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Casey Affleck

Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt (born August 12, 1975), better known as Casey Affleck, is an American actor and film director.

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Maid in Manhattan, starring Jessica Tandy and Casey Affleck. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, music by R Kelly. Budget: $3m
Casey Affleck, Scott Avett, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds and Conor Oberst auditioned for the role of Llewyn. . Interesting.
So great that John Williams’ great book STONER will be a feature film (w/Oscar winner Casey Affleck in the lead): .
Hello, popping out of my sleepy/depressed haze just to say that casting Casey Affleck as William Stoner is a terrible decision.
Casey Affleck to star in film adaptation of the beloved novel STONER despite allegations of sexual assault:
Casey Affleck to star in Stoner adaptation via
Casey Affleck to star in a film adaptation of Stoner: this is such brilliant news.
Casey Affleck to team up with Joe Wright to star in Stoner.
Casey Affleck is to star in a adaptation of cult novel Stoner:
Casey Affleck to star in adaptation of 'Stoner'
Casey Affleck to star in the adaptation of John Williams' novel 'Stoner' -
Forget the sexual assault allegations, Casey Affleck is going to star in “Stoner”
Casey Affleck to star in Stoner adaptation:
Enjoyed the redneck versions of Scott Caan & Casey Affleck. "Mohrahlity claaas". That little girl was sweet. Waterston still with that hair?
I had the most beautiful dream: Casey Affleck announced the winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Sally Hawkins.…
Oh btw Casey Affleck is legit. Like one of the best right now legit...   10% Off
It's Casey Affleck, his usual demeanor in interviews, him & Ben playfully effin with each other, yeah, imo it's clearly a joke.
and of course it'd get picked up either way even if in jest, it's Casey Affleck commenting on his brother's Batman future.
Casey Affleck may dress like he's in a Charlie Brown movie but A Ghost Story is a deeply affecting meditation on lo…
I wanted to see Ghost Story but I realized Casey Affleck is in it so I wont see it n this is literally the only self cont…
Summer Phoenix has filed for divorce from Casey Affleck:
Oscar winner Casey Affleck and wife Summer Phoenix are divorcing - Los Angeles Times…
Always sad to hear when this happens, Casey Affleck's wife Summer Phoenix files for divorce!
Casey Affleck and his wife are divorcing [FULL STORY]
Summer Phoenix files for divorce from Casey Affleck.
Casey Affleck's Wife Summer Phoenix Files For Divorce -bought to you by Entertainment Access
Casey Affleck's wife Summer Phoenix files for divorce via the Android app
Summer Phoenix reportedly files for divorce from Casey Affleck
Does Casey Affleck have the capacity to care about anyone other than himself?
It's officially over! Casey Affleck's wife files for divorce after 9 years of marriage: (via
Casey Affleck’s wife Summer Phoenix files for divorce
Report: Casey Affleck's wife files for divorce
Summer Phoenix files for divorce from Casey Affleck:
Summer Phoenix files divorce from husband Casey Affleck
Casey Affleck's estranged wife files for divorce: via
From Kaiser on CB: Summer Phoenix files for divorce from Casey Affleck, they were separated for a year
It's officially over for Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix.
Don't disrespect my boy, Casey Affleck ever again
If Hillary were president we'd be able to devote so much more time to destroying Casey Affleck.
Casey Affleck's wife Summer Phoenix 'files for divorce' after 16 years
Casey Affleck's wife 'files for divorce' after 10 years of marriage
Casey Affleck's estranged wife files for divorce
ENTERTAINMENT: Report: Casey Affleck's wife files for divorce
Summer Phoenix files for divorce from husband Casey Affleck - The 38-year-old actress is asking for joint physi...
Casey Affleck's wife files for divorce via
[Author: allison] Almost a year and a half after they announced they were calling it qu...
Summer Phoenix has officially filed for divorce from Casey Affleck
Sam Shepard. Christian Bale. Casey Affleck. Woody Harrelson. Forest Whitaker. Willem Dafoe. They are the reasons I love Out of the Furnace.
It looks more like Casey Affleck to me. Lol
X2, starring Casey Affleck and Woody Allen. Directed by Orson Welles, music by Nas. Budget: $500,000
ICYMI: I also reviewed the movie about Casey Affleck walking around wearing a sheet
Hey we need a celebrity death match free for all- R. Kelly & Casey Affleck vs. Chris Brown & Johnny Depp.
