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Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is a Grammy Award and Dove Award winning Contemporary Christian/Christian Rock band.

Colton Dixon Carnegie Hall Sidewalk Prophets Laura Story Sanctus Real Matt Maher Nathaniel Bassey Chris Tomlin Jeremy Camp Matthew West Christian Music Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas Day Kari Jobe Already There Danny Gokey

Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns Listen at - Buy it
Oh My Soul, Casting Crowns. A video of encouragement to our Police Officers via
Casting Crowns: Oh my soul - Live at Big Church Day Out 2017 via
casting crowns Jesus friend of sinners via
Already There by Casting Crowns Listen at - Buy it
"Casting crowns ,lifting hands ,Bowing down ,is all we've come to do ..." That feeling…
"Your world's not falling apart it's falling into place. You're not alone, stop holding on, and just be…
Now Playing: American Dream by Casting Crowns on BAM 4G Radio. TUNE in to
Bell County Expo Center.Let's get the music rockin'!. Casting Crowns -
A cover of "Who Am I" (Casting Crowns) we shot along the Talemina Scenic Byway. Catch the full vid on YouTube:
Selling 2 front row tickets to Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey and Unspoken at the Richmond VA Coliseum tonight. FLR1 R…
Slow Fade by Casting Crowns with lyrics [2aN] - Unknown
Casting Crowns, Matt Maher and Hannah Kerr concert tonight with my love!
Casting Crowns - City On The Hill. If we could ALL put away our differences and WORK TOGETHER things'd be much better
Playing One Step Away by Casting Crowns from the album The Very Next Thing - iTunes:
All you ever have to do is meet at the well and will begin flowing into your life.
Listening to Casting Crowns! Can't wait to see them later this month!
Are you run ragged? Need a break? Put your feet up and in the arms of He is waiting for you at the well
Do you take time for yourself? Time to be with God? He wants to spend quality time with you. Come to the well
few know about Casting Crowns here and they make good xtian songs
she probably meant Nathaniel Bassey's casting crowns, not the Group
Need time to catch your breath? Come to the well. is waiting with open arms. You will FEEL THE CHANGE.
Is your life filled with stress, worry or fear? Leave it at the well and let God FILL your heart.
Have you prayed your LAST Given up? You have a choice. Bring it to the well. God is waiting for you.
Need a friend to talk to? Need someone to comfort a broken heart? NO MATTER HOW BROKEN will listen
Has money and success left you feeling worthless? God is waiting at the well ready to FILL you with and
Been stepped on a few too many times? NO MATTER HOW BROKEN, is waiting at the well to comfort you.
Are your pockets full but your heart empty? invites you to the well to FILL your heart with and
Ever had your heart broken? Who hasn’t? NO MATTER HOW BROKEN or how shattered you feel, can heal
Are you always working and never getting fulfilled? Are you laboring to no avail? Invite to FILL your heart
Are you constantly on the run? No time for a break? God wants you to Spend time with Him at the well.
Has life crushed your spirit? Left you with no God will guide you through this. Come at the well
Tired of picking up the pieces? wants you to bring them to the well, no matter how many trips it takes
Casting crowns, lifting hands, Boeing hearts is all we've come to do
Playing Just Be Held by Casting Crowns from the album Thrive - iTunes:
Driving into the work after picking Emma up, listening to Casting Crowns. Is this Weezer?. So close.
What an amazing song by Casting Crowns - Slow Fade via
Mark Hall The chance discovery of a cancerous tumor on his kidney during a routine c...
"Its time for us to more than just survive;. We were made to thrive!" - Casting Crowns
playing on kr8RADIO Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns . - Buy it
Casting Crowns at Freedom Hall Nov. 15 - tickets on sale at 10 a.m. tomorrow!
"But between the altar & the door. I bought d lies that promised more. & here I go again". 🎶 "All You've Ever Wanted . by Casting Crowns 🎶
- Casting Crowns by Nathaniel Bassey and Lovesong via
This is another wonderful song from Casting Crowns
JUST BE HELD by Casting Crowns listen live at
Now playing Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns - Listen at - Buy it
Got into this new band, absolute genius 󾌵 — listening to Casting Crowns
I added a video to a playlist Broken Together - Casting Crowns - with Lyrics
Playing Already There by Casting Crowns from the album Come to the Well - iTunes:
Music - Inspiring Performance of 'Praise You In This Storm' by Cas -
...taking your crowns, casting them to the see, telling money can buy happy but I'm just letting you know, a slave in tupac town>
Now playing Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns - Listen at
Have you considered Speak Life by Toby Mac or Courageous by Casting Crowns
Who Am I - Casting Crowns (w/ lyrics). I am a child of the Most Holy. Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!
Casting crowns. Lifting hands. Bowing hearts. Is all we've come to do
We just bought tickets to see Casting Crowns💜
I added a video to a playlist Casting Crowns - The Well (with lyrics)
Casting Crowns to perform at Value City Arena in October
Christian rock band Casting Crowns will be at Value City Arena this October via
Disney announces Night of Joy 2016 line-up: MercyMe, Casting Crowns and more...
I'm so ready for this summer. . Washington Spirit game. Colton Dixon. Crowder. Hillsong United. Lauren Daigle. Casting Crowns. . Hurry up!!
Casting Crowns: Casting Crowns Tickets at Florida Strawberry Festival on March 10 2016 - Available at TicketsNow.
Just Be Held by Casting Crowns w/ Lyrics. Keep your eyes in the cross🙏🏼
Just Be Held || Casting Crowns . the perfect song for my situation
Not because of who I am, But because of what You've done. Not because of what I've done, But because of who You are. "Who Am I"/Casting Crowns
Hm. Maybe Greater by MercyMe. Or Proof of Your Love, by K&C, or Thrive by Casting Crowns. Or anything Kari Jobe. ;)
I'm listening to The Word Is Alive by on
"And even though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm " - casting crowns -
I'm listening to Broken Together by Casting Crowns in my mobile app.
