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Cass Sunstein

Cass Robert Sunstein (born September 21, 1954) is an American legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioral economics, who currently is the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama Administration.

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Cass Sunstein: "American has much to learn from Communist China regarding the brainwashing of school children."
Cass Sunstein once again proves to be the most dangerous man in America – Glenn Beck via
I did a book talk at Harvard Law on The Constitution of Risk, and the video is below. The commentators were some of Earth's best constitutional law scholars, all HLS colleagues: in order of speaking, Cass Sunstein, Mark Tushnet, and Richard Fallon. Very grateful to them, to the audience, and to the Harvard Law School Library for organizing. Extra bonus discussion just for Jacob T. Levy, towards the end: was Bentham a hedgehog, a fox, or ... somehow both?
| Cass Sunstein look at what he suggests for "Conspiracy Theories" and government infiltration section.
Bartender asked if I wanted a single or a double. It was a Cass Sunstein-worthy nudge.
Opinion: Nudging taxpayers to do the right thing. By Cass Sunstein The record
Don't feel like paying your taxes? Here's why you gotta pony up anyway
They're the and They reject putschists. They're what looks like. They want fundamental rights everyone deserves. They're putting their bodies on the line for them. They're a model for freedom-loving people everywhere. The only solution to state repression is revolution. It grips Eastern Ukraine. It's spreading throughout the region. Activists in a dozen or more cities are involved. So are others in small towns and villages. What's ongoing perhaps heads toward mass insurrection. Democratic change requires sustained resistance. Ukrainians represent hope. They deserve universal support. On April 14, Reuters headlined "Ukraine's east braces for anti-rebel operation as deadline passes." Lawless full-scale assault looms. Illegitimate putschist president Oleksandr Turchynov blames Moscow. "We will not allow Russia to repeat the Crimean scenario in the eastern regions of Ukraine," he said. Obama's UN envoy Samantha Power lacks credibility. She's ideologically over-the-top. Her husband, Cass Sunstein, is former Ob ...
Kavanaugh also quotes Cass Sunstein on cost, even though he OK'd the MATS standards when he was at OMB.
Cass Sunstein, of course, signed off on MATS while in White House, approving finding that benefits outweighed costs by up to 9 to 1.
Ct. amusingly tweaks Cass Sunstein: "generalities by academics criticizing the S.Ct. for failing to read congressional statutes as they do."
" “What Cass Sunstein proposed in a purely academic setting – that was his excuse – the British NSA has now verified… I mean how crazy is that? Wake up, America! Wake up!"
She also hates Israel in spite of her being married to Cass Sunstein. Yeah, *that* Cass Sunstein.
Maybe because she is married to Cass Sunstein? Or maybe because the Russian's are thumbing nose at her?
Cass R. Sunstein - For many years, I have studied human behavior, including the mistakes occasionally made by...
Of interest to moral philosophers: Michael Dorf reviews Cass Sunstein on "trolleyology":
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Still, I do appreciate her efforts. She follows Cass Sunstein's model: Hard to do.
HELLO AMERICA, ANYONE HOME? Mrs. Cass Sunstein is just as dangerously stupid or communist as her husband. WAKE THE HECK UP PEOPLE
I'm working on pieces about civil rights movement post-King and a piece on Cass Sunstein's theory of government.
This woman is DANGEROUS ... quite HAZARDOUS to our FREEDOM!!! Keep an eye on her ... she is trouble ... She is also very well connected with the Obama White House and ... she is the wife of CASS SUNSTEIN ... remember him . Obama's first Regulation Czar ... He is now teaching at one of our Institutions of Learning ... and Samantha is the one doing the damage!
TODAY - Book talk with lunch: Cass Sunstein on Why Nudge?: The Politics of Libertarian Paternalism. In the Library's Caspersen Room at noon.
Don't see Open Govt Directive on one hand, Cass Sunstein on other is moderate. More MPD.
Power is an armchair warmonger, she pushed to bomb She's married to spooky US propaganda chief Cass Sunstein
Ngl, reading The Second Bill of Rights by Cass Sunstein is giving me a whole bunch of new respect for FDR.
The idea for central planning + central control of school lunches originated with Cass Sunstein in his neo-marxist pamphlet "Nudge".
she and her husband Cass Sunstein r best friends with Obama
Cass Sunstein's wife...the guy who came up with idea of gov internet goon hit squads attacking USppls free speech.
“MT .Guess what Cass Sunstein's Wife and Obama's new US Ambassador to UN is up to?
Still waiting for a Cass Sunstein article that doesn't creep me out...
.What would you expect? She's married to Cass Sunstein. Two kooks who found each other.
finished Nudge by Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler and gave it 5 stars   10% Off
Jeff--Cass Sunstein mentioned Hayek twice speaking to Harvard Law School alumni...Hayek now part of intellectual discourse!
Information & Regulartory Czar Cass Sunstein. Obama's pen and our federal gov't doing his bidding.
Professor Cass Sunstein is speaking about four constitutional personnae -- heroes, soldiers, Burkeans, and mutes.
I think citizens are being provoked, poked and prodded ... 'nudged,' to use Cass Sunstein's term .. something is just not right.
Another horrible power couple: Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein
- GOP would abolish EPA & slash regs. & Cass Sunstein seek to gut regs in name of efficiency
War Criminal Henry Kissinger, with the wife of Cass Sunstein, US Ambassador Samantha Power
In Cass Sunstein's upcoming sequel to Nudge, he posits that societal leaders can acculturate war criminals by introducing them to baseball.
"I strongly feel the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess & use guns for both hunting & self-defense." ~ Cass Sunstein
This Cass Sunstein piece in the NYRB is unimpressive.
Cass Sunstein has a new book out and is on the NSA oversight panel, FYI
Obama advisor Cass Sunstein warns that free speech can cause "unjustified suspicion" of weasel scumball politicians
LNW is pleased to announce that Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein will be speaking at the 2014 Public...
Cass Sunstein lecture. Such a compelling speaker, for whom cost benefit analysis never really runs out.
TEN - The Network launches june 27. Cass Sunstein first name to be released
A brief introduction to the Bolshevik ideologues attempting to control your access to medical care:
Cass Sunstein has a good column on why investors make bad decisions. Emotions can overcome good sense.:
Cass Sunstein wins transparency award, calls for secrecy and argues free speech goes too far
Flight 370 Conspiracy or No? by Jeff Prager Anyone remember Cass Sunstein? Do you believe him? I do. Sunstein's 2004 book, The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever, advocates the Second Bill of Rights proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Among these rights are a right to an education, a right to a home, a right to health care, and a right to protection against monopolies; Sunstein argues that the Second Bill of Rights has had a large international impact and should be revived in the United States. Surprising, right? It was to me. Let's examine Sunstein's approach to conspiracy theory. Cass Sunstein developed the concept of availability cascades, wherein popular discussion of an idea is self-feeding and causes individuals to overweight its importance. Please think about that because I want to tell you, he's right. What did Sunstein say, precisely, about conspiracy theory? Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled "Conspiracy Theories," dea ...
alex Wagner interviewing Cass Sunstein about "conspiracy theories". How bizarre. Spent most of interview talking about "good" conspiracy theories like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. I kid you not. Much discussion about conspiracy theories surrounding ML977. Seems to me, ANY speculation regarding ML977 is a theory. The facts as we know them hardly support an accident or fire, but that would be the only "theory" that does not involve a "conspiracy". Sunstein acknowledged that Watergate was a real conspiracy, but still unwilling to describe 9/11 as a conspiracy. Even though, if you believe the official version, it is STILL A CONSPIRACY. (more than one person, etc etc) They avoided mentioning the conspiracy reality that is the JFK assassination.
