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Case Study

A case study is an intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context.

Goldman Sachs Digital Health

Case Study: A cross-border team works in harmony to deliver a music hall. http…
"Laundering d Proceeds of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs: A Case Study of Vulnerabilities" by
Case Study: IBM+ - tech on platform, at the service of customer knowledge (KYC) https:…
One study estimates rate of in-person voter fraud at just 1 case in 14.6 million registered voters b…
plz get to work on your case study. You're awfully close to that 80%, enjoy the final
The Perfect Job Board Doesn't Exist! . Download our free case study here to find out why:
I like to read this article as a sort of case-study for how things work
A leader in Misys is also a leader in Watch the full video case study to discove >
Case study: 33% of local search business is from non-locals (and 7 tips for capturing that traffic) -
See the real benefits of by taking a look at our
Tsc in not a fair institution it hurt teachers in the n…
The also practices criminal diversion of revenues due to its customers, case study is Capital Oil's N16BN…
Just uploaded latest post "Case Study: How Brand Training Leads to Brand Engagement" at
Case study video: Great Gatsby themed marquee nightclub! Perfect ideas for your next Gatsby party!
Case study: Social media success in regulated industries
Quality Improvement collaborative with shows QI training can help improve care in general practice
When needed 're-imagining', who was better placed to do it than its young future visitors?…
Want your site to perform like Discover how they use Ve's to drive more traffic to their site -…
Case Study - Read how Protector Forsikring ASA eliminated manual tasks & automated reconciliations to add more value
If it was not done in 4yrs what do we expect, Homabay county should b used as…
Case study of moral insanity... or an a-hole. Love the listing of "symptoms" incl: dancing, boasting, vindictive, o…
375 Cats and Dogs Find Loving Homes: How the SF SPCA Achieved a 38% Jump in Pet Adoptions.
Eliminate lead times and collapse the cash to cash cycle. Check out our case studies.
Michelle, is there a case study on this? I'd like to learn more about the key pro…
I'll be talking about online publishing past, present and future (mostly future) this morning at 9:30 📘💻😍 
New case study on risk perception among Ugandan farmers by looks at what engagement strategies lead t…
New case study: Your brain on VR Empathy. How immersive story can shift pro-social emotional states
I liked a video Verizon Wireless Case Study: Oklahoma City and Verizon Private Network
Put on those thinking caps, it's time for a case study from
.This incident should be case study in all Ed Leadership programs. It underscores how important it is…
See how migrating to the provided a way for to move toward engagement >
Here's a case study for a recent Bi-Fold Door project at 12 Pembroke Square, London W8:
Not exactly scientific, but interesting to see the comparisons of sizes, columns and photos.
CASE STUDY: CIC can integrate with any customers using any system quick >
beginning our field work for the case study in Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, South Africa STI for rural e…
Shout out to Euston Town & member who set the standard for environmental practice!
No i haven't, but i want to. I hope to be starting a chemistry degree next year so maybe i can do a case study on it
A great bit of from Our case study shows the impact of trusted online feedback:
Nottingham community Housing Association keeps residents safe and happy with reliable water systems .
My first in a while. Product Options Sheet micro-interaction: Full case study:…
Say what you may but is a wonderful case study in strategy.
Find out what selling a business entails in this case study about the of Vocality International Limited. https…
While no one can gaze into a legal industry crystal ball and make predictions about exactly where the industry is he…
And why not generate more hate with a non-story, right? . The last two days is a case study of how fake news manipulation work…
Wouldn't it be a good case study in how we should handle our history?
Case study from Shropshire Council - Local project for people with disabilities gets national approval…
"HR Policies & Procedures" a case study of the work we undertook for a local client.
I can actually feel exciting tingling through me & fireworks going off in my head; endless research qs & amazing case study to explore! 🤓
Size and layout of e-commerce product grids: a user research case study
Great case study on consumer perceptions on telemedicine
Kurita Water enables real time monitoring of conditions. Powered by Vodafone IoT
Incentives can result in better compliance by participants.
