Cartoon Network & Disney Channel

Cartoon Network (abbreviated CN, operated by The Cartoon Network, Inc.) is an American cable television network owned by Turner Broadcasting which primarily airs animated programming. Disney Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television network, owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company, and headquartered in Burbank, California. 5.0/5

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daghan man lain. :) HBO, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery Science, Animal Planet and many many many more
The suspense rises. Did Rogers switch Teletoon Retro over to Cartoon Network or...Disney Channel? Ugh. I'll check soon.
I feel bad for this New Generation of kids. They gotta grow up watching this crap on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network & Disney Channel
It was great being a kid in the 90s. We had the best shows and cartoons on Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel
When I was little, the two types of people for me was the ones who wated Disney Channel, and the ones who watched Cartoon Network.
I wish I could watch Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network on a daily basis and still get the same cartoons that I watched as a kid. Nick at Night would be dope too.
My poor little sister will mever experience GOOD television that were on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickolodean. Shows are wack now
The "Polyester Ball" wishes a happy birthday to BEVERLY BREMERS (born March 10, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois), who recorded the Top 20 million-selling hit "Don't Say You Don't Remember" (Beverly performed the song on *** Clark's "American Bandstand" on its April 22, 1972 broadcast.) After relocating with her family to the New York City area, Beverly performed on CBS-TV's "Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour" on her thirteenth birthday. In 1969, she joined Broadway's "Hair" early in its first run playing Chrissy, and then returned to the musical and played the female lead Sheila during the final phase of Hair's original Broadway run. Bremers is now a successful songwriter, composing the theme song for the Disney Channel's "Mousercise" (which earned her a Platinum Record for selling over 1 million copies), an in-demand voice-over actress (she's Slug Boy's mom on the Cartoon Network's "Cow and Chicken"), and is also a well-respected vocal coach in the Orange County, California area.
Year after year I watch the television during the holiday seasons and realize that the channels for which I once held the utmost respect have been ravaged by horrible television shows. Cartoon Network is meant for cartoons. Disney Channel is mean for Lizzie Mcguire, That's So Raven, and pre-2000 Disney Original movies. And lastly, Nickelodeon is meant for Rugrats, All That, Cousin Skeeter, The Amanda Show, and every other awesome 90s TV show. Give us back the shows that we once knew and loved. Give us back our happiness.
I miss the old Cartoon Network and Disney channel. What happened to courage the cowardly dog and suite life of zack and Cody? It's all regular show and kickin' it.
Cartoon Network is sooo much better than Disney Channel. :P
When I was a little nigglete I never watched Disney Channel only Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon have ALL gone to ***
Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network & Disney Channel should all have a throwback weekend! All weekend long!
I haven't turned the channel to Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel is so long.
To be traumatized, you do not have to experience things first hand, you just have to listen and watch the daily news, di ka lang matotraumatize magiging insanely paranoid ka pa. Tnank God for Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickalodeon and Love Notes ni Joe D'manggo.
Playin Games like Cartoon Network and Disney Channel lms lol tbh
Disney Channel and Cartoon Network have steadily digressed over the years.
Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon should have a throwback month
Don't want to watch news nowadays. Scary. I just read updates on my TL. Better to watch Disney Channel, Nick Jr. & Cartoon Network.
Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon need to stop todays shows and just rerun the old ones.
The crap on Cartoon Network, Nick, ad Disney Channel is ridiculous. Cooper watches the most horrible shows.
and I watched Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network for seven hours.
Cartoon Network and Disney Channel should do Throwback Thursdays
I went through a huge Disney Channel + Cartoon Network phase and now it's happening again :3
Disney Channel knew that Cartoon Network was hurting them with Adventure they came out with a show called Gravity Falls
Child reply is my escape from Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.
Disney Channel and Cartoon Network should just stop making new shows and replay all the old ones.
I love watching Cartoon Network and Disney Channel this early all the old shows come on !
I'm sure without a doubt, the new Disney Channel and Cartoon Network shows, are for crack babies, what happen to the stuff I grew up on?
They need to bring the old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel cartoons back!
I still watch Cartoon Network and Disney Channel shows.
Confessions: 1) My 3 major obsessions are Harry Potter, Batman and All Time Low. 2) I used to be not as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am now. I used to tell everyone I'd read the books when I really hadn't. 3) I'm very different from mostly all of my friends, but they don't know that. 4) I don't know what I would do without my family. 5) I've recently become obsessed with Hillywood Show Productions. 6) I really want to move to Australia. 7) I have had Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans from Harry Potter world and let's just say some are better than others;). 8) My least favourite thing about myself is my hair because it is naturally curly. 9) For my age I'm more of a Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel person instead of shows like Don't Tell the Bride, 16 and Pregnant. I like Adventure Time. 10) I'm a really sarcastic person and I failed the challenge my friends set me: Try not to be sarcastic for 5 minutes. 11) I really want to break my leg for some reason. 12) I would probably faint if I ...
Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network and Disney Channel will never be as good as it was when I was a kid.
Wow, can Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon just bring back all their old shows?
Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon are 85% real live productions... Hardly any cartoons. Whose bright idea is this?
there should be a channel for all the old shows that were on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel & Nickelodeon.
Kay, 11 confessions so far: 1. I am 20 and still watch Disney Channel and Cartoon Network 2. I suck my thumb when I'm asleep 3. I am a virgin and proud of it 4. I have a big heart and care too much 5. I absolutely love the show Toddlers and Tiaras 6. I am a huge Ke$ha fan 7. Something I wanna do before I die is learn to play piano professionally 8. I love horror movies, but I get scared easily 9. I've had a crush on Chanse Mitchell since I've known him. 10. I've never been kissed 11. I wanted to be a best-selling author and/or public speaker as a profession.
Nickelodeon(54) Disney Channel(55) and Cartoon Network(56) used to be the center of the entire TV universe to me.
My mourning's consisted of Cartoon network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel...THE GOOD SHOWS THAT IS. And some cereal.
Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, & Cartoon Network used to be so awesome! Now... not so much.
there were good shows on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel
Really confused, why the *** is the Disney Channel showing Universal's Despicable Me? Really?
What kid shows do all you MOMMIES like/dislike? I like Spongebob and Team Umizoomi (it is really annoying but my son learned so much from it) and I really dont like shows on the Disney Channel or new Cartoon Network like Adventure Time or Phineas and Ferb. Those shows are way too obnoxious for me to let my son watch lol. *heather*
Me & Paul Williams fussing over which Disney Channel or Cartoon Network is better !
I watch Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel. I love Adventure Time. I have the t-shirt. I love the Knights who say Ni! I am not a normal child. I am an Indigo Child. You don't like like it? Peace biznich. Oh. Marky Mark, Chaning Tatum, Bam Margera, and David Henrie are hot. Good day
R.I.P 106 and Park, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, 25 cent bag of chips, real friends that gave af about you, love, and trust.
Will Disney acquiring mean no more on Cartoon Network? Will we have to watch on Disney Channel?
Disney Channel and Cartoon Network shows are so boring now, I miss shows like Lizzie Mcguire and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends😔
... I didnt have Disney Channel .. Cartoon network & Fox kids was the shiit ..
So I'm guessing Clone Wars will start airing on Disney Channel rather than Cartoon Network...i hope it comes on around the same time as Phineas and Ferb!
Why am I watching some Halloween shows on Disney Channel? Cause it's awesome and I am quite entertained and also because Disney Channel captures the spirit of Halloween. Same with Cartoon Network, and SyFy (:
Here's a petition for this; is part of our plan to save CN, Nick, and Disney Channel for future generations. People might say they like the new cra...
There should definitely be a Throwback Thursday on Disney Channel, Nick, and Cartoon Network
So just got home from seeing paranormal activity. I'm about to watch Disney channel, Mickey Mouse club house, Cartoon Network, a little bit of the wiggles & turn EVERY light on in my house. But you know.. I'm not scared at all.
Ok, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel need to have a throwback day every week. Agree?
There are so many reasons Cartoon Network will always be better than Disney Channel.. well.. except for That's So Raven. Because face it Even if you didn't exactly like the show you still watched it.
After that debate, I think I'll watch some Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon.
I love Halloween time because they always play Halloween movies. Like, every Halloween the play Scary Godmother on Cartoon Network and they play Twitches and all of the HalloweenTown movies on Disney Channel. c: I just love this time of year.
Cool you go watch the awards ima stick with my Disney channel and Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network & nickelodeon brought back old shows, why hasn't Disney Channel!
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I never grew up with the original TMNT. But looking at some episodes today, I wish I did.I then heard Nickelodeon is airing a new season, and I got excited. I prayed this show would redeem Nick for me, since the channel is cancelling iCarly and Victorious.My brother and I watched the new TMNT. And...It was awesome. Congratulations, Nickelodeon. Like Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, you aired a show that redeemed yourself for me.
my 4yr old daughter and 2yr old son doesn't wanna watch football game with dad doesn't wanna watch Nick,Disney channel or Cartoon Network but while flipping thru channels came across Lady and the tramp on ABC Family and they are in the zone watching it wow!
- basically everything on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel in the noughties
Disney channel, Nickelodeon, & Cartoon Network was way better years ago than it is now.
Good old Cartoon Network shows. Ed edd n eddy, dexter's lab, Johnny Bravo, Courage the cowardly dog, powerpuff girls, billy and Mandy, and samurai Jack. NEW cartoon network good shows, Adventure Time and. Really after 25 years out with the old/good, in with the bad/sucky. Same goes for Nikelodeon and Disney channel.