Cass Sunstein, the former head of the Obama Administration's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,
Cass Sunstein: "Dark side" of NYT v. Sullivan is public now looks at leaders with suspicion. -- I'd call that a plus.
Mrs. Cass Sunstein spoke longer than Obama did earlier today after the emergency Security Council meeting concerning Of course, what she said leaves many questions: "To this end, the United States calls for an urgent international mediation mission to the Crimea to begin to deescalate the situation, and facilitate productive and peaceful political dialogue among all Ukrainian parties." [LC- Not On This Watch]
R U part of this Frank? - Glenn Beck exposes Cass Sunstein fantasy
NONE OF INTEGRITY, MORALS OR AMERICAN IDEALS- ALL AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION- GREAT JOB SHEEPLE " Cass Sunstein was nominated and approved to be Obama’s “Regulatory Czar.” He supports massive gun control and doesn’t believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. He has straight out said, “We ought to ban hunting.” While this fruitcake strips Americans of their Constitutional right to own guns, he wants to give rights to animals and has argued that “Animals should be permitted to bring suit…” Naturally, he also supports the “Fairness Doctrine,” the wrongly-named concept which allows the government to regulate the airwaves. 2-Climate Czar – Todd Stern Stern, a veteran of the Clinton administration, was the U.S. negotiator at the Kyoto conference in 1997 (which called for dramatic climate change regulations based on bogus assumptions.) Had the treaty been implemented, it would have plunged the world into economic chaos. Since then, new evidence has revealed that the major climate mod ...
WH review panel member Cass Sunstein, when asked for comment: "I think the Boston Red Sox are gonna win the World Series."
Jeffrey Rosen interviews Cass Sunstein about the NSA task force recommendations
Yesterday the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, which included Professor Geoffrey Stone and former Chicago prof Cass Sunstein, released its recommendations for reforming the government's surveillance programs. You can ead the group's op-ed in The New York Times at and a New York Daily News post interviewing Prof. Stone at
Today, President Obama met with his Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies -- Richard Clarke, Michael Morell, Geoffrey Stone, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire -- to discuss the report they submitted to the President on December 13.
Regulations from *** like Cass Sunstein,(one of Obama's closest bestest friends) they have made it possible to arrest any man, woman, or child under some flimsy regulation and seize their assets. This is how Nazi Germany got started folks and it is going on like gangbusters with the Obama Regime. You won’t even be able to hire a lawyer because you have no money and the Regime KNOWS THIS and YOU will have to prove that you aren’t guilty, if you are even charged with a crime! Even if guilty of a crime (think Madoff) the government skims a profit. They seize 2.5 BILLION from Madoff's bank account and pay out 293 MILLION to the victims, thus banking a 2.47 BILLION dollar profit. *** they've been skimming the profits on Social Security since its inception. Who says that crime don’t pay? Why didn’t the IRS seize Turbo Tax Timmy’s assets? Or Solis’? or Dashhole’s? Or Selbelius’? Or Paulson’s? Why wasn’t Goldman Sachs assets seized when the SEC charged Goldman with securities fraud in th ...
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Oh dear. Cass Sunstein has written yet another book on conspiracy theories
Cass Sunstein, Harvard law professor, discusses his book "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness," at Cambridge Forum.
More on economic inequality and the unequal recovery, this time by Cass Sunstein
Snowden psyop - Sunstein and CIA @ Time of the Leak Advisers Fixing the "Crisis" Cau… via
Oh CMON. How dare you diminish the HUMAN DRAMA in Cass Sunstein trying to make change only to be thrown aside? REAL HUMAN DRAMA.
have a look at this. Sunstein, Snowden and CISPA -
I wonder how Cass Sunstein feels abt having his recommendations pre-empted? . Real human drama, to have whitewash committee treated as such.
The Snowden Psyop was always intended to give those 800 companies exactly what they wanted: a population ready to...
Cass Sunstein and CIA Director at Time of the Leak are the Advisers ... -
In the aftermath of the Little India riot, I have been asked by several people about my views on it. I have resisted writing about the riot as I didn’t think I could add much more to what’s already been said by various more informed commentators. I’m also not particularly familiar with issues related to the welfare of our migrant workers.   But an interview request by Channel News Asia combined with how the riot is being characterized and rationalized by the authorities have forced me to think more deeply about the riot – its causes as well as how I think government and society more generally should respond to it. So here are my preliminary thoughts on the matter.     Resisting our Impulses   One of the things that behavioral economists and cognitive psychologists emphasize is the very human, deeply psychological tendency to respond to complex and unexpected events instinctively – what Daniel Kahneman calls “fast thinking” or what Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein (of “Nudge”) call th ...
Obama advisers recommend NSA overhaul after surveillance scandal – report: The panel of experts called the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology was called in August in response to the public revelations of the NSA’s mass electronic surveillance by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The five-strong task force is to submit its recommendations to the Obama Administration on Saturday, but the document is not yet finalized, and it’s not clear how much of it the White House chooses to make public. The newspaper was given on overview of the panel’s recommendations by four people familiar with the draft. If the US administration chooses to follow on the non-binding suggestions, it would mean a lot of changes for how the key US intelligence agency works. The experts recommended forbidding the US from collecting and storing millions of phone call records of Americans. Instead the records would be held by phone companies or a third party, with NSA receiving access to select data after meetin ...
I shudder to think what Cass Sunstein did Overhauls are always "sweeping" …
The "constitutional scholar" was working off that Wilson/FDR/Cass Sunstein "living" constitution, not the one from 1789 we Americans use.
Article by Sunstein. Covers a lot, from nudge to regulation & immigration: Glimpse of his mindset
LOL. Cass Sunstein learned that. That's why he wanted the job from Obama so badly.
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Reading about "choice architecture." Always more to… – Reading Nudge by Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein —
I have been reading "Nudge" by Richard Thaler and wait for it "Cass Sunstein-that's right one of the Obama czars. The book was published in 2008, it has all the plans for the Obama care- SS and a host of other goodies they are planning for us. The main thing they advocate is that if people have too many choices(i.e. free choice) they will make mistakes, so to save us they would limit our choices and nudge us into the direction they want us to go. Because they know so much more than we do. How kind, how thoughtful-take your nudges and - The White House is infested with this kind of garbage, time to clean house(and senate).
