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Casey Anthony

Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – 2008) was an American two-year-old girl who was reported missing July 15, 2008, in Orlando, Florida.

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Casey Anthony: Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait by Keith Russell Ablow (2013-07-02):
After 100 years this judge gonna say he thinks Casey Anthony killed her daughter?
Buffalo Bills player accused in incident resulting in assault of two off-duty
Judge in Casey Anthony trial says she may have killed daughter by accident
Casey Anthony may have accidentally killed daughter, judge in case says
03-02 living, working in West Palm Beach
Casey Anthony accidentally put chloroform in baby's mouth, accidentally duct tape it shut, accidentally put her in car…
Casey Anthony judge: She could be guilty: Six years after Casey Anthony was found not…
Casey Anthony may have gave her child too much Chloroform. Out of curiosity, what is the proper dose of Chloroform to give to…
Not only did Casey Anthony "accidentally" kill her daughter with chloroform, she also "accidentally" forgot to cry over chi…
"Casey Anthony may have killed her daughter". Earth is a planet, the sky is blue. These are things we already knew. https…
The judge who presided over Casey Anthony’s case is offering his theory on what may have really happened.
Casey Anthony mostly killed daughter by accident with overdose of Chloroform , judge claims
Casey Anthony looks to launch photography business
Judge in Casey Anthony trial says she 'may have' killed daughter by accident - AOL News
Had a great dream. Casey Anthony, Hillary & my ex-wife were stepping off a curb & I was behind the wheel of a big truck...
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News outlet I just read:. "Casey Anthony may have accidentally killed her daughter" . Me:
Judge: Casey Anthony may have accidentally killed daughter via
A lot of people don't remember but at trial Casey Anthony did the Steve Urkel defense. She went, "Did I do that?" Then played a laugh track.
Vinny tells me he's quitting cigarettes.again, I took Casey Anthony's not guilty plea more serious.
I wonder what Casey Anthony's Super Bowl party was like.
Casey Anthony is out there protesting against President Trump guys... I hear she's got some real killer protest chants…
Photo I shot of Casey Anthony at Donald Trump protests
the murderer Casey Anthony was out protesting against Trump! 🤔 another example of who we are up against.
Casey Anthony has a great career ahead of her as a spokeswoman for
"I should murder my child because kids are a drag. Also I should protest Trump, he's a monster". - Casey Anthony, probably
Casey Anthony REALLY CARES about . WOMENS RIGHTS going to Rally VS Trump. She FITS RIGHT IN with others wanting . righ…
Casey Anthony should kill herself the same way she killed her daughter. A murderer protesting for the right 2 kill!
Casey Anthony supports threatens to harm kids...Oh the Irony😂
News: Photo: Casey Anthony spotted at anti-Trump protest in Florida
Child murderer Casey Anthony spotted at Anti-Trump protest! It only makes sense that the sickest shows up. http…
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Casey Anthony did what any other person exempt from the justice system in the upper echelons of our government would do
Of course Casey Anthony fits in with the baby killing crowd. Should've seen that one coming.
Infamous Casey Anthony comes out to protest Trump in Fla., so how was she treated by her liberal pals?
Casey Anthony more like Cutie Anthony you know what I mean?
Enough Said! . Child Murderer, Casey Anthony, protested President Trump outside Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach over the weekend!
VIDEO of Casey Anthony spotted at anti-Trump protest near Mar-A-Lago! She's against Trump but murdered her daughter! ht…
"casey anthony comes out of hiding to protest trump" *** when a child murderer thinks you're trash, you KNOW it's bad
Casey Anthony Seen in Crowd of Trump Protesters at Mar-A-Lago - Breitbart via
I'd rather have a kid with Casey Anthony, become a pastor at a southern Baptist church, and chew gum after Dave...
I remember when the only thing to worry about in Florida was Casey Anthony & George Zimmerman. Prayers & peace to Fort Laud…
Wait, what? Casey Anthony's former bodyguard thinks she is guilty "without a doubt":
Pretty sure casey anthony was having sex with her lawyer- who just got charged with conspiracy to traffic 1,500 kilos of coke.
Check out coverage of this week's episode with Rob ***
Former Casey Anthony attorney charged with trying to smuggle 1,500 kilos of cocaine into U.S.
Kellyanne Conway saying she inspired women to get into politics is like saying Casey Anthony inspired women to become mothers.
Casey Anthony's former lawyer arrested for plotting to fly cocaine into US
Huh, turns out I share a birthday with Casey Anthony. That's a weird fact to stumble across.
