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Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea.

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In the scorching heat of the Caribbean Sea, workers in scuba suits scrub crude oil by hand from the hull of the Caspian Galaxy, a tanker so…
Fishing in Bandar-e Anzali, a harbour town north Iran on the Caspian Sea coast.
to continue developing transport corridor from Baltic to Caspian Sea
What have you ever been to the Caspian Sea?
No Caspian Sea today. The local authorities wouldn't let us into the nature reserve. We went to the mountains inste…
Larijani: Regional countries should help maintain security of Caspian Sea
Ukraine, Georgia to jointly develop transport corridor from the Baltics to Caspian Sea - 14.04.2017 — Ukrinform News
GWL announces 2D seismic survey in the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea: GWL announces in…
In fact, Melania tried to make Easter eggs from the roe of Caspian Sea sturgeons, but the patter…
Lukoil brings platform topside to Caspian Sea
Baku, Azerbaijan, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. https:…
New post: Lukoil brings platform topside to Caspian Sea
Hydrocarbons in Caspian Sea's Turkmen sector over 18 bln tons of fuel equivalent - Trend News Agency
Go to Iran. Always an amazing experience and a perspective-changer for those who visit. Warm ppl, Mountains…
I dropped my portable phone in the Caspian Sea last Tuesday 😞
Entry Interface and into the plasma. Lots of braking drag and the sparks start to fly! Soyuz is at 62.0 miles altitude ov…
Update your maps at Navteq
My feet in the Caspian Sea. Possibly tomorrow bare feet. Now in my hotel bed in Masali Southern Azerbaijan listenin…
Where can I send you some info re greater Caspian Sea bigoil geo-politics?
Russian Foreign Ministry: Convention on legal status of Caspian Sea almost ready for signing
in Sea, Offshore of magnitude 3.0 on Today at 4:00 PM ET.
A safe and clean Sea depends on regional cooperation: littoral states meeting now in Iran…
By whom? And where did u get this from. BTW Baloch themselves migrated from near Caspian sea region into Balochistan.
Turkmenistan in Central Asia. Sunset seen from the coast of the world's largest lake Caspian Sea. I want caviar an……
The city building Parisian streets by an oil-rich sea via
Dagestan woman looks at the Caspian Sea. For by Magomed Shapiev
That big city at center just above caspian sea is Tehran . :)
*smirks*, wrong. Ever heard of the Caspian Sea? . Reported for inaccuracy
i know OC means original content in the context but i love th thought of just, here's my fursona, Caspian - Black Sea Canal the Hedgehog
Night Russia. Kaspiysk. A city in the Republic of Dagestan, located on the Caspian Sea, 18...
Intelligent completions boost production from caspian sea - offshore -
Intelligent completions boost production from caspian sea - offshore Increased reliability and simplicity of downhole tools has ...
Until 1881, priests coming from Jwalamukhi temple in Himachal pradesh used to look after this temple located near Caspia…
.Ivanka with a stunning view of the Caspian Sea.
diving the caspian sea PPT Templates -
facts about the caspian sea PowerPoint Slides -
...and down from Ethiopia, right up to the shores of the Caspian Sea. Today, there are even 6,000-yr. old Jew settl…
Finally! I unlocked the Caspian Sea badge with !
North of Iran, Caspian sea beach, late 60s
EU economic relations with the states of Caspian Sea region
Beluga,Sevruga. Come winds of the Caspian Sea. Larynxes,glossitis et Max Laryngitis la voce to me
The Caspian Sea is the world's largest lake. Followed by Superior and then Victoria.
My Gilaci feast by the Caspian Sea yummy!
Please RT? Swedish Explorer to Walk From Mongolia to the Caspian Sea with Camels
jacket – constructed ahead of schedule by 2k workers – sails to Caspian Sea. SD2 project 90% done…
No. Kekistan is already established by the Caspian Sea
the Caspian Sea would make a suitable retirement home for her.
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The second jacket for the Shah Deniz Stage 2 platforms set sail to the Caspian Sea offshore Azerbaijan.
right. We pushed north from Assyrian captivity south of the CASPIAN sea. Where the OT left off on the Isrealites.
