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Cassius Clay

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.; January 17, 1942) is an American former professional boxer, philanthropist and social activist.

Muhammad Ali Sonny Liston Lew Alcindor Henry Cooper Mohamed Ali Mohammed Ali Muhammed Ali Mohammad Ali Heavyweight Champion Yasiin Bey Elijah Muhammad Jim Brown Sam Cooke Glenn Tipton Floyd Mayweather

I’m sorry, but, I know that Ali, would never disrespect the Flag.My Late husband fought him when he was Cassius Clay!Great Guy
Enlightening speech by about enforced patriotism, and even Cassius Clay
what do you think of my dogs? That’s Cassius Clay on the left and Sonny Liston on the right.
are you trying copy Cassius Clay by converting to Muslim?
America tried to assassinate the Great's murder Malcolm gave Cassius Clay the shakes
Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay), was simply the greatest heavy-weight to ever step in the ring. Period.
This song will be historical for Afrobeats 🌍. Fuse ODG x x . Premier Thurs 5pm. BBC w
It was a great event: Justice Sotomayor, Wells and Ayer, and Krattenmaker all terrific…
Eh...alotta people said it about Cassius clay
Islam has come a long way since CASSIUS CLAY said, 'Islam is a religion of peace. So, because of that, I shall not…
😂 impossible?!?! He wasn’t exactly Cassius Clay more like Andre the Giant...
This is like Cassius Clay hopping back into the ring when he is 50 years old.
“Africa is the only reason why I’m at this point. Everyone has loved & pushed me and now I’ll be voicing Bliss, the 4th Po…
In Nairobi there are 50 different numbers to call for an ambulance, which can be a problem if you're in an emergency http…
Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker, London, 1966 Step into Cassius Clay's world on The Red List https:…
I remember when Cassius Clay flipped the script. Taking trips to Zimbabwe. Africans started calling the God, Ali Bumbaye (so bwoy)
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It's like Mohammad Ali being able to put you in jail for calling him Cassius Clay just because he is offended
Oscar nominated actor Laurence Harvey sits ringside with his girlfriend for Cassius Clay vs Henry Cooper fight at Highbu…
With my main man Mohamed Ali at after party. (Call me Cassius Clay.)
TIL of the abolitionist Cassius Clay, who as well as giving his name to the famous boxer was often physically targ…
Boxer Cassius Marcellus Clay, named after an abolitionist who freed his inherited slaves, changed his name to Muhammad, a s…
Opening scene: Anthony Quinn is beaten by Cassius Clay (soon to be Muhammad Ali)
Sonoma will always be Sears Point to me. Then again I still call Mohammed Ali as Cassius Clay.
Muhammad Ali sounds too much like Robert E Lee. Let's change it back to Cassius Clay
Curt Flood, Cassius Clay, Gordie Howe, Tiger Woods and Pele. Curt Flood is responsible for free agenc…
Eric Sykes, Ronnie Carroll, Diana Dors and Sean Connery Ringside at Highbury to watch Cassius Clay vs Henry Cooper
I haven't heard anything like this since a young Cassius Clay said these things about Sonny Liston...
Cassius Clay (Ali) - Sonny Liston II. Liston was supposed to win his title back.
Today in 1964, 7-1 underdog Cassius Clay shakes up the world by stopping Sonny Liston to become undisputed world heavyw…
and? Henry Cooper dropped Cassius Clay ... boxing history is littered with people who've bee…
I know all about Cassius Clay thanks.
Would the miracle on ice have been as miraculous? Of course not? Would we have fell in love with Cassius Clay or Ray Leonard the way we did?
"Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your live as a champion." (Cassius Clay)
It's not a MUST that we win. We want a free, fair & transparent election. We know that Jubilee is fond of corruption
Rao am ready to work with u to ensure that these thieves don't rig our votes this time around like they are used to!
These thieves are used to stealing everything, including our taxes but not our elections this time around!