Wow, better him than me. Casey Anthony Lawyer Arrested For Drug Trafficking
It wouldn't surprise me either..Casey Anthony is the pick for Child Welfare Services
Ex-lawyer for busted on drug trafficking charges. .
I thought the prosecution was strong. But I never speculate after Casey Anthony. Up to the jury now.
For someone who craved attention, Casey Anthony got that and more when she went on trial for murder. Join…
Experts weigh in on the case of Casey Anthony on Saturday's all new Scandal Made Me Famous.
What's next. Ronald McDonald as Secretary of Nutrition? Casey Anthony for Secretary of Children's Services? Charles Manson 4 Corrections?
so y'all mean to tell me Casey Anthony tried to open a daycare? 🤔
Casey Anthony jjoke Zanny the Nanny her fake babysitterr
this from a dude w a Casey Anthony joke pinned to his TL
Casey Anthony lawyer Todd Macaluso arrested for 'conspiring to fly plane loaded with cocaine' | Daily Mail Online
"made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony" 😳🔥
Casey Anthony's former lawyer accused of trying to smuggle 3,300 pounds of cocaine -
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The lawyer previously worked for Casey Anthony, a Florida woman who was accused of killing her daughter.
A former lawyer for Casey Anthony is held without bail in alleged drug smuggling scheme
Can y'all still believe that Casey Anthony got away with murder
What do Casey Anthony, Shawne Merriman, and a Dassault Falcon have in common?
Why does this nut think you're pals with Casey Anthony? Also... untag meh on this pls. I muted them.
Lawyer who represented Casey Anthony caught trying to smuggle drugs into the United States. http…
Casey Anthony's disbarred lawyer jailed in cocaine smuggling case
Casey Anthony's former lawyer arrested for 'plotting to fly cocaine into the US'
Casey Anthony (KisssyKiss) still. looking to CASH IN on Caylee's murder. BOYCOTT STRONG!. HS dropout, never worked, wants everything 4 nothing
There was no REASONABLE. doubt in Casey Anthony case! Jurors had own agendas! Even DCF found her responsible!YOU must not followed case Prudy
Casey Anthony's ex-lawyer accused of drug trafficking. If he wanted to get away with it, he should've hid the drugs in the trunk of his car.
Former attorney accused of trying to smuggle cocaine into U.S.
She definitely belongs in the same EVIL, PSYCHOTIC class as Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, and Susan Smith.
Researching all aspects of CSI of some famous cases. OJ Simpson, Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias and more!
Jonathan Lee Riches @ the then home of Casey Anthony. Hopespring Dr Orlando Florida. Pray for Caylee Marie Anthony.
OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Oscar Pistorius were also acquitted of murder.
Florida freed Casey Anthony & George Zimmerman, put Kodak Black in jail, and they voted Trump. Hurricane Matthew should'…
*** it Florida. Doesn't feel great that our future depends on a state that thought George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony weren'…
ie raping. it should be primetime news. Look at the attention they gave to Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias smh
From Scott Peterson to Casey Anthony...— traveling to Orlando, Florida from San Francisco...
A patent lawyer and Cheney Mason who's desperate after the Casey Anthony publicity died out
Tell that to convicted murderer Nelson Serrano. U R though, he got Casey Anthony off. Noble.
Would anyone hire Casey Anthony to baby sit & O.J. Simpson to coach school football? Why not? Both were found not guilty.
I would trust a Bill Cosby cocktail party, Casey Anthony daycare center, and the tap water in Mexico before I trusted Hillary Clinton.
I still believe if Nancy Grace ever got the chance along with Casey Anthony should would off her
So Hillary and Bill haven't been convicted of anything...You want O.J. to drive your kids to Casey Anthony's...
and also under bill of rights Casey Anthony yrs before - very dangerous grp Dem/REP PRESS
now in the company of OJ,Casey Anthony,George Zimmermann,David Duke,KKK,et al.
OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Ron Jeremy aren't politicians, either. You'd vote for them, too, right?
Casey Anthony is only 30? Ugh. I've done nothing with my life.
Viewers did too. Ratings were great. HLN ratings were on fire during Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias trials.
Crooked Hillary is now Using the same defense as Casey Anthony & Jodi Arias.
If whites were able to finally get O.J Simpson behind bars. We deserve the same for Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.
George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, & OJ were acquitted too. So, TF that mean.
"Nate Parker and Bill Cosby were acquitted.". So was Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and many who we know are guilty. Acquittal=/=innocence.
