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Cassius Clay

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.; January 17, 1942) is an American former professional boxer, philanthropist and social activist.

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SI Vault: Formative years of young Cassius Clay via
You're right. That looks more like around 1970. In 1963 Ali was still Cassius Clay and not People's Champ.
but I make em all stack attack until their attacks are kinda like Cassius Clay!!
Feelin like Cassius Clay, Im the world's greatest! Let's get R Kelly on the tape
Niga A case of conscience - Sports Illustrated: Sports IllustratedA case of conscienceSports ...
How do we know it was Largest Book. Per Western Union Quick Service HDQT in Paramus NJ we had most $ trans CASH is King or Cassius Clay
I added a video to a playlist The Legend Of Cassius Clay - Zen Pencils
Topical Cassius Clay reference by Sully when the Ali-Holmes fight was only 35 years ago.
“50 years ago Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali and beats Liston, again” And he was and is THE GREATEST of ALL TIME!
Sweet Thing drove me insane for years... "I smell the blood of les tricoteuses" indeed! &"Charlie Manson, Cassius Clay"
Super excited to hear is working on Cassius and Clay! As a huge Archer fan, I’m super pumped!!
Beat *** Ridin dirty like Jazzy Phae. Cassius Clay. Knock a *** out on the ave today.
hear me smoking on exotic'm as dashing like Cassius Clay you
Jamaicans do the MOST when dancing 😂😂
"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." -Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. aka Muhammad Ali
Ey yo I'm Cassius Clay with dead rapper that's covered in the dresser like a tampax
Cassius Charles Clay WIDE OPEN in the flat. Nope... Hulk Hogan I guess is a better option in the middle..Ok!.
It won't shock me if the use Cassius Charles Clay as a decoy the rest of the game.
Cassius Charles Clay... Floating like a butterfly on that TD reception.
Clay just displayed footwork like his first name was Cassius
Charles Clay was as hard to knock down as Cassius Clay on that play
Charles Cassius Clay, floating like a butterfly in Miami
U aint hard, butterfly soft i'll sting u, cassius clay with da blow. My words is lethal joe, dont make me Phrase ya( Frazi…
James Davis was the first boxer to defeat 'The Greatest' when he beat 13 year old Cassius Clay in 1955 over 3 rounds. …
Today is 55th anniversary of Cassius Clay winning Olympic gold medal! He could have taken Muhammad Ali in a head-to-head match!
It's hurting me to see your fighting spirit gone. You're more Joe Bugner than Cassius Clay.
A week from tomorrow is the official start of the CASSIUS AND CLAY writer's room. I hope my writers don't freak when I burst from pure joy.
Cassius Clay is Muhammad Ali real name stupid.. If i ever get blessed with a boy lol. . (:
Back it up like Michel J moonwalkin, back it up like Cassius Clay trash talkin
Cassius Clay at the time. Also, when this was taken, he had no idea who the Beatles were.
"Just let me be great...I feel like mufugga by Cassius Clay right now"
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I feel like mf Cassius Clay right now..
Usain a global superstar. He is the modern day Cassius Clay for those that can remember. Legend is used a lot today but he IS!!!
Example Cassius Clay,.no matter how big you become in life,you still have to abide by someone,only radicals will think other wise,.
around bragging over 500 times louder than Mr. Cassius Clay, the 17 year old professional boxer, the words:"When I escape
allah ou akba god is the greatest remember ! when cassius clay Elijah gave . him name Muhammad fear of Allah
but isn't that pretty much what Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali said about
.'61-'67 was the sweet spot. Haley interviewing Cassius Clay & Malcolm X. Book reviews. Centerfold celebs. "What kind of man..?"
he may be Current Cassius Clay of Football
so what you're saying is Cassius Vaughn is not the Cassius Clay of football?
Feeling like Cassius Clay, I'm the world's greatest
it was so nice meeting you yesterday at fye. Thanks again for the autographs, and the compliment on my Cassius Clay shirt. 😊❤️
Muhammad Ali Letter and Photo and 3x5 Card with Cassius Clay inscription
(then Cassius Clay) beat Sonny Liston to become Heavyweight Champion of the World.
Back it up like Michael J moon walkin' back it up like Cassius clay trash talkin'
Finally figured it out: Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush = Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston.
I feel like like Cassius clay right now
don't diss the rap game Cassius clay
We've got freaking JR in studio...and he's rocking a Cassius Clay Louisville T-Shirt.
I figured I was ready for Cassius Clay
I love Muhammad Ali(Cassius Clay) & Floyd Mayweather. If I could be like them, just for defence.