JUST BECAUSE IT'S COOL THE GREATEST: Cassius Clay (soon to be known as Muhammad Ali) and Jim Brown meet on the…
Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) posing underwater and with the photographer Flip Schulke. (1961)
Agreed--I kinda think of Cassius Clay & Muhammed Ali as 2 different fiters…
Truebut imo that applies much more 2 Frazier fite as Ali was VERY young ,c…
R.I.P. (1942-2016 ) - Mohammad Ali (a/k/a Cassius Clay) was one of the greatest boxers of all time.
Happy birthday to the most savage kid I've ever met
I forgot my wallet so Cassius Clay got me ... If this fool isn't spoiled - smh -
told me my face reminded him an image of Cassius Clay standing over Sonny Liston. . Wc2011 . That…
Henry Cooper floors Cassius Clay in 1963 at while suffers a similar blow against
Listen to 01 - Skippa Da Flippa - Intro Prod By Cassius Clay by SPORTY on
That was never said by any kid ever
Minor setbacks make room for major comebacks
My 6th grade team guided me to my first ever finals in my fruitless coaching career. Our magical run ending in a loss,& I now want to cry 😢
Here are 10 rappers and MCs from the U.K. you should know
Brilliant photography and excellent narration. I enjoyed these!
Bawa was a Guru who worked with Cassius Clay(boxer)& Al-Anon using illegal ID as Muhammed Ali to steal a car w/o federal car registration.
Point 5 fade with messy parting used evo cassius clay to hold the style with a bit of helmut…
Roberto Pettinato; "Soy el stand up vivo, el Cassius Clay del stand up"
Same thought occurred to me - should Mohammed Ali really be called Cassius Clay?
you wouldn't have called Mohammed Ali - Cassius Clay?
A 22-year-old Cassius Clay bows to Sugar Ray Robinson moments before the first Sonny Liston fight. Torch officially pa…
Anthony Joshua resembles Cassius Clay in skin tone and profession thats all
Most famous racist in 50yrs: boxer Mohd Ali. 'Cassius Clay'= anti-slaver.Chose name of slaver who founded Islam.
The Korean Basketball League did the Mannequin Challenge in the middle of the All-Star Game 😂
Muhammad Ali: The Life and Journey of Boxing Legend Cassius Clay Jr. - - eBooks
all the Falcons DBs had these on for the game last week.
Cassius Clay was born in brooklyn or something. I said arab muslim, and it's not a few, it's a large %
1/29/1967: Tickets are on sale for the Bay Theatre's closed-circuit TV broadcast of the Cassius Clay-Ernie Terrell…
Cassius Winston led MSU with 16 points. Ten of his points came at the foul line, including 5 of 6 in the final minute o…
because I know a little about Cassius Clay's story, up until his death, the sickness he suffered due to boxing and all.
"The man who has no imagination has no wings". Cassius Clay visits the Regents Park Mosque, 1966.
SUPER BOWL: Atlanta Falcons DBs pay tribute to Muhammad Ali with Cassius Clay jackets before NFC Championship Game…
That's the face when Trump goes Cassius Clay on your liberal privilege.
Mo Farah, an Olympic champion, banned from the US. America has taken a backward step to the days when Cassius Clay threw away his gold medal
Mohamed Ali discarded Cassius Clay but here you are embracing "Sir" with aplomb Is that integration? Get a life man
We like this! This and your Cassius Clay knockout! Totally fit and old school cool!👍
question... You do realise your hero Cassius Clay was an Islam convert? Did that make him a terrorist?
Me : Ayse u know who Cassius clay is ? . Ayse : someone from baywatch . 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Cassius Clay knocks out the Beatles February 7th 1964
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Yes, like:. from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. from Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. et al.
A young Cassius Clay pushed Sonny Liston to the limit... Liston deciding enough was enough from the Louisville Lip
Muhammad Ali – 25 of the best photographs of the legendary boxer (Corbis)
What up party people!!! This is playing Cassius Clay in by…
Muhammad Ali hated the name Cassius Clay. Respect the man and stop calling him by his slave name.