Do white ppl who have been treated unjustly not deserve justice bc of Casey Anthony? See that logic? It doesn't make any sense.
Their crimes aren't a reflection of their whiteness. God forbid an unarmed white person is killed & I bring up Dylan Roof or Casey Anthony.
Hillary is on the same "not guilty" team as Casey Anthony, and OJ Simpson. .
Voting for Hillary because she has been a politician in the past is like letting Casey Anthony watch your kids because she…
I would tell a Casey Anthony joke, but my mom would kill me…
Aaron Hernandez will be in court today with Casey Anthony's lawyer defending him -
If I was Donald Trump I'd choose someone crazy for VP so no one would try to assassinate me. Charlie Sheen, Casey Anthony, Sarah Palin, etc.
But a cop compared me to Casey Anthony and my lawyer said the family court judge wouldn't care. .
Letting Hillary be POTUS is equivalent to letting Casey Anthony run a daycare center, and Michael Vick be the face of the humane society.
Voting for Hillary Clinton is like asking Casey Anthony to babysit
Or would you ask Casey Anthony to babysit? Hand Robert Blake a gun? Hand Lizzy Borden an Ax?
Hillary Clinton is now in the company of OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.
Casey Anthony Knows a damned guy that trips cuts
Here's what life is like for 5 yrs after she was acquitted of murder charges.
"I'd put more trust in Casey Anthony running a daycare." I've heard it all now 😂😂😂😂
Casey Anthony's life five years after her acquittal 4 JOBS SECURITY BORDERS
Five years ago today, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. via
Casey Anthony & Hillary have a lot in common! Both kill the innocent, lie to Feds & get away with it.. The credibility of the Feds is gone!
What to know 5 years after Casey Anthony's murder acquittal
So, Mrs. Clinton's pick for VP will be Casey Anthony?
Casey Anthony's life five years after her acquittal. via
Casey Anthony's secret life revealed 5 years after being acquitted of child’s murder
Casey Anthony is 'bored' of her life of freedom: Five years after she was acquitted, the…
I want you to treat her how Casey Anthony treated her child.
If Casey Anthony and OJ can be acquitted of murder, you had to expect that Hillary wouldn't be indicted either. Justice only when convenient
"Sure Casey Anthony murdered her little daughter but she was really good looking and that's gotta count for something folks!"
Made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony 🎧
I still can't believe Casey Anthony beat those charges
Poor is single, broke & bored. She & George Zimmerman should hook up. Child murderers walking free. 😡 htt…
CASEY'S 'BORED' LIFE Report: Anthony struggles 5 years after murder case
According to my Timehop, I'm assuming Casey Anthony was found not guilty today
Casey Anthony complains of boredom 5 years after acquittal; still gets money from lawyer, report says
Isn't it ironic that today marks the 5 year anniversary of Casey Anthony's aquital on murder charges?. Lightning does strike…
Casey Anthony reportedly 'bored' 5 years after jury cleared her of murder via the App poor thing.
Idc what anyone says Casey Anthony is hot lmao
I just had a dream that I was married to Casey Anthony and we were talking about having kids .
Planning to vote for Hillary bc she's not going to be indicted is like hitting up Casey Anthony to babysit ur child
Saying "Clinton's not being indicted so vote for her" is like saying I should hire Casey Anthony to babysit since she w…
"I don't know who she is but that Casey Anthony is pretty cute. ...wait, what!?". -former coma patient/pervert
Jodi Arias trial, Casey Anthony trial, trayvon martin like the list goes on but im not sure about the suit 🤔
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Dear little Caylee Anthony, last night on ET, they mentioned that your mommy (Casey Anthony) is going to make a...
If only Trump can get Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson & Mary Kay LeTourneau endorsements to go along with Don King & Mike Tyson
Youre in Bad Mom Club w/ Dinah Lohan, Casey Anthony, Jean Benet Ramsey Parents, Susan Smith, joan crawford--how does it feel mom? liberatin?
Lets do a movie about that chick Ted Kennedy Killed. Lets make a Gary Condit movie. How about a 9/11 movie? How about a Casey Anthony movie?
Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez hires the lawyer who famously won an acquittal for Florida mom Casey Anthony:
Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez hires attorney who won acquittal for Casey Anthony:
Aaron Hernandez is hiring the attorney who got Casey Anthony acquitted:
When it hits you that Muhammad Ali, Prince & Whitney are gone but Trump, George Zimmerman & Casey Anthony still here http…
Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman are out there roaming the streets while some people are in prison for life for mari…
if any of y'all actually believed that Casey Anthony didn't kill her daughter then you my friend are stupid
HOLY crap, Jose Baez is so strenuously denying he had sex with Casey Anthony, he must be guilty. lol
Defense attorney admits Casey Anthony killed her daughter
Casey Anthony is trending which means people found out about Crooked Hillary's plans to name her as VP running mate. http…
After all this time Casey Anthony's ex-attorney admitted that she killed her daughter and slept with him to defend her ca…
Casey Anthony effing did it. I can't wait for the state to appeal this and get juicy court news for months.
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Casey Anthony is like a female George Zimmerman go away
Defense Attorney admits Casey Anthony killed daughter, says PI in new court documents
George Zimmerman is auctioning the gun that killed Travon Martin? What's next, Casey Anthony auctioning off Caylee's crib?
This literally makes me wanna vomit. He's up there with Casey Anthony!. George Zimmerman-- via
Oh, LMFAO, no way, *** Jose Baez couldn't beat this rap, OJ no. Hooray, I'm off the hook like Casey Anthony. Hey *** hey *** 🖐🏻😂🎼.
The Snapchat Nipslip. The Grand Marshall Krame (not fire marshall lol) last new epsode Gerge date Casey Anthony
Endorsed by David Duke & Mike Tyson... when are George Zimmerman & Casey Anthony endorsements to be announced?
Choosing between Trump and Hillary is like picking a babysitter out of Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson.
Gabe, Casey Anthony trended too. What's your point?
Two Words: Trayvon Martin Florida jury messed that up as bad as Casey Anthony. Man that killed him has multiple mugshots
I like all non-fiction books about American legal cases. Just read a Casey Anthony one, and a Jodi Arias one!
Same thing with Casey Anthony. She totally killed that kid, but they didn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
I assume all these are well known enough ~ but Oscar grant = fruitvale station, Casey Anthony is the chick who murdered her daughter
American Crime Story series they should do:. John Gotti. Larry Davis. Casey Anthony. R Kelly. Robert Blake
OK. Basically, anyone who thought Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, and Andrea Yates should have been punished are anti-women. Got it.
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Law and order just combined the Casey Anthony trial and the anti-vaccination debate into one episode I'm having an aneurysm
Till this day I still don't understand the logic behind the Casey Anthony trial, what a bunch of malarkey.
Love if you guys ever do another mini series I would love to see you do the Casey Anthony trial
Why am I watching the whole Casey Anthony trial rn
no I wish I was. She may not be a model citizen or mother but that was one of the claims in Casey Anthony trial
watching the hour and a half long opening statements of the Casey Anthony trial and I have no idea how someone could think she's innocent
Trump criticizing Cruz for having extramarital affairs is like Scott Peterson criticizing Casey Anthony for probably mur…
.has appointed former Judge Belvin Perry - who presided over Casey Anthony trial and now at Morgan & Morgan - to board.
Former Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial, is named to FAMU board of trustees by
NOT TRUE-- Casey Anthony was proven not guilty even though there was more evidence than this Ghomeshi trial..
It like the Casey Anthony case. Obviously she's guilty, but I guess her googling "fool-proof suffocation methods" isn'…
We see "jury nullification" [OJ, Casey Anthony], now we're gonna see 4 liberal supremes doing "statute nullification" :-)
you are a vile terrible excuse for a human being. Seriously you are the Casey Anthony of politics. You look like her too.
When someone confronts me with my Starbucks addiction I say "Well call me Casey Anthony because I'm guilty"
I didn't not go down the Casey Anthony rabbit hole. I probably would have gotten lost. Since she went to trial 1/2
Especially all the Casey Anthony stuff. Available on YouTube and books...
Mom telling us her friend was at the Casey Anthony trial. My sister: "Was it lit"
Is it too late to get really into Casey Anthony?
Casey Anthony was sequestered. I don't remember about Trayvon Martin.
- really like seeing the whole behind the scenes stuff. The People vs Casey Anthony should be your next project!
The Verdict UNDERMINES our Justice System. Here's why it still gets me angry! htt…
Mark Lippman,Casey Anthony Parents Lawyer got me out in 1-Day after we showed Israel Rothschild in conflict attacking THE PEOPLES WATER! FU🔥
So just to clarify... It is okay when Casey Anthony murders children but not when I try to do it? Sigh.
who you think we gonna get in season 2? Casey Anthony, Menendez Brothers, Scott Pederson, MJ sex trial ...maybe a old school 1
Is next season of American Crime Story gonna be the Menendez or Casey Anthony trial? Who knows...maybe it will be The Sweet Brothers.