Trying to be more positive. I'm the Teddy Roosevelt of not calling my mother more often. I'm the Cassius Clay of not knowing how to cook.
the said I look like yung Cassius Clay, will smith from seven pounds, a sims character so many jokes
All things past but Cassius Clay is the greatest! Harley Davis too!
Cassius Clay or Mohamed Ali it doesn't matter he is a champion!
This was when he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Mohammad Ali which was given to him by Prophet Elijah.
as loud as Mr. Cassius Clay, the 17 year old pofessoinal boxer that:"My daughter Ms. Liz Resnick is the city *** of
Today in 1963, then Cassius Clay, scored a TKO5 over Henry Cooper (Article)
1963 - Henry Cooper knocked Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) to the floor in round 4 at Wembley Stadium. Clay went on to win the fight.
21-year-old Cassius Clay (as he was known then) was decked in 1963 by Our 'Enery http:/…
in 1963 Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) stopped Henry Cooper in 5 but not before visiting the canvas. http…
Cassius Clay, Sr. used to don African garb like some U. Louisville students wore, and eat in Jim Crow downtown restaurants. Old trick.
Oh, to be in the room with. Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam. Cooke and Jim Brown.
Cassius Clay to Mohammad Ali was a brave transition, too.
you could be the Jim Gray to my Tom Brady.. the Howard Cosell to my Cassius Clay..
I love this: Lou Donaldson used to visit Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) at training camp, who was working out to "Gravy Train."
I am more from Cassius Clay, Joe Frazier, Sony Liston etc era. I used to spar with J Famechon a few years ago.
*** Lost 200 followers over a name change. Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor gained millions with one!
Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) training in a pool at the Sir John Hotel, Miami, 1961 (By Flip Schulke)
John McPhee: "Raise your hand if you recognize these names and places: Woody Allen, Cassius Clay, Fort Knox...”
takes us to for One Night in Miami. Imagine Sam Cooke, Cassius Clay, Jim Brown & Malcolm X in one room.
the clue is in the question, pound for pound? Can only be Mohammed Ali / Cassius Clay surely!
Young Cassius Clay of my day and Marvin Gaye of my time...
"Ewok City will have a new Lord and Protector when I return with the body of Cassius Clay!"
I hated every minute of training,but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. Cassius Clay
Years ago when Cassius Clay converted to Islam everyone said what the *** is Islam. Now we know only to well it's a disease on humanity
oh god yeah. Psychopath. Then Alan would get involved - they call him the Grey Cassius Clay
Today in Black History, boxer Cassius Clay was bitten by a radioactive Muslim, transforming him into Muhammad Ali
Today in 1964 Cassius Clay announces he has become a Muslim and henceforth he will be known as Muhammed Ali
Rare Photo of young Cassius Clay with young Stevie Wonder and The Ronettes (Ronnie Spector looking unimpressed)
TIS- 1964 - Cassius Clay becomes a Moslem and later changes his name to Muhammed Ali.
Cassius Clay became a Muslim and changed his name to Muhammad Ali on this day in 1964
American heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay poses in the ring in mock victory over British pop group The Beatles, 1964 http:/…
Also, her name is not "Bradley Manning." It's Chelsea. Does Colin still refer to Muhammad Ali as Cassius Clay?
The Haye Maker comes to Killie tonight - should be interesting. His son is Cassius after Mr Clay. Used to box but all righ…
Do you think Muhammad Ali would have regained the championship if his name was Cassius Clay?
in 1963, former DE, and boxer, Charlie Powell faced Cassius Clay. Powell lost by TKO in the third.
"Pound-for-pound, Sugar Ray Robinson the greatest fighter ever lived." He better than Sugar Ray, Cassius Clay, he better than
The Beatles pretend to be knocked out by a fake blow from (then Cassius Clay) '64
Any reporter peppering Marshawn Lynch with questions in that press conference would have called Muhammad Ali “Cassius Clay,…
Handmade oil on canvas painting portrait of Cassius Clay //etsy,me/1uTyMKW via
I refugee from Guantanamo Bay dance around like I'm Cassius Clay.
I had my Cassius Clay sweater on at the shop and some lady said I look like him 😳
When Mohammed Ali was still Cassius Clay, before he laced up his boxing shoes he was 12 years old and someone...
Happy 73rd Birthday to Muhammad Ali! Born as Cassius Clay, he became a boxing icon as well as a peace activist and a philanthropist. He was known as "The Greatest," recording 56 career wins, 37 of which by knockout, in his 61 professional bouts.
"Float Like a Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee!". Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942. Sometimes controversial, always entertaining, Ali would take the world by storm by knocking out Joe Liston. Known as "The Champ", Ali made his bout predictions and backed them up. But sometimes, when the moment was right, a flash of humility would come through. Are you a boxing fan?