Casey Affleck showed up to my screening of A Ghost Story in character. They're keeping him in the glass because of…
Casey affleck and Rooney have REALLY strong spooky chemistry. Time passes in v mysterious ways.
Ugh, I just realized that's Casey Affleck... ugh... but anyways MOVE BACK
When you're about to watch Beatriz at Dinner and there is another trailer for the new movie starring Case…
- Posts | The Casey Affleck starrer is now in theaters.
I feel like I'd be able to get really excited about A Ghost Story if it weren't for Casey Affleck's casting. Really turned off by that.
Casey Affleck gives me great inspiration that I could do no worse than him headlining a major motion picture
A Ghost Story was one of Sundance’s most buzzed-about films. It earns the hype. via
Dallas' David Lowery talks up his 'Ghost Story,' explains why Casey Affleck was draped in a sheet | GuideLive…
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you were called out on calling a sexual assailant a rapist NOT for saying she's dating casey affleck. Th…
I love Casey Affleck. He's so talented and I admire him so much. - I am watching Manchester by the Sea -
Casey Affleck? Sold. Rooney Mara too? Double sold. Dunno who this Lowery guy is but he has taste. A Ghost Story is an official must see.
haunts in art house film Read our review >>
Nobody in your mentions think Casey Affleck should have a career
Competition time! Win in-season double passes to see 'A Ghost Story starring Rooney Mara.
Is your Spidey-sense tingling? New movies out this weekend feature Spider-Man and Casey Affleck as a ghost. ICYMI...
Shame they cast casey affleck, so no one with a moral compass can see it.
arrives in select theaters tomorrow, and it'll mesmerize you. Do not think about missing it:
is an indie masterpiece and David Lowery's best film to date. In select theaters tomorrow!
Someone help me deal with this news that Rooney Mara has eaten exactly one pie in her life & it was for this movie.
The fact that Casey Affleck was given another starring role in a movie despite his history of sexual harassment isn…
A24 found a spooky way to promote "A Ghost Story," sans stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck
spoke to about directing Casey Affleck under a sheet and adding that cameo:
David Foster Wallace once wrote that every love story is a Ghost Story, and A Ghost Story pretty much proves it.
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A Ghost Story has it all: romance, metaphysics, and Rooney Mara eating pie for five minutes
I found it to be devastating, but well done. Casey Affleck is a much better actor than his brother. Did I mention devastating?😏
But what if I want to watch almost anyone *except* Casey Affleck wear a sheet like a ghost.
hey have you seen "Ghost Story" with Casey affleck yet? Sounds like it might be weird and cool
What if instead of putting Casey Affleck under a sheet to play a ghost we all ghosted on his movies because he's an abusive ***
Dying to see A Ghost Story but steadfast in my resolve to withdraw any support from Casey Affleck forever
Last summer, David Lowery quietly disappeared to Texas and made the best indie of the year:
reviews: can’t show his face after his Oscar win, but critics love it --…
A Ghost Story, starring Casey Affleck in a bedsheet, won’t scare you, but it will haunt you:
Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck and David Lowery keep some secrets with 'A Ghost Story' via
"I would ship you and Casey Affleck". Davis, butting into the conversation: "who's Casey Affleck? Is he related to the insurance company?"
Bourne Identity, starring Neve Campbell and Casey Affleck. Directed by James Cameron, music by Sisqo. Budget: $100m
Flashback: Casey Affleck's vicious review of Kevin Smith's "Jersey Girl" and
U-571, starring Casey Affleck and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Paul WS Anderson, music by Houndmouth. Budget: $2000
same w anything w Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, the list goes on.
I can't look at Michael Fassbender, Casey Affleck or Johnny Depp without feeling sick tbh
KVIFF 2017: Casey Affleck to receive Festival President’s Award in Karlovy Vary
Casey Affleck will be honored at the prestigious Czech Karlovy Vary International Film Festival…
- Casey Affleck to visit Karlovy Vary film festival
Casey Affleck to be honoured at Karlovy Vary film festival (
The Mask of Zorro, starring Casey Affleck and Christopher Lloyd. Directed by Rob Zombie, music by Meat Loaf. Budget: $250m
The scene between Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams at the end of is heartbreaking. Incredible acting. Truly feel for them...
Casey Affleck is more talented and better looking than Ben sorry not sorry k
Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck have reportedly joined the cast Mark Boal's action-adventure story set in Argentina,…
White celebs like Woody Allen & Casey Affleck deserve the same backlash that has been so easily doled out to Bill Cosby & Nate Parker.
