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Cat Stevens

Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou, 21 July 1948), commonly known by his former stage name Cat Stevens, is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, philanthropist, and prominent convert to Islam.

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Thanks Cat Stevens for Father And Son especially on this day.
I added a video to a playlist Cat Stevens - Wild World
I was nearly Lisa after the Cat Stevens song Sad Lisa, but my ma panicked last minute she might be condemning me to…
Listening to On The Road To Find Out (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Listening to Where Do The Children Play? (Live On The Majikat Earth Tour) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
If you to be free, be free ... If you want to sing out - Cat Stevens via
Walter WilkesListening to Hard Headed Woman (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Into White (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Longer Boats (Live) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Wild World (Demo Version) by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Walter WilkesListening to Father And Son by Cat Stevens on my Amazon Echo
Book your tickets for Yusuf Islam (aka peace loving Cat Stevens) in Nov/Dec this year, & you too will be helping fund internat. terrorism!
I think it would be fitting to play Wild World by Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam
Lucky to get a tour in 1987..Albums by David Bowie, Rush, the Police, Keith Richards, Cat Stevens, the Bee Gees, Ro…
I googled Shoeverine today. I couldn't find it. can find a clip of Cat Stevens singing Funky Cold Medina but no Shoverine?
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thought of the day: could Michael Rooker and do a duet with Cat Stevens' "Father and Son"?
Let me lay on your grave. Close my eyes. Think back to melodies of Cat Stevens and Queen, Jim Croce and James Taylor.…
The other day I heard Father John Misty's cover of one of my all-time favorite songs, Trouble by Cat Stevens. It was life changing 🙌🏽.
The opening hymn at the 10am mass was "Morning Has Broken." I can't sing that song without thinking about Cat Stevens.
The greenhouse is playing 70s easy listening all day & I'm dying. Cat Stevens for 9 hrs violates the Geneva convention
I wonder if they would also enjoy some Cat Stevens. 'Old ant take a look at your flight, it's a lot like you.'
LOL. Cat Stevens, Warren Zevon, and Jim Croce wiped their *** with better lyrics.
I totally forgot to look for Cat Stevens at the carnival, but I think I saw Hal Ashby???
Since Yusuf Islam used to be Cat Stevens, it makes him doubly confusing with Sufjan Stevens.
*thinks about gotg 2* . *listens to father and son by cat stevens* *sheds a McTear*
this is cat stevens what r u talking about. no relation to Yusuf Islam keeek
I had never been so attacked by a song as I was with Wild World by cat stevens in skins gen 1
It's a beautiful sunny morning here for many reasons. Just had to put the theme tune on. Cat Stevens…
.when you come in bumpin' that Cat Stevens
Impossible to work out to Cat Stevens
Little Giant Ladders
"Love heats my blood, blood spins my head, and my head falls in love" - Yusuf / Cat Stevens
Let's hope so. Cat Smith is fantastic
Good. Cat Smith has been hard working,very good MP
8:03pm King of Trees by Cat Stevens from Buddha and The Chocolate Box
All time classic by Cat Stevens...those were beautiful days, we all had time to smell roses and walk in the garden too..
The ending 2 with Cat Stevens song Father and Son ! I can't even. So good!