Casey Anthony trial is a testament 2 success of sequestered jurys.They found reasonable doubt, not in trial by medias
o yeah. If you go to a high profile trial and get acquitted your still guilty to some parts of the public. IE. Casey Anthony
ugh I would've loved it. I was like 3 at the time. I watched the Casey Anthony trial and others religiously
Things I trust more than Trump pt4:. - Leaving my dog with Michael Vick. - Babysitting by Casey Anthony. - A rehab run by Lindsay Lohan
I hope the series after is over will be just as good. Jeffrey Dahmer, Menendez bros, Jon Benet Ramsey or Casey Anthony
It's sad how we allowed Casey Anthony to be allowed to have another child when Caylee never got an justice
This case and the Casey Anthony case were very upsetting to me. Prayers to the Martin family.…
Amanda Knox wasn’t emotional enough. John Mark Byers’ emotions seemed over the top. Casey Anthony didn’t act “right.” What is the baseline?
has sent me down a rabbit hole of reading about other controversial cases: Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, West Memphis 3 etc
Casey Anthony drove around for five days with Caylee's body in her car via
Casey Anthony is pregnant AGAIN, after being accused of murdering her 2-year-old
American Crime Story needs to do the Casey Anthony story and the Travon Martin trial
That's exactly why I think Casey Anthony wrapped duct tape over her daughter's mouth
Rest in Peace sweet little Caylee...Casey Anthony acquitted... Steven and Brendan guilty.SAD!!!
Listen to Night [Feb. 19] by Esper Beats . "Kill the tracks that I make like I idolize Casey Anthony" 😱
so y'all know I still believe Casey Anthony is innocent and her father killed Caylee but she is pregnant again
Ur just following herd. u don't care abt life or Caylee. Casey Anthony is 1 person not a system
Basically if Casey Anthony had been wearing a cop costume when she allegedly killed her daughter, Americans would love her; blame Caylee.
Photography business set up using Casey Anthony's name
When Childish Gambino said, "Made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony."
The next ACS should be Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman. @ me, Ryan Murphy.
*** I've been so glued to this Imperfect Justice book. Casey Anthony is an awful human & there's no way she's not guil…
I added a video to a playlist Toxic Moms Cindy & Casey Anthony - Never Broke the Cycle
Is the OJ thing not like the Casey Anthony trial? Like don't we all just "know" they did it?
Please do a series on Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias
The Casey Anthony trial still makes me so upset.
"tot boy?" Why do you talk like that. Already had enough with calling Casey Anthony "tot mom."
"Donald Trump as president would be to America as casey anthony was to her child. Even worse his supporters are...
oh honey I live in Florida we have Casey Anthony!!
remember when Casey Anthony killed her daughter and everyone knew it but she was still found not guilty
This is like using Casey Anthony as a babysitting reference.
Casey Anthony has reportedly opened her own photography business in case anyone needs a photographer for your baby christening.
Drop your daughter off at Casey Anthony's daycare or your son at Michael Jackson's boarding school for boys?
not sure if this episode of SVU is about Casey Anthony or nah
"Duct tape challenge? More like the Casey Anthony challenge " 💀
The Casey Anthony episode of SVU. Hilary Duff looks so young in this..
Casey Anthony files paperwork to launch photography business -
Casey Anthony decided to start a photography business in Florida. I wonder what parent is going to let her shoot their baby.
is becoming more hated than Donald Trump and Casey Anthony. Keep digging your grave 👏🏻👏🏻
"Made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony" relax Gambino
Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just remember I'm not Casey Anthony. At least everyone doesn't hate me.
🎶 drowned both my kids now I'm feeling fine 🎶 Casey Anthony
is exonerated like OJ Simpson is exonerated; she's innocent like Casey Anthony is innocent. No one accepts. …
you could collaborate with Casey Anthony
You can say what you want about but he won twice. Go study politics and try again next term.
Omg! Stop embarrassing yourself! Please go vote for someone because you will not win!
Donald is too out of control! Don't get comfortable, you're not going to win eithe…
You must be running for President of the debate team because you will not be in no White House.…
Shout out to Top mom Casey Anthony in my college text book.