Obamacare victim's story an evil omen for America - National Conservative | The daily warnings, the relentless proclamation of the facts, and the dire predictions of future woe for most Americans under Obamacare may go in one ear and out the other for many Americans. That is, until the facts hit home.. When a friend, a family member, or you yourself becomes the victim of what this horrific new law entails, suddenly the possibility of a nightmare scenario is no longer a subject for detached analysis and debate. It is a stark reality with very real human suffering. No one knows this any better than Jim Hoft, the nationally recognized blogger and head honcho at The Gateway Pundit in St. Louis. In August of this year Hoft began to get very sick with what he thought at the time was a bad cold. But within days he discovered to his dismay that this was no mere cold. He lost sight in his left eye. Upon checking into a local hospital Hoft was told after some testing that he was the victim of a very na ...
I saw an article with an interesting headline. Then I realized it was by Cass Sunstein. I can't stand him.
Feds fund 'restaurant-based intervention' to change how kids order food... Satanist Cass Sunstein 'nudging' us.
Cass R. Sunstein: How did the 1 percent get ahead so fast?
Radical right wing judges and corporate buddies.
Oh, and not sure why lack of momentum in sports means we let you and Cass Sunstein run our lives. Just quoting random stuff?
Inequality is getting even worse post-recession, according to Cass R. Sunstein at Bloomberg.
Fiddling while rome burns: 64 dead, 741 sick, and Cass Sunstein’s dangerous love affair with cost-benefit analysis
Bypassing the authority of Congress, Barack Obama rules through czars — the beginnings of dictatorship: 44 Obama Czars ! Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar, Richard Holbrooke AIDS czar, Jeffrey Crowley [openly *** white man] Auto recovery czar, Ed Montgomery Behavioral science czar, position not yet filled Bailout czar, Herbert Allison Jr., [replaced Bush bailout czar Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability confirmed by Senate] Border czar, Alan Bersin Car czar, Ron Bloom [Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury , under Senate oversight] Climate change czar, Todd Stern Copyright czar, not appointed yet Counterterrorism czar, John Brennan Cybersecurity czar, position will be vacant on August 21st [upon the departure of Melissa Hathaway] Disinformation czar, Linda Douglass [This is a new media buzz since our earlier list, a response by pundits to the White House request for informants: see Glenn Beck and Lew Rockwell] Domestic violence czar, Lynn Rosenthal Drug czar, ...
This Cass Sunstein income inequality article doesn't even try to answer the question in its headline:
Statistically, who's the greatest person in history? Why quants can't measure historic significance, by Cass Sunstein
Influence by Robert Cialdini. Next, Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. Behavioral studies is my jam.
This is what we get when we have Marxists,Muslim Brotherhood,and other nuts like Cass Sunstein running the
Good Cass Sunstein piece about the difficulty of quantifying "importance"
Obama’s NSA review “Committee" is loaded with National Security insiders - Does not instill trust.
"Does more speech correct falsehoods?" Not if "more speech" comes from Cass Sunstein.
10 strange things that could label you and I both terrorists. "Tea Party Activists: The political Left demonized peaceful Tea Party activists as right-wing extremists, leading to the second most powerful official in the U.S. government, VP Joe Biden, to liken them to terrorists. Do you sympathize with those who are angry about bank bailouts on the backs of taxpayers? Well, you're likely a terrorist in the eyes of the State. Occupy Activists: Now, the "Occupy" movement, said to be made up of left-wing extremists, is enjoying the same treatment as the Tea Party's right-wing extremists. The United Kingdom has officially labeled "Occupy" demonstrators as domestic terrorists. The U.S. hasn't gone quite that far, but the violent Police State did spy on them in search of "domestic terrorists." Watch out, you may be a terror suspect if you sympathize with the 99%. 7 Days of Food: The Department of Justice and FBI considers you a terrorist threat if you have more than 7 days of food stored, as explained by Rand .. ...
The Battle of Two Hedgehogs by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books via
An early review of Cass Sunstein's new book: Simple(r), the Future of Government - via
Here we find Bolshevik ideologue Cass Sunstein viciously attacking the 2nd Amendment:
Was Shakespeare more significant than Darwin? Can greatness be quantified? Cass Sunstein has his doubts
Before heading off to Jackson, here's something for y'all to think about. I found this on the back of a new audio book at the library. (It inspired several people to exclaim, "It' all LIES!" after reading the first sentence.) As you can see, it's supposed to inspire you to read the latest screed from that master of leftist BS, Obaba's pet commie and former czar, Cass Sunstein. I'll be interested to see what you think, because me? I never saw so many lies in such a small space - maybe ever. SIMPLER by Cass Sunstein Simpler government arrived four years ago. It helped put money in your pocket. It saved hours of your time. It improved your children’s diet, lengthened your life span, and benefited businesses large and small. It did so by issuing fewer regulations, by insisting on smarter regulations, and by eliminating or improving old regulations. Cass R. Sunstein, as administrator of the most powerful White House office you’ve never heard of, oversaw it and explains how it works, why government will ...
I had a dream that involved Cass Sunstein last night, but can not remember what the context was.
TimAllenMDJD: Cass Sunstein on measuring greatness: (Why bother, can't be done?)
Cass Sunstein's vulgar liberalism. "Whittaker Chambers to Blame for Tea Party?"
One of the most stupid, yet dangerous men in America, Cass Sunstein=> MT
My venting on Cass Sunstein's crazy column --->
.My blog about Holdren, Zeke Emanuel and of course Cass Sunstein:
The mind of the most dangerous man in the country is being wasted, just yammering away up in Harvard Yard. I've been thinking the same thing as Justin Raimondo –the next Surveillance State Chief has to be Cass Sunstein: “Could a more perfect Chief Sneak in the age of Obama be imagined?”
Wow! I can't wait to sign up for Obamacare. I will get a 50% discount on wiping my *** lessons plus I get a free roll of Cass Sunstein approved ultra thin toilet paper. The roll has 1000 sheets and is only 1 inch thick! I'm 53 but by the time the website is working I will have to sign up for medicare!
When I tried to log on to a SWAT team led by Cass Sunstein kicked down my door and put me in a breadline.
Cass Sunstein wrote a short history of Alger Hiss so stops embarrassing herself
This is genuinely stupid, and reveals nothing less than that Cass Sunstein is a moron.
Cass Sunstein skywrites his ignorance of political history. He thinks it all started with Whittaker Chambers!
Great piece by Cass Sunstein (!) about the Alger Hiss case and the Tea Party. Does any lefty defend Hiss anymore?
On the Contrary: Thought cop Cass Sunstein “reviewing" the NSA for Obama. {We're screwed}.
Which is the problem with tsars and appointed positions. You get people like Sebilius and Cass Sunstein.
Assorted links: 1. What are the roots of math genius?. 2. Cass Sunstein on Alger Hiss. 3. New Brookings bl...
Read NUDGE...Cass Sunstein about moving people to making the "right" decision about health, wealth according to their view not yours
Ever heard of "NUDGE" by Cass Sunstein? About taking away what people want and giving them two lesser and telling them to chose
Tom and I will be discussing Cass Sunstein's 2008 public policy paper entitled "Conspiracy Theories"
▶ Cass Sunstein 'Food and Shelter Should not be a Right', unless the Republicans agree. - YouTube
Barry once said to judge him by those that surround him. Ok. His parents and grandparents were communists, as was his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Rev. Wright is a Marxist, as is 99% of his administration. Moochelle is a communist. Her college years show that! Barry said he hung out with Marxists and radicals. Don't forget Bill Ayres, Cass Sunstein, and his pal, Van Jones!