Father & Son by Cat Stevens but played over footage of LaVar and Lonzo Ball
I think the most damning part of the testimony of James Comey was the Connection between Carter Page, Russian Oligarchs and Cat Stevens
I don't talk about masculinity much but mine can be summed up as: getting choked up & teary-eyed at Cat Stevens' Father And Son
I was straight-up emotionally moved by the whole Cat Stevens end section of Guardians 2. Well done
love your review of Hot Dog Taste Test! I'd LOVE you to review my new comic, Here comes Cat Steven…
No denying emotional fragility when an commercial scored with a Cat Stevens-esque song, can invoke tears. 🙄
hi Patrick, I have a new comic coming out called Here comes Cat Stevens, would you be into reviewi…
I added a video to a playlist Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Wild World Lyrics
Spotted on the same wall today, posters advertising Jon Stevens and others for Cat Stevens. Coincidence or not?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Thankfully it's B-day and he's compelled to play OG 12-inch edits of Cat Stevens, Pieces of a Dream…
Working on reward request covers: Sad Lisa by Cat Stevens and Never Gonna Give You Up (an ode to heroi…
I added a video to a playlist Father & Son - Cat Stevens [Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2] Official
Which "foreign policy" got 'Cat Stevens' wishing for the death of Salman Rushdie? Or actually led t…
And yes I used the Beatles and Cat Stevens twice but 🎶 I'm not sorry 🎶 (lil sorry about rick rolling you though 😝)
(You know it was Rick on Cat Stevens? 😉) No, still overnight with nowhere to sleep on Friday 😳 Got Sat sorted tho' x
Jonni Mitchell, Elton John, Carole King and Cat Stevens get a shout out before they mention a single black artist. This is kinda incredible
ELO, George Harrison and Cat Stevens in one soundtrack. Guardians of The Galaxy vol.2 did not disappoint
SPOILERS? track list has been announced! VERY VERY happy to have Cat Stevens and George Harrison 👌…
OK. That was poor. My fav. P.Jam song is Black. Range not bad in that. Who is Cat Stevens? Isn't it…
, Jesse do you think Trump will send Cat Stevens to Stockholm?
We proudly present our Daddy 💙playing "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens, conducted by Froggy! 🎹🎼🎹💖
I liked a video Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens
The Amazon Prime ad with the pirate dog is a cute visual but the Cat Stevens song is a downer and it doesn't need to run every break.
Cat Stevens and Kevin spacey are the 2 most important men in my life
Ep.7 of Move On Up is up on The Who, Cat Stevens, Desmond Dekker and more.
I'd love you to form a band with Fats Domino, Cat Stevens, and Richard Marx. 'Fats Cats And Idle Rich' (There's still time!). 😊
Imp. to note that Amir Khan,Cat Stevens& Tariq Ramadan fell prey to US Border Protection before
Moved on from my Cat Stevens week, to my Jethro Tull week with Moths from Heavy Horses 1978
That was actually a sample from a Cat Stevens album (released as Yusuf Islam). Was told it was a traditional childrens song
thats broad! I'll do people who are/were both. 1. Yoko Ono. 2. Miles Davis. 3. Cat Stevens. 4. Freddie Mercury. 5. Joni…
Gotta love a bit of Cat Stevens. I'm quite a softy really, words wash over me but that doesn't mean I take any nonsense!
Day 28: The Wind by Cat Stevens, Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens, Montezuma by Fleet Foxes, and Heartbea…
My recommended Youtube videos right now are 23 cat videos and 1 Cat Stevens video, which all makes perfect sense.
lara in the sky's top 4 artists this week: Yusuf / Cat Stevens (11), Pearl Jam (7), Bob Dylan (5), Corinne Bailey Rae (2)
I changed my cats name he is now and forever officially named Cat Stevens
"Echo, play Cat Stevens.". "Playing songs by Steven Cats.". I'm still talking to a computer. 😑
ridiculously sad episode and Cat Stevens The Wind you are seriously killing me machine
Relationship advice to men: listen to the song "Wild World" by Cat Stevens and never say any of those things to a woman.
Drinking lager, listening to Cat Stevens and shopping for dungarees online featured in NBC s Science of Love
tell your "friend" that it's sort of like being a big Cat Stevens fan
We spoke with Joe Stevens AKA Bigcat Instruments about his free libraries and ⏩⏩⏩ blog post:…
~ CAT STEVENS ~. father and son . Live. ...dedicado a mi padre. nunca... by via
he's home recovering. Very pleased to see his humans & cat friends Patrick & Valentine
Poor Alfie! We hope that it goes well for such a fine honorary cat
If I owned a cat, I would name it Cat Stevens but tell everybody that he preferred to be called Yusuf.
As a kid he was Yusuf Islam but now hes cat stevens im grown cant be living in a fairytale no more
I 'feel' lying more than I can articulate. Like Cat Stevens always said: trust your catgut
I always forget Cat Stevens and Nick Drake made music at the same time. Drake is from some genius alternate dimension and has no peers.