Kristen Stewart and Casey Affleck to premiere films at UK's Sundance Film Fest via
I'm so conflicted to see Manchester by the Sea. I hear great things about its portrayal of mental health..but Casey Affleck..
TIL that the voice of Kevin's brother in American Pie 2 was ... Casey Affleck. (Confession: that soundtrack is my guilty pleasure.)
"Engrave the name Casey Affleck on the Oscar for Best Actor right now".
Did Robert Downey Jr(drug abuser) and Casey Affleck (sexual assaulter) didn't hurt the movies they were in?
Yes that is apparently Casey Affleck under that sheet, the whole time. via
Casey Affleck plays a sheet ghost haunting Rooney Mara in the first trailer for A Ghost Story
The Trailer for 'A Ghost Story' with Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck is Absolutely Mesmerizing
starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, takes you on a cosmic journey through memory and history, love an…
Watch the haunting trailer for which stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara...
Rooney Mara is haunted by Casey Affleck in the hypnotic trailer for
The trailer for Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck's has arrived!
How do you feel about Trump funder John Middleton & Casey Affleck working on Emmett Till film w/Jay Z & Will Smith?
Casey Affleck at Palm Springs International Film Festival . "Sorry about the beard" 😂
Lewis and Clark (TV Mini-Series) (Current status unknown) . Casey Affleck as Meriwether Lewis
why are people still shipping Sanvers when 1/2 of that couple is played by a woman dating CASEY AFFLECK. . RESPECT YOURSELF.
A reminder that young casey affleck is everything to me
Casey Affleck didn't even know he was being filmed during the filming of Manchester By the Sea
Trump became president & Casey Affleck won the Oscar in spite of molestation allegations. nothing to w…
Thespian buddies & brothers-in-law Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix are selling their funky SoHo loft
ⒸⒸ➥ 'I have no memory of it': Brie Larson says she does not recall presenting Casey Affleck with his Oscar one week ... - Daily Mail …
Oscar winner Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix selling Soho loft for $3.89 million
Casey Affleck actually killed it in Manchester by the sea holy moly
For hope. For family. For justice. Catch Out of the Furnace starring Christian Bale, & Casey Affleck on March…
‘Hollywood just came to Maple Bay’; Casey Affleck shooting film on Island via
Manchester by the Sea was actually beautiful. Casey Affleck deserved that oscar and more ❤️
Brie Larson says her reaction to Casey Affleck's win at the "spoke for itself":
Bannon joking his AM about how they need to take the Oscar away from Casey Affleck & give it to Pres for joint address…
Brie is classier than I ever will be. kudos to letting your actions speak for themselves.
Casey Affleck talks about Manchester by the sea (from FICM youtube channel)
Casey Affleck sexual lyrics abused people so
Casey Affleck responds to criticism following controversial Oscar win -
I can't be the only one that thinks Casey Affleck in Drowning Mona looks like
A tiny part of me expects Trump to announce to that this has all been an act of political theatre filmed by Joaquin Phoeni…
Casey Affleck is a better actor then Ben don't @ me
LMAO no - Casey Affleck fought people in the bars in that movie. I heard about him settling out of…
According to Casey Affleck's IMDB he has won 49 lead actor awards for Manchester by the sea. 👏
love the decision to photograph Casey Affleck looking disheveled in a bed, it recalls his early work as "serial sexual harasse…
Don't make me go all Casey Affleck (from Manchester by the Sea) on you in the pub! 👊🏻
I just want to say: Casey Affleck, Roman Polanski, Donald Trump and so many more.. men never suffer long-term consequences of…
I'm so oblivious that I didn't know Casey and Ben Affleck are related despite sharing the same last name. 😂
Brie Larson says her refusal to applaud Casey Affleck's win at the Oscars 'spoke for itself'
Can't believe Brie Larson refused to applaud Casey Affleck because she hated "Tower Heist". At least that's what I…
Who would've thought Casey Affleck would be the Oscar winner among the cast of TOWER HEIST
I think the "Brie Larson didn't clap for Casey Affleck" thing circulating on the internet is BS.
Why Brie Larson didn't clap for Casey Affleck at the Oscars
Brie Larson says you know why she didn’t clap for Casey Affleck
ⒸⒸ➥ Brie Larson: no regrets for not applauding Casey Affleck's Oscar win - The Mercury News
(International Business Times):explains why she refused to clap for Casey Affleck at the Oscars..
