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Carton House

Carton House was one of Ireland's greatest stately homes and one time ancestral seat of the Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster.

Irish Open Paddy Jackson County Kildare Eden Park Warren Gatland

House parties people normally be robbing cans now or jumpers or something but nah Erin kelleher takes on with their fi…
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Playing Carton house O Meara course yesterday with my long time friends of 34 years .. Great day & I took the title ht…
I love it when everyone goes to sleep in my house cause then I can go downstairs and drink milk straight from the carton
Great day practice done in Carton House. Great weather makes it easy. Worked on better…
I had an amazing night at the IPPA Photographer Of The Year Awards in Carton House. Thrilled to be a finalist. Phot…
New born baby found dumped in a carton outside a house (photos):
We are thrilled with the awards received at last nights IPPA Awards ceremony at Carton House.😎
Drama As Newborn Baby is Dumped in a Carton Outside a House
Photos: Newborn baby found dumped in carton outside a house in Thailand
Leinster and Ireland's Josh van der Flier and Robbie Henshaw in Carton House this afternoon.
Carton Cafe Y Churro now available on tap.
serious incident on the maynooth to Dunboyne road just before entrance to Carton House
Amazing cardboard sculpture you can interact with!...
Buying cheapest house of detention phones carton not waste yourselves for a certainty high chain in respect to kale
Great to see officially turn on the Christmas lights at Carton House supporti…
oh I just love honestbee! my house needs over a dozen carton of milk & milo every other week. this made my life easier
IF Andy Farrell had been plugged in as he held court at the stately Carton House, near Dublin yesterday, there w...
True Confession: We cannot keep Egg Nog in the house for more than a few hours. Nick and I can't stop drinking it…
The way I drink water these days I need to start buying pure water in my house. This carton of water life is too expensive for me.
*shows up at house with a bottle of rum and a carton of ice cream, knocking on the door with my hook* Anyone home?
House in alarms carton report ahouseowner disposal on deem: Fysq
Greetings from Carton House Hotel in County Kikdare ahead of the 12 noon Lions coaches press conference.
Warren Gatland's assistant coaches to be officially confirmed at 12pm in Carton House.
Beautiful morning at Carton House as Gatland prepares to face media. Expecting Howley, Borthwick, Farrell with others named at later date.
Me is so lonely in my wee little milk carton house. Won't somebody come and keep me company zansu
Went out today, paid my city bill, then paid my house payment, stopped at HyVee in Peru, got carton Newport's & Key…
I'll have a bowl, leave my house for a few days and the carton is almost empty when I come back. Like *** parents?
Love is crazy. I once knew this girl who got a husband, a dog, a house in South Reno and disappeared. Like Stranger Things milk carton gone
ask him why he was kicked out of Carton House? Rumour has it he was upsetting the uptight locals with his constant orgies.
i am drinking a carton of juice and watching Seinfeld in my house
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Epicycle a carton and you can have this for the kids for some holiday fun!
Do we not have glasses in the house??? Why is he drinking out of the carton every morning??? Nah nah, get a glass.
I am.walking around my house in my underwear, eating chili and drinking Egg Nog straight from the carton. MONDAE
You know you in the wrong house when you open the freezer and it's a carton of Newports next to a E&J bottle 😕
A beautiful Christmassy wedding at shot by perfect inspo for all you winter couples ;…
The lads give it a lash out at Carton House!
Wow just came to my house and made me drink an entire carton of VB because I said genocide was bad
Nobody else in the house likes egg nog. I'm bout to buy me a little carton of some for myself 🙄
Confession: I've left my house exactly twice this weekend. . Once to recycle a milk carton. Once to get my glasses out of my car
Warren Gatland to announce Lions backroom team in Carton House this Wednesday
Starting this chilly Sunday with warm pastries in the cosy surrounds of Carton House. Bliss
no one in this house respects me, how are you gonna leave 2 drops of milk in the carton? 2 DROPS
Christmas has officially thrown up in my house
There is an egg. On a chair. Outside my house. Not a carton of eggs or plastic eggs, one actual chicken egg. I dont…
Going to Carton brewery is like going to a house party where you don't know anyone. — feeling thankful
My Nan came to my house with 2 Pops, big *** carton of orange juice, ice cream, fluffy socks and throat sweets. I'd die without that woman
Part 4 Tara & Daniel's Carton House wedding. The Reception. Laughter and love.