Today I've been mostly listening to Cat Stevens. Tea for the Tillerman next on my vinyl purchase list. Fabulous L.P.
Cat Stevens "Wild World". Because some times I miss you more on Mondays. My nameless MCM. Who knows. Who cares.
Today's tunes range from Wild World by Cat Stevens to *** in a Box by Lonely Island. Subscribe for more Radio Brett facts
Check out this song : Cat Stevens If you want to sing out
I think the biggest problem with our generation is that we simply don't listen to enough Cat Stevens
I suppose that by being absent from the music business, it appeared ...
"Distant Shore," our from carries the sweetness of Cat Stevens & the emotive touch of Mazzy Star:
CAT STEVENS is back and he's going on tour!! Visit for his full tour details and tickets.
B/c he objected 2 its sexual content, Cat Stevens refused 2 let this use his -
This was apparently to prove the Pet Shop Boys ripped off Cat Stevens. Pet Shop Boys sued him successfully, lol
🎶 I ❤my dog as much as I love you... Welcome Pharaoh😘 new 🐕 (edit from snapchat 🎶I Love My Dog -…
Come, come, come! Bit of Cat Stevens never did anyone any harm
Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow. (Cat Stevens, why must you interrupt a perfectly good creative moment!)…
Songs by Andrew Bird and Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) used in first official for Gifted (2017)
You mean to tell me you've never heard of Cat Stevens?! Lord help us
I don't understand certain people that get involved in drama, go eat an Avocado, listen to some Cat Stevens, watch the Unive…
Wow, I never knew Cat Stevens had done a version of this. I only know the Sam Cook version. I love that version!
Jesus was a Jew, Santa looks like a Christian Phil Robertson and Cat Stevens converted to Islam. Can't we all...
Yusuf Islam is cashing those Cat Stevens sell out checks.
highlight of 2016 for me was chilling with Russell Simmons and Kal Penn. Also finally meeting Cat Stevens.
Mad World is a great song but I always reckon it lifted a bit of the tune from the middle of Matthew & Son by Cat Stevens.
I had a monster Da Vinci's Last Supper on my Uni bedroom wall..right alongside Hendrix, Cat Stevens and The Allm…
did you fan girl when you met Rob Delaney and Cat Stevens?
The day before Yusuf / Cat Stevens took the stage at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium in September, he went to Jack...
This us the book that caused Cat Stevens to want to assasinate Rushdie, right?
Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens is in Duke of Wellington.
Awesome! I'm indulging in some folk country & soft rock. Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Don McLean and Bread!
Cat Stevens -- a.k.a. Yusuf -- teamed up with Jack White for a new single.
Rebecca, Jack, Kevin, Randall and Kate - my new family. Cat Stevens music - epic!
I love the Cat Stevens song on the new Jeep commercial. Surprised the evil ones behind the Chobani boycott haven't ranted about it yet.
Still buzzed and binging Tiny Desk Concerts... Having a son, so we watched Yusuf/Cat Stevens do "Father and Son." Cried my eyes out extra.
It was considered to be funny like Cat Stevens ! & like my Work is !. Cat Stevens - Matthew & Son (1966)
Tonight at the Glen Innes Services Club is Peace Train, a tribute to Cat Stevens by Darren Coggan. . Doors open 7pm…
When Tom Hanks mentions Cat Stevens, and Steven Colbert casually corrects him and says Yusif Islam.
Kicking off my evening with the Great British Bake Show and a glass of wine! Cat Stevens would be so proud!
I had lost all respect for Jon Stewart when he had Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) preform at the Mall 2010!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cat Stevens at the Pantages Theater last week. Tonight it's Van Morrison and Tom Jones at the Hollywood Bowl.
THIS SUNDAY: who have toured & recorded with Frankie Valli, Carole King, Cat Stevens & more!