Lifesong by Casting Crowns, found with Listen now:
I just used Shazam to discover Just Be Held by Casting Crowns.
Your single ‘Casting Crowns' is hot in Nigeria, talk us through on how you came up with the song.
I'm listening to a Casting Crowns song in a coffee shop in the Dubai airport. That's cool.
A Live Worship Experience will feature a combination of favorites from Casting Crowns!
Wonderful night of praise to a God with Casting Crowns! @ Augusta Civic Center
Slow Fade by Casting Crowns is in Vera's On The Drive, Vancouver. Download it now at
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Playing East to West by Casting Crowns from the album The Altar and the Door (Bonus Track Version) - iTunes:
Casting Crowns "Just Be Held" "And not a tear is wasted. In time you'll understand."
Casting Crowns and Lauren Daigle Live in Concert at Columbus Civic Center - Oct 29. ► Tickets:
Check out some Casting Crowns videos here. Tickets still available at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Box Office...
Casting crowns lifting hands bowing hearts is all have come to do. Is yet another year the Lord kept me,though...
me too except little bit of Distubed little bit of Miranda Lambert & some AC/DC & then Casting Crowns but don't forget... Lol
I will forever love casting crowns ❤️🙌
State fair with Sage, Casting Crowns concert, Elephant Ear = Great time :)
Casting Crowns is such an amazeballs band
Thrive by Casting Crowns now playing on K-LOVE Radio Player via
same. I can go from listening to Casting Crowns to Kevin Gates to A Day To Remember
Adonai! You reign on high! We will rise in your name. Lifting hands, bowing hearts, casting crowns..
Aye Casting Crowns is coming to Orlando next week
just a breathe of fresh air. Praise God always 💖☝. East To West by Casting Crowns ♫
"Hold it all together everybody needs you strong but, life hits you out of no where barely leaves you hanging on." -Casting Crowns
Thrive. Thrive~ Casting Crowns 659 days in the top 100(490)Buy new: $9.2874 used & new fro…
So much on my mind but nothing a good attitude, a road trip and Casting Crowns playlist can't fix.
I just finished day 6 of the plan 'Casting Crowns - The Overflow Devo'. Check it …
This is my jam: Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns on Chris Tomlin Radio ♫
Casting Crowns... good stuff gonna be up in my ears tonight (@ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center)
Eric Erubayi's new single "Everything" is an interesting song,sounds very yankee-ish,D kinda song Michael smith or Casting Crowns will sing
Its the song "Beulah Land". Old time gospel song sung beautifully by Casting Crowns
.is exiting the stage to the Christian Contemporary group Casting Crowns song "Courageous"
Exit song is about being courageous. The band is Casting Crowns, a Christian rock band.
Today’s Casting Crowns Trivia Contest has closed! YES! Casting Crowns has played in North Korea. They are one of...
My songs are so random. One will be Skillet, then the next will be Taylor Swift, then Casting Crowns, then John Mayer, then Hunter Hayes. 😂
If you love Casting Crowns, Matt Maher, The After, Sanctus Real, and Crowder, we can be friends!
Mark Hall/Casting Crowns played in Houston for the Star of Hope Mission last month. He NEVER mentioned his cancer!
Pls pray: Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, may have cancer. "Praising Him in This Storm." .
Amazing evening with watching Casting Crowns at Carnegie Hall. Such a blessing to see…
All purpose parts banner
Backstage w/Mark Hall of Casting Crowns. They just performed in Carnegie Hall (my brother was the…
Intermission time at Casting Crowns! Great concert so far! @ Carnegie Hall
Casting Crowns is playing at Carnegie Hall tonight. That's cool man.
We got a chance to get out for a few hours. Thank you kids!! We're at Carnegie Hall for the Casting Crowns concert!!
Getting ready to sing at Carnegie Hall with Casting Crowns! So excited !!! by suzannenoblitt
Casting Crowns at Carnegie Hall. Unexpected? Yes. But I definitely dig it
I have Francesca Battistelli, Danny Gokey, Addison Road, Sanctus Real & Casting Crowns 😍 Can't wait to get more 😋
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling, and You told who I am.🎵 ♫ Who Am I by Casting Crowns —
Now playing: Casting Crowns - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Casting Crowns today!"When mine enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence"
"Already There" is available on Casting Crowns' album, Come To The Well, now in stores and on iTunes
I really enjoy Casting Crowns version of " I heard the bells on Christmas Day." What a great message and great song! ...
I'm listening to Until The Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns in my mobile app.
Casting Crowns being a religious vocal musical group it's quite likely this will be the only time I listen to or share their work.
I turned on WCIC just in time for the very end of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns
Leave it all behind, come to the well son"Ok "The Well || Casting Crowns""
Casting Crowns' new song basically describes my life right now
Living, He loved me. Dying, He saved me. Buried, He carried my sin far away… ♫ Glorious Day by Casting Crowns —
Thrive: Thrive ~ Casting Crowns 403 days in the top 100 (332) Buy new: $11.55 65 used & new from $5.93 (Visit the…
I listened to Voice Of Truth by Casting Crowns on the K-LOVE mobile app!.
"I am a flower quickly fading,. Here today and gone tomorrow.". - Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns - I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day Live - just love Christmas!
I love them & Casting Crowns too. Of course in my time...I've done a few Wayne Watson concerts. I am going to date myself.
Luke James, Jeezy, Toni & Babyface, Beck, Casting Crowns,Leelah, Kimbra, ..this is hard remembering all albums I bought that I liked a lot.
Casting Crowns concert last night on Oklahoma City. FANTASTIC!!!
