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Cass Tech

Cass Technical High School is a four-year college prep high school in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

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“24. Cass, King, Or Renni? 😭” class tech 2nd to NONE. Period. Put it on my headstone. 😤
East English Village Prep @ Cass Tech (boys & girls) later on today. Bring y'all shovels! 🏀📝
For research, Combustion or Gas Turbine Engines. Schools, Georgia Tech, Princeton, Cornell, and CalTech if I can get in 😂
I always wanted to go to Cass Tech since I was little 😩🙌
I knew her from her in detriot,she went to Cass Tech High School
My Cass Tech days. I couldn't even smile bc I was over EVERYTHING I was experiencing in life. 5…
Tech couldnt replicate the noise/ picture Cass and I driving around at midnight looking for speed bumps.
Meant to point this out to sooner but HA HA!! Sexton beat Cass Tech in basketball.
. for the thing on Saturday (idk what to call it). if you got your tickets in advanced where would you get them from. Cass Tech?
“yeah PSl tough they gone make noise in the Future.” EEVP is young, Cass Tech really is and Pershing
I Go to Cass Tech when people ask where you graduate Cass Tech Honor Roll Student A&Bs
Are you coming to the Pershing and King game Friday? — No. They assigned me to Cass Tech/EEVP
If your in the mood for some great DPS boys basketball. Come to Cass Tech this Friday & see the varsity technicians take on East English!
"How long can we be in half of the same classes before we say a single word to each other? The waiting game begins." — Georg…
cannot believe your on preacher's daughters.! I remember when we use to chill at Cass tech after the basketball games!
CASS TECH HIT THE FLOOR CONCERT is this Saturday, Jan. 10th, 2015 at 7pm || Performances by believe3…
At the Tigers game but Detroit Cass Tech 2016 DB LaVert Hill was offered by North Carolina.
He just want to get better. Hard work and dedication . Loyal and Humble. Kalon Gervin Freshman at Cass Tech...
Detroit Cass Tech 2015 RB Mike Weber's much talked about run in the Army AA game.
Wow Big Sean graduated from Cass Tech with a 3.7 GPA. Just found some new respect for him now. Considering how difficult of s HS CT is.
Do you see why Mike Weber is the Recruit after this? .
"Cass Tech 2015 RB Mike Weber has just committed to Ohio State University.
More 🏀 tomorrow. Excited to see Loyola, DEPSA, Cass Tech Henry Ford and CPA.
Cass Tech will be playing Chandler Park Academy at Mumford High School @ 5:30 pm. Come out and support Cass Tech's varsit…
Cass Tech to Ohio State is starting to be like Glennville to Ohio State.
Detroit Cass Tech 2017 DB Jalen Kelly-Powell. Technicians continue to reload at defensive back.
urban and coombs were at Cass Tech today, time to close the deal this weekend
Detroit Cass Tech RB Mike Weber taking an official visit to OSU this weekend. Potentially huge for the Bucks. That's a UM pipeline
Congrats to Jermain Crowell on accepting, Head Coach position at Belleville. Former Cass Tech defensive coordinator.
I've always wanted to go to Cass Tech lol
just building that Cass Tech pipeline
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
If Bucks can land Mike Weber, would be another huge recruiting boom. Not just the talent, but get another Cass Tech player. Once UM verbal.
There's a new team to beat for Detroit (MI) Cass Tech 2015 RB via (VIP)
We are good at running back I have not seen any Cass Tech player pan out yet but that's my opinion not looking to argue just stating facts
Buckeyes Team To Beat For Detroit Cass Tech RB Michael Weber, will visit Ohio State this weekend on an official visit instead of ND
Black owned tech company releases covert wearable cameras for citizens to record racial profiling
The Urbanator was at Cass Tech today to see Weber, an official visit now set.things trending up for the Buckeyes for that recruit
Vendor space and sponsorship packages are available for December 28th ABA Basketball game at Cass Tech…
Detroit Cass Tech LB Daelin Hayes is among the new class of 2016 5stars
Detroit Cass Tech 2016 LB Daelin Hayes (comes in at No.18 in the new 2016 Rivals100. Also a 5🌟. http…
Vance seeing interest at new position: Detroit Cass Tech's Demetric Vance had success on bot...
with another masterpiece about the GPS win last night!.
STORY: Grosse Pointe South girls, run away from Cass Tech in the second half, 69-47. 🏀📝.
Grosse Pointe South runs away from Cass Tech in the second half via
maybe you'd like to help a former Cass Tech alum in his quest to bring some holiday cheer to the city
Cass Tech 2015 LB Michael Oliver, Central Michigan commit, has received his 2nd offer from Maryland per
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Michael Oliver Jr. MLB, Cass Tech 2015 CMU commit. Heart and soul of the defense. One of the best kids around.
Per has offered 2015 Cass Tech (MI) linebacker, and commit Michael Oliver.
It was a pleasure covering the career of Cass Tech RB Mike Weber. Basically seen him do it all.