*David breaks out guitar and starts strumming Cat Stevens number to muffled cries of 'dontcha know any Taylor Swift?'*
Loving Metallica right now But cutting off Cat Stevens was UNACCEPTABLE. Great Song Metallica.great Song!!. WE…
Pics, videos, & setlists of Yusuf (fka Cat Stevens) celebrating the 50th anniversary of "I Love My Dog"…
Yusuf/Cat Stevens played his first 2 NYC shows in 40 years at Beacon Theatre (pics, videos, setlists)
Yusuf/Cat Stevens played his first NYC shows in 40 years. here's pics, videos, setlists:
Yusuf/Cat Stevens 'Wild World' from The Beacon Theatre in Monday night. It was his first concert performance in...
Cat Stevens. Paul McCartney. Neil Young. Metallica. Roger Waters (bassist for pink Floyd). Willie Nelson. Just some names I get to see in October
Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens, 6 yr old Alyssa Thomas. Guess they can't have gun cuz they on no fly
"Wild World" by Cat Stevens is the truest song of all time
Jason Mraz new album is an absolute grower. Like a 21st century lovechild of Cat Stevens and Paul Simon. There's nobody like him.
Cat Stevens - Peace Train: In this crazy political maelstrom, this is my philosophy. Always was, always will be. 💞💞
The last time I remember being as disappointed in someone as James Comey, it was John Roberts. The time before that was Cat Stevens.
Why Yusuf Islam walked away from Cat Stevens - and brought him back again
Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) continues to support the fatwa on Salmon Rushdie. And he thinks he believes in freedom of expression, free speech?
Thanks to my Mum, I grew up with a love of Elton John but I can't imagine Harold and Maude with his rather than Cat Stevens music.
Before the right became outraged by no-fly because NRA: the Weekly Standard defends Cat Stevens' no-fly listing
Cat Stevens and Lew Alcindor walk into a bar because Yusuf Islam and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar don't drink alcohol
In reference to Cat Stevens, it is very, very important we have accura...
Harold & Maude (Hal Ashby, 1971) Cat Stevens - "Trouble" (special to OST) - this film hits all the right notes
Cat Stevens' music, voice, and energy made me feel so secure. He sound...
really liked it but haven't seen it since maybe high school. Great use of my favorite Cat Stevens' song
Izzy Stevens is in a cat litter commercial 😭😂
Google "Salman Rushdie Cat Stevens" to see how conservative religion can make one justify murder for art/satire.
"Now I've been smiling lately, thinking about the good things to come. And I believe it could be, something good has begun" -Cat Stevens
The persona formerly known as Cat Stevens should be another.
Cat Stevens is most underrated of all time lyrically. Music is kinda corny. But lyrically...
Heard this Cat Stevens song this morning. Wonder how it'd go down if released nowadays 😝
There are too many people counting calories and not enough people counting on me to do another all-cat tribute to NKOTB
Shakey Graves, Cat Stevens, The Last Bison, and Ray Lamontagne are some of my go-to's!
My latest order, I can't help but hear Cat Stevens beautiful version when I read it : ) .
Maud Stevens Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist in the USA 1907
Music can be healing, and with my history and my knowledge of both sides of...
Sad girl listens to Cat Stevens and eats sugar free knock off bunny tracks
"From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen" - Cat Stevens.
I was at Stevens when Wyatt calls me making sure I got home safe.. Umm. 😂
What song changed your life? Bob Boilen asked Cat Stevens, and other cool cats. LISTEN:
Really Need to pee - Toilet on train out of order. Then, just to help, my iTune shuffle plays Cat Stevens' 'I Can't Keep it in'.
Wild World by Cat Stevens is in Queen Eleanor, Wootton. Download it now at
Cats V & P junior bring nicer to Alfie, Patrick rubs his head against Alfie's when he walks past so he is starting to make cat friends
🎶from the moment I could I was ordered to listen🎶 Cat Stevens said it so well - I felt this inside crying
It took me like 3 years to make the association the the Blue Scholars sampled Cat Stevens on their track 'No Rest for the Weary'
Come out and listen to me play Cat Stevens and UFO records this Friday at the Odd Squad Happy Hour. 5-9pm
Monday brought to me by Cat Stevens.
People claim Cat Stevens wrote "Morning Has Broken," but it's been in Lutheran hymn books for YEARS.