Before there was Muhammad Ali, there was Cassius Clay. This picture was taken in 1964 at his 22nd…
Should have bought the Cassius Clay M65 while it was in store. Slept on it
Well, Cassius Clay Jackson is the most precious dog there is 🐶💕💖
it's like calling Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay. You don't do it.
School-wide field trip, Friday, January 30, 2015, to the and for Cassius Clay play.
Thematic units focused on Muhammad Ali in January. Projects culminate w/ visit to & Cassius Clay play.
Better example for good muslims would be Cassius Clay alias Muhammad Ali, not MalcolmX who also supported violence.
Meeting Cassius Clay Elvis Presley and winning - Sugar Bowl Boxing tourney before Ole' Miss beat Texas New Orleans. 1958 was a good year.
Why the *** am I jus now finding out the GOAT Cassius Clay was in the hospital. Glad to see he was released ☝️🙏
Drinking "The Blood of Life" juice right now. Makes a Man Cassius Clay. Great recipe brother.
He's got the look and the moves. Meet the young man who will play Cassius Clay at 4:30.
People of this world love wealth. They listen to you when you have wealth - Cassius Clay Jr. aka Muhammed Ali.
Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr who changed his name to due to his conversion to Islam has been released from hospital
Mohammed Ali's biggest mistake was changing his name. Cassius Clay is way cooler
MEMORY TEST! ( Have a paper and pencil handy to record your answers. Your mind isn't as sharp as it once was ! ) This is NOT a pushover test. It's a Baby Boomer era test! There are 19 questions. Average score is 12. ( who says ? ) This one will be difficult for the younger set. Have fun, but no peeking! When you forward this to your friends/family, Put your score in the subject line and let them know your score. Good luck, , 1. look it’s the Milky A. Way B. Day C. Bar Kid D. Drink E. Ice Cream F. Bar Mum G. Lolly 2. Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was... A. Sugar Ray Robinson. B. Roy Orbison... C. Gene Autry. D. Rudolph Valentino. E. Fabian. F. Mickey Mantle. G. Cassius Clay. 3. Get with the strength bank on …….. A. Me. B. The Wales C The Commonwealth.. D. The National. E. The CBA. F. Us. G. Everyone . 4. Remember one Flick and. A. I am back. B. They're gone. C. Its Ok. D. Their dead. E. I will be back . F. another Flick. G. what Flick. 5. Guess whose Mum’s. A. Is mad B. Bakes Cakes. ...
A sick irony is Cassius Clay changing his name to Mohammed Ali to escape his 'slave name'.
Fashion Find: has been seen wearing CASSIUS CLAY 1960 OLYMPICS TEE by
I refugee from Guantanamo around the border like I'm Cassius Clay...
Wouldn't surprise me if they referred to a couple athletes as "Lew Alcindor" or "Cassius Clay" their entire careers
As a sports fan, I never understood why Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor converted to Mohammed was evil.
Can anyone explain Cassius clay signed stuff. A lot are newer but for some reason I don't know why Ali would sign this version . I see a lot of them just wondering about this . I could see if they were old signatures
Wrapping 5 fingers around that much cash turns a mofo into Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay ft Jae High by Jae high via
Jackie Robinson low key was a sellout that's why he got schools named after him..not Muhammad Ali(cassius clay)
Not sure what *** are promoting Cassius Clay today--He is NOT the greatest & especially today he is NOT the greatest-he's a draft dodger
Muhammad Ali 25 of the best photographs of the legendary boxer
Cassius Clay allegedly -although the rumour is that he mislaid it while in Miami!!
Who threw his gold medal in the river? . 1. Ray Leonard. 2. Lennox Lewis. 3. Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay knocks out the Beatles, February 7th, 1964
young heavyweight fighter Cassius Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali
In 1964. * President Lyndon B. Johnson declares A War on Poverty. * Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston for the World...
29 October 1960. Cassius Clay (who later takes the name Muhammad Ali) won his first professional fight in Louisville, Kentuck…
On this date in 1960, Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) beat Tunney Hunsaker in his 1st professional fight.
"Ruble on the jungle "on this day 1974 I was 1year old in Kinshasa Zaire known as DRC today it been 40 years since Muhammed Ali knock down George Foreman mmm undefeated Foreman saw the dust beaten by Cassius Clay * Muhammed Ali real name
On this date in 1960, a young Cassius Clay won the first fight of his professional career.