Pop quiz--who is the only person to fight both Joe Louis and Cassius Clay and yes his name at the time was Clay?
Brilliant performance with who plays Cassius Clay in Covent Garden
“ Do not count the days, make the days count. - Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay]
Hints of Cassius Clay renaming himself Cautious Play. The Supreme Court awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award for safety.
I am not Evander Holyfield. I am not Mike Tyson. I am not Floyd Mayweather. I am not Cassius Clay. I am not Oscar De La Hoya.
. Greatest Love of all!!!. I wonder I am reminded Cassius Clay when I hear this song!!!
Stoopid *** gin' get tapped in they face,. I beat the beat up like I'm Cassius Clay!
Who did they think that was better then me , I'm Cassius Clay before Muhammad Ali
I say Muhammad Ali, you say Cassius clay. I say butter, you say _
I've got them in my garage, I've got the Cassius Clay Sunny Liston one👍
Me now Anne Marshall on Cassius M. Clay, starts w 1876.
" Live everyday as if its your last because someday you will be right" - words from the 🐐 Cassius Clay💯
OTD 1961. 19 y old Cassius Clay struggles with the rough and tumble Alex Miteff, before he stops him in R 6…
in 1961 19-year-old Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) moved to 9-0 by stopping a game Alex Miteff in the…
56 years ago today Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) won gold for USA at the Rome Olympics.
"Breaking news, Youtuber Cassius Clay dies by a fatal shooting. His last words "its just a prank" weren't enough"
Hey it's Mohamed Ali, not Cassius Clay! You need to change that on your classic boxing info, kinda disrespectful I t…
Umm, don't you mean Yusuf Islam? Or do you love basketball player Lew Alcindor and boxer Cassius Clay too?
Eric Holder used "Lew Alcindor" as his email pseudonym, maybe Obama used "Cassius Clay."
When analogized BYU-styles to Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston, Holgorsen replies: "That's before my time, Bob."
So you would have Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor rounded up and dragged away because you have no use for the Constitution?
1965 Press Photo Floyd Patterson trains in Las Vegas for fight vs Cassius Clay
.(then Cassius Clay) infamously riling Sonny Liston up at the pre-fight physical, 1964 htt…
- a fictional acount of Cassius Clay's life-changing encounter with MalcolmX, Sam Cooke & Jim Brown
While the Chronicle used Cassius Clay, his legal name, the City of Houston changed Clay Street to Muhammad Ali When he was in town in '66.
Jim Brown, Cassius Clay, Bill Russell, Lew Alcindor were athletes that young athletes will never get a chance to understand
The American Sheeple just don't get it. Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor and Barry Soetoro. Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Abdul Jabbar and Barrack???
I first met Muhammad Ali when he was Cassius Clay. Right after he won the 1960 light Heavyweight Championship...
How an 18-year-old Cassius Clay from Louisville became professional boxer Muhammad Ali
Cassius Clay is the name Ernie Terrell used to call Ali til he beat his face in for 15 rounds. Choose wisely.
Just think about the high school coach who cut Michael Jordan or the guy who stole Cassius Clay's bike as a kid. Look what they started.
I remember when Mohammed Ali was Cassius Clay. . He was a cool cat and a brilliant spokesman. . Would have been a great President. RIP Ali
Rest in power Cassius Clay, thank you for letting us know that it's okay to ball your hand into a fist and fight the oppressor.
"Cassius Clay is a slave name. I didn't choose it, and I didn't want it. I am Muhammad Ali" - RIP
eh Cassius Clay only became a muslim to dodge the draft...just sayin
As outstanding as Cassius Clay was in many ways he does not RIP since he didn't die in Christ。His resentment…
Memory: Cassius Clay, visits my grade school, kneels to look in our eyes, tells us we are special. We believe him.