Body recovered from Caspian Sea identified as missing Azerbaij...
currently grain freight rates ex Astrakhan to nip are at the lowest level ever (15-17 pmt) as there are almost no c…
Do you wanna more info about freight market in Caspian Sea for this week? go there
Body recovered from Caspian Sea identified as missing Azerbaijani oilman…
Beluga, sevruga, come winds. Of the Caspian Sea. Larynxes, glacydis, ad max. Laryngitis la voice to me
Caspian Sea is regarded the largest lake in the world. Because of its large spread (143,244 sq mile) and saline...
Tehran seeks naval cooperation with Moscow in Caspian Sea -
Circassia is northern part of Caucasus. its between the Caspian sea, and the Black Sea! more info>>
Check out this deal: Persia Caspian Sea 1780 antique engraved hand color map
I liked a video from The Caspian Sea Monster
The Caspian Sea is east of the Black Sea & west of the Aral Sea & these major bodies of water abutted the… a lovely dacha by by the Caspian Sea.
Both Gordon and Davey are buried in the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea and the 1998 Football League Second Division in 1983.
.Transport hubs must be developed between the countries in the Baltic, Black & Caspian Sea region…
If you consider europe as east of caspian sea some Turks are european for more than 1000 years
Israeli PM’s visit to the two sides of the Caspian Sea: read Avinoam Idan
A shepherd leads his herd back from grassland in the Talesh mountain area, close to the Caspian Sea. By
Netanyahu's visits to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan reflect Israel’s growing interest in Central Asia and the Caucasus…
3.2 in Caspian Sea, users download the Earthquake app for more information,
SNL's Weekend Update map is missing the Caspian Sea. And the Great Lakes. Did they just leave off all landlocked bo…
Is the Caspian Sea the world's largest lake?Because it doesn't look like a sea to me.
The Caspian Sea Monster ekranoplan in full cry. What an incredible sight (and noise!) it must have been. Just wow.
Caspian swam under water and could hear the storm above the waves. A ship crossed the sea and he noticed a woman in the +
It is said that the king's empire stretched from Caspian sea to Kaveri basin to Assam. He got the Martanda Sun temple in Anantnag made!
I added a video to a playlist Caspian Sea WORLDS LARGEST LAKE Asia
(Azerbaijan) was a schooltime favourite ... It's almost as if I had to visit there, tucked away near the Caspian Sea
McCain jealous that he lost his shot under Hillary at the Caspian Sea Pipeline? Drained that swamp!
Chechnya conflict had an oil dimension, planned pipeline to get Caspian Sea oil out westwards made control of strategic impor…
to build a gas pipeline across Afghanistan to get trillions of dollars worth of gas from the Caspian Sea to their tanke…
He's the one with braces, no shirt, loading a B-29 Superfortress on USS Oriskany in tha Caspian Sea.…
Mood: checking the salinity of the caspian sea and the baltic sea
SOCAR commissions new well in Caspian Sea .
Science: Doing its part to help humanity, one *The Caspian Sea.* at a time.
SOCAR commissions new well in Caspian Sea
A better solution than bombing Iran into oblivion: Just letting the Caspian Sea flood all of it...
Even with 10 huge engines, the Caspian Sea Monster was only designed to reach ~40ft. It could only "fly" on glass-still water…
Going to caspian sea maratine academy hld..
WOLGA, a large river of Russia, which rising in the north of that empire, runs south-east till it falls into the Caspian sea...
begins equipping the Rakushechnoye field in the Caspian Sea.
x for daring to pronounce something against pirate lord's or king, also because he himself was the pirate lord of Caspian Sea. x.
‌. Life doesn't get easier you just get stronger . ‌‌.
Picture of lightning strikes off the shore of the Caspian Sea
Caspian sea and their strong windss..
2037 - Fountoulis sea platform prison in the Caspian Sea; final stop for all former members of Antifa…
Identifying the source of petroleum pollution in sediment cores of southwest of the Caspian Sea using chemical fin…
Search for oilmen missing in Caspian Sea continues
A new 932-mile trail opens up a little-known corner of the world, stretching from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. http…
6th Map Comparison of Chistmas: Sea Surface Temp Jan./July check out the caspian sea
Caspian Sea is now below Sea Level. It used to drain into the Black Sea through th…
Cargo ship ran aground on the Caspian Sea Canal in Russia:
SOCAR: Search for oilmen continues in Caspian Sea .