“I’m not the greatest; I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ‘em out, I pick the round. “ – Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. on January 17, 1942) is a retired American boxer. In 1999, Ali was crowned “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated. He won the World Heavyweight Boxing championship three times, and won the North American Boxing Federation championship as well as an Olympic gold medal. Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He was named after his father, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr., (who was named for the 19th century abolitionist and politician Cassius Clay). 1954 After having his bike stolen, a 12-year-old Clay promises to "whup whoever stole it." In an attempt to channel his aggression, the policeman he reported the crime to takes him under his wing and eventually directs him to boxing trainer Fred Stoner. Over the next six years, Clay would win six Kentucky Golden Gloves championships, two national Golden Gloves titles, and two AAU (Am ...
Cassius Clay converted to islam & changed his name to Mohamed Ali, why did Barry Soetoro change his name?.
Nothing miss I was just gonna mess w/ you for a lil bit lol
“D.C is the Joanin capital of the World.” Lol.
Only a battyboy would hate someone that get women to post pics all day. TLs were lame before with pics of kids and b…
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“"I'll wear shorts but not the ones with the bottom of my *** all out 👐🙅 I have respect for myself"” ***
He called me Vegeta 😂😂 and I was like dude... I know you can come harder than that. 😭😭
Expandables 2 was a good movie. Thanks Netflix
“You can want something, but how willing are you to do the real work to get it?” I'll jump thru hoops of fire barefoot for you.
Its too early to give up! Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) used to start counting his sit ups when it starts paining. Giving up is nothing but running away from the challenges. Lets face and overcome; instead of giving up!!!
Bruh it's gonna come just wait it out, The Lord bound to set it into action
I know exactly how Muhammad Ali felt when still called Cassius Clay after his name Change. It's like I'm Donald to some and Kevin to others💭
The sick new Cassius Clay shirt from If you don't know the legend your better…
17U JB Hoops up 3 against Brooklyn Rens. James Fives leads the way for JB with 12 points, 2 threes
& - Southern Playas Hosted by Drops in 5 days, 20 hours!
This my relaxation weekend. No money being spent. Tired of spending money
Has informed us that there are many beautiful females out here in this world.
Unless you Filling that Dutch all the way up, it's pointless
“The wedding was beautiful, my eyes almost started sweating.” Don't lie you were crying.
““twitpic a selfie if your boobs are huge” My pillows got burned in fire can I rest on those?
My mom still missing this will be her 5th night! Please re share we need as much coverage as possible
A pushed back and styled with Cassius cushy clay evohair…
😂😂😂 Son it's way more complicated than that
I suck at taking pics idk how y'all do it lol
This why Chicago *** shoot instead of throw hands lmfao, trel got keef out the way
JB Hoops and Burlington IBSA tied at 12. These two teams can shoot!
The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. 😂😂
It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe. -Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. / Muhammad Ali
I learned that a best friend is not who you've known the longest or who u hang out with the most, but who's there when …
If I constantly poked you over & over what would be you're eventual reaction?
was NOT victim blaming. Y'all have to open your minds.
No need to apologize man, we understood what you meant. It's just wrong to have a different view of things in today's society
“When bae comes to your meet to watch you run.. That *** better hit the NFL
I can't sleep a whole night through, I wake up every 2 hours
The *** w/ that, once I find me a cute brown skin girl I'm cuffing off the rip lol
Lol girl it's nothing but food down here the vibe is all around you
Cassius Clay sounds off during weigh-ins prior to his bout against Sonny Liston.
that would be Cassius Clay knocking out Sonny Liston
Sadly, some people still refuse to bow to progress and continue to refer to Milli Vanilli as Cassius Clay.
"His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see." - Cassius Clay. ( Mohamed Ali )
Muhammad Ali will come out of retirement to put the 1 in 45-1vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.then go back to Cassius Clay again
The pink card is where I bought my 1964 Chevy Impala 2 door hardtop for 75 bucks in 1979 from Charlies Wrecker Service in Shively,and the Auctioneer was Joe Martin the Louisville Cop that got Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali into boxing.I worked at Charlies at this time and Charlie McCellan is the one that told me that Joe Martin is the one that got Ali into boxing,so I had to ask Joe how he got him into boxing,and if I remember correctly,he told me that while on duty one day he got a dispatch to make a report on a kid that got his bike stolen in the west end,and it was a boy named Cassius Clay Jr.,he made a report and he said that the boy said,I wish I could find them and knew how to fight real good so I could beat them up,and that is when Joe told him to come to the Gym and he would teach him how to fight,and that is how Ali got into boxing.At the bottom of the picture of Joe Martin and Ali it says ""Joe Martin admires Cassius' diamond ring which the youngster won in the 1959 Golden Gloves"".
It's crazy Muhammad Little changed his name to Malcolm X and Cassius Clay changed his to Muhammad Ali o.O
Amusing you try to dress yourself with the imprimatur of Cassius Clay & align your method as destructive. 1 thing right!