A young Cassius Clay shocked the world by beating Sonny Liston for the world title in 1964
Excellent post by Mr.Tom Trento. I think he sums up how so many of us feel about Mr. Cassius Clay very nicely.
Cassius Clay aka a revolutionist who changed the world with honesty , charm ,…
(then Cassius Clay) tries measuring up to Nottingham's tallest policeman 'Tug' Wilson in 1963
Prince Buster's Allstars - Linger On - his 1965 ska tribute to Cassius Clay
And for the love of all things good, he did NOT want to be referred to as "Cassius Clay". At least put some on th…
Woke up to this tragic news regarding Cassius Clay, People's Champion, aka Muhammad Ali. When I was a child...
Cassius Clay is a name that white people gave to my slave master. Now that I am free, I don't belong anymore 2 any1 https…
Prince Buster - linger on. For the champ, Cassius Clay! .
“One day our greatest claim to fame is going to be that we knew Cassius Clay," Atwood Wilson, L'ville Central HS principal, to his faculty.
When I was 12 Cassius Clay gave me his autograph.At 19 and NBC page, invited me into dressing room Flip Wilson show to do intvw
26/5/65 [Stanley Baxter] drove me home about 11 after we'd watched that absurd fight with Cassius Clay 'knocking out'…
27th May 1963 Cassius Clay talks to London reporters ahead of his heavyweight title fight v Henry Cooper
Henry Cooper's beautiful left hook landing on the chin of a young Cassius Clay, 1963.
0915. Stung like a bee. Sonny Liston. By Cassius Clay. Clay comes out to meet List...
I killed my physical fitness test this morning. Still ultra light beaming. Still feeling like Cassius Clay.
1964-Cassius Clay changes his name to Mohammed Ali and revealed that he was a member of the Nation of Islam.
1964: Sports - boxing champion Cassius Clay was given the name Muhammad Ali by Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad.
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On this day in 64 Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam & Elijah Muhammad renames him Muhammad Ali.
On this day in 1964 Cassius Clay joins the nation of Islam and it’s leader Elijah Muhammad names him Muhammad Ali
Not suprised. Kanye West was just lit. But just like Cassius Clay aint going Muhammed Ali , Ye ain't going back to Kanye West
On this day in 1964 22 yr old Cassius Clay - "The Louisville Lip" challenged Sonny Liston for the World HW title
25 Feb.1964: Cassius Clay, 22, is crowned heavyweight boxing world champion after a shock win over Sonny Liston.
On this day, a 7/1 underdog called Cassius Clay, 'shook the world' by beating Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title http…
On this day in 1964, Cassius Clay dethroned Sonny Liston as heavyweight champ in a shocking upset.
On this day in 1964, Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) beat Sonny Liston to become Heavyweight Champion of the World. ht…
a few of names look made up. I suspect Jimmy Carter thought Cassius Clay was standing not Prince Ali however
Good morning, it is February 24, 2016 and on this day. in 1964 Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) beats Sonny Liston...
.Thanks, Mike! was the Cute Beatle but Cassius Clay was, as he boasted, the Prettiest.
Listening to Michael Medved & other radio neocons try to talk their callers down from Trump, is like Cassius Clay hipping us Liston was fake
Blk Panthers Nation of Islam~religion of peace ~ kill whitey/off the pigs?. Draft dodger Cassius Clay spent a life beating up on other men ??
In May 1966 Cassius Clay fought Henry Cooper at Highbury stadium in front of 46,000 people
Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston/ Some like KK Downing more than Glenn Tipton. Sun Kil Moon–Glenn Tipton
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ring-side at Wembley, London, for the fight between Henry Cooper and Cassius Clay.
Tom Wolfe on Cassius Clay, shortly before the boxer became Ali:
This morning I was so quick I got out of bed before me alarm went off. I'm like a Yorkshire version of Cassius Clay..