MVI 3717 Football Semifinal. Saline vs Cass Tech.…: just in case you want to see the play again
Cass Tech unhappy with reversed touchdown late in fourth quarter of Division 1 semifinals loss to Saline via
Saline Football defeats Cass Tech 30-15 in state semifinals and will face Clarkston in Class A state championship game …
dude I really don't care. I really think Cass Tech produces players that aren't that good. They year an year out in PO
Cass Tech has only ever produced inept football players and Kwame
There's no controversy if not for the signaled TD. Cass Tech has a gripe there, not on the rule itself
ICYMI: Cass Tech is knocked out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year.
Story of Saline and Cass Tech almost done, not a cheap read. Needed to reflect on aspects of the game before blurting it online!!
Wanna see the highlights on that cass tech game
In the preview for Saline/ Cass Tech, said the LB's would be key, don't have tackle for Chris Terech and (cont)
you can see Saline never had possession, means Cass Tech needed to take possession outside of end zone for it to be turnover
Rodney Hall scores on a 14-yard TD but Marcel Paul is called for a blatant hold and will bring it back. Penalties hurt…
Cass Tech QB Rodney Hall just scrambles 21 yds for first down, dropped back to pass and nothing was open
NFL picks against the spread and trends: Week 12:
Think the refs got that Cass Tech/Saline call right, according to the rule book. 8-5-3c
Cass tech has no white people on their football team
Vendor space available for November 30th game at Cass Tech High. Vendor tables are $25. DM me or…
FINAL: Saline 30-Cass Tech 15. The Hornets will play for their first football state title at Ford Field next weekend. …
I still can't get over how cool it was to watch saline beat Cass Tech.
Cass tech has the best football team n everybody are haters that don't like it
Cass Tech 2015 RB Mike Weber has just decommitted from the University of Michigan.
Rule on the reversed TD call from Cass Tech, as soon as the ball crosses the goal line on kickoff its touchback. That's that!
Cass Tech RB Mike Weber wearing an Ohio State wristband. He told me he laughed off the misspellings.
FOOTBALL RECRUITING: Cass Tech - Mike Weber is decommiting from the University of Michigan
Prep football D1 semis: Saline upends Cass Tech Way to go
Cass Tech players need to be paid now!!!
.headed to Ford Field after knocking off Cass Tech:
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.gave a "helluva" interview to the following Saturday's win over Cass Tech:
.de-commits from University of Michigan hours after Cass Tech loss to Saline. (Michigan lost to Maryland mo…
D1: Saline beats Cass Tech 30-15, will play Clarkston at 1 pm on Saturday.
Cass Tech football vs Saline taken by (
FOOTBALL: Defense leads Saline to semifinal win over Cass Tech, into D-1 state title game:
I do feel bad for Cass Tech, but unfortunately that's the rule. The ball hit a Saline player, but once it crosses the goal line, dead ball.
2 Standouts on Cass Tech today: 1. Mike Weber (& 2. Michael Oliver - LB
Varsity football defeats Dakota 28-27 to win its first MHSAA District Championship since 2004! The Big Reds will play at Cass Tech on Saturday, November 15th at one o'clock.
"Video of Cass Tech senior DT Stanley Saunders impresive performance from Friday night:
Video of Cass Tech senior DT Stanley Saunders' impressive performance from Friday night:
Alabi Focused on State Title: An update from Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech lineman and Ohio State commit Joshua Alabi.
"top three High School football squads Whitehaven out of Memphis, Long Beach Poly, and D…
Proud to sponsor Cass Tech at today’s to hear CEO Mary Barra.
Why do I always talk to ppl from Cass Tech
Mott is going to lose to cass tech just like they did when they got into the play offs my junior year
Hopefully all Cass Tech sports team win PSL championships this school year.
Shoutout to the cass tech jv for winning the city championship yesterday
Watch Kalon Gervin in Cass Tech High School and King's match-up on
Cass Tech beat EEVP 20-0, for the Detroit PSL JV championship. 🏈🏆
ScoutTV: Donnie Corley vs. Cass Tech: Detroit King suffered their first loss on Friday night in t...
Who's going to the cass tech game this Saturday and wants to take me !?
Cass Tech band did it for me. When I was in 8th grade and my sister was part of Glee. I fell in love.
Warren Mott Marauders once again go to Cass Tech No one gives WM a chance,but could this be the time 4 a Marau…
I just looked at the bracket and EK could potentially play Cass Tech at Ford Field. Game would be fire
Also don't forget that OSU has gotten talent from Cass Tech too! So going after Weber makes sense,
Highlights of Cass Tech soph. CB Donovan Johnson from Friday. Will be the next highly recruited DB at CT:
I'll be at Cass Tech/Warren Mott on Saturday. I don't know where I'll be on Friday. 🏈📝
Top 25 HS Football Teams: WL Western (checks in at No. 18, Macomb Dakota No. 19 this week --
Some D1 teams I think will win district titles: Clarkston, West Bloomfield, Dakota, and Cass Tech.
Top 25 HS Football Teams: Caledonia (checks in at No. 14, East Kentwood No. 15 in this week's rankings:
Cass Tech hosts Warren Mott at 1pm Saturday. Here is all of the D1 times/dates --
Warren Mott vs. Cass Tech. The two played in last year's state playoffs.
FOOTBALL: Cass Tech cruises past King, to second straight PSL title behind big game from Weber --
Cass Tech football dads present for sons on, off field
King vs. Cass Tech is more than just a game. To those involved, this rivalry is as big as it gets. 🏈📝.