Just spoke to a guy named Muhammad Ali so I asked him if it's ok to call him Cassius Clay? He responds who's that? Really? Come on Dude!!!
Nobody believes in you? Cool. Nobody believed in Cassius Clay either.
Wyatt Earp, Referee It was one of the greatest sporting scandals of the 19th century. And, although malfeasance and corruption in sports didn't reach their apogee until the 20th century, the 1800s had their share, too. It was the Sharkey-Fitzsimmons debacle of December 2, 1896, in which "Sailor" Tom Sharkey battled "Ruby Bob" Fitzsimmons in San Francisco - - - with former Marshall Wyatt Earp as referee. Disputed decisions, questionable stoppages of bouts, and dissatisfaction with referees have always been the bane of boxing: that's why most boxing fans prefer a good, honest knockout, instead of fights that "go the distance" and are decided by corrupt judges. One thinks, in modern times, of the dubious ending of Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston's second match in 1965, and the "phantom punch" that caused Liston to essentially surrender; or referee Richard Steele's stoppage, in the final round, of the bout between Julio Cesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor in 1990. But the Sharkey-Fitszimmons fight was as contr ...
yea I'm trying get like Cassius Clay
Poor baby smh the pain will be over soon we all gonna be living it up soon
“I'm a realist and Shabazz ain't Kobe” A blind man can see that
no 😩 I'll be mad I want the celtics to get em LOL
*** Is that *** 1st name in his last name, or am I tripping? Lmao” J. Money first name last name lol
“8 day old White Rhino Calf. I want one
Napier played for Kevin Ali at UConn? Coach is the son of the greatest, "prettiest" of all time? The former Cassius Clay
“Hornets history: trade Kobe to lakers. 2) trade shabazz to heat. SMH” You comparing Shabazz to Kobe? Lol
Here's hoping that Cleanthony Early goes to OKC w/ the 29th pick
“Mario Chalmers watching the Heat draft Shabazz like
“I hope that was a troll lmao” I didn't feel the troll in that I think he was serious lol
“coulda swore kemba played for bobcats lmao” Bobcats is the Hornets 😂😂😂
Miami better dedicate their whole offseason to Lebron, they need to call him & have him pick their next pick personally
“By kendrick mitch mcgray get toughness and defense your services r no longer needed” Word amnesty that *** quick
Tye I'm spoiled & you don't do a good job at that lol
I noticed that but on offense they are both relative. Makes the same type of shots.
The successor to the George Foreman Grill . -. The Cassius Clay Oven
The Thunder got Big Mitch the Pothead...I like that pick I forgot he was in the draft
just speaking in terms of ability. We ain't eem seen pj play in the league yet. Just a comparison
James Harden himself isn't dependable when you need him why would you want a poor man's Harden?
When you go to a chick crib to hit & she tell you she on her period
“When she can't arch her back, you be hitting it like 😂😂😂😂
That's why they need a good swingman to come off the bench
Reggie might start next year we'll need bench scoring and Anderson has size and playmaking ability
Shabazz Napier not big fool he only 6' & OKC already got Reggie Jackson who's polished they need more perimeter attackers
need another playmaker he fits that James Harden role and he has size
“The Suns are stockpiling on point guards.draft Syracuse's Tyler Ennis.” They better be trading one they need a swingman
I gotta watch it over cause it's between Terrance n "Ricky" the one from barbershop
“Watching Think like a man” Which man would you rather have out of them?
“We have been talking about Isaiah Austin in office a lot this week. Seems like a great kid, see what future holds” Put him on 2k
The HULK licking his great grandpa "Cassius Clay" a new face lol you can tell he's just a big huge…
Okay so this Jusuf Nurkic is obviously apart of the blood gang...
WORLD SHAKERS AND MOVERS: Get ready 'cause here I come. Althea Gibson 5 times grand champion- Arthur Ashe. The Williams sisters reached tennis' pinnacle. The stunning Jessie Owens and Jackie Joyner Kersee. For 13 years the most famous and notorious man on earth, 49 rounds Jack Johnson who fight until the age of 67. Joe Lewis, Cassius Clay is Muhammad Ali; Joe Frazier; Mike Tyson and Lennix Lewis brought the sport to a peak: Curtis Mayfield, if there's a *** below don't worry; natural man Lou Rawls; 1999 Prince; the Lord is a very good friend of mine Al Green; brown sugar Sam and Dave; Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington; Brook Benton; Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Flip Wilson: Songs of Zion from the Supremes, Donna Summers and Whitney Houston: *** spirituals expressing the pains and sorrows of a million years through folklore dances and songs with laughter and tears, Josephine Baker, Sammy Davis Jr.; if each one would teach one Roy Hamilton; inner vision and feelings for the people Stevie Wonder and Ray ...