Brie Larson addresses her reaction to Casey Affleck's win at the
Brie diplomatically confirms to VF that her no-clap reaction to Casey Affleck's win was intentional
Yep, you saw that right. Brie Larson's subdued reaction to Casey Affleck's Oscar win was intentional h…
Brie Larson's refusal to applaud Oscar winner Casey Affleck 'spoke for itself'
Brie Larson Says Not Clapping for Casey Affleck at the Oscars “Speaks for Itself”
Brie Larson breaks silence on not clapping for Casey Affleck at the Oscars
Casey Affleck is Ben Affleck younger (brother). Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt (born August 12, 1975) is an...
Casey Affleck won the Oscar but Nate Parker got blacklisted...🤔 Y'all figure this out.
Race, privilege and a bad attitude: Why are Nate Parker and Casey Affleck being treated differently?
This Casey Affleck vs Nate Parker Discourse - White women, you need to blacklist Casey Affleck, you need...
Casting call for new Robert Redford, Casey Affleck movie filming in Cincinnati
This by Casey Affleck seems far less apologetic and more dismissive than Nate Parker's statement but what do I know? https:…
Manchester by the Sea director defends Casey Affleck over sexual harassment allegations
Director Kenneth Lonergan feuds with college newspaper columnist over Casey Affleck: wrong on so many levels
Manchester by the Sea director Kenneth Lonergan comes to Casey Affleck's defense in a letter to his Alma Mater.…
'Manchester by the Sea' director Kenneth Lonergan defends Casey Affleck in scathing op-ed:
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Robert Redford, Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek will reportedly film a new movie in Cincinnati this spring -…
ICYMI: Extras needed for Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Danny Glover movie to film here. Details
Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover to shoot movie in Cincinnati - WCPO
Big movie news: Open call this week for extras to appear in a new Robert Redford, Casey Affleck film
- Robert Redford, Casey Affleck movie to film in Cincinnati -… -…
Casey Affleck's just feeling a little embarrassed, guys.
Casey Affleck, Jason Bateman, Sacha Baron Cohen, De Niro, Melissa McCarthy, C Walken all have multiple movies in the bottom 50.
Robert Redford, Casey Affleck movie to in Cincinnati -
I wrote about why Manchester by the Sea is kind of awful.
Me after reading Kenneth Lonergans essay about casey affleck
I liked a video from DP/30: Manchester By The Sea, Casey Affleck
Robert Redford, Casey Affleck film coming to Cincinnati via
Manchester by the Sea director Kenneth Lonergan penned a passionate defense of Casey Affleck:…
Casey Affleck will shrug and pout for 6 hours at RSVP by shrieking insanely at a stranger until they follow you…
BREAKING NEWS: Robert Redford and Casey Affleck will star in a film being shot in Cincinnati next month
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Manchester by the Sea and the everyday act of almost killing your children
Manchester by the Sea is about class and masculinity, but has little to say about either
I just watched What a movie! Very touching... Casey Affleck won the Oscar, but Michelle Williams was great there too.
y'all: hate Casey Affleck and Trump for abusing women. also y'all: defend Cole Sprouse and Johnny Depp
Y'all mentioning Casey Affleck and shaming him over accusations rather than Emma Roberts who beat up her boyfriend. Equality, huh?
If you hate Casey Affleck but like Emma Roberts, Michael Fassbender, Gary oldman, Johnny Depp, John Lennon, bill Mu…
Director Cameo: Kenneth Lonergan as the Manchester Pedestrian who heckles Casey Affleck (Lee Chandle….
Casey Affleck and Emma Stone win the Best Actor and actress at the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Follow us for more.
Trump, Casey Affleck and La La Land producers are being praised today. The bar for white men is keeps lowering.
Casey Affleck breaks his silence about sexual harassment controversy -
Turner benefits from the endless 2nd chances white men like to give each other aka "the Casey Affleck effect".
we were all Brie Larson when Casey Affleck won
Brie Larson, who has been fighting against sexual assault, had to hand an award to, Casey Affleck, a sexual predator twice…
Here's why Brie Larson refused to applaud Casey Affleck:
Casey Affleck may have won the Oscar for Best Actor but there was someone noticeably not clapping for the victory:
In my high school yearbook I answered “who are your comedy heroes?” with Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and Casey Affleck. Boy do I feel stupid.
Ben and Casey Affleck remind me of those athletes on campus that rape people and get away with it. So I guess they remind…
Casey Affleck over Ben Affleck anytime any day! . Ben Affleck is the "other" Affleck as far as I'm concerned.