I have just recognized the song Voice Of Truth by Casting Crowns using the app
"Who am I? That the eyes that see my sin will look at me with love and watch me rise again." © Casting Crowns. -...
I liked a video from Casting Crowns -Thrive- Full Album
All you've ever wanted by casting crowns is the best song
Super excited to see casting crowns and Sidewalk Prophets in concert on Thursday :)
Does Anybody Hear Her by Casting Crowns is so sad 💔
Prayer for a Friend Casting Crowns Lord I lift my friend to You. I've done all that I know to do. I lift my friend, to You. Complicated circumstances with cl...
"The only way we'll last forever is broken together" -Casting Crowns.
Casting Crowns, Mandia and Sidewalk Prophets, Live at the Amarillo Civic Center October 4th. WIN TICKETS!!!
- Casting Crowns performs their song "Thrive" LIVE in the K-LOVE Studios. iTunes:
Mark Hall's Testimony (Of Casting Crowns) After uploading 3 different parts, I decided it would be better to have it all in one video. I don't own their stuff!
Well I surprised my husband with concert tickets...going to see Casting Crowns November 6th in Jacksonville..
Thoughts invade, choices are made when you give yourself away. Be careful, for when you think you stand, you just might be sinking. People don't crumble in just one's a slow fade. -Casting Crowns
I completely love Christian Music. Casting crowns has always been played since I've grown up
. Thrive by Casting Crowns is taking the Christian Music charts by storm!
Can't wait for Casting Crowns, Mandisa, and Sidewalk Prophets concert in Baton Rouge in 2 months 🎶✔💯🎧
Honestly You don't understand how much i love casting crowns
Can't wait to see casting crowns in concert 😭
East to West by Casting Crowns is just 👌🙌
Thrive. Thrive~ Casting Crowns. 305 days in the top 100(256)Buy new: $9.5564 used & new f...
Don’t miss on 9/19 at GCU Arena! To purchase your tickets visit today!
I'm listening to Your Love Is Extravagant by Casting Crowns on Pandora
Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns. My anthem in this season
Who am i that the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name. Would care to… ♫ Who Am I by Casting Crowns —
Casting Crowns plays Spokane, WA this month. Get your tickets here:
It is AWESOME to see Casting Crowns wearing MyMagic Bands on the Magic Kingdom Castle stage singing Praises to God...I Love It!
Casting Crowns the word of God is on them. The Best Christian Group ever! via
2nd day of Priscilla Shirer this morning and Casting Crowns tonight! My heart is full.❤️
Hopefully I can go to Night of Joy to see him... & Skillet, Casting Crowns, 1 Girl Nation, Britt Nicole, & Israel Houghton. I'm so hype.
Tickets are on sale for Casting Crowns + Central Texas State Fair! Find all the details at
I just really wanna see Casting Crowns & Hillside United in concert
Started reading a book today, and in the special Thanks section is this "I'd also like to give a special thanks to jars of clay, todd agnew, third day, Casting crowns, Kutless, and Christ tomlin, as well as..." I think i'm going to like this book already :D
Just when I thought my sin had closed the door I saw my savior standing on the shore With arms wide open Just like the first time You called my name You said: 'That was then, and this is now' (This is Now - Casting Crowns) Casting Crowns - This is Now - Legendado em Portu…:
Praise you in this storm with lyrics - Casting Crowns
Just got the word that Casting Crowns tickets will go on sale August 15, 2014 at noon.
Casting Crowns - Praise You In This Storm Lyrics. I was sure by now That You would have reached down And wiped our tears away, stepped in and saved the day But once again, I say, Amen and
Tshirts are in for this weekends SUPERHERO SPRINT benefiting C.O.T.A. presented by Casting Crowns!!!. REGISTER...
So much garbage going on in our nation I was just overwhelmed. My solution, listen to music from Casting Crowns. Their music touches me.
Come check out the CD's on sale during our Celebrate Summer Event including the newest Hillsong, Casting Crowns and more!.
Casting Crowns concert at Porter County Fair was amazing! do you have devotion videos on what you said in between songs?
Casting crowns Praise you in the Storm: via
Yo guys! (:. I wanna get into some more christian bands... I already like MercyMe and Casting Crowns. Please give me suggestions :3
Win free tickets to Casting Crowns, Mandisa & Sidewalk Prophets and/or & . Details:
I liked a video Voice of Truth, Casting Crowns *lyrics!*
Congratulations to Pam Anderson, our Morning Crew Casting Crowns ticket winner. Casting Crowns, 8/21 at FBC...
Angel by casting crowns is such a beautiful song.
Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns. My faith has been tested like never before but my strength came from him❤️
Hared Casting Crowns' Thrive for the first time. It was pretty great.
Pre-order Casting Crowns new album on iTunes and get the first single "Palisades Park" instantly. Album out 9/2.
casting crowns, I could listen to them all day long 🎶
Photos from Friday's concert at Fraze Pavilion with Casting Crowns and special guest for King & Country...
Casting Crowns~ by far the greatest Gospel band alive.🙏💜
Musician's are sometimes asked who their musical influences have been over the years and for some reason I found myself making a mental list while in the shower tonight. I think it's the first time I have actually 'REALLY' thought about that question. This is what I came up with in no specific rank or chronological order. Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Bing Crosby, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, Jackson Browne, Rascal Flatts, Peter Frampton, Aretha Franklin, Dave Mathews, Bob Dylan, Lyle Lovett, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Foreigner, John Mayer, Casting Crowns, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton, Paul Rodgers, Indigo Girls, Mercy Me, Bob Seger, The 'Boss', James Taylor, Zach Brown, Frank Sinatra, Chris Rice, & Earth, Wind & Fire, AND of course those a little closer to home - These locals have all been an inspiration to me in one way or another. Whether it be by their pure talent, performances, musicianship, guidance, song writing, and for some a combination of them all! Kelly Jones, Dave ...