Idk I expect the person playing a legend to resemble them just a little. Makes it more exciting
“When the teacher calls your mom about your grades and you're waiting for her to get off work
Can't help it...this is TOO good. My Grandfather was a boxer in the late 20's to early 30's, my Dad was a boxer in the early to mid-50's and I boxed about the same time as Cap'n Hugh Smith and then a bit longer, on and off. My Granddad talked of Jersey Joe Walcott, Joe Louis, and many others. My Dad's favorite was Rocky Marciano but I grew up on Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)...
Yo money is play doe.. clay no cassius
I want a shirt that says Cassius Clay.
Hello there what's your name? Peace my name is King Born! Well what did your momma name you? Smh don't try to Cassius Clay me it's Mr. King Born Allah to you lol
Hmm , when I saw the heading for "Cassius Clay Bourbon" I was really hoping for the other guy.
cassius clay by basquiat has to be on here. -RT The best examples of boxing in art:
SKOOL DAZE K-12: 8th GRADE memories compliments of my mom STEINERT KEEPSAKE: new faces, activities, traditions & POP culture -- WHOLY hair ! ... photo of a Dante hair stylist’s ‘beehive’ I wore the first day of school, much to the dismay of Dr. Reid ! ... as they say, when you've got moxie, you need the clothes to match -- hmmm, looks like I failed that 2-prong test; must have been decisionally challenged that day ! OLDIES JUKEBOX: ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ The Drifters ... ‘I Want to Be Wanted’ Brenda Lee NEWS FLASHBACK: Cassius Clay wins his 1st professional fight
did cassius clay see [no] he 0nly-saw torture\mugging on d river rhine - only on conversion to ali mohammed:he saw UFO ha ha ha
really sweet.she start a training like Cassius Clay :-)
“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” - Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay]
Cassius Clay got his *** whooped/bike stolen heading home from school at 13 so thank god for bullies or thered have been no Ali☺️
Me and my brother Cassius Clay till next year
I've changed my name to Cassius Clay Jr. to every social website I'm on.
Watching Ali cause Cassius Clay is the greatest of all time
Ion really give a *** what you *** say cause ima be the greatest like Cassius Clay (Ali)
Wilma Glodean Rudolph (June 23, 1940 – November 12, 1994) was an American athlete and an Olympic champion. Rudolph was considered the fastest woman in the world in the 1960s and competed in two Olympic Games, in 1956 and in 1960. In the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome Rudolph became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games.[1][2][3][4] A track and field champion, she elevated women's track to a major presence in the United States. As a member of the black community, she is also regarded as a civil rights and women's rights pioneer. Along with other 1960 Olympic athletes such as Cassius Clay, who later became Muhammad Ali, Rudolph became an international star due to the first international television coverage of the Olympics that year.[5] The powerful sprinter emerged from the 1960 Rome Olympics as "The Tornado, the fastest woman on earth".[6] The Italians nicknamed her La Gazzella Negra ("The Black Gazelle"); to the French she was La Perle Noire ("T ...
Feeling like Cassius clay in this mf
Cassius Clay is and always will be my motivation & biggest inspiration
Layed back watching all Cassius Clays fights boxing was great
Cassius Clay's Pearly Whites is like a weird modern Revolution 9
Who will admit to being old enough to remember Cassius Clay winning his first heavyweight boxing title? That was 50 years ago - the same year as Geberit's own heavyweight, the concealed cistern changed the face of bathroom design forever.
I find it strange people do not know who Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay are.
Miami looks like Sonny Liston, San Antonio looks like Cassius Clay.
Does this not resemble Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) vs Sonny Liston??only thing missing Algieri not say "I shocked the world"
Magnificent Costa Rica! Today you were Cassius Clay against Sonny Liston & You "shook up the world!"
Vintage Footage of Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay taunting Sonny Liston until Liston pulls on Ali in a Casino.
males for sale, excellent pedigree :-) from left: Ceasar, Cowboy, Calimero, Cassius Clay, Casanova, Corado
Tfw ull never beat up a von bondie and have Loretta Lynn call u in jail and address u as cassius clay tbh
Don't play, by August imma be straight sexy! Lol
““Dagg 😔 I was so close!!”lmfao ha try again” I'll be back stronger next go around lol
“I just want a muscular white boy with blue eyes 👱😍” I got muscles, blue eyes & I'm quarter Italian...that count?
