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Catch Fire

Mackenzie Davis Lee Pace Mad Men Scoot McNairy Jason Kottke San Francisco Better Call Saul Mary Stuart Masterson

My favorite show of all time might just be Halt and Catch Fire. Criminally under appreciated.
The final season of Halt and Catch Fire is about the '90s. Rat *** TMN friend Jason Kottke makes a cameo.
So cool, Jason Kottke gets an extra “cameo” on Halt and Catch Fire
Kottke, extra: Jason super excited about being on Halt and Catch Fire
That time I was on Halt and Catch Fire by Jason Kottke via
Erm, that's Mackenzie Davis in Halt and Catch Fire, not Mackenzie Crook...
I choose to interpret Donna belting "We Belong" on the last "Halt and Catch Fire" as an answer to Mackenzie Davis in "San Junipero."
Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe) in Halt and Catch Fire brings me pure joy.
Halt and Catch Fire is really really good. Characters are great, story is engrossing. Highly recommended! 👍📺👍
I watch Halt & Catch Fire & Mackenzie Davis's character had a really cool response to this topic. It's a really good show.
Can i just say how GOOD Mackenzie Davis looks in the s4 premiere of Halt and Catch Fire? That hair? You're killing me.
I quit The Walking Dead, but I "need" AMC for Better Call Saul and Halt and Catch Fire
Think it s incase you faII asIeep whiIe the phone, tabIet stiII charging if it s on your piIIow sometime s they ca…
Apparently one of my coworkers has MRSA. Catch me setting my work place on fire.
Uni students on train arguing over whether one of them should have known that garlic bread should not catch fire in the oven. 4 mins so far
ouu thankyou! haven't listened to catch fire or blanket so I'll give them a listen 😸
pretty sure my s7 is about to catch fire. Red hot and keeps crashing every time it reboots.If it catches fire do I get a new one?
I think France is a powder keg. The Parisian elite are CLUELESS. I had 6 month's attached to the 2eme REP. Europe will catch fire
. With the complete Guide to Season 3 of -
wrd! Wouldn't catch me loaning you water if you on fire after that. 😡
Thank you Catch The Fire Toronto for the Family Day Carnival. You brought joy to kids and the kids at heart...
I need a tv show to binge watch now:. Bc the fiancée likes Chicago fire & won't let me catch up alone now. or any of the other Chicago based
I am always disappointed when the liar pants don’t catch on fire.
The sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire, And the clouds would catch the colors everywhere. ❤️
Whine and go dong make bumpa catch on fire and I'll be the firefighter lol
when I get off Saturday let's have a girls night and have a fire and drink and catch up 😄
All my life,I've been waiting for moments to come,when I catch fire and wash over you like the sun. ☆Catch fire☆. ☆5 seconds of summer☆
"We bought this bag of poo. We didn't know it was a *flaming* bag of poo. Now we have to punt it far away before ou…
So i brought a poundland battery pack... It just tried to catch fire in my hand. Great quality 😂👌🏻
Burnt out, can't even catch fire no more, figured it was just a westside movie
If that just so happen to catch fire , *** would be high than a mf
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I just watched Halt and Catch Fire 2x03 "The Way In"
Fire Emblem Heroes more like FE Go. Catch them all. I want them all. ALL.
surprised the Bible didn't catch fire when Tump put his hand on it!!
My dudes in Catch Fire are dropping pure bangers!! Video is unreal too
I'll put your name under my tongue, I'll be the fire that will catch you
dayum baes. Be careful or you'll catch that forest on fire 🔥🔥🔥
What happened in Bosnia when you and your Mom arrived under Sniper Fire? Did they catch the Child Sniper greeting you w…
Elementary for our clever fire dog as Sherlock passes his annual exam. He can go back to trying to catch arsonists
I ain't tryna catch yalls phones on fire or anything but.🔥🔥🔥
- I was there. Missed 1st period. Those heaters are great, but need to be raised. I thought I was going to catch fire.
HUPEEP? UPEEP! Catch the World Hip Hop Champs at "RADIATE: Release the Fire Within" on Feb 21 at the Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall!!…
So your house wouldn't catch on fire 🔥 Headass lol *** go get that refund son
If your clothes catch fire, running can make it worse. Be & Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool, Call. Learn more at
Giving Draplin Design Co all my 2 factor auth, and Halt and Catch Fire: three great shows on TV right now
So very true. I's a lot of the fun as well. Sometimes I wish DF was more accessible, it would catch fire!
