fulfilled its purpose and would be turned off at the end of 2012. Incidents of abuse Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig: An 'important first step' against abuse is being taken away Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig doesn't approve of this decision. He is the independent special representative for sexual abuse of minors, appointed by the German government. Telephone helplines are "important for the first step towards finding help," he said in an interview with German public television. The toll-free number was set up in 2010, following an abuse scan ...
Supporters of the Catholic Church, support prejudice, child rape and the refusal to adopt mandatory reporting. They also support the promotion of unsafe sex, leading to whole generations of people being wiped out in third world countries, before considering the many other non fatal sexually transmitted diseases. Catholics support the oppression of women and their right to autonomy. The main man the pope, the infallible one, is the worst paedophile enabler on the planet. To move known child rapists to other areas, knowing they will continue raping children is indefensible, yet Catholics have no problem contributing to the church funds, knowing they are assisting in the financing of defense cases for priests already serving time for multiple cases of child rape. The catholic church has to be one of the most corrupt, disgusting organizations on the planet, and any person able to overlook this needs a mental health examination. The rot that reaches from the top to the very core of the Catholic church will e . ...
Archbishop of Sydney George Pell says the media have campaigned against the Catholic Church but says the church will cooperate with the Government's Royal Commission into Child Abuse within institutions.
Phillip Adams says that we should call the Royal Commission into the Catholic Church & other institutions an 'inquisition'
Does there need to be a Royal Commission into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church? We hear former Catholic bishop William Morris on 7.30, before we look at further details of a prestigious university college's culture, hear from Karen Banton, wife of mesothelioma campaigner Bernie Banton, and meet the people campaigning to keep radio plays alive...
Former prime minster Kevin Rudd has backed calls for a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church.
Royal Commission into Child Abuse in the Catholic Church. This should extend to all churches
Australian Greens Call for Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Catholic Church -
yes, it does go beyond the Catholic Church. But particularly bad there. Broad royal commission required. Chrs.
Could I ask anyone & everyone to think about adding both their signature & support to the online petition at For a full Royal Commission into the Catholic Church handling & seemingly endorsement of many years of child sexual assaults & extreme, brutal violence. We need 10,000 signatures for the state politicians to get this out of the to hard basket and deal with it. There are cruel evil men masquerading as Gods wonderful servants who need to be placed in full time care at a jail near you. Please sign & allow justice to be finally served for those who have suffered and those of who have gone
Will the LNP dominated by Jesuit trained Catholics support a Royal Commission into cover ups of Catholic Church?
if you support a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and sexual abuse by priests in Australia
An advocacy group is calling for an urgent royal commission after a report that the Catholic Church in Australia covered up sexual abuse by one of its priests.
The ABC Four Corner's report Unholy Silence exposed yet again terrible ways the Catholic Church covers up clergy sex crimes. The courage of survivors, who told their painful stories, moved viewers to cry and become angry. So what will change? Do not expect the Catholic Church hierarchy to alter its ...
Another call for a Royal Commission into child rape in the Catholic Church. Read this
13 Victorian pedophiles are still priests. Want a Royal Commission into sex abuse in the Catholic Church? Sign/share.
Great piece on why we need a Royal Commission in Catholic Church by Judy Courtin
Sexual abuse victims are calling for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church
Victoria Police has criticised the Catholic Church for not referring sexual abuse cases for criminal investigation with growing calls for a Royal Commission into abuse in the church
Agree with royal commission into Catholic Church. Only way to restore any credibility and trust after child sex abuse trag
Robertson laying ground work for royal commission into Catholic Church (abuse of children by priests) in Victoria.
There should be a federal Royal Commission into abuse by priests and the actions of the Catholic Church in covering it up
Bravo Victoria on Royal Commission into sex abuse by Catholic Church. Do all faiths & compel every scrap of documentation on this!!!
Calls for Royal Commission into Catholic Church - good!
A sex abuse Royal Commission essential, victims have waited too long for Catholic Church to tell truth & pay up.
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