There is NO free dress tomorrow. Free dress has not been approved. All Cass Tech students must be in uniform or Cass Tech apparel.
Cass Tech will play East English Village Prep in the first Detroit PSL football semifinal game on Friday at Northweste…
that we adhere to the Friday's code. "no exceptions or exemptions" We can wear our Cass Tech shirts. I'm just confused.
Cass Tech running back Mike Weber named PSL Proud Strong Learner of the Week | Detroit Public...
Cass tech vs. Western game at Western at 5pm! $3
Congratulation's Jaishala Seal on your perfect season in PSL Cross Country. High
But looks like cass tech is where I'll be at next school year 👌
At Cass Tech in Detroit with our fab M4s Erin and Brittani
I think king football team better then cass tech .😌
King vs. winner of Cass Tech and EEVPA (next week) at Ford Field in week 9 on Friday. Heads up if you want to save that dat…
Yall keep saying where the scholarship money. CASS TECH class of 2014 recieved $46 millon. Google that 😌
No.1 class of 2016 RB could be visiting again; several top Cass Tech prospects likely at OSU Saturday(VIP)
Predictions this week: . 1.EEVP over Cass Tech . 2.King over Renni. 3.Mumford over Denby . 4.Cody over NW. 5.CPA over MC
“Reality TV star postpones Cass Tech appearance 😳 really?? How do you do this to KIDS?
I'm not from Detroit but everybody from Cass Tech, been telling me that it's never been a party better than Homecoming.
"Moore also plans to start a scholarship program for girls who attend Cass Tech."
Cass Tech vs. EEVP part II next week in the Detroit PSL semifinals.
Cass Tech alum and Real Housewife of Atlanta to donate $20K to DPS Foundation via
TVStar Kenya 2 get her $20K worth, her "planned" donation 2 Cass Tech 2b filmed 4 RHOA. Now pressure on 2 pony up 20K
. Denby Band at the Jazz Band workshop, at Cass Tech on yesterday. It was wonderful.
This is hilarious except the Cass Tech shade Community: You Know You’re From Detroit When… via
I added a video to a playlist Detroit PSL 2014 Game of the Week - Cass Tech vs East English Village
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx visits Cass Tech this morning to announce $26M towards 50 new DDOT buses!
Cass Tech running back Mike Weber to be feted at Friday, Sept. 26 game
don't let Terry off the hook tomorrow about his Cass tech boy jarule Campbell.
Jayru Campbell, the Cass Tech quarterback who was jailed after body slamming a school security guard on video, was arrested again Friday for another alleged assault, hours after his release. This time it was reportedly against his girlfriend.
I smoked cass in checkers today but she's more tech smart than me... considering she put on in excel, gracias a dios
The front can say Cass tech Senior.
That Cass tech security guard need to stop 😂
Jayru Campbell was charged today for assaulting his girlfriend at a Detroit Cass Tech High School football game. -
QB Jayru Campbell has been arrested by the school police for assaulting someone at the Cass Tech-Southeastern game.
Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell arrested by DPS police.
Last year when we played cass tech in hoop banged on us so crucial 😂 , sad to see him doing bad , ( mental issues )
UPDATED: Cass Tech QB Jayru Campbell back in police custody for assault after being released from jail Friday -- http:/…
Photos from the Detroit City Football Club game and march down to Cass Tech.
MC Hammer to speak at tech forum in Detroit
I enjoyed cheering for the Cass Tech/Renaissance game last night. Both teams seemed to really appreciate it.
gotta stop the pattern early. Check out Jayru Campbell from Detroit's Cass tech. Education needs to start early
*** McCabe: No more deals for Cass Tech QB Jayru Campbell -
REPORT: Cass Tech QB Jayru Campell was released from jail today and is back in police custody for allegedy assaulting h…
Apparently football players start young when it comes to beating up women.
Cass Tech's Jayru Campbell got out of jail and went all-Ray Rice on girlfriend. His high school career is finished. http:/…
Cass Tech 2015 QB Jayru Campbell was released from Prison today.
Back in custody on the same day he just got out of jail, Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell is accused of assault.
4 good football games to watch tomorrow. Richmond at Marysville, Ike at Rockford, Cass Tech at Oak Park and Dakota at Clarkston. Go Support!
Cass Tech wins approval as International Baccalaureate school
My mom says the only reason we still live in Michigan is because I go to Cass Tech.
Cass Tech running back Mike Weber a top candidate for Michigan High School Player of the Year
Prep Kickoff Classic, Aug-29-14 @ waynestate 7pm Cass Tech vs Oak Park. $2500.00 to the school with the most coupons
Cass Tech 2015 RB Mike Weber, "USC is most definitely in my top 5 now."