*Searches for the Lebron jokes on my TL tonight*
“Assassins Creed is the worst gaming franchise” Assassins Creed w/ the Indian was tight tho
LeCramp James has taken over tonight ladies & gentlemen
Rhymesh's ;-) Mansion Tribute to Rafa on his 9th win at French Open ;-) (A-A-B-B rhyme scheme) . Rafael Nadal's power-packed performance must have put paid to Djoker's brilliance. When it comes to Rolland Garros' clay Rafa is Tennis' answer to Cassius Clay*. ;-) . (Note: The reason for "must have" in the second line, instead of "has", is that I didn't watch the match) *Cassius Clay - Actual name of Legendary Boxer 'Muhammed Ali' ;-)
Edge Of Tomorrow is a really good movie
Ima bad man! I AM the Greatestme...feeling Cassius Clay right now
We forget, abandon and destroy our past. The famous Borscht Belt Catskill Mountain hotels and resorts although catering to Jewish guests for decades and decades last century were true Americana. The Grand Dame was Grossinger's which grew to 35 buildings on 1,200 acres accommodating 150,000 guests a year even had its own post office and airplane landing strip. Boxing champs like Rocky Marciano and Cassius Clay (I still call him that) trained here. It was the inspiration for "Dirty Dancing." They all became obsolete when jet travel became affordable for the masses.
Can we now rename Rafa as Cassius Clay?
you can have 6 million termites in your house and you dont know nothing till you go to get something to eat and you bust through the floor- Cassius Clay
I wish I could have sung you a lullaby But I can't because I'm a mess, I'm too proud I'm stubborn and I'm selfish and you know that I'm loud I'm a fool who thinks he's strong like Cassius Clay I never ever listen to what anyone says. 🎶
Listen to these real niggaz: "One day I will be the first black president of South Africa." -Nelson Mandela, 1952. "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was." Muhammad Ali "At home I am a nice guy: but I don't want the world to know. Humble people, I've found, don't get very far." Muhammad Ali (It was very difficult picking out which one is my absolute favourite of all Cassius Clay's quotes, you know I love rhymes too!) "When I think of competition it's like I try to create against the past. I think about Michelangelo and Picasso, you know, the pyramids." - Kanye West. "Yimi ingalabesi la." (lyric) - Mandoza. And a bonus quote, because it is so sick: "Don't be humble... you're not that great." Golda Meir (Kanye and Ali would find this so confusing, like, "the *** does this woman mean?")
26 years ago, TWENTY SIX!!! Years ago... We were blessed with our little Cassius Clay, such a big name for a little man, he warmed all of our hearts and brought joy to all of us after having lost our grandmother the year before... Always such a big hearted person who would go the extra mile for anyone. Love and Happy Birthday Clayton Manzo!
Poster / ad for the Cassius Clay vs Ernie Terrel boxing match, 1967.
"We always thought she'd end up in wedding rings not boxing rings. We thought she'd be with a Marvin Gaye not a Cassius Clay." -Foreign Tongues
I get annoyed when people call Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay, or Malcolm X, Malcolm Little. Very *** ish of you... I tell you what my name is or how to address me. Don't ask me what my mother called me, cause, you're not my mother :)
Photography: 1964: The World 50 Years Ago, by In Focus with Alan Taylor "1964 was an eventful year -- a half-century ago, humans were making strides toward space travel beyond the Earth's orbit, and Tokyo hosted the 18th Summer Olympics. The Beatles took America by storm, as Race Riots gripped big cities -- and the the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law. Boxer Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali and the Heavyweight Champion of the world. Cyprus devolved into civil war between Turks and Greeks, and President Lyndon Johnson escalated U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. This is the first of five entries focusing on events of the year 1964 this week (and next Monday). Later entries will feature images from civil rights struggles in the U.S., Beatlemania, Alaska's Good Friday earthquake, and the New York World's Fair.
On September 5, 1960, a "shy" 18-year-old Cassius Clay stepped into a Rome's Olympic ring to face Poland's Zbigniew Pietrzykowski and took home the gold.
This i want and must be with cassius clay ok im white but hay *** super cool
Here's my top ten Heavyweights of all time: 1. Cassius Clay - The Greatest 2. Joe Louis - Longest Reigning Champion 3. Evander Holyfield - Only 4 time Champion and 25 years near the top 4. Mike Tyson - He's Mike Tyson 5. The Klitschko Bros (more to be written) - Second Longest Reigning 6. Larry Holmes - 3rd longest reigning champion 7. Rocky Marciano - Only unbeaten Champion ever. 8. George Foreman - Oldest Lineal Champion 9. Lennox Lewis - Dominant 10. Jack Johnson - First black Heavyweight Champion I base this top ten on their accomplishments, not who would win against who, because clearly Lewis would have beaten Marciano and he did beat Tyson and Holyfield.