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Catch Fire premiere video for new song "Sylvester"
Saga's Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017: Last year, as everything seemed to catch on fire all around us…
I might be a few years late to this but: Halt and Catch Fire is a stellar show.
Lots of great tracks on SoundCloud. Stuck on "Catch Your Fire" w/ Ehiorobo and Spacegirl. So good!.
My laptop lives at connecting wires in a sketchy way... if this doesn't catch fire... i will be surprised.
I'll burn your name into my throat. I'll be the fire that'll catch you
I hope everything is going daijoubou shidi, I'll wait so warmly I'll catch fire
I'm hearing rumors that the press I'm working is gonna catch on fire and blow.I hope I lose a piece of my ear and get a settlement.
Last few days to catch the Double Vision exhibition at The Old Fire Engine House Galleries. https:/…
Matthew Lillard in Halt and Catch Fire is hilarious
feeling "determined" like Gordon, Joe and Cameron at the finale of Halt and Catch Fire ✊🏻💪🏼
Halt and Catch Fire: not Mad Men in the 80s, but so much better
BROKEN NEWS. After watching an episode of "Halt & Catch Fire". Thai police investigate whether hackers started the 1666 Gr…
Matthew Lillard, aka Shaggy, on Halt and Catch Fire is so lit
I knew when I watched Halt and Catch Fire that Scoot McNairy looked familiar. He was on an episode of Bones.
Halfway through the new season of Halt and Catch Fire! That Ryan Ray kid is even more socially inept than I am.
Halt and Catch Fire clip where Cameron says, "the future is just a bribe..". I think that sentiment fits in...
Anyone been watching Halt & Catch Fire set around the early 80s computer boom? Here's a little taste:
I added a video to a playlist Hicari - Catch Fire (Anki Remix)
Watch the Catch The Fire Conference live as it happens! This session features worship with Marcel & Ruth Preston...
Chris Pratt pumping gas is so hot I’m surprised everything didn’t catch on fire
Yep its been a normal Saturday day. Hanging out with family & friends, watch a movie, almost catch you house on fire. You k…
Is Diane’s new romance with Bos the real thing? weighs in.
War was declared on Joe MacMillan in the latest Watch it now:
Man, HALT AND CATCH FIRE is an amazing show and only 13 people watch it.
As he'd begun the episode, he gave William a grin, before letting his head catch fire. "Look! I'm also kinda like you!--
"og's acting like *** we couldn't rekindle the fire *** retire *** catch up with the times I could see more then the block"
"George North's on fire, your defence is terrified". Probably won't catch on, but Jim Mallinder's done his best to…
Have you seen Halt & Catch Fire? Take short survey on representation in the series for an upcoming article: ht…
Oh sweet, this is the Karyn Kusama directed episode of HALT AND CATCH FIRE!
Sometimes I read my drunk texts from the night before... and then I wanna catch my phone on fire
Mitro just rang saying he wants to do a job tomorrow, so I've got him moving a wardrobe for me!! It's waterproof so won't catch fire!!
I used to be terrified to microwave things at school bc I didn't know if my container would catch on fire oh my god I love being an ***
Catch me at your neighborhood dead end taking fire pics of a dirty Jeep. . . .
Real talk: where do I get a non-terrible blazer? No synthetic and or shiny materials that'll catch on fire, shoulder pads, novelty buttons.
ha a character just used that phrase on HALT AND CATCH FIRE this week
Yeah it looks pretty fire! Snowglobe is gonna be way insane though I really wanna catch that one
I've just watched S03E07 of Halt and Catch Fire! (Wow!)
But it won't catch fire in your pocket, so there's that.
Every hand that has been joined together to waste my glory, catch fire in Jesus name.
Catch this fire!!! Mid East Freestyle from Slug Lugho - Listen Now via
Halt and Catch Fire went to another level this week. THE finest drama on TV. Please renew AMC 🙏
Red strawberries, . Running down the field, . Waiting for me to catch. . Setting my heart on fire, . Without a match. https:/…
Today's signal has been very poor so apologies for the reduced updates, here's a quick catch up starting at Longridge Fi…
Any altar against my life and ministry, catch FIRE anywhere you are right now in the name of Jesus.