It is Ben Affleck won an Oscar® for 'Best Original Screenplay' & 'Best Picture' and Casey Affleck won 'Best Actor'!.
The relationship between Ben and Casey Affleck is amazing I'm gonna cry :(
Casey Affleck wins Best Actor at the 2017 and his brother Ben Affleck couldn't look prouder: htt…
Casey Affleck: overrated actor, brother of Ben. Rest of nominees:Art 😊🎬🎥
Ben Affleck is hotter than Casey Affleck and Casey Affleck looks older than Ben Affleck with his ugly beard.
'And Ben, I love you. You ain't heavy. Thank you all very much.' - Casey Affleck
What I loved about has to be Jackie Chan being honored and Ben Affleck sobbing with pride for his brother, Casey Affleck's win ❣️
I flew JFK to LAX with Octavio Spencer, Casey Affleck and Sienna Miller. Serious Talent !
Brie Larson refuses to applaud Casey Affleck at Academy Awards
Black feminist must not have gotten permission to speak on Casey Affleck winning while accused of Rape and paying it o…
It's funny that people are shocked Casey Affleck got Best Actor when the Academy just gave Woodly Allen a lifetime achievement award.
Casey Affleck is like Rajendra Kumar of Hollywood. Barely an emotional expression on face.
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Is it okay that Casey Affleck won? Is it okay to watch Roman Polanski's films? Is it okay to see Carl Andre's exhibits?
big fan here, would love to hear your thoughts on Nate Parker and Casey Affleck, given the Affleck accusations and his silence
Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, And Priyanka Chopra speak up for dogs in new star-studded video.
Oscar winners Emma Stone and Casey Affleck pose with gongs. .
Congrats to Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Viola Davis & Casey Affleck. See all the winners:
Lol I see the academy trying to look more ~progressive~ but yet they still support trash like Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen etc
Kind of curious as to whether Casey Affleck faced same type of scrutiny Nate Parker (who has been acquitted) faced ?
After the Casey Affleck win, Emile Hirsch is now the new frontrunner to win a Best Actor Oscar.
Casey Affleck won that Best Actor award despite recent scrutiny for his ugly past:
there is no Casey Affleck only two Ben Afflecks.Ben and his evil brother.the good and the bad.Casey Affleck is canceled
Casey Affleck won Best Actor. Donald Trump is president. Tell me again how sexual assault charges can "ruin" a man's c…
Casey Affleck wins an Oscar and Donald Trump is president. I guess sexual harassment HELPS a (white) man's career.
White mediocrity is Casey Affleck (sexual harasser) winning an Oscar over Denzel Washington's work in Fences.
Me at Casey Affleck beating Denzel Washington at the
When you flashback in a haze & realise Casey Affleck won an ACTING award over Denzel Washington. 🤔🤔
I'm white & I'm upset that Denzel Washington, lost to Casey Affleck, "Hollyweed" is racist and are living in "La La Land" 🤷…
Can we talk about hilariously uncomfortable Denzel Washington looked when Casey Affleck mentioned him in his speech?
"did Casey Affleck really win over Denzel Washington?!". Lol I love Anthony Anderson
Casey Affleck wins Best Actor: "One of the first people who taught me how to act was Denzel Washington... thank you." http…
Peoples reaction when Casey Affleck won Best Actor at the over Denzel Washington .
people are so tight Casey Affleck won over Denzel but at the end of the day who tf is Casey Affleck compared to Denzel Washington
Casey Affleck over Denzel Washington in Fences?? GTFOHWTBS. How does Denzel get an for Training Day & not Fences? How…
Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar over Denzel Washington, *** is going on?
People who deserve the Oscar for Best Actor more than Casey Affleck:. Denzel Washington. Viggo Mortensen. Hot Archie. Amy Ad…
Casey Affleck should not have won. People who commit sexual harassment should lose their jobs, not be celebrated with honor an…
So, why didn't y'all get Casey Affleck out of here the way y'all did Nate Parker again?. Someone give me the SparkNotes v…
Arrived in my hotel room just in time to watch Casey Affleck & Emma Stone getting their oscars. Never watched oscars live before - a treat!
What happened when Casey Affleck turned the tables on film critics
Congratulations to Casey Affleck on his first win. Great choice of nominees including for
Casey Affleck's win at the gives hope to all the less famous Hollywood siblings, like Eric Roberts and Joe Estevez.