Eagles nest is fun until you come home smelling like a cigarette carton and a French *** house combined.
Cookie baking update: The house smells amazing and the cookies are good. I'm almost done using s full cartón of eggnog too.
Total carton apprehend close to the acid characteristics on individuals according on their mundane house: EStnMrDC
If it's based on the Barbie Dream House animated carton which makes fun of itself and its characters, I can see it.
Homophobe-in-chief Mike Pence rented a house in DC, so his new neighbors are flying rainbow flags h…
Golf ace Padraig to switch on Christmas lights at Carton House
is in the house! Loki is eating a new egg carton because... Ummm.he is Extra special.…
I don't mean one you pour out of a bottle or carton, I always like to make it and have the house fill with the lovely warm spicy smell.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, doll house milk carton
Only in my house I get into trouble for drinking the rest of the half and half that was in the fridge. The TABLE SPOON left in the carton!
Carrying a to go carton of fried rice around the house kinda like?
if it would help for franno I can draw him a map from Wexford to ballsbridge via carton house
Part 2 Tara & Daniel's Carton House wedding. The Ceremony. Love is in the air.
So what im saying is if you ever come to my house don't drink anything bc my mouths already been on the carton
The beautiful grounds around Carton House. Love going for walks here
Carton House has expanded its management team with the appointment of Éanna Hassett as Director of Operations,...
Always exciting to begin a new challenge
Me this summer: I just wanna slim down a little, get some definition . Me now: *eats carton of eggs* I want to be the size…
Amateur antique dealer jailed after being caught with 57 stolen books from Carton House - Irish Independent
Who I wont follow is carton characters and people trading out of their house in flyover country hedge fund smarter and richer than you
--knock on his door. "Ah." He grasped the carton of milk and rushed to his door. Welcome to Kiku's house, he has milk.
wasn't bad. Bag, carton, same thing to me. Now, I was in Toronto and all the milk for your house was in big bags. Awkward
Andrew Shannon sentenced to one year in prison with six months suspended for being caught with 57 stolen rare books
Antique dealer jailed after being caught with 57 books stolen from Carton House.
Man who damaged €10m Monet painting jailed for being caught with 57 stolen rare books
My beach house is about to be the spot. I'm gonna be posted with a carton of Parliaments and a truck full of Heineken.
Thanks! The ice cream was good too--but so much! Got a small & it feels like I ate an entire carton! 😆🍦
Carton HopPun now available on tap.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Find the law-loving ireland carton house online: QGI
This is the gaming equivalent of catching a kid smoking and making them smoke a whole carton. Also the house is on fire.
Warning to everyone to not leave your house w out a carton of eggs. I feel like I know exactly who will b there
If there's someone in my house calling me "Mom" I have more problems then getting busted drinking from the carton. You too!
Cleaned my grandmas house and got paid $100, a carton of eggs, and some pizza.
get to Ireland to Carton House. Argentina, Real Madrid have used in the past. Top set up!
You're right..let's all "grease the wheels of government." Everyone--send a 5# carton of hog lard to the White House.
New work by Emma Stroude available at The Kildare Gallery at Carton House
it's not like I'm walking into a strangers house and chugging out of their milk carton!!
Carton was closed today, so I'll drink it in another location - Drinking a Rickey @ Mohawk House -
just cut a carton of custard in half and sliced a banana into it and ate it with the smallest spoon in the house . ENTERTAINED AF
she walks back in the house very angry. She throws the milk carton in the sink and stomps to her room. I run into the kitchen
I drank orange juice. From the carton. At house.