Muhammad Ali. Born Jan 17, 1942 (age 74). Louisville, KY. Born as Cassius Clay, he became a boxing icon as well as...
Cassius Clay fought slavery when he might have been shot for it. He was ahead of his time.
Seeing Ali's interviews before he changed his name from Cassius Clay are a trip
You infidels ever wonder if Cassius Clay and Lou Alcindor signed up for this?. Check your heroes. .
Under Armour has a HEAVYWEIGHT endorsee line-up.
I’m sad CASSIUS AND CLAY isn’t going forward, but I do really want to see that pilot…
Like how Muhammad Ali was once Cassius Clay is the same way that Mos Def is Yasiin Bey
I know I'm the greatest, feel like Cassius Clay 😌
Cassius Marcellus Clay, sounds boss doesn't it .
Great interview with as she talks to MTC about the play Cassius Clay.
"Cassius Clay, all my hits lookin Classic" -
Cassius Clay is a traitor to the USA !!! Quit trying to make him a hero !!!Should still be in prison !!
The Metro Theater Company brings the story of Cassius Clay to the stage next month:
His name is Yasiin Bey, you wouldn't call Muhammed Ali Cassius Clay
BUT can we please have enough respect to call him Yasiin Bey? We don't call Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay.
FXX's Cassius and Clay was set to be Archer meets Thelma and Louise. Now it’s dead. Why?
I asked John Landgraf why Cassius & Clay —my most anticipated show maybe ever— is dead.
Slave name or not, Cassius Clay is such a better name than Muhammed Ali
American heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay in a mock victory pose over The Beatles, 1964.
New play about Cassius Clay helps kids discover the champion in themselves
I was talking abt Muslim baby names at work & called my kid "Muhammed Ali jr" & a white girl said "Cassius Clay is what his mom called him"
Corporation, in city of Palm Bay, Florida, and he screamed over 500 times louder than 17 year old Mr. Cassius Clay, at the
Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay would like a word with you.
Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay in their previous lives. lol
Remember those athletes from your youth named Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor? Well, you missed what happened next...
I know! I like American sports Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay!
it'll always be Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor to me
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Not born Muslim - Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor - got their fame as true Americans then changed names.
Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay are traitors to Christianity .
Obama said in his speech that Muslims are our sports heroes. What sport is he talking about, and who? Lew Alcindor, Cassius Clay.
You forgetting the great Cassius Clay? Or Lew Alcindor? Great Muslim athletes.
Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay changed their names once they became Muslim, FYI.
Join us to preserve Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston Heavyweight Title Press Kit.
Cassius Clay wrote a poem about Sonny Liston (1965).
The 1960s brought change and awareness to Black America. From Malcolm Little, Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor & Bobby Moore just to name a few..,
Jim Lampley referred to Muhammad Ali as Cassius Clay. Was not is his name. DISRESPECTFUL
A 1960s with no Beatlemania, no Motown, no Sam Cooke, no Cassius Clay, no Martin, no Malcolm, no Sidney Poitier, no Dorothy Dandridge.
When in reality, he was named Cassius Clay to honor the man who essentially started the abolitionist movement.
But, it's ironic because Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali to "get rid of his slave name"…
Well they did one on Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay.
American heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay poses in the ring in mock victory over British pop group The Beatles, 1964 http:…
Williamstein were screaming over 500 times louder than Mr. Cassius Clay, te 17 year old professonal boxer, in front of
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Can't help but wonder if the Shinola Cassius Clay sweatshirts ($180 pricetag notwithstanding) would offend Ali?
boxer, Mr. Cassius Clay, near to the year: 2000 - at Ms. Cindy, the manager of the Clarendon House, in the city of
Mr. Cassius Clay, the 17 year old professional boxer, to you and Miss Diamond Morrow the XXX-rated black supremecey
old professional boxer Mr. Cassius Clay near to the year: 1955: The televsion actresses and actors in the televsion program
with Gov. Combs, 1960. Ali won an Olympic gold medal in 1960.