If Russia shuts off Central Asia and the Caspian Sea from Eu...
Azerbaijan has a population of 9.417 M and is surrounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains.
You're referring to the wrong area. Think more like East of the Caspian Sea, and the surrounding of the Aral Sea
"I, for one, am very glad to reach dry land". Intrepid crosses the Caspian Sea
Zizic. 3rd team All Adriatic. Supposedly did great against arch rivals from Caspian Sea
They come from the Atlantic Ocean or the Black or Caspian Sea, or perhaps the Dnieper River in Eastern Europe.
Special memorial service and mourning march to be held on Friday for "martyrs" of this Caspian Sea port killed in combat in
Amazing photograph from of the sea ice scour marks in the
Rusik was the 1st Russian police sniffer cat at Stavropol near the Caspian sea.
View of the Caspian Sea, as seen by NASA.
Mysterious lines show up in the Caspian Sea
Azerbaijani SOCAR-AQS starts drilling new well in Caspian Sea
Q: Which is the largest inland body of water on earth?. A: Caspian Sea.
Mystery deaths of seals in Kazakh section of Caspian Sea, Saiga antelope on the steppe and now this.
Something had scarred the Caspian Sea's floor. What was it? via
3.0 in Caspian Sea, Offshore Azerbaijan, users download the Earthquake app for more information,
it's located on the east coast of the Caspian Sea. Part of a bottleneck between the Middle East and Russia.
Transfer of the Caspian Sea Waters is a violation of the International Law
The Oil Road: Journeys from the Caspian Sea to the City of London by James Marri
What caused crisscrossing lines seen in this satellite pic of North Caspian Sea? Find out:
View from of the Caucasus Mountains, looking southeast from the Caspian to the Black Sea.
The curious case of the Caspian Sea’s scars: via
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NASA Earth Observato New posts in the Earth Matters blog - April Puzzler Answer: Ice Scours the North Caspian Sea:
It's a former Soviet republic, extends from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains at its eastern border with China and Russia.
Russian-Iranian canal could connect Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf.. CIA agents in Russia
will need help to build its Caspian Sea - Persian Gulf canal
Iran, Azerbaijan to launch oil co-op in Caspian Sea: Iranian President Rouhani today will officially propose a...
astronaut Scott Kelly captured this image of the Caspian Sea on July 27, 2015.
We cooperate officially to launch strikes on Baghdad from Caspian Sea targeting..
30 missing after Caspian Sea oil rig fire: company
FIRST VIDEO: Russian warships attack ISIS positions in Syria from Caspian Sea
Speaking of missing the targets: YOU try to shoot missiles from the Caspian Sea, across Iran and Iraq and not lose one or five b…
watch Caspian sea movements. Very interesting too. Ships, on cultural visits. Russia - Iran.
WATCH: Russian warships attacking positions in Syria from Caspian Sea
Russia hit targets in Syria with missiles launched from the Caspian Sea—dangerous escalation http:…
Why this won't fly over Iran or Caspian Sea - Christian Science Monitor
[News] Are planes flying over Caspian Sea at risk of being hit by missiles aimed at Syria?
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Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea on Wednesday landed in Iran, unnamed US officials say,…
Airlines suspend flights over Iran & Caspian Sea after EASA warning about Russian missiles fired
SOCAR drills new oil well in Caspian Sea:
Today.Az - SOCAR drills new oil well in Caspian Sea:
SOCAR drills new oil well in Caspian Sea
Russia and Kazakhstan to share Caspian Sea crude
Not long ago RU/IR spoke of demilitarized Caspian Sea. Now only for some it appears.
Pacific diverts to Hong Kong away from Caspian Sea and Iran - South China Morning Post..
SOCAR drills new oil well in Caspian Sea - The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has start...
Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations to hold drills in Caspian Sea
Cathay changed its route, but some other major airlines still flying over the Caspian Sea despite risks via
Russia and Iran to Conduct Joint Naval Exercises on the Caspian Sea
Interfax reported that started in the waters of the Caspian Sea, the Iranian-Russian exercises.
RUAF Tu-154 85563 from noted northbound on southern Caspian Sea.