Looks like I probably won't make it to Lifest this year. Ella is still sick & Ben has to work tonight. Bummer! I was really looking forward to Casting Crowns & Sidewalk Prophets. Maybe next year.
Casting Crowns concert was amazing last night 👏💚
The Casting Crowns' Set Me Free provides the ultimate soundtrack to Christ's journey as illustrated in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Warning: Inten...
We were made to thrive! Thank you Jesus. Thank you Casting Crowns for this uplifting song. I don't own the rights to any thing in this video
I still have 1 - ONE DAY EVENT ADULT pass for LIFEST. TONIGHT: Jordy Nelson from Packers sharing tonight as well as Family Force 5, Casting Crowns, and Sawyer Brown concerts. TOMORROW: Madisa, Matthew West and Newsboys!!
I am wanting to head down to Lifest tonight for Sidewalk Prophets and Casting Crowns. Who wants to come with?!
Woo Hoo! Concert day in the office! We are getting signs together, selling tickets, finalizing details and getting ready for Casting Crowns tomorrow! Are YOU ready? Got your ticket? Not many left. If you wait to buy a ticket at the door... last time there weren't any available. But if there are, there is a $5 surcharge for purchase at the door. So get yours NOW!
Well tomorrow Is my b-day and I will be 18 is is also The Casting Crowns Concert ! I have a fun and excited day coming up tomorrow.
If anyone would like to get me a birthday gift this year, Casting Crowns is performing on my birthday, yay! HINT, HINT !! Kathy Mitchell
Casting Crowns Pandora kind of morning 😊🙌. Good morning! I have a lot to do before I leave today 😐😐 lol
Set me free by Casting Crowns Lyrics on the screen Hope you like it
I have CD’S for sale! they range from Will Smith, to Lady Gaga, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, mercyMe, etc.. etc.. etc.. great shape!!! do not skip or anything! $3 a pc!
She is running a hundred miles and hour in the wrong direction... ~Casting Crowns~
When you're with struggling something, and you ask God to the burden completely off of you. Then you thank Him for being, well, Him. Then you turn on the radio and it's Casting Crowns' "Praise You in This Storm." Thank You Jesus!!!
Jesus Friend of Sinners You love every lost cause; you reach for the outcast For the leper and the lame; they're the reason that you came Lord i was that lost cause and i was the outcast But you died for sinners just like me a grateful leper at your feet 'cause you are good, you are good and your love endures forever ~ Casting Crowns
Nobody knows what we're for, only what we're against when we judge the wounded- Casting Crowns♡
Casting Crowns is sponsoring a fun run in honor of Silas at the end of this month. The 5k and 10k races will be...
video All because of Jesus Casting Crowns lyrics
♬But would it set me free If I dared to let you see The truth behind the person That you imagine me to be♬ - Lyric by Casting Crowns
Discovered this onpoint song by Casting Crowns. Its been on repeat. Stained Glass Masquerade
lol. 😂😂😂 well hollywood undead occasion plays casting crowns and I'm like okay okay Jesus you've made your point.
and were amazing!! Today will be even better with Sidewalk Prophets, Casting Crowns, and Loftland
Who wants to go to a casting crowns concert with me😋
totally enjoyed the awesome Casting Crowns concert in Clarkston last night!! What a blessing!
We come into Your presense now in awe. Casting all our crowns at Your.
Casting crowns, Daughtry, and David Cook on the playlist
pretty sure my Deuce pandora station has lost it. It's playing casting crowns.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Every morning... Casting Crowns album is a must
that one or casting crowns but I pick Hillsong more 👍
Hillsong choir and Casting crowns. Thank you for the beautiful songs
Now playing ♫ Voice of Truth with by Casting Crowns | via app
If Matt Redman, Laura Story, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin all did a concert together, I would go in a heartbeat.
Here is the lineup to our Summer concert so far: 1. "Power" by Deitrick Haddon (GM of WSTL Radio) 2. "Love Take Me Over" by Steven Curtis Chapman (Charles from Westport) 3. "Search My Heart" by Hillsong United (Rosemary from Middletown) 4. "God Like You" by Kirk Franklin (Mel from Pawtucket) 5."Jesus" by Kirk Franklin (Kathryn from Providence) 6. "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns (Ken from Seekonk) 7. "Good Morning" by Mandisa (Michelle from Bristol) 8. "Starry Night" by Chris August (Tyler from West Warwick) 9. "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman (Noelia from New Bedford) 10."Born Again" by Third Day (Jeanne from Plainville) 11. ? Continue the lineup of this great concert! It starts
I wish all Christian Music wasn't lumped into one genre. Spotify: "You listened to Elevation Worship, check out Casting Crowns."
I was talking to my daughter the other day telling her its a shame New Zealand doesnt have a Christian station solely supported by believers with great preachers and teachers to teach us of Gods Word the way we do all over there in America, such as some of the great leaders and pastors here in New Zealand, Pastor Chuck Smith(starter of all the Calvary Chapels all over the world) John McAuthor, Pastor Greg Laurie, Ravi Zacharias(great man of wisdom)Dr. Michael Youssef etc Five fm stations in Dallas on 24 hours a day and 4 solely supported by believers with no advertisers or promotions We also need some beautiful music here such as Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Mat Redmond etc If i won a lottery i would consider setting up a station that would bless people all over New Zeland:)
You Tube is an awesome way to check out new music before buying it on I Tunes...finding some awesome stuff and updating my library. And I promise I am the only person on earth with Bing Crosby, Def Leppard, Lady Antebellum, Tech N9ne, Elvis, Sworn Enemy, Casting Crowns, Nat King Cole, Rascal Flatts, Slipknot, Eagles and Nicki Minaj in their playlist!