You never? I always watch it in Cartoon Network and Disney Channel :)
The "Lonmin, Marikana" saga is only left to be reported on Cartoon Network, Boomerang & Disney Channel. Isht is everywhere!
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Does anyone out there watch "Adventure Time" on the Cartoon Network? Kids? Parents? We stumbled upon it as a TiVo suggestion and watched it once or twice and I have to say it seems a little inappropriate for kids but pretty funny. Doesn't it have a 10 and up rating? ( I switched it back to Disney channel) I think that they call it a stoner show...
Same cartoon is showing on Disney channel and Cartoon Network. Waay na gd??
Maybe Im stupid but why are Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Sprout & Cartoon Network on 24 hrs a day??!! Who exactly is supposed to boost the ratings after 9/10 pm?
The old BET, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, MTV > Us 90s babies had it all, I swear!
when Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network had the awesome classics? Like Johnny Bravo? :D
Can't wait for Riley to get a place at school so I can have something other than Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel on all day lol
Back in the day it used to be: Cartoon Network > PBS Kids > Nickelodeon > Disney Channel
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I can't wait for the Halloween movies that come up on Disney Channel & Cartoon Network, they're the best 👍
Disney channel is on in one room, Cartoon Network is on in the other room, and Nick in the other room... my kinda Friday night!
Ladies yo enjoyed BBA, Guys I know the Olympics was fun, Kids don't worry cos Disney channel/Cartoon Network won't run. I own the remote now bcos IT'S PREMIERSHIP TIME!!!
I miss the old Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, ect. Some of the new shows are good, but I still miss some of the old ones. :c
Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network aren't any better than Disney Channel.
Nickelodeon is crap. Disney Channel is crap. Cartoon Network...Oh Dear Lord.. they need help the most...
Dinner was fabulous - especially since the ban on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network has taken it's toll - Colin didn't mention Scooby Doo all night!!! Woo hoo!
You know its a serious conversation when you talk about Disney Channel and Cartoon Network with your boyfriend ;D !!
Been thinking which cartoon channel was the best, CN, N, or DC ( Disney channel ), so I looked at the top 100 greatest cartoons, and by expert opinion, it looks like Cartoon Network is the best, with nick in 2nd, and Disney in third. Not too surprised to be honest. Thou you gotta consider what each channel offers as a cartoon series and the impact they had on cartoons in general: CN has shows like dexters lab, powerpuff girls ( ranked in the the top 100 believe it or not ), ed, edd, and eddy, cow and chicken. Nick has ren and stempy which led inspiration to bevis and butthead and south park, spongebob, avatar, invader zim, rugrats. Disney has P&F, gargoyles, ducktales, Aladdin, kim possible, darkwing duck. Its really hard to choose ounce you think about, you have to consider what each show from each channel has to offer, the impact they had, and the overall material presented. I do intend to figure it out when I get to them, but right now its up to debate. Nighty-night
ok for all who will read this status i warn u now this will be a long one ;). ok i dont know why but i really wanted to go back and reflect on All the old showa I really used to love. here goes :) from Disney Channel there is -- the book of pooh, bear in the big blue house, rollie pollie ollie, and out of the box. from Cartoon Network there is -- dexters laboratory, Johnny Bravo, cow and chicken, power puff girls, ed,edd n eddy, dragon ball, dragon ball Z, and courage the cowardly dog. Now here's gonna be the biggie. from Nickelodeon there is -- Doug, ren & stimpy, rockos modern life, Aaahh!! real monsters, angry beavers, cat dog, wild thornberrys, rocket power, rugrats,invader zim, all that, the Amanda show, kenan & kel, legend of the hidden temple, and double dare. now I know u think that's it right, lol not yet. from Nick Jr there is -- Oswald, little bear, Maggie & the ferocious beast, blues clues, Dora the explorer, Franklin, little bill, bob the builder and bob the builder. honestly i like and reme ...
I wish Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network had a week where they just played the old cartoons and shows we watched growing up.
Scooby Doo's Spooky Games recently came to Cartoon Network, and its OnDemand part, in its original Widescreen presentation. It can be seen Fullscreen in the Laff-a-lympics 2-disc set right now. Coming this October is another 13 Spooky Tales set centered on Christmastime. It includes The Nutcracker Scoob (1984), A Scooby Doo Christmas (2002) & a brand-new Christmas special that won't be on Cartoon Network 'till the following month or longer, plus a bunch of other classically snowbound mysteries, including Toy Scary Boo from What's New, Scooby Doo? (a direct take-off of Toy Story 2, in case it sounded familiar to you.) Speaking of Toy Story stuff, Toy Story 3 debuts on Disney Channel tomorrow night. I still say it's better to get it on an authorized DVD or Blu-ray, so you won't fool with commercials, let alone being sped up or edited for more commercials.