President Putin's visit to Kazakhstan resulted in the agreement to jointly explore oil deposits of the Caspian Sea.
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"Welcome to Iran!” said the immigration officer, as he offered us a dish of sweets...Hear about our Caspian Sea tour
Russian navy warships launch 26 missiles on ISIS in Syria from Caspian Sea via
Russia and Iran to carry out naval exercises in Caspian Sea: Iran is ready to conduct joi...
The asymmetric warfare capability demonstrated by Russia's cruise missile fire at Syria from the Caspian Sea.
Russian Caspian Sea cruise missile attack on the ISIS in Syria, was routed through an air corridor provided by Iran & Iraq by-passing Turkey
The Russians fired 26 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea, and FOUR hit Iran. They hit buildings and caused casualties.
Russia and Iran will hold military exercises in the Caspian sea via
On flight from HK to Zurich. Planes no longer fly over Caspian Sea since Russia airstrikes over Syria
to hold naval exercises in Caspian Sea - Iranian Navy
Hong Kong (AP) — Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific said Wednesday it has stopped flying over Iran and the Caspian Sea follow…
Dozhd: Russia and Iran to hold military exercises in Caspian Sea.
here we go. look at the left side of Caspian Sea.Can you remember smth from the stream chat? :)
Even goes so shutka- within a radius of 2,500 km from the Caspian Sea are starting to learn the Russian national anthem. Just in case.
Russian boats bombed "Daash" 26 rocket sites from the Caspian Sea.
Airlines operating Europe-HK routes split on heeding warnings about flying over Caspian Sea
Come on Vladimir, do the job and destroy the ISIS filth. Never mind about Obama providing them with ammunition and... htt…
Russia launches rocket strikes on Islamic State group in Syria from warships in Caspian Sea, Russian officials say
The prince of Gog-Rush launches rockets all over Syria from Caspian Sea ships..a 1500 miles distance...On target!
Syria a proving ground for RUS weapons systems? "BBC News - Russian missiles 'hit IS in Syria from Caspian Sea'
Set by the Caspian Sea,is a terraced village.The city is know for its fogginess n green mountain setting.
We'll wait you in Crystal Hall in Baku in the shore of Caspian Sea in Caucases. Please come here
Caspian sea sounds like Caspar lee 😄
Omg I meant Black Sea. 🙈 I knew that the Caspian is more western. (Right?)
nope, I'm near the Black Sea. The Caspian is quite far, never been there. That area is scary too, with all the conflicts :/
Teenagers belonging to a kickboxing school attend a training session at a beach on the Caspian Sea with Soviet
There aren't enough non sequiturs in the world to save the Caspian Sea from Jelly Babies.
Sea states to hold talks on collective security system via
For Brits convenience, they mislead & called Indo-Aryans Or Indo-Europians who have come from Caspian Sea..!
bet it has. Good to get away from Europe for a while whereas we're gagging to get there! Bring on the Caspian Sea and Turkey
Creation of Caspian Sea collective security system underway but members still to be determined
Discovering Iran: from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf - trips
are their eggs good eating like their Caspian Sea cousins?
So is now over the Caspian sea and about to had into miles of desert. On a bicycle.
Trivia at did you know Dikran the Great built an empire from 'Sea to Sea' (Caspian …
Iran caspian sea was so bad after i visiting from Iran
- Photo Caspian Sea, reportage on Sturgeons, here "…
esfahan but I will be going to the Caspian Sea before I leave
Lia Sophia necklace and earrings Caspian Sea - Full read by eBay
Me too. I love it . You know I am from Northern of Iran where the Caspian sea is and we use to have many rain through the year
-I'm thinking of swimming across the Caspian Sea. -Well, that's a notion!. -It's a lake actually.
Caspian sea is major source for caviar, Iran shares border.
Thank you internet for telling me what rhymes with oswego tea (charcuterie, Caspian Sea, Sault Sainte Marie).
seems to poke fun at the regressions, like the "mountains of the moon" in Africa, shape of Caspian Sea, the Cosmas tabernacle, etc
"5 projects of gas import from Caspian Sea to Europe failed,cause were based on misinformation.I…" — Irakli Bokuchava
Caspian Sea states prepared a security plan for the world's largest enclosed body of water on earth as a result of an initiative by .