Check out this great Aldi case study from IESE:.
SABC will study Labour Court judgment that former SABC COO and News Group Executive must be added as respondents in case brou…
A comics ed. project with Tintin and Star Wars as case study. These two pages are amazing!…
Kind words from one of our many satisfied customers. Your success is our success! Read the case study:
Matbaa & Print provides customers with personalised, tailored content. This case study explains how…
AVST Case Study: Chicago’s enhances communications experience for visitors and employees…
What is the history of STEMI? What is the current treatment for Cardiogenic Shock? The Case Study of Detroit…
The Effects of Motivation and Other Factors on Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study on Achieving A…
Case Study: how to take a sticky note to an awards show | via
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Case Study featuring the BGA substrate and the PCB that helped prove the Higgs boson theory.
Case Study: How supported . A great story of hope, change, and education!
[Case Study] ensures scalable and secured web application with htt…
[Case Study] "How I went from 0 to 565 emails in 2 weeks for a new product launch" via
Cardenas (2016) "Sport and Peace-Building in Divided Societies: A Case Study on Colombia and Northern Ireland"…
Adaptive Kinematic Control of Mobile based on Case Study: DANI Robot - -
Case Study: HC3 Facilitates Transition of National AIDS Resource Center to Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia:
Case Study: Social Data and the Launch of VICELAND - Having been an early Adam Richman enthusiast (I spent most...
Pressure to Die: A Case Study of Abuse of Act 39 - Eighteen months ago True Dignity ran the following story abo... https…
Breaking-up is hard to do; Case Study: ABBVIE created from Abbott; keynote SF JAN26 by Mark Naidicz, VPHR…
Case Study: At the heart of this high end New York hotel is a place travellers feel most at home - EcoSmart Fire…
CRITICAL! North Carolina: A Case Study for Resistance in the Trump Era | via
MoneyTalks Case Study: Benefits of mutual fund diversification, fees associated & some issues to watch out for
Case Study. - Making waves in the marketplace with support -
Trevor Noah: A Case Study on the Pointlessness of Trying... via
Case Study: Dave Rogers came to Sport Careers for help getting into full-time coaching. He wasn't disappointed…
. A Case Study in Indigenous Classification: Revisiting and Reviving the Brian Deer Scheme. Alissa Cherry & Keshav Mukunda
Devolution on Trial in Kenya: Case Study on Isiolo County via
[Case Study]: Kotex: An Xiaoqi collaboration with Kotex gets girls talking about periods in China!
[Case Study] improves performance for its cloud services w/ https:…
[Case Study] improves security for its services with https:…
Trending: ROI Case Study - Michigan State University increased their donations so can your organisation. Must Read https:…
Case Study at Oxford University Role of Social Media 2015 Polls. Kudos AAPtards u left a Mark.
[Case Study] What Airbnb can teach you about social media strategy
Case Study: people's brave demands for bread, freedom, & (Pr,En)
Earlier this year asked us to take part in a Case Study to promote their Computer Science Courses.
Case Study: See how we helped develop justifiable maintenance plans for a new mine development
"Our parents are also very complimentary on how useful the system is." Read the full Case Study here
[Case Study] on Virtual Data Centre. Scaling fast to support global innovation and education. ht…
bring back the playbook. . Case Study - Working Mobile with BlackBerry PlayBook - YouTube
I liked a video Case Study - Working Mobile with BlackBerry PlayBook
Case Study: How Kohler used talent development to push through the Great Recession.