Only just noticed a house on my street is shaped like a milk carton (on purpose) with expiry date on the roof and all.
got on the canal at st mochtas fc, clonsilla, at 10-30, and having coffee in Carton house @ 12, another 15 mins to maynooth
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My 3 month old puppy just tried to bring a carton of cigarettes she found on the ground into the house. Big Tobacco will stop at nothing, eh
Coffee at carton house, in to Maynooth, cycle home on the Royal canal,
these youths doin crazy things whn they have a free house an I'm here home alone, proud of myself bc I've jus drunk a 2 litre carton of milk
Book Review: Aspects of Irish Aristocratic Life: Essays on the FitzGeralds and Carton House, edited by Terenc...
Really looking forward to our gig tonight in the Carton House hotel... Adding some new songs to the set! ;)
Craving a fresh carton of juice but I don’t think I can move my head in either direction let alone leave the house
please my sister dead *** ate the whole carton by herself and I can't leave my house to get more cause my brother is sleeping
thats how I need to leave the house. bottle of whiskey and carton of cigarettes stuffed in my pants
*scurries to kitchen thinking no one is in the house*. Gma: what're u doing?. Me: *drops carton of a dozen Cadbury eggs on floor* Nothing
If Drumpf turns House and Senate blue I'll personally send a carton of smokes to his prison cell.
Top quality Show garden plants from Bloom for sale at The Kildare Gallery at Carton House this weekend only, 5...
Show garden plants from Bloom for sale here at The Kildare gallery at Carton House, 5 Euro per 2 Litre plants.
include a site visit over the summer, a waste enforcement and PRI focussed conf in September and our November Conf at Carton House.
Carton of Milk Stout Nitro now available on tap.
This is odd right? Someone has taped an orange juice carton to the lamppost outside our house
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Just after finishing up a round of golf in Lovely day for it! ☀️⛳️ @ Carton House…
If there is a half empty carton of juice in the fridge in my house then it automatically becomes mine :)))
You know what I got for Xmas? Oh it was a banner year at the old Hammond house. A carton of cigarettes. It was great! Ex…
Don't forget to come and visit Sculpture in the Park by Ingrid Swan and The Kildare Gallery at Carton House and...
Two out halves battle it out! Jonathan Sexton & Paddy Jackson during squad training at Carton House!
Wild speculation floating around Carton House as no IRFU team-sheets on the scene. Paddy Jackson AND Ian Madigan on the bench... Couldn't be
Richie Murphy going through some plays with Garry Ringrose and Josh van der Flier at Carton House this morning
Kildare's Carton House returns to profit in 2014 - Irish Examiner
Weir on the river Rye Water in Carton House estate.
Tonight on Setanta Sports Ireland at 19:45 pm, 2015 Irish Open Matchplay highlights from Carton House .
When I see people drinking directly out of the carton, I'm always tempted to sneak into their house & refill it with *** That'll learn em!
Say hello to our Director Robin Hanna at the eHealth Summit in Carton House on Wednesday as we learn how to move health into the digital age
yes it is. I'm not far from Carton House so he's met the boys a few times and lions. We bumped the springboks last year
I just poured a full bowl of cereal and opened the fridge and pulled out the milk carton that had no milk in it.. I'm burning the house down
KCoRD_Ireland: We are presenting at Summit 2015 -30 Sept, Carton House, Kildare iQuestevents sundaybusiness
All purpose parts banner
If you ever come to my house my dad will probably give you a carton of eggs
is there really not any open sugar in this house. I want sugar in my tea but do not want to open their giant carton.
Egg Carton bats.a simple and cheap way to add some Halloween fun around the house.
yes - We should debate this at the bar in Carton House -
Just added Carton Digger on tap. See our full beer menu:
The eggs at my house are always past the date on the carton...
I'll just stick to my whiskey xD We have a carton of the beer left from a party but no one in the house likes it xD
Bag pack for 2 days at Carton House first thing in the bag is and the
Any of my golfing buddies have any tips on playing the 2 courses at Carton House? Looking at you
The BEST thing about being the only vegan in the house is that I get to eat icecream STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CARTON! OWO xD
Great views on the course at Carton House during my round yesterday
Yall left your egg carton at my house, dw I have it for you!
This year's is being held in Carton House.