Ok I don't usually post this stuff, but since it seems to be the new "thang"; I remember playing the pinball machine while waiting for our pizza at Little Caesars on Livernois; Getting sent back to showers a dozen times before allowed in to swimming pool at Jewish Community Center on Curtis St.; Going head first down the Giant Slide on Belle Isle ; those gottdamn toy trumpet/kazoo things u got at Detroit Zoo; Me & Theo Otis riding bikes down to Gus Zoppi Music store on E. Eight Mile ; Freezing standing in front of GM building after school at Northwestern and getting passed up by the bus cause it was packed full of Cass Tech students; Watching "The Scene" dance show; Hitting up Esquire's for a Denti Moore Corned Beef sandwich during lunch hour at school; Going buck wild with my brothers & cousins at the Christmas Festival downtown; Rockin my Max Julian jacket to school, and praying I didn't hear some fool say "Check it In !!" ; Getting my *** gold chain snatched at bus stop on Oakman ; All the J ...
Coming from I-75 South, passing the Cass Tech and the Grand River exit to enter onto the LODGE, there is a...
Happy Birthday David Alan Grier. David Alan Grier (born June 30, 1956), also known as DAG, is an American actor and comedian known for his work on the sketch comedy television show In Living Color. Early life Grier was born in Detroit, the son of Aretas Ruth (née Dudley) and William Henry Grier, a psychiatrist and writer who co-wrote the book Black Rage He graduated from Detroit's magnet high school, Cass Tech, and received a B.A. from the University of Michigan, and an M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama. Immediately after graduating, he landed the role of Jackie Robinson in the short-lived Broadway musical The First, directed by Martin Charnin and written by Joel Siegel. Career Grier got his start on the National Public Radio radio drama adaptation of Star Wars in 1980. He was the voice of a nameless X-wing fighter pilot during the Battle of Yavin. Grier was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical and won the Theatre World Award for The First. He later starred as James "Thunder ...
Cass Tech class of 2013 😂 “Lol it was a family reunion in that bit.…”
Cass Tech 2016 WR Demetric Vance was just offered by North Carolina State University.
Photo: Detroit City FC and Lansing United forwards go head to head, midfield in a game at Cass Tech in...
Cass Tech might be pretty close. Just ask
2015 Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell has confirmed that he will be competing at Sound Mind Sound Body next week.
Cass Tech, Cody and East English Village Prep to open fball season at at
From Thomas Gordon, to Keith Moore,Kevin Biscoe, and Jayru Campbell, freshman Rodney Hall will be the next QB at Cass Tech. Story tomorrow.
Cass Tech marching band playing through the halls of Quicken Loans on a random Thursday
FOOTBALL: Cass Tech all-state QB Campbell allowed to return to school, his status for 2014...
Well it's official I just received my son letter my son will be going to Cass Tech High School this year thank you lord
Im so scared to go home to see what high school i am accepted in. let it be Cass Tech 🙌😭🙌
Cass Tech quarterback Campbell due in court: Detroit — Jayru Campbell, the Cass Technical High School...
Come watch the 9 straight PSL Lady Phoenix CHAMPIONS take on our "rivals" Cass Tech tomorrow 4pm at Renaissance High School
BASEBALL: King season opener called in the third-inning, after 18-3 route of rival Cass Tech -...
Spread the Word about our Resurrection Sunday worship service at Cass Tech!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE By Pamela Bellamy March 17, 2014 East Lansing, MI – Detroit STEM Genius/Cass Tech High School students teach STEM skills to 9th Grade MI GEAR UP students in Brody Hall at Michigan State University at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Yul Allen is the founder of STEM Genius in Detroit. STEM Genius students have so much fun, while learning about STEM! They have fun because we are passionately embracing our mission to cultivate and nurture the interest of our nation’s youth in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through innovative programming using creative and exciting project-based learning programs. STEM Genius/Cass Tech students from Detroit will be teaching 9th grade MI GEAR UP students from Detroit, Jackson, Lansing, and Albion Schools about “Amusement Park Physics”. Our students design and build amusement park model rides to experience a hands-on opportunity, where they use their imagination to create what we call an “Amusement Park Projec ...
Found a 66 & 67 copy of the Cass tech yearbook. In the 66 copy they show the shelter supplies under the first floor. The 67 copy has several photos where shelter signs are clearly visible.
On the heels of yesterday with the day beginning taking orders for books at the Annual Cass Tech breakfast (with...
A HS basketball team won a tight game with 6 players on the floor
If you graduated from Cass Tech in 2004 lms!
Its all love bruh. Cant wait to see you wearing green and white watching a Cass Tech RB running the ball for MSU. Lol
Cass Tech coach cries foul over sixth U-D Jesuit player on floor in regional loss
I hope that wasn't Cass Tech after party that they went to with out me!
Jeanas really hopin Cass tech is front and center for this talent show lmfao
Hey yall my mama just joined fb (oh lord lol ) add her Eleanor Dorsey , and Congrats to my oldest Niece Airyale Peterson for winning Ms Cass Tech at her grammys tonight... You go baby ... / Getting ready for work :-\
Sitting here thinking in a few months it's Cass Tech 04' 10 year reunion. 😩 I'm getting 🙅nope not really lol
Ik Cass Tech slappin tonight i need to go to that after party
Thursday's high school roundup: King, Cass Tech girls prevail in PSL semifinals - The...
Today we catered the 2014 Cass Tech Alumni Association (Worldwide) Annual Breakfast!!! It was awesome to see all of the support of the Alumni. It was truly a awesome experience. Thank You Cass Tech for having us! We look forward to seeing you next year!!