Look out for my latest joint paper: Hafejee, A and Hassan, N (2016) Unpacking British Values:A Case Study of A Primary School in East London
Case Study: vets pick for conference:
Northgate is helping Enserve to save £20,000 a year. Find out how your business could save time and money:…
The Yahoo Case Study - Out Soon from the Dimensions of Strategy Team, economics, strategy and social media
nope I'm on my bed thinking of u xiao sweet right ? JKJK I going sleep man study tmr la or worst case don't study 😹
Read all about our latest project: Dean’s Green House in Lymm
.uses Infer to align sales & mktg to make a big impact on revenue. Case Study:
case study on how China's regulatory and judicial practice to safeguard the "right to be forgotten"
Taking off with How we keep Heathrow flying from behind the scenes:
For a case study of social good with social, read how a non-profit keeps kids safe
The challenges of creating a VR experience: “the case study”
And that's a nice case study in why Trump has taken over the GOP.
I wrote a case study about 's vision for the control room of the future. And finally today I saw it!!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
This short case study helps demonstrate how a short, focused project engagement helps to create the structure for so…
Extent of Integration of Priority Interventions into General Case Study of
Former garage turned into a contemporary family home! Read the case study in full here
Partnering for bioregionalism in England: a case study of the Westcountry Rivers Trust
The active German case study in national application gives a template for other countries to follow
ScottishEDGE: Quick shot of our 5th case study, with intelligentpos. Great to he…
View a case study, enabling an efficient paperless office.
Reading this case study about the Bush Administration post 9/11 has really got me thinking about just how complex everything is.
Gotthard tunnel: World's longest and deepest rail tunnel opens in Switzerland - New case study I think
Quick shot of our 5th case study, with Great to hear about how they've progressed.
This guy is going PLACES. Always knew he would since he was a case study in Concept of Virality Report.
for section B make sure you know your case study inside and out with facts an figures, goodik
Job Killing review / interview / case study with Dan Klein and Drew Doggett. Fo ...
Do you use the Global Mapper LiDAR Module We want to hear from you. We would love to have you be a case study for us
yo my management prof copied our case study homework from the internet & I found where she copied it & the solution to it 😂😂😂😂
Polymorphisms in the XPC gene affect urinary bladder cancer risk: a case-control study, meta-analyses and trial…
Interested in improving Watch our new film with
A powerful case study for the crowd - Helping clients move to Xero: Case Study
Great (and brief) case study showing how responsive retrofits can take longer than expected: (via
Just finished final case study for prescribing course - hurrah!
A case study is your chance to show your wares. Get them right or you’re wasting yours and the client’s time -
Explore New Haven Academy's pedagogy, habits of mind, grading & more to shift to
L-Soft helps Syracuse efficiently manage their 2000+ email lists & can help you too. View the case study:
Case study in finding and developing "alignment" between the corporate client and outside counsel
Good case study about how a federal agency used to create a "workplace of the future."
Great and cash flow IS possible in just ask my clients.
[CASE STUDY] approved installer helps visitors park at the
The website we designed and built for Menswear brand is now live. View the extensive case study here:
This Philly Boss Lady situation is a case study in insecurity/inferiority complexes but I said I wasn't gonna go there
Read our latest case study to find out how a Healthy Homes visit saved one Whittlesey resident £814:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Read Lorie's article "Substance Abuse and the Law: A Case Study" in Nursing 2016 - you can buy the Journal here: .
A Documents-Based Lesson on the Voting Rights Act: A Case Study of SNCC’s work in Lowndes…
Potential Impact of Sexual Transmission on Ebola Virus Epidemiology: Sierra Leone as a Case Study
"What's it like to work with VOiD Applications?. A Case Study about New Leaf." by on
Case Study: A project team at turns Frank Gehry’s vision into reality: https…
Gamification Challenges and a Case Study in. Online Learning from Wilson et al at U Colorado . Students benefitted!
Organizational Culture: Zappos Case Study: is an organization, which has been…
Accelerate your Business with Microtest - Case Study - Steve Andrews Tyres
Frederick Todd's 1912 plan for Town of Mount Royal is a built example of this plan. See CanU Case Study follows 1/2 ht…
A short read from the blog: A Case Study on Planning. How we helped our client
[Case Study] Find out about the creative thinking behind recent .
