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Cass Sunstein

Cass Robert Sunstein (born September 21, 1954) is an American legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioral economics, who currently is the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration.

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Now we know Cass Sunstein meant white survivalists: people who oppose an ongoing white genocide. It makes more sense now.
Alex Jones once presented a paper from Cass Sunstein where he announced to use the anti-terrorism laws against survivalists.
Donald. I hope you're aware of the TRAITOR CASS SUNSTEIN !
Cass Sunstein on the role of free will in | VIEWPOINT
Yo Mooch! We have hope:. Hillary is indicted. VJ is deported. Cass Sunstein is mothballed. Bill Ayers moves in with you. You look in a mirror
Sunstein deeply admires Hayek & his key insights: "Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Knowledge Problem" by Cass Sunstei…
Obama advisor Cass Sunstein reads Hayek & his work on regulations & market failure are informed by Hayek's science…
Cass Sunstein and Larry Summers and Brad DeLong and tens of thousands of other social theorists.
Cass Sunstein. Married to Samantha Powers - U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
Don't let the fact that Samantha Power is married to the Jew, Cass Sunstein. Look HIM up and you'll see the poster child for liberalism.
“You use behavioral scientists & you figure out with behavioral scientists how to get people to nudge them-that is Cass Sunstein"
Cass Sunstein is a blithering *** Only a complete moron would take his advice.
Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein… nuff said. Kick Them Out of US!
Is the Force strong with the powers that be in Congress? Jim Tankersley + Cass Sunstein discuss this Friday.
There are studies that show that many forms of diversity *improve* collective decision-making: e.g. Cass Sunstein
In the language of Cass Sunstein, it's a way of 'nudging' silly millennials to 'grow up' and get with the (DNC) program.
domain names
Have you recently been a victim of partyism?
"Interview with Cass Sunstein: With Habits, It Helps to Adopt Simple Rules" by on
Cass Sunstein: Government just got more powerful. That's a good thing. via
Reading Wikipedia about Cass Sunstein,friend and advisor of Obama.,spouse of UN AMB Samantha Power. Wants to change 1A, remove marriage.
Or aspects of it anyway. It comes off as condescending in a (proto-?)Cass Sunstein kinda way. Poor needing a push.
Welcome to the age of partyism - and it's probably about to get even worse.
How many Republicans does Cass know, do you think
Liberals are sometimes defined as people who can't take their own side in a...
you had a tough assignment. We will see how well Cass Sunstein does.
Here's Cass Sunstein (married to Samantha Power) twisting himself into a pretzel about how community is Actually Bad
Cass Sunstein, Mark Tushnet - these are the strategic brains of the regime:
Obama, Cass Sunstein with his nudge squads, and Port Angeles will help you 'weatherize.' More indoor CO2 med, mental & genderProbs &violence
Have you got tickets yet? The World According to book talk is in one week
Odd that Sunstein's "Partyism" says nought about rightward shift of Repubs:
For a bit more context, here is a brief intro to Obama's marxist comrades:
Honored to be speaking at the Brattle Theater on the World According to Star Wars. .
Catholicism is a wide tent in terms of political and legal positions. We co...
Peter Orszag & Cass Sunstein: Some crimes should be forgotten via
. Cass Sunstein 'Food water and Shelter Should not be a Right', unless the R's agree.
Cass Sunstein and the modern regulatory state: submitted by /u/jimrosenz [link] [comments]
Cass Sunstein and the modern regulatory state
From the 68 Convention to the Chicago school of Neo-Con power, to Obama and Cass Sunstein's Bolshevik takeover of America
I guess he wants "fair speech" not "free speech". Trump sounds like former Obama czar Cass Sunstein
Employing behavioral modification in totalitarian
.I found Cass Sunstein's Constitution of Many Minds compelling in so far as interpretation of Constitution. I understood it easily.
Cass Sunstein for Chair of the President's Council of Psychological Advisors
Obama and Cass Sunstein... engineered everything around the Soros agenda
It is uncertain what Cass Sunstein defines as in al-Andalus, but unlike their products, with diff of the intellectual, religious & hy...
her views on Israel seem to match his and she's married to Cass Sunstein. Win- win.
For those who seek to us through are but
She's married to Cass Sunstein, both radical left wingers or Communists.
(Not that he was ever among the best of us. But still above Cass Sunstein.)
Hostile ideologue Cass Sunstein preaches fear from the altar of man-made global-warming:
A double-edged sword, indeed. Cass Sunstein's articles on the dangers of "information cocoons" are, I believe, spot on.
In the book, I'd love greater elaboration of how the "ludic rationality" of Cass Sunstein et al. harms us.