Our CreativeStepsinc Childcare cookout & field day is this Friday!! So excited for our TV Channel Bowl Olympics. This year teams are: PBS, Nickalodeon, Disney Channel, & Cartoon Network!!!
once upon a time Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Jetix was my life.
Disney channel and Cartoon Network arent the same anymore
children have been at my house all day..I'm sick of looking at Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and fake *** WWE...I just might kill myself...p.s. I want a slushie
How come Boys like Cartoon Network and Nickeloden. Since i was a child I LOVED DISNEY CHANNEL . Now i watched Disney Channel morning show, such as jake and the neverlanding pirates and i know the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse =D
Like if your a 90's kid and you miss the old Nickolodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel.
Here are a few old show's I loved and you might also too. Nick, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network used to be so good now to tell the truth all shows are ...
I'm 16 and as soon as I turn on the tv I check Nickelodeon , Disney Channel and Cartoon NetWork
C.5 I still watch Disney Channel, Nick, and Cartoon Network sometimes ;)
Disney Channel kids didn't exist when I was a youngster. It was Nickelodeon and later Cartoon Network or else u were corny
Now I can only watch Sports Center, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.
Just because I watch Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel, it does NOT make me childish. They are amusing shows!! 
Disney channel is lame. Y'all needa hop on that Cartoon Network !
I don't even know any of the people on Disney Channel anymore.and the shows have gotten way stupider. I think they should just get rid of it or follow suit with Cartoon Network and start showing old shows.
Why does Disney Channel and Cartoon Network get all the Teletoon rejects... I miss Canada. :(
Kids got Disney channel on my TV, XBOX 360 on front room (living room) TV, and Cartoon Network on kids TV. Dang! I guess I gotta put a TV in the bathroom so I can watch what I want peacefully.
I miss the old Nickoloden, the old Disney Channel & the old Cartoon Network :'(
Last week, "Cartoon Network surged ahead to rank in Total Day delivery of kids 6-11 (behind only Disney Channel)"
Disney Channel nd Cartoon Network died in about half if the shows have me thinkin *** happened? -___- SMH
90s babies had a much better childhood than these 21st century babies...courtesy of 90s Nickelodeon,Cartoon Network,& Disney Channel
Confession 3 . i still watch Nick , Disney Channel , and Cartoon Network c:
Fred on Nick Annoying Orange on Cartoon Network. Now we wait as Ray William Johnson gets a spot on Disney Channel.
The Lions and E.P Kings are merging in 2013 and will be known as The Lion Kings. The new main sponser will be Walt Disney. Games exclusive to Disney channel with replays on Cartoon Network.
So, Nick has Fred and Cartoon Network has Annoying Orange. It's only a matter of time until Disney Channel gets their hands on Charlie the Unicorn or Llamas With Hats.
I watch Disney Channel & XD, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Toon Nick and Teen Nick al day, lol minus reality shows.
Dstv has announced that only Orlando Pirates will b broadcasted on Supersport as it is Channel 4 Champions, Jomo Cosmos on History Channel, Moroka Swallows on Discovery Channel, Golden Arrows on Crime Channel, Ajax Cape Town on Disney Channel, Supersport on Boomerang, Santos on Animal Planet, Platinum Stars on NatGeo en don't forget to catch Kaizer Chiefs on Cartoon Network.
Growing up, my parents never had the money to buy cable; so I'm clueless on all the old shows on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, etc. It's kind of embarrassing when people ask me if I ever watched _ and I have absolutely no idea what it is.
if you watch Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network.
Disney Channel and Cartoon Network are garbage. Come to think of it, Nickelodeon is too. I feel bad for kids of our generation.
Every Saturday morning me a big *** bowl of cereal and Cartoon Network or Disney Channel...
Nickelodeon the only kids channel i know besides Cartoon Network, that dnt car wat they say. Disney Channel be on dirt...
It's sad , so sad when you try an teach a kid Islamic stuff but he refuses to learn and dislikes it... coz the parents have been too busy letting em learn from from Cartoon Network and Disney Channel :(((
It's annoying that they only play the old-school Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network shows late at night. KMT.
"Phineas and Ferb" versus programming of old shows from Cartoon Network in the same hour.oh man, I bet Disney Channel is mopping and buffing the floor of Cartoon Network in the ratings. I can't wait for when my ratings reports come out next week!!!
Or even channel logos, like Cartoon Network or Disney Channel.
what happpened to Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nick they all suck *** now.
I have such hatred for Cartoon Network, Disney Channel & Nickelodeon now.
Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Boomerang, & Noggin had the BEST cartoons! Cartoons now are lame af.
Rindu Nick, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Yes. I'm 18 and I love watching cartoons!
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