This Thursday, join me and for a Case Study on Data Compression. Register at
Case Study: We helped this large construction company achieve time savings of over 50%. Learn more here.
.Finland's Approach to Education: A Case Study of Deming's System of Profound Knowledge in Action
Case Study: We’re building 150 new homes in with .
A quick read from our blog: A Case Study on Planning
Aggregated Governance by R&D Evaluation Mechanism - Case Study of Chinese Academy of Sciences via
ClearCorrect Case Study: Utilizing CEREC scans with ClearCorrect for alignment by Dr. James Alexander
Case Study: How a US Marine base proactively manage energy use and save time and money.
Case Study: How the ACA forced Hennepin County to revamp its health plan and save millions
[GEOTAB Case Study] Productivity & Safety critical for fleet of 2200 trucks
Book's Name: Sufism, Counter-Extremism and Indian Media: A Case Study of AIUMB’s Approach to Counter-Extremism...
Case Study: How the is changing recruiting through
SalesStaff Case Study: How an education software company had a 1,900% return on their investment
Case Study: "What is bigger than love? Greater than happiness? More important than the air we breathe? Approval."
Case Study: Chord combines telephone and online surveying for European Enterprise Network (EEN)
Case Study: the 3rd of 4 inspirational speakers... Phil Edwards
Case Study: How we played a part in the new Ashton Gate Stadium
[Case Study]: Asian Paints Royale: The Wall that takes it all!
Canada's Top Ten Industry Day is off to a great start with a Case Study on 4x Oscar nominated film Room htt…
Assignment custom essay. Community Engagement in HealthRelated Research: A Case Study of a CommunityLinked...
Case Study - “We would recommend Coface because the policy is so flexible...” Credit Control Supervisor, ***
Case Study: Stuart Lloyd, Chief Engineer of Norish, explains how works for them –
Case Study: Design Director on the future of brick-and-mortar retail in a digital world:
An n=2 Case Study: Comparing the Press Conferences of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush
[Case Study] Complete lighting system installed at airport
Case Study: How Into the Gloss used Instagram and blog comments for new product ideas
Case Study: How to "Deskill" NSW by the Baird Government https:…
Case Study: Christmas aboard the Cutty Sark with &
Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune presents 'Astuce 2016 - Case Study...
Case Study: How uses unique mentoring program to improve
Case Study: The priceless painting Mona Lisa was escorted home...safely, by
Geosocial Big Data Analysis Using Python and FOSS4G with the Case Study of Korean Data ||
[Case Study]: Lacta: The Sweetest part of my life
Khamenei’s New Letter to Western Youth is Case Study in Hypocrisy. Seyed Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has...
SURF's Case Study series :: Joint Base Cape Cod: Starting today, SURF will be profiling case studi...
IMHO there's women CEOs from the financial media. Case Study: Mayer, Holmes, Yellen, Rometty, Fiorina, Whitman
"Case Study: Entering a New Market & Preparing the Grounds for Business Development" on
At 10:55 John Kelly and others will present a Case Study: Vitamix - A Global Indirect Tax Transformation, don't miss out!
Discussing Paul Harris Fellowship points at One Summit. PHF sustainers. A lot of info in 2nd Case Study.
I liked a video Misfire at idle Case Study: '03 Mazda Protege -Part1
Thursday afternoon. Launching in Orlando with a "live" Case Study on 4Rivers CFO, Jo-Ann Perfido.…
Iyengar Yoga and the Use of Props for Pediatric Chronic Pain: A Case Study
"Citigroup: A Case Study in Managerial and Regulatory Failures" The clean bank acc Judge Cooke that framed
Case Study: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum rocks video captions, more creativity & productivity.
After that burst of energy is presenting a case study of Zambian civil society involvement in APRM.