Cass Sunstein needs to be "nudged" into a padded cell. He's a terribly deranged individual and was an Obama czar
“Cass Sunstein’s wife advising on the Responsibility to Protect,” Glenn said “If you’re in the circle of Soros,she was a queen."
When I was an academic, I'd sometimes get a little feeling of excitement wh...
If there's a regulation that's saving 10,000 lives and costing one job, it'...
"...a sincere “thank you” to people like Normal Lear, and attorney Cass Sunstein and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,...
2 of 5 stars to On Rumors by Cass R. Sunstein
This would be so funny if it wasn'y true. Cass Sunstein would be proud.
Talking about the Cass Sunstein & others who worked with Soros LGBT to ruin education. Can't recall name.
.Even Cass Sunstein used to say should not invent constitutional right to same-sex marriage.
Nothing like using the media to "nudge" the narrative. I read your books, you are no better than Cass Sunstein.
Mrs. Cass Sunstein is one of the worst of the worst of the worst President in History's worst administration in history
is following the instructions Cass Sunstein gave him.
Cass Sunstein: Yes, restaurant calorie labels help some of us make better food choices | Dallas Morning News
Cass Sunstein Tries to Explain that the Equal Protection Clause doesn’t Actually Mean what it Says
.Caliber of analytic knowledge of Constitution & its ethical implications best understood by Cass Sunstein & Judge Richard Posner.
.To replace Judge Scalia, I would opt with the caliber of Cass Sunstein or Richard Posner. Most eminent thinkers. Several others notable.
If there isn't I'm sure Cass Sunstein would be happy to assist.
THIS is hilarious!! "Cass Sunstein: Devastated by Justice Scalia's death. One of the most important justices (cont)
Cass Sunstein mounts a defense of academic jargon:
LRT: I really like Cass Sunstein, but I don’t know about that.
Cass Sunstein: The Antonin I knew will be greatly missed
Praise from Justice Ginsberg, Axelrod, CASS SUNSTEIN!. TRUTH of Justice Scalia hidden by media! .
There's a big difference between the role of an academic and the role of so...
Cass Sunstein just penned a tribute to Scalia highlighting that he was his student at Chicago Law, and received his papers. Is this a hint?
Cass Sunstein's tribute is also worth reading: .
Cass Sunstein's heart-warming tribute to Antonin Scalia via BV
Pretty amazing coming from someone like Cass Sunstein.
I was a research fellow at UChicago when Scalia was on faculty & Cass was in his 1st year with office next to mine.
Cass Sunstein to the rescue. In his recently published book, On Rumors,. Obama regulatory czar suggests websites be forced to remove false
comprehensive corrective tax! Your welfare eco. stopped in 1961.
What do you think of Cass Sunstein Sir?
Slides for lecture on Logic of Risk Taking. Best definition of rationality: what Cass Sunstein defines as irrational
. Some of us simply made a comment regarding you quoting Cass Sunstein, a loathsome Leftist social engineer who hates America...
No, you shared a quote from America hating Leftist Cass Sunstein & what he said about Scalia... stop your lying.
Cass Sunstein, a man of the Left, knows greatness when he sees it, unlike partisan hacks who are dancing today.
"The Scalia I knew, and why he'll be greatly missed," by Cass Sunstein via
Cass Sunstein on Antonin Scalia and the rule of law
.Richard Posner & Cass Sunstein have constructively worked the problem of reasoning. And of course organizational behavior theorists do well
I don't think we're the Democratic Party of appointing Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, Cass Sunstein, Mary Jo White, etc anymore.
I liked a video from Cass Sunstein and Cognitive Infiltration + John Le Bon Shill
. Cass Sunstein drafted 'New Deal Fairness Doctrine'. It all begins w/Gov control under the guise of "helping"
Advisers like Diane Feinstein &Cass Sunstein seem 2think only gov &its appointed agents are qualified 2speak on public interest.
Cass Sunstein has written a review of my new book with George Akerlof, Phishing for Phools:.
Dissent and Whistleblowing. A review by Brian Martin of Cass R. Sunstein's 'Why Societies Need Dissent' --->
Speaker Ryan overheard; the R caucus can be assured I will not endorse Cass Sunstein for SCOTUS, or as dog catcher in Wasilla
Role assignment in discussions can help all members open up and counterbalance
At the Symposium, discussed the dynamics of government. Read:
Valerie Jarrett and Cass Sunstein aren't nervous at all.
Why silent leaders create better teams: via
Another book by Cass Sunstein!. How to Humble a Wingnut and Other Lessons from Behavioral Economics via
Behavioral science saves government millions. So how about investing half the savings in behavioral science research? http…
Cass Sunstein: Ben Carson’s odd take on the Constitution: It "ended slavery and involuntary servitude in the U...