09:30 Ken Bruce: Frederick Forsyth picks Tracks of My Years from Cat Stevens and Eric Coates.
And tho you want him to last forever, you know he never will - Cat Stevens
Some super clean used classics, out today. $2-$8! Laura Nyro, Carole King, Cat Stevens. Our Jazz section is bursting at the seams!
Bloke next to me on the bus is haranguing a woman by shouting pop stars at her. "Cat Stevens. Bob Geldof. Pet Shop Boys." Pissing myself.
Wow. Great film, great Cat Stevens soundtrack (although he might be a little hippyish for you). Ruth Gordon is amazing in it.
Did Donnie Osmond go on TV and condone it like Cat Stevens condoning the fatwa on Salman Rushdie?
Since we're labeling folks with WGWG, what about guys like Brian May, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Eddie Van Halen
Cat Stevens song comes to mind 'Where do the children play'. Via Greg Hancock
There's no problem with Islam that James Taylor and Cat Stevens can't fix.
Mr. Secretary, you need to pull out all of the stops. I"m thinking James Taylor AND Cat Stevens.
John Kerry needs to pull out all of the stops and get Cat Stevens and James Taylor on stage together immediately!
Listen to I Love My Dog by Cat Stevens, Alan Tew & Orchestra on
Vinyl + caramel tea needs to become my bedtime ritual. Last night was Joni Mitchell, tonight Cat Stevens.
"Lord my body has been a good friend, but I won't need it when I reach the end."___ Cat Stevens
Wonder who they scrubbed? Mister Rogers, Ted Kennedy, okay. Cat Stevens? Al Baghdaddi? Al Franken?? Not so good.
Ice Cube, Mike Tyson, Ellen Burstyn, Cat Stevens just to add a few more
Like Jim Croce and James Taylor, Cat Stevens and company were very good at the guitar and used it in concerts to accompany their music.
I have decided it is not appropriate to approach the steel drum band folks and say "that's not Marley, that's Cat Stevens dammit".
We segued from yesterday's last topic—the okapi—to today's discussion of Cat Stevens.
I could gush about Cat Stevens ad nauseum, but I'm even boring myself. Time to move on.
Me?. Although my avi is my idol Cat Stevens, my real name, Trish, appears on my account.
Cat Stevens is just cranked up in my mind radio after explaining to a coworker that "First Cut is the Deepest" is NOT a "Cheryl Crow song"
Me too. My list would include Stevie, Prince, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Don McLean and Carole King
On the new episode of the Thrift Store Vinyl Hour this week, hear Little Richard, Cat Stevens & Eric Andersen!
Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens is in The Plough Bar & Grill.
I'm looking for a Hard Headed Woman, one that makes me do my best... Cat Stevens es otro genio de la musica
1:26am Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens from Tea for the Tillerman
67 years of songs that made us fall in love. Happy Birthday to Cat Stevens! I'll repurpose in the legendary...
1)Cat Stevens 2)Katt Williams 3)Kat Von D 4)Kat Dennings 5)Cat Power RTThese 5 cats are richer than you are
Kinda reminds me of Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens
"For out on the edge of darkness there runs the Peace Train." -- Peace Train, Cat Stevens
Listened to Wild World by Cat Stevens from the album Tea for the Tillerman (Remastered) on January 20, 2016 at 04:14PM .
Cat Stevens is more of the over 40 crowd. I'm thinking this guy is more Bob Marley/Sublime/Widespread Panic
On this day in 1973 Jethro Tull hits with Living In The Past and Cat Stevens with Sitting
Alec Baldwin intros Todd Haynes by reading from Film Comment; Haynes closes by quoting Cat Stevens.
Here's a cover of Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens!.
Cat Stevens and Kitty Wells, looking for a home together! These two kittens are very bonded. They are in a...
It's a shame Cat Stevens changed his name before he could do a Stevens-squared collab with Ray Stevens.
sustained me thru the days of youth -- Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Neil Young, Chicago, Cat Stevens, Emerson Lake...