Using a strategic tool for better client agency relationships – Case study via
How powerful is the digital pen in improving learning outcomes? Check out our latest research
Case study: Social media engagement as a point of differentiation
Why is SAP master data governance so important?   10% Off
emergency department case study ppt PowerPoint Slides -
ok I'm gonna try and write a case study in the ten minutes I have before leaving
"only Ghanaian artists that had worked with Nigerians, South African, Jamaicans & now Trinidadi…
.case study: How much equity should a board own?
Fall in love with learning as you study with the help of 2D & 3D animated videos, case studies
Read "Shale Play Optimization Analytics at Continental" case study at http:…
Vodafone SIM enabled carts are now catering to both the client and alike. Read more:
When change adds to pressures of crisis-ridden violent resource conflicts are likely
The incredible benefits one company reaped from their remote work case study via
.invests big when it comes to Download the case study for more.
Case study - 319% ROI with remarketing at Tchibo Poland -
Data science versus statistics, to solve problems: case study | htt…
S.Swamy-After study of Bapu Ji's case, I can say it's a bogus case http:/…
How we supported an NGO raise funding to skill under privileged women .
Check out our latest case study from Bonney Aged Care!.
Hamilton Collection
Case study: Introducing an HR function at
Social media and crisis management: a Volkswagen case study On-going story, but good summary of wo…
Lovely to meet Jade, today & hear all about her role, case study coming soon! ht…
fan page case study. Yours for free here
Our UK case study looks into motorcross injuries in children & teenagers
≠ individual responses to the same program. Training is a case-study, not about grp averages. Challenging! h…
Case study: Introducing an HR function at LexyFood via hrmagazine
When ur assigned a case study to figure out and u realize it's only 20 points after doing it for 4 hrs 😐😭
The challenges of treating a patient diagnosed with a large brain tumor late in pregnancy
Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry current issue. 'I want the way I look to matter less': A case study...
New blog post: Case Study: James Belmont Rank and Regiment: Trooper in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment More:
Analysis for Residuals-Environmental Quality Management: A Case Study of the Ljubljan... by Blair T. Bower et al.
Case Study : Individual Voluntary Arrangement, just one of our solutions
Case Study: Rapid deployment, big impact - Ivy Tech's switch to our solutions.
Case Study: How one manufacturer simplified automation for its carton-wrap machines
[Australia] Surveying as Engagement : A Case Study from Australia’s University of Queensland
Case Study: How Attorney Robert Feldman reduced his admin time by 75% using a law practice management software
Join tomorow for the 'Franchises and Direct Awards – the Case Study' event. To book visit:
Case Study: If Kalburgi had recommended urinating on a certain holy book
Barriers to Innovation and Operational Learning: A Case Study of Inter-service Rivalry from… ht…
Bayshore Inn and Coal Harbour: A Case Study in Waterfront Corporate Giveaways from Vancouver Ltd by Donald Gutstein
Case Study: A night at the museum with
Case Study: Growing food in schoolyard market gardens with CC
[Case Study] San Diego Zoo conservation researchers go with Flowfinity apps for field studies
Read a Case Study about the identification of the most influential industry analysts for Cable & Wireless:
Case Study: Creating value for South Congress home owners with
Case Study: grows male audience on - htt…
Case Study: We were asked to create artwork for the release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, directed by David Gelb.
Case Study: Make Digital Marketing and Brand Relationships Count - Furniture World Magazine (press release)
A Case Study: How Hybrid Cloud Should be Done: Welcome to our case studies of Asheville City, Honda UK and Seg...
[Case Study] prepares its infrastructure for future growth w/ Meraki wireless:
Interational conference on transboundary waters managent lounched Skadar Lake as the best Case Study for Western Europe!
.Case Study:. Problem: Major crowds for Solution: Extra eyes & ears with Geofeedia. Read more:
Case Study: How the Huntington Beach Police Department​ keeps the peace in their city during major events
The Implementation of the Quality Management Information System- A Case Study in the Motor Manufact
Drugs that Make Us Feel Smart Are Ruining Our Lives: A recent study makes a compelling new case for why we sho...