The babies have been on the go all day! Cass Tech alumni pancake breakfast at my alma mater Cass Tech this...
Just Adorable. My niece Jayla on her way to Cass Tech Grammys. ___moniquee
My lovely daughter tayler going to Cass tech Grammys tonight
6 players on the court for the final possession? Come onU-D Jesuit and Cass Tech
.Refs ruined end of great game between U-D Jesuit and Cass Tech
I didn't really feel like going to cass tech Grammys. That's $10 I don't have on me at the moment
MLive's says refs ruined a great HS game
These ref are like the ones at the cass tech game Jesus
The fact that u of d didn't really beat cass tech actually makes me mad
"ICYMI: MSU recruit Jayru Campbell pleaded not guilty to assault charge ok
Cass Tech students built a model of the old Cass Tech. Pretty cool.
ICYMI: U-D Jesuit beat Cass Tech 52-51 last night. With six players on the floor
I'm looking for the Saginaw Valley battle of the bands with Cass Tech. Remember we were out there battling ALL night. Al Level was not gonna let them out play us. Lol he was bringing out songs from way back.
Detroit Cass Tech's Josh Alabi also was at junior day and now has among his top two:
S/O to all my Cass Tech family who have been supporting Cool Club Clothing, LLC. Let's shine together.
S/O to my Cass Tech family who has been supporting I appreciate it all.
story on Cass Tech DE Josh Alabi, who visited and has two schools ahead of the field:
Good morning family. The Cass Tech marching band productions incorporateds" black history program HARAMBEE has been rescheduled for March 28,2014 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Cass in the grand theater. Tix only $ 5 dollars! Come out and celebrate our history with us!! Thank you for your continued support!!
Detroit Cass Tech Top100 RB Michael Weber talked with over the weekend about his visit:
Cass Tech Pride. Campaign ends Sunday, March 09. Help us meet our fundraising goal of 50 shirts!
2014 will be a record year for mergers and acquisitions and IPOs in intellectual property-intensive industries:
Not being funny. This would also be cool in school especially on teachers with unruly students or in recent the case of Cass Tech security guard interactions.
Y'all remover when somebody burned down part of Cass Tech? LMFAO 😂😂😂😂
Cass Tech is a Michigan pipeline, the only one I want is Weber. Which I think is a Michigan/MSU battle.
P!nk is singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Im scarred for life by this song. Anyone who took Music Theory at Cass Tech knows why lol
‘Raising Black Males’Posted by: The Michigan CitizenPosted date: February 20, 2014In: Opinions & Views|comment : 0Jayru CampbellDPS PHOTOBy Sabrina JacksonI am so very disturbed by the issue regarding the Cass Tech quarterback, Jayru Campbell. I have seen the video of the body slam of the security g...
ATTN: All CASS TECH students Tomorrow is the last audition for Fash on Second Ave follow the official…
One of CASS TECH's many famous alumni- Shaun Robinson (1980) is stunning on the Oscar Red Carpet.
Wish I went to Cass Tech with Shawnna & Des!
Thanks for sharing a piece of our Cass Tech history - On This Day: African American Life in Detroit
Tough decision but I've decide to take my talents to cass tech for the 2014 season
either Cass Tech or Western there both in Detroit cause my mom works there and if you get a good score on the act you get to go
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ok your profile photo and background photo are hot!! But Cass Tech reunion won't be as hot at Brooklyn Tech reunion!!
Next time you visit the don't forget the basement. It's where the really radical tech is
Celebrate Detroit! 3/2 Born on this day: Bassist Doug Watkins (Detroit) was a cousin by marriage of Paul Chambers and they both attended Cass Tech, and lived together for a period. Imagine how much music education and "bassology" was going on in that house at the time, considering that pianist Hugh Lawson and a number of other jazz greats were their classmates and friends; singer/composer and member of The Four Tops Lawrence Payton (Detroit) who lived across the street from me on San Juan, was a very friendly and wonderful brother. He had, at the time, young daughter who I remember as a tremendous basketball player; and poet Joan Randall (Detroit). Celebrate Detroit!
On this day in 1990, Carole Anne-Marie Gist, a 20-year-old Cass Tech High grad, is crowned Miss USA.
you know who else uses smith machines . Cass tech and they're the real winners if memory serves
This is for all Cass Tech Students!! MONDAY is the last chance to audition for Fash on Second Ave.…
Trying to be another cass tech legend
Cass Tech out of Michigan brought a bus load of kids to Knoxville today including 4-star RB Mike Weber. Update here:
Three-star 2015 lineman Josh Alabi from Detroit Cass Tech just told me "the girls" were best part of his visit toda…
REMEMBER IN 2008, when we got together at the for a lil early morning prayer, marking the FIRST That little service outgrew the East Campus, then outgrew Cass Tech, then outgrew the Detroit Opera House, then outgrew Cobo Center. Now we stand, reaching nearly 10,000 women from all walks of life, various denominations and ministries, and representing many different states across the country. God is even better than AWESOME.
Aw wow! I felt this way many times while waiting for the bus a 5:45 a.m en route to St. Cecilia and Cass Tech High! Hmm let's not forget walking to class at THE University of Michigan!