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Last chance to catch the hilarious and heart-warming SALT BABY. Tonight at the Old Fire Hall
hey :). I was listening to Catch fire some hours ago when I was in the train and thought of you 😉😂
There's nothing like being home with a turf fire on having a glass of wine and a catch up with your mum 😍
But I took your matches, before fire could catch me. .
YAS. Got to leave work early so that I didn't catch bad traffic due to the fire on 101. 😱
I'll burn my name into your throats I'll be the fire that'll catch you.
me: "I'm not obsessed with . *nose grows long, pants catch fire, lightning strikes me 3 times*
At last, ready to start watching Halt and Catch Fire - Season 3! :D
Sydney's motor vehicle parking rooms show is be knocked up in catch fire: ODCXtxBZ
well. I can't really choose . Vapor. Castaway. Catch fire. GTB . Basically every song on SGFG
And mayb it does. Mayb u're afraid of becoming the face of a horror ppl know exists but pretend it's not close to home fo…
//I'm not saying Rome is a sinner but... They'd catch fire by stepping into a church.
Watching Halt and Catch Fire - Working for the Clampdown. Recorded on 7/12/2015. DVR is at 89%.
Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 [78] AMC Tuesday Entertainment Weekly: "Impressively acted and timely as ever."
TV THIS WEEK: is back, Halt and Catch Fire returns, and more!
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5SOS played Catch Fire and Disconnected at soundcheck
"I'd never find a better match, I new the fire would catch"
Halt and Catch Fire is absolutely brilliant. What other shows are and hiding from me?
Something is gonna catch on fire tonight
Halt and Catch Fire S3 is now available on
I'm always disappointed when a liar's pants don't actually catch on fire.
The first episode of Halt and Catch Fire season 3 premieres tomorrow night, but is available online right now:
The '80s drama returns this week on --
How computers ignite drama on 'Halt and Catch Fire'
Daneisy's tortillas always catch on fire 🌚
Slave driver, the table is turn. Catch a fire so you can get burn.
Relocating to California, "Halt and Catch Fire" is an empathetic origin story about the tech world we live in.
The direct deposit better blow up my credit card bc I've worked so many hours lmao my wallet better catch fire with all the money i get
I'm scared that my house is gonna catch in fire from the candle in my room. But I'm to lazy to get up and blow the flame out...
Always disappointed when his pants don't actually catch fire.
i am rewatching the season 2 finale of halt and catch fire TO PREPARE
❝Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward❞
Halt and Catch Fire is not very true to PC history but it's got good stories with an entertaining ensemble cast.
Throwaway Amiga reference in the season premiere of Halt and Catch Fire. Made my day.
Halt and Catch Fire is back. John Bosworth singing Sinatra is everything.
󾮛󾮜 󾮛󾮜 - The stage will catch fire ! make sure you get a front seat on...
LOL garrett. we're both supa hot, can't compete with dat hair flip ~ good thing u fizzled out tho so ur finals don't catch fire
If you smoke please dispose of your cigarette properly, I'd rather not have my pants catch on fire from butts on the sidewalk 🚫🚬
Honestly why isn't everyone watching Halt and Catch Fire
love but why no 'Halt and Catch Fire'?
Tomorrow night at 9pm be sure to halt. And catch fire. Season 3 premiere. Excited!
Computers and the 80s, my two favorite things. Watching Halt and Catch Fire tonight!
everyone is making fun of me I hope I catch on fire
-coworkers were talking about this last week.Though I'm more excited about Halt and Catch Fire coming back this week
Halt and Catch Fire: on the set of the best show on TV (that no one is watching)
Respondam com a tag:. Over and Out ou Catch Fire?. 5 Seconds of Summer
The song 'Catch Fire' does not promote safety...even just by listening to it you could end up with third degree burns 🔥
you kinda sorta look like Halt and Catch Fire's Mackenzie Davis here.
have you watched Halt & Catch Fire yet Anne? Worth a look. Recently got recommissioned for 3rd series.
