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From surgery to sacker...Preston Woods is always ready to go on the D-Line. Full Show:.
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The new Gil Carter Initiative wants to keep you healthy with its health fair this Wednesday. Erma has details as we start a…
I'm watching your show, and people are incorrectly stating that Trump's foreign policy team met onl…
2 of 5 stars to A Baby for the Beast by Chance Carter
*the look in Chris Hayes's eyes every time Carter Page comes on' his sho…
I can't wait to show out on thanksgiving like this
I've just watched episode S04E07 of Black-ish!
I've just watched episode S01E07 of The Gifted!
You trying to get me thrown off air and our show cancelled?
The Coyote Classic Dog Show is Nov 16-20 at the fairgrounds... free admission, free parking and lots, and lots of DOGS.…
The whole reason he came back to school was to work on his perimeter skills and show scouts he can play on the wing…
I just hope you're lying next to somebody. Who knows how to love you like me. There must be a good reason that you're…
I've just watched episode S03E06 of Supergirl!
So proud of on his commitment, just goes to show if you put your heart into something you’ll get resul…
Wendell Carter showed a lot of maturity to bounce back from a slow first half and show his dominance in the second…
Carter first off his jersey was being pulled but of course Espn is too stupid enough to show from the side that he…
If you show me all your flaws, I'll show you mine. I'll claim all your baggage, no need to hide.
Hockey Show tonight live:. Carter Hart . Shane Clifford . Garry Davidson on Paul Kariya . Talk with you a…
Chris Carter needs to go to a new show before Nick Wright stresses him to the point of cerebral palsy
That’s my point. Don’t like Grayson Allen’s extra kicks or whatever, fine. Redick just drilled 3s in everyone’s fac…
Katy: "I told Chris Hayes that he should have a show where it's just him...and Carter Pag…
THIS JUST IN: Unofficial Results show Vickey Carter Johnson and Baxley Oswalt going to a December runoff to fill th…
No team in the past two decades has been as committed to supporting its young quarterback as the Titans have with Marcus Mariota.…
Just so you know, all the states in blue have less people living in them than LA. Show this to anyone who thinks we…
I’m definitely watching Teyana and Iman show
Handful of NBA draft storylines to track just with this Duke-Michigan St. game alone. Bagley vs. Jackson Jr. Bridge…
Gowdy is the Jimmy Carter of the Republican party. He is a southern con-man. All talk and no show.
2 of 5 stars to Miss Carter's War by Sheila Hancock
U.S. youngsters like McKennie eager to show what they can do vs. Portugal
So wait you wanted him to make preemptive comments? The statement was in…
I remember rolling on da laughing to dis, so yung so immature 💀😂
3 of 5 stars to The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter
.is an indie pop duo comprised of Carter Hardin (ex-Nightmares) and Kortney Grinwis (ex-Favorite Weapon)…
Looks, like Gomer Pyle to me, . Is Muellers nickname Gomer Pyle, or is that just messing. Brings back memories of an…
Our studies show that many people want to You can see our findings for yourself here: https:…
Join us for another Terrapin Tuesday tonight with Russ Hallauer & Eric Carter (of ). . Doors at 6pm, Show at 8pm!
This is rich, GQ names Citizen of the Year, a second rate QB without a team. A citizen who "refuses to stan…
A few clips from the CHS marching bands' pregame show.
Watching this show called Finding Carter and it's making me think about my adoption... bum bum bum
Everything set and ready to go for the show tomorrow with Carolyn Malachi at The Carter Baron..I…
the creator, Joe Swanberg, has made some pretty good films too. But the show, each ep is different cast and story.
The other thing seeing Captain America does is *** me off all over again that the Agent Carter show got cancelled.
i saw them when i was 11. which was also the show where they intro'd aaron carter. LMAO
22% done with See How They Run, by Ally Carter: So far book one was more enjoyable. Not ...
Saw so many big, beautiful afros @ Much more than the Mrs. Carter Show & I was so proud to be part of it
Little Giant Ladders
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Blindspot!
nobody likes shaq. the rest of the guys on that show CLEARLY don't.
.wants you to vote 200 times a day for Show of the Year! 💯 Here's how: htt…
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Marvel's Agent Carter!
Trump on the rise while Clinton declines?: Lee Carter of Maslansky & Partners and radio talk show host Dom Gi...
. Hope 50% of the show is about Trump's PUTIN ties and Carter's treason. Thanks!