Casey Anthony doesn't deserve to be happy. George Zimmerman doesn't deserve to be happy. There's plenty others..
that's awesome news! Congrats Sydney & Anthony! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness
I've always loved Drunk Trumpet. For some reason I’d never watched him perform it … blimey.
one thing I know about casey anthony? she loves takin pictures of stuff!!
She got away with murder. i loath this woman!!!
like Casey Anthony is a photographer now...
Casey Anthony is starting a photography business & lives with a rich private investigator . How is she still alive
What are we gonna do when the girl believes she is innocent. And of course, I am not talking about Casey Anthony.
Mostly Chris Brown fans and Casey Anthony though, right?
I'm home sick watching the story of Casey Anthony on ID wondering why is Marissa Alexander still being punished for fighting back?
Casey Anthony is trying to launch a photography business: About five years after Vivid offered he...
I wanna see them do a series on Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson & Drew Peterson
Next on Kanye's wish list is Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, and Judas.
Casey Anthony photo business surfaces in South Florida(Orlando news)
They need a show for the Casey Anthony case too…who gone play Nancy Grace though.
The craziest stuff happens in Florida -- OJ Simpson, Elian Gonzalez, Casey Anthony, Travon Martin, and now --
Casey Anthony judge compares that case to Lonzie Barton (Chris Parenteau) -
these guys trying to fix you up is like being babysat by Casey Anthony
Can we talk about how Casey Anthony is running around free willy and Steven Avery is in prison for life? Justice system makes me angry af
Jeez Louise.OJ, Casey Anthony, & Jodi Arias should have been tried in Wisconsin. Who knew?! Creepy Ken Kratz would have had a field day!
"on a scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, how much do you love kids?". We should probably go to jail for that.
On a scale from Jerry Sandusky to Casey Anthony how much do you love your kids?
If ur mad about how the system handled Casey Anthony u should be mad about how it's handling Bill Cosby.
Its some *** that are guilty and walk. Casey Anthony, Bill Cosby, O.J.
Ted Bundy was an exceptional speller. So was was Casey Anthony.
The Amanda Knox, Jodi Arias, and Casey Anthony cases are three of the most intriguing cases of the last ten years. To me, anyway.
For dog abuse while Casey Anthony and killed innocent children and got away scotch free. JUSTICE FOR ALL they say.
If the Casey Anthony story didn't fully convince you of how broken and unjust our legal and justice system is the...
so because he wasn't convicted he didn't kill anyone? Someone should tell OJ, Casey Anthony, and George Zimmerman.
And convinced my flight that I'm related to Casey Anthony lol
is going to Florida to portray Casey Anthony in a new series about the murder of Caylee Anthony! Aaahh!
Made the beat and murdered it. Casey Anthony
"Made the beat and murdered it Casey Anthony" -childish gambino😱😱
Still waiting for to be cast in a series chronicling the story of Casey Anthony. Gaga as Casey. Lol.
I'm wearing the same blouse Casey Anthony was wearing when the verdict came. I feel VERY powerful.
Casey should give you more minutes...You're better off than Terrence Ross, both offensively and defensively.
Casey should give Norman Powell more minutes...this rookie got big heart and confidence over Terrence Ross.Ross is a wasted talent.
In related news, Casey went with a Biyombo/ Anthony Bennett tandem in the fourth quarter of a close game for 4 mins
I will bury you so deep, you're going to think you were raised by Casey Anthony.
Made the beat then murdered it, . Casey Anthony 🙃
Casey Anthony's former attorney sent to federal prison in fraud case
Casey Anthony and Oj Simpson trials very wrong. RIP Cay-Lee Nicole and Ron 🌹🌹🌹
Made a beat then murdered it Casey Anthony
I can't believe Casey rolled out Anthony Bennett in a close game. Are you serious?
I think if I saw Casey Anthony in public, I would actually kill her.
Made the best and murdered it, Casey Anthony
Writing a paper on the Casey Anthony case and getting mad about it all over again 🙃
TOUCHDOWN TITANS! Mariota finds Anthony Fasano for the OT winner over the 34-28!
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Ticketybrew Dubbel - All sorts of things going on here, and I like it. Sourness, bit of sweetness, good fi…
Lil mama shake so good we call her Casey Anthony
that was the pitch where we won our only game. And they didn't have a full team! Win
So DKE can make jokes about mass shootings and Casey Anthony, but it takes a *** joke for anyone to stop them...
we know OJ and Casey Anthony wee guilty. Doesn't matter, they should have been acquitted
I wonder if Casey Anthony considers herself a procrastinator.
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