I know i might be the one who is new to notice this but for those who didn't yet check this two albums should consider look it up, they got that musical substance only musicians can detect and feel! THRIVE (2014 album) of Casting Crowns and Campfire album of Rend collective (formerly known as Rend Collective Experiment)! Go on and check this. Love in kingdom Fellars!
MAGIC SPRINGS OPENS SUMMER SEASON! NOW OPEN EVERY DAY Magic Springs Water and Theme Park will remain open 7 days a week for the summer season through August 17. The water park and all theme park attractions are open. This season marks the second season of “Splash Island” standing more than four stories tall and featuring 10 colorful water slides, an enormous tipping bucket that dumps 1,000 gallons of water every 5 minutes and more than 200 ways to get wet and stay cool. The park has opened a new attraction, SkyShark, which takes the riders on a 115-foot skydive plunge. The park will host the FlowTour competition this Sat. and Sunday, a surfboard competition held at “Boogie Blast.” The park’s concert series kicks off on Saturday, May 31, with a performance by pop sensation, Zendaya. Teen sensation, Austin Mahone, will perform on Saturday, June 7. For King & Country and Casting Crowns will kick off the park’s first Celebrate the Word Weekend, June 13 and 14. Tickets and more info at magicsprings ...
What it is like to have Borderline Personality Disorder. I don't own any images. I don't own sound track - (Casting Crowns - Does anybody hear her) Wording o...
Movie Review ~ Ring the Bell ~ and you will see guest appearances by Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Hall & Casting Crowns and Matthew West. Good movie with a great message!
Awesum Mothers Day with my Fabulous Family. B-dubs, shopong and Now my adorable husband taking me mudding in my truck with some of MY playlist Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Texas country and Casting Crowns! How great is he!!!
Two contemporary Christian Artists are currently in the Billboard Top 40 Albums Chart !!! Casting Crowns - "Thrive" & Michael W. Smith's - "Hymns" !!! A big congrats !!!
HISTORY AND SONG FOR THE DAY: LIVING HE LOVED ME JOHN WILBUR CHAPMAN 1859-1918 The song "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)" was made famous by the contemporary Christian band Casting Crowns. The lyrics came from the John Wilbur Chapman hymn ¨One Day When Heaven Was Filled With His Praises¨ or more often called ¨One Day¨ which was written in 1909. The credits for the modern version of the song are Words by J. Wilbur Chapman (1909), Music by Michael Bleecker @ 2008 Word Music. Behind the Music | Glorious Day - Michael Bleecker Easter was approaching, and I was having a difficult time finding good Easter songs to sing. As a worship pastor, that can be very disheartening. So I did what any God-fearing worship pastor would do: I Googled "Easter Worship Songs." I browsed around trying to find the right song when my eye caught the word "Hymnal." I walked over to my stack of hymnals and pulled out the 1939 copy of "The Hymns of Praise - Numbers One and Two Combined" from a church in Kenosha, Wisconsin (I do . ...
We had a great time at the Casting Crowns concert last night. Looking for a mighty move this morning at Higher Ground Church. If you are in the Princeton, Wv area come out and enjoy some Great Worship and Fellowship in The Lord.
There are still GREAT seats available for tomorrow's Casting Crowns concert at the Salem Civic Center! Come join us for a great show including Laura Story and For King & Country. Our Box Office is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, and Saturdays from 10am-2pm.
Sunday's Worship Set List is as follows!! God's Not Dead (Newboys) One Thing Remains (Jesus Culture) Where I Belong (Building 429) Draw Me Close To You (various artists) All Because of Jesus (Casting Crowns) Be sure to take a listen to these incredible songs and get ready for a great time of singing and praise!!
Listening to Casting Crowns and Bid Daddy Weave brings tears to my eyes. I love my Christian Music so much. It brings so much peace and joy to my heart.
CHRISTIAN RESOURCE CENTER FRIDAY 4/25/14 MOVIE: “Ring The Bell”- DVD Slick big-city sports agent Rob Decker is determined to sign a high school baseball superstar. But when he becomes stranded in a small town, he notices how the simplicity of life---and the faith of the people---stands in stark contrast to his own win-at-all-costs mindset. Torn between these two worlds, will Rob have the courage to let God transform him? Ring the Bell features special appearances of Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, and others. Approx. 95 minutes. GOSPEL MUSIC: “Sometimes He Whispers” – Adam Crabb “First Day Of Forever” – Littles BOOKS : “Twelve Ordinary Men”-By: John MacArthur Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to be perfect to do God's work. Look no further than the twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are forever preserved throughout the pages of the New Testament. Jesus chose ordinary men - fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots - and turned their weakness into s ...
I will be at the Porter County Fair July 19 to see Casting Crowns!!
Something to ponder. What Christians in the United States of America, who’ve had it pretty easy for a long time in the USA, have forgotten or never learned is that the world is deeply hostile to the things, and people, of God. Remember, one thousand nine hundred eighty-one years ago today, the world chose to spare a criminal and crucify God himself. Many young evangelicals who are making the decision that certain sins conflict with their personal beliefs, but they’re otherwise okay with the sin and will leave it alone. They are making a compromise to avoid conflict and be liked by the world. “I’m not one of those Christians,” they think and often say. They want to be liked. They want the world to like them and to think them a part of the world. They view Christians who are seen as too hostile to others as inferior in spreading the Gospel or too judgmental. They fall victim to the sin of pride that their gospel is greater. They’ll nod approvingly to the lyrics of Casting Crowns “Jesus, Friend ...
Remember that one time Casting Crowns, and Colton Dixon, and Judah Smith decided to come to Houston during Fine Arts?
Thanks to Casting Crowns, the guys from Building 429, the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline for helping me through the tough Holy Saturday run. After a hard winter, it's going to take this body a while to adjust to running in the heat of Louisiana!!