Another picture from the course yesterday at Carton House Ireland
Team North beat Team Ireland to win the United Cup for the first time at Carton House
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My father came to live with me. It was my turn to say "my house, my rules". I took away his glass and made him drink fr…
Egg Nog so trash Bruh... Mom brought a carton in the house I threw it out and told her she left in the store...
European Cafe & Schnitzel House on A carton on the wall is this very Bavarian home feel Restaurant.
Weather was great for golf at Carton House Maynooth these past couple of days .Very enjoyable
Egg Carton Greenhouses.this is a great ... -
Hi The is happening next Wednesday in Carton House, we would LOVE a RT!
Hideo Kojima broke into my house, murdered me, and stole a whole carton of eggs
PSA don't come to my house and drink the coconut milk it is mine I drink it from the carton
One time Kamden broke a whole carton of eggs at my house . Then he fell off a balcony
being the only one in the house that drinks chocolate milk makes me happy because I can drink it straight from the carton :')
Great weather at Carton House in Maynooth for Golf ⛳️😎😄
Milk Carton by Usher.genius!!!. got a house but I want a home. I got a heart but it's full of...
My style icon is a kid from a 90s sitcom who comes over your house and drinks milk out of the carton
A nice piece in tonight's Belfast Telegraph about G'island winning the All Ireland Junior Cup at Carton House...
Deal of the Day: Kick the Rugby World Cup off in style at the Arch at Carton House
Special thanks to for supplying us with gifts for the squad! @ Carton House
How many is the settle ipad carton but whichever is just so rack-and-pinion railroad in reverse the house of ca...
And then I told him, "It keeps it fresh" So when I came over his house, I saw a fork in a milk carton." - Noel Gallagher
Mooney hits top form at Carton House -
Whoever egged my house u forgot the carton.. Dumbasses
that had to be torture!!! Although I like the sound of carton house for the 2016 banquet for the mayo boys!!!
Len snuck into my house and drank milk straight out of the carton
and I are all house sitting for the week and so far we've all downed ice cream right from the carton
Photo of our stand at Carton House. Kindly taken by Mark Fennell
I was supposed to go lib but instead I ended up at Carton house and Dunboyne??
Check out all the members of Clearbraces at our latest conference in Carton House. Can you spot the
We had another hugely successful Clearbraces conference recently in Carton House. Don't be afraid of going to the...
getting ready to go to work but I don't mind as heading to Carton House, a tad excited, can't wait
I threw a milk carton at my sister and she chased me around the house
my stepdad yelled at me for "calling dibs" on food in my house, so he ate MY ice cream, but jokes on him, I ate straight out of the carton.
on the way to Carton House tomorrow. Give us a Beep or a wave as we are on way to make a dream come
I remember when I was like 6 or 7 me and my pops went to my aunt house and she pulled a carton out the freezer I was like why they in there
I used to go over Diego's house and he'd drink out of the milk carton, it used to make me so mad lmao
Kaneko shows up at Hansha's house in her cleaning apron and a carton of eggs in her hands with the most determined look her face.
Dad's bought a 2 litre family carton of juice...there's only two of us in the house...
John T.'s Review of Carton House Hotel - Maynooth (5/5) on Yelp
Got the gas house shootin like Jordan❗️I'll put yah homeboy face on a t-shirt and have yah own face on a milk carton 😤
Jordin just drank straight out of my milk carton she's too comfy at my house 😂😂😂
I drink straight out the carton late at night when everybody sleep & I'm thirsty. Ion care who house I'm at.
Well folks its time for Zebedee and time for bed for me, eary start again tomorow in Carton House Ireland. From a...
Kirsten M.'s Review of Carton House Hotel - Maynooth (4/5) on Yelp
Carton of my dad's souvenirs. Ice storm, had some time around the house!
My mom used to hate when I drank from the carton. But I have my own house now so sorry ma ✌️
Our promotion team will be at the Carton house wedding fair tomorrow 😃come on down
Dear Carton House. I love my mother very much, but I don't really want to share a bed with her ;0).