Cass R. Sunstein: Ben Carson’s take on the Constitution is odd: Carson is unmistakably outraged by the direction in…
Obama Czar Cass Sunstein wrote in Cognitive Infiltration his goal of infiltrating Conspiracy theories with the...
It was Ambassor Rice and WH advisor Power (cass sunstein wife) who convinced HRC to do the stupid Brangelina peacenik s…
Cass Sunstein and his "nudge" only work sometimes, for some folks. Other folks need a good whackin.
The new Cass Sunstein, who was previously the new Bill Ayers, who was previously the new Saul Alinsky.
Sid Blumenthal is the new Cass Sunstein, Van Jones or Alinksy - a minor figure given God-like status by delusional cons.
(you would think this piece was written by Cass Sunstein aka Soetoro's Information Czar and Sam…
Calling Obama an authority on Constitutional Law stretches reality. He taught it as lecturer, not as scholar(unlike his buddy Cass Sunstein)
Max Fisher's crazed attack on Sy Hersh in Vox includes video interview with Cass Sunstein on "conspiracy theories"
BTW, Cass Sunstein, used by Vox in its attack on Sy Hersh, is married to Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nation…
Even weirder, Cass Sunstein and Vladimir Putin shared an astrologist in the lead up to Operation Desert Storm. True story.
I was thrilled to see this review of my Mill-Taylor! . By Cass R. Sunstein via
I agree sugar is a problem in excess, but "nudging" us toward regulation? Hello, Cass Sunstein!
FYI- BEWARE of RAT Cass Sunstein proposal to infiltrate web to find groups who disagree & oppose comrades
Added to Wish List: 'Choosing Not to Choose: Understanding the Value of Choice' by Cass R. Sunstein
Incredible week: Review essay @ JEL, CUP accepts book, Cass Sunstein reviews Hayek on Mill for NY Rev of Books!
Well, any that doesn't include Cass Sunstein citing James Madison to argue for more secrecy a success in my book!
Off to Thank God Cass Sunstein won't be there this year arguing for more secrecy!! (
happening. I just wasn't expecting TLC to kowtow so quick. Nudge nudge push push. Cass Sunstein talk about this in his book nudge
kinda unfortunate that someone who might as well be a Cass Sunstein 9/11 truth discrediting shill has over 2,000 followers
A great team is more that the sum of the abilities of it's members. Great teams know personalities matter.
Lefty Harvard law profs Cass Sunstein and Noah Feldman battle over Perez ruling.
"When All Nine Justices Agree": Law professor Cass R. Sunstein has this essay online today at Bloomberg View.
Did anyone read "Nudge" by Cass Sunstein?. Well, Charles CW Cooke's book is taking the same tactic (to the left).
Habits are contagious - academic effort is influenced by peers - Nudge improving decisions about... by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
Check out the first chapter of Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. Or Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow
Here's a great article and book on the topic of Groupthink by Cass Sunstein, author of Nudge.
Cass Sunstein discusses his research on groupthink, the subject of the book "Wiser."
Cass Sunstein: I don't know if that happens with um what you're saying. Stewart: You can say the word Jew
Cass Sunstein: When people talked only to their like-minded groups, it was like they're from different countries.
The 114th Congress has its first day on the job, Congressman Michael Grimm resigns following corruption charges, and Cass Sunstein discusses his book "Wiser."
I want to read this book. MT author discussed his book w/ Jon Stewart
ReadCass Sunstein's bio and watch Cass Sunstein videos on The Daily Show.
via HarvardBiz: .HarvardBiz author CassSunstein discussed his new book with Jon Stewart on ...
.author discussed his new book with Jon Stewart on last night’s
Thanks to Jon Stewart for having me on to discuss my book Wiser (& for raising unexpected constitutional questions!).
Taping After Words today w/ on groupthink hosted by Airs this weekend
Last night's featured in a great convo about political polarization & his book WISER
I miss Fox News. Cass Sunstein on Bloomberg is making me ill.
Why not Nudge?: Now as ever, I agree with Cass Sunstein’s views on many matters. I above all agree that nudgin... http…
Cass Sunstein on the 'fresh start effect' of NY resolutions and mental accounts
Cass Sunstein on The Daily Show talking about group-think: USA - // Can -
on or why you should NEVER get your news from Fox News or MSNBC.
First Mitch McConnell impression of the year. Oh happy day. :) (.
So who's still up watching the Daily Show because I have Cass Sunstein hot taeks
The book Wiser by Cass Sunstein will be my next purchase. Saw it on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. The description is really catchy.
Cass Sunstein talks about group think on
Oh joy, Jon Stewart just interviewed mr "cognitive infiltrator," Cass Sunstein, kill me now
Cass Sunstein on acting like he just discovered Irving Janis 1972 anyone?