Heading to Tupelo, MS to attend the Casting Crowns concert Friday night with Tom & Toni Fitzsimmons. We can't even remember the last concert we attended with adults. Our experiences were all with teenagers as youth leaders way back when for ATF and Atlanta Fests!!! Looking forward to doing this!!! On other note -- we so thankful grandbaby Lee (2 yrs) who experienced a sudden urinary tract infection is healed!!! Praises that he's a smiling, cute chubby dude self again!!!
Well just a few more hours and I will be headed to Knoxville to the Casting Crowns concert. I'm so excited. I have wanted to see them for so long and God blessed me with being able to go. I also want to thank my wonderful uncle Ron Hatfield and aunt Kay Hatfield for getting the tickets and taking me. You all are the best and My list keeps getting longer of I owe you's. Lol. but I'm so blessed to have you all in my life and thankful for you all. I'm excited to spend this day with you all and also my best friend Amanda Gray who has also been a true blessing in my life. Love you all and looking forward to spending this day with you all.
A list of some of my favorite christian songs and the bands.this should be known to our son's and daughters & all the teen's and young adults.that think that for old ppl.(Children of GOD by THIRD Day),(Speak Life by Toby Mac,)( American Noise by Skillet,)(Temptation by Lecrae) ( Love came down by Seventh Day Slumber) ( Lead me by Sanctus Real) ( Cornerstone by Day of Fire) ( Who am I by Casting Crowns)(Just say Jesus by 7th Time Down). I hope some of these songs and artist a listen.
"Lord i know I've let you down but some how i'll make it right. I'm going to turn this sinking ship around." -Casting Crowns
To all my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, please feel free to share. April 9, 2014 My name is Christine Pinkham and we moved to San Diego in March of 2013 because my husband is in the U.S. Navy. Our family consists of Nathaniel 16, Hannah 9, Charlette, 5, Sophia 4. Our son Nathaniel has cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, a G-tube and a seizure disorder that up until we moved here was so mild it did not require medication. Our son started school at Mission Bay High School on September 9, 2013, we noticed that he went from a happy young man to a sad soul. He was abused at school and when I notified the school district, I was falsely accused with child protective services 3 times, threatened with truancy. As a family we have experienced great injustice, we have sought help with the police department and city officials and we have been ignored. As I was walking my daughter to school today and listening to Casting Crowns "What if His People Prayed" it dawned on me what if we as the body of Christ rose to ...
Band competition in Nashville now onto St Louis Zoo then Casting Crowns to top off a blessed day with the family!!
Casting Crowns with Colton Dixon: April 24, 2014 Over the past eight years, Atlanta based Casting Crowns has...
Casting Crowns will be here on April 19 with Laura Story Music and Colton Dixon. 10 more days! Let the countdown begin!
Really wanna go to a Tenth Avenue North, Casting Crowns and Matt Maher concert asap!
WOW90.9 plays great Christian Music from artists like TobyMac, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli and Matthew...
I love Don Moen's songs, especially Psalm 23! Didn't think I would love soft rock gospel musicians like Casting Crowns & Darlene Zchech 😊🙏🎶✨
"When we love, we earn the right to speak the truth When we speak truth, we show the world we truly love I'm not pointing my finger, I'm holding out my hand I lay it all on the line now to see God save my friend Let my life and my words be the proof I'm gonna love you with the truth" -Casting Crowns
There is a popular Christian song out entitled "Who Am I?" by Casting Crowns,and that got me thinking! Who Am I? To the world I am a Husband, a Dad, a Pastor, a Grandpa, a brother, a son, a high school graduate, and a uncle just to name a few. We all can make our own list of who we are as far as the world is concerned, but who are we according to the Word of God? I hope that the following list of who we are in Christ is as exciting to you as it is to me!! If you have a day when your feeling very small in the spectrum of this vast world, read over this list. It’s empowering!! In Christ We Are: God’s Child John 1:12 Christ’s Friend John 15:15 Justified 5:1 United with the Lord 1Cor 6:17 Bought with a Price and Belong to God 1Cor 6:19-20 A Member of Christ’s Body 1Cor 12:27 Redeemed Col 1:14 Complete Col 2:10 Free from Condemnation Rom 8:1-2 Assured All Things Work For Good Rom 8:28 Free from Any Charge Against Me Rom 8:31-34 Unable to Separate Myself from God’s Love Rom 8:35-39 Established Ano ...
5 likes • Am I single? Yeah • Have I ever been cheated on? Don't think so • Do I miss my last relationship? HECK NO • Who has my heart? Jesus Christ. • Am I the jealous type? Idk • Ex I would take back? I wouldn't 👌 • Last time I cried? Don't member • Favorite song? Anything Justin Moore or Casting Crowns • Who do I miss? My pappaw • Girl best friend? Summer Grace Tackett Haley Tackett Rebecca Danielle Casebolt • Guy best friend? Jonathan Johnson • Favorite color? Hunters Orange • Eye color? They change from blue to greenish • Height? 5"8 • Do I believe in love? Yeah • Do I give second chances? Yeah all the time • Someone I trust with my life? Jesus Christ • Am I in love? (Now) Nope ✌️
WIN a Wow Worship Deluxe Edition CD from WFRN! To enter - simply comment and tell us which one of the many artists featured on the CD is your favorite! We'll draw a random winner and post it on the WFRN Morning Show page this Tuesday. You'll want to "Share" with your friends that this CD is packed with 36 powerful worship songs from today's top artists: Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Hillsong United, David Crowder Band, Big Daddy Weave, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Casting Crowns, Kristian Stanfill, Vertical Church Band, Natalie Grant, Chris August, Gungot, Rush of Fools, Dara Maclean, Soulfire Revolution - (featuring Kim Walker-Smith), Hillsong Live, Tenth Avenue North, For King & Country, Jesus Culture, Passion, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battisteli, Elevation Worship, One Sonic Society, Brandon Heath, Meredith Andrews, Hillsong Young & Free, Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real, Patrick Ryan Clark, Christy Nockels, Rhett Walker Band, Tim Timmons and Tasha Cobbs
What's the best concert you've ever been to? (Winter ... — Casting Crowns probably..i haven't been to any concer...