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Our house help just blew approx 20% of her salary on a CARTON of Zubeida Apa's whitening cream.
I always feel like an *** for being the one to finish off a carton of chocolate milk in my house.
Just finished a brilliant two days with our GCI students at The GUI Academy and Carton House. So proud of the...
welcome back to Julie Andrews remember her From her Stay in carton House Maynooth-1968 A-class Act and Lady
Enjoy the Masters at Carton House for just £85
'The Wedding Event' will be hosted by on the 22nd of February. Full details here:
We will be at the stunning Carton House for their Wedding Event this Sunday the 22nd February, from 2pm-5pm.
Someone in my house didn't close the milk carton cap all the way, making a huge mess when I shook it this morning smh fam
lady my mom bought a CARTON and breezer and booze come my house soon gurl.
Vince delmonte's to the contrary palaver muscularity sod house pore over-carton you architecture brawn attachme...
Create your own home with this big and strong cardboard farmers house
"I don't want cameras in my house because I want to be able to drink milk out of the carton without anyone knowing" ok laurel
Egg Carton Greenhouses.this is a great way to start seeds in your house. The dirt stays moist and
Today, I forgot I was at Jessica's house and I drank the milk from the carton. I think I'm wearing out my welcome😅
Love is when will deliver a carton of plastic coke bottle with my name on them to my house for free.
Parmalat custard so thick that every Clover carton in the house feels so uncomfortable!
Day 2 of the at the Carton House Hotel. Excellent understanding of how companies can speed up their internal processes.
Hi folks when are the lads back in carton house would love to bring my son :-)
no - I'll have to invite him to Carton House when I'm using my free voucher
because I remember having cereal at your house and all U had was almond milk so I thought that was the name on the carton!!
Somebody in my house childish for leaving this teaspoon of milk in the carton 😒.
Awesome morning spent at Carton house today fitted with followed by 9holes in the sun in Carlow with
Just got sent this beautiful shot of my work in Vanishing Art at Carton House Ireland by AnnMari O'Reilly, she...
Locked out of my house. Lucky I just bought a carton of cold
If you came to my house I would have to pour a carton of soy milk on your head you freak
Someone should come to my house with a carton of orange juice 😍👌🍊
My cat needs a sock intervention. She has a fetish for carton them around the house.
Easy poor mans gingerbread house.graham *** stuck on something like a milk carton.coat it with...
That would be nice, actually. But, can you trust a house party fridge with the carton of now?
“The grounds of Carton house The Ghost of Fitzgerald still walks these lands...
Amy goes to Jill's house and drinks the milk right out of the carton and puts it back with only a swallow left.
Didnt buy eggnog for our house, so that I wouldnt drink the whole carton in 2 days... But then we got eggnog at work, and it happened anyway
Walking around the house naked, drinking orange juice out the carton
Visit to see beautiful sculptures from the 1st of October - 24th December.
Glass house wheeling and dealing-how my humble self carton make over straight a matchwood enfeoffment batch: zSKXx
Apparently I owe the Chrieghtons Creek CFA a carton of beer they saved my mates house and the shed my motorbikes r in
I love soy nog and the best part is nobody else in the house likes soy milk so nobody drinks it so I can drink it out of the carton
The last gingerbread house I made was in 4th grade out of a milk carton.
Bobby Schmurda will have them nasty *** peanut spread sammiches, a carton of milk & insomnia tonight in Brooklyn house
Bob「Hey Tom! I heard that your house was burned down. Are you ok?」. Tom「Yeah, I'll buy another carton.」
Interview with Carton House tomorrow... God knows how much I need that pay jump 👍
Mom left me home alone & all I did was eat a carton of cherry tomatoes & run around the house listening to The Killers,friends pls come home
Eventually, the white policeman buy a carton of eggs for her and gave it. After a few days, he delivered many foods to the woman's house.
"when I die, I want everyone to buy a carton of beer, stack them up outside my house, then throw them in a skip next week" - no one ever.
House sharing was easy for me when I was at uni, everyone knew I was from south. You finish my carton of milk, I finish your life.