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Okay but why do we need Casey Affleck when Mark Whalberg is still around?
Remember when Andrew Garfield gave candy to Casey Affleck?
An industry that has re embraced Mel Gibson and nominated Casey Affleck doesn't deserve to do that much back patting.
Kinda want Casey Affleck to win, kinda want to give Andrew Garfield his first nomination a win.
Casey Affleck () is a serial rapist, and to ruin the Emma Roberts and Mel Gibson are also th…
Thank you Robin Roberts for addressing Casey Affleck's weird rapist beard
Exclusive Interview – Casey Affleck on Manchester by the Sea & awards season
Casey Affleck called out the policies of the Trump administration at the
Casey Affleck just blasted Trump at the Independent Spirit Awards. Why man? You guys are quite alike when it comes to women.
Casey Affleck in the Spirit Awards Ceremony He was wearing a Shirt written on it "love" in the Arabic Language.
Congratulations to Casey Affleck on his Spirit Award Best Male Lead win for
For a movie that's 2 hours and 15 minutes, I certainly wanted more. Also I couldn't escape the fact that Casey Affleck is a huge POS irl
Casey Affleck accepts his award for BEST MALE LEAD for
Best Actor: Denzel for Fences. At the very least please don't give it to Casey Affleck
Casey Affleck Best Actor 'Manchester by the Sea'. You Outstanding, Yes. but, C'mon.. Danzel in 'Fences'.. he was EXTRODINARY!!!.
My lifestyle lately can be best compared to Casey Affleck's in Manchester by the Sea, except I haven't been punched in the face yet
Casey Affleck sexually harassing women and getting away with it is also abhorrent
1) they actually talked about Mel Gibson. 2) the Casey affleck joke
sorry should say Casey affleck and a man he works with gave Donald Trump $5k
Oscars 2017: Casey Affleck, Emma Stone or Dev Patel – who will bag the Academy Award statu…
Congrats, Casey Affleck, for your Spirit Award. To play someone hiding his emotions but still let the audience see -- Bravo!
the affleck brothers had a messed up childhood and Casey was an alcoholic back then. he is sober now.
Casey Affleck calls the Trump administration's policies "really un-American"
Thank you to Oscar nominee for speaking out against animal cruelty in circuses! http…
I don't understand the praise for Casey Affleck. One sexual predator's disdain for another sexual predator is not a cause…
Ruth Negga to win the Oscar Tonight 🍾 moonlight should clean up 👍Casey Affleck, Mahershala Ali,…
Manchester by the sea - excelent movie, with an astonishing sequence and an outstanding performance by Casey Affleck.
'Moonlight' sweeps Spirit Awards; Affleck wins Best Actor via the app Casey Affleck is a moron like ben.
Did Casey Affleck wear an old-timey baseball jersey under his suit to the IFC awards?
Yeah? Shoulda called it Microwaving Leftover Pizza by the Sea (CONTEXT: halfway through the film, Casey Affleck reheats two slices of leftov
Casey Affleck on Acting: "Usually if it Feels Like Fun it Ends Up Not Being Very Good" | ... -
His movie sucked he has no clue of what American values r!
I hope this years Oscars are all a ruse to Wicker Man Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck.
Why Hollywood doesn't want Casey Affleck to win the Best Actor Oscar
when will Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson be read for the filth they truly are?
Did Casey Affleck sniff glue as a kid?
Casey Affleck flamed Trump: "The policies of this administration are abhorrent and they will not last" https…
'Hacksaw Ridge' star Andrew Garfield is up against Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck and more for Best Actor.
nominee Casey Affleck chooses to perform, big cats in the circus DON'T. That's why he's speaking out.
Casey Affleck with his trophy backstage, the actor is wearing a shirt that says "love" in Arabic .
Casey Affleck slams Trump as unamerican despite a $5K donation from the…
Bye bye Casey. Time to BOYCOTT all his movies. Done w/commie scumbags like you. Career over. Checkmate.
So you're mad that I'm rooting for Casey Affleck to win an tomorrow night .
Can't wait to watch Brie Larson and Isabelle Huppert kill Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson at the Oscars
This may be an unpopular opinion, but to me, Casey Affleck is by far a better actor than his brother.
The winner of BEST MALE LEAD is Casey Affleck for MANCHESTER BY THE SEA
The are tomorrow and I'm not ready to see Casey Affleck and Emma Stone win for Best Actor and actress in le…
Casey Affleck reveals what it’s like to work with his brother Ben and how he overcame rejection.
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