Another revisionist history lesson given by the snake Cass Sunstein. Notice how he uses liberal as tall and cons. as short.
Thought kop Cass Sunstein has been appointed by Obama to review the US' spying program. Who polices the spies? The thought police, apparently. I'm sure this Rube Goldberg system of checks and balances will accomplish exactly what it is intended to accomplish.
Must Must read - Cass Sunstein on the enduring consequences of the Hiss trial
We were just covering this in class today. However, one of the comments is spot-on: where is Cass Sunstein's point?
Cass Sunstein and his wife Samantha Power are commies that is true, but *** does Alger Hiss have to do with TP?
Years ago, Beck said that Cass Sunstein is the most dangerous man in America.
Cass Sunstein makes a good point: we'd all do well to review the Alger Hiss case
Cass Sunstein must realize his going limb-ward in defense of Alger Hiss further brands fellow Obamunists.
The Cass Sunstein piece reminds me of how POTUS is sure he understands how conservatives think
People like Cass Sunstein, Stephen Breyer are people who believe in a changing/living Constitution. That's bad news.
true, outside of Obamacare you are not being forced - but you are being Nudged ( see Cass Sunstein for the distinction)
Cass Sunstein writes about left and right in politics.
Cass Sunstein Wants to Nudge Us: Cass and once again demonstrate how big fed gov is evil and bad for America.
10/28/2013 WASHINGTON—The National Security Agency ended a program used to spy on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a number of other world leaders after an internal Obama Administration review started this summer revealed to the White House the existence of the operation, U.S. officials said. Officials said the internal review turned up NSA monitoring of some 35 world leaders, in the U.S. government’s first public acknowledgment that it tapped the phones of world leaders. European leaders have joined international outrage over revelations of U.S. surveillance of Ms. Merkel’s phone and of NSA’s monitoring of telephone call data in France. The White House cut off some monitoring programs after learning of them, including the one tracking Ms. Merkel and some other world leaders, a senior U.S. official said. Other programs have been slated for termination but haven’t been phased out completely yet, officials said. The account suggests President Barack Obama went nearly five years without knowing ...
IMPORTANT READ.I tried to post original article for 5 hours and for some unknown reason it would not post. Ya think there be something wrong with my computer? Everything else seemed to go OK. When I read Sunday evening in the Wall Street Journal that Barack Obama was “unaware” until last summer that the U. S. spied on thirty-five world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I was frankly stupefied. (Well, maybe not entirely stupefied, but at least semi-stunned.) No wonder Obamacare and practically everything else from foreign policy to energy policy is an unmitigated mess. This president and his administration have taken hands-off leadership and leading from behind to unprecedented levels. What exactly does our president do for a living? What’re we paying him for? Either the administration officials who leaked this information to the WSJ are lying or Barack Obama should be impeached. Forget “high crimes and misdemeanors.” For those you have to do something and be conscious. Barac .. ...
"Can you tell me who the author of the bill was? There is never a mention of who actually penned this bill. Names please." You asked for it, you got it. The principle Congressional architect of the bill was Jay Rockefeller, with significant drafting, re-drafting etc. being done via his think tank, the Rockefeller Foundation among others. The 76-year old democrat legislator is a Harvard & Yale grad (imagine that), represents the state of West Virginia in the U.S. Senate & Chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (you CAN'T make this stuff up. The other lead/principle author is one of your Czars. A man named Cass Sunstein. And if you don't know who this man is, you're probably better off. A true communist radical if ever there was one, Sunstein proposed & has argued for animal's rights to sue humans. (once again, you can't make this stuff up) A google search & some reading on this individual will truly scare you half to death. And he is working, at this very moment, inside of your White House craf ...
MT Zeke Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren...all scary...get to know them folks, they hold…
.I'm reading Ken Macleod's "Intrusion," about a future dystopia that looks like a fusion of Cass Sunstein and New Labour...
I'll bet cass sunstein came up w/the fire extinguisher regulation. he is/was 0's regulation czar. They dont want kids making money
Cass Sunstein and the Nudge of marxism... Destroy family cohesion.
Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Could it just be a Cass Sunstein tactic of overt infiltration?
Cass Sunstein (former Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in 2010) believes taking...
After announcing his environmental program in 1970, President Richard Nixon confided to an aide: “In a flat choice between smoke and jobs, we’re for jobs.” Last Friday’s announcement by EPA head Gina McCarthy of impossible-to-meet emissions standards for new coal power plants shows that the Obama Administration is not for jobs. The EPA’s move — the start of a long-term effort to effectively outlaw the burning of coal — is all of a piece with the stalling over the Keystone XL pipeline and sends a similar message to blue-collar workers: The Obama Administration is prepared to sacrifice your jobs even when it can’t show any benefit to the United States. The environmental laws of the 1970s aimed to clean up America’s air and waters. They were about curbing local pollution and making the environment better for Americans. Cutting carbon-dioxide emissions is completely different. Unless the rest of the world joins in, it’s pointless for America to act by itself. Remember, we’re talking abou ...
the overthrow of the United States Constitution; including but not limited to William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Cass Sunstein, John (28/38)
f Hunting Were Banned: The Environmental Impact by Steve Sorensen (Originally published in the Warren Times Observer, September 19, 2009.) Man is a predator with a critical niche in wildlife ecology. Animals are a threat to their environment. “How could that be?” you ask. “It’s man who destroys the environment.” Yes, that’s the conventional wisdom, but conventional wisdom sometimes fails to tell the whole truth. When it comes to hunting, man is a great friend to the environment. One man isn’t, however. He’s anti-hunter Cass Sunstein, who was recently confirmed as head (or “czar”) of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Sunstein has extensive authority over federal regulations, including those of the Department of the Interior (which includes the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) and the Department of Agriculture. He is on record saying that hunting should be banned, and in his new position he could seek to eliminate hunting, fishing and trapping on all lands mana ...
...and Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Bernadine Dohrn, Samantha Powers, Cass Sunstein are radicals who HATE Israel
Link to Cass Sunstein's paper in your email newsletter appears to be broken.
"I think it's a very firm part of human nature that if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you'll end up thinking more extreme versions of what you thought before." Cass Sunstein If you didn't already know...this is not a good thing. Remember that while your never-met, online friends will coddle you through anything, it's your real life friends who are willing to tell you how it is and help you succeed in life. Avoid riding the victim train and allow yourself to escape your circle of like-minded people all the time, grow and expand and become a more complex person.
Gotta watch the of Cass Sunstein but USA charts, if no change manifests REV2014
Oh goodness . Look at this total garbage. Progressives first referred to the mass populace as cattle, to be directed toward their desired ends . Well, the cattle have pretty much followed hand and foot . Now that the cattle are right where they want them, the cattle suddenly metamorphose into mice . It's Cass Sunstein, we are nothing much more than that of a lab mouse to be tested for our physical reactions when exposed to various psychological means to further the Progressive agenda.