Run This Town is going down inside the Auxiliary Gym today at Cass Tech
I've seen 5 pics on IG of girls at Dawn Seekers this morning at The Joe and they were all Cass Tech Technicians. Y'all go girls! *Martin voice*
Kamal Smith, who graduated from Cass Tech in 1997, is an upcoming director, actor, writer and producer. His mission is to spread the message of the importance of education and provide guidance for youth interested in becoming involved with the industry.
It's the last day of the Networkingout Squat and Push Up Challenge! If you gave your personal best, then consider yourself victorious! Squats: DONE! Push Ups: • Good: 37 • Better: 47 • Boss: 77 Lets keep the energy going! Networkingout Circuit Sessions combine working hard and a good time! Join us tomorrow for an energetic fun-filled session at 9am inside Cass Tech (2501 2nd Ave Detroit, MI 48201)! Join the movement and learn more at
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How about a bit of Historic Boston Edison trivia? This being the last day of Black History Month, let's start with this one: This Boston-Edison resident attended Cass Tech and then Detroit Technological Institute (the forerunner of Wayne State's College of Pharmacy). During the height of the depression (1933), he took over a failing pharmacy, reopening it under his own name, adding a soda fountain and ice cream business. His business expanded, with him eventually owning nine drugstores and three ice cream parlors. He was the first African-American member of the Detroit Retail Druggist Association and president of Booker T. Washington Business Association. An endowed scholarship at Wayne State University's College of Pharmacy bears his name. Who is he? Check back next week for the answer!
YO!. Like my stat if you agree that 2010 was the best year! What was our slogan...cutting edge originators?? lol something like that, i'm a big believer that our class is really going to change the world. Cass Tech breeds nothing but Greatest. Like also if you agree with that, 2010 just happen to be the year that stuff got real. Watch out for us, Class of 2014 here I come.
All my S.E'ers who remember Mr. Washington??? You know a teacher had an impact on your life when you ay work thinking of the lil jokes and sayings the person would have..He use to ask me "Mr.Jordan! Are you a MF?" And I would look at em laughing like excuse me??? He'd go "MF! My Friend!, Are you My Friend?"...Uh Yea Mr.Washington Im Yo MF my baby!" Lol.Or for the Cass Tech Alum', who member Mr. Mulally? Bro kept me in the hall way. Talkin bout "Mr(in his voice) You're not going to learn anything being the goof ball"...I go "What am I learning out here though?"...He was stuck! Lol
Quick shout out to two fine coaching performances put in by Brandon Lee Parrish and Michael Thomas this year at U of D and Cass Tech. Perhaps a Regional Final showdown between these two is in our future? Go Cubs!
Happy Monday, Technicians! Here's a video we put together earlier this year to help promote Cass Tech.
Great job by our FreepHigh team at Cass Tech. This article made it on the Freep's high school sports page.
I enjoyed my baby TODAY. do proud of kayla. My tia an my god daughter ada is having fun trying out as a majorette dancer for cass tech known as (sophistry ladies) remind me of myself... An IAm Shawnna an her ladies b ball team winning today. An making it to the final four! ALLL MY BABIES GRADES ARE GREAT TOO!!! JESUS SHOWING OUT...IN PASTOR GAINES VOICE THANKK UNI JEESSUUS.
Per 2017 WR Donovan Peoples-Jones of Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) is visiting Tennessee this weekend.
DLS Basketball will host Cass Tech this Thursday Feb. 27th in the Bill Fox Gymnasium @ 6:00 PM. The team will travel to Clintondale HS this Friday Feb. 28th 7:00 PM. Good luck Pilots in the last games of the regular season before heading into the MHSAA Districts on Wed. Mar. 5th at Fraser High School, game time 4:30 PM.
Can anyone confirm if the Cass tech and King highschool chess teams got into a brawl during a tournament. If this is true Detroit is really going down the tubes.
Detroit Cass Tech RB Michael Weber told me he'll be in Knoxville. Michigan State and Michigan are currently out in front with Ohio State
July 14, 2013. Detroit City FC Supporters march to Cass Tech Stadium ahead of the Midwest Great Lakes Division Final against the Erie Admirals.
CONGRATS to CASS TECH for taking all 3 top spots!!! Optimist Club of Downtown Detroit is proud to announce it held its 2013-14 Essay Contest. Topic for this year’s essay contest was: “How Dreams Lead to Success!” Ten schools were invited to participate. The First, Second, and Third Place students will receive a cash prize and a medal. THE WINNERS : First Place Winner: Alea N. Goodall Cass Technical High School Age 18 Prize: $300.00 Second Place Winner: Iffat Saiyara Cass Technical High School Age 14 Prize: $200.00 Third Place Winner: LaNae Heard Cass Technical High School Age 15 Prize: $100.00 The Downtown Detroit Optimist Club will hold an awards luncheon on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 for all winners of the Essay and Oratorical Contest. Medals and Prizes will be handed out at this Recognition Celebration. The Essay winner, Alea N. Goodall, will now compete in the Michigan District Essay Contest representing our Club. The Michigan District Winner will be chosen in late April and the winner will compete ...
The Detroit Cass Tech football star accused of slamming a school security officer into the floor appeared in a Detroit courtroom this morning and waived his preliminary examination. Jayru Campbell, 17, was bound over to Wayne County Circuit Court to stand trial on charges of assault with intent to d...