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Another art attack made of scratch paper and carton box! ;) snowman and the candy house.
Teen amateurs Carey and O'Driscoll shine at Alps Tour Q-School: David Carey (Carton House) on the 11th tee dur...
Driving past someone's house and briefly see them drinking out of the milk carton lmao
I have to stay awake for like two hours now so somebody can come pick up a carton of ice cream at my house
If I've seen you drink straight from a juice carton, jug or milk bag at your house before, I only drink the bottled water at your house.
The worst part about eating a gingerbread house is digesting the milk carton.
I dropped a plastic carton of milk on the ground and my dad woke up asking if a tree fell on the house
So the carton of milk at my house expires on my birthday. Should I be worried?
Nothing describes happiness more than thinking you don't have orange juice in the house and then finding a new carton in the garage fridge
Next time I'm over house, I'm leaving a random carton of juice in her fridge. Unless beats me to it
How many snort out of shelves with pantry carton concert thy eating house: wBoufLw
" where's juice today ? " uhm at his house . in a carton . I'm not that boy mama tf 😂
Those minute maid carton juices don't last 24 hrs in my house 😂
The fact that my mom offered me an entire carton of eggs to throw at someone's house makes me really happy 😂
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Why does Brandon have his own carton of juice at my house and I do not
Having your own house is sweet. I can do w.e I want. Like eat directly out of the ice cream carton
I turn around and is drinking the milk out of the carton in MY house .
“never made a gingerbread house”Ya never made one in elementary school with the milk carton😦?
I love being the only person in my house that likes eggnog because I get to drink straight outta the carton
Tb to last night when I beat at odds and she had to a chug carton of milk in the random house we were at
I can't wait to wear my shoes in the house and drink milk out the carton.
A carton of Nestea lasts about 53 seconds in this house
Just added Carton Boat Beer on tap. See our full beer menu:
Carton house a few weeks ago, love the light..
Can't keep a carton of coca cola in the house because...addict!! I'm thirsty
First egg nog of the season. Reminds me of my Gram, used to buy me my first carton every year. Can't wait for xmas eve at her house.
Carton House Boat House. Using the Lee Filters + Little Stopper to give me  8 seconds…
Today 1.30pm. The Morrison Room. Carton House Hotel. Maynooth, Co.Kildare. Join me in an afternoon of music...
Visit to see beautiful sculptures from 1st of October - 24th December.
Was looking forward 2 the big wedding in Carton House 2moro but alas never got the invite Take it easy on t…
The Irish Open, Fota Island Resort, 19 Jun 2014 - 22 Jun 2014 Doc's Ones To Watch Steven Gallacher 25/1 If Steven's US form hasn't been what he would have liked this year with MC's at The Heritage, Players and US Open since April, his European form has been the opposite. T5 at Wentworth was followed by a playoff loss in Sweden. Another chance to impress McGinners though he is a lock for a Ryder Cup spot. Rafa Cabrera Bello 33/1 Blows hot and cold does our Rafa but the conditions are the predicted balmy sunshine I figure he'll have a great week here. Tied second on the links in Portrush behind Jamie Donaldson in 2012 and tied fifth at Carton House last season. Recent form is decent too with a T16 at the PGA Championship and a T9 last time out in Sweden. Alvaro Quiros 33/1 Great to see Alvaro Quiros coming back to form and looking around the Fota Island course, this should be right up his street. Alvaro is on a cut streak of five events, scored an excellent third in China in April and a T6 in Sweden la ...
Attention golfers! The St John of God School Golfing Fundraiser Event is taking place in Carton House on June...
Well...thanks to Madeline for being the reason I jumped into the water at Carton House with multiple golfers as onlookers. As a result I nominate Megan (so sorry) and Charles (cause youre the physics B). You have 24 hours or apparently you have to donate one hundred to charity. p.s. due to complaints of it being blurry, click the HD button and it will no longer be blurry. (you welcom Maddie.)