Whoa, it's detective carter from the Rush hour show, pretty ironic this aired the week Lethal weapon premiered.
I guess the Rush Hour, show got cancelled cause that's the black guy who was playing Carter. 😂😂
Show me an attractive Democrat. Men & women both: very ugly. Look at Chelsea, Amy Carter.
Ivor Carter commented on the blog post 'I am quitting': Ivor Carter co...
If they take Karev off the show, they lost a fan.
Students fill in a peaceful rally to show solidarity for Charlotte.
My original point surely?Show me a 'decent' US President in the last 60 yrs ( Carter was ok ) but apart from him?None.ALL Corrupt
The show was fantastic Maria...Loved it...Even the mornings are better...with Maria!
hello Dixie yeah I used to be on Thursday nights now y'all on Tuesday nights we are moving our show again
Buy Miche Bag Online!
rap show at the in Come chill with the locals with cal carter and the ex…
Show me any US president that wasn't in the last 60 yrs. Jimmy Carter was a decent guy, but apart from that .
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Agent Carter!
For Carter. XOP is much weaker than XLE. Does this give a better indication for future crude oil price direction? Great show!
everytime I try to be nice you lil *** show me why I shouldn't be
I love Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter! My complaint is that season 1 has 8 episodes. I'd watch this show even if had 22.
The show is now over! Thank you Houston for repping your town tonight!
KG's reaction from the Vince Carter show (dunk contest) in 2000 killed me 😂😂😂😂
Agent Carter:. Boring racist show. Lousy writing. ""Feminist"" show with like two women. HAtwell is over-hyped. Racist fa…
Yesterday's show was the first time I guessed the movie without google. Lol.
has had brotherly peace with for 1,000 years. Fool Carter is here today to show us THEIR aggression.
You wanted it and fans. Let's do this!! Get your tickets to the show, you won't want t…
I've just watched episode S02E10 of Marvel's Agent Carter!
I've just watched episode S02E12 of Finding Carter!
I've just watched episode S02E09 of Marvel's Agent Carter!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think was a good addition to the cast,but it's sort of become The Carter Show since they all joined!
Yeah. I really need a show that really makes me think. I hate solving the mystery before the episode is over.
I've just watched episode S02E09 of Finding Carter!
Come along and meet some of the J & J Carter team at The Showmans Show from 19th - 20th October!
I've just watched episode S02E08 of Finding Carter!
At some point in a relationship people Always show their true colors . Don't ignore that. it shows what u gun b dealing wi…
4 years ago today I saw Bey for The Mrs.Carter Show! 😭 wow
Mrs.Carter Show will always be her best tour.
Cause she dedicated it to Michael Jackson for the 'I Am.. Tour', and Whitney Houston for the 'Mrs. Carter Show'.
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Agent Carter!
36% done with A Murder in the Quarters (A Sleepy Carter Mystery), by Brian W. Smith
via Laura Carter appeared on E4 show Young, Free and Single
sure behind Madonna and Beyoncé cause she's yet to outgross MDNA world tour and The Mrs Carter Show World Tour.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Agent Carter!
I'm gonna go as far as to say that the North of *** tour was on a level with the Mrs Carter Show, but in a very different way
Show me your scars, show me your heart. Give me everything, everything you are
Beyoncé joins that 'A Star Is Born Remake' with Bradley Cooper (again) — More details: (cont)
Rick Carter: Playing a show in Birmingham, AL at 12:00 PM today at Cosmo's Pizza
On page 72 of 295 of Nights At The Circus, by Angela Carter
I don't know about you but I def find finding carter the worst and by far annoying tv show ever. Just an opinion tho.
peggy carter watched S03E03 of Torchwood
I've just watched episode S02E22 of Finding Carter!
better not be gabe I won't be happy !! Jesse is filming another show though 😟
Phillips & Carter ran the show aided by incredible strike running from forwards Tameifunna, Masoe & Nyanga etc. Quick ball, great offloading
37% done with The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary, by Ernessa T. Carter
I've just watched episode S02E21 of Finding Carter!
Meteor shower to light up sky: If you want to see an amazing show tonight, just look up to the sky.
, show her how much I appreciate the little things 💕
Y'all sleeping on the bucks. When Jabari Parker comes back & now Michael Carter-Williams... They'll be pretty good next …
the past 2 episodes that I finally caught up on were absolutely insane. I've never been so nervous and anxious during a show
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"don't ignore the signs you asked God to show you.."