DLS Varsity Basketball will host Cass Tech on Thursday Feb. 27th at 6:00 PM.
Seen the news and seen another classless MSU future student was recruited from Cass Tech committed to MSU whats the kid do in High School. Body slams the security guard after being asked to take his hood off. LMAO go Sparty
Shelly Nevels-Ester.LOVE how you are keeping up with folks you invite to the page! I hope to continue to add to the "You know you went to Cass Tech" page as well! You are so hospitable! LOL
I've read a lot of post about the young man from Cass Tech Jayru Campbell who is being charged with assault. People seem to angry that this young man was charged. As a parent of a young black male we try to teach Donovan that with every decision there is a consequence that he has to be responsible for. I'm not sure when it became acceptable for a child to put their hands on an adult period. As a mom my heart hurts for Jayru as a citizen I don't think he should be treated any different. When I was growing up no matter what a adult said or did to me I knew my place and when Kiara talked back to adult no matter how right she thought she was I was there to check that behavior and if the adult was out of line I was there to check that behavior to. It seems like today kids lack accountability. Young black males will always have it tough it just the world we live in, but when they put themselves in situations without thinking they must be accountable. You are no always a victim. Sometimes you are the cause.
Dear Friends: I’m asking you to donate to the Detroit Urban Debate League. Every student debating, anywhere, is worth our financial support. But here’s one reason why I am donating to the DUDL this year: The people of Detroit are facing unique challenges, the consequences of decisions over which they had little control. While the nation and media argue over whose decisions they were, and why they were destructive, the people of Detroit struggle on every day, in challenging and often daunting conditions. In my work with the Public Banking Institute, I’ve gotten to know many of these dedicated and brave people, including parents and coordinators of the DUDL. Their students have experienced some impressive success. Cass Tech won the public debate division of the National Urban Debate League championship last year, and a University Prep team has qualified for the prestigious 2014 Tournament of Champions. The DUDL is in need of immediate funding to finish its year and stay afloat for next year. They serv ...
Cass Tech High School's star quarterback showed little emotion as he stood in court Monday for a preliminary exam related to...
Ok. The kid from Cass Tech who slammed the body guard was wrong but Prosecutors trying to give a kid thats at least going to school with promise of college 10 years.. when you have folks out here being real live goons eluding the system not even thinking about productivity...
With the exception of the Ren Cen, what's another tall building in the Detroit area? I have to get ready for the Fight for Air Climb this Sunday and I'm not quite at my Shawn Duncan or Doug Williams physique yet. If not, I'll be doin Cass Tech (up 6 down 6)
Day 23 and birthday edition of my Black History Month salute to fashion. I profile Ms. Tracy Reese!!! Designer to American Royalty, Ms. Reese's designs have outfitted the First Lady, Michelle Obama on many occasions. I will gladly accept one of Reese's Pieces for my Birthday!! Size 6 on top, 4 on the bottom.Thank you very much in advance!!! With an innate desire to create beautiful things, Detroit native Tracy Reese headed for Manhattan in 1982 after graduating from my Alma Mater.Cass tech to attend Parsons School of Design where she received an accelerated degree in 1984. Upon graduation, Reese apprenticed under designer Martine Sitbon while working for the small contemporary firm, Arlequin. Reese has also worked at the some of the industry’s top fashion houses, including Perry Ellis where she was the design director for Women’s Portfolio. In 1996, Reese launched her eponymous collection to rave reviews. Perfect for the modern woman, Reese’s debut showcased ultra-feminine, polished pieces layered . ...
At my nephews game at Cass Tech let's go Gators !
Yep, for sho'!!! Life was much more simple, peaceful and full of fun! And then, there was life at Cass Tech!!!
- GIRLS HOOPS: King beats Cass Tech 51-41 in the PSL Championship
Awesome video from University of Michigan Engineering Zone featuring many Cass Tech students and our wonderful President, Lisa Phillips. Cass Tech is still second to none and home to many partnerships and educational experiences.
CHIVALRY IS ALIVE AND PRESENT IN THE CITY OF DETROIT…ALL OVER DETROIT CITY COUNCIL! Thank you to: Brian White (Staff to Councilwoman Mary Sheffield) Alex Hurley (Staff to Councilman Andre Spivey) Reginald Alexander (Staff to Councilman James Tate) Yesterday the three gentlemen rushed to my rescue by dislodging my SUV, which had become stuck in the snow. Their assistance allowed me to pick up my granddaughter from Cass Tech just in the nick of time. Because of these three gentlemen, I have a memory that will last me a long time if not for EVER. Again thanks, gentlemen. I know your families are very proud of you. You demonstrated caring when you could have chosen to do something different. I know each of you was suppose to be at another meeting dealing with City Council business! To: Councilwoman Sheffield, Councilman Spivey, and Councilman Tate, please excuse the tardiness of these three gentlemen. They were at the business of aiding a “damsel” in distress! In fact, I personally observed them as ...
How Cass Tech has changed over the years.