Chinese Aerospace company cuts production downtime by 85 percent with
We continue with case study by about how & were used at ht…
Everyone lost in that deal. Future case study for business schools - This is exactly how you kills a successful …
Case Study: How expensive insufficient project management can get: Worth reading !.
In 7 months have attracted interest from 50+ organisations w/ support
Case Study: One ranked video gets 13k views a month and has generated over 1000 YouTube subs
Why growing will help companies on the grow - case study
[Case Study] Remsima - The importance of ADCC in assessing clinically relevant differences
Using geostatistical method for prediction the spatial variability of soil texture and its effect on environment
Former trainee Dylan has raised money for the Congrats Dylan! read his full story here
3X increase in closed deals from persona based e-book strategy via
CASE STUDY: CAPP fact book and mobile apps deliver straight facts on oil sands -
Mid-afternoon naps = less frustration throughout the day? Sign us up! See what a study has to say:
How complements the IT team Read the case study here:
Check out this case study on our recent upgrade.
Canceled my plans w/ my friend bcuz i wanted 2 be lazy so God laughed & said no no.. my professor bumped up our case study 😭😒
Case Study: How Aurélien Amacker Escaped the Cubicle to Find Success in
I need to write a case study about and her use of social media as a component of brand strategy.
Case Study: Streamlining procurement in the packaged food industry
A case study on how conversion goes way deeper than a landing page. Conversion Optimization Beyond the Landing Page -
How quickly could you recover if you lost access to your servers?
See how worked with us to build their intelligent, multi-CDN platform
Change in an essential ingredient in making the world better for people with dementia. Check out our case study
How increased website traffic by 841% with via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Have a read of this MSK Ultrasound case study..: Greater tuberosity fracture on...
Social media case study with How to enhance engagement during your event. Thanks
working a simulation case study with Tom from the April 2011 storms!
"Chaotic and Dark Vitalism: A Case Study of Cormac McCarthy’s Psychopaths amid a Geology of Immorals" by Sean Braune:
FDR is a case study in a pol who was pushed steadily to the left by the ferocious opposition of the oligarchs. Obama is the o…
Factors affecting home gardens ownership, diversity and structure: a case study from Benin ... -
Public Why we all lose by not investing. Extensive case study:
Case study - 'John' decided to run a marathon and sets up a JustGiving Page. is notified and John goes through 1/2
The company I work for, with a case study write up by Goldman Sachs, saving $300B for healthcare
Terrific piece in about Dem collapse at the state and local levels/FL as case study. cc
Read our AstraZeneca Employee Value Proposition (EVP) case study here
How the social team uses Sprinklr to create remarkable customer experiences:
Our engineer prepares invoices and take card payments on their phone We found this a real time saver http…
The Fashion Channel … Great case study on market segmentation: Explore
How one university athletic department increased levels of trust between players and coaches -
New insights into gendered brain wiring, or a perfect case study in neurosexism?
Goldman Sachs wrote a great report on value of Digital Health ($300B savings), with nice case study of Propeller!
Our new CSU I-Corps teams report they are unfamiliar w/ the term "corporate citizenship" - see this case study:
Goldman Sachs reports Digital Health can save $300B. Including $19.3B in athma/COPD with case study on Propeller. http…
Pope Francis calls for protection of rain forest where plays a key role. Our case study is in the works!
iSmartGrowth: A case study: How to increase visitors by 16 million monthly
Just read the best native ad in the current issue of the mag! The case study 1 and 2!
Join me for BIM : Building on Shaky Ground - A Real-world Case Study from Session 3.3
Case Study: The impact of antidepressant drugs+ vaccination in pregnancy
- Impact of Fostering a Data and culture: Case Study on
Great discussion of opioid medication management – Case Study
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