Remember when I called the movement to defund Obamacare the Alamo? There was a reason for that. We are about to be run over and slaughtered. However, a message has been sent. A "red line" if you will. What is truly taking place this week, is the destruction of the Progressive wing of the Republican Party, from which I can tell, is most of it. There is no sense in continuing to pretend there is a difference between Boehner and Pelosi. McCain and Reid. Graham and Durbin. They are all globalists on the same team, playing opposing roles to get to the same singular government. What has happened this week is that the party has split, most likely forever. If you have read the thousand plus comments or so that I have read this week, it would be very clear that this divorce is final. In playing their hand that they will not stand for us now, so somehow we will vote for them next year as they promise us to do what they could be doing right this moment, the Progressive Republicans have severely mi ...
For the most part Progressives have never liked the Constitution's “case and controversy” requirement -- they even got the Supreme Court to dispense with it in Roe v. Wade. However, as Cass Sunstein, the most dangerous man in the country, has admitted -- during the New Deal, Progressives often found a bastardized version of the doctrine, to be a useful legal tool to use in “insulating” expert bureaucracies from interference by judicial rubes. (PDF file) Now, as Judge Andrew Napolitano writes, the “case and controversy” requirement has been suspended full-time in the FISA court –illegally insulating the secret court from the constitution and We the People:
To reform the NSA, fire officials who lie. I saw this at first hand over the Pentagon Papers case: the NSA has a culture of lying. That should be Obama's first concern. by James Goodale The NSA has lied to the Congress, the courts, and perhaps even to the president himself, but no one seems to care. The Director of National Intelligence James R Clapper admitted he lied to Congress about the NSA metadata collection program. He said the NSA had no such program – and then added that that was the least "untruthful" remark he could make. General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency, lied in 2012 that the NSA does not hold data on US citizens, and repeated similar misstatements, under oath, to Congress about the program: We're not authorized to do it [data collection on US citizens], nor do we do it. NSA lawyers lied to secret Fisa court Judges John D Bates and Reggie B Walton. In recently released opinions, Bates said he had been lied to on three separate occasions and Walton said he had ...
But of course, as the maniacal Cass Sunstein has said in his book, "It's For Your Own Good". Progressives believe themselves superior.
American Exceptionalism requires diverse views, writes Cass Sunstein of
The U.S. is blessed with tremendously creative and imaginative law students at places like Chicago, Harvard, Columbia and Yale. - Cass Sunstein
Cass Sunstein & all Obama's minions just waiting, nudging,hoping we'll just pop offf-then Martial Law
Well, he has the "Cognitive Infiltrator" Cass Sunstein on the team. So there is that.
pretty funny Cass Sunstein is on that panel he's really likely to support aggressive change
OBAMA CZAR CASS SUNSTEIN . . . Some ObamaCare Recipients Are More Equal than Others In his 2003 paper, Sunstein criticized the government for protecting human life as though all lives were equal. Specifically, Sunstein said the government’s method for determining who received medical treatment should be changed; he suggested replacing the “value of a statistical life” (VSL) – which viewed all lives as equal – with the “value of a statistical life year” (VSLY). That means the government should allow young people to receive medical care, if necessary while allowing older people to die, because they will live longer after the procedure is completed. Cass Sunstein, 56, wrote the paper “Lives, Life-Years, and Willingness to Pay” in the long-forgotten days of July 2003, when he was a mere 48-years-old. The paper was published while Sunstein was at the University of Chicago, before he was recruited to Harvard Law School by then-dean Elena Kagan. By Ben Johnson
15 OF OVOMIT'S RADICAL MARXISTS HE HAS APPOINTED TO HIS CABINET OVER THE LAST LITTLE WHILE ! THEY ARE AMERICA HATERS AND GOD HATERS AND ISRAEL HATERS JUST LIKE OVOMIT ! 1. Marilyn Katz. He links her to the Students for a Democratic Society and the famous Chicago Seven trial. Katz has raised funds for the president. 2. David Axelrod. You know him as the soft-spoken top aide to the president, but Hannity focuses on radicals from the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention riots who mentored "Axe." 3. Valerie Jarrett. She's another senior adviser from Chicago and a longtime Obama friend. But Hannity sees her role as Obama's ears and eyes as being a "conduit for far-leftists." 4. Mark Lloyd. He was named Obama's diversity czar. Hannity notes Lloyd's role in penning a paper to "undermine conservative talk and bolster liberal talk" in radio. 5. Cass Sunstein. Obama's regulatory czar, who Hannity says supports boosting animal rights and human cloning. 6. Ron Bloom. Obama's manufacturing czar. Hannity hits Bloom's lab ...
not that i'm aware of. The realization cam from listening to "Infotopia" by Cass Sunstein
It's a fact: No one recycles bad ideas as quickly as Cass Sunstein. Another damned book in 2014
THE WORLD WE LIVE IN • OBAMA THE LAME DUCK • OBAMA'S NSA REVIEW BOARD: "TRUST US" • OBAMA VS. SOVEREIGNTY • IN 2003, 46 U.S. SENATORS DEMANDED BUSH DECLASSIFY THE 28 PAGES ON SAUDI 9/11 INVOLVEMENT OBAMA THE LAME DUCK September 24, 2013 • 11:47AM Obama is quickly on his way to "lame duck" status, less than a year into his second term in office. Even before he was forced to back down on his Syria war drive, his (generally supporting) "liberal" and "progressive" media had begun to distance themselves from the would-be Führer. Now, the "exodus" has become a stampede. Numerous "progressive" sites are now posting articles on Syrian rebels' possession and use of chemical weapons. Typical is a post by Michael Collins on OpEd News. ( ) "Al Qaeda has a chemical weapons program,"are his first words, after which he reveals many facts, including their "dominance" in the rebel factions, and the Turkish charges that Al Nusra attempted to purchase chemicals for weapons. "This has real implications for the O . ...
Cass Sunstein reviewed the rules for O-care..." - I can now rest at ease. BS.
Cass Sunstein reviewed the rules for O-care..."
Barak obama the facts: Who or What is Barack Obama? As you may already know, I contend that we under attack not just by evil but by FIVE EVILS. These are (1) Communism, (2) Islamism, (3) New World Order (NWO) Corruption, (4) Crime, and (5) Hedonism. These are savageries which we must eradicate if we are to have any peace. Under Communism, I place Putin, Red China, Venezuela, and several smaller players, though they often play by the rules of the NWO and criminals. Marxism is rampant also in our politics, media, schools, labor unions, and now churches. Alinsky tactics are used incessantly for these means, although one might properly say these are criminal tactics used with evil intent. Islamism is the obvious urge towards jihad, Sharia, and the worldwide caliphate. Under the New World Order, I place those governments and entities which use the hypnosis that everything is alright in order to enslave us to more hedonistic forms of freedom. The Western nations are deep into pacifying us with their form of cap ...
and because I don't trust Cass Sunstein, Harry Reid, or nancy pelosi w/ my healthcare
This news story is not surprising, to say the least: A so-called independent panel tasked with reviewing the spying activities of the US National Security Agency is closely working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The advisors of the panel work in offices on loan from DNI and all the panel’s interview requests and press statements are coordinated through the DNI’s press office, the Associated Press reported. The DNI is responsible for overseeing the NSA and all other US spying activities. This is in sharp contrast to a pledge made by President Barack Obama that the assessment would be conducted by an “independent group” of “outside experts”. In August, Obama said a “high-level group of outside experts” would be in charge of assessing all of the government's “intelligence and communication technologies” after leaked documents blew the lid on the NSA’s spying practices. In addition, James Clapper, the intelligence director, has managed to exempt the revie ...