Started by R Thaler & Cass Sunstein. As scary as it is, neutrality for choice architects seem highly unlikely.
Do you know the Richard Thaler / Cass Sunstein book? The aim of a consultation is a balanced & neutral view - no nudging. 1/2
That weird time when Cass Sunstein is sort of praising Hayek
*** enthralled by the narcissism of small differences. Or may dark operatives of Cass Sunstein and DNC.
Why Nudge? - RSA Spotlight: Cass Sunstein is a professor of law at Harvard University
Ambassador Samantha Power to kick off event organized by Shmuley Boteach. Yay Mrs. Cass Sunstein! Cass was my childhood friend.
There is no liberty without dependency. ~ Cass Sunstein.
Hayek's Message for Victorious Republicans. by non Hayekian Cass R. Sunstein via
I am waiting to see to which other arm of the federal government he transfers a la Susan Rice or Cass Sunstein.
Having Sarah Hall Ingram in charge of Obamacare is like putting Cass Sunstein on the NSA oversight c... -
And that this discussion comes from an article on partyism by Cass Frigging Sunstein doesn't strike as ironic?
Book talk and discussion with Professor Cass Sunstein + more
New books in our collection include titles by Cass Sunstein, Eric Posner
Another View -- Cass R. Sunstein The hidden tax you pay when you wait
Book talk and discussion with Professor Cass Sunstein
I liked a video Daniel Kahneman, in conversation with Cass Sunstein
A thoughtful discussion of recent books by along with some worries about the morality of nudging. . http…
'Partyism' Now Trumps Racism. Good essay by Cass Sunstein on modern bigotry.
powers is a left wing radical married to Cass sunstein, grand plan through "regulation" is kill industry in US!
It's 'Samantha Power,' no 'S,' Easier to say Mrs. Cass Sunstein...
Thought this would be an interesting piece, but then it kicked off w "Cass Sunstein and David Brooks think..." tl;dr
Up to 4 or 5 years old aren't human & can be aborted? That's pure Cass Sunstein.
So will Samantha Power go into 21 day "voluntary" quarantine away frm her children & hubby Cass Sunstein? Useful ***
Cass Sunstein is "far left"? A "modern Communist Manifesto"? Soros conspiracy theories? Give me a break. Or tell it to Ron Paul
CWRU offers free tickets to Town Hall lecture by author and legal scholar Cass Sunstein
Rationality and Irrationality in Government - Video and audio - Cass Sunstein | via
Legal scholar/best-selling author is speaking on Monday, Nov. 3.
[Crain's Cleveland] Legal scholar Cass Sunstein to speak at Case Western Reserve on Nov. 3
Interview with Cass Sunstein ‘Nudge is not about translating research’ (possible firewall)
Harvard law professor, bestselling author Cass Sunstein to present at CWRU | the daily
Yet another Leftist useful *** ..and let's not forget her equally addled husband, Cass Sunstein.
Invented by Cass Sunstein by analogy with racism. Means judging people by their beliefs instead of skin color, somehow bad??
GOODBYE GRANDMA & GRANDPA: obama czar Cass Sunstein wrote:“I urge that the govt should indeed focu...
Sunstein does great work at Why Partyism Is Wrong
agree w/former Obama adviser Cass Sunstein who wants to ban hunting and says animals should be represented in court.
Mrs. Cass Sunstein. humanitarian bomber, psyop queen, all around hypocrite, mother of two.
Cass Sunstein: "American has much to learn from Communist China regarding the brainwashing of school children."
Cass Sunstein once again proves to be the most dangerous man in America – Glenn Beck via
I did a book talk at Harvard Law on The Constitution of Risk, and the video is below. The commentators were some of Earth's best constitutional law scholars, all HLS colleagues: in order of speaking, Cass Sunstein, Mark Tushnet, and Richard Fallon. Very grateful to them, to the audience, and to the Harvard Law School Library for organizing. Extra bonus discussion just for Jacob T. Levy, towards the end: was Bentham a hedgehog, a fox, or ... somehow both?
| Cass Sunstein look at what he suggests for "Conspiracy Theories" and government infiltration section.
Bartender asked if I wanted a single or a double. It was a Cass Sunstein-worthy nudge.
Opinion: Nudging taxpayers to do the right thing. By Cass Sunstein The record
Don't feel like paying your taxes? Here's why you gotta pony up anyway
They're the and They reject putschists. They're what looks like. They want fundamental rights everyone deserves. They're putting their bodies on the line for them. They're a model for freedom-loving people everywhere. The only solution to state repression is revolution. It grips Eastern Ukraine. It's spreading throughout the region. Activists in a dozen or more cities are involved. So are others in small towns and villages. What's ongoing perhaps heads toward mass insurrection. Democratic change requires sustained resistance. Ukrainians represent hope. They deserve universal support. On April 14, Reuters headlined "Ukraine's east braces for anti-rebel operation as deadline passes." Lawless full-scale assault looms. Illegitimate putschist president Oleksandr Turchynov blames Moscow. "We will not allow Russia to repeat the Crimean scenario in the eastern regions of Ukraine," he said. Obama's UN envoy Samantha Power lacks credibility. She's ideologically over-the-top. Her husband, Cass Sunstein, is former Ob ...