My fave moment from last night had to be when Cal seen me grin as soon as they started to play Catch Fire & he smiled back. What a cutie 💗
You can blow out a candle but you cant blow out a fire once the flame begins to catch the wind will blow it higher. :-D
I'm so excited to hear catch fire live
u don't know how much I'm freaking out about the fact Catch Fire isn't on the set list tonight
An explosion occurred on an Egged bus number 12 on Monday afternoon, causing it to catch on fire while it was...
Can you help catch this guy? He's wanted for setting another man on fire then leaving him for dead.
. 18 hurt in terror bombing in Jerusalem. Two buses catch on fire on Moshe Baram Road in...
What a lousy administrative set up, be it States or Centre. Files just get lost, eaten by white ants, OR MOSTLY CATCH FIRE. No respnsblty
I can't even describe my love for Catch Fire🙈💗
Sheriff Nichols says the tank did not catch fire, and says the product has been contained. There are no reports of injuries.
Tonight: Open fire, University Challenge, Game of Thrones s5 catch-up, cheese and *** Mondays ain't so bad.
nothing ?! They took off catch fire and hotbs and reduced it from 21 to 19? :((
now you can catch up on Fire and PD 😊
"May our stories catch fire, and burn bright enough, to reach God's eyes."
I love catching artists early in their career knowing one day they're gonna catch fire and everyone will hear bout em
why only 19 songs and where have HOTBS and Catch fire gone?
C: Hey! Don't play with matches. Cs: Why not. C: Because... You'll Catch Fire 😎. Cs:
Every power fighting your helpers of life,today they catch fire in Jesus name. Amen.
Every power fighting my helpers of life, catch fire in Jesus name. Amen.
On how high, bro just caught on fire. Because they were fake. I wonder can real dreads catch on fire too...
I had to throw on shorts I was about to catch fire
Ice rinks don't catch fire. I think.
Arnab, as per Madhuresh, pls ask our soldiers not to fire at terrorists crossing boarder fm Pakistan. Only catch n prosecute
As Kingfishers Catch Fire (Song) via Poetry is a part of the soul that gives peace.
Theyre not concerned homes cud catch fire. I want replacement, near impossible 2 get
So it's always a Catch-22 for troops in counter insurgency. You fire you're punished, you don't fire you're killed. Statu…
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Did you catch any of the action this weekend? Jammer's were on fire! Thank you DERBY WITH RECESS…
Catch a Fire in the Bay: Natural Launches in San Francisco https…
It's amazing how everything but Krogers can catch on fire on the Mansfield road 🤔🤔
how'd they catch on fire in the rain tho? 😭 I seen it on SC last night
ima just throw out some Jutsus and make her catch on fire then casually walk up and ask for my blue paper
Matt got back late last night-gets into bed&asks "are you OK?". Me: yeah?. Matt: BC you seem like all your extremities are about to catch fire
May 1st: CATCH A FIRE, presents Tasha Thompson with The Powers Band, on the decks.
Well folks it's not a myth that it will catch on fire
Catch a throatful from the fire vocaled, ash and molten glass like Eyjafjallajokul
Update: Israeli police confirm 16 injured after buses catch fire in Jerusalem; cause unclear
IED was likely a small device that may have caused other components of the bus engine to catch fire and/or explode.
38) Catch Fire stan. Doesn't know why they did not play it in their Asian leg. Cried when they heard it live. MICHAEL'S…
Just witnessed a car catch on fire and blow up. 😳🔥🔥
Playing catch up from Sunday guys... Fire lit, and I'm just loving my snack to…
Blue Jays. Those bats will catch fire again. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
When you mom catch you playing with fire 😂
Celebrate National Poetry Month with a musical rendition of a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins–
Buses catch fire in Jerusalem after explosion, injuring 16
.please appreciate this vine of Michael with Luke's Catch Fire vocals in the background. 😁
"How do you even catch a fish on fire??"