"The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.". ~ Cassius Clay
By the way Cassius Clay was an awesome name in and of itself
Cassius Clay => Muhammad Ali. Farrokh Bulsara => Freddie Mercury . The choices that you made do not change the person that you are.
😌 let Brea do something to *** me off ... I throw these thangs like Cassius Clay
Look at all the professional boxers all loss to someone else in their career.Including Cassius Clay later Muhammad Ali he was beaten too.
I liked a video from JayJason X Cassius Clay - Kan Niet Wachten (Prod. Mindkeyz)
you couldn't find Cassius Clay to come out and shake like crazy...
They said Sonny Liston was going to kill Cassius Clay. But then this happened.
Cassius Clay. It says on his shirt... lol
Cassius Marcellus Clay Alias Muhammad Ali . " I got You ! " my Remix in a photo Made by Thomas…
"If you even dream of beating'd better wake up and apologize.". ~ Cassius Clay
Happy birthday you better go all Cassius Clay this weekend
People tend to forget, too, that when Ali (Cassius Clay) shouted "I am the greatest!", everyone thought he as smoking something.
A story that will inspire all: And In This Corner…Cassius Clay
I did the Cassius Clay shirt the young kid is wearing.
...was Muslim and realized it's against his beliefs. . Cassius Clay Jr.Otherwise known as Muhammad Ali.
I give you Cassius Clay Jr. A Muslim man, who because he was Muslim, DIDN'T go to war. Because that is against his beliefs.
everyone knew why Cassius Clay changed his name. Why is everyone so confused when Barry does it?
Light skin and i fight good jus like cassius clay
When someone is cassius clay and parade him around the world as Muhammad Ali people take offense he is a negrite that why wars break out
In the words of the great Cassius Clay himself.Never let life beat you. Even if the chips are…
Mauiexpos's Cassius Clay (male) English Bullterrier for sale, comes with all his shots for the year, 2 year...
perfect example. I should probably retell my Cassius Clay story on the show.
I beat up Cassius Clay in middle school
Cassius Clay (produced by Robbie Cash) featuring Grand Skeem by Zachkary on
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I like the 3 free agent signings the Ravens made. I can't remember the first guys name, but the others were Cassius and Clay
Ravens add Kaelin Clay, Chase Ford and Cassius Vaughn on a busy Tuesday in week 11
Gee. Cassius Clay didn't get to go to France .He went to court as Ali Too black?
Track 9: I wish ft. Cassius Clay. I poured my heart out and Mohamed Ali felt my pain, so we collaborated. Nice ending to the EP.
what is the difference between Kim Davis and Cassius Clay...samie samie
Cassius Clay the greatest of all time
SI Vault: Formative years of young Cassius Clay via
You're right. That looks more like around 1970. In 1963 Ali was still Cassius Clay and not People's Champ.
but I make em all stack attack until their attacks are kinda like Cassius Clay!!
Feelin like Cassius Clay, Im the world's greatest! Let's get R Kelly on the tape
Niga A case of conscience - Sports Illustrated: Sports IllustratedA case of conscienceSports ...
How do we know it was Largest Book. Per Western Union Quick Service HDQT in Paramus NJ we had most $ trans CASH is King or Cassius Clay
I added a video to a playlist The Legend Of Cassius Clay - Zen Pencils
Topical Cassius Clay reference by Sully when the Ali-Holmes fight was only 35 years ago.
“50 years ago Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali and beats Liston, again” And he was and is THE GREATEST of ALL TIME!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Sweet Thing drove me insane for years... "I smell the blood of les tricoteuses" indeed! &"Charlie Manson, Cassius Clay"
Super excited to hear is working on Cassius and Clay! As a huge Archer fan, I’m super pumped!!