Kavanaugh also quotes Cass Sunstein on cost, even though he OK'd the MATS standards when he was at OMB.
Cass Sunstein, of course, signed off on MATS while in White House, approving finding that benefits outweighed costs by up to 9 to 1.
Ct. amusingly tweaks Cass Sunstein: "generalities by academics criticizing the S.Ct. for failing to read congressional statutes as they do."
" “What Cass Sunstein proposed in a purely academic setting – that was his excuse – the British NSA has now verified… I mean how crazy is that? Wake up, America! Wake up!"
She also hates Israel in spite of her being married to Cass Sunstein. Yeah, *that* Cass Sunstein.
Maybe because she is married to Cass Sunstein? Or maybe because the Russian's are thumbing nose at her?
Cass R. Sunstein - For many years, I have studied human behavior, including the mistakes occasionally made by...
Of interest to moral philosophers: Michael Dorf reviews Cass Sunstein on "trolleyology":
Still, I do appreciate her efforts. She follows Cass Sunstein's model: Hard to do.
HELLO AMERICA, ANYONE HOME? Mrs. Cass Sunstein is just as dangerously stupid or communist as her husband. WAKE THE HECK UP PEOPLE
I'm working on pieces about civil rights movement post-King and a piece on Cass Sunstein's theory of government.
This woman is DANGEROUS ... quite HAZARDOUS to our FREEDOM!!! Keep an eye on her ... she is trouble ... She is also very well connected with the Obama White House and ... she is the wife of CASS SUNSTEIN ... remember him . Obama's first Regulation Czar ... He is now teaching at one of our Institutions of Learning ... and Samantha is the one doing the damage!
TODAY - Book talk with lunch: Cass Sunstein on Why Nudge?: The Politics of Libertarian Paternalism. In the Library's Caspersen Room at noon.
Don't see Open Govt Directive on one hand, Cass Sunstein on other is moderate. More MPD.
Power is an armchair warmonger, she pushed to bomb She's married to spooky US propaganda chief Cass Sunstein
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ngl, reading The Second Bill of Rights by Cass Sunstein is giving me a whole bunch of new respect for FDR.
The idea for central planning + central control of school lunches originated with Cass Sunstein in his neo-marxist pamphlet "Nudge".
she and her husband Cass Sunstein r best friends with Obama
Cass Sunstein's wife...the guy who came up with idea of gov internet goon hit squads attacking USppls free speech.
“MT .Guess what Cass Sunstein's Wife and Obama's new US Ambassador to UN is up to?
Still waiting for a Cass Sunstein article that doesn't creep me out...
.What would you expect? She's married to Cass Sunstein. Two kooks who found each other.
finished Nudge by Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler and gave it 5 stars
Jeff--Cass Sunstein mentioned Hayek twice speaking to Harvard Law School alumni...Hayek now part of intellectual discourse!
Information & Regulartory Czar Cass Sunstein. Obama's pen and our federal gov't doing his bidding.
Professor Cass Sunstein is speaking about four constitutional personnae -- heroes, soldiers, Burkeans, and mutes.
I think citizens are being provoked, poked and prodded ... 'nudged,' to use Cass Sunstein's term .. something is just not right.
Another horrible power couple: Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein
- GOP would abolish EPA & slash regs. & Cass Sunstein seek to gut regs in name of efficiency
War Criminal Henry Kissinger, with the wife of Cass Sunstein, US Ambassador Samantha Power
In Cass Sunstein's upcoming sequel to Nudge, he posits that societal leaders can acculturate war criminals by introducing them to baseball.
"I strongly feel the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess & use guns for both hunting & self-defense." ~ Cass Sunstein
This Cass Sunstein piece in the NYRB is unimpressive.
Cass Sunstein has a new book out and is on the NSA oversight panel, FYI
Obama advisor Cass Sunstein warns that free speech can cause "unjustified suspicion" of weasel scumball politicians
LNW is pleased to announce that Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein will be speaking at the 2014 Public...
Cass Sunstein lecture. Such a compelling speaker, for whom cost benefit analysis never really runs out.