He’s wrestled with alligators and tussled with a whale. He’s handcuffed lightning and thrown thunder in jail. He’s Muhammad Ali, one of the most famous figures of the 20th century. A three-time Heavyweight Champion, Ali has taken on boxers, bigots, governments, and Parkinson’s, all the while mocking his foes with freestyle poetry. There are quite a few crazy facts and strange stories about the self-proclaimed “Greatest,” the man who shook up the world. A Stolen Bicycle Inspired His Career Before he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Muhammad Ali was a 12-year-old boy looking for revenge. It was October 1954, and Ali (still known as Cassius Clay) was the proud owner of a red Schwinn bicycle. It was a Christmas gift from his dad, and he planned on riding it to a bazaar in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. He and a buddy spent the day checking out the stalls and munching on popcorn, but when Ali was ready to go home, he found someone had stolen his prized bike. Tears streaming ...
Why did Cassius Clay change his name to Mohammed Ali,
A timeline from 1964-just think all this stuff is 50 years old too! 1/8-Lyndon Johnson announces the "War on Poverty" 1/10-"Introducing the Beatles" is released 1/11-US Surgeon General Luther Leonidas Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous to one's health 1/16-"Hello, Dolly!" opens in New York's St. James theatre 1/18-Plans to build the New York City World Trade Center are announced 1/20-Capitol Records releases "Meet the Beatles!" 1/23-the 24th Amendment (abolishing poll taxes) is ratified by the US Senate 2/1-"I Want To Hold Your Hand" becomes the Beatles first song in the US 2/9-The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show 2/25-Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) defeats Sonny Liston in Miami Beach for the World's Heavyweight Boxing championship 3/9-the first Ford Mustang 3/13-the Kitty Genovese murder in NYC 3/14-Jack Ruby found guilty of killing JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald 3/15-Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor marry for the 1st time in Montreal 3/27-the Great Alaskan Earthquake 4/13-Sidney Poi ...
Back it up like Cassius Clay trash talking. chalk it up to that midnight moonlight calling start me up gonna roll that stone little darling
People don't just get it,He's not like Mike Tyson or Sonny Liston or even Floyd Peterson him self,but he's Cassius Clay,Yes the Greatest!!!
Bro. Bill Russell, Jim Brown & others came to Cassius Clay's defense. Wasn't their sport. It was the best human thing to do.
Auction Items for tonight's amateur Boxing Cabaret show with MGFF in association with Foley BC at The Lakeside Country Club; MEMORABILIA AUCTION (Please give generously proceeds go to Middlesex Grand Family Fete) 1. Henry Cooper British sporting legend Sir Henry ruled the heavyweight scene in Britain and Europe. He won 3 Lonsdale belts outright, but will be best remembered for knocking a flash Cassius Clay to the canvas. This great piece of memorabilia features a genuine autograph of this sorting legend complete with certificate of authenticity. ESTIMATE £875 - £1500 2. DENIS LAW This great display features a replica commemorative shirt from 1963–64 season in which Law was selected to play for a Rest of the World side against England at Wembley, scoring their goal in a 2–1 defeat. He later described this as the greatest honour of his career This item comes with a genuine autograph of the goalscorer Denis Law. This comes complete with a full certificate of authenticity. ESTIMATE £375 - £795 3. CHEL ...
A young Cassius Clay wins gold in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome…
Believe It or Leave It! 4/3 100 years ago, the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand precipitated The Great European War. In a smaller skirmish 50 years later, underdog Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston to claim boxing's Heavyweight Championship belt. The NFL Baltimore Ravens have three mascots - Edgar, Allan, and Poe. Between 1970 and 1983, many watch buyers gave up analog mechanical timepieces for digital devices. Switzerland lost half its watch companies, two-thirds of its watchmaking jobs and its singular status as the world’s most reliable timekeepers. Industry insiders dubbed it the “quartz crisis.”
Hitting up Omaha Northwest High School for a table day tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing Sporty Spice, Little T-Swift, and Cassius Clay!
Charles L. "Sonny" Liston (unknown – December 30, 1970) was an American professional boxer known for his toughness, punching power and intimidating appearance. He became World Heavyweight Champion in 1962 by knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round. Liston failed to live up to his fearsome reputation when he lost the title in 1964 to 7-1 underdog Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay). Underworld connections and an early death—along with his unrecorded date of birth—added to the enigma. The Ring magazine ranked Liston as the 7th greatest heavyweight of all-time in 1998 and the 15th greatest puncher of all-time in 2003. There is no official record of his birth. He was born on a farm in Arkansas, a state which did not require mandatory birth certificates until 1965. Liston told sportswriter Jerry Izenberg that his date of birth was carved on a tree, but it was chopped down. When Liston was arrested for robbery in 1950, he gave his age as 22. When he filed for a birth certificate for legal re ...
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