Should make a Static Shock show and have play Static !!
Beyonce better incorperate new material into the 2014 Mrs. Carter Show.
Michael Carter Williams just dunked on curry. Bet won't show that?🐸☕️
show begins in style as Racing 92 blow Northampton away
I wonder if they show the McGregor fight on Instagram? 🤔🤔😂
.Such a good idea. An Agent Carter recap show and trying to maintain a British accent throughou…
I forgot how much I love this show 😩
Sunday is your last chance to see Carter High present "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Show is at 2:30pm. Great cast and qua…
On the way home from Mrs. carter show in Louisville with 😁
Woot woot. Show this to Matthew carter 😂😂😂 no srsly
"Omg the mrs carter show is so good omg this is everything 😂😂
Check out this shot from our LA show with Ana Cristina and John Carter Cash
Beyoncé slaying "Somewhere" at her high school's talent show in 96.
So happy for my friends and reality show. Check out "I heart Nick Carter" 10/9c tonight on
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I was adamant about not trading Carter's 37 HRs but I've always been a Singleton guy. Carter's gotta show something soon.
.Three house legends, one great show.
"too much auto tune" you obviously havent heard her live vocals 😂😂 I went to hrr Mrs Carter Show in Sydney
Carter don't make me show my ugly face for nothing 😩🙏🏼
Carter wants to see a trash can today, i am 🚮, so im gunna show him
the honestly needs to be at least an hour, your show goes by so fast because I'm laughing so hard
The grace show should become an hour long show... it ends way too quickly :)
# Grace Show was amazing tonight killed it. and so did to u xD
That most recent Person of Interest episode was great, and just shows us how we miss Joss Carter so much on this show
When does Season 2 of Agent Carter start? It's an excellent show!
I may not show that I'm a carter girl but i really am
OMG thank you for the favorite. You seriously made my day. I loved you on the show, kinda hoped ava and Raylan took the cash
Great show! S/O to Bryce Hansche for the win and Bryan Carter with Mr. Talent.
"DARPA is funding the Tor Project" to spy DarkWeb but not "destroying the privacy protections.".
5 of 5 stars to Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter
Kinda depressing knowing that I won't perform this show again, really wish I had another shot.
Barter, Carter | Who's Goin to the Young Thug Show in HollyGrove NO? . No Condom . via
Agent Carter is very important. We need this show renewed!
I've just watched episode S02E03 of Finding Carter!
Tonight's Show we talk about The Carter 6, Kanye getting sued, Iggy says she doesn't have a ghost writer and more!
thank you for bringing us such an amazing show! We can never tell what to expect from the next scene and it's simply fantastic
they don't get killer ratings because fans want a superhero show and AOS & Agent Carter are Spy show
My Jon Carter did the hair and make up for this beautiful show
I've just watched episode S01E08 of Marvel's Agent Carter!
Scars are like a roadmap that show where we've been, and what we can overcome
like me n Carter said u guys should have a reunion show
When I show up to picture day late... & others 😂 http:…
can you Please do Finding Carter recap on the tv show 😩🙏🙏
Is there a show with more to say about gender than AGENT CARTER? And where are the awesome analyses it deserves?
As I said here: there is no incentive on the part of ABC to renew Agent Carter. None. They don't make $$ off the show
Overheard: "Agent Carter the only show on TV that represents a powerful women without spandex on."
In the 90s, a NSYNC and Backstreet Boys co-headlined show with Aaron Carter and Spears opening at Disney World would hav…
My new iPhone case came in todayyy! I've had the other case since the Mrs. Carter Show tour…
Just catching up on the Mrs. Carter Show
4. Mrs. Carter Show . I can't even . Yes, 6 times . She never went wrong 🙏
not really, her music > her. but my BFF is a Beytard so I went to the Ms. Carter Show with her last year.
Aww!! An emotional Beyonce, gave her farewell speech after her final performance of the "Mrs. Carter Show". Beyonce spoke to the crowd straight from the heart saying “If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey. In the past year, we’ve been through so much together. The Super Bowl, shooting the videos, all of these shows. When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet. I just want you to know that I am so lucky. I’m giving y’all an ugly cry,” she added after she started to cry. Check out the video! Ann Tripp Entertainment News For Full Story : In:
Beyonce breaks down in tears at final Mrs. Carter Show concert via
This new leg of the Mrs. Carter Show best be coming to America!