TEN - The Network launches june 27. Cass Sunstein first name to be released
A brief introduction to the Bolshevik ideologues attempting to control your access to medical care:
Cass Sunstein has a good column on why investors make bad decisions. Emotions can overcome good sense.:
Cass Sunstein wins transparency award, calls for secrecy and argues free speech goes too far
Flight 370 Conspiracy or No? by Jeff Prager Anyone remember Cass Sunstein? Do you believe him? I do. Sunstein's 2004 book, The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever, advocates the Second Bill of Rights proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Among these rights are a right to an education, a right to a home, a right to health care, and a right to protection against monopolies; Sunstein argues that the Second Bill of Rights has had a large international impact and should be revived in the United States. Surprising, right? It was to me. Let's examine Sunstein's approach to conspiracy theory. Cass Sunstein developed the concept of availability cascades, wherein popular discussion of an idea is self-feeding and causes individuals to overweight its importance. Please think about that because I want to tell you, he's right. What did Sunstein say, precisely, about conspiracy theory? Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled "Conspiracy Theories," dea ...
alex Wagner interviewing Cass Sunstein about "conspiracy theories". How bizarre. Spent most of interview talking about "good" conspiracy theories like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. I kid you not. Much discussion about conspiracy theories surrounding ML977. Seems to me, ANY speculation regarding ML977 is a theory. The facts as we know them hardly support an accident or fire, but that would be the only "theory" that does not involve a "conspiracy". Sunstein acknowledged that Watergate was a real conspiracy, but still unwilling to describe 9/11 as a conspiracy. Even though, if you believe the official version, it is STILL A CONSPIRACY. (more than one person, etc etc) They avoided mentioning the conspiracy reality that is the JFK assassination.
Cass Sunstein, the former head of the Obama administration's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,
Cass Sunstein: "Dark side" of NYT v. Sullivan is public now looks at leaders with suspicion. -- I'd call that a plus.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mrs. Cass Sunstein spoke longer than Obama did earlier today after the emergency Security Council meeting concerning Of course, what she said leaves many questions: "To this end, the United States calls for an urgent international mediation mission to the Crimea to begin to deescalate the situation, and facilitate productive and peaceful political dialogue among all Ukrainian parties." [LC- Not On This Watch]
R U part of this Frank? - Glenn Beck exposes Cass Sunstein fantasy
NONE OF INTEGRITY, MORALS OR AMERICAN IDEALS- ALL AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION- GREAT JOB SHEEPLE " Cass Sunstein was nominated and approved to be Obama’s “Regulatory Czar.” He supports massive gun control and doesn’t believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. He has straight out said, “We ought to ban hunting.” While this fruitcake strips Americans of their Constitutional right to own guns, he wants to give rights to animals and has argued that “Animals should be permitted to bring suit…” Naturally, he also supports the “Fairness Doctrine,” the wrongly-named concept which allows the government to regulate the airwaves. 2-Climate Czar – Todd Stern Stern, a veteran of the Clinton administration, was the U.S. negotiator at the Kyoto conference in 1997 (which called for dramatic climate change regulations based on bogus assumptions.) Had the treaty been implemented, it would have plunged the world into economic chaos. Since then, new evidence has revealed that the major climate mod ...
WH review panel member Cass Sunstein, when asked for comment: "I think the Boston Red Sox are gonna win the World Series."
Jeffrey Rosen interviews Cass Sunstein about the NSA task force recommendations
Yesterday the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, which included Professor Geoffrey Stone and former Chicago prof Cass Sunstein, released its recommendations for reforming the government's surveillance programs. You can ead the group's op-ed in The New York Times at and a New York Daily News post interviewing Prof. Stone at
Today, President Obama met with his Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies -- Richard Clarke, Michael Morell, Geoffrey Stone, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire -- to discuss the report they submitted to the President on December 13.
Regulations from *** like Cass Sunstein,(one of Obama's closest bestest friends) they have made it possible to arrest any man, woman, or child under some flimsy regulation and seize their assets. This is how Nazi Germany got started folks and it is going on like gangbusters with the Obama Regime. You won’t even be able to hire a lawyer because you have no money and the Regime KNOWS THIS and YOU will have to prove that you aren’t guilty, if you are even charged with a crime! Even if guilty of a crime (think Madoff) the government skims a profit. They seize 2.5 BILLION from Madoff's bank account and pay out 293 MILLION to the victims, thus banking a 2.47 BILLION dollar profit. *** they've been skimming the profits on Social Security since its inception. Who says that crime don’t pay? Why didn’t the IRS seize Turbo Tax Timmy’s assets? Or Solis’? or Dashhole’s? Or Selbelius’? Or Paulson’s? Why wasn’t Goldman Sachs assets seized when the SEC charged Goldman with securities fraud in th ...
Oh dear. Cass Sunstein has written yet another book on conspiracy theories
Cass Sunstein, Harvard law professor, discusses his book "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness," at Cambridge Forum.