Been doing a lot of running along the royal canal and through Carton House. No nicer place if you ask me
To pursue your interest to join our team at Carton House, please contact our Human Resources Department at 01 5052000 or email jobs
Another iconic seaside course in Northern Ireland is to play host to the Irish Open in 2015. Royal County Down, the wonderful links in Newcastle with a backdrop of Slieve Donard, is set to be confirmed by the PGA European Tour as the site for the championship next year. As a course, it is a very worthy choice, but its selection will come as a surprise, given the likely crowd restrictions. When the 2007 Walker Cup between Britain and Ireland against the United States was staged there, the crowds were limited to 10,000 a day with spectators allowed to walk the fairways as is tradition in the amateur match. When the Irish Open was staged at Royal Portrush on the Causeway Coast in 2012, it was a sell-out with 112,000 attending over the four championship days. Such crowds won’t be possible at Royal County Down due to health and safety factors, but the establishment of a rota system involving courses in the North and the Republic – the event returned south to be staged at Carton House in Co Kildare last yea ...
With its unique backdrop and historic setting, the luxury Carton House, regarded as one finest wedding hotels
Irish Rugby TV chats to Conor Murray about the Ireland training camp in Carton House, new head coach Joe Schmidt and the possibility of the scrum half ...
Kearney, Madigan and Jackson for the Eden Park shoot at Carton House.
Off to Carton House for behind the scenes shooting in the Irish camp, photo shoot for Eden Park with Rob Kearney, Ian Madigan and Paddy Jackson keep a eye for the short piece online later!
Today In Our Irish History October 15th 1582 - Pope Gregory reforms the calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in 45BCE: 4 October is followed by 15 October. However, the reform will not be implemented in Britain and Ireland till 1752 1690 - After taking Cork on 28 September, Marlbourough takes Kinsale for the Williamites, who now control Munster 1763 - Birth of United Irish leader, Lord Edward Fitzgerald at Carton House in Co. Kildare 1842 - First issue of "The Nation" is published 1949 - Death of Eoin MacNeill, Irish historian and founder of the Irish Volunteers 1964 - UK general election; unionists win all 12 Northern Ireland seats; Harold Wilson forms a Labour government 1980 - Ronnie Bunting, Protestant Irish nationalist, is assassinated 1995 - Seamus Heaney wins the Nobel Prize for literature 1999 - The music world mourns the death in Co. Kildare of Derry-born tenor Josef Locke 2001 - Palestinian President Yasser Arafat asks Ireland to use its influence on the UN Security Council to help resume peace ...
Tom Court not in Irl 42-man training squad. No word on whether he's coincidentally staying at Carton House this weekend.
Ireland Rugby Squad Announcement The Ireland coaching staff have announced a squad of 42 players to assemble at Carton House for Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, to commence their preparations for the Guinness Series in November. Ireland Coach Joe Schmidt spoke briefly about the selections and the objectives for the camp. "Selection was difficult as it's the first time we have had to narrow our focus a bit and determine a cut off point for players. A number of selections were very tight which is positive. The group is predominantly 'tried and proven' but with some newer faces as well. It's an opportunity to get to know the players as well as an opportunity to have a look ahead and start to get a little bit of organization done for the Guinness Series." There are a number of players such as Tommy O'Donnell, Michael Bent, Stuart Olding, Andrew Trimble, Craig Gilroy and Felix Jones that were not considered due to injury but some of these players may well be involved in the autumn as they return to full f ...
Just want to thank Carton House for all the gear the have and are giving the Senior cup team for the all Ireland finals:)
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GOLF: Paul Casey with a total of 14 under par has won the Irish Open at Carton House. He finished in style with a championship-winning eagle on the 18th to take the title by 3 shots from Robert Rock and Joost Luiten, both 11 under. Shane Lowry finished to best of the Irish on 8 under after a battling 69 to finish tied for 5th.