If Robert Zimmerman can explain why Ted Kennedy, John Lewis, Cat Stevens & Steven Hayes were on the no-fly list, fine.If not STFU
Trivia Time at King Music Inc. Sheryl Crow was once a back up singer for which artist?. 1) Michael Jacks. 2) Cat Stevens. 3) Prince
he did make good funny though this morning on ThisWeek w George Streptococcus when re to tourist watch list and if Cat Stevens is on
I've read stories about it happening, most notably with Cat Stevens and Ted Kennedy...though, admittedly, less so recently.
The one with Ted Kennedy and Cat Stevens on it?
Hamilton Collection
the wife of former Alaska Senator/wrinkled prune Ted Stevens was once stopped from flying b/c her name is Cat Stevens
You know Ted Kennedy and Cat Stevens were on that list at one time?
Are you skipping that 60s album where he sounds like Anthony Newley singing songs by Cat Stevens?
Good morning and greetings from sunny La Nucia. This music is way above average. Cat Stevens, Bonnie Rait...
Cats in the cradle is a Harry Chapin song, not Cat Stevens
Murdoch only wants good Christians like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, and Scott Roeder and dirty Muslims like Cat Stevens need not apply.
Rock Calendar 11-9-73: Cat Stevens appears on ABC's In Concert. Although he's had several hit records, it's his first time on American TV
Listening to Cat Stevens - Father and Son on now in Google Play store for free vía
Heathrow playlist today: Cat-3B Stevens. Or perhaps something by PJ Harvey-R...
“I’m praying to Allah to give us victory over the kuffar” - Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens. A "moderate" Muslim.
I just screamed thinking about people having sex while listening to Cat Stevens.
"Don’t let fear for the future ruin the beauty and gift of today." - member Steve htt…
¡El gato de Me and Earl and the dying girl se llama Cat Stevens..! Nada supera eso. NADA.
I let Quincey have my copy of Johnny Cash live at Folsom prison. And my mom has cat Stevens and stuff 😂😂
This is a listen to Cat Stevens and fold laundry kind of night
Go out and eat some cat tonight folks
Was listening to Cat Stevens songs but paused them to listen to your beautiful music Bill. Otherworldly. x
we are listening. we already have LUMUMBA, POLANSKI, ALI and CAT STEVENS on our list
Missed going to see Sufjan Stevens tonight because I just spent 5 hours at the vet with my cat who is probably dying.
When I grow up I want to be Cat Stevens
- Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens -
that is my all time favorite cat Stevens song.
Carly Simon dated *** Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty. Go Carly! If you had to choose though
Cat Stevens, Little Milton, Jackson C Frank and Bessie Smith. The last record is from 1927 with all the dust still sitting in the song.
No i jeszcze Cat Stevens i Peace Train, please take this country home again
Cat Stevens - Peace Train: submitted by KingRum [link] [comment]
Cat Stevens - Yusuf Islam - Father & Son - YouTube - Find a girl, settle down, If you want you can marry.
It's all part of the master plan orchestrated by Hussein Obama, Zombie Saul Alinsky, and Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam!
At the time, I wasn't very familiar with him. I was more into 3 Dog Night, Boz Skaggs, Peter Frampton (heh), & Cat Stevens.
Cat Stevens and son. and get a point each.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
LOL! That image will come to mind whenever I hear "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens. Thanks for the laugh!
hi. Great book, sir. :) Earl made me cry a bit and he's my favorite character and Cat Stevens too.
Keep the Faith, Best of Wham, Bob Marley Legend, Roxette, John Denver, Cat Stevens, all popular in early 90s
Me: "Y'all had awful taste in music in HS." (Steve Miller/Cat Stevens). Momma: "Thought about our options? There wasn't 😂
Thank you for sharing Yusuf Islam Foundation! Huge to you... We also want to thank Yusuf / Cat Stevens...
Check out this article: Peace Train – A Tribute to Cat Stevens by Darren Coggan -
Looking at today through a Hal Ashby lens with a Cat Stevens soundtrack.