More on economic inequality and the unequal recovery, this time by Cass Sunstein
Snowden psyop - Sunstein and CIA @ Time of the Leak Advisers Fixing the "Crisis" Cau… via
Oh CMON. How dare you diminish the HUMAN DRAMA in Cass Sunstein trying to make change only to be thrown aside? REAL HUMAN DRAMA.
have a look at this. Sunstein, Snowden and CISPA -
I wonder how Cass Sunstein feels abt having his recommendations pre-empted? . Real human drama, to have whitewash committee treated as such.
The Snowden Psyop was always intended to give those 800 companies exactly what they wanted: a population ready to...
Cass Sunstein and CIA Director at Time of the Leak are the Advisers ... -
In the aftermath of the Little India riot, I have been asked by several people about my views on it. I have resisted writing about the riot as I didn’t think I could add much more to what’s already been said by various more informed commentators. I’m also not particularly familiar with issues related to the welfare of our migrant workers.   But an interview request by Channel News Asia combined with how the riot is being characterized and rationalized by the authorities have forced me to think more deeply about the riot – its causes as well as how I think government and society more generally should respond to it. So here are my preliminary thoughts on the matter.     Resisting our Impulses   One of the things that behavioral economists and cognitive psychologists emphasize is the very human, deeply psychological tendency to respond to complex and unexpected events instinctively – what Daniel Kahneman calls “fast thinking” or what Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein (of “Nudge”) call th ...
Obama advisers recommend NSA overhaul after surveillance scandal – report: The panel of experts called the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology was called in August in response to the public revelations of the NSA’s mass electronic surveillance by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The five-strong task force is to submit its recommendations to the Obama administration on Saturday, but the document is not yet finalized, and it’s not clear how much of it the White House chooses to make public. The newspaper was given on overview of the panel’s recommendations by four people familiar with the draft. If the US administration chooses to follow on the non-binding suggestions, it would mean a lot of changes for how the key US intelligence agency works. The experts recommended forbidding the US from collecting and storing millions of phone call records of Americans. Instead the records would be held by phone companies or a third party, with NSA receiving access to select data after meetin ...
I shudder to think what Cass Sunstein did Overhauls are always "sweeping" …
The "constitutional scholar" was working off that Wilson/FDR/Cass Sunstein "living" constitution, not the one from 1789 we Americans use.
Article by Sunstein. Covers a lot, from nudge to regulation & immigration: Glimpse of his mindset
LOL. Cass Sunstein learned that. That's why he wanted the job from Obama so badly.
Reading about "choice architecture." Always more to… – Reading Nudge by Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein —
I have been reading "Nudge" by Richard Thaler and wait for it "Cass Sunstein-that's right one of the Obama czars. The book was published in 2008, it has all the plans for the Obama care- SS and a host of other goodies they are planning for us. The main thing they advocate is that if people have too many choices(i.e. free choice) they will make mistakes, so to save us they would limit our choices and nudge us into the direction they want us to go. Because they know so much more than we do. How kind, how thoughtful-take your nudges and - The White House is infested with this kind of garbage, time to clean house(and senate).
Obamacare victim's story an evil omen for America - National Conservative | The daily warnings, the relentless proclamation of the facts, and the dire predictions of future woe for most Americans under Obamacare may go in one ear and out the other for many Americans. That is, until the facts hit home.. When a friend, a family member, or you yourself becomes the victim of what this horrific new law entails, suddenly the possibility of a nightmare scenario is no longer a subject for detached analysis and debate. It is a stark reality with very real human suffering. No one knows this any better than Jim Hoft, the nationally recognized blogger and head honcho at The Gateway Pundit in St. Louis. In August of this year Hoft began to get very sick with what he thought at the time was a bad cold. But within days he discovered to his dismay that this was no mere cold. He lost sight in his left eye. Upon checking into a local hospital Hoft was told after some testing that he was the victim of a very na ...
I saw an article with an interesting headline. Then I realized it was by Cass Sunstein. I can't stand him.
Feds fund 'restaurant-based intervention' to change how kids order food... Satanist Cass Sunstein 'nudging' us.
Cass R. Sunstein: How did the 1 percent get ahead so fast?
Radical right wing judges and corporate buddies.
Oh, and not sure why lack of momentum in sports means we let you and Cass Sunstein run our lives. Just quoting random stuff?
Inequality is getting even worse post-recession, according to Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg.