Cass Sunstein (and some of America's founders) on American Exceptionalism: diversity & deliberation
Well written: Cass Sunstein on "The real meaning of American Exceptionalism"
Well I was wrong, Chi-town can still afford to investigate their murders and track down their killers! If they weren't the secret secretion of this Obama Administration, and known teaching land of Nanny Nudge Oligarch Cass Sunstein, I would say they should hand out gift certificates to those who can pass background checks, so they can arm themselves for defense, but that would totally work against the Democratic Party Agenda.
even worse is Samantha Power and her husband Cass Sunstein.
think Cass Sunstein and his idea of "nudging" us poor rubes in the right direction thru choice architecture
America is not America any more in one more Cass Sunstein step. (Presidential Administrator of the Office of...
"American Exceptionalism is real." Very fine column by Cass Sunstein.
Had no idea Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein are married until I read this profile in the NYT
whoa, Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein? what a repulsive couple
Anything that has Cass Sunstein on it is a BAD thing. That man is a dangerous guy.
Obama independent spying review team is anytime but independent: 1) Peter Swire worked for Democratic OMB; 2) Michael Morell was Obama's former deputy CIA director; 3) Richard Clarke was his counterterrorism coordinator; 4) Cass Sunstein was his regulatory czar and a Communist of the first order; 5) Geoffrey Stone is leading a group to build the Obama presidential library and was an Obama 2008 presidential campaign adviser...anything but independent. It will be much ado about nothing, sort of like all the other "independent" investigations of the Obama Administration.
Nudge theory was developed by the American duo, Behavioural Economist Richard Thaler and Law Professor Cass Sunstein.
Fascinating Op Ed in the New York Times by Saddam Hussein. I can almost guarantee cretins like Cass Sunstein and...
Obamacare has grown into a monster since passed. Now the media and a few GOPer's are running around with a sweat bead on their brow... we are going to blame or get blamed. I do not give a hoot about the blame. I do care about Americans and their access to doctors and healthcare. I want our hospitals to make money too, they cannot survive. Obamacare has rationing boards, placing a dollar value on life saving treatment, therefore accessibility for our sick. Certain parts are so bad they are deferred to after the 2014 elections. If healthcare was unaffordable before; adding the IRS HC workers with Lois Lerner at the helm; it certainly is unsustainable now. Senator Corker, I met with you at your home on solutions to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Doctors were with me. Remember 2007? Again we discussed ... large cooperatives for small businesses to join together to get competitive bids on insurance. Cafeteria type plans like Congress, including going across state lines to get nume ...
A deeply fascinating look at the neuroscience of scarcity. It Captures Your Mind by Cass Sunstein, New York Review. htt…
Even the Nazi’s were not as inhumane as (czar, Cass) Sunstein. The Nazis were publicly forthcoming for...
Our government, thanks to Cass Sunstein, wants to “Nudge” Americans into making government’s choices for u -one size fits all. Just say “No”
Remind me again why anybody takes Cass Sunstein seriously.
Obesity is contagious. If your best friends get fat, your risk of gaining weight goes up. -Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein "Nudge"
I hear Obama hired Cass Sunstein regulation czar to rework the Bestiality regulations so he could have sex with two dogs.
Can't hardly stand all the "good" news today. Obama will veto any bill that attempts to defund Obamacare Obama waives anti-terrorism provision to arm Syrian rebels Dianne Feinstein fights to eliminate protections for alternative media I was reminded today of some August news...Obama asks Cass Sunstein to serve on NSA oversight panel Navy yard shooting showing all the hallmarks of a false flag..including stand down orders and my elf gun etched on his weapon. If you don't know what elf may mean google Haarp Elf Waves And much more.
"Informational and reputational cascades, group polarization, and selection effects suggest that the generation of ever-more-extreme views within these groups can be dampened or reversed by the introduction of cognitive diversity. We suggest a role for government efforts, and agents, in introducing such diversity. Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action." ---Cass Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule, 2008, "Conspiracy Theories," 3. Cognitive Infiltration, p.22, para 1. * "...polarization tends to decrease when divergent views are voiced within the group. Introducing a measure of cognitive diversity can break up the epistemological networks and clusters that supply
November 2009 – SHADOW GOVERNMENT: Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama's czars "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy," warned Obi-Wan Kenobi, while approaching the fictional Mos Eisley spaceport in "Star Wars." For many Americans, the closest thing on planet Earth to the famous "Star Wars" bar scene, teeming with all its bizarre and malevolent denizens, is the Obama White House with its ever-growing menagerie of radical, unaccountable and utterly weird "czars" advising the president of the United States. People like regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, who defends the removal of organs from terminally ill patients without their permission. Or Obama's choice of school safety czar, *** activist Kevin Jennings, who actually pioneered the practice of introducing homosexual advocacy into public schools by disguising it as "school safety"! Or science czar John Holdren, who has advocated sterilizing welfare recipients and seizing babies born to unwed mothers, and predicted one billi ...
Cass Sunstein is like an underling to George Soros for those that don't know
Cass Sunstein seems to think he's smart enough to tell you how to live. I've met him. He isn't.
You rocked it out on Cass Sunstein's Nudge on Cavuto today! Thanks!
.You're 100% right; Its a Cass Sunstein idea. Read his paper on "cognitive infiltration" for an even more disturbing plan.
You can thank Cass Sunstein for this latest hopeful intrusion into the lives of individuals? Where is liberty now?
It apprs that Cass Sunstein is back in the pack.Nudging away..Surprised that Kirsten doesn't get it.
"Nudge" is also Obama minion Cass Sunstein's book on behavior control through slow regulatory change by the radical left.
BTW, I believe this is all captain NUDGE... Cass Sunstein. A very dangerous man.
Cass Sunstein, who recently left WH, was an advocate for "Nudge".
Nudge. A book co-authored by Cass Sunstein, an Obama guy! Also, the word nudge comes from a Yiddish word which meant, "annoy, pester".
CASS SUNSTEIN (communist) Obama czar has written a book called "NUDGE" another way to intimidate & indoctrinate the people by repeating lies
Cass Sunstein deserves to be burned at the stake.
Some Commie Creep like Cass Sunstein tries to "nudge" a red, white and blue American, he will be picking himself up off floor.
Cass Sunstein on democracy: the goal is to ensure that the deliberative sense of the community will prevail over momentary passions.”