Beat *** Ridin dirty like Jazzy Phae. Cassius Clay. Knock a *** out on the ave today.
hear me smoking on exotic'm as dashing like Cassius Clay you
Jamaicans do the MOST when dancing 😂😂
"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." -Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. aka Muhammad Ali
Ey yo I'm Cassius Clay with dead rapper that's covered in the dresser like a tampax
Cassius Charles Clay WIDE OPEN in the flat. Nope... Hulk Hogan I guess is a better option in the middle..Ok!.
It won't shock me if the use Cassius Charles Clay as a decoy the rest of the game.
Cassius Charles Clay... Floating like a butterfly on that TD reception.
Clay just displayed footwork like his first name was Cassius
Charles Clay was as hard to knock down as Cassius Clay on that play
Charles Cassius Clay, floating like a butterfly in Miami
U aint hard, butterfly soft i'll sting u, cassius clay with da blow. My words is lethal joe, dont make me Phrase ya( Frazi…
James Davis was the first boxer to defeat 'The Greatest' when he beat 13 year old Cassius Clay in 1955 over 3 rounds. …
Today is 55th anniversary of Cassius Clay winning Olympic gold medal! He could have taken Muhammad Ali in a head-to-head match!
It's hurting me to see your fighting spirit gone. You're more Joe Bugner than Cassius Clay.
A week from tomorrow is the official start of the CASSIUS AND CLAY writer's room. I hope my writers don't freak when I burst from pure joy.
Cassius Clay is Muhammad Ali real name stupid.. If i ever get blessed with a boy lol. . (:
Back it up like Michel J moonwalkin, back it up like Cassius Clay trash talkin
Cassius Clay at the time. Also, when this was taken, he had no idea who the Beatles were.
"Just let me be great...I feel like mufugga by Cassius Clay right now"
I feel like mf Cassius Clay right now..
Usain a global superstar. He is the modern day Cassius Clay for those that can remember. Legend is used a lot today but he IS!!!
Example Cassius Clay,.no matter how big you become in life,you still have to abide by someone,only radicals will think other wise,.
allah ou akba god is the greatest remember ! when cassius clay Elijah gave . him name Muhammad fear of Allah
but isn't that pretty much what Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali said about
.'61-'67 was the sweet spot. Haley interviewing Cassius Clay & Malcolm X. Book reviews. Centerfold celebs. "What kind of man..?"
he may be Current Cassius Clay of Football
so what you're saying is Cassius Vaughn is not the Cassius Clay of football?
Feeling like Cassius Clay, I'm the world's greatest
it was so nice meeting you yesterday at fye. Thanks again for the autographs, and the compliment on my Cassius Clay shirt. 😊❤️
Muhammad Ali Letter and Photo and 3x5 Card with Cassius Clay inscription
Back it up like Michael J moon walkin' back it up like Cassius clay trash talkin'
Finally figured it out: Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush = Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston.
I feel like like Cassius clay right now
don't diss the rap game Cassius clay
We've got freaking JR in studio...and he's rocking a Cassius Clay Louisville T-Shirt.
I figured I was ready for Cassius Clay
I love Muhammad Ali(Cassius Clay) & Floyd Mayweather. If I could be like them, just for defence.
Trying to be more positive. I'm the Teddy Roosevelt of not calling my mother more often. I'm the Cassius Clay of not knowing how to cook.
the said I look like yung Cassius Clay, will smith from seven pounds, a sims character so many jokes
All things past but Cassius Clay is the greatest! Harley Davis too!
Cassius Clay or Mohamed Ali it doesn't matter he is a champion!
This was when he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Mohammad Ali which was given to him by Prophet Elijah.
as loud as Mr. Cassius Clay, the 17 year old pofessoinal boxer that:"My daughter Ms. Liz Resnick is the city *** of
Today in 1963, then Cassius Clay, scored a TKO5 over Henry Cooper (Article)
1963 - Henry Cooper knocked Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) to the floor in round 4 at Wembley Stadium. Clay went on to win the fight.
21-year-old Cassius Clay (as he was known then) was decked in 1963 by Our 'Enery http:/…
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