My hair would catch on fire while in the middle of passionately telling a story...can't sit still 😂
Sometimes I can't decide if I really love Halt and Catch Fire or if I'm just in love with Mackenzie Davis.
| An iPhone Is the Latest Thing to Catch Fire on a Plane | >
I know you won't play unpredictable but we wanna hear San Francisco, Airplanes and Catch Fire! This is the sgfg tour after all
or at least tell them to add Airplanes or Catch Fire or San Francisco or Over and Out or Can't Remember or Pizza or Tomorrow Never Dies
I'm still crossing my fingers for to add Airplanes, TGWCW and Invisible to the setlist - Cal's girl (I also don't mind Catch Fire too)
I binged Season 1 of Halt and Catch Fire, recommended to me by Interesting, addictive show about 80s personal computer wars.
Hello 5SOS what about Catch Fire, Castaway, San Francisco, Invisible and Carry On?. Not a good setlist without them💔
If you combine Silicon Valley, Mad Men and a young Lori Petty you get Halt and Catch Fire.
listen to San Francisco and Catch Fire by 5SOS ^^ Because they're amazing :P
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Who picked San Francisco and Catch Fire y'all want them to flop so bad
The role played by Mackenzie Davis in Halt and Catch Fire. Quirky tech genius with a feisty side!
There was a moment when I was helping w/ her presentation, ada mengelamun *** Ttibe trigt Lee Pace in Halt and Catch Fire. 😨
Thank you for renewing Halt and Catch Fire for a third season! It's becoming one of my favorite shows!
Here's a video of me shedding a tear to Catch Fire when it first came out nice !
I'm 3 episodes in to Halt and Catch Fire. If you're at all interested in the early PC days, its a great watch
taking a stab at your rankings: Better Call Saul, You're the Worst, Bojack Horseman, Show Me a Hero, Halt & Catch Fire.
Trudeau reminds me of Lee Pace's character on "Halt and Catch Fire" -- an ***
I don't know man, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mad Men and Halt & Catch Fire are great! I still like TWD, season 6 is great
Guys I'm sorry I lied in my Bio for a week. I'm not actually the ex-head writer of AMCs Halt and Catch Fire. . I'm not changing it though.
6. Catch Fire! (my fave title). Michael and Luke wrote this song with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low and Mike Green. ht…
How to play Catch Fire on piano by 5 Seconds of Summer
if you are looking for a good series and like technology try Halt and Catch Fire ... Netflix ;)
i have a strong feeling that Catch Fire and Vapor would be my fave on SGFG album, can't wait to hear the full tracks x.
I'm going to host an after-show for Halt and Catch Fire. Live. From my kitchen. With my dog as a guest and sock-puppets on Skype.
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Autoexec.bat Halt and Catch Fire - Dave and Jesse talk to Rachel and Bailey, co-creators of...
Halt and Catch Fire got picked up because it's the best show on television. Love the cast. You rock as Joe MacMillan.🌞🌞
Hope you have a loveLee Friday. Still very excited that Halt and Catch Fire will return for a third season.🌞🌞
Mozart in the Jungle, Halt and Catch Fire, House of Lies y The Jim Gaffigan Show. :-)
Are the women in charge of the company in Halt & Catch Fire supposed to looking they’re sisters? Or is this fan service
All my friends who are Lee Pace fans out there, please sign and share! Renew Halt and Catch Fire for Season 3
Am currently burning through Season 1 of Halt & Catch Fire. Another good one with "Profit" DNA.
Why did i just now notice that Cameron on Halt and Catch Fire is copying Mary Stuart Masterson's look?
Lee Pace v clearly doing a Patrick Bateman impression in Halt and Catch Fire.
I just realized Cameron in Halt and Catch Fire is basically Kara Thrace, so now I understand why I love her despite how infuriating she is
2001: Space Odyssey. The Net. the first season of House of Lies and Halt & Catch Fire. Close Encounters. Bank Shot.
Build a man a fire and he can cook that fish you showed him how to catch.
I ❤︎ watching halt and catch fire with my dad. He was a sales engineer in Texas and I’m a Si valley pup. It really spans our generations
i love this exchange. Just made husband pause Halt and Catch Fire to read it to him.
Halt and Catch Fire...season 1 was good, season 2 is def better. 😊
"Halt And Catch Fire" is still one of the best shows you're not watching.
Cars catch fire in lot outside Tigers-Orioles game at Comerica Park
Fingers crossed that Halt and Catch Fire gets renewed, last ep was too good Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
At some point, my head will catch fire. There will be bees. There's nothing you can do about a concussion.