Hey parents sign your music children up today for one of the best musical camps of the year at Camp Electric 3 locations with one purpose growing young musicians into incredible worshipers for the kingdom. Your child gets to learn how to play bass, electric/acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, recording, vocals, songwriting, and leading in a worship setting from some of the top artist in Christian Music. Artist such as Jamie Gracie, TobyMac & Diversity Band, Building 429, MIKESCHAIR, Royal Tailor, Bassist Bernard Harris, Brian Reith, Morgan Harper, City Harbor, Marvin Mumford Music, Rend Collective, Bellarive, Byron Chambers, members of the Gungor band, Rush of Fools, Salvador, The Katinas, Kutless, Casting Crowns, Santus Real, Jeremy Camp Band, Adam Nitti, 4Him's Mark Harris, Mandisaband, and many more. Also you will have concerts from these bands and many more. One week of incredible music, searching thru God's word, authentic worship, mind blowing classes, great fellowship, and l .. ...
ARE YOU PLUGGED IN TO THE POWER SOURCE THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Think about it - when your phone or computer battery gets low, what do you do? You plug it in to recharge! That's the same way it works in our relationship with God. The only way for you to experience His power in your life on a regular basis is to stay plugged in to the Power Source. Here are 3 things you can do to keep your spiritual batteries fully charged: PLUG IN WITH MUSIC - Few things connect our hearts to God like music. Create a station on Pandora using your favorite Christian artists as seeds. If you don't know any, try Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, and Casting Crowns. is a great online radio station! PLUG IN WITH GOD'S WORD - The Bible is so much more than just a book or an app on your iPad. "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives." (2 Timothy 3:16). God would like to speak with you - don't keep Him on hold! PLUG IN WITH FELLOW BELIEV ...
Music video by Casting Crowns performing All You've Ever Wanted. Video features hand written lyrics from lead singer Mark Hall. Don't miss out on any of the ...
I have 2 tickets for Casting Crowns this Saturday at the Baltimore Arena. Section 213. Paid total of $76. Looking for best offer. Wish I could go, looks like a great concert.
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So I'll stop living off of how I feel And start standing on Your truth revealed Jesus is my strength, my shield And He will never fail me No more chains, I've been set free! -Casting Crowns
Learn more about Casting Crowns and read the lyrics at
2014 Deals for Thrive. Explore deals at it! I never get tired of listening to it. My favorite song is Just Be Held. Broken Together is an amazing song about marriages in crisis. I just love the whole album!Beautiful music! You can feel the presence of God listening to Thrive. Casting Crowns is the perfect music to listen to during praise and worship!I have all of their CD's, Been to one their concerts (going to their concert in Charleston,WV )I would recommend it to my friends. Their songs lift me up when I am down.Amazing CD!! I love all Casting Crowns music. I highly recommend this one. It is one of the best CDs, Everyone that listens to it will love it.Once again Casting Crowns brings our hearts directly into the throne room of God allowing our hearts to be convicted and then cleansed by the God's truth, holiness and grace. Wonderful album! More info at update on 19 Mar 2014. Tagged with : Thrive Coupon, Thrive Coupon Code, Thrive Promo Code, Thrive Cheap Price, Thrive Deals, Thrive Coupons, Cheap Pric ...
So excited!!! I'm seeing Casting Crowns on friday thanks to Jessy Monge. Totally made my week. :) The unexpected ia so sweet.
"People aren't confused by the gospel, They're confused by us... Jesus is the only way to God, but we are not the only way to Jesus... This world doesn't need my tie, my hoody, my denomination or my translation of the bible, They just need Jesus... We can be passionate about what we believe, But we cant strap our-self's to the gospel, Cause we're slowing it down... Jesus is going to save the world. But maybe the best thing we can do, is just to get out of the way..." - Casting Crowns...
Casting Crowns - "All You've Ever Wanted" lyric video. Get the new album, Thrive, in stores and online:
Casting Crowns leadsinger Mark Hall continues his series on K-LOVE. Learn more about him and Casting Crowns at ...
Youth Puppet Team, doing blacklight hands to "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns , at Fairview Baptist Church, Columbus, MS Posted by ...
Prayer For A Friend, sung by the world's largest Christian band, Casting Crowns. I made the video but obviously own no rights and take no credit for the song...
I will praise you in the storm..praise the Lord who gives and take away. Casting Crowns. Its a season of hope..its a season of can change the world forever..Don MOEN
Love this Casting Crowns song!! "Father, Spirit, Jesus" Lord, the worship we bring Is more than songs that we sing It's a reflection of our ever-changing lives The best we have to offer We don't just lift up our hands Lord, we lift up our lives For we know that You are worthy of our praise To You our lifesongs raise Rescued from darkness We are walking in marvelous light For we are children of the King! SING! You are worthy of all honor Glory, praise and power King of the nations You are holy God almighty Clothed in brilliant majesty Father, Spirit, Jesus
Say a prayer for a song I wrote with my Mom and Brad in Florida... I dropped a demo off today to Casting Crowns.. Lets pray that if God wants them to use it that it is used to help reach the lost and Glorify Christ..
Everyone come out to the Awakening Life Youth service tomorrow at 7pm! We will be watching/discussing videos done by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns! I'm sure some Air Hockey and Ping Pong matches will break out also!!! Bring a friend!