This is everything!!! Beyonce - Resentment (Live at the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour - FULL HD ...: via
please release the mrs Carter Show World Tour dvd and the Revel DVD
Everybody has been talking about the Mrs Carter Show. I didn't make it to that one but I did make it to this one!
u was at mrs carter show? — Yes, June 29th. Will see it again on Dec.9, Dec.19, and Dec.22 ^_^
'The Mrs. Carter Show' does the in BROOKLYN! [video]
Tbt . 1st July. Mrs. Carter show staplescenter in LA.
but did you see the Mrs Carter show ??
When sung "Oh God" at the Mrs Carter Show. I was front row SINGING ALONG! is A FAVORITE!
I need Pulse NYC and the Mrs Carter show one
I wonder what Heat: The Mrs Carter Show World Tour smells like.
So far this summer I have been to the Hampton Jazz Festival, Macy's Music Festival, The Mrs Carter Show & The Legends of Summer Tour
I am absolutely in love with he makes me feel like I was at the mrs carter show lol
that half hour stan-out is just everything. RTThe Read: The Mrs. Carter Show
That 25 minute explanation of the Mrs carter Show you did with was EXACTLY how I felt.
Now that we can upload videos on IG . Ya wanna see Mrs.Carter Show or nah? Lmao
Beyoncé rocked the Barclays Center stage this weekend in a one-of-a-kind mini dress at her Mrs. Carter Show
Beyoncé finished her 1st North American leg of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. 61 shows done in EU & NA.
Leah Greenblatt on Mrs. Carter Show: Big night for fans of ''4''/costume changes
Skateboarding in the dressing w/ room b4 Night 2 of Mrs. Carter Show in Barclay Center.…
Still on her game MT The NYT review of "Mrs. Carter Show" at the Izod Center
Subtle hint for someone who feels the need to spoil me, for, I don't know.. Being a great girlfriend and mother.. I want tickets to 'The Mrs.Carter Show'. Make it happen 󾍇
Resting up for tomorrow. Gotta work the Beyonce Concert!!! Mrs. Carter Show!!!
@ Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Show tonight - I was wowed by the woman power! All the gorgeous proud women in the arena. The All women band! the pro-women messages! even a mini- SheHeroes video promoting women pilots. Beyonce is a SheHero and feminist. Feminism is sexy!
If you're a celebrity and were in L.A. last night, chances are you attended Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show tour stop at the Staples Center.
Robert Pattinson spotted at Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Show in Los Angeles.
More HIGH QUALITY photos from the Mrs. Carter Show in Los Angeles (Day 2) are available!
If you missed Hollywood Headlines this morning, let's get you caught up! - Today marks 4 years to the day of the sudden passing of The King Of Pop... Michael Jackson - Beyonce' has added more dates to her Mrs. Carter Show tour... She'll be in Louisville now Dec 12th - Demi Lovato saying Thanx to her fans for all the kind words after her father passed away - Mariah Carey says her new album will NOT be ready by July 23rd... Pushing it back for a late summer release - Paula Deen has agreed to sit down over some deep fried butter and talk 1-on-1 with Matt Lauer - Banned For Life! An indoor skydiving company in Las Vegas has banned Justin Bieber from ever returning... Ever! - 3 more guys were left roseless on The Bachelorette... Bryden, Ben, and Mikey T were all sent packing
Beyonce, who's celebrating the ten-year anniversay of Dangerously In Love this year, has extended the "Mrs. Carter Show" Tour through the end of the year. Bey hits the road with the North American leg of her tour this week, and starting in September, she's added a tour of Latin America, followed by a second North American leg of the tour for December. Tickets go on sale for the new dates on Monday (July 1) with pre-sales for Beyonce‘s BeyHive Blog members and MasterCard cardholders starting Wednesday. The new tour dates and more can be checked out here and below: LATIN AMERICAN TOUR DATES Sep-8 – Fortaleza, Brazil – Arena Castelao – On Sale Thurs. Jul. 11 Sep-11 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Mineirao Stadium – On Sale Sat. Jul .20 Sep-13 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rock In Rio – SOLD OUT Sep-15 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Morumbi Stadium – On Sale Sat. Jun. 29 Sep-17 – Brasilia, Brazil – Estadio Nacional – On Sale Wed. Jul. 3 Sep-20 – Caracas, Venezuela – Universidad Simon Boliva ...
Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Reportedly Expecting A Second Child E! News reports that multiple sources have confirmed Beyoncé is expecting a second child with Jay-Z. Pregnancy rumors have surrounded Beyoncé after walking the red carpet at the Met Gala with a custom-made Givenchy gown that covered her stomach. Earlier this week, Beyonce cancelled her Mrs. Carter Show performance in Antwerp, Belgium, on doctor's orders to rest as a result of "dehydration and exhaustion." No official word from Bey or Jay's camp yet but we'll update with details when they are available.
Take those 'Mrs. Carter Show' tickets back and go start a savings account for your kids. That was one night. This is their lives.
Fan Made Studio Version of Freakum Dress (The Mrs. Carter Show) --- Intro by parisbynight:
After attending the MET Gala, Beyoncé caught a flight from NYC to the UK. She arrived just in time for her Mrs. Carter Show in Manchester.
you'll always be my favorite, always. Counting down the days til the Mrs. Carter Show. and exits the room
DUBLIN please bring your donations to the Mrs. Carter Show on May 11&12! A few lucky fans will receive surprise gifts from Beyoncé
The last Mrs. Carter Show in Manchester is now over. Next stop: Dublin, on May 11.
Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show apperel. It's pretty hot. I think I'm gonna order the shirt in the middle for basic drag.
The 2nd Mrs. Carter Show in London is now over. Beyoncé is performing again tomorrow night.
Brb jumping off a bridge because the Mrs. Carter Show looks awesome
the waiting is the worst part! I need vacation too! lol I hope to have a Mrs. Carter Show on dvd! but first I want new music!
Beyonce is SLAYING in these Mrs. Carter Show clips. SLAY.
Afternoon BeyHive! Def Pen Radio will be attending The Mrs.Carter Show @ Barclay Center on August 5th ...can't wait!
Hey Live Nation! Can you tell me the pre-sale code for Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show at Barclays Center on 8/5? Thanks!
Ok, so I have found tix for the Ms. Carter Show. I just need two or three people who want to go to the concert. I won't be allowed to buy only one ticket.. So, get at me if you would like to go to the concert. Tix prices right now start at $217. Get at me ASAP!!!
The most anticipated tour of the year, Beyonce's Mrs. Carter World Tour, kicks off in two months. All we have to say is, EK.  DETAILS: Beyonce Announces "The Mrs. Carter Show" World Tour Da
Didn't get Mrs. Carter Show tickets? offers Staples Center tickets at the best prices:
Are the Mrs. Carter Show tickets for mohegan sun sold out??!! I wouldn't be surprised.
Beyonce is reportedly ensuring that 'all of her fans can see the show' during her world tour. Shortly after her Super Bowl performance last Sunday, the singer announced her next international concert series, the Mrs. Carter Show. Apparently the star doesn't want any of her listeners to feel left out and she is selling tickets as low as $45 in every city she visits. "There are plenty of tickets at low prices in every city so Beyoncé can make sure all of her fans can see the show," a source told Us Weekly. "And there are similarly low-priced tickets in every worldwide city. 'She takes care of all her fans so that every one of them can see her." Should concertgoers desire to watch Beyoncé sing and dance surrounded by opulence, they can purchase a $1,3000 'Priceless' VIP package via Mastercard. Presale tickets will be up for purchase on Friday February 8. General tickets will be available beginning February 11. The event will start in Belgrade on April 15 and end in Brooklyn, New York, on August 3.
BEW! The tickets for The Mrs.Carter Show go on sale on the 11th for the Mohegan Sun one.
I hope tickets to the 'Mrs. Carter Show' at the Barclays Center are available Monday… clearly I was too late today.
So lemme get this straight... Beyonce announces a tour called the Mrs. Carter Show, y'all mad. You think she's over the top with her love of her husband?! Seriously?! But if it was called Ms. Knowles Show yall would think her marriage was on the rocks... Here we have a woman proud to be married and yall mad?! seriously? Oh i forgot... you are mrs. waits... oh. Carry on with your hate.
Beyonce announces the 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour: North American dates begin in June
SO who is coming along with me to the Mrs. Carter Show? no seriously!
And now. waiting for OFFICIAL word/announcement of the 'Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour.that's if ya didn't know.
May 25th we will host our Annual "Carter Show" in rememberance of our fallen Bro. Dakari Carter "AAA" Spr.03! Carter G Woodson Middle School
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