Well, it's not a 'flying boat'. And photo shows the 500t Caspian Sea Monster. Otherwise sound.
Draft agreement on cooperation prepared for states: Sayyari.
Unique market for selling hunted birds in Iranian Caspian sea side - pushing to extinction - via
to hold first ever joint naval training in the Caspian Sea in September. Details:
When Genghis Khan returned to Mongolia in 1225, he controlled a huge swath of territory from the Sea of Japan to the Caspian Sea.
fact: 90,000 Chinese troops reached the Caspian Sea at the time of the Roman Empire, turned around and went back.
"Central Asia is the core region of the Asian continent and stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to China in the east..
Imagine an enigmatic country squeezed in between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains:
Pollution and overfishing plague the Story in the
Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea.
The Caspian Sea has characteristics of being both a sea and a lake.
The Caspian's decline: Saddened to know the "end of the Sea" due to and
"Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea. via
Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea. via .
"It's the end of the sea" he says, the fisherman of the Caspian Sea. My story for
Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea: via
Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea
Pollution is killing the Caspian Sea. A sad piece from Guardian's Tehran bureau
Pollution and overfishing plague the Caspian Sea, report
guardian: The Caspian Sea can no longer sustain life in its waters – or the fishermen who work it, TehranBureau di…
the United States' security and energy interests in the oil-rich Caspian Sea nation with what the State Department, in a report last year
Mom's all in Azerbaijan like "oh they lost my luggage but I did get a 5star hotel with a view of the Caspian sea and wine & a TV..."
it was! Also did a ship across the Caspian Sea. On my 16th b-day actually from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan
The EU is cozying up to Turkmenistan, hoping it can wean itself off of Russian gas:
Iii. epistol. 9, p. 395. Gesta Reg. Francor. c. 5, 8.) The family of the Caspian Sea; traversed the Bosphorus, Asia is inhabited by Arians
In English: View of the Caucasus from space at night without clouds. Left to the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea to the right. Awesome!
Many descendants of Gomer & Magog (Gen10:2) settled into lands north of the Black Sea & Caspian Sea & spread northward from there.
that The Sea is the largest lake by surface area in the world?
Route Steering feature saved substantial time during pipeline monitoring survey in the Caspian Sea
Quake hits Caspian Sea: The epicenter of the earthqauke was in the depth of 56 km.
Red, and Caspian seas, with the Persian Gulf thrown in as a "sea."
Learn more about BLUE's recent visit to Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea here:
One of the best friends of mine was drown in "Caspian Sea" After saving his wife and children due to his father's rescue at 30!
Hello Caspian Sea! I had missed you. . Hot tea & freshly baked cakes were the perfect method to make…
The Ukraine Crisis: Legal and Energy Security Impacts in the Black Sea Basin by Radu Dudau
Good wrap up by on impact of oil price drop on the Caspian Sea
. Ramco's main venue is Azerbaijan [the Caspian sea corridor] Ka-ching!.
Field Pix - One of these terns is not like the others - a Forester's tern in a sea of caspian terns
ONGC Videsh to acquire ConocoPhillips' 8.4 pc interest in North Caspian Sea field for about USD 5 billion.
This paper about if the Caspian Sea is actually a sea or not is surprisingly stressful
Watching and how the 1991 cheap oil opened up the Caspian Sea for fortune.
Make a barge from bargain buckets, use chicken drumsticks as oars, and sail across the Caspian Sea (or some other huge lake)
The governor general of Iran’s Mazandaran province is proposing a new sea link to Russia in the Caspian Sea.
Episode of the Vivaro Siberia Challenge. Today the team get on a ferry across the Caspian sea
Caspian sea is the world largest lake by area (371000 sqaure km)
Turks also come from the steppes east of the Caspian Sea.
The Caspian Sea seal population has been decimated from one million down to 100,000 in the last twenty years.
In one point in time the Caspian sea was named after us.
A view of Baku,Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea! Beautiful city with amazing architecture.
PhD fellowships offered by for researchers on Caspian Sea area/Central Asia. Closing date Mar 6:
Mild quake hits Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea: A mild earthquake has today hit the Azerbaijani sector of C...