... thanks for that ... Cass Sunstein is another God Wanna Be. The State is Not Hope Truth or Faith
Somebody better stop him MT Cass Sunstein on "Nudge": via
"Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama’s closest confidants. Often mentioned as a likely Obama nominee...
Comment on Cass Sunstein’s Typology of Constitutional Personae by David Collier-Brown
Obama Admin to Create 'Nudge' Squad to Shape Behavior via Who is Cass SunStein:
'Nudge' - an idea of Cass Sunstein adopted by Obama. Behavior control.
The actual program & Cass Sunstein's book. As soon as I saw the headline Becks program was the 1st thing I thought of
This has already been going on via Cass Sunstein. Now in the open. Still wrong!!
Remember when dissent was patriotic? Cass Sunstein doesn't.
Interesting that this comes up AFTER Cass Sunstein has left DC. Seems it would be the culmination of Cass' time there
Hey could this be a good question for Jay Carney today? have one yet? Cass Sunstein Wants to Nudge Us:
Cass Sunstein: The Poster Boy for ‘Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out’ | FrontPage Magazine:
This techniq used by Hitler. Cass Sunstein, Obama czar, wrote book on it. Dangerous!
Cass Sunstein - Glenn Beck called him the dangerous! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Do your research on this guy! Watch what the other hand is doing!
Obama Administration (Cass Sunstein) experimenting with ways to change Americans' behavior via
Cass Sunstein's plan is being put into play (officially?)…
Cass Sunstein is blowing a gasket reading this :)
HelloA merica! What if was right?" > Obama, George Soros, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein. Samantha Power,
Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein and the ultimate Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (if you havent read em)
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Cass Sunstein knows best, per The New Scientist, & he's been Nudging us along, for real, under Obama
Convenience improves sales of green products.
Cass Sunstein on his achievements in govt: auto-enrolment for school meals, the food plate - and what tasks remain
How not to misunderstand Scalia, by Cass Sunstein:
"Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has any right to but himself. The labor of his body and the work of his hands are properly his" - John Locke
“Those who disagree with Scalia are entitled to object to his votes and his tone. At the same time, they should understand that his broadest commitment is to the rule of law. They should honor that commitment, and they should respect his efforts to develop an approach to interpretation that is compatible with it.” Cass Sunstein
Who is Cass Sunstein scolding here ? Posner, maybe?
Check out this creepy nuanced interview with Cass Sunstein
Cass Sunstein just looks like a guy who'd actually put Neosporin on a cut.
CASS SUNSTEIN: How Not To Misunderstand Scalia. “Those who disagree with Scalia are entitle... via
For you "managers" out there, the DOJ "Pride" office has printed a 7 step guide to help you become better at your job. To quote Cass Sunstein (educate yourself if you don't know him), this is a "nudge." Later, will come the shoves, then the mandates. Wanna peek inside? - I believe it is Step 2 that "suggests" you should stop using the words "husband" and "wife." They can be offensive, you know. Think it can't happen here? England has removed those words from legal documents; France has removed Mother and Father. And I think I might prefer their "rulers" to the one we've got.
'Simpler': Cass Sunstein on the Future of Government - Knowledge
Are fewer + simpler regulations the future of government? Cass Sunstein thinks so:
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may be the most polarizing figure in all of American law. Conservatives tend to see him as an icon who is faithful to the Constitution, unfailingly clearheaded and outraged when the occasion calls for it. Liberals tend to see him as an ogre who is on the wrong si...
Regulation guru Cass Sunstein on why's happy he got rid of the "food pyramid'
How about asking her to sit in a park some day and pick out 1 out of every 4 children who shouldn't be there. For those of you who are not aware, in the good old Usa we abort 1 out of 4 children that are conceived. Is that acceptable to you? How about one of obamas brown shirts, Cass sunstein, who believes we should have the option to abort our children up to 2 years old!! Is that acceptable to you?
Cass Sunstein on how not to misunderstand Scalia --
Maybe we who believe in a God and stand against *** marriage should move to Kenya since they told Obama they are still a God fearing people and we don't believe in *** marriage! LoL! *** marriage goes against the Laws of Nature! Why do democrats push for *** marriage & abortions? Because its the only way they can have population control! Try me read between the mind of a radical leftist! Cass sunstein look him up!!!
An interview with Cass Sunstein on the efficacy of nudging (Via
Hundreds of new state laws take effect today BJ-WELCOME TO CASS SUNSTEIN'S & OBAMA'S WORLD !
Interesting review of Cass Sunstein's book, Simpler: The Future of Government .
Cass Sunstein's "nudge" is more like a chain wrapped tightly around the neck.
Nineteen firefighters have died battling a wildfire in Central Arizona, Fox' Phoenix affiliate reports.
How did liberal pundits miss so badly on Roberts?. Back in 2005, John Roberts, then a judge on the DC circuit court, drew significant support from ostensibly progressive legal pundits. In a 2007 ...
Obama's regulatory czar Cass Sunstein: Embryos are 'just a handful of cells.' Liberals no brain cells
As CITIZENS OF USA, we need to EDUCATE OURSELVES , FAMILY AND FRIENDS! On what is occurring in OUR COUNTRY ! Please take a look at Susan Rice and Samantha Power ( wife of Cass Sunstein, a professor at Harvard, please google him ASAP!!). Also see the CONNECTION WITH THEM AND THAT WE OUR POISED FOR ENTERING ONTO WAR IN SYRIA !!! Please guys , I am not a history person but WHY , WHY PUT OUR SOLDIERS IN HARMS WAY FOR MUSLIMS AND WE ARE SIDING WITH THE MUSLIMS THAT EAT PEOPLE ! Please please vote and know who you vote for , it is so IMPORTANT !!! Also CALL THE PEOPLE IN OFFICE ! You pay their SALARIES AND ALL THEIR EXPENSES.,I do not know about u , but when I am paying someone to do a JOB ! For me , I GET WHAT I PAY FOR !ease pass this on and do some homework . Thanks for reading ...
If you are looking for a summer read, "Nudge" by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein is a great book
Very much in line with Cass Sunstein's ridiculous "libertarian-paternalism" doctrine.
He should tell the USDA and, ultimately, Cass Sunstein, to kiss his ***
Nudge policy: Cass Sunstein on automatic enrollment and food choices. - Slate Magazine [edu-implications?]
I am pleased to link here the 1992 three-part BBC documentary by Alan Francovich, Gladio. Utilizing interviews from the many European and American principals involved, the documentary relates the story of the biggest "conspiracy" of our time (are you listening, Cass Sunstein?) — the existence of a c...
Cass Sunstein (sp?) is in charge of regulations for Obama--he is doing a GREAT job, don't you think? Sunstein's wife (can't recall name-different name) has just been put in charge of something to do with security.what a team. NOT!
Cass Sunstein on whether nudging has worked
look up 'Cass Sunstein' infiltrate groups unfavorable to gov. Yes there are those among us who's job it is to discredit us.