Halt and Catch Fire is another good show I can recommend. introduced me to it!
You are the best. Wanted to thank you again for such a fabulous show like Halt and Catch Fire. I am a huge fan of the show.😊😊
22 years ago tonight, I'll never forget watching this from my hotel room in Illinois.
I am excited to see what will happen on the next episode of Halt and Catch Fire.😊😊
Halt and Catch Fire's second season is even better than its first.
Saturday ima catch a fire tan cuz ima be at blue bayou wit no shirt only
Halt and Catch Fire. But it's VERY close with every other show that's leading.
Getting into the habit of walking the dog every day, but have to wait till dusk or the dog will catch fire.
"Halt is a crafty show. Season 2 found a way to pick up the Draper mantle in a fashion that other shows have not."
can now use the Fire Job 'Beastmaster'. Yay! Time to catch 'em all!
3 Singapore Lamborghinis Crash and Catch Fire in accident in Malaysia - 6 Dec 2013.
I just watched a fan catch on fire 😭😭 I almost cried
I wish when people lie their pants actually do catch on fire.
Halt and Catch Fire which is amplified by how much more I like it compared to last year (not that I don't love Rectify and Hannibal).
so let's pray the forest I live in doesn't catch on fire lol thanks
I don't care it's so hot my eyebrows catch fire every time
I just plugged in an oscillating fan only to have it immediately catch on fire. So, yeah, I'd say I still got it.
This little girls tryna catch fire flys like I try to catch chicks. And she's failing miserably. What else do we have in common?
Haven't seen Halt and Catch Fire yet? You're missing out. http:…
Did you read the Halt and Catch Fire piece?
"Halt and Catch Fire": What if Anaïs [...] Nin wrote a "Mad Men" version of "TRON" that challenged the fundamental concept of creatorship?!?
'Halt and Catch Fire' GIF and a graf: Copy protection
When you wish some ppl would just catch on fire so you could sit there and watch them burn .
Halt and Catch Fire, though I'm really only watching that and TD right now
You know it's too hot to be working outside when the bushes catch on fire ..
Watching Halt and Catch Fire. Mackenzie Davis has to be some kind of long lost relative of Cobie Smulders or something.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"blind fury with wet-eyed vulnerability as well as Mackenzie Davis' punk programmer. Halt and Catch Fire is dynamite."
Finally started Halt and Catch Fire and Mackenzie Davis is 🔥🔥🔥
'Halt and Catch Fire' Episode 4: When you're the first ever to hit 'reply all': In “Play With Friends,” Episod...
Ok, Halt and Catch Fire totally nails the material culture of my 80s Texas childhood. /cc
If you haven't discovered Halt & Catch Fire and you have Amazon Prime you might enjoy (time of Wordstar!)
I don't know if you guys know who this is but Mackenzie Davis from Halt and Catch Fire is a beautiful woman.
Mackenzie Davis was in BAD TURN WORSE, BREATHE IN, & WHAT IF in 2014, as well as Halt and Catch Fire. Now she's in THE MARTIAN. Rising star?
I love him. Have you seen him in Halt and Catch Fire? (my bf is in IT - the only reason I watch random shows) SO GOOD.
'Halt and Catch Fire' Episode 2: Mutiny in a man's world: In the second episode of Halt and Catch Fire’s new s...
Lee Pace in Halt and Catch Fire looks like a cross between John Cusack and Alan Rickman
I can’t tell if I love or hate Halt and Catch Fire. *head explodes* Mackenzie Davis should be a star though
This music is like the music from Halt and Catch Fire. . Com Truise - In Decay - Full Album:
Recommended Reading: The new and improved Halt and Catch Fire (Billy Steele/Engadget)
Recommended Reading: The new and improved 'Halt and Catch Fire' - - by Billy Steele
Shows I'm currently watching:. -Halt and Catch Fire. -House of Cards. -Marble Hornets. -Justice League. -Mad Men. Some day I should get a life.
Just off the top of my head: Ed Chigliak from Northern Exposure and Cameron Howe from Halt and Catch Fire.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Halt and Catch Fire' Star Scoot McNairy on 'Argo', '12 Years a Slave' and More:
Halt and Catch Fire (TV Series 2014– ). >> Was a little sceptical at first but it was really q…
Halt and Catch Fire would have been a better movie.