Sitting on my porch watching the sunset, listening to Cat Stevens; it doesn't get much better than this. 😊
forgive me, Yusuf. This is my cat, Stevens:
"I listen to the wind. To the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up well I think,. Only God really knows.". ~Cat Stevens
Don't let me buy Sara Bareilles and Cat Stevens strum and sing books
Just laughed out loud to doing the Harold & Maude Cat Stevens bit... If you want to laugh out, laugh out!
Ok that's it. Cat Stevens saying congrats to Malala absolutely made my day. I love social media.
Mandy Warren, I'm listening to "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens. Reminds me of Ms. Haggertys class when we...
It's embarrassing that Cat Stevens can't get on a plane, but Timothy McVeigh would get a pass.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Cat Stevens Wild World originally written by him
Ok. Cat Stevens "Wild World" is a great song. It has been covered enough times...
As much as i love Cat Stevens i am really at the end of my tether with islam.Convert back Cat you'll probably sell some albums.
I always thought Miranda Cosgrove was creepy but she has Cat Stevens in her insta bio so she's cool w/ me now
I thought it was the dogs that shat on my kitchen floor then realised I've no dogs and its to big for my cat! 🙈
More Cat Stevens return cuts. Every time, all of the time!
♫I want to live in a wingman♫ wow Cat Stevens is weirder than I realized
Cat Stevens, a fresh pot of tea, sunshine filtering in to brush my toes, and the home stretch of a revision.
you guys should listen to 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens it's seriously phenomenal
Cat Stevens HBD67 Beautiful song that bring to my mind memories that I had lost through the time. Youthful dreams.
this is literally a Cat Stevens song.
Cat Stevens & Cheryl Crow : ...the first cut is the deepest.Enjoy!
We seem to have adopted nxt doors cat !!
Cat Stevens and Jim Croce this morning...Not really sure why.
Grateful for the longs drives as a child listening to my Father's music - Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapman, Genesis.
I'm the kind of dude that can go from Cyprus Hill to Cannibal Corpse to Cat Stevens in 15 minutes. my music taste is all over the place
If I ever lose my eyes. if my colours all run dry. Yes if I ever lose my eyes. I won't have to cry no more. ~Cat Stevens http:…
Procrastination must stop, must create something. Just put on the Best of Cat Stevens. *** just got real, people.
Trump can be on the upcoming "Jon Stewart's Friends & *** DVD along with Pervez Musharraf and Cat Stevens.
Father and son by Cat Stevens covered by Scott and Dave via
Excellent choice of music today on enjoyed every minute, especially Cat Stevens, Roger Whittaker & Mike Oldfield.
Thanks my fave ever Cat Stevens track, Oh Very Young on
bit 60s/Austin Powers mind trip groovy far out man Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan all in one placr
Determined to one day own a dog named Bob Barker and a cat named Cat Stevens.
My type of music is James Taylor , Cat Stevens, Jack Johnson , Simon and Garfunkle , Bob Dylan , and Cy Cooder.
I'm listening to On The Road To Find Out by Cat Stevens on
A cool fact we learned this week: Curtis Mayfield inspired Cat Stevens to write "Peace Train":
Harold and Maude. Best movie ever. Ruth Gordon (uncredited co-writer of Citizen Kane), Bud Cort, Music by Cat Stevens. 1971
"I did a show with Ray Stevens, the singer. Not to be confused with Cat Stevens, the Nazi." -
i may like James Taylor..but he is no Cat Stevens...I voted for Yusuf and I'd do it again and again if I could
Cat Stevens, James Taylor, CSNY...just kill me already, dentist office!!
Hal Ashby does not cease to amaze me and neither does Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens music is the best music. And even today, Yusuf Islam has an amazing voice.
Whoa. Just realized how much Fight Test sounds like Cat Stevens' Father and Son. Wayne Coyne must be all like, "er...whoops!"
Another words I hate to say it but Van Morison over Bob Dylan, Neil Young over the boss, Cat Stevens over Ed Sheridan, Buddy Guy over Bon Jo
Today's working soundtrack has been Sandy Denny, Bridget St. John and Cat Stevens. All good, but Denny special.
Adam Levine, your guy would be great doing Cat Stevens Peace Train!
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