This Cass Sunstein sure is a vile fellow He is truly anti-American, & was teaching law >.>
Has anybody stopped long enough to ask WHY all this fallout is happening to Paula Deen?? Is there any rhyme or reason to it?? NO!! When others use the exact same word TODAY and never see a ripple...when people say so much worse things and DO worse and nothing whatsoever happens to them...what was it about Ms. Deen that caused such stunning and overwhelming consequences??? I can't explain it, and I doubt that anybody else can either...but I'd like to see some folks try.
Cass Sunstein and the Obama Scandals - Cass Sunstein wrote a piece for Bloomberg, published today, arguing that se... http:…
Samantha Powers is anti-Israel! Husband is Cass Sunstein Harvard who believes Bill of Rights is backward: should b right…
For smiley-faced Bismarck Cass Sunstein any hammer will do against opponents of "reform".
The word “dignity” can’t be found in the Constitution, but in his majority opinion in U.S. v. Windsor, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy uses it no fewer than nine times (actually 10, if we include “indignity”). The foundation of the court’s opinion, and its real importance, lie in its insistenc...
Liberal Paternalism. Influence of others choices in a way that makes "choosers better off" as judged by the elites who impose and limit the choices of others. (Nudge, Richard Thaler, Cass Sunstein")
Sounds like something Cass Sunstein would try, smh.
The Journal of Consumer Policy seeks submissions for a special issue, Behavioural Economics, Environmental Policy and the Consumer, to be published in March 2014. The editors of the special issue are Lucia A. Reisch (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) and Cass R. Sunstein (Harvard Law School). Pap...
"All heuristics are equal, but availability is more equals than others" Cass Sunstein & Timur Kuran
The next time some *** tells you Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information remember this, "In just a few years, Wikipedia has become the most influential encyclopedia in the world, consulted by judges as well as those who cannot afford to buy books. If the past is prologue, we're seeing the tip of a very large iceberg". This was taken from an article by Cass R. Sunstein entitled Brave New WikiWorld.
Shelanski replaces Cass Sunstein, who resigned, as head of OIRA.
Handmaids to the paternalism of smiley-faced Bismarck Cass Sunstein. Renata Salecl: The Tyranny of Choice
"Rumors are nearly as old as human history, but with the rise of the Internet, they have become ubiquitous. In fact we are now awash in them." -- Cass Sunstein
Prof. Cass Sunstein: foundation of DOMA opinion lies in its 'insistence on human dignity as a constitutional value'
Government use of Choice Architecture: Cass Sunstein & Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Yes, thx for posting. MT Nice summary by of "Simpler" by
Nudge inventor Cass Sunstein on how he helped Americans save and eat better (PREVIEW)
Nice summary by of "Simpler" by Sunstein essential reading for regulators/policymakers
Nice summary by on blog of "Simpler" by Cass Sunstein This is essential reading for regulators/policymakers
Simpler, by Cass Sunstein: In his new book SimplerCass Sunstein looks back over his 3 years as Head of the Off...
New book by Cass Sunstein of Nudge fame. Great review here:
There is no Red Line for LIFE if it means "eliminating the defectives" or a woman's convenience. Cass Sunstein
I post a lot of political stuff and I bust on the president a lot. I don't do it without actual research and understanding his politics and agenda. To understand the man you have to understand the people he surrounds himself with as advisors. Just Google these names: Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd. There are many more but this should get you started. If you read about these individuals and truly believe the POTUS has the best interests of the American people at heart then you can go back to sleep. If you finally realize that something isn't right in the White House then I say your welcome.
It was my understanding that General (ret) Carter Ham was to testify before Congress today regarding Benghazi- please recall he was the Commander of AfricaCom when Benghazi went down- rumor had it that he refused an order to stand down and not send aid to our Foreign Service Personnel in Benghazi and was relieved of duty- I can't find anything about his testimony today- anyone know if it happened? Was rescheduled? Disappeared forever? I've searched high and low and can't find a thing. Benghazi got Petraeus fired and General Ham relieved of duty- by all accounts two outstanding officer both dismissed by the most pathetic Commandeer in Chief this nation has ever suffered under. Any info on Ham's testimony would be appreciated.
Cass Sunstein on Uber's threat to the dinosaur taxi industry via
In his 2003 book, Why Societies Need Dissent, liberal law professor Cass Sunstein pointed out that, in society, “a single dissenter or voice of sanity is likely to have a huge impact.” But the problem for dissenters is that they “have little incentive to speak out, because they would gain nothing from dissenting” and in fact might be punished. Snowden knew this and he did it anyway. He clearly understands something that those screaming "traitor" do not: the allegiance we have as Americans is to the Constitution, not the institution of government. Snowden summed it up best when he told a South China Morning Post reporter this week, “I’m neither a traitor nor a hero. I’m an American.”
It really pisses me off when I hear the president talk about new regulations on the coal, gas and oil industry. We have nearly 17 trillion in debt you buffoon and nearly 8% unemployment! Do your freaking job and work on programs to create jobs rather than adding more regulations that will only hurt middle class America.
Cass Sunstein: Looking for 'dignity' in the Constitution.
Several prominent voices in the alternative media are speculating that former CIA analyst and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could be a double agent whose revelations are only serving to distract from the much bigger issue of the imminent escalation of the war in Syria.
Philadelphia abortion provider Kermit Gosnell was convicted Monday of three counts of first-degree murder for the death of three babies that prosecutors said were delivered alive and subsequently killed. Gosnell, 72, could face the death penalty when the jury reconvenes for the …
It's funny to me how the same people who complained about the filibusting of gun rights are now applauding the same action towards abortion rights. I'm not saying don't have an opinion, just keep it consistent please.
"Whether one supports or opposes the NSA spying programs, Snowden has done a public service by exposing them and igniting a debate about government surveillance that even the president says he welcomes. There is no reason for the mere existence of either program to have been classified by the Most Transparent Administration in History. The claims that terrorists have been tipped off by these revelations are not credible. Nobody seriously believes that until now terrorists didn’t know the American government is monitoring their email and phone calls. Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) told MSNBC Wednesday, “I don't see how [Snowden’s leaks] compromises the security of this country whatsoever.”
Tired of watching your constitutional rights being flushed down the toilet? Don't miss tonight's Patriot meeting-- The presentation will be from Emile Phaneuf (the younger). His topic: Defending Liberty Against Arguments of Human Rationality. Emile is a limited government, free market libertarian who has an interesting presentation that speaks to the worldview of some of king Obama’s czars (Cass Sunstein, for one). Everyone has a worldview and when you put a statist egghead in a position of power, you get the crackpot with the egghead. (My words, not Emile’s. He’ll speak for himself.) Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Why? Because buffoons like Sunstein have pointed guns of government at us to get us to comply with their feeble concepts. Eggheads brought us global cooling, global warming, acid rain, and a cartload of other discredited theories that are supposed to dazzle us with BS. At NWA Patriot Forum, we are “radicals”; the kind who question with boldness, who will not compromise with unalienable . ...
We're back. Here's Obama singing the song of the summer. Choose the next dub!
Simply put, Treasonous acts used to be defined as acts against the interests of the USA. Now, treason is any act that contradicts what this *** clown, *** muslim president (unqualified) or his appointed cabinet want. And if you don't know who Valerie Jarret is, then you need to take 5-10 minutes and google her.
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