Yes, Teaser clip from season two of Halt and Catch Fire was posted by Jason Kottke.
New post (When The Duck Boat Tour Didn't Catch Fire) has been published on Southbank Directory
Chris Christie’s Appeal to Centrists is Failing to Catch Fire: -By Warner Todd Huston It is plain that New Jer...
'Halt & Catch Fire' cuteness - Mackenzie Davis & Lee Pace at TV Critics Assoc. press tour today. (pic: LeePaceTH)
Busy weekend: Starting my morning off at TCA then then pre Golden Globes Events. AMC up first starting with Better Call Saul Halt and Catch Fire and Mad Men panels.
for me all the characters of Luke. 1-Vlad, 2-Bard, 3-Owen Shaw & bonus Lee Pace as Joe MacMillian in Halt & Catch Fire
AMC's Halt and Catch Fire does to 80s' computer engineers what Matthew Weiner did to 60s' Mad. Av. making nerds the new rock stars. A must.
well is a tie between The Hobbit and Halt and Catch Fire, but The Fall and Pushing Daisies are right behind them ;)
Turn, and Halt and Catch Fire still need to watch S1, Hannibal and Ray Donovan S2. But otherwise up to date on all.
I saw play all of Maybe I'll Catch Fire and I get to fall asleep in my boyfriends arms so yeah it's the best night of my life
Like a mix between Erika Linder and the girl in Halt and Catch Fire. I regret he probably won't look as androgynous when he grows up.
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Lee Pace and Scoot McNairy from Halt and Catch Fire are both bad guys in the extended Marvel movieverse. This information is now yours.
It's been like a Scott Michael Foster kind of week been catching up on Halt & Catch Fire and now Chasing Life he's on fire so good!
I started watching Halt and Catch Fire. Oh my...I think Lee Pace has the most sexy voice. I get so distracted hearing him speak
AMC TEAM UP Halt and Catch Fire and Rubicon must put aside their differences and work together to catch the murderer of Low Winter Sun
Why are mindless shows making it big? Because mindless people do not skip commercials. And higher quality shows that make it big are not on commercial networks or are watched in other ways. The show where commercials are viewed the least is "Mad Men", with only a 27% ad retention, according to TiVo Inc. and Nielson. Followed by "Justified" (30%), "Halt and Catch Fire" (31%), "Fargo" (32%) and "The Americans" (32%). FX leads in number of shows where commercials are skipped or rushed through, with AMC a quick second. I have a theory... Smart people time shift and fast forward alot.or wait for other forms of distribution. I have never seen "Mad Men" or "The Walking Dead" (34%) live. I binge watch them, or stop watching and lose interests (as I did with "Mad Men"). I DVR and fast forward through the commercials on the others listed above. Meanwhile the shows where commercials are most watched and retained are reality shows, something real actor wish would disappear, and something that serves meals cold to the ...
Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) Season Finale 2014 1984″: Show Summary: Halt and Catch Fire is set roughly one ye...
I'm watching Halt and Catch Fire 1x08 "The 214s"
I hope Halt and Catch Fire is renewed for a second season. It's captivating.
One show I absolutely love is Halt and Catch Fire. Lee Pace is worth seeing stage. Next to Michael Shannon he is workaholic
If you aren't watching Halt and Catch Fire you should be. Best nerd TV in a long time. Makes HBO Silicon Valley look trite.
Not a *** on the show, but female coder in Halt & Catch Fire has an 80's Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful vibe.
We remember back to the first few weeks of “Halt and Catch Fire,” wondering whether or not the show was going to meet some of its potential. Then, the past few weeks have started to encourage us that AMC has the next great drama. Lee Pace is magnificent, the characters are interesting, and this brings us head-first into an interesting era in the 1980s. Sunday night’s episode “Landfall” was all sorts of strange from start to finish, beginning with Gordon’s dream about trying to catch something just out of reach, and then continuing into him going on a journey that feels very much akin to the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Jingle All the Way.” Desperate for a Cabbage Patch Doll (a fad of the time), Gordon goes as far as to break a display window, and not really care too much about what seems to be a dead body on the street in the middle of a massive storm. The one part of the story t ...
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