On the Inside Line this afternoon we look at the fall out from yesterday’s defeats for Westmeath’s footballers and hurlers and a trouncing for Offaly’s footballers. Laois’ footballers are in the hat for round two of the qualifiers tomorrow morning following their Friday night win over Carlow. You’ll hear from Paschal Kellaghan, Craig Rogers and PJ Ward as well as former Waterford captain Brian Flannery. PJ Ward will be staying in studio to keep you updated on both of the Leinster Semi Finals at Croke Park while we’ve updates on the camogie and ladies football throughout the afternoon It’s the final day of the Irish Open at Carton House, our reporter Denis Kirwan will be on for a chat at 2.15 and he’ll also be reporting from the course across the show. Lions chat with Podge O’Donnell, Niall Moran and Davie Henshaw at 3pm, while between 3.30 and 4 Jack Nolan and Niall Rigney look ahead to Laois’ games at minor hurling and senior hurling next weekend At 4 O’Clock Ray Molloy from Esker H ...
HISTORY OF THE HOSPITAL Nestled in the magnificent Himalayan mountain range is the city of Simla. Originally discovered by the British army, in the early 19th century, and summer capital of the Country during the British Raj, Simla is presently a popular summer retreat. Situated at a height of 7500 feet above sea level, the city spreads over a 10-kilometer long crescent shaped ridge. In this superb environment, over 65 years ago, the Simla Sanitarium was established. Dr. H.S.Menkel had established Treatment Rooms in Calcutta then in Mussoorie, and then became the personal physician to the Viceroy of India. As Simla became the summer capital of the country, Dr. Menkel’s expertise was needed in Simla and he established his practice in the Carton House, on The Mall, Chaura Maidan. Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietary classes and Exercise were the main forms of Health courses offered by the Sanitarium in those days. The British and official Anglo-Indian citizens of the town provided Dr, Men .. ...
Golf-McIlroy misery goes on as he misses Irish Open cut - (Updates with quotes, details) June 28 (Reuters) - Rory McIlroy's hopes of picking up much-needed form before the British Open next month ended in more disappointment on Friday when he missed the cut at the Irish Open. The world number two improved his two-over par first round score to card a level par 72 but that was not good enough to keep him in the tournament at Carton House, County Kildare. "It's disappointi...
Busy Weekend ahead in Sport both taking part & Watching. Letterkenny Hospitals golf Society outing in Barnhill, including Paddy Murray's President Prize today. Guest at Glencar Inn President's Prize in Ballybofey & Stranorlar Golf Club on Sunday. Irish Open at Carton House continues until Sunday. Club Championship on, Going to St.Micheals v Glenswilly on Saturday evening. Loads of other GAA stuff on also. Harps back in action and big game in USL, Drumkeen v Cockhill. Brazil v Spain in Final. National Childrens Games at Finn Valley on Saturday. Wimbledon continues after a week of Shocks & Withdrawals. Lions v Aussies in 2nd Test on Saturday morning. Forward planning vital on a weekend like this !
Editorial I was wondering what to write this month when I happened to hear an item on the radio about the Irish Open golf tournament which is taking place at Carton House this week. The gist of it was that the event has no headline sponsor for the third year in a row, and the government, via Fáilte Ireland, is putting up a million euro. Just think about that for a moment. It’s the most prestigious golf event in the country, being held at a prestigious venue, yet no commercial company is willing to sponsor it. None of them thinks it’s worthwhile! This is golf, remember, one of the richest sports on the planet, where eye-watering sums are paid to the stars and which firms of all kinds are normally falling over themselves to be associated with. Yet our government has to stump up a million of your and my hard-earned cash to subsidise this millionaires’ sport. Then they said that the event could not take place without this subsidy! To read the rest get the July issue, on sale and on line July 5
So, the Irish Open Golf Tournament, is at Carton House, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland. -- Not that far from Lucan!
Johnny Murtagh is fresh from playing in the Irish Open Pro/Am this morning at Carton House. He's still wearing his golf clobber.
A huge week ahead for Irish golf as the European Tour comes to Carton House for the Irish Open golf championships. Good luck to all the organizers.
Only 16 days until the 2013 Irish Open, we cannot wait! Check out the official 2013 Irish Open page here for all...
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Fancy going to the Irish Open in Carton house? If you do stay tuned for how to win tickets now on
Played Carton House yesterday! Solid enough round. Greens are in great condition! Can't wait to watch the Irish Open now!
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