The White Gold Caviar is made from the eggs of the rare albino sturgeon from the Caspian Sea mixed with 22 carat gold.
Beluga sevruga cone winds of the caspian sea
did this ever happen or did we just leave it to the Caspian Sea Monster?
. Left dot - ISS over the Caspian Sea . Right dot - Jupiter . Picture taken in southwest…
Türkmenistan is planning to build 138 square meter island in Caspian sea, no word about the purpose yet,
Pops and I saying hello from the Caspian Sea in Iran
is this for transporting oil through the Caspian Sea Forbes places like this?
Two oil firms (transhipment from Caspian Sea) bring against re: transfer of investments to prominent Kazakhs.
I drove all over Iran from the south up to Ramsar on the Caspian Sea.
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That is interesting because DNA traces back to Centeral Asia. South of the Caspian Sea.
The Caspian Sea is an affordable waterslide suitable for or residential use
Ukraine has a strategic location between the main energy producers (Russia & Caspian Sea) its large transit network.
Kazakh shipping company completes work to support drilling rig on Caspian Sea
I colored europe blue instead of the caspian sea :(
Mediterranean spices be so fragrant bruh. It's like you in a port city off the Caspian Sea every time they bring out your plate.
Technical and legal issues must be solved to transport Turkmen gas via Caspian Sea
Two fishermen go missing in Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea
Two fishermen have gone missing in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, said the Ministry of Emergency...
Caspian Sea seen by Green color is due to algal bloom in phosphate-polluted water h…
It's not the people who are green. It's their uniforms. They were in Crimea when Putin invaded the Caspian Sea.
Dinner special for the evening:). Caspian sea sturgeon Pan Seared with private selection spice blend served with...
Body of pilot of crashed aircraft carrying Saudi Arabia tourist found near Caspian Sea.
That's because I've had it with you ever been to the Caspian Sea?
Amazing vehicle... Reminds me of the Caspian Sea Monster, this for sure never took off though.
Website Builder 728x90
chest in London, and afterwards celebrates his preceptor, the poet laureate, composed a piece of granite: from the Caspian Sea.
News Report on our clean up of a site on the coast of the Caspian Sea!
Native to the Caspian Sea, the endangered Caspian seal is among the smallest seals & can live to be ~50 years old.
U.S. has military bases all over Europe and Middle East. They are creeping towards the Caspian Sea. Huge oil resources.
Beluga sevruga. Come winds of the Caspian Sea. Larengix glaucitis. Et max laryngitis. La voce to me. NOW SING!
I just won The Wiki Game! I connected Wikipedia articles 'Caspian Sea' → 'Berlin Wall' in 5 clicks at
A giant algal bloom in the Caspian Sea seen from space by South Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite http:/…
Saipem awarded $1.8 billion contract for the Kashagan project in the Caspian Sea
Saipem wins $1.8 billion contract to build pipeline Kashagan project. Let's hope they get it right this time.
NCOC lets $1.8-billion pipeline contract to Saipem subsidiary for giant Kashagan field in Caspian Sea
ENI-controlled company wins contract to replace pipelines v
As we were discussing a few hours ago with gets the pipeline contract in
Enjoying a strong coffee and a beautiful view of the sun rising over the Caspian Sea, Good morning from xx
Y'day's - Caspian Sea, North to left, Mangyshlak Peninsula Kazakhstan, Full res:
Meteor M N2 137.1 MHz morning pass over Caspian Sea and Bosphorus channel wich separates Europe from Asia
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Air Force One crashing into the Caspian Sea is one of my favorite obviously conspicuous CG-from-the-early-days-of-CG effects.
"We've been around the world tonight" very true - Beirut/Caspian sea/Space ... (Cot)
Botanists have nearly identified the origin of to a small location near the Caspian Sea; today, ruderalis still thrives.
Mild quake hits Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea
Underwater earthquake hits sector of Caspian Sea
Underwater earthquake hits Azerbaijan sector of Caspian Sea
North of Iran,Caspian sea before the revolution:
Kazakhstan, Fishermen of the Kazakh Coast of the Caspian Sea catch sturgeon @ . .
Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c -
His eyes were as blue as the Caspian sea
An airplane splashed down into the Caspian sea in Iran. A Saudi Arabian newlywed couple was in that plane.
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