This Tuesday, February 18th, LIVE LOVE LAUGH is bringing alot of funny for a lil money. Mitch's bar on Grand River across from Cass Tech. $5 cover at 7 o'clock gets u Jimmy Black Friday Foster, Nathan Chase, Joshua Adams and Monique Anderson and Jason Scott. That averages out to $1 per comic. We've got drink specials and an open kitchen. Come out and get ur laugh fix. See u there. 2549 Grand River.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
"Join Run This Town tomorrow at Cass Tech for a special Valentine's Day Networkingout session. Don't let the weather slow you down from achieving your personal best!
Anyone know what the outcome was for that kid from Cass Tech that body-slammed the security guard?. just saw on the Detroit Free Press that Kym W...
Jeffrey Edison, attorney for Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell, speaks outside of 36th District Court after Campbell is arraigned for assaulting a security guard at his high school in January. Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press
Detroit Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell is expected to be charged Tuesday with assaulting a school security guard, according to online court documents obtained by The Detroit News.
Michigan State football recruit Jayru Campbell, a junior quarterback from Detroit Cass Tech, has been charged with two counts of assault following a highly-publicized incident last month
Prosecutors will announce the charging decision for Cass Tech High School football player Jayru Campbell Tuesday, who is accused of assaulting a school security guard.
This past week has been a very powerful week in Detroit history and culture - we lost Catherine Blackwell and Johnny Allen. However, Detroit keeps producing legendary figures, like bassist Marion Hayden. Madame Hayden, who was appropriately dubbed "Queen of the Bass" by Roy Brooks, was born into a musical family in Detroit. She attended Cass Tech but, graduated from Henry Ford High School. She is an educated and trained entomologist, graduate of the University of Michigan - balancing her work as a scientist and a musician. Much of her jazz foundation was laid in the Detroit Metro- Arts Summer Program, under the teaching of Wendell Harrison, Marcus Belgrave, Harold McKinney, and Roy Brooks. Through the years, she has performed with M. Belgrave, Charles Boles, Teddy Harris, Jr., Jimmy Wilkins Orchestra, Buddy Budson, Lamonte Hamilton, saxophonist George Benson, "Doc" Halloday, Randy Gilespie, Donald Walden, Kenn Cox, and Stanley "Chief" Booker. She was one of the original members of the all female g ...
Covering the King/Cass Tech and Chandler Park Academy/Michigan Collegiate 🏀 games tomorrow. Both rival games!
A Cass Tech High School student's detective work helps track down the owner of a missing school ring. It turns out, it belonged to a Detroit police officer. She was surprised to get the phone call!
Ok I have read all the FB messages, all the news reports and other social media reports of this kid from Cass Tech, the new report reported that his mother is a single mother raising him and there are financial issues in the household, ok so I too am a single mother with a 16 year old son who is a athletic plays football and basketball and is very good at both, no he don't attend DPS schools, where these kids are being scouted from colleges where as we have to show case our kids for them to get looked at, but I have raised my son that you follow rules, that you respect adults whether your right or wrong and let me handle things when the adult your dealing with is in the wrong, being a single mother of a son I have raised him to stand up and stand out with greatness, where no adult can talk down on him, but only can praise him, this young man has a support team, he has his coach who is going to make sure colleges look at him, my son don't, now the school is stepping up to help this kid only because he is a ...
Has Cass Tech Quarterback Jayru Campbell crossed the line? Charges may come against the junior honor student and his football dreams may be in jeopard
UPDATE Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell set to play at arrested after video surfaces:
Okay, so Cass Tech is all over the news today. Jayru Campbell is a friend of my son's and I am keeping him in my prayers. That is all I will say about the matter.
Jayru Campbell, the two-time state champion Cass Tech quarterback, may be in some trouble.  Campbell, a four star quarterback committment to Mi
By now, you've probably heard whisperings or talk about an incident involving Jayru Campbell. If you don't know, video surfaced of the Cass Tech quarterback and 2015 MSU commit bodyslamming a...
2015 4 Star Recruit Cass Tech QB Jayru Campbell had a lot going for himself until today. Since his freshman year, the Cass Tech signal caller lead his football team to 3 consecutive trips to the D...
😢Sad about the Jayru Campbell kid from Cass Tech. High School All-American ;Two State Championship & A Full-Ride to Michigan State now all gone because he had no self-control or discipline to walk away from a security guard & get to class ...instead he picks the security guard up & slammed him on his head like a WWF World Champion praying that he can recover from this incident & have a bright future.1bad decision can cost you."Alot"😢
(WXYZ) - Police confirm that Jayru Campbell, the Cass Tech star quarterback who has committed to play for Michigan State University in 2015, body slammed a s...
This is allegedly video of MSU QB commit Jayru Campbell body slamming a Cass Tech Security Guard. Will be interesting to see if this is really him, will have to wait for Cass Tech to talk.
2015 Michigan State football commit Jayru Campbell Cass Tech High School’s Jayru Campbell is making news for all the wrong reasons. The 4-star recruit according to 247Sports, was videotaped by a Cass Tech student body-slamming a security guard…
Cass Tech '78 will be at Baker's Sat Jan 18 to hang with Eric Watson and his band. Inviting everyone to enjoy great evening
Well I've never seen Cass Tech run so I can't judge them on how good they are
We had a game today against cass tech
Detroit Cass Tech DB John Miggins Highlights, this Kid is on Run support >>>
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