Fiddling while rome burns: 64 dead, 741 sick, and Cass Sunstein’s dangerous love affair with cost-benefit analysis
Bypassing the authority of Congress, Barack Obama rules through czars — the beginnings of dictatorship: 44 Obama Czars ! Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar, Richard Holbrooke AIDS czar, Jeffrey Crowley [openly *** white man] Auto recovery czar, Ed Montgomery Behavioral science czar, position not yet filled Bailout czar, Herbert Allison Jr., [replaced Bush bailout czar Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability confirmed by Senate] Border czar, Alan Bersin Car czar, Ron Bloom [Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury , under Senate oversight] Climate change czar, Todd Stern Copyright czar, not appointed yet Counterterrorism czar, John Brennan Cybersecurity czar, position will be vacant on August 21st [upon the departure of Melissa Hathaway] Disinformation czar, Linda Douglass [This is a new media buzz since our earlier list, a response by pundits to the White House request for informants: see Glenn Beck and Lew Rockwell] Domestic violence czar, Lynn Rosenthal Drug czar, ...
This Cass Sunstein income inequality article doesn't even try to answer the question in its headline:
Statistically, who's the greatest person in history? Why quants can't measure historic significance, by Cass Sunstein
Influence by Robert Cialdini. Next, Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. Behavioral studies is my jam.
This is what we get when we have Marxists,Muslim Brotherhood,and other nuts like Cass Sunstein running the
Good Cass Sunstein piece about the difficulty of quantifying "importance"
Obama’s NSA review “Committee" is loaded with National Security insiders - Does not instill trust.
"Does more speech correct falsehoods?" Not if "more speech" comes from Cass Sunstein.
10 strange things that could label you and I both terrorists. "Tea Party Activists: The political Left demonized peaceful Tea Party activists as right-wing extremists, leading to the second most powerful official in the U.S. government, VP Joe Biden, to liken them to terrorists. Do you sympathize with those who are angry about bank bailouts on the backs of taxpayers? Well, you're likely a terrorist in the eyes of the State. Occupy Activists: Now, the "Occupy" movement, said to be made up of left-wing extremists, is enjoying the same treatment as the Tea Party's right-wing extremists. The United Kingdom has officially labeled "Occupy" demonstrators as domestic terrorists. The U.S. hasn't gone quite that far, but the violent Police State did spy on them in search of "domestic terrorists." Watch out, you may be a terror suspect if you sympathize with the 99%. 7 Days of Food: The Department of Justice and FBI considers you a terrorist threat if you have more than 7 days of food stored, as explained by Rand .. ...
The Battle of Two Hedgehogs by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books via
An early review of Cass Sunstein's new book: Simple(r), the Future of Government - via
Here we find Bolshevik ideologue Cass Sunstein viciously attacking the 2nd Amendment:
Was Shakespeare more significant than Darwin? Can greatness be quantified? Cass Sunstein has his doubts
Before heading off to Jackson, here's something for y'all to think about. I found this on the back of a new audio book at the library. (It inspired several people to exclaim, "It' all LIES!" after reading the first sentence.) As you can see, it's supposed to inspire you to read the latest screed from that master of leftist BS, Obaba's pet commie and former czar, Cass Sunstein. I'll be interested to see what you think, because me? I never saw so many lies in such a small space - maybe ever. SIMPLER by Cass Sunstein Simpler government arrived four years ago. It helped put money in your pocket. It saved hours of your time. It improved your children’s diet, lengthened your life span, and benefited businesses large and small. It did so by issuing fewer regulations, by insisting on smarter regulations, and by eliminating or improving old regulations. Cass R. Sunstein, as administrator of the most powerful White House office you’ve never heard of, oversaw it and explains how it works, why government will ...
I had a dream that involved Cass Sunstein last night, but can not remember what the context was.
TimAllenMDJD: Cass Sunstein on measuring greatness: (Why bother, can't be done?)
Cass Sunstein's vulgar liberalism. "Whittaker Chambers to Blame for Tea Party?"
One of the most stupid, yet dangerous men in America, Cass Sunstein=> MT
My venting on Cass Sunstein's crazy column --->
.My blog about Holdren, Zeke Emanuel and of course Cass Sunstein:
The mind of the most dangerous man in the country is being wasted, just yammering away up in Harvard Yard. I've been thinking the same thing as Justin Raimondo –the next Surveillance State Chief has to be Cass Sunstein: “Could a more perfect Chief Sneak in the age of Obama be imagined?”
Wow! I can't wait to sign up for Obamacare. I will get a 50% discount on wiping my *** lessons plus I get a free roll of Cass Sunstein approved ultra thin toilet paper. The roll has 1000 sheets and is only 1 inch thick! I'm 53 but by the time the website is working I will have to sign up for medicare!
When I tried to log on to a SWAT team led by Cass Sunstein kicked down my door and put me in a breadline.
Cass Sunstein wrote a short history of Alger Hiss so stops embarrassing herself
This is genuinely stupid, and reveals nothing less than that Cass Sunstein is a moron.
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