Tomorrow night at Unity of Phoenix I'll be singing songs by Switchfoot and Casting Crowns! 7pm service at 1500 E Greenway Pkwy (please note that Greenway Road is closed from 7th Avenue to 19th Ave for construction)
"You were meant to do more than just survive, YOU were made to THRIVE" - Casting Crowns Share this post and encourage a mom that you see value in today! Join us as we celebrate lives that THRIVE with Casting Crowns, Laura Story Music, and Colton Dixon. Saturday 4/26/14 at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Visit for details.
Hearing Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns, on the radio describing his new book on dominion called "Thrive"
Bucket list item Write a song! I was mentally running down my list of things to do before I kick that proverbial bucket recently and had to laugh as I scanned the lower twenties to find I’m pretty sure since the moment God formed my ears, I’ve been a lover of music. I recalled my very first guitar…aka my sister’s old-school Wilson tennis racket…and my first piano and drumset? Pretty much anything I could air tap a tune/beat to without driving my mom crazy. In my little *** mind, I was a musical genius! As I’ve grown older, has fallen from its once superior top 10 status, partly because I don’t make the time to sit and actually do this, but mainly because I fear I will never be able to write “the perfect song”…or a good one anyway. …(enter inspiration)… I was only a few songs into my phone’s playlist when an old fave filtered through the foam and into my memory: “Lord I give my life / A living sacrifice / To reach a world in need / To be your hands and feet” [Casting Crowns .. ...
I'm on American Family Radio from 10-11:30 AM CT. Guests include Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. Click on to listen online.
I love this song on Castings Crown new album Broken Together - with lyrics Casting Crowns "Thrive" CD: via
Today, I lost a cousin to mental illness and addiction. I wasn't really close to him but I have memories from my younger years. Please keep my family in your prayers. Prayers to all of you who have family and friends who struggle with mental illness and/or addiction (which many times go hand in hand). I've lost other family members to both in the past, in some cases to suicide. It is an emotional roller coaster. I pray that we can bridge the huge gap we have in our society when it comes to mental illness so that we can come together to support those who suffer just as people do with cancer and other illnesses. They are very real and just because you may not understand, it doesn't mean you should alienate those who need you to reach them. As soon as I heard this news I was reminded of the Casting Crowns song, "If We Are the Body". "But if we are the body Why aren't His arms reaching? Why aren't His hands healing? Why aren't His words teaching? And if we are the body Why aren't His feet going? Why is His lo ...
I wish casting crown could come the Experience, will hav d chance to see em Casting Crowns • Thrive >>>
Listening to Casting Crowns this morning, i got the feeling i had to share this. We all have tough times and we all have heart-wrenching moments. The difference comes in when we either decide to take it on our own way or to lay it at Christ's feet. Allow God to carry you and your troubles today
For King and Country Live with Laura Story and Casting Crowns.absolutely awesome!
I went to a concert tonight with the family. There, three artists performed--For King & Country, Laura Story, and Casting Crowns. I was not too big on For King & Country, but they played only three songs at the very beginning and then they were done. Then Casting Crowns came on and sang five or six songs then Laura Story came and sung three-four. She sang three of my favorites--Blessings, Mighty To Save, and You Are Amazing God (I think that's the name of it...). She was WONDERFUL as always but this was the first concert I've ever been to that I can remember well. Then Casting Crowns came back on. They talked about World Vision and their cause. I talked my family into sponsoring a child--FINALLY! We got a little boy from Cambodia. I think we're going to write a letter to him tomorrow as a family. While watching the video and reading his info in the book, I was shocked to find out that a lot of countries don't even have clean water to drink. It is really humbling when you look at all those little kids and ...
The power of music to minister to our hearts and circumstances. — listening to Casting Crowns at Bojangles' Coliseum
Women of Tanglewood to see Casting Crowns with opening act, Colton Dixon, from American Idol Season 11, at the Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls on Thursday, April 24, at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $28.00 each. Contact Ginny Heath no later than Wednesday, March 12th.
Hey boys and girls, I have a friend who has 4 tickets to go see Casting Crowns in concert at the Bojangles coliseum in Charlotte on Friday night. She can't attend and needs to sell these tickets. She paid $62.50 for them but will let them go for $55.00 each. If you have never saw these guys in concert, here is your chance. They are awesome. If you are interested please in box me and I will put you in touch with her. Thanks
Went to a great concert least night. Casting Crowns, Laura Story, and 4 King and Country. One song reminded us that the world is not falling apart, but the pieces are falling in place. The good thing is he is holding us in his hand. What an Awesome God. We are safe. We are not exempt from trials but he is waiting for us to ask for his help.
This Sunday night, 3/2, is our youth take over and revival night. Kaleb Lamb our Teen Leader/Youth Minister will be speaking and our youth will be doing the singing and other duties. The service starts at 6 pm. Billy Floyd our fantastic choir director will be speaking 3/9 Jacky Gary our associate pastor will bring the word 3/16 Danny Brooks our brotherhood director will be giving his testimony 3/23 Bob Burris evangalist and semi-retired pastor will be with us 3/30 This Saturday 3/1 our women will be attending the women in truth conference. If you aren't already signed up to go let Tracy Gunter know by Wednesday night. 3/12 is our next youth skate night 3/15 is the VBS clinic at Varennes Heights Baptist Church 3/16 Maurice Locke from the Gideons will be speaking in the 11 am service. 4/19 is the Casting Crowns concert, open to everyone. 4/22 The church will be attending a showing of God's Not Dead. Stay tuned for times and theater location. 5/3 Annual church wide picnic at Springwater Park in Williamst ...
On the program tonight, Tayler A. Lynch, Brian Kennedy, Linda Sue Smith, we talk about a new artist from Australia, and about Casting Crowns concert